Daddy’s Girl

  • Daddy’s Little Girl ….

Written By Andy, with additions, editing and help from Angel and illustrations found and added by Nat.

Angel Sat in her room just after School

Angel Sat in her room just after School

It was mid April and Angel as always was Studying hard for her exams at School. This was her final school year before hopefully going on to study for her A levels. As the evenings got lighter she always found it hard to keep her mind on the books and was constantly battling to stop it wandering and remain focused.

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After all, it would all be over in another month and she would have the whole summer ahead of her to do as she pleased. It was hard though as her head was abuzz with all the fun things she could be doing like hanging out with her friends; she played in a girls’ football team and also liked running through the woods nearby along the river; going to the pub with her parents and meeting friends there; also she likes fooling around with some of the guys in her neighbourhood.

She liked guys and they certainly liked her. With a 38C cup, peachy bottom and toned legs, why wouldn’t they? At 16 she was already dating guys in their 20s. As with a lot of girls in her year she stretched the limits of ‘school uniform’ to the max. Her pleated skirt was as short as rules would allow and sometimes she got sent home because of it being considered too short. Her blouse was often buttoned down to reveal her ample cleavage and sexy push-up bra showing around the edges.

 She liked to flirt with the boys in school, but not just with her classmates but some of her teachers as well, in fact she enjoyed flirting especially with the teachers hoping that she might get that extra half grade that could make all the difference to making which university she could choose.

 History teacher Mr Watson certainly became hot under the collar last week when she caught him looking down her top. Angel was a little surprised that he would do that at first, but she just giggled and smiled taking it as a complement and as she made eye contact with him she gave him a naughty wink, which only served to make him redden even more.

This particular Tuesday evening her mind had wandered to that moment and the fantasy of what would happen if she flirted with Mr Watson and if he had tried seducing her in the storeroom. after all, he had invited her there before for no apparent reason, ‘what was on his mind’ she wondered.

Sex was never far from her thoughts and was a major distraction when she came to revise. Rarely would an evening go by enclosed in her bedroom that she wouldn’t fall into the world of sexual fantasy and let her fingers drift down her body line and under her panties to find the haven of her neatly trimmed pussy. She would gently rub her clitoris and slide her fingers into her warm wet hole spending a good half hour bringing herself to a glorious climax in which time she would be totally lost to the outside world as she writhed around on her bed in total ecstasy whilst still in her school uniform.

Once she had got this out of the way she could generally concentrate much better on the studying she had to do. This, however, became something of a routine for Angel and one that gave her immense pleasure. In fact, many a time her pleasure bubble had been burst by the call of ‘Angel! Dinner!!’ from her Mom downstairs and after quickly tidying herself up she would make her way down to eat with her Mom, Dad and brother Jon.

They would eat as a family, that’s when her father was here at home,  sometimes he would be away for weeks on end as he is a diver in the North Sea for British Petroleum. His job was to check all the oil pipelines and so lived on the oil rig for what seemed to Angel forever until it was his time for his home leave. They would talk on Skype some times, but it wasn’t easy as he would work long hours when he was away, he was a loving father and he once told everyone how lonely he was on the rigs without them and would say he loved them and how much he missed them all.

Her Mom worked at the local hospital as a midwife and would often have shifts that meant she wasn’t always around in the evening when dad was here, but would always have something prepared. Jon her brother was two and a half years younger than Angel and always messing around, that’s if he wasn’t listening in to other people’s conversations, this irritated the hell out of Angel who would often get angry with him because of it as he would very often pry in to her privacy.

Jon should have also been studying for his exams too but he would often be around at his friend’s house, he would say he was there revising but he was actually playing on the X-box. Quite often Angel would find herself alone at home unless her Dad was home, then they would spend the evening happily together watching a film or playing a game what with her Mom out working. 

It was on one of these such late afternoons that her mind wandering once again, she decided to check some things on the computer. She powered up her old laptop but as soon as it turned on it switched itself off again. ‘Oh bollocks, its playing up again’, she cursed. So she tried again and got the same result, and again, Same result. ‘Well that’s just brilliant!’ she said out loud to herself. So she decided to use her Dad’s, Laptop even though he had forbidden her to touch it on account of it having very important and confidential work stuff on it. ‘Whatever’, she thought. ‘I’m only going to look at facebook for 10 minutes, anyway what harm would that do’.

 She went in to her parent’s room and finding the laptop in his drawer she picked up her father’s laptop and sat on her parent’s bed with it. Angel then powered it up. ‘Fuck!’, she said out loud again. I didn’t think of that, It needed a password. So, what could it be? ‘Let’s try this’, she thought. ‘Yep, got it in one. Guys who like football are so predictable!’ She laughed to herself, both at her own brilliance and her Dad’s stupidity.

She got onto facebook and spent about half an hour on it checking who had liked what, etc. The usual rubbish, but it kept her in touch with everyone as she had such a busy social life. She decided to close it down and go back to her bedroom as her Dad would be very angry if he found her in his room on his computer and knowing he could be home soon. As she closed the internet and about to switch off she noticed a file on the desktop marked ‘Angel.’

“Hmm…,” she thought. ‘Could this be something to do with me’ she wondered? Knowing she shouldn’t be messing with her father’s stuff, but she lingered for a moment before eventually succumbing to the curiosity and clicking on the file.

 When it opened she gasped out loud ‘auuuhhh!!’ Angel was shocked to see what appeared to be lots of pictures of herself in her room in various forms of dress and lots more worrying undress. Some of the pictures were of her just in her Knickers and Bra, some of them were of her just in her Knickers and some of them, well lots of them were of her completely naked.

She was sickened to see that her father also he had lots and lots of mpegs of her, and some of them were of her on her bed masturbating in her school uniform, he seemed to have a whole library of them that were put in to categories and files, she instantly felt sick to the stomach with shame. She was puzzled and wracking her brain how they had

Angel saw this movie file of herself masturbating on her fathers laptop.

Angel saw this movie file of herself masturbating on her fathers laptop.

got there, after all she had not done any of them for him to find anywhere.

Angel was confused ’But how the hell did he get them? She quizzed herself over and over. There was only one answer that she kept coming up with, she didn’t want to admit it, but she had to face the fact that  ‘There must be a hidden camera in her bedroom, .. And if there was, that was the only one way her father could have got them. Again the answer became sickeningly clear to her ‘He must have put the camera in there so that he could spy on her.’

Angel looking for the secret camera

Angel looks on the edge of her bed trying to work out where the secret camera is

She looked at the mpeg to figure where the camera must be in her room, it looked as if it was on the dresser at the bottom of the bed, working her way back to her room and searching the things on the dresser it appeared to be the musical box that he had bought her about a year ago, looking at it closer now she could see the very tiny lens and her heart sank with shame, it was designed to look like one of the opals on the box.

Angel went back in to her parents room where the Laptop was and she looked at the images that was still running of her on the laptop masturbating, the camera being placed on the dresser at the bottom other bed was perfectly placed to see right between her open legs as she played with herself in crystal clear high definition.

She watched and turned bright red as she clearly saw as her fingers rubbed and teased her clit. She watched the mpeg as she saw her then finger herself and she gasped at the pleasure she was receiving from masturbating. Then Angels face went bright crimson red with shame as she saw her face flush as she watched herself writhing and squealing in total pleasure, then suddenly she saw and heard herself groan out loud as she slightly bucked her hips up and down while her fingers rub her clit feverishly as she saw herself having an orgasm on her father’s laptop knowing that he had seen this as well, ‘maybe he had watched this many times’ she thought and wanted the whole world to swallow her up as the shame and humiliation grew and grew as she felt so let down and deceived by her father.

She sat there in total shock almost not believing what she is seeing, not wanting to believe what she was seeing. But it didn’t stop there, the mpeg kept on running and

Angels pussy was in full view for her father to secretly see as she took some tissues to wipe her pussy.

Angel was shocked to see this movie image of her pussy in full view on the laptop of her father’s as she played with herself and after she had orgasmed, she took some tissues to wipe her wet pussy.

she saw herself take some tissues from under her pillow and she watched herself wipe her excited wet pussy meticulously clean whilst she was still gently gasping and panting from the orgasm.

She clicked the other mpegs, not really wanting to and dreading what she may see, but she couldn’t help it. In the first mpeg she clearly looked so much younger and she had her hair in pigtails, in another she saw herself with a vibrator she had bought through a mail order and she watched herself trying it for the first time, parting her pussy folds and teasing her clit with it before she inserted it in to her pussy with a groan and slowly fucking herself with it while she flicked and rubbed her clit at the same time. Then Angel almost died as she saw herself coming to orgasm and she withdrew the vibrator from between her legs and put it in to her mouth and sucked on it, obviously pretending it was a man’s cock as she shuddered and rubbed her clit through her orgasm.

The more of them she looked at, the worse and more embarrassing they seemed to getting, she skipped through a lot of them and then jumped forward and looked at the last one. The time date was only 10 days ago. She clicked it and there she was with her boyfriend sat on her bed ’oh fucking hell no,’ she thought ’not this one where we told mum we was revising together in my room’ she knew it was going to show her giving him a blow-job and of her telling him to cum in her mouth because she wanted to taste and feel what it was like, and ‘oh no’ later of him fucking her from behind up her bum and of her begging him to “fuck her up there harder..” she clicked it off she couldn’t look anymore. She was embarrassed enough to see herself on the laptop, but knowing her father had seen them too, over and over again.

Angel thought she was going to be sick or pass out, or both. She thought to herself ‘how could my father betray me so much like this’ she thought and was close to tears.

As the initial shock and betrayal subsided (very, very slightly) she realised there could only be one answer to why he must have put the camera there and why he had the pictures and mpegs. He must be perving over them and having a fixation over his own daughter. ‘How disgusting!. He’s my father!’ She looked at the images, so graphic, of her pleasuring herself and stuff and tried to imagine what her father must have done with them. She tried her hardest to contextualise the situation but couldn’t. I mean he was a good looking guy and still quite young, well youngish but…but… this is so wrong.

The other thing that struck her was that there was nothing on the computer of her elder sister Jane or her mum, She wondered why? Even though they looked so similar, why was it just herself on here she thought, then adding to her thoughts, She could perhaps understand if it was mum on there doing it for her father while he was away, he did say he was very lonely, but mum was probably too old to do that sort of thing at 40, Angel considered.’

There was nothing on there of her brother Jon as well ‘thank heavens’ she thought, then allowed herself to joke, maybe my brother is on mums computer. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but look at the erotic photos of herself and she strangely felt her pussy had ever so slightly begun to moisten. Slowly her hand slipped down and under her panties as she began to touch herself not believing her own reaction.  Then she stopped suddenly as she felt a wave of disgust come over her again. ‘What was she doing?!! Was she getting turned on by the pictures or the fact that her father had been using them to get himself off?’, she wondered.

Angel is disgusted with her father

Angel Is disgusted with her father and tells him so

But she didn’t seem to be able to help it, her eyes wandered back to the photos and she drifted off into a reverie once again with her hand between her legs. She snapped out of it as she heard the word “Angel!”

Slumped across her parents’ bed with the laptop open she turned around to see her father standing there in the doorway. ‘Wh..what are you doing?, he stuttered. Angel did not know how to respond ‘Ermm… bbbuu..’, she stammered as nothing comprehensible came out. Suddenly, she found her composure ‘What the hell are YOU doing? You dirty old perve! So how long have you been taking photos and recording me in my room? Your own daughter!!’, you deliberately bought that music box with the camera to film me!! she barked angrily.

 ‘A..Angel… I…I can explain honest’, her father stuttered, .. ”being so far away from you I missed you so much, I put the camera there so that I could see you in the evenings when I was lonely my dear, that I could watch my beautiful Angel sleep, that’s all, I didn’t know that you would do anything like what I saw.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t have to watch me doing that did you, you could have turned it off then and you certainly didn’t have to record it .. twenty times or more. Yeah you bet you can explain that too! But not to me … to Mom!!” And she got up and strode to the door past him.

 As she did Barry (her father) grabbed her by her arm. “I don’t think so young lady”, he hissed. “So what were you doing on my bed just a minute ago if you’re so shocked and appalled, Huh? You liked it didn’t you? … Admit it?”

 “Let me go!”, she cried. “You’re hurting my arm!”. Barry flung his daughter back onto the bed easily and she rolled onto her back accidentally revealing her little knickers to him. ‘Look at you’, he said. ‘You are barely covered up, your skirt is so short you show everything. You’re a dirty little slapper who needs teaching a good lesson! …I can even see that your knickers are wet from here. Does it turn you on knowing your Dad would love to fuck you?.’

 Angel gasped at what she had just heard her father say to her, but only responded back with a rather meekly “No.”

Her father started unbuckling his trousers and Angel quivered as she saw him. ‘Surely he wasn’t going to… No, No He wouldn’t surly’.

Angel watches is surprise as her father unbuckles his trousers

Angel watches is surprise as her father unbuckles his trousers

Barry started unbuckling his trousers and Angel quivered as she thought again ’surely he wasnt going to ..’ But before she could finish that though for the third time her father had dropped his trousers and he stepped out of them and he stepped towards her and she was shocked as she saw him stood there with his hard cock pointing right out.

 Angel’s eyes widened uncontrollably… her Dad’s cock was bigger than anything she had previously seen and she couldn’t help but let out a little gasp. He was moving towards her now and Angel remained frozen to the spot unable to move wondering what was going to happen.

Her father grabbed her arm and made her put her tiny looking hand round his hard erect cock of at least 9 inches and with a girth to match. She still could not find the words to tell him to stop and could only comply as he made her grab it it roughly. Angel very reluctantly stroked his thick hard dick and it quickly grew to its full excitable size.

 ‘Mmmm…yes’, groaned her father with approval. ‘Now keep stroking baby, just like that.’ Angel’s mind was in a dilemma ‘What could she do? How could she stop him?’

‘Right’, said her father sternly after a minute or so as he drew closer to her. ‘Now open your mouth.’ … ‘What?!’, screamed Angel, her blue eyes widening with shock.

‘You heard me, open your mouth for me.’

 ‘No I won’t! I won’t do it’, Angel replied angrily. ‘That’s too much daddy, Way too much?

Barry was having none of it and told her, “We haven’t even started yet’, then he retorted loudly and firmly. ‘Now open your mouth for me now!’

Angel was shocked, she didn’t know what else to do, but she slowly did as her father demanded and very reluctantly opened up her mouth hoping she was wrong as to what might happen next. But her father grabbed the back of her head with his hand and pulled her in to him and feeding his big long hard cock between her innocent sweet red lips. “now suck on it for me” her father told her.

Angel with big wide blue eyes looking up at her father slowly with her mouth full of his thick cock, hardly believing what he had just done and reluctantly Angel started sucking on the end of her father’s thick cock… “ahh that feels so good….good girl” he told her as he felt her warm wet mouth close around the tip of his cock.

Angel looks up at her daddy as he makes her suck on it

Angel looks up at her daddy as he makes her suck on it

Angel sucked gently on the end of her fathers cock slowly bobbing her head up and down just a little on it and sucking on it with her wet mouth and letting her tongue sometimes flick the end of it, then sucking on it gently again. Then her father told her to run her tongue up and down his shaft and lick his balls in little circles and she did as she was told. Her father groaned as he forced his daughter to pleasure him. Again after a few moments he pulled her away slightly and he gripped his thick hard cock and he pushed it in to her mouth again and she again opened her mouth reluctantly to let him.

Her father was getting so excited and thoroughly enjoying himself with his daughters mouth, now in his eagerness for greater pleasure he was trying to push his big dick deeper to the back of her throat as he fucked her mouth harder and faster as she sucked on it. Angel tried not to gag as he fed his full 9 inches down her throat and proceeded to fuck her mouth harder. Angel carried on pumping his cock with her right hand into her mouth. If anyone had walked in right that moment they would have sworn she was actually enjoying it.

‘Ah yes baby….that’s so good!’, groaned her father. ‘Well at least he’s being nicer to me now’, Angel thought. Then he pulled his hard prick out of her mouth all of a sudden which made Angel think she had done something wrong, or even better, maybe he had finished.

‘Now let’s see that sweet innocent little pussy of yours that your boyfriend has enjoyed and don’t deny it, I have seen him’ said Barry. Angel was shocked to the core ‘Oh No, please dad no, not that, you are not doing that’, pleaded Angel.

He wasn’t really asking though, he was demanding and he pushed her hard back onto the bed and he quickly slid his hand up her legs under her skirt and started pulled her little sexy knickers down roughly. Angel tried to stop him of course, but he was far too strong and excited, Angel tried to stop him but with his great strength he pulled them down in almost one swift movement ripping them on the way and then he pushed her legs open as he forced his way between them.

 ‘Pheeeewww…’, he whistled and his eyes was wide with frenzy as he set his eyes on her perfectly manicured pussy. He was straight in there with his fingers feeling and rubbing her most intimate parts with no apparent shame or guilt, just unadulterated lust for his favourite daughter.

 He sort of mocked her ‘You are kind of wet down here baby… are you having fun?’, he smirked. Angel reddened at this saying, “No, not at all I have just had a wee.”

Her father had pushed his head down and buried between her legs. ‘Oh god’, cried out Angel then thinking to herself ‘this feels so incredibly intimate and rude, not even my boyfriend had done this to her.’ Barry knew what he was doing and he teased, flicked and sucked at Angels moist clit, she had never experienced sensations at all like this around her pussy at all and within minutes Angel was gasping and groaning and shivering with her first orgasm ‘Oh my god…oh my god..’, she squealed as she lay on her back in her dishevelled school uniform with her eyes closed half feeling shame and half enjoying the impending orgasm.

Angel felt the orgasm building and building up inside he, she tried to hold it off, but her father was licking her clit like crazy and still she was trying to hold it off, then she couldn’t hold the orgasm off any longer. Angel suddenly started shaking and humping her hips as she tried to supress her squeals and groans. Her father could tell she was having an orgasm and he pushed his mouth hard in to her moist pussy and sucked her clit harder and vigorously until she screamed and continued sucking it until she calmed.

As she laid there and tried to compose herself after the orgasm she realised her father was now climbing on top of her and she felt his hard cock poking, pushing around and feeling for the entrance of her pussy.

She knew now that horror of horrors that her father was going to try to fuck her. She tried to push him off and she shouted at him “NO, No, don’t do that, that’s way too far this time Daddy, stop it.” But he was far too strong for her and he pushed her down and pinned her to the bed and he poked his cock around soft pussy.

Angel didn’t try to fight him this time, she didn’t even try to object now, she felt there was no point, he was obviously going to do it anyway and it would only cause her more anxiety by trying to fight him. Angel simply decided that it would be quicker and far less stressful to just let him do it and to let herself relax and accept the feeling of his thick cock entering her down there. She rightly realised it would be easier on herself if she relaxed back, waiting for the moment rather than fighting and being treat so roughly.

Angel-Not too hard daddy

Angel- “Not too hard daddy”

He realised straight away that she had stopped fighting him and her father needed no invitation as he thought his daughter was now willing to let him fuck her, in a way he was right I suppose.

“Oh good girl” her father told her softly. Barry eagerly probed his cock around his daughters fresh pussy and once he felt his cock was in the right position and right over her hole He pushed his hips and his prick between her folds, then pushing harder and forcing his prick up her.

Angel squealed out as she felt a burning pain between her pussy as he pushed his thick cock in to her and she called out gasping and pleading “oh, its very big, not too hard daddy,.. please” and then she groaned as she felt the tip of his thick cock slide up in to her pussy. Barry groaned out deeply “oh yes” and slowly he started to push his prick deeper and started to fuck his daughter. Angel squealed out and groaned each time he  slowly slid his prick deeper and deeper up in to her as she felt her fathers thick cock fill her young pussy.

Angel felt her father’s thick cock stretching her pussy open and sliding deep up and in to her, she squealed out to him “please daddy not so hard, it feels so big” Barry held back a little at first and thrust in to her slowly but pushing his cock right up her. Angels face soon started to glow with little bead of perspiration as her father got in to his rhythm.

As her father fucked her he now started to quicken his thrusting in to her, Angel was gasping and squealing “oh my god, oh my god, oh daddy please, slowly” as she felt the whole thing feel so large inside her with increasing pace and sensations.

Daddy thrusts deeper in to her

Daddy thrusts deeper in to her

Her father was now sinking his full 9 inches deep into his daughter’s now wet cunt as she opened her legs as wide as she could hoping to relieve to sensations she felt in her entire pussy. He quickly proceeded to pump in and out of her as she in turn was moved her hips and pussy gently towards him in time and now enjoying the sensations of being fucked by a grown man. Angel could feel her father’s balls now slapping in to her bottom and she likes the feeling, she had never been fucked so soundly as like this before and is enjoying the whole sensation of having a thick hard mans cock give her whole body so much pleasure.

Whilst pounding her pussy her father pulled Angels blouse apart and grabbed her lovely plump tits and started sucking feverishly on her excited hard nipples which made her squeal out “chew them daddy, bite them”. They both grunted and groaned as they fucked in complete unison.

Her father looked in to her young innocent and beautiful face as she gasped, groaned and panted so wildly, “Angel, you dirty bitch, I am going to fuck you every day from now on when I am at home, is that okay?”

Angel opened her eyes slowly and lazily whilst being in complete ecstasy and whispered with a little groan “yes daddy, that’s fine” Her father nodded and started to fuck her harder and Angel closed her eyes again and bit her lip from the intense pleasure she was enjoying.

Her father was now pounding her hard and they were both groaning like crazy. Then Angel broke the cacophony of noise by saying, ‘Daddy?’. ‘Yes Angel?’. ‘Will you Fuck me from behind? I have never had it like that.’

‘Of course darling’, replied Barry, “but only if you ask me nicely.” Angel asked him again, “please daddy, please fuck me from behind as hard as you like, I don’t mind.” He slid out of her and spun her round on to her knees, she raising her little bottom in the air and pushed her face down in to the bed whilst she opened her legs wide for him.

He raised her pleated skirt up over her cute little bottom. Oh my she had such a beautiful sexy bottom. But before pushing his wet throbbing cock in to her he took a moment to look at his daughter’s beautiful wet pussy before him still pulsating from the pounding it had taken.

‘What’s wrong?’, said Angel as she turned round to see why her father wasn’t attempting to fuck her. ‘Nothing baby, absolutely nothing.’ And he worked his cock between her folds and finding the right place easily he shoved his fat cock back up her pussy again.

 Angel instantly let out a gasp, then a yelp of pleasure as she felt her father’s full thick length slide right up and in to her again. Angel was ecstatic, her mouth open wide from the sensations of the incredible fucking, never could she have imagined she would be getting the fucking of her life ….and from her father.

Her father reached under her and flicked and tweaked her nipples as he fucked her, she could feel she was right on the edge of another orgasm and she squealed out “fuck me harder, oh hurt me daddy” and her father pulled at her nipples roughly with just sent Angel way over the edge, she screamed out “Oh yes, oh fucking hell, yes yes, hurt me daddy” and Barry felt his daughter shaking and feeling her cunt pulsing on his cock. Barry was pounding away as Angel no gently sighed and groaned as her orgasm had subsided but still enjoying the pounding in her pussy when she suddenly felt such hard and furious pounding in to her that she realised that her father may be about to come in her.

Well she didn’t want to get pregnant, that’s for sure so she said to her father, “Daddy, daddy, stop for a moment” Barry stopped and Angel slipped off him and spun round in her knees with her mouth open, her school uniform a mess, then saying “daddy, you had better not cum inside me, it’s not safe is it, do you want to come in my mouth, I don’t mind, Honest’.  Her father nodded and started to wank his cock within an inch of his beautiful daughter’s wide mouth.

Angel waited patiently as her father wanked with her eyes staring at his cock, briefly flashing her eyes up to him then back to his cock again which she looked at it admiringly, she moved forward and though she would help her father by licking and flicking the end of his cock with her tongue, then she started sucking the tip of his cock waiting for him to cum.

Suddenly his whole body started to contort, her father suddenly groans out loudly, “I am cumming Angel” and surprisingly to Angel he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Angel stayed there with her mouth open wide.

Angels face is covered in her daddys cum

Angel prepares to get up off her knees with her fathers cum on her face

Then her father came. The first rope of hot thick cum exploded across Angel’s face and mouth, then another across her face. Then another deep into her mouth splashing in to the back of her sweet throat. Her face was dripping in cum by the time he was spent and Angel licked her lips and then swallowed down what was in her mouth. ‘Mmmm’, said Angel “you are a bad daddy.”

Then there was a short pause as her father gasped and groaned loudly to himself with such intense pleasure.

“Next  time” said Angel in a sympathetic tone “if you want you can cum in my mouth or whine you fuck me from behind while I am on my knees you can finish off by fucking me up my bum and cumming up there, that’s much safer, whatever you want, I don’t mind daddy. But for now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some revision to do’. She strutted back to her room with her face covered in her father’s cum.

Her father called out to her just before she left the room and asked her, “you like being on your knees and fucked up the bum don’t you?”

Angel stopped and turned to her father giving him a cute smile ”….Oh yes” came the reply from Angel, then she disappeared through the door


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  1. This story is the best I’ve read thus far xxx
    I’m a little, deep into the daddy fetish community.
    This was perfect cos I could imagine it perfectly x
    I’ve never been so wet

  2. Angel I love how u resisted at first but than gave into being a good naughty little slut wanting your daddy fuck and cum up your but and down your throat , don’t let your mom find out !

  3. Thank you, I liked this story a lot! She must be about sixteen – still at school anyway?
    Is it possible to write about something that happened to me when I was twelve or thirteen? I know lots of people think that age is taboo! But I don’t and I like writing stories about it!

  4. Mann this story was so hot, your writing always makes me cum. and were you “into it” as you edited the story and added on to it?

  5. This was… This was… This was just… Holy fuck, I am speechless… This is horrible… I hope it was not a true story… If so, Children Youth Services needs called on this man…

    Jennie Maria

  6. OMG thank u for your stories…I cumed 7 times!! Can u write a story about a truth or date game(another one) i loved the last one… Put a part 2 on it… Like what happened the next time u when to the barn!?!?

    • Thank you Sammy for your kind words, but the praise is not mine. You do realize I didn’t write this originally don’t you, I worked on it afterwards with the approval with the Writer improving the plot and adding to the body of the story. So because I didn’t write it and the person who wrote it doesn’t know me, it couldn’t be true really, its just a bit of fun and fantasy from the writer. Also why did you add your mail address in the text, any reason?

  7. This story is not right (not right ; as in so very dirty/ naughty),, but it borders on the best,, the best of sooo wrong. We all love the So Very Wrong! Dont we,,,, I have a story to tell,,,, but i can’t write. I’m an attractive 30 yr old,, care aide. Contact me if you can help me out :)

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