Bound and Raped


An office in the warehouse where the horror of the abuse began

An office in the warehouse where the horror of the abuse began

Written by Angel,

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My Name is Angel and I am telling you this story because something happened to me a few of years ago that you will find shocking, and probably disgusting so if you are easily upset, offended or narrow minded  please don’t read anymore.

I was in two minds about writing this at all, as I knew it would bring everything back in to my mind at what I saw and went through.

I started writing these story’s because as I told them to some of my close friends a few years later they were openly amazed by them and what had happened to me and every one.

I never told this story in full to anyone…. Until now.

Mum always told me to be careful with people and to trust no one, I always thought this sort of thing was one of the reasons why, something that starts so innocent turns in to an horrific nightmare.

This story is true up to the point as best as I remember it, others that were there may remember it slightly different.

I have had to change some of the details for protection of the innocent, namely myself and Collette mostly, I also kept the same first names of everyone because it made it easier to write and remember. So that you can picture me in your mind’s eye, I know that’s important, I am blonde with blue eyes 5′ 6 ft or 1.69m and at the time I had shoulder length hair, I am a very girly girl but I am as happy in tight jeans as I am with a skirt or a dress, I am not afraid to show off my best assets as I work out often and do a lot of running, I am very broad minded but I respect my body ultimately.

I had been out to lunch with what used to be a very close girlfriend of mine, I had not seen her for about 18 months since I had gone to University.

It all started after we had met each other by complete accident while we were both out shopping and looking at sexy underwear, we were so excited as soon as our eyes met each other’s, Collette rushed up to me and said, “only one person could have such blond hair and blue eyes how could I miss you” and we chatted excitedly for quite a time while we recommended sexy bras and knickers for each other, because time was getting on and we both had other things to do we both decided to meet for lunch the following day and catch up further on the gossip. We had always been very close friends at school, in fact it grew so close that we both had our first brief and intimate relationship with each other, but that is a different story. We had both lost contact while I was at University so it was nice seeing her again.

Collette was very slim with long slender legs, very athletic looking, she always looked elegant and really gorgeous and sexy, she had a light olive brown skin and almost Arabian looking, she always had very long black silky hair, but now for the first time she had it cut quite short, well short for her and it really suited her, Collette was always bubbly and lively, she always spoke quickly as if she was excited, she was confident and always cheeky and joking around all the way through schooldays. Collette was always fun to be with, she was very clever, very smart indeed and sharp with it, I knew she would get on in life at whatever career she chose. But I remember she was usually up to something very dodgy to earn money, she was just like that, she always enjoyed a little mischief, a little bit of cheeky danger, and maybe that’s why I liked her so much. Her parents though were very religious and Collette and her sister always liked to go with them to church as they were a very close family.

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The following day when we met she took me to a very expensive restaurant in which the prices worried me a little, I was at University after all, but then just as I thought what the hell, we was only going to have a light lunch, Collette said “I am going to treat you today, I will pay for this, I have been doing quite well recently so I can easily afford it.” I was really impressed, “Thank you” I said “I always knew you would do well” Then as an afterthought I said “I hope we aren’t going to have to do a runner as I don’t have the shoes on for it.” Mind you I don’t think the snooty waiter was one bit impressed. We had a fantastic meal and we had such fun catching up and talking about old times, well maybe not that old. She told me she had a girlfriend and how much in love they both were and I told her about my boyfriend to which she pulled a silly face whenever I mentioned going out with boys, I told her “As you know I love girls, but I love boys as well, she leaned over and kissed me, I gasped and told her to give over as if I was shocked adding, “we will get thrown out” I smiled, She just laughed out loud and said “stuff them, I have made the decision that it’s just going to be girls for me and if they don’t like it, then tough, that’s their problem to deal with, not mine.” Then we laughed about how funny men’s cocks look dangling there and how they look even funnier when they have a hard-on.

After we had been in there for about an hour and half or so she paid the bill and we walked out of the restaurant still laughing about all the crazy things we had got up to in the past together.

Chapter 2 .. Natasha

We was walking along the street arm in arm when a large expensive black Jaguar pulled up and came along side the both of us and stopped, “Get in please” said the middle aged but beautiful looking black woman to Collette, I would say she was in her early 40s, Collette waved to her “Oh hello Natasha” they looked pleased to see each other and with a “come on” Collette eagerly got in the car introducing me as soon as I sat down.

I listened to them chatting like they had been good friends for years, but I had never seen her before, she spoke with a slight foreign accent, it was strange and I couldn’t quite place it. I looked across at who was driving the car and as he kept turning around to speak to Collette I could see he was a huge ugly old bald black man, I know that isn’t kind to say but that’s what I thought to myself, he looked right out of place and I was wondering where he fitted in with a very pretty elegant and expensively dressed woman.

After driving for about 10 minutes the car pulls in to an unusually quiet new industrial estate and drives round the back to the last warehouse and office block, Natasha says in her soft and slightly foreign voice “I have to pick up a few things from the office, come on in the both of you, I will show you around, anyway I have something to show you Collette.” As we all get out of the car another one pulls up behind us and four really big strong men get out and follow us “don’t worry about the boys” Natasha explains to us in a low husky voice “they are only my sons, we all work in the family business here and they also give me the added insurance I need, big strapping boys aren’t they, I am very proud of them,” they were certainly big strapping boys as she put it, but to me she didn’t look old enough to have four sons of that age.

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They all looked of a very similar age and build, but they had a lighter skin and a little more of a western look than Natasha, I assumed that their father may have been white or may be of mixed race, I would think their age ranged from around 30s to 40s, Natasha must have been a lot older that I thought, she looked very pretty and youngish, too young to have sons this age anyhow the men certainly made me and Collette look very very small and petite indeed.

Natasha’s sons looked very tough and powerful but very smart, they all had short cropped hair with white shirts and dark suites and smelled sickly sweet as they had too much aftershave on. As we all had to walk up some iron stairs to the first floor it made a hell of a clunking noise as we climbed up them, we walked in to the large warehouse where we looked down at all the stock. Natasha stops and chats to one of her sons but tells us sweetly to go ahead “just go in to the office there” and she points the way. The warehouse is to our left and is very quiet and dull after the bright daylight and it took a little while for my eyes to adjust.

The office was to the right. We walked in to the office which was quite large but very sparse and drab looking as though this one wasn’t often used. It was quite dull inside as all the windows had the blinds drawn and the office felt pleasantly cool after the hot sun outside, to my surprise there was another four girls all in their early 20s and dressed very smart indeed and all stood chatting away at the same time, but they all broke off their happy conversations to say hello to all of us with big smiles and hello’s.

Once we are all in the office, Natasha walking in to the room behind us quite soon after with the really old ugly black guy who had been driving the car, I could see his face better now, he has very old wrinkly skin with really big thick lips and big ears with drooping eyes, he would have made a good cartoon character, to me he looked about 93 or something, but maybe I am exaggerating but you know what I mean.

The mood and expression of Natasha instantly changes as the big men, (her son’s) seem to move around Collette and me as they make their way around the office which made me feel very uneasy indeed.

Natasha starts to speak and every one listens, She has a false smile as she speaks loudly “thanks for all you girls for coming along, I have had to call this meeting because even though sales are going very well and I am pleased with that, You are all making plenty of money aren’t You,” at this point her smile stops as she says, “but I am not !” and she looks around angrily at all the girls, “my payments from all of you has been unacceptably slow, if at all and all of you that’s here right now have all owed me too much money for far too long now, I have supplied you with the merchandise and now I have my suppliers to pay who are not as tolerant as I am, I need my money now and I like them won’t tolerate this any longer.”

Natasha looks to a pretty and petite red haired girl stood with the other girls, she had lots of lovely ringlets, she looked very pretty as they all did, but as she stood there she looked so cute and seemed ever so polite, “Tiffany, of your group you owe me the most money but you all as a group have been the worst offenders by far,” But Tiffany protests “But I have just taken a big order off you, it takes time to sell that much and get the money back in” Natasha looks at her and says “I accept that, you are still behind on the previous two orders, I think you are being deliberately slow sometime I think, but then luckily for you .. .. very luckily for you indeed I will add, we have met Collette on the way here and she is top of my debt league and so you will be pleased to know that she will now take pride of place in this little example I have set up for you all, but let me tell you this, you are not far behind her and you other girls take note, you are not here for nothing.” As the big old black man grab hold of the pouting and resisting Tiffany and pulls her over to where Collette is standing.

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All the girls look uneasy and nervous as the girls eyes move from the sweet looking frightened Tiffany to Collette who stands there as bold as brass with a great beaming smile as though she has just won a prize.

Natasha turns round to Collette who seems to be stood apart from the rest of us and demands “So where is my money I keep asking you for,” Collette smiles “Oh I will have it for you in a couple of weeks” said Collette cheerily, “NO” snaps Natasha, “all this will stop today, I asked you for it 3 weeks ago and you said you would have it last week and the week before that too, My patience wears too thin because I know you have had the money,” she turns to the men and demands “search her things.” Turning back to Collette she says “you have taken two shipments from me now and they have to be paid for, my contacts want their money too, it’s now £30,000 you owe me and I must have it now if not earlier.” I gasp to myself at how much money she owes to her, by now I am not only worried for Collette, but for some reason I am worried for myself as well, I don’t know why, I didn’t owe anything, I didn’t even know them, I looking around the room and all the girls were very uneasy and nervous too, maybe it’s just the tension in the room that is building that’s getting to us because Collette doesn’t seem in the slightest bit worried at all, maybe she knew what was happening, so I took comfort from that.

Tiffany with her hands behind her back is stood there now with Collette and still pouting like a naughty school girl being scolded in her short skirt with high heels and over the knee stockings, she looks so cute and sweet.

One of the big men pulls Collette’s handbag from her and pours the contents out on to a table, Collette for the first time looks quite annoyed as she appears to have damaged one of her finger nails when the man snatched her handbag from her. Natasha just looks and stares at Tiffany not saying a word to her and Tiffany who is looking very nervous hands over her tiny little handbag to Natasha straight away, “here” she says obediently. Natasha looks in to Tiffany’s handbag and pulls out her purse and takes out £20 and a debit card, she looks at Tiffany and asks. “What’s the number for this card” Tiffany shakes her head, “No, I was told not to tell anyone”

The old man who is looking at the contents of Collette’s handbag on the table picks up her purse and looks inside and pulls out 2 credit cards and 3 debit cards and about £300 in cash, Natasha looks over and steps to the table as this takes her interest, The old big black man hands over the cards to Natasha who inspects them, then she lifts her head and looks sternly at Collette and in an angry low voice says “give me the pin numbers for these” Natasha who is looking well pissed off continues “we will see if you have the money or not,” Collette looking all innocent replies sweetly. “Sorry, I just don’t know them, I don’t carry them around with me either” Natasha is looking angrier by the

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minute, her dark skin getting darker as she shouts “I HAVE NO TIME FOR YOUR SILLY GAMES, YOU HAVE GOT ME IN TO SERIOUS TROUBLE, I STUCK MY NECK OUT FOR YOU, ALL OF YOU, AND NOW THIS IS HOW YOU ALL REPAY ME FOR MY GENEROSITY……. I WILL ONLY ASK YOU ONE LAST TIME… WHAT ARE THE PIN NUMBERS” and Natasha’s eyes flick from Collette to Tiffany and back to Collette again, Tiffany says nothing she just stands there looking very nervous and almost shaking with fear, but this time Collette looking almost arrogant looks Natasha coolly and calmly right in the eyes and just simply says “I don’t know them” as though to say you can’t have them, so what are you going to do about it.

Chapter 2 …. Roy

Natasha looks exasperated at Collette, she screams out furiously and stamps her foot as she looks around the room, she looks over at the men for a while in complete silence, then she looks back to Tiffany, then to the other nervous looking girls, then back at the men again, everyone could see she was thinking her next move over and nervously wondering what it would be. Collette I noticed now has a slight confident smile on her face, Natasha looking now at Collette notices this too. I could see Natasha obviously felt insulted by her smug expression and she shows it in her manner, suddenly like a light being switched on her Natasha’s expression changes again as she must have decided what she must do next, she then looks back over to the big ugly black guy who was driving the car and in a sharp voice she demands him to … “Strip them, Strip them both” and I gasped as all the other girls did wondering if we had heard her properly.

Collette’s sexy brown eyes widen in complete shock, like all the rest of us she wasn’t expecting this, immediately all the girls in the room groan and murmur with the shock of what they had heard, Tiffany starts looking around her expression almost asking everyone for help. Then one of Natasha’s big son’s pushes me firmly backwards about a step or two against the wall and out of the way then holds me there pressing the flat of his hand against my tummy as though a warning not to do anything, as if I could.

We were all shocked about what we had just heard, I didn’t have a clue about what I was about to see and my heart was pounding out of my chest now in fear, I was a little to the side of the room and could plainly see everyone Collette and Tiffany are to my left about 2 meters away and the other girls were just to my right.

Collette and Tiffany gasp out together as two of Natasha’s big grinning sons start to move towards them, both girls take nervous steps backwards and back in to a table making it screech a little along the floor, both of the girls with their frightened wide eyes flash side to side between Natasha and the big powerful men as they move towards them. The men reach out quickly for them Tiffany screams and Collette squeals out as the men grab them and hold them firmly.

The big ugly black man that was in the car with us starts pulling clumsily with his thick stubby fingers at Collette’s buttons on her blouse as he unfastens them, then he pulls her blouse off her roughly as she struggles. Collette’s small white bra stands out in stark contrast against her darker skin as Natasha calls out “just strip them to the waist, that will suffice,” again I couldn’t think for the life of me what was going to happen to them. Collette and Tiffany were squealing out “NO No” the whole time.

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Both girls both struggle as they are manhandled and the old black man roughly and clumsily unfastens Collette’s small sexy bra then pulling that off her too and letting it just drop to the floor, as the men hold both the girls firmly the old man now starts to fondle her small but very pert olive breasts as he stares smiling right in to Collette’s worried pretty face. The old man seems to be obsessed with her large dark brown nipples as he runs his stumpy old fingers over them and pulls and tweaks them.

Natasha calmly watches on almost inquisitively and commenting to the old man, “Do you like feeling her young firm breasts, they are quite cute and pert aren’t they,” then she smiles at the old black man adding. “I bet it’s been quite a while since you have fondled such a firm young pair, isn’t it,.. Please take your time and enjoy them all you wish.”

Her sons too have dragged off Tiffany’s top and they force her over as they unfasten her bra clumsily as she screams out and pleads with them “GIVE OVER, PLEASE DON’T” They pull her bra off and let it drop to the floor too, then they let her up and hold her wrists tight down beside her, the ugly black man looks over to Tiffany with a smile and looks at her slowly up and down, even though she is very slim and petite she has a very different full and large white round breasts as both girls are pushed back together side by side where the stark contrast of their breasts stand out.

Her sons are griping and holding the girls very firm, they both have very slim petite body’s that’s naked from the waist up, the girls both try to cover their breasts with their hands but the men don’t let them, they grab their wrists pulling them down and hold them firmly then pulling their hands firmly behind their backs as they struggle a little which makes both their breasts shake as they are forced to reveals themselves.

The old ugly black man, who I never found out who he was or what relationship he had with any of them, although he obviously wasn’t her husband because of their manner and she looked so pretty and elegant and he was so old and rough, I keep calling him the black guy but all the men was black to one degree or another, but he was very black in a dim room you only saw his eyes and tooth. He starts to move his hands away from Collette’s small pert breasts and moves over to Tiffany and starts to fondle her very different firm large breasts, his large black hands contrasting with her very milky white skin. Nether girls say anything and Natasha walks slowly up to them and watches him enjoying himself with the girls for a while, “do they feel nice” she asks enquiringly again, he looks at her then moves away. “Oh don’t worry, I wasn’t rushing you” she says as she now moves in to the space which he has left.

Natasha looks at both the girls, her eyes looking down at their breasts as she closely inspects them, she inspects Collette’s first then Tiffany’s, each time putting her hand out and gently stroking then fondling each one of them in turn and letting her hand run over each of their nipples slowly inspecting them very carefully, Natasha muses “yes they are all very nice, very nice indeed” then she turns back to Collette and Natasha starts to stroke her breast once more saying “Mmm, But these are just right,” at first I though she was complementing their breasts for whatever reason. Collette has very cute small pert breasts that point straight out with very large perky brown and erect nipples. Tiffany has a very full and large white breasts for her size with pink nipples, they were both so very different.

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As her sons still hold the girls firm Natasha looking confident walks over to a desk and opening the drawer takes out a riding crop that’s lying in there. Then she moves back towards Tiffany, her large firm breasts bounce around as she tries to struggle in a futile attempt to break free. The men start holding her much firmer and her hands tighter behind her back. Natasha says sternly, “When I ask you for something I mean what I say, do you understand,” Tiffany nods her head, “yes, yes of course” Natasha looks at Tiffany’s large firm breasts and Natasha’s face becomes harsh as she raises the crop high Tiffany starts to squeal out as she realises what is going to happen “NO NO PLEASE

DON’T,” then the air swishes as the riding crop cuts through the air and the leather tip of the crop comes swiftly down and strikes Tiffany’s pink nipple and she sharply squeals out loud, from the sharp pain, I am not surprised she squeals out as my nipples are very sensitive areas, so I suppose hers are as well, Tiffany begs “please .. please don’t hurt me” Natasha ignores her and again she raises the crop and I hear the swish of the crop again as it cuts through the air and strikes on to the same nipple harder, again she sharply screams out much louder and in a screaming panic she is trying to bend over and going down on to her knees to protect her nipples being struck, but the men pull her up straight and hold her there, Natasha smiles and says to her, “so if I ask you for something in the future, you will do as your told, won’t you?” “Yes yes” Tiffany cries out and begs, “of course I will .. Anything you ask, anything.”

Natasha smiles widely at her and pauses for a moment before she asks her “Then you will give me your pin numbers for that card now won’t you, or would you like to taste a little more of the crop first.” Tiffany screams and Begs her not to beat her anymore “no don’t, please don’t, the numbers are twenty three, forty five,” Natasha pulls a face with surprise at the numbers, “twenty three, forty five, they are rubbish numbers to try to remember, why didn’t you change them” “I did change them” she said, “it’s easy to remember, it’s just two, three, four, five, isn’t it” the men holding her suddenly smile then break into a little laugh.

Natasha writes the numbers down shaking her head at her and she moves away from Tiffany and this time she goes and stands in front of Collette, Natasha again asks so sweetly giving a large false smile “Give me the pin numbers please” Collette looking a little more concerned now after she has seen what has happened to Tiffany, but again she tried to look innocent saying, “I don’t know them off hand they are in my mums diary, it’s so I can’t just draw money out and spend it, I am like that” Collette pauses as everyone stares at her in shocked silence then adds sweetly “I haven’t used them in ages to be honest” ….

Natasha looking angry shakes her head and screams at her “Liar” and she raises the crop and with an angry SWISH of the crop she strikes Collette’s right nipple hard on the very tip, Collette squeals out and sucks her breath in from the stinging pain and Natasha shouts the question again, “give me the pin numbers”  amazingly Collette still trying to still look all innocent and apologetic but still wincing from the pain replies “it’s true I tell you, I don’t know them,”  but Natasha has none of it and the crop swishes down again harder on the same nipple and Collette squeals out louder than ever trying to bend over in pain like Tiffany did, but the men again hold her upright, Natasha looks angry and says, “I am not going to waste my time asking the same question over and over again, we will see who lasts longer at this silly game, you or me” and Natasha with a hard SWISH … SWISH … SWISH of the crop strikes the very tip of her pert brown nipple over and over again, her nipples already sticking right out now swell from the beating as Collette squeals out loud and her face contorts and winces with the pain, she squirms and wrestles with the men as she tries to back away from the torture to her nipples but the sons hold her firm and she can’t move. …Natasha pauses “just give me the numbers” she demands sharply, then without waiting for an answer the SWISH … SWISH of the crop as she strikes those stinging erect nipples again and again, Collette pleads with tears in her eyes as she is screaming and squirming  “I don’t know them.”

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I couldn’t believe she knew the numbers My eyes water and my own nipples were tingling in sympathy as I could imaging the pain she must be going through, I looked over at all the other girls stood there and I could see them visibly squirm also at the sort of torture Collette was going through.

The men grabs both Collette’s arms and pushes them further up her back making her more uncomfortable and forcing her pert breasts further forward, as Natasha again starts to beats down the crop on to Colette’s already tender nipples again taking care just to strike the very tip of her nipple over and over again making them sting and throb, Collette squealing, screaming and gasping starts to shake her head with the pain and screams out louder and louder as the stinging swish of the crop beats her nipples mercilessly with an increasing and excruciating pain. Natasha’s sons smile as the once cool and arrogant Collette squirms and screams louder gasping and begging for Natasha to stop, but the beating of the crop whipping just the tip of her pert nipples continues till Collette is struggling her hardest to break free from the beating and SCREAAAMING loudly and sobbing begging her to stop, then finally as she cannot stand the excruciating pain anymore she screams out loudly “STOP!” STOP!, I WILL GIVE YOU THE NUMBERS, I WILL GIVE YOU THE NUMBERS,” but Natasha whips Collette’s brown nipples cruelly harder than ever before and Collette SCREEEEAMS out loud begging for her to stop and hopelessly fighting like crazy to break away from the torture and Screaming out repeating, “I will give you the numbers” her face contorts with the pain from her nipples stinging and throbbing from the punishment, a couple of the girls shout out and tell Natasha to stop, Tiffany bravely joins them as the sound of Collette screaming is now making me feel sick, it seems they are torturing her now for being so stubborn earlier on

The beating suddenly stops and Natasha shouts “give me the numbers now and no games or you will get more and there will be no mercy or relief next time” “They are on my phone” she cries and gasps panting for breath and sobs from the beating” the men release her as Natasha motions for her to show her, sobbing she fumbles her way through the contact list as she comforts her sore nipples with her other hand and soon she starts to read out the numbers one by one while Natasha writes them down like she did with Tiffany.

She turns to the big ugly man who was with her in the car and handing him the cards and numbers, she tells him “get as much of my money from the ATMs on the corner,” He rushes out of the room, well when I say rush, I mean for an big old bloke that looks as if he has something wrong with his legs as his step is quite exaggerated as he walks.

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Tiffany asks Natasha if she can get dressed as she bends over and picks up her bra from the floor, “No” came the stern reply, then in a kinder voice she says “you two are a pleasure on the eye for my boys and I too come to that.” Tiffany, surprised drops her bra back on the floor and puts her arm across her breasts hiding her breast hiding them and moves back to the other girls, I thought Natasha was just deliberately being mean and spiteful now.

I knew Collette got up to some dodgy things in the past, but I remember thinking at the time I never thought she would get involved in something like this, it seemed to me she was involved with a gang selling drugs or something, I just hoped I wasn’t going to be wrapped up in this somehow just because I was with her. I have heard how the gangs treat girls, they show them no respect and treat them like meat, even as it seems here when a woman is in charge.

The room is now silent as we wait for the old man to return, Natasha is sat on a table and tapping the crop gently at the side of her leg and just looking at the floor quite calmly, but with her that can soon change, then as unexpected as ever Natasha’s head pops up and she looks straight at me and catches me looking at her, I looked away quickly but not quick enough for her not to notice me staring. Natasha speaks to me in a calm quite voice, her foreign accent seemed a little more pronounced “you know Angel, your name is Angel isn’t it?” I look back at her and nod my head quickly and very nervously then I look down at the floor, she continues talking to me and starting her sentence all over again “you know Angel, you must think of me as quite a bully or at least a really nasty person, but you know nothing is further from the truth.” I raise my eyes and look at her again and she shifts herself on the table she is sat on so she can looks straight at me without twisting her head, she starts telling me in a very nice and almost in an affectionate tone “it’s very unfortunate you had so see any of this, and I do apologise, but I really had no choice, I had been trying to catch up with Collette for a little while now and when I saw her with you, well I took my opportunity, you see she was using you, she thought I would be afraid to confront her with you here, how wrong she was.”

Natasha looks around the room at every one then continues, “everyone here I see in the room, I see as my family, my children and I protect them like just so, but should anyone within the family do anything that puts all of us at risk, well then like children they have to be punished, don’t you agree,”

I paused before I answered “May be” I said very gently, not wanting to get into a conversation and provoke her in anyway.

She looks at me for a while not saying anything, I hate it when she does that, my mind was racing, had I said anything to upset her? I hoped not. Calmly she says, “So you don’t want to commit yourself until you know the facts, is that what you’re saying” and she pauses for a moment while I again very nervously nod my head, strangely the very tiniest smile comes across her face “that’s ok,” she says “I can live with that.” Again she pauses then she looks across to the girls saying “While we have a moment, let me tell you what the facts are”

“Oh bollocks” I thought, this is sure to get me in to trouble, I could just sense it.

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Natasha starts “This is how we run our operation Angel,” then she pauses, I notice she does that a lot, she thinks quite clearly at what she is about to say, her low husky tone and some would say sexy voice is very clear even with the accent she has.

Natasha carries on explaining, she is clearly talking to me but looking at the other girls the whole time “I supply the girls with the merchandise and as the girls sell the consignment all they have to do is keep half the money and give me the other half, that doesn’t sound too difficult up to now does it to you?” I give a little shake on my head in agreement as she carries on explaining  “Then of the money they give me, I keep half and I give my supplier half too, What could be easier than that would you think, you may have heard this already” then her tone changes and becomes more menacing “but what’s been happening, and Collette seems to be the one that’s instigated this, or at least certainly the worst offender of them, They have been selling my merchandise and keeping all of the money, then they have been taking more merchandise from the warehouse and keeping all the money from that too, now this works out at quite a considerable amount of money and my supplier’s need paying and they are not very tolerant to nonpayers and rightly so, you see they are not as kind as I am. I have been too soft, that’s quite clear to me now.”

Then for the first time in a while she looks back across to me and asks “tell me Angel, in my position, what would you do with these selfish and greedy girls? …. How would you punish them?”

The question shocked me, I didn’t know how to answer, I didn’t even want to answer her but she just sits on the table looking straight at me in the eyes aggressively and waiting for the answer.

“Well” I say trying to buy a second or more of extra time, then her expression changes again and she looks at me as if she is genuinely interested in my answer, then I had a change of heart and I replied quietly, “I don’t know” hoping she wouldn’t press me further. Natasha stares at me and without stopping her stare as though she is miles away.

She is obviously thinking the question through herself and in the silence everyone looks at Natasha, then she blinks as though her thought train is broken and she says “so you see my dilemma” I just nod my head nervously, the problem I felt I had with talking to Natasha was she had such wild contrasting mood swings from one second to the next, you never seemed to know where you are with her, or maybe she was under such a lot of pressure from her supplier, that may answer quite a lot.

If that was the case I did see her dilemma, don’t you.

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Chapter 4 …. The problem.

The big ugly black man was back in around twenty minutes or so but it was the longest twenty minutes of my life, I stood there in total silence wondering what would happen now and certainly worried about what would happen if she didn’t get any of her money. The man walks back in to the room with a hand full of money and handing Natasha the large bundle of notes and the cards he explains, “The moneys all there in Collette’s accounts, I could only take out £5,000 now using different ATMs, but we can take out another £5,000 tomorrow by the end of the week she will be level with what she owes us.” adding “she must have had 5 times the amount she owed us, she’s been taking the piss with us all this time.”

“And Tiffany” asks Natasha “well she has about £200 in her account, I left that there, I couldn’t be bothered with that”

Natasha gently nods calmly in agreement with the old man but then looks furiously over at Collette while he starts putting the things back in to Collette’s handbag. Natasha looks around at everyone her fury for everyone to see, Amazingly Natasha turns to Collette and in a sweet voice says, “was all this pain worth it, …. I don’t think so, surly not.” she lingers on.

Again as I hear how much money she has in her bank accounts I am shocked by her going through that punishment, she must be so incredibly greedy or something crazy in her head, she could have just paid up, she owed the money after all.

Natasha starts looking and talking to Collette but really she is talking to everyone “you had more than enough to pay us our money, you was greedy beyond belief and you just took us for fools didn’t you,” Collette now composed nods her head, Natasha continues in a tone as if it was a warning to them all “I have helped you a great deal, I have stuck my neck out for you with my bosses, but you still treat me like this making me look bad. I could have been in serious trouble covering for you, and you knew this as well. I even tried to help you by punishing Tiffany a little first, I knew she would tell me what I wanted to know straight away even if I hurt her just a tiny little, but all you think of is yourself. Do you know I still seriously doubt that you have learned your lesson, I know that you are very stubborn and I must make sure that all of you have learned your lesson well here” and then in a lower tone almost to herself she repeats herself …. “I must make sure you have all learned your lesson well today” …. then Natasha looking angrily and deliberately around the room looking at first to Tiffany, then at all the other girls individually slowly and in silence as though she is wondering what to do for the best.

Natasha’s dark eyes eventually move back and stare at Collette with the room still in silence for what seems an age, …….. The tension in the room seems almost unbearable as to what would happen next, I was hoping that now she had got quite a bit of money back she would just tell us to get out of her sight and we would all leave… But no, she starts to repeat what she has just said, almost as though it’s to herself more than the girls in the room, and her tone gets louder and more confident as she speaks and almost winding herself up as if in a chant “I must make sure everyone understands, I must make sure that you have all learned a lesson, a lesson that you all will never forget if you ever think of disrespecting and stealing from me ever again” she pauses again then adding “yes, .. Yes you will learn this lesson now” as if she was insane.

Then she looks to the big ugly black man and looking him in the eyes for a second she says in a cold voice to him as her eyes move back to Collette “teach this greedy bitch a lesson she won’t forget, we will teach all of these girls here a lesson …… I want you to Rape her,” then she turns to her sons and says to them in a loud voice “Rape her … all of you” … As all the girls in the room scream out in panic and horror at what they have just heard, my stomach sinks on to the floor and my whole body shakes in terror and I feel as though I am going to be sick and throw up at any moment.

The old big black man nods to the other men in the room, I quickly look across to Collette and see the sudden shock and horror in her face as she pleads and screams …… OH NO NATASHA! .. Don’t Please!……. PLEASE NO! As she again in fear cowers taking a step backwards, two men move quickly across the room as one of them grab Colette and drags her backwards on to and across what seemed two tables, one upturned on top of the other with the top tables legs pointing up in the air, for the first time I notice that top table seems to be screwed upside down to the top of the other table, I just thought they were just stored that way, now it seems to be a customised table that they have used before.

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Again I think I am going to throw up any moment as we all hope Natasha is having a very poor joke on teaching them a lesson, she must be joking I thought, no woman would order this on to another woman surly, but for now at least it seems so, the other thing was I didn’t know if she meant they were going to rape us all, Tiffany and the other girls seem to be in a panic as well, I think they thought the men were going to rape us all too, so it wasn’t just me that thought that this was going to happen, so maybe they are, they are going to rape us all in turn just as I thought, I was going to be sick right there and then on the floor and was trying not to, a million panics seemed to rush through my head, at the moment they seemed to be just concentrating on Collette for now but I expected them to turn on to me at any moment, then Natasha pushes Tiffany out of the way and towards the other girls and tells them, “let what is happening to Collette now be a warning to you all of you for the future” much to all our relief it seemed they were just going to punish and gang rape Collette, I know this sounds extremely callous and horribly selfish doesn’t it, but there was nothing we could do to help her and we was so pleased and relieved that it wasn’t happening to us as well, at that horrible time even though we would have done anything to stop it, we just all thought of ourselves

Collette as I said was pulled backwards across the table top and the men were holding her down as she gives out a low sickening moan of panic as the men held her there tightly, the big old ugly man comes and slides his eager hands up her short skirt as she tries to kick her legs at him, but two of the other sons grab her legs and hold them. Natasha offers some advice to the men, “perhaps it would be better to remove her shoes and skirt first before trying to remove her panties and tights, although I can see how eager you all are” the old man gives a quick nod of his head and he bends a

little and grabs each of her shoes and pulls them off her one by one, then his hands now moves to unfasten her skirt and quickly pulls it off her, his excited hands move back to the top of her knickers and as his finger curl over her panties for a moment he pauses as he stares grinning in to Collette’s eyes then he tugs and starts to pull down her knickers and tights together very slowly almost in torment as Collette screams and begs as she feels them starting to slide down, all the men giggle as they seem to be enjoying every moment, Collette screams and starts to beg again as she feels her knickers sliding over her hips and slowly revealing a tiny strip of black pubic hair, then she tries to wrap her legs together to stop him pulling them down her long sexy legs, She screams out “Natasha please tell them to stop … P L E A S E… OH MY GOD” Natasha looks at her with no emotion on her face at all and she says nothing as she watches the proceedings.

Now as the old man finally drags off her knickers and tights Collette gives another sad loud groan in defeat and humiliation as she is now completely naked, the men drag her further back on to the table and they force her arms out each side of her and tie Collette’s wrists to the far upturned table legs either side, She squeals and begs all the time as they then grab her legs and force them upwards and open, as they manoeuvre her legs over and round the other upturned table legs, then letting them down again so the table legs hold Collette’s legs open, the table is short and her bottom and head hangs over each edge, with her legs open wide wrapped round the table legs they tie her by her knees to the table legs so her legs are held wide open and she can’t close or move them at all, the table seemed a perfect fit, her light brown pussy on full view and fully exposed for them to do with as they wish.

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Natasha walks up to the table where Collette is tied, she looks at Collette panicking as some of her sons start to take their trousers off and Collette’s eyes flicks across to each of them then she looks back to Natasha and again pleads “Noooo … please don’t,” I felt so helpless as Collette begs and begs, her eyes wide open in fear, Natasha looking in to Collette’s eyes and while stroking her hair smiling she says “I am going to let all the men fuck that fine lesbian pussy of yours, that’s the very least you can do for us after all the trouble you got us in to, don’t you think, perhaps” Collette groans out loud and suddenly tries to struggle free but it was obviously a useless gesture, she is tied very tight and secure, there is no escape.

Then Collette looks at me with begging eyes as though to try and help her, but what could I do, with all these big powerful men here, but I decided I Just had to say something or I would never have been able to live with myself, “please leave her alone, she’s my friend,” god it came out so weak, naff and squeaky, (I was terrified after all) Natasha, turns to me warning, “don’t get involved or you will find that there is a place for you here too, there are plenty of men to go round, or perhaps you want to join in do you ?”

I look away and I say nothing, wishing I had said nothing after all but she repeats the question to me louder and demanding an answer “DO YOU?” … frightened that they would drag me out and gang rape me as well I nervously look to the floor and shake my head saying “No” Natasha moves a little step closer to me and in a cruel demanding voice harshly booms “No! …. No WHAT, .. Do you mean No, please don’t leave me out?” I felt everyone’s eyes on me and I was now shaking like a leaf and thinking how stupid I was to say something and now she is going to have me dragged out and raped as well, I was on the point of bursting out in to tears but I tried all I could to hold myself together and replied submissively and in total terror “No, .. No I don’t want to join in thank you” Natasha surprises everyone by replying in a very nice and sweet manner “oh, alright… as you wish.” and she turned smiled at me as I breathed a very big sigh of relief.

But now I felt a coward and I was leaving Collette to her fate, but what would you have done? Even though I wasn’t looking I could still feel Natasha looking at me, I could feel that burning stare even though my eyes were fixed to the floor, then with an overwhelming relief she turns her attention back to Collette.

Natasha smiles and puts her hand in to her handbag and takes out a small bottle of hand cream, Looking up she says sweetly “Tiffany my love come here,” The red haired girl nervously walks over to her, “hold out your hand” she tells her, as Tiffany puzzled cautiously and slowly holds her hand out, Natasha squeezing some of the hand cream on to Tracy’s middle fingers explaining “Collette’s pussy could be a little tight for those big cocks I think, let’s make it easier for everyone and use this to lubricate it for her, Tiffany was very cautious, you could see she wasn’t keen on rubbing her hand and fingers on another girls pussy, but doing as she is told she slowly move’s between Collette’s tied open legs then slowly and tentatively her shaking hand slowly strokes the cream up and down over Collette’s almost hairless pussy, soon her little pussy is glistening as Tiffany obediently massages the hand cream around the whole of her pussy “we don’t want it too tight for my boys do we,” Natasha mocks, she tells Tiffany to hold her hand out again, and as she does she puts a little more hand cream on Tiffany’s fingers saying “apply this deeper, you know where” Tiffany this time blushes, I could see she was embarrassed about where she was told to rub the cream.

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This time she carefully rubs it delicately around the opening of her hole and then she slide’s her finger up Collette’s pussy “that’s a good girls” Natasha smiles as she slides her finger in and out lubricating what would be I am sure a tight pussy, then Natasha looks over to me and smiles, “perhaps you should have done this for her, after all, you are her best friend,” this time I say nothing and just look to the floor again.

Natasha looks back and moves to Collette and smiles as she trails a finger from her lower stomach down on to her pussy saying “So Collette this lesbian cunt of yours is finally going to be used what it’s really meant for, you never know, you might even enjoy the fun, I know my boys and I will.”

Collette tied very tight and helpless begs and pleads with Natasha again and this time she seems to be looking down at her sympathetically at what she is being told “please, I have learned my lesson now, I know I have I will never do anything like this ever again, you know I won’t. For Christ’s sake, Please Natasha give me another chance, please don’t let them do this to me”

Natasha continues to looks down sympathetically and listening to what she was saying, Natasha sighs, and I can see Collette’s hopeful face pleading in the moment of silence as Natasha seems to wrestle with her conscience. Then Natasha calmly takes a couple of steps away and again without any emotion motions to the old man to get on with the punishment, this jolts Collette to drop her head backwards in despair as her last hope is dashed while groaning out “you sadistic bastards.”

At this point I felt all the despair in my stomach that I knew Collette would be feeling too, in my heart I really didn’t think that Natasha would go through with it, how could she carry on with all these witnesses seeing what was happening, I naively thought she would obviously get in to trouble and that maybe she would still stop at the very last moment, I hoped.

Then I am more than surprised to see the very ugly black pensioner slowly walks towards Collette and I think to myself that surly he wasn’t going to do it, that this really old codger at his age wouldn’t even be able to get his little old maggot hard surly, let alone fuck her, but he starts to take his old dirty and tatty trousers off , and folds them up neatly and carefully the cheeky sod and puts them on a chair, the whole room is in total silence as he moves to Collette almost in slow motion with just his and old top on and a large pair and what would have been at one time white saggy underpants. my eyes moved as I could see a large bulge start to develop down there, I quickly looked round the room and I notice that all the girls’ eyes are fixed on his bulge as it slowly gets bigger, he slowly now starts to pull down his pants with a large beaming smile to reveal something that quite surprises us all.

This really old black pensioner has got a huge, a huge black prick, as I look again over to the girls they are looking at each other open mouthed and in shock too at the size of it, it half points out in front of him not quite totally hard yet and maybe only half erect but I could see it pulsing up and down slightly as it got harder and harder, my eyes widen as I see his big old very black cock develop on such a fucking old bloke, it just didn’t seem right, it looked so out of place, I thought to myself god!! That must be at least 11 inches long and it’s so thick, I have never seen such a huge prick like that in my life and I doubt if Collette has either being of the persuasion she is.

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Collette lifts her head up briefly to see what is happening and she looks towards the old guy, I watch as her eyes move down to see the huge prick he has and I noticeably see her eyes widen in surprise at the size of it, The old man looks across at Collette and looks her in the eyes with a large smile as

he takes his black cock in his hand and slowly rubs it, I suppose to make it finally hard enough to fuck her but doing in in her direction and letting her know it was for her quite soon now, and again she groans out loud in anxiety and drops her head back in despair and anguish at her impending punishment, I don’t know what was worse for her, The Rape itself, the size of his prick or the fact an ugly smelly old wrinkly pensioner was going to be allowed to fuck her, it seemed to be one giant humiliation after another, personally I wouldn’t want to be within a hundred yards of that old grotesque looking man and prick.

Chapter 5 ….Tiffany

Natasha walks slowly, confident and proud to the side of the old man and she looks at Tiffany as she says to her strictly, “Come here” again Tiffany with her head down slowly walks up to her “on your knees” Natasha tells her, and Tiffany looks back at her with a frown and an expression of “why” on her face, for a moment she does nothing and they stare face to face, Natasha sternly says “do it now” then after a little pause she slowly, very slowly indeed she lowers herself on to her knees looking very submissive. Natasha tells Tiffany in a very calm and pleasant tone “relax darling, but please make yourself comfortable” and she moves from kneeling erect and straight up as she lowers her bottom on to her heels in a more relaxed manner as she was told, then in a low calm voice Natasha pleasantly tells her “please open your mouth darling” Tiffany’s facial expression turns to horror as she thinks she knows what she is going to be forced to do in front of everyone, Having to put that disgusting old thing in your mouth would make me feel sick, she pleads instantly saying “please don’t, please not this, please don’t make me do this” but Natasha just says in a low threatening voice, “do as you are told and open your cute little mouth for me darling,” then by the look on Natasha’s face she obviously enjoys telling her “yes, you are quite right, you are going to suck it for him” and again as Tiffany looks horrified Natasha adds, “we know what happens to disobedient little girls don’t we.” Tiffany with such a cute face looks up at her and worried about the consequences, she very reluctantly but obediently does as she is told and slowly and humiliatingly she opens her mouth just a little in submission, Natasha now turns to the black pensioner and says, “here you can use Tiffany’s mouth for a moment while that cock of yours is truly hard and ready to be used, we don’t want to disappoint Collette do we, Tiffany doesn’t mind … Do you love,” but in reality we all knew she dare not refuse her request.

Natasha squats down right by the side on her as the ugly old man looks pleased and doesn’t wait for any answer and he grunts a little as he eagerly moves his very old and large black cock towards Tiffany’s waiting sweet young mouth, Tiffany is visibly upset and disgusted, her big wide eyes look at the wrinkly old pensioner as his big black cock starts being guided to her mouth, as the thick black tip of his prick touches her very red trembling lips she opens her mouth a little wider and Natasha moves closer and praises her warmly and rests her hand on her shoulder urging her on “good girl, good good girl” she tells her as Tiffany’s wide eyes watches as the ancient very black thick tip of his

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cock slowly pushes forward, her bright red lips widen and she watches and feels it nudge and push her mouth wider open as it slide’s in to her mouth, I can see Natasha’s eyes start to sparkle with delight as the old guy groans out as he feels her warm wet mouth on the end of his ever hardening prick, I notice his very black cock has such a rich contrast of colour against her bright red lips and her very white skin.

The pensioner squeals louder and gives a high pitched whining sound as he slide’s the very tip of his enormous prick in to Tiffany’s wide open mouth and then with a MMmm he starts to slide it in and rock it back and forth a little as Tiffany just stays there on her knees and obviously grossly and hugely embarrassed with an ever growing mouthful of black cock, she is just holding her mouth wide open for him and letting this really old guy slide it in and out, well more like rocks his enormous prick back and forth in her mouth, His prick is so big and thick it seems only a little of his prick will fit in to her small and dainty mouth.

Again Natasha eagerly whispers to her and humiliating her further  “Come on Tiffany, I want to see you suck it, let everyone see you suck this nice black cock,” if ever I went to hell, I think I would find myself back here.

It was felt quite sick as we all watched spellbound with disgust, Natasha is still Crouched down by her side as she stares with her eyes fixed at the cock in the mouth of Tiffany, who in turn with her head staying very rigid and still while her wide bright eyes look at Natasha to the right of her while this old man shags her mouth, in a loud whisper she says to Tiffany again eagerly “suck it” and while her bright eyes still look at Natasha she tightens her mouth slowly around the pensioners large cock and starts to suck on it the best she could and a smile develops on Natasha’s face as she says warmly “sucking off a dear old pensioner, how very sweet of you” while the black guy groans out even louder

Luckily for Tiffany (if that’s the right word) the old git didn’t force her to suck it for long, maybe for about 30 to 40 seconds more but by the sounds of him he was really enjoying himself, for Tiffany I bet the humiliation of sucking his prick in front of everyone seemed an absolute eternity, but it seemed as soon as his cock was really hard he wanted to turned his attention to the table and Collette.

“Now it’s your turn you lucky girl” Natasha says with a smile to Collette as the old man slowly makes his way towards her, Collette watching what was happening looks down again at the size of his penis and she is obviously concerned at how thick and long it is “don’t worry” smiles Natasha “all my boys have a good size too, like all good West African men I am sure they don’t disappoint you” Collette screams “you sadistic bastard” as the old ugly black pensioner moves up between her tied open legs as Collette in despair shakes her head from side to side pleading for him to stop … “pleeeeease don’t,” she says endlessly.

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Natasha sends Tiffany back to the group of girls much to her relief, Natasha even says “thank you … and you may put your bra on now if you wish” Tiffany quickly moves back to pick her bra up off the floor and starts to move back to the group of girls putting her bra on at the same time, Natasha quickly says to her, “no not there, go and stand with Angel,” Tiffany stops instantly and moves quietly to stand with me, I was hoping that was a good thing for the both of us. As Tiffany walks up to me she stares right in to my eyes all the way and I could see the humiliation and shame she felt, I wanted to say words of comfort to her, but there was nothing, not a word I could think of to say to her that would help and I just gave her a sympathetic smile and a hug.

The other girls all hold hands together in comfort and they look like we felt, almost to be in a panic. I will never forget Collette’s terrified look in her eyes which is ignored as the old man as he guides his huge hard prick between her tightly bound open legs and pointing it to her very petit shaven olive brown pussy, Collette squeals out and flinches as he starts to rub his thick black length up and down and along her soft feminine folds of skin first letting her feel it, he is enjoying tormenting her with his prick as he prolongs the start of her punishment before then moving his thick penis in to position to penetrate her, with his hand on his cock slightly moving it around till he feels he is in just the right place, the tip of his thick prick is right over her pussy hole entrance which looks so small at the side of his huge penis, I can see Collette’s despairing eyes fixed and watching his every move, her tight stomach pants up and down as she takes quick shallow breaths.

He pauses for a moment, then the torture begins as he starts to push his large prick in to her, Collette squeals and groans out “OH Please no …. God Nooo” The pensioner grunts as he grabs her hips and tries to push his thick prick harder in to her tight opening, Collette cries out and groans, bracing herself as she feels the bulbous thick end of his hard prick pushing in to her and very slowly beginning to force her seemingly small and smooth shaven pussy lips apart.

Natasha turns and pulls up a chair but never for a moment takes her eyes off the huge old man cock that’s going to rape Collette and she slowly sits and elegantly crosses her sexy legs and watch’s with great interest, from where I am I can see the old man is having to push quite hard trying to force his thick cock in to her even though tiffany had lubricated it, the old pensioner is grunting as Collette  cries and screams out louder as he very slowly slides up her resisting tight pussy just a little, but then suddenly his hard thick bulbous cock end disappears as her lips finally open wide and slips up and in to her pussy, she instantly screams out again as her slim feline body flinches “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD  as she feels his big thick penis slide partially up in to her as the old man in turn gives out a victorious satisfied groan of “oh yes.”

Collette loudly panting, gasps and groans as the old man pauses for a moment as he repositions himself in to a more comfortable position. Tiffany puts her hand in mine and squeezes it trying to find some comfort as the old man edges his feet a few centimetres closer to the table and moves his large hands back gripping her hips while keeping his thick cock inside her, happy now with his new

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position he resumes what he was doing and he pushes his hips forward towards her forcing his hard thick cock deeper up in to her pussy, again Collette’s face winces and her mouth opens wide as she cries out as she must have felt every inch of his long thick black prick starting to slide up, She must have felt it stretching her pussy open as it slowly slides ever and increasingly deeper in to her, she drops her head back again gasping and panting as she feels it so big inside her and Natasha visibly smiles at Collette’s torture.

The old man now starts with preliminary small and slow thrusts in and out of her, each time his huge and very thick cock seems to disappear more and more up her, each time getting just a little longer with every deep thrust up her, Collette panting loudly groans and cries out in a loud deep voice “oh my god ,,,, oh my god” as she feels his thick black cock being withdrawn then thrust back up her and stretching her pussy open all over again as it slides all the way back up  and totally filling her, she squeals out uncontrollably as he starts to fuck her harder and harder as he grunts and groans loud with pleasure.

Collette’s face is flushed red through her lovely mild olive skin, she is perspiring and is groaning loud as she looks over to Natasha while gasping and panting, Natasha gives her a wink and a big smile and tells her “you sound as though you are loving this every bit as much as I am my sweet” and mockingly laughs at her, the old man is fucking Collette’s pussy much harder and faster now so much I can hear his balls slapping against her, but still gradually his thrusts get even faster till he is pounding her so hard Collette is squealing and groaning constantly in one long tone and with the hard thrusting the table is shaking violently and the legs are screeching against the floor

Then Natasha looks over and demands to one of the other girls “Fiona, come here quickly” pointing that she should go to the top of the table and she gets up off her chair and moves round to the other side of Collette to meet her there, Natasha raises her finger telling he to come closer, Fiona very nervously moves closer to Natasha, when she gets there she speaks to Fiona and one of her sons at the same time, Natasha has her back to me and I couldn’t hear what was being said with all the noise of the near screaming of Collette and the table vigorously screeching on the floor at the same time, but I can see with the look on Fiona’s face that she wasn’t happy one tiny little bit at what she was being told. Then Natasha goes back to the opposite side of the table and whispers in to the old man’s ear, he nods at her while he is thrusting furiously away before she goes and sits back down and watches the action very intently again.

Fiona nervously stays by the other side of the table by Collette’s head and is just stood there watching with one of the sons as the old man performs, Fiona has beautiful blond long hair and blue eyes she is the very picture of innocence, she is wearing a pair of tight blue jeans that reveals her very sexy bottom with a lovely tight deep V neck top revealing her very nice cleavage.

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The pensioner fucking Collette grunts and squeals like an absolute animal as he fucks her hard and fast, I must admit I never thought he would be able to get a hard on let alone all of this, as he squeals in a high pitch It Seems the old man could soon be cuming and I wondered how he would finish if you know what I mean.

The pensioner is really pounding away hard at Collette, his huge black shiny prick almost slips the whole way out of her pussy before he thrusts it back up her all the way, Collette still gasps, cries and groans out very loudly and uncontrollably at every thrust deep powerful.

As I was forced to watch the most horrendous torture of a close friend of mine, I could imagine the humiliation and mental pain she was going through and strangely, almost in sympathy like before I could vaguely imagine the feeling of that enormous thing she was having to take between her legs.

Suddenly the old man stopped fucking and pounding Collette and as he slides his long wet prick out of her he rushed round to the other side of the table where Fiona is, at the same time the son that was there with her grabs the panting and gasping Collette hard by the back of her short hair and drags her head back and down, the old pensioner moves his large prick above Collette’s face as her eyes stare at the monster prick.

The obviously very embarrassed Fiona grips the old man’s cock with her small hand and starts to wank him off, her hand slides up and down his long thick black shaft as the pensioner groans like hell while he gropes Collette’s tits, Collette still panting with her eyes fixed on what is happening above her face, Fiona has a firm grip on the old man’s prick and her hand is wanking the old man faster and harder with what have to be very long strokes,  when all of a sudden the old man throws his head back and groans long and loud and Fiona points his prick purposely in to Collette’s face and with a high pitched scream the man suddenly squirts a load of  thick grey cum that splashes in to Collette’s pretty face, She flinches as it hits her but The big powerful son grips Collette’s head very firmly so she can’t move it, Fiona still wanks the old pensioner and within another long stroke of her hand up and down along his shaft, the old man groans out again and again as squirt after long squirt splashes and covers her face.

Fiona had obviously been told by Natasha to point his cock in to Collette’s face so that when he shoots his whole load it covers the whole her pretty little face, and she had done a good job of it too as it was spattered all over her and in some places there were thick globs of cum starting to run down her face.

The old pensioner is finished as he stands there gasping for his breath, but Fiona not daring to stop until she is told still rubs the old man’s prick until it is dry, He rests for a few moments as his once hard thick cock starts to shrink inside Fiona’s hand, the last tiny dribble of white cum oozing out of the tip of his cock drips on her tightly closed lips, the old man nods to Fiona and she stops rubbing his prick and takes her hand away.

Natasha turns to her sons and says almost in a hurry “Come along which of you is next” the old man stays where he is as another of Natasha’s excited sons takes off his designer underpants and gets in to his position between Collette’s legs. I look at his hard cock, again it is long and thick, but nowhere near the size of the old man, that was a bit of a monster. The new guys guides his thick cock to

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Collette’s now well stretched and fucked pussy while again Collette shakes her head to him and begs the man not to, But this time she must have known Natasha’s son because she says, “please Steve, please don’t” but he ignores her completely as he very quickly starts to push his cock up in to her which makes her groan out and he starts to fuck her eagerly.

As her son rapes her and fucks her fast and furiously, Natasha laughs at Collette’s humiliation, “go on girl just enjoy it” she tells her, Collette’s just lays there tied to the table squealing and groaning at each thrust as she takes more punishment from the new guy taking over, but she seems much calmer now the enormous cock has left her.

Her son grunts and groans as he fucks Collette and he pounds away hard at her, Natasha seems to takes great pleasure from the gang rape and even more from the distress of Collette and even leans forward as though to get a better view as her son fucks her, her son is fucking Collette hard and fast and groans hard in pleasure as Collette squeals in at the power of the ponding she is getting, Natasha looks up at her sons face and she can tell he will be cuming very soon, she looks over to Fiona and says “come on here” and nods to her son, Fiona move’s round the table just as the son groans out loud, much louder than before and he quickly pulls his hard prick out of her and he instantly squirts his cum along Collette’s stomach, Fiona grabs his hard brown prick in her small white hand and wanks him hard as squirt after squirt splashes over Collette’s stomach as he gasps out loudly in pleasure, as she wanks him the guy thrusts his prick back and forth in Fiona’s hand until a final time and still a tiny squirt of cum splashes this time just above Collette’s pussy and it slowly starts to trickle down over it, the guy pants and lets Fiona still wank him for a few moments longer before he turns round to her saying “okay”

Natasha is pleased with the performance and she claps her hands saying “that was a very good one, come on who is next” and she looks round to see her next son taking his underpants off and his hard prick springs out, “ahh it’s my youngest” she sighs and again she gently applauds adding with affection “it’s my little baby’s turn,  (although he must be around thirty,)  come on you will enjoy this as I know you have always fancied Collette haven’t”  he quickly moves to the table to take his turn with Collette, he doesn’t even look at her, he just guides his prick to her pussy and thrusts it easily straight up her and within seconds he is excitedly pounding away at her and making the table screech against the floor like the others.

He thrusts away very hard and fast and Collette is squealing and panting equally as fast in rhythm with the fucking. Natasha gets up and walk to the side of her youngest son where Fiona is also stood presumably waiting for him to finish so she can wank him off over Collette, Well that’s how it’s gone before.

Chapter 6 …. Fiona

Natasha surprisingly moves in front of Fiona with long deliberate strides whilst staring at her the whole time and I start to worry for Fiona, and when she moves close to her without saying anything to her she starts to unfasten Fiona’s jeans. I remember thinking, “oh god please no, not Fiona as well now.

Page 21

Fiona frowns and looking worried asks her, “what the hell are you doing” Natasha smiles and says “Just do as I tell you, don’t worry no one’s going to fuck you, not if you do as you are told anyway,” pausing a little she said “this time you will have to trust me, like I did with you” and she continues to unfasten Fiona’s jeans and then she pulls down Fiona’s jeans zip, Natasha’s bends her knees and crouches low in front of Fiona and then she wraps her fingers over the top of her jeans and starts to tug and pull down on her jeans and revealing her bright yellow knickers with different coloured spot on. Fiona protests but lets her do it, her jeans are very tight and Natasha struggles with them but eventually she pulls them down to the upper middle of her thighs, then Natasha stands and takes a couple of steps back almost as though she was admiring what she had done to her, then Natasha studying her with her head tilted to one side as if she was studying a work of art muses to Fiona, now pull your panties down for me, Fiona this time protests very strongly and says, “No! No I won’t!!”

Natasha looks angry at her disobedience and she angrily and quickly moves back to her and crouching down in what seemed just one movement, I could see Fiona was shocked by the sudden and aggressive movement and Natasha aggressively, roughly and quickly pulls Fiona’s knickers down to her jeans, Fiona’s face turns red and puts her hand in front of her to protect her modesty as we all wonder what Natasha is up to.

Natasha, puts her hand on to Fiona and guides her to the side of the table what Collette is tied to, although she is only about a meter away, she tells her to bend over the table a little, “don’t worry, he won’t be fucking you” she says reassuring her, Fiona bends over the side of the table and of course over Collette’s wet tummy.

Now to be honest I still feared for Fiona, although Natasha had said no one would fuck her, my mind wondered what could be happening, little flashes jump in to my mind, “maybe she is going to have someone take her up her bum” I thought, “she is sadistic enough” I told myself, but then that would mean someone was fucking her and she said no one would do that if she did as she was told, could she be lying I thought, but then she had always been good to her word and I don’t think she would.

Natasha then raises her finger to Bridgett one of the two other girls and with her finger signals for her to come to her, she is similar in build to Fiona wearing a thin top but wearing a short skirt, I could just hear what Natasha says to her as there was a lot on noise in the room, “you saw what Fiona did with the men’s cocks” and Bridget gave very short nervous nods of her head, then again Natasha puts her mouth to Bridget’s ear and I couldn’t hear what was said and after a few moments again she gave a very short nod of the head, she stood there looking very sullen and very frightened.

Then Natasha stands and looks at her son again as he pounds away at Collette, it’s obviously that the son will soon be finished, again Natasha speaks in to his ear and he nods, he fucks Collette furiously for about 20 seconds longer and then gasps out sharply “I am ready” and he stops and pulls his cock out of Collette and as he rushes round to the bent over Fiona.

The son moves very closely behind Fiona’s very cute tight little bum, at this point I am thinking the son is going to fuck Fiona from behind, especially when Natasha tells Fiona to bend over a little more and to open her legs as much as possible, but with her jeans around her thighs it wasn’t possible for her to open her legs very far, I can see Fiona is very uneasy and frightened and she obviously thinks she is to be raped too, but she bends over till she is almost laying across Collette with her bum now stuck out.

Page 22

Her sons hard prick is throbbing from being on the verge of cuming as Natasha tells him to get closer, he is right up behind Fiona as she is bent over and I can hear her gasp in anxiety as his hard prick nudges near her naked pussy, I couldn’t quite work out what was going to happen, Bridget stood by the side of him and she wraps her fingers around his hard thick cock and starts to wank him off, her hand grips hard and rubs faster with longer harder strokes, Fiona not really knowing what’s going on but she can feel something happen between her open legs, then as she looks down along her body between her legs, I see the shock on her face at what she sees is happening. The son is now gasping as he is getting closer to coming again and Natasha talking softly saying “just let it come, it will feel so nice wont it” and suddenly he gasps out and with a long groan as Bridgett wanks him quite hard Natasha from behind wraps her arm around him and wraps her hand over Bridget’s hand that’s wanking him off and she forces Bridgett to wank him harder and to point his prick into Fiona’s knickers, The first squirt of come sprays all over the crotch area and as she still wanks him she lifts his prick like a fire hose and he squirts again and this time he cums over her bottom, then squirting again and filling her knickers with more cum till he is finished and he slowly pulls away gasping.

Natasha looks at the mess in Fiona’s knickers, she looks impressed and tells her “you can stand up now” as Fiona stands she also looks at what’s happened in her knickers and I can see how humiliated she looks when, Natasha tells her with a smile, “you can pull your knickers and trousers up now” Fiona thinking it’s all over shakes her head saying “I will go to the toilet and take them off, if it’s all the same to you” Natasha has none of it and assertively tells her, “I didn’t tell you to take them off, I told you to pull them up….. Now pull them up, now!”

Fiona puts her hand down to her knickers, slowly and reluctantly she tentatively starts pulling up her knickers and trousers together, very slowly sliding them up her legs, as she starts to slide them over her bottom I could see Fiona not really wanting to pull her soggy knickers much higher, Natasha sticks her lips out saying as though she was sympathetic “there there my little one” and she grabs

Fiona’s knickers and pulls them up tight, making sure she feels the most of her very uncomfortable wet knickers against her bum and between her legs “is that better now” she giggles and as she looks at her feeling so uncomfortable between the legs she tells Fiona to “fasten her tight jeans up.”

Once she is dressed Natasha smiles and says to her you are finished “You may go back to your friends now” and watches her make the visibly uncomfortable and humiliating walk back to her friends her very wet cummy nickers, just as she gets there Natasha says “No not there, go and stand with Tiffany and Angel I said, you are finished now” and Fiona has to walk back across the room to where we are and Natasha watches and loves her take every humiliating step.

Now two things struck me there, One, Natasha told Fiona to “stand with us as you are finished now,” which pleased me no end and Two, it means she has something in store for the two girls left, it seems the two girls have noticed it too as they suddenly looked surprised and vulnerable at each other and held hands.

Page 23


The next son takes his place between Collette’s legs, his prick must be 9 inches long and quite thick, again nothing like the old guy, but it would look quite a size on its own at any other time, he moves his cock around her pussy then suddenly with his hand he lowers his prick and guides his big prick to her bum hole and suddenly tries to force it up, Natasha giggles and tells him “you kinky bastard, I thought you would be, her pussy’s not good enough for you is it” then she says to him, “GO on, go for it” and now she laughs out loud, Colette’s face looks shocked as she feels his prick push at her little bum hole.

I had just told you he had a very good cock on him but looked pretty average at the side of the old pensioners cock, but suddenly now he is trying to push it up her bum it looks very large again, I certainly wouldn’t want that thick prick up my bum, but he is definitely having trouble getting it in. I think as Collette gasps as he tries to force it up she is squeezing her bum together and pushing her legs straight that keeps her bottom low to the table, Collette is certainly not keen of it up there it seems, But Natasha has noticed.

Suddenly Natasha shouts “STOP! I have a better idea that may help, untie her and we will put her in to a position better suited for everyone.” The men untie Collette and pull her off the table to her feet, her frame looks very small and petite at the side of these big powerful men, she looks nervously at the huge penis and Natasha notices this, “is it big enough for you” she inquires, “oh I forgot, you are not over keen on cock are you, would you say you are more of a licker than a blower, well either way I don’t think you will forget this fucking in a hurry” Collette says nothing, “bend her over” Natasha demands, again Collette screams and begs “please don’t do this to me.” The men turn

her round and drag her over the low table face and head down, they pull her arms out either side of her and tied her wrists to each of the lower table legs this was similar as before, but the other way round and forcing her head down and with her little bum sticking up and right out, now she is ready again for more punishment.

As the man moves behind her rubbing his thick cock and her bum exposed and vulnerable, she won’t be able to stop them this time is just the right height, Natasha intervenes, “don’t be so rude, show Collette what she is about to receive, the man obediently moves back round to the other side and in front of Collette so she can see his enormous prick and Natasha squats down and moves her face close to Collette’s face saying I hope you learn this lesson well, Natasha reaches out her hand admiringly wrapping it round her son cock, “MMMmm” says Natasha as she starts to rub it, Collette and Natasha eyes are fixed at his cock for totally different reasons as she rubs it harder, the prick is throbbing hard. As Natasha looks in to Collette’s eyes she says to her “open your mouth”, Collette shakes her head, Natasha rubbing it with just her finger and thumb with great affection takes no notice and guides the long thick cock to Collette’s mouth wanking the cock and pushing it to her lips, “you had better open your mouth if you know what’s good for you” pausing then adding “come on, I want you to feel how big it is with your mouth” she says sternly, Collette frowning knows she will have to do it and she lets her mouth open very slightly, the man pushes his prick forward and the thick cock forces Collette’s mouth open quickly as he now eagerly pushes it deeply in, Natasha still wanks him as about the first 4 inches of his 9 inch cock disappears in to Collette’s now open mouth.

Page 24

Natasha whispers to Collette, “Go on girl, Suck it….. Taste it,,, Feel how big it is with your mouth you lucky girl, I want to see you slide your mouth up and down his shaft like a slut.” but of course being tied it was a little difficult for her to move her head back and forth, His smooth hard prick starts to pump slowly in her mouth deeper and deeper with each thrust as she sucks, Natasha takes her hand away and lets Collette’s mouth and sensitive lips do all the work, The man trusts harder and deeper rhythmically, now Collette is struggling with her bindings as she opens her mouth a little more so she can to accommodate the thick cock as he forces it down deeper in to her mouth and soon nudging the back of her throat.

Natasha smiles as she gets such a good view as Collette throat makes stifled groaning noises as she struggles with the man now fucking her throat, saliva is running down her chin and stringing down on to the floor, Natasha mocks her, “MMMmmmm is that nice” the man is fucking her mouth harder and I can hear her mouth and throat making squelching noises as he forces nearly all his prick in to her mouth and throat, she is no longer sucking it merely opening her mouth as wide as she can while he rapes it. … Natasha Stands, smiling and watching she says “that’s enough for her, fuck her from behind now” the man slides slowly his long man snake from her throat and stands while Collette pants and gasps for breath.

Collette starts to plead, “Please Natasha, no, no more, stop it, I have learnt my lesson now, I have honest.” Natasha smiles “good I am pleased you have learnt your lesson, but if you are going to be learnt a lesson, you need to learn it well,” and she nods to the man to continue.

He walks behind her and wastes no time at getting his eager cock in to position “open your legs” Natasha advises her, Collette takes no notice, Natasha Repeats her orders with sympathy, “open your legs love it will seem easier, trust me but it’s your choice” and she gives her a big smile, Collette takes notice this time and she parts her legs while she feels the man gets between her legs and pulls her bum cheeks apart and guides his slippery cock to her tight little bum hole.

“God almighty” I think as the man starts pushing his thick 9 inch long cock hard in to her bum hole. He groans as he pushes hard and Collette squeals out loudly, the man holds his cock as he tries to force it in I can see her bum hole give way and his thick cock forcing its way in and Collette calls out begging, “Aaahhh … Aaahhhh ,, oh no, not this” then squealing “please, please stop” Natasha laughing calls to Collette, “brace yourself love, I think this is going to make your eyes water a little.”

His large thick cock stretching her bum hole open “god its tight” he gasps, Natasha reaches in to her large hand bag and pulls out the bottle of hand cream “move over” she says “this will help, part her bottom for me will you” the man moves back and he pulls her bum cheeks apart and exposing the bum hole for Natasha, she pushes the nozzle of the bottle right in to and up Collette’s bum hole and squeezes lots of hand cream in there, then as she slowly pulls it out she squirts it all around her bum hole for him, “now try.” she says….. The man gets back in to position and again holding his great cock in his hand he pushes he thick penis in to the cream around her bum hole and pushes hard.

This time as the guy forces his thick cock up her bum and it slips at first slowly up her with a squelch as some of the hand cream oozes out, Collette struggles and screams out “OH MY FUCKING GOD,,,, NO PLEASE DONT .. OH MY, OH MY … NO, NOOOOoo” it seems to slide in much easier now although Collette gives out long distressing groans and screams, I can see her bum hole forced very wide open as he pulls back just a little then forces it forward and further up her bum again she screams out loud “OH MY FUCKING GOD” again struggling against her bindings, the man with each thrust is sliding up slowly but surely deeper and with each deeper thrust she screams out LOUDER with an ever greater air of anxiety and panic.

Page 25

Now as he starts to fuck her with harder thrusts that are getting longer and Collette scream out and groan as the excess hand cream start to run down the back of her legs, still she struggles against her bindings and she opens her legs wider hoping to relieve the large ordeal that’s thrusting up her once tiny bum hole. Soon the man is holding her hips as he is thrusting his huge thick length all the way up her and fucking her bum hard, I didn’t think it would be possible to get his as much of his large prick up her tiny bum hole as Collette screams out loud and louder at every thrust up her she is half screaming and half begging “OH GOD… OH GOD … OH MY GOD” she is panting and screaming hard with the torture.

I watch the man fucking this tiny bum with such a thick long cock, it is amazing to see him pull his prick back almost out of her bum then thrust his full 9 inch long thick prick all the way up her hard till it totally disappears, he pounds mercilessly away, his balls slapping into her pussy and she screams out begging …. “AAahhhhhh .. OH GOD” at every thrust and I see her long legs flinch and tremble as she opens her legs wider hoping to help relieve the pounding…. He pounds away harder grunting and groaning as he enjoys her every scream, Collette’s face contorts grotesquely with the harsh punishment she is receiving, he builds up the fucking harder and faster making her scream higher and higher pitched as she gets a harder and harder fucking then suddenly he grunts and gives one last hard deep thrust forcing his prick all the way up her until his black balls are all I can see, Collette screams and groans out long and hard trying to arc her back and taking the whole thick cock up her bum, he holds it there as he cums deep in to her bottom. Both of them panting and gasping and perspiring although Collette was making the most noise by far.

The man still groaning lets his shrinking cock slides out of her wet squelching bottom as Collette gives a low moan and slumps forward looking exhausted, Natasha muses before saying “Mmm I enjoyed that much better than I thought I would, thank you Collette for that” pausing then looking around the room and saying for everyone to hear “I hope you all have all learnt your lesson well” then she nods to the first man and he gets a knife and cuts the ropes that hold her, Collette now relieved the ordeal is over just quietly turns and sits on the floor sweating and panting hard.

Natasha walks up to Collette and bending her knees crouches down to her and putting her hand on the table for support they talk in a low serious whisper with Collette occasionally nodding, I couldn’t hear what was being said, but they chatted for quite a while first one, then the other as though they were in negotiations or something, then Natasha got up and quietly called the girls over to her and a similar thing happened again.

Natasha then walks out of the room with all the men following her, it seemed the last guy wasn’t interested in taking part in Collette’s ordeal… Collette is still sat there on the floor as though she was in deep contemplation, then she gets up and starts looking round for her clothes. Natasha pops her head back in the room and I felt sick with fear just seeing her face again but she simply says to Collette, “Oh and mum said don’t be late home for tea tonight as she is going out and needs to get tea over with early, Collette lifts up her head her face all flushed “okay” she says “I won’t be late.” Then Natasha disappears only to stick her head back round the door again within a second saying, “So it’s all agreed then, you are going to continue to sell our products for us  .. YES” Collette looks back at her really submissive “yes please” she says softly nodding her head, “That’s good, .. you will still be in charge of the girls, make sure everything runs smooth from now on …I will leave it with mum then.” Then she disappears again and I hear the door close behind her and her high heels clang as she goes down the iron staircase.

Page 26

Collette looks at me, she has been totally humiliated and I didn’t know what to say as I was so embarrassed myself, but I asked her “why does she keep saying mum and not your mum” “I dunno” she replied without even looking at me, it did sound eerie but I thought I would just let it go, I just walked forward and picked up her clothes for her as she wiped herself down with tissue.

“We must call the police and tell them what’s happened” I said, but the shock on their faces and response surprised me “NO” they all said together.. “NO NO, NO POLICE” they all seemed to shout one after the other, “you must be fucking mad not calling the police” I told them, “you are not going to let them get away with this are you…” I looked around at them adding “I will tell them what I have seen, I am not frightened to tell” but they were all adamant that no police were to be told,, “we will sort it and deal with it in our own way” Collette calmly told me.. “don’t worry about us, we will be okay, I promise.” well I was obviously swimming against the tide and I thought I would just let them sort it and that I would be there for them if they needed me, but they never did.

Fiona went to the toilet and took her knickers off and again wiped herself down with the tissue, then the girls just walked off as soon as Natasha’s car left leaving me with Collette, but I didn’t want to hang about either, I wanted to get out of here quickly too and as soon as she was dressed we left.

My mind was racing as we left the building and started walking off the industrial estate and towards the main road, there were so many things I wanted to say and to ask her. I wondered if Natasha had Collette raped because she was a lesbian and whether she had known all along she was going to have the men rape her once she had lured her there to the warehouse, but ordering her sons to do the rape, that seemed to add to the insanity of it, but then again she did seem insane, she could be so sweet and so vicious at the same time. but then again would anything have happened if Collette had just given her the card numbers she asked for and the fact that she has carried on working for her, who else would do that, knowing what she is capable of. but I didn’t say a word, I just let them whirl in my head thinking this wasn’t the right time, but in fact there was never would be a right time.

She broke the silence by angrily saying, “She has gone way too far there, the bastard, I never thought she could do anything like that.” .. I replied quietly “well, obviously” there wasn’t anything else I could think to say, everything I was going to say to console her sounded so fucking stupid.

I know this sounds heartless, but as they wasn’t going to go to the police I just wanted to get away and be on my own as soon as I could, we got a taxi and we never said a word to each other. I dropped Collette off at her home first of course, she got out of the taxi and told in no uncertain terms for me not to tell anyone at all, I just nodded my head at the same time thinking “idiot” but looking back, I didn’t know what the real picture was, so it were easy for me to say that.

I was so relieved when she closed the door and we drove away, I made a promise to myself that I would never contact her again and I deleted her number from my phone to emphasize that.

Now that’s where the story ended …… Until a few weeks ago

Page 27

The years had gone by 12 years or more, I was out with my partner late at night, we had been visiting friends that lived quite a way away and we went in to a chip shop to share chips and fish for supper before we set off home.

We went in the chip shop and there was a girl cleaning up that looked the spitting image of Collette, as she stood up saying “can I help you love” I saw it was Collette, her face gave me a big smile and said so excitedly “oh my god, how are you.”

She told me she had been working there at the chip shop for a while and as it was late at night and they were just closing we stopped and chatted for a while. She told me about the incident all those years ago and that she had been selling drugs for Natasha, proudly she boasted to me that she had got her own back on her a few months ago by stealing over £80,000 off her and legging it.

That’s how she came to working here miles away from home and where no one she thought would find her, she told me not to tell anyone, but of course I wouldn’t, she gave me her telephone number and told me to ring her, again I wouldn’t.

Driving away I was thinking about her working in a chip shop after she had just stole all that money, she was just so full of surprises, oh but how depressing, I used to look up to her so much and I used to think how clever and bright she was, she had so much to offer and I started to feel sorry for her all over again and thinking how she had ruined her whole life.

The very strange thing was,.. No the absolutely amazing thing was, I had never heard or saw anything from any of them for all those years thankfully, then a couple of days after seeing Collette I bumped in to Tiffany, again I wasn’t sure it was her at first but she seemed to recognized me straight away and she gave me a big smile and came and spoke to me, to be honest I half expected her to ignore me and I would have understood totally if she had. We chatted for a little while but again I felt so uncomfortable while she told me that Collette had indeed stole the money as she had said, as well as a couple of other things too, like now she was married with two beautiful children, she showed me a photo that was in her purse of them all and they looked so happy, it was a nice family photo and they all looked so genuinely happy, I was so pleased for her, but I soon made an excuse and moved on, I never said that I had seen Collette.

Each time speaking to them was very difficult for me, I don’t know why as we hadn’t done anything wrong, but I was pleased especially for Tiffany that they had moved on with their lives, as I had moved on with mine.

At this point and for the first time I truly felt a victim the same as they did, assuming they did, I had learnt quickly to block the whole thing out of my mind, the years had gone by and many things had passed under the bridge, but then these two chance meetings brought it all back again.

It seemed to me Collette was destined to have a very colourful life, Maybe she ought to write a book about it, it would be interesting to see how her life turns out.

Page 28

Maybe she will crop up in my life again in the future, but I hope not.

I could write forever about this, but I have to stop somewhere and this seems as good a place as any.

Maybe you will let your thoughts out in the comments below.

Thanks for reading


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4 thoughts on “Bound and Raped

  1. dam that was so awful what they did to her and the others it made me shiver a gang bang wouldn’t be that bad but with such big cocks fucking you it had to be very painful

    • The whole thing was terrifying and sick Shiann, and I tried to get that across in the story, but reading it back I didn’t feel that I managed that. The men were of West Indian or African descendancy and I have found that they do tend to have much bigger cocks, while Asian men tend to have much smaller cocks, unlucky for Collette they were African. I am going to delete this story, so I wish you had wrote this in Collette’s harsh lesson, when I delete I will just transfer it I suppose. Thanks again for your comment Shiann.

    • If I was honest with you Melissa, it was a lot worse in reality. I never got the real fear over, I will have to have a go a re-writing it.

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