The Aliens are cuming pt 2

The Aliens land just Outside Sheffield.

The Aliens land just Outside Sheffield.

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This Story is carrying on from part one, it may be best if you start from there.

  Seven years Sarah and I had spent at Medical School on and off and even though It gave us a good grounding of the human body and its biology, this technology and understanding that we were learning now was immeasurable from before, it was like explaining to the cave man how to fly to the stars and believe me we were flying.

The Aliens were such kind creatures in every sense of the word, I think one of their traits was where we only think of ourselves and our family, as the relationship becomes more distant we care less and less, the Aliens didn’t, they felt great empathy for everyone and everything, a little like on our world where people put their lives’ at risk and will fly around the world to help people in disaster zones, here all the aliens are like that. When the Aliens gave Neanderthals their DNA 250,000 years ago, today in some of our people they must have got much more of that DNA than many others.

The week flew by and apart from an excited wave and hello at each other in passing and because of our differing sleep patterns we saw very little of each other. In the middle of the second week we both demanded of each other and the Aliens that we wanted to spend some time together, The agreed of course.

This would be the first time since the drive from the wedding reception that they had let us spend an evening together and dine and get a chance to chat, of course we had not spoken together of what had happened and how we now felt. We really had both been so busy that we didn’t really have time to dwell on it in our minds let alone time to talk, maybe that was their plan and thinking in keeping us busy.

Some of it was our fault as well as I said, we were so excited at what we were learning we did the long hours not knowing how long the day was. We were studying with the Aliens day and night, that’s if there had been a day or night, that didn’t exist on the craft. Not that we had to be super intelligent like them, the computers they had would do most of the work, but we had to have an understanding of the process.

We decided to spend our time together later that day as a dinner date, we spoke to the Aliens and they arranged my clothes in a different room, so that I could clean up and get dressed on my own, they escorted us both separately to a private restaurant just for us and they set a candle lit dinner table for us even though it was against the health and safety rules, and oh how they loved there rules. As soon as we met and sat down together to dine she smiled and her eyes sparkled and I fell in love with Sarah all over again.

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I was just about to tell her so when she reached over and put her finger across my mouth and softly said, “what happened in the bar did not happen, it was just a bad nightmare that we both had, lets both remember it that way and never mention it again, agreed”

“Agreed” I said and then making a “ping” sound in a silly voice then telling her “Gone, that part of my memory is now deleted.”

She smiled back at me than asked, “So, what have you learnt, I am so excited to find out?”

“Well fundamentally my part is simple.” I told her, she leaned forward putting her elbows on the table and with her arms upright she then resting her chin on her closed hands expecting a long and exciting explanation from me.

“This is how the Aliens do it very very basically and how it will affect us. As an example let’s say that on earth someone comes to us with highly developed cancer, nothing can be done and he/she is in a bad way. We take a little blood and place a sample of blood in to the systems for analysis.  Then the patient is taken to theater and we have to do a minor but critical piece of surgery, a very small hole about 1 mm wide is drilled in to the 4th vertebra down from the head all the way through the bone, but not in to the spinal cortex. Then a small probe less than a millimeter across obviously and about a half of a centimeter long, this amazingly is more intelligent than the whole of NASA put together and is pushed in to the spinal cortex and that is it. The probe is left in to do more analysis, in fact its left there for ever.

This believe it or not will control everything in the body down to building or rebuilding the Cells, the DNA, even down to the very atomic structure of the person’s body, it could eventually if so required over the years change a man in to an elephant, then change the elephant in to a mouse then back again to human again via needless to say a very sophisticated external computer to which it speaks to wirelessly.”

Sarah shakes her head “I am lost for words, I was going to say impressive but that sounds so dumb, doesn’t it”

“Impressive, not really,” I joke “can you imagine a mouse the size on an elephant, we would have no house left, could you imagine the size of the mouse holes, anyway you don’t like mice”

“Shut up you dumb-bat,” she giggles “I know full well that the elephant changing to a mouse would be the same as a little mouse.. Anyway carry on and stop fooling and messing around”

So I continue, “So after the Surgery and the patient rests in bed and over a period of a few days they will send a signal back and forth talking to each other and will completely check and rebuild the original DNA structure of the patient little by little a bit at a time.  This takes only a few days and as you know that there are millions and millions of pieces of information in a string of DNA that determines how tall we grow to how long our eye lashes are. This is not a quick fix though even when this is done most of the severe body problems can take years to remedy, although from day two it will be working at the body’s own molecular structure.

You see the amazing thing is, they do not attack the problem, (in this case the cancer,) they attack what is causing the problem and at our level it’s always the DNA that is not reproducing the correct cells. We are not talking about using this for a common cold or flu. This is for lifesaving and life changing treatments. There will still be surgery for things like a broken leg playing football or the road accident or where there is a stomach, bowel or intestine blockage, that sort of thing.

Once the probe is programmed it will control and monitor all the cell and DNA production independently and the patient will only need to come in to hospital every few months initially, then later once every year to monitor the progress of the patient. This can be used not only for life saving surgery but also for cosmetic surgery, if a patient wants any changes doing. He or she may want a smaller nose or a longer cock, the lady may want bigger boobs, longer legs, sexier ass.”

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“Can that really be done with this?” she asks with even greater shocked wide eyes.

“Oh yes and more. As I said the probe then controls the re-production of the cells and DNA being produced so that every new cell being produced is perfect, absolutely perfect. As old cancer cells die in the patient as they will do naturally, no new cancer cells are allowed to be produced, so the cancer just becomes smaller and smaller having less and less effect on the patient until it has well and truly gone completely, there will not even be a single molecule of anything in the body that the probe does not want there, it just takes time…  That is it in a nut shell really.”

Although this took me all week to learn the process to be explained and basically understood, but again, it’s their computers that do all the work as it is for us of earth a lot of the time. But once that is learnt, that is pretty much it. After that it’s the same process with everything and for anything, even for people who were born with disabilities and that are now adult.

Sarah leans over “You said there was more”

“Yes I know,” I smile “but you have been studying their computers all week and on how to understand all the data, how to program the software and all the biology of everything, I thought you would be excited in telling me that”

“Yes I know and I want to tell you and I will, but I want to know more about this right now”

“My you are a greedy girl”

“Yes very greedy, and I want more” she tells me with devilment in her eye

The food arrives at the table and it looks very nice, the waiter smiles and then leaves us quickly, but it’s a lie the food is produced at the molecular level and it arrives on let’s say for the ease of explanation on a tray by the side of the table.

“All right, for example,” and I start to explain further “let’s say a patient is disabled at birth with severe deformities without fully developed legs or arms or whatever disability it is, it could be anything. The fitted probe will repair and replace the DNA even if that DNA is being suppressed from thalidomide or anything else, or even a combination of suppressants. The probe will start producing the correct DNA in the body for that body to start building and developing the arms, the hands and fingers or the legs and toes or all of them, just as it would have at the time of growing and developing in the mother, it is the very same process of growth from where it stopped but now developing outside the mother. The patient in a short period of time will actually see their limbs gradually growing slowly day by day over a few months until they are fully developed and perfect.

It takes a little longer of course as there is more growing and developing that needs to be done, but fundamentally all we are doing is just repairing the body’s computer (the DNA) that builds the body so that it can complete the body’s natural process of growing a perfect body and that’s what I love about this. We are not cutting people open, we are not cutting anything off, we are not bombarding people with radiation or other poisons it’s all gods natural creation as it should be, given to us by our long distant cousins, who happen to be Aliens from another planet 10 trillion light years away or however far it is, how simple will that be explaining it all to the press ….” But there I am interrupted.

“No no, we cannot tell that to the press,” she tells me in a panic “they will never let us practice again, they will lock us up and we will never get within 200 miles of another patient apart from the ones in a mental institute and we will be the patients there.

“We will have to introduce this slowly and gradually in the beginning as if this is our own pioneering work. Let us trial it first on patients and see how effective it is.

I told her ” Oh yes of course, I always meant to do that”


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