A Dirty Old Man

Two dirty old men Blackmail two young sisters

Two old men Blackmail two young sisters

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A Dirty Old Man .. By Angel

Two dirty old men blackmailed me and my sister in to doing disgusting things for them when we were in our early to mid teens. I will tell you here how it happened and what we were forced to do.

Myself my sister Jane and my brother Jon were doing jobs to earn money in the summer holidays when we knocked on this really old man’s door and explained what we was doing, “great” he said “you are just what we have been looking for.” He was such a friendly and sweet old man who later told me his name was Albert.

He raised his old thin bony finger saying “But first let me just ask my older brother if its alright” and he slowly turned and shuffled back in to the house. Jane turns to me and whispers “older Brother?.. you mean there is someone in the house that is actually older than him” and we both broke out in to stifled laughter. “not only that,” she added giggling “even at his age he still has to ask someone if it’s alright” and we laughed out again.

He seemed to be gone for ages and I thought he had forgotten about us, but then I heard him slowly shuffling back, the door opens and with a big broad smile he tells us “Yes its Okay, my brother said that he is pleased someone will do the garden for us .. it needs a real good clean-up doesn’t.” He wasn’t kidding as well, it was a real mess as all the grass and hedge’s had grown high and wild, then he added “do a real good job for us and we will give you a good tip as well.”

We we blackmailed by two old men in to doing rude thingsIt was a very hot summer all that year and we all worked hard in the garden for two whole and long hot days cutting down the very long grass and hedges. At the end of the second day about 5 o’clock the job was finished and to be honest the garden now looked great. We knocked on his door to tell him his garden was done. The old man came out and looked at his garden and he was obviously ever so pleased with what we had done, “what a great job you have all done,” he said (see I told you he was pleased) “I am very proud of you young people” and we were all full of smiles. But we were a bit disappointed when he told us “I haven’t got any money on me right now, we are only pensioners you know” but we felt a little better when he asked us all to come back later that evening and he would pay us.

The time dragged as we waited about two and a half hours before we went back round to his house roughly around 7.30, but he wasn’t in. In fact he wasn’t there for a few days and we were really upset as we had all worked really hard on his garden as well, it seemed they had left and not paid us.

Then Suddenly a few days later we saw him walking down the road with his brother who he lived with, (Well that’s if you could call it walking, more like shuffling) although I didn’t know how old they were really they both looked to me as though they were real old codgers of around 80 or 90 years or so, both of them looked so alike in stature and looks, they were both quite thin and balding with very thin grey unkempt hair, well hair that they had left anyway and they dressed quite drab as very old people do. We went up to them and asked them nicely if he would give us the money for doing his garden, but he was very sharp with us and he said really nastily, “go away I don’t have time for you now” and shuffled on his way looking really irritated.

We all felt really bad and skulked away as if we were beggars asking really old people for money, but we wasn’t, we had worked really hard and they owed us that money for the hard work we had done. As we walked back past their house which has seen better days, we could see right through the front window to the back and noticed that the kitchen window was slightly open, they must have forgotton to close and lock it in their rush probably.

We slowly walked around to the rear of the house and everything was dead quiet as we had expected it to be, my sister Jane still angry said, “lets see if they have any money in the house or whether they have just lied and have no intention of paying us,” for some reason it seemed a really good idea at the time, I cannot for the life of me think how as I now look back.

Jane Climbing Through Window

Jane Climbing Through Window


She climbed up the drain pipe a little to the first window, then she leant over and pulled the window open further so she could easily climb through. Then once inside she unlocked and opened the back door to let both me and Jon in. The house inside was clean and tidy but very sparse indeed, almost bare with very little furniture, what furniture was there was very old and grotty and the carpets were brown and threadbare.

We all looked around the large house for a little while and messing about a little when to my shock I accidentally knocked a cup off a table and it fell and broke it in two. Jane laughed out loud telling me to be more careful and picking up another cup she threw it against the wall hard and making a real mess as it smashed in to tiny little pieces, “STOP IT,” I said angrily “I did mine by accident and be quiet for heavens sake.. Someone will hear us and we will be in trouble then.” Defending herself Jane tells us “Well that just serves them two right” she said adding, “anyway it was a cup with up the Blades on” as though trying to justify it. We slowly looked all around down stairs in the few draws and cupboards, but there was nothing there but the smell of old people in the air.

 ”Lets look upstairs” said Jane “err do we really want to” I asked. “oh come on” she said, so we made our way up the stairs. The stair carpet looked as though it had come to the end of its life, in fact I think the stair carpet had come to the end of its life a few years ago, as almost all of any pattern had gone and you could see the floor boards through the carpet on the edges of almost all of the stair treads. Climbing the stairs I could tell that the smell of old men was getting a littler stronger and it put me off a little. Once upstairs I looked around whilst my sister and brother jumped and bounced up and down on the old bed that was obviously one of the old men’s. I looked in a tall cupboard and as I opened the door I was amazed to see that in both corners were very large heaps of money all piled up and must have been about 2 feet high or more easily and the cash was in clean new crisp £20s and £50s.

 I called the others over and by my tone they new that I had found something quite amazing and they stopped instantly and came running over, I showed them what I had found and they both looked silently and aghast at all the money that was piled up in the cupboard. Jane was the first to speak and said in disgust “so they did have the money after all and they could have paid us a thousand times over easily,,, the mean old misers…. ”  

Jon turns and looks around, “they live like this and they have got all that money, What tight old fossils, I would buy the New X Box.” We looked in another cupboard in another bedroom and was shocked to see the same thing, money all piled up in each corner.

We all agreed the men owed us some money and it seemed that they wasn’t going to give us what we were owed, so we decided we would just take it, we decided we should be worth £20 per day and that we had worked for 2 whole days, that was fair we thought, so we agreed we would take £120.00 and that we would share it between us. I picked up a bundle of money and I counted out £120.00 in to my sisters hand and was just putting the rest back when my brother shouts out “plus the tip,” I stopped and turned back to Jon and said “what are you on about” .. he repeated “plus the tip .. he said he would give us a good tip didn’t he” I looked at Jane and she gave a little nod of the head so I put another £20.00 in to her hand and put the rest back, she looked at me as though to say “is that all,” I explained “I know they were really mean with us, but I don’t want us to seem greedy.”

There was so much money there we were sure they wouldn’t even notice any of it had gone and that we had paid ourselves, but now we wouldn’t have to ask them again and we could just forget about it and not bother calling on them again.

On the way out and as we walking back through the living room you couldn’t help but noticed the smashed two cups and mess scattered all over the floor, they would know someone has been in the house, and to make matters worse Jane suddenly calls out “oh wait I need a wee bad, really bad” I wanted to get out of the house quick before anyone noticed us “can’t you wait just a minute or two till we get home” I snapped, “No I cant wait” she replied “I must have a wee right now, its coming” and she crouching down where she was stood and pulling the crotch of her panties to one side exposing her very pink smooth pussy, Jon almost gasped when he saw her bare pussy and his eyes almost fell right out, I asked her “what the hell do you think you are doing, aren’t you going to the toilet” I asked her in shock and amazement as I watched what she was doing. “No I have to do it right now or I will wee my knickers” she said all sweet and innocent. I looked in shock as she started to wee on the thin thread bare carpet in the living room and it left a large very soggy patch, my brother laughed as we just stood there watching her, I could see floor boards by the corner of the room and I thought that it was a good job too as she wasn’t kidding that she really did need a wee because after the first dribble as it seemed now to be gushing out.

Jane wee’d on the carpet

She wee’d for what seemed like ages and I thought we had better go, so I pulled Jon’s sleeve and told him “come on” but he wanted to stay and watch her wee, I think it was the first time he had seen a girls bare fanny and was half shocked and half amazed at how it looked because he was certainly staring at her pussy.

I pulled his sleeve harder making him follow me telling him harshly and sarcastically “Come on, .. she will show it to you again later, she is good like that.” and he reluctantly came with me pleading innocently “No, I wasn’t looking at it, I was just waiting for her that’s all,” “Yeah, Yeah of course you was, I will believe you, no one else would mind you” and we left her to it.

Me and Jon left the house by the back door and waited just outside for her, Jane eventually came and locked the back door and climbed out of the window and carefully pulling it shut behind her, after all we didn’t want them to get robbed. On the way down the garden path Jane says to me “what do you mean I will show my pussy again to Jon later, she is good like that.” “Oh I was only kidding, its because Jon would not come with me and was staring at your lou lou”

“Oh right, I didn’t notice”

“Yeah he told me outside it was because it looked was so big”

“What! .. the little twat”

“No I am only kidding” I told her with a big smile…. “But it is a big one” and I burst out laughing.

The following day we were all out together and the old man suddenly sprang out from nowhere and came up to us and said in a very cheery tone “Girls, Girls, sorry to have missed you, if you came back to the house with me now I will pay you,” we was all taken aback by this and we said “erm, no you are okay, don’t worry about it.” not knowing really what to say to him, but he wasn’t having any of it “Nonsense, I wont hear of it, me and my brother are very pleased with the work you all did for us, come on don’t be silly, come and get your money, you all worked hard enough for it” he insisted and very sheepishly we followed him wondering how we could get out of it as we couldn’t tell him we had already took the money, but we couldn’t except the money either as that means we would have stole the money earlier, In our minds that’s how it seemed to us anyway.

We were invited in to the house and the old man closed the door behind us. We walked in to the living room and everything was now tidy,  I looked to the carpet where Jane had wee’d on the floor and noticed the darker patch, it hadn’t quite dried out yet.

His brother switched on the tatty old walnut TV set that was in the corner of the room and then explained… “We were burgled yesterday and with all that’s been going off we haven’t even had time to view it yet.” That had me thinking and I whispered quickly to Jane “view what, what was the silly old duffer on about.” Jane just shrugged her shoulders. The old man carried on telling us “They trashed the place they did and stole some of our hard earned money the bastards did too, we were just very lucky they didn’t take it all I suppose. We think they must have been spooked by someone and that they left very quickly leaving it behind before they got caught.” I looked round at both my sister and brother and their faces were both as red as beetroots…. The old man turns to us and asked “You don’t know who did it do you by any chance,” we all shook our heads vigorously “No we don’t, do we” I said whilst looking around to the others, “Oh no, no we don’t,” lied Jane, my brother joined in “oh no, no, no no, no we don’t” said my younger brother Jon shaking his head side to side with a frown and sounding as shifty as hell.

“Well no bother” said the old mans brother, “because we have small CCTV cameras fitted in all the rooms and as soon as we see who has done it we will be calling the police and giving the evidence to them.” I looked round the room and saw the little camera in the corner, “GULP, so that’s what they were on about” we all looked at each other now as white as sheets, the old TV comes on and the brother tunes it in to the recording of the CCTV and there we are, all three of us walking in to the living room in full colour and caught very red handed indeed.

“Ahhaaaa” said both the doddery old gits together.

“You three were the culprits all along!” Albert said excited “traitors you are, after all we have done for you too, bite the hands that fed you, you did. Tie them up Harold with some string so they don’t run away while I call the police and have them thrown in prison.”

Jane in a panic shouts out, “no please don’t call the police you owed us the money anyway that we took and we only took what we thought was rightfully ours.” Harold looks at Jane astounded ”rightfully yours you say, well we will see if the police see it that way shall we” said Harold looking her deep into the eyes “what they will see is someone breaking in to our home and breaking and smashing our things and steeling money off us, pure and simple theft is how they will see it alright, theft I tell you !.. Not to mention …..” then he suddenly breaks off from what he was saying in mid flow as he looks at the CCTV pictures and in a high pitched voice he points at the TV saying “Look!, Look! you are pissing all over our carpet! … Heaven help us, I wondered what the bloody hell that damp patch suddenly was over there” Then he looks at us in a stern look and says “Your parents are very strict, I know they are, we have known them both a long time and they are good people, kind people, honest as the day is long they are, what on earth will they say when all this goes to court and you are in the papers and on the news as burglars of two poor old men, war veterans too we are I tell you, what will your parents say when all of you get criminal records, eh … What do you say to that” ….. That’s when it hit us as we all looked at each other and I thought with a Gulp .. “we are all in very big trouble.” 

“No don’t call the police pleeease” I begged on impulse and Jane added, “No please don’t call the police, we didn’t mean it, It was a stupid thing to do, we know that now, we are truly sorry, we will do anything if you don’t tell anyone, we will make it up to the both of you, Honest we will.” We all nodded in agreement with silly hopeful smiles across our faces….

The brothers both looked at each other with very wrinkled and very frowning serious faces,  “what shall we do Harold, it’s very serious all this damage and the theft of a great deal of money isn’t it,”…

“It is” said the other brother scratching his scrawny bald head “and much too serious not to inform the Police I would have thought, isn’t it?”

“Awww” Jane whines out as she is now very worried about the police getting involved and more than that, our parents getting involved, well of course we all were. Again she begs to them, “we will do anything if you don’t tell anyone.” and again we all nodded our heads hopefully in agreement

Albert looks over to Jane and inquires, “You will do anything you say” “yes, yes anything” she says and I again nod my head in agreement hoping they don’t tell the Police or our parents, we were all in a real fix. “What sort of anything will you do” Albert asks enquiringly while turning to his brother adding “it’s been a long time since we had nice female company isn’t it,” his brother raising her eyes to his brother and replying “Yes, I see what you mean,” then turning to us he says “well maybe we won’t say anything after all, if you do things for us,”  Eagerly and innocently I reply, “yes yes, we will clean the whole house for you top to bottom if you want.”

Harold smiles and shakes his head and shuffles to the living room door and closes it as we all silently watch him, then he shuffles back in to the middle of living room between me and Jane, we wonder what he is going to tell us, but he doesn’t say anything; our eyes follow his hand as he starts moving his hand down on to the zipper of his trousers then he says very boldly “it’s this what you will have to sort out young miss” and with that we both watch as he pulls down the zip of his trousers as me and my sisters eyes widen and wonder what on earth the old man is doing. Then he puts his hand in to his trousers and searches around inside with his hand then he pulls out his very large old and very wrinkly cock and just lets it dangle there in front of us like an enormous dead grey maggot. Then as if it that wasn’t bad enough he unfastens his trousers and lets them just drop to the floor with a bit of a bump because of the things that’s in his pocket, he isn’t wearing any under pants and everything just dangles there, not a pretty sight at all.

His large old cock

He tried to make us rub his large old cock


Me and Jane look at his old large cock that’s just dangling there, then we turn and look at each other with our mouths wide open in aghast and shock at what he had just done, we both stare at his thick old cock dangling there again for a moment before he then takes it in his hand and holds it up to us as if he is showing it to us both giving us a better, clearer view.

Then to me, it amazingly but very very slowly seemed to move all on its own, at first I thought my eyes were going strange, but as I stared, it was, it was starting to move on its own. Then he very gently rubbed it just a little and it broke my stare.

Wow it looks really big to us and amazingly it appears to be getting even bigger all the time as the old man starts to gently rub it, our eyes are still fixed on it as if it was a magic trick or something that he was doing.

Me and my sister turn and look at each other again still open mouthed in amazement at what the dirty old pervert was doing right in front of us all.

The old man then breaks the deafening silence as he asks “Well, what do you want to do … is it a deal then?”

I look at Jane intensely as she says to him curiously, “erm…” then her eyes close a little as she peered at him with her head tilting to one side as she very slowly asks “What exactly do you want us to do with it again ..” then pausing and tilting her head to the other side she asks inquiringly as her eyes open wider and she points to his large cock… “Are you really saying that what you want us to do is… Erm, err …. rub your thing for you?”

My eyes flash to the old man to see what his response is and hoping that she has got it all wrong.

But the old man says with a smile “Well yes, you have got it in one,”  then pausing as he corrects himself saying “well, rub both of them really.”

I see my sister’s eyes widen even wider as she asks in shock with a high pitched voice “what! you mean you have got two of them!”

“well mine and my brothers then” explains the old man.

“Oh yes” she now says calmly as she now realize’s what he means and I couldn’t help but giggle quietly to myself.

“One each for both you two girls” confirmed the old man with a bit of a smile making sure the penny has dropped and adding “that shouldn’t be a too difficult thing to do for two clever little girls like you two, should it?” 

The old man pauses for a second looking at us both, then he carries on “but that’s not quite all, me and my brother have, shall we say strange ideas about what arouses the both of us, so if you can do that as well as a couple of small extra things at the same time, then we won’t inform anyone and your sordid stealing secret will be safe with us.”

Again he looks at us and says to us both hopefully…. “So whats it to be, do we have a deal then girls or not ?”

Jane looks across to me looking very worried and wanting a sign from me of what we should do, but I didn’t know what to say or do for the best at all…. And I instinctively shrugged my shoulders a little and very slightly shook my head.

Jane slowly looks back across to the old man saying.. “We will have to think, can we let you know tomorrow … or the next day.”

Harold looking disappointed bends down and really unsteady pulls his trousers up and fastening them, and then puts his large grey dangling cock back in to his trousers much to my relief.  

Albert, who has been mostly quite up to now looks angry and says to us abruptly “sorry there’s no time for you to think for days about it, perhaps until we forget, you didn’t need time to think when you stole our money and trashed the place, did you” he turns to Harold and says “call the police now and lets have this nasty little affair over and done with, the sooner these girls are in prison the better.”

“No No, don’t” Jane shouts back to him holding her hands out, then she looks across to me again wanting to know what to do. Then Jane says to Jon “go and stand in the kitchen for a minute” Jon obediently and without a word turned away, opened the living room door and walked in to the kitchen and closed the door behind him. Then Jane looked back at me and says “well, what shall we do, we have to make our mind up, do you want our parents to find out about the money”

I shook my head, but I just didn’t know what to do for the best, I didn’t want to do that with the old men, but I certainly didn’t want them to call the police and tell our parents about it either, But which was the worst of the scenarios was what I tried to consider. I said to the old man just to confirm and buy a little thinking time, “if we do it for you, do you promise not to tell anyone, the police, our parent’s, anyone at all, .. Ever.”

“Of course we do” he said with a large victorious smile, “we won’t tell a soul if you don’t, it will be our little secret, won’t it?”

Suddenly Jane smiles as though she has had a brain wave and she tells the old man, “Well if you tell our parents or the police, that you tried to get us to rub your willy thing for you and you will be in trouble, so there.”

The old man replied calmly, “and do you think any of them will believe you over us” he asked with a questioning look?

“Yes” Jane says, “mum will believe me, not you, so there!” she said almost triumphantly and to back her up I said “and daddy will believe us too” That’s it I thought, they dare not make us do it now.

Again the old man remained calm and asked “So if I had told your parents and the police that you had broke in to the home of two old men and that you stole a lot of money from us and that you pulled down your knickers and wee’d all over our living room carpet instead of going to the toilet, would they believe that,. No I am sure they wouldn’t have .. but there we have all the evidence we need on video to show them, … now tell me who they will believe. .. They will think what you are telling them a pack of lies to sidetrack the real truth, well that’s what we will tell them anyhow,,,, Now, who do you think they will believe?” He had a point, we were trapped, we would only make matters worse for ourselves.

I looked over to Jane and she still looks at them both for a second still wondering what to do for the best and still trying to save the situation, but I think she must now have come to the same conclusion as I had because she says slowly stuttering out the words with a reluctant tone to the old men “all right, okay … we, we, erm…..” She wasn’t able to get her words out, then she takes a gulp of air then has another go and blurts out “okay, okay, we will do it for you, won’t we?” she said looking over at me wanting some sort of confirmation.

I reluctantly and nervously nodded my head to her, I didn’t see any other choice at all really.

 ”Excellent!” said the pleased old men.

Jane looks over at me a little sullen and looking a little ashamed, I nod my head at her again letting her know that I think that she has made the right decision and she gives me a little smile back.

Now to be honest, I was greatly relieved that they wasn’t going to tell the police and even better our parents, so I knew at that point we had probably made the right decision of two really awful ones. I just wasn’t pleased at all about what we had to do for both of the old men, in fact at that moment I was quite frightened about what we both had to do….. But as I had a little time to think for a few seconds and thought on about it for a little longer, I calmed myself  down as I thought ‘well, how difficult could it be just rubbing his thing for him for a few minutes’ and comforted myself with the thought ‘that with a little bit of luck and before I even knew what had happened, all this would be all over with and we will both be on our way home and we will be able to put it clean out of our minds.’

We all looked around at each other for a moment not really knowing what the next step would be, but the old man did. I could see that he was very keen to get on with ‘it’ so to speak. We all watch as Harold shuffles close up to Jane and asks her “can I feel your breasts” Jane looks at him with sullen eyes and says in a soft voice “I suppose so” and the old man starts to unfastens her blouse with excited shaking old wrinkly hands while Jane looks down at her blouse and watches him undo the buttons.

As she isn’t wearing a bra as soon as he opens her blouse he pushes her blouse wide open over her shoulders, with a gasp he stares at her firm young breasts pointing out in front of her and he instantly starts to fondle them with both his bony hands while at the same time turning to his brother saying, “oh yes, oh yes, what about this then Albert, it makes me feel so young again, oh and they are so warm and firm too, oh this is such a pleasure for a very old man, I thought these days were long gone.” His brother watches him with a big broad smile on his old wrinkly face and they both seem so very happy. I watch as the old man rubs Jane’s tits and tweaks and pulls on her nipples with such a look of total pleasure on his old face.

Then we both notice Harold’s right hand moving away from her breast and drops to the zip on his flies and he starts to unfasten his trousers again while at the same time fondling her breast with his other hand, then once his zip is open he puts his hand inside his trousers and he fumbles around for a moment before then pulling his old cock out of his trousers once again, but this time surprisingly to me and Jane we notice that his cock is much harder and longer than it was before, presumably because this time he knows what he is about to receive, he looked so excited, almost like a little boy inside a sweet shop.

It looked so large, and it was still getting bigger

Jane’s eyes widen as mine did as we now see how big his cock has grown now that it is very excited. I thought his cock would just get hard and rigid, I didn’t know that it got much longer and bigger too, It’s not as I thought it would be. Now it looks so thick, long and hard and it seems to stick right out in front of him, not like the dead old wrinkly maggot that we first saw.

Jane pauses for just a moment or two looking at it and the old man impatiently prompts Jane a little to touch it for him, “come on then, don’t be so shy about it, you will see and touch a lot of these in your life young lady.”

Surprised Jane looks at his now very excited and ever stiffening hard cock with wide eyes and saying to him “What, .. er .. you want me to rub it now for you? right now?” The old man nods and smiles looking forward to it being rubbed by a girl for the first time after all these many decades “why not, no time like the present is there and I am ready for you, as you can clearly see.”

Jane looks over to me looking a little worried and I nod my head encouraging her to do it for him, after all we have agreed to do it, so we may as well get it over with now as soon as we can I thought, she seems to take a large gulp of air then she lowers herself slowly by crouching down. She stares at his large hard cock as she slowly bends all the way down. It looks really hard with blue blood vessels throbbing as his cock sticks right out in front of him, she hesitates again for a moment giving me a quick glance, then she licks her dry lips quickly as she slowly moves her hand to the old mans bulging hard tip and she gently with two fingers and a thumb squeezes the hard bulbous tip of his cock a couple of times as though she was at first testing it for something, maybe she was half expecting to hear a honking sound or something.

Then she looks up at the old man’s wrinkly body to his very old wrinkly face with her sweet puppy dog eyes and then back down at his very hard cock again. She slowly takes and grips his long hard prick in her hand about halfway down the old mans long hard shaft and as she does this the old man gives a small gasp of pleasure at her touch. She looks at it again for a moment and the old man whispers to her “go on, rub it” and she slowly starts to slide her small looking hand tentatively up and down along his hard long shaft as though she is just exploring what a mans hard cock feels like.

The old man gasps louder and louder and as she gets a little more confident rubbing his cock and she slowly starts to rub his hard cock in longer firmer strokes. The old man soon looks to be in ecstasy and groaning softly in pleasure and Jane looks up at the old man again and asks “like this?” the old man looking very content nods to her groaning “Its been a very long time indeed since a young lady has done anything like this for me, so yes, just like that will do nicely, very nicely indeed” Jane gives a polite little half smile at him before she looks back at his hard long cock and concentrates on pleasuring the dirty old man by sliding her hand back and forth along his very neglected old throbbing shaft.

Harold turns to his brother and groans to him, “come on Albert, get the other girl to do this for you” and I look round to him. The other old man Albert takes it all in and he now shuffles over and sits down on an old arm chair in the corner. Well when I say he sits, he more like slides down almost half way down the armchair until he is almost laying in the armchair, he unfastens his old dirty trousers and lifting his hips he pulls his trousers and underpants down his old wrinkly legs to his ankles and when he leans back and half lays in the chair with his excited old cock pointing straight up in to the air like a large dirty grey lighthouse, and you may think this is silly but I couldn’t help but look at it and think to myself “so that’s the cock that I have got to rub” and as my eyes are drawn to it I notice that it is very thick, especially at the base, he now looks across to me and I knew he was going to call me over.

He sits/lays there with his legs a little apart and I can see his huge balls dangling and drooping down on to the chair. His hard cock looks enormous to me and again it seems so thick. Its as long as his brothers but it seems much thicker especially at the very base of it. “Come here,” he says “and sit on my lap facing me”

I reluctantly do as I am told and feeling nervously I firstly take off my shoes off as I felt uncomfortable in the house with them on. My little frilly ankle socks look so white against my tanned skin and brown worn carpet. I take my first nervous slow step towards him and my legs feel like jelly, he says to me “take your knickers and blouse off for me as well.” It shocks me what he tells me what to do and I gasp inside my head, I look at him with an angry frown and say “no, no I won’t” but he instantly reply’s “you promised to do a few extra little things as well remember, well this is one of them, .. So do as you are told and take them off for me right now you naughty girl!”

I remember my brain racing like crazy for a few moments wondering what to do and then thinking “well my skirt will still cover me down there so he won’t see much, if anything.

I then say to him “but I am not wearing a bra.”

“All the better.” he smiled

I was disappointed with his reply, I didn’t want to take them off, but I didn’t want to start things all over again either, I just wanted to get things over with as soon as possible, so I reluctantly did as he asked me to do, I took off my blouse revealing my breasts and I felt so stupid stood there showing my breasts for everyone to see and for the first time conscious that they really seem to stick right out. I put my blouse on the top of a small table, I slid my knickers down and off feeling more embarrassed than ever as I pulled my little knickers down. I noticed that both men watched me very closely and they smiled at each other as I took them off and left them by my blouse, hiding them just a little, I don’t know why, well I do really I didn’t want them to be able to see them.

Then as I moved closer to the old man sat in the chair, and again I am very conscious that my breasts bounce and shiver up and down as I walk toward him. “sit astride me” he said with a smile and he closed his legs a little patting them with the flat of his hand for me to sit just above his knees. I had to open my legs a little as I sat astride him but I made sure my skirt was down and hid my modesty.

As I sat down just in front of his knees as he had told me, the old man says softly “oh that’s no good, don’t be shy” and he pushed the front of my skirt right up my thighs to my waist exposing my pussy. I tried to close my legs best I could but he made me sit with my legs a little open telling me that “I want to look at your young soft, smooth pussy and fondle your breasts while you rub my cock for me, you don’t mind do you?”

I knew he didn’t care if I did, so I just ignored him.

As I sat on his bony lap he puts his wrinkly hands on my hips and bounces me up and down slightly like I was just a young girl as he says to me whilst looking at my pussy “Thank-you, That’s a very nice view indeed and one I haven’t seen in many decades too, oh my, It’s such a pleasure having such a nice young fresh girl on my lap so close that I can actually touch and smell her. it gives me such a terrific hard on, one I never thought would ever happen again in my life.”

I said really embarrassed but politely “thank-you” but he instantly says softly whilst bringing his bony finger to his lips “shhhh for a moment..” as he starts to explain “from this moment on I want you to call me Grandad, alright” and I nod my head obediently, it made no difference to me. He carries on “And I want you to ask me if you can rub my cock for me, in fact I want you to keep asking me, is that clear” he said as his beady little sunken eyes stared at me and then down there between my legs. “yes that’s perfectly clear grand-dad” I said feeling very uneasy and squirming as he would briefly look me in the face with a quick flash, then back to staring at me so closely and intensely between my legs. I tried to bring my knees together but he instantly grips my knees and pulls them apart exposing what seemed the whole of my pussy. “now stay like that” he told me as he pulls my ankles either side of his hips.

“Oh good girl, good girl” he whispered and smiled. He now reached his shaking and wrinkly old hands forward to my chest and he starts rubbing, fondling and squeezing my pert breasts while paying particular attention to my sticky out nipples whilst he wheezed and gasped. He occasionally tweaked my nipples hard which I didn’t like at all, but I just sat there and let him while I myself couldn’t help stop looking at his thick donkey like cock sticking up in the air, well there was nowhere else to look.

I couldn’t get over how enormous it looked to me sticking right up in the air like that, especially now that I am so close to it, and it reminded me of a big donkey cock, I don’t know why as I had never seen a big donkey cock before, but it seemed just so big and thick that I just imagined that’s what one would look like.

Albert says to me, “Come on, I want you to grip my cock and rub it, but I want you to ask me as though you want to.”

I knew that I just wanted to get it over with it so I said to Albert in a girly voice, “Grand-dad, thank you for letting me sit on your knee and showing me your thingy,” and I put my hand over my mouth and pretended to giggle, “but can I touch it please?”

Albert looked at me seriously and said “Well I shouldn’t really”

I acted like a spoiled child “Please, please let me touch it or I won’t let you play with my titties anymore.” Albert smiled and said “Well then, if that’s the case you mustn’t tell anyone if I let you” I shook my head and said softly in a young girly fashion “no I wont tell anyone I pwomise, I pwomise I wont.”

“Alright, go on then, so long as you promise mind you” the old man tells me, oh my god I thought, well here we go, my heart was beating like hell as I very nervously and gently and very slowly reached out my hand and I could see it shaking and trembling as my hand moved closer to his huge erect cock. I watched and it seemed as though it was someone else’s hand reaching out for his long shaft, that is until I slowly wrapped my fingers around his cock and feeling it in my hand I gripped it, it instantly seemed so hard and thick in my hand and the old man threw his head back instantly and groaned loudly with great pleasure “Oh yes, oh yes” the old man gasped, as I thought to myself, I haven’t done anything yet

At first I squeezed it a few times and the old man groaned loudly each time saying, “Yes that feels so good” Then watching and remembering what my sister did earlier, I thought I had better do the same as she did, gripping the middle of his very thick cock and saying to Albert softly and in the same girly fashion “Grand-dad can I rub it for you now please?”

Albert frowns at me saying “Oh my, you are such a naughty girl aren’t you, I should spank you for being so naughty” and taking that as a “Yes” I started slowly sliding my hand up and down his long thick shaft and Albert instantly gasped out in pleasure and I remember that it felt so very strange and large in my hand.

I looked over to Jane and she has now changed from crouching down and has got down on to her knees and rubbing the old mans cock quite hard back and forth, I can see she is really concentrating on what she is doing with his prick and her tongue is sticking out slightly as her eyes are fixed on the old mans long cock as his foreskin moves backwards and forwards.

Albert looks at me groaning with pleasure and oh my god he looks so incredibly old to me, His eyes are dark and sunken and his red watery eyes are running down his cheeks as though he is crying. I noticed his head moves to one side a little as he looks at my naked smooth pussy with very beady old eyes, it looks horrible. Then he takes his hands off my tits and he wraps his arms around my bottom and he pulls me further up his thighs and I slide closer to him, because of the chair being in the way it makes me open my legs a little wider and the old man gives a big smile and murmurs “Oh yes, show me your soft pussy, that’s very nice, oh my that looks fantastic” as he gets an even better view of my pussy now my legs are forced to open wider.

“Oh the things I would love to do to that,” he tells me, and really half telling himself.

As I rub my hand up and down his thick long shaft it feels very hard but rubbery to me and underneath as my hand makes the skin slides up and down I could feel every bump and ridge as I rub my hand faster along his hard shaft. Albert is getting visibly very excited and in his excitement he grabs my ankles and he pulls them up either side of him and in to the armchair that he is sitting on, then he wraps his hands around my bottom and pulls me even further up his legs and slides me even closer to him. This makes me feel even more uncomfortable than before as my naked pussy seems to be getting very close to the base of his long and thick hard cock and I look over nervously again quickly to Jane hoping that she can help me in some way, although I honestly didn’t know how, but anyway she was still just getting on with wanking Harold off and taking no notice of us at all.

Albert looks ill to me as I wank him and I ask “are you alright grand-dad,” he gasps to me “never felt better in my life thanks” he pants very heavily almost trying to catch his breath and I carry on rubbing his cock a little harder and faster now wondering how long a man usually lasts. Albert gasping and groaning grips my little bum and pulls me even closer to him. I resist but I can’t get any grip on the cushion of his chair with my socks and I just slide forward unable to stop myself.

I wank him harder hoping that satisfies him and his urges, I was hoping that he stops pulling me in to him. He groans out louder and I rub my hand all the way along his long shaft quite quickly. This seemed to have the opposite effect though and he seems to be pulling me even harder in to him and trying to slide me right up against him.

He gave me another tug with a horrid lustful grunt and I start to feel my bare pussy pushing up against the base of his thick cock, I squeal out and try to move away from it frantically letting go and he pulls me harder and rubs his cock hard up and down against my pussy. He is acting wild and frantically pushing his hips up and down as if he was fucking me. He growls at me harshly “Rub it, Rub it” and I quickly grip his hard cock again at the top near the purple end and I start to rub it up and down again.

I can also now feel his large balls bouncing under me as I tug his cock hard up and down. My legs are quite open and my pussy lips start to part around his hard cock as his thick shaft is pushed against me and it feels so intimate and disgusting, my pussy felt so vulnerable and helpless. I still try to wank Albert off but he is now bucking his hips up and down so quickly as he was sliding his old cock against my young pussy.

My pussy was being pulled towards his huge cock

 I can feel his thick hard shaft rubbing along the length of my pussy and it felt so disgusting that it made me cringe. I hated it but he still pulls me tighter in to him, I try again to back off from my bare pussy rubbing against his horrid old prick but he has a tight grip of my bum and I fail miserably.

Then he demands quite harshly between loud uncontrollable gasps “Rub your pussy along my cock harder” Albert again gasps and chokes, I thought with his reaction he must be very close to finishing or he was about to die with a heart attack, but he didn’t give me any choice as he gripped me tightly as my pussy was pushed up hard against the side of his thick excited cock, Albert bucked his hips up and down furiously along my pussy then Albert quickly grabbed my hand and made me with the flat of my hand place it on the side of his thick cock and hold it tight against my pussy he bucked his hips up and down furiously so his long prick slid up and down against my pussy, he just gasped and groaned even more whining out loudly almost as if he was having a fit “oh yes” he screams “I think I am in heaven”

I thought ‘That may be sooner than you think if you carry on like this,’

I look over again to Jane, Harold is looking over at what we are doing, but Jane is taking no notice. Suddenly Harold pants to Jane “stand up,” surprised she does as she is told.

“Another extra job,” I thought

But my attention is brought back to Albert as he is suddenly gasping and whining like crazy as he bucks his prick along the length of my soft pussy with the shaft of his prick I press it harder against me and buck my pussy harder up and down the entire shaft and it now feels so slippery.

I hear Jane saying “What are you doing” he reply’s “be patient and you will see.” Then he tells Jane to “lay flat on the floor,” Jane sounds puzzled and asks “Why” then says “No,you are not doing that” but Harold says, “Don’t worry I am not” and she slowly starts to lay down on her back with her legs straight out and together.

I am suddenly shocked with Albert as he gasps to me “I will give you anything if I can push my cock in there” and he nods with his head towards my pussy” he is so excited and almost wailing, then he groans loud and gasps going in to a convulsion and I stare at him wondering what the hell was up with him, I am just about to shout Jane and Harold when I saw a long squirt of white\grey cum suddenly shoots out of the end of his thick cock up in to the air and it flops down on to his shirt, just as I think to myself ‘ what the hell was that’ when another much smaller squirt squirts out of his cock I stair at his cock almost not believing what I am seeing and then more cum comes out of his cock and starts to dribble and runs down his shaft as he groans and his wailing slows but his hips still bucks up and down for a few more seconds and his cock seems to be thrashing around as though his cock has got a mind of its own.

As his cum dribbles down his large cock he releases his grip on my bum and I pull my pussy away from his cock and dribbling cum double quick as he just lays back with a seemingly contented gasping and groaning.

Just as I am happy and think ‘thank fuck that’s all finished’ I look over to Jane and see what is happening,  I though “what the hell is going on there” Harold is laid across Jane’s chest with his legs either side of her while seemingly humping her, as I move round I can see Jane squeezing her breasts together as Harold slides his cock hard and fast between them and fucking them. Harold gasps like an old man “ouf .. ouf .. ouf” as he thrusts his hard cock as hard as he can between her large firm breasts as Jane lays there and watches him looking all sweet and innocent.

There was nothing I could do so I put my knickers and blouse back on and sat down and watched them hoping he will be soon finished and we can go home. The old man is fucking away at her tits for ages and is gasping and wheezing like hell, he suddenly stops humping her gasping and panting like crazy “I am knackererd I think my lugs are going to collapse, I cant do it anymore” and he struggles to get up, I help him up thinking that he has finished, he shuffles over to the other armchair and wheezes to Jane “give me ten minute’s” then slumps down in to the chair gasping like he had just sprinted hard for ten miles of so.

Albert is still slumped in he other chair and still with his trousers and pants around his ankles, he hasn’t moved at all and for a second I thought he was dead, but then he very slowly lifted his hand and stroked his chin in ultra slow motion, he looked as though his batteries were running out.

“Well” I said all pleased with myself, “I think I will be off then, I have done mine, I will catch you later Jane”

“Oh No you bloody well won’t, you are not leaving me here on my own,” she said quite sharp to me.

“Why” I replied, “it’s not as if they are going to gang up and get you are they, I mean just look at them” and as we both looked at the doddery old fossils slumped in the chairs panting and wheezing for there lives. I added, it’s not as if they are both going to jump up and rape you when I am gone is it.” She put her hands on her hips and tells me quite softly ”I know that, I mean you can wait and help me with Harold and then we can both go home together.”

“Oh okay, well I will wait” I agreed, although I had no idea on how I could help, but to be fair, his cock was long enough for both of us to grip with our hands at the same time, but I don’t think she meant that…. I think.

Harold was still panting in the chair and Jane got down and pushed his legs apart and got between them, The old man said again “just give me another moment” but Jane took no notice and grabbed his still hard cock and roughly started wanking him again and he instantly started groaning in pleasure. After a moment I suggested to her with what she had said to me “use both your hands” and amazingly for once she did as I said, she instantly grabbed his long cock with her other hand as well and started wanked the old man in very long fast stokes with both her hands.

I could see Jane’s face starting to glow with tiny beads of sweat and I was wondering if the old man would ever cum and we would still be doing this tomorrow morning. Then suddenly the old man started groaning louder and then calling out as if she was hurting him, the old fossil called out louder and stated shaking all over like Albert did just before his cock started squirting stuff and I hoped this was the same.

Jane reached up higher on to her knees and with both hands wanked the old man as hard and fast as she could and pulling down on his really old cock as hard as she could making his purple bell end really glow, then the old man tried to curl up as he called out louder in a high pitch almost screaming, I wondered what was going on and then Jane smiled as a great long squirt of cum squirted out from his stubborn old cock and lands on his stomach while the old man shook and convulsed violently just like his brother did before him.

At last the old man cums

At last the very old man shot his load as Jane rubbed him hard.

Jane took one of her hands away but still wanked him hard with the other as another squirt of cum shot out of the end of his cock and landed on her forearm, almost immediately another squirt of cum and that landed on her wrist, a few moments after that another large dribble of cum came out of his cock and starts running down over Jane’s hand and still she wanked him hard, I didn’t think the man’s cock was ever going to stop squirting and I was hugely fascinated by it. The old man grunts out “that’s enough” and Jane slows down on her thrusting but continues to wank the old man and she grips the old man with her other hand again and wanks the old man with both her hands and the old man gasps out again as though in pain “that’s enough,….. enough.. Stop” and Jane finally seems to hear him and stops slowly letting his wet cummy cock go. We both looking at the mess on the old man’s stomach for a moment. Then she got up and looked at me, we both smiled at each other pleased that it was all over. She looked down at her hand and we both saw the old man’s cum all over her hand, wrist and forearm.

She picked up a tea towel that was on the side and asked if it was okay to wipe her hand on it. Harold nods his head and Jane wiped her cummy hand and arm down with an unpleasant look on her face. She asked for the washing bin, but I don’t think they had one. Albert said “just leave it there, we will see to it. She put the tea towel down and picked up her blouse and putting it back on we un-ceremonially said “goodbye.”

Just as we got to the living room door Albert called out gently “wait a moment” it was so soft I wasn’t sure he had said anything, but I turned and asked, “I am sorry did you say something, was you talking to us then.”

“yes” was his soft reply and I went back to hear what he wanted to say “Yes” I asked again, in between wheezes he said, “Would you girls be interested in coming back later in the week and we would pay you for doing this again?”

“er, I dont really think so” I told him bluntly,” but the old man didn’t give up and he turned to Jane and said “how about you, would you be kind to two old lonely men and do it for lets say sixty pounds for each of the both of us,” Jane didn’t answer straight away and the old man prompts her “that’s a hundred and twenty pounds you know.”

 That sparked Jane with a sarcastic “Yes, I can count to 120 you know, I’m clever. But I don’t think so Grand-dad, I don’t think your heart would last for a start” and we turned to go, but the old man had the last word because we both heard him say “well that’s my problem., isn’t it… what a way to go eh Harold”  me and Jane just couldn’t help it, we both burst out laughing as we walked quickly through the kitchen and out of the door home.

Jon had gone as we had hoped and we also hoped that he hadn’t told anyone anything when he got home. On the short walk home I said to Jane, “well thank heaven that is over, at times I thought I was going to be sick it there, But at least the police and Mum and Dad won’t now find out, we must have been crazy breaking in to their house and taking the money.”

“I know, I am pleased its over as well, it was all pretty gross wasn’t it. …. But the size of their cocks, fancy having those dangling between your legs all the time when you are walking, god it must be terrible”

I replied “I never knew they grew so big, and it just got bigger and bigger…. By the way, you don’t think they will tell any one what we did do you?”

She looked at me puzzled at me and said, “what you mean what we just did or taking their money” ”well both” I replied ….

“No how could they,,, no lets draw a line under it and move on and forget.”

“Yes, lets just try to forget it, that’s a good idea,” I said …. Then asked “Why didn’t you stop wanking the old guy when he asked” she replied, “I just thought we had agreed to forget it.”

I said nothing but I kept looking straight at her. She looked at me, looked away for a moment then looked back at me, a couple of seconds later she cracked “Oh I don’t know do I, I must have just got carried away and once I saw that stuff squirting right out of his cock. I was so amazed and concentrating so much about what I was doing I couldn’t have heard him the first time and I wasn’t sure when to stop.” Then she said almost mocking me “what about you wanking the old man off with your pussy then,” she laughed as she said “that was so completely disgusting.”

I gasped out loud in such embarrassment “I never did” but she laughed “you liar, I saw you” I tried to defend myself by saying as innocently as I could “well that wasn’t my idea at all and I couldn’t help it, he made me do it that way” I added almost pleading still protesting my innocence, “the old man had pulled me so far in to him I couldn’t do it properly and when he moved my hand to where he did, it, it,” I stuttered ”It just seemed the only way of doing it, anyway it worked didn’t it, he squirted pretty darn quick didn’t he?”

“Yes he did to be honest, perhaps I should have done something like that too instead of all that huffing and puffing of Harold on top of my chest, his cock was so rigid it was like a piston pumping between my tits, and his cock was so long it pushed in to my face and he wouldn’t allow me to turn my head and so it kept bumping in to my nose.” and I had to laugh at that, then we both did.

I don’t know if she was winding me up, because she then asked me “How did it feel rubbing between your legs.”

“Do you know what” I said to her, “don’t think I am sick or anything but the thought of his hard long old cock rubbing against my pussy felt disgusting and made me cringe, but after a little while it began to feel quite nice.” she laughs loud at me saying “you are now definitely disgusting” adding “after all it was you who asked the two old men if we could wank them both off.”

“That is terrible, don’t you dare” I protested again laughing.. and before we knew it we were back home still laughing and giggling trying to forget how disgusting the whole thing had been.

When we got back we saw Jon eating (as usual) and we quickly ran up to him saying quietly “You haven’t said anything have you?”

“What about?” he said looking startled at us, “The old men!” we said together, but still looking blank he asked “What old men” … then as he looked at the both of us for a second and thought, then like a bright light came on in his head  …. “Oh No, of course not” as he suddenly remembered, “Do you think I am stupid or something.”

“Well I wont answer that just yet while you are still here,” Jane said giving a quick large false smile.

Jon asks in a by the way manner “Did you work something out..”

Jane replied in the same manner “Yes we worked something out, we can forget about it all now”

Jon asks again but not looking at us and still eating without a care in the world “is everything okay now then”

“Yes, I have just said, we can forget all about it, it’s all good,” said Jane in the same casual manner as she moves to the living room.

Jon calls out “Get some of this chicken, its right nice.”  

“We will get some later,” I said.

I wanted to get a bath and Jane got in the shower just across from the bath and we both had a good scrub to get rid of the smell of old men. I think we washed ourselves down a good 3 times before we were happy.

Later that day me and Jane went up the garden and sat in the summer house for a chat so no one would hear us. We both agreed to forget about what had happened and not to speak about it at all after we had left the summer house, not even with ourselves and just try to forget what had happened.

I told her that I thought I was going to be sick with butterflies when Albert pulled his trousers down and I saw it sticking out like that”

Jane laughs with me, “I know they were so big wasn’t they, I saw you trying to back off when he was pulling you into him, how did it feel his cock rubbing up and down your pussy”

“Well you asked me that earlier, as I said, it made me cringe at first, it was a strange feeling, I felt so vulnerable down there, but after a while, I have to be honest it felt quite nice” I confessed.

Jane laughed even louder that before “you are truly disgusting”

“What about you” I reminded her, I saw you rubbing away at it his big cock and you were sticking your tongue out, I thought you was going to lick it.”

“Arrhh, dont be so disgusting” she laughed “I bet you would have”

“I don’t think so, but what would we have done if that’s what they had asked us to do”

Jane shook her head, “Let’s not think of that, let’s just go and get something to eat and watch a film.” We stood up and walked to the door, just before stepping out of the door she said, never another word about it from now on.. Okay”

“Okay with me,” I said.

We were both just happy the whole thing was over and we got some chicken and watched a film with mum and dad, the following day we got on with our lives and we quickly got back to normal.

We were still doing jobs for people as we both had got the bug for money and we loved going round town with each other buying nice clothes and stuff at the weekend.

Time moved on and about two or three weeks later we were both in Meadowhall one Saturday afternoon having a light meal after a hard mornings searching and shopping when Jane brought the subject up about money.

“You know” she said, “the jobs we are doing are really hard work for the money at the moment aren’t they?”

I agreed “yes they are, do you want to give it a rest for the moment, I am finding it hard work too, but I didn’t want to let you down, I am willing to have a rest, its playing havoc with my nails and everything.”

“But I like the money,” she told me, and I would miss that,” ….

“Me too” I agreed “But what can we do? … Work and have money, or no work and have no money to buy stuff, it seems as though the money has taken us over isn’t it,” I thought for a moment then said “Yes I Agree, let’s have a rest for a while.”

Then she stopped eating and looked me in the eyes and then just as she was about to speak….. “well I wasn’t thinking of giving up the money as such.” She then pause before saying anything else and I could see she looked nervous about what she was going to say next to me, then she plucked up courage and said “don’t go mad at me, and hear me out first, … what if we went back to the old men and gave them what they wanted, think about it, it wasn’t hard was it and they would give us £60 each…. Its really easy money and we could dump all the hard work stuff”

I was totally shocked with what she told me, I couldn’t believe my ears, we hadn’t even mentioned it at all since that day and I had put everything out of my mind and not allowing myself to think about it for even a second. I honestly didn’t know what to say and I just sat there looking at her, she eventually waved her hand in front of my face saying “hello is their anyone there” and all I could think to say was “are you bloody insane … or just fucking mad,.. insane or mad I don’t know which one, maybe both.”

She looking me straight in the eyes deadly serious “Look, Just think about it for a second” she said, “think about how much hard work we have to do for £20 or £30 for the day, or we could get £60 for just a few minutes, well a few minutes with Albert but about half an hour with Harold,” she joked, “but its still worth it, and as I have thought about it over the last few days, I came to the conclusion of …” and she paused for a second “well how hard was it rubbing his cock really, it wasn’t hard at all was it.” then as we stared at each other we both smiled then laughed at what she had said, “wasn’t yours hard” I laughed … “Mine was and it pointed straight up in the air.”

We laughed and it broke the ice on the subject, I knew what she meant, I hesitated but half agreed with her and I picked my words carefully “Well No, it wasn’t hard to do.. But I was almost sick with having to do it. It was pretty disgusting and I am not sure I would want to do it again in a hurry if I am honest with you…. “She interrupted me mid-sentence by saying “Yes, me too, and I thought about that too, that was because it was our first time and we were worried about the police and our parents finding out after we had helped ourselves to that money, I will be much easier this time, oh come on Angel, all I am saying is think it over for a while,….. I will do Harold if that’s what you want.”

I was surprised by her answer and I replied a little angry “How do you mean if that is what I want, I don’t want at all, you can do both and have all the money….. If you want,” I paused then I smiled again at her as I didn’t want us to fall out over it and I joked “I will just watch you, how about that?”

Jane didn’t see the joke and told me “No, I am not doing it on my own, To be honest I am not that keen either but I am thinking about the money and time, think about it for a little while and if you are still dead against it, then okay.” I promised to think about it for a few days but I was very sure I wouldn’t do that again, I just didn’t want to put myself in that situation again. Over the next few days I was expecting her to bring it up, but she didn’t, not until the following Friday.

The weather had been awful all week so we didn’t go out at all, but on the Friday the weather was so bright and sunny, Jane came up to me and said, “do you fancy going to see the old men and see if we can do their garden, It should be ready for doing again and they told us to come back and keep it tidy didn’t they.”

To be honest, in the back of my mind I was a little embarrassed about meeting them again so said to her point blank “Just the garden, that’s all we are doing”

“Sure” she smiled and gave me a wink.

I didn’t understand what she meant by that wink but I told her “Well you can do all the talking then”

“Sure,” she said “I wouldn’t have it any other way” she replied all chirpy and bright, I could tell she was happy and in a good mood.

We went round to where the old men lived and I was a littler worried about what their reaction would be, but I needn’t have worried as Harold was in the garden already and as soon as he saw us walking up his path he instantly looked so very pleased and he called out welcoming us warmly “Girls, girls, girls, where have you been .. come, come, its so nice to see you….. Come in, come in and I will put the kettle on… then he stopped and paused for a second saying… “Oh I suppose you young girls would sooner have a coke or something?

I plucked up the courage to fight my embarrassment and told him “thank you, but a cup of tea is fine, we like tea.” I had decided that if I didn’t say anything to anyone I would have just become even worst with my embarrassment.

Jane says with a big smile whilst taking his arm and helping him to the kitchen, “Can we do your garden, you told us to come round and keep it tidy for you”

“Of course, Of course” he smiled “I was hoping you would come round, this is getting way too much for me these days, but come in and have a cup of tea with me first, Albert will be pleased to see you just as I am.” 

We all went into the kitchen while Harold put the kettle on. After a few minutes, I asked where is Albert? “Oh he is in bed feeling quite ill, but if you would like to go up and see him I am sure that he will feel much better for seeing you, we have missed you being around” then he looked at me with a bit of a sparkle in his eye adding softly “especially your little magic touch.”

Oh my god, I felt so embarrassed, but I couldn’t understand why Harold only looked at me when he said that, because I didn’t do anything like that to him, maybe I was just becoming paranoid. Harold lights the ring and puts the kettle on to boil. He turns to us both and says with a great big gloating smile “will you both be doing a small favour for us too, if you could help me out with that, I would be most obliged.

We all knew what he meant and Jane pipes up “Will you give us £60 each if we cut the grass and trim the hedge for you?”

Harold frowns and then his eyes widen, “that’s a little bit steep isn’t it, it would only take you both about an hour, that’s about the same as what you charged me for two whole days last time you did it.”

I must admit it, it was very expensive and I knew that he wouldn’t pay that much, no one would I thought. I couldn’t understand why she was she asking for that much and to be honest I felt as though we were being a little greedy and trying to take advantage of the old men.

Then she says straight out to him like a bolt right out of the blue, “then if you want us to give you a wank, we will do that for you for another £60 each, but you will only get that if you have the garden done as well ….And we want that money with the garden money before we do it, not next week …. is that a deal,” she asks cheekily.

I was stunned with what she had just said, in fact I was more than stunned, I almost died with shock, I instantly turned bright red with embarrassment and I wished there and then that the whole ground would swallow me up and take me back home. I instantly made an excuse and I had to go to the toilet for a moment to recover. Once there I took a few deep breaths and had a drink of water then looking in to the mirror wondering how I could get out of this, I just wanted to run out and run home. I just couldn’t believe what I had heard Jane say to the old man. She must have thought this through before we went there about what she would say to them and how to get the most money out of them.

Even though she had brought it up last week and we had spoke about it that once for a few minutes, I didn’t honestly believe that she would really just come out with it without saying anything further to me. I composed myself for a couple of minutes by telling myself that as Albert was so ill and in bed it couldn’t involve me, Jane was just talking about herself, so with that in mind I felt a little better and after a couple of more minutes  I made my way back to the kitchen but still feeling a little stupid.

Just as I walked back in to the kitchen I remembered Jane had said “each” and as I was starting to feel embarrassed again. Harold welcomes me back with a bright smile saying “My my, you girls are learning quickly, aren’t you? … As I have just said to your sister as now I am obviously in no position to negotiate in our arrangement ..  I have agreed, so its a deal.”

I frowned at Jane as I was so angry that she didn’t ask me about it and just dropped me right in it, but she just smiled right back at me.

There and then I decided that I would just do the garden with her and let Jane do it to Harold on her own if that’s what she wanted to do, but I wasn’t having anything to do with it, anyway I reminded myself that Albert was in bed not feeling very well so that was as good an excuse for me if ever I needed one.

Once outside though I told her off for involving me when she said that she wouldn’t, but it just sailed way over her head and she just shrugged it off saying “come on grumpy, let’s get on with it.”

I cut the grass while Jane trimmed the hedge and while we chatted Jane told me to just go upstairs and do it to Albert to make sure we both got the money, I shook my head saying “no, no I am not, you can do it if you want, but I am not,”

“Fine” said Jane in a huff, but I was shocked when she said “I will just go upstairs and do it to Albert then, stuff you and I will have that money as well,” now secretly I was more that a little upset that I wouldn’t have as much money for Saturday as Jane, it kept going through my head that she would have £180.00 and I would only have £60..

It took us both just over an hour to do the garden, we put the things away and I followed Jane as she knocked on the back door for our money, I decided that once I had got my money for the garden that I wouldn’t take the money for anything else, I was just going to go home.

Harold slowly shuffled to the door and waved us in with a big smile and turned to shuffle back, I hung behind and was just going to let Jane go in, but she must have knew what I was going to do and she pulled me hard into the kitchen with her. The old man went to the coffee tin on the shelf and pulled out bundles of cash and counted out £240.00 loud (About $300.00) and put it down on the side saying “there, that’s the money for both little chores for you two, as we agreed.” The tension was killing me as to what would happen next.

Jane walks up to Harold and I am shocked as she simply asks “Do you want me to do it for you right here?” The decrepit old man just nodded saying “Yes please, that would be nice” I couldn’t believe that money had changed Jane so much in just a few weeks. I also found it surprising that as Harold was so poor on his legs that he wouldn’t want to sit down and be comfortable or something when Jane did it for him, but what did I know about it, He has his own mind and he seemed to like it being stood up.

Jane quickly got down on to her knees while the old man leaned back against the kitchen units. Jane pulled the old mans zip down and for the first time now I could see she was a little hesitant, she paused for just a moment, then she took a breath and pulling the front of his underpants down put her hand in to his tatty and baggy trousers.

I watched her as her hand fumbled around inside his trousers for a little while and then suddenly she pulled his huge cock out and she instantly gives a little smile as though to say “done it” and she starts to instinctively squeeze and rub his old cock for him, the old man instantly arches his back closing his eyes and groans out loud.@

I cannot help but stare at his huge grey cock as I still cannot believe how big it is. Jane quickly looks back at me and with her eyes rolling upwards she mouths silently “go on up and do it to Albert” I shook my head at her, but she now looks much angrier at me and mouths again “go on, go and do it” Harold groans again and he looks down at Jane, she smiles up at him. Harold looks over to me and asks “do you like to watch Angel” and I feel a bit stupid now stood there.”

I watch as Jane now grips his long thick cock with both her small hands and she now rubs him harder “Oh yes” he groans and arches back again thrusting his long cock forward as though he was fucking her hands.

Now strangely I was surprised that I didn’t feel the same as before, I didn’t feel half as frightened or as disgusted like last time and I was almost fascinated in watching Jane rub the huge cock of the old man and watching the skin slide back and forth, So I thought maybe Jane was right, it would be much easier this time.

Jane says to the old man as she rubs him, “Hmm this is a nice big cock isn’t it, do you want me to do it harder and faster for you?”

Harold says nothing and starts panting and groaning quite loud.. Jane keeps talking to him the whole time and she shocks me by saying to him “Would you like me to do this every day for you,, Mmm, It feels so big and hard in my hands I would love to rub this lovely big cock of yours every day, I hope I can” Jane has obviously given it some thought and was hoping to get the doddery old man to come much quicker, I hoped that’s what it was anyway.

The man throws his head back again groaning in pleasure and Jane again quickly looks round at me again like before and angrily mouths silently “go on, go up stairs and fucking do it, or I will go up and do it.”

I was surprised and shocked at how forceful she said it to me, maybe I was jealous at the money she would have and maybe because I was surprised that I didn’t feel as disgusted as last time because I found myself silently mouthing back with an angry “Alright, alright, I will do it”  and I turned to walk up the stairs to Albert’s bedroom, I was so surprised with myself that I was going up the stairs after all the times I had told myself that I wouldn’t.

When I got to the top of the stairs Albert’s bedroom door is open and I can see him clearly laid in bed half asleep and very drowsy, I walk in to his room warily and say with a loud whisper “Hello Grand-dad, are you awake, I have come to see you.”

Albert lifts his head and looking like a living corpse as he says in a very soft croaky voice only half opening his deep sunken eyes “Oh hello Angel, sorry I am not feeling too well today” and drops his head back on the pillow. I walk to the side of the bed and look at him, he hasn’t shaved for a few days by the looks of him, his head is tilted very slightly towards me but there seemed little reaction from him and I wondered what to do next.

I thought I would just take it one step at a time so I lift the side of his bed sheets and rolled them to one side and sat on the side of the bed by him, I didn’t really know how to approach it, so I built up courage and asked him in a really naff manner, “now that I am here, would you like me to do something really nice for you like last time, would that make you feel a little better,” now I feel pretty stupid on how it sounded. The old man very slowly turns his head a tiny bit more to me and half looks at me with half closed glazed watery eyes but says nothing, It’s obvious that he is more than a little ill as Harold said.

I remember thinking to myself that I should leave him to sleep and get better, but I also thought of the money, so I decided I would have one more go, I said to Albert again “do you want me to do something nice for you Albert?” but he didn’t really stir or anything and I thought to myself, oh crikey what shall I do, I pushed myself and told myself off with a “well come on girl, if I am going to do it I had better hurry up or he will be gone before I have had the chance to cum.” Again I speak to him saying “shall I show you, shall I try just a little bit.”

I get up off the bed to arrange myself and I took a deep breath, I get back on the bed by the side on him on my knees and I push the bed sheet right back, but not completely off him, but almost. I take a moment to look at him in lilac and white stripey pyjamas. Then I looked at him for a reaction but he still hasn’t moved a muscle, I take another gulp of air and tell myself, “well here goes girl, just do it” I start to undo the tie around the waist of his Jim-jams and once that was undone I start to pull open his pyjama bottoms down and opening them wide while whispering to him in quite a girly voice “you just lay there grand-dad if you are feeling sleepy and I will do it for you like last time, am I a good girl?” he didn’t say anything so I didn’t even know if he wanted me to do it for him or not if I am going to be completely honest with you.

When I opened his Jim-jams my eyes looked straight at it and I could see his large thick cock laying there on its side between his legs, now I reach in for it and take it gently in my hand, It feels soft and very warm and spongy. I pull it out from between his legs and gently caress and squeeze it for him. I didn’t even know if it would get hard and that I could be really wasting my time but I continued caressing it and squeezing it for a while seeing if I get a response.

I feel it move and react a little in my hand so I try to give him encouragement and I whisper to him in a very young spoiled girly tone with a lisp “Come on naughty Grand-dad I want to pway with your willy” and I start to squeeze and caress it a little harder hoping it responds more, again he lays their motionless but he gives a very short quiet call, and after a little while his cock starts to respond a little more and I feel it getting a little stiffer in my hand, only very very slowly but at least surly and its the only sign of life from him.

I squeeze it and caress it more and more as it very slowly gets a little stiffer still until I feel that I can now start to rub him with gentle strokes and whisper again in a very girly voice “That’s a good Grand-dad, come on make it nice and stiff for me to pway with or I will get very very cross with you.”

I knew I had to encourage him more so I told him in the same little girly voice what Jane had said to Harold “I want to pway and wank you off again like last time, do you remember last time, you liked it didn’t you” and he gives a very faint squeaky sigh which I had no idea what it meant if it meant anything. I take my hand off his cock for a moment to see how it looks and his cock is beginning to stand up now on its own, which was a good sign for me, as I looked closely at it now this time, it didn’t look like an old mans cock as I imagined one would look, maybe it was because it was so big and got so stiff.

I make soothing sounds for him and saying “Oh it’s getting so big to pway with, thank you Grand-daddy” to help him get hard and I grip his cock again and start to rub him off a lot harder as he now becomes quite erect and hard “Oh yes, you are such a good Grand-daddy aren’t you” I say as I now rub my hand hard up and down along the full length of his cock, the old man is gasping in short breaths but his eyes are closed and he is totally motionless apart from the gasping.

I was feeling quite guilty about rubbing the old man off because I wasn’t quite sure about how conscious he really was, but because there was no one else there and Albert was not even all that conscious, I was almost enjoying watching and feeling his huge cock get bigger and the feeling of his thick cock running through my hand, I felt very naughty

I start to wank Albert off

I start to wank Albert off

and pleased at the same time that I was going to have some money to spend. I whisper to the old man as I now rub him quite hard “when you get better, I want to play with your cock and rub it every day for you, can I do that Grand-daddy, will I be able to rub your willy all day long” hoping to excite him a little more and more.

Albert gives a tiny little whinny grunt again as if he was trying to say something but I had no idea what as usual, so I just say “shush Grand-dad and don’t be naughty” I have his huge cock so nice and hard now and I rub my tiny looking hand along his full length playing with it and gripping him tightly and pulling his foreskin back and forth over the purple bulbous end, because maybe I was very alone, even the old man wasn’t really there, I found I wasn’t frightened anymore and I was much more relaxed that I found I was now enjoying playing with it.

I concentrate on gripping his prick as tight as I can and rubbing it in long strokes and as fast as I could. After about 3 minutes I whisper to him, “Come on Grand-dad I am going to wank you until I make you cum, I hope you aren’t going to be naughty and take a long time” and I look at his face. If I didn’t know any better I would swear he was dead but as I look closely I could see his sunken lips slightly panting quickly in very short breaths in and out, I look at him a little while to see if there is any reaction at all apart from the now short but quicker gasping breaths, but there wasn’t any.

Then I look back at his hard long thick cock I can see a little bit of clear liquid seeping out of the end of his cock and as I wank him hard I can slightly now hear his cock making soft squelchy sounds as I wank him, I whisper to him again “come on grand-dad  squirt your cum …. come on make it squirt for me” although I didn’t know whether he could cum if he wasn’t fully awake or even fully conscious. I rub my hand up and down hard and fast and squeezing it tight along his entire length really really hoping that I will soon see his cock squirt.

Suddenly to my delight Albert gives a little grunt so I wank him faster and harder still, I

The old man starts to cum and I was so pleased to see it squirt up in to the air

The old man starts to cum and I was so pleased to see it squirt up in to the air

was determined I was going to make him cum, then he groaned almost in pain and gave a short squeal and suddenly his whole body stiffens and shakes as a large squirt of white cum shoots out of the end of his cock.

Boy, I was so pleased and relieved to see him cumming, and tell him “clever grandad, you did it” I stare at his cock as I continue to wank him for a few seconds longer and I see cum suddenly shoot out for a second time, not just a squirt of cum this time though but a great gush of cum squirting right up in to the air and then landing down on my hand and wrist, now cum was running out of the end of his cock and running down his long prick and all over my hand too as I continue to rub it and the cum dripping off my hand on to his stomach, I watch closely and wank him slowly now as I am not sure how long to continue wanking him for.

I decided to do it until he seems to have stopped cuming, nothing happened in the next second or three so I took it that he had finished, “good grandad” I told him in a whisper and I left him to go to the toilet.

I washed my hands clean and took him some toilet tissue dropping it by him so he could wipe himself down when he comes round. “Goodbye Grandad” I whispered loudly again and turned and went down stairs feeling quite pleased with myself, well maybe not pleased, but I was relieved anyway.

I almost skipped downstairs thinking “that was easy and it didn’t take long” and went in to the kitchen hoping Jane had done as well. I just get there to see Jane still wanking Harold off furiously but now she is naked from the waist up. Harold has one of his hands behind Jane’s head and the other hand fondling her breast whilst groaning and panting in the throws of passion bucking his hips backward and forward as Jane wanks him, I was just going to say “I am finished” and I see Harold suddenly push and buck his hips right forward with a loud groan and a large squirt of cum shoots out while Harold whines out in a high pitched voice as though he is being tortured, then almost instantly another grey squirt of cum jets out and splats on the side of Jane’s sleeve and the kitchen floor, then a dribble of cum runs out of the end like Grand-dad, but there was much more of it.. much, much more. Harold pants and says “that’s enough, that’s enough” and Jane stops wanking him and she stands up panting as well.

Jane looks around at me and gives me a large smile saying, “is it all done upstairs”

“Of course,” I said “he is sleeping now,” but in truth, I didn’t know if he really was ever that conscious.

We chatted happily for a minute while Harold recovered, then when he had recovered to  a reasonable gasped, panting and wheezing, he gasps quietly “I suppose you want paying now”

“Of course” said Jane, and Harold gave Jane the small bundle of money he had already counted, Jane counted it, although we had seen him count it earlier, Jane confirmed it was exactly the correct money that we had agreed on, Jane came over to me smiling while counting out £120 and gave it to me.

Harold’s panting gets a little easier and asks us if we could call around tomorrow and do the same again.

“Yes” said Jane, “but you will have to pay us the full £240.00 still” and I am amazed at Jane’s cheek

Harold’s eyes widen… but says almost reluctantly “okay”

Then suddenly before we went Jane said to Harold, it will have to be early morning if you want us to wank you off again, do you still want us to call.

I thought Jane was so cheeky but I looked quickly over to Harold to see his reaction.

Harold thought for a moment saying “well we don’t get up too early” but Jane as bold as brass just tells him “oh don’t worry give me a key and we will let ourselves in and we will wank you both off in bed before you get up,” Harold looks over to me and says, “If you do, can we have a change,” then enquiringly he asks as if he had asked before “do you want to earn the extra money”

Jane tells him, “I am not sure about the extra money,” but she then looks over to me and says boldly “You don’t mind wanking Harold off in the morning do you Angel, while I do Albert.”

“errrm … No” I said politely but in reality, I didn’t fancy the thought of it at all.

When we left and walking down the path I said to Jane, “you are really cheeky, do you know that?”

“I don’t know what you are worried about them for” she said, “we are getting a lot of easy money aren’t we,”

“I am not on about them,” I tell her quite angrily  I am on about Me …. Us, I mean you never ask me, you just bleat it all out and drop me right in it and I am supposed to just do as you say, I have no say in it, its not right”

“Oh you fibber, I asked you if you minded doing Harold in the morning and you said, “oh no I don’t mind at all, that’s what you said”

I defend myself by explaining “No I don’t mean that, what I mean is the fact you would say that I would do it at all, you just tell them we will be round in the morning and don’t ask me about it.”

She looks at me and says really apologetically and says softly “Oh, I am sorry Angel, I won’t do it again I promise, next time I will call a committee meeting and invite mum, dad and the next door neighbours before we make the decision.

“Sarky cow” I told her.

“Thank you” she tells me with a smile.

But I wasn’t happy and each time I come out of the house I felt sick, and I told myself that in the morning that’s what I would tell Jane, but in the end, it didn’t matter. 

Then after a long pause a asked. “What did he mean by the extra money? What extra money? it’s not like you to turn extra money down. Jane paused as if she didn’t want to answer but I pressed her on it, she turned to me and said, “He made me take my blouse off, and while I was wanking him he was feeling and fondling my tits”

I nodded saying “well he did that last time”

“I know, but this time he asked me while I was doing it…… if I would put it in my mouth and suck it, he almost begged me”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and I asked with a loud gasp “oh my god, he surly didn’t, did he, and you didn’t, did you.”

“No NO… of course not”  she said “but he said he would give me double money then treble money if I did”

Again I asked with a gasp “oh my god, you didn’t did you”

“No of course not,” she said angrily, who do you take me for, I wouldn’t have put that in my mouth for a £1,000, … or even £10,000 pound …..” Then she paused for a moment and with a smile she admitted “well maybe I would do it for £10,000 pound,” then she bust out laughing, saying “I would let you do it.”

“Ahhh, spit it out, stop it, just stop it now you are making me think about it.

Then she repeats what I say mocking me, “Spit it out, yes that is what you do.”

I told her “You are just disgusting, I wouldn’t do that for a million pound”

I now refused to listen to her and totally changed the subject.  We got home in a few minutes and once we got home I had a bath.

Much later that day about 5 o’clock there was a quiet knocking on the door, mum went to answer it and after a minute or two she came back, I was shocked when I saw Harold shuffling in to our living room with mum helping him and holding his arm, me and Jane looked at each other in total shock seeing him here and we turned white.

“Angel, Jane, look who is here,” mum says, “Mr Carter has come personally to thank you girls for all the work you have done for him and his Brother, and to bring you some bad news too I am too I am afraid”

Harold looks at us with a really sad and sullen his eyes droop as he says to us, “yes your mum is right, I want to thank both you girls from myself and on behalf of Albert for all the help you have given to us two old men, we really did appreciate all your help and all the work you did in the garden for us, you worked really hard. But I have to tell you that Albert has taken a real turn for the worst and was taken to hospital about an hour ago, In fact I am just going to see him now, my son is taking me there and I am going to spend a few days at my sons, he lives very close to the hospital so its better for me and of course, I don’t have to be on my own at this difficult time.”

He starts to shuffle to the door and he gently says to mum “thank you for letting me speak to the girls, I just wanted to thank the girls from Albert, I will be off now, I don’t want to take up any more of your precious time and my son is waiting for me.”

Me and Jane just didn’t know what to say, Harold walked away and we didn’t say a word until he gets to the door and mum turns to us and says, “Well say goodbye to Mr Carter then, where are your manners girls” Harold half waves his hand to mum as thought to say that’s fine, don’t worry”

Jane calls him and he turns round slowly and doddery, She gets up off the sofa and goes to his saying affectionately, “we are sorry, we just didn’t know what to say, tell Albert we will miss him and we hope he gets better soon, and me and Angel will call round and have another cup of tea together” and she kisses him on the cheek saying “pass that to Albert.” 

Harold nods his head saying with a wry smile, “thank you, yes I will, but heaven knows what the nurses will make of it in the hospital, and I sure I will not do it as well of you, but thank you, thank you once again.”

I walk to him and honestly tell him “tell Grand-dad to get well from me too” and again while he nods his head in recognition, I give him a hug.

He turns to mum and for the first time I hear a slight Jewish accent as he says with a  little smile “I should come here with news every day” and he slightly bounces his head from side to side adding, “maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t” and he gives a slight laugh, then he waves us goodbye saying again “thank you” once more and he slowly makes his way out with a shuffle.

When he has gone mum walks back in to the room and says to us “I am so proud of you girls and what you did, and Angel how sweet of you to call Albert Grand-dad”

Oh god I thought, I had called him Grand-dad so often that I had forgotten to call him Albert. I looked over to Jane and she just laughed at me.

Over the coming days then weeks we kept an eye out for them, watched to see when they came back, genuinely hoping Albert got better, but as the garden grew wild again and after the months past we feared the worst. …..

Then about a year later we suddenly saw life at the house and we looked out for them to see if Albert was there, but when we saw the people in the house it was a youngish couple with two young children who set about gutting the whole house renovating it and smartening it up.

We never saw or heard anything of the two old men again, we even asked the family who had moved in but they knew nothing of them.

Life had moved on for the old men, like it does for us all eventually.


As I wrote this quite a while ago, I am writing a much-exaggerated version of this story under the title ‘Evil Old Men’ its the same story but everything is different.


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  1. Loved your story I too got involved with an old guy when I was 13 and he got me to play with and eventually suck his old cock.In the end I got to enjoy it as he always sucked mine in return so now as an old guy myself I love wanking and sucking all cocks (or pussies).

  2. i have been writing some blackmail sex stories .. would anyone like to trade .. i mean i will write one for u just give me the details you want in it and ill write one for u .. but would u be willing to write one for me …. email me if you want to trade .. bxpopeye@aim.com

  3. I enjoyed this story very much and can-not wait for the follow on.
    I wish i could have had this experience it had me panting!! Could your
    club posibley come up with a real deal for-me? xx

    • What are you saying Bill, That you would like to abuse me and do all kinds of naughty things with me against my will …. My my, you are a Naughty Mister aren’t you…

  4. Hey little gals your body is the holly temple of God. Repent and turn to God, never exchange money with your body its ungodly, thanks.

    • Thanks for the reply, I know your intention is well meaning. I believe god gave us sex and a sensitive body to enjoy as a caring god would, thanks again.

      Take care xx

  5. Yes, more please.

    Another question though…
    I notice you were happy to destroy the “up the blades mug”, and on a Brother’s Bedroom(old site) you had a wednesday bed spread in the picture.

    So are you an owl like me?

    • If the truth be known, I was told the cup had a fine crack, a chip on the edge and was brown inside, it was a horrible cup, well it was a mug really.

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