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I started Secret Story Club.com with Nat Cham because we both wanted to tell stories that had happened to us. In my case particularly one’s that I would be too ashamed to tell the whole story to anyone face to face. Sometime’s we can get involved in things that we didn’t  mean to or really know what the full extent would be at the very start, as we know life can be much stranger than fiction sometimes…. And we are up for well over One Million reads this year, something I would never have believed possible from the very start. 

At first I thought strange story’s of life happened to everyone at some point, that’s why I thought mum always told me to be careful and always be aware of my surroundings.

Much later in life whilst me and a few girl friends was having a girly night in with a few drinks and telling stories, I told the basic story about “Collette” and what had happened to us, well what had happened to her really. They were all shocked and disgusted by what I told them and they all had an opinion of what she/we should have done.

They pressed me for more, more than what I wanted to tell really. I told them a couple of other little things as well and again I could see the clear shock and amazement in there faces.

But even though I am very broad minded, I would never be able to tell them the story in full or the other stories that had happened to me, I would have been too embarrassed and maybe too ashamed as I said before. But I have decided to tell all on here as a sort of cleansing of my soul, instead of locking them away and blocking them out in my mind after all these years.

So over the past couple of years as I had decided to write them down as well as a couple of other stories as well.

Why don’t you tell me about yourself and what your experiences have been, Maybe you have been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, like I was…

The SECRET STORIES I have wrote are very graphic, I held nothing back, I had to write them that way and not sugar them up, the feelings I had at the time all came flooding back and I want you to feel what I felt..

The memories were buried deep and closed from in my mind, I had learned how to file and lock them away and forget them, but sometimes a memory file would fall out and open in my mind and I wouldn’t be able to lock it away until I had relived it over and over again.

Some memory’s were from very early in life and some quite recent up to around a couple of years ago in “MY Dilemma”, if you are easily upset or offended please don’t read them.

I would like to know how you felt when reading them and what you would have done in the same position….. Let me know, you don’t need to register or anything.

A lot of you out there will have a story in your head too, don’t keep it a secret, let it out here for other people to read as I have done, it doesn’t matter if its short or long, funny or sad, kinky or erotic, but let us know, just write it so everyone can read it …… please

Love  ……….. Angel xx


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15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Angel,
    I want to apologize, the first time i wrote i didnt think you were real, but then i found your Home page. I understand your stories are from a young age and from experiences, ( thats what makes them more interesting) i plan to read more.
    May i ask how old you are now? I want to tell you a little about me, but not in a public area. Hope to hear from you. Thanks Shadow…

    • Hiya, I removed that part of your last mail then as it was no longer relevant. Where the stories are not true it does say so somewhere in the story. As for my age I am 30 this year and it is depressing me.

      As for my pictures if they are not of me, who do you think they are of? By the way, you will be the last to see them as I am getting some worrying mails about them

      If you want to write in private you can write to my e-mail; angel@secretstoryclub.com

  2. angel you got a way with words you put in the right context and I love you for it I love to see you naked virtual girlfriend does she play with you and you play with her or am I wrong let me know keep up the good work darling I’ll be thinking of you in bed tonight as I masturbate your fan and lover

  3. Hey ive just came across the blog and i cant wait to read all of your posts
    Ive had a quick glance and just want to sit here all night and read

  4. I was floored when i read your statement that you had memories that were locked away and you needed to let them loose and exercise them. In trying to work out my PTSD I have remembered some of my childhood experiences, some of them I’m not proud of and others I would like to relive.
    Your sight and your stories give people like me the opportunity to know why naughty girls like you provided sexual awaking to a young boy. Keep up the good work!!

    • Well to be honest Stephen, I do not see myself as Naughty in any of the stories, maybe you would point out where I was. The other thing was that I wasn’t that young. In my Disgusting Dog dream I was about 14 or 15, but that was just a dream. In my first sex game I was late 15. in my “Brothers Bedroom” I was 16. In “Collette” I was late teens, 18 or 19 and in Woman Hunt I was 26, but in none of them was I naughty…. I think?

  5. your storries are so well written in that i can so easily imagine them when reading but could add more imagery and thumbs up 4 the great work

    • Thanks for the question Alvin, I intended to run all the stories twice, once on text only for people that read in public and then again with pictures (like you can see above) for people who like a story enhanced with pictures.

      The problem is time, I just have no time at all as I am worked to death at the moment, but I will do as you ask.

  6. I love your stories, they are so well written I can picture them in my mind. But my wife caught me wanking over one of your pictures, (the one where you are bent over) and now she has got a mood on, but it was her that put me on to them.

    Can you put more naked pics of yourself on please.

    • Well thank you for the complements, I can understand your wife a little, perhaps you should have used the lust you felt on her, I imagine that is what she is moody about.

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