Autistic Pics

It doesn’t matter who we are we all have a great talent, we just have to find it.. All these pictures were taken by one special person, whose name and little message at the very bottom of these series of photo’s .. why not use one or two as a great Screensaver …. Click to enlarge them.

Autistic 1aAutistic 2aAutistic 3 aAutistic 4aAutistic 5aAutistic 6aAutistic 7aAutistic 8aAutistic 9aAutistic 10aAutistic 11aAutistic 12aAutistic 13aAutistic 14aAutistic 15aAutistic 16aAutistic 17aAutistic 18aAutistic 19aAutistic 20aAutistic 21aAutistic 22aAutistic 23aAutistic 24aAutistic 26aAutistic 27aAutistic 28aAutistic 29aAutistic 30aAutistic 31aAutistic 32aAutistic 33aAutistic 34aAutistic 35aAutistic 36aAutistic 37aAutistic 38aAutistic 39aAutistic 40aAutistic 41a


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