The alien ship 'encounter' makes its first approach for 250 thousand years

The alien ship ‘encounter’ makes its first approach for 250 thousand years

ALIEN by John Stephens … Queensland, Australia.

install tracking codeThis is another story from John Stephens, I must say they are a very pleasant read and this one is no different. I really enjoyed the light refreshing humour of this story line and a enlightened look at how the Space Aliens could think.

He apparently takes the story from his own wedding day and builds on the story from there and thats always a good idea. ……….

As we ran to the car from our wedding reception both our family and friends threw their remaining rice that they had kept from our exit from the church. I was still wearing my suit and tie and Sarah was in her bridal gown complete with veil. We wanted to stay in our wedding clothes until we arrived at our secluded romantic little cottage in the country that we had rented for a week, about 40 miles away. I wanted to carry her over the threshold still wearing her gown.

The wedding had gone without a hitch. As Sarah walked slowly down the aisle to the sound of the church organ playing “here comes the bride”, I was the happiest and proudest man in the world as I was about to marry the love of my life.

 In my mind I knew I must have been the envy of every man in the church. Sarah was absolutely gorgeous. She stood next to me at the altar and lifted the veil. Never have I seen such purity and virginal innocence. I hadn’t seen her the previous day, and she had had her hair done in a “bob”. I think that’s what you call it, sort of straight cut above the shoulders and curled a little towards her face.

Her hair was a mousey colour and used to be just below the shoulders, but this new look was perfect. Her eyes were innocent and trusting, she had a sort of naivety about her which made her extremely sexy. She had a “girl next door” look, whatever that is. I guess you know it when you see it, but just cant put it into words. But she wasn’t plain looking but any means. She was beautiful. 

Sarah had an extremely religious upbringing – the daughter of the local pastor at a small church. She told me when I first met her 2 years prior not to expect to get what I may have gotten from previous girlfriends as she was saving herself for the right man. 

 As we drove along we talked and laughed. It was the happiest day of our lives. Sarah confided in me that she knew very little about sex, only bits and pieces of what she had occasionally overheard from the girls at school. she used to get a strange kind of warm feeling when she listened to the girls. She was curious, naturally, but had never acted on the feeling. not even alone in her room. She was a virgin in every way. 

 She said she was nervous and excited about the night ahead. Growing up, her mother had instilled in her that girls should not know about such things as sex and that she should remain a virgin until she marries. Once married she must give herself completely to her husband. She should fulfil his every whim whenever he has the urge. Let him teach her exactly what he wants her to do, and satisfy his “lustful urges” as she called it. She should be subservient to him to prevent the possibility of him “wandering,” her parents held very old and traditional values. She also told me her cousin Roxy, a couple of years older and more experienced, took her to a lingerie shop and they chose some really sexy outfits for the wedding night. Sarah blushed as she told me this.

“I want to be the perfect wife to you. Steven. and I want to give myself to you. completely” she said, so innocently and seriously. “And I want you to teach me. Everything.” 

At that my cock suddenly became rock hard. 

I, on the other hand was the complete opposite to Sarah. I had a misspent youth, always in trouble with the law…drug and alcohol fuelled parties and orgies were the norm, where there were sometimes 2 or 3 girls and up to 15 to 20 guys. I first met Sarah outside the church at a nephew’s christening one Sunday. She was just coming out from the Sunday service and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Even though she wore a long unflattering dress (it reminded me of an Amish dress) that gave no hint as to what shape her body was, I knew there was just something about her. The look of virginal purity. she met my gaze and gave me a sweet smile and it was all over for me. I had to have her.

The next 2 years leading up to the wedding were a frustrating ordeal, sexually. I had changed my life around thanks to her influence, but I was so sexually frustrated, having promised her and myself that I would now also wait until the wedding. So many nights wanking in my bed, occasionally watching a bit of porn. Even feeling a bit guilty about it. 

Now our wedding night had finally arrived and my mind was wandering with thoughts of finally screwing Sarah, of fucking her in every way possible, especially after what she had just told me about being submissive and wanting me to teach her everything. The mental image of her innocent eyes looking up at me as I slide my cock between her red lip-sticked lips and………

“OH SHIT!” I said, “whats wrong with the car?” the engine had suddenly died. The radio went silent. I rolled silently to a stop at the side of the road. I popped the bonnet and scanned inside the engine compartment. Everything seemed to be in place. Sarah got out and asked “what is it Steven? Can you fix it?”

“I don’t know. Everything seems ok. I don’t see any reason why it should stop”.

“My mobile phone isn’t working either” said Sarah.

Suddenly I heard a humming sound from above. Sarah and I both looked up and had to shield our eyes from a blinding light. A beam of greenish light surrounded our bodies and we felt ourselves being lifted. I watched, unable to move, as our car roof disappeared into the distance below. We found ourselves entering into a huge machine through a door that seemed to open in a spiral action. My vision blurred and faded as I lapsed into unconsciousness.

When I awoke I felt as if I was floating on air, weightless. I was in an empty room…nothing but bare metallic walls. I could feel a presence although I couldn’t see anyone. I felt as if someone was running something over my naked body. Then I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as if someone had just pushed a hypodermic needle in. I heard voices. Not voices as such, more like muffled sounds in my head. But I could understand.

“The examination is now complete except for one thing. We know how the creatures’ bodies function and how their brains work. We know how their reproductive systems work. What we don’t know is their mating rituals and processes. What are the chemical reactions that take place in the male to make his organ harden to be able to enter the female, and why does the female accept some males for mating and not others. I have scanned the memory of the male to pinpoint his last mating encounter. 

There were apparently 5 males to one female. We have seen this in other species before haven’t we, this is to guarantee success of impregnation. I also scanned the female’s mind but found no memory of mating activity at all. We need to study the mating process 1st hand. Zoran, you will enter the body of the male ‘Steven’. Orc, you will enter the female “Sarah”. Go to their planet and try to instigate mating activity. Seek out groups of males and attempt to mate them with this female.” 

I felt some kind of entity entering my body. Within minutes we had been returned to our car. I was once again wearing my suit and tie and Sarah was in her bridal gown, complete with veil. I felt relief. The relief was short lived however when I discovered I couldn’t move my body. I tried to speak but couldn’t. I could think, see, hear and feel, but I had no control over my body. And yet here I was closing the car bonnet and getting in the car. I realised that my body had been taken over. I was to all intensive purposes just a passenger and spectator in my own body. Helpless.

I knew the same thing had happened to Sarah. Orc had taken control of her. “Can you operate the machine Zoran?” asked Sarah. But it wasn’t Sarah speaking, just as it wasn’t me speaking when I replied.. “Yes I have extensive knowledge of the device.”

“Good. Let us seek out some males”

We drove for a few miles, rather erratically. Obviously practical driving was not exactly like their text books. Suddenly there was a siren as a police car moved alongside of us.

“pull over” came the command from the loudspeaker… We pulled over.

The officers came to my window.

“Hello fellow human” I said involuntarily.

“Don’t be smart. You can call me “officer”. Did you know you were swerving over the road back there?”

“No, is that not allowed?”

He pulled a breathalyser from his pocket and said “sir, I require you to provide a breath sample”

He put it to my mouth and said “now blow until I tell you to stop”

There was a beep and he said to stop.

“Oh dear” the officer said, sarcastically. “had a few too many drinks at the reception, did we? I think you may be in a bit of trouble, sir? 

Sarah, or I should say Orc, said “do you need me to blow too officer?” obviously the aliens had no concept of drink driving and police procedures etc.

The 2 policemen moved a few steps away but I could hear one say “did she just offer me a bribe to get the groom off the hook? They’ve just come from the church for fucks sake”

 “Lets see where this leads” said his partner.

“OH FUCK NO!” I thought. Sarah has no control over her actions. She cant even protest because Orc has complete control over her body. She can only see and feel and hear everything. And Orc didn’t even realise the double meaning of what she had just said.

“Are you sure you want to do this Miss?”

“If that’s what is required of me… Yes, why not?”

The cop walked to Sarah’s window and opened his zip. He pulled out his cock and pointed it at Sarah’s face. Sarah was a bit taken aback, probably wondering if it was what I had blown into. She wouldn’t have seen it because my back was to her at the time.

She took his cock in her tiny hand and said “do I do it til you tell me to stop?”

“Oh don’t worry… you’ll know when to stop” he replied 

Sarah (Orc) placed her lips over the head of his cock, and blew hard. The sound was like the squealing of air escaping from a balloon.

“What the fuck?” he said. You really are a newlywed aren’t you? Ok heres your 1st lesson…. Men blow. Girls suck.”

“Oh ok. I’m sorry” and Sarah starts sucking as the cop gets a rhythm going, slowly fucking her angelic face. there was my new wife still in her white bridal gown, sucking a cop’s cock right in front of me, through the car window, and his partner was waiting for his turn. I could only wonder what Sarah was going through. She was just as naïve as her alien controller. Her 1st taste of a man’s cock was a policeman, and she was going to have to suck off another. Or maybe do something worse..

I know, even as I say this, how selfish and shallow this sounds, but the worst part of all this was the fact that I wanted my cock to be the 1st one Sarah tasted. And hopefully the only one. I wanted to watch her face and see the bulge slip down her throat as she swallowed my cum for the 1st time. Instead I’m watching her suck someone else’s, knowing he’s going to dump his load in her mouth.

And all I could do was watch helplessly.

Suddenly Sarah gagged and coughed violently, cum running out of her mouth. She started spitting as if trying to get rid of the taste. It was then that I realised that as these alien entities had control of our bodies they also share any pleasure as well as unpleasant feelings and taste etc. Orc could control Sarah’s movements, but they both experienced the same feelings and body sensations. 

The second officer opened Sarah’s door and asked her out of the car which she did. He turned her around and bent her over, her head came through the open door and she put her hands on the seat for support. She was looking directly into my eyes as the cop lifted her white gown and pulled down her knickers and he nudged apart her feet. Sarah seemed shocked at this sudden change of pace. As he fumbled with his zip a voice came over the police radio.

“Car 22, robbery in progress at the corner of Queen and Anne. Respond immediately.”

“Oh fucking hell!” said the cop as they ran towards the car. “You’re off the hook this time Buddy. Now piss off. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson”

“Oh yes, thank you officer!” Sarah called past me to the cops, then looking at me in a “clueless” voice she says,  “Remember that, Men blow… Girls suck.”

“oh fuck me dead….” muttered the cop, rolling his eyes.

We continued down the road until we came to a town. “Hootville” “Winner Tidy Town 1973” “Population 3251”, said the sign. “Population 3251” Said Sara. “We should find a group of males here willing to mate with the female”

Zoran (me) suddenly, with a screech of tyres, pulled over to the kerb outside a shop with flashing neon lights around the door. It was an adult sex shop.

“Perhaps we can find some information and advice here” I said.

We walked in the concealed entrance…me in my suit, Sarah in her wedding gown. There were about 9 or 10 people in the store. We browsed the shelves. Sarah picked up a blister pack with an 8” vibrating cock and said “hey this looks like the one I just sucked up the road on that police officer! So that’s what it’s called…a cock.” 

A hush went over the room and all eyes went on Sarah. She carried the dildo to the next aisle where she picked up a box with a picture of a woman using a pussy pump on the front. she read the instructions on the back. She raised her eyebrows. She put it under her arm and continued browsing.

On the wall was a video playing, of a gang bang. We stopped and watched. “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard!” said the woman on the screen. One of the guys moved in and started giving it to her. she moaned loudly. “that’s it!! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” 

“So that’s what they call mating” I said. “fucking…it will certainly help to use the same language.”

The attendant came up and asked “Can I help you?”

“Yes” i replied. “We are in town to seek a group of males who I might persuade to fuck my wife”.

This was a nightmare. Unable to talk, unable to control my body movements. What’s this fuckwit ‘Zoran’ getting us into?

The store was silent. The other customers looked on flabbergasted, their eyes wide, their jaws were dropped.

The attendant said “well each to their own I guess. There’s a pub 2 streets down on the left. Its pretty rough though. You get a few bikies in there. Maybe you’ll find what you want there. That will be $95.50 for the toys.”

I asked what she meant by $95.50. She said “ah forget about it. Lets call it a wedding present” we got in the car and continued on down the town’s main street until we saw the pub. “The Cock & Bull” said the sign on the front.

“This is definitely the place” I said excitedly. Well…Zoran said it excitedly. My own mind was in turmoil.

There were 7 or 8 motorbikes out the front. there was shouting and laughing and yahooing from inside. we opened the door and entered the bar. The noise died down in a few seconds as the whole barroom turned to look at us. There were about 40 men. Some sitting at tables, some standing at the bar. There were 8 bikers around the pool table in the middle of the room. Dirty, greasy looking. Covered in tattoos. Most had long filthy beards.

One of the bikers gave a long, loud wolf whistle. “Wooohh Baby what brings you in here”

I assumed her was the leader, a huge man with his face covered in tattoos. His two front teeth were missing.

“We were hoping to find a group of men” I replied “who might be interested in fucking my wife”

Glasses dropped and broke. Cigarettes fell from mouths.

“What kind of husband ARE you? You suck, you lousy cunt!” 

“No” interrupted Sarah, “I suck, he blows.” 

The bikers all looked at each other, astonished. “Well” he finally said, “you certainly came to the right place. My friends and I are available right now. We’ll give her a fucking that she’ll remember the rest of her life”. 

Sarah put the vibrator cock and the pussy pump on the pool table. “Will these be helpful?” she asked.

“Oh yeh Babe. They’ll be helpful.”

The bikers moved around her and one grabbed her tits. He kissed her on the mouth. A noisy slobbering kiss. Another was behind her unbuttoning her gown. He pulled it off her shoulders and down to the floor. One of them cut her bra and panties off with a knife. Sarah stood there naked in front of 40 men in the bar. This is the 1st time I had seen her body. She was gorgeous. Milky white skin that had probably never seen daylight. A small waist with nice rounded arse. Her breasts were much larger than I had imagined. Until today she had always wore unflattering long dresses that gave no hint as to what was under them.

Suddenly Sarah looked shocked and panicky. “Zoran!” She shouted. “I’m sensing the female Sarah is distressed! I’m also feeling distress!”

Sarah was terrified. I then realised that Sarah’s and Orc’s minds had somehow bonded and Orc was feeling Sarah’s humiliation and fear. No such luck with Zoran and me. I wanted to grab Sarah and run. But I couldn’t speak or move. Zoran was in control.

“You must continue Orc. We need the information for our data banks” 

The men lifted Sarah onto the pool table then turned to me. “Well seeing as you’re the groom, we’ll let you go 1st” said the leader.

“Oh no, no. I’m just here to observe” I replied, waving my hand.

“What kind of moron are you? Tell you what… we’ll let you prepare your wife, get her ready for us before we fuck her.”

“What do I do?”

He pushed Sarah onto her back and spread her legs, and for the 1st time I saw a full view of her shaved pussy. I surmised that Roxy had persuaded her to shave it for me. 40 or so men stood around watching intently. He held the pussy pump cup over her cunt lips and handed the pump to me.

“Start pumping” he said

I slowly worked the pump, creating a vacuum around her pussy. Everyone moved closer to watch. Her pussy lips gradually became engorged with blood and started expanding. It grew and grew. Sarah watched it the whole time with a worried and humiliated look. She was completely surrounded by men constantly jostling for a better view. Her pussy lips grew until they were pressed hard to the inside of the cup. He removed it from her cunt. It was as big as a large hamburger.

“Now lick it” he told me. I put my mouth to her. her pussy was soft and plump and smelt sweet. I pushed my mouth between the oversized lips and she jumped when my lips found her clit.

“Please Steven, stop. Not here, please..” 

It was obviously Sarah who spoke. There were 2 women in Sarah’s body, both now terrified and Orc had lost control of her. Unwillingly and helplessly I kept working her clit and stroking the inside of her puffed up lips with my tongue. She gasped and started writhing, pushing her pussy into my face, unable to stop her arousal. Her juices covered my mouth and face. Suddenly her breath quickened and she grabbed my hair, pushing my face into her pussy. Her hips bucked madly and she cried out. “OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD!” and her body bucked and shook in her unwilling orgasm. This was total humiliation for her. the thought went through my mind that I was giving two women an orgasm at the same time. The huge bikie leader climbed on to the table and turned Sarah’s head to the side. He held his cock which looked to be about 9” long and possibly 2 ½” thick. He slapped Sarah in the face with it. 1, 2, 3 times. Back and forth. Then he used the tip to rub some red lipstick from her lips onto to his cock. He nudged his cock between her glossy lips and she reluctantly let him enter with wide terrified eyes.

“We’ll take it from here” said a voice behind me, and I was grabbed and pushed to the side. Another jumped on the table and positioned himself between Sarah’s widely spread legs. He started fucking my wife right there in front of me. I watched helplessly as my new bride was being mouth and pussy fucked. After a few minutes another greasy biker jumped onto the table. He lay on his back and pulled Sarah on top . I watched as his cock forced its way into her shaking body. The guy in front re-entered her mouth and a third knelt behind her.

“Oh no” I thought, “Please don’t fuck her up the arse”. But my words couldn’t come out. He started to nudge her tight little hole, but seemed to change his mind and moved it to her already occupied pussy. He started to force it in next to the other guys cock 

I felt my own cock beginning to stiffen. What the fuck?? “Im not finding this situation exciting at all” I thought. “there is my wife being fucked by these animals. How could I possibly be getting turned on?”

Then I realised it wasn’t me who was getting aroused. It was fucking Zoran! I started rubbing my cock through my trousers until it was at its full erect length. I felt ashamed, even though it wasn’t me doing it.

Sarah’s cries and screams were muffled by cock but I knew she was pleading for them to stop. I watched as his cock at first slowly entered a few millimetres. AAARRRHHHHHHH he yelled as he used all his strength to force it in. his cock suddenly disappeared into her body until his balls were resting on the others’. Her pussy was stretched to tearing point. Their cocks simultaneously pumped in and out. Another bikie got on the table. “Why?” I thought, what was he going to do?

He climbed on Sarah’s back like a jockey on a horse, spat on his cock and pointed it at her arse hole. As he pushed at the entrance Sarah let out a terrible muffled groan. She struggled and sobbed, but it was no use.

I looked at the scene before me. My beautiful innocent Sarah, the face of an angel,  had one cock in her mouth, 2 in her cunt and 1 up her arse. They all thrust into her in a fast rhythm. When they were finished, the other 4 took their places. When they were done, I sprang to my feet and yelled “I’D LIKE  A TURN NOW!”

Fuck you Zoran, I thought. The whole barroom cheered and clapped as I climbed onto the pool table and pushed Sarah onto her back, lifted her ankles over my shoulders, and mounted her. I felt so ashamed. But it wasn’t me, it was Zoran. He had finally experienced 1st hand the feelings of male arousal and orgasm. When he had finished, my cock slid out of Sarah like a slimy eel. some locals came up and asked if they could have a go. Of course Zoran said yes. Sarah was too tired and sore to resist by now. Anyone who wanted to fuck her just stepped forward and took over from the previous one.

Eventually it was all over. The bikies were at a table drinking and chatting as if nothing had happened. Most of the other patrons had gone home. “My wife will kill me if I’m late” said one old cunt, who had just shot his load up Sarah’s arse.

I helped Sarah put what was left of her wedding gown back on and we drove out of town about 10 miles. We pulled to the side of the road and got out. Soon there was the familiar humming and blinding light from above and again we were lifted high into the air, and into the craft. 

I opened my eyes. I didn’t know how much time had passed. I was standing next to our car. Sarah stood next to me, a shamed and tired look on her face. we got in the car. It was our own movements, we were again alone in our bodies. Zoran and Orc were gone.

“Let’s head to the cottage” I said wearily.

Sarah looked straight ahead and nodded without speaking. I went back over the events of the day. I knew it was my fault that Sarah had been gang banged. When the aliens had scanned my memory they found that my last sexual encounter was with 4 other guys and 1 girl. the aliens wanted to recreate it thinking it was the normal method of mating. If my memory had been of a one on one romantic encounter, then that’s what they would have recreated- just me and Sarah. I wondered if Sarah had picked up on this revelation and blamed me.

I looked at her. her once perfectly groomed hair was now a mess, sticking up in places like a punk hairdo, thanks to all the cum through her hair. more than a few cocks had smudged her red lipstick from her mouth onto her cheeks, and her mascara ran down and mixed with the lipstick. Her bridal gown hung off her shoulders, ripped and dirty, used by some of the men at the pub to wipe their cocks clean. Did they know they had just gang banged a virgin? Would they have even cared? It probably would have just heightened their enjoyment.

 But she was still my Sarah, I thought. despite being covered in cum residue and smelling like she’d just been fucked by 30 or more men, she still retained an air of purity and dignity and the innocence still shone in her eyes.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“No. I’m fucked’ she replied, uncharacteristically.

We drove in silence to our new life together.
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