Secret Story Club Not Closing

I have been on the phone with fat cow and they have agreed to reduce the price. it means now that the site will not now close down … but this site will close down before or over Christmas and a nice new shiny site with a lot more features will be introduced with many more stories as well that people have sent me ….

I am in the realms of writing a new story that I have introduced in to dirty old man on kindle, but it is such a good theme, such a good and kinky little story that I am going to make a whole story of it.

I am also writing of when I went to the Island with Emma, Nicole and the crowd in “Game of dares… This will be very much an eye opener as I toned game of dares down a bit!

I am also going to add Audio stories.. that is why the new site is a must

I know the new site has been promised many times before, but because I was in the process of downloading stuff anyway and that was almost finished… This will definitely happen as I will simply push the delete button on the old site when it is all manually backed up. The website gets 1.2 million reads per year and I did not want it to close down but it is way past its best right now so it needs the new site to compete with others.

I am looking for an exciting year ….. Oh and before I forget; because I am still having to pay £250. 00 on the 17th of December I am going to have add a Donate button, please help where you can to keep the site going.

I know £250 does not seem a big reduction but it now covers the site for 2 years not one, but I still have to find the £250 and I NEED YOUR HELP TO PAY FOR IT!!



Lots of love and regards



Site to close down Dec 17th

By Topper

Thanks Topper for this message.

Would it be possible if a few of us made donations to keep the club going for another year to give you and Nat a chance to either find a cheaper server host; or to find advertising or merge with another site? I’d be willing to donate in thanks for the pleasure I’ve had from the club and posting my stories.

Or perhaps we could have a reward? If donations reach a certain target someone will be willing to post some exciting photos? Similar to those from Lillian and Alice. And similar to those from Colin for the ladies?


This is from me. Strangely enough the site is having 4000 hits per day at the moment but you raise a point Topper- Would anyone else be interested in giving a donation to keep the Web-site alive for another Year, for many years??



Site to close down

Just as I was writing new stories for this website I can confirm that Secret Story Club will now close down on the 17th of December 2017 after about 5 or 6 years. Fatcow have just invoiced me for £316.51 (just over US $405.50) for the next year … There is no way that I am paying that.

Any mail to

Thanks for all your support and best wishes to all the 5 million readers that have visited!

Kiss Kiss

Angel Helen

Wanking Together version 2

Graham has enhanced the story ‘Wanking Together’ and even adding a little more to the storyline. It has been a very popular story read over 56,000 times and been visited over 73,000 times.

Graham has even sent in some images to enhance the story which will be added a little later.

The link to the story is here –>

Thanks Graham.

Revised Dirty Old Men

I have revised the story ‘Dirty Old Men by adding to the story its self and by adding what happened after and how we got over the horror of it all. The story is on Amazon, just click the link to read.

The original story was 33 pages, the story now is 133 pages and it will really surprise you at what we did after, it surprised me anyway!

The story is on Amazon, just click the link to read.

Please help support me by reading this and by leaving a good review, it is the only way that I can keep the site running and adding more items.

Thanks for all your help


Stories being moved to Kindle

As I have posted before some stories now will only be available on Kindle. This is imperative if I am to develop a new website that will have much more content like Audio Books, please support me where you can and download the Stories. These stories have been added to and in some cases adapted to fill the criteria of Amazon.

Please click the links below to read

‘A Game of Dares’


‘Woman Hunt’

Stories being removed

You will notice now that some of the stories are now being removed from this website and are now being put on Kindel. I would estimate that about 50% of the stories will go this way in the next few weeks.


Angel and Nat

PS. I am pleased to see some reaction for once. It will not stop the website from developing in perhaps a different way though, although I can’t see which way at the moment. I have tried many advertising companies about advertising but to no avail, not without taking over the website with intrusive advertising anyway… We will see what happens…. Any Ideas, (which is a pointless question.)

London on fire


The fire raged all night and was still burning 24 hours later

The fire raged all night and was still burning 24 hours later

We will all have seen the terrible fire in Kensington, London that so many people died in. Well, this is a little side story of the Chinese looking gentlemen that was seen in the tower block 12 hours after the fire had been a raging inferno.

This is not to detract from the horror of the night, so any snowflakes amongst you will love this story.

Click below link

Readers Videos

So we are starting to add readers Vids now, Josh and Lillian are the first ones that we had added, but there are others that will be added as soon as we have time. click the links below to see them or add one yourself by sending it to (copy and paste in to your mail address bar)

New Website

The new website is on the way, but first we have to backup everything that is on here, we used drop box which was recommended to us for a back-up but it crashed the site for a few hours while the host’s got it back up and running.

So what we a having to do now is take everything off one by one and while that is being done we have another program running along side that is proof-reading all the stories. You will not notice anything different about the site because the stories will still stay here, but the new site will include me and Nat, maybe someone else as well reading the stories as Audio Stories, then when it is sorted this will be used for other projects for things like brail for the blind.

With the lack of time we have already because of work this is quite a slow process so please bare with us. in the meanwhile stuff will be still loaded on here as this site is staying and the new site is being built somewhere else. 


Angel & Nat

Proof reading

I am now using Grammarly as a proof reader, it is very good and picks up many mistakes, also some of the mistakes it doesn’t pick up leads me in other ways to pick them up myself, such as words the wrong way round.

It does have major problems though it seems like everything else you have to save quite regular as it has crashed on me a couple of times creating major errors and problems.

I have used it on various platforms and had major problems with it, almost total loss problems.. But on saying that I have found that if I use it in the MS Word program on PC it is fine. (Do not do this on Mac) and if you copy and paste in to its own program then copy it back again it is fine.

Now this sounds fine, but if you have about 100 stories as we have here that can be one heap of a ball ache copying then pasting, backing up the old one, deleting it then pasting the proof-read version back once it is done Ahhhh!

But apart from all that I have to say that it is very good, I would recommend it to all serious writers, but only on the platform that I have suggested above.


New Website

So we have decided to build the new website ourselves after being let down by so many people. The new website will be carrying a lot of audio and so some stories will be taken down from here and will go up on the new website. The new website will be a different name from Secret Story Club Com. All the best stories that are on here and all new stories will be written and also be carried in Audio for you to listen to.

Nat is going to start it with his stories first and then the ones written by other guys on here, then the ones we wrote together.

To do this we are both going to have to take a week off work, which I think will be in the Easter Week.

We will keep Secret Story Club for other things but most of the stuff will be move over to the new Site. If you have any questions or feel that you can help us in any way we would love to hear from you, please let me know.

My mail is


Leave a comment

Everyone reading these stories no longer leave comments. I want you to leave a comment from now on or just go away. It costs me money to run this site and I let you read the stories for free. I write for my own pleasure and so what do I get out of it from you?… Fuck all if you don’t leave a comment.. 

If no one leaves a comment I will close the site down, If I am getting nothing from it then I may as well.

For some reason you think that you can just read my stories and leave me nothing in return….. NO MORE….. or just fuck off!!

On the other hand, if you would please leave a comment GOOD OR BAD, it would be greatly appreciated.. THANK YOU .. KISS KISS

Lilly’s Story

I have now publishing the complete new story about Lillian (below) Myself and Nat.

Lillian who is the star of the story.

Lillian who is the star of the story.

Lillian is the star of the story, she is a beautiful virgin girl now starting on the search of her sexuality. We have spoken quite a great deal about her sexuality and how she would like to explore this world. 95% of the words spoken are the actual words used, so this is a true story, only the story its self is fiction.

She has sent me some more pics that I want to add within the story and all the images are of all the actual participants.

The link to the story is below

More pics of Lilley, click the link below


Lillian is a beautiful and such a sexy looking girl from Warwickshire who has sent us some shots of herself, Click blue the link below to see them.

Beautiful Lillian

Beautiful Lillian

If you would like to read Lillian’s story, click the link below.

Lillian has sent us more Images which are on her page, please leave her a comment and let her know what you think of them, we all would appreciate that.



Going to the Toilet

I was on a job last week that was very uncomfortable for me. The Customer I went to see in their home were very nice and very obviously Muslim, I have no problem with that. There were a middle aged couple with 2 young daughters in their higher mid teens and an old couple there too and the old guy had a very white beard.

I had a very nice cup of tea there and after about and hour I needed a wee. The old guy with the white beard pointed to where the toilet was and I happily locked the door behind me. I pulled my knickers and tights down and sat there looking round for some toilet tissue to dry myself.Black Rubber Glove

There was no tissue, but on top of the small radiator right by the side of me was a large thick black rubber left hand glove, obviously there to clean ones self. “Oh my god!” I looked at it with such disgust as if it was some sort of torture device.

My mind drifted to ‘Suppose I had really been taken short and not just needing a wee? With no toilet tissue I would have been forced to use this horrible glove,’ I think I would have died of embarrassment and humiliation!!

Luckily I always carry a little tissue for all sorts of occasions, and this was one of those occasions. Not only did I think that this was fairly disgusting to use such a thing, but there is a difference between men and women’s needs, we women need to dry ourselves when we go for a wee, I don’t think men do. Heaven knows what the two young girls thought and how they managed. I would love to know what they really thought, I didn’t think it was very convenient for the women that lived there… On saying that, what a horrible means of cleaning yourself full stop in my opinion.

I know many Muslims from the Middle East read here every day. I would love to hear your opinions and views, or anyones come to that.

Criminal Mind Game News


Angel In Criminal Minds

Angel In Criminal Minds

I am writing the story Criminal Mind games, which is well underway now with 51 pages and coming to the climax.

Click the blue link below Updated 10;40 am: 2nd of March

Angel is a girl kidnapped and held for ransom as also is her friend. The abductor is not only wanting money he also wants plenty from the girls as well, read all the kinky abuse with twists and turns on the way.


Strange Dream

I am off work once more and this morning about 10am when I dozed off to sleep again I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that I was standing in a narrow pub foyer when I came over all funny and suddenly felt strange.

The landlady came rushing as as she gets closer I can see that she is topless with no tits at all. then I slowly collapse backwards on to the floor and I can see that the landlady is a man, a transvestite with very heavy make-up on his/her face and a blond curly wig, he/she asks me if i am feeling alright and I call out the best I could “Help me!” Then I pass out.

I wake up in the pub but in the busy lounge full of drinkers, everyone is ignoring me and just chatting amongst themselves. I feel strange below and as I look down I feel confused because my skirt is missing and also are my knickers, I am laid there only wearing my blouse, stockings and shoes.

As I get up everyone in the room looks at me and I feel so embarrassed that everyone eyes is looking down at my shaven pussy. I put my hands over the front of my pussy and quickly walk to the door to get out of the pub, but the door seems to get further and further away and I become more and more embarrassed walking in the pub with no skirt or knickers on. I try to pull my blouse down but it is too short, I finally get to the door and I wake up but still seeing the face of the painted landlord.

How many people have had this type of dream, walking though public places whilst wearing no trousers or skirt?

Holly Stevens

There is a new story from Holly Stevens, she is from the North East of England. She is going to tell of her experience of an incestuous relationship that she has had.

Here is the link to Holly’s story

A moving true story told by Holly Stevens as she confessed to Angel Hellen on how and why she decided to seduce her own son.

Holly confesses to the dilemma and pain that she went through in the build up to the seduction of her son. Read her story now below.

Here is the link to Holly’s story

To speak to holly here is a link to her twitter feed ->

To speak to me here is my link  ->

Five Stories by Rob

5 Stories from Rob have been sent me, this is the description that he gave…

Attaching are the 5 stories as I promised.
They are very “mannish” in their style I guess and they are short stories rather than long!
The Sales Conference and Sharon The Swinger are 100pc true and need to be read in that order as well. Knight in Shining Armour is true up to the obvious point where I am invited in to the house – everything prior to that happened! The Schoolgirl one is fictional as is the Salesman and The civil servant one – although the later is a fantasy role play I’d love to do.
Anyway, I hope you like them. I do. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year
Click the link below to read the stories -v
Rob xxx

Pervert Daddy

There is a new story added this week that is finished, it is only a short story with the heading of the above click here -> Pervert Daddy

All at home is not what it seems

All at home is not what it seems


This is as the title suggests a story that unfortunately too many girls around the world of a certain age have to go through.

This is a story of abuse in a seemingly normal home.

The Humane Way


Please support my campaign

Please support my campaign

Please support my campaign:….. I am campaigning that all Dangerous,abandoned and stray dogs taken in by the RSPCA and other kind charities should be put down in the humane way of having their throats cut and nicely bleeding to death….

This is much better and cheaper as well.

If you for some very strange reason you cannot support this, “How the hell can you support that each day in Britain thousands of other poor animals have their throats cut for the sake of supplying HALAL meat to appease barbarians that live in Britain.”

There is a right to reply by simply clicking the speech mark above and to the right…


Schoolgirl Abduction


Angel In Criminal Minds

Angel In Criminal Minds

I am writing another Story that has sprang into my mind,. I have called it Criminal Mind Games.

This Is a story about a beautiful Schoolgirl with very wealthy parents and who is abducted and sexually abused over and over again by her abductor until a ransom is paid by her parents.

This is not what the story is about at all as the schoolgirl is a very devious and cunning bitch, the story has a very sinister twist.    

    I will put time of last updates here;  9;58 am Wed 11th Jan 

Let me know what you think… The link to the story is here —— —————-> Criminal Mind Games

Sex in Gambia

I am writing about a time when me and Nat was in Gambia a few years ago on holiday and a true sexual experience that we both had there, its only a short story but it was quite kinky …. Thanks

I have now updated the story adding a little more detail and meat to the bone and extended it too.

The link to the story is here and is perfectly true -> Sex in Gambia

On the Farm pt 2

I am beginning to write part 2 of Nat’s story “On the Farm” I have read it through to see where we were and what we got up to… I think that as I wrote the final few chapters of the story that I must have got felt really horny and I got well carried away a bit, so I may have to change that, so if you want to read it as it is now, do it now because that may be gone.

I have got two aspects of the story inside my head and I am not sure that I can run them both, but they are both dead kinky so I will try.

Also if I carry on from where we left off I think that I will have to write it from Nat’s view point, but if I start a new page and add it as a part 2 like the other stories I will be able to write it from my view point.

As there is no activity below I think fuck it, why waste my time!!!

The original plan with on the farm was to have the story twice black so that you could see it was Nat’s thoughts and blue so that you could see they were my thoughts like in the story Hiding In the Shadows… I wont ask you what you think because I would be just wasting my time thanks. But you will see the second part of the story within the next day or two in one format or another. 

Brother Confession

I have a confession to make, the new story I wrote “My Brother Blackmailed Me” I stole it. Do you remember a while ago I said that I would write about a sleepover I had with them at the end of “My First Schoolgirl Sex Game” Well I stole it from there, I jiggled around with it a bit of course. Somehow when I was writing it I just found it easier to do it this way.

I may change it back, What do you think?

Click green thumb below for Yes

Red thumb below for no

Thanks Angel

New Brother Story

I am writing a new brother themed story as they are without doubt one of the most popular, I have written most of it and I will launch it on the website tomorrow.

I know this isn’t the most popular page on the website, my counters tell me that, but I will put a link to the story from here as I know some tablets and smart phones don’t show the Side bar menu…. Thanks.

The new story is here, its only a short > My Brother Blackmailed Me

Thanks, Angel

Refresh the stories

Hello, I have been reviewing the Stories as you will have read in the earlier posts, adding content, dialogue, description, It also proof reads the stories for all sorts of errors and mistakes.

Now I know it is hard to get people to post and write to me on here, but if there a Story that you think that I ought to or just would like me to review in this manner, would you let me know. While I am on the Sick and not working I will have time to do it.

Please don’t just look and think “so and so would be a good one to do,” PLEASE write to me and let me know below. Thanks…… Angel.

or write to me via e-mail at

Added to young lesbians

I have reviewed the story Young Lesbians, a story I wrote last year. I have added much more detail, and conversation in to it.

It is a story of my very first innocent late schoolgirl girl on girl sex and has already got good reviews. I know some people cannot see the side bar menu and the story isn’t in the top main menu so I have done a link here ->   Young Lesbians

I don’t know why I called it that as neither of us was or is a lesbian, we were more exploring our bi-sexuality anyway thanks for reading.

Been away

Hello, I have been away for a while because I have been very ill, so ill after about a week they moved me in to Hospital where I have been for the last month. I have been home for the last week recuperating but I am very weak and haven’t recovered by any means..

I feel much better now though as I have been seriously ill, strangely and surprisingly the illness has changed my whole persona and character from what I was before.

I have also lost a lot of weight so I look like a stick walking around, so those of you that like skinny girls with very small tits, I am right up your street at the moment.

I would love to tell you whats been wrong with me but the consultant is not sure, although I have had a Biopsy and they now think it is Cancer. I get the results on the 14th which is a little worrying, but at least I will know. While I was in Hospital I was bored to death, but I just did not want to write, the whole writing drive left me. I may do some writing next week, I cannot right now as I have friends living with me and baby sitting me at the moment…..

Hope to hear from you

Lots of Love

Angel xx


I know readers may think new stories are slow coming, but I can assure you I work on the stories all the time. I read though many of them over and over again updating and removing errors, adding content like description and dialogue even adding images to stories.

I have one major problem though, people reading from mobiles and some tablets cannot see the main menu bar on the right where most of the stories are, so I may have to add links in one of the main pages somewhere…

At the moment I am doing this with Amanda, there is a link to the story if you scroll further down



The Visitors, a new story

As you can see by the headline I have just loaded up a new story that was sent in this week. I have added a little to it as I proof read it, but mostly I added to it right at the very end.

Of course its a good story, I wouldn’t have added it if I didn’t think so.

Here is the link below, or you will see it on the right menu bar “The Visitors.”

Sad News

I wrote a story about my friend in “Hiding in the Shadows.” I have heard in the last couple of days that she was diagnosed with bowel cancer…. she died Yesterday.. 12 days after the diagnosis, she leaves 3 little ones who will never see their crazy fun loving mother again.

I never got the chance to speak to her, bless you my little darling…… kiss kiss

Read it here..  Hiding in the Shadows 

Choosy Beggers

I went in to Tesco Express this morning and there was a beggar outside with homeless written on a piece of cardboard. I bought him a meal deal that included a chicken salad sandwich a packet of crisps and an orange juice.

On the way out I offered them to the beggar and he told me “I would have preferred the money as I have an intolerance to bread and I would have liked to have bought a cooked breakfast.”

Well bloody great I thought and I told him “Well I don’t have any money on me and I put this on my card to buy you these..”

I just tossed him the crisps and orange juice and added, “Well I will keep the sandwich then, no point in wasting it.

When I got in I made myself a cup of tea and had a chicken and salad sandwich with it.

Angel Reading

 Hiya, here are the recordings of Angel reading, they were not the best readings but it was all done in one quick take, she wasnt feeling very well (a bit of girl flu) and we had visitors as well along with football and cricket, please let us know what you think and if it goes well the new website will include all the stories in this format.. Thanks

Click here to hear Angel reading…  Brothers bedroom mp3 comp

Click here to hear Angel reading   A School girl running round naked mp3

Click here to hear Angel reading   A Schoolgirl 5 Jon mp3 comp


Audio Stories

One great piece of news though from my perspective was that the top download yesterday was a sound clip from “Audio.”

This has inspired me to do more as a trail, I will get Nat to take off the dross thats there and start to add a little of the sexy parts of the stories, let me know what you think, I will try and do it before the weekend is out.

I wanted to add the stories on Audio so that you could listen to me read them as well as read them yourself, but I thought there was no interest, well the interest from you is obviously building, so now that inspires me.



There is a new story being launched, “Amanda” the sender is from Australia, there is a few stories from there now.

I think this is a great story, read it, you will love it and the proof is all the likes that it has received… It is a story about how a very young and very innocent girl was introduced in to a bright modelling career, and away from the glamour she reveals to us of how, and quite quickly behind the scenes of what they were sometimes forced and expected to do to get additional contracts from clients.

Although I am having problems with getting them in the top menu bar, so you will have to look at the right hand side menu, it should be quite near the top (15th) on the side bar “Amanda”

Pics of myself

I have had to remove some of the pics of myself as I was getting some worrying mails about my Identity, Sorry about that.

I like the thumbs up where I have wrote that I have took some of my pics down, maybe I ought to take them all down and cheer you up a whole lot more  :-)

Bill’s Place

The message that I received from Bill .. Re; Bills Place

Hi Angel. You did me proud on our story!! I enjoyed myself abusing you pet.and was pleased you did also. go on pet you did enjoy it didn’t you lol” I was so surprised that i really had so much thick cum?? in me angel lol.i think you were very kind about my big penis! I am now a veryproud has done my ego?the world of good.. i shall dream about you more now angel and wank myself silly all over you on a regular bases that means every other night..lots of love angel xxxx

Disgusting dog 2 part 3

The finale of disgusting dog 2 part 3 is almost finished, I am just finishing it off right now as we speak, I have posted the almost complete story on the side menu bar, its delayed as I was waiting for advice from other people on how it should end.

I want to add illustrations as well, all this will be done by and over the weekend



New pics

I and Nat have added about a hundred pics in “Sexy Pics.” These are what have been sent to me, some from the owners as self Shots, but mostly just sent in to me for….. Well I don’t know why, just to share them perhaps… We have selected what we think are the very best, there are more to come

Thanks for those that sent me your personal pics and for those who sent pics in and please keep sending


Angel and Nat

Site Numbers

Hello, we have just completed the third full year of Secret Story Club. In the first full year we had 35,000 hits from a standing start. In the last 2 years we have had a total of just over 2.5 million hits and more returning readers than ever before, although this can be difficult to count accurately as many have cookies turned off, you naughty boys and girls.

This year slightly more hits than last 1,246,892 million in 2014 to 1,270,497 million in 2015.

Making 23,605 more, but last year we had an outage and a problem with the server where for almost a month we had hardly any hits all.

A total of 2,517,389 million over two years ….. You see, we are not alone in our kinkiness.

The top read Stories were Disgusting Dog Stories, My Brothers Bedroom, Dirty Old Man and now Daddy’s Girl, the first time a guest writer has hit top spot, well done Andy.

Good Luck to every one in 2016

P.S. The home screen counter only counts those hitting that page and not the whole site, many come directly off the web direct to a particular story, which indecently many of our stories are ranked no 1 on google….. but not shown on Bing at all….Booo

XXXXXXX lots of love and kisses, Angel.


a few hours with Bill

As you know 76 year old Bill has been offering girls £400 to £500 to have sex with him for 2 hours, as well as many other proposal on here. Well I am telling you that I accepted one of Bills proposals and I am writing to day of how things went Yesterday (30-Dec-2015) with him.

Bill is a Regular on here and will verify the story.

The story is “bills place”  just click the link as it is now finished, although I may go back and clean it up and add bits. The story is also on the lower right column where all the stories are listed as for some reason that story will not go in to the top Menu Bar, which may be best.

The story should be up today but will not be finished until tomorrow I would think as it is New Years Eve…. Hang over tomorrow, chill out writing day



PS. I would love to know what the people are thinking when they click the thumbs down, please tell me.


I want to add some Glamour in to the Website, I am having loads od photos sent to me and I would like to show you.

Some of these pictures are sent to me by the people themselves and most I think are of just great sexy pictures of around the Inter-web.

Like everything on here there are no Trojans no phishing, no virus, no spam… Just good clean sexy fun.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish all of you and your family’s the very best of fortune for the coming new year.



Road Rage

There is going to be a new story launched “Road Rage” in the next few minutes from Nat Cham my Partner, he is a real good kinky pervert.

The story is derived from a true road rage incident that happened to him, as fate had it they almost drove past his home and to satisfy his rage and anger at them he thought of this story on how he would get his revenge on then…. He told me it worked quite well.

He doesn’t say where the real story ends and where the fantasy begins, but I will tell you, the fantasy starts quite late in the story.

I hope you enjoy the story, I loved it.


Dog sex

The story “enticed in to dog sex” was a story a girlfriend told me, another friend told me a similar story about a couple that we both know that involved dog sex. A very very different story from any of the others I have told, would you be interested in hearing it?

Just hit the like below if you are interested or I will just carry on with other stuff.



New story, young lesbians

I was filling out one of the stories that I do quite often “Doctor X” when there was a reference in there about my first bisexual experience. I expanded so much that I think it will stand to be a story on its own “Young Lesbians” -like My Confession that’s in my Brothers Bedroom… It may give you an insight to how I felt at the time.

Dirty Story

I am up in Sheffield working for a few days before Christmas. At this time of year I take a friends son who is autistic and has learning difficulties out in the car to look at the Christmas lights and decorations.

He is fascinated with them and loves the bright colour’s. I do this most of the days over Christmas and I have done this for about 11 years and ever since I have been able to drive. He is such a cute and beautiful lad in every way. I have known him since he was 3, he is now 21.

I had seen him being bathed in the sink when he was about 4 or 5 and noticed he had a big cock even then (I would only have been 13 or 14 but I remembered) then I walked in the bathroom when I was about 20, he was about 14 and he had not locked the door.

He was stood there in the bath soaping himself down, my eyes were instantly drawn to his cock that was dangling between his legs, its was the biggest prick I had ever seen for real then and even now. I stood there for a few seconds apologizing to his and he just stood there saying, “oh its fine don’t worry” in his way, he still spoke like a small child then and I was in no rush to leave.

Last night I took him out in the car as usual to see the Christmas lights and I was feeling as horny as hell and couldn’t get the size of his cock out of my mind, well lets say it was on my mind.

Anyway I have decided to tell the highly and grossly exaggerated story of what might have happened.

Thanks…. Angel.



The story of Collette is one of the reasons that I wanted my own Website to tell this horrible story. It is a true story that happened to me when I was about 18 or 19. It is an horrific story and was so traumatic to someone like me who had an innocent upbringing. It was the first true story that I wrote that had any meaning, everything else was the same usual mundane dross that you get in blogs today

I wrote stories before but it was just silly schoolgirl fun, after this I discovered that I wanted to learn about my dark side. This story learnt me that some people truly lived in the Dark Underworld.

What encouraged me to write this was the BBC running a program about inner city girl gangs and I thought ‘I know something much darker than that.’ so I wrote it.




Disgusting dog sex 3

A few of you will be pleased to know that have already started to write the ending of disgusting dog two with writing disgusting dog sex 3, I am editing and adding to disgusting dog 2 and have already started that too.

I have told Nat what I want and he will start editing the illustrations.

I know I have said this before, but I haven’t got much work on so you should see that story real soon.

The one thing I have to do though is totally re-edit dog story 2 to make it fit for the kinky ideas I have for dog story 3.

Thanks …. Angel



I have finished the new Story “Stuck” and I must say I really enjoyed writing it and I am really pleased with how it turned out, it turned out not as I thought it would… but nice and kinky the whole same.. let me know what you think.

The red arrows on “girl on patrol”… well I have to finish it, I cannot leave it like that. I think it is a damn good story, but a bit gory so not for everyone, but I do get people telling me they love the story and love the character of Asmia, I know we can never please everyone.

On Patrol

I have started writing a new story even though I haven’t quite finished writing the last one yet, but somehow I feel more motivated when I write them two at a time.

I want to finish writing On Patrol, I started writing it around two years ago and events seem to have taken me over. the story was about religious fanatics from the Middle East bringing the 3rd world war hear on to European and British Streets. I had better get on with it before its been here and gone.

It is very different for me as this is really a bloodbath which is not my real forte in life, but the point is…. well I don’t think there was one come to think of it… Oh yes, the point was the extreme’s these people are prepared to go through even though they looks and behave just the same as we do and trying to understand their minds.

I will be able to do this over Christmas and New Year, good will to all men and that.



The Collector

I have just noticed that there is a couple of stories that were missing from the main menu screen at the top. “The Collector” was the very first story that I wrote when I was about 17 or 18 years old, its very dark, well for some one that age it was, and I was exploring my dark side.

I don’t know what the hell my mum would have thought about it if she had read it, after all, she was on the receiving end of most of it

Some will have read it, but others couldn’t have done, so because it was my first story I want it in the main screen Thanks

Wheel of ..

I have added a new story from John Who lives in Australia, he has done a few for us now and they are very entertaining.

Many of the things John writes here is what many of us girls think of you men (I know I do.)

See what you think and let us both know please …. Thanks


Nat went to the shops yesterday morning and took the car (lazy sod). Then that afternoon he went out to the car and there was just an empty space there. He came running back in saying in a panic “someone has stolen my car.”

He quickly rang the police explaining the theft, the policeman said “when did you last see the vehicle” ….. all panicky he blurted out “this morning when I took it to the……. oh hold on a minute.” he had just remembered that he had took the car to the shops, but walked back. He felt a little stupid saying to the policeman on the phone ”No forget that, I think I have just found the car.. bye.”

What a nutter


Through life we all have situations that we would sooner forget. Years ago when I was about 12 or 13 I was at a friends house, I was outside by the side of her house and her young sister who was about 4 or 5 years old bent over to pick something up. She had no knickers on and as she bent right over I could see something was stuck to her bum/pussy.

I couldn’t make it out and as she bent over again I also bent over looking up her skirt to have a get a better and closer look trying to make it out. Right at that very point her mother came round the corner and called out to her, I shot up bolt upright not wanting her to see that I was looking up her daughters skirt at her privates, but of course she saw me and I must have looked as shifty as fuck.

Her mother asked her what seemed very warily to me if she wanted some chips and fish for tea… then added, “I think you had better come in now..”

I felt a right idiot, almost as if I was a sick pervert or something that had been caught out red handed. I could feel myself turn red with embarrassment and humiliation. I instantly wanted to explain, but the excuse sounded stupid in my head, so I told her that I would have to go home and have my tea now… I just wanted to get out of there…

Her mother said to me “yes, I think that’s best” … Oh my god, I felt even worse, as I turned away and walked down the path I could feel her eyes burning in to me.

I never ever went back to that house, heaven knows what that mother thought of me.

You must also have had something that embarrassed you…. Please tell us

Lots of love