(A Helping Hand)

Just another Memory …… Written by Nat Cham
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This is an incredibly kinky event that happened to me while I was in Hospital a few years ago, read it, you wont be disappointed .

A few years ago when I was about 24 years old I used to play football at a reasonably high level. We were just about to go on tour and play three pre-season games on the European mainland with the team I played for (that’s soccer if you’re in the USA.)

We were to play one game in France and Belgium and one in Germany. It was a Thursday night and we were playing in the last practice game against Sheffield Wednesday youth before we went on pre-season tour. The pre-season tour games are great fun, the season before we played in Scotland and we had one team coach and 3 coaches of Club members. 

It was a beautiful warm August evening and in the last few minutes of a close game I was put through with a long skidding ball between both their center half’s, both of them made last gasp tackles at the same time on me, I skipped past them by toe poking the ball on and as I jumped over the tackles one of them got a little touch on me and I fell awkward and heavy on top of the ball twisting my leg and as I fell and in that tackle my leg was broken very badly.

I knew it was broken straight away, not only with the pain and feeling the blood now pumping up inside my leg, but I also heard my leg snap and later others around me said that they had heard the snap too. Their was no one to blame, it was just one of those unfortunate things that happens in football from time to time.

In true football fashion I felt as sick as a Parrot, the pain was incredible and I knew I was it trouble, the ambulance arrived in minutes but it felt like hours. I was taken to hospital and arrived about 9.30pm.

I was taken to x-ray and from the side I saw the doctors checking the x-ray plates as they were put up against the screen. I didn’t need to be a Doctor to tell the break looked bad, I heard the Doctor as he turned to say to the Nurse, “call the surgeon, we need to operate tonight.” honestly, the nurse clapped her hands and said excitedly “oh my, we haven’t had an operation here for ages.

Now this was strange to hear that “it was exciting, They prepared me for surgery and they operated on my leg that night around midnight, a plate was put in my leg and I was placed in traction for days and I couldn’t move, well I couldn’t move my leg, and seeing that was attached to the rest of me meant that I couldn’t go anywhere.

My girlfriend (Janette) at the time came to see me every day in hospital with a friend of hers (Janine), as did my father, brother and sister and a few friends. All except one night after about a week when not a soul, not one person came to see me and I was on my own all day.

I kept expecting someone to call any minute, but not one person came to see me, or so I thought, about 10 minutes to the very end of visiting time about 9.50pm my girlfriends friend Janine turned up, she was her usual chatty and bubbly self as she usually was. She was so sexy and gorgeous with long blond hair, blue eyes and slim with sticky out breasts, she said “she knew Janet wasn’t calling tonight so she would call in to see me on her way home so that I wouldn’t be lonely” and “a good job too as no one had called,” but she was nice like that.

I got on really well with the young nurse that was working that night shift and the previous nights and she would come and chat to me whenever she could.  The young nurse came over to us at 10pm and told Janine that “as no one had been to see Nat that day and because Janine had arrived quite late from work we could have another 15 or 20 minutes visiting time if we wanted.” We both thanked her and soon after the lights began to dim as the last visitors left.

During the day I used to watch the Cricket and at lunch time the young Nurse would push the bed outside so that I could lay in the sun on the veranda and she would bring my lunch out there to me as well, she was a smashing girl.

Well anyway, me and Janine chatted in the dim light for a little while and I soon noticed that Janine’s hand had slid under the thin and only bed sheet covering me, it had been a very hot few days and I only had a thin sheet on the bed from waist down, then suddenly l felt her fingers sliding along on the top of my briefs and she slid her fingers up and down gently teasing my cock, “That feels very nice” I told her, “I didn’t take you for being a little cock teaser” I said to her laughing at her nerve.

She looked at me with such a youthful bright cheeky smile that seemed to light up the whole room “so that’s what you think of me then, a cock teaser, now that wouldn’t be right would it” she laughed back, and she had such a naughty look on her face looking in to my eyes and she sexily licking her lips on purpose, then telling me “I can’t have you thinking that of me now can I now.”

Wow she looked stunning and I couldn’t believe my luck as she moved her hand up to my stomach a little and pulled the front of my small briefs right down hard and quite vigorously and of course out sprang my now rampant hard prick. She just smiled so calmly and innocently as she now wrapped her fingers around my now very stiff prick and gently stroked it.

‘Oh’ that felt so good and she gave me a little “Mmmm” in return as she gripped my cock telling me “that’s not a bad size Nat, not bad at all”  and she very slowly started to wank me off saying softly and gently “this is a little treat for you, is it nice.” Well to say it felt nice was a gross understatement, I hadn’t had any sex or anything for well over a week and it felt absolutely fantastic, my cock felt oh so sensitive as she rubbed it up and down everything tingled in pleasure.

The sensations were feeling incredible and I could feel every one of her little fingers sliding on my incredibly sensitive hard cock. I kept half an eye out for the young nurse coming back in to the ward as my bed was the first one from the door, so as she walked in she would have seen us straight away.

Well after a few minutes I was laid back enjoying my luck and pleasure. By now she was wanking my prick quite hard, and you could see the bed sheet puffing up and down very clearly as she wanked me off. Then she whispering to me “Nat, I want to suck it for you … Mmmm I really want it in my mouth” her hand was rubbing the full length of my prick and I was in total ecstasy as she wrapped her little hand tighter and harder and rubbed a little faster as I said right along my entire shaft.

Then I saw the young nurse come back in to the ward, I looked up at her as she came through the large open blue doors and then stopped for about two seconds and then turned around and went back out of the doors. Thankfully I was pretty sure that she hadn’t seen us even though it was quite clear what was happening. The strange thing was though, I had the impression that she had stopped just behind the open doors, I was almost sure of it.

I thought at the time she must have forgotten something and turned back just in time. then Janine whispering to me quite teasingly almost excited at being caught “come on Nat I dare you, if you pull the sheet back for me I will get my mouth around your cock and suck you off.” Oh my god Janine looked stunning and she moved her head over to me a little more as if she would really do it, that had me really excited that she was going to suck me off right there and then while I was in the hospital bed.

I was pretty much expecting the nurse back at any moment but Janine didn’t seem worried at all about the nurse seeing her bobbing her mouth up and down on my hard excited shaft, in fact I honestly got the impression that she wanted the nurse to catch us and that she was getting turned on by it.

Well that increased the excitement for the both of us no end and the feeling from her hand wanking me was fantastic and the tingle sensation was running through my prick, my balls and through my whole body.

If I am honest now looking back. Maybe she didn’t really mean she was going to suck me off (I think.) But she was just talking dirty to make me cum quicker and add the excitement greater for herself as well, well it worked like a charm if that was it.

I suddenly started to groan out as I felt myself right on the verge of cuming, I bucked my hips up and down for a few seconds fucking her hand as she gripped my cock and  wanked me and then I starting to cum, just as the young nurse walked in. Well there was no stopping me now, the orgasm had already past the point of no return and was feeling out of this world and so intense.

The pain and sensation running through my broken leg increased the power of the orgasm ten fold, I was bucking and groaning like fuck almost out of control. I seemed to have really one long incredible orgasm while shooting my load with four or five large orgasmic squirts, but as I said, at that very moment just as I started to cum, the young  nurse walked in through the door and walked straight towards us and looked straight at the both of us, of course I couldn’t stop, not even if I has wanted to.

It just seemed to me that the nurse had been watching the whole time through the large gap in the door where the doors were open and that she chose to walk in just as I was about to cum and wanting to catch us, well watching me in the throws of my orgasm.

She was very young only about 21 or so and very pretty, when she walked in on us she was only about 4 yards away and I obviously couldn’t stop my orgasm, it was also very obvious what was happening as she saw Janine’s hand under the bed sheet and the bed sheet moving quickly up and down and me groaning and shaking like crazy as I was cumming.

The young nurse stopped dead in her tracks as she looked up as the both of us and instantly gave an exaggerated surprised and shocked look, but she watched us and tried to look as if she was rooted to the spot in shock. She seemed to look at us for a while as if not knowing what to do, while Janine turned to look at her with a big smile on her face and her little hand still  gripping me and wanking me off. Janine still stood there and watched the whole thing (which only lasted around twenty seconds but seemed to last for way too long for comfort.)

As my orgasm started to decrease at last the young nurse turned round and just walked out calmly but not before I noticed a slight smile on her face as she turned left towards to open blue doors, (which seemed to give the game away for me.)

Well Janine seemed to have loved the whole thing, she smiling her head off like a Cheshire cat looking very pleased with herself as she calmly wiped her cum covered hand and wrist on the thin sheet as she pulled it away. Now to be honest I don,t know if the Nurse knew what we was doing or not, or whether she had been watching or not from behind the door, there is no way to tell. but the timing was perfect and she watched so calmly and intensely at Janine wanking me off and of me gasping and bucking my hip as I shot my load, I can only say that she must be the queen of cool and calm in a situation.

Now believe it or not, but that wasn’t the worst of the embarrassing bit.

I asked Janine if she would fetch me some tissue, (I was in traction and couldn’t move) and I had just been moved only about a half hour before and I didn’t have any tissues or anything to wipe myself with. But she just giggled and shook her head.

Now even though I had cum all over her lovely hand and wrist, I had also cum over my stomach, balls and thighs and all around my underpants, I was in a bit of a mess to say the least.

I asked her a few times if she would get me some tissue but she shook her head and just giggled at me and my predicament, “the little bitch” I thought, then to make it worse, Janine went to the door and called out and shouted the young nurse back in  The young nurse, as I said was only about 21 or so walked in and Janine said with a giggle, “he has got something to ask you.”

A little embarrassed I asked the nurse if she would fetch me some tissue, but I couldn’t believe it when the nurse said calmly and brazenly, “Oh have you had a little accident, well never mind, you can’t wipe things up in your predicament can you and that’s what I am here for, where have you had the accident, where does it need wiping, I will clean it up for you,”

She knew full well what I needed to wipe, I couldn’t believe she was winding me up as well….. “Err no” I said “that’s ok, would you just give me the tissue and I will wipe it myself thanks.” but she just looked straight at me with a serious look “No” she said ”you could easily pull these tubes out of your leg by stretching, I will wipe and clean any mess for you, that’s my job, now what do you need wiping,” I was almost speechless at both of them.

Well by now I was I bit uncomfortable and really embarrassed to say the least but the nurse wouldn’t give me the tissue, she just stood there looking straight at me not giving an inch,. I looked straight back at her knowing full well she would have to hand over some tissue, then after a few long seconds of a stand off between us the nurse just turned and walked away. Janine giggled her head off and she also then walked away saying “I’ll see you then  …. Bye……I hope you get it sorted out”…. And she went too.

To be honest I didn’t do anything for a few minutes as I thought the nurse would just come back and bring me some tissue to wipe myself down, but she didn’t …. The little madam.

Well I thought ‘stuff it’ and I wiped myself down with the top of the sheet and turned the sheet round, but you could see the wet patches. About a good half an hour later the nurse must have took sympathy on me and came back in and passed me some tissues with a smile, she looked at the wet patches and smiled saying “my, you must have had quite a large accident, you needn’t be shy, I would have done that for you,” and walked out.

Well you know what that had me thinking don’t you…. Had I just been abused by Janine, and if I asked her very nicely would she abuse me again.

The nurse, would she have really done it and cleaned me up, if I had let her or was she just trying to increase my humiliation.

The nurse was on the ward one night and as we were chatting she told me she was finished at 10pm  that night and was going to the bar at the side of the hospital with a few friends, I asked her if I could go too (I obviously couldn’t being in traction) and was surprised when she said, “yes that would be nice, I will go with you when you are capable, just let me know”

A week later as I was being released from the hospital she was in my ward all morning and fussing all around me much more than usual , I was going to ask her for her telephone number and arrange to go for that drink that afternoon before a left, but in the afternoon I looked for her to get her telephone number, but she was no where to be seen… she must have been off that afternoon and so I missed my chance, I should have asked that morning when she was there, shouldn’t I, reminds my of the saying fair heart, fair maiden.

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9 thoughts on “(A Helping Hand)

  1. Hi Angel Helen and Nat, Following Nat’s story A Helping Hand I thought I would send in my own true stories about incidents with nurses. Cheers, Topper

  2. you should publish more articles like this and you will be famous. you have the talent to become a super star. your story is superb. keep it up.

  3. Very erotic story, I’m all wet. I enjoy cockteasing stories they make my cock stand at attention and my balls tighten.Danny.

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