Day at the ZOO

 Day at the Zoo by Angel

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One horny Gorilla

One horny Gorilla. This is a short story that jumped in to my head on a ‘Day at the Zoo”. I have changed it a bit to make it a little kinkier.

Mum and Dad asked me if I would like to go to the Zoo the coming Wednesday whilst in the middle of the school holidays as my sisters had gone to stay at my Uncles Farm in Somerset.

“Oh yes please, I haven’t been to the Zoo since I was a little girl, that would be great” I said all excited.

“But you are still a little girl” Dad told me charmingly.

“Well, not really, a young girl perhaps, but not a little girl.” I corrected him rather pedantically.

As the Wednesday morning came we set off to the Zoo early, well early for us at 9.30am. The day was very hot and I wore a short skirt with a little press stud blouse. I played with the idea of not even wearing a bra, I tried it but as my breasts pushed forward in to my blouse my tits and nipples could clearly be seen, it was too warm for a vest so I put my sexy white with purple trim bra back on. I wore my blonde hair in pigtails and only wore a little make-up highlighting my blue eyes and a little foundation and lipstick.

When we got there we parked the car and went in to the Zoo through the turnstile leaving dad to pay. As soon as we got past the Zoo Main Entrance just before 11 o’clock Mum met a very old school friend (Diane) who she hadn’t see for 20 years since they were at School together.

Diane wore very unflattering blue overalls that looked a little too big for her, she was a little dumpy (chubby) with short black hair down to the top of her neck and wore no make-up but had a very pretty happy face.

Diane told us that while she was at University she had been a volunteer at the Zoo to help her with her studies, after she left University with a degree in Zoology she worked for a short spell in Uganda and when she came back to England they offered her a post here in the monkey house. She told us that she had now worked there in the Zoo for about ten years with the Gorilla’s and the Chimpanzees.

“Oh my god, how lucky you are” I told her excitedly as I jumped in to the conversation not being able to hold back my excitement.

“Well if you are that interested” she told me, obviously impressed by my excitement “I will show you round the staff area’s where all the Gorilla’s pens are, it’s always very quiet here on a Wednesday.”

I clapped my hands excitedly telling her “Oh wow, that would be so much fun, wouldn’t it mum?”

Mum looked at me smiling, “Oh and what a story you will be able to tell your school friends back at school next week”

“Come on then” Diane told us and she took me, mum and dad around the back of the gorilla enclosure. We approached a large green door and with her keys that was hanging on her hip she opened the two door locks and we all stepped in one at a time.

Then we came to a security gate and I watched her as she punched in 2468 on the pad and then she pushed the gate open. We followed closely behind her feeling very privileged indeed, she carefully locked the door behind us as my large excited eyes looked all around in great wonderment, I told her that “I am amazed on how big the place was” even though it took my eyes a little time to adjust to the dull light inside after the bright sunlight outside “Well they all need plenty of room” she told us all “we try to make it as home from home for them as much as possible.”

“It smells so nice and fresh as well” I told her, again she replied to us all, “We clean the place systematically every day, we have to keep the primate’s happy, especially the great ape as we call him, he is the alpha male gorilla, he can get a bit grumpy in his old age, I think we need to get him a new female mate as the other has been sick for a quite while now so we have had to part them, I think he misses the female company.”

Dad looks at mum saying “I think he is missing his oats”

Diane looks to Dad and explained “We don’t usually feed them oats as they find it difficult to eat, it’s mostly fruit with a few vegetable’s.”

“It isn’t that type of oat’s he is on about Diane” mum told her.

“Oh, oh right, of course, sorry” Diane tells us as the penny drops. “That’s what all men think about isn’t it…. thankfully” she replied with a large smile and everyone burst out laughing, but I didn’t know if I should laugh with them or not in front of mum and dad so I just pretended that I didn’t understand what they were laughing at.

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“The old alpha gorilla” Diane continues “Its the only cage we girls don’t go in anymore at the moment as his frustration seems to have got the better of him. Last Wednesday he almost raped Susan, it was a very near thing. She was only saved because the men was in the next cage to them,” then she whispered to mum and dad so that I wouldn’t hear,… but I did hear, Diane whispered “and Susan told us that she was shocked to see that he has a really big cock, she knew what he was after straight away.”

Mum laughed jokingly, “Oh my, a really big one, was she disappointed at being saved then? I would have been, .. what cage did you say he was in?”

Diane joked back, “Yes all of us girls have been trying to get in there since to do the clean out, but management wont give us a key.”

Diane took us all round the huge Monkey enclosure, showing us the huge amount of different primates from the huge gorillas to the small spider monkeys and the the playful and mischievous chimps. I was amazed how many their was and it took about 2 hours to get round, although we did ask a lot of questions and chat a lot. When we almost got back to the starting point Diane told us, “we are near the staff canteen now, come on I will make you all a nice cup of tea.”

“Oh that would be marvellous” said mum and dad together.

It was at that point I realised that I seriously needed a wee after the long car drive and the tour “can I go to the toilet” I asked. “Of course ” Diane said, “the Staff toilets are over there, when you come back here just follow this corridor and take the second right and go through that door and we will be just through there, you can’t miss us.”

Fine I told her, it had seemed to come on all at once and I turned and rushed to the nearby toilet, when I got in the toilet I was now really bursting and I quickly pulled my knickers down and as I sat there I sighed with relief as I had my wee.

As I finished and as I washed my hands I started thinking, ‘was it the second or third, er left.. was it right, oh well never mind, I will soon find them I am sure’.

I walked back to where we were and then started to slowly walk along the corridor as directed earlier. I didn’t worry too much as I thought that I would hear them talking as I got closer to them. As I walked along there were all sorts of cages that I couldn’t remember seeing that led to the back of the public viewing area and with all sorts of loud grunts and snorts and screeches that comes from the various monkeys that were there as they messed around as monkeys do, I knew that I would never hear mum and dad above all this noise.

As I slowly walked on and looked between the bars of the pens at all the different types of chimps, it was great fun. I walked on a little further I saw some small baby chimps playing with the straw that was on the floor, my heart danced with delight as I watched them ”oh how sweet and how cute” I told myself aloud.

I looked round in the cage and didn’t see any larger chimps or anything with them. The gate was a code gate like the one we went through to get in earlier, so I tried the code that I saw being punched in, 2 4 6 8 and pushed at the door to see if it would open although I didn’t expect it to. But it did, it was open, well it wasn’t locked now anyway.

I thought to myself‘ well it must be okay to go in or they would have locked the cage more securely I reasoned to myself, and there cant be anything dangerous in there with baby chimps can there’ so I looked around to see if anyone was there. There wasn’t, the place seemed very empty for now so I pushed the door further open and walked in and closed the door behind me pushing it shut. As I walked further in to the cage towards the baby chimps I noticed that there was a thick Perspex screen between me and the young chimps, and they were the other side of that.

I was feeling more than a little disappointed and silly and turned back to leave the cage that I was in, when suddenly I noticed a large pile of hay move by the side of the cage door and I stopped in my tracks hoping that it was just my silly imagination that saw it moving. I stared at it for a moment and nothing happened any further so I started to walk to the cage door again. As soon as I took a couple more steps I heard a grunt and then a snort and suddenly a gorillas head popped up out of the deep pile of straw and he looked straight at me, again I froze instantly in a very cold sweat of fear.

The gorilla slowly rose up with straw on top of his head never taking his stare off me. I gulped as he stands up-right. I am frozen to the spot as he is taller than me and he was looking very powerful and mean, he is grunting at me and suddenly he beats his chest and jumps up and down and grunts louder and almost kind of barks as he stares at me in his cage and I could see his sharp teeth which really frightened me.

I daren’t move a muscle and hoped that someone would come over because of all the commotion that the gorilla was making, but no-one did. The large angry gorilla lowers himself on to all fours and he slowly and nervously moves over to me sticking his nose out sniffing the air towards me.

I haven’t moved an inch and the gorilla seems to calm a little bit. Now he makes low grunts at me and seems to be calming down further, I assume he is used to people like handlers and that coming in and out of his cage all the time, so I try to very slowly and tentatively make my way to the gate even though it would mean me walking right past the big Gorilla. As soon as the Gorilla saw me move towards him he went berserk and he suddenly screeched and jumped up in to the air, then as he landed he rushed towards me on all fours for a few yards.

I screamed and I jumped backwards in fear as the gorilla was it seemed about to attack me, but the large gorilla thankfully stopped a couple of meters in front of me but still made loud grunts and screeches at me and pulled faces menacingly, my heart was pounding out of my chest as he started picking up bits of straw from the floor and he threw them up in the air at me.

The gorilla backs off and moves back to the side of the door that I need to get through then again makes grunting barking noises for about two or three seconds and then starts to rush at me again as if he is going to attack me and I scream again. I was terrified, but each time I screamed the gorilla stopped I noticed. The gorilla stops right in front of me and is only about one and a half meters away and I just imagine that he is going to attack me at any moment.

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Again I looked through the bars of the gate and look down the corridor hoping to see someone, but there was no-one there at all. The gorilla calms down again and edges himself closer to me nervously on all fours, although he was no where near as nervous as I was.

I decided to speak calmly and sweetly to him hoping that would help keep him calm “Hello Mr Gorilla” I said and he instantly shifted his gaze to my eyes. It seemed to me as if it was working. The gorilla again moves forward to within a meter of me and he sticks his nose towards me, sniffing me and making low grunting noises at me.

I speak to him again softly and sweetly again, “Hello, you are a big handsome Gorilla aren’t you, but you promise not to let the praise go to your head now won’t you.”

I am wondering what to do for the best and thinking maybe of shouting out for help, but I didn’t want to upset the large gorilla with sharp loud noises now that he was right in front of me. The gorilla starts to slowly stand up-right again and he starts beating his chest at me loudly, it was then that I noticed as he stands right up in front of me that the old gorilla had a still growing hard-on sticking out, I could see it throbbing in an upward motion and I felt my eyes enlarge in horror as I fixed on it immediately, it didn’t take much time at all until his black prick was sticking right out and started being a big big hard black prick sticking out in front of him and looking hard erect, in fact it was now looking very hard and excited and I was pretty sure that the big old Gorilla meant it for me.

I said to the Gorilla softly, ” don’t you know that it’s rude to get your cock out?”

I instantly thought to myself ‘Oh no, this could be the real horny Gorilla that Diane was on about earlier, the one that tried to rape one of the girls last week,’ I remember her saying now that when the girl saw his cock she knew instantly what the Gorilla was after. I now know what she meant, and I am sure of it now that it is the same Gorilla and instantly my stomach sunk and I felt sick with worry “oh bollocks no” I said to myself aloud.

At this point I knew I had to do something to help myself before things got out of hand and so I very softly shouted out as though I was talking softly to the gorilla as not to alarm him “Hello, is there anyone there.” But even so the Gorilla started to give out roars at me really aggressively, this really frightened me so I thought I had better not do that again….. yet, I will just wait until some comes along any minute now.

I thought to myself that I needed a plan to try and get out of his cage, but I couldn’t think of anything at that very moment. As I thought I couldn’t help but look down at the Gorilla’s really hard angry looking prick that was sticking right out and pointing at me. I was curious for about half a second as I looked at it, it was very black and it looked just like a big mans cock, a very big black mans cock, well the ones I had seen in pictures anyway as I hadn’t ever seen a real one, I had seen boyfriends cocks which wasn’t even half the size of that but not a full grown mans, and this was certainly full grown in both senses of the word.

I was wishing now that I wasn’t wearing such a short skirt and just a small flimsy pair of knickers with no tights and with a low top sexy top showing off my assets, but then again I hardly thought that I would have a problem that day with a large frustrated and sex mad horny Gorilla.

The huge gorilla slowly dropped down on to all fours and now did not look so menacing as he did a few seconds ago. He came nervously closer to me and looked up at me in the eyes. I smiled at him and hoped that he would be nice too. He stuck his nose out and started sniffing at the top of my thighs and his nose moved a little further up to and right between my legs.

I took a step back and moved out of his reach of his nose but he got really angry with me again and stood fully upright, maybe showing me that he was much bigger and stronger than me. Then after a few seconds the gorilla whilst still stood upright starts to move closer to me and starts to sniff around my face and then my neck.

Then I noticed the Gorilla shifted his gaze and started looking down at me and I saw his eyes fix on my ample cleavage, even at that age I was quite well developed, my eyes dropped too to see what he was seeing and hoping that it was something different to my bosom, but no, the horny Gorilla was sure enough getting a good eyeful of my young developing breasts.


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He gave a very excited low grunting sound and suddenly he very quickly grabbed and pulled my top down violently and instantly popping all my studs on my top about half way down and to my shock and horror revealing one of my pert breasts as his strong hands had unluckily for me pulled my bra as well as my top down under my left breast and leaving it exposed to his glare.

For a moment I wasn’t sure what to do, leave it exposed or put my tit away back in to my bra. I could see the gorilla was really pleased with himself andI could see that he has got really excited, he started jumping up and down and grunting louder and making whooping sounds, in another second he quick as a flash grabbed my top and bra again and started trying to pull and rip them from me, they didn’t rip and so with his great strength he only succeeded in pulled me closer in to him which in turn seemed to get him even more excited than before.

I tried to push the gorilla away but in his excited state it was impossible because of his great strength and it seemed to me that he was trying to tear my top and bra right off me while gripping me and humping his hips and cock in to me. All I could think of was ‘Oh no this is my favourite bra as it is part of a new bra and knicker set. I loved this bra as it was so vividly white with fine purple stitching and lace and I was so worried that he would rip it and totally ruin it.

So after a few seconds he released me but kept pulling on my bra, he wouldn’t let it go, almost determined to rip it off me. While he was hopping up and down in excitement I tried to save my bra before he ripped it off me and ruin it. I quickly slipped my top off and I put my hands behind my back and unfastened my bra and as the gorilla pulled on my top I let myself slip out of my bra letting the Gorilla pull it clean off me.

The Gorilla then seemed very happy to have my bra in his hand as it just slipped off me, he lifted it to his nose and sniffed at it for a few moments like a pervert before dropping it to the floor. I was naked from the waist up and I was conscious of my pert breasts sticking out in front of me. The Gorilla looked me up and down then stopped as his eyes got to my breasts, he just stared at my young firm pert round breasts and I worried what would happen next, not that I had a clue as I honestly couldn’t imagine what would go through a gorillas mind.

The gorilla then took half a step forward to me and started fondling excitedly at my breasts with his large rough black hands, then he started licking and sucking quite hard on my pert breasts and nipples, my nipples always stick out and become quite large at the slightest attention and I could feel my nipples quickly responding and starting to grow and become hard and erect in just a few seconds. 

I thought for now that it would be a good idea to let him do what he wanted to as he seemed quite unpredictable in his manner and I was hoping and begging for someone to come along quite soon now, if not to look for me as I had only gone for a wee.

The big gorilla quickly looks up at my face for about half a second then returns to sucking on my nipples really hard again, I couldn’t understand why he was sucking so hard, I assumed he was sucking so hard because he thought he was going to get some milk from them, but he was in for a big disappointment if he did, or maybe Mrs Gorilla enjoyed her nipples being treated roughly.

 I was more worried about that big hard cock of his to be honest, so even though it started to hurt my nipples a little I still decided to let him continue, he just seemed to be sucking on them for an age and I thought someone must come along soon and anyway he hadn’t tried to use his cock in anyway against me, so I decided to just wait it out.

The gorilla was incredibly strong and as he bumped around sucking eagerly on my tits he suddenly knocked me backwards over on to my bottom, I pushed my arms out behind me to cushion the blow and as I sat there his huge black prick was pointing right out and straight at me. I didn’t know what to do for the best, do I just sit here or do I try to get back up, I didn’t want to do any unnecessary movement.

I decided to very slowly try and get up and as I got up to my knees the gorilla quickly moved forward towards me in an upright position and wrapped both his large black hairy hands around my head and pulled my head in to his groin and fur. I remember it smelled very earthy, but not necessarily that unpleasant, well nothing that I couldn’t put up with.

His fur was much coarser then I thought it would be and some of his fur around his bits and bobs were quite coarse and wiry, while some was soft and silky. He then shocked me by eagerly starting to pump his big black cock in to my face and I could tell by the way that he thrust his big black cock towards me that he was trying to find my mouth and push his cock in there and I was panicking and trying to stop him.

There was no way that I wanted that disgusting Gorilla’s big black cock in my mouth or anywhere near it, and I know this sounds silly right now but in my panic I thought that perhaps if I gripped his big hard cock with my hand and wanked him off, he may be happy with that and leave me alone, not ideal for me, but better than any other option I had at the moment. His cock looked like a man’s, a big black mans with a lot of coarse wiry fur at the very base of his big cock, but even though it looked quite long it did not seem that thick probably just normal for a big man I supposed, but still much much thicker than I had ever touched before.

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So as the Gorilla’s cock pumped forward in to my face I moved my hand up reluctantly but quickly all the same and feeling around his fur until I felt his cock, then grabbing his prick about halfway along his shaft and with the full of my little hand I started to rub his big hard black shaft for him.

It felt soft on the surface but hard underneath as I rubbed it with my hand as I spoke to the Gorilla “Is this nice” I said to him in a very soft and soothing voice hoping to calm him down. I noticed straight away just how incredibly large and hard his cock felt in my hand and as I slid my hand along his length I could feel the veins and bumps under the soft penis skin as my hand moved back and forth along it.

That seemed to do the trick as I rubbed my hand along his shaft, the gorilla stopped being aggressive and he started rocking his hips very gently back and forward and for now he just stood there letting me wank him like my boyfriend would… Heaven knows what mum and dad would have said right now if they had walked in on me, and heaven knows how I would have explained myself being in a Gorilla cage wanking the big gorilla off, I didn’t know if I wanted to be found by them right now or not.

The calming Gorilla made me feel safer, I took a good grip of his cock and increased my rubbing making sure that I gave him a good hard hand job, his prick was a great deal bigger than my boyfriends of course, a lot lot bigger, which meant I had to run my hand up and down along the Gorilla’s shaft with what seemed to me an exaggerated long stroke of my hand. Which in turn seemed a little kinkier if that’s the right word for it, but I thought to myself ‘this will soon be over, three or four minutes of this and if he is like my boyfriend he will be finished and want to watch TV. I just have to remember to keep my face away and to one side during the explosion of cum from his cock,… It seems all that practice made it worthwhile.’

After about a good two minutes of wanking him and making sure that I constantly speak gently to him in soft tones the whole time as I am wanking his big cock, and just in case he could understand what I was saying I tell him ”Is this nice? ….Do you like having your big hard cock rubbed, we will have to do this often won’t we? Now come on Mr Gorilla, if you want me to do this again let me see you cum like a good boy,.. come on Mr Gorilla give me a nice big squirt of your happy cum, as much as you like, then you can go back to sleep, that would be nice for you wouldn’t it.” The gorilla started to pumped back and forth with his hips again as though he was enjoying fucking my hand.

I thought he was just getting excited and about ready to cum in the next minute or two when he suddenly gripped my head with both his hands again and pulled my face right in to his long hard cock. I knew that he was trying to push his hard excited black cock in to my mouth, but I wasn’t going to part my lips, no way, but in only a few seconds he was quickly getting very angry with me and I assumed he was frustrated at my unwillingness to open my mouth for him and suck it for him.

I seriously didn’t really want to do that at all of course but I was again beginning to feel very uncomfortable for my safety. As he seemed to be getting angrier by the second as I refused to open my mouth, but soon I started to think about letting him have his own way with me, better that than him seriously attacking me surly I reasoned.

I thought of his big cock in my mouth and questioned myself of how I could even think of doing that, so I tried to put it off hoping that he would give up, but he was now getting really angry with me and I thought I had better let him have his own way before he got too angry as it seemed he would attacked me any second now. He had a firm grip of my head and I couldn’t move it a great deal as his prick bounced and prodded in to my face as it tried to force its way between my red lipstick painted lips.

The gorilla roared fiercely and loudly and I got really frightened so I took a deep breath and told myself I had better do it to keep him happy. I felt butterflies in my sickly stomach as I reluctantly prepared and psyched myself up to do it. So the next time the Gorilla pushed his cock in to my face I felt that I had no choice, and all I could do to save myself from attack was to open my mouth for him. The Gorilla’s stiff black cock prodded and pushed around my face area and as soon as I lifted my head a little and he felt his cock nudge around my lips I moved my head a little more so that next time he thrust in to my face his big black cock would be able to slide in to my now opening mouth. 

He needed no invitation, he got so excited as he felt my head move up towards him and he felt his cock nudge around my widening lips to find my open mouth for him as I very reluctantly let the gorillas big black cock slide right in to my mouth.

I felt so disgusted with myself, the gorilla obviously felt his black prick slide in to my warm wet mouth as he wanted and he instantly started making very happy “ooh ooh” sounds as he started to buck his hips and slide his prick back and forth in to my mouth eagerly.

For me as I felt his prick sliding back and forth in my mouth I felt disgusted and was panicking as what to do. I don’t know why but I instinctively thought that if I just knelt there with my mouth open the Gorilla might be doing this for quite a while and I just wanted to get this disgusting thing over with.


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So I started to suck gently on the prick end as he withdrew, then opened my mouth wide again as he pushed forward in as it filled my whole mouth. To be honest it tasted very salty indeed to me, I decided to worry about him cumming later, after all I thought ‘how bad could it be with what is happening now, at least it would be all over and done with’. At that moment I could tell the gorilla was very happy now with the grunts and hoots that he was making.

I wanted things to be over quickly of course, I certainly didn’t want mum and dad to come in and find me now with the gorilla’s cock in my mouth and me sucking on it apparently eagerly, I could just imagine them scolding me for ‘tormenting and teasing the Gorilla.’

The horny Gorilla fucked my mouth

The horny Gorilla fucked my mouth

As I sucked the Gorillas prick the horny gorilla seemed to grip my head tighter and thrust his hard black prick harder and deeper in to my mouth, I was panicking a little as I could feel his prick now nudging the back of my throat and this was new territory for me as my previous boyfriend had never been big enough for me to worry over such things

I knew with the strength of the animal he wouldn’t give me any thought or consideration as long as he had his pleasure and he would probably want to force his prick deep in to my throat, with the next thrust as I looked and saw that my lips was still about 2 or 3 inch from the base of his hard prick.

If he thrust harder making me slide further down his cock I knew that I had to open my mouth a little further and relax my throat, and sure enough the very next thrust of his prick he forced my head down his shaft at the same time with his powerful hands and I felt his hard black prick thrust right in to my throat as my mouth slid to the very base of his prick and the gorilla now fucked my mouth in long hard thrusts until I could feel his balls as they swung back and forth bouncing against my chin.

I told myself almost as a reassurance that this would be quickly over as my boyfriend lasts about a minute when I suck deep on him like this, but the minute came and went and the Gorilla still fucked my mouth with great enthusiasm and power and I could feel his prick sliding with long back and forth movements in my throat.

As I focused on what he was doing I saw his long prick slide out of my mouth like a long long snake sliding out and then watched as he thrust back forward again and saw this long long snake slide back in to my mouth and I felt if hit the back of my throat and start to slide and slide right down my throat, I really don’t know how I took it all down my little mouth and throat so far and now as the thrusting got harder and faster I was struggling to breath and again I was just concentrating on positioning myself in the right position to allow this long prick to slide back and forth an a manner that will cause me least distress, I was hoping it would soon be finished or I would pass out.

Suddenly there was a very loud sharp BANG that came from behind a far door as if something heavy had fallen and this shocked and startled the Gorilla a great deal and thankfully the Gorilla quickly slid his big black prick out of my mouth. As I knelt there on my knees for a moment before falling forward on to my hands gasping for breath. I knew he hadn’t cum in my mouth, thank fuck for that.

The big old gorilla walked round and round in a large circle as if he was wondering and worried what the loud bang was, when after a minute or so when nothing else seemed to happen he looked at me for half a second then and he came straight back over to me and grabbed me forcibly wanting I am sure to finish things off with my mouth .

I was sure that he was going to grab me again and force his big black hard cock back in to my mouth again like before and make me finish him off, but no he picked me up off my knees like I was a rag doll. I am only a petite girl of 8 stone 2lb or 51 Kgs or 114lb so that was easy to do for him with his great size and power.

He looked at me deep in to the eyes for a few moments then he all but threw me to the soft hay covered floor and I landed on my heels and then stumbling backwards and I fell on to my bum. I sat there looking at him and the gorilla seemed to be so excited. He came quickly at me on all fours and as I sat there he pushed his head right under my skirt and sliding his nose up between my legs and sniffing loudly between the top of my thighs almost like a dog smelling my sex, after only a second I felt really uncomfortable with letting him do this so I tried to back off by pushing my hands on the floor and trying to move backwards and as I did my skirt slipped off his head.

This seemed to make him angry and almost as if I had played right in to his hands he pushed his big black hands up my skirt and feeling for my knickers around my hips he seemed to be annoyed that they were there and he instantly dragged my little knickers down my legs and all but dragged them down and ripped them off me, he looked at me almost angrily and still annoyed with me and he grabbed my skirt and dragged my skirt down too almost ripping it off me, although it was an elastic waist and it normally came off very easily anyway, but I stood there with only my shoes on now and I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable.

I had earlier hoped my ordeal was over with the large bang but it seemed it was not, the horny gorilla now grabbed my arm and lifted me and turned me on to my stomach. He then like a flash grabbed my hips and pulled me right up off my feet t and then dropped me down on to my feet. He roughly bent me over and he instantly thrust his groin in to me from behind and I felt his big hard prick push in to my bottom feeling his prick as it ran over the top of my bum and in to the small of my back. I was really worried and almost panicking about where his prick would finish up the next time and I hoped that if I kept my legs close he wouldn’t be able to thrust his big black gorilla prick up my little pussy as I knew thats what he wanted.

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The horny Gorilla held me there almost as if I had no weight to him at all, I knew he was trying to fuck me of course and I was sick with worry that he would, again as he thrust in to me trying to force his big prick in to my little pussy I clasped my bum cheeks together and held my legs together hoping he would give up or if I could hold out until someone would rescue me.

The gorilla tried repeatedly to thrust his big black prick in to my pussy thrusting harder in to me as he instinctively got his prick into the right position and the right area to fuck me, but I tried like hell to clasp my legs together slightly crossing them to stop his black cock from penetration me.

As he held me and bucked harder in to me and I squealed out with pain and fear as he thrust his hard prick powerfully in to me, it began to hurt and unfortunately for me I could feel his prick was winning the battle and I could feel his prick getting closer millimetre by millimetre to my reluctant vulnerable soft pussy.

I could tell the gorilla was angry about not being unable to get his cock in to me and have his pleasure which he obviously so badly needed, but with the humiliation and pain that I was feeling I was just about to scream out for help. There was another loud bang from across the way and the gorilla stopped thrusting in to me. I was delighted as I thought that I had won and that if these loud bangs continued he may leave me alone.

The gorilla did a large circle again round his cage like he did with the last loud bang, this time I decided to make a run for it while he was circling round and at the point that he had his back to me. I kicked my shoes off and legged it as fast as I could in to the front of the cage and in to the public area. I hoped that someone would see me and call someone to help, I ran as fast as I could. When I heard the gorilla roar out in anger as I ran and I knew that he had now seen me running away, I could hear the gorilla pounding the floor as he ran after me giving chase, he seriously wanted sex and was not going to give it up that easily.

I looked for an open door or something but there was none, To my horror there was a large deep moat in front of me and if I had jumped down there I would have broke my legs at the very least and I had no desire to become disabled for the rest of my life and much to my dis-belief no one was stood there in the public area looking in either. I decided to hide behind a low wall and hoped the gorilla didn’t look there, but within seconds the gorilla found me and my heart sank.

This time though the gorilla showed no sign of shy reserve, he instantly grabbed me and picked me up like a child would pick up a toy and roughly hugged me in to him as if he was giving me a hard cuddle, my head was over his shoulder and he carried me over to the other side just outside the public area where the ground had synthetic grass, trees and rocks.

I wondered what he was going to do, although I had a good idea. I regretted not letting him have his way with me earlier now because he was growling angrily and I thought he might kill me or eat me or something, my heart sank and I felt sick with worry.

Then he trust me powerfully backwards and all but dropped me on to my back on to a short flat plinth type table that was about 3 ft off the ground and my arms and legs flayed out unsupported either side of me and as I laid there disorientated for a second almost like a sacrifice.

For a flash of a second in my head I worried and wondered what was going to happen to me, but only for a fraction of a second because I suddenly felt the coarse fur of the  gorilla push himself between my flayed open legs and his hard black prick instantly searched and then pushed up against my young fresh pussy as my legs dangled either side of his body.

I tried to get up but the gorilla had his hard rough hand on my chest and I couldn’t move at all, now I knew he had not given up as I had hoped before. I just had this sinking feeling that he was going to fuck me and this time as I was in such a vulnerable position and could not resist like befor, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop him this time.

I lifted my heavy hanging head and looked down my body and I saw the gorilla seemingly looking really happy with himself, It was as if the Gorilla had figured out what he needed to do to get his end away with me.

My back was aching as I laid there with both my arms and legs hanging down off the table and the gorilla pushed and manoeuvred himself perfectly between my legs. As I lifted my head again I could see and feel him positioning his large black hard prick between the folds of my pussy and it dawned on me with an increasing sickening feeling in my stomach as I looked at his cock that I knew that it was going to be quite a tight fit down there and was getting increasingly worried that this could hurt.

Page 8 ……..

I could feel his big cock excitedly probing and pushing round my soft pussy folds and I felt his prick slide over the right place, I wanted to scream but dare not and I was calling out “oh no” repeatedly. Now it seemed the gorilla was happy that his prick was in the right place and he leaned over me and looked deep in to my face as though it seemed to me that he wanted to see the reaction on my young face as I felt the Gorilla start to push his hard black prick in to me and I squealed a little in horror as I felt it down there.

Then with almost a smirk on the gorilla’s face the gorilla started to push his cock harder towards me and I knew that I had no choice but to take it, I was helpless to stop him and now in defeat I was hoping that it wouldn’t last long and hurt me too much.

As I laid there feeling my pussy totally exposed and vulnerable knowing their was no one to help me. I felt his horrible monkey prick start to press harder and harder into me and I felt and knew that my pussy lips would start to give way under the increasing pressure of his hard prick pushing against my pussy hole. I thought to myself in an ever increasing panic ‘Oh no, it’s really going to happen I am going to be raped by the gorilla’ and screamed inside my head with the disgust and humiliation  ”Oh my god, oh my god no, this is worse than a nightmare.’

I could think of nothing else but the feeling of his prick around my pussy as I groaned out and braced myself as I suddenly felt his prick pushing hard now, wanting to force my pussy lips open until I uncontrollably squealed out and gasped loudly hoping someone would hear me “OH FUCKING Hell,, SOMEONE HELP ME” as I felt his prick hurting me like a burning sharp pain all around my pussy. Suddenly I felt my pussy gave way and I felt the Gorilla’s prick force its way in and I felt sick as I felt it slip in to me with a deep plunging feeling and the sickening sensation made me gasp out and squeal as it took my breath away and my head was buzzing in despair.

The gorilla was so excited that he had got the end of his big cock in to my pussy and he is making all kinds of high pitched whooping and low ooh-ooh grunting noises, while at the same time I could feel that my face screwed up and wincing at the feeling of his big Monkey cock inside my pussy and I knew that this was only the beginning and that I have much more of his cock to take up me yet.

The gorilla leans further over me and he starts to trust his large prick deeper in to me and as soon as I felt that first thrust as he fucked me and I felt his prick slide right up me I uncontrollably screamed out simply because of the disgust and sensation of feeling his huge prick sliding deeper and deeper in to me, it was a humiliating and disgusting and horrible dirty feeling, feeling his cock deep inside me and stretching me, uncontrollably I gasped and squealed loudly.

As the Gorilla lifted my legs, Oh my god, I felt the gorilla's prick stretch and fill my whole pussy as he thrust in to me.

As the Gorilla lifted my legs, Oh my god, I felt the gorilla’s prick stretch and fill my whole pussy as he thrust in to me.

The Gorilla with his big hard cock right inside me looked right in to my face as he withdrew his prick back and that felt so disgusting too and then he thrust his prick hard up my tight pussy again and I loudly screamed out at the sharp stretching pain around my pussy and then I groaned and panted loudly as he reached the top of is thrust and I felt the disgusting feeling of his fur around the top of my legs and pussy.

What was making matters worse (if anything could) I felt really uncomfortable with my legs hanging down and my back was arching and bent backwards and really painful. I thought that If I lifted my legs it may make things a lot easier for me. so I struggled to lift my legs up to relieve the pain in my back, so I tensed my self and I pulled my legs up and wrapped them around the wide waist of the Gorilla to support them.

I knew now that my legs were wide open for the gorilla now and I was in a much better and easier position for him to fuck me, but I had to do it as I was in so much pain with my bent arching back. I also hoped that it would relieve some of the pain and sensation of my very full and stretched feeling pussy.

The gorilla grabbed my legs and lifted them up even further as he thrust in to me and I groaned out ‘Oh my god’ as I could feel his big black prick fill my whole pussy now and it felt very uncomfortable and full.

At first the Gorilla would thrust in to me and then pause for quite a few seconds and almost inspect me for a while before withdrawing and thrusting in to me again. Well I just wanted to get this over with I certainly didn’t want it to go on and on for a long time like it would this way.

I was thinking to myself ‘Oh come on, get on with it, just fuck me and get it over with will you.’ After doing this really annoyingly about 5 times I suddenly noticed that the gorilla now stopped doing the pausing and for the first time I could feel the Gorilla started fucking me properly as he becoming more and more excited.

As his prick slid up and down me with ever increasing rhythm and power, I just couldn’t help it as I gasped, squealed and screamed out again uncontrollably at all the sensations of this huge powerful Gorilla cock Fucking my tight pussy forcibly, the pain subsided and relaxed after a while but I still felt as disgusted at being fucked hard by an ugly savage animal of course.

The gorilla humped forcefully in to me and it felt as though his prick was not only filling and streaching me but sliding all the way up in to my stomach, but now with my legs in that position the gorilla fucked me hard and I felt every inch thrust in to me and filling my whole pussy and I felt my eyes watering at the sensation of his black Gorilla prick stretch and plunge in to my pussy, of course in this position it was much easier for him to fuck me and boy did I know it. If feeling the gorilla’s cock fill me wasn’t bad enough, I could now feel his stubbly coarse hair rubbed against my whole pussy and unluckily for me also my clit.

If anyone had walked in on us right at that point they would have seen me uncontrollably writhing and gasping and groaning out like fucking crazy with all the sensations and the feeling of disgust, humiliation and the size of his big prick sliding in my tight pussy as the gorilla gave me one hell of a good hard fucked.

Page 9

The pounding became more and more fierce and frenzied from the gorilla and I started to scream louder and louder uncontrollably at the fucking that I was receiving and my cunt was being stretched and pounded so hard. I tried to beg the gorilla by calling out between gasps “please not so hard” but how crazy was that.

I was groaning deliriously between screams and squeals. Then horror of horror’s struck me, I didn’t notice it at first, but suddenly I sensed that both the coarse and soft hair of the gorilla was now rubbing right along my pussy and worse than that it was stimulating and rubbing my clit like hell, at the same time his balls were slapped hard in to me. As I rocked back and forth at the pounding the sensations were building between around my clit and pussy. A feeling of dread built in me as I thought to myself “oh my god, Oh my god, no it can’t, surly that can’t happen.” I continued to gasped and groan out as it occurred to me with disgust that ‘If this carry’s on much longer like this I think that I am going to cum.’

I could feel every inch the big Gorilla’s cock sliding up and down me and I was gasping, squealing and groaning, and about to cum any minute as the course hair continues to rub against my clit. I could feel the sweat running down my face, suddenly the gorilla give really hard forceful thrusts in to me and his short wiry coarse hairs were stabbing and running across my pumping clit making it tingle.

As expected I soon felt my clit suddenly tingle more than ever, then it subsided a little and then the tingle built up again until my clit and then my whole pussy exploded with disgusting pleasure and then the pleasure explode through my body with a shaking tingling sensation that ran through my whole body right down to my little toes and stung my watering eyes. The rubbing of his course fur against my clit seemed to excite the sharp pain around my pussy along with the full feeling.

I could feel it building right up in me and I tried to fight it, but then it seemed to build up like a great volcano and then quickly erupt in me. The orgasm erupted in and around my clit and pussy and spread all through my body like a shock wave. I felt my whole body start to shake and almost convulse violently as I gave out a great long groaning scream in my disgustingly humiliating violent orgasm and I shook and writhed in a total disgusted ecstasy, as the eager gorilla continued pounded and stretched my reluctantly excited young cunt hard and fast and I thrust my pussy up in to him loving the orgasm and the sharp pain all around my pussy area.

I bit my lip and my faced winced in pleasure as I took the the huge hard pounding and the orgasm and at the same time and I just thought to myself ‘you disgusting little bitch’ as I gasped and gasped with my now subsiding orgasm. Then a few seconds after the gorilla slowed and then stopped pounding me, I gasped furiously to myself thinking  ’oh thank fuck for that’ hoping my ordeal was over, when suddenly I felt very very wet down there between my legs and I could feel his now big wet cock slowly slip out on me and even though I was relieved that it was all over the feel of his horrible big cock sliding out of me felt disgusting.

As I said, I now knew that the Gorilla must have finished and cum inside me by how wet I felt down there, with all my screaming and groaning with my orgasm I didn’t notice that the Gorilla had come as well.

The gorilla now not seemingly interested in me like every boy does once they have had their fun simply wandered off and I thought that this was my chance to get out of here. I dropped on to my feet off the table top and my legs felt like jelly. I quickly retraced my steps and found my skirt and knickers and my bra and top on the floor. I got dressed in about 10 seconds flat and quickly made my way to the gate, as I pulled the door open and walking through slamming it shut behind me making sure that I locked the Gorilla in, at that very point my mum and dad opened the door opposite and stood in shock as they saw me.

“What the hell have you been doing” Mum asked “playing with the monkeys?” when she saw the state of me.

“Nothing” I said quickly and without wasting a second I said “sorry, I have got to go for a wee”

“What again” said dad, but I was gone.

I rushed in to the toilet and locking the door behind me I looked at myself in the mirror and I did look a total mess. I heard someone coming so I rushed in to the toilet cubical. Once inside I pulled my knickers down and looked at my pussy, that looked a mess as well so I took loads of tissue and wiped and cleaned my pussy and the crotch of my knickers.

I then stood up with my knickers around my knees and opened my legs and wiped my pussy again as more of the gorillas cum running out of me, as I wiped between my legs I could feel my pussy very gently throbbing from the hard and deep pounding that I had just received.

As I threw the wet sticky tissue down the toilet and it ran through my mind what had happened to me, having been forced to suck the gorilla’s cock and the horrible disgusting taste of having it in my mouth, then the gorilla having its cock up me and cuming in my pussy I felt sick with total disgust and humiliation, then to make the humiliation 10 times worse the fur brought an orgasm on in me and that just seemed so dark and totally fucking perverted that I thought I was going to be sick, then suddenly I wretched as all these disgusting thoughts and smells ran through my head. I rushed my head over to the toilet and I wretched again, then again, I leaned there gasping as I wretched with the disgust for a few minutes. I then composed myself as much as possible and tidying my hair and trying to hide my slightly ripped top the best I could.

I took a few deep breaths and then opened to door prepared to face mum and dad who I thought was waiting their, but as soon as I opened the door I saw Diane stood there staring at me, straight away she asked me with great concern “are you okay”

“Of course I am, I think it’s something that I must have eaten” I said very self conscious and sheepishly. Then she asked me straight out, “You was in the Alpha male’s cage wasn’t you? did the horny old gorilla  fuck you?”

I suddenly felt myself go bright red and start burning with embarrassment, I said angrily feeling as guilty as hell, “Oh god Diane, of course not!!” after all I wasn’t going to admit that was I, I couldn’t believe how embarrassing that would be, someone knowing what had happened.

She just stood there staring at me showing no emotion and as if she knew, I just gave her a nice smile and as I walked past her and went to mum and dad.

Dad asked me, what the hell happened to you, you look as if you have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Page 10

I lied and told him with a laugh “oh,I just fell down that’s all”

Dad laughed saying “yes and you must have fell through a couple of hedge’s, I gave him a sarcastic smile “Oh you are so funny,,,, come on then lets go and get something to eat, its lunch time. As we walked out I saw Diane waiting by the door, mum and dad thanked her as they walked past and shook her hand, but she didn’t let go of my hand and I looked at her simply saying to her “thank you.”

Mum and Dad walked on and as Diane still held my hand, she looked at me with a big smile and asked me, “did you enjoy it.”

The way she said it took me by surprise and I stuttered my reply, “er, yes, I enjoyed it very much, thank you for allowing to see the Monkeys.” Then she gave me a sly wink saying, “Oh yes, I am sure you did, I did too… Don’t be afraid to come back and visit us anytime you know, here take my mobile number, I will wait for your call” and she put the card in my other hand. Then she quickly lowered herself and whispered closer to my ear ”I saw you with the gorilla Angel,.. I was the one that got caught in his cell, he really works your pussy doesn’t he and I promise it’s better the second time round, if you are interested in coming back …. Are you?”

I replied with a shock and frown “Thank you, yes I would like that” and as she let my hand go with a nice smile I left as our eyes stared in to each other. She then waived and said “laters then” and she turned and closed the door behind her.

I will finish the last few lines in the next day or two … let me know your thoughts.

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35 thoughts on “Day at the ZOO

  1. I read this story and found it very exciting it seems to just reach out and grab you . I guess I’m just an old pervert . This is the first story by you I have read but I am going to look for more.

  2. That was a good story I have not had an orgasm that intense in years.
    I think that you have a future in writing not just erotica but I also feel that you could write any story and it would be successful

      • i think u should write a second part but with you and the other gurl that said she was watching you and the gorilla.
        I loved the story, I masturbated a lot and reached my first organism. im a gurl by the way.

  3. i am sooooooooo! jealous of tha gorrilla..that would be me get me
    wound up,i now cum! all over my legs,it just shot out off me for a foot,and i shouted
    your name angel thank youuuuuuu!!!

  4. hi Angel
    please dont think i’m trying to hijack your story. i know whichever way you write it, it will be great in your usual kinky way. but some ideas went through my mind that maybe you could use. the gorilla is obviously going to fuck you. i can imagine you on all fours with this huge gorilla over you also on all fours, like the primate that he is, giving you a pounding. you feel as if his huge cock is going to split you yet after a while you get so turned on that you start thrusting back. you are so disgusted with yourself as you feel your orgasm building until you finally start moaning and swearing loudly, while the gorilla is making just as much (gorilla) noise. the noise brings your family running and they catch you reaching through your legs playing with the gorillas balls.
    just an idea…but hey…the image has me playing with MY balls right now..
    hey what part of England do you live? I was over there on holiday last month from Australia and went to London, down to Southampton and made my way up to Edinbourgh

    • I don’t know where it will go yet until I write it, I like the bit where you write that you can imagine me on my hands and knees… I live in the very South of England, right on the coast

  5. Hi Angel. i always like to be honest. I’ve really liked every story you have written before, but this one kind of lacks the tension and build up and seems like you’ve rushed or something. I like the idea of the gorilla but rather than running his hands under your skirt and pulling your pants down, as a man would, i think it would be more realistic if he cornered you in the pen and sniffed your pussy through your panties and tried to push his nose into it as if to try and find it etc. Gorillas are very much like humans in a lot of ways, but i think the animal instict in him would make it different and much rougher. i think he could have manaced you a bit more with his huge hard cock waving around. maybe you could have tried wanking him in an vain attempt to satisfy him. Having said all that, i cant wait for the next part of the story. I think i’m getting a boner already.

    • Yes John you are right on all your points, but this is just the first draft, I should have time to go back and build the story a bit more later today, When I read your message it was as if you was reading my mind when I read it back to myself..

      The other point is, all the other stories are true stories, when I write them I relive them and so I write what I was feeling, that may be the reason. This story is made up as a little bit of kinky sexy fun.

      Angel xx

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