The Aliens are Cuming

This is a story first written by John Stephen’s. At first I was editing it, then I started adding to it, Now I have totally re-written it in the guise of John (all with his kind permission of course).. I had a story that I had been wanting to write for years, this story led me right in to it, so if you think you have read this once, think again… I have loved writing this, so you better love it too..(Smiles) 

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The Aliens are Cuming! by Angel

Alien Spaceship 302 used in the Gang Raping early of Humans

Alien Spaceship 302 used in the Gang Raping of early humans to breed a new race of human

As we ran to the car from our wedding reception both our family and friends threw their remaining rice that they had kept from our exit from the church. We were lucky enough to be married in a beautiful 14th-century church In a place called Ecclesfield just outside Sheffield in England. I was still wearing my suit and tie and Sarah was in her bridal gown complete with veil. We wanted to stay in our wedding clothes until we arrived at our secluded romantic little cottage in the country that we had just bought which is about 40 miles away. I wanted to carry her over the threshold still wearing her gown.

The wedding had gone without a hitch. As Sarah walked slowly down the aisle to the sound of the church organ playing “here comes the bride”, I was the happiest and proudest man in the world as I was about to marry the love of my life.

 In my mind I knew I must have been the envy of every man in the church. Sarah was absolutely gorgeous. She stood next to me at the altar and lifted the veil. Never have I seen such purity and virginal innocence. I hadn’t seen her the previous day, as we were both that busy, and on the day she went to the hairdressers to have her hair done completely different for the wedding, she told me that she was having her hair done in a ‘bob.’ I think that’s what you call it, sort of straight cut above the shoulders and curled a little towards her face.

Her hair was a very light brown colour and she used to wear it just below the shoulders, but this new look was perfect for her. Her eyes were innocent and trusting, she had a sort of naivety about her which made her extremely sexy. She had a “girl next door” look, whatever that is. I guess you know it when you see it, but just can’t put it into words. To me and all the other guys around she was beautiful. 

Sarah had an extremely religious upbringing – the daughter of the local Vicar at a small church. She told me when I first met her 2 years prior not to expect what I may have gotten from previous girlfriends as she was saving herself for the right man.  

We were both qualified doctors, I was aged 28 and Sarah 26 and lucky enough to have a share in a practice with an uncle of Sarah’s. We met in our training years while both working in a local hospital on night shift and was lucky enough to de offered the partnership last year and we both jumped at the opportunity. It was love at first sight for me, it took a while for Sarah I think, but we got on really well from the start.

As we drove along we talked and laughed. It was the happiest day of our lives. Sarah confided in me that she knew very little about sex, only bits and pieces of what she had occasionally overheard from the girls at school, but I knew that already. She smiled and looked a little embarrassed when she confesses that she used to get a strange kind of warm feeling from below when she listened to the other girls recount their stories. She was curious, naturally, but had never acted on the feeling, not even when she was alone in her room (so she told me) as daddy had told her that such things were a Sin. (I would have loved to have sat in on that conversation, meal times must have been a ball at their house) She was a virgin in every way. We drove on and I loved hearing her chat away as we twisted and turned along the highways through the beautiful countryside.

 She told me that she was nervous and excited about the night ahead, but it seemed to her that through all her life she had dreamed of those moments with someone special. Growing up, her mother had instilled in her that girls should not know about such things as sex and that she should remain a virgin until she marries. Once married she must give herself completely to her husband. She should fulfil his every whim whenever he has the urge. Let him teach her exactly what he wants her to do, and satisfy his “lustful urges” as she called it. She should be subservient to him to prevent the possibility of him “wandering,” her parents held very old and traditional values. She also told me her cousin Roxy, a couple of years older and more experienced, took her to a lingerie shop and they chose some really sexy outfits for the wedding night. Sarah blushed as she told me this.

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“I want to be the perfect wife to you. Steven. and I want to give myself to you. completely” she said, so innocently and seriously. “And I want you to teach me … everything.” 

And she over emphasised the ‘everything’ at that my cock suddenly became rock hard as it did many times of the day.

I on the other hand was the complete opposite of Sarah sexually and socially up until we were dating of course. Before then I was a bit of a rebel between studies, drug and alcohol fueled parties and orgies were the norm, where there were sometimes 2 or 3 girls and up to 10 to 15 guys each taking turns with each of the girls. This would help in my research later funnily enough.

The next 2 years leading up to the wedding were a frustrating ordeal, sexually. I had changed my life around thanks to her influence, but I was so sexually frustrated, having promised her and myself that I would now also wait until the wedding. So many nights wanking in my bedroom, occasionally watching a bit of porn, even feeling a bit guilty about it. 

Now our wedding night had finally arrived my mind I was now wandering with the thoughts and images in my head of finally screwing Sarah, of fucking her in every way and every hole possible, especially after what she had just told me about being submissive and wanting me to teach her everything. The mental image of her innocent eyes looking up at me as I slide my cock between her red lip-sticked lips and………“OH SHIT!” I suddenly blurted out asking rhetorically to no one “What’s wrong with the car?” the engine had suddenly died.

 The radio went silent and I rolled silently to a stop at the side of the road. I popped the bonnet and scanned inside the engine compartment. Everything seemed to be in place. Sarah got out and asked “What is it Steven? Can you fix it?”

“I don’t know. Everything seems ok. I don’t see any reason why it should stop”.

“My mobile phone isn’t working either,” said Sarah.

Suddenly I heard a humming sound from above, Sarah and I both looked up and had to shield our eyes from a blinding light. A beam of blue light surrounded our bodies and we felt ourselves being lifted, I watched terrified as we both rose higher and higher unable to move as our car roof disappeared into the distance below. We found ourselves entering into a huge machine through a door that seemed to open in a spiral action. My vision blurred and faded to grey as I lapsed into an induced unconsciousness.

When I awoke I felt as if I was floating on air, weightless in an empty room…nothing but bare metallic walls and Sarah next to me. I could feel a presence although I couldn’t see anyone and I felt as if someone was running something over my now naked body. Then I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and the pain like a stinging starting to spread throughout my entire body as if someone had just pushed a hypodermic needle into me and injected me with something. After a few minutes I heard voices again, but not voice’s as such from around me, more like muffled sounds in my own head, I couldn’t understand it.

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“The examination is now complete and the experiment set by our great ancestors seems to have worked perfectly so far. The final test that is necessary to ensure that we can merge our minds fully into the bodies of the humans and that we can mix and move in their world totally undetected. We know how the creatures’ bodies function and how their brains work. We know how their reproductive systems work. What we don’t know is the complete ethics and protocols of their mating rituals and processes to reproduce the species in these bodies.

We know the chemical reactions that take place in the male to make his organ function but we don’t know how the male activates the function, we are hoping that it is a simple mental command for him to be able to enter the female, also why does the female accept some males for mating and not others? Enter into their world and mix with the humans and try to engage with them, initialise these final tests. I have scanned the memory of the male to pinpoint his last mating encounter. 

There were apparently 5 males to one female. We have seen this in other species before haven’t we; this is to guarantee success of fertilisation and impregnation. I also scanned the female’s mind but found no memory of mating activity at all, only some sort of self-stimulation that occurred on an occasional basis, most strange, maybe the female was checking that all was working and in order in that area, not unlike a self-check-up.”

I was shocked, Sarah did these things, she had been fibbing to me all this time. 

“We need to study the mating process 1st hand. Zoran, has entered the body of the male known as ‘Steven’. Orc, has entered the female “Sarah.” Go back to their planet and try to instigate mating and reproductively, then we can begin the repopulation of our species using human bodies. Seek out mating procedure’s and ethics. We don’t want to stand out and give ourselves away by not behaving like the humans do, our latest studies show that groups of males go to public places and attempt to mate with females and that the female of the species approves of such procedures, use that as a basis of contact.” 

“We will now bond the Essence Of Zoran and Orc with the human mind and all brain neurones and you will then be in a position to take total control of the human body and mind.” There was a flash of light and I now felt some kind of entity in my body, my nerve endings throughout my entire body tingled like fire and my brain seemed to go into a painful spasm and there I must have lost consciousness because the next thing I knew was that I had been returned to our car.

I was once again wearing my suit and tie and Sarah was in her bridal gown smiling at me and still complete with veil. I felt relief but however the relief was very short lived as I discovered that I couldn’t move my body. I tried to speak but couldn’t, I could think, see, hear and feel, but I had no control over my body. And yet here I was closing the car bonnet and getting in the car.

 I realised now that my body had been taken over like the voice had said, I tried to fight it, but it only took me a few seconds to realize that it was totally useless, apart from being able to think, there was nothing there, to all intents and purposes I was just a passenger and spectator in my own body… totally helpless. I realised that the same thing must have happened to Sarah too and that she was in the same situation, Orc had taken control of her body.

Zoran talks to her through my voice and I feel and hear the words at the same time “I feel the presence of the male human gaining consciousness” Then the reply “Yes, I feel the consciousness of the female too, but no bother, they have no control… Can you operate the machine Zoran?”

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But it wasn’t Sarah speaking even though it was her voice, just as it wasn’t me speaking when I replied.. Zoran replies and I try to speak as well, but all I hear is “Yes I have studied this and have extensive knowledge of the primitive device.” 

“Primitive, primitive, This new Jag cost me a fortune last week” I shouted, but nothing came out and there was no reaction from them either, it was as if that I was there, but not there.

It seems that the Aliens (I found out later) had simply activated the part of the human brain that triggers when we dream. When we dream we can fight, jump, run and have sex, we can even feel the sensations of fear and arousal, but we have no control over movement at all, simply so we don’t jump through the window or attack when we are asleep living our dream. The Aliens had simply used our own body’s natural triggers of protection reactions against us.

Orc smiles “Good. Let us finish the final checks on merging with these human bodies to ensure all is in order and then seek out some males as our directive orders”

Then I could feel bits of my body move with the thoughts running through my head of, ‘Arms Check, Finger Check, Legs Check, On and on it went until Zoran tells Orc “Yes all functions in place and working satisfactory, except the human sexual gland … Damn… This is very worrying as I have no feelings of sensation or control of movement whatsoever there, without this small part working the experiment will fail, it will be a disaster surely.”

Orc looks with a frown and a blank stare as if she mentally checking her own body “Mine seems to be working fine, in fact it is giving me a strange sensation between my legs, a very pleasant feeling, I like it.”

Then she seems to be thinking for a few minutes then says “Look It seems that we are going to our place of residence, the humans seem to have in their mind some sort of sexual ritual for tonight, maybe we ought to just go back to the residence and get used to our human bodies before setting out to furthering our knowledge of the beings and to complete the experiment, it can wait 24 hours or so, we are not going anywhere in a rush.”

Zoran nods his head “You are right, I will confirm your synopsis and send the message to the mother ship.”

Now it seemed that our minds merged as well as our bodies, I could actually tell what the alien was thinking, and I assumed he could do the same with me. While the Alien went through his checks I wondered if I could scan his, now my mind to see what the plan was and if we were to come out of this alive.

I was amazed at what I found, The Aliens had been having major problems on their planet for around 250 thousand years, and because of increasing radiation that was getting through the atmosphere (which we will go into later) The Aliens who used to look just like us humans over a hundred thousand years ago or more had now mutated into the greys that people see today.

They have now almost no sexual organs and so can no longer have sex and haven’t been able to for thousands of years, although they still have the internal cravings, which can drive them crazy with frustration without treatment. (I had all the information and memory inside my own head.)

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 It seemed that around 250 thousand years ago their ancestors (who was Mankind really) came to earth and took all the Neanderthal females on the planet (about 3000 of them) back to the spacecraft. They gently sedated them and were going to artificially inseminate them, but the men had a change of heart while on the way over and after much debate and a show of hands had decided that they would just put them into small groups and fuck each of them a few times in the various shift periods over a span of about a week or so and impregnated them manually and improved the ships moral at the same time.

The gay aliens objected saying that it was not been fair on them, so it was decided by another show of hands that whilst at the same time as they brought the human men on board to render them infertile the little gay Aliens were allow to play and wank the Neanderthal men off for a little fun as long as it did not interfere with work too much.

It seems they took about 1000 females each from the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia and thus adding differing traits within the alien/human DNA. Here started Modern Man as we know it today, all started by the organised gang rape of Neanderthals by space aliens, of which we became the children.

 These expeditionary gang rapes were planned and performed every few years for centuries increasing the Alien DNA level in the new born children until it was considered that the children growing up and having children of their own was passing enough of the Alien DNA now as their own, the Neanderthal DNA had almost been washed out. No other contact was made whatsoever with the humans apart from with their cocks. Within a hundred years or so Neanderthal man faded and was gone with modern man quickly taking over as the norm. Even today most of us carry around 4% of Neanderthal DNA within us.

Apparently, it took a while to develop but as the children were born there bodies changed and the brains got bigger and developed the knowledge grew and grew as we developed to what we are today.

The Europeans brains expanded beyond belief, soaking up knowledge and became great builders and Inventors and The Asians developed in a similar way with their culture but it seemed their brains development meant that they became great Innovators; apparently the African experiment started well enough in the first few thousand years but then became a complete and utter disaster.

We drove for a few miles and I thought that the Alien wasn’t driving that bad for his very first attempt, he seemed to have the general hang of it I thought, but maybe that was his thoughts being in control, for it seems that he was driving rather erratically. Obviously practical driving was not exactly like their text books. Suddenly there was a siren as a police car moved alongside of us “pull over” came the command from the loudspeaker… We did as we were told and pulled over. The officers came to my window “Hello fellow human” I said involuntarily.

“Don’t be smart. You can call me “officer”. Did you know you were swerving over the road back there?”

“No, is that not allowed? My greatest apologies, I will endeavour to keep my driving device on the straightest possible course from this moment on”

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He pulled a breathalyser from his pocket and said “Sir, I believe you have been drinking, I will require you to provide a sample of breath”

He put it to my mouth and said, “Now blow quite strongly until I tell you to stop, is that clear.”

“Oh yes, that seems simple enough thank you” and I, well Zoran started to blow.

There was a beep and the officer said sharply “stop.”

“Oh dear,” the officer said, sarcastically. “This is a very sensitive tool and it seems that you have had a few too many drinks at the reception, didn’t we? I think you may be in for a bit of trouble, sir? 

Sarah, or I should say Orc, called out to the two policemen “do you need me to blow your sensitive tool too officer?” obviously the aliens had no concept of drink driving and police procedures etc.

The two policemen moved a few steps away whispering to each other but I could hear one say “hey, did she just offer me a bribe of a blow-job to get the groom off the hook?” The second officer seems quite excited saying softly. “Yeah I think she did, it could be your lucky day, it’s usually us that has to make that suggestion, mind you it looks like they’ve just come from the church for fucks sake.. But well if that’s what she is offering.” The Officers look towards Zoran/Me and Zoran looks back with a very large over friendly smile and he gave a quick nod of friendliness as if approving their suspicion.

 “Let’s see where this leads” whispered the first officer.

“OH FUCK NO!” I thought. I knew that Sarah has no control over her actions. She can’t even protest because Orc has complete control over her body and Orc didn’t even realise the double meaning of what she had just said.

The Officers walk around to the passenger’s side of the car and as soon as they see how beautiful Sarah/Orc is they quickly nudge each another in Excitement. The first officer asks “so you are obviously trying to bribe me to avoid a ticket aren’t you, now I and my colleague don’t normally do this but if you want me to forget about your poor driving skills and keep my ticket book in my pocket, you are going to have to blow both of us, are you sure you want to do this Miss?”

Orc answers with a smile not knowing what the officer is referring to and replies politely “If that’s what is required of me… of course, why not?”

The first officer with a big smile walked to Sarah’s window and pulled down his zip, he feels inside his underpants and drags out his large semi stiff prick that is about eight inches (200mm) long and getting stiffer and harder by the second. As soon as Zoran sees the size of the officers cock he instantly pulls the waist of his trousers out and looks down in great disappointment at the tiny wrinkled cock between his legs and he turns and tells Orc with a low groan “Oooh I am definitely going to contact Mother Ship, I have got a serious problem downstairs at this end, I am seriously and I mean seriously going to boost that next male gland enrichment injection.”

The first officer pushes his lower body forward with his now very hard cock pointed straight at Sarah’s face. Orc was a bit taken aback, wondering if that was what she had blown into too. She wouldn’t have seen what I/Zoran was doing because my back was to her at the time.

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Now to be fair to Orc she knew that it was his male gland, described in the manual as a penis, but she was confused on the ritual and what it meant by sticking in through the car window into her face like that, after all she didn’t want to seem an outsider and draw attention. She took what looked to her his enormous hard cock in her tiny hand and studied it for a while totally fascinated by it because the low magnetic field protecting their planet over the centuries had allowed harmful radiation to penetrate the surface and all the men were now mutated into greys, as we said before, infertile with rough hard skin with almost no penis at all, probably the size of her tiny little toe and barely as thick. Orc liked the feel of his penis in her hand and began to stroke it gently, the officer groaned and Orc felt a nice feeling run through her body as she discovered she was pleasing the officer so she rubbed it a little more.

At the same time Sarah was feeling the cock in her hand for the first time as well and carried the same emotion and both beings felt at one with each other’s fascinations of the hard penis.

After a minute Orc asks the groaning officer “Did you say that you wanted me to blow this?”

“Oh yes” replied the officer

“And do I do it till you tell me to stop?”

“Oh don’t worry… you’ll know when to stop” he groaned softly

“Yes, I will hear the bleep won’t I” replied Orc 

The officer looked down quickly wondering what she was on about, but as soon as he saw her move her head forward and guide his hard aching cock to her opening mouth he totally forgot and couldn’t believe his luck for a change.

Sarah on the other hand felt disgusted with what she was forced to do and tried to close her eyes and pull her head back, but of course she has no control. (Orc) scans Sarah’s brain for context and finds nothing, she placed her lips over the head of his cock, and blew hard like she was blowing a bugle. The sound was like the squealing of air escaping from a balloon.

“What the fuck?” shouts the officer? You really are a newlywed couple aren’t you? Ok here is your 1st lesson…. Men blow. Girls suck,”

“Oh ok, ok, I’m sorry, but let’s be very clear about this, it was you that said blow wasn’t it? Right then.” The police officer didn’t want to start an argument right now so stays quiet while Orc prepares to have another go. Orc regains her calm on the outside but on the inside she rescans through Sarah’s brain for sucking the male gland/ penis. Orc opens her mouth and knows now that she needs to suck on the males sexual gland, but couldn’t understand why, it didn’t seem to make sense to her.

She knew the function of making babies and this male seemed to her to be at the wrong end. Sarah again tries to close her eyes and resist by hold her head back as she sees his large hard cock pointing and getting closer to her open mouth. Sarah screams out as she feels the officer’s cock slide into her mouth. Orc was so busy scanning Sarah’s brain for information on cock sucking and the ethics and reasons for it that she was switched off from her emotions.

Page 8

Then finally Orc finds something on the subject on sexual sucking in Sarah’s memory, it wasn’t a real human cock though, it was a long plastic object that Sarah was sucking on, but it looked very much like a human male penis though and she seemed to be aroused and getting pleasure from it all the same. She scans further into the memory for conformation and concludes ‘oh I see now, the female does this to simply give the male of the species great pleasure and to gain what she requires later …. Yes that makes total sense.(as it would to a female brain) and It seems all I have to do is suck on it ..  Well that seems simple enough’

Orc starts to suck on the cock sliding her mouth up and down on it. The Police Officer groans loudly in pleasure groaning louder “Oh yes” Orc finds like the memory that she found that she really likes sucking the hard stiff penis as well, finding that the groaning from the male and the feel of it in her mouth gives her pleasure also.

Zoran watches and I feel he has lost a little concentration as they chat, Suddenly as he sees Orc open her mouth wider and slides her mouth right down the stiff cock he shouts out like a spoiled child “Orc, don’t eat it all, I want some”

Orc quicky takes the officers cock out of her mouth and turns to Zoran saying in a chastising manner “Zoran I am performing an act of friendship” it’s then that I notice the two police officers bending and looking at him/me through the car window with a look of confusion on their faces.

“Sorry, Sorry” Zoran calls out to everyone in a panic as he realises the mistake at what he has said and grasps for the first possible excuse that comes into his head “Very Sorry I forgot that I didn’t like that, it makes me Hic-cup”

Steve watches disgustingly as his new wife turns to sucks the officer’s hard cock again, the cop soon takes over and gets a rhythm going, slowly and rhythmically fucking her angelic face while the other Police Officer watches. There was my new wife still in her white bridal gown, sucking a cop’s cock right in front of me, through the car window, and his partner was waiting for his turn. I could only wonder what Sarah was going through. She was just as naïve as her alien controller. Her 1st taste of a man’s cock was a policeman that she had never met before, and she was going to have to suck off another who was waiting his turn. Or maybe do something worse..

I know, even as I say this, how selfish and shallow this sounds, but the worst part of all this was the fact that I wanted my cock to be the 1st one Sarah ever tasted and hopefully the only one. I wanted to watch her face and see the bulge slip down her throat as she swallowed my cum for the 1st time. Instead I’m watching her suck someone else’s, not knowing where he’s going to dump his load, hopefully not in her mouth.

And all I could do was watch helplessly.

Suddenly Sarah gagged and coughed violently, cum running out of her mouth and dripping down off her chin. She started spitting trying to get rid of the cum from her mouth. It was then that I realised that as these alien entities had control of our bodies they also share any pleasure as well as unpleasant or pleasant feelings and taste etc. Orc could control Sarah’s movements, but they both experienced the same feelings and body sensations.

Page 9 

The second officer opened Sarah’s door and asked her out of the car which she obediently did without question. He turned her around and bent her over, her head came through the open door and she put her hands on the seat for support. She was looking directly into my eyes as the cop lifted her white gown over her cute bottom and started pulled down her tiny knickers just to below her bottom, then he asked her to open her legs and she did as she was told. Sarah/Orc seemed shocked at this sudden change of pace and looking straight at me she says in a calm voice “it seems quite a quick and straight forward process doesn’t it Zoran?” As the second officer fumbled with his trouser zip behind her a suddenly a voice came over the police radio. “Car 22, robbery in progress at the corner of Queen Street and Anne Way. Respond immediately.”

“Oh fucking hell!” said the cops as one ran towards the car and the other fumbled to zip and pull his trousers back up. “You’re off the hook Buddy. Now piss off. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson now.”

“Oh yes, thank you officer!” Sarah called out past me to the cops, then looking back at me she says, “That’s good Zoran, we have learned something already, we must remember that, make a note of it, Men blow… Girls suck.”

“Oh fuck me dead….” muttered the cop, rolling his eyes, the cops slammed the doors closed and the car tyres squealed as the car accelerated away with the sirens sounding out, The police car turned to mountain bend They both closed the window deadening the sound and a few seconds later apart from the ever fading sound of the distant police car there was silence.

Zoran starts the car saying as if disappointed, “well I hope there is more to this sex thing than it looks, anyway the lodge is only around the corner and we can relax a little there a take our bearings a little”

Orc was upbeat though excitedly telling him “oh come on Zoran, we have made our first contact with the humanoids in this form and they obviously noticed nothing unusual about us at all, as far as they were concerned we was just like all the other Humans they had ever met. A great success wasn’t it.

I felt a smile spread across my face induced by the Alien and a feeling of pleasure as I heard Zoran reply “I thought I was just simply brilliant.”

Orc Smiled back as women do and patted him on the leg, “yes .. you was.. And I was so pleased that the police officers liked their blow, when they tell you to blow, you blow and when they tell me to blow, I suck, yes we have got that now haven’t we… It was very kind of them to groan pleasantly like that … But on saying that I don’t recall that type of greeting anywhere in the manual, do you… but never mind it’s all done now.”

Zoran looked at Orc, I could feel a frown in his expression as he asked “The Police Officers gland certainly grew when you took his member into your mouth and sucked it, do you think it would have the same response with the one I have?.. It obviously needs something to start it working.

Orc answers slowly with the same sort of frown, “I don’t know, shall we try it when we get to the lodge?”

Page 10

Well inside my head I was looking forward to that, but I had no control of my body, but I did have sensation, so it looked as if I was in for some action later after all.

Once we got to the lodge the suitcases were taken into the bedrooms and the clothes hung in the cupboards very neat and tidily. Zoran got undressed in front of the mirror as Orc started putting all the smalls and stuff into the draws in a really organised manner, nothing changes between the planets I thought, but then again 96% of our DNA was theirs’ anyway, so maybe we would be very similar.

Zoran now stands completely naked looked at his body in the mirror from all directions and studying it. “Yes I am very pleased with it, well all apart from the gland thing, that’s really disappointing.. I am so disappointed.”

“Pardon,” came the reply from Orc “you are mumbling, I can’t hear what you are saying,” she tells him as she slowly unfastened the Wedding Dress.

“I was just saying I was very pleased with the human body,,,,,,, all apart from the gland that is, it just does not seem to work, I have absolutely no feeling in it, and I cannot make it grow like the other police earthlings did, it just does not work.”

As he looked down at my cock, I was in the same bewilderment, It was just dangling there and only about 4 inches long. (100mm) Why was it so small, I just couldn’t understand it as well as its apparent inactivity, why was it so shrunken, I could only guess that it must be the shock of all this, it was the only explanation that I could think of.

Then Orc tells Zoran consolingly “Turn to me and let me have a look at you. Zoran turns and looks straight on to Orc, She tilts her head from side to side looking at my/Zoran’s naked body and I wondered what she was going to say. After about a minute of studying she tells him. “Oh I like it, it really suits you, it is a truly beautiful body, unlike you I can feel my sex gland working, it seems to work mostly when I look at you, or when I saw and felt the police humans penis it tingled between my legs greatly then.”

She carried on with her analysis as Zoran just stood there “As I look at you now for instance, I feel a kind of very, very light tingle again between my legs oh so pleasantly, and my breasts seem to tingle lightly too particularly my nipple area, it is a most pleasant sensation, I like it very much.” I could see her mind drifting off and concentrating on the pleasing sensations that she felt.. Then she suddenly snapped back to reality and said “but you are right this male penis is very disappointing.

Zoran almost sulks as he moves to the side of the bed and sits, he takes the tiny cock in his thumb and finger and looks at it, bending it from one side to side and inspecting it like a child looking at his favourite toy that is now broken and useless, I can feel total despair running through his brain and mine too now, both of us sat there in the same body and feeling totally and utterly pissed off.

After a few minutes of continuing despair we hear Orc speaking in the background, but we were not really hearing..  “What,” said the seriously depressed sounding Zoran, “What you on about,” he said again slowly in a depressed manner still looking at the dead little maggot he still had in his finger and thumb.

Page 11

Orc repeats what she has just said, but she is upbeat and she sounds so excited and happy “oh yes I just love this body, it is so beautiful, it feels so soft and I love these breasts and the shape of the human. If I stroke them they seem to respond to the touch and it feels divine, and my Sex organ is working perfectly it simply seems to sing in pleasure if I touch it or even go near it with my fingers, and oh my fingers simply dance as if feel my body soft and beautiful, even the tiny little hair on my body that are so fine and tiny and difficult to see are so sensitive, I can feel each of them separately, how good is that. Oh it’s so wonderful… I want to keep this body Zoran, I don’t want my old one back and wait 40 years or so for a new one.

The depressed Zoran still looking down at his tiny cock and still just staring at it replies in such a deeply depressed and unconvincing manner “Oh great, oh wow…. I am so pleased for you, I must say.”

Orc turns to him saying angrily “Zoran You are not listening, look at me,”

Zoran slowly and begrudgingly lifts his depressed head and looks at Orc, she is standing there with an angry look on her face in just her knickers and stockings, As soon as I saw her ‘Oh WOW’ my eyes almost leapt out of my head she looked absolutely stunning, probably the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen in my life, her firm breast and her stunning sexy body. I wanted to leap out of my body and just ravish her there and then.. But it seems Zoran was inconsolable, he was so depressed that he didn’t see what was in front of his own sad eyes and contributing majorly to the problem.

The angry look in Orc’s eyes softens as she now sees his gloom and sadness, She says to him lovingly and sympathetically, look at this body, don’t you just love me in it, come and feel my soft body and these soft breasts, you will love the soft feel of them,” and she gently slides her hands sensuously over her body.

I am shouting, no screaming out to Zoran and trying to push my body forward “yes go, Go and feel her body… go, go do it, do it Noooowww” I hadn’t had sex for two years after all and I knew this would cure the problem, well it should do anyway.

Zoran looks at her a little more intently saying “yes, you are right they are both very good bodies, apart from my little defect, but yes I do like yours, very much so, I wish I had that one.” Then he realises what he has said was a little selfish and he back tracks “no, I am sorry, I am pleased you got that one,” adding with the additional though “after all you are the female, I would look pretty damn silly in it”

Orc finds his dark gloomy humour funny and she looks at him sexily saying “do you want me to suck your male sex gland, and see if that works like it did with the police officer?”

“Yeeeeeeeeessss” I try to scream out.

Zoran is now so depressed he is missing the obvious because he says “It probably won’t do any good as I could see the Officers gland working well before you did that, so I don’t know, that’s still very kind of you to offer though” Zoran tells her

Orc comes close to him saying sexily “No, it’s not kind of me, I feel that I want to do it” and she walks to his side and tells him softly “Zoran feel my body, stroke it, doesn’t it feel lovely, better that our tough and harsh skin”

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Zoran starts to very gently stroke Orc’s feminine soft and warm body as she starts to stroke his firm mescaline shoulders and back. Zoran almost raises a half smiles for the first time in a while as he tells her “yes, you are right, it feels very nice indeed, I love how soft but firm your body feels, it feels soothing to stroke it, also you touch pleases me too”

Orc smiles and gives a little “Mmm” sound as she tells him, “feel my breasts, they feel oh so lovely” and Zoran raises his hands and softly slides his hands over her breasts and as he rubs his hand over her nipples they instantly start to swell further noticeably to both of them as they stiffen and become hard and erect.

“Oh yes, do that again for me please” she gasps “I love the response they give when you do it.”

Zoran tells Orc in astonishment and surprise “oh my worlds above, wonder of wonders, I can feel my male gland, it is starting to work, and like you said it is starting to.. starting to lightly tingle like you said yours does.. Oh my let’s do this some more of this, it is most pleasing and seems to work like magic on the male gland, well who would have thought that’s all we have to do, it seems so simple.”

I can feel a great weight of worry and depression being lifted off Zoran and I can feel him smile and feel really happy, and more happily for me too, I can feel my prick getting stiffer and harder as I was getting increasingly worried too.

I can feel Orc slide her hand down Zoran’s chest as she lowers herself onto her knees in front of him and Zoran fondles her breasts with one hand and he strokes her back with the other and again Orc gives a “Mm mm” groaning sound of pleasure.

I see a smile develop on Orcs face as she looks into his eyes and I feel her wrap her fingers around my penis and gently strokes it feeling the stiffening length and Zoran groans loudly telling Orc very happily, “Oh yes, it is definitely working now, I can feel it stiffen greatly … My word it is a very pleasant powerful feeling.”

Orc tells him softly “lay back on the bed so that I can greet it like I did with the police officers” and Zoran eagerly lays back looking down his body and feeling so pleased to see that it is a now a good stiff 8 inches like the officers.

Orc speaks softly “I think the greeting starts like this” and she grips the stiff penis that is pointing straight up in the air with her hand tighter and then gently starts to rub her hand up and down the shaft. “Oh my world, that feels fantastic, I can’t put it into words,” he tells her.

“Yes it feels strangely very nice for me too, I like doing it” she tells him “It feels comforting and warm as if I am being a good friend and doing you a great service and I am getting pleasure from you being happy” she tells him further as she analyses the feelings she feels.

She looks at the penis as she rubs it, almost staring at it in total fascination “Zoran, I feel it is still growing, this is most reassuring indeed, rubbing it does make it harder and longer” and Orc grips my prick harder and rubs in long strokes and Zoran groans out loudly and thanking Orc for the information telling her, we must study the gland more.

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I feel Orc move further up my body and as Zoran looks down I can see her just opening her lips as she is about to take my prick into her mouth “she looks up saying I feel a great craving almost like a hunger to have it in my mouth and suck on it, I think the sucking completes the greeting”

And Zoran drops his head back and looks at the ceiling, which was a real shame because I wanted to watch. Then I felt her warm wet mouth wrap around the end of my cock and grips it, then I feel her warm wet mouth sucking on it as Zoran and I groan out in pleasure.

I laid there as Orc sucks it, then licks it, then sucks it again and my mind goes to Sarah and wonder how she feels about all this as I know she will be feeling all the same experience of Orc and I wonder how much influence she has, then I thought, ‘well, none.’

My mind went back to concentrate on the sucking my cock was getting, and it was getting one hell of a sucking I could feel her mouth sliding along my stiff cock all the way up and down my entire shaft and her mouth was sliding faster and faster along my prick. She stops and licks the top of my prick whilst gasping to Zoran, “this is most pleasing, I am enjoying this immensely” Then I felt her warm wet mouth greedily slide all the way down my shaft again and she bounced her head up and down it eagerly.

Zoran lifted his head and looked down to Orc “I also, the male gland is working well now, I am pleased.” I replied “Me as well if anyone is listening” I called out in our shared minds and was I pleased with my prick, it was there pointing up at the ceiling long thick and very very hard and a good nine inches if ever I saw one, and I wondered is Sarah was enjoying it every much as we three was.

I saw Sarah come up for breath gasping with excitement, then open her mouth again as she lowers herself onto my cock and starts sucking on it again and Zoran lowers his head once again to stare at the ceiling.

Zoran speaks in an irritated burst, “Oh bollocks” then paused for a moment adding “I don’t know why I said that, I wasn’t thinking that” … and I thought ‘that’s strange because I was.’

Orc took no notice at all I could just hear her gasp as she bobbed her head in long strokes along my aching prick.

Again after about a minute Orc stops, but this time saying “Zoran I have been accessing the females memory, it seems she gets pleasure from doing this in a different position”

“Oh yes,” I thought “What’s all this about, this is all new to me”

 Zoran sits up “this is good, we must try this if the female derives pleasure from this, Can you explain further”

“Yes,” she says and I can see Orc is scanning inside her head and concentrating on the memory that is there.. My heart was beating with fear “oh my god, she has been unfaithful to me a long … The dirty stinking two timing slag”

Then Orc says “well it’s not a memory as such, it seems to be something that she keeps imagining in this kind of situation”

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“Most fascinating” urges Zoran “please carry on.”

 ‘Yes, please carry on’ I thought ‘most fascinating indeed’ I confirmed.

Orc gets up and off Zoran and the bed and removes her panties, “Oh yes” I thought “get them off girl, what a sight!” it was the first time I had seen her his naked and her stunning body and those stocking just drove me crazy. As she speaks Zoran gets off the bed and sits in a chair facing her.

Orc continues to explain as she lowers herself to sit on the floor “it seems that the female sits on the floor with her back against the bed like this, parts her legs and stimulates her female organ”

“Show me,” Zoran tells her, “Oh yes,” I thought, “good call Zoran”

Orc parts her legs and spits on her finger and moves her finger to her clit and starts gently rubbing it and making small circled “Oh yes, Oh yes, this is very nice” she tells Zoran and I can see her legs tense and Sarah grips her toes into the deep carpet as she really enjoys the stimulation. 

“You kinky little devil Sarah,” I think to myself and I wonder how she feels as Orc shows me how she masturbates herself and her dark desires when she is alone, I bet she isn’t enjoying this as much as I was.

I concentrate back on Orc and she is gasping loudly as she flicks her clit quite quickly now with her finger and she gasps and splutters “Oh yes, ohhh yes” with her other hand she strokes her nipple changing breast from time to time and again she gasps out and her body flinches with pleasure.

Zoran watches then says “this is very interesting Orc, and I can see where the male human earns a little pleasure from this but where does he come in, it seems a little devoid of male participation up to now”

Orc gasps out as she continues to masturbate herself “Oh yes Zoran, come and push your human gland into my mouth while I do this, I crave to suck on it”

Zoran moves over to her, striding his leg either side of her and Orc opens her mouth wide for him whilst removing her hand from her breast and she takes his cock in her hand and guides it into her mouth bringing her head forward to eagerly wrap her mouth around it and suck it making sounds of pleasure of many little Mmm .. Mmm .. mmm noises. I feel her sucking on my prick and I felt a little tremor of pleasure running through her mouth as she sucks.

She sucks eagerly on it then taking it out of her mouth for a moment she gasps to Zoran, “Now do what the police officer did to me”

Zoran starts to gently and slowly thrust his, my hard prick in and out of her mouth and I can feel her tongue working on it from inside her mouth.

“Like this?” he asks

Orc nods her head and groans noisily in approval. As Zoran rhythmically rocks his hips backwards and forwards, Orc I notice moves her head forward each time to his gentle thrusting and sliding her mouth down my shaft in the same rhythm. Orc’s eyes are fixed on the shaft she is sucking and each time Zoran rocks his prick into her mouth she looks up at him with happy eyes.

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I can feel my breathing very heavy and my cock is wet with the spittle of Sarah. Zoran gasps out loud and grips Sarah’s head with his hands and starts to pump with the hard nine inch (225mm) prick harder and deeper into her mouth and Orc groans out louder giving further approval for more.

I can sense an animal lust building within both Zoran and Orc, something that has been oppressed for thousands of years and I was thoroughly enjoying it, I didn’t know about Sarah though.

As Zoran fucked her mouth harder and faster I could hear her mouth squelching with my prick fucking her wet sloppy mouth, I noticed Zoran grip her head firmer still with lust and forced the whole length of his pick into her mouth and down her throat in fast long movements I could see Orc squeezing a nipple and flicking her clit like crazy as she holds her mouth approvingly open for Zoran to fuck as she stares into our face suddenly I see Orcs face wince as she is coming to orgasm, she groans out loud and Zoran fucks her mouth deep, fast and furiously and I feel Orcs mouth spasm and close tightly around the base of my cock and I suddenly and uncontrollably felt myself cuming in Sarah/Orcs mouth as Zoran grips her head hard and pulls her mouth so hard down my shaft squirting my cum down her throat and Orc gives out another scream and groan at the same time I could feel her teeth against my lower abdomen and I could feel Orc screaming shaking and groaning loudly as uncontrollably as we were.

After holding the position of forcing my long prick down her throat for about 30 seconds, Zoran panting and gasping slides my softening long wet prick out of her mouth like a long white snake and moves over to the chair and sits panting looking at Orc with her mouth all wet with cum and spittle and I watch it as it drips off her chin and runs between her breasts that is already covered with overflowing Cum.

Zoran looks at her saying sympathetically, “I am sorry Orc, I behaved like an animal, a senseless animal, I just don’t know what came over me, and I feel ashamed that I treated you like a.. a” and he struggled for the words to explain as I shouted ‘a Slut, like a dirty slut’ Then he says doubling back on what he had just said “I just treat you like a slut, a dirty slut.” Which shocked me, that was what I had just said and it seems I am beginning to trigger some words into the mouth that Zoran speaks.

Orc had dropped her head back onto the bed behind her still panting and gasping, then she looks up to Zoran over what he has just said saying, “ No don’t No apology is needed Zoran at all, I absolutely loved it, it brought the most deepest animal feelings of lust and depravity in me. Do you think that was lust then Zoran, do you? Because if it is I love it, I want you to treat me more and more like a slut as you put it, I love what you did and I love those strange words that you use.”

Zoran listens to what she says and speaks softly to himself thinking aloud, “Yes they were strange words indeed, I wonder where they have come from ..”  and I could sense that he was coming to the same conclusion as I had, although he wasn’t as sure of it as I was.

Again Orc raises her voice to, “Did you hear what I said, do you think it was Lust?”

Zoran comes out of his thought to answer Orc, “yes, I think it was, I am sure it was”

Orc tells him with great excitement “we must do that again, we must do more research on lust and depravity”

And Zoran agrees with her, “Yes we must do more research tomorrow, for tonight we must rest, we travelled 920 million light years yesterday travelling through two worm holes and I am really feeling it today.. I am totally bollocksed …. It’s there I have used that word again.. We must rest”

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I found the Image of Zoran in his mind

I found the Image of Zoran in his mind


That evening when the aliens fell asleep I surprisingly found that I slept as well, but then again I hardly slept the night before, so perhaps not that surprising. But about 4 am I woke up and as I laid there trapped in my own body, I found that as I looked through Zoran’s memory I found that I found images of his family and friends even of himself and Orc. I also found that if I made a real effort that I got a little control of my fingers.

The Image of Orc I found in Zoran's mind

The Image of Orc I found in Zoran’s mind


Later from Orc I heard a few sounds as if Sarah was doing the same and trying to communicate with me and I tried my voice “Hello” I called out, but it didn’t sound right, it was very soft like a very soft whisper and it was slurred as if a had drank a bottle of whisky, I tried and tried but it didn’t get much better, I wanted Sarah to know that I had heard her and to keep trying, I managed to move my wrists and fingers just enough to touch Sarah who was laid at the side of me, and amazingly enough, as I touched her hand she moved her fingers to me and we touched and managed to stroke each other’s fingers just a little, but I got great comfort from it all the same.

I tried all kinds of things for a couple of hours but then I was exhausted with all the effort and I went back to sleep, but I was pleased that I was getting some control back, certainly while he was asleep it seems we could.

Zoran and Orc didn’t wake until 4.30pm, they had slept from 10pm until 4pm pm the following day. I woke about 9am but still felt tired and I dozed in and out of sleep all day. When Zoran did wake I could tell that he was so pleased to wake up with a good old fashioned hard on and boy it was hard and aching so much, It’s the type of hard-on that has just got to be relieved or the day would be impossible (you know the type don’t you boys) the type that needs to be instantly relieved. I was half expecting it as I had woken up with one for as long as I can remember to be fair, but for Zoran it was such a novelty.

I felt him stir as he slowly woke and I could tell he felt the sensation immediately down there but he was a little confused to what it was. He inquisitively lifted the sheets to take a look as to what it could be, as soon as he saw a long thick cock pointing straight up in the air hard and rigid like a large pole he instantly squealed out in total delight and ecstasy to Orc.

Orc woke up in a shock, she thought the place was on fire or something, But Zoran had pulled the sheets back staring at the huge prick, telling her in great excitement “Look at that Orc! Just look at it, It’s done it again! Doesn’t it look so magnificent?

Orc’s eyes widened and she gave a little gasp of breath as soon as she saw it. Then she gave a little squeal of joy and she quickly brought her tiny hands together giving tiny pats of applause in excitement.

She looked to Zoran with loving eyes as she says “Oh Zolan, I am so pleased for you,”

Zolan now sat up with such a big smile on his face.

Then Orc suggests with a little more excitement and daring in her eyes, “Oh Zolan, shall I perform the welcome ceremony, it would be rude not too wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, Yes” said Zoran keenly “please do, this thing has a mind of its own and we don’t want to upset it do we..”

“Oh yes, yes, yes,” I call out in total in readily agreement.

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Orc quickly moves down the bed on all fours until she comes face to face with the huge erect penis and she stares at it for a moment from about four inches away with a big eager smile on her face.

She gives Zoran a quick look and smile saying with an excited voice “ready then?” and without waiting for a reply because none was needed she brings her small looking hand to my thick hard prick and she slowly grips it, Zoran and me instantly groans out and the wondrous feeling and Orc quickly turns her head and flashes her smile at Zoran pleased that it makes him, so happy.

She slowly starts to rub her hand up and down my shaft giving incredible feelings all through my body, She slowly over the next few minutes increases the pace and length of the strokes along my shaft and a huge smile never leaves her face, she giggles as she pulls my foreskin back and she watches it closely move back and forth over my bulbous penis head.

Then I watch with building excitement as I see her open her mouth and she starts sucking my prick as she rubs it, me and Zoran groan in ecstasy again as over the minutes she slides her mouth increasingly further and further down my shaft until she removes her tiny hand from my hard shaft and from then on she simply uses her mouth to please us and eventually making my whole prick glisten wet with her mouth.

A couple of minutes later of total heaven Orc disappointingly stops and lifting her head she turns saying “Zoran, the sensations between my sex gland are overwhelming me with the desire for sex, perhaps we can engage with the bonding now, if you are able, I would like this very much.”

“Of course, of course,” Zoran agrees obligingly, “That why we are here, to research and fertilise the female, there is only me though, do you think this is this still acceptable?”

Orc looks Zoran in the eyes and so sweetly tells him, “Yes, Yes, this I feel this is quite acceptable on this occasion, we will seek out more male’s later.”

As Zoran rises he asks I understand there are many positions available to enjoy the process, do you favour any particular one from your studies?”

“Yes, I have done much reading on the subject, I will stay on my hands and knees while you will enter me from behind, I understand from that position you can stroke the females breasts and nipples, I would like to try that very much.”

Zoran was not sounding very keen in the matter by his tone, but I knew from feeling his emotions he was ruddy well right up for, it as I was.

He takes his position behind Orc and nudges my prick against Orc/Sarah’s bottom, Oh and what I sight to behold, I could have shot my load over her right there as I looked at her bent over like that. Orc reaches her hand under her and grips my penis and pulls towards her in to position, she must have read quite a lot (I don’t know where from) because she slides my prick up and down her pussy between her pussy folds and it felt very slippery and moist, she was obviously very ready and very much looking forward to this. She holds my prick right over here pussy entrance and backs towards it, then she tells Zoran “now push in to me” then quickly adding in an urgent voice “but very gently at first please” and as Zoran griped her hips with my hands and started thrusting forward she slowly backed on to him.

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I felt my prick press in to her, and she gasped out “oh, gently please” Zoran slowly increased the pressure of the thrust in to her. I felt her pussy entrance was beginning to part very slowly but expectedly it felt very tight, I could hear Orc slightly groan and gasp as it slid incredibly slowly in to her tight pussy hole Then she gasped out “oh yes.. Oh yes.. I feel that its nearly there push harder” and suddenly I felt my prick slip in to her as the pussy entrance gave way under the pressure and I heard Orc squeal and then groan, and I could feel her tight pussy gripping the tip of my prick. Zoran gripping her hips tightly now and started to gently thrust a little deeper into her and she squealed out, “Oh, gently please, this feels very large inside me, allow me a little time to get used to it” so Zoran rocked back and forth with tiny gentle thrusts, with each little thrust forward I could feel Sarah’s tight pussy grip my prick a little further down the shaft and I could hear Orc’s Gasps and low groan of “Oh yes, very gently please, Oh yes, yes, it is very nice though.” I could feel my foreskin being pulled tight and it was stinging slightly as Zoran thrust forward in her tight pussy.

I wondered if this was the first time in history that one hard cock had fucked two young virgins simultaneously and that if the both of them could hear and sense each other’s groans of pleasure as they were being fucked. I could hear Zoran groaning and sense his pleasure, so maybe they could. Orc was gasping wildly as he got slowly and gently in to his rhythm and started steadily shafting hard it to Sarah and Orc calls out again loudly gasping and panting “Oh my, oh my, steady Zoran not too hard please, it feels huge inside me.” And she starts shuffling a little to part her knees a little wider.

I can feel Zoran’s pleasure and relentlessly he slowly but surly increased the thrusting in to her, Orc is squealing and gasping out loud. After a couple of minutes my cock is slipping in her pussy much easier and Zoran is giving it to her nice and hard and Orc gasping loudly with pleasure lowers her front by getting down off her hands and down on to her elbows, this seemed to bring her pussy right in to me and now Zoran started banging her hard and I could hear and feel my balls started making slapping sounds against her pussy. Orc was squealing wildly and sometimes giving a low groan. After a minute or two of this hard fucking I suddenly noticed that as my balls were slapping against her that I could now feel her hand up against her pussy. I assumed strongly that Orc was rubbing and teasing her clit as she was being fucked and I thought surly she didn’t read that in a book, she must have learned the pleasure from last night when she read Sarah’s mind and was adding it to the fucking that she was getting. Not many women would do that during sex as they think it would upset the partner or feel too ashamed to masturbate at the same time as being fucked.

The fucking soon built up in to a frenzy of hard pounding and squealing as they happily banged away at each other, as Zoran now thrust deep and hard in her Orc backed and banged her bottom and Sarah’s pussy into him both gasping furiously at the form of pleasure they have never had been able to enjoy before.

After a few minutes of this now fast and furious pounding Orc suddenly starts to squeal out loudly in short sharp gasps, she shouts out almost begging “Ohhh yes, oh freaking hell yes, Harder, fuck me harder Zoran.” In response he grips her hips firmly and pounds her pussy as fast and hard and as furiously as he can, I can feel myself building up and getting ready for cuming, suddenly Orc gasps and groans and she bucks her body in a massively heavy orgasm, she splutters out her groans gasps and she bangs the bed with her hand, That reaction was more than I  and Zoran could take, because as I groaned out in my head with this fantastic orgasm, Zoran gives out a loud roar like groan that could be heard in the next village and pulls Orc tightly in to him and holds her firm as he thrusts every last millimetre of the hard prick up in to her, Orc give a last loud gasping squealing out “ohhh yes Zoran.” And I could feel her pumping her wet pussy in to him.

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Zoran gasped and after a few seconds he started gently pumping his cock into her again, and then stopped again. He gasped and sucked his breath through his teeth as the fantastic sensations that were now waning in us all. A few seconds later of just holding that position Zoran gives Orc a playful spank on the bottom and Orc gives a little groan as she slides off the long and now softening prick with a squelching slurp and she falls forward on to her stomach. She lays there panting and making a soft high pitched whooping sound of approval. “Bonding hell” she gasps in a high pitched voice “I think I have just invented a new swear word for us. Do humans get to experience this all the time and whenever they want it? How good is that, just think Zoran, being able to do this every day of our lives” then she cuts of to catch her breath then continues “no wonder there are billions of them on this small planet, they must be off their heads bonding like that every day.”

“Yes” Zoran agrees gently panting “no need for mind blowing drugs on this planet, No siree, they blow their minds with this sex thing, and damn good stuff too” and he lays down by the side of her and they chat. It was very interesting, they discussed me and Sarah and voiced their concern hoping that we were not too stressed by the body merge saying that it was a good idea to not allow the Aliens to access their emotions but they both agreed that they sensed they could sometimes feel how we felt with Orc being able to feel it more strongly than Zoran, but she is female, isn’t she.

Orc said “I definitely could, certainly during the two orgasms that I had, and when I was asleep I felt she was awake and that she was trying to communicate with someone, but maybe I was just dreaming that, I have had some strange dreams ” she told him, then added with a smile “mostly about having sex.” It dawned on me that before they did not realise that we could feel and live the orgasms as well. Also they said that they were surprised how mentally draining the sex was, but how wonderfully relaxed they felt after sex.

It was about 8 pm before Zoran and Orc moved out and obviously not knowing about wedding ceremony’s, apart from putting on clean underwear and a clean shirt they both wore the same wedding clothes as yesterday because they thought that they were very nice. I instantly think to myself sarcastically, ‘oh boy this should be good.’

We continued down the road until we came to a town. “Castleton” “Winner Tidy Town 1973” “Population 3251” said the sign. “Population 3251”   Sarah points out. “We should hopefully find a group of males here willing to mate with the female”

Zoran  suddenly, with a screech of tyres, pulled over to the kerb outside a shop with flashing neon lights around the door. It was an adult sex shop. (I wonder why they put ‘Adult’ Sex Shop, after all you are not likely going to see a ‘Childrens’ Sex Shop are you)

“Perhaps we can find some information and advice here” Zoran said.

We walked in the concealed entrance…me in my suit, Sarah in her wedding gown. There were about 3 or 4 people in the store. We browsed the shelves. Sarah picked up a blister pack with an 8” vibrating cock and said “hey this looks just like the one I just sucked up the road on that police officer yesterday! So that’s what it’s called…here a cock.”

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A hush went over the room and all eyes went on Sarah. She carried the dildo to the next aisle where she picked up a box with a picture of a woman using a pussy pump on the front. She read the instructions on the back. She raised her eyebrows. She put it under her arm and continued browsing.

On the wall was a video playing, of a gang bang. We stopped and watched. “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard!” said the woman on the screen. One of the guys moved in and started giving it to her. She moaned loudly. “That’s it!! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“So that’s what they call mating” Zoran said. “Fucking…it will certainly help to use the same language…” he thinks for a moment then adds, “the humans seem to use this work quite a lot I notice.”

The attendant came up and asked, “Can I help you?”

“Yes,” I replied. “We are in town to seek a group of males who might be interested in fucking my wife as you put it, would you maybe be able to direct me to such a group of human,,,, err. Such a group of men”.

This was a nightmare. Unable to talk, unable to control my body movements. What’s this fuckwit ‘Zoran’ getting us into? After all, we have to live here when they have gone, if they ever go?

The store was silent. The other customers looked on flabbergasted, their eyes wide, their jaws were dropped.

The attendant said “well each to their own I guess. It’s up to you, there’s a pub two streets down on the left. It’s pretty rough though. You get a few bikers in there. Maybe you’ll find what you want there. That will be £45.50 for the toys.”

I asked what she meant by £45.50. ($68.50 us) She said “ah forget about it. Let’s call it a wedding present, just take them with you.” We got back in the car with the toys and continued on down the town’s main street until we saw the pub. “The Cock & Bull” aptly said the sign on the front door.

There were 7 or 8 motorbikes out in the front parking area. There was shouting and laughing and yahooing from inside. We opened the door and entered the bar. The noise died down in a few seconds as the whole barroom turned to look at us. There were about 40 men. Some sitting at tables, some standing at the bar. There were 8 bikers around the pool table in the middle of the room. Dirty, greasy looking. Covered in tattoos. Most had long filthy beards.

We walked in and looked round in our wedding gear, to say we stood out a little was the great understatement of the year, but they walked around seemingly oblivious to the way we and they were dressed. “This is definitely the place” I said excitedly, Well, Zoran said it excitedly. My own mind was in turmoil hoping that we would get out of this place in one piece; it was that sort of place or it seemed to be, I was hoping though that I was going to be wrong.

Sarah was following and looking so beautiful, shy and innocent. One of the bikers gave a long, loud wolf whistle. “Wooohh Baby what brings you in here?” I assumed he was the leader of the bikers, a huge man with his face covered in tattoos. His two front teeth were missing and he didn’t seem to be a refined sort of gentleman even in these very bog low standards.

“We were hoping to find a group of men” Zoran replied “who might be interested in fucking my wife as you so delightfully put it round her, would you like to partake perchance.. Yes?”

Glasses dropped and broke. Cigarettes fell from mouths.

“What kind of husband ARE you? You suck, you dirty lousy cunt, or are you just taking the piss or somert!”

“No” interrupted Sarah apologetically, “I suck, he blows.”

The bikers all looked at each other in total astonishment. “Well,” the dirty biker said calming down, “you certainly came to the right place. My friends and I are available right now. We’ll give her a fucking that she’ll remember the rest of her life.”

“You are so kind Sir” said Zoran, then adding “I did it earlier, but being only me did not seem right, but we gave it a go, it seemed fine to me but, You know women … erm, do you mind if I make notes, maybe draw a few diagrams and things?

The dirty biker looked at me in a dirty vacant look before Zoran adds “that’s good then, well we are ready when you are” and he pulls out of his pocket a small computer about big as a smart phone and starts tapping away on it, immediately a small screen of blue light pops up in front of him giving him a much larger display.

Sarah looking so shy and innocent bangs the vibrator cock and the pussy pump on the table in front of him and sweetly asks. “Will these be helpful?”

“Oh yeah Babe. They’ll be helpful… if I knew what the fuck that was” as he picks up the pussy pump and looks at it with a confused expression.

All the bikers moved around her now with lustful looks, one biker starts the preceding’s as he reached out and roughly grabbed her ample tits. Another kissed her on the mouth, a noisy slobbering kiss. Another was behind her rushing as fast as he could un-buttoning the buttons down the back of her wedding dress. He pulled, almost dragged it off her shoulders and down on to the floor.

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One of them pulled out a flick knife and sliding under her bra strap between her breasts and cut it by simply pulling the knife towards him and the bra sprung forward to reveal her sweet plump breasts. He then does the same with her panties and cuts them by her hips so that they simply slip down and falls off her.

Sarah stood there naked in front of 40 rampant men in the bar. Her milky white skin that had probably never seen daylight I thought. A small waist with such a cute rounded bottom. Her breasts were much larger than I had imagined, she had always wore unflattering long dresses that gave no hint as to what was under them.

Suddenly Sarah looked shocked and panicky. “Zoran!” She shouted. “I’m sensing the female Sarah is distressed! I’m also feeling distress! I feel out of my depth, maybe this wasn’t a good idea”

Sarah was terrified. I then realised that Sarah’s and Orc’s minds had somehow bonded and Orc was feeling Sarah’s humiliation and fear. No such luck with Zoran and me, well not yet. I wanted to grab Sarah and run. But I couldn’t speak or move. Zoran was in control.

“You must continue Orc. We need the information for our final experiment, the fear will pass ..   …most probably.”

The men lifted Sarah onto the pool table then turned to me. “Well seeing as you’re the groom, we’ll let you go 1st” said the leader.

“Oh no, no, I have had a go already, I’m just here to observe” Zoran replied, waving my hand.

“What kind of moron are you? Tell you what… we’ll let you prepare your wife, get her ready for us before we fuck her.”

“Prepare her, what do you mean exactly, what procedure am I expected to carry out?”

They pushed Sarah onto her back and she gave a little squeal of anxiety as they forcibly spread her legs, for the 1st time I saw a full view of her pink shaven pussy. I surmised that her best friend Roxy had persuaded her to shave it for me. Now 40 or so men stood around watching and looking at it most intently. One of the men held the pussy pump cup over her cunt lips and handed the pump to me/Zoran.

“Start pumping,” he said

We slowly worked the pump, creating a vacuum around her pussy. Everyone moved closer to watch. Her pussy lips gradually became engorged with blood and started expanding. It grew and grew. Sarah watched it the whole time with a worried and humiliated look.

She was completely surrounded by men constantly jostling for a better view. Her pussy lips grew until they were pressed hard to the inside of the cup. He released the vacuum and removed it from her cunt. It was as big as a large hamburger.

“Now lick it” he sadistically told Zoran. He/we put my mouth to her pussy, her pussy was soft and plump and smelt sweet. Zoran pushed my mouth between the oversized lips and she jumped when my lips found her clit.

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“Please Steven, stop. Not this, please get me out of here”

It was obviously Sarah who spoke. There were two women in Sarah’s body, one now terrified and Orc had lost control for a moment. Zoran looks angry at Orc and tells her to regain control and quickly “of course sir.” Zoran tells her sharply “we must keep to the plan, we are perfectly safe.”

Unwillingly and helplessly my mouth is pushed into her pussy and I again working her clit and stroking the inside of her puffed up lips with my tongue. This was a total humiliation for her of course, it wasn’t great for me, not the best Sunday evening in my life.

The huge biker leader climbed on to the table and turned Sarah’s head to the side. He held his cock which looked to be about 9” long and possibly 2 ½” thick. He slapped Sarah in the face with it. 1, 2, 3 times. Back and forth. Then he used the tip to rub some red lipstick from her lips onto to his cock. He nudged his cock between her glossy lips and she reluctantly let him enter with wide unemotional eyes.

“We’ll take it from here,” said a voice behind me and I was grabbed and pushed to the side of them all. Another jumped on the table and positioned himself between Sarah’s widely spread legs. He started fucking my wife right there in front of me. I watched helplessly as my new bride was being mouth and pussy fucked. After a few minutes another greasy biker jumped onto the table. He lay on his back and pulled Sarah on top. I watched as his cock forced its way into her shaking body. The guy in front re-entered her mouth and a third knelt behind her.

“Oh no,” I thought, “Please don’t fuck her up the arse.” But my words obviously couldn’t come out. He started to nudge her tight little hole, but seemed to change his mind and moved it to her already occupied pussy. He started to force it in next to the other guys cock

I felt my own cock beginning to stiffen. What the fuck?? “I’m not finding this situation exciting at all,” I thought. “There is my wife being fucked by these animals. How could I possibly be getting turned on?”

Then I realised it wasn’t me who was getting aroused. It was Zoran! The fucking pervert, he started rubbing my cock through my trousers until it was at its full erect length. I felt ashamed even though it wasn’t me doing it.

Orc’s cries and squeals were muffled by cock but I knew Sarah would be pleading for them to stop. I watched as his cock at first slowly entered a few millimetres. AAARRRHHHHHHH he yelled as he used all his strength to force it in, his cock suddenly disappeared into her body until his balls were resting on the other mans. Her pussy was stretched to tearing point as their cocks simultaneously pumped in and out. Another biker got on the table. “Why?” I thought, what was he going to do?

He climbed on Sarah’s back like a jockey on a horse, spat on his cock and pointed it at her arse hole. As he pushed at the entrance Sarah let out a terrible muffled groan.

I looked at the scene before me. My beautiful innocent Sarah, the face of an angel, had one cock in her mouth, 2 in her cunt and 1 up her arse. They all thrust into her in a fast rhythm. When they were finished, the other four men took their places. When they were done all done, Zoran sprang to my feet and yelled “I’D LIKE A TURN NOW! ,,,, then looking round realising his loud excitement drew a lot of attention and feeling a little self-conscious adds a lot more calmly “if that is permissible and none of you object.”

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Fuck you Zoran, I thought but then the whole barroom cheered and clapped as I climbed onto the pool table and pushed Sarah back down onto her back and lifted her ankles over my shoulders and then pressed my prick in to her and my prick slid in to her wet pussy easily. I felt so ashamed. But it wasn’t me, it was Zoran. He was enjoying the feelings of male arousal and he wanted to take advantage as often as he reasonably could. When he had finished, my cock slid out of Sarah like a slimy eel.

Some locals came up and asked if they could have a go. “Of course” Zoran replied sounding just like an English school teacher, “but if you could just rush along nicely please so that everyone can have a go, as it will soon be tea time in my part of the world,, and we wouldn’t like to miss that would we… Oh no.” Sarah was too tired and sore to resist by now. Anyone who wanted to fuck her just stepped forward and took over from the previous one.

Eventually it was all over and it seemed to last forever, but in actual fact it was all over in just over an hour and half. The bikers were back at a table drinking and chatting as if nothing had happened. Most of the other patrons had gone home. “My wife will kill me if I’m late,” said one old guy politely, who had recently shot his load up Sarah’s arse.

We didn’t bother putting the wedding dress back on as it was such a mess with every one trampling all over it and wiping their cummy cocks on it. Orc just left it there on the floor and she walked out of the bar naked as if it was the most natural thing in the world and got in the car and pulled a pullover her.

Zoran like a true gentleman said his very polite goodbyes to all the rough hard bikers who were now seemingly his best friend. He quickly followed Orc in to the car saying as if quite pleased with himself “well I think that was a huge success… we can all be pleased with our performance there.”  He started the car and we drove out of town about 10 miles. We pulled to the side of the road overlooking a large ravine where you can see for miles. Zoran was quite upbeat and obviously happy his male gland, (he has me at it now,) that his/my cock was working fine. Orc on the other hand was quiet and subdued, it was normally the other way round with the pair of them, it was normally Orc that was the happy, bright and cheerful one, she was obviously in deep thought at the moment.

Soon there was the familiar humming and blinding light from above and again we were lifted high into the air, and into the craft. They both got out of the car and watched as the stunning looking space craft approach

Sarah/Orc stood next to me, a shamed and tired look on her face and suddenly we were seemingly being lifted in to the air again and we were back on the space craft. I recognised the metallic look of the room from before when the Aliens were implanted in to our bodies. We didn’t have to wait long. The transition of our uninvited Alien guests being removed was swift and I heard Zoran saying a sad-felt goodbye to me and my body as we both felt him leave.

We were lying, not on a bed as such but this was obviously some sort of medical room in the space-craft. We both stood up pleased to have control of our bodies back and hoping everything was fine physically. Sarah looked straight at me and gently nodded without speaking. She looked exactly as she did a few minutes back, I knew this was my Sarah of before but somehow she did look different.

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I looked at her. her once perfectly groomed hair was now a mess, sticking up in places like a punk rock hairdo thanks to all the cum in her hair and more than a couple of hard cocks had smudged her red lipstick around her lips and mouth onto her cheeks, her mascara ran down and mixed with the lipstick. Did the men know they had just gang banged a girl who was a virgin until that morning? Would they have even cared? Yes and no I suppose, it probably would have just heightened their enjoyment.

Some of it was my fault I suppose, If the Alien’s had seen my memory of a loving one to one romantic encounter, then that’s what they would have recreated- just me and Sarah. When they scanned Sarah’s mind of sexual encounters they found none, so they just used my memory and though that was the norm it turned out later.

But she was still my Sarah, I thought. despite being covered in cum residue and smelling like a dead fish, she’d just been fucked by 30 or more men, although to me she still retained an air of purity and dignity and the innocence still shone in her eyes.

“Are you ok?” I asked sympathetically, and then felt a little stupid at what I had just said, but I just didn’t know what to say, everything that I was going to say sounding silly and stupid even inappropriate because of what we and particularly she had just gone through.

“No, I am not,” she replied a little bitterly adding “I am and I feel well and truly fucked as you would expect’ she replied, uncharacteristically. Then she suddenly blurted out bitterly as if an afterthought “and do not ask me what it was like, I do not want to talk about it, I do not want to think about it, I just want to try and forget about it, is that understood”

“Perfectly, yes of course”

Then we both heard a soft short whoosh and we turned to see what it was, there in front of us was an alien, like the one I had seen in my head. We could obviously see if was humanoid and a female in appearance but also like a very soft grey being that we see in sci/fi films, a bit of a mixture of the two.

The Alien spoke to us in a soft tone with a tiny little hum to it, it sounded very pleasant and none threating at all “Hello Sarah, Steven, Do not be alarmed, we will not keep you long before we return you to your world, But I believe you would like to cleanse yourself? I will take you to an area where this this is possible and where you can eat and take refreshment if you wish, now if you will follow me please.

“Yes,” said Sarah, “yes please, we both would like to wash”

“Of course” softly hummed the alien.

The Alien took us through the soft whooshing door and led us along a corridor and turning right through another softly whooshing door leads us in to a very nice living room type room. Then leading us to another door she tells us, “you can clean yourself here, it is already prepared for humans and your English language, just ask for what you want,.. is this nice for you, .. You will stay here just for a short while, this will be your accommodation for now.”

“Thank you,” we both tell the alien.

The Alien replies with a “thank you” back then carries on, “There is some food in the room for you, you would call it fruit, I hope this is suitable food for you for this short time, we do not eat meat.”

Sarah is the one that replies “Yes thank you, everything is just beautiful,” and the female Alien turns to leave but Sarah calls out to her “but before you go!”

The Alien stops and turns round “Yes”

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Sarah pauses as if she is going to ask a huge favour but doesn’t know how to, The Alien stands their patiently without emotion on her light grey face waiting for the response.

Then Sarah asks in a soft feeling tone “I feel that I know you, I know that sounds stupid, but I feel it inside that I know you somehow.”

A smile comes over the Aliens face and tells her, “I know that you do know me, better than any other, I am Orc,” and again she turns to leave and the door softly whooshes open. Sarah shouts out to her “Stop” and in the doorway Orc turns to Sarah and tells her in a sympathetic low hum “do not worry, I will see you soon before you leave.” And she was gone.

Sarah rushed to the door, but the door did not open, it just gave a most unpleasant short grinding tone and a bump then that was it, it was obviously a tone that told you that it was locked so that you did not walk in to it expecting it to open.

We both looked at each other quite shocked and speechless for a couple of seconds, it was if we had seen God, it was at that point that I had to say to Sarah, “I bags getting into the shower first” and I ran like a small naughty boy towards to the shower room.

Sarah soon followed me into the bathroom, it was a strange affair, we both looked round but couldn’t figure anything out, there was a hollow in the floor that could be a bath but no taps or buttons or anything.

Sarah said, “Orc told us to ask for what we wanted”

I was confused, “ask who”

Sarah called out with a raised voice, “can we have a bath please?” suddenly there was a soft rush and another whoosh and the bath was full of water in about one second and little clear draws slid out that sparkled in vivid colours and there was an whole array of soaps and oils.

I felt the water and it was just the right temperature, I ripped of my clothes and jumped in, while Sarah slipped off her large pull-over and unlike me stepped in to the bath very elegantly. Sarah and I spent about an hour in the bath washing ourselves and each down and trying the beautiful oils.

We became confident that we were safe on the Spacecraft and that they intended no harm to us and so we relaxed. My mind drifted here and there about this and that as it does in the bath I find and seeing Sarah there laid in the bath with me I found that I developed a large erection, I didn’t mean to. Sarah looked at me, then my large erection and back at me again, then told me quite abruptly “what do you think you are going to do with that.. Don’t you dare look at me with what I have just been through”

I told in an apologising manner “No, No of course not darling, I wouldn’t dream of it until you are ready of course I wouldn’t, I wasn’t even thinking that, it just came on its own, it does that quite often.. Only,” and I added quickly trying to try and change the subject “Orc did say that we only had to ask for what we wanted, didn’t she” Sarah frowned at me, I paused then said in a clear, loud but slowly and enquiringly “I would like….”

Sarah shouted out to me abruptly “Don’t you dare Steve!”

“……Football on the TV..” and suddenly like magic the whole wall lit up and there was the game in living 3D colour, it was fantastic, it was just as if I was there, the whole room was full of true life sound…. WOW.

Sarah laughed at me, “I wondered what the hell you were going to say there then.”

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“What,” I said innocently

And she nodded to my stiffy

Quite indignant I replied in an aloof tone, “I simply do not know what you are implying my dear, what do you take me for, I am simply not that sort of man… Please pass me a glass of port from my favourite decanter, what what.”

Sarah bursts out laughing at my new found English Lordship as she walks into the living room wrapped it a towel.

The Football on the TV shrinks in size and in place in the other half is the face of an Alien, I think it was Orc but I wasn’t sure. It tells us, The board of the committee will be ready for you imminently, there are clothes waiting for you in the sleeping room and someone will fetch you in one of your earth hours, after the meeting you will be allowed to leave and we will return you back to your vehicle of travel… Thank you.

I jump out of the bath and goes to run and tell Sarah, but before I even grabbed another towel Sarah runs in to the bathroom telling me “we have just had a message”

“Oh, you have seen it as well then”

“Yes, the whole bloody room lit up, I couldn’t miss it” and she shouts, “I want make-up”

“Why the hell do you want make-.. Wow, look at that” and the wall lights up saying Make-up is now available in your slumber room … and Sarah rushed off for make up.

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The hour came and the wall lights up with a mild ping pong sound and it tells us that an escort is outside the door,,, Then there is a countdown saying the door will open in 5-4-3-2-1- Door opening- door open. There was a male looking Alien looking very smart and he asks us in a little deeper humming voice “are you ready” ….. We were ready, we told him.

We followed him as we made our way to meet the board, only walked a little way as we walked to what looked like a really sophisticated and elegant elevator that we all stepped in to, it was sheer black but with such a high polish we could see our distorted reflections as it was oval in shape. All the time we left our room as we made our way to the meeting we could hear this high humming that shifted pitch regularly, it was quite a pleasant sound and it was always there, we found out later it was their music and they played it through the sound system because they thought it would put us more at ease, and strangely it did.

The elevator stopped and opened and we walked in to what looked like a space age board room, well it was a space age board room. There was about 12 Aliens sat round the table 5 were obviously Female and 5 were obviously male, I had no idea what the other two were, they were probably the token Gays. We were shown to seats and we sat.

The one in the middle starts talking, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying, it was a soft variant’s of humming pitch. Others were speaking in a different but similar humming pitch. As their conversations went on and on the pitch between them got more and more frantic as if in the end they were having a bloody good argument between them. Then suddenly all the frantic humming stopped and there was total silence and then as if someone had thrown a translation switch as the Chair-Alien spoke again I could hear him speak as clear as crystal “Well I am pleased all that has been sorted finally then, but we will still have to see what comes out in the enquiry….” Then there was a short pause and then he finished by saying “it seems quite clearly to me that bottoms will have to be spanked.”

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Then the Chair-Alien turns to me and Sarah and speaks very clearly without much of a hum in his voice at all. “There will be an enquiry rest assured, but we owe you an unreserved apology and an incredible debt of recompense.” Then he goes on to explain the DNA program that they started 250 thousand years ago and the returns to earth and then he finally pointed out that it was good for everyone see two of their children sat at in front of him and that he hoped we would move around the ship so that others could see the result of their work and talk to them.

Apparently, he told us that they knew at the time, that their magnetic field was starting to fail and that in the next few thousand if they could not rectify the problem that it would get worse and that they would finally have to move. The magnetic field protects life from harmful Radiation and ultra violet rays and a few thousand years later it had started to make their male and female species infertile, but because they were around 400 thousand years more advanced than we were and in that time they discovered and fully understood DNA completely, as we will in time.

The radiation over the thousands of years had now completely destroyed a great deal of their original DNA, apart from the strands they had saved years ago. The consequence now was poor performing and dying bodies even though there brains become greater and greater. At one time their bodies were like ours but now had mutated to a bland uniform course body. The sexual organs of the male over the millennia was now almost non-existent, as was the same with the female genitals neither had any sexual sensitivity to speak of and that they were reduced to beating it with a stick to get any sort of arousal.

They planned to move to Earth and mix and become a part of humanity. Through thousand’s of years of research they discovered how to make a human body without the body having any sense of presence or Identity, a dead living body if you know what I mean. The problem was then they tried it, it worked perfectly but the children was there disfigured self’s. What they needed was a human embryo where they could remove the living sense of the person but leave everything else intact, that means the alien person would grow normally in the body as if human and when he had sex and had offspring they would carry the same genes perfect genes.

So that was the plan the put in to action and that’s where we came in. They would take two humans as perfect as possible and make the female super fertile, then two of their kind would be imposed in to us and for a short time take over and live in our bodies, then by checking the memory they would become involved in sexual activities as we normally would do, no one would notice. Then they would remove the living embryos and use them for there plan of using them for their offspring.

He carries on “We cannot tell you deeply enough how sorry we are for the error that we served on you, but first before we talk about recompense I would like to hear first-hand what our team has to say at this time and any mitigating circumstances there might be.

An Alien starts to speak, “The plan and experiment was un-doubtably a great success and will go down in our history as one of our greatest and I have no doubt that we must double and hasten the time that we leave our planet and start a new one with our new bodies hear on earth, and certainly live here with the humans in the short term.

We engaged in the bonding in different forms with differing results of pleasure, The first evening I practiced the welcoming ceremony on a very nice police officer and I enjoyed it greatly, then later I performing the welcoming ceremony with Zoran and then recommended in the memory of the female I performed the welcoming ceremony whilst self-stimulation the female organ, (at this Sarah turned bright red, not knowing where to look) It was obviously Orc speaking, I know we had seen her earlier, the males and females looked very different but all the females looked very similar and it was difficult to tell one from the other, she continued “this was highly rewarding in my opinion I wanted so much to try again that evening before slumber but the male gland known as a prick, penis, cock was malfunctioning for a second time and would not stiffen sufficiently

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The following day I enjoyed performed the welcoming service with Zoran which again was very exciting and pleasant, The male Gland was working perfectly now so we performed the bonding service which in my opinion was so exciting and fun and ecstatic that I am ashamed to say that I communicated that I did not want to give the body back due to the mental and physical ecstasy I had experienced, it was a 1000 times, no a million times and more fun than I have ever had.

The Human bodies are so delicate that I can even feel a single hair move anywhere on the beautiful soft body and I could sense that the female occupant of the body was full of song and happiness .” I was pleased to hear Orc say that and the committee was so pleased and excited at what they were hearing from Orc that the room was full of singing hums.

Then she went on. “Later we moved to the town where our information was that it was the natural bonding grounds for the humans. We identified an area and the males were very happy to proceed with the bonding process. They kindly helped me undress where I experienced a strange protocol then in a process of enlarged the female organ, which seemed strange as the organ seems very large to me already, although I did detect an entry difficulty earlier that day that was overcome with vigour.

At this point I noticed great stress in the female, I was confused and couldn’t understand so I continued. Before the first engagement of the bonding in the bar the female was so distressed she screamed out, this disturbed me greatly and Zoran told me to supress the humans feelings, I thought I had totally disengaged but I could not, the stress level were so high I could not suppress them and I just had to ignore them . I enjoyed the many bonding’s in the bar, I found them stimulating. But I knew the female known as Sarah did not and as I have just implied, she found them highly stressful if not intolerable.

I cannot see in all reason the use of this female again in this situation in the near future”

Sarah angrily called out “And how often were you planning on subjecting me to that.”

The chair Alien spoke “Oh not very often, no more than six or eight times, maybe ten …. 20 at the most.. Probably.”

Sarah looked as if she was going to pass out “20 time you was going to have me gang raped 20 times so that you could farm my fertilized eggs, don’t you know how disgusting that would be for me, I would probably have killed myself through the shame and humiliation, how can you sit there and brag how more advanced you are than us and then use me” and Sarah stuttered for her words,,”You was going to use me like a cross between an ally cat and a chicken …. I am disgusted with you all, I think I am going to throw up”

“I know, I know wailed the Alien bringing his hands up to his face and all the other Aliens did the same, the wailing was deafening and sickening, as though forced to feel empathy for them I could feel there pain and real distress.
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The Alien hummingly wails to us “you see it wasn’t really our fault, our research told us that this sort of sexual meetings was perfectly natural for you,” Sarah stopped him, “no, stop, I understand how you got that knowledge now and she turned and looked at me and gave me a hard look for a second, I shrugged my shoulders and just tried to look as innocent as could. I now assumed the mild humming from the aliens was some sort of mild telepathic language, as I felt a strong empathy Sarah was subjected to how they got there information and she also now felt a strong sympathetic empathy with the Aliens now.

The Chairman carries on weeping and wailing and tells us “we have nothing of monetary value to give you, we have no need for such things,.. now we will grieve for you like this for years, we really will” and he and every one of the Aliens start wailing And I felt through my whole body that he was telling the truth, I realised that when they are in distress as a group that they seem to pass telepathic thoughts of happiness, sadness and stress.

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Now I came up with a great idea, well I hope it was me and not the Aliens planting the thought in my head. “I know how you can recompense me and Sarah that will be very acceptable to us both and the whole of human mankind.”

The Chair Alien looked at me “Oh please tell us how we can make up for the terrible and disgusting things that we have put you through. 

As they gently weep and wail but listen, I start to explain in a round about way (as we humans do) what they could give us. “Well we can’t turn back time can we?”

He interrupts with a “Well no, you can’t that’s true”

That throws me right from the very start and I asked, “What do you mean by that”

“Oh please tell us the plan” He wailed, “and put us out of my misery.”

I made a mental note to come back to that point and continued with telling them my plan “Well, you have just told us that you have cured all your diseases and that you fully understand and control DNA”

“Yes, yes”…. He wailed “We know what we can do, but what is it that you a wanting.”

I continued explaining in my roundabout way “Well we paid £400,000 ($600,000 us) for the cottage, we certainly can’t go back there, so we will have to sell it and buy another, which will cost a fortune in Agents, Solicitors, Surveyors, additional time, removal fees and hotels before we can buy another house” (I was just setting the scene why we had to make a lot of money, the Aliens seemed to despise money and profit from what they seemed to tell me so I didn’t want them to discount the Idea.)

“But if you were to give me and Sarah your computing technology and give us the information to cure all known diseases and disabilities, Me and Sarah will help you with the embryo’s that you require naturally, we can sell the technology making back the money on the house and make a very healthy profit, if you will excuse the pun, everyone will be happy”

All the wailing stops instantly from every one of the Aliens, the room is dead straight faced as everyone in the room looked stone faced in to my eyes.

“Profit …. Did I hear the word profit” said the Chair Alien

“Well yes,” I said very tentatively “we erm, have to make a profit to cut our losses and to erm, expand the business” as I explained.

He pressed me further, “But what you explained then, that’s not profit, that was recovering legitimate expenditure and in no way can be classed as profit …. So how much profit” he pressed harder,

I feel as if I have upset them all and I search in my head for a good answer and in the meantime stumble out with “erm very modest you know, in fact very little, perhaps just enough to grease the wheels of business that make the world go round.”

“Business you say, we like the sound of business and profit, how much profit could we make do you think, a billion, two billion, a hundred billion”

I am shocked, I seem to have grasped the wrong end of the stick

Orc calls out angrily “Father, this is recompense; we must do the right thing and you talk about is profit.”

Page 30

The Chair Alien raises his hands and says cheerily with a pleasant hum now “My daughter, daughter, this is business already, there is no crime in making a honest little bit of profit where we can. Our partner here tells us a little profit makes the world go round, I have to agree, a little profit harmed no one and does a lot of good.”

But Orc has none of it, “didn’t you hear them say that they will help us with our embryos’ that will be profit enough, It will save our whole civilisation. If the elders know that you succeeded in the experiment and that at we have a willing donor to help us and even that you helped our brother species at the same time they will make you a lord…But if they found out that you made a profit from ‘recompense,’ as you know full well is illegal they will throw you in prison.”

The Chair Alien grimaces and rubs his chin saying “Yes it has always been a tricky one that” he mused, that’s a deal then and he slaps the palm of his hand down on the table with a loud bang saying “deal done.. All in favour? And all the other Aliens slap their open hands down on the table in unison with loud bangs and the Chair alien askes loudly to the both of me and Sarah in question form “Deal Done?”

Both me and Sarah look at each other, nod and smile wildly, then in unison we both slap our open hands down on the table with a bang and announce “Deal done.”

 The Chair Alien announced, “That is final then, all Parties happy, the deal is done and will commence immediately.”

All the Aliens burst into a shrill of humming to each other as they seem to be excited at the agreement between us.

I sat their thinking to myself, ‘now there was something that I was going to ask, what was it, but it had jumped right out of my mind.’

Then Sarah speaks to me breaking my concentration, “How the hell are we going to pull this off,” she said, adding “we can’t just set up a hospital in the back room you know.”

“I have the answer” I smiled smugly

She snaps at me, “so how do we explain this technology that is three or four hundred thousand years ahead of ours”

“I have the answer” I smile again.

Sharply she says “the Russians or the Chinese will try to steal it, you know that don’t you, how the hell will we protect it.”

“I have the answer” I smile at her even more than before.

Then she shouts at me irritated by my smug reply. “So how the hell are we going to pay for the hospital and the protection and everything else, we are going to need millions, you haven’t got the answer to that have you Mr smug big head.

“Oh yes I have” I smile, “at the moment the thoughts in my head are as clear as the finest crystal, I am sipping from the very cup of knowledge and life, I find it sweet and refreshing. I have the questions and answers to the whole world’s problems… just watch, you will see.”

She smiles sarcastically at me “I hope that is not with a burger and a beer that you usually dine with.”

Page 31

“No, it will be a nice glass of Vintage Tawny Port with a slice of mature creamy Stilton I think.”

Then she frowns at me “are you sure the Aliens are not controlling your mind, that’s the second time that you have mentioned drinking Port, have you ever drank Port and with a slice of Stilton, whatever that is.”

I put my hands behind my head totally relaxed, “yes I am sure I have my own mind and yes I have drunk Port with a slice of Stilton, which is Cheese for your information, We had it in York when we went with your parents, remember?.. Very Nice. So tell me this while you think the Aliens are controlling my mind, you don’t think I have ever drunk Port, but you think the Aliens drink it with a slice of Stilton all the time do you, is that what you are saying… Oh well done”

………..A week later we were still on the huge Spacecraft orbiting the earth, our knowledge had grown immeasurably and beyond belief ever thought possible. Einstein said, (and to paraphrase him) ‘that the more he learned, the more he realised that he knew very little,’ now I understand how he felt and I couldn’t agree with him more, I have always been opposed to those people that know nothing and think they know everything.

The story is written, but this is a far as I have proof read the story, the extra pages will be added shortly as I get more time and proof more pages...Also would you do me a kind favor/favour, will you click one of the like’s below regarding the story… I would be so Gratefull thank you
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