Criminal Mind Games

Criminal Mind Games

Angel In Criminal Minds

Angel In Criminal Minds

Criminal Mind Games is a battle of wits and minds between an abductor and a schoolgirl abductee with many twists and kinky turns.

Updated; 10;40 am Thur 2nd March 2017

Chapter 1

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I woke up with mum screaming at me “Angel!! are you ever getting out of bed for school, I am off to work now, and don’t you dare get in to anymore trouble or as I told you, you will have to go and live with your father for a while, I can’t put up with your attitude and behaviour”
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I thought to myself as I laid so comfy, nice and warm in bed ‘Oh fuck off mum,’ as I realised that I must have dropped off again. Both mum and dad were high-ranking lawyers, but you wouldn’t think it by the way they spoke to me and each other.

Getting out of bed I sleepily open my bedroom door and I call down to mum “Okay, Okay I am up now!”

Mum shouts back up to me “Come on then jump in the shower quickly and don’t you dare be late for school again. This seems like every bloody Monday!”

“No I won’t, I promise” I call back down and thankfully I hear the door close as mum finally goes off to work.

I think through my very sleep hazy head ‘Oh Stuff it, it’s only 7 o’clock, I am 15 years old now. What more can I learn even if I get to school early, if I role in about 10 o’clock that will be good enough for a Monday’ and I went back to bed for an hour or two.

Oh, it was so nice getting back into my nice warm bed. I woke up again at about 8:30 am. I School started at 9 o’clock, it wasn’t far away and it would only take me about 15 minutes to walk it. I wasn’t looking forward to school today, if not any day as the teachers always had it in for me and treated me like a kid.

I thought I may as well get up and get in the shower, but I would have some breakfast first. I had my breakfast, had my shower, put some make-up on and got dressed and now I thought that I had better get off to school.

It was 9:45 as I closed the front door behind me and I pressed the button that would open the large security gates by the drive to let me out. It was such a beautiful warm sunny day as I strolled down the leafy suburban streets towards school. I was only about 400 yards from the main school gates walking past these very nice houses with even higher electric gates as the whole estate had when I noticed a big white transit van had pulled up about 100 yards in front of me.

I was feeling sick as a dog about going to school on such a sunny day and the thought sprang into my mind about wagging school and my heart suddenly sang and danced, so that was it, I decided that I wasn’t going and I got out my purse to see how much money I had while thinking happily “McDonald’s for lunch.”

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As I got closer to the van I expected that I would see someone get out, but no one did, which I thought was strange. As I walked alongside to the van counting the money in my purse I was even more surprised to see that there was no one in the driver seat, then suddenly the side doors slid sharply and loudly open and I was shocked to see from the corner of my eye a big strong guy with a black balaclava leap out of the van.

 He grabs me firmly putting his hand quickly over my mouth to stop me screaming out. In sheer terror and fear, I drop my purse and my mobile phone. I instantly try to struggle and fight him straight away but before I knew it he had me overpowered and carried into the back of the van. I almost fainted as the van went dull and I heard the thud of the van door slammed shut.

The man had me on the floor of the van and straddling me with his knees over the top of my arms pinning me down and he very quickly had thick silver duct tape tightly wrapped around my mouth twice over.  He then got off me and I again instantly tried to fight him, I was like a wild woman and I managed to scratch his face which I could clearly see annoyed him even though he was wearing a balaclava  He was far too strong for me and he was really quick as he grabbed my arms and forced them behind my back.  He soon had my wrists bound tightly and then he very quickly bound my ankles with the thick silver Duct Tape.

I felt like bursting into tears as he had me on my stomach and he had bound me so tightly that it hurt. I was so frightened at what he was going to do to me and my mind was racing with terrible thoughts. The man then spoke to me softly “Just do as you are told Angel and nothing will happen to you, so don’t do anything silly I warn you. As soon as your parents have paid the ransom I will let you go back home. It will be over in no time, well let’s hope so anyway.”

I am shocked that he knows my name, but then he leaves me there as he moves into the front of the van through a large gap covered by a heavy curtain. I feel the van move off and as we turn corners I roll and slide around in the back like a loose parcel. We seem to be driving for hours and hours, but that was probably my mind racing with worry about what would happen to me.

Eventually, we came to a stop and the engine went quiet. I heard the driver side door open and then close as he got out. A minute or so later the sliding door opened and the guy got in and he tied a blindfold tightly over my eyes.  He lifted me up and carried me out of the van, the sliding door slammed close and he carried me for what seemed quite a while I was trussed up and unable to move at all.

I could feel the change in the air and knew we had gone inside of a building and the next minute we were going down some stairs to a lower level.  I began to feel more and more worried about where we were going and what was going to happen next. Suddenly I felt myself falling and I would have screamed if I could, instead my stomach churned as I fell. I hit something soft and I bounced up and down as though he had thrown me down onto a bed, but I couldn’t be sure that’s what it was.

The guy then tells me in a low tone and in what seemed a sarcastic manner “Let’s make you more comfortable shall we” and he starts to pull my shoes off my feet and I heard them clatter as he throws them onto the floor over by the other side of the room. Then he said to me calmly “If you scream out or even make one single little sound, I will give your face such a damn good slapping, do you hear?”

I gingerly nodded my head to him.

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He starts to tear the very sticky tape off from around my mouth and I immediately blurt out in fear forgetting what he has just said; “What are you going to do to me, please don’t hurt me”……

I can by the feel of his movement tell that he raises his hand as if he is going to slap me so hard but I scream out in panic “No please don’t, I will be quiet from now on honest!”

Thankfully he must have lowered his arm again, but he doesn’t say anything to me in reply.

As I lay there I start thinking, ‘just don’t piss him off Angel, stay calm and try to make him think I am his friend, that way he won’t hurt me.’  I cannot see anything as I am still blindfolded and that is quite a frightening feeling in its self, so I ask him “Will you take the blindfold off me please sir.”

“Later“ he growled at me, “not yet, now be quiet.” 

I could hear him walk away and a door close and then there was silence. My arms and ankles were tied tightly and I couldn’t move, believe me, I had instinctively tried but my attempts were futile, so in the end I just laid there sobbing at the predicament I was in. I thought to myself that if I had gone to school on time, like mum constantly nagged me to do then this couldn’t have happened as there would have been too many people around at that time.

As I laid there my mind drifted to my mum and I suddenly felt bad about giving my mum a hard time.  She did her best and I certainly didn’t make it easy for her, in fact since dad and mum had separated I had made things horrible, blaming her for everything. A sad feeling suddenly washed over me and I realised that I missed mum. This feeling was then replaced with a sick feeling as I thought, ‘What if I never saw her again?’  I truly wished I was at school now where I would be safe.

I seemed to be laid there for hours before the guy came back and as soon as I heard him my heart started beating fast and hard with fear. The guy dragged the blindfold off me roughly and I looked up at him in total terror. He was stood over me with a black balaclava on with menacing, angry looking very blue eyes staring down at me.

He asks me abruptly “Are you hungry Angel?”

I wasn’t expecting him saying that of all things. As my eyes adjusted to my hopefully temporary surroundings I could now see that I was laid on a bed in a large basement room as I looked up at him nervously. I felt way too sick and frightened to feel anything like hungry and I just shook my head at him. 

I looked down my body and I suddenly felt so vulnerable as I now realised that I was wearing my school blouse, but it was buttoned quite low and revealing my cleavage that I was so proud of, but at this moment I wished that it wasn’t so ‘on show.’ My skirt was quite short too riding up my legs and I couldn’t pull it down and I was wearing sexy black over the knee stockings. I had my blond hair in pigtails and was wearing make-up and to put it all together I knew that I was looking pretty damn sexy and to make it worse he had me tied up on a bed, I wasn’t stupid, I knew that he hadn’t just abducted me just to make the place look pretty, I just hoped that he would be content with the ransom money he was demanding, but he was a criminal and criminals do very naughty things.

I could see him through the corner on my eye that he was slowly giving me a thorough the once over from top to bottom, He was looking me up and down with such lecherous eyes and I could all but read what he had in his mind even though I seriously hoped that I was wrong. 

He then moved over to the other side of the room and walked through a door, as he switched the light on I could see that it was a very nicely and expensively tiled brown and gold Bathroom en-suite and he disappeared in there for about 2 minutes, I heard the flush go and then he came out a little while after while pulling his balaclava down. I started to feel a little relief now as things didn’t seem as horribly menacing now that I could see everything. 

That was before I saw him taking his shoes and socks off then his shirt, then his trousers and now I started to worry again. I told myself, don’t panic Angel, don’t put ideas into his head that might not be there, he might just be getting changed….But oh no, the ideas were there all right, I could just tell, call it a girls instinct, like a great bulging pair of underpants.

My Abductor had a well ripped body

My Abductor had a well ripped body

He was stood in just a pair of boxers studying his phones messages, He didn’t look so big and terrible now as I had imagined him to be, he was only of average height and he looked quite youngish, maybe in his early to mid-30s. but I noticed that he had an incredibly well-toned body, his whole body looked ripped from head to toe, (even though I couldn’t see his head, but you know what I mean.) His shoulders and arms were very strong looking he obviously was very fit indeed and he must have worked out at the gym quite a lot.

The Room

I started to look around the room, the atmosphere of the place was not of an unused basement or a dungeon. The room was very large and had the feel of a nice and expensive bedroom development, it was really well painted and decorated light cream with a light blue relief wall as if it was a boys room, a boy of around my age, it had a large screen TV with a brown nice sofa  and I noticed an X-Box with a shelf with lots of music, films and games DVDs.

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He obviously had finished doing what he was doing and now he came walking back over to where I was and he said to me softly, “While I am waiting for your father to respond, I have already told him that I will give him a few days to raise the cash and pay up, or I am going to rape you, if he doesn’t pay after that … Well, lets not think about that little bit shall we? He then pointed at what looked like a webcam that was pointing in my direction.

He then added sickeningly for me “but fuck it, it is years since I last had any sex and I am going to have my fun and rape you now, looking at you I can’t wait all fucking week for it, he won’t know any different anyway will he?”

I suddenly felt so light headed and I almost fainted and passed out as he told me that he was going to rape me…. ‘Oh my! god no, please no!!’ I thought in a sickening panic ‘I had never even had sex before in my life apart from a little light fondling, (even though I had once bragged that I had to close friends at school during a rude cheeky chat about boys, stupid really)… But now what am I to do?’

I can tell things are going to get even worse quite quickly as he speaks to me whilst looking up and down my tightly bound body and he tells me a second time, “Oh Yes you look so fucking gorgeous, there is no way that I can wait a few days as my prick is so hard and throbbing right now, so I am going to rape you today, right now!” and his eyes smiled at me for the first time through his balaclava.

Then he speaks to himself “What time is it now?” He looks at his watch, “Oh it’s six o’clock, that’s sex o’clock time from now on I think.” 

My stomach sinks to the very pit of my stomach, ‘maybe I can fight him off when he unties me’ I think to myself.

The guy moves towards me and strokes my face and my hair with his hand and I naturally flinch and react by trying to pull away from him, but I couldn’t of course as I was tied too tightly. He then starts to stroke my breasts over my blouse and from the position I am in I can unfortunately see a large bulge in his designer boxer pants.

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I tended to think that he wouldn’t be able to rape me while I was tied so tightly and fully dressed. The man groans out and speaks softly ‘Oh you are so beautiful, so young, so sexy and fresh, I am really going to take my time and enjoy this.”

I am panicking inside and I am sure that I would be shaking like a leaf if I wasn’t tied so tightly, and all I could think of was ‘As soon as he unties me I will fight him for my life, but until he ties me I am relatively safe from being raped.’ But then it suddenly struck me, ‘Hold on, suppose he only unties my legs, why would he untie my arms, he doesn’t have to untie them to rape me, does he… Oh bugger’

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He strokes my firm developing breast more firmly and he starts squeezing them eagerly and he groans out in pleasure as he does. Then he tells me “Let’s now get a good look at those young tits and have a good feel of them naked shall we?”

He starts to undo the buttons on my blouse and as he gets to the bottom he pulls my blouse out of my skirt and undoes the last two buttons. He now pulls my blouse open wide revealing my brilliant white little sexy bra and I can see my full tanned cleavage as I look down, I don’t know if it was psychological but my breasts never looks so full and inviting as this before, I would have been so proud of them at any other time.

The man’s eyes look so pleased and he starts getting down on his knees on the floor by the side of me while I am on the bed, He pulls the bottom of his black balaclava up and I can now see his mouth as well as his eyes as he bury’s his face between my breasts and starts sniffing them, then he eagerly starts kissing and nuzzling between my breasts, this seems to go on and on for quite a while before I now notice that his hands are moving around me and he starts trying to unfasten my bra.

He isn’t very good at it though for his age and it takes him quite a while before he finally gets my bra clasp undone. When he finally does he pushes my bra up around my neck and I feel so embarrassed as he gives a gasp of “Oh yes! Just look at those, they look firm and so milky” and that phrase made me feel even more embarrassed and he starts to fondle my naked breasts really firmly.

I lay there while he fondles me and my mind wonders how long before he wants much more from me and I close my eyes and mind to him and try to think of something else. He feels and fondles my breasts for quite a while, he seems quite taken up with them and it seems as though he has a real thing for girls breasts, I knew boys did, but I didn’t know big grown men did as well, not to this great extent anyway. 

He fondled, stroked, squeezed, sucked, tongued and flicked and pulled on my tits and nipples for an age before he finally stopped and raised his head panting “Oh yes, I really enjoyed that! You have got great firm tits! I didn’t expect them being so large on a girl your age!” 

He starts getting up off his knees and he walks over to the chest of draws on the other side of the room and he takes out a pair of scissors. He is going to cut me loose now I thought and I braced myself to seriously fight him if I get the slightest chance.

The man turns to me and with smiling eyes and a happy tone of his voice as he says “It’s snip snip time Angel” and he snaps the scissors open and closed a number of time almost as though to emphasise the point.

Page 6

He comes over to me and I brace myself to fight, but the man slowly slides his hand up my legs stroking them softly up and down. Then he grabs my knickers right by the front of the top of my legs and pulls them towards him so hard he pulls my hips up a little, then with the scissors he snips and cuts the crotch and I knew it was because now he can pull my knickers right down and off without having to untie my bound legs, but I still didn’t see how he could fuck and rape me with my ankles tied tightly together, so I had no idea what he was going to do?.

The man turns and throws the scissors over by the cupboard and well out of my way so that I can’t use them to stab him when he releases my hands I assume. He turns back to me and he pulls my skirt right up and he bends over and he buries his face into the top of my thighs and pussy and again he starts sniffing me down there loudly and groaning in apparent pleasure and I found this really embarrassing and totally disgusting as he sniffed loudly at my pussy through my knickers.

Then after a few minutes, I suddenly noticed that both his hands were wrapped over the top of my little knickers by my hips and I felt my knickers slowly slipping down, and “Oh my god” it dawned on me that he was now pulling them down.

“Stop it! Stop it!! Give over!!” I shouted to him, but he ignored me, in fact, he gave a little short sharp laugh as though my calls of panic pleased him. 

I felt my knickers slide over my bum and now the man gets up a little and starts tugging my knickers down my thighs and I felt them sliding all the way down my legs, because he has cut the crotch out of my knickers he slides them off over my feet and off me.

With my knickers off I look at him and feel embarrassed as he pauses and looks down at me for a few seconds before telling me “Oh I am going to fuck that beautiful young hairless pussy of yours all week without stopping” he tells me so horribly lustfully.

He now bends over as he pulls his boxers down and his hard prick springs out right in front of him and it looks so very long and hard, I would say that it’s a good 8 inches long and very thick, to me it looks very big indeed, I had never seen a real man’s cock before, only a couple of boys in fact and they were very small compared to this one as they wouldn’t have been fully developed, but this one certainly was.

“I hope you like sucking cock” he now tells me.

I say nothing.

Then he asks me “Have you ever sucked a boy’s cock?”

again I say nothing.

He asks me the same question again, Have you ever sucked a boy,s cock?” he obviously wanted an answer.

I shake my head and honestly tell him “No, have you?” and I wish that I hadn’t added the little bit at the end, I should have just said no, but in the end, it didn’t matter.

He drags me over to the very edge of the bed and turns me off my back and onto my side facing him, then disgustingly he starts pushing his hard cock into my face. He bucks his hips into me and the whole length of his cock slides up and down my face. Then he guides his cock to my mouth and pushed his prick into my lips, but I shake my head to him and I keep my mouth tightly closed, I can feel his hard prick pushing between my lips and sliding against my teeth as he tries to force his prick into my mouth but I totally refuse to open it.

Page 7 

Angrily he grabs me with one hand pulling me up off the bed and with his other hand he grips my face tightly, roughly and he shouts threatening me “Open your mouth or I will give your face such a good hard slapping until you do, believe me, I will slap you until you are dizzy for days, so help me I will!!”

In fear of him seriously hurting me as he stares deep into my eyes I slowly show him that I will open my mouth for him by slowly opening my mouth just a little. He now lets me go and I drop down back down on the edge of the bed and lays me back on my side again right in front of his long hard prick and I hear the man is panting with sheer excitement that he is going to get his disgusting fun with me. 

He puts his hand on the back of my head and I can’t help but watch as he starts to bring his cock close to my face again. I gulp and swallow heavily in fear as I see and feel him start to slide his tail between my opening lips and his prick feels rock hard but the outer skin feels smooth and just a little bit spongy as it slides between my lips. I can feel his prick nudging my mouth open a little wider as he slides it into my mouth. My mouth now feels that it is open quite wide for him as I open wider to accommodate him. I hear him groan out in pleasure as he eagerly slides his prick further into my mouth little by little and I feel so humiliated.

His hand gently pulls my head into him a little more and he almost growls at me as he says “Come on! Now start sucking on it for me,… Come on Angel I want to feel your tender young mouth sucking on my hard prick…. Oh I will make sure you that you are very very good at sucking cock before you leave here!.”

 He keeps talking about me leaving and this makes me feel a lot better inside, ‘sooner the better’ I thought giving me hope that my ordeal will soon be over. So I do as I am told and I start sucking on his prick as he gently rocks it back and forth on my mouth. I was really worried that it would taste nasty, but thankfully it didn’t, in fact it didn’t taste like anything really.

It was just the amazing, shock, disgusting and very naughty thought of having a big grown man’s cock being slid in my mouth. I never thought that this would be happening to me when I woke up this morning, although I had often thought about what it would be like sucking on one, but I didn’t think that I would be finding out like this. I really didn’t know how to do it, but I remember girls saying that you suck it like a lollypop, but this seemed to me like a bloody big tasteless lollypop in my mouth. 

As I sucked on it and the man kept pulling my head gently into him making me slide my mouth up and down his shaft at the same time as rocking his prick slowly in and out of my mouth, pretty much controlling the situation.

I found myself gasping a little bit as I sucked on it and the man panted back to me “Oh yes, that feel so good. Yes! Yes use your tongue just like that on it” 

This confused and surprised me because I wasn’t aware that I was!

The man is gasping wildly with pleasure “Oh yes, that feels so good” each time my mouth slides down his shaft and the slow rhythmical thrust of his prick in my mouth seems to be very slowly increasing in speed. He is now pulling my head just a little harder and faster into him and I notice that my mouth is slowly but surely sliding further and further down his smooth shaft and I was more than a little concerned on how far I could actually slide my mouth down his long tool.

Slowly and surely the man is getting more and more excited and pretty soon the man builds up to fucking my mouth quite hard and fast and I can now feel the man’s hard prick nudging the back of my throat as my mouth is sliding almost three quarters to the very base of his long smooth prick 

The man now seems to be almost ecstatic as he gasps out loudly to me “Oh yes, this is so good… What’s it like Angel having a real grown man’s prick fucking your cute teenage mouth?.. Oh god, I am nearly cumming, I am nearly cumming. I want to shoot my load all over your pretty schoolgirl face and I want you to keep your eyes and mouth open, do you hear me? I want you to see and taste it!” 

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I was very relieved that it was almost over, also my mouth was now aching a little but I was not happy that I had to watch him cum or that I had to keep my mouth open for him as well as he did it, but at least it was nearly over. 

As the man fucked my mouth even harder I could hear his prick squelching in my wet mouth and the sound was really embarrassing me. He said that he was almost cumming but he seemed to be still fucking my mouth for what seemed ages.

16-Nov- 2016 …7.30 Pm

Suddenly without any warning he quickly pulled his wet prick out of my mouth in a rush and I was so relieved. After a very brief moment of relaxing my mouth normalising it after it had been abused with the mans cock for so long. I now did as I was told and I opened my mouth a little for him as watched what he was doing, I now watched him as he furiously wanked himself off, he rubbed his long tail right in front of my face and he was panting and gasping sharply, then he shouted out in a gasping excited tone, “Open your mouth, open your mouth wider for me!!”

Reluctantly I did as I was told and I opened my mouth quite wide for him and half a second later the man pointing his prick into my face and suddenly he squirted a huge load of cum all over my face making me flinch back a little with the speed that it shot out of his cock. He groaned out ever so loudly as his cum squirted and splashed all over my face.

He shocked and surprised me because he was still wanking his cock and within a second another great load of cum squirted over my face, then another and another, suddenly I felt some of it splash into my mouth and I instinctively and instantly swallowed almost as a natural reaction and then within a second I opened my mouth for him again.

Then quick as a flash he puts one hand behind my head and with his other hand on his cock he quickly guides his prick and pushes it back into my open mouth as he still wanks himself and pulls my head into him as he starts fucking my mouth all over again. I could feel him continuing to cum in my mouth as he eagerly fucked it with sharp bucking motions as he still wanks and with big wide eyes I look up at him to see what his reaction is and hopefully getting a signal that he is finished. 

My mind is concentrated on feeling him cuming in my mouth although I didn’t want to really think about it, but I couldn’t seem to help it.

“Swallow it, oh yes swallow all of it!” he gasps sternly at me in a very excited state.

I didn’t seem to have much choice, but it seemed difficult swallowing with your mouth full of his cock. I could feel my mouth feeling very wet as he now slows to a snail’s pace of very very slowly sliding his cock back and forth as he gives long groans out and he tells me again “Oh yes babe, come on swallow it!”

His cum felt a little slimy in my mouth and when finally swallowing it I told myself it was semolina as that is what it seemed like to me and I swallows it the best I could without coughing. The man now just stared down at me, he had stopped any motion now, he just looked at me with his cock in my mouth and I could feel it shrinking and starting to becoming much softer “Mmmmm, What a beautiful sight” he told me “A beautiful young girl with her mouth full of cock, my cock…. Was my cum nice?”

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Well, I wasn’t in a position to answer him, but I don’t think he really wanted an answer from me anyway. To be honest, his cum felt a little slimy, but apart from that it didn’t really have any taste at all. I could feel his cum all over my face and it was starting to run down me and drip off my face, the whole thing felt horrible and degrading.

I was looking up at the man and into his eyes and he looked down at me with a serious look. I am expecting him to be taking his now semi-soft cock out of my mouth as he had obviously finished, but he didn’t, he just left it there in my mouth.

Suddenly within a few seconds it struck me that his cock seemed to be growing in my mouth again, ‘No no it can’t be, it must just be my imagination’ I told myself and right at that point he must have realised that I had noticed that it was getting bigger because he now suddenly smiled at me and told me in a low tone “Come on Angel, Suck on it” and he  then pumped it a little as a prompt, then stops.

I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe that he wanted it again so quickly and so soon after just having it, it was only a few seconds, maybe a minute at the most. I thought men were supposed to be useless after sex, that was what I was told by others, but obviously not true.

The guy starts moving his slightly stiffening tail very slightly in my mouth and he tells me again with a little more excitement in his tone “Come on, suck me off again, I am your boyfriend now and you will have to suck me off whenever I tell you to Angel”

I am so pissed off, but I do reluctantly as I am told, I am not in a situation where I can refuse and argue with him. I know that I must keep him happy so that he doesn’t seriously hurt me or something. So again I start running my mouth and tongue around his cock and then slowly bobbing my head up and down his shaft the best I can, but it wasn’t so easy with my arms and legs still being bound so very tight still.

I can feel the man’s cock growing and getting stiffer in my mouth as I suck on his cock and soon it is as hard and stiff as before. Now as I am on my side on the edge of the bed sucking away, the man changes his position. With his cock still in my mouth, he now starts to lean right over me and placing both his hands on the bed just behind my head. Now eagerly he starts very rhythmically sliding his prick in and out of my mouth in long strokes, the strokes and thrusts become longer and harder in my mouth and he gasps and splutters almost in a whisper repeatedly over and over again, “Suck it! .. Suck it! ..Suck it!!”

It’s not long before I feel that I am just laid there with my mouth open for him while he thrusts his hips back and forth fucking my mouth. I can feel his cock sliding in and out of my mouth faster and faster and I can hear the increasing gasping, panting and groaning from him.

This goes on for between about 10 minutes or more until the man increases the fucking in my mouth into a frenzy but now changing to very fast and furious shallow and small pumps and thrusts with just the tip of his cock. The man is just fucking my head with the head and about an inch of his cock between my lips faster and faster in tiny little bucking thrusts. He starts gasping harder and groaning louder and almost squealing, it was if he was in a great hurry, then in a high pitched voice, he squeals out quickly “Aaahhhh.. Suck it, suck on it, let me feel your mouth sucking on it harder… Oh yes that’s it, harder!!”

I tried to, but with the great frenzy that it was sliding in and out of my mouth, I just found myself gripping his prick harder with my mouth and lips. Then as he gives these tiny bucks into my mouth, then he suddenly gives one great and hard thrust deep into my mouth and I now groan out uncontrollably as I feel his long prick sliding all the way into my mouth and down my throat and I assume within that half a second he is cumming.

His stomach is pressing against my face as he forces his prick deep, my lips are right to the very base of his cock and I feel his cock pumping his cum into my throat. Thankfully he shortly within a second or two slides his long cock out of its mouth and it looks all sloppy wet with my saliva and his Cum and I pant and gasp for breath as I feel very wet in and around my lips as well as my face from before.

The man thankfully moves away from me and he walks it to the bathroom, after about two minutes he walks back out holding some tissue, he has obviously wiped himself down and he walks over to me saying “Here, let me wipe your face for you.” 

I lift up my head and he very gently and caringly wipes all his wet runny cum off my face which was a great relief. While he does this he is telling me “That was great, I haven’t had sex for about 10 years, I hope you enjoy sex angel”

Page 10

I ignore what he says to me and I have mixed feelings as I ask him, “Will you untie me please as it is very uncomfortable?

Again he tells me “Later, I just want to have more fun with you first, we will just have a little rest shall we, then we can have more fun later, mind you I can feel my cock tingle even now with the sight of your tits and your short skirt and stockings, you really do know how to dress to thrill the men don’t you?

Well, I wasn’t dressing to thrill the men as I went to an all-girls school, but I imagined it didn’t matter how I dressed, he would have still done this to me.

He got up and he walks over to his clothes. I feel like cheering for joy as I see and watch him start to get dressed. Then he tells me, I just need to nip out for an hour or so, will you be alright? I will leave the light on for you, do you want me to bring you something back, like Chips and Fish or Chinese or something?

“No, I have just this moment had enough to eat,” I told him sarcastically.

 He laughed and said Well I am having something, are you sure?”

I shook my head, I was still feeling sick with what has just happened to me and with worry of what is to happen next.

He walks over to the TV and he tells me, “I will put a film on for you while I am gone, it won’t be so bad then will it?

He then leaves the room and I roll onto my back and push myself up the bed, one to see the TV better and watch the film and two, to make sure my skirt is covering as much as possible for when he comes back. While I watch the film I can’t stop thinking, “He is a strange guy, one minute he is raping my mouth with no care for me at all, then only a few minutes later he worries about me being in the dark on my own and being bored and what would I prefer to eat? … Maybe I can work my girly charms on him like daddy….”

He is gone for much longer than he said and when he comes back, he sticks his head through the door with his balaclava on and tells me brightly “I have brought some Chinese back, do you want some?” again I shake my head, I still felt sick to the stomach.

“Suit yourself,” he tells me and disappears again, then half a second later the door swings open again and he tells me, “I will put you another film on shall I”

“Thanks,” I tell him.

Page 11

He puts another film on for me then disappeared through the door. I lay there watching what film he has put me on….. Then it crackles on and I am dismayed to see that it is a porn film called “Little Oral Annie”

I have no real choice but to watch it, but strangely enough, even though it was a porn film, it started like a normal film and it turned out to be a good film. It had quite a good story to it, Annie certainly enjoyed giving oral and having sex. It was the first time that I had seen a porn film and people having sex it was completely different to what I thought it would be like.

I now seem to have developed an itch right on my bum hole and I tried to itch it but my wrists and arms were bound so tightly that I found it difficult itching it especially over my skirt and between my bum cheeks, it was starting to really itch.

Then suddenly the man comes back in with his balaclava on of course and I ask him “What is the time?” as I had no idea at all.

“10 o’clock” he replies with a smiling tone, “and you know what time that is, don’t you, it’s fun time”

I instantly think ‘Fun for him maybe,  but not for me.’

My stomach sinks because I know exactly what he means by that of course although I hope that I am wrong. I feel myself panic because I suspect that he is going to rape my pussy this time and I am really and seriously worried that it will hurt me. 

He starts to get undressed again and as he pulls his designer shorts down again his prick springs right out very hard and very erect and then looking at me he starts to walk over. I want to fight him but both my arms and ankles are trussed up tightly as you know. I know that he is going to have to cut the tape binding my ankles but he has nothing in his hands to do that with, Is he going to fuck my mouth again. within a second before he gets to me it’s like a hundred things run through my mind

As he got to me on the bed I look up at him with fear in my eyes wondering what he is going to do. He leans over to me and being so strong he picks me up just like a rag doll, It is now that I realise just how useless it would be to fight a man with so much strength and power. He turns me over and twists me into shape as if I was no weight at all and he places me on my knees right onto the edge of the bed with my legs slightly over the side.

“Now bend over for me, right over!” he tells me abruptly

With my arms tied tightly behind my back, I bend over so that my face is buried into the bed covers and my little bum is pointing up in the air and I still have this terrible itch right on my bum hole that I can’t do anything about. I feel the man kneel down behind me and I could just imagine him looking right at my bum and pussy as he had cut the crotch of my knickers and taken them off me earlier in the day and I knew that he could see my naked hairless pussy, then a gut wrenching, sickening thought hit me ‘Oh my God No!! Could he actually fuck me while I was bent over in this position, Oh my god I hope not, oh my what can I do!!’

It,s now I feel him pull my bum cheeks apart and while he does he groans out saying “Oh what a sight, its years since I have seen anything like this” and he starts kissing and licking my little fresh pussy with a groaning moan of pleasure and passion. I feel him pull my bum cheeks even wider and it hurts a tiny little, I knew that he is trying to get better access to my pussy of that I was sure. 

Page 12

My embarrassing bum hole itch is driving my insane but I could hardly ask him to itch it for me could I? He pushes his face into my pussy harder and I feel so embarrassed as he again starts to suck on my pussy loudly and he carries on doing this for quite a while, It seems like forever. I can feel him licking all along the centre and between my folds up and down, he starts to lick and flick on and around my clit quickly with the tip of his tongue and it felt so incredibly sensitive almost like a little buzzing tickle feeling, this is the first time of course, no one had ever done this type of thing to me before and apart from feeling disgusted with it I didn’t know what to make of it.

I try to think of something else as it seems so rude what he is doing to me, but it was impossible. I tried to hold it off but I uncontrollably groaned out as I felt my pussy and thighs tingle and shake just a tiny little bit with the sensation of his tongue teasing my clit and this damn itch that I had seemed to intensify the sensations. 

The man lifts his mouth from my now very wet pussy with his saliva and he gives a little laugh telling me teasingly “Oh yes, I can tell you like that don’t you Angel?”

“No I don’t,” I tell him abruptly feeling embarrassed with what he was doing and that he thought I was liking it, but then thought to myself ‘if he only knew the truth of it.’

Then he starts pulling my cheeks apart a little higher up and he moves his mouth up a little higher too. I couldn’t believe what he did next, unbelievably and totally disgustingly he starts licking my bum hole and his tongue would run across and near my itch which brought great relief and disgust at the same time. He really seemed to concentrate on licking my bum hole ‘the dirty pervert’ I thought. 

He licked around and around my ring then licking it up and down very quickly like a snake all over and around my bum hole. God, I was so ashamed, humiliated and embarrassed in what he was doing to me, rimming me.

He then spat twice right on my asshole making it incredibly wet and sloppy and that felt horrible and embarrassing then he unashamedly starts to rim my little ass hole again with his tongue again. Oh I felt ever more and more embarrassed by the second, but incidentally he was licking me right on and around my itch and that felt totally incredible and almost bringing water to my eyes with the very reluctant very pleasant sensations and relief from my terrible and driving me mad itch, but I felt so dirty and guilty.

‘Oh my god’ I gasped and panted to myself I didn’t want it to but it had been was driving me crazy and now with the great relief that it brought me I couldn’t help but reluctantly and uncontrollably gasp and squeal out in the sheer relief …. Oh my God I felt so ashamed as I couldn’t control my groaning and gasping out.

The man was obviously excited and turned on by this and he excitedly told me “Oh yes, come on baby, squeal for me if it feels that good!” He eagerly starts to flick and licks my bum hole harder and faster relieving my itch even more and I couldn’t help but give more gasps of relief and even my bum hole react and tighten giving little shivers as I gave little squeals at the same time.

Unfortunately for me and obviously the man is encouraged to go further and he now starts to give little poking darts with the very tip of his tongue up my bum and that excited my itch as it was right on the edge and ever so slightly on the inside. He was pushing the tip of his tongue into my tight bum hole ever so quickly in and out and it felt really weird but also incredibly and disgustingly good at the same time and again I was giving uncontrollable sharp gasps of breath and I could feel my face wincing and contorting at the strange and powerful feelings. 

Page 13

It felt to me like that he was fucking me up my bum hole with his tongue and it felt so disgustingly dirty and so incredible at the same time as my itch was just on and just inside of my ring and again I uncontrollably gasped at the relief to my continuing itch. I was also so aware of feeling so incredibly wet round my bum and pussy hole because of his spitting and licking of me down there.

After what seemed quite a while he suddenly stopped poking my bum with his tongue and he then stood and I noticed that my itch had now stopped, I hoped and begged that all this was now finished with. I felt him move himself up to me from behind. He now told me in a happy tone, “If you liked that Angel, you will love this” and I wondered what he was up to and going to do to me. Then suddenly I felt him pull my bum cheeks apart again and I felt him proving and guiding his large cock between my girly folds and I knew that he was now going to rape me and I felt sick in my stomach, then he lifted his hard prick a little higher and he pushed it in against my bum hole and I screamed out in total sickening horror  “OH NO! NO PLEASE DON”T DO THAT TO ME!!”

He ignored me of course, pushing his prick harder and increasingly harder up against my bum hole. I felt totally humiliated as I felt him press harder into my bum hole until I suddenly felt it give way and open and I disgustingly felt his man’s sized prick slip in and up my very wet feeling bum and with nerves more than anything else I softly heard myself wail and squeal out, I was relieved that it didn’t hurt much, but it felt very strange to me.

I didn’t know what to do, but of course, I could do nothing. I could feel the thick tip of his cock stretching my bum hole open and I could feel that it was gripping his cock very tightly indeed. He now gripped my hips with both his hands and my anxiety grew as I knew this is where the fucking really starts and I hoped that it wouldn’t hurt me too much. I braced myself mentally as he first started to push his prick up my bum, and now I braced myself again as he was about to fuck my bum, “Oh my god” this felt ever so un-natural, so disgustingly so terribly perverted.

The man groaned loudly in pleasure as he started to gently rock back and forth almost as if he was controlling how much of his cock was sliding up my tight little bum. As he gently and slowly thrust his prick up my bum I called and squealed out without realising it “Oh my, oh please not too much! 

Again he groaned out loudly telling me “Just enjoy it”

I could hear him almost splutter, gasp out and groan in pleasure as he slowly started to fuck me a little harder and a little deeper and each time he thrust up my bum I groaned out with the strange horrible sensations that I felt.

My bum felt really really wet and disgusting but at least it didn’t hurt painfully, but it was more the weird sensation of something long and thick sliding up and down my bum and my mind concentrated 1000% on the sensation. As the man was obviously to me becoming more and more excited he was thrusting his prick a little further up my bum but still seemingly in a controlled manner but I could feel every terrible inch of it stretching my bum hole making me gasp out “Oh stop it” knowing full well that he wouldn’t and left me just hoping that it would soon be over.

The man was gasping and groaning ever so loudly as he said “Ahhhh yes, you are loving this aren’t you? …. 

I thought it was obviously that I wasn’t!

Then with his next breath he calls out to me in a deep excited tone “Come on, take it all bitch” and he now started thrusting hard and so deep up my bum and I squealed out loud at the horrible sensation of feeling his entire length slide all the way up my bum in long deep thrusting actions.

I called out almost in panic “Oh STOP IT!! STOP IT!!!!”

His prick felt as though it was sliding all the way up my back from the inside and I thought that this must be doing me a miss-chief inside surly. It was a horrible sensation and I started to struggle in my panic, I just knew that I couldn’t put up with this, when he only did it a little it wasn’t too bad, but this, no way.

Again as he thrust into me I struggled harder, he tried to hold me in place to fuck me but I just screamed NO! NO! and wriggled and struggled in panic at the horrible feeling. 

Within seconds he called out “Okay okay, calm down!!” 

I felt his long wet cock slowly slip out of my very wet feeling bottom with such a great relief, but even that felt disgusting.

He grasps me tight into him almost in a spooning doggie fashion on our knees and panting in a low tone he tells me almost as a warning “Well if you don’t like it deep up that little bum hole of yours, you are definitely going to take it up the other even if I have to tie you into position on the bed and fuck you like that, do you hear?”

Wel,l I didn’t feel as though I had much choice, but anything would be better than what I had just been through so I reluctantly and solemnly just nodded my head in little nods.

The man repositioned himself behind me and I all too quickly feel his prick nudging around my wet feeling pussy, as I feel it rubbing and slipping between my girly folds I feel him positioning it right over my pussy hole and then I brace myself again. He pushes harder and harder into me and through my building anxiety I softly squeal out.

Page 15

As all my mind concentrates on his prick and my pussy I feel it press harder and harder into me until all of a sudden I feel my pussy start to give way slowly at first under the mounting pressure, then his prick plunges up into me and I give an anxious groan while he gives a great loud groan of pleasure of “Oh that is good, that feels so good, oh my you are so tight.”

His prick feels so very different to me up my pussy as he starts to gently rock back and forth while sliding it up and down me. It feels very tight to me too in my pussy and it is a far greater and more sensitive feeling in me than it was before.

As I feel him starting to fuck me he slides his cock deeper and deeper up me a little more each time he thrusts in, I can’t help but gasp out at the deeper and deeper feeling inside me and I worry terribly that I wouldn’t be able to take it all like before.

Suddenly I notice that his toned lower stomach and his balls start to slap against me and I realise that he is fully fucking and right up me. It sounds stupid but it was a great relief that it didn’t feel as sickening, horrible and as un-natural as before up my bum, that sounds silly and stupid doesn’t it, I know.

My wrists bound behind my back and my ankles bound together while I was on my knees together with being raped felt so humiliating, but I stayed as quiet and as still as I could while he had his pleasure with me.

After a few minute’s he was pounding my pussy in a frenzy and I gasped and squealed reluctantly as he fucked me hard, but I was hoping that this was a sign that he was almost finished with me now.

I was right, he suddenly pulled his wet hard cock out of me while groaning like crazy and quickly pushed it back up my bum again fucking me up there. I screamed out to him ‘NO! NO!! Please not up there again!!

This time he gasped and growled aggressively as he fucked me vigorously and telling me to “SHUT UP BITCH!! FUCKING SHUT UP!!” 

I squealed and begged as he fucked me hard up the bum, then all of a sudden within about 30 seconds of pounding me up there he thrust hard right in to me giving an almighty long and loud groan of ecstasy and I could feel his prick again seemingly to me sliding right up my back as he shot his load and came inside my bum.

It felt so horrible but at least it would be over as soon as he stopped cumming and I told myself just that ‘it’s all over now Angel, just put up with this for a few more seconds.’ Those few seconds seemed like an age but eventually I felt him slowly sliding his wet sticky prick out of my bum.. and again it felt disgusting as I felt his long softening prick slowly sliding out of me.

Page 16

The man was gasping and panting as he moved away from me and I noticed that I was panting for breath too from the fucking that I had just received. I felt tears well up in my eyes, but I was determined not to show any emotion to him. I wondered and worried what he was going to do next.

I asked him softly, “Will you untie me now, please?

He turned around to me and looked at me for a few seconds not saying anything, just staring at me. Then he said, “Well it is bed time for us now, I will untie you tomorrow if you don’t give me any hassle.”

But I all but pleaded with him “But I have done everything that you wanted to do haven’t I, I have been good to you haven’t I?”

He stood there looking at me as if he was thinking…. Then he suddenly moved to the dresser and pulled out a knife and walked over to me with it in his hand.

“I am sorry, I am sorry” I begged to him.

He stopped by my bed and told me “Stick out your legs for me”

Slowly I twisted on my bottom and offered my legs to him as he had told me to. He slipped the knife between my ankles and slid the knife along the silver duck tape and freed my legs and pulled the tape off me.

That felt so much better, I could at least move my legs and it felt altogether much more comfortable. Then he moved back to the dresser putting the knife away in the top drawer and I made a mental note of that.

I asked him nicely and softly “Will you free my arms as well for me please.”

“No!” he told me abruptly, “As I said, I may do that tomorrow if you don’t give me any grief.

I laid back on the bed a little disappointed but so pleased that my legs were free. The man came back to me and gripping my arm he tells me “Come on, get up for a moment.” And he all but dragged me up onto my feet.

As I stood there he pulled the duvet back and told me “Get in, it’s bedtime and it can get quite cool in here at night.”

Page 17

Then with a smile in his voice he told me jokingly “Would you like me to read you a story”

I replied softly, no you are fine, you have just proved to me that I am too old for that sort of thing now.

Then shockingly he got in bed with me and pulled the duvet over him and said “nite nite then Angel” and he switched the light off, then he pulled his balaclava off. He knew what he was doing because it was pitched dark now all but for a small very window that was above us in the wall and a little light shone through giving a hint of light, but not enough to see his face, it was still way too dark for that.

I thought he was going to go back to his own bed somewhere and leave me here. As I laid there on my back by the side of the man my mind started to wander to other things to put out of my mind what has just happened to me.

My mind went to mum and my brothers and sisters, I wondered how they were all feeling. I told myself this will be all over soon and I longed to be back with them and safe in my own bed.

I had obviously dropped off to sleep because during the night I was woken by the man climbing on top of me. I wondered what he was doing for a second, then he started sucking on my tits and forcing his way between my legs.

I felt sick in my stomach as I thought to myself ‘Oh no not again’ I could feel the man’s already hard prick nudging around my pussy and I opened my legs for him so that he could fuck me again.

I felt as if I had no choice and it was easier with less aggression and grief all round if I just let him do it to me.

I felt his hard prick slip right up me straight away which made me groan a little, he certainly knew where to put it. Soon he was pounding away into my pussy for about ten minutes before he groaned loudly giving me a few hard thrusts as he came up my pussy this time. Then he rolled off me saying a very polite “Thanks” then fell back to sleep.

To my dismay, this happened to me another three times that night. I thought the night was never going to end. About 5 o’clock just as it was becoming a little lighter outside (I could tell with the small window above.) I felt the man moving, I thought the man was going to rape me again, but he just got up, went to the toilet, got dressed and went through the door all very quietly.

Page 18

I listened very intently to hear if I could tell what he was doing. After a few minutes I heard an outside door close and then the van started and I heard him drive off. I started to relax a little more now, ‘maybe the man had gone to work’ I thought, ‘I hope so because I would get some piece all day from him.’

Again as I lay there I must have dropped off to sleep again because he walks into the room and the noise of his footsteps wake me up. The man always puts his balaclava on before he comes into the room which always seems frightening to me. Without saying a word he takes his shoes off and comes over to me in bed. He unfastens his trousers and pulls them down to his thighs and his hard prick springs out again.

I was beginning to feel quite tender and sore down there so I call out to him more in hope than anything else “Oh No, please don’t…… Not again”

I feel as if I am going into a panic again as he pulls my duvet off me and starts to gets on top of me forcing my legs open again. I feel sick as I again feel his long hard prick starting to nudge up to my pussy. I brace myself as he starts to thrust up to me. This time though he seems to gasp out and groan more in great pain than pleasure.

He has another go at me, he re-positions himself on top of me and starts thrusting into me again, but he groans and cries out even more loudly than before and I can now tell that he is in great pain with his cock, well it seems like his cock anyway. Like a miracle the man starts to get off me and stands up, then he starts looking down at his hard cock and seemingly inspecting it. I look too and his prick is very stiff but the head of his prick looks very sore indeed and his foreskin is torn and bleeding quite a lot.

“Ahhh! That fucking hurts so much, it stings like hell, it feels so incredibly sore” he tells himself aloud adding. “Well there is no other choice, I will just have to rest it and leave it well alone for a few days now.. Oh bollocks, it is obviously too much sex after all this time without any, that and having such a young girl with such a tight fanny.” 

Oh, how my heart sang out and danced knowing that he won’t be able to rape me for the next few days, maybe for a week? Inside my mind, I was smiling and laughing my sweet little head off. He looked disappointed at me as he started pulling his trousers back up and he turned to me and asked nicely (which surprised me) “So what would you like for breakfast Angel?”

“No I am fine,” I told him, “Can I just have a cup of tea?”

He replies in a sympathetic tone “You will need to eat something Angel, I am going out on a recon to get you some more company, then I need to go to work, just for a few hours but I won’t be back while late.”

Then almost as if he was confiding in me he starts to tells me “I must raise a lot more money than what I am asking for you and double quick before I get both my legs broken, and that’s if I am lucky!”

I replied almost sarcastically “Oh yes, that would be very lucky for you, wouldn’t it?”

Page 19

Then changing the subject a little I asked him, “Will you free my arms now please, I have done all that you asked and I want to go to the toilet now?”

Again he told me “Later when I come back, the toilet is over there, you can easily walk to the toilet without your arms”

“But I can’t wipe myself, can I”

He told me “Oh, I will wipe you, so don’t worry about that.”

I all but pleaded with him, “NO, NO, I need a poo now”

But again he told me, “Don’t worry, I will wipe your bum nice and clean for you”

Oh, my the humiliation of him watching me poo and wiping my bum for me was horrendous.

I pleaded with him again “Oh come on, I have done everything that you asked without any hassle, you said that you would free my arms today and I promise not to make any noise when you have gone.. I promise.”

The man looks studiously at me and says warning me “Okay, I will cut the tape, but make any trouble and I will tape you up again, is that understood?

“Yes, yes, that’s fine thank you”

He went back to the drawer and took out the knife and I turned my back to him so that he could cut the tape. As soon as my hands and arms were free it felt so good, they were aching so much and I stretched my arms out relieving my pain.

Then he tells me “Right I will go and make you some breakfast, I will be about 10 minutes or so.” I noticed though that he didn’t put the knife back in the drawer, he took it with him.

As soon as the door closed behind him I ran to the draw to see if there were other knives in there or something, but there wasn’t, in fact there was nothing in any of them, they were all completely empty. I ran quickly over to the door, but it was locked and I noticed that it was a metal door with a metal door frame and as I shook it, it didn’t even slightly budge.

I wondered over to my bed and stood on it looking at the small window right at the top of the wall, but I saw that even that had thick metal bars behind it, anyway it was too small for me to get through. I sat on the bed more than a little disappointed that there was no way in heaven of getting out when he had gone, but I consoled myself that I was ever so pleased that he had freed my arms and took the tape off.

Page 20

The man soon came back down the stairs to me, He brought me a large cup of tea and he had made me a bacon sandwich too.

The man put it down on the side of the bed for me and started sounding like my mum by saying to me “Eat it up while it is still nice and warm, Is there anything you need while I am gone?”

“You could leave the door open, that would be nice,” I told him.

Of course, he just ignored me and walking out of the room giving me a cheery “see you later then.”

That day seemed to drag at first, I switched on the TV and discovered that it was connected to Cable, so I pretty much scanned that by channel hopping and seeing what channels were on. Later I watched the cricket and a few films which helped, but my mind just thought about mum and home all day, wishing all this was over and done with.

I heard the guy came back much later, about 12 hours later and I felt my anxiety build as I heard the door close upstairs. I was so frightened as I heard him come straight down the stairs to me. But all he said was a very cheery and happy “Hiya Angel, just looking in to see that you are okay, I will serve dinner soon, I am starving, are you?

Then not waiting for an answer he was gone, that was about it for the day apart from bringing me dinner from an English chip shop. It were Chips and Fish still wrapped in paper and a few minutes later with a cup of tea. He chatting to me for a few minutes in a really happy sounding tone while I was eating. Both the chips and fish tasted so very very nice, I must have been much hungrier that I thought.

Then when I had finished he took everything back upstairs with him, and as I said, that was it for the night. That night he didn’t come down to my room again at all. I didn’t sleep that well, but it was nice to be on my own and not have to worry about being raped by him over and over again as he slept with me.

The following morning the man came down again like the day before, but bringing me this time a flask of tea and a bacon and egg sandwich which is my favourite, I left the sandwich till later as I can’t eat in the morning.

Before he left I told him that I needed some more clean clothes and underwear as I had been wearing these for a few days now and that I had no knickers at all which was embarrassing. He told me sympathetically  “Oh yes, I will see what I can do later today”

I started to look at all the games on the shelf for the X-box and I was really pleased to see that there were some great games there which I loved playing for the whole day. He brought my tea again later on, and again that was the only time I saw him.

Page 21

As he came back the next day he had bought me a sexy new bra, a very nice top and a nice short skirt and strangely some black fishnet stockings.

By the next day (Day 3) I woke and felt surprisingly good. The guy now spent a lot more time with me and I find that his name is Nathan (Well that’s what he wanted me to call him anyway.) He didn’t seem to be ogling and letching over me anymore like he did at first. He would keep coming down with very nice things to eat and he even started playing me at some of the racing car games and telling jokes and stuff, he was now very light hearted, very pleasant and even funny.

The following day (Day 4) he starts telling me about his plans to pay off the “Stupid gambling debts” he had with the ransom money and apologising to me for all the time it is taking. He complains that he can’t make contact with my father for the ransom and that he is about to kidnap another girl ahead of time because of that “I must have the money and fast.”

Now it seems (he told me) that I was going to have to stay here for much longer than previously thought before. He told me that he had hoped to have had the ransom money by today and that I could have been back at school for next week. Strangely my heart sank as he told me about going back to school, I even felt a little sick in my stomach, I hated school with a great passion. I wanted mum to know that I was alive and safe and I wanted to go home, of course I did more than anything in the world, but I did not want to go back to school one tiny little bit, that almost made me feel more anxious than my imprisonment.

Then as he left me and I sat there on the bed and I thought about it on and off almost all day. I realised that as he told me about going back home, I was more sick about having to go back to school than I was excited about going back home, it was close a run thing, but the fact still remained in my head that I did not want to go back to school.

For the next two days (day 5 and 6) the guy spent quite a bit of time with me and we played racing and shoot um up games on the X-box together and I enjoyed it. He liked football and on the Saturday we both watched that as he had Sky Sports on the cable TV.

It seems that he was a very keen Manchester United fan as he told me that he used to live in that area as a child and I was an avid Sheffield Wednesday fan and by a very strange quirk of fate they were both live on TV that same day. Man Utd at 12.30pm and Sheff Wed at 5.30pm. He even supported Sheffield Wednesday while watching the match with me, cheering when they scored, it was a great day, a strange thing to say I know.

Sunday soon passed (Day 7) we again watched the football and played games on the X-Box again. On the Monday (Day 8) I woke up early, I could tell it was a cool dull drizzly day and I was feeling lovely and warm in bed. I missed mum and home but I knew that if I was at home I would be getting ready to go to school. Here I was warm in bed and I knew I could just watch TV and play games, I could play these games forever I thought.

Page 22

My mind started ticking, I knew that his cock must be very close to getting better and now recovering from the tear in the next day or two at the most and that he would probably start raping me again. I worked out over the day that if I played along with him, pretend to help him. Even help him kidnap the new girl and convince him to increase the ransom money to give me some, that would convince him that I want to be his friend and partner surely.

I figured that I could always give the money back when I got out of here later and then that way he may only rape the other girl and leave me alone…It sounds terrible doesn’t it, but it did mean that I could relax and simply play games all day and watch TV. After all I convinced myself, well I didn’t have to convince myself, I knew that he was going to kidnap another girl for ransom and he would probably rape her as he did me anyway, all I was doing was self-preservation.’

As fate had it that morning he came in telling me that he would have to kidnap another girl in the next day or two because my father was not responding to his calls.

I told him “My father is in Thailand, he has been there 2 weeks, he will not be receiving your calls that’s why he isn’t responding, he changes his sim card while he is there, he will be back Monday.

The guy looks panicky, “That’s no good, that’s no good, I must go and get another girl now, I must have the money, I have got to have the money…” and he paces around and around.

“I can help, if you pay me” I smiled

He looked at me with the same worried panicky look “You! How could you help me!!”

Well, for instance, I could tell you where there would be a girl walking on her own this afternoon and her parents are also very wealthy they would easily pay £50.00 to get her back, all you have to do is snatch her like you did me, how does that sound?”

Equally as panicky he tells me “£50,000? ($75,000) I was only going to ask for £30,000, I want to be sure that I can get the money quickly.”

“Her parents will come up with £50,000 easily, £40,000 for you and £10,000 for me, Is that okay?”

“Great, great, but how do you know this?”

Well, I am not so fucking stupid you know, I do know somethings, I have a lot of friends and I know their living patterns and this particular girl is my age and we play in the same girl’s football team. She goes to another school about a mile away and this is the last Tuesday that she will be walking to school alone at 2 pm, she has special dispensation to go out of school for 2 hours at lunch for the last 4 weeks, this is the final week.’

The guy smiles widely as he is very happy with what I have just told him “Okay done, the 10 grand is yours”

I thought that I would now play my master stroke as I told him, “When my father gets back from Thailand on Friday, I will help you with that too, we will ask him for £50, 000 as well, and I will get another £10,000 okay?

“Great,” he says happily.

I tell him in a softer serious tone “But no one must know I am helping you though, not the other girl, after all, no one knows who you are, but everyone knows who I am, we must still play along with that I am your prisoner!”

He tells me “Oh yes I know that mate!

Then he asks me “Is she pretty”

I guessed what he was inferring to but I played it very innocent and calm. “Why, what has that got to do with it?”

“Well, I like my little fun with you girls too, as you know! So…. is she pretty?”

I calmly tell him “Yes Tiffany is very pretty indeed, very sexy and very pretty.”

“Oh great!” he says with an excited voice My cock is in great shape now with the long rest it has had. I was going to have some sexy fun with you tonight, but now with you helping me and the new girl, it will be all the better.”

I feel as if I was getting to know him well and started trusting him, it’s very traumatic getting both abducted and raped on the same day, I wondered if I could appeal to his better nature and appeal to him not to rape Tiffany… but then probably not, he may then rape me instead. If he is going to rape her and it certainly seems that he is going to, I suppose it’s better that he gets on with it rather than it festering and hanging on for days on end.

Inside I feel a tiny glow and I feel very pleased as I tell myself in my head, ‘So it seems this new girl is going to get here just in time. It also seems that my plan is working just as I wanted it to.’

Abduction No 2 and all the fun that brings.

The next few hours dragged while Nathan my abductor disappeared to carry out his next abduction and I wondered if it all would go okay. Sure enough that afternoon I heard his van draw up outside and I heard the van door slam closed and then the sliding door open ‘He must have got her’ I thought and strangely I didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad.

Page 28

I heard the bumping of him coming down the stairs and I could tell by the sound that he was carrying something. I got off the bed in worried anticipation as the door of my room opened, and there Nathan with his balaclava on came in carrying a girl. Her eyes were covered with a scarf and her mouth is taped-up as well as her wrists which were taped behind her back with her ankles taped too as I had been. He carries the girl over to the bed and drops her down upon it.

I could already tell that it was Tiffany. She wasn’t wearing her school uniform, she was wearing her short jean skirt dungarees with a pink top under her braces. She must have intended getting changed at school.

I just didn’t know how to react to her, I didn’t know whether I should rush over to console her or totally ignore her. For now, I just stood my ground as the guy Nathan took the scarf off her eyes and tore the tape from her mouth.

Tiffany looked around and I could see that she had been crying, as she saw me her eyes lit up and she called out my name with a gasp “Angel, it’s you!”

I instinctively ran over to her and I laid by her pulling her into my arms comforting her as I told her “Yes, and I am fine as you will be!”

The guy Nathan tells me, “Prepare her for some fun will you!”

I was so angry at his lack of caring and compassion and I was surprised at my own reaction because I shouted back at him “No!! Leave her alone, can’t you see how upset and distressed she is, just leave her alone!”

He smiled then told me “Well that’s tuff!… prepare her for when I get back!”

Then he stormed out of the room.

Tiffany asked me “What is he on about”

Tiffany looks at me as I tell her she will be raped

Tiffany looks at me as I tell her she will be raped

There was no point in lying to her so I told her as straight as I dare, “I am sorry Tiffany, but he isn’t just going to ask for a ransom for us. He is going to rape us as well, he will rape us the whole time we are here.”

She instantly gasped and stifled a squealed in disgust. The horror in Tiffany’s eyes said it all as she begged me “NO! OH NO!!… Oh we must try to get away before he comes back Angel!!”

I told her calmly with more than a hint of disgust myself, “Don’t you think that I have already tried, I am not sat here because I like it here you know. There is no way out, the door and frame is metal and very solid, there is no other way out as the window is too way too small, you do understand that we are underground here don’t you?……

She just stared at me with a blank stare.

I knew what she was saying with that look though, I replied “I know .. it’s terrible, but hopefully, it will soon be over and we will be back home and we can just blank this out and forget that it has happened.”

I started pulling at the tough duct tape on her wrists and then her ankles until I pulled it all off.

Tiffany did exactly as I did, she went to the door and tried to break it down, ‘no chance.’ Then she came over and looked at the window and obviously came to the same conclusion as me because she just then sat down on the bed looking really naffed off.

Page 29

I took no delight in telling her “See”

She turned to me and looking really pissed off she said, “Well that’s it then, he is going to fuck us….” Then she paused and almost as a plea for hope she said to me soulfully “Are you sure?”

I told her “Well he has already said he will.”

Then after a short pause, I reluctantly told her “he has already raped me many times and he becomes really violent if he doesn’t get what he wants.”

Tiffany looked at me horrified for a second then again looked frantically around the room again and then looked back at me softly saying, “Well that’s it then… Oh my god”

She drops her head into the cups of her hands as the horrific thought of being raped hits home to her innocent mind and I stroked her back, but apart from that I left her to recover her sanity in her own time

We chatted on and off through the day as I showed her the games that I played and we both played each other which helped with taking our minds off what was to inevitably happen later.

Strangely Tiffany asked me at one point right out of the blue as we had finished playing the shoot um up games….“Did it hurt”

“What the rape you mean?”


I stopped to think for a little, it’s not something that I had thought about, after a few seconds I told her studiously “Mentally it did, but No, it didn’t, not really.” Then after a few more seconds thought I said, “It was just a very strange feeling.”

What I didn’t tell Tiffany though was that Nat had really made me very wet down there with his saliva by licking and spitting on my pussy and working it in with his tongue. I didn’t want to horrify her anymore by telling her what great humiliation she will have to go through first.

Tiffany then replied as though my answer came as a great relief for her “Well at least, if it didn’t hurt….”

Then she strangely changed the subject in mid-sentence by saying “Well, no point in dwelling on it, is there?.. What other games is there?

It’s strange that she asked me if it hurt or not because at the time that is what worried me too… I started to tell myself in my mind what Tiffany had just said ‘well if it didn’t hurt why dwell on it, it seemed that we had pacified each other a little.

The guy Nathan didn’t come back until quite late on, maybe about 9 o’clock by the slightly fading light through the window. My heart started to race as I heard him close the door behind him upstairs and as I heard him come downstairs to us. The door opened and he walked into the room wearing his balaclava as he has always done and he tells us “Well it’s done”

Page 30

I asked him “What is?”

He tells Tiffany “I have sent the ransom text half an hour ago asking for £50,000 and your father has already replied and agreed. He has also agreed not to inform the police where I have told him to place the money for your safe return.”

He looks at me for a few seconds before then turning his gaze back to Tiffany. He tells her

Terrified she nods her head to him

Terrified she nods her head to him

nicely “I hope Angel has told you what I have planned for you, has she?”

Tiffany nods her head to him like a cute terrified little rabbit as he tells her “Good, now take your little panties off Tiffany, I want to have some fun with you.”

Tiffany gasps out “Oh no!” in shock horror and despair at what he has just asked her to do and she buries her head in her hands muttering something to herself. I couldn’t tell if she was praying or not, but whatever she was doing she has pulled herself sufficiently together because she raises her head and she looks at him.

Tiffany slides her hands up her skirt to her knickers

Tiffany slides her hands up her skirt to her knickers

Without any further reaction, I am shocked to see Tiffany do as he asked her to do after a very short pause and without any more complaint or objection. She looks up at him for a few seconds and then silently but with a look of reluctance kicks her shoes off and then she looks straight at him as she moves her hands up her skirt to her knickers and she starts to slowly to pull them down her legs and sliding them over her feel and puts them next to her.

Then he shocks me by telling me “And you too Angel!”

I thought he was going to leave me alone, I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t tell him that wasn’t what we had agreed, could I? My mind raced but I couldn’t think of an answer, so with a great reluctance, I also did as I was told.

The guy comes over to the sofa where we had been sat watching TV and playing games, now we were to play a different type of game.

He strokes Tiffany’s pretty face in admiration as she looks up at him looking very nervously. Then as he stands in front of her he tells her in a demanding tone “Unfasten my trousers for me and just take a look at what you will be getting as a present very soon.”

Tiffany unfastens his belt

Tiffany unfastens his belt

He seems to me to be prolonging the humiliation by making Tiffany undo his trousers and reveal herself the prick that she knows will be fucking her. Again she does as she is told even though she is obviously embarrassed by what she has to do. She moves forward and she starts to unfasten his trousers and he drops them along with his underpants and his already long thick stiff prick springs out in front of her… She looks at it with a staring long look. He then demands to Tiffany “Now suck on it!”

Page 31

Tiffany looks up at Nat with puppy dog eyes

Tiffany looks up at Nat with puppy dog eyes

Tiffany gives me a quick glance of reluctance, then she moves and slowly edges herself up further forward to him on the sofa and even more slowly she opens her mouth and reluctantly moves her head forward. Then she pauses and stops for a second closing her mouth and she looks at his large man’s prick pointing towards her, then she looks up at Nathan before then looking back down at his large this cock again.

Nat tells her in a low callous voice, “Come on, I want you to suck on it!”

Reluctantly she takes it in to her mouth

Reluctantly she takes it into her mouth

Then I am surprised that without a murmur she moves her head forward towards it, she opens her mouth and she takes the whole tip of his cock into her mouth and Nathan gasps at the feel of her warm mouth wrapped around the end of his prick.

A little tingle runs down my spine and I almost gave a little shiver. I am shocked with myself that it seems that I am getting excited at watching Tiffany as she starts to slowly suck on the very tip of Nathan’s thick and long smooth cock.

Nathan groans out to her, “Oh yes get your mouth around it and suck on it good!”

Tiffany takes it deeper in to her mouth

Tiffany takes it deeper in to her mouth

I watch her as she sucks on his cock for a few seconds, then she takes it out of her mouth and starts to licks the tip, then she opens her little cute mouth again as she reluctantly starts to slides her mouth a little further down the man’s big prick and she continues to suck on it and I ashamedly watch with apparent increasing but reluctant excitement at what she is doing. Seeing her with a man’s big cock in her mouth sucking on it just almost blew my mind.

He makes her suck on it for quite a while

He makes her suck on it for quite a while

The guy Nathan sucks his breath in again and gives a little gasp at the apparent pleasure that he is getting from having his cock sucked by Tiffany.

He makes her suck on his cock for quite a while and inside I am shocked that I am loving her humiliation and excited at watching her sucking on his cock and how she is doing, it was almost that I could feel the humiliation and the feel of his big cock in my mouth.

He starts to fondle her and tweak her nipples

He starts to fondle her and tweak her nipples

He starts to take his shirt off and drops it on the floor beside him.  Now he reaches down with his hand and her starts to unbuckles her dungarees and when he has done that he slides his hand down her top and starts to fondle her firm tit’s while she continues to suck on him.

I am of course ashamed to say that I was getting turned on by watching them, but I just couldn’t help it.

I watch with shortening breath as the man starts to fondles her breasts and pulls, tweaks and flicks her sharp small pink nipples.

Then after a short while he tells her to stand up and tells her to take her skirt off, but as she stands up her skirt just slips down off her anyway and she steps out of it and he kicks it away as Tiffany looks really embarrassed at being naked in front of both of us even though she has a very nicely toned body.

Then he tells her so sit down on the sofa and orders her to start sucking his cock again, which she reluctantly does. While she is sucking his cock he groans out again “Oh Yes, that feels incredible, give it a good sucking for me”

Then in his passion he looks over to me and tells me to undress, I am a little confused in his attitude towards me and I tell him “No”

He then asks me “would you like take over from Tiffany here then?”

I start to undress and when I am almost naked I am told to take my knickers off which I very reluctantly do, although I am a little embarrassed that I may just be a little wet between my legs after watching Tiffany sucking on the man’s cock.

Page 32

The man then pulls his cock out of Tiffany’s mouth and tells her to lay down on the sofa and to open her legs wide. Tiffany laid back as he told her to do with great worry on her face. I suppose we both assumed that he was going to fuck her now, but I assumed wrong. When she is laid there wondering what was going to happen next he tells me “from her head end to crawl towards her.”

I wonder what he is going to do to us or even make me do to Tiffany, but as I crawl towards her head he tells me to stop when my face is over hers. “Now snog each other,” he tells us.

Both me and Tiffany look at each other for a few seconds, then I lower my face down to hers and we both do as we are told and we start to kiss each other, it felt a little strange and peculiar as we were both upside down to each other, but as I said we kissed and snogged while the guy Nathan watched us.

After a few minutes, the man called out and told us to “Stop!” Then he tells me to “start moving along her body slowly.”

Again I did as I was told and I now realised that we would slowly be moving into a 69 position to each other. Then when I was over her breasts he told me to “Stop” again and told us both to “Start sucking each other,s breasts” again while he watched us.

I lowered my head and again did as we were told and we both licked and sucked on each other’s breasts and nipples for what seemed quite a while. My breasts are very sensitive and my nipples become stiff and erect at every slightest touch and I felt my nipples stiffen as she sucked on them with her warm wet mouth.

When he finally told us to “Stop” and for me to continue moving down her body I all but knew what was coming next. As I moved down her body, sure enough as soon as I reached her pussy he told me to “Stop.” I had no choice but to open my legs either side of Tiffany’s head.

Then he told us both the inevitable, Now I want you both to lick and suck each other’s little pussies and if you refuse to do it, I will tie both of you up and fuck you both up the ass good and hard while the other watches.

Well neither of us wanted fucking up the ass so we had no choice but to oblige each other, as I lowered my pussy down towards her mouth I thought ‘Oh fucking hell, I hope I am not wet down there’

I lowered my head down to her open pussy and disgustingly I started licking around her pussy and then I felt her licking mine and I felt ashamed that it felt really nice and sensitive.

Page 33

After a few minutes I could feel my breath shorten with the efforts of Tiffany’s mouth around my pussy and clit, but I felt movement behind around my bottom, I looked round and I was horrified as I saw Nathan moving up behind me and his hard prick rubbing between my folds and suddenly I felt his prick pushing right over to my pussy.

I heard him tell Tiffany “Only suck and lick her clit from now on while I fuck her from behind.”

I felt him push into me and I gasped and squealed out without thinking as soon as it slid in and up me. His prick felt so big inside me as he started gently fucking me and I couldn’t help but groan out. The guy gripped my hips tighter and started sliding into me with more force as Tiffany sucked and licked at my stiff little clit almost sending me into raptures and I knew he was going to force me to have an orgasm.

Nathan orders me to “Fuck Tiffany with your tongue, shove it right up into her pussy with darting thrusts.”

To be honest, it was all I could do to concentrate on what I was being told to do, but I knew why I must do it, I knew he wanted her pussy wet before he fucked her.

The guy fucked me harder and harder while I was on my knees bent over while Tiffany sucked and flicked at my clit, suddenly I knew it was coming, I felt myself shudders and I screamed out with a terrific orgasm and I knew both of them also knew that I was cuming as I groaned and reluctantly bounced my bum and pussy back and forth into them both at my forced orgasm…. It was so embarrassing.

Nathan pounded into me for only a few more seconds before I felt his large prick slip out of me and he moved away. He looks down at Tiffany and tells her “Now it’s your turn, nothing kinky, just a good straight forward fucking.”

He turns to me and tells me “Get up Angel, just sit there and watch.”

His prick slides over her hole

His prick slides over her hole

Nathan now moves over to Tiffany and I could see the build-up of the anxiety in Tiffany’s innocent cute face and I hear little yelps of fear from her as he starts to move between her open legs.

She looks at him with obvious terror of what is going to happen to her. As he starts to guide his prick towards her pussy, Tiffany gasps out “Oh no, Oh please NO!! as she feels it moving right over the right place

Tiffany howls out as she feels it sliding up her

Tiffany howls out as she feels it sliding up her

He starts to push and I hear her half squeal half gasp as his prick suddenly starts to force its way into her, I can see her pussy start to open as he pushes harder.

Tiffany gives little increasing pants of “Oh no, oh no!! Then suddenly the man gasps out in pleasure as his long prick breaks through and starts to slip into her and Tiffany at the same time howls out as she feels his big thick cock sliding up her tight little pussy

Tiffany squeals out louder and louder

Tiffany squeals out louder and louder

He now slowly starts to slide his prick back and forth into her with a grunt of animal lust and pleasure and slowly sliding deeper and deeper up into her with every thrust forward. Each time he slides his prick a little deeper into her Tiffany squeals and gasps loudly panting heavily and quickly as she feels it sliding deeper up her pussy and she seems to be almost pulling her pussy open trying to relive the sharp tightness that she is feeling down there as his thick cock is stretching her pussy.

Page 34

I loved seeing the expression on her face as her pussy is stretched

I loved seeing the expression on her face as her pussy is stretched

I half felt sorry for her but strangely like before I half enjoyed her sexy simpering, gasping and squealing that she gave as Nathan now slowly fucked her pussy. I also enjoyed seeing the gasping and groaning expressions of despair on her face as she felt his big prick sliding up and filling her tight pussy and I knew what her pussy would be feeling whilst being totally stretched and filled by a real man’s big prick.

I should have felt sympathy and horror at what I was watching, but I didn’t I was enjoying it and I got every now and then very nice little kinky tingles of pleasure running up and down my spine that felt so nice.

As he started to gradually fuck her harder and deeper her squeals, gasps and groans got louder and faster too and that turned me on even more and I could feel myself staring at the both of them, I couldn’t stop it was almost as if I was hypnotised by it all.

His prick sliding all the way up her

His prick sliding all the way up her

I looked down between her legs and I enjoyed seeing his smooth cock thrusting harder and faster up into her pussy, then I looked into her face and I loved seeing her panting and gulping for breath and squealing out at the intensity of the fucking that he was giving her, Tiffany was groaning out as she took the whole of his large prick now up her.

Now the next bit came as a bit of a surprise he tells her “play with yourself as I fuck you, come on rub your clit I want to see you cum with my prick pounding you!”

‘Oh my god’ I thought, ‘how humiliating is that!’

I saw Tiffany’s slim hand move down to her smooth pussy and she starts to rub her clit back and forth with her finger and she squeals with a greater pitched squeal as she does as she is told.

Nathan tells her with a groan, “good girl, wank yourself off as I fuck you”

I watched now almost in total disbelief as Nathan fucked her while she played with herself at his demand.

I could see that her face was starting to flush and perspire at the hard and intense fucking that she was getting and that turned me on as well. I could now feel my wet pussy starting to tingle with excitement.

He is pounding her pussy hard and he tells her with a low groan “Come on rub that sweet little clit of yours, wank that little pussy of yours.”

She gives a squealing gasping “Yes sir” and she gives a low groan as she drops her head back panting and squealing like crazy, it seemed to me that she was right on the verge of her orgasm right now.

Sure enough I see her body give a little shudder, all her body seems to tense up and her mouth opens wide as if she is going to give a great squeal and groan, but nothing comes out at all but I could see that with the expression on her face that she was cuming and having her orgasm, just a few seconds later she gave a sharp little gasping groan and her beautiful body relaxed back.

I don’t know if it was the sight of Tiffany having her orgasm that excited Nathan so much because he calls out to her with equal excitement, “Open your mouth, open your mouth”

He gets up off her very quickly indeed and straddles her chest wanking himself as she does as she is told and lays there with her mouth open for him. Then suddenly after only about 5 seconds he cums and squirts all over her face and while still wanking himself he then pushes his hard prick between her cute lips and fucks them while he cums in her mouth.

He looks down at her and tells her “Swallow it”

But he didn’t really give her much chance to do otherwise.

I thought Tiffany handled the whole situation well, she didn’t scream or plead and beg with him, she didn’t burst into tears or cry at any point or even look like she was going to cry. I was impressed with Tiffany. She just calmly did as she was told by Nathan and reluctantly of course, let him fuck her.

About 10 minutes later Nathan told Tiffany “It’s your time to watch now.”

He held out his hand and I knew he wanted me to follow him, I took his hand and he led me over to the bed telling me “Bend over for me”

I felt humiliated and embarrassed with Tiffany watching me as I pulled my knickers back down and took them off and I reluctantly knelt on the edge of the bed and bent over for him, burying my face in the duvet while parting my legs and sticking my little bum in the air.

My pussy was still ashamedly wet with the excitement of watching Tiffany being fucked and raped and of having his cock in her cute little mouth. I braced myself as I again ashamedly felt my nipples stiffen and tingle as he moved his cock over my pussy and I felt it nudging around feeling for just the right position.

Then I felt it resting right on my entrance and then Nathan started pushing, I felt the pressure build on my pussy, then I felt it slip into me easily. We both groaned out as his prick slipped right up me and the sensation was out of this world. I felt his prick fill my pussy and I tried to stifle my squeals and groans as he started to fuck me.

Page 36

My pussy seemed so alive and sensitive and I loved the stretching feeling of his thick smooth prick in my pussy. It was all I could do but to groan wildly from deep in my throat.

The humiliation of Tiffany watching me being fucked by our abductor now seemed to heighten my shameful pleasure as I felt his prick sliding all the way in and out of me making me squeal and groan as every thrust hard deep inside me.

For some reason, in the matter of a few days, I had changed from rightfully feeling horror, disgust, shame, humiliation and despair at being raped to now getting turned on by the rape of Tiffany so much that my pussy is now craving so much for the good hard fucking that it was getting.

Nathan fucked me for a good fifteen minutes of more and my eyes almost watered at the sensations until the inevitable excited calling out from him of “Turn around quickly, turn round”

I felt his prick quickly slip out of me and I turned round as fast as I could offering him my face and open mouth as he liked to finish that way. He was wanking his large cock and within seconds he was squirting his load over my face before pushing his cock between my open lips as he cum the last bit in my mouth and I sucked on his cock for him, bobbing my head swiftly along his shaft.

Satisfied he now slipped his large cock from out my wet sucking mouth and I looked over to Tiffany and she was watching what I did solemnly. I now felt a little ashamed and very self-conscious at what I had just done.

Nathan turns to Tiffany and tells her “You see how Angel knows what to do, she sucks instantly on my prick, you will soon be like her!

She says nothing, just looking with an emotionless face.

I knew it wasn’t over, and true to form Nathan raped both me and Tiffany many times over the next few days. His cock seems constantly hard and erect, sometimes he took Tiffany or me as an Individual fuck and sometimes he would have us both together side by side with our bottoms in the air and making us kiss and snog as he took it in turns to fuck us from behind, it seemed incredibly erotic as we would be forced to kiss while each of us was being fucked from behind.

At first we would be side by side and just forced to kiss and snog while he watched us, then quietly he would take one of us from behind. He started licking and sucking my pussy as we were bent over on our knees still kissing. He liked everywhere including our ass holes which were very disconcerting, then he switched to Tiffany licking her pussy.

Page 37

We couldn’t see him behind us as he sucked and licked our pussies but I could tell he had chosen to fuck Tiffany first by her facial expressions and reactions. As our soft lips snogged at each other she would suddenly but softly gasp or groan out as his prick slid up her, her little sighs and groans and involuntary little squeals seem so erotic as we kissed. She started to nudge forward as he started to fuck her a little harder and faster. Normally I would close my eyes as we kissed, but not this time as I loved and got excited at seeing the reactions in her face so close-up and personal it was as if her face was squirming with the feeling of his large prick pounding her pussy. In return when he took me from behind I would react the same way as Tiffany. I would be squealing and groaning and panting into her kissing soft lips as his prick stretched and pounded into my wet open pussy.

The day of the ransom

As the time got close to picking up the ransom he changed to only fucked me, he was obviously worried about leaving a DNA sample on Tiffany, and he never came up us anyway as an extra precaution I assumed, he only every came on our faces or in our mouths or up our bums, he seemed to like that.

On the day of the ransom collection for Tiffany, the air was very tense and I could see that Nathan was nervous. So were me and Tiffany, we were worried that something would go wrong and that what would be Nathan’s reaction be to us if he suspected police being involved and waiting for him and was he really going to let us go or would he murder us once he had got the money.

The other thing we worried about was if he got caught would he tell them where we are, there was no way in heaven that we could get out, we would starve if he didn’t tell them where we were.

We both hoped it would go well for him and us. I would know if he had really let Tiffany go because I would see it on the news.

Around 2 o’clock Nathan told us “Right I am going to pick up the money, let’s hope it goes well for all our sakes.”

I didn’t like the last part of the sentence.

He was gone for hours and the longer the time went the more we got worried that something had gone wrong. It dawned on me that I didn’t know a thing about how he had set up his plan to retrieve the money. He may have had a stupid plan of just asking Tiffany’s father to drop the money off somewhere and he would just pick it up with the police waiting for him. Now a hundred scenario’s started going through our brains as we discussed it, not of them ended well.

Page 38

Thankfully about 8 o’clock that evening we heard his van pull-up outside, there seemed to be no panic, no wailing sirens, no abrupt screeching stop, all seemed perfectly normal.

We hear Nathan coming down the stairs and we sat on the bed with baited breath as the door slowly opened. He comes in and the first thing he said was….Nothing, he just stood there looking at us with his frightening balaclava on that he always wears.

I was the first to speak in an excited manner “Well come on then, how did it go???”

“Terrible!” he told us

My heart sank so low. Now I was wondering what was going to happen to me and Tiffany

Calmly and with despair clearly in my voice I asked; “So what happened?”

After a moment’s pause, he told us calmly “The police were there, just as I was picking up the money armed police and helicopters were everywhere, I tried to make a run for it but there were too many of them. They put me in handcuffs and I am locked up in the police cell right as we speak!”

I looked at him feeling total bewildered and puzzled wondering what the hell he was on about and both me and Tiffany looked at each other with the same puzzled look.

Then Nathan said “Or it could have worked like clockwork and the money in in the bag upstairs” and I could tell even though he was wearing a balaclava that he was smiling from ear to ear. Both me and Tiffany gave each other a big hug as we know now that she would be going home.

Tiffany Goes home, or does she?

After a few minutes, we looked over to Nathan and I asked him, so when can Tiffany go home?

Nathan stopped smiling now and looked at us both seriously and if he was thinking and we were now worried about what he was going to tell us. Then he dropped his head and put his finger to where his mouth would be over the balaclava as if he was thinking some more. It seemed an age before he broke the silence with a solemn “Oh going home you say? Well, I suppose she could go home… Well, right now!”

Both me and Tiffany gasped out loudly in shock and excitement at what Nathan had just said, we both jumped up and down on the spot with our arms around each other, hugging each other at the same time… We didn’t expect straight away.

Then as we stopped jumping around in our excitement, Tiffany looked quite glum even though I had a big smile on my face.. “What’s up I asked her?”

She told me sadly, “I am being selfish Angel, I am going home and being happy while you are still going to be held by that horrible beast!!”

Nathan suddenly called out from the other side of the room “Oy you two, I am still here you know, I haven’t left the room yet, I might be a horrible beast to you but I still have feelings you know, you could say these things when I have gone!!”

Again Tiffany gasps out not realising what she had said aloud and she whispers to me with great concern “Oh my god, oh my god, I am sorry Angel, he won’t hurt you when I am gone will he!!”

I smile at her and tell her in a soft calming voice “You are fine Tiffany, he will be okay with me now, he is just joking anyway can’t you tell? Don’t worry yourself he won’t hurt me because I will be free in a couple of days too, then we will meet up and have a coke somewhere shall we?”

“Yes, Yes,” she said in a loud whisper.

Then Nathan said loudly, “Come on then miss tiffs, let’s get you home, I am going to drop you off about a half a mile away from your home in the lane that goes through the woods then you can make your way back, that way I won’t get picked up by any sneaky CCTV Cameras.

Oh, just one thing I said hurriedly to Tiffany “When you get home, don’t say anything about what happened here about the sex, well the raping of both us or anything about what we were forced to do will you? I don’t want my parents to hear about it or they will worry so much about me still being here and my mum might have a friggin heart attack”

Tiffany nods her head “Okay”

“I mean it!” I tell her “Will you promise!”

Tiffany nods her head again “Yes I promise” she tells me calmly, “I would be way too embarrassed anyway to tell.”

Nathan now walks over to her with the silver duct tape and a small brown cloth sack in his hands.

As soon as Tiffany sees these things in Nathan,s has as he walks up to her she screams out in a panic “What you doing, what are you going to do to me?”

Nathan suddenly looks well pissed off with her as he tells her “Oh for fucks sake Tiffany calm right down won’t you, you are going home for heaven’s sake!! I don’t want you seeing where you are coming from or any of the route and I don’t want you sneaky lifting your hood either, I don’t want things messing up now that it is almost over for both of us, do we?

I turned and said calmly “Come on Tiffany it makes sense”

Of course it did, but even though Tiffany did calm down as he started taping her wrists behind her I could tell that she wasn’t that keen especially when he placed the brown sack over her head and he lightly taped it around her neck.

As Nathan tapes the sack he reassures us both by saying “This is just to make sure it doesn’t come off in transit.”

When he is done he says to Tiffany in a pleasant manner as if he is taking her out on a dinner date or something “All ready to go now Tiffs?”

I see her nod her head silently under the sack and with that nod Nathan tells her, “Right don’t be alarmed, but I am going to pick you up and carry you to the van rather than you negotiating all those steps and door while blindfolded, Okay?”

Again Tiffany nods her head silently and Nathan picks her up and tosses her over his shoulder so easily as if she was just a big fluffy teddy bear.

I watch them as they leave the room and I shout out a hurried “Bye Tiffany,” and I hear a muffled “Bye” back.

As soon as they have gone I felt so lonely I felt as though I was going to burst into tears and to be honest I did for a few seconds to a minute before I forced myself to stop.

I knew that Tiffany would soon be home safe and well, well I say that but underneath I had a worry that he may do something to here and that she may never be seen again, and that could be my fate too.

Nathan never came back after he had left with Tiffany and I had a deep-seated worry about Tiffany. The following morning from 6 am I was glued to the local news hoping to hear anything that would be reporting Tiffany was back home, as the morning went on I became more and more worried as nothing was said at all.

I was now to the point where I was beginning to panic but low and behold as the 11 am local news there was a picture of Tiffany with her family and they were all wearing big happy smiles.

She told the reporters that she had been treated well by her abductor and that she had seen me and I was fine watching TV and playing games all day, and she waved at me through the TV screen anticipating that I was watching. I sat back and sighed a great sigh of relief.

Nathan came back about 1 pm and he came downstairs to me and happily told me that “I have sorted everything with your father he is going to pay the ransom in two days time, so just chill till then.”

I told him, “I saw Tiffany on TV, she looks very happy now”

Nathan sparks up as though something has just jolted his memory as he shouts “Oh, that reminds me!”

He jumps up and runs upstairs, a few minutes later he comes down with two bulging polyethene bags, “Here!” he shouts to me, “your share!”

And he tosses the bag to me, I unravel the bag and I look in, inside is just loads of money in twenties I put my hand in and pull a bundle of notes out

“Here’s mine,” Nathan says, “I have got the same as you, 10 grand”

I asked him, “But that’s only twenty grand, I thought you were going to ask them for fifty?”

“I did,” he told me, “but I had to go and pay my debts to the boys didn’t I or I would have been in deep do do.”

Then he told me, “They are easy with me now, I told them the rest of the money will be with them in two weeks, a month at the very most and they were fine with it,”

Nathan gives a big sigh of relief, your parent ransom should be here in a couple of days and when I pay them the 30 grand from that I will be in the clear, no more worries and still have twenty grand in my pocket, you too… piss easy to get the money too it was” he tells me with a wink, (I can see a wink even though he was wearing his balaclava.)

Nathan gets up and wonders to the door, I will see you in the morning he tells me.

“Hold on” I shout

Nathan stops and turns round “Yes”

I ask him softly, I was feeling so lonely “Erm do you want to fetch chips and fish and perhaps watch a film with me?”

He stands and looks at me, then tells me “I can see that you are feeling really down now your friend has gone, but your dad will pay up in three days and as soon as he has I will take you straight home, okay?

I nod my head, then he tells me, I can’t stay with you tonight because…. Oh fuck it, I will go and fetch something to eat and then we will watch a film and I will race you on the X-Box with the games shall we.

“It’s now 1.30 pm, I will go to the chippy and see you back here in half an hour”

“Thanks,” I tell him.

The rest of the day went well, my lonely feeling past as he came back and we ate our lunch, we watched a film together and played games. He slept with me that night and I didn’t even mind…… That much.

A few days went by and I had fitted back into a routine, Nathan was good to me and we had a good laugh.

Then after about a week, one afternoon Nathan came into my room and told me, “It’s all sorted your dad is paying the ransom money tomorrow you can go home then just as Tiffany did”

“Oh Great!” I said all excited (Tiffany I thought, oh yes, I had forgotten about her being here too’)

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Nathan said almost excited, “You will be back with your loving family and back at school next week and all this will be forgotten with, won’t it?… Just like a bad dream.”

I strangely found that I had mixed feeling, I was very pleased to be going home, I was sick to the pit of my stomach about going back to school instead of watching TV and playing great X-Box games.

I ask him, “Aren’t you frightened of getting caught and going to prison”

“No” he whispered almost in a low excited whisper, “I always had a fool proof plan, for one it wasn’t a lot of money was it, but I also know the area so well.”

I enquired “But didn’t you worry that the police would set a trap for you?”

“Well I bargained like this,” he readily told me “I told them that if I got the slightest wind or inclination that they had informed the police about the drop that I would torture and murder their precious little daughter, would they want that on their consciences??….because it would be all their fault!!”

“Well you did the torture anyway didn’t you” I chirped up interrupting him

….. “I also, er.. what.. I didn’t” he then flustered at my intervention…

I told him “Anyway never mind that for now, carry on”

“Oh right well.. Well I also told them that if they set up a trap to catch me that you was locked up somewhere secret where they would never find you in a million years and that their daughters would slowly starve to death…. But as an addition to a fool proof plan, I sent them a map of where exactly where to leave the money.

It was by the side of a tree and a post in the woods and I know that ten yards from that post and tree there is a big old water drain that leads to an old railway line. I hid inside the drain with my monkey bike, no one would see me come in and no one would see me leave. Once I got to the disused railway line I would ride up it for about a mile to where my van is and simply put my bike in the back and calmly drive away. I also set up a few very very small CCTV cameras so that I could monitor the area of the drop before I set up where they were to leave the money.

I asked “Won’t they know about this now”

“Oh well of course they will, but there are quite a few of these around, I came across them in an old cellar under the city council buildings. We were storing the old plans and documents on digital and some stuff that was considered no worth at all in saving and was being sent for incineration these are from the Victorian era and before, I kept them for myself. I checked and made sure that there were no other records of them anywhere….. So no, to answer your question I feel completely safe that no one else knows about them.”

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“I am impressed,” I told him

I laid awake what seemed all that night thinking of my time here, I found that it had its ups and downs believe it or not, I liked playing the games all day and watching TV when I wanted, I loved the food as well. I didn’t like being raped of course but now found that I was enjoying the sex. I was amazed that I got turned on by watching Tiffany being raped and the sex that we were forced to do. I wondered what was happening to me, was I also turning into some horrible monster like Nathan…. I also got excited by seeing and having all that money, at first I thought that if a played along with him that he would leave me alone and that I would give the money back once I was released from my captivity, but now I considered that I had earned the money and that I wanted to keep it, I kept thinking what I would spend it on.

The day of the ransom collection arrived and I had gone through this before with Tiffany and I felt much the same with the same worries and fears as before, Nothing had changed.

Late that afternoon Nathan came back and came down stairs looking calm, well as calm as I could tell while he was wearing the balaclava. With smiling eyes he tossed over a plastic bag to me with another £10,000 ($16,000usd.) saying calmly “Easy money!”

Then he said to me in an apologetic tone, “I am not taking you back until the morning though Angel because….”

As I opened the bag and saw all that cash in there I but in and said …… “Don’t worry about it Nat, I am fine with it. Did you bring something back to eat with you, I am starving!”

Nat looked at me and sounding a little shocked he said, “I thought you would be angry with me?”

I calmly replied “No, I am fine, what’s a few more hours, I feel fine here with you now. Can you go and get some chips and fish with mushy peas and some bread and butter? I haven’t eaten all day.

Nat replied still sounding a little surprised replied slowly “Er yes of course I can, now that you mention it, I haven’t eaten all day either and I feel ravenous now! I will be back in half an hour then.. Catch you in a bit.

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I was shocked by my response, I wasn’t in the least worried about going back and staying another night, in fact I had very mixed feelings about it. There was one thing that I was sure about though, I felt starved and my mouth was salivating about those gorgeous fish and chips that Nathan got.

That half an hour seemed an age as I waited for them, finally Nathan came back and we ate them together chatting about how the day went. Nathan was so calm and told me it was all so easy. He told me “I am just going to pay off my stupid gambling debts today and I have even got a little money in my pocket now for the first time in my life with paying the mortgage and all the other bills.

I don’t know why I said this but it just flowed from my mouth “Well if it is that easy then why stop right now? Why don’t we do some more and then make a lot more money, I will help you!

At that point, Nathan stopped eating and looking at me said softly “Are you serious?”

While I was still eating I looked into myself, analysing myself and I found that I was still calm, there was no panic running through my system and I felt that there was no danger to me, I would still be a captive to the outside world and I may finish up with a lot more money, funnily enough I was even starting to think that it was a good idea.

There would have been a short pause while I thought this through a little, but finally I told him “Yes I am serious, and I know who we could kidnap and get £250,000 at least, what do you think? a few of them and we would be well away!”

Without a flicker Nat told me, “It would take more organising though with this amount of cash!”

Then just as though the penny had just dropped Nathan stuttered “Er hey? Hold on, what do you mean a few?”

“A few” I repeated, then adding, “You said it was easy money and while we have all the escape routes why don’t we make some serious money doing this, why waste a great opportunity? You have the balls to carry through the abductions and collect the ransom money and I know the social patterns of some of the kids with the richest parents in the world, an ideal match wouldn’t you say?

Nathan looked a little worried for once, “It’s all very well you saying that and I agree with you to a degree, but this will become increasingly more difficult, and I am not a greedy person, I don’t necessarily desire a lot of money, just enough to get by, I have been stupid getting into debt but now I am free of that. If I do get caught I only have to get caught once and I will be in prison for a very long time. At the moment I have got away with it all scott free and I value my freedom!”

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“Look,” I say to him sympathetically, “I can see where you are coming from, why don’t we just do another one or two then? As soon as things get a little hairy or we feel anyone is on to us in the very slightest we will drop it like a stone….. Yes?”

I was getting more than a little worried that he was talking himself out of carrying on with the abductions and I was in serious danger of going back to school next week and that was making me feel sick. There was just one other card that I thought that I could play so I now spoke to him in a sexy voice and laid it on as thick as I possibly could.

I moved up a little closer to him and started stroking his thigh a little and in a little girl tone I told him “Not only that Nathan, just think of the great sex that you were getting from me and the girls that you abducted! You have already told me that you hadn’t had sex in many many years and you really enjoyed raping us sexy beautiful little girls didn’t you? Making us do all those really naughty kinky things to each other just for your pleasure.

Nathan, I know who and where all the richest and the most sexiest girls are for you to abduct, fuck and have your kinky fun with and I will join in with you if you would like me to, Would you like that? I bet you would wouldn’t you? But if I go back home tomorrow you won’t be able to fuck me every night like you have been doing lately either will you? You will go back to being Billy no mates and no sex Nathan again.”

And I stroked his thigh a little higher giving him a nice warm smile.

Nathan looked over to me and gave me a really puzzled look and asked me in a very surprised voice indeed, “What do you mean? are you saying that you are willing to join in with the sex….. Willingly?… With me? … And even with the other girls that I abduct….. Really…Honest?”

Well, I thought that I was getting through to him so I couldn’t back down now could I? So I looked him in the eyes as he wore his balaclava and pushed on and told him in an eager tone “Of course I will join in, I have just said so. You can even fuck me right now to cement our agreement if you want to…. Do you want to Nathan?.. Of course you won’t be able to do it if I am going home because they may want to do tests on me and we don’t want you leaving even the tiniest sample behind somewhere do we?

I slid my hand higher and started to gently stroke his hardening cock over his trousers and I asked him again “So shall we cement our partnership? That means that you would be able to fuck me right now Nathan, that’s if you want to… Humm?… and more to the point, would you like me to join in with you willingly when we abduct the next girls, oh I bet you would love that wouldn’t you?”

I could instantly see the excitement grow in his eyes as he told me, “Oh yes, oh very much so, oh okay just one more abduction then!”

Nathan was getting very frisky and stroking his hands over my body.

I pushed on a little more as I said sexily “Or possibly and maybe two more abductions to make sure we have enough money to make life very easy for us, Yes?”

“Maybe, maybe,” he said in a little sexually excited pant.

I smiled widely with excitement inside my head even though I looked very calm and controlled on the outside. In my seduction of Nathan, I found that it was even making me feel so incredibly horny and I also found that I was really pleased that he had finally agreed to do more abductions, I could feel that there were no nagging doubts inside me. Then I told him as he got even more frisky with me “Hold on a little though Nathan, didn’t you tell me a few minutes ago that you wanted to go and take your money to the guys that you owe it to?”

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But he was obviously way too excited now to worry about them at this very moment because he told me in a shallow panting gasping reply as he kissed my face “Oh stuff them, they can wait for their money till morning. As you have just said, we have got to cement our partnership right now… Not only that, if we are going to be partners I don’t have to wear this anymore do I!!”

He shocked me as in one movement he pulled his frightening looking balaclava off his head and for the first time I could see what he really looks like. I knew that he had very blue eyes and I guessed for some reason that he was blond, I think because he had blond eyebrows. Now seeing his whole face for the first time felt really strange after all this time and he stopped rubbing his hands all over me as he looked me in the eyes and letting me in return look at his face.

My instant reaction was a nice one, I was amazed that he looked so very much like Daniel Craig who played the part of James Bond. I could almost have sworn that it was him in the instant flash of the first second that my eyes fell on his face and I already knew that he had a fantastic ripped fit body. Now for the first time in my life as I thought about having and wanting sex and I told myself “Just lay back and let it happen without worrying about mum, I am going to enjoy this!”

I felt myself instantly relax, no mum to worry about, no school to worry about and soon I am going to have more money than I could ever have imagined, all I have to do is stay here and play games and watch TV.

Nathan leaned on me and I slowly laid back and we both laid on the bed with Nathan kissing me on the lips and I for the first time kissed him back passionately. I didn’t feel like a schoolgirl anymore, I felt like a grown woman.

Soon we were both unfastening each other’s clothes and as Nathan kissed and undressed me, I for one of the very few times in my life I felt such a thrill and tingling dance through my body in great sexual anticipation.

To be honest, It wasn’t at all like I would have thought my first sexual intercourse, well I will re-phrase that, my first willing sexual intercourse would have been like. I thought it would have been so romantic and so loving and very gentle. This wasn’t, I would have to say that it was more a lustful encounter between the two of us. Nathan undid and opened my blouse wide and as I wasn’t wearing a bra, he hungrily sucked on my sexually excited and hard nipples that were buzzing and tingling like crazy for his attention.

I felt his hand slide down below and up my skirt and he started to rub me between my legs and I willingly opened my legs a little more to give him better and easier access to my young intimate private parts.

As he licked and sucked on my stiff excited nipples it felt so good and I gasped and panted in pleasure and when he started rubbing me between the legs at the same time the whole thing felt fantastic and I soon felt as if I was squirming and writhing around uncontrollably in pleasure.

My sexual fever heightened if it was possible as soon as I felt the other of Nathan’s hand move down and up my skirt to my hips and he starting to twist his body as he started to pull my knickers down over my cute little bottom.

I gasped to myself in my head ‘Oh yes” and as he pulled my knickers down my legs and over my toes I instantly opened my legs to him. Nathan stood up and I watched him pull his trousers and under-pants down and his hard prick instantly sprang out in front of him and it already looked very excited indeed and I felt a little smile of sexual excitement and anticipation spread across my young face.

I needed very little fore-play, I knew that I was already wet down there and ready inside my head as well as all over my body. As he moved between my legs and gently laid on top of me taking his weight on his elbows, I instinctively raised and widened my legs for him and wrapped them around his bottom.

I felt Nathan’s hard prick gently nudge around my now very excited pussy, Nathan gently takes his very hard prick in his hand and starts to rub the tip of his prick along the length and between my open folds and I could tell that I was wet and waiting for it down there like a little slut and I liked the feeling.

He now steered his prick right over my opening and as he felt he was in the right place he gently pushed into me. I raised my legs just a little more as he did and I also at the same time I pushed so slightly up with my bottom.

I felt the pressure of his hard rigid prick slowly build up on my pussy and I braced myself as I felt his prick suddenly slipping up me reasonably easy and ‘Oh it felt so nice.’ We now both groaned out instantly in great pleasure at we pushed our hips into each other, and I gave an elongated soft groan and a tiny little squeal as I felt his large prick sliding right up my excited little schoolgirl pussy.

Nathan rocked very gently back and forth and I could feel how wet I was by how easily his prick slipped back and forth in my pussy, but even so, that did not take away any of the pleasure, in fact it greatly increased my pleasure greatly as there was no pain like there was before.

Soon Nathan was getting into a very good rhythm and as he increased the pace of the powerful thrusting into me it was becoming more and more pleasant and intense and I gently gasped to him, “Oh yes Nathan, that is so good, yes yes fuck me harder!”

As soon as I said that, I could feel myself becoming a right little slut as I knew I was now really enjoying having sex and I didn’t want it to stop……

Nathan seemed to be growling quite loudly in pleasure as he built up the pace and all I could do was to squeal and groan out wildly “Oh yes! Oh yes!!” each time he thrust hard into me. As he started to pound me quite hard I now bucked my hips up into him in rhythm with his thrusting into me, the feeling was totally divine and I was in total ecstasy.

Suddenly he stops pumping into me and getting off me he tells me eagerly, “bend over on your knees!”

I didn’t need telling twice, I quickly got up and while on my knees I bent over with my legs apart by the edge of the bed offering my pussy to him. I feel him quickly come up behind me and his hard thick cock nudges straight on my pussy lips and then I feel it slip right up me’

Again I instantly groan out in pleasure “Oh yes, it feels so good and deep!” and within seconds Nathan’s hands grip my hips and he is pounding my little fresh pussy very hard, fast and very deep!

Within a minute I feel Nathan’s hand come around me and I feel his fingers reach down to my pussy and he starts rubbing and flicking my excited and very sensitive feeling clit as he fucks me. My whole body tingles as he does this to me including my eyes and my mouth.

I can’t help but squeal and groan like crazy and within a minute or so more I knew I was just going to cum any second. A few seconds later my whole schoolgirl cunt just exploded with absolute pleasure that shot like a tingling firestorm through my whole body from my eyes to the tips of my little toes, I bucked and screeeamed out as I buried my face in the duvet. Nat continued to pound into my pussy hard whilst continuing to flick my clit with his fingers.

My fantastic orgasm seemed to go on forever as I bucked and groaned out like crazy. Just as my orgasm started to wain and subside, Nat took his finger away from my clit and placed them on my hips as he now fucked my pussy in a hard wild frenzy increasing my own pleasure again.

Nat is fucking me in an uncontrollable wild frenzy for about another 40 or 50 seconds then he suddenly groans out loudly and almost hysterically and his pounding becomes much slower but harder with more deliberate forward hard thrusts into me and I can tell he is now cuming up me. The fucking slowed and came to a stop, and then I felt Nathan’s cock slide out of me with a squishy plop… I fell forward gasping for breath and my pussy tingling delightfully from the fucking of a lifetime. 

I rolled over and Nat laid beside me with a big smile… Then a few minutes later said “What shall we have to eat?… Chinese?

“Great!” I told him, “but give me 10 minutes to calm down and recover first.”

Now the planning was going to have to start for the next abduction, this was going to be a big one! 

I told Nathan of a Billionaire Muslim family from Saudi Arabia. that live here at the moment. The girl is a twin and I know that it is their birthday in the next month, they are 15 and coming up to be 16 years old. Nashita is her name, her brother’s name is Muhammed of course, they all are. They are very close and they have quite high security at times, but there is a time when she could be alone and vulnerable.

They like to go riding and there is a place they love to go to more often than not it is off road, so I don’t know if you would be able to get your van there to grab her.

Nat looks at me a little annoyed saying “Well that is no bloody good then is it’ what use is that!!”

I told him defensively “Well I am just telling you when she could be abducted and when she is vulnerable. Well anyway, I didn’t think that was much good anyway, but I thought maybe you would see something in it. What I was leading to really was this, when she has finished at the stables lately, because the track leading in and out is in a really bad state after the storms a couple of months ago and she has been walking down the long but narrow track to the main road to get picked up there by her chauffeur.

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There will only be a few girls there at the riding school as it is a very private and exclusive membership, no men are allowed there when she is there apart from sometimes her twin brother. There is another side road that runs parallel to the track and only a few feet away that leads to an old power sub-station that is not used anymore so no one uses it. Between the road and the track there is a high poorly maintained hedge that no one takes responsibility for. The hedge is very poor in respect that it has a few gaps in-between it and tied up with barbed wire.

You could go there and cut the wire and lay in wait for her, once she walks past you could leap out and grab her, drag her into the van and off you calmly go. No one will see the van, no one will notice and that will be a good £250.000 smakaroonies for us to share.. Good or what?

Nat looks at me with a bit of a serious frown which surprised me.. Then after a few seconds he tells me “I can see a few problems with it initially. But if we bide our time and don’t just leap in regardless, this could be a very good plan Angel.. Well done, it could work very well on the right and given day.”

I asked hopefully “Shall we give it a go then Nat?”

He smiles and tells me “I think we will Angel my little mate!!!”

We continue to discuss and fine tune the abduction, the time that they are here incarcerated with us, the ransom, the pickup of the money and the dropping off of Nashita. I was surprised how much planning there was to it, but of course everything had to be perfect, the penalty of failure would be 20 years or more in prison for Nat and no money for me.

The following day Nat went off to the riding school where he was to abduct Nashita and case the whole place out. He came back about 3 hours later with lots of pictures of the general area, the little lane that runs along the track and good areas to hide and lay in wait. In some places the hedges are thick and high but with also some good gaps to get easily past without a reasonable threat of tripping and falling, speed would be the essence.

Once we were happy with the final choice for the execution of the abduction, Nat went there again to do the final assessment and any adjustments. He looked at the ground and cleared any debris that could be a tripping threat, but left the barbed wire in place for now, at the right time that would be cut and removed on the day very carefully with thick gloves to leave no blood behind.

He came back again after a few hours telling me “Everything looks great, perfect for an abduction, everything is in place but the girl now!”

Page 53

I was so pleased and relieved, I told Nat “This week then, we will hit Nashita this weekend, okay?”

Nat calms me down “Only If everything is perfect, yes we will abduct her this week-end, she is there both Saturday and Sunday isn’t she?”

The week dragged, it was early Wednesday evening by now so only another 2 and a bit days to go but those two days seemed to go on forever. We play video games but my mind was always on the weekend.

On the Friday we discussed the abduction like a pre-match analysis, Nat asked me “So how well do you know Nashita?”

“Well so-so” I said, “I got on with her as well as most, I can’t say we ever got on well I always got the feeling no one did, but we got by. She is very studious, very hard working. I always thought she was aloof, she always seemed to talk down to people if they weren’t up to her standard, and few were.”

Nat; “Do you think she will try to fight when I grab her?”

I replied while still thinking it through “Well I tried to fight back didn’t I, so I imagine she would too, but it all happened so quickly that I didn’t really get the chance. Mind you on saying that I think she does, or at the very least did self-defence. In fact now that you mention it she did tell me that her father employed a commando at one time who taught the children the basics of unarmed combat… But she is only 15 and very petite, how much of a problem could that honestly pose to a big fit powerful man like you?

Nat with widening eyes told me, “I hope you are right, I cannot deal with a fight. I want to get in and out quickly, a fight takes time, makes noise, draws attention and makes blood, none of those are a good thing for a good abduction.”

I asked him with a little worry “You are not going off the idea are you?”

He told me brightly “No, but I am pleased that you told me that Angel, I will make sure that I am on top of my game, no sloppiness, I will hit her hard and fast and make sure there is no fight.”

I told her with increasing worry, “Well make sure that you don’t hit her too hard and she needs bloody hospital treatment or something, I want to make sure that we get the money with no problem! I don’t want to become a nurse for the next few days.”

Nat looks at me calmly “No, I know what I am doing you know.”

We all calmed down, “I am sure you do.” I told him with a slight smile

Page 54

The Saturday came and I woke so nervous and excited at the same time. We went through everything again and I made sure that Nat had got everything he needed like his mother “Have you got the plastic ties? the rope? The thick gloves? The wire cutters? Your best balaclava? We don’t want Nashita thinking we are a scruffy mob of abductors and giving her a bad impression” I lightly joked.

Back came the reply from Nat “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes and no I won’t.”

Now at 11:15 he was gone. I heard him pull away and then there was now total silence, I hated the silence and loneliness now. I almost felt sick with nerves, all I could do was wait here, I pictured in my head how things were going, I could see them in my mind’s eye.

At 2 o’clock I knew Nashita would be walking down the track, It was another hot day so I knew that it would be dusty. In my mind, I could see Nat cutting the barbed wire with thick gloves on and putting the wire in the back of the van to make sure there was no trace on the wire.

I could picture him lying in wait so clearly and vivid. Nat would be able to see her leaving the stables about 150 meters away and starting to make her way to the main road to be picked up by her chauffeur. I could see Nat clearly edging forward as Nashita walked past the spot where he was hiding, something she had done many times, unaware of what was about to happen as her mind was miles away as she looking into her mobile phone oblivious to what is around her and about to happen.

I imagined Nat leaping out from behind her as we have spoken and Nat would grab her and drag her into the van through the side doors of the van, pin her down, tie her up and gag her before she could respond to him.

But my mind now started playing tricks with me, my mind’s eye sees Nashita fighting him off and breaking his nose or something leaving blood all over and Nashita running back to the stables screaming while Nat runs off covered in blood.

This jolts me upright and I try to shake my mind away from my imagination that is running away with itself.

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  1. Wooowww i’ve read 15 pages and i like it already, those people in porn should learn from you. Keep going. Grazie.

    • I haven’t read part two Steve, I haven’t finished part one, I have to write the police part in pt one, but thanks for the comment, I thought there was no interest in it.. Thanks a lot

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