By Nat Cham.Abducted then Raped 1

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This Story happened a few years ago when I was a member of an Adult Contact Website where good men and women had unusual sexual desires, fetishes and fantasies, like S&M, Bondage, Abduction and many other desires of stuff like that.

In the 15 years that I was on the site I had done a few meets for rough sex as well as other projects within a group, this was one of them.

Even though the story involves Abduction and sex of course, this is not what the story is about, as you will read towards the end.

Angel has wanted me to tell this story for a while, she described it as very funny, well it may have been that way as I described it to her, but not necessarily that funny here as I tell it for this story, but bloody hilarious when I look back at this particular story then, but again here I am not showing the funny side, more of just sticking to the story of how it all happened. 

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A guy called Stewart I knew in Doncaster from the same web-site e-mailed me. He told me that he had been in contact for quite a while with a girl from Birmingham (who was also on the same site or course.) She had a strong desire to experience being abducted, imprisoned and used by a group of men, she told us that the men could use her however they liked within reason over a weekend.

It had taken her well over three months of chat and persuasion plus references from other women who knew him on the site for her to build up the courage and trust in Stuart. They had both agreed the rules over the last week of what could and couldn’t be done to her and after a few false alarms she had finally it seems agreed to go ahead with the mock Abduction “this coming weekend” as he put it.

She had agreed that weekend to take the additional Friday and Monday off work so that she could drive up to Doncaster from Birmingham first thing on the Friday morning so that she would get there for about 11 to 12 o’clock depending on the traffic. We had to arrange the abduction and hold her over the weekend and release her first thing on the Monday so that she could get back home for around 12 to 1 pm in ample time for her to prepare for work on the Tuesday.

Between them they had set up the abduction for the coming Friday and Stewart asked me if I could make up one of the numbers. I would make the 5th man in total and he thought that would be enough, of course I said “yes” without giving it a second thought.

He sent me some pictures of the girl that she had sent him and as I looked over them and I was amazed by her good looks, she looked stunning and very classy. She was 26 and a solicitor in Solihull, She had dark shortish hair with very sexy thick lips, She had a slim but very shapely body with a nice pair of knockers it seemed from the pictures she had sent over. If I am honest the first thing that struck me was that she looked a little like Laura Croft, even her name was similar, her name was Lauren.

I went over to see Stewart on the Thursday before hand to discuss the details of the abduction over a pint or two at his local club. I had never been here before so he showed me around his house and down in to the cellar that he had changed in to a dungeon with chains and shackles and a large cage like cell with bars and locks, I was impressed as it looked really authentic..

It was late August and it had been a long hot Summer, I remember thinking how warm the Cellar was, I was expecting it to be quite cool and dank, but it wasn’t at all even though it had the atmosphere of a cellar.

There was a big ASDA supermarket nearby and Stewart had sent Lauren the Post Code of it so that she could put it in to her Sat-Nav, but she was to text or ring him when she was close by before she entered the ASDA car-park so that he could give her the final orders of where to park and how the abduction was to happen.

Early that Friday morning Stewart rang me sounding well and truly pissed off. I was totally expecting him to tell me that she had cancelled and backed out again, but no, it was the other way round, he told me that the other men had one by one chickened out of joining in with the Abduction and he asked me aggressively “are you going to be there, or are you going to chicken out as well, because I am going to have to ring her and cancel it if you do, I can’t do this all on my own.”

I told him Straight, “Oh no, I will definitely be there, don’t cancel it what ever you do, we will work something out between us, I am well up for it. I am just going to have a shower and I will be right there over at your place.”

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When I pulled up in the car at Stewart’s house about 10.30am he looked mighty relieved that I had turned up, I could see the pressure drain from his face and he gave me a big smile and wave from the top of the drive. We chatted for a few minutes then set off to the ASDA Supermarket in Stewart’s old Transit Van.

Stewart was a builder and he had a white Transit Van with rear and side opening doors. He had done a good job of clearing out the van and even put down clean dust sheets in the back as not to make the floor so hard and to make it appear a little cleaner.

When we got there to the large supermarket we pulled over to the side so that we could see every car that came in. We were both sat round  waiting for her to ring and hoping that she would turn up, to be honest I did have my doubts, serious doubts that she wouldn’t even turn up and I told Stewart that. He bursts out laughing as he tells me, “she had better, I have just taken a Viagra tablet.”

I had to burst out laughing with him as well, and we now both laughed hysterically at his predicament if she didn’t turn up, after a few minutes when we finally calmed down I told him “I don’t know why I was laughing so much, I have taken one too” and again we both burst out laughing hysterically all over again.

A few seconds later at 11 30am Stewarts phone pings as a text message comes in as it seems to do every few minutes, so I didn’t take much notice as he slowly and casually looks at the message coming through on his phone whilst still laughing our head off, when BANG… He stops laughing instantly and Stewart with a look of panic in his face suddenly sits bolts upright and in a high pitched excited voice shouts at me “fucking hell, she is here already and nearly on the car-park approach.”

Almost with fumbling fingers he text back telling her ‘to drive her car to the very back of the car park and to park on the left hand side by the wall, where she was to get out of the car and stand on the right hand side close to the car, then to wait for further directions.’

We both waited excitedly looking and inspecting every car that came in to the car-park seeing if that’s the one, after a long three or four minute wait that seemed an age we saw a new silver Audi TT Roadster slowly make its way to the empty right hand side of the rear end of the Supermarket car park.

(For anyone that doesn’t know ASDA are enormous Supermarkets with enormous car parks, no one ever parks any where near the back unless full because of the long walk.)

“Thats her” he suddenly shouts, “I am sure it is… It must be” he tells me all excited.

I couldn’t tell whether it was or not, it was a hot bright sunny day and the girl driving the sports car was wearing sun glasses so I told him with caution, “just hold on Stewart, we don’t want to go grabbing the wrong girl do we, lets just hold fire for a minute and lets be sure before we make our move, it will build the tension for her anyway if it is her.”

The Audi reaches the rear and turns as though its not going to stop and our hearts sink in disappointment but after it drives another 10 meters it slows and then stops and starts to reverse back in to the position he told her, as soon as the car is parked we could see the girl inside looking around, about five seconds later the girl gets out of the car and just stands by it as he had told her, then she takes her sun glasses off and starts looking round nervously as if waiting for someone. ‘That’s her alright’ I thought and ‘Oh boy she looked good, slim, very sexy and classy, so very well dressed and manicured, she looked even better than she did in the pictures.’

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I turned to Stewart confirming “yeah that’s her” I told him, “no doubt at all.”

Stewart looks at me and says after only a minute of holding our position, “we cant hold on any longer just in case someone else comes and parks their car there.” but in actual fact we were both very excited and wanted to just get on with it.

I was eager to get going and the suspense and excitement was killing me, I gave him a “lets go” and I got in the back of the van as we started the plan that me and Stewart had devised. Lauren had no Idea, she thought we was going to send her more instructions, so she was in for a surprise.

Stewart slowly and calmly drove towards her from the other side of the car-park, and as he reached her car he turned in to the side of it and drove the van in nose first. I noticed the girl look in at him but he simply ignored her. I slyly looked at her from the back and she seemed openly irritated by the big van parking there, ‘great’ I thought, ‘she was still waiting for further instructions as we had hoped.’

As soon as the van stopped in position my heart was beating out of my chest with fear and excitement, I could feel it pounding through my whole body. He pushed through the curtain Stewart had across the back doors obscuring the view inside the van from the outside when the back doors were open.

I opened the back door of the van calmly and pushed the back door right open until it almost touched the headlight of her Audi so that it would obscure any view anyone would have of seeing down between the side of the van and her Audi where the abduction was going to take place and trapping the girl there.

“Excuse me I said to the gorgeous girl, I will only be a second.” That was the signal for Stuart to “GO’

Then he silently and like lightning opened the side door right open and he jumped out towards her all in one swift movement.

Lauren was only a couple of steps away from him and I saw the exquisite look of shock in her so very sexy face as he jumped out and firmly grabbed her, I saw her head suddenly twist then I heard her squeal out in honest shock and her body instantly reeled back in to a shocked defensive position.

Stewart grabbed her, picked her up and bungling her in to the back of the van through the side doors within about one and a half seconds, the job was done smoothly and very quickly and as excited as I was I calmly pulled the rear van doors closed behind me as I got back inside.

Steward held her down and held her arms behind her back,I was looking forward so much to fucking her.

Steward held her down and held her arms behind her back,I was looking forward so much to fucking her.

Even though the girl inside was fighting, struggling and squealing “Help” there was no one around the immediate area to hear. Stewart easily held the girl down and at the same time held her arms behind her back so that she could not scratch him. While he held her I gripped one of her wrists and forced her arm out to the side of her and used a cable tie to secure her wrist to one of the ribs of the van. Then grabbed her other wrist from behind her back and forced that to another rib of the van and used another cable tie to secure her tightly.

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Whilst I was doing this I was getting a hard-on on as I could smell her perfume over the smell of the dust of building work and she smelled gorgeous. I looked down at the girl and I will always remember the way she was staring right back at me with big fearful eyes and she was having a good look at me. (I truly thought at that time she wondered what the hell she had done and let herself in for, I would have) 

As I secured her arms either side of her with a couple more cable ties making sure she couldn’t move and then tying her ankles together while Stewart was now gagging her as she wasn’t exactly screaming loud, more like squealing loud in anxiety and fear.

Luckily Lauren had left the keys in her car so as Stewart did the finishing touches of blindfolding her I got in to her car and made myself familiar with the manual gear controls, although as fate had it, I had an Audi as well at the time, but the A4.

I saw Stewart slowly pull away in the van and I followed, as I said earlier he didn’t live far away from the supermarket and we got back to his house through the traffic in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Once we got back to his large Victorian end of terrace house, he had strong wooden and high gates which we had left open for our return and now we slowly pulled on and up the drive and I followed close behind, parking her Audi behind him.

He hopped out of the van and closed the large gates, then he quickly opened the side door of the house and went back to the van and the girl. We opened the side door of the van and Stewart sternly told her, “don’t you dare struggle or make a sound, not if you don’t like pain, do you hear?”

She nodded her sexy head solemnly.

I was feeling really excited, I imagine the girl did too but she would be mixed with a tinge of worry as to what would be the outcome, after all she didn’t really know us, but that was a big part of the excitement of the game I suppose.

The cable ties were really hard to undo and we needed wire clippers to snap off the cable ties that were holding the girl tightly to the ribs of the van and once Stewart had cut all of them bar one he warns the girl again against making any sound of fighting, again she nodded with fear in her face and then Stewart gets out of the van and tells me to pass the girl to him.

1, Entering The Dungeon

Lauren still has the gag and blindfold on so I gently help her up and hold her head down so that she doesn’t bump and cut her head at all on the ribs or corners of the van, when she is by the edge of the van I softly tell her to stop there and I hold her so she doesn’t fall.

Stewart grabs the girl and she softly squeals out as he quickly picks her up over his shoulder and carries her a few steps in to the house. I rush hold the house door open and again hold her head so the she doesn’t hit her head against anything, then I open the door to the cellar and Stewart does a great job in negotiating himself and the girl down the narrow staircase.

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The girl realising she is being carried down in to a cellar squeals out probably in worry and anxiety, or maybe just playing the game.

Stewart was about 45 years old at the time and a builder\bricklayer by trade. He himself was quite well built, I would call him having a pocket battleship build with a balding head and with what hair was left cut very short. I noticed he had very rough hands and always seemed to have grimy short finger nails. He had a heavy Yorkshire accent, but a pleasant lad with I nice nature.

I saw myself as very different animal from Stewart, I was much younger 29 or 30 years old at that time, (can’t quite remember) slimmer and a little taller, although I am not that tall. We were both in the building trade, I was a Building Surveyor. I am 5 feet 10 inch tall and very much a sportsman, I used to run at least 10 miles a day when I wasn’t training with my club twice a week and played Football (Soccer for the USA) on Saturday for a very good club. Where Stewart had a broad Yorkshire accent mine was much softer.

Stewart carries the girl in to the cell in the basement and putting her down roughly, he ties her tightly to some shackles bolted to the wall. I noticed now that there were some Kingspan Thermal sheets on the floor in one corner she could use as a bed, (what little sleep she would get.)

Stewart steps back and we both view our handy work feeling very pleased that everything had worked out perfectly and gone as smoothly as clockwork, from Lauren’s view and ours. she had been perfectly abducted, she was surprised, shocked and frightened and wondering what was going to happen to her next, which is what she craved to experience and from our point of view the operation of the Abduction couldn’t have gone to plan better.

My eyes looked her up and down from tip to toe. I noticed she was wearing very expensive shoes with high heels, heaven knows how she drove in those, she had very shapely well tanned legs, A nice short skirt and a very nice blouse. as I said before she looked a little like Laura Croft, she looked so fucking sexy. I found it strange that someone who was so beautiful, elegant and obviously so well educated as a solicitor wanting to be abducted and abused and degraded so much that she had actively looked on the internet for someone to do it to her.

Although of course I was told that she may only have set out to join a website and read such stories and speak to other women who fantasied about these things, never expecting ever to carry it through to actually doing it, That’s what Angel told me anyway when I told her the story for the first time.

Me and Stewart looked at each other and smiled, then he moved over to the corner where he had a sound system and a radio, he switched the radio on, not too loud, just enough to add some background noise, other wise she would hear every little sound we would make, like where we were stood and where we were moving to, she would maybe even get a clue to what we was planning, we didn’t want that, we wanted to keep her guessing as much as possible.

Stewart walked up to the girl and grabbed her hair and pulling her head upwards making her squeal out and telling her, “you are in big trouble bitch, don’t think we will be gentle with you” and he puts his big rough hands under her skirt and grabs her between the legs squeezing and gripping her cunt firmly.

Lauren gasps groans out at her rough treatment and Stewart turns his head to me and gives me a big smile and gives a nod to come over and have a feel at the girl as well, it was clearly a game to him, (where to me I just wanted the sex with the girl.) I didn’t need a second invitation and I moved to the side of her and grabbed and felt her ample firm tits over her blouse as Stewart fondled around between her legs as the girl stayed relatively calm I thought, with just a few tiny gasps, squeals and squeaks.

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As we became more progressive Lauren squealed and groaned out in despair as we both fondled her roughly and while Stewart spoke threateningly to her, I would have loved to have know what was going through her mind right at that point. Then he pulled her gag off and removed her blindfold.

Lauren looked at us and I saw genuine fear in her eyes as she asked, “What do you want with me!!! What are you going to do with me?? Is it money that you want?? Are you holding me for blackmail money from daddy??”"

Stewart grabbed her face and told her in his rough accent, “Oh yeah, I will tell you what we want you for if you are so keen to know are you? I have been watchin you for quite a while I have, you think you are some fink special don’t you? You think you are better than all the rest of us, don’t you?…Right you stuck up little slut, we don’t want your money, we want to teach you a good lesson we do, I am going to ring some other guys, and we are all going to come down here, have some beer and have some fun.. and fuck you,.. All of us!!…. We are all going to pound that fresh little cunt of yours silly!! Hows that?”

Lauren Gasped and squealed out loudly “No, please, don’t be so disgusting and let me go, I won’t tell anyone if you let me go now!.”

Stewart smiled replying “No you wouldn’t, I expecting somefink like that from you…. well, we are going for a beer, we will see you later, get your cunt nice and ready for us!”

Then he tugged me and we both went upstairs letting her enjoy her incarceration for a couple of hours or so while we went down to the pub about 200 yards along the road and letting the thought of her being gang raped run through her mind, as I am sure it has many times.

While we were gone I expected her to wonder what the bloody hell she had let herself in for. Stewart had build a good authentic dungeon with shackles, bars, hoists and ropes, It was his passion, so we hoped that Lauren was impressed with everything up to now.

I was surprised that he wanted to go to the pub, I thought he would have wanted to enjoy the girl right away, like I did. We had three or four of pints in the pub, where Stuart told me that he wanted the girl to enjoy and experience the bondage and the thoughts of what we would do to her, which was all very well, but to be honest I was very excited and I just wanted to get back and have fun with the gorgeous girl that we had chained up back in the cellar.

He asked what we were going to do, the girl was expecting 5 men and he was worried that she might be disappointed with the fact that there only the two of us. “Look I said, I have a lot of Irish and Welsh friends. When I am having a joke and taking the piss out of them in there accent they tell me I have a very good Welsh or Irish Accent, If they think its good, she won’t notice it’s me if we blindfold her again her mind will run wild and she will honestly think it is some other Welsh and Irish guy.

“Yes, yes” he he replies with a bright expression, “I can do a good Scottish Accent, I can do that.”

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Then I chip in with another Idea, “and what I have done before is, get some tissue paper and wrap it round your cock to as thick as you like, then slip a condom over it and it will seem like a different and much thicker cock fucking her, she will never know the difference in men, just the prick fucking her and as I said her mind will simply run riot whilst she is blindfolded.”

“That’s great” he said “I will go to the bog now and get some Johnny’s (condoms) from the machine” and with that he quickly disappeared to the toilet.

After about 10 minutes he comes back to the table, he drinks the remainder of his drink and tells me “come on then mate, lets go and have some fun”

On the way back Stewart tells me “don’t be afraid to treat her rough and talk to her like a slag you know, that’s what she is here for. By the way she is pretty much up for anything, no burning or scaring or anything though okay?”

“Right” I told him, but I had already decided to just be myself and enjoy the weekend of pure and total self fulfilling sex.

As we got back we both burst in to the cellar and the music from the radio was still playing of course and we went down the steps. I saw the girl standing there against the wall with her wrists fastened to it, even from there I could see the fear in her beautiful face. Stewart opened the bars and he went inside and he grabbed her hair. “Now we are going to have some fun with you. you stuck up little slut.”

I was stood by the side of Stewart and I saw her cute little nose crinkle up in pain as he grabbed her hair and I noticed how beautiful her hazel eyes were as the whole area of the cage smelled like she did, so expensive and sweet.

Stewart grabs her hair again and forces her face to his his and he snogs her right on the lips passionately and I see her face screw up as he snogs her, Now to be honest about Stewart, he is a nice guy but he isn’t the prettiest lad in the world, I think it would be fair to say that he wasn’t in the same league as her, but at the moment I suppose the Solicitor and the brick-layer was playing on a natural ground.

Stewart lets her go and tells me, “Well lets have a gander at her” and his thick podgy fingers un-buttons her blouse. once they were all un-done he pulls her blouse open and his big rough hands grabs her tits and squeezes them over her Bra.

Lauren is struggling but can’t move much as her wrists are tied tight against the wall and as Stewart reaches his hand around her body reaching for her bra clasp he half bites and half sucks her neck, Lauren shows a look of disgust on her face and her eyes suddenly fix on mine and stares at me for a few seconds before looking away.

Stewart with his hands still around her back still trying to un-fasten her bra as he snogs her neck suddenly takes a step back saying to me “I always struggle with women,s bra’s, see if you can unfasten it.

I was pleased to have a go, I was quite good at this sort of thing I lowered my face in to her cleavage and kissed and sucked on the top of her ample breasts and as I put my hand behind her back and with one hand grabbed the clasp of her bra and like magic once i squeezed both ends of her bra strap together they instantly sprang apart.

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I felt the elastic straps spring apart and now I pulled her bra forward and down. I was pleased to see that her nipples were quite erect and I eagerly sucked on her large ripe and stiff nipples.

As I did I pressed the flat of my hand ran between her firm breasts and i could feel her heart pounding fast and furiously, she was either very excited or very frightened, I thought she was probably both.

To be honest as I think back I don’t really remember Lauren saying anything, it was as if she was just letting herself endure what was about to happen and not as though she was going to role play being abducted in any way, maybe this is how she would react if this was for real, it was real for me, it must have felt that way for her, but perhaps because she had been negotiating for the last three months, it had a very different feel for her…. Maybe, Maybe not?

As I sucked on her tits Stewart unfastened her wrists and pulled off her blouse and bra and tossed them to the side, then got a black scarf and tied it round her eyes, this was the first time she showed any sort of objection, “No, don’t do that” she squealed, “please no..” she groaned.

But Stewart ignored her, had to, we had no choice if we were to pull off this rouse.

Stewart pulled the scarf tightly over her eyes then quickly he grabbed her hands and tied her hands behind her back, I wanted to get her down on to the Kingspan sheeting and fuck her, my prick had been aching for sex all day, but it seemed Stewart had other plans as usual.

As I said he tied her wrists behind her back then tied a rope that was hanging down off a pulley around her wrists and pulled her arms up behind her a little way, then tying the rope off. While he was doing that Stewart mouthed to me to knock on the door on the top of the cellar steps as though the other guys were here.

I went up the steps and knocked as loudly as I could on the hard door trying to make sure Lauren heard the banging. Straight away I noticed Lauren flinch at the sound and her ears head moved to the sound of the knocking on the door. Stewart said to me as if I was stood at the side of them both, “oh that will be my other mates, they are here already, I wondered if they were coming.” whilst he was saying that I leapt down the stairs three at a time and rushed back in to the cage saying trying to sound calm and not out of breath “yeah sure, how many is there of them”

“Three” he replies and instantly the girls groans a little groan of distress, then he turns to the girl and pushing his face in to her blindfolded face he snarls at her, “did you hear that bitch, the others are here, that makes five of us that’s going to give you a good hard fucking, I hope you was prepared for that.… Oh yes I forgot, it wasn’t was it.”

I had to go back up the steps and pretend to let the fictional guys in “Oh Hi” I said loudly to no one

“Oh great boy, so where is the girl then” I replied to myself loudly in a broad Welsh Accent.

Stewart rushes over to me and says in a loud Scottish voice “Oh Ah, I see yee have the lassie, a bonny lassie it is as well. Is it okay with you lads if we all go doon to the pub first and have a few Jars of the dark stuff, we are a wee bit parched and could do with a few jars before the real fun starts…. You know, gets us in the mood like jimmy.”

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Stewart replies back in his heavy Yorkshire Accent “Fine thats fine lads, just give us a bang on the door when you are back.”

I didn’t know why Stewart did that, other than to put doubt or anxiety in to Lauren’s mind… Maybe.

We both rushed back to the topless girl and Stewart takes the lead in taking his shoes and trousers off revealing a pair of white underpants, well they were white once, they had certainly seen better days. I did the same. but unlike him I had a new pair of underpants to show to the girl, if she could see of course,

As I took my trousers off I looked at the bare breasted girl and I must say she had very firm bursting out tits. Stewart pulls on the rope that is tied round her wrists behind her further and she screams out in shock as her arms are pulled up behind her, she squeals out “what are you doing, stop, stop.”

Stewart tells her, “get down on your knees, you bitch”

“I can’t” she tells us with a squeal

“Just get down on your knees” he tells her and tentatively she slowly whilst balancing on her high heels and lowers herself on to her knees, as she lowers herself Stewart releases the rope a little so she can un-steadily lower herself.

Without telling her anything he now pulls his underpants half way down his thighs and his hard cock springs out, unfortunately his prick was around the same length of mine, about seven inches long, but a little thinner… luckily I had a little more girth.

Then he pushes his cock in to her lips and she instantly spits and closes her lips tight and she moves her face to the side and away from him… “What are you doing” she screams, but of course she knew. He tells her “open your mouth” and without waiting for an answer or action he pulls down on the rope and the pulley pulls her arms up further behind her back.

She shouts out “stop, stop” at him as he pulls her arms higher and higher until she screams out to him again, “stop, stop, you are hurting me”

But he tells her “I am not going to stop pulling until you open your mouth for me, so its up to you now” and still he continues to pull…… Suddenly she screams out loudly “okay, okay, I am doing it” and she quickly brings her face forward again and she opens her mouth for him.

Stewart moves forward just a little and he guides his stiff cock about half way in to her open mouth,,, then he tells her “now suck it” again not waiting for an answer he pulls on the rope, she squeals out and closes her mouth around his prick and she pulls a face as she starts reluctantly starts sucking on it as she is told .. Stewart groans out “Oh yes, that’s very nice” and slowly as Lauren sucks on his cock he holds his head back and groans out again in pleasure telling us both “oh yes, I can put up with this all weekend.”

Then a few seconds later he turns and says to me “here Nat have a go” and he pulls his cock out of her mouth and steps to one side whilst still holding the rope. Well again I didn’t need telling twice and as I got quickly in to position I pulled my new under pants down and my stiff cock sprang out more than ready for action.

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Stewart made sure the girl knew that I was having my turn because he turns to her and crudely tells her, “have you ever sucked on two cocks bitch, well now you will have suck my mates prick.” Lauren was licking her lips for just a second.

Stewart told her to open her mouth again and he pulled down on the rope, he didn’t need to as she opened her mouth as soon as she felt me push my prick to her bright red thick soft wet lips.

I felt her mouth close on my cock about half way down my shaft and I had been waiting all day for it, it felt fantastic, out of this world. Stewart ordered her to suck it and I felt her tongue move around as if she was exploring my aching cock.

I couldn’t help it I gently grabbed her head and slowly gyrated my hips and fucked her mouth gently but slowly fucking her a little faster as the seconds ticked by. I felt her mouth grip my prick and slide up and down my shaft as I slowly fucked her, I wanted to enjoy every moment. Oh and as I felt her mouth slide to the very base of my prick, that felt so incredibly satisfying as her mouth bounced up and down at the very base of my hard prick.

My eyes were watering with such intense pleasure and I gasped out and groaned with the the light stinging tingling pleasure running all over my body. I was now fucking Lauren’s wet mouth, gripping her hair and pulling her head in to me and I could hear her squeal with sloppy squelching noises from her wet mouth.

I heard Stewart say encouraging me “WOW.. Go on mate, give it to her. wow fucking hell.”

I felt so on the edge of cuming in her mouth, but the feeling just hung there as I fucked her mouth in a slow rhythmical thrusting, I could feel her drool stringing out of her mouth and down on to my thighs, it felt good.

Stewart grabbed her hair and her head back and my now wet cock slipped out of her mouth, I moved away so that he could have another go at her, he moved back in to position in front of her and he pushed his prick back in to her mouth and starts fucking her wet drooling mouth.

He did the same as me now and grabbed her head and fucked her mouth hard and fast forcing his prick deep in to her mouth and she gurgled and groaned at the fucking of her mouth.

I walked behind her and gripped her bottom and pulled her up on to her feet, she was only a small frame and as I lifted her she felt as light as I feather. Stewart held her head firmly with his prick still in her mouth. I lifted her skirt above her bottom and wrapping my fingers over her little knickers I slowly started pulled her knickers down Lauren knew what I was about to do and started to struggle, but Stewart pushed his prick deep in to her mouth and held her head really tightly.

I pulled her knickers down to her knees, then I moved back to her bottom and pulled her bum cheeks apart and pointed my prick right between her soft pussy folds and rubbed my prick up and down on her slippery slit and she squealed out even with a mouth full of Stewart’s cock.

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I wasn’t that shocked but I was pleased that her pussy was really wet, so she was obviously up for it. I pushed my prick in to her, I heard her squeal and groan and my prick felt the wet resistance of her pussy, I pushed again and I felt my prick slide up and in to her with a really satisfying feeling. Her knickers had dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them and she opened her legs a little and I gripped the sides of her cute tight bum and started to fuck her, I could feel her wet warm pussy grip my prick as I slid up her deeper and deeper with an ever satisfying feeling, her pussy was gripping my prick so tightly, but it was slipping back and forth so easily.

Lauren was getting fucked from both ends, and as we chatted later it was apparently one of the things that she had wanted to experience. At first we both fucked her slowly and rhythmically building up faster and harder. Stewart suddenly groans out loudly and cums in her mouth and I wanted to cum as well so when he pulled away and I thought that I was about on the point to cum as well, I quickly went round and started fucking her mouth, on saying that it was probably another two minutes before I shot my load in to her mouth as well, I gripped her head tightly and thrust in to her mouth panting and groaning.

To be honest the sex isn’t really what this story is about as I wrote at the very beginning.

I was panting, as we all was at that point, and I went to sit by the side of Stewart, now this is why I took the Viagra and I suppose Stewart took it for the same reason. Even though it says on the packet to take 30 minutes before sex and the effects last about 3 hours, that last time I took one the effects lasted all Weekend.

Both me and Stewart went and washed out cocks and balls, as this was the point we decided to bring in the fictitious friends in and we didn’t want to give the game away with her being able to smell herself on us.
She maybe was thinking at the moment that she was going to get some rest bite, but that wasn’t in the Plan.

After cleaning ourselves I went up the steps and banged on the cellar door loudly and again I saw Lauren’s head move to the sound, Then we pretended to be the other guys speaking loudly our greetings to ourselves and then answering back in the different accents.

Stewart speaking in his Scottish accent walks in to her cell and abruptly tells her to “open your mouth for my cock, and without waiting he takes his cock in his hand he guides in to her mouth and forces it between her lips She squeals out “oh no” in a low tone of voice while Stewart groans out “Ahh Yes, suck it good” he groans as her mouth wraps round his cock and sucks on it then grabbing her head he instantly starts fucking her mouth.

Stewart fucks her mouth while I watch, talking in my own voice, then moving and answering myself in another voice. I did this for a few minutes then shouted out in a welsh voice “come on we want a go as well you know boyo, well I may as well just fuck her”

Stewart takes his cock out of her mouth and tells them in his Scottish voice, “here one Fuck her mouth and the other fuck her fanny”

I walked up to Lauren who still had her hands tied behind her back and in an Irish accent I asked her whilst stoking her head heavily “if she didn’t mind sucking me off while my mate fucking her?” then without waiting for any reply I blurted out “Oh thats grand then it is, oh yes”

And my prick was ready for more action, I grabbed her head and pushed my prick in to her lips and with a little groan Lauren opened her mouth and and felt for my cock with her lips and she started sucking on it quite eagerly while I spoke loudly in my Irish tone “oh, oh what a grand girl she is, oh yes, that she is”

Stewart takes his position behind Lauren and again she opens her legs wider for Stewart to enter her, suddenly I saw Stewarts hips push forward and I heard Lauren gasp and pant and he started fucking her for the first time.

Page 12

We both felt right plonkers speaking in one accent and replying in another while still speaking in our own voices, building the ruse of that she was being gang banged, we obviously enjoyed her in many positions, but do you know what, the position I enjoyed as much as anything was the good old missionary position. We found turning up the radio worked quite well and gave us a rest from the charade of the voices.

We both took it in turns to fuck the girl all night until about midnight, both getting turned of by seeing the other fuck her. The viagra worked well that night, at the end of the night I wrapped some toilet tissue around my cock and made it quite thick, then I pulled a condom over it, she really groaned out when I fucked her like that with a real thick one, I on the other hand could not feel a thing, but boy did I give it to her good and hard, fucking her as furiously as I could for about half an hour until I was completely knackered and we was both sweating like hell. We then called it a day by both of us fucking her one last time until tomorrow.

We shouted our goodbyes to the other fictitious shaggers and as Stewart shackled her to the wall. He told her she could take the blindfold off and he left her a bucket to wee in overnight if she needed.

She looked round at the surroundings again and looked at us both in solemn silence and almost seemed to be staring at me. She looked very different somehow, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

She had some insulation board to sleep on which is very nice actually.

I asked her if she would like a drink, “we have some beer if you like.”

“No water will be fine thanks” she said calmly and quietly.

I got her some cold water and bent down with her as she drank quite slowly but steadily until she had drank the lot. she looked me in the eyes and thanked me again quietly. I looked at her and she looked sweaty and disheveled, but still looked very beautiful.

Me and Stewart went back upstairs leaving a small pilot light on for Lauren and we chatted, Stewart told me to stay the night and we could have a few of beers and a good early morning shag. Now I always wake up with a hard on and that really did appeal to me.

So we had a few beers and went to bed about 1.30am in a quite a good mood and looking forward to the morning.

I didn’t get up till about 10 o’clock and Stewart was already putting the breakfast on, the bacon smelled great. The girl in the cellar hadn’t eaten for about 18 to 24 hours, which I suppose isn’t the end of the world. On saying that I was starving and I expected her to be as well.

“Have you made the girl a bacon Sarnie” I asked.

“No she is being abducted and hungry girls are much better at sex” he told me, then he turned round with a smile and then said, “I will tell you what, we will have our breakfast, then go down and fuck her a few times, then maybe if she was good, maybe then I will make her a sandwich, Okay?”

“Okay” I said with a smile, “after all this is what she signed up for, we cant disappoint her can we?”

Page 13

We had breakfast and went down to fuck the girl, as we went through the door of the cellar door the smell hit me, it was very different. we went in to the cell and the girl was still half asleep and we could see that she had been sick in the bucket.

I shook her very gently to bring her round and she just groaned at me that she wasn’t feeling well. I took her arm and pulled her up and she looked white as a sheet, she obviously was very ill.

We told her to get up and “come upstairs with us and come out of here” but she said she just wanted to lay down. Both of us wasn’t happy to let her stay there so Stewart picked her up in his arms and carried her upstairs two flights of stairs and put her in the bed I had been sleeping in and covered her up and she instantly closed her eyes to sleep.

He said rhetorically to me, “I have put her in your bed”

“Thanks” I told him, “you have always been a mate”

I cleared off home soon after as there wasn’t much for me to hang around for. I rang the following day and Stewart told me she hadn’t moved at all and only had a little soup that day.

I went round the Monday and she was still in bed but had taken a little more soup. She stayed a few days and went home on the Wednesday but she didn’t go back to work for another week.

I didn’t know her so I never got to speak to her at all again, but I hope she enjoyed the experience. Stewart told me that she did and that she will come back and do a full weekend, but she never did and she came off the website and Stewart lost contact.

So I never really knew If she was taken in by the gang bang or if she enjoyed the abduction, the sex or the experience of it all… shame that.

Another memory of Nat Cham
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4 thoughts on “Abducted

  1. it was a good story I don’t know if I would want to be tied up I would rather just have to sex and give good blow jobs and let them fuck my face and pussy

    • Being tied up is not for everyone, but it does give you a sense of helplessness Shiann, that’s if you like that type of thing.

  2. Good story Nat, reminded me of a chick a mate and I fucked all night before I met Ming, we fucked her in every position and every hole, and cum in every hole, and she loved every minute of it.
    Mind you, I could never role play abduction, I’d be too scared she’d scream rape after the event and I’d end up in jail.

    • Hello Mick, to be fair to the story Stewart did a lot of checks in the first couple of months. The girl wasn’t only checking him out, he was also checking her out. I had an occasion in Scotland where I was writing to a girl who had sent me some great pictures of herself and I thought this could be a good one, but she couldn’t come up with the checks.

      A simple one is your photo with a local Newspaper with todays date and written on it ‘Rape me.’

      It seems stupid to have to do this, but you are right. It could be someone setting it up to have someone else attacked, as was the case on the BBC News a couple of weeks ago.

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