Written By Nat Cham ……. Complete √
Good Performance tracking counterI wrote this story about Sexual Blackmail as a Fantasy about the girl who lives across the road from where I live. I did some work for her husband so the scenario and circumstance are true, the people are also true, but the fantasy is not. …. Not yet anyway.

Nicola is blackmailed to have sex.

Nicola is blackmailed to have sex.

The girl across the road in our cul-de-sac was absolutely stunning. Nicola was quite petite with blonde hair and blue eyes, she was about 25 years old with such sexy full lips. She always dressed immaculate with short skirts and revealing tops.

Sometimes as she noticed me in the window she would give me a large sexy smile and as she was putting stuff in the boot of her Jaguar she would bend right over allowing me to see her knickers, well that’s how it seemed to a pervert like me anyway.

Her husband whose name was Steve was a very wealthy man, owning at least two very successful companies. I suppose I would have to describe him as being very handsome but he was also a big brutish powerful man, he was very tall standing about 6ft 5 inches (1m 95cm) with arms like tree trunks and a powerful body to match, he stood no nonsense from anyone, the type of guy you dare not cross, he feared no one.

I had done a lot of work for his company in which Nicola worked as well and she had a big say in some of the things that involved me, ie getting paid for instance and In the last twelve months they had only paid me about half of what they owed me.

Now they had always been slow payers and I always put that down to cash flow problems, (I don’t know why.) I had done about 16 months work for them and they still owed me about 280k for the surveys, plans, and of course, I still had to pay all the men that had worked on their job.

Now I feared that it looked as though they were trying to defraud me and it was going to be a hard slog to get all the money they owed because Nicola wasn’t happy about some of the geological survey results that we had done for them, or so she claimed..

The guys that worked for me on their site work was some of the best and most experienced in this field, I was proud to have them. I had to use some of my savings to keep my business going and I had to lay off for a short time some damn good men that I really needed. While with my help and ideas their business was going from strength to strength, but anyway I won’t go into that now.

I was in my study with my camera on stand-by, there were some youths in a cranky old car that was getting food from McDonald’s about half a mile away and parking up and eating it in our cul de sac because of the beautiful views we imagined, but throwing all the packaging out and onto the floor and making a real mess, I was hoping to video them and the number plate so I could pass it on to the police. Now Steve just suggested dragging them out of the car and beating them up, but the rest of the people that lived in the cul-de-sac suggested that was too violent, everyone wants to be a social worker these days with political correctness and that.

But on this particular week Nicola had done something that was really stupid and I decided I was going to take a chance on it, this was going to be the day that I would get my money and some interest for all the work and profits that I had earned for them and in return change all our lives forever.

I saw her loading boxes of paperwork into her car as she did every Wednesday, her husband was away on a business trip, she was wearing a short skirt as usual but this time she was wearing very colourful over the knee stocking and her hair in pigtails, she looked so stunning almost with a schoolgirl look, she saw me looking with my camera in my hand and waved, and as she bent over placing the boxes into the boot of her car showing her knickers she wriggled her bottom knowing I was looking with my camera and just stayed there a little giving me time to photograph her, well that’s as it seemed to me anyway, I could have been wrong, well anyway I just couldn’t resist it.

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So this was the day I plucked up courage to confront her, I thought it was now or never, I went downstairs and walked over to her “Hello Nicola” I said as I got closer to her, “can I just show you these photo’s before you rush off” “yes” she smiled with a smile that would light up a city “what is it,” God she looked and smelled absolutely fantastic.

“Yes” she smiled with a smile that would light up a city “what is it of?,” God she looked and smelled absolutely fantastic.

As I stood there I felt faint with fear and my heart pounded as she takes the envelope off me and instantly notices they are pictures in there, “Oh did you manage to get those photo’s of those idiots throwing their rubbish all over” she said sounding really pleased, opening the envelope she takes the contents out and starts looking at the pictures I have given to her, as she looks her face changes in an instance, her jaw drops open, she looks at me then looks back at the photos then back at me again ”What’s this all about!” she demands with her face looking like thunder. so I explain ”you know what they are, there photos of you with your husbands brother and another girl on Tuesday in your bedroom, You see my bedroom across the road is 3 stories high and I can see right into your rooms if the sun is right, yesterday you forgot to close the blinds properly, and the pictures I have of you and your lovers are very clear and very revealing aren’t they?

She holds her hands out in innocence “No, no you have got it all wrong, it’s not like that at all” she stammered.

So I explain, ”You know what they are, there photos of you with your husbands brother and another girl on Tuesday in your bedroom. You see my bedroom across the road is 3 stories high and I can see right into your rooms if the sun is right, yesterday you forgot to close the blinds properly, and the pictures I have of you and your lovers are very clear and very revealing aren’t they, she holds her hands out in innocence “no, no you have got it all wrong, its not like that at all” she stammered.

“Well the pictures of you girls half naked on the bed kissing while he looks on and gets undressed, and these other pictures of all three of you tell it all to me,” I look at her in the eyes “your husband has already had a fall out with his brother hasn’t he and your husband is a very jealous man isn’t he, he can be very violent cant he, what would his reaction be if he saw those pictures of all of you, would your life be worth living.”

The mistake Nicola had made was that she had lowered and angled the louvre blinds down to stop anyone from across the road from seeing in, but that same angle allowed a three storey property like mine across the road see straight into her 2 storeys bedroom…and bingo I got my pictures. I had already had my camera out and waiting for the yobs making all the mess, I took photos and video of everything they were doing in the bedroom, they were way too busy to notice the mistake they had made and me across the road in my bedroom window.

So anyway she just stands there so shocked with her mouth open, I was even so turned on because I could see her pretty pink tongue and her lovely white teeth, she looks at me with her stunning blue eyes burning into mine, then suddenly she blurts out “what is it you want, is it your money you keep going on about” …..I smile and suggest “yes, that would be nice, I certainly want that, but for all my hardship and grief that I have had to endure these last few months, If you can also do me a

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small sexual favour as interest maybe, then maybe your husband won’t see these pictures,”

Her expression then changes to a violent one  ”No fucking chance ! .. you dirty little pervert” she says and rips the pictures up.

“Oh, I have loads of those printed off,” I tell her, “perhaps you would like to step into my kitchen so we can negotiate in a little more privacy, shall we?”  I smile and walk back across the road and down my path trying to look as confident as I could as my legs were really shaking like jelly.

As I stepped into my kitchen I quickly look through the window at her to see if she is following, but she is just stood there where I left her, I can see her looking around very nervously not knowing what to do, she seems to stand there for an age and I am worried that she was going to call my bluff, then I would be in real trouble if she told Steve what I had said and done.

Then she slams down the boot of her car, locking it then she turns and walks angrily across the road to me and down my drive looking from side to side to see that no one else is watching.

She stepping into the kitchen tentatively, then seeing me stood there she opens her

Nicola with shaking hands tries to negotiate with me, but I want sex from her as her punishment

Nicola with shaking hands tries to negotiate with me, but I want sex from her as her punishment

handbag and I notice her hands shaking like crazy as she says “ok you win, I will buy them from you and I will get my husband to pay you your wages by the end of the week”

Seeing her hands shaking like that gave me confidence and I shake my head “look I want the money that I have worked for but I have told you what I want as an interest payment from you for all that you have put me through, I’ll tell you what, you can start by showing me your gorgeous tits and we can move on from their” I smile.

“Get lost you disgusting silly little man!” she says “I am not going to have anything to do with your revolting sordid games you little creep” and glares at me with stunning eyes that could kill.

To be honest, I was so surprised she dismissed something as tame as that so out of hand, I thought she might have hesitated and thought about it at least, even though I intended a lot more than that from her, maybe I was wrong about this.

I couldn’t back down now could I so I decide that I would have to press on with the Blackmail, so I told her “Well do you remember the work I did for your husband a while ago?” I said beckoning her over with my finger, “he gave me all his works email address’s didn’t he, well suppose that I sent some of those pictures to your husband and to all the management that work for him, do you think he would be happy, would he be able to stand the shame and shock, once they all see these pictures I wonder what his reactions would be?”  Her face turns bright red even through all that make-up

“YOU LITTLE BASTARD!,” she shouts

“Yes I thought it was quite good as well,” I said so proudly.

I take her by the hand whilst taking the laptop in my other and lead her into the living room where she follows quite passive and obediently, “sit there,” I say to her, puzzled she does as she is told, and as she sits on the sofa I sit on a chair opposite, we sit there looking at one another, I admire her tits while she wonders what is next, she is the first to speak “I can’t stay for long you know, I have to be in the office, they will be waiting for me” taking no notice

As I study all the pictures on my laptop, I ponder out loudly “now let me see, which ones shall I choose at first.” Then I say to her prompting her to come even closer still “come here and watch this” with that I go to my laptop whilst still explaining“ now if I select this picture of  you passionately kissing your girlfriend in the bedroom with the guy semi-naked, do you think your husband will recognise his bedroom, his brother, his wife, your lover’s, … anyway we will start with this picture at first shall we, then lets attach the one of you half dressed and on the bed being nice to your friend to this email as well to your husband and lets say heads of his department, that should be a nice little start to humiliate him somewhat and start the ball rolling don’t you think?”

I lift my finger high then slowly bring it down towards the enter button to send the mail and Nicola Screams out, ”NO!! NO! STOP !”

I pause for a second and look at her and Nicola screams out in a total panic “JUST HOLD ON” she shouts “Just what do you want me to do?” then she pleads adding “We can work something out, let me have a think and I will get back to you later this week, we can work something out between us, can’t we … Please” ……  

God, she looks so cute and innocent, I could feel myself weakening, but I gripped my inner strength and I pulled myself together I  was unrepentant although my heart was beating out of my chest in fear and I could hardly breathe, I shake my head “No, I want at least some of my interest payment right now” I demand.

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I wanted to see how worried she was and didn’t want to give her time to think and work something out so I again moved my finger very slowly to the send button on the laptop to emphasise the point I was making. “OK, ALRIGHT” she blurts out quickly as my finger sits right on the send button.

I can see the fear in her beautiful face as she begs “PLEASE, PLEASE, DON’T DO THAT” and then Nicola changes mood and immediately starts to undo her blouse whilst looking angry “Okay! You want to see my tits right, okay okay you win” undoing her buttons angrily she

All right you win!

All right you win!

says “Look at my fucking tits then if that’s what you want” and then reaching around with her hands to unfasten that sexy bra of hers.

I stop her as I say “No I Want you to take the blouse completely off first” I order, Nicola frowns at me even deeper and even that looks so sexy from her, then she reluctantly takes the blouse off and hangs it tidily over a chair, “Happy now Mister Pervert?” she says angrily and again moves her hands behind her and unclasps her 

Reluctantly she he shows me her tits giving me a disgusted smile.

Reluctantly she shows me her tits whilst giving me a disgusted smile.

small sexy bra and she let’s those fantastic pert and sexy tits burst out and then letting her bra slide off her silk like shoulders while the look on her face begging me the whole time not to send those pictures.

The atmosphere in the kitchen was electric, you could have cut it with a knife, God, I was so excited now and had to catch my breath.

I wasn’t sure it would work and I was terrified she would call my bluff, but I have her here now in my kitchen with her tits out, I didn’t even believe I had the nerve to do it, but I am even now starting to enjoy it and my confidence is rising by the second and I am getting a real buzz from dominating this powerful but frightened stunningly sexy woman. I move to her and start to fondle her firm pert breasts.

I look into her beautiful face and she just stands there looking at me in disgust while I fondle them and squeeze them whilst paying special attention to her nipples as they start to become erect and I flick her enlarging nipples, I am enjoying every second, I even lower my head and I start sucking and licking them, “Oh yes very nice” I say as the womanly scent of her breasts starts my blood pumping like crazy.

Nicola just stands there motionless with her head looking to the side. After a few moments she looks at me and says so arsey and as though I was a little boy, “Have you had enough yet, I need to go now!”

“Oh no,” I say shaking my head, “We have only just started, if you remember I said for a start you can show me your tits.”

I have seen the total fear and panic in her face as I was about to send those pictures to her husband, I am going to enjoy this now and I am going to get my revenge and see just how far I can blackmail and humiliate her.

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 I say to her “Now show me your pussy,” her face flinches and she looks at me inquisitively as though she can’t believe what she has just heard, so I repeat what I said though a little more demanding “show me your pussy” I can see the humiliation in her face, as she reddens she makes a little tutt sound in disbelief, she  hesitates then starts to slowly lift her skirt and I can see the golden brown of her thighs whiten slightly as she pulls

She hitches up her skirt

She hitches up her skirt

her skirt higher to her waist so that I could clearly see the whole of her knickers making the whole situation seem so kinky and tense as she moves her fingers around her knickers almost teasing me unknowingly. Do I have to she says to me pleading not to make her do it.

“COME ON SHOW ME YOUR PUSSY!” I demand trying to keep control of the situation

“Oh my” she pleads again, then Nicole sighs and pauses for a moment, then she takes a deep breath and moves her hand to the edge of her knickers, she takes another deep breath and then pulls the crutch of her panties to one side.

she reddens as she shows me her pussy

she reddens as she shows me her pussy


“Will this do?” she says, her face flushed with embarrassment, as mine flushes with the excitement and power, I was feeling her humiliation as she showed me her cute little clean shaven pink pussy.

“No, take them off  ,” I demand, “I want to get a good look at your little pussy” I say trying to seem in control, Her eyes locked on to me like red hot laser beams and I could feel them burning into me as she says “you are sooo going to pay for this you little creep” as she starts to slide her cute little panties down her legs and then slips them completely off.

As she drops her tiny knickers on to the floor she takes a step parting her legs a little as though showing her pussy, again she says to me really arsey, “Happy now?”

Again I shake my head “Oh no, not by a long way, I want” ….. But she butts in saying abruptly “Well don’t think I am going any further” while her gorgeous blue eyes glaring at me in anger.

Staring at her fantastic body and feeling in complete control I demand “Now I want to watch you play with yourself” her cute face looks shocked again as her eyes widen

”Oh no, please don’t make me, I can’t” she stutters “I can’t, I could never do anything like that in front of a man, No! I won’t do it!!”

But I was having none of it and I repeat myself in a demanding voice adding, “I want to watch you play with your clit and finger your pussy or I will send those pictures” the panic in her face is clear to be seen, while she sits there with her legs apart I say to her heightening her humiliation, “I will come and lick your pussy for you then” and I motion to get up,, again her face looks panicky and she puts her hand out “No ! No ! Don’t please!” she pauses for a second then with her eyes glaring at me she says softly and in disgust “Okay, I will try,”

I sit back in my chair as she slowly starts to lower her hand to her pussy, “Oh god” she says softly to herself, she pauses a little at first, then she raises her middle finger to her mouth sucking it and making it wet, then she lowers her hand again to her pussy as she slides her bottom down the sofa a little opening her legs wider, “Oh god” she squeals again in humiliation and she slowly starts to explore her pussy with her finger moving in between her folds and she starts making little circles around her clit with her wet finger, her face reddening as she looks away to the side.

My eyes flick from her pussy to her face, the shame and humiliation in her face is really turning me on, I slowly unfasten my trousers and she looks over to me wondering what I am doing, I reach into my pants pulling out my hard stiff prick and I start to rub it slowly in front of her as we start to masturbate in front of each other much to her embarrassment and as she looks at me briefly before she then turns her flushed red face away again refusing to look.

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She put her finger back in o her mouth making it wet again before moving it back to her clit rubbing it a little harder this time, she pants a little, god she is beautiful.

I want to increase her humiliation so after a few moments I break the near silence by saying to her “I want to watch you cum, rub it harder and finger yourself” she squeals out as though she is in turmoil, but she does as she is told and flicks and rubs her clit harder, she moves her other hand to her mouth making one of her fingers wet and she starts to rub and flick one of her nipples at the same time she is starting to groan quietly as I notice her cute little pussy starting to glisten wet and sticky.

My prick is really hard and excited as I slowly rub myself, staring at her and wanting to slide my cock into her mouth so I tell her this “You are going to suck this cock soon” I say mocking her and the shocked look on her face was a picture, “oh no don’t” she begs “No please don’t make me do that, please I am doing everything else you ask.”

I let her play with herself for a little while and she inadvertently licks her lips as she rubs her own pussy, her breathing is getting shorter and as she lays there with her legs open playing with her pussy I can see her cute little stomach moving up and down faster, God she looks so damn sexy and I can’t resist it any longer.

I get up and I can see the Nervousness in her eyes as I move towards her, standing in front of her with my hard prick pointing through my flies aching for relief, looking down at her as she is laid back in the chair I say “Now just suck this hard cock for me, or else you know what I will do” my raging hard-on was throbbing in excitement, she looks up at me pleading

“No don’t please, please.” her eyes looking up at me all glazed over and pleading with me.

I grab her and I pull her small body easily up off the sofa and onto her knees and push my hard thick 8 inch cock close to her face and I tell her “ I am in no mood for messing around, suck it or I will send the photos of you, come on SUCK IT” I demand leaving her no choice.

Reluctantly she moves slowly closer looking at my very hard excited prick almost inspecting it while she builds up the courage, I move my raging hard cock to her cute almost pouting pink lips and I put my hand behind her head and gently pulls her towards my eager throbbing shaft, she resists a little.

Then she looks up to me as though she has an Idea and asks, “I will do a deal with you”

Nicola pleads with me to just let her wank me off

Nicola pleads with me to just let her wank me off

“Go on?” I ask wondering what she is going to say, she licks her dry worried lips and she surprises me by gripping my cock with her hand, then she say to me with pleading eyes “Please, just let me wank you off instead, I will wank you off willingly and I will say nothing to anyone, I will give you a really good wank honest, is that a deal”

“No deal!” I said, (although she did make it seem quite good,) but I wanted to be in charge of the situation. I demanded “You are going to do as you are told or I am going to press the send button right now.

I could see she was really disappointed, I wondered if I had pushed her too hard and I waited for a second to see what she would do, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it towards my cock and hoped. My luck is in, she slowly opens her mouth just a tiny bit, her pleading eyes looking up at me, then she opens her mouth a little wider almost as if she is reluctantly inviting me to slide my large aching cock into her mouth. I am really excited now as I think to myself “bloody hell she’s going to do it, she is going to suck my cock.”

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I leave her no choice, and slowly she takes my cock in to her mouth

I leave her no choice, and slowly she takes my cock into her mouth

Proudly I have quite a large thick cock, I move forward and guide it between her lips and I can feel her mouth wrap around and grip my cock as she takes it into her mouth tentatively and gently, she immediately but slowly starts sucking on the end of my thick cock, I could feel her warm wet mouth and tongue slowly moving around the tip of my cock, then slowly she starts to slide her mouth gently up and down my shaft just a little as I gasp out at the incredible pleasure and tell her “wow this is fantastic ” I can’t help but groan “Oh yes suck it”. She seems to ignore me and just carries on what she is doing as she works on my cock and soon she is sliding her mouth deeper and faster up and down my shaft, I groan as I watch her, a more fantastic sight I have never seen and felt as at the same time as my cock is tingling like crazy with every delicate sensation of her mouth and tongue.

I can hear her slurping on my prick as she bobs her head and her wet mouth up and down my shaft faster and harder, she seems to be doing it as though she is enjoying it, although I doubt that she is. ‘God it feels so good’ and I can’t help but buck my hips towards her and thrusting my prick deeper into her wet mouth. She was giving me such a good blow-job with that gorgeous mouth of hers and she obviously knew how to do it well and had done this many times before. The feelings and sensations in the whole of my cock got stronger, I couldn’t help but take over and slowly but surely I began to thrust deeper and harder into her receptive mouth.

Pretty soon she was just a spectator with her mouth open for me and letting me fucked it eagerly. Now I could feel my prick nudging the back of her throat but she didn’t flinch even though I was still sliding it deeper and harder into her mouth, soon  I had her mouth slid to the very base of my prick but she still sucked on it and took it well, so I thrust harder as I brought my hands up and gripped her head as now I intended to give her beautiful face, mouth and throat a good hard deep fucking, and she knew it.

Now as I was fucking her hard with long deliberate strokes and I could hear her groaning as sloppy sucking sounds came from her mouth and throat as I thrust into her deep, hard and fast. Soon I could feel the first of the feelings of soon wanting to cum building up inside me and I had planned a surprise for her, as I had my hands behind her head and fucking her mouth really hard pulling her head into me as I bucked my prick into her mouth until her lips slid down the whole of my shaft and sucking at the very base of my prick as I pounded her.

I am now fucking her mouth so hard her mouth and throat sounds sloppy and loud, she raises both her hands onto my hips bracing herself as I thrust hard, but never did she complain, she just let me enjoy the pleasure of her mouth and she took my thick cock in her throat well, moments later as I grunt and groan in total pleasure and I can’t help but cry out as I feel myself starting to cum, my whole body shakes and shivers, Nicola stares up at me with big wide blue eyes as she realises I am going to cum in her mouth and down her throat.

She struggles a little and tries to pull back away from me but I won’t let her, I have her head gripped tight. I groan out as I cum and give one long deep thrust as I fill her mouth and throat with my load, I groan out squeezing her head into my stomach and holding it there, then as I still grip her head hard with my hands I begin within the throws of orgasm to fuck her mouth with long deep thrusts squirting with each thrust forward, my cum starting to gush out of her mouth and run down her chin until my load is spent.

I never believed I would have got her to give me a blow-job, but in my optimism and fantasy I had left on a table by the side of the sofa a slimline camera that I use when I am out specifically for work, it is a Ricoh R4, I use this model because it is capable of being switched on and taking the first picture all within one second, I had put it there for that reason.

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Nicola shouts at me in anger as my cum runs down her chin

Nicola shouts at me in anger as my cum runs down her chin

With one hand I picked it up and pressing the on button, I snap a couple of perfect shots of my prick deep in her mouth and cum running down her chin as I tell her in a pant, “A couple more for the album.”

I let her head go and she falls backwards gulping and spitting my cum onto the floor as the rest runs down her chin and neck “You bastard!” she squeals panting and gasping for her breath.

“Right that’s it,” she screams and she stands up brushing herself down, then picking up her knickers and looking at me she carries telling me in a slightly calmer tone “I have now done what you wanted me to do, no more ever!” she shouts.

I have to laugh and point out “Well, I still have the pictures and what with the nice extra little snaps that I have just taken, you must be kidding, loved that little bit of fun so much we are going to do this again tomorrow, but next time I am going to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours,”

“Oh my god, oh my god no, I won’t let you, please no!” she stops with her hands covering her face for a few seconds, then she looks up at me almost calm staring at me as though a thought had just hit her, “You are never going to stop are you, you are going to do this to me forever aren’t you?”

Then she stands and looks around urgently and I wonder why, Then she runs at me trying to snatch the camera out of my hand, but she is very petite and was never going to out muscle a man of my size and I push her to the floor easily, she then gets up off the floor and runs into the kitchen and again I wonder what she is going to do, I walk into the kitchen just in time to see her pick up my laptop above her head and she smashes it down on my tiled floor and she stands there smiling.

Now it’s my turn to gasp out in shock “You stupid girl, do you think that will solve anything do you really think that will stop me, didn’t you think I could just take out the hard drive and put it in another laptop, not to mention that’s all a waste of time as I had backed all the pictures up onto a flash card anyway….. Right you little bitch, you had better be here before 3 pm tomorrow to provide me with some more fun or I will send all those pictures from my other laptop!” I smile….

But she obviously has other ideas “No fucking chance” she screams ”I am going to tell my husband then the police what you are doing, we will see if you have that same stupid smile then” and with that, she opens the door and storms out.

I go to the door and call to her “Don’t forget” I shout calling her bluff as she storms up the drive “3 pm prompt tomorrow or I will send those pictures, it’s your choice”

I stand there a little while as I watch her cute little bum as she storms away up the drive then look back at my computer smashed on my floor, damn I though, that cost me well over a £1000.00, But secretly inside I was more worried about what she will do later, I told myself ‘I really hope that I know what I am doing and not biting off more than I could chew.’ 

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About an hour after she has left, I got a text message from her telling me she has given it a lot of thought and that she couldn’t live with what has happened and she has decided to tell her husband what had happened and take her chances and then go to the police and tell them everything or vise versa as I was so shocked, oh bollocks now I am in trouble I thought, big trouble.

Right I thought, I will delete all the pictures on the laptop, in fact I will scrub the hard drive and there will be no proof at all I smile, I turn and remember, ‘Ahhhhh’ as I turn I see the laptop in bits, quickly I get all the bits together and start putting the laptop back together, but the screen is smashed and I cannot make head nor tail of the images or even the commands.

While I do this my mind wanders and I start thinking I wonder if I would get away with community service for blackmail and rape, oh and a little bit of demanding money with menace, but after all it was my first offence, well first offences. For an hour I was pacing up and down looking through the window in panic every time a car drew up I worried it was the police, or even worse, worried it was her husband, or even worse than that, what if her husband turns up with her brothers, oh fuck my mind was running wild and I was in a cold sweat as I constantly kept looking through the window.

Then about an hour or so later my phone bleeps and I get another text from her on the same lines as before, but this time she said, “I am on my way to the police station now, you had better delete all the pictures that you have and not bother her again”…. Now this made me think, I did nothing immediately but it worried me a great deal, I shook my head “what have I done” I thought, ‘what an idiot I am, I could go to prison for a long time for this,’ I went to the fridge and took out a beer, maybe if I text her and promise to give her the hard drive maybe she won’t go to the police I thought.

“Oh bollocks!” I thought further, ‘then I won’t get my money that they owe me, but is that worth 10 years in prison ….. Bollocks, what shall I do.’ I sit there for about 10 minutes, I type out the text to her…….. Then half way through writing the text, a light lit up in my head, In the tone and wording in her text, I could tell that she isn’t going to the police at all I thought.

God it was such a weight off my shoulders, it was such a relief, she is having second thoughts about her husband knowing, she just wants me to stop blackmailing her, I could feel the smile stretch across my face and I went to the fridge and got another drink laughing with relief.

Then suddenly she text me saying ‘that if I didn’t give her the hard-drive she was going to have someone kill me.’ Well that wiped the smile right off my face and I started to worry again because I didn’t put this beyond her at all, she knew a lot of people and a lot of people would do anything for her.

I had seen it in the past as her husband was quite prone to ‘doing someone in’ that crossed him. She text me again soon after saying that ‘she had got someone to kill me so I had better give her the hard drive from the smashed computer and anything else like the flash card that had the pictures if I knew what was good for me.’ and ‘that she would send me a taster if I had any doubts …’

Well I knew now she wasn’t going to the police, as I didn’t think they approved of murder or assassins or that sort of thing, I never knew why as it was that sort of thing that kept them in business isn’t it, anyway I rang her and told her “Okay you win, come over to my place at 3pm the day after next as I was away tomorrow and we would negotiate, you know where I live don’t you” I said trying to break the ice between us.

Page 10 ……

Luckily she agreed to call the day later, this was important to me as I wanted some time to think things over, amongst other things I could see my money slipping away again. She was very blunt in her reply she told me “that she would be there prompt and that there would be no negotiation!”

“No of course not” I grovelled, Well I didn’t want to wake up and find myself dead, now did I.

The day came and as arranged at just about one minute before 3 pm her front door opens and I see her walk across the road towards me alone and within seconds she was knocking on the door.

I open the door and ask her in, as she walked in she just pushed past me in a no-nonsense manner, mind you I couldn’t help but notice she looked and smelled stunning but then she always did, her make-up, her clothes, she looked beautiful. Confident she walked in emotionless… “I hope you have the hard-drive and all the other things” she demands. “Give these to me and I will try to forget that you brutally raped me yesterday if you can forget that me and my husband owe’s you anything, I will take that as compensation.”

I wasn’t having that, “OH no, no no,” I protested “I wasn’t brutal!” I said defending myself, “I was just erm…” I thought as I searched for my words “Well I would say that I was quite .. vigorous” I said thinking through and deciding on my words.

She looked at me intensely before saying “You acted like a disgusting animal!! You should be locked up, if I had my way you would be castrated…pig!!” then she walked around the kitchen studiously as if she was disgusted at everything in there.

As she walked around the kitchen looking almost queen like doing an inspection, her eyes were searching the work surfaces, I assume hoping to see that I had put the hard drive down on there. I moved behind her to close the door and I turned the key and locked it, as soon as she heard the click of the lock in the door her head turned quickly towards me and her steely blue eyes fixed on me and her face frowned in question almost quizzing me “why have you locked the door?” she enquires, as I stand there in front of the door, suddenly the other door behind her that leads into the living room opens and 5 of my friends walk into the kitchen. She looks at the men and suddenly looked back at me looking puzzled and she enquires knowing something is not right

“What’s all this about” I can see she is feeling uneasy.

I reply calmly “These are my negotiators.” With that reply my friends walk closer to her and ogle and letch her as they surround her.

I ask her a question “Don’t you recognise them?”

She looked at them very briefly and barely giving them a glimpse and shook her head indignantly, “No, Why … should I know them?” she said almost throwing the line away, that annoyed me a bit so I pointed out to her quite forcefully

“Well these are the men that worked so bloody hard on your project and they made it work, these are the men that I had to lay off and had to go on the dole when you refused to pay me the money that we had worked so bloody hard for.”

Page 11            ………………..

“Well maybe I ought to reintroduce you all,” I said to her, she didn’t look one bit interested, but I carried on all the same. “you see this old man here with the beard he is David well past retirement now but he is a great geologist all the same, remember now he is the one that discovered the rift in the substrate. The black guy with the dreadlocks is Leroy, this big bald chap is George, this is the young apprentice, he will soon be 17 and spends half the week at college.” By now she looks at me irritated “Yes, yes I remember them, … What is it that you want from me.”

I explain “Oh we want something from you all right, every one of us does, that’s why we are all here.”

She looks round from side to side and I could see her thinking, she now is looking very worried.

“What are you going to do?” she stuttered, she had quickly worked out something was planned for her.

“Well, it’s like this,” I said with a smile, “The other day I told you to come round here at 3 pm because I wanted to fuck your tight little pussy didn’t I?”

She stared at me with ever widening big blue beautiful frightened eyes as she gives tiny little nods to me, … I paused for a little while … but Nicola looking more and more worried said nothing, so I continued, “Well now because of your threats and because of the change of circumstance you have put me in,” I re-emphasized her options for her “The options for you are these, I want my money as I said by the end of the month, but now the stakes have been raised,” again I paused shortly.. Then I carried on, “and instead of me fucking you, …. now we all are going to fuck you,.. all six of us and we are all going to fuck you right now!.” Nicola gasps out loud and half screams and half groans in despair, “Oh my god no!!”

I explain further to her “the six of us are all going to give that little pussy of yours a good fucking, that way it’s going to be expensive for you to pay someone enough to kill us all” I laughed, “have you ever been gang-banged before?,” as soon as she heard this Nicola half groaned and half screamed out loud hysterically, “OH MY GOD ! .. OH MY GOD … Nooo!”

Nicola looks to be in a real panic, “Ok, ok, I will tell you what I will do” she pleads, looking Around talking to everyone in the room at the same time “I will pay you all the money I owe you by tomorrow, is that a deal? please let me go, please don’t hurt Me!!”

I walk forward to her hoping to calm her down, “Hold on here” I said, “None of us will hurt you, we won’t do anything you don’t want us to, it will be your choice, not ours,” I smile.

Nicola looks a little calmer and stares at me puzzled as I start to explain to her, “We  are going to give you a choice, All you have to do is undress and lay naked on the bed and let us all have some fun with you and fuck you, or,” (pausing a little) if you want to just go safely home now and not do anything” (her head is nodding as I paused briefly again) “Is just tell us to send the photos that we have of yourself and your lovers to your husband, …. Simple isn’t it, just choose.”

Page 12            ………………..

Now Nicola looks angry at us “You bastards” she shouts.

I reply calmly “In a moment we will be doing one or the other of them, just tell us which you would prefer us to do.”

I bring the laptop to her, (holding it firmly) and explain “It’s all ready to go, just press that button there and your husband and all his heads of departments will get these nice pictures, just press the enter key now.”

She looks in a panic but gives a little shake her head, I ask her “Shall I make it easy and press the enter key for you,” she shakes her head again “No.”

I smile as I turn and tell the boys “That must mean that Nicola wants us all to fuck her, come on lads let’s strip her,” with that the men grab her and drag her into the living room as she screams “NOOOOoooooo PLEASE PLEASE NOooo don’t, I will do anything please but not this, I can’t do this.”

Once in the living room, the guys tell her to strip but Nicola refuses, the men start to take their shoes and socks off getting ready for her. “No.. no.. no squeals Nicola, Dave gets the laptop while I take off my trousers, “I will explain this one last time to you, we have every photo of you slagging it with the guy on Monday and the others we took of you sucking my cock and with cum running down your chin. We are going to send them to every person at your husband’s company, your husband will be humiliated and you with it, will he actually kill you, you will get a good beating and divorce at least won’t you ?… so you had better be good to us now,” she starts to scream loud panicking again as she knows she is going to be in big trouble either way, I carry on explaining to her, “ For a start I am going to send the whole lot to your home computer now, so you had better perform well or we won’t let you back home before your husband checks his mail” she screams “NO PLEASE ! PLEASE DON’T !” but I press the enter button and as she sees the computer send the attached pictures She holds her head in her hands not knowing what to do.

Now I put the pressure on her even more as I tell her “I am going to send all the pictures that we have to your husband’s managers, she screams out and screws her face up as she finally admits “NOooo PLEASE DONT, OH MY GOD WHAT AM I DOING, OKAY OKAY, YOU WIN, BUT SURLY” she pleads “I haven’t got to have sex with all of you have i?” “Oh yes, all of us now” I reply She shakes her head pleading “No….. I can’t, please not all of you……please don’t make me” and I can see the panic in her eyes, she looks at all the other men then she again puts her hands up to her face and she shakes her head in disbelief and horror sobbing I can’t, I can’t.. I turn to the person who is nearest the laptop and tell him.. “On the count of three press the send button and send those pictures now to her husband’s company all of them” I say as he copies in all the addresses and I start to count very slowly “One …. Two …Th..” she screams out again in panic. “Stop! Stop!”

Page 13              ………………..

Strictly I tell her “Start by taking your shoes off or those pictures go now” I demand, Nicola kicks her shoes off as she keeps saying “please don’t send those Pictures” she says looking at the guy on the laptop, She looks so very small and petite just by taking her high heeled shoes off “Now undress for us, I demand further, “take off that blouse and skirt…NOW,” “please don’t do this” she pleads, but undoes her blouse and doesn’t take her eyes off the guy with his finger on the send button as she puts it tidily on the back of a chair and starts to unfasten her skirt.

It seem Nicola has agreed to let us all fuck her

It seem Nicola has agreed to let us all fuck her

The rest of the men all stand and watch the stunning Nicola undressing in front of us all, they were all buzzing with excitement as it seems she has reluctantly agreed to let us all fuck her.

As Nicola steps out of her skirt and puts that neatly with her blouse she turns to looks at the men then turns to me and says sarcastically, “So what are they going to do, stand there and watch?”

Well we were all amazed at her stunning sexy body highlighted by her matching sexy little bra and knickers which we will soon be making her take off and her oh so sexy over the knee stockings.

I demand again “Now take those bras off and show us your tits” Nicola reluctantly and slowly puts her hands behind her back and unclasps her bra, she looks right at the men as she slides her bra down her arms and takes her bra off, the men Gasp out loud especially our young apprentice as her pert firm breasts burst out as they are so firm and large, “very nice I hear the men say.”

It sounds a little harsh but I needed to keep the pressure on to her as I said “Just get on your knees now” I tell her, she slowly shakes her head in disgust but again she reluctantly does as she is told and she lowers herself onto her knees then asks, “do you want me on my hands and knees,”  “no just on your knees” I tell her as I pull down and take off my underpants and lets my thick hard cock spring out.

She looks at me with a little-puzzled frown and after a short pause she asks “but I thought you said you were going to fuck me?”

No one will never know how good that sentence coming from her sounded so I explained to her “Oh yes, I am, but you are going to pleasure my cock first with that cute little mouth of yours like before, but don’t worry I am soon going to be giving you a good hard fucking” I taunt.

Nicola forced to suck on it again

Nicola forced to suck on it again

I move my stiff prick to her lips as she quickly looks at the men through the side of her eye and sees them all glaring at her, My stiff cock nudges her cute pink lips wanting her to open her mouth, she moves her hand to my cock as though at first to steady it, then as she makes her mouth wet I look at her as she opens her mouth quite wide and I guide my thick prick into her pink warm mouth again for the second time in three days and I gasp as she closes her warm wet mouth around my excited cock quite tightly and slowly and gently I start to gyrate my hips and slowly fuck her soft beautiful mouth.

Page 14              ………………..

I groan out loud in pleasure as I warn her “and suck it, don’t just kneel there with your mouth open,” she starts to suck and we all take great pleasure as we watch her bobbing her head up and down.

She takes my whole prick into her mouth, she knew how to give a good blow-job and the other men’s cocks looked keen to get started by the looks of the bulges in their underpants, her mouth slid up and down on my whole shaft, sucking hard and deep and her sloppy mouth sounds make everyone snigger at her and others take off their trousers eagerly waiting their turn with her.

I can’t help but fuck her cute mouth harder as my hips bucked harder and I can see Nicola looking at the other men from the corner of her eye at they get there hard cocks ready for her.

I am so excited I can feel my prick tingle from my balls to the very tip of my prick and the whole length of my body and Nicola is really bouncing her mouth hard up and down the whole length of my shaft, I had to cum,  I gripped the back of her head and grunted and gasped and thrust deep as I shot my sticky salty cum in her mouth she gulps as she has to swallow my excited load and as I give my last long lingering thrust, I panting and slid out my wet cock.

The next guy David, the old retired man bearded man moves his way in and wastes no time in guiding his hard prick to her mouth, again she begs “NO please don’t” but he just ignores her pleas as he grips her hair saying, “Suck it you bitch, you have cost me a lot of money, now it’s payback time, he thrusts his old hard cock into her wet mouth and he starts to slide it in and out and she does as she is told and starts to bob her head up and down his prick, sucking eager trying to make him come as fast as she can to get it all over with.

David groans as he fucks her mouth and her slurping pink wet mouth still has a little cum from the last blow job she gave still running down her chin, she pants and whines a little while she sucks and changing the angle of her mouth a little as she sucks the old man  eagerly after about 3 or 4 minutes his thrusts get harder and longer and he looks as though he is about to cum, his face flushes bright red and he groans out in short gasps, as he is about to cum he grabs her hair and groans, his snow white bum bucks back and forth quickly like a rabbit as he fills her mouth with cum again she gulps as she is forced to swallow his salty load, he groans again loudly and his old and satisfied cock quickly shrinks and slips out of her wet mouth “wow that was fantastic” he pants as he walks away from her and sits down to enjoy watching the rest of his work mates abuse Nicole.

Page 15               ………………..

The next guy was Leroy, he has a heavy West Indian accent with the long dreadlocks swinging he strolls forward, he takes off his white designer boxers and out springs a very large and erect black prick, it is a good 10 inches long and very thick, he moves towards Nicola saying “I know your not very keen on black men are you?, Nicola never says a word, “you think you are better than the likes of us … right” (well I knew she wasn’t keen at all, that’s why I wanted Leroy there more that anyone else) Leroy carries on “So I am really going to enjoy making you work your mouth on this big black cock you little white lying cheating bitch.”

After all that Nicola had been through, her face now was an absolute picture of fear and uncertainty, what with the size of Leroy’s big prick and being forced to suck off a black man in front of all of us her humiliation was almost unbearable.

As Leroy pushes his cock into her face Nicola begs and pleads hysterically, “Please no, please don’t let him do this to me, please help me” Leroy gives her no sympathy and grabbing her by the hair she starts to scream louder “no no please don’t do this to me, I am begging you please” and Leroy forces his big black prick to her mouth as she gasps and squeals and even struggles a little as she is forced to open her cute pink lips quite wide as he pushes his hard thick cock into her mouth.

Nicola forced to suck off a big black one

Nicola forced to suck off a big black one

With a mouth full of black cock Nicola’s wide eyes are looking up at him pleading as he thrusts in and out, not too deep at first, just enjoying making her suck on his cock as he tells her “and you had better take all of it… do you hear” Nicola gives tiny nods with her head as her eyes are wide open in fear of him and she sucks and slurps noisily and eagerly on his powerful black prick trying to please him, not daring to upset him.

After A few minutes Leroy pulls his cock from of her mouth and in surprise she looks up at him as he gives her new orders as his thick cock all shiny at the top half from her saliva he tells her to lick it and she eagerly and immediately licks his cock up and down the full length, after a few moments he demands “Now lick my balls” and she takes his prick with her small hand and pulls it up hard and exposing his huge black balls, she again starts to lick and flick her tongue all around his balls and up to the base of his prick then starts to lick all around his balls again as he groans out loud in pleasure and enjoying every moment.

Leroy suddenly grabs her hand and pulls it away the takes hold of her head in both of his hands and Nicola looks up at him knowing what’s coming next, Leroy looking down to Nicole tells her to open her mouth, she obediently opens her mouth allowing him to guide his cock back into her mouth which he does quite enthusiastically, as soon as he feels her mouth wrap around his cock he gives out groaning noises and starts to buck his hips and fucks her mouth quite hard as he forces it deeper into her mouth with each thrust, “suck it bitch” again she is forced to suck, her mouth forced wide as its so thick, again sloppy sounds come from her mouth.

Page 16                ………………..

Nicola gets her first fucking of the night. she squeals out as I thrust in to her.

Nicola gets her first fucking of the night. she squeals out as I thrust into her.

I get hard again watching her sucking each guy off, I move behind her and picks her up and bends her over the sofa and pull her knickers down, she starts to panic and struggles but the guys force her to bend over and hold her while I move in to fuck her, they hold very firm as she is on her knees I force my way up her pussy, she groans and screams as I force fuck her cunt.

Then Leroy steps up to her making her open her mouth and shoving his large prick deep down her throat, she grunts and chokes at the same time our balls slapping against her pussy and chin, Sid holds her head like a vice as he forces his prick as deep as he can,, and I groan as I fuck her tight cunt, We both force fuck her hard and frantic and soon Sid grunts as he shoots his load into her throat her mouth being fucked like her cunt, Sid cums so much he fills her throat and mouth and cum gushing out of her mouth and down her chin, she swallows and gulps as fast as she can so not to choke, I am about to cum up her pussy, but I pull out and moves around to her mouth forcing my prick into her cummy mouth, she has barely finished swallowing as I fuck her mouth again and within a few seconds buck and grunt as I cum in her mouth with her 4th  load of cum, the next guys take their turn.

Forcing the 5th prick into her cum filled mouth and starts to fuck it, “no” she screams “no more my mouth aches.”

Well we can help you there he says, and pulls her up and carries her to the bedroom drops her on the bed, pushing her to the edge he lets her head hang over the side, another gets between her legs and starts to fuck her, she groans in humiliation while the next guy moves his prick into her mouth and starts to fuck that, over and over she is fucked all afternoon, taking every load in her mouth none in her pussy, she just lays  there being fucked, occasionally her body shakes little quivers of delight with the constant fucking, she can’t help it.

As it comes to 5 o’clock, she becomes worried “please stop now” she whines you have all been fucking me the whole afternoon and my husband will be back soon, let me clear the computer please,  right just once more says Sid, as he get between her legs and starts fucking her, Sid gives her no mercy his thick penis forces her pussy well open she groans hard at every deep thrust and he fucks her hard for 15 minutes or so she screams and squeals  the whole time leaving her panting as he is about to cum, again he pulls out and forces his prick in her mouth, she gulps as he cums in her mouth…… at ten past 5 she is allowed to get up, looking out of the door she is worried, “right I say your husband isn’t coming back tonight he has a large meeting in London so he is staying the night there,” I add, “so I want you back here by 8 o’clock and we are going to fuck you all night,” her stomach sinks, “no more please haven’t you fucked me enough” she cries ….. 8 o’clock I say with that I close the door.

Page 17                 ………………..

As 8 o’clock arrives the doorbell rings, I open the door she looks more stunning than ever before and smelling gorgeous, “come in I say,” she walks in head down, “This is so unfair” she mumbles, she notices some of the men have gone and others have taken their place, right sit down I say, I notice she is shaking, “We are going to play cards for you, we play 3 sets whoever wins the set fucks you, whoever has to sit out of the set also fucks you, and whoever is winning before the set ends, that’s who prick you have to suck understand,” reluctantly she nods her head. (That’s more than I did.)

“Right it’s my game so I start” I say like a child and I pull her to the bedroom and push her onto the bed and tell her “get those knickers off,” “Oh please not again” she begs “no more PLEASE” she said, With that I pull my trousers off my hard prick ready for it, I drag her knickers off and forces myself between her legs and force my prick up her as her face winces,  she groans as she takes it up her pussy still begging  and I enjoy the fuck as though it was the first, even in the next room they can hear her pleas as she grunts and groans with the fucking.

I bang her pussy long and hard making her squeal out, then suddenly after about 15 minutes I bend her over the bed and force my prick hard up her arse, with that she starts to struggle and scream out “NO ! NO ! PLEASE NOT MY BUM”  but I hold her firm and thrust hard up her little bottom, she squeals out at every hard thrust and  she begs me to stop, but I just fuck her harder and deeper and she just begs and groans louder, her bum is very tight and I have to thrust really hard, after a few minutes I groan out loud as I shoot my load up her bottom,  Both of us panting for a minute or two, I take her by the hand and pulls her out to where everyone is waiting to fuck her.

Immediately one of the guys gets up pushes her down on the settee and forces his way between her legs, his hard prick feeling for her pussy he thrusts in and starts to fuck her, again she groans as he fucks her and all the other guys gather around to watch, she squeals as she takes the pounding, the other guys get undressed in anticipation then after 5 minutes or so with a final groan and thrust he shoots his load up her and gets off…. NEXT he says.

One of the other guys pulls her up and pushes her over the sofa so her pretty little bum sticks up in the air, holding his prick he pushes it to her bum hole and tries forcing it up, again she tries to struggle begging, ”NOOO !” but the other guys hold her as he shoves hard and I see his prick slip up her bum as the resistance is broken and he starts to fuck her hard as she screams.

Page 18                  ………………..

Another guy gets his prick out and shoves it into her mouth and starts to fuck it, gripping her hair as he fucks hard, soon he is banging his balls against her chin as both of them fuck this pretty young girl at the same time

All night she is forced  to suck them off, as someone else fucks her up the ass and pussy, all night someone is between her legs pounding away as she groans and grunts, her pussy has no choice but to takes it, sometimes she screams and shakes as the fucking brings her to orgasm, she can’t help it. All night her groaning never stops.

In the early hours I must have fallen asleep, In the morning as I wake about 8 o’clock to hear her groaning as she is still being fucked, I wait a few minutes or so until the guy gets off her panting, then I take my turn and getting between her legs, I push my hard prick between her wet pussy she just lays there to take another hard fucking, and I bang away without either of us saying a word until I cum and shoot another load up her pussy.

By 10 o’clock we can’t fuck her anymore we are totally spent, all her holes are a soggy sore mess, she is forced to stand and parade for us to a cheer as a final humiliation, Then she is allowed to go home and sleep, “I will ring you tomorrow I tell her” she dresses walks away and says nothing.

About 4 o’clock that afternoon she comes round to the house much to my surprise,

“Hello,” she says

“Hello,” I say “come in I didn’t expect to see you today”, she walks in and says to me “we cant go on like this you know, I can’t do this with you every day,” 

“Yes I know that” I reply (sympathetically for the first time,) But I had to do something to protect myself from your threats, last night was a one off. Your husband owes me 10 grand for the work I did him and now he won’t pay me, he thinks he is clever, I just wanted to get back at him and this is the way I decided he would pay me for the work.

I only want you for myself and I want to fuck you every day, well maybe not every day but let’s say three or four times a week shall we?”

“No!” she said sharply, “this is how it,s going to be, I enjoyed yesterday and I must have cum half a dozen times and now you will arrange that for me once a month from now on and you will tell no one that I like it… No one! do you hear? They will all think I am being forced as before, and secondly” she demands “I really fancy your daughter and I know she has been fucking my husband, I want to teach the slut a lesson,”

“My Daughter? are you sure?” I say mystified at what she is really suggesting and the shock that she is seeing her husband, I get a drink.

Then amazingly she tells me “I want to fuck her and you will arrange that for me for the next time.”

Shocked! I am almost speechless “But.. But.. not my Naomi, I splutter, I couldn’t do it, She is dead straight anyway,”

“Shut the fuck up!” she says, “I know how you can arrange it, she confides in me. This is what you do…”

Then Nicola spends the next few minutes revealing her plan in detail to me, she finishes by saying “Everyone wins you and the boys get a good show and gangbang me and I get what I want too, oh and Naomi gets what’s coming to her the sly bitch, I and your friend will give her no mercy….”

So tell me this, even if I could, how on earth are you going to make me make all this happen?” I say very sarcastically …….Well, she says……”My husband is a very jealous man, he is a very violent man, and if he sees those pictures you sent to me last night of what you all did to me,,, he will kill you and all those that was there last night.

Chillingly she then looks me straight in the eyes “I promise he will kill you,” Then she stands to leave “So, until the next time we meet then… or else.”

She said and walks out….. Oh shit! I say out aloud….Facking hell…. What am I going to do?

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  1. Love the story. Great humiliation . Also I Like the way Nicola comes around at the end and wants to be fucked, even though she wants the men to think she’s being forced. Good mind play and very stimulating. Love stories told by Brits. Their phraseology is exciting.

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