Disgusting Dog 2 pt 3

Disgusting Dog 2 pt 3

Angel and Anita Tied to the Hitching post while they are abused

Angel and Anita Tied to the Hitching post while they are abused

…..I would suggest that you read Disgusting Dog 1 and 2 before reading this.

The Hitching Post

Suzy and the boys walked back in to the barn after a couple of hours looking very calm. they walked up to us and Suzi said “We have decided that if you want to go home tonight you have to do one last turn for us willingly, but it’s a biggie …

Otherwise as no one is expecting you home until Sunday evening we will just have our fun with you forcibly for the whole weekend, it’s up to you… How do you want to play it?”

I just couldn’t understand how she knew so much of what our plans were for that weekend and how quickly she must have set everything up as we kept everything pretty much a secret, only a couple of other people knew, Suzi must know at least one of them, that’s the only answer.

Well, both me and Anita looked at each other and agreed that we didn’t want to stay here any longer than necessary so I turned back and said to Suzi “We want to leave tonight, what do we have to do?”

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“Excellent, that is good news” Suzy said to us with a smile whilst folding her arms and pointing her index finger up and placing that finger on her chin and looking to the roof with her eyes as if she is thinking it up there and then, but we of course knew it was already thought of and worked out, “Well,” she said slowly then still looked as if she was thinking some more….. Then she tells us as if she has just thought of it “You will have to suck Mr Charles, both of you will share him, there thats not so bad is it?”

Anita asked her “and who the hell is Mr Charles?”

“Well I am not going to tell you who he is, am I” she said sarcastically and with a silly look on her face as if we were dim or something.

I asked her with a strange and puzzled look on my face, “What do you mean. WE will have to suck Mr Charles? That we both have to suck him together and at the same time or as a three some, or do you mean that we have to do it one after the other, give him 2 blow jobs so to speak?”

Quite brightly Suzi tells us, “Oh, you can do it together, you can share it, you know you can rub both of your lips either side his cock together while he pumps his cock between both you twos lips at the same time and both can just take turns at sliding your mouth down his shaft every now and then giving him maximum pleasure, it will be fun!”

I looked at Anita and she gave me a little nod saying “let’s do that and go shall we?”

I agreed with Anita so I turned to Suzi telling her “Yes, yes, we will do that then if it gets us out of here tonight.”

“Oh Good, that’s sorted then,” and turning to the two men Suzi tells them “I told you boys that would be no problem, you see you have only got to ask them properly and give them all the facts” Then she calls out “Right don’t just look at them, let’s get them ready for Mr Charles.”

The men come over to us and start to untie us and tell us “Get on our hands and knees over there” and they pointed to where there were two posts about 2 meters apart and about a meter high and like a crossbar going over the top all in wood, a lot like a five aside football/soccer goal with no nets of course, they call them hitching posts for the pony’s.

We both went over and just before we got down on our hands and knees Suzi tell us, “oh but just one other thing, you both have to do it naked and both have your hands ties to the posts, but you can both leave your knickers on”

We both suddenly got suspicious about being naked and tied, which was two things as well not just one, but when she said “but you can both leave your knickers on” again me and Anita looked at each other and said “okay, if we can leave our knickers on” and we both started to undress down to our knickers, then got on our hands and knees side by side.

The men tied our wrists to the posts very tightly I thought, and then a cord around our necks that was attached to pulleys on the posts “as insurance” Suzi told us.

Then we knelt there waiting for Mr Charles to arrive. Within a couple of minutes Suzy tells the men “They are here, let them in.” and the two men went to unlock and open the barn door.

I whispered to Anita “She said THEY are here, what’s that all about do you think?”

“I know” she whispered back “I noticed, I suppose we will soon find out, anyway lets just get it over with!.”

Sure enough a few seconds later a whole troop of young people start walking in, and they were all around our age give a year or two as some look a little younger. Now both I and Anita were very uncomfortable with our situation again.

The group of people, and I quickly counted 30 of them, 20 girls and 10 boys all took a seat on bails of hay looking at me and Anita with big smiles on their faces as they all sit down on the hay around us very closely, so closely I could quite clearly smell the mix of their sweet perfumes and deodorant’s. One of them clearly stood out, it was Tiffany, a close friend of both mine and Anita, one of the girls we thought was our friend and we had confided in about our weekend away, I looked at Anita, she had noticed her too and I could clearly see the great anger in her face as she saw her.

Suzi looks at both me and Anita and starts to explain to us. “These are just some of the people that you bullied so un-merciless at school and they have all agreed to pay £10.00 each to watch you be humiliated for what you did to them, the £10.00 also pays for a raffle in which there will be two very lucky winners.”

Then turning to the group she adds “and we will all be looking forward to the raffle too won’t we later?” and the group all nod with some saying “oh yes, that will be fun, I can’t wait!” With other calling out “I hope it’s me.”

Suzy waves her hands a little with a big smile saying “Calm down a little please as Now” said Suzi with an air of excitement, “I think we are ready for the very lucky Mr Charles aren’t we?… Yes we are, he is here, please come in Mr Charles!!”

There is a cheer from the group and all their heads look to the door as ours did, we wanted to see who this Mr Charles was and what he looked like, whether he was young or old, slim or fat, good looking (I hoped he was) or not.

The door opened and in walked one of the two men with a big, a very big sandy coloured dog on a leash… ‘Oh Bollocks’ I thought and I heard Anita groan and say “oh no” as I said aloud, “that had better not be Mr Charles.”

There was a rumble of excitement from everyone (everyone except me and Anita) as the large dog is paraded in front of the group assembled.

The dog looks excited at all the attention he was receiving from every one and Suzi calls out above the noise “Everyone say hello to MR CHARLES”

And I turned my head to Anita to say “I fucking knew it.”

After a few moments Suzi calls out to them above the cheering “Now let me refresh you all of the rules, especially for the two lovely girls agreeing to take part today and for those with an interest in the raffle.”

“Rules” I thought “we wasn’t told there was rules”

Suzi continues “The girls will be allowed to share the nice hard cock by rubbing each of their lips either side of the dogs knob in a kissing technique for 30 seconds to begin with, then 10 seconds after that and I will have the stop-watch to do the counting.

Now listen girls as this is very important to you, when I say ‘Now’ you will have to break off from your kissing technique and one of you in turn will have to take the dogs loverly big prick in to your mouth and suck him off for 30 seconds, when I say ‘Go’ you both join back in with your kissing technique around the dogs cock for 15 seconds until I say ‘now’ again where the other girl will take the dogs prick deep in to your sexy wet mouth and suck him off… this will give you two girls more than a good sporting chance of watching your friend taking the dogs loverly cum in to her mouth, oh wouldn’t that be good to watch or maybe even that the dog will just squirt its load in to your pretty faces or even just squirt it in the air between your eager rubbing sexy mouths ….. Oh’ Isn’t this going to be so much fun?”

Now Suzi emphasises quite seriously “I hope you have got that, because if you refuse to do it, or each time you hesitates, the penalty is this….. The Raffle!”

“The raffle is that one of the boys will be drawn out of the hat and their prize is a fuck from you, as you kneel there and from either end they choose, each time you hesitate longer than another 5 seconds another boy will be drawn out of the hat and he will fuck you as well, so if you refuse all the boys will fuck you and we girls will be watching you being gang-banged instead…. So don’t hesitate, got it, or get it.

“Yeeess” the boys cheered

Anita has her head down and looking as sick, well as sick as could be, and I felt exactly the same, my whole head was in turmoil and anguish.

The man brings the dog over and between us both and makes the dog hop up on to the wooden rail above our heads and giving us clear access to the dog’s genital area. I knew this was not a great subject but I told Anita, “Let’s just close our eyes and do this quickly, lets get out of here, don’t hesitate please whatever you do, I will go first alright” and Anita nodded to me saying “Fucking hell, Yes okay”

Not that I wanted to go first of course, but we didn’t have time to negotiate. Suzi calls out to the group almost as a last request, “Before we start, do any of you girls want to give it a little go first before these girls start, perhaps giving the dogs cock a little lick, perhaps a little suck and she looks around the group as the girls pull their faces and groan and giggle “No we do not” they tell her.

With a straight serious face Suzi tells them “Well it’s up to you, just don’t say that I didn’t ask you later that’s all.”

Then Suzi turns and steps between me and Anita and tells us “Well it’s all down to you two now then, come on let’s get the fun started shall we? I know that you are just dying to get going, let’s start with kissing the dogs cock sack shall we and the time starts as soon as his nice red cock pops out for you, oh and you must engage your lips with the red part of his cock or we will all be here all night won’t we? Okay, come on then, all in your own time, I have got the stopwatch ready.”

I felt sick in my stomach and now I had a sickly lump in my throat as me and Anita look at each other with total dread and humiliation, not only having to do such a disgusting thing with the big dog, but also having all these people that we know watching us both do it.

Both me and Anita move our body’s closer and under the dog and we both move our heads slowly towards the dogs genitals and each other, almost there and I can smell the dog, oh how disgusting. Then Suzi bobs down to us and gets down on her knees and strokes my bottom as she asks us “Are you two alright under there? Right I am going to count down from five to zero and by that time I want you two to be getting it on with the dog and remember not to hesitate won’t you … Are we Ready?” Then there is a slight pause and silence before she starts counting ……but all too quickly she starts slowly counting backwards.

 Five …. Four…. three …. Two …. and now panic sets in with the both of us and I see Anita moving her head forward towards the dog sack and I have no choice but to do the same. We meet each other as we both stick our lips out and start to open mouth kiss each other, then we both move our kissing lips to the front of the dogs cock sack and now half kiss that and half kiss each other, within two seconds we see and unfortunately both feel the dogs large red prick suddenly pop out and it’s prick pushes forcefully between our soft kissing lips.

We feel the dogs knob push between our kissing lips and it continues to grow and we both instinctively start to slide our open lips back and forth along the dogs growing shaft together wanking him off with both our sets of soft red lips and with our seemingly heightened senses we hear the sound of astonishment, gasps and squeals from the whole group watching.

Suzi gasps and tells us, “Oh, Good girls,… Right your time starts now I will start to count down from five when the changes are due.”

Both me and Anita both rub our open mouths back and forth along each side of the dogs bright red shaft and see the dogs end sticking out to the side of our mouths as it grows to about 8 inches long.

Suddenly and all too soon I hear Suzi tell us, “Who is the first lucky girl, get ready … Five .. Four .. Three .. Two … and I knew that I said that I would go first, My heart was beating so hard and I could feel the tension through the air as everyone watched me.

Suzy counted to “one” and I knew that I must do it right now and that I mustn’t hesitate at all. I quickly moved my mouth from the side of its shaft as Anita moved away and I re-angled my head to the front of the dogs knob, and all in one movement I opened my mouth and pushed my head forward and I felt the dogs big knob slide between my lips and in to my mouth and I started sucking on the dogs disgusting big red prick.

Again I heard every one gasp as I took the dogs big knob in to my mouth and started sucking on it. I heard Suzi squeal and telling me “Good girl Angel, get it right in your mouth and give it a good sucking!”

I felt sick as I bobbed my head back and forth along the dogs growing shaft and tried not to taste it, disgustingly then I felt the dog start to hump and start to fuck my mouth with quick bucking movements and the dog tried to push his prick deep in to my mouth, deeper than I was willing to suck.

I were more and more becoming very aware of my surroundings and I could see though the corner of my eye Anita screwing her face up in horror and disgust as she watched me sucking the dog off.

I also could tell that Suzi was showing a great deal of excitement, continually looking over to the crowd of people that was also getting a good eyeful of me. I looked over with my eyes to where Suzi kept looking and saw that it was Tiffany, Tiffany was watching me with the dogs cock in my mouth with a slight smile on her face…. The little bitch.

I suddenly started wondering ‘this 30 seconds should surly be up by now,’ but it seemed to go on and on. Suddenly Suzi says ‘time’ and I with great relief took the dogs cock out of my mouth and then both me and Anita got back to kissing with the dogs big cock between our both our lips again.

That 15 seconds didn’t last long, perhaps because after only ten seconds Suzi is counting again, “come on next girl ready .. Five .. Four .. Three .. Two .. One.. and Anita hadn’t made her move, then right at the very last moment Anita moves her head and opens her mouth and moves her head forward to take the dogs wet cock in her mouth. She stops for a split second then she grossly reluctantly forced her head forward against her better will and takes the dogs large knob right in to her mouth and she starts to suck along the dog cock with a disgusted look on her face, as she slides her mouth down the dogs shaft she starts to gip as she sucks on it, I thought ‘she could be sick here, I wonder what that would do to Suzi’s rules.’

Anita carries on sucking and bobbing her head backwards and forwards and I notice that Suzi edges her way forward between us wanting to get a closer view, she really is loving watching us suck this big dogs knob.

Anita manages to suck the dog without being sick and again the dog bucks his cock back and forth in her mouth and Suzi counts down and her turn is finished and we both start to kiss and suck the dog together and I am hoping that the dog shoots his load within the next 15 seconds as I am sure Anita hopes it happens within the next 30 to 45 seconds, it probably.

We both rubbed our mouths quickly and quite hard along the dogs bright red cock hoping to make him cum as quick as possible. I looked intensely at the dogs knob hoping to see him squirt before my turn but all I saw was that his cock started to drip with excitement. All too soon it was my turn to give the dog a blow-job again as Suzi starts counting down for me to start.

I wrapped my mouth around the dogs cock but kept my mouth open and not gripping it at all and allowed my saliva and dog stuff to drool out of my mouth and down my chin hoping that the dog didn’t cum, because surly the dog was due any moment I worried. I was counting the time in my head, 30 seconds plus 3 x 30 plus 15 making a total of 2 minutes 15 seconds, the maths helped keep my mind occupied and kept me from thinking about what I was being forced to do.

Thankfully my time was up and both me and Anita brought our lips together again to rub off the dogs cock. We were rubbing our lips along the dogs cock in perfect unison trying to make the dog cum when suddenly, like a magnificent unbelievable site I saw the dogs extended prick suddenly shoot a large squirt of cum from between our kissing lips and the squirt of cum hit the encroaching Suzi squarely in the face, Suzi fell backwards to get out of the way of the second squirt that was now shooting out from the dogs knob as we still rubbed out lips along the dogs shaft making the dog cum and cum.

The dog squirted about 3 to 4 good heavy squirts and I was so pleased that it wasn’t squirting deep in my mouth and down my throat,’ after a few seconds more the dog pulled away and hopped down off the crossbar of the hitching post. ‘So thank fuck that was that done’ I thought, and we watched as Suzi get up off the floor spitting, the dogs cum had obviously hit her in the face and a little had gone in to her mouth, that was justice as far as I was concerned, but she wasn’t concerned at all it seemed as I looked at the dog cum on her face beginning to dribble.

“Will you pass me a tissue” she said to her boyfriend, and he pulled some tissue off the roll and passed it to her, she dabbed the tissue on her face removing the cum but trying not to damage her make-up, she seemed more concerned that she didn’t smudge and smear her exquisitely applied make up.

After she wiped the dog cum off her face she surprisingly said to everyone with a large beaming smile “well, I really enjoyed that, It was great fun wasn’t it? Cum is supposed to be good for your complexion isn’t it? Well I should soon have a perfect complexion with all the cum I have had in my face lately.”

“So” she said changing the conversation, “Its raffle time and because Anita hesitated once 2 extra names will be pulled out of the hat.” and a small cheer came from the boys and girls sat round us.

So four names will come out of the hat so they can satisfy themselves with Anita or Angel.”

“That’s not fair” Complained Anita, “we both did what was asked of us.”

“No, you hesitated at the very beginning and that’s that!” Suzi told her sternly. Then Suzi turned her attention back to the small crowd and said “So come on boys put your names in to the hat and lets see who the lucky ones are, and there is good news for you boys that are not lucky enough to be drawn out this time, the girls have also agreed to take part in the fun and two of them will be drawn out from another hat and those who are drawn out will allow two of you boys to masturbate and cum over their young cute breasts, while the rest of us watch, there that’s nice and kinky from the kinky club, isn’t it? and to make it fair, I will put my name in too for you.”

The final, final part of the story plus more illustrations to follow very very soon, anyone wanting to add idea’s to how this will end, or the story could run and run, just hit the “Like” or “dislike” below to give me a clue or send me a mail to angel@secretstoryclub.com

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19 thoughts on “Disgusting Dog 2 pt 3

  1. Great story! Would like to see an alt ending where one (or both) girls gets the cum at the end… and of course Suzi would make sure it all gets swallowed

    • Well Seth, its strange you say that because to all intents and purposes that was the final part of the story, but I get so many comments about this story and Suzi that I am thinking of writing a part 4 and maybe adding Emma from My First School Girl Sex Game and River Bank.

    • Angle Plz Email Me Ill Like To Push You To Go Further With This I Really See You Being A Great Writer, Love The Storries They Are Amazing Excellent Down Right Incurable Much Love xxxx

    • I really enjoyed writing this story Cristina and I know what you mean. The problem is though both girls walked in to the situation naively, I don’t think they would be so stupid again would you?

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