Archive Stories By Angel

As the Headline says, click on any of the stories from the drop down.  Some of the stories are true and others are obviously not and just a bit of sexy and erotic fun.

2 thoughts on “Archive Stories By Angel

  1. angel i like to know how you first had sex with your boyfriend was it good first time did you put it in just right get you wet excited and then put it inside you did you come over a penis how’s your first reaction to see a penis hard did you hold it and did you put its and your pussy and did you feel it throbbing and did you finish cruise penis let me know i’ll tell you my first experience with my girlfriend love joanne

    • Joanne, you ask a lot here, The first time that I had full sex with my boyfriend was no great shakes and very forgettable. The first time I ever saw a hard penis, (one that I could play with,) my reaction was pure fascination and curiosity, that was a very nice experience.

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