A Brothers Bedroom


With illustration

             This was something that happened a few years ago, I think this would count more of a confession than anything else. I have never told anyone, it would be one of those stories that I would be too embarrassing to tell. if you can put up with the first page or so it soon gets to the point as all my stories do.

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My parents had asked me if later that week I could babysit my younger brother Jon for a couple of nights, (although that is not the right word for it as he was too way old to be called ‘needing a babysitter’) the Thursday night and Friday night to be exact as they had got to go out in the evening and they couldn’t really get out of it as it was partly work related even though they were going out for a drink and dinner.

I didn’t mind at all as he didn’t take much watching and wasn’t really the babysitting age but was just too young to be left alone all evening. It was more of just making sure he is okay and that someone was with him. My parents don’t go out very often and I thought it would be a good treat for them both, I had a lot of studying to do anyway so it made little difference to me.

On the Thursday night they went out at around 6.30, on leaving they told me my brother was upstairs and to keep an eye on him, “don’t let him get up to mischief” mum said, “I won’t” I replied with more than one eye on the TV and thinking’ heaven knows what they thought he would get up to on his own in his own bedroom’ even though he can be a little rascal at times like most boys can be, then mum surprised me by putting her head back round the door and saying to me, “I have noticed your bedroom is a total mess as well, so you had better have that cleaned up by the weekend, or there will be no spending money until it is, is that clear young lady?”

 “OH OK Okay” I replied in an irritated manner …. Then muttering under my breath “As if I didn’t have enough to do.”

After about an hour I thought I had better have a look in on him like mum had said. I went upstairs to see what my brother was doing, ‘he was rather quiet for once’ I thought as I climbed the stairs to his bedroom, ‘I wonder what he is doing,’ I continued to think.

When I got there I saw he was just laid on top of the bed watching a video, “Hello” he said with a smile as I walked into his bedroom adding “I heard mum say that you had to tidy your room or there was no spending money.”

“Yes, I will do it later Mr Big Ears,” I replied. He hears everything and he listens into everyone’s conversation which irritates me like hell, I replied, “So you will have heard mum say that you have to go to bed early tonight as well then.”

 “No” he frowned, “She didn’t!”

“Well you have heard it now,” I said giving him a big gloating smile.

He turned away and just went back to watching TV, as I stood there in his room looking round I thought that I may as well stay here and watch the film with him a little, “move up fatty” I smiled to him (he is quite skinny actually) and he sat up and moved down the bed so that I could lay on the edge of his bed with my head on the pillow with my lower body and thighs behind him.

As I laid on the edge of the bed beside and behind him we just idly chatted while watched the video with him, after only about twenty minutes or so I was surprised that I could feel myself feeling a little drowsy, so I thought that I would just close my eyes and listen to the TV and rest my eyes a little… well I must have actually fell asleep for a little while.

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I was woken slightly when I could sense something moving closely around my face, I was still drowsy and I thought I must be just imagining it, so I only opened my eyes very slightly to see what it was, still thinking it would be just my imagination, but I was shocked by what I saw and I could hardly believe my eyes.

I could see my little brother standing right in front of me with his trousers and boxer shorts around his knees and with his little hard and stiff cock right in front of my face. I thought that I must be dreaming, I laid there staring at it through my half closed eyes for a moment thinking that this will all be a mistake somehow and it will soon become apparent why this is happening. Then I watched with my eyes still half closed and saw his hand grip his little cock and he slowly started massaging his little hard cock with his hand right in front of me and as if he was showing it to me or something as I was laid there still asleep, (or as he thought) on my side on the edge of the bed, “what the hell does he think he is doing” I was saying to myself in my head as he now slowly massaged his little hard cock right in front of my face.

I wasn’t only shocked that he played with his cock as his age, but also shocked that he would have the nerve to do it while I was still in the same room as him and that he was doing it right in front of me and so close even though he still thought that I was still fast asleep. I couldn’t imagine for the life of me why he was doing that “what a disgusting little pervert he is” I said in my head

My brother’s little hard cock was pointing right in my face

I was so shocked with him that I didn’t really know immediately what to do or even know how best to handle this kind of thing, my mind was racing as I laid there thinking what I should do and I could feel my heart beating quickly with the shock.

The safest thing to do I thought was for now just to lay there for a moment and pretend I was still asleep, I thought he will probably soon get bored with it and that he might just stop doing it and put his cock away, but as I lay there for what seemed a very long minute or so thinking it through, I still watched him through my ever so slightly opened eyes.

As I laid there I slowly regained my composure and as I watched him I soon became fascinated in what he was doing to himself and how he was doing it, of course I had never seen a boy do this before although I knew about it, I wasn’t that stupid, but I had never been so close to a hard cock before, even if it was my young brothers. 

I had seen him have a wee before when I was in the bath and when he had come in to use the toilet, I would not make it obvious that I was watching him and trying to look that I wasn’t really taking any notice if you know what I mean, but even then I found myself curiously watching him have a wee, but it would soon just pass me by when he left the bathroom, but now he has a hard-on right in front of my face and I am watching him playing with it.

I found it really fascinating with what he was doing and how his cock reacted and moved, so I decided just to watch him for a while I thought. I was fast asleep as far as he was concerned, so what harm would it do If I just watched him for a moment, I didn’t have much choice really did I unless I wanted to create a big scene and that wasn’t my thing at all.

I could tell he was obviously well engrossed in what he was doing and really enjoying it, I think that boys get the better deal than we girls get somehow when it comes to playing with yourself. I was curious to what he would do next and how far the cheeky little bugger would go with it all, it was like a real peep show into a boy’s bedroom. Of course I had often wondered what boys did in their bedrooms when they were alone, and even more how boys played with their cocks, now I was getting to know first-hand, if you will excuse the pun.

As I watched with great interest indeed I noticed that now he was rubbing his little cock a little faster and harder than before and now he was rubbed his hand right up and down his shaft in longer strokes and I was surprised that he was now pulled his hand back right to the very base of his cock as his strokes got longer and I noticed that he would start to pull his foreskin right back and reveal a bright red shiny end that was getting wet. In fact I saw that he would pull it back so far I thought that it would hurt, but it was obviously giving him great enjoyment as I could hear his heavy breathing and pants of pleasure, his groaning seemed quite loud in the quiet room with just the TV quietly and gently playing away to no one. As I said he was very obviously enjoying himself and so was I now watching him and smiling to myself inside, ‘what a shock he would get if I opened my eyes now and got up and just looked straight at him’ I thought.

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But then he suddenly stopped what he was doing and moved away from me a little, I thought he had just had enough and finished what he was doing, I might as well just let him know I have woke up now I thought to myself, I will just give it a moment as not to make it so obvious that I had been watching him for most of the time.

 I watched as he took some toilet tissue that was on the bedside table and he wiped his little red wet end, then he took some more tissue and he brought it over to me and laid it very carefully on the edge of the bed and right by the side of my face, that puzzled me, and I wondered why he was doing that.

He then stood upright and moved a little closer to me and he put his hand back on his still stiff cock and slowly started rubbing his hand up and down it again and wanking himself off. I still couldn’t understand why he was doing it so close to me and right in front of my face, surely he would realise that I only had to open my eyes and I would see him playing with himself. I would have thought he would have done it when he was alone and when no one could accidentally catch him.

He started playing with his cock slowly and after a little while as he pulled back on his foreskin again I could see a clear liquid starting to seep out of the end of his cock and stringing down off it and onto the side of the bed near the tissue paper that he had put there, surely he is not cumming I thought, or is he, he had some other tissue and after a moment he stopped and wiped the tip of his cock dry again quite meticulously, so maybe he had cum then I thought, well that was a bit of a let-down, I just imagined there would be much more to it than that, and I told myself that if that’s all there was all it I didn’t know what all the fuss was about. But I was obviously wrong because it was still very hard and stiff in his hand and this time when he then started to rub it up and down again he edged just a little closer to me and rubbing his stiff cock closer to me.

Now the tip of his cock was dry it wasn’t long before he was rubbing it and groaning now really hard and soon he was pushing his hard little prick close to me face, he was rubbing it hard and he was softly gasping in pleasure.

Now like before he started pulling his foreskin right back hard as he wanked and it would reveal the bright red end, it looked like a flashing light as his foreskin went back and forth over it as he rubbed.

He was wanking off right in front of my face giving me a really good view when suddenly I noticed his tummy start to tremble and his groaning become high pitched and suddenly in one final low stifled gasping groan from him I saw his whole body start to shake and tremble almost uncontrollably, I guessed he must really be on the verge of cuming this time and I wanted to see it and watch what would happen.

My heart started pounding as he quickly (and thankfully) moved his throbbing cock away from pointing at my face and he pointed it down at the tissue he had put there, but he must have lost control and as he rubbed hard he gave a trembling and gasping little squeal as a hard squirt of cum suddenly shot out and some of it hit me right on my chin close to the side of my mouth, It felt quite a lot and I could feel myself flinch back in shock  and surprise as his cum hit me, he pulled his prick now right away from my face as I keenly watched with surprise as another long squirt after squirt of cum splats all over the tissue paper right in front my face and each time it squirted I heard his stifled gasp and groan, I looked with great fascination as it squirted and splashed on the tissue just a few centimetres away and I was surprised and shocked how hard it squirted and that his little balls could hold that much cum and that he could cum so much, by the time it had finished there was quite a pool of white grey cum soaking into the tissue.

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I thought he must have noticed that I was awake when I flinched back in surprise as the first cum splashed up on to me, but I hoped that maybe he must have been too engrossed in what he was doing to notice. I just laid there and wondered what to do next as the situation didn’t seem to be getting any easier, although he had now finished I now had a little of his cum on my face by my mouth, I didn’t quite know how that was going to be explained away by either of us without being very suspicious

My brother came over my face

I felt his cum splash on my face and it made me flinch

After a few moments his panting stopped and he got a tissue and very very gently wiped around my chin, I was still looking at his now very pink cock, it was still half erect it didn’t seem to go down very quickly at all and I could see it throbbing quite hard rising and falling quite a bit as it throbbed. He pulled up his underpants and then his trousers and he went and sat back down looking all hot and flusted. I gave it a few minutes then I pretended to slowly wake up, I said to my brother with a false yawn and stretch “oh sorry Jon, I must have fallen asleep a little, did I miss anything” which I didn’t mean to say and it made me smile a little bit, I sat up and felt my chin with my hand saying, “I feel a little sticky here” he looked a little awkward and he didn’t say anything much, so I said again, “my chin feels sticky … god, I wasn’t drooling was I?”

“Erm, yes quite a lot,” Jon said all cheesy and with a way over the top exaggerated nod.

I smiled inside my head and I made an excuse that I must get something to eat, then I went downstairs to the kitchen all the while thinking “what a right little-lying pervert my brother is.”

I sat down and watched the TV for a little while but didn’t notice what was on and I felt a smile come across my face, what had happened was going through my mind, the picture of him wanking stayed in my head, I was shocked and surprised with myself that I had really enjoyed what I had seen and how it had happened, seeing him wank and cum like that so closely excited me for some reason, I think it was also hearing him groan and shiver as he squirted his cum and how far and hard it squirted too, all that had shocked, surprised and excited me and I wanted to watch it over again,  well I did in my mind, over and over again.

After a while I started feeling a little bit guilty, but that cleared quickly later, after all I hadn’t done anything wrong had I, if fact I didn’t do anything, all that had happened was he had done something to himself, probably something all boys do all the time and he did it when I was asleep, well sort of, mind you my face did feel a little sticky so I went and washed my face.

My parents wasn’t out too late and they were back by 10.30 in a giggly mood, they must have had a drink, it affected them like that, they asked me if my brother had been alright and gone to bed okay and if everything was fine, I said “Yes fine, no problem at all,” and I gave them both a kiss and went to bed.

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The following day when I woke, I thought again about what had happened the previous day and it felt as though I had just dreamed it, almost not real. But I had a busy day to do so I just put it out of my mind, got dressed, had my breakfast and carried on.

The day went on as busy as ever, but as the day got later my mind started going back to the night before. That evening my parents were going out again and around the same time, and I wondered if my brother would do the same again if I went to his room and pretended to fall asleep, I wanted so much to watch him do it again, I found it so shocking, disgusting and exciting all at the same time, my heart was pounding so much as I thought about it, I was amazed I was so fascinated by what had happened the night before, but I had a partial guilt feeling in what I was doing, was it right, was I encouraging him, was he the pervert or was it me I asked myself, I re-examined the situation and I thought about it in an open minded and in an objective view, I came to the conclusion it was obviously him who was the pervert as I came to the conclusion before, I wasn’t doing anything was I, I was just laid there and I did nothing, so my conscience was clear………Then I thought maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he didn’t mean to do what he did, maybe it was the first time he had done it and that things had got out of hand, maybe when he had sat down and thought about it he would decide he wasn’t going to do that ever again like the first time I explored myself, mind you, I was a lot older than he was, maybe if I tell you what happened when I did it maybe that will help you understand my thoughts later.

It was roughly 13 years ago when I was about 15, I was looking around in my mums clothes wardrobe once when I was home alone, when I found in her knicker drawer a vibrator, now to be honest, I had seen it there a couple of times before but I had just put it straight back, but this time, I don’t know why, but this time it had aroused my curiosity, today it looked different somehow, almost inviting, it was a strange looking vibrator, one that seemed to have lots of buttons that did strange things, I examined it a little more and I thought it was quite funny with the things it did, not only did it buzz fast medium and slow, but another button made it grew long and expand it went up and down on its own and it wriggled too if I pressed another. I knew vaguely what it was, I wasn’t that naive, but I wasn’t 100% sure to be honest what mum really did with it, but again it was the first time I had really closely looked at one, let alone having the curiosity of what I could actually do with it, I mean there was no instructions with it or anything. Well there was no one home and I knew there wouldn’t be for quite a while so I just thought what the hell, what harm could it do if I looked at it and examined it for a little while.

I took it back to my bedroom closely inspecting it all the way, I felt a little excited and my heart beat raised slightly as I thought this time I would explore and see what it did before I put it back where I had found it, Why I was excited I had no idea, but I think it was because of the shape of it. My parents had gone out shopping to Meadowhall and they were usually there for quite a few hours and I don’t know why this day of all days but I was feeling in quite an inquisitive mood with that inviting Vibrator.

When I got back to my bedroom, I closed the door behind me and made myself comfortable in the middle of my nice new three-quarter bed with my back against the headboard still looking and inspecting the strange vibrator, I was turning it round and on its side, pressing different buttons and watching it do very strange things, it felt quite heavy to me and yes it looked as I imagined a man’s erect stiff cock would look, apart from the colour.

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Looking back it was the fact that it looked like a huge hard man’s cock that fascinated me about it so much and wondering why mum had it, I was at the right age for that sort of curiosity after all, but on the bottom side of it sticking out at first then running parallel was a dolphin with its tail fins at the base and its curved body and its nose pointing back slightly along and towards the shaft, I just couldn’t figure that bit out or why it was even there for the life of me, although it did buzz very fast to a higher shrill and independently of the main shaft, I was totally baffled.

I pressed one button and the main vibrator tip buzzed quite quickly almost to the shrill of the dolphin, but not quite, and then wondering what I could do with it I placed the vibrating tip against my arm and slid it up and down like the women on the advertisements I had seen in magazines, but that was useless, it did nothing for me at all and was very dull and boring, I knew wanted something a little more adventurous from it. My nipples seemed to be buzzing and tingling with excitement so I daringly and curiously placed the vibrator over the top of my blouse and against my nipple to see what that would feel like, and WOW they felt so sensitive that I pulled it away quickly as it was far too strong a feeling, but all the same it still felt very nice, I thought if I could turn the buzz down a little it would feel much better, I have always had quite large nipples that are very sensitive and constantly seem to stiffen up and stick right out most of the time, which sometimes I found this could be a quite embarrassing because people did notice them, (I tried sticking sticky plasters over them once hoping that would hold them down, but that just made them a lot more prominent and made the situation a lot worse as they stuck out of my clothes more than ever.)

I turned the vibrator buzz down a little bit to a little lower hum and then this time I ran it over the top of my blouse and moving it in circles closer and closer to my nipple. I was pleased with how nice it felt, I really liked the feeling and I noticed that my nipples were already beginning to stick right out a lot more than usual and I felt them feeling very stiff and hard and very erect in excitement.

Feeling a little more adventurous still, I decided I will take off my blouse and laid it on the bed by the side of me quite neatly, then I bent forward and unclasped my bra, now I felt a very naughty girl as I took it off because I knew I was taking them off to do naughty things and tease my nipples further.

I picked up my mums vibrator this time excited and as I laid back against the headboard of my bed and put the tip of the vibrator against my bare breast and again moved it slowly in circles against my very sensitive breasts and very sensitive erect nipple, it tingled so intense that this time the buzz made me gasp out and I had to force myself to endure the tickly tingle that it gave me, it even made the inside of my mouth tingle, I moved it around and I was soon gasping and squirmed from the pleasure as I swapping the vibrator from one hard and stiff nipple to the other one and each time the feeling was very intense and building up the whole time as I teased myself. I did this for quite a while to myself and the sensations made me slowly slide a little down the bed, at one point the very intense

It felt so nice teasing myself

pleasure was so incredibly powerful that I felt my whole body give a little shiver and I let myself squeal and cry out quite loud as |I was totally submerged and enjoying the new experience.

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As I slid down the bed a little further making myself more comfortable and still moving the vibrator between each nipple, I found that I got the best and most intense feeling by just barely touching the buzzing tip of the vibrator against the very erect tip of my now very tingling and very sensitive erect nipples, by now I couldn’t help but constantly groan out loud and squeal from the very intense pleasure I was getting, I even turned the buzz back up high and started touching my nipples again, this time I had again to really force myself to endure the fantastic sensation that it gave me and I heard myself freely gasp, squeal and almost scream out loud as another fantastic little shiver ran through my whole body and it had me squirming on the bed with the most amazing feelings that I was amazed I was getting from the vibrator against my nipples, it seems that I could give myself tiny little orgasms just by teasing my nipples with the vibrator.

I noticed that I had slid down the bed and my head was propped up on the three pillows I had there, I also noticed I had my knees up with my legs wide open and I felt a gorgeous feeling between my legs and for the first time I was very aware of my pussy as a sexual feeling and I noticed that my lulu was feeling a little wet, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of thrill the vibrator would give me down there and I dared myself to try it out.

I turned the buzz back down again and my hand with the vibrator in it moved slowly down between my open legs with increasing excitement, my heart pounded as I slid the vibrator over the top of my knickers up and down over and around my whole pussy, and oh my god I was so pleased with how nice it felt between my legs, Mmm. I remember it was really so nice and especially in some little areas it felt so incredible good.

 I just laid there staring at the ceiling as I slid the vibrator over my knickers slowly around exploring myself and curiously finding where it felt so good and where it felt just great for quite a while. I wanted to get a little more daring with myself and I put the vibrator down by the side of me and I lifted my hips off the bed and very guiltily I started to slide off my little yellow knickers. I knew I would get a much better and stronger feeling without my panties on and so I feeling so incredibly naughty and kinky along with a little guilt as I knew from that moment on that I was going to really use the vibrator to tease and play with my own pussy and I knew I wanted to pleasure myself, as I slid them off I looked at my pussy because it felt oh so different from usual. I just dropped my knickers by the side of me on the bed and I was so surprised that they felt a little damp from the moisture between my legs.

 I hitched up my pleated skirt quite easily to my waist as it was pretty short to begin with and it had ridden up due to me sliding down the bed.  I searching with my hand for the vibrator by my side and I felt my heart again beating quite quickly and my breath panting short with a new excitement. I moved the vibrator back between my legs and slowly I moved and slid it around, wow I just couldn’t believe how nice it felt now against my bare pussy and straight away I remember making little MMmm and groaning sounds as I again gently felt around and exploring all the different sensitive areas around my little smooth hairless pussy.
It felt so good and I parted my pussy lips with the fingers of my left hand and I now felt how so very wet I was down there between my legs, I found a very sensitive area at the top of my pussy, I knew what it was and I put the tip of the buzzing vibrator on to the tip my little clit and immediately I just gasped and groaned out instantly with the most incredible and delightful pleasure that I had ever felt, I would move the vibrator around and around the whole of my pussy area and to be honest it felt nice everywhere, but after a while I discovered there were two places that I really liked it and I kept moving the vibrator too and fro from one part to the other, they were my clit and the very entrance of my pussy hole and each time I pushed it just a tiny little bit more adventurous around my entrance each time until the very tip pushed just ever so slightly into the very opening of my pussy hole and I groaned so much, then bringing it back to my clit and holding the tip of the vibrator against the tip of my clit teasing and torturing my pussy deliciously until I bucked my hips up and down and almost screaming with pleasure.

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Soon the sensation and sensitivity around my clit was almost unbearable and I would move the vibrator back to my very stiff tingly buzzing nipples as if they were begged for attention and the feeling against my nipples felt so good again and I would groan as my nipples sent waves of pleasure through my body almost as much as my pussy did, but in a totally different feeling. then a minute later I would gently touch the tip of my clit again and instantly I would almost scream and gasp it total delight, I couldn’t now stand it for long down there on my clit, the sensations were so strong it almost made my eyes water with pleasure and I was amazed as the feelings actually got stronger and stronger as I carried on, and every now and then my body would give an uncontrollable tiny shiver of pleasure as I would move the Vibrator too and fro from one part of my pussy to the other, I couldn’t help but gasp and groan as I teased myself and I openly squealed out and some times wanted to scream as the feeling built up. I started moving and gyrating my hips with the intense feeling of pleasure around my pussy that I was giving to myself with my mum’s vibrator.

At this point as I was enjoying the feeling of making little circles around my clit and building the feeling and passion right up and then sliding it down my pussy lips right to my pussy hole as I part my pussy with my fingers and then moving the vibrator right on the edge and over my intimate entrance hole and making circles just on and around the entrance then pressing it down harder each time pushing it in the opening of my pussy just a tiny fraction, it would make me gasp and groan as the narrow tip of the vibrator moved around just on the edge of my pussy hole and I was wanting to push it deeper as my imagination was now starting to run away with itself and now I wondered what the vibrator would feel like actually being slid into my pussy, I was now almost craving the feeling and I thought that surely it must feel like the same as having sex and being fucked by a boy I mean the vibrator was exactly the right shape and everything, how could it not was my reasoning. (but I know better now)

In my very high state of passion I decided I wanted to try it, I switched the buzz of the vibrating cock off because I wanted it to seem and feel as real as possible, just as though I was really being fucked by someone, I wanted to know what it felt like.

I had to have an imaginary boyfriend, so I thought of this guy that came round to our house from time to time, he was one of my fathers friends and they played football in the same team, he was very cute and nice to me, but he was so nice to everyone and I knew I had a big crush on him at the time.

I pretended he had come round to the house to see my father and I had let him in and I had let one thing lead to another, I very nervously but excitedly put my left hand down there and parted my very wet slippery pussy lips again with my fingers and with the vibrator in my right hand, I noticed the very tip of the vibrator was a little moist from my damp pussy but I wanted the shaft wetter as it felt so dry, so I pretended I was going to suck his cock for him.

I closed my eyes and moved his pretend cock slowly to my lips and gently pushing it between them as though he was pushing his thick cock into my mouth. I made my mouth wet and I let it slide into my mouth then I wrapped my mouth tight around it and then I started sucking on it. As I held it there I slid my mouth up and down on it a little as though I was sucking him off and making it very wet, the mental picture in my head was very strong and in my imagination, this was now really his cock in my mouth that I was sucking on. I slid my tongue along its shaft then slipped it into my mouth and sucking on it again but this time deeper and I bouncing my head up and down on the shaft wanting to give him a good blowjob, then I laid back on the pillow and pushed it deeper into my mouth as if he was getting more excited and wanted to take over from me and fuck my mouth now.

I pushed it in and out of my mouth getting deeper each time until it filled my whole mouth believing he was fucking and pumped his cock deeper into my mouth, it was fun and I was really enjoying it as it felt so life like. (well it seemed it at the time)

  After a little while, I could feel the tip of the cock right in the back of my mouth and I wanted to see how far I could go with it. so in my mind I could hear him whisper “Suck it, suck it for me,” I knew I had to relax as I laid there and I gently pumped the cock deeper till I could feel his cock push against the back of my throat.

Again I felt so naughty and turned on and I pretended that he was telling me that he was so pleased with me and I pumped harder into my mouth with it, then suddenly I could feel the dolphin that was on the side of the vibrator nudge my top lip and that was as deep as it would go, (the dolphin had still not occurred to me why it was there,) I decided that this was the time to move it to my pussy, I slowly slid it out of my mouth and it was so wet, I had enjoyed that so much.

With my eyes still closed and his image so clear inside my head I knew I was soon going to feel his cock in my wet pussy. Then opening my legs and bringing my knees up to my chest, I moved the vibrator to the very entrance of my pussy, and oh my god I felt such incredible nervous excitement. My heart was beating so fast and I could feel my breath was short with little gasps as if I had been jogging, I just panted with excitement. I gripped the vibrator about half way down the shaft and as I guided it straight over my pussy hole and paused for a moment.

My head was propped up on three pillows with my knees up and my legs apart, excited and ready to accept this cock that was giving me all this pleasure to my very eager wet pussy.

With my stiff nipples, clit and pussy still tingling deliciously like crazy with the vibrator and the guilty excitement of what I was going to do next to myself. I felt at the vibrator in my hand and the shaft seemed very thick to me now, I had decided I would slide it into my pussy only a little, perhaps only an inch at first and then if it’s okay then maybe 2 or 3 inches at to see how it would feel.

I felt it begin to part my lips

It felt so big inside my pussy

In great nervous anticipation, I guided it to the opening of my pussy hole and moving it around a little getting it comfortable and while I was feeling very naughty indeed I started to slowly push the head of the vibrator into my pussy believing it was his cock. The vibrator was slightly narrower at the tip but quickly got very thick and I felt every tiny sensational movement as I tentatively slipped it in little movements back and forth. I felt it slowly fill my pussy entrance and as I pulled it out a little then slipped it back up a little deeper I felt my pussy walls resisted just a little. I pushed it a little harder and I heard myself give a little groan and I felt his thick cock parting my wet pussy open and I groaned out again as I slowly rocked it back and forth and pushed it deeper and deeper in little by little, I groaned  each time as it slid in, I opened my legs a little wider helping it to enter me, I felt incredibly naughty as I felt the thick vibrator deliciously stretching my pussy open little by little as I felt it slowly sliding up and down and getting just a tiny little bit deeper, it did feel quite big inside me and it made me gasp with the feeling but I carried on pushing it a little deeper with every little delicate thrust, as I got used to it and with each gentle thrust I groaned out in surprise and delight at my lustful feelings, at this point I really wanted someone to fuck me.

Page 9

 I instinctively opened my legs just a little wider as it seemed to feel kinkier and also hoping that would help me to accommodate this big thick cock sliding inside me and in an ideal world I wouldn’t have wanted it so big and thick, although I was very wet and in the mood and that of course must have helped me a great deal. I dropped my head back and closed my eyes tight panting, squealing and groaning as I slowly but eagerly slid it up and down my wet pussy pretending that I was really being fucked by my dad’s friend.

 As I got used to it a little more, I got more and more daring and I slid it a little deeper and just a little faster each time groaning out louder and louder, it was feeling very kinky and very naughty as it got easier and more slippery, the feelings just got better and better, but as it slipped up me deeper it still felt very big inside me, maybe a little too big for my first time perhaps but I just thought what the hell and I pretended my father’s friend was now holding me down and fucking me hard, and I groaned out loud and long.

 I surprised myself because I was sliding it up and down quite fast and it felt so very deep and I liked the deep feeling inside me and I was really enjoying my new found fun. I was panting and groaning like crazy with the naughtiness and it made it feel ever so kinky pretending I was being fucked on my bed, but at that point I must have accidentally caught and pressed one of the buttons on the bottom and the vibrator started expanding inside me and it was sliding and pushing right up my pussy even deeper on its own. I uncontrollably yelled out with a great gasp, squeal and a deep groan at the same time, I raised my hips higher groaning as it moved ever so deep up me, I instinctively pressed the button that I thought switched it off and the dolphin’s nose suddenly started to buzz in a shrill right around the tip of my clit and I screamed out at the shock and the sensation of pleasure that they both gave me together and suddenly I had found out what the dolphin was there for.

My first orgasm


I just couldn’t help myself as I bucked my hips up and down and I moved the vibrator back and forth a little and it sent me way over the edge within a few seconds, I found the little fish nose buzzing on and around my little erect clit with this thing sliding up my pussy was a fantastic over powering feeling and I just groaned and groaned and groaned as the tingle feelings got stronger throughout my whole body.

I let myself gasp out and I squealed loudly in my state of almost ultimate pleasure, then suddenly I felt my body start to shake as an uncontrollable and almighty wave of intense pleasure started to build up in me and this time I let it go all the way, I arched my back as my pussy and nipples exploded and sent this fantastic wave of pleasure all the way through my body I and groaned out and screamed uncontrollably as my whole body shook and bucked violently in a wave of ultimate pleasure that I had never felt before in my life, I groaned and gasped and squealed out in total ecstasy very loud and I felt a desire to grip my nipples and tweak and squeeze them till they hurt increasing my pleasure and the orgasm kicked in again making me buck and bounce on the bed, I thought this orgasm was never going to stop and I squealed out again until eventually I felt the feeling slowly start to wain and subside a little, my body slowly relaxed and I laid there panting and gasping on the bed my face covered in perspiration.

Page 10

Suddenly I heard mum on the top of the stairs calling my name urgently, in blind panic and in disbelief I pulling the vibrator out of my pussy quickly, I leapt bolt upright and saw in absolute horror my bedroom door start to open and again in a panic I dropped the vibrator on the floor on the blind side away from the door so no one could see it just as mum walked in, she stood there for a moment just staring at me as I sat there in the middle of my bed panting with just a short skirt on (thankfully) my knickers and blouse on the bed by the side of me, She asked as if she was really worried “what’s up, what’s all that noise you was making, you sound as if you are in pain and I thought that you were crying … Are you alright?” then amazingly my brother and father also came walking into my room a few seconds later as I stuttered and groped for an answer and I was still breathing heavy and almost still panting “err … Nothing, why” I gasped out of breath, I was feeling so amazingly embarrassed and I could feel my face burning and turning bright red, my mind was racing like crazy for an answer, as it seemed to me the whole street was walking in my room, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of any answer at all that was plausible, my mind was a complete blank and it seemed to me so obvious that I had been,…Shall we say, exploring myself. God I was so embarrassed.

But one thing I could answer was “excuse me,” I asked, “Why has everyone in the family just walked out of the street and deciding to walk straight into my bedroom as though this is the new living room? Without even a knock or anything”… “Yes, you are right, I am sorry” said mum, “it was just I thought you had hurt yourself and I thought you were crying” at this point I am begging to myself  “oh no please don’t ask what I was doing again,”  I was very self-conscious that mums vibrator was on the carpet by the side of my bed, now if everyone stayed over there or walked out I was fine, but if they came round this side … I was dead or would hope to be. Then dad said, “erm … what are you doing? Why have you got no clothes on at his time of day?” in a very inquisitive manner.

That’s when I felt my face turn a burning red again as I still hadn’t thought of any answer at all, “oh … err .. yes, erm, I know” I stuttered with a silly cheesy smile, as everyone just stood there in silence looking straight at me and waiting for my answer.

Then suddenly a brain wave just jumped right into my head and I excitedly almost joyfully shouted out “Oh I was just going to get into the shower and I damn well stubbed my toe on the bedpost and it hurt like hell and I jumped on the bed to rub it,” (oh and how I rubbed it) I afterthought.

“Well,” said father “you seem really happy about it, I don’t think I would be if I had just kicked the bottom of the bed post in my bare feet,t it can be really nasty.” I changed the subject by saying, “right, now can I have some privacy, please” god I was so pleased with my excuse, even if it was a long shot.

“Not yet,” my brother said excitedly, “Dad has got you something” and my father started walking over to me with a great big smile. I panicked and screamed out in a fluster “No!! No!!, not now ….later …yes later, show me later, let me get in the shower first, I don’t have any clothes on do I !!”

Mum butt in at this point and quite assertively too thankfully, (which was unusual for mum) she said “Angel is right, we can’t just barge into her room when she is getting ready to shower and is almost naked, what are we all thinking of, gifts can wait for a for a few more minutes I am sure” and she bundled everyone out of my bedroom much to the surprise of my dad and especially my younger brother who was trying to look as though he wasn’t ogling my tits but doing a bad job of it.

I heard my father and brothers footsteps go downstairs, but my mum didn’t, she went into her bedroom and I  was shocked to hear that she went straight to the wardrobe where I had found her toy and I hoped that she hadn’t realised what I had been doing, or rather what I would be doing it with, or maybe she was just going to her wardrobe anyway to put something away I then thought, then I hoped that she didn’t notice her toy was missing.

Page 11

I laid back onto my bed in a heap and I just wanted the whole planet to swallow me up with the embarrassment I felt, I was feeling so ashamed of myself that I had let things get so out of control and as I laid there I felt so cheap and dirty and I almost felt physically sick with shame and embarrassed about the stupid and horrible dirty fantasy thoughts that I had been having.

I laid there for about 15 minutes without moving, my mind just turning things over and over and thinking what might of been, suppose mum had just walked into my room a minute earlier and saw me there fucking myself with that great big thing up my pussy while I was at the height of my passion and then my brother and father walking in and seeing me as well, I felt myself turning red just thinking about it, I think I would have killed myself if that had happened… Honestly, although heaven knows it was embarrassing enough without that.

Looking back, I know now I should never have got so carried away, but it felt so good up my pussy even though it felt too big for me at the time and I knew I shouldn’t have gone that far, I thought Maybe I should have just playing with myself and had an orgasm with the vibrator buzzing my clit, again I just got too carried away which I regretted it for a long long time.

I picked myself up off the bed and got in the shower and gave myself a good wash down everywhere twice or three times, I stayed in there for quite a while, then as I got dressed and forced myself to go downstairs and face everyone, as soon as I walked in the living room I just had the feeling everyone knew what I had been doing and I slunk into the nearest chair. Mum broke the silence when she asked me “so how is it, is it sore now.”

Oh my god I thought “How’s what” I asked in shock as I was miles away, “your toe, how’s your toe feeling, you stubbed it against the bedpost, remember” … Then I remembered “Oh that, yes its fine” I said feeling fairly dumb

“Are you sure you didn’t break it, let me look” she carried on,

“No, no it’s fine now, thanks” I said playing it down, but mum didn’t let it rest and came over to me to look at my toe, I lifted my foot so she could see it was alright, “Oh yes, it’s fine” she smiled as she rubbed them “you have such pretty toe’s, don’t you” and she sat back down and carried on, “Well it must have hurt a lot with all that noise you was making” at this point I am beginning to think mum is winding me up a little, but she carries on “mind you I once did that too on the bed post and it was so painful I almost burst into tears on the bed like you”

I started to try and think of something to say to change the bloody subject, but I couldn’t think of anything, my mind was a complete blank. so I went to the kitchen and got a cold glass of milk to cool myself down, but that evening as I watched TV for the first time in my life I could feel my pussy all night.

I had sneaked her vibrator back when she nipped out again not long after the event, I hoped I was wrong and she didn’t know what I had been doing, maybe it was just my guilty conscience, Mum never said anything to me about it anyway, well not directly… thankfully, even though we did speak about many things and even about playing with ourselves, mum was quite broadminded (that’s maybe why I am) and spoke about it as being perfectly natural and would very often joke about it if my father was going away for a while with work. but no one wants to be caught doing it, do they?

As I laid in bed that night thinking about what had happened, I couldn’t believe my bad luck as usual, every week mum and dad go out shopping for a few hours, but this week of all weeks, for the very first time they come back early, not only that, but they all, all of them trail through the front door straight up the stairs and into my bedroom, not to the living room and put the TV on or to the kitchen like they usually would do putting the shopping away, that way I would have heard them, No they come in and up the stairs just at the moment when for the first time in my life I am having my first full blown orgasm, how sick was that.

Page 12

A couple of weeks later, dad had been working away and mum had gone out to visit friends, I was on my own again, I guiltily went to see if mums toy was there, not to use it or anything, but this time it wasn’t there, in the past it always had been, my heart sunk as I fumbled at the back of the draw for it, it seemed such a big thing so you couldn’t miss it, the draw was empty except for her knickers and I knew at that point she must have known what I had been doing and that really deflated me and I felt ashamed of myself all over again. What would mum have thought of me, I looked in the other drawers just in case I was wrong, but no she had obviously moved her vibrator.

I walked out of her bedroom feeling really down and I could feel myself burning with embarrassment, but as I got to her bedroom door I don’t know why or what made me do it, but I looked back, I walked back to her bed and lifted the pillow, there it was, I was so pleased to see it there, I stared at it in delight, maybe mum didn’t find out about what I had been doing after all, maybe she was using it that morning or last night and just forgot to put it back, I laid the pillow back down over it and tapped the pillow in delight and I walked out of her room now really pleased.

It was a long time before I did anything remotely like that to myself again, I had the feeling a few times but the guilt of nearly being caught before would have been unbelievably embarrassing and that turned me off again. I don’t think I would have ever lived that down in two lifetimes, even so, I have never inserted anything again, apart from a real cock that is, and even then I was wrong, it feels nothing like the real thing, not as far as I am concerned anyway, that’s why I said it’s easier for boys, it’s a lot less complicated for them …. Don’t you think?

So the point of recounting my first time will become clear later, anyway, 6.30 arrived and my parents went out like they did the night before, they gave me the same rundown of “make sure Jon’s not up late dar de dar de dar” “yes, yes just have a nice night and don’t worry,” I said, … you know how it goes.

     I did this and that watched a little TV then went into the kitchen where Jon was sitting and having a snack and I said to him as innocent as I could, “ I missed that film last night and I so wanted to watch it with you, why don’t you go to your bedroom and put that film on again, I will watch a little with you if you like before you go to bed” his face lit up instantly and he said very enthusiastically “yes that would be great,”  I was wondering if he would say that and I wondered if he was thinking of doing what he did the night before.

He finished his snack and homework and said soon after a while “I will put the film on now, are you ready, I will just have a wash first” and he went upstairs and I heard him go to his room to put the DVD on, I was delighted and I could feel the excitement building in me already, I decided to leave it for about half as hour before I went up to him and the time absolutely dragged, I found myself looking at the clock every few minutes, but after about 20 minutes he shouted down to me “are you coming up, come on I want you to come now, or you will miss the start of it,” I was pleased he called me and I shouted back with excitement and relief “Yes I am coming up now.”

I was feeling silly that I was excitement as I walked up the stairs, my heart was pounding and as I walked into his bedroom I felt almost like a cheap slapper who was just being called to be used for sex, I thought at that point it wasn’t right and I would just do as I said and watch the film with him’

Page 13

One thing that was at the back of my mind was, I was aware at that point of what is between my legs, sometimes I was very aware that my pussy gave a slight feeling, sound silly I know, anyway I wasn’t sure that anything would happen if I did pretend to fall asleep and that just added to the tension.

He had put the same film on as I walked in and he moved down the bed again so I could lay in the same place as the night before, I watched it with him for quite a while but the thought was going through my mind and the curiosity was killing me, it was if I couldn’t help it, I decided I would do  the same thing again and as I laid on the edge of the bed and watched the film with him a little longer, This time I only pretended to feel sleepy and I noticed he kept looking at me eagerly but slyly every minute or so, I yawned then said, “I feel a little sleepy, I think I will have a little sleep, you don’t mind do you” “no its alright, you go to sleep, I don’t mind at all” he said really chirpy, then I laid my head on the pillow by the edge of the bed like before and I closed my eyes but not the whole way, I just left them open ever so little so I could still see him and I pretended to go to sleep.

I was really curious to what he would do and how he got himself into that situation, you know, how it all started, Well nothing happened for what seemed quite a while and I thought he wasn’t going to do anything after all, so I did a little snore to see if that did anything, not that I do snore you understand, but just to make him think I was fast asleep, but still he did nothing, I thought I would give another little snore and if nothing happened this time I would just pretend to wake up, But this time I saw him sat there staring at me and not the television and he did that for what seemed quite a while, I snored a couple of times, just very tiny little ones, he gave it another half a minute, then I could feel and see him very slowly move and gradually he come over close towards to me, now I could feel my heart beating and I was shaking with excitement wondering if the little pervert would do anything like he did last night or whether it was just a stupid one off, perhaps something that seemed a good idea, but regretted it later on.

Slowly and deliberately he bent over me to make sure I was asleep and he quietly called out my name to see if I responded, he called my name a little louder, then quite loud, but I just laid there as if I was sound asleep, he stood up by me and I fractionally opened my eyes a little more ever so slightly.

 I saw his head and eyes move to look and my bare feet and noticed his eyes move slowly up my legs till he got to just above my knees and hemline then his eyes stopped and fix there, his hand moved and I looked as I felt him gently lift and raise my dress up and he stood there looking down at my legs for a while as if he had never seen a pair of girls legs before, then after he had a good look he stroked my legs very gently getting higher until he reached my knickers.

He stroked me over my knickers and then the cheeky little brat curled his little fingers in to my knickers by one of my legs and started feeling my pussy for a few seconds before he gently laid my skirt back down again

He moved his eyes back to my face again and just looked at me, then without taking his eyes off my face I watched as his hand slowly moved to the zip on his trousers


I was interested when I saw and heard his zip on his trousers being pulled down, slowly he unfastened the button on the top of his trousers, this is it I thought, he is going to do it again. I could feel my breath shorten with the excitement as he moved just a little bit closer towards me, he moved his crotch right in front of my face and I opened my eyes ever so slightly more and I could see him pulling his underpants slowly down until out springs his little but very excited hard prick that is about 4 inches long and it looked very white indeed.

 He pulled his underpants and trousers down to around his thighs and his little stiff prick was right in front of my face and I could see it oh so gently throbbing up and down, he stood there for a tiny moment staring down at me and I thought perhaps he had noticed I was awake and watching him, but he hadn’t and he moved his right hand up to his hard cock and he started to caressed it and gently stroke it back and forth very slowly. I thought boys just got hold of their cocks and would just start to rub it quite quickly, but apparently not from what I was watching. He was very gentle with it and very slowly built up the length of the stroking and he would gently stroke his tiny balls too, after a little while of this he very slowly and gently started to rub his cock in longer strokes back and forth, giving me a perfect view of how a boy wanks himself off, bless him.

Very quickly the strokes of his hand got longer up and down his shaft and he started quietly groaning as he rubbed himself harder, this might not last long I thought as I wanted to watch his cock cum and shoot his load again (I think all girls are fascinated by this, at first anyway.) I was now fascinated by the emotion and sight of it, he slightly moved his cock closer to my face as he got more and more excited, my lips felt uncomfortably dry and I couldn’t help but lick them a little to moisten them, people must do that when they are asleep anyway I thought, but he stopped instantly in what he was doing and he bent over and stared right down at me for a little while making sure a was still asleep and not waking up at all. I again gave a little snore and this convinced him that I was still asleep and he again straightened up and started to slowly rub his little hard cock again, as he thought I was fast asleep he got brave and he started to wank even closer to my face and again sometimes accidentally touching me with the tip of his cock.

 Like the day before as he rubbed his cock in long strokes, his foreskin started to peel back as his hand pulled back on his little cock and the tip seemed to shine bright red against his very white cock and it seemed to flash red and white as his foreskin went back and forth.

 He was doing this right in my face, I couldn’t have had a closer view. With his little hard prick in his hand, what he did next surprised me so much, whilst still wanking the whole time he guided the small tip of his cock slowly to my mouth, my heart was beating loud and fast as he brought the tip of his cock up to and gently touching it against my lips as he now with much more care rubbed with longer much slower strokes and quietly groaning to himself.

 He did this for a little while, then I felt his little hard cock press ever so gently but slightly firmer between my lips, my lips must have been slightly apart as I laid there, and as he gently rubbed it I felt the tip of his cock was now pressing ever so slightly firmer just on the inside of my lips and slightly pushing it a little more forward still, he was still rubbing his cock but very slowly and very gently pressing his little stiff cock against the inside of my moist lips, but he didn’t stop there, I soon felt that he was pushed his prick a little firmer and I felt his little stiff cock ever so slowly and only by a fraction each time, but I felt his cock pushing and parting my lips just a little wider as it gently slides forward.

 I couldn’t believe it, I thought oh my god, the cheeky little pervert, he is only trying to push the end of his cock between my lips. Straight away I thought, for heaven’s sake, don’t lick your lips again or I would be licking the end of his cock, I told myself to lay very still and as soon as I get the chance close my mouth shut. I never believed he would have dared to go this far, I just couldn’t believe it.

 I very gradually looked down so he wouldn’t notice and I could feel and see him very, very slowly rocking back and forth fractionally pushing his little cock between my lips as he rocked very gently backwards and forwards as his hand also wanked at the base of his cock. Now don’t get me wrong here, even the very tip of his cock was barely even between my lips, it was the sheer cheek of it that amazed me about him. He groaned even more and I started to wonder how far he would eventually try to go with me.

 Even though it may not seem like it, my mind was racing like crazy on what to do next and what should I do for the best. I thought shall I change my mind, I could lick my lips again as that stopped him last time, but then I knew I would lick the tip of his cock and I didn’t fancy that and not only that, what if that made him worse and more excited, then I thought should I just let him carry on doing it, or maybe I should just pretend to wake up very gradual, but then what if he froze like last time and I woke up with him trying to push his cock in my mouth, how would I approach that with him, I didn’t like confrontation at all, what if I pretended to stay asleep? Could I let him carry on pushing it between my lips? I mean it was only a little between my lips, but then what if he started to push it even deeper and all the way into my mouth, but would that be better than waking up and confronting him with what he was doing and having a big scene about it, that would be so embarrassing too and we would both have to live with the fact that I had caught him trying to push his cock in my mouth and both have that memory for the rest of our lives and I didn’t want that. Then I noticed his cock was moving a little faster between my lips now as I feared and he was groaning more and louder. It seemed to me things were moving on by the second, faster than I could think things through.

 Then he suddenly stopped and it felt just slightly that he withdrew his cock just a very tiny little bit and I thought thank god for that, as I say he was talking things far by far further than I ever in the world imagined he would, but then that’s boys for you isn’t it. Then as he stood there with the very tip of his prick only just between my lips he took his hand off his little hard cock and again I would have breathed a sigh of relief if I could have, I hoped that now he had has fun he would now just wank himself off like I hoped he would do originally.

 But he started to twist a little more and almost laid on the bed by the side of me and then started moving his little cock back and forth very slowly between my lips again and after a little while it seemed he was sliding about half-way into my mouth and it felt quite deep but it pretty much stayed like that for a while, but it was getting hard to keep so still for him, as he rocked back and forth with his little cock in my mouth, but then I just couldn’t help but move a little once as he slid forward into my mouth, that was strange because for the first time it made my mouth and tongue clearly feel his warm prick in my mouth, I couldn’t really feel it that much before, I just felt it between my lips a little, but now I could feel his hard prick and feel his skin move and everything, as he got braver he was fucking away very gently and very rhythmically gasping like hell I can still imagine it to this day, just as I was getting worried and thought he was going to cum in my mouth or something he started slowing down a little then stopped for a second and I thought to myself, he has, he has cum in my mouth, but I couldn’t feel anything and I couldn’t taste anything and then I felt his cock slip out of my mouth I stayed motionless but still couldn’t feel or taste anything.

 He just stood there in front of me frozen with his cock still hard and throbbing, I licked my lips again and made sure my mouth was closed, he hadn’t done anything in there, which was a relief. I waited for him to back off and sit back down again, I didn’t want to wake up and see his stiff cock right in my face.

 But he just stood there, I was thinking he might just pull his trousers up and sit back down, but he didn’t, he was obviously thinking something over. While he was thinking, I was thinking that he must have been close to cuming and pulled out, now wondering what to do, he obviously thought I was still asleep and he twisted his upper body to the table and pulled at some tissue and laid it down by the side of my face like last time.

 Well I thought with a little relief, if he is just going to wank himself off now I will just wait until he has done it, I watch as he grips his cock and starts to wank himself right in front of my face, as I watch him and listen to his groaning, I am thinking, is he having a fantasy of cuming over my face or someone else’s.

 I watched him wank harder and his cock get whiter as his pink end get pinker, then again he stopped and that’s when I instinctively knew what he was going to do by the way he was looking at me, I was beginning to learn boys already it seemed. I slowly moved my eyes down, only a little and that’s when I saw I was now laying in a praying position on my side. He took my right top hand up just a little and he brought his stiff little prick to it and he laid my hand on top of his hard cock and it felt very warm to me.

 Then he wrapped his hand around my hand and he then closed his hand making me close mine and made me grip his cock quite tight, I knew he was going to make me wank him off, which was not what I bargained for but one I could live with for now if it got the job done and over with, a thousand times better than in my mouth.

 As expected he started moving my hand up and down his shaft, what a surprise, well maybe not, but what was a big surprise for me was the feeling, not what I was expecting at all, for a start even though it looked very stiff, it had a hard spongy feel to it, like mums vibrator, so that was more real than I thought, but under the skin I could feel his hard cock sliding back and forth in my hand, a most strange experience.

 Also, he wasn’t doing quite what I expected, I thought he would make me rub my hand up and down it and wank him off, well he did a little, but he held my hand in both his hands on top of the tissue paper and he bucked his hips back and forth as though he was fucking my hand.

 I held my hand like a pussy for him and gripped his cock tight while he fucked happily away at it, soon he was thrusting into my hand fast and hard until suddenly he squealed out and gasped, he thrust his prick deep into my gripping hand and I saw a hard squirt of cum shoot out and hit the tissue, each time he pulled his hips back and thrust forward another great spurt of cum with a low groan splatted against the tissue, he did this about three or four times and each time another squirt of cum, then he stopped still and panted for a few seconds, he released my hand very gently and then he pulled up his trousers and carefully picked up the cum drenched tissue and disappeared to the toilet, I decided to wake up about 3 or 4 minutes later and even then felt as if it was a bit too obvious and I felt embarrassed about what had happened.

 I didn’t enjoy that experience very much at all, although they were good bits to take out and it, it learnt me quite a bit about staying in control from the very start and not getting out of my depth ….. Again, and quite a few things more, so it wasn’t all bad I suppose.

 He had never done anything remotely like that before or after and I felt partly to blame for what had happened, more than partly to blame I suppose, I had encouraged it to a small degree, from then on though I made sure that my bedroom door had something behind it that made a noise. Not that I didn’t trust my brother, of course I did, As I would have kicked his head in if he tried something like that again.

To be honest, he was a perfect brother after that, strangely he was a better brother, not so irritating and not as confrontational, he was a lot more generous and thoughtful, he must have regretted it too, I hope so anyway.

 I put the whole thing to the back of my mind and I completely forgot about it, then remembered it as I started writing the stories. 

Looking back I don’t really see it as disgusting and something to be ashamed of as such, but more just a silly thing that sometimes we do when we explore, not really knowing what we are doing, perhaps It’s easier to think that way.

 Now I said halfway through the story if you remember that I had exaggerated a bit, well I think that’s my inexperience at writing as I didn’t want to, that’s not the point of writing these. The exaggeration was this, he never put his cock in my mouth … as such, but it was pushed slightly between my lips that were naturally a little parted, the tip of his cock was barely ever between my lips in truth, but it did feel as though it was a lot deeper, I think that’s why it read that it was much deeper than it was.

 The other thing I was disappointed in when I read it back was, when I played with myself with mums vibrator and I wrote how I inserted it and was thinking about dads friend, that came across to me as if I was roughly and wildly abusing myself, again it wasn’t like that at all, again it was how I felt but not how it was.

 Again I put it down to my little experience in writing such subtle things.. Thanks for reading and hope you understand.

There is an option for writing more, I will Add a brother’s bedroom part 2, it will be totally made up though, What do you think?

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  1. I am only on page 13 but the story is great except, The part about everyone walking into the room without knocking and being so dense not to know what she was doing. Another thing. Girls always get their own room if possible during puberty. I can’t see any mother ever violating her daughter’s privacy to that extent. Might have been better if mom would’ve just said ooops, and then afterwards told her that it was normal. I honestly believe in this day and age every teenage girl should have some kind of vibe. It will cut down on teenage pregnancies and std’s. Since it was mom’s toy. My wife has hworn a couple out just like that one, except her’s is the bunny. We play with toys all the time. As I have gotten older and stamina isn’t what it was 50 years ago, it helps her and me because I don’t die during sex.

    • She came into the room because she thought I had hurt myself, it is nothing to with being dim. My brother is always nosey and walked in because the door was open and my father wanted to see me because he had bought me something.. We didn’t have a violation of private bedrooms, we didn’t have prison rules.

      Different people, different County, different rules.

      Thanks for the comments

      • Angel,, your stories always get me going. Just last week me and my girlfriend were playing around she had on black tights and no panties i tore a hole in the front of her tights to fuck her. We had been fucking for awhile when her brother called and said he was on the way.i unlocked front door and went back to fucking his sister all the wa til he walked in the front door. i pulled my dick out and put it away. She sat up but her legs were still wide open and you could see her clean shaven pussy. I saw her brother look straight at her pussy then he turned around and asked could he use the bathroom. I noticed him adjusting his dick as he walk to the bathroom

        • Thanks for the comments Forrest, I had to do quite a lot of editing to your lovely message for it to make sense, It would be a good idea for you to read back your message before you send it next time. Don’t let that put you off writing though.

  2. This was a really good story, I even got quite wet!
    I wish my big brother was like this haha, I’ve had fantasies like this before

      • Well I don’t think a story like this has to be 100% accurate, right? Writers have a bit of artistic license when it comes to stuff like that :)
        Unless you’re not happy with how it is now

  3. Email me and we can go over stories and have a fun night and maybe even exchange photos?

    p.s its my real email i lost access to my other one

  4. Omg, I read this about four times. It is by far one of the greatest stories I have read yet. And I jerked off at least 5 times to this. Like damn this was a good story. I might just read it again haha
    A lot of those parts has me jerking off uncontrollably.

  5. ugh.. wish I had a hot sibling… anyways that was really HOT!!! and I tried my best not to touch myself since there is someone in the room with me. Though I felt a liitle bit of cum come out of my dick. It would’ve been way hotter if his cock was inside your mouth, started thrusting, cum even.. u get my point.. but I guess that would’ve had a bad ending and too far since this actually happened. All in all very sexy story! I expect more from you and now I’m gonna have to jerk it in the bathroom. xD

  6. I was 15 my sister took me out for a treat for her success she 19 and suffers from depression and so we had load to drink we went to her place. We were on the sofa and she broke down crying saying so been dumped by her boyfriend. I didn’t know what to do or the right words to say so I kissed her the lips saying she was good looking. she stopped crying asked if I meant it than she got her hands on to my face and started snogging me we managed to strip of naked and my sister lay on top of me and she knew how ride my cock. it felt so special my sister had her eyes closed and was groaning in pleasure I stroked her ribs telling her I loved loved her. she was panting saying me I was fucking fit we lasted 30 minutes before I climaxed. we was tired but we both smiled we fucked each other and she cuddled me to sleep. the next morning I had the most wonderful view in the world my sister naked. we have now got 2 kids together both normal and she is into me given her anal sex which is good fun

  7. I was 13 year old lad sister was 14 and our dad made us have sex with each other for his entertainment and friends. at first we was disgusted and we tried to resist but he beat me up so much I caved in. I remember stripping off naked in front of my sister and she liked the look of my cock and she bent down and preformed oral sex. I didn’t last long before I jerked into her mouth and it came out of her mouth. than the next night we had sex I felt my balls pressing against my sister pussy she relived herself in pain we kid each other for the experience before we relished we were in love. we was able to break free from the family and start a new life. we changed our names and we got married and started to have kids. we didn’t have a sexual relationship by choice but we were thankful because we relished we fancy each other morally was wrong but it felt so right. we feel no shame we admit to our friends we are brother and sister at first they felt sick but than they admitted we are a good couple and supported us

  8. Just wanted to say I love this story. Its the first one of your’s that I’ve read but I am definitely going to find and read more. Also if you ever want to chat sometime or trade emails feel free to hit me up.

  9. me and my brother was divers and we travelled around European and wherever Olympics tournament was. I was 15 lass my brother was 13 and after one practice me and my brother were along in the showers I built up my courage to take my one piece speedo swimsuit off. I saw my brother watching me strip off at first embarrassed but than he soon realised he was better off taking off his trunks off so he took them off. We were showering down when I looked at him and his cock was sooo big like 8-9 even 10 pushing I couldn’t help but to stare at his manhood. He asked if it was a decent size and I nodded and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I bent down in front of him and started to lick it to see his response and he smiled so I started to suck his cock. It didn’t take long before his sperm came into my mouth it must be 200-300 ml I couldn’t cope his load and it spilled off my titts. Thankfully the shower stopped and I could scrap my boobs and taste his tasty junk. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of my brother cock and he came into my bedroom asking if I was ok. I said I wanted sex with him he just went for me taking my G-string off and bra like a pro. He sleeps naked so that was handy and before I know his big cock was sliding into me I groaned knowing a 9 inch cock was inside me and he pounded me with his sexy cock. He was a show master and we lasted 90 minutes before we got tired. We have continued to have unprocteded sex lasting longer and longer. Our parent have caught us at first we tried to hide the fact we were having sex before we admitted the truth and they are pleased we are not harming anyone but loving each other like a normal brother/sister related siblings. We moved out and sharing a flat our friends know we have sex with each other and watch us preform sex acts rather pool side or in the flat

  10. this is a true story I was 9 year old lad and my 14 year old sister asked me to bonk her one night I didn’t know she meant but I said ok. I caught her on the edge of bed with a crop top bra on and knickers on the floor and all I can remember was her hairy pussy. I loved looking at it so I took my pants and started bonking her. as the years went on we had sex and we didn’t care who knew we even bragged to our parents digust we have sex. I don’t why incest upsets people we are told to love our brother/sister we have grown up having sex with each for nearly 20 years had 7 healthy kids

  11. Um the story was good story , um I would like to know what happens next if anything happens next but yeah good story, um can I ask for some stuff?

  12. Wow, just wow, that story was great. I really loved it, and to tell you the truth I came about 4 times reading this. Thanks you for that. And i was just wondering from some of the comments, do you send pics?

    Thanks again looking forward to reading more

    • Thanks Samantha, just for you I will write “Sisters Surprise 2″ Strangely I would see that as being far more intimate than giving a blow job, what do you think?

      • Hi angel I just wanted to say that was a great story. loved it!
        But I do want to know what sexual things u would send me n My email n Ill send sum to u

  13. My first naked girl or taste was my sister i was 9 and already masturbating she was 15 and wanting oral she got a BF a few months later and i was left with only a memory

    • That’s hot. I have a step daughter who is just turning 12 and she is always hanging around me in little clothing and getting physical. I want to touch her with my mouth

      • Hello Mark, we all have a dark side that sometimes breaks out and we explore, in a way that is what this site has become. but of course we have to be sure we control our actions and be very wary of mis reading innocent behavior. Otherwise everything you love will crash around you and will be lost forever…..

  14. Angel, your stories are amazing. once i start reading i cant stop. i think what makes them so good is that you include yourself in the story, and because there are little glitches in your grammar at times it makes the story seem so authentic. i think that to write the things you write, you must actually have a lot of the fantasies and desires, and it gives an insight to you. have you finished “girl on Patrol”? i was dissapointed that it was left unfinished. i look forward to it:)

    • Hello John, “On Patrol” is something I really want to work on as I have a lot of plans for it, but I just have so much to do all the time, I could do with some help really. Although on saying that I am ready to add more, maybe this weekend.

    • Hello Ernie, I suppose you mean the very first time I had full sex. To be honest if it was anything to write home about I would have wrote about it. In reality it was very dull, if you really insist by asking me again I will tell you the basic outline, I promise it isn’t worth no more than that.

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