A Walk through the Woods

One of many Riverlin Waterfalls where we both love to walk.

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A walk through the woods was a story Nat told me quite a while ago whilst we were in the pub. I found it quite thought provoking, See what you think..

Just another memory ….. Written By Nat Cham

A few years ago I went for a walk with a relatively new girlfriend called Samantha, That turned out to be a lot more fun than I realised it would. She was only about 17 although I think she was nearly 18. But I was a lot older about 32. we worked in the same office where I worked as a Surveyor, there were lots of really pretty young girls that worked there, but her stunning beauty stood out from the rest by a long way, she was just that one in a million, well she was to me anyway.

We got on really well and started taking our breaks together, I had joked about being a bad mister as you do when you are having a joke and she joked back saying how she would like to take me up on that sometime. As we chatted over the weeks she twice said that she was going for a drink with a couple of friends quite near where I lived and she asked “why don’t you come along too.” But to be honest with you, I half-thought she was just being nice to me and I half-felt a little uncomfortable with it.

Then one Friday afternoon a couple of colleagues were winding down and chatting about the bank holiday weekend and they were saying that on the Sunday afternoon they were going for a couple of pints and a meal at a pub where I know.

I said, “yes it was a good choice as I go there sometimes too in the summer,” It is a very nice place surrounded by stunning countryside views, beautiful woodland walks with streams, they casually asked if anyone else wanted to come along with them. Samantha asked them if she could go, “yes, of course, that’s fine no problem at all” they told her, then Samantha turned to me and asked “why don’t you come along too Nat,” and they all stood there looking at me for a while as I thought it over for a second. To be honest I felt a little set-up, I didn’t know if I was or not, but it felt like It, Samantha broke the silence with a pleading “oh please, please come with us.” well she looked so cute that I couldn’t refuse, “Okay, it sounds good to me” I told them, and she squealed out and clapped her hands excitedly, I remember how pleased she looked when I agreed to go with them, I didn’t really know why as I was so much older than her.

It was a good company to work for and we did many things as a group in the week. we played football and the girls made a team as well and some weeks we mixed the teams and played each other and went for a drink after, it was very relaxed and casual with plenty of banter and joking on the pitch and in the pub, we all enjoyed it, and it also made the office a happier place, maybe Samantha just wanted to be a part of it.

As we discussed where and what time we were going to meet later, Samantha asked if she could meet me early at the lake which is about two miles from the pub and asked if I would mind if we could walk from there through the woodlands to the pub, “that’s fine with me” I said, “but let’s see what the day is like first I suggested.”

 Riverlyn Valley is just on the edge Sheffield, England. the place is very popular in the summer. As I said the area is full of beautiful streams and little waterfalls through green wooded walks, it’s teaming with wildlife and at the right time of year it has millions of bluebells, probably one of the nicest places I know in the whole world. About two miles up there is a nice country pub where you could have a meal (I don’t think you can now,) The pub is built on the hillside so from there you can see the great glacial valley from the last ice age, we had arranged to meet the work friends there at the pub, so it would be just myself and Samantha doing the walk.

View from the Pub

The day was a beautiful English summer’s day and when I got there Samantha was already there waiting for me, Samantha looked more stunning ever and more than anyone I had ever seen in my life, she looked so incredibly sexy, she was wearing a short dress with over the knee stockings, almost schoolgirlish, the week earlier I had confessed that girls wearing over the knee stocking really turned me on, so she had certainly dressed to thrill and please, bless her.

We said our excited hello’s and she slipped her arm into mine and we set off to walk along the path. We chatted very happily joking and laughing and we even started to hold hands, it seemed so natural. Somehow along the way we got into a raunchy chat and about a mile or so up the path she started teased me about me being a naughty mister and she was “hoping that I wasn’t going to disappoint  her,” I looked across to her and we looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, I can see her face now, she looked so sweet and so beautifully innocent and such incredibly stunning looks and I remember she broke into such a naughty smile. I now had a terrific hard-on, (well I thought it was terrific anyway,) I couldn’t help it and it showed through my trousers, Samantha noticed and she luckily thought it was really funny and she wanted to know how I would deal with it, which was difficult to answer really, so I said “I would deal with it the same as you I suppose” she looked at me and smiled “Mmm you have toys too do you.. will you share them with me,”  god she was so funny.

At that very point we were walking along a part of the path that had very clear water streams either side of the pathway, the hot sun was sending shafts of light through the trees and the sound of little waterfalls were everywhere with the sound of birds singing, it was very nice.

The Path to Sex

Part of the walk along Rivelin Valley

We walked a little further along where the streams become one and just past there we came to a very secluded spot, protected by large shrubs and bushes along the stream and woodland. I thought I would play my bad mister role and I suggested we move into it to “see what we might find in there, we might see some little rabbits” I said.  Samantha was looking round and I could she was reluctant to move in there in case some one saw us and she said so innocent and sweet “you might get the wrong idea with your little problem down their” cheekily pointing down with a little stabbing finger to my raging hard-on under my trousers, I looking around but there was no one about at all as this was quite deep into the walk.

I grabbed her and guided her in with a little gentle pressure, “Nooooo, don’t you dare get any ideas” she said smiling and trying to be as innocent as she could and as if I was doing something so very naughty.

There were thick bushes all around and once in there I could see she felt much easier. we stood for a moment in each other’s arms looking into each other’s eyes and it was the first time I had been so close to her, I could see how clear and beautiful her eyes were and see the very tiny freckles on her stunningly gorgeous face. I pulled her closer and kissed her, she kissed me back with such tenderness and passion, her lips felt fantastic, I had never enjoyed a kiss more in my whole life. We kissed for a while where I fondled her with a great passion my hands were everywhere feeling her bum and her breasts, while her hands fondled me everywhere too, my checkbook, my cash, my credit cards, (only kidding) I wanted to tear all her clothes off and my hard cock was aching through my whole body for her like crazy.

I said to her, “Say hello to Mr Bad Mister” she give me such a tiny little smile but I could see she looked so nervous as well. There was a tree that had fallen that looked just right, I guided her over to it and she refused slightly, then I guided her firmly right over the tree face down and she objected and struggled a little more.

As I held her there her short dress rode up showing her little panties and her gorgeous little bottom sticking in the air perfectly, the sight of her bent over was fantastic and my heart was pounded, “Don’t you dare Nathaniel,” she squealed as I lifted her summer dress higher and stroking her perfect and oh so cute little bottom, I tried to pull her small pretty knickers to one side roughly but they were too tight, so I pulled them down and they slipped down so easily while I held her down with my hand in the small in her back while she squealed out almost half screaming “OH MY GOD, NO DON’T, NOT HERE.”

I unfastened my zip on my trousers and got my raging hard prick out letting my trousers fall all the way down, I had never felt my prick feeling so hard before and as I looked down it looked so big and thick over her small and petite bottom. I forced myself from behind between her legs as she struggled and squealed trying to get back up as my hard prick searched for her cute pussy opening, “No! please not here!” she squeals out again. but I tell her “Well you said you wanted to meet and try the bad mister,” I panted.

I found her pussy with my prick and pushed hard, she starts to squeal out louder as I feel my aching prick start pressing on her soft hole, I push harder and I feel her pussy part and my prick suddenly slips into her, she instantly squeals and groans out loud, and for me it feels like the most fantastic feeling in the whole world. I hold her down as I start to thrust in and out as I groan in total pleasure fucking this sweet little girl, the sensations run through my rampant hard prick and shiver through my whole body, my mind was about to explode with the emotional pleasure.

 I stopped to re-position myself for a moment as my feet were slipping on the grass a little, then I start to fuck her again and this time I can feel my thrusting into her is much deeper and harder but much easier, again she squeals and groans out “oh my fucking god,” This is the first time I have ever heard her swear and I groan out loud too as I am enjoying this girl so much.

I held her down and fucked her hard

I held her down and fucked her hard

She was trying to resist but I had raised my hand to the middle of her back holding her down, I needed this fuck so much and I was groaning with every ever deeper thrust as she squealed out loud too with that same hard thrust into her, she opened her legs a little wider allowing me easier access into her and I fucked her harder and deeper, no gentle loving love making here, just hard rampant lust as she gasped and squealed again “Stop! Someone will see us” she kept squealing out the whole time, but nothing was going to stop me, I looked down and I could clearly see my thick hard prick sliding in and out of her cute pussy all the way in long thrusts, I could hear and feel my balls slapping against her as we both groaned and groaned with each hard thrust, my fucking got harder and faster and it felt like the best fuck ever in my life. I fucked her as hard as I could, I felt in good form and fucked her hard for about 10 minutes, telling her “what a dirty bitch she really was.” And to my surprise I got the answer back with a tiny squeal of ..“yes sir” and that turned me on no end, I was pounding her hard in the throes of my passion.

Soon I felt my cock  tingle and knew I would be soon cumming, so I pulled out of her wet pussy just to be on the safe side and I guided my wet slippery cock to her bum hole and I tried to thrust my hard prick into it, immediately she knew what I was going to do and she shouted out in a panic and struggling “No, NO, Nooooo please don’t, NO please not there” and she struggled really hard trying to discourage me, I thrust hard up against her bum hole and I could see it slowly force its way in and felt her bum hole give way inwards as she groaned out loud. It was quite tight and I groaned myself as I started to fuck her up the bum gently at first, it wasn’t in very deep at but as I fucked her and thrust hard and I pushed deeper up her with every thrust.

She screamed louder as I fucked her up her bum deeper, she turned her head round to me begging me to stop, but the look of passion and ecstasy in her face as I fucked her made me thrust even harder, her mouth was open wide, her lips were pouting and she groaned loudly, Soon I was thrusting my prick hard all the way up her tight little bum, my balls slapping against her wet pussy, she groaned and she tried opened her legs wider but her knickers around her knees prevent her as I gave long hard thrusts. I held her down firm and fucked her bum hole hard for about another 5 minutes drawing my thick prick back to the very tip then thrusting my whole shaft back up her bum until my balls slapped against her until I couldn’t last any longer as by now I was ramming it up her bottom as fast and as hard as I could.

Samantha was squealing out loud and and long almost in time with every hard thrust up her and wildly in the throes of our passion I suddenly shot my cum deep up her light little bum groaning and thrusting deeper as each cum load came shooting up her now wet ass hole …. we both pant hard in the sudden silence with my now slowly shrinking prick still deep up her ass, I suddenly could feel my prick as it began to shrink being squeezed by her tight ass and a few seconds later it slipped out.

I release her and she gets up looking all flustered and angry….. “You bastard!” she said in a low voice, “You were just like a fucking animal” and she went on and on……. “Sorry” I replied, looking all sheepish  “but I needed it“,,,, “yes I could fucking tell that, but how could you do that here where anyone could see us, and taking me up there too like I was just a cheap slapper, I have never felt so cheap and degraded in my life” she replied while pulling her knickers up and rearranging herself. (I assumed she meant taking her up her bum” but she hadn’t finished “if anyone had  walked past and seen you doing that to me up there, I would have died with embarrassment” then she said unrealistically “you had better not tell anyone what you did” she warned “or I will fucking report you,”

I said in defence, “You kept saying you would like to meet my Mr Bad Mister” but she replied instantly and angrily, “yes maybe I did, but I didn’t say I wanted to meet Mr Fucking Pervert this afternoon, did I”

I sat on the tree for a while as I let her calm down and we set off again on our, Just as we saw someone walk past “I hope they didn’t hear us” she carried on.

We walked on to the pub and met our friends, and by the time we had got there she had calmed down. We had a few drinks and then sat down and had a very nice meal, As Samantha sat down she pulled a face referring to her bottom and smiled. It had been a good day, well I thought so at least.

We got a lift back to my car and I drove Samantha home from there, well within 50 yards of her home, we sat and chatted for another hour or more before I went home.

We stayed very close friends for quite a few years, and I protected her jealously for myself until we both left at around the same time, we still keep in contact from time to time and say hello although she is now married with two kids.

Any of you girls fancy a walk in the woods?

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10 thoughts on “A Walk through the Woods

  1. The way he wrote it she was just trying to give him the ‘thrill of raping her’.. Had he said she run away or looked frightened – then yes. However, the ‘pouting lips’ was enjoyment, not displeasure. She was a woman who teased him to control him but was physically submissive once she had led him to where she wanted him to be.

    • Well George, I will tell you, Nat wrote it purposely with doubt in the story. They way he told me was that she was up for it but she was worried with it being a public place, and from what he could tell she hadn’t had it up the bum before and with the threat of possibly being caught caused the anxiety, which I can well understand.

  2. Sounds like forced entry. Rape. Once while in high school , my friend and picked up this girl, a couple classes below us. She was a tall redhead and very nice looking. But , not the kind jocks chased around. We drove around , and headed to the country . We ended up parked in a wooded area. She was seated between us. We started to kiss her and feel her up as they called it , then. She kissed back, but pushed our hands away from her breasts. Which I might add were enormous . Then pushed her down on the seat. He mounted her and began dry humping, she was fighting to get up. While still on her back, I reached down , lifting her skirt and pulled her panties off. Get on . my friend told me, she kept saying no ,no. Not listening , I crawled on her , my buddy held her down. I tried forcing her legs open. She was awfully strong, and wouldn’t let me in. Eventually , I got to enter her, although was wet, she was pretty tight. She finally stopped fighting and let me fuck her. Her moaning seemed like she was enjoying . I could myself about to climax, I got off. Told my pal, your turn. He came around the car. JoAnn , just laid there. Ron got on and screwed the heck out her. After , the three of us headed back to town. We stopped at our regular hamburger hangout, JoAnn went to the restroom. We were both really nervous. Maybe she would cry out, rape. Her Dad was our chemistry teacher. And were both hot shots on our local sports teams. When she came back, she slid into booth, next to me. Okay, boys , whose buying? She said she didn’t want that to happen, but if it did, we were the two she would have chosen. The three of had burgers , fries and milkshakes. I dropped Ron off and then gave JoAnn a ride home. Pulling into her drive , I stopped, and started to apologize , before I could, she leaned over and gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever gotten. She said, call me and we can go out sometime. Movie first , then sex and then burgers. You bet, how about tomorrow ? she laughed, give me a couple days to recoup. Another kiss and slid out the door. For a 16 year old I felt like a man. My penis never did soften up. So I had relieve myself in my bathroom. I had built up quite a load. it just kept shooting out.

    Waiting to hear of similar stories. Was enjoyable, or interesting ? That was a true episode, scary to both my friend and I

    • The problem is Bill, its a true story so I suppose Nat can only write what happened, its not like an American Film where they tell you at the beginning ‘based on a true story’and its embellished so much that it is nothing like the real story that it was…. I think the point of the story to me was this, Did he go too far with the girl, was it abuse or even Rape?

      I think I will write that at the very beginning of the story now.

      Thanks for your really useful comment.

  3. I agree with the other comments on here, no means no at any part of the sex beginning, middle and end. for play and for those that are married ur spouse does not have the right to take advantage of u either

    • Hiya Frank, i had to edit your reply to make sense of it, I hope you don’t mind. As for my partner abusing not abusing me, please mind your own business I thrive on it thanks. :-)

    • I know what you mean, Nat tells me he just wrote the story from his perspective. My take on it was that the girl was just worried about getting caught and certainly getting caught while she took it up her bum, I could be wrong of course, but that would have been my concern.
      Nat would reply himself only the nutter has forgotten his password and locked himself out of the website.

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