A Dirty Old Man

Two dirty old men Blackmail two young sisters

Two old men Blackmail two young sisters

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A Dirty Old Man .. By Angel

Two dirty old men blackmailed me and my sister in to doing disgusting things for them when we were in our early to mid teens. I will tell you here how it happened and what we were forced to do.

Myself my sister Jane and my brother Jon were doing jobs to earn money in the summer holidays when we knocked on this really old man’s door and explained what we was doing, “great” he said “you are just what we have been looking for.” He was such a friendly and sweet old man who later told me his name was Albert.

He raised his old thin bony finger saying “But first let me just ask my older brother if its alright” and he slowly turned and shuffled back in to the house. Jane turns to me and whispers “older Brother?.. you mean there is someone in the house that is actually older than him” and we both broke out in to stifled laughter. “not only that,” she added giggling “even at his age he still has to ask someone if it’s alright” and we laughed out again.

He seemed to be gone for ages and I thought he had forgotten about us, but then I heard him slowly shuffling back, the door opens and with a big broad smile he tells us “Yes its Okay, my brother said that he is pleased someone will do the garden for us .. it needs a real good clean-up doesn’t.” He wasn’t kidding as well, it was a real mess as all the grass and hedge’s had grown high and wild, then he added “do a real good job for us and we will give you a good tip as well.”

We we blackmailed by two old men in to doing rude thingsIt was a very hot summer all that year and we all worked hard in the garden for two whole and long hot days cutting down the very long grass and hedges. At the end of the second day about 5 o’clock the job was finished and to be honest the garden now looked great. We knocked on his door to tell him his garden was done. The old man came out and looked at his garden and he was obviously ever so pleased with what we had done, “what a great job you have all done,” he said (see I told you he was pleased) “I am very proud of you young people” and we were all full of smiles. But we were a bit disappointed when he told us “I haven’t got any money on me right now, we are only pensioners you know” but we felt a little better when he asked us all to come back later that evening and he would pay us.

The time dragged as we waited about two and a half hours before we went back round to his house roughly around 7.30, but he wasn’t in. In fact he wasn’t there for a few days and we were really upset as we had all worked really hard on his garden as well, it seemed they had left and not paid us.

Then Suddenly a few days later we saw him walking down the road with his brother who he lived with, (Well that’s if you could call it walking, more like shuffling) although I didn’t know how old they were really they both looked to me as though they were real old codgers of around 80 or 90 years or so, both of them looked so alike in stature and looks, they were both quite thin and balding with very thin grey unkempt hair, well hair that they had left anyway and they dressed quite drab as very old people do. We went up to them and asked them nicely if he would give us the money for doing his garden, but he was very sharp with us and he said really nastily, “go away I don’t have time for you now” and shuffled on his way looking really irritated.

We all felt really bad and skulked away as if we were beggars asking really old people for money, but we wasn’t, we had worked really hard and they owed us that money for the hard work we had done. As we walked back past their house which has seen better days, we could see right through the front window to the back and noticed that the kitchen window was slightly open, they must have forgotton to close and lock it in their rush probably.

We slowly walked around to the rear of the house and everything was dead quiet as we had expected it to be, my sister Jane still angry said, “lets see if they have any money in the house or whether they have just lied and have no intention of paying us,” for some reason it seemed a really good idea at the time, I cannot for the life of me think how as I now look back.

Jane Climbing Through Window

Jane Climbing Through Window


She climbed up the drain pipe a little to the first window, then she leant over and pulled the window open further so she could easily climb through. Then once inside she unlocked and opened the back door to let both me and Jon in. The house inside was clean and tidy but very sparse indeed, almost bare with very little furniture, what furniture was there was very old and grotty and the carpets were brown and threadbare.

We all looked around the large house for a little while and messing about a little when to my shock I accidentally knocked a cup off a table and it fell and broke it in two. Jane laughed out loud telling me to be more careful and picking up another cup she threw it against the wall hard and making a real mess as it smashed in to tiny little pieces, “STOP IT,” I said angrily “I did mine by accident and be quiet for heavens sake.. Someone will hear us and we will be in trouble then.” Defending herself Jane tells us “Well that just serves them two right” she said adding, “anyway it was a cup with up the Blades on” as though trying to justify it. We slowly looked all around down stairs in the few draws and cupboards, but there was nothing there but the smell of old people in the air.

 ”Lets look upstairs” said Jane “err do we really want to” I asked. “oh come on” she said, so we made our way up the stairs. The stair carpet looked as though it had come to the end of its life, in fact I think the stair carpet had come to the end of its life a few years ago, as almost all of any pattern had gone and you could see the floor boards through the carpet on the edges of almost all of the stair treads. Climbing the stairs I could tell that the smell of old men was getting a littler stronger and it put me off a little. Once upstairs I looked around whilst my sister and brother jumped and bounced up and down on the old bed that was obviously one of the old men’s. I looked in a tall cupboard and as I opened the door I was amazed to see that in both corners were very large heaps of money all piled up and must have been about 2 feet high or more easily and the cash was in clean new crisp £20s and £50s.

 I called the others over and by my tone they new that I had found something quite amazing and they stopped instantly and came running over, I showed them what I had found and they both looked silently and aghast at all the money that was piled up in the cupboard. Jane was the first to speak and said in disgust “so they did have the money after all and they could have paid us a thousand times over easily,,, the mean old misers…. ”  

Jon turns and looks around, “they live like this and they have got all that money, What tight old fossils, I would buy the New X Box.” We looked in another cupboard in another bedroom and was shocked to see the same thing, money all piled up in each corner.

We all agreed the men owed us some money and it seemed that they wasn’t going to give us what we were owed, so we decided we would just take it, we decided we should be worth £20 per day and that we had worked for 2 whole days, that was fair we thought, so we agreed we would take £120.00 and that we would share it between us. I picked up a bundle of money and I counted out £120.00 in to my sisters hand and was just putting the rest back when my brother shouts out “plus the tip,” I stopped and turned back to Jon and said “what are you on about” .. he repeated “plus the tip .. he said he would give us a good tip didn’t he” I looked at Jane and she gave a little nod of the head so I put another £20.00 in to her hand and put the rest back, she looked at me as though to say “is that all,” I explained “I know they were really mean with us, but I don’t want us to seem greedy.”

There was so much money there we were sure they wouldn’t even notice any of it had gone and that we had paid ourselves, but now we wouldn’t have to ask them again and we could just forget about it and not bother calling on them again.

On the way out and as we walking back through the living room you couldn’t help but noticed the smashed two cups and mess scattered all over the floor, they would know someone has been in the house, and to make matters worse Jane suddenly calls out “oh wait I need a wee bad, really bad” I wanted to get out of the house quick before anyone noticed us “can’t you wait just a minute or two till we get home” I snapped, “No I cant wait” she replied “I must have a wee right now, its coming” and she crouching down where she was stood and pulling the crotch of her panties to one side exposing her very pink smooth pussy, Jon almost gasped when he saw her bare pussy and his eyes almost fell right out, I asked her “what the hell do you think you are doing, aren’t you going to the toilet” I asked her in shock and amazement as I watched what she was doing. “No I have to do it right now or I will wee my knickers” she said all sweet and innocent. I looked in shock as she started to wee on the thin thread bare carpet in the living room and it left a large very soggy patch, my brother laughed as we just stood there watching her, I could see floor boards by the corner of the room and I thought that it was a good job too as she wasn’t kidding that she really did need a wee because after the first dribble as it seemed now to be gushing out.

Jane wee’d on the carpet

She wee’d for what seemed like ages and I thought we had better go, so I pulled Jon’s sleeve and told him “come on” but he wanted to stay and watch her wee, I think it was the first time he had seen a girls bare fanny and was half shocked and half amazed at how it looked because he was certainly staring at her pussy.

I pulled his sleeve harder making him follow me telling him harshly and sarcastically “Come on, .. she will show it to you again later, she is good like that.” and he reluctantly came with me pleading innocently “No, I wasn’t looking at it, I was just waiting for her that’s all,” “Yeah, Yeah of course you was, I will believe you, no one else would mind you” and we left her to it.

Me and Jon left the house by the back door and waited just outside for her, Jane eventually came and locked the back door and climbed out of the window and carefully pulling it shut behind her, after all we didn’t want them to get robbed. On the way down the garden path Jane says to me “what do you mean I will show my pussy again to Jon later, she is good like that.” “Oh I was only kidding, its because Jon would not come with me and was staring at your lou lou”

“Oh right, I didn’t notice”

“Yeah he told me outside it was because it looked was so big”

“What! .. the little twat”

“No I am only kidding” I told her with a big smile…. “But it is a big one” and I burst out laughing.

The following day we were all out together and the old man suddenly sprang out from nowhere and came up to us and said in a very cheery tone “Girls, Girls, sorry to have missed you, if you came back to the house with me now I will pay you,” we was all taken aback by this and we said “erm, no you are okay, don’t worry about it.” not knowing really what to say to him, but he wasn’t having any of it “Nonsense, I wont hear of it, me and my brother are very pleased with the work you all did for us, come on don’t be silly, come and get your money, you all worked hard enough for it” he insisted and very sheepishly we followed him wondering how we could get out of it as we couldn’t tell him we had already took the money, but we couldn’t except the money either as that means we would have stole the money earlier, In our minds that’s how it seemed to us anyway.

We were invited in to the house and the old man closed the door behind us. We walked in to the living room and everything was now tidy,  I looked to the carpet where Jane had wee’d on the floor and noticed the darker patch, it hadn’t quite dried out yet.

His brother switched on the tatty old walnut TV set that was in the corner of the room and then explained… “We were burgled yesterday and with all that’s been going off we haven’t even had time to view it yet.” That had me thinking and I whispered quickly to Jane “view what, what was the silly old duffer on about.” Jane just shrugged her shoulders. The old man carried on telling us “They trashed the place they did and stole some of our hard earned money the bastards did too, we were just very lucky they didn’t take it all I suppose. We think they must have been spooked by someone and that they left very quickly leaving it behind before they got caught.” I looked round at both my sister and brother and their faces were both as red as beetroots…. The old man turns to us and asked “You don’t know who did it do you by any chance,” we all shook our heads vigorously “No we don’t, do we” I said whilst looking around to the others, “Oh no, no we don’t,” lied Jane, my brother joined in “oh no, no, no no, no we don’t” said my younger brother Jon shaking his head side to side with a frown and sounding as shifty as hell.

“Well no bother” said the old mans brother, “because we have small CCTV cameras fitted in all the rooms and as soon as we see who has done it we will be calling the police and giving the evidence to them.” I looked round the room and saw the little camera in the corner, “GULP, so that’s what they were on about” we all looked at each other now as white as sheets, the old TV comes on and the brother tunes it in to the recording of the CCTV and there we are, all three of us walking in to the living room in full colour and caught very red-handed indeed.

“Ahhaaaa” said both the doddery old gits together.

This Story can now only be read on Kindle in its entirety. The original story was 33 pages long. I have added to the story about what happened here and also added what happened after. The Story is now 117 pages.

Click here to read –> https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075PPLRZQ


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26 thoughts on “A Dirty Old Man

  1. Loved your story I too got involved with an old guy when I was 13 and he got me to play with and eventually suck his old cock.In the end I got to enjoy it as he always sucked mine in return so now as an old guy myself I love wanking and sucking all cocks (or pussies).

  2. i have been writing some blackmail sex stories .. would anyone like to trade .. i mean i will write one for u just give me the details you want in it and ill write one for u .. but would u be willing to write one for me …. email me if you want to trade .. bxpopeye@aim.com

  3. I enjoyed this story very much and can-not wait for the follow on.
    I wish i could have had this experience it had me panting!! Could your
    club posibley come up with a real deal for-me? xx

  4. Hey little gals your body is the holly temple of God. Repent and turn to God, never exchange money with your body its ungodly, thanks.

    • Thanks for the reply, I know your intention is well meaning. I believe god gave us sex and a sensitive body to enjoy as a caring god would, thanks again.

      Take care xx

  5. Yes, more please.

    Another question though…
    I notice you were happy to destroy the “up the blades mug”, and on a Brother’s Bedroom(old site) you had a wednesday bed spread in the picture.

    So are you an owl like me?

    • If the truth be known, I was told the cup had a fine crack, a chip on the edge and was brown inside, it was a horrible cup, well it was a mug really.

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