Bank Job

Bank Job

Bank Job by Melissa Walker, USA.
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It was a normal Friday and my best friend at work and I were returning from a normal lunch.  Carol, my friend, is a hot brunette, 27 years old and beautiful, with a body that men drool over.  I am not so bad myself.  My name is Melissa.  I’m 28, blonde, 38D-29-36.  I weigh 130 pounds but it’s all in the right places.  I’m married to a wonderful man and we love each other very much.  I was just walking down the street, headed back to work and laughing with Carol, not knowing that what would happen to me in just a little over thirty minutes from now would change my life forever.

We turned the corner and walked up to the doors of the small branch bank we work at as tellers.  It’s small but is a branch of a much larger bank downtown.  The building that the bank is in is small too and that has a lot to do with what happened later also.

Carol and I were still laughing as we walked through the doors and across the small lobby and into the back of the bank.  We hung up our jackets and went back to our teller cages just like any other day.  The bank manager smiled at us in his overly friendly way as we entered our small cubicles and prepared to return to our duties of cashing checks, taking deposits and handing out withdrawals, all things we could do in our sleep by now.

My first customer was a man I knew well.  He owned a business down the street and always came in after lunch to deposit money to meet his payroll on Fridays.  We talked for awhile and, like always, his eyes traveled down to my breasts.  I didn’t mind because I liked him and he was nice.  I counted out his money and handed him his receipt and smiled as I wished him a good day.

I had three more customers I handled in just the same basic way before the large black man walked up to my window.  If I had been paying more attention to what was going on in the rest of the bank, I would have noticed that three other men had entered the bank too, and that none of them looked like our regular customers.  I didn’t notice that however, and maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference if I had, but I still think about it to this day.

I greeted the man as usual, calling him sir and smiling, until he handed me the paper that looked like a letter.  I looked down at the letter and read the note on it.  It was a demand for cash.  I looked up, startled, and started to reach for the alarm button with my foot as we are trained to do.  At that moment however, I heard what seemed a loud click and saw the pistol appear in the man’s hand and point straight at me.  My foot stopped almost instantly and the alarm did not sound.  That’s another thing I think about a lot now but at the time I was just too damned scared to think right then.

“Don’t think about pushing that button, honey,”  the man said to me in a soft but mean tone. “Not unless you want everyone to see your brains splattered all over that wall behind you.  You just back away from the counter there and come on out here all quiet like with the rest of us.  You’re off work now for the rest of the day, at least your regular work.”  His last words were delivered with a huge smile that showed his gleaming white teeth.

His pistol was pointed right at my face and I did what he told me.  I backed up and went out the door of my cubicle and around to the lobby of the bank.  On my way there I saw that Carol was being pulled out of her cubicle by another large black man who also had a gun.  She was crying and trying to shake the man’s hands off her as he laughed at her distress.  I took a look around the bank and saw two more men with guns, one a Spanish looking man and the other another black man.  They had gathered up the two clerks and the bank manager and were pushing them in front of them, gathering all 5 of us in a group in the lobby.

I stood there terrified, silently cursing the bank manager for trying to cut down on spending by not hiring guards for the bank. The man who had handed me the note now showed that he was the leader of the group by starting to give out orders to us and the rest of the robbers.  He ordered all of us except the bank manager get down on to our knees on the floor and put our hands on our heads.  He told one of the other black men to cover us with his gun and he walked over and then stood by the side of us pointing his pistol in our direction and watching us intently.

The leader took the bank manager by the arm and pulled him to the side and there he told him. “Now, you’re gonna put this very special sign on the door we have for you! He handed it to the manager and it read ‘We are sorry for the inconvenience but at the moment all our computer systems are down.  We are closed until repairs are fully completed.’  ”We don’t want anyone to walk in while we’re completing our business, do we?”

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The frightened bank manager just nodded and walked with the black man over towards the front doors, but as they were walking to the door it opened and two more people entered the bank. Like Carol and I a few minutes ago, they were talking and laughing and didn’t see the men or the guns until they had them pressing against their heads.

“Come on in and shut up,” the Spanish looking man told them, while the other man grabbed each of them by the arm and hauled them over to us and forced them into position like we were.

The leader and Henry were at the door now.  Suddenly the leader stopped Henry and turned and pointed at me.  “Bring the blonde over here,” he said to one of the other black men, who almost instantly was beside me pulling me to my feet.  As he dragged me over to the leader, I tried to hold back a scream of terror that was building in my head.

The leader took hold of my arm and motioned the other black man back to his original position.  “Now, Mister manager, you are going to go outside and put the sign on the door in the sign holder just like it’s supposed to be.  Then you are going to come back inside.  You have 15 seconds to do that, if you’re not back in here, blondie here gets her cunt shot off.”  As he said this, the leader stuck his pistol up under my skirt, dragging it along my thighs and raising my skirt up until he had the barrel of the pistol pressed tightly against my panty covered pussy.

Henry watched the progress of the gun with shock in his eyes.  “You understand what you’re gonna do?” the leader asked Henry.

“Y-yes, yes I do.  I’ll do it, just don’t hurt anyone,” Henry pleaded.

“Then get out there and get it done.  Remember 15 seconds, and I’m gonna check to make sure you put it in that holder the right way.  If you don’t, then BANG!  Little blondie’s cunt is gonna have a much larger hole than it does now.”

Henry turned and opened the door and went out onto the marble paved approach in front of the doors to the bank.  In just a few seconds he returned and I sighed in relief as the pistol was removed from between my legs.  The leader then pulled me to the door.  “Open it, blondie, so I can see the sign.”  I opened the door and the leader of the robbers looked out and then pulled his head back in.

“Ok, you seem to be learning.  Keep on following orders and no one has to get hurt here today.  Maybe!”  he said in a louder tone.  “Now, let’s get those shades and blinds closed.  And, blondie, you can get back over there with the others now.

As I returned to the group and got back on my knees, Henry now went to all four windows of the bank, pulling the blinds and shades down on all of them except the third one.  When he finished  he returned to our group also as the leader smiled and said.  “That was good too.  You weren’t sure if I knew about that signal too, were you?  Well, I did, so it’s lucky for you you decided not to take the chance.”

“Okay,” the leader said, “me and Sam will watch our guests while you and Carlos start filling up the bags.  Get to it.  We don’t have all day and I think I want to have a little fun while we’re here.”

As the other two men pulled large cloth bags out of their coats and started going to the teller windows to fill them, the leader and the other black man with him began to look us over.  I noticed their eyes kept coming back to Carol and I, really staring at us.  I started to feel a strong feeling of dread and terror, certain I knew what was on their minds, hoping I was wrong also hoping the men wouldn’t take the time to carry out what I knew they were thinking about.  I somehow knew that was a useless hope too.

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Now the leader went up to Sam and the two men began whispering to each other.  As they whispered they still kept their eyes on Carol and me.  Suddenly the two men broke out into loud and somehow evil laughter.  The sound of it and the fact that they were still looking at us so intently sent chills up and down my spine and increased the fright I was feeling.  Then the leader whispered something else to Sam and the two men walked over to Carol and I and pulled us to our feet.

By this time the other two men had emptied the cash drawers and had stuffed the money into the large bags they carried.  The leader called them over too and when they arrived he announced, “I think we’re gonna have a little fun before we leave.  Blondie here is a real nice looking cunt and the brunette ain’t bad either.  I wanna play with them some.  What do you other guys think?”  The robbers immediately began smiling and making lewd comments as they too stared at us.

The leader laughed again and said, “I guess that means yes.”  Then he pulled my face close to his with a hand in my hair, “Well, blondie, you’re gonna put on a real nice show for all of us and then we’re gonna fuck the shit out of you.”

I looked at him, my eyes wide and the fear rushing through me almost unbearably now.  I tried to speak but nothing came out of my mouth but a dry, terror filled croak.  “That’s ok, blondie, you don’t have to thank us yet,” the leader said to me.

All of a sudden one of the clerks who I knew had a crush on me said, “You got the money, just go and leave her alone.  We won’t…”  His voice was cut off when the leader nodded at Carlos, the Spanish man who immediately kicked the clerk in the stomach, doubling him over in pain.

“Anyone else have a comment?” the leader asked the group of men and the younger girl on the floor.  “No?  That’s good.  I don’t want to hear another word out of any of you until I ask for it.  I don’t want to hurt my pretty blondie here yet.  But if I hear another sound from any of you I’ll take it out on the brunette, understand?”

There was only silence from the group on the floor now.  “That’s better,” the leader said, then turned to the other two men, “Carlos you and Ray get the men in that first cubicle there and lock the door behind them.  Leave the little girl there here.”

“And you guys had better stay in there and be quiet,” he said to the group of bank employees and the young male customer as the other robbers were getting them to their feet, “and I want you all to be watching what’s going on out here too.  If I see any of you not watching, you’re gonna make things get bad for this nice brunette cunt here.  Remember that.”

As Carlos and Ray began leading the men into the cubicle, the leader pulled me over to where Sam held Carol in place.  “What’s your name?” the leader asked Carol.  She looked at him with complete terror in her face and eyes and opened her mouth to speak but, like me, nothing came out but a gasp of air.  The leader drew his hand back and slapped Carol hard across the right side of her face.  Her head snapped around and she would have fallen to her knees except for the fact that Sam was holding her tightly.  With one hand in her hair now, the leader pulled Carol’s head back around until she faced him again.  “I asked you your name, you fucking cunt!” he yelled at her.

“C-C-Carol, my name is Carol,” she finally got out as tears of pain and fright ran from her eyes.  I could see a red mark beginning to form on her cheek from the leader’s blow.

“That’s better, Carol,” the leader said to her in a gentler tone now.  “You see, you obey us and do what we tell you to and be nice and cooperative with us, no one has to get hurt.  You understand me, Carol?”

Carol nodded her head as her eyes dropped to the floor.  Then her head whipped around again as the leader slapped her face again, on the left side this time.  Again he pulled Carol’s face toward him and yelled, “And you’ll speak when any of us ask you something, no more of this nodding your head shit. And you’ll answer with respect.  You will say, ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘No, sir.’  Got me?”

Carol was crying openly now but she managed to get out a blubbering “Yes, sir,” through her sobs.

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“That’s much better,” the leader told her and then turned to me.  “And what’s your name my beautiful blondie cunt?” he asked me.

Shaking with fear I answered, “Melissa, sir.”

The leader looked at me intently and laughed.  “That’s good, Melissa.  I see you’ve learned your place better than Carol here.  As a reward, I’ll let her start off the party for us.  But don’t worry, you’ll get your chance too and I want you to watch her while she puts on a show for all of us, because after she does it will be your turn and I will expect you to do a better job, you hear?”

“Yes, sir,” I managed to get out.

“Ray,” the leader said, “go check those offices back there.  See of you can find a radio or something.  We need some music so little Carol here can dance for us and get things started.  And, Carol,” he said to her, “here’s what you’re gonna do.  You’re gonna get up on the big table there and dance for us.  Here’s your big chance to be a stripper Carol.  I know all you hot cunts dream about doing that for a room full of men.  That’s what you’re gonna do now.  You’re gonna dance up there like you were on stage and you’re gonna do a real nice and slow strip for us.  And you better make it hot for us, too.”

“Please, no, I-I can’t do that with all these men here,” Carol said, shaking uncontrollably now.  “Please don’t make me, s-s-sir.”

The leader grabbed her hair again and pulled her closer to him.  Almost magically a knife appeared in his hand and he pushed the point of it up under one of Carol’s blouse covered breasts.  “What if I push this knife into one of your tits, Carol?  You think you could do it then?”

“N-no,” Carol begged him, “please no, I’ll do it, I’ll do it.  Please, don’t,” she even remembered to add the sir as she pleaded with him.

The leader put the knife back wherever he had taken it from and said, “Ok then, don’t make me ask you twice again.  Get on up there and we’ll see if my man Ray can find a radio.  You’ll need some music for this.  It will make it easier for you and nicer for us.”

A few seconds later Ray came back, carrying Henry’s portable stereo.  “Found this.” He said and went and plugged it into a wall socket.

“Good,” the leader said, “put on some nice R&B for our new little stripper Carol here.  Ok, Carol, when the music starts you start dancing and stripping up there for us.  I want everything off and then you dance naked till I tell you to stop.  And make it hot for us.  I want you to show us everything you got hidden under those clothes.  Everything.”

Carol’s face was red from blushing and the tears were still running down her face, but as soon as the music started she began to dance as the leader had ordered her, doing a pretty good imitation of a stripper beginning her routine.  “You watch closely, Melissa.  Remember you’re gonna have to do it too, and better.”

I watched as Carol turned and moved, then gasped a little as she began to unbutton her blouse.  I hadn’t believed she would actually do it and had been scared that the leader would really have to hurt her to make her do it.  But she was and soon her blouse was off and her bra covered tits were exposed.  Then she kicked off her high heels and began unzipping her skirt and letting it drop to the table top too, exposing the little pink thong panties she was wearing.

“That’s real nice, Carol,” the leader said to her.  “But lift your head and look at us while you strip.  And smile.  I know your little cunt is wet already and that you’re secretly enjoying this.  You show us how much you like stripping for us and showing us your naked body.”

“Yes, sir, I will,” Carol said, over the loud music.  And she did, raising her eyes to look from one of us to the other.  A smile appeared on her face and she began dancing a little sexier as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and let it drop to the floor.  The red flush of embarrassment was expanding down her neck now as she realized her naked breasts were on display for all of us to see.

Keep going, Carol,” the leader said, “we want to see all of you.  And when you’re naked, I want you to get really hot for us.  Touch yourself and show us how much fun you’re having.  Get all of us ready or what is going to come later.”

Carol kept looking at us, her eyes moving from on to another as she reached down and began pushing her thong off her hips.  I couldn’t believe how sexy she was as she turned and bent over, showing us her ass as she rolled the thong down her tanned legs and then over her feet to drop them on the floor with the rest of her clothes.  She then raised back up and danced some more, still smiling as she turned and gyrated on the table.

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We watched for a few more minutes as Carol danced, her hands traveling over her body like an exploring lover, cupping hr breasts in her palms and holding them out to us like an offering, then gliding down her belly to her hips as she spread her legs wide, sticking her fingers into her pussy and opening it a little, showing us the pink interior of it.  At times she would turn around and bend over, shaking her ass at us before she reached behind her with both hands and pulled her cheeks apart, letting us see her tight, tiny asshole.

The leader watched for a few more minutes and then said, “Okay, Carol, you can come down now.  That was a very nice performance.  Now you come back over here so we can let Melissa see if she can top your act.”  As Carol got down off the table, he turned to me.  “Now, Melissa, you get on up there and show us what you got.  Remember, you have to do a better job than Carol or you lose and then we’ll all have to punish you.  If you win, then Carol is the one who will be punished.  So get up there and make it really hot for us, cunt.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, and started to walk to the table.  Carol passed me on the way but she didn’t even seem to recognize me and she had a strange look on her face as she walked unsteadily back toward the group of smiling and laughing robbers.

I heard the leader say behind me as I started to climb up on the table.  “You guys take Carol and play with her a little over there.  I’m going to watch my hot Melissa cunt do her show.  I’m the judge and have to decide which one of our hot cunts here is the one that’s going to be punished and which one is going to be treated nicely.  But don’t let little Carol come guys.  We don’t want that to happen yet until we know which of our cunts is the lucky one.”

I was on the table now and I was still terrified by the talk of the punishment and very embarrassed by what I was going to have to do next.  I started dancing slowly, knowing that I had never been too good at dancing and terribly afraid that there was no way that I was going to be able to do better than Carol had done at dancing.  So I decided that I had better make the sexy part of it better than Carol’s to make up for that.  I had no idea then that I had already been chosen as the one to be punished and that all of this was just a game, but I learned that later.  To my everlasting shame.  But I will tell of that later.

Dancing and moving the best I could, I started unbuttoning my blouse now, doing it slowly and trying to make it as sexy as I possibly could.  When  my blouse was off, I stood there in my skirt and bra.  I always like to wear a bra size smaller than my big breasts so I knew how they looked being pressed into the tight bra cups and hanging out on the top and around the sides.  I began shaking my shoulders as I reached down to my skirt, causing my breasts to shake a little, but they couldn’t sway much being as tightly held as they were.

Now I pushed the zipper on the side of my skirt down and dropped the silky material, letting it slide down my legs, exposing my pantiless  and shaven pussy to the audience in the entire bank, all of whom were staring at me intently, amazingly and un-ashameably even the employees locked in the cubicle.

Still trying to move as gracefully and sinuously as I possibly could I continued dancing as I reluctantly reached behind me to unclasp my bra.  When it was free, I yanked it away from my breasts, feeling them pop out and bounce as they claimed the freedom from the tightness of my sexy uplifting bra.  I threw the bra to the floor and began shaking my breasts back and forth, knowing how much my husband loved watching me do that.  I saw the men staring at me more intently and I smiled inwardly through my fear and embarrassment, thinking I was being successful.

I was totally naked now and I danced faster, turning and swaying, opening my legs wider and thrusting my hips out toward the group of men who were now watching me more intently as they rubbed Carol’s breasts and fingered her pussy and pinched and squeezed her ass cheeks.

Now I dropped to the table top and laid down on my tummy with my ass pointing toward the men as I spread my legs wide so they could see my bare pussy and asshole.  Then I raised my ass up as I got up on my knees, keeping my breasts and head pressed against the table.  I reached back and spread my ass cheeks to let them see even more of me.

Rolling over I used both hands on my pussy as I raised my hips up off the table as high as I could, opening my lips wide and running a finger over my clit and into my pussy hole.  I was surprised to find myself actually getting horny and even enjoying this humiliating act.  I now understood why Carol was having trouble walking when she passed me.  My God, I thought, maybe she had actually come up here.  Would I have to do that too to beat her?

I stood up again, turning my back to the men and bending down with my legs spread.  I wrapped both arms around my legs and brought my head as far back between my legs as I could, smiling at the group of men as I shook my ass at them.

Then the leader called out, “Ok, Melissa, that’s enough, get on back down here now.  And when you get on the floor crawl over her to us.  I’m sorry to say that you have lost the contest and you will have to be punished.”

I looked at him in shock and felt the fear rising up in me again, higher than ever this time. “B-But I did what you said.  And I did the best I could for you, sir,” I protested.

“I’m sure you did, Melissa, but in any contest there has to be a loser and I’m sorry to say that Carol here was just a better stripper than you are.  Now get down on your hands and knees and crawl over here to us like I told you, don’t make me tell you again!”

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Shaking with the fear I was feeling now, I slowly got down on my hands and knees and crawled back over to the men and Carol.  When I got there the leader put his boot on my ass and pushed me down to the floor, keeping his boot on my ass and pushing it harder into me as he ground it on my soft ass cheeks.  “You’re a worthless slut, Melissa, you know that?  You can’t dance for shit.  I will admit you have a hot body, but you don’t know how to use it.  Well, we’re gonna teach you how to use it.  By the time we get through with you, you’re gonna be the sluttiest cunt in the world.”

I felt his boot start pressing between my legs as I lay on the cold floor.  “Open your legs, slut, you will always have your legs open for us so we can see and use that worthless cunt of yours.”  I opened my legs, too scared to do anything else, and immediately felt the toe of the leader’s boot digging in between the lips of my pussy.  I jerked as he pushed harder and harder.

Then the boot retreated and he said, “Get back up on your hands and knees, slut!” he yelled at me.  I did as he said and heard him say, “Look at those big fat tits.  They look like cow tits.  You’re a cow, slut.  A big, fucking cow.  Let me hear you tell me what you are.”

I tried to turn my head to look at him but felt another man grab my hair and yank my head back again.  “I-I don’t know what you mean,” I said, sobbing.

Then I felt the leader’s boot strike me between my legs as he kicked me in the pussy and I fell forward on the floor again.  “You heard me, you stupid cow.  I told you to tell me what you are!”

I felt the other man’s hand in my hair again, pulling me upward and I got back to my hands and knees again.  I was openly crying now, tears running down my cheeks as I tried to follow the leader’s orders.  “I-I-I’m a cow, sir.  I’m a big, f-f-fucking, stupid cow.”

“Yes, you are, slut.  Carlos, get down there and see if our cow has any milk in those udders of hers.  Milk her good and let’s see if you can get anything out of her.”

Carlos dropped to his knees beside me and took both my hanging breasts in his hands.  He immediately began pulling on them and squeezing them hard.  I let out a gasp of pain as he started yanking them in all directions as he really began digging his strong fingers into my tender flesh.  Then I let out a small scream as he took my nipples between his thumb and finger and began pinching them and pulling down on them hard.

“Not getting anything, huh, Carlos?” the leader asked.  “That figures.  Your even fucking worthless as a cow,  you stupid slut,” he yelled at me as he delivered a hard kick to my ass with his boot.  When he kicked me my body started to fly forward again, but Carlos’ hands on my breasts stopped me from falling, at the price of a lot of pain in my breasts and nipples.

The leader told Carlos to get me up and he pulled me over on my back by my breasts and then pulled me up to my feet by them too.  God it hurt and I scrambled to my feet as fast as I could.  When I was standing, the leader  pulled me over to the table I had just been dancing on.  “Get the stuff!” he yelled back over his shoulder at the other men.

I didn’t see it but one of them must have done it because soon I was being pressed down on the table top as the leader continued cursing me.  “You fucking worthless cow.  Cows are supposed to give milk.  You can’t even do that.  Well, I guess we’ll have to see how you can do as a pig.  I’ll give you one more chance to get it right.  I’m going to start to punish you now for losing the contest and for failing to be a good cow.  While I do, you show me how good a pig you can be.  Got that, you fat, useless hog?”

I could think of nothing else to do but answer him.  I knew escape was out of the question.  “Y-Yes, sir, but why do you have to hurt me?  I-I’ll do whatever you want.  I promise.  You can f-f-fuck me if you want, anything, just please don’t hurt me.”

“Shut up, you pig.  Pigs don’t talk.  Damn, you’re one stupid cunt.  Of course you’ll do what I want.  And we’ll hurt you just because we want to too.  And we’re all going to fuck that worthless pig cunt and pig ass and pig mouth as much as we want.  Everyone here is going to fuck you whether they want to or not and you are gonna get to make the other girls come too. Plus we are gonna have a lot of other surprises in store for you too.  And you’re gonna get them all whether you like them or not.”

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As the leader was speaking to me, Carlos, Sam and Ray had taken ropes out of the big black bag they had brought over to the table and were tying them around my wrists.  Then they stretched my arms out wide and pulled on them hard and tied the ropes to the legs of the table on the opposite side of where I was leaning over the table.  Next I felt my ankles being tied and then spread as my feet were tied to the legs of the table on this side, spread wide apart and then pulled tight until I felt my whole body being stretched and the edge of the table top digging into my stomach.  When I was firmly tied in position, the leader began speaking to me again.

“Now, Melissa cunt,” he said as he walked around in front of me.  I could now see that he was holding a large black leather belt in his hands that he had pulled out of the loops of his pants.  He smacked the belt on his palms, making a smacking sound.  “You can answer this question with words but it is the last one until I tell you different.  What’s your name?”

I tried to think of what he wanted but finally just said, “Melissa, sir.”

Then I heard the smack again, much louder this time and then felt the searing pain explode into one of my ass cheeks as he lashed the belt down onto it hard.  “That’s wrong, cunt, guess again!” he yelled.

The pain in my ass was terrible as I tried to think what he wanted, trying desperately to avoid another of those blows.  “Cunt, sir,” I almost screamed.  “My name is cunt, sir!”

“That’s better.  Yes, your name is cunt from now on.  Cunt, the pig.  Because that is all you are and all you are going to be from now on, one big cunt.  You are going to be fucked as much as possible every day for the rest of your worthless life.  You’re going to fuck whoever and whatever we tell you to.  Men, women, animals, anything that will fit in that big cunt, mouth and asshole of yours.  But right now you are just a pig.  Not even worthy to be called a cunt yet.  I am going to ask you some questions.  You will answer yes or no.  The way you do that is snort once for yes and twice for no.  You understand me, pig?”

I made a snorting sound through my nose.

“That’s good, piggie.  Very good.  You will also receive one lash of the belt across that fat ass of yours for every question I ask you.  Then you will snort your answer and then you will say Oink! really loud as a thank you for the lash you have just received.  If you do not answer fast enough or if you forget the thank you, I am going to give you ten more hard lashes every time you fuck up.”

“Let’s begin, pig, I…wait a minute, something isn’t right here.  I got it, pigs don’t have long blonde hair like this, do they guys?” the leader asked, laughing and taking my hair in his hands.  “Someone find me some scissors so we can make our pig look better.”

Oh God no! I thought.  Not my hair!  I was so proud of my  long blonde hair and now…  But there was nothing I could do as I watched Ray looking in desks until he found a large pair of scissors.  He returned and handed them to the leader.

I felt him taking my hair in his hands again, gathering all the long strands he could get together and then I felt him sawing at them with the scissors until he had cut through them and was holding them in his hands.  Coming around in front of me now, he showed the handful of hair to me and laughed.  “There, pig, now you don’t have long blonde hair you’re not supposed to have.  Now what else is missing from our pig?  Yes, that’s it, a tail.. Pigs have tails don’t they?”  He looked at the long blonde hair in his hands and said, “Well this won’t be exactly right but it’s close enough.”  He took one  end of my cut off hair and tied a knot in it, making a large knot of hair maybe two inches in diameter.  Then he walked out of my sight again.

But soon I felt him behind me as he pulled apart the cheeks of my ass and began stuffing the knot of hair into my asshole.  I screamed as he pushed and pushed, opening my tight asshole slowly and filling it with the knot of my hair.  It hurt terribly as I felt his fingers entering me too, pushing the knot in deeper.  Finally he pulled his fingers out of me, leaving the long strands of hair hanging down between my legs where I could feel them against my pussy.  Still, the pain in my asshole was almost unbearable.

“There that’s better.  Not exactly like a pig, but hot looking anyway.  Now, let’s see, what else are pigs good for.  Yes, that’s it, they eat garbage.  Sam bring that trash can over here. Let’s see what’s in it.”

Sam brought the metal trash can over and the leader started looking through it.  “Well, not too much good stuff in here.  We’ll start with this,” he said, holding up a wadded up piece of typing paper.  “Open your mouth, pig!” he ordered me.

I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want the belt again either, or something worse.  I opened my mouth and he stuffed the paper inside it.  “Chew it up and swallow it, pig.  Ray, while our pig eats, you take the scissors and cut off the rest of her hair.  Get it as close to her scalp as you can.  Come on, pig, eat your dinner.”

Page 8

I was chewing on the paper, feeling it getting wet with my saliva but still stiff in my mouth.  I kept chewing and finally felt it breaking up as my spit softened it.  Finally it was a mushy ball in my mouth and I swallowed it down.

“Good, pig, here have this now,” he said.  I opened my mouth again expecting another ball of paper but instead he poured an ashtray full of cigarette butts and ashes into my mouth and then clamped his hand over it so I couldn’t spit them out.  “Eat up, pig, and don’t you dare get sick on me.  If you do, I’ll whip that ass till it’s bleeding and then have you lick up your puke.!”

As I coughed and chewed on the terrible tasting things in my mouth, Ray was cutting the rest of my hair off my head.  I could hear the snip snips of the scissors and see him letting the pieces of hair drop to the floor as he went.  Soon he had finished and I could imagine the sight I must make with my hair gone and me chewing on the mouthful of cigarette butts, tied to the table with my hair sticking out of my ass.  I was totally shamed and defenseless now.  Nothing could be worse than this.  But I was wrong again.

The leader watched me trying to chew for a few moments and then said, “Having trouble with that, pig?  Yes, I guess it was a little dry.  Open your mouth again, pig, and we’ll give you something to help you a little, and don’t you dare close it before I tell you to or you know what will happen to your ass.  Come on guys, just watch me.”

I opened my mouth and the leader bent down and spit a huge wad of saliva into my mouth.  One by one the other three men did the same.  My mouth was full of the vile liquid and the cigarette butts before the leader told me I could close my mouth and continue eating.

The thought of what I was doing was shattering but the leader was right.  All that liquid did make it easier to chew up and swallow the cigarette butts and in a few minutes I had downed them all along with all the men had given me too.

“Very good, pig,” the leader told me as he patted me on the ass.  “At least we finally found something that you’re good at.  You make a damn fine pig.  Carol, you come over here now.”

I looked up and saw Carol walking toward us.  Her eyes were glazed and tear filled.  I knew she had never seen or even thought of anything like she had seen happen here today.  But she offered no resistance when the leader told her to get up on the table and slide her pussy up to my mouth.  Soon she was in position, her pussy right in front of me, her legs spread and laying on my shoulders, leaning back on her hands on the table.

“Don’t worry, Carol,” the leader told her, walking over and giving her a pat on the head.  “We’re not going to hurt you.  You were the winner, pig here was the loser, she’s the one who has to pay the penalty for that.  She’s just gonna eat your pussy for you while I ask her some questions.  She is going to snort and oink into your pussy while she’s eating you and then you are going to tell me what she said.  For example, if I ask her a question and lash her ass and she snorts once into your pussy and oinks, you will say, ‘Pig says yes and thank you for the lash, sir.  Understand, Carol?”

“Yes, sir,” Carol said instantly looking at the man.  “I understand, sir.”

“That’s good, Carol, you’re showing why you were the winner,” the leader told her as he bent down and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.  “Now you just lie back and enjoy our piggie’s tongue working on you.  And you better do a good job, pig, I want our little Carol to have a good time and come in your pig mouth.”

The leader moved around behind me again and I felt the belt slide across my ass as he positioned himself.  “Ok, pig, here we go.  No sounds but what I told you or you’ll be really sorry.  Are you married?”  He had barely got the words out when I felt the sting of the belt across both my ass cheeks right in the center.  I jumped as much as I could but kept my mouth buried in Carol’s pussy, my tongue licking away.

“Snort, oink,” I got out.

“Pig says yes, sir and thank you for the lash, sir,” Carol said.

“Good,” the leader said and I felt his fingers poking into my pussy and then withdrawing.  “Does your husband fuck your pig cunt regularly?”  Then the lash, harder this time and at the top of my cheeks. This time I did jump.

“Snort, oink.”

Carol chimed in right away, “Pig says yes, sir and thank you for the lash, sir.”

“Well,” the leader said, “if he does he must have a little pencil dick judging by the tightness of your pig cunt.  Does he, pig, does your husband have a little pencil dick?” The lash struck again, not as hard as the last one and this time at the bottom of my cheeks and getting a little of one of my thighs.  I moaned into Carol’s pussy from the pain.

Page 9

I didn’t know what to answer to that but I snorted out once for yes and then oinked.

Carol again translated my sounds for the leader.

“That’s what I thought.  You’ve never been with a real man with a man’s cock, have you pig?”  The lash again, right down the center and hard.  This time I had to choke back a scream.

“Snort, snort and oink,” I answered, followed by Carol telling him what I said.

It went on and on, question after question, each one dirtier and nastier than the one before.  Had I ever been with a girl, had I ever had sex with one of my family, had I ever let a dog or other animal fuck me, did I like to drink piss or get pissed on, did I ever do bondage or BDSM scenes with anyone.  I answered each one and oinked after the lash.  My ass was hurting tremendously now, burning hot and tender, spikes of pain lanced into me even without the blows landing to increase it.  Then, finally it was over.

Carol had come in my mouth long before and seemed to be about to do it again.  Whether from my tongue or the nastiness of the questions and my situation, I don’t know.  As I laid there unable to move, recovering a little from the beating, my mouth and lips and tongue sore but still working on Carol, I noticed two of the men leading the younger girl over to us.  Oh no, I thought, please don’t make me eat her too, not now!

But that wasn’t what they wanted.  When they had her over by us, they began ripping the clothes off her brutally, manhandling her as they tore her clothing off, yanking her from one direction to the other.  When she was naked they pushed her to arms length and looked at her for a moment, smiling.  “Perfect size, I think, Carlos said.  “Get the stuff,” he told Sam.

Sam returned with a bundle of what looked like clothes but no clothes like I had ever seen.  Also he had a couple of toys that he handed to Carlos, who pushed the girl over at the waist and kicked her legs apart.  Holding up a big red butt plug, he bent and began pushing it into the girl’s asshole, not caring or even seeming to hear the tortured screams she began letting out as the huge butt plug stretched and maybe ripped open her probably virgin ass.  When he had the plug firmly buried in her ass he pulled the girl back up and bent her over backward this time.  Now he took another large dildo at least ten inches long and almost three inches thick and shoved the huge head of it into the girl’s pussy.  Her screams increased as he shoved it in her until less than an inch remained outside of her pussy.  Then he stood hr back up.

Just then Carol screamed too, but in pleasure as she came on my still licking tongue.  I licked her juices from her, knowing without being told that was what I was expected to do.  Then all of us turned to watch the spectacle unfolding in front of us, even the leader of the robbers seeming to be entranced by it.

Sam now approached the girl and Carlos lifted her up in the air with his hands under her shoulders, so Sam could begin putting shiny brown leather pants on her.  He pushed and pulled them up her legs, Carlos assisting by pushing the girl’s body down at the same time until, finally they were on her.  Sam pulled the waist of the pants up and buttoned them.  They fit the girl like a second skin, every bump on her legs were visible as were her pussy lips with the huge base of the dildo stretching them apart.

Sam went back to the pile and returned with an even shinier light blue garment I couldn’t identify.  When he opened it up I could see that it was a plastic of some kind but very thick.  Carlos lifted the by now unresisting girl’s arms up and Sam began inserting her hands and head through openings in the top of the garment.  Then he began stretching it and pulling it down her body until she was firmly inside it, if firmly is a strong enough word.  Once again every feature of her could be seen outlined in the plastic, breasts, nipples, even the lines of her aureoles were clearly delineated.


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  1. Eine unglaublich menschenverachtende Geschichte,das arme Mädchen und die noch ärmere Melissa, ich möchte gern erfahren,wie die Story ausgeht und ob die Räuber in einen Knast kommen,wo ihnen schlimmeres angetan wird und die Mädels Genugtuung erhalten.

    • Malissa, eine Freundin von mir, hat mir diese Geschichte vor ein paar Jahren geschickt und ist dann von der Erde verschwunden.

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