A Chocolate Surprise

Written by Nat Cham

Tina acted and sound like a very young girl at times.

Tina acted and sound like a very young girl at times.

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This is another true story of a strange but very pretty girl that I met at a church social club, (sounds dull doesn’t it, but I promise it’s not.) She was very innocent and acted very childlike, sometimes talking almost like a very young girl.

She’d never had a boyfriend before and so obviously never had any sort of sexual experience, (except perhaps with herself maybe.) Tina was keen to learn and was eager to move on in little steps, very little steps. But I had planned a day when I was going to lead her into something she would never have imagined so soon.

I had been going out with this girl called Tina for just over 2 weeks, she was 19 years old but she acted as if she was about 12, but I suppose that’s because her parents treated and talked to her just like she was a child, almost as though she had never grown up, so I suppose that’s why she acted like one.

They did every little thing for her and talked about her teddy bears that were in her bedroom as though they were real people, on saying that they were a really nice friendly family, but a very religious one too. I was her first boyfriend and it showed, she wanted to show me off to everyone and she fussed over me the whole time. It was nice at first but which embarrassed me a little bit at times to be honest.

She had a very pretty face, quite tall with shoulder length dark red brown hair, she had thick very sexy lips and she used to pout like a sulking or shy school girl, she was very skinny but with what seemed small pert breasts, I know it doesn’t sound great does it? Especially if I tell you she dressed very stuffy in plain dresses and her hair style was very old fashioned, but she had this really incredibly pretty face that just shined when she smiled. Her family was very religious as she was, in fact I met her one Sunday evening at a church charity event with the football team I played for, I can’t remember why we had to be there, none of the lads in the team fancied doing it but we was told we had to be there, in the end it wasn’t a bad night. When we got to the church hall there was a bar and  the beer was very good and pretty cheap, so we had a few drinks and stayed there while about half past eleven.

She introduced me to her family who also made a big fuss of me which was nice, but perhaps they over did it a little bit too, for instance one night when we had been going out for a few nights I took Tina home and we was saying goodnight on the doorstep, the mother asked me in and wouldn’t take no for as answer and I had to be up early that morning, but I thought what harm would another 10 minutes do.

We went in and sat in the living room and her father asked me if I would like a glass of Whisky, I had already drank a couple or three pints of beer that night and thought that would be a nice way to end the night off, half an hour later of pleasant chat and I was now pissed as a newt, I could hardly stand up now when it was time to go, the father looked so pleased by it, he had this big grin on his face the whole time, I just about managed to make my way out of the house and stagger down there path and started off home, I turned and waved good bye at the end of the path then fell through next doors hedge and I couldn’t get out. They helped me out and I thanked them as composed as I could before setting off again, I took 2 or 3 steps and fell through the hedge again and got stuck, they again had to help me out. Luckily I made it home, which was only about a mile away with out any more incident.

Looking back over the relationship,Tina and I had snogged a bit and petted a little over the few weeks that we had been going out, but it was blatantly obvious that she was not very experienced with the opposite sex at all, so every little step in our relationship was a large step for her, I wasn’t in any rush anyway as there was another girl I was seeing so I just let things slide along taking there natural path.

After about a couple of months of dating while we was just chatting as you do I told Tina that I had “the house to myself that coming Saturday.” I said it in a very matter of fact way in conversation as you do when you are chatting, I didn’t mean anything with it but Tina said quite excitedly that she would come round in the afternoon. I wasn’t that keen to be honest as I wanted to watch the football as it was a big game that I had been looking forward to seeing, I said falsely “yes that’s great” with quite a false smile and then I devilishly suggested that “we could take things a lot further,” making it quite clear what I meant and knowing full well that would put her off and she wouldn’t want to come round after all, but you will never believe it, she damn well agreed to it much to my surprise and shock. I just stood there looking at her not knowing what to say or even if my luck was in or not .. I just wanted to watch the bloody football.

But then Tina shocked me even further when she said very frankly “we can do what you like, but you cant fuck me or anything, not yet, not until we are engaged at least,” she was quite clear about that but the language she used shocked me, not only the engaged bit, but the explicit language she came out with, she had never spoken remotely like that before, she had always been a very miss prim and proper. I replied “erm, okay” I said slowly a little confused and trying to get over her so out of character manner and wondering what the next step would be then, anyway I asked her to call early at lunch time, I thought that way we could then get “whatever” out of the way so that I could watch the football match later, and in peace.

Well Saturday came and she had told me she would be round at 12.30 ish. I had given the matter of what she said had said a great deal of thought and wondered what she had meant by “we can do what you want, but I won’t fuck” statement over the days.

Thinking about it I had come up with 2 explanations, explanation one was, she had not really meant anything by it, it was just a throw away sentence and she would have forgotten all about it by the time she arrived, or I would forget she thought (fat chance) and explanation 2 was, she meant she would do anything, except fuck as she had said, I would have loved to have known what she had in her thoughts. So I had made my mind up, if it was going to be any of them it would be the latter of the two and I had decided she was going to give her first ever blow job, but I doubted with her being so shy and sexual innocent and inexperienced and child like that she would just do it if I asked her to, I could hardly tell her “well you said you would, so I am sorry but you are now obliged, its in the rules don’t you know,” … so I devised a cunning plan.

I went to the shop and bought some chocolate and just before she was expected to arrive I cut the chocolate in to very small pieces and pushed as much as I could behind my foreskin knowing that the chocolate would melt. I tied the end of my cock with a piece of cotton so the chocolate wouldn’t ooze out before hand, then I smiled at my ingenuity and waited for her to arrive. Well she was late and she still hadn’t turned up by 1 o’clock and by 1.30 I then thought she just wasn’t coming after all. That didn’t worry me much, apart from what shall I do with the now well melted chocolate, but what did really concern me was if she came much later and she had got other ideas I might miss the start of the football and it was England v Scotland a European playoff qualifier, (the one where Paul Gascoigne scored that great goal)

Just as I decided that she wasn’t going to turn up I heard a knock on the door at 1.50, to be honest I was really hoping it wasn’t Tina now, now don’t get me wrong, I really liked her a great deal, I just wanted to watch the game. I answered the door and there Tina was smiling away so warmly and she looked so beautiful, she had made a big effort, I could tell that, she was wearing a pastel powder blue skirt and jacket with white blouse, she looked really gorgeous and I was quite proud of her.  She came in and as it was a hot day I made a cold drink, a couple of quite tasty rum and blackcurrants (wink wink. We chatted for 15 minutes or so, then she started to kiss me really passionately.

I responded while looking at the clock over her shoulder, after a few minutes I thought, or what the hell, I will just have to miss the start of the match, we smooched on the sofa and I kissed her neck and worked my way down to the nape of her open blouse and kissing the cleavage of her breasts, she let me undo her blouse so I could kiss her lower and lower and I noticed her breathing got a little faster, she was obviously enjoying it all and had decided she wanted a little more from men.

I eventually unfastened all her buttons of her blouse and slid it off her, (Wow even that was a first) and I started kissing her again and put my arms around her to stroke her back and I moved my hands to unfasten her bra and much to my surprise she let me.

But it wasn’t easy as her bra seemed to be so tight and I found it quite hard to pull the clasps in together to get them apart, then suddenly as I managed it her bra suddenly sprang off as though it was loaded and I was absolutely delighted to see that this flat chested girl had lovely tight and very full breasts indeed, much much more than I ever expected. obviously the bra’s that she wore must have been too tight or something because she always looked as though she had quite small breasts. But here she was now with very nice large tits and what was even better, she had quite large nipples and as I eagerly sucked and teased her firm breasts there was a nice surprise that as her nipples grew very stiff they become very large indeed, she whispered to me that her nipples were very sensitive and she loved them being touched, but I remember that she once told me that was slightly embarrassed by them, I thought she meant she was embarrassed because they were so small, not because they were so large, I told her how fantastic they were and I could see her visibly grow in confidence

I was enjoying myself now, more than I thought I would, after a while I thought I would put my plan in to action, (we men always have a plan of action) I asked her to get on the floor and kneel, she frowned at me but she did as she was told and knelt in front of the sofa, and I had some very strong cord and tied it to each of her wrists, then tied them to each end of the cord to each end of the settee firmly, she giggled at the silly game saying “I feel like Jesus on the cross,” as she was now on her knees and tied with each of her arms stretched out and unable to move them, then I had a black scarf and tied it around her eyes tight blindfolding her completely, She seemed worried with this at first but I told her “Don’t worry, it’s only a bit of sexy fun, I promise will take it off and stop if you ask me to at any point” and at that she calmed down and smiled at me again, totally trusting.

I looked at her kneeling there and her cute firm breast pointing out with large pink hard nipples, she looked great and I wished I had a camera. I took a couple of very small vibrators out a drawer which I had arranged earlier and laid them beside her. I knelt in front of her and I slid my hands over her body and fondled her tits and sucked and licked her nipples whilst stroking her back and shoulders with my hands and the tips of my fingers and as she made little “Mmm” sounds as I started to suck and tease one of her nipples flicking it with my tongue, she smiled and she cocked her head to one side in pleasure, that’s when I picked up the larger of the vibrators and turned in on to a very smooth low hum and I touched the end of her other nipple with the silent buzzing vibrator, she sucked her breath in and squealed and she struggling a little trying to move her arms, but they were tied very securely out to the side of her, I was thoroughly enjoying watching her squirm to the sounds of her squealing loud “OH DEAR, OH DEAR ME” each time.

I touched the very tip of her stiff nipple with the vibrator while I kept sucking and flicking the other with my tongue, two very different sensations on her hard sensitive nipples at the same time, but changing nipples every minute or so, I would start sucking the other nipple and placing the vibrator on the one I had been sucking and flicking, she loved it, I did this for quite a while and after 15 minutes or so she was sighing and panting loudly, she was squirming and crying out as though I was beautifully torturing her with pleasure. still occasionally sucking in her breath and squealing and each time a changed nipples, she would squeal and groan out loud “oh no, please stop.” But of course I knew she didn’t mean it.

I then put the vibrator on the floor by the side of her and I moved my hands down to the top of her skirt wrapped my arms round her and feeling for the buttons, she resisted a little saying, “I hope you are not having any ideas about me down there,” “don’t worry, you are quite safe” I reassured her, then she moved her hips towards me just a little as though giving me permission to carry on and making it a little easier for me, I unfastened the clasp and let her skirt fall, she was wearing just a little cute pair of knickers, then putting my hands just above her knees I started sliding my hands up her legs, shyly she asks “what you going to do” and as my hands got higher she asks quite nervously and child like “you’re not going to be naughty are you.” I say nothing as I now slowly start to pull down on her knickers and immediately she gasped in shock at what I was doing.

I didn’t know what to expect from her, I just took the chance, but she whispers loudly to me again quite child like “Oh how dare you, oh you are such a bad boy, aren’t you” I pull down her knickers slowly down and have to tug on them just a little more as they slip below her pussy as her legs are quite tight together and I wanted access there .

I look at her face the whole time enjoying the expressions of the emotions she is going through, as I pull her knickers down to the top of her thighs and just below her bottom I look at her very nicely trimmed pubic hair, and I tell her to open her legs a little, “Ohh,” she sighs as a little groan of despair “you are so naughty, you are making me do rude things that I shouldn’t be doing” but all the same, she does as she is told slowly and without question. Then she asks me nervously and inquisitively “are you looking at my pussy.” of course I was, but again I say nothing, she carries on asking “you are aren’t you, you are looking at my pussy you naughty boy, I can sense it.” She flinches and squeals out as I slide my index finger between her legs “oh what are you doing now, oh you rude boy,” I slide my index finger between her slightly open legs between her pussy lips and I feel for her clit and I started rubbing it, it felt quite warm, very moist and hard, but I was really doing it because I wanted to know exactly where her clit was and expose it, as I rubbed it she was writhing and squealing “oh you are so wicked touching me there, no one has ever touched me there before”

I took the other tiny vibrator that was on the floor, switching it on and it gave quite a high shrill, I was surprised how fast and powerful it was, she knew the sound by now and again in anticipation at what I was going to do with it she gave a nervous “oh no.”  I slid a tiny vibrator between her legs and on to her clit, she squealed then moans out in a higher pitch “ohh, what are you doing to me, stop it, you’re so naughty” I slide it back and forth and she tries to bend forward groaning “Ohoo. stop it, stop it… Oh my god” but she is tied tight and she is held firm as the vibrator shrills on her most intimate part. I watch her for a moment then pulling her knickers backup tight to hold the tiny vibrator on to her clit and she groans with pleasure, almost begging “oh my god, you are not going to leave it there are you,” then I start to suck on her nipples again and touching them with the other vibrator at the same time. I did this for a while, her clit and both nipples being teased all at the same time until she starts shaking and shivering screaming out in almost a panic as though she was ashamed to have an orgasm in front of me “OH NO, OH NO, Oh my god, oh my god, stop it, I beg you, I can’t stand this anymore” she is bouncing herself up and down squealing and gasping in total and uncontrollable pleasure.

She was almost Screaming as I tortured her pussy

She tries to stand up, but she can’t, she is tied tight and she has to endure the orgasm on her knees, She screams out loud and shakes violently then gasping and groaning bucking her hips back and forth bending up and down as the orgasm makes her writhe her body as much as she could whilst being tied.

The orgasm wains and I stand up in front of her and she can sense me there, and I ask her, “have you ever touched or held a mans hard stiff cock”.. she gasps “No,.. no of course I haven’t” she said panting a little, “open your mouth,” I tell her, “oh no” she gasps again,“you’re not going to make me are you, .. are you going to make me do it”  I tell her again firmly, “open your mouth” again she says in a shocked voice guessing what I am going to do “you naughty boy, you’re not going to make me kiss your cock for you are you or anything, oh please, please say you are not” I say to her simply “NO you are not going to kiss it, … you are going to open your mouth and suck it” and she gasps out loudly in shock, “oh my, oh my oh my” she swallows with a large gulp at what I expect from her, then she slowly licks her thick sexy lips.

I tell her again, “come on open your mouth” and she again gasps saying, “you are going to make me do it aren’t you, have I got to put it in my mouth and suck it” and very tentatively and slowly she starts to open her mouth a little to accept and suck on her first stiff excited prick.

She slowly opened her mouth as she was forced to suck on her first ever hard prick

She kneels there with her mouth open and waiting nervously, I pulled off the cotton tie from the tip of my foreskin and saw just a little of the thick chocolate slowly ooze out. I put my hand behind her head gently pulling it forward just a little and I moved my prick to her ready and open mouth. I watched her pretty face react as she felt it it for the first time being directed in to her mouth and she opened her mouth a little wider as she felt me push it it, then she closed her warm and wet mouth wrapping her lips tentatively around my hard stiff cock and it felt fantastic. Her thick beautiful lips slowly closed around my shaft and I could see through the expression of her face she was exploring her mind on the sensation of having a cock in her mouth, Her lips trembled, then she tightened her mouth around my very excited hard prick tighter. I held her head and as first she was a little hesitant but then she must have tasted the sweet melted chocolate in her mouth and instinctively but slowly she started to suck on my prick. I groaned out with pleasure and this must have encouraged her further as very soon her tongue was wrapping round my prick as her mouth sucks and now slides up and down on my shaft quite eagerly and she gives such a tiny squeal of pleasure as she does it. she is now obviously enjoying sucking her first hard cock and the chocolate seems to be doing the trick. For me I could feel every little movement of her mouth and tongue and it was my turn to groan with pleasure at the erotic feeling of having this young innocent girl sucking my cock

She was forced to suck on it, I gave her no option

The vibrator still between her legs and buzzing on her clit is making her squirm again and she starts making groaning and simpering sounds as well as moving her mouth further up and down my shaft harder and faster which makes me groan even louder. My this was such fun, I look at her bobbing her mouth up and down on my prick exploring my shaft with her pouting lips, she groans more whilst  she is slobbering and sucking loudly on my now chocolate covered prick. I gyrate my hips back and forth in rhythm with her sliding her mouth back and forth, I notice she is sliding her mouth deeper down my shaft a little more firmly pulling my foreskin back a little further and releasing more of the sweet and tasty melted chocolate in to her eager mouth. Her large lips are sucking and sliding all the way down my entire shaft by now and she is making yummy sloppy sounds with her mouth and throat, then she suddenly grunts and gasps out as the experience and the vibrator still on her clit must be making her close to cuming again.

She is suddenly squirming and squealing like hell as she jerks her hips back and forth and she pushes her head forward sucking and slobbering noisily and eagerly on my prick. Her body is shaking as an orgasm starts to build for her again and again she groans and gasps and sucks me off at the same time, to say this was her first time she was giving a fantastic blow-job, sucking eagerly and sliding her mouth all the way down my shaft, I could feel my cock sliding all the way in and out of her mouth as she thrust her head forwards and back. She was really giving my cock one hell of a sucking and getting faster and harder as her orgasm built up within her. then suddenly like before she gave out long and hard groan and it seems she wants as much prick in her mouth as she can during her orgasm. I couldnt help it I grip her head firmly and I thrust my prick hard in and out of her mouth fucking it hard as she endures her wild orgasm groaning shaking and bobbing up and down and gyrating her hips for what seemed quite long time.

She shaped her mouth so that I could fuck it, and I fucked her mouth with long hard thrusts

Then after a little while her orgasm waning she tries to back off my cock a little, but I grip her head firmer as I am now fucking her mouth in long hard and regular thrusts, I expected her to resist me, but she didn’t resist me at all and instead she shaped her mouth kindly allowing me to have my pleasure and fuck it. Suddenly I feel my self on the verge of cumming and she must have guessed too because as I thrust deeper and harder between her lips she tightened the whole of her mouth around my prick a little more and I thrust my prick into her mouth harder, faster and deeper until her lips slid right to the base of my hard prick and her mouth made loud slobbering fucking sounds as I fucked her wet drooling mouth furiously.

Suddenly I could hold back no longer and I GROANED out loud as I fucked her mouth and I felt myself shoot my load in to her already wet mouth. Again I could feel her sense what was happening and I felt her lovely wet mouth grip my cock as my cum squirts and fills her mouth, quickly with my fingers I pull the skin back from the base of my cock and I feel my foreskin peel back as far as it would go releasing the last of the chocolate in to her mouth. Her mouth overflowing and salty chocolate cum running down her chin, her mouth now bouncing on my prick making further sloppy yummy type sounds, she licks and sucks on my prick till I have had enough, I pull my wet sloppy prick out of her mouth and she kneels there panting and gasping quite hard, but smiling …….

I got a wet tissue and wiped her mouth clean, then untied her, on her knees she falls forward and she quickly removes vibrator herself, then a few seconds later as she bends there on all fours she pulls her knickers back up, only then she rises up and removes the blindfold.

I few seconds go by as we both pant and reflect on the fun we had just been having and not saying anything until she eventually looks up at me and says as if searching for the words……”You are, .. well should I say, that was… Er, You fucked my…“ then she stops as if not knowing what to say or how to put it…. and she never really finishes the sentence, she gets dressed and changes the subject saying, well if you want to watch the football, I will leave you to it now you have had your fun with me,(which I thought was a bit of a cheek) she gives me a quick kiss and a “see you tonight at the church club.” (which was a private pub really)

Well England and Scotland were playing in the European Championship play off, I missed the kick off by a few minutes which was a bit disappointing, but it wasn’t all bad was it,,, remember that day lads, what a great day…….

Tina went back off to Mummy and Daddy convinced that men’s pricks taste just like chocolate, she will never suck on a chocolate bar in her life with the same thoughts ever again…. to be honest, after reading the thoughts of other girls about the first blow-job they had ever given, I think she really enjoyed it, well I did at least.. I would love to hear her view of it now.

Would any of you girls like to try it ?

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5 thoughts on “A Chocolate Surprise

  1. I would love to watch that and I would even try it. She was ready to suck you before she got there. The chocklet was a bonus for her

  2. I loved the story
    How I wish I was introduced to sex like this…. I would love to have my lover treat me like this

    As for melted chocolate in cock …. I will definately try it

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