Daddy’s Self Service

Daddy Self Service

Doing my revision

Doing my revision

I am a kinky devil sometimes and I just wanted to write this.

Know Total Hits

I had been studying hard for my school exams, it was a Saturday lunch time and the house was very quiet because my mum, brother and sister had gone out for the day and I was on my own reading my revision book, I hated revising at the weekend, there was so much other stuff that I wanted to do after a busy school week.

I say I was on my own, that was not 100% right, Daddy was in bed after night shift and he always takes a couple of sleeping tablets to enable him to sleep, to be honest, he likes the new tablets because they all but knock him stone cold out for a few hours after he has taken them and feels really refreshed when he wakes.

I told myself sternly that this morning that I was going to read all through my revision books from the beginning all the way to the very end as my exam was going to be first thing Monday morning. I had a problem though, I don’t know why but I was feeling incredibly horny, so horny it ran all through my whole body, my spine was tingling and my back felt tense, (a little like a back ache.) My mouth was dry and tingling too and making matters worse my fingers kept getting drawn down between my legs. I was only wearing a short skirt with no knickers, I was staying in, and I was on my own so I didn’t see a terrible need to wear any as I was going to get in the shower later and it would save mum washing them for the sake of wearing them for 2 hours or so.

My mouth was dry and tingling too and making matters worse my fingers kept getting drawn down between my legs. I was only wearing a short skirt with no knickers, I was staying in, and I was on my own so I didn’t see a terrible need to wear any as I was going to get in the shower later and it would save mum washing them for the sake of wearing them for 2 hours or so.

I couldn't help but feel and stroke my pussy , it felt so nice

I couldn’t help but feel and stroke my pussy, it felt so nice

I heard a loud bang and I peeped around the corner

I heard a loud bang and I peeped around the corner

I tried to ignore the horny feelings that I had but they got stronger and stronger and I could feel them building up inside almost demanding release. I found that as I sat on the sofa with my legs up it was just too easy to open my knees a little and let my finger gently stroke around my pussy, ‘OH my god’ I told myself as it felt very very nice, as my fingers found and gently stroked my slit and it instantly sent little shivers all through my body.

I told myself off and told myself in my head, ‘just finish this book angel and I will let myself go to my room,’ but as I neared the end of the book and all my notes looked very familiar to me, the calling and craving of satisfaction from my pussy was just too much for me and I let my fingers stroke and roam around my pussy.

I pretended to myself that I was revising at the same time that I let my finger explore myself until undoubtedly my finger found and rubbed around my clit and then letting my finger run around the opening to me pussy, then back to my clit and I told myself as I gave a little gasp ‘oh my god, it had had never felt this sensitive before” it felt so good almost making my eyes sting and I closed my eyes and gently gasped out in pleasure.

Suddenly there was a loud bag from daddy’s room, thinking it was Daddy I pulled my finger away quickly and pulled my skirt down,,, I listened out for quite a while, but there was no other sound. I knew daddy would not be moving around when he has taken the tablets, no chance. I wondered if there was anyone else in there, like an intruder or someone, we girls think crazy things like that.

I looked in to daddy's bedroom, but there was no one there except daddy asleep

I looked into daddy’s bedroom, but there was no one there except daddy asleep

I got up and went to his bedroom very quietly so if there was anyone there I could leg it. I peeped into his room, it was very dim, but I saw no one and nothing. I went further into his dim room and looked round. No, there was definitely no one there. I saw daddy was laid on the bed with a blind over his eyes and he looked fast asleep, but I thought that I would check anyway, maybe he had made the sound by dropping something, but to be honest I still doubted it.

“Daddy” I whispered… He never stirred and I didn’t expect him to after taking those sleeping tablets. I moved closer and whispered much louder, “Daddy… DADDY” he was clearly fast asleep and dead to the world, if he didn’t wake up after such a loud bang, he wasn’t going to wake up with a bit of a whisper, even if it was a loud whisper from me.

Seeing Daddy's Cock

Seeing Daddy’s Cock

I stood there looking at him as he laid there naked. It was a hot summer’s day and he was laid on top of the bed, which was a surprise for me as he usually sleeps under a sheet at least. My eyes casually looked along him admiring his manly body and my eyes stopped as they reached his soft cock.

I was very curious and I thought I would take the opportunity to get a much closer and crafty look at it while he was fast asleep. I went right to the edge of the bed and looked closely at his big but soft cock. I had never seen a grown man’s cock before. I had seen a couple of boy’s cocks and they were very cute and lovely, but of course they were not quite fully developed. This looked very different to me, this was a real fully developed and functioning grown man’s cock, and it had lots of hairs around it and everything.

Looking More Closely at Daddy's Cock

Looking More Closely at Daddy’s Cock

As I looked more closely at it I had an overwhelming urge and I just wanted and craved to touch it, I knew he wouldn’t wake up if I touched it after he took those sleeping tablets, but I still thought to myself that I must make sure one more time that he won’t wake up, so again I came up close by him and I called out his name again quite loudly “DADDY, are you awake?” but he was obviously right out of it.

Looking round to check that no one is watching me

Looking round to check that no one is watching me

My heart was beating strongly as I knew what I was doing was wrong, I reached my hand out to touch his cock, but just before I touched it, I suddenly thought better of it and I quickly pulled my hand back and I looked behind me, to make sure no one was watching me.

Building up the nerve to touch Daddy's Cock

Building up the nerve to touch Daddy’s Cock

Of course no one was there, I would have died if there was and I wouldn’t have even let the thought of touching daddy’s cock enter my head if anyone was even near the house. I looked back at daddies cock again and the cravings to touch it was uncontrollable, I heard myself say in my head ‘well, who would know if I touched it a little to see what it feels like.” I reached my hand out and just as I was going to touch it I hesitated, just for a second, My heart was beating like crazy, then urging myself on by saying ‘just touch it’ I lowered my hand down on to it and felt it gently, with my hand still on it I instantly looked to daddy to see if he reacted at all, but the sleeping tablets were working and he never moved a hair.

Stroking Daddys Cock

Stroking Daddy’s Cock

I looked back at his cock and as my hand was resting on it I noticed that it felt warm, I slowly moved my hand and stroked it, it felt really nice and I felt little tingles of delight down my back.

I wanted to stroke it even more and I bravely rubbed my hand over it as it laid there. I picked it up and with great curiously I wrapped my hands around his cock and very gently squeezed it. I loved the feeling of his cock bring in my hand and I loved the feeling it felt soft but firm and spongey and I couldn’t resist the feeling and I kept squeezing it in my hand as if it was a squeezy thing, I squeezed it another 3 or 4 times, and Oh my god I felt it getting stiffer and firmer in my hand. That feeling made my whole body tingled with excitement and naughtiness that I was making Daddy’s cock stiffen.

Getting on the bed with Daddy

Getting on the bed with Daddy

I quickly looked at Daddy to see if he was waking because his cock was reacting to me touching it, but no, he was dead to the world of course. I moved round to the other side of daddy and gently got onto the bed by the side of him, I was in no rush to get back to my revising and I knew he would be out cold for a couple of hours at least and I was going to have a good play with his cock and I excitedly looking at his cock as I moved round.

Stroking Daddys Hard Cock

Stroking Daddy’s Hard Cock

I laid by him making myself comfy and I slowly started to stroke and squeeze Daddy’s cock again. The feeling of Daddy’s stiffening cock in my hand changed how it felt and I noticed now that it was sticking out further and further out of the top of my hand, I was surprised that it was getting even bigger and not just getting stiffer, my curiosity was being aroused more and more.

Slowly but surely I realised that daddy was getting a real hard on from me squeezing it in my hand. It now felt perfectly natural to start to gently rub my hand up and down his shaft and I could feel his firm cock under the soft skin. I was totally fascinated and curious with the whole situation and the feeling of rubbing it and I watching and felt it get really hard.

I kept glimpsing up at him to reassure myself that he is still sound asleep, but soon moved my mind back to his lovely hard cock. I moved my hand away from his cock to see if it would fall down flat to his body, but it didn’t it pointed straight up in the air, it was hard and rigid. I smiled knowing that I had done that, I gripped his cock again and I started rubbing it quite firmly and at that moment, like a spark of light the thought jumped into my mind that made me gasp as I realized that ’I am wanking daddy off’ and that was really turning me on knowing that I was doing such a naughty thing with daddy’s now large hard prick. My thoughts were getting naughtier and my body tingled and sparkled with sexual excitement all over especially my pussy and my nipples.

As I rubbed it and stared at it and I couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to feel it in my mouth and suck on it. I tried to put the thought out of my head but the more I looked at his hard cock standing up like that the more it looked like it would be nice to suck on. After a few minutes, I couldn’t hold the thought back anymore and I decided that I would just give it a little suck to see what it was like in my mouth, it was as if my brain was stinging and craving, ordering me to do it.

So nervously I gently got up higher on the bed by the side of him and I crawled down by the side of his waist and gently took his cock back in my hand and started rubbing it again while psyching myself up to feel his cock with my mouth. Now the strange thing is, it isn’t only my mouth and nipples that tingle when I feel horny, all my back and spine tingles too and my mouth, it like tingles and tickles at the same time (honest, other girls have told me the same thing.)

I lowered my head down towards Daddys hard Cock

I lowered my head down towards Daddy’s hard Cock

I slowly rubbed his cock and as I got braver and braver, hornier and hornier and I slowly lowered my head little by little until my lips was almost touching to tip of his long hard cock, I felt myself slowly open my mouth almost as if someone else was compelling me to do it and I just couldn’t resist but to try it.

I bravely lowered my head that little bit further down and a little further still, I gave my dry lips a quick lick to moisten them and I was wetting my dry feeling mouth until I amazingly felt the tip of daddy’s cock slide into my open mouth as I still wanked daddy. Then feeling the thick tip of his cock between my lips I closed my mouth around it and gently started to suck on daddy’s cock like a lolly pop while I continued to wank daddy in the middle to the base of his cock, ‘Oh my’ I squealed in my head, my brain almost went into a spasm of delight at how naughty it felt doing that. My pussy felt so wet and I was tingling between my legs I could feel how slippery it felt down there.

I slid my mouth down further

I slid my mouth down further

I continued to suck on daddy’s cock and I was getting braver sliding my mouth down it further and further as the minutes went by I grew more and more confident with it in my mouth, I was loving it. I loved the feeling of it in my mouth and I loved the feeling of it moving in and out and sliding my mouth along his shaft, it was so kinky.

I took his cock out of my mouth and I glimpsed into daddy’s face to re-assure myself and to make sure he was asleep, but of course he was, and of course at the first sign of him waking I would have been off out of his room like a shot.

I felt a great smile of naughtiness spread right across my face

I felt a great smile of naughtiness spread right across my face

I felt a smile spread across my face as I knew I was doing something really naughty, but no one knew only me.

As I eagerly lowered my head back down towards his lovely cock and started sucking on it again, my mouth was making his cock wet along the shaft, so I would take his cock out of my mouth and lick his cock along the shaft before wrapping my mouth back around it again and bobbing my head up and down on his hard cock again fully engrossed in what I was doing with it and loving every moment with his hard cock. I would also stop sucking for a moment and watch myself while I wanked it again, I liked seeing this long thick cock being wanked, but then after about 30 seconds I craved it back in my mouth again and I loved sucking on it and feeling it sliding in my mouth. I even tried to slide my mouth right down the shaft it to see how much of it I could get in.

I felt really daring as I slid my mouth up and down the shaft and the more of his cock I got in my mouth the hornier and kinkier I felt. I pushed my mouth daringly down his shaft until I felt his prick slowly nudging the back of my throat and straight away my brain and pussy in unison together tingled with excitement and naughtiness. I bobbed my mouth up and down on his shaft, I just couldn’t stop doing it, I felt too horny, my body had taken over my crazy mind.

I would suck the top of daddy’s cock for about 20 seconds or so, then slide my mouth all the way down his shaft, it felt so good as I felt his hard prick slide between my lips, then I would bounce my mouth as far down his shaft as I could. I was regularly getting his prick to nudge the back of his throat now and I liked the naughty feeling, so I pushed my mouth deeper to see what it would feel like and I felt his cock start to slide and push into my throat and it felt like I had a trickily cough in my throat, which isn’t a nasty feeling, in fact it was quite nice and again I bounced my head along his shaft letting his wet prick slide in and out of my throat, it felt really satisfying even if it did make me gasp for air after only a short while of doing it. After I came up for air I rested for a little while.

My pussy was craving Sex

My whole pussy was craving sex as I masturbated by the side of daddy

My pussy was now aching like crazy, in fact all my body was and  as I opened my legs and started to stroke all around my pussy area it felt so incredibly sensitive and nice everywhere, my clit had never felt this sensitive as this before, the slightest stroke sent shivers down my spine and even my eyes tingled with pleasure and they almost started watering.

Normally it was my clit that begged to be stroked, which it did, but this time as I ran my finger around the lower part of my pussy around my entrance and my whole pussy and my nipples exploded with an incredible tingling, tickly itching sensation that instantly made me groan out and I felt my face flush with the sensations that spread through my whole body, even down to my little toes and instantly I very gently started fingering myself, it felt so good and I gasped in pleasure, then I saw daddy’s cock sticking right up in the air and my body told me “do it, go on just do it, no one will know” and I had the overwhelming feeling of wanting daddy’s cock in my pussy.

For half I second I fought the feeling and I told myself to masturbate instead, but I couldn’t help it, my body or my subconscious said ‘No, it wasn’t the same.’ My pussy and my whole body was craving and wanted the sensation of feeling a fucking, and the same mad thought kept running through my mind, ‘after all, who would know?’

I hitched up my skirt and pulled

I hitched up my skirt and pulled down my top

I slowly raised myself up onto my knees and with the excitement and fear of what I knew I was about to do I hitched up my skirt and pulled down my top. my whole body was buzzing with excitement as I looked at daddy’s big hard cock and as I edged closer to it my heart was beating like crazy and a doubt at the back of my mind not knowing if I was brave enough to carry it though, although still making my way closer to his wand of pleasure .

I stroked my breasts and nipples

I stroked my breasts and nipples

I stroked my breasts and nipples as they tingle with excitement, I have always had sensitive nipples and breasts and I massaged them for a little to relieve the cravings and sensations within as I stared at daddies hard cock pointing up in the air and daring myself to go further with it, wanting to, but also anxious and wary at the same time.

I couldn’t take my eyes off daddy’s cock while I stroked myself, then in a mad second I made my way towards it

I edged gently on top of daddy and giving his cock another rub to keep it stiff and hard

I edged gently on top of daddy and giving his cock another rub to keep it stiff and hard

I moved closer to daddy and strode one leg between daddies legs, again I started to rub daddies cock, still daring myself to do more naughty things with it, His hard cock felt so nice in my hand and my pussy craved sex


I lifted my leg over him to straddle daddy while still rubbing his cock, it felt so nice in my hand  and my whole body was tingling in excitement and naughtiness

I lifted my leg over him to straddle daddy while still rubbing his cock, it felt so nice in my hand and my whole body was tingling in excitement and naughtiness

I took a deep breath and moved closer still to his large stiff cock and a shiver went down my spine as I felt myself moving bravely closer to do it. I moved both my legs between daddies edging closer and closer and never taking my hand off his cock and gently massaging it, still not knowing if I had the nerve to carry out my thoughts.

I guided daddy's cock between my wet slippery folds until it was pointing right over the entrance and I almost fainted with excitement as I slowly sat down upon it.

I guided daddy’s cock between my wet slippery folds until it was pointing right over the entrance and I almost fainted with excitement as I slowly sat down upon it.

Then I moved one leg on the outside of him by his waist then with the other as I straddled Daddy. I just stared at him for a moment, I took a deep breath ”this is it” I thought, ‘dare I do it?’ My heart booming out my chest and I was breathing heavy and excited, I was feeling a little light-headed with excitement and fear all at the same time.

Supporting myself on one knee and holding his cock I slowly and nervously positioned myself over his hips then slowly lowered my body and pussy down towards his hard cock until I felt the tip of his hard cock nudge my pussy and straight away I felt all gooey inside. I gripped his cock between my fingers more firmly and moved his cock between my wet slippery feminine folds and my pussy sensations ran up and down my spine and tingled in my breasts as I felt so horny and wanted to feel Daddy’s cock inside me.

 I could feel it very slowly pressing between my lips and slowly forcing my pussy open and it felt like heaven.

I could feel it very slowly pressing between my lips and slowly forcing my pussy open and it felt like heaven.

Slightly moving my whole body and moving his cock just a little with my fingertips I gently moved his cock around my wet pussy, I rubbed it along and around my stiff little clit and I just felt hornier and hornier by the second. A certain tingle ran through my body and I knew now for certain that I wanted to feel his hard man cock it in my pussy.

I moved his hard cock between my slippery pussy lips and under my pussy hole and I took a couple of large deep breaths, then almost holding my breath in excitement I slowly lowered the weight of my body down onto the tip his large thick cock.

I felt his hard prick slowly press into me harder and harder as I lowered myself down onto his cock, My heart was beating out of my chest in excitement and fear as I felt his prick slowly start to part my pussy as I slowly continued to lower myself on to it. My mind was 100% concentrating on my smooth shaven pussy and his long thick cock about so slide into me.

As I felt his thick cock slowly parting my pussy open I felt so kinky and nice. His thick cock made me gasp out as I felt it start to press hard against me and I couldn’t help but squeal out softly and uncontrollably and I stifled my squeal. As I felt the thick tip of his hard cock pressing hard against me. I stopped for a second or two and took two or three deep breaths and telling myself ’well, everything was fine so far.’ Then reassuring myself ‘come on girl, just gently let yourself slide down on to it.’

It was becoming painful against my pussy, but a nice pain

It was becoming painful against my pussy, but a nice pain

Again I let myself lower down a little further, and as I gently lowered myself my pussy resisted a little as his prick was so thick. I gasped out as I felt the pressure building on the entrance just inside my pussy folds. I lowered my wet slippery pussy down harder thinking his prick should slip into me any second now as I pressed down on it.

If it had been my Boy-friend it would have slipped into me by now no problem, but this was a real thick man’s cock and even though me pussy felt well lubricated, it had never taken anything this size before inside it, only one cock before and that was my boyfriend’s slim looking cock

Suddenly daddy's cock slid in to me and it felt superb

Suddenly daddy’s cock slid into me and it felt superb

Then suddenly I felt my tight but well-lubricated pussy give way and I felt his thick cock suddenly slip into me. ‘Oh Wow’ I thought.

I couldn’t help but groan out loud at the intense pleasure that his cock gave me as it slipped into me, it was a superb feeling, I stayed still for a moment gasping and groaning at feeling his big cock inside me and I could really feel it inside me much more than before with my boyfriend.

I could sense and feel my pussy being stretched open with his large cock, It felt nice, very nice indeed but it was barely only about a quarter of it was inside me, I was looking forward so much to feeling much more of it inside me, but I doubted that I would get it all in me.

The sensations inside me filled and shook my whole body and after about thirty seconds of just feeling it inside me without even moving and I decided to slowly move up and down on it as it was.

Very very slowly I moved up a little and then gently lowered myself back down onto his hard stiff cock in very slow and short movements, just feeling the size of his cock inside me felt very nice so when I started to move just a little up and down on it. My first moves gave me huge sensations by just lifting and lowered down on it only a little way. It felt amazing and I was enjoying the feeling of the size of his cock inside me.

Slowly I rocked on daddys cock, it felt so nice in my pussy

Slowly I rocked on daddys cock, it felt so nice in my pussy

The feelings were incredible inside me and as I grew in confidence little by little I very slowly let my pussy slide a little further down his long thick shaft and I instantly and wildly groaned loudly as I felt it fill me a little more and a little deeper. I could feel my nipples tingle like crazy and shivers ran down my spine as my eyes watered at the sensations that I felt inside me and as I got used to it I slid a little further more down his shaft and I groaned out wildly at the additional much deeper satisfying feelings and sensations inside my pussy and all over my body.

I slid my pussy along his entire length

I slid my pussy along his entire length

I just groaned and groaned at the pleasure I was feeling in my pussy and through my body, My whole mind was concentrating on the huge feeling inside me and how good it felt, even if I was still moving very slowly up and down and not taking the full length of his prick by any means, but that did not worry me of course.

I was starting to slide up and down a little faster and then just a little faster still on daddies big cock and that increased my pleasure as well as the feeling of depth inside me. Oh how I groaned and squealed out with pleasure, I just couldn’t help it. I squealed out “Oh daddy!” then suddenly looked down at him (I would have got one hell of a shock if he had said “What?”

I know this may sound very silly but looking down at daddy’s face just sleeping was now putting me off, after all it was my dad. So I decided to turn round and self service myself from the other way, but I was so turned on I decided to turn around quickly now before I get too carried away, as the hornier I got the more I looked at daddy the more it turned me off and I know you won’t know what I mean.

I slowly raised myself and let daddy’s cock slide out of me and now my pussy was feeling very empty. Now I turned the other way so that I couldn’t see his face and as I said, my pussy felt very empty and very eager to get back to the excitement and fun that I was having.

Daddies big cock sliding inside made me gasp

Daddies big cock sliding inside made me gasp

Then I squatted down again and guided his cock to my very wet pussy opening like before and lowered myself down onto his large prick, I was a little worried as it was a little difficult to get it in me the first time because of its girth, but now this time it slid straight up me with a very minimum of resistance, and oh my god it felt so good and again I couldn’t help but gasp out in long loud groans.

Now I wasn’t long before a was bouncing up and down faster and faster on daddy’s thick long cock and I squealed out each time I let my pussy slide down to the very base and feeling the full thickness of him inside me.

I started to ride daddy's cock like crazy

I started to ride daddy’s cock like crazy

I could feel myself slowly building to an orgasm, I started to rub my clit to enhance my pleasure and to bring myself off quicker, I wanted and needed the orgasm. I would have loved to have rode daddy’s cock all day, but of course that just wasn’t safe for more than a few minutes. I gasped and groaned out involuntarily as I felt my orgasm getting closer and closer and I started to rub my clit harder, I really wanted to cum now.

I was sometimes doing a little shake of my bum and pussy, letting his thick cock slide up me in small movements but gradually sliding up me, that felt divine. Then I would almost slam my pussy up and down his whole shaft and that felt divine too, both would make me groan and squeal.

My orgasm made me scream out

My orgasm made me scream out

Then suddenly I rubbed my clit hard and roughly as I was now quickly raising and slamming my pussy down his whole shaft as I felt my orgasm building and building and as it did I groaned and squealed louder and louder until my Orgasm then exploding and pouring out of me in a huge tidal wave of pleasure.

I felt myself scream out and I had to put my hand over my mouth as I just couldn’t control myself, I slammed my pussy up and down hard on daddy’s prick and I felt my whole body shake and I heard myself groan as if I was in agony, I was in such a pleasurable agony of orgasm.

My orgasm just seemed to go on and on until I felt after about a minute my Orgasm

I sat there on daddy's cock while my orgasm slowly wained

I sat there on daddy’s cock while my orgasm slowly wained

wane, I slowly slowed my bouncing until I just sat there on his thick cock gasping and groaning from the pleasure that I had just enjoyed.

I remember I had to lick my lips as my mouth was feeling so dry, but my body was glistening with perspiration from the activity of bouncing up and down

Suddenly I felt the need to get away

Suddenly I felt the need to get away

Suddenly I now felt the need to quickly get out of daddies room so that I wasn’t going to get caught, Why I had this feeling now and not before is beyond me.

I slowly got up and felt daddy’s cock slide out of me, it still felt nice, I gently got off him and gently made my way off the bed.

I quickly looked round making sure that I wasn’t leaving anything behind like a pair of knickers or my bra, then I remembered that I wasn’t wearing any, but I still checked the other side of the bed, I think mum would have asked questions if she had found them in their room

I ran back to my room holding my breasts from bouncing around

I ran back to my room holding my breasts from bouncing around

As soon as I was happy I had left nothing behind, I quickly ran out holding my breasts down and stop them bouncing around as I ran.

I rushed in to my room and locked it quickly, I sat down on my bed and I looked at the clock on the wall at the time and noticed that over an hour had passed, I just couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed when you are having such fun. I felt a big smile spread across my face as I thought “That was so fucking good, so fucking perfect”

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  1. Hello Angel, I found your site last night and I can see i’ll have a lot of reading to do .So far what I have read has caught my fancy .I really liked this story…

    • It said many times that he took very strong sleeping tablets, maybe strong tranquillisers. I think you only looked at the pictures didn’t you. thanks for the comment though Dennis

  2. I have an idea you should put our heads together should start dating site so we can meet and share fantasies with ladies that this is a turn-on for

  3. I really like these taboo topics, incest and stuff. It definitely makes for a really hot fantasy.
    I hope you write a part two for this story. The idea of doing something like that with daddy is really arousing

  4. I have always had a fantasy of my daughter doing this, as i always slept naked. But her mom was a prude and kept things uneasy. Boring!!! But thats life.

  5. I was still very young when I felt uncle Fred”s hard-on while sitting on his lap at the kitchen table. At the time I was quite ignorant of such matters and reached down to investigate. He allowed me to continue while he rubbed my pussy. All this went unnoticed by other family members present. I still wonder what made me realise that this was very private and that I shouldn’t tell?

    • I think all we girls have experienced sitting on a relations lap and feeling their cocks get hard under us at some time or another, not all of us grabbed it with our hand though. Thanks for the comment Karen, please tell us more of your experiences.

      • Well, as it played out that wasn’t the last time I sat on his lap, though from that time on it happened in more private surroundings. He was in his late 20′s at the time and owned a truck. I wasn’t even 10 by then and my next lap-sit was behind the wheel when he took me for a drive round the back roads.

        It went somewhat bumpy and it wasn’t long before I became aware of his wood pressing from below. He was driving at a very slow pace to allow me control of the steering wheel while he worked the gearshift and pedals. That left his hands free to roam under my dress up to my panties. I think he became very horny then because he pulled offroad and parked shortly, the purpose I realised soon being to release his pole from the confines of his pants. Now he had it between my legs trying his best to rub the head up and down my slit. I remember the nice sensation of his heat betwe

        • . . Sorry for the fingerslip on that one. To continue . . .

          We were driving down this backroad with me on his lap and his hot pole between my legs. I cannot recall being aroused at the time but it was only a few miles down the road when he suddenly reached for his hanky and stuffed it between my legs. It was long after when I realised that was the first time that a man shot his load from getting aroused by me.

          Could he be classified as a paedophile?

          • Well, maybe not if he never penetrated me at that stage even though we had lots of physical contact over the years.

            More to follow . .

            • I don’t think he has to penetrate you to be a paedophile Karen, but I remember a girlfriend of mine Cheryl (the one in Woman Hunt.) When she was 14. she had a relationship with a married man of 33. We spoke about it recently and she told me that she had no regrets and that it was some of the best sex she had ever had.. I don’t know what that says about her recent relationship do you? but I think I know what she means…. Lucky her then.

  6. I found this very good story wise , I would have loved there to be a more graphical account, of the feeling she was having when she was sucking her dad forcing it down her throat and of playing with her clit and pussy may be even fingering her bum.

  7. Angel , i just love your stories. I was reading them at work on my phone. I came home to an empty house and looked at your pictures and read stories while stroking my hard cock. I fantasize about stroking my cock while a woman watches. that is a huge turn on for me. have any ideas on how I can do that? Wow you have me sofa king horny!! I just want to stroke my hard cock while someone watches and I cum uncontrollibly.

    • There are plenty of Website’s that offer the Service that you enjoy for both men and Women…. Have fun with them Dan, if you have a partner they can join in too.

  8. I thought it was very good, I had my pussy wishing it had a hard cock in it. I remember siting on my granddads lap and felt something but never gave it a thought that it was his cock. I was 12 and if I knew I would of wiggled around a little. I was already playing with my pussy.

  9. Well Angel, what do you think she loves his cooking? She likes daddys cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I think she cum twice, I know i did whilst reading this story. I was rubbing my pussy as it was getting rather excited, my clit softly throbbing starting to get tender and sensitive but i orgasmed twice. Oh god she was lovely i wish i could do that to my daddy cock. I sat on daddy’s lap once and i felt his cock through his trousers get hard.

  10. phwoa!!!!I am hard as hell.i would like you to do this to me angel i would last only 10 seconds and the force of it would lift you off xxx

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