This is just a test page that I (Nat) will be using to test Audio on the website later. We also plan to use Video as well, but first things first.

Test 1 Angel’s first test  >>>>>>>>>>Angels Voice mp3

Test 2  Angel  Schoolgirl game of dare >>>>>>>>>School Girl

Test 3 Angel Schoolgirl game of dare  >>>>>>>>>>>School 1

Test 4 Angel Schoolgirl game of dare >>>>>>>>>>>>School 2

All four Edited on photo and added to NCh >>>>>>>>First Angel Compete NCh

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This page will disappear as soon as we have finished the testing so all kinds of rubbish will appear this afternoon and in the next few hours/days.

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10 thoughts on “Audio

    • Hello, that is the intention, but we need a new website before we do that Lillian which hopefully will be some-time this year.

  1. Angel, I honestly don’t understand people. What could be better than laying back and listening to you telling your stories, in your own voice, of being screwed and humiliated. You’re obviously just as mystified as i am

    • Thanks Steve, Unfortunately looking at my counters for the pages it doesn’t seem to be that popular so I have pulled out of going that way for now.

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