Bound and Raped


An office in the warehouse where the horror of the abuse began

An office in the warehouse where the horror of the abuse began

Written by Angel,

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My Name is Angel and I am telling you this story because something happened to me a few of years ago that you will find shocking, and probably disgusting so if you are easily upset, offended or narrow minded  please don’t read anymore.

I was in two minds about writing this at all, as I knew it would bring everything back in to my mind at what I saw and went through.

I started writing these story’s because as I told them to some of my close friends a few years later they were openly amazed by them and what had happened to me and every one.

I never told this story in full to anyone…. Until now.

Mum always told me to be careful with people and to trust no one, I always thought this sort of thing was one of the reasons why, something that starts so innocent turns in to an horrific nightmare.

This story is true up to the point as best as I remember it, others that were there may remember it slightly different.

I have had to change some of the details for protection of the innocent, namely myself and Collette mostly, I also kept the same first names of everyone because it made it easier to write and remember. So that you can picture me in your mind’s eye, I know that’s important, I am blonde with blue eyes 5′ 6 ft or 1.69m and at the time I had shoulder length hair, I am a very girly girl but I am as happy in tight jeans as I am with a skirt or a dress, I am not afraid to show off my best assets as I work out often and do a lot of running, I am very broad minded but I respect my body ultimately.

I had been out to lunch with what used to be a very close girlfriend of mine, I had not seen her for about 18 months since I had gone to University.

It all started after we had met each other by complete accident while we were both out shopping and looking at sexy underwear, we were so excited as soon as our eyes met each other’s, Collette rushed up to me and said, “only one person could have such blond hair and blue eyes how could I miss you” and we chatted excitedly for quite a time while we recommended sexy bras and knickers for each other, because time was getting on and we both had other things to do we both decided to meet for lunch the following day and catch up further on the gossip. We had always been very close friends at school, in fact it grew so close that we both had our first brief and intimate relationship with each other, but that is a different story. We had both lost contact while I was at University so it was nice seeing her again.

Collette was very slim with long slender legs, very athletic looking, she always looked elegant and really gorgeous and sexy, she had a light olive brown skin and almost Arabian looking, she always had very long black silky hair, but now for the first time she had it cut quite short, well short for her and it really suited her, Collette was always bubbly and lively, she always spoke quickly as if she was excited, she was confident and always cheeky and joking around all the way through schooldays. Collette was always fun to be with, she was very clever, very smart indeed and sharp with it, I knew she would get on in life at whatever career she chose. But I remember she was usually up to something very dodgy to earn money, she was just like that, she always enjoyed a little mischief, a little bit of cheeky danger, and maybe that’s why I liked her so much. Her parents though were very religious and Collette and her sister always liked to go with them to church as they were a very close family.

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The following day when we met she took me to a very expensive restaurant in which the prices worried me a little, I was at University after all, but then just as I thought what the hell, we was only going to have a light lunch, Collette said “I am going to treat you today, I will pay for this, I have been doing quite well recently so I can easily afford it.” I was really impressed, “Thank you” I said “I always knew you would do well” Then as an afterthought I said “I hope we aren’t going to have to do a runner as I don’t have the shoes on for it.” Mind you I don’t think the snooty waiter was one bit impressed. We had a fantastic meal and we had such fun catching up and talking about old times, well maybe not that old. She told me she had a girlfriend and how much in love they both were and I told her about my boyfriend to which she pulled a silly face whenever I mentioned going out with boys, I told her “As you know I love girls, but I love boys as well, she leaned over and kissed me, I gasped and told her to give over as if I was shocked adding, “we will get thrown out” I smiled, She just laughed out loud and said “stuff them, I have made the decision that it’s just going to be girls for me and if they don’t like it, then tough, that’s their problem to deal with, not mine.” Then we laughed about how funny men’s cocks look dangling there and how they look even funnier when they have a hard-on.

After we had been in there for about an hour and half or so she paid the bill and we walked out of the restaurant still laughing about all the crazy things we had got up to in the past together.

Chapter 2 .. Natasha

We was walking along the street arm in arm when a large expensive black Jaguar pulled up and came along side the both of us and stopped, “Get in please” said the middle aged but beautiful looking black woman to Collette, I would say she was in her early 40s, Collette waved to her “Oh hello Natasha” they looked pleased to see each other and with a “come on” Collette eagerly got in the car introducing me as soon as I sat down.

I listened to them chatting like they had been good friends for years, but I had never seen her before, she spoke with a slight foreign accent, it was strange and I couldn’t quite place it. I looked across at who was driving the car and as he kept turning around to speak to Collette I could see he was a huge ugly old bald black man, I know that isn’t kind to say but that’s what I thought to myself, he looked right out of place and I was wondering where he fitted in with a very pretty elegant and expensively dressed woman.

After driving for about 10 minutes the car pulls in to an unusually quiet new industrial estate and drives round the back to the last warehouse and office block, Natasha says in her soft and slightly foreign voice “I have to pick up a few things from the office, come on in the both of you, I will show you around, anyway I have something to show you Collette.” As we all get out of the car another one pulls up behind us and four really big strong men get out and follow us “don’t worry about the boys” Natasha explains to us in a low husky voice “they are only my sons, we all work in the family business here and they also give me the added insurance I need, big strapping boys aren’t they, I am very proud of them,” they were certainly big strapping boys as she put it, but to me she didn’t look old enough to have four sons of that age.

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They all looked of a very similar age and build, but they had a lighter skin and a little more of a western look than Natasha, I assumed that their father may have been white or may be of mixed race, I would think their age ranged from around 30s to 40s, Natasha must have been a lot older that I thought, she looked very pretty and youngish, too young to have sons this age anyhow the men certainly made me and Collette look very very small and petite indeed.

Natasha’s sons looked very tough and powerful but very smart, they all had short cropped hair with white shirts and dark suites and smelled sickly sweet as they had too much aftershave on. As we all had to walk up some iron stairs to the first floor it made a hell of a clunking noise as we climbed up them, we walked in to the large warehouse where we looked down at all the stock. Natasha stops and chats to one of her sons but tells us sweetly to go ahead “just go in to the office there” and she points the way. The warehouse is to our left and is very quiet and dull after the bright daylight and it took a little while for my eyes to adjust.

The office was to the right. We walked in to the office which was quite large but very sparse and drab looking as though this one wasn’t often used. It was quite dull inside as all the windows had the blinds drawn and the office felt pleasantly cool after the hot sun outside, to my surprise there was another four girls all in their early 20s and dressed very smart indeed and all stood chatting away at the same time, but they all broke off their happy conversations to say hello to all of us with big smiles and hello’s.

Once we are all in the office, Natasha walking in to the room behind us quite soon after with the really old ugly black guy who had been driving the car, I could see his face better now, he has very old wrinkly skin with really big thick lips and big ears with drooping eyes, he would have made a good cartoon character, to me he looked about 93 or something, but maybe I am exaggerating but you know what I mean.

The mood and expression of Natasha instantly changes as the big men, (her son’s) seem to move around Collette and me as they make their way around the office which made me feel very uneasy indeed.

Natasha starts to speak and every one listens, She has a false smile as she speaks loudly “thanks for all you girls for coming along, I have had to call this meeting because even though sales are going very well and I am pleased with that, You are all making plenty of money aren’t You,” at this point her smile stops as she says, “but I am not !” and she looks around angrily at all the girls, “my payments from all of you has been unacceptably slow, if at all and all of you that’s here right now have all owed me too much money for far too long now, I have supplied you with the merchandise and now I have my suppliers to pay who are not as tolerant as I am, I need my money now and I like them won’t tolerate this any longer.”

Natasha looks to a pretty and petite red haired girl stood with the other girls, she had lots of lovely ringlets, she looked very pretty as they all did, but as she stood there she looked so cute and seemed ever so polite, “Tiffany, of your group you owe me the most money but you all as a group have been the worst offenders by far,” But Tiffany protests “But I have just taken a big order off you, it takes time to sell that much and get the money back in” Natasha looks at her and says “I accept that, you are still behind on the previous two orders, I think you are being deliberately slow sometime I think, but then luckily for you .. .. very luckily for you indeed I will add, we have met Collette on the way here and she is top of my debt league and so you will be pleased to know that she will now take pride of place in this little example I have set up for you all, but let me tell you this, you are not far behind her and you other girls take note, you are not here for nothing.” As the big old black man grab hold of the pouting and resisting Tiffany and pulls her over to where Collette is standing.

Page 4

All the girls look uneasy and nervous as the girls eyes move from the sweet looking frightened Tiffany to Collette who stands there as bold as brass with a great beaming smile as though she has just won a prize.

Natasha turns round to Collette who seems to be stood apart from the rest of us and demands “So where is my money I keep asking you for,” Collette smiles “Oh I will have it for you in a couple of weeks” said Collette cheerily, “NO” snaps Natasha, “all this will stop today, I asked you for it 3 weeks ago and you said you would have it last week and the week before that too, My patience wears too thin because I know you have had the money,” she turns to the men and demands “search her things.” Turning back to Collette she says “you have taken two shipments from me now and they have to be paid for, my contacts want their money too, it’s now £30,000 you owe me and I must have it now if not earlier.” I gasp to myself at how much money she owes to her, by now I am not only worried for Collette, but for some reason I am worried for myself as well, I don’t know why, I didn’t owe anything, I didn’t even know them, I looking around the room and all the girls were very uneasy and nervous too, maybe it’s just the tension in the room that is building that’s getting to us because Collette doesn’t seem in the slightest bit worried at all, maybe she knew what was happening, so I took comfort from that.

Tiffany with her hands behind her back is stood there now with Collette and still pouting like a naughty school girl being scolded in her short skirt with high heels and over the knee stockings, she looks so cute and sweet.

One of the big men pulls Collette’s handbag from her and pours the contents out on to a table, Collette for the first time looks quite annoyed as she appears to have damaged one of her finger nails when the man snatched her handbag from her. Natasha just looks and stares at Tiffany not saying a word to her and Tiffany who is looking very nervous hands over her tiny little handbag to Natasha straight away, “here” she says obediently. Natasha looks in to Tiffany’s handbag and pulls out her purse and takes out £20 and a debit card, she looks at Tiffany and asks. “What’s the number for this card” Tiffany shakes her head, “No, I was told not to tell anyone”

The old man who is looking at the contents of Collette’s handbag on the table picks up her purse and looks inside and pulls out 2 credit cards and 3 debit cards and about £300 in cash, Natasha looks over and steps to the table as this takes her interest, The old big black man hands over the cards to Natasha who inspects them, then she lifts her head and looks sternly at Collette and in an angry low voice says “give me the pin numbers for these” Natasha who is looking well pissed off continues “we will see if you have the money or not,” Collette looking all innocent replies sweetly. “Sorry, I just don’t know them, I don’t carry them around with me either” Natasha is looking angrier by the

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minute, her dark skin getting darker as she shouts “I HAVE NO TIME FOR YOUR SILLY GAMES, YOU HAVE GOT ME IN TO SERIOUS TROUBLE, I STUCK MY NECK OUT FOR YOU, ALL OF YOU, AND NOW THIS IS HOW YOU ALL REPAY ME FOR MY GENEROSITY……. I WILL ONLY ASK YOU ONE LAST TIME… WHAT ARE THE PIN NUMBERS” and Natasha’s eyes flick from Collette to Tiffany and back to Collette again, Tiffany says nothing she just stands there looking very nervous and almost shaking with fear, but this time Collette looking almost arrogant looks Natasha coolly and calmly right in the eyes and just simply says “I don’t know them” as though to say you can’t have them, so what are you going to do about it.

Chapter 2 …. Roy

Natasha looks exasperated at Collette, she screams out furiously and stamps her foot as she looks around the room, she looks over at the men for a while in complete silence, then she looks back to Tiffany, then to the other nervous looking girls, then back at the men again, everyone could see she was thinking her next move over and nervously wondering what it would be. Collette I noticed now has a slight confident smile on her face, Natasha looking now at Collette notices this too. I could see Natasha obviously felt insulted by her smug expression and she shows it in her manner, suddenly like a light being switched on her Natasha’s expression changes again as she must have decided what she must do next, she then looks back over to the big ugly black guy who was driving the car and in a sharp voice she demands him to … “Strip them, Strip them both” and I gasped as all the other girls did wondering if we had heard her properly.

Collette’s sexy brown eyes widen in complete shock, like all the rest of us she wasn’t expecting this, immediately all the girls in the room groan and murmur with the shock of what they had heard, Tiffany starts looking around her expression almost asking everyone for help. Then one of Natasha’s big son’s pushes me firmly backwards about a step or two against the wall and out of the way then holds me there pressing the flat of his hand against my tummy as though a warning not to do anything, as if I could.

We were all shocked about what we had just heard, I didn’t have a clue about what I was about to see and my heart was pounding out of my chest now in fear, I was a little to the side of the room and could plainly see everyone Collette and Tiffany are to my left about 2 meters away and the other girls were just to my right.

Collette and Tiffany gasp out together as two of Natasha’s big grinning sons start to move towards them, both girls take nervous steps backwards and back in to a table making it screech a little along the floor, both of the girls with their frightened wide eyes flash side to side between Natasha and the big powerful men as they move towards them. The men reach out quickly for them Tiffany screams and Collette squeals out as the men grab them and hold them firmly.

The big ugly black man that was in the car with us starts pulling clumsily with his thick stubby fingers at Collette’s buttons on her blouse as he unfastens them, then he pulls her blouse off her roughly as she struggles. Collette’s small white bra stands out in stark contrast against her darker skin as Natasha calls out “just strip them to the waist, that will suffice,” again I couldn’t think for the life of me what was going to happen to them. Collette and Tiffany were squealing out “NO No” the whole time.

Page 6

Both girls both struggle as they are manhandled and the old black man roughly and clumsily unfastens Collette’s small sexy bra then pulling that off her too and letting it just drop to the floor, as the men hold both the girls firmly the old man now starts to fondle her small but very pert olive breasts as he stares smiling right in to Collette’s worried pretty face. The old man seems to be obsessed with her large dark brown nipples as he runs his stumpy old fingers over them and pulls and tweaks them.

This story can now only be read on Kindel “Collette”

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4 thoughts on “Bound and Raped

  1. dam that was so awful what they did to her and the others it made me shiver a gang bang wouldn’t be that bad but with such big cocks fucking you it had to be very painful

    • The whole thing was terrifying and sick Shiann, and I tried to get that across in the story, but reading it back I didn’t feel that I managed that. The men were of West Indian or African descendancy and I have found that they do tend to have much bigger cocks, while Asian men tend to have much smaller cocks, unlucky for Collette they were African. I am going to delete this story, so I wish you had wrote this in Collette’s harsh lesson, when I delete I will just transfer it I suppose. Thanks again for your comment Shiann.

    • If I was honest with you Melissa, it was a lot worse in reality. I never got the real fear over, I will have to have a go a re-writing it.

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