Disgusting Dog Pt 2

Disgusting Dog Sex Pt. 2 .. by Angel

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We walked up the lane arm in arm until we turned off the lane to cross the farmer’s field

I have finished part two about me and my friend being tricked into a barn and forced to have sex with dogs amongst other things. It was fun to write and I know from the response that I have received that it is fun to read.. So enjoy!.. or else.

Just in case someone has come across and jumped straight into part 2 of this story. This is a totally made up story unlike part one. This is moving on from part one which was a dream, well a nightmare that I had once in my younger days that stayed with me, it may be best if you read that one first.

So here we go, you will have to put up with the first page as I set the scene…

It was Thursday again and I was having tea at my best friend’s house Anita’s as I do every other week as I told you in the first story. We had told Anita’s mum that she was coming over to mine to stay for the weekend (as she sometimes does.) We were both going to a rave on the Friday night which Anita didn’t want her mum to know, then staying at mine, so we were only partly dishonest.

“You had better get going” prompted her mother “before it gets too dark.”

“Yes we had,” I told Anita remembering what had happened a few months before on the way home, I didn’t want it to get too dark again.

“I am ready, I am ready,” she repeated, but she was still adding the final touches of her make up in the mirror.

“Oh and I must make a call” she suddenly says and she runs upstairs, her mother calls her back “your phone is here” Anita comes back downstairs takes the phone and runs goes back upstairs. I ask as she climbs the stairs “can’t you make the call on the way, that’s why they call it a mobile, isn’t it?”

“It won’t take a minute … Honest” she call back her reply, she obviously didn’t want us to hear the conversation, Her mother shrugs her shoulders, “Strange, she has never been so secretive before”

A minute later she strolls back down the stairs, Anita looks in the mirror picks up the eye liner pencil and does one tiny little touch with it, a second later she slapped it back down again and she was walking to the door, “come along then miss slow coach, I don’t want to wait all day for you” she then smiled as she cheekily pouted a large kiss to me.

Her mother called nicely through the door “I will drop some change of clothes for you tonight when I get back.”

“Yes fine, fine, fine,” Anita replied “but you will have to leave them in the summer house round the back as there will be no one in.” and before her mother could ask “why?” she calls “I will explain later.” Then she put her arm into mine and we walked through the door and up the country lane walking to where I lived.

It was early spring now and the nights started staying lighter for a little longer. It had been a lovely sunny day so we weren’t wearing any coats, we were even wearing short skirts, well I was anyway, Anita’s came down to just above the knee. Even though I felt I dressed very sexily because I loved to wear short skirts and low neck lines and Anita did not so much, strangely she would dress a little more modestly but still looked so fucking sexy, I should really have learned something there.

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Angel Helen

Angel Helen

As I said in the first story, myself and Anita were so opposite in our appearance and character, it was amazing that we had got on so well over all these years. But we did and we really liked one another from the very start in infant school.

I was blonde with very blue eyes and bubbly and liked to laugh, joke and party so I was very popular. I am also Bi-Sexual which I discovered quite early on in life, (about 13 or 14) and I had my suspicions well before then but suppressed. I remember this was about the first time that I was kissed by a girl and I enjoyed it so much that I kissed her back eagerly, so I think this also made me very open and broad minded sexually. But I digress here, as this has nothing to do with my close platonic friendship with Anita, so I will move on.

Anita was white but almost a light olive skin almost like silk, with very long black hair and brown eyes. I envied her like hell in the summer, as she always got such a nice tan so easily. Anita is always so serious, she rarely smiled or laughed, she smiled or laughed on the inside, but when she did smile it was like the whole room was smiling, she had such a beautiful smile. She was also very proud and picky who she was even seen with and I would have to say that she was a terrible snob, but even so she still had quite a lot of friends, well snobbish friends.



She was not as broad-minded as I was by a long way in her views and sexuality and I suppose she was really innocent and pure because of that. But she was very intelligent and such a good conversationalist, she was certainly no one’s fool. We both loved our make up and loved to make each other up which was probably our only common point along with the fact that both our birthdays were within a week of each other.

We walked up the lane chatting away as we always did and we got to the path that crossed the farmer’s fields to where I lived in no time. I turned to walk down along the path but she resisted saying “oh you are not going that way are you, walking over the grass, It may be dirty with the cows walking on it and I have got new shoes on.”

“Come on!” I said, “it will be fine, it’s all grass and it’s been such nice weather for a week now, it will be a lovely walk and it cuts about half an hour off the walk.” But still she hesitated to say, “but what if those farmers’ men are there with the gun and the dog like you told me.”

“Look,” I said pointing to the sign, “It reads Trans Pennine Trail doesn’t it, we are allowed to walk along the path across the fields. Even if they are here I bet they won’t say anything with there been two of us, anyway it’s still light, other people walk across here… come on we will be fine, anyway in all the years I have walked across here I have only ever seen them that once.”

She reluctantly started walking with me but adding, “If the grass is remotely wet, I am coming back and we are walking around, I am not going to spoil these shoes, do you hear?”

“Oh come on you big baby” I smiled half mocking her.

We walked on and the field grass by the hedge and the grass was lovely and dry from the warm spring sun and we chatted as we walked. When we were about half way across the fields she suddenly asked me “Where was it you met those men” 

“Just here,” I said and we both looked round at the same time, Anita much more intently than I did, but there was no one there, not a soul. We walked on another 100 yards or so and just as the hedge got very low we stopped by the long gate that was there and we saw the two men with the dog on the leash walking quite quickly in our general direction. Both were looking around as though they were looking for someone. “Oh my god,” I said, “that’s the men there, quick lets crouch behind the hedge.

“I am doing nothing of the sort,” said Anita most indignant, ”just ignore them, there is nothing they can do.” Anita’s attitude seemed very strange, as before she seemed worried that we may come across the men, now strangely as I bend behind the hedge to hide from them she stands there bolt upright and as bold as brass in full sight, almost as if she wanted to be spotted, ‘I will never understand her’ I thought.

The men did not ignore us though, as soon as they saw the two of us one of the men excitedly points at us both and the men make their way quickly towards us, almost as if it was me and Anita they were looking for, but of course they couldn’t have been as they would have no idea that we would be crossing the field. My heart was now beating like crazy as the two men got close and called out to us, “Oy, you two what the hell are you doing on this land, you two are trespassing.”

Anita and I ignored them and quickened our pace, but the men jogged a little towards us and cut us off and now stood in front of us and barred our path. It was quite light and I could make them out much clearer than before.

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There was one man that was tall and skinny and the other with the vicious looking dog was quite small and seemed a little on the plump side, the dog which I think is a Rottweiler was snarling as it was before and the other guy had a shot gun half-cocked over his arm. They call out again to us quite angrily “We are talking to you two.”

Anita speaks back to them bravely and equally angry,”Leave us alone, who the hell do you think you are talking to, this is a common right of way laid down by the Crown and the National Trust, you have no right to speak to us that way and you have no right to stop us or confront us in any way. Go away back into your hole in the ground,, you horrible dirty little men, or we will call the police for harassing us.”

Now I was pleased she had told them about the right of way thing but she laid it on a bit thick I thought, but insulting them, I didn’t think that would help at all, but I said nothing.

I was right, the two men responded by showing more anger at us, the little plump man pretended to let the vicious looking dog go and we both flinched back and squealed out. The men smiled for a fraction of a second. Then looking at me the tall man with the shot-gun pointed at me and said, “We have seen you here before haven’t we and told you about this trespassing, we told you there would be consequences didn’t we, right that’s it, you had better come with us the both of you.”

Anita was most indignant and told the men straight, “we are not going anywhere with you two scruffs, in fact as soon as we get home I am going to inform the police on how you two threatened us with the dog and a gun, we will see how you will like that. We are not going to listen to you anymore so just go away little man,.. come along Angel” and she tugged my arm and we started to walk around them.

The men were furious and the tall man with the shot gun says to the other “Okay just release the dog” the plump man holding the big vicious dog which is now starting to strain on the leash again as it again starts snarling, growling and barking. The man moves his hand to the bottom of the leash as though he is going to let the huge mad looking dog off the leash. The both of us scream and we call out “NO! NO!” The dog would surely savage us both I thought.

The tall man with the gun tells us “Well, you had better come with us then, that’s if you really don’t want us to release the dog.

“Where are you going to take us to,” I asked in a very worried tone.

“To the farmer, He can deal with you himself.” they said.

Anita nodded at me and we stepped in the direction the men wanted us to go down the trail that was running at a tangent from ours, we could see the trail was leading towards the large farm house.

Both the men walked behind us as we made our way down the track. One of the men takes his mobile phone and makes a call, we assumed he was calling the Farmer. He chatted for a moment but I didn’t hear what he was saying until the last sentence when I heard him say “they are on their way now” he hung up the phone and we could then hear them then whispering behind us, but again we just couldn’t make out what they were saying at all. Anita whispered back to me, “We will tell the Farmer all about these horrid men when we get there … Right!”

“Of course” I said confidently, but on the inside I was really worried about what was happening, it just didn’t seem right, after all we are allowed to walk on that trail there is a bloody great sigh either side of the field saying “Trans Pennine Trail,” but at least I thought this will sort these stupid scruffy farm hands out.

As we got closer to the large Farmhouse the two men shouted out both together to us, “over there” and as we looked round to them the skinny man points the gun to a big Barn about a hundred meters to the side of the Farmhouse, again the men repeated their demand to us, “Go on, over there.”

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I didn’t want to go to the barn, it looked so large and dark, it worried me, so I stopped and replied “You said you were taking us to the farmer” 

“We are, the farmer is in the barn, they work late you know, they don’t finish at 3.30 like you and your teachers do you know.”

‘Cheeky bugger’ I thought.

I am still extremely hesitant to go any further, Anita looks at me and again she nods at me to carry on, trusting her judgement we make our way to the barn. One of the men (the skinny one) now runs in front of us to pull open the large barn door. The other plump guy gets quite close behind us with the savage Rottweiler making us walk faster into the barn.

We were worrying more of the dog close behind us than what is or what may be in front of us. Once inside the men behind us pulls the large barn door closed, then bolting and then locking it which I thought was strange and very worrying.

Me and Anita stand in this great big empty looking barn and we both look around at the sheer size of it. There were great stacks of hay to the side and rear that closed the open space in, but it seemed to me now that there could be a stable or something in the front of the barn. I could hear lots of animal sounds and smells. It didn’t smell horrible or anything, it just smelled like a, well like a farmhouse barn.

Anita was the first to speak and asks as she looks around the barn, “so where is the Farmer then?” …“What Farmer are you on about?” asks the plump man holding the dog with a silly smirk on his face (it is the man that’s got a silly smirk on his face, not the dog.) My stomach sinks as I think to myself ‘oh no, oh, bollocks. what have we done.’ 

Suddenly the size of the barn seems to swallow me up and I am now seriously worried about our situation. I felt a stupid fool by coming into the barn with those horrible men who have now locked the barn door firmly behind us. I look worriedly at Anita and I see confusion and puzzlement on her face.

She replies to the men in a confused and sarcastic manner “you know, the Farmer that you said you were bringing us here to meet.”

“Oh, oh him” the plump man replies “Oh, well erm, he said on the mobile just before we got here that he couldn’t make it now so he asked us to deal with you instead.” Then raising his voice to the other guy he shouts “didn’t he Mat, er I mean Dave.”

It now seemed to me that they had obviously arranged between them before hand not to use their own names, which worried me even more. I decided to let him know that I had noticed, “So Mat,” I asked “what happened to the bloody farmer.” and he looked really naffed off at his mate giving him a real black surely look for giving his name away.

Anita Swears at the men in an irritated manner which shocks me slightly as I rarely heard her swear, “you fucking idiots” she shouts and she then briskly walks to the barn door then tries to push it open. Amazingly she hadn’t noticed that the men had locked it and she shakes the door and tries to push it back open again until she realises that it isn’t going to budge and she loses her temper and kicks the door in her nice new shoes that she didn’t want to get damp walking crossing the field. Oh how I wish I had listened to her now. She turns around really angry and shouts at the men in a demanding little madam tone “OPEN THIS DOOR AT ONCE.”

The men smiling like Cheshire cats mocking her and repeat what she says in a very silly voice “oh, open this door at once before I get all angry like and perhaps I might even bite my thumb at you …” the other man buts in using a similar mocking voice saying “Yes, or I will kick the door again… Then you will see.”

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The tall man puts the half-cocked gun down and turns to the both of us, “so you need to be taught a lesson, you know with you, erm, you trespassing like that.” Anita quickly shouts out “but we wasn’t trespassing you idiot, you know people are allowed to walk along there so it’s not that,,, what is it you really want from us.” At that point I really bit my lip wishing she hadn’t asked that last question.

The man stood there and look straight at her, I notice his face suddenly turns from a silly smile to serious ‘let’s get down to business look’ and as he stares at her for a moment. I feel a strange and heavy tension develop in the barn right there and then and after a short pause he says to her straight out in a low stern tone “Get yer kit off,” then looking round at me as well the man adds “… The both of you.” The other guy sneers out in agreement “yeah, get em off, yer knickers and everything” my stomach sinks and I feel like I am going to throw up while the thought goes through my head, she had to bloody well ask ‘what they really wanted’ didn’t she, we could have done with stalling them and buying some time.”

My worst nightmare about the situation had come true, I quickly look around hoping to see an escape, but there is nowhere to run, we are trapped. Both the men had obviously planned this between them, to capture girls and rape them here in the barn with no one in ear shot by a mile or so. I wondered how many other girls they had done this to and for how long and what the outcomes were. I look at them and they glance at each other quickly with excited smiles.

I look at Anita, she gulped and her bright wide eyes nearly popped right out of her head while her jaw drops open wide in shock. She stood there and stares at the men for a while as she asks again very slowly and quietly almost in a disbelieving trance “I do beg your pardon” certainly, not believing what she had just heard them say the first time. 

I feel so sick, light headed and faint that I think I am going to pass out and fall to the floor because I did hear and believe what the men had said. I watch in fear as the tall man moves closer to Anita and she holds her arms out a little so that he cannot get too close as we both feared the worst at what he was going to do, but  the man very slowly and deliberately just tells her again, “I told you little girl to take all your clothes off, and I mean all of them and that is including your sexy little bra and knickers…… Did you understand that?” 

Anita’s eyes widen even more than they were before and she gives a little sharp gasp and almost screams out, quickly putting her hand up to her mouth in shock and stifling and stopping herself from screaming. I could see in her expression that she was thinking about what the men had just said and what they were going to do to us and the increasing horror grow on her face.

Then as the both of them stare at each other for a couple of seconds Anita lowers her hand from her mouth to ask them a question and amazingly she asked the men quietly and so sweetly and innocently if not very naively with a little shake of fear in her voice “what, er .. what are you going to do with us?”

To be honest I wasn’t sure that I wanted to hear the answer, in fact I knew that I didn’t want to hear the answer and was amazed that she did as I pretty much knew what the men had got in there minds for the both of us, but of course I hoped and prayed that I was wrong. The men still grinning from ear to ear says to her softly, “aven’t you worked it out yet sweetheart, I bet your pretty friend here has.”

 Anita very nervously and with big wide eyes slowly shakes her head from side to side at him in total innocence. The tall skinny man takes a couple of small steps closer to her until he is almost within touching distance, then he bends down a little towards her, after a short pause as if he is enjoying every second of the suspense of the moment he softly says … “well if you really want me to spell it out to you little girl, then I will.. You see me and my little friend here is going to make you and your friend over there take all your clothes off, then you will lay in the hay over there and we are both going to fuck you.. you know what that means don’t you, just so that you understand, it means that we are both going shove our hard cocks that are between our legs and we are going push it into that sweet fresh little pussy of yours that’s between your legs and fuck you good and proper my little darlin. Mmm and we are both going to fuck you good, We are both going to fuck you one after the other over and over again in every hole that you have got…. Is that clear enough for you now?” and the men smiled as Anita’s eyes got even bigger and her jaw dropped wider at the graphic description of her fate.

Instantly Anita gives out a loud gasp over and over again as she hears her fate and puts her hand to her mouth again and looks over to me with a look of horror on her face as the penny finally dropped. I was filled with dread, but to be honest with you I suspected something like this was going to happen, amazingly Anita didn’t until it was spelt out to her.

The Skinny tall guy now excitedly calls out loud “and oh my fucking god, this is fucking great” then he looks over to me adding, “and oh what an awesome couple of catches, I could fuck the both of you all fucking night long and still come back for some afters in the morning” he quickly looks behind him and gloats “how about you tetz? eh.”

“Not many benny” came the excited reply from the other guy as he looks over to me and Anita with such a disgusting lustful and drooling look. Anita’s face of horror is frozen as she stares at me and at the same time I feel so sick in my stomach and I think that I am going to throw up for real this time.

The fat man grabs Anita and she squeals in shock and fear and she looks as though she is going to pass out as he drags her over to where I am stood shaking in fear. Both men look at the both of us almost drooling from the mouth. The mental picture I instantly got was of us two scared little bunny rabbits surrounded by two huge and fierce hungry drooling wolves jumped into my head.

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The Skinny guy that was original holding the gun says to his mate, “now we have got them where we want them, how shall we do it, shall we have one each and fuck both of them at the same time, and then swop,… or shall we tie one up and both fuck them one at a time?” 

The fat one looks at me as he answers him “oh god, I don’t know, both idea’s sound great to me… but to be on the safe side, lets tie one up while we both fuck the other girl, that way if they give us any trouble one can hold her down while the other fucks her, that’s best I think.”

The skinny one says with a gloating sneer, “Let’s rape the mouthy dark haired girl first.” (Anita) “Ohh yes, agreed it can be punishment for all her mouthy lip” replied the short plump one and I feared the worst as they turn and move towards the two of us. Again I see a colour picture in my head of being tied and being forced to watch my friend Anita being raped by the two scruffy men knowing full well they would turn on me soon enough.

At that very point, we hear a door open on the other side of the barn, we see the dull light of the sinking sun glow brightly in the barn for a moment, then it goes dim as we hear the barn door close again.

The men seem to freeze at the sound. I hear someone is coming into where we are and my heart really lifted in excitement and hope, 2 or 3 seconds later a girl about our age comes quickly walking happily into where we are.

‘Fucking great’ I thought, ‘we are saved, they won’t dare do anything now she is here and they will surely have to let us go.’

The girl suddenly says to the men quite excitedly “Where are they then?” and she looks around most excitedly. Then she sees the two of us and her whole face brightens up and instantly a very large smile stretches right across her face. “Are these the two …” she asks rhetorically. She walks over to where we are and she looks at the both of us closely ”Oh yes it is, these is the two I wanted, well-done boys.” I was surprised with her expression then she adds “they are very nice, gorgeous even, this should be great fun.”

Then she quickly looks over to the men asking “which one of these girls have you decide to have first” and my heart sinks like a stone as I realise she is part of the gang and is a part of all this, although I have no idea how she fits into the scenario or even knew how we were going to be crossing the field, they can’t be many girls walk across fields on their own.

The girl seems to be in a very expensive school uniform and looks very smart, very well dressed unlike the men who look just like scruffy farm hands. She is wearing a short skirt and jacket, but I could tell they were real quality, with a very nice white blouse and a diagonally striped tie.

The vicious dog is excited at seeing her and the short man lets the dog go and it instantly runs over to her wagging its tail like crazy and fussing her. She praises the dog with a big smile and pats and strokes the dog, then she says “come on Bruno, let me take you over here” she takes the dog and ties him to a post firmly telling him to “sit down” at the same time and the dog does as he is told instantly.

The girl turns round to the men telling them, don’t let me stop you from having your fun with the girls, or do you intend looking at them all night. The men instantly approach me and Anita and the girl giggles as she sees then walk towards us.

They seem almost buoyed up by the girl coming into the barn and the two men grab us both and try to kiss and snog us by forcing their faces into ours, but we was having none of it, we knew this was only the start and we both struggled and resisted, the men soon stopped it seems we manage to fend them off.

The men look disappointed and a little angry while the girl giggles and tells them “Oh Come on boys, you will have to be more forceful with them than that, they are not just going to give it to you, have another go.” Both the men come at us again, this time they grab our hair and pull our heads back and try to snog us again forcing their lips against ours, it was horrible and we fight harder. The girl giggles as she watches them trying to rape us, the men’s hands were everywhere feeling at out tits, then down between our legs. We screamed and fought and we started trying to knee them and kick out at them and luckily as we tried to scratch their faces they backed off again, all of us panting for breath. I look over to the girl and she is just stood there with a big smiling face as if we were all just having fun. 

The girl goes over to the dog that’s tied and we hear the sound of the dog barking and snarling again as the girl get hold of the leash saying to the men, “shall I set the dog on to them? That will make them a little more compliant for you.”

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The men are seemingly ignoring the girl because the thin guy says in an annoyed manner “Let’s tie them up” and the men man-handle us and grab our wrists and because they were two of them and much stronger than us, even though we resisted the men quickly tie our hands behind us with some thick white course string. 

The young girl says to the men in an almost puzzled questioning, “Why are you doing that? You are not frightened of them, are you? Why are you not making the girls put on a show for me or something? were you going to fuck them or not? that would be interesting to watch before the real fun starts wouldn’t it.” Me and Anita look puzzled at each other wondering what she means, what more could they have planned.

The men pause for a moment, then one said to the girl in still in a bit of a pant “Well, don’t you remember when you told me, almost every day when you came back from school and you was so upset because they had tormented you terribly, you told me that you hated them both so much that you wished that you could kick them both right in the cunt, do you remember?”

She looks at him a little sullen and nods her head as she thinks back to those days.

“Well why don’t you do it now?” he told her.

She jumps up smiling and saying to him ”Excellent idea ! you men pull their knickers down !”

The fat man asks with a question, “erm pull their knickers down? … Wow”

She stops and thinks for half a second, then answering very slowly as she thinks “ermmm yes, so I can see her properly, no! no! I see what you mean, take their knickers off and hold the front of her skirt up for me.

The men bend and and put their hands up our skirts feeling for the tops of our little knickers, We both squeal and scream out “no stop, stop” as we feel the men’s rough hands slide up our legs and feel their fingers wrap around the top of our knickers and we both scream out again as we feel our knickers being pulled down by the scruffy men.

 We both try to bend and wriggle trying to stop them, but with our hands tied firmly behind our backs, there wasn’t a lot we could do. The men pulled down on our knickers and I felt helpless as I felt them slide down our legs as we fail in our attempts of to stop the men pulled our knickers right down our legs and off us both. we tried so hard we both fell and we laid panting on the ground as the men held our knickers up like a prize then sniffed them trying to smell our sex, after a few seconds and one at a time the men helped us to our feet. 

Then the men push us both gently backwards a step or two to what looks like a low but strong picket fence that comes up to our waists, it would have been a pen for an animal or something. Then he roughly pulls my legs apart and ties my ankles tightly to the lats of the fence. Then the men grab Anita and pull her over to the side of where I am and tie her to the very sturdy lats with her legs wide apart as well. The skinny man hops over the picket fence and from behind me pulls my skirt up to my waist exposing my pussy to Suzi. She smiles wryly as she takes a good look at me between my legs and at my shaven pussy with just a tiny V shape of short hair as though pointing down at my intimate area, (I doodle sometimes with the razor) “Very nice pussy” she says aloud, while the short fat man is a little more vocal “Oh wow, look at that, what a sight.”

The skinny man wraps his body and head round to look as well but complains “I can’t see it properly”

Suzi looks at him with the same smile and tells him, “ahh, sorry my little babies, well Terry can do the other one and you can look at both then… but for now pull her skirt up nice and high for me.” 

She walks over to me saying “now miss big head have you ever had someone kick you right in the cunt before? No?… well, they should have done, this will be my pleasure for you both” and without any ceremony, she takes a step back and just about to take a swing and as she swings her right foot back to kick me, I half close my eyes and brace myself.

But she stops dead in her tracks complaining, “I can’t stand and kick properly with these type of shoes on,” and as I open my eyes a little more and peep at what’s happening she quickly slips both her high heeled black shiny shoes off and in her small bare feet she takes a step back again.

“Oh this is much better,” she tells everyone, then she looks back at me with excited eyes as she tells me “right take this you little spiteful bitch” and I quickly close my eyes and brace myself as again she prepares to swings her leg back. As she does she stares between my legs as though concentrating on her aim, then with an aimed swing of her foot she kicks me right between my open legs into my pussy.

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Luckily for me her aim wasn’t that good and her bare foot struck the side of my thigh first which took some of the heat out of the kick, it still made a slap as her bare foot strikes my thigh then my bare pussy “Ahhhh” I instinctively cry out.

She smiles and immediately steps back and I see her staring at my pussy as she take aim with another and she gives me another kick right between my legs, this time her foot struck me right squarely on my pussy and I gave out a loud gasp and screamed cursing her.

“Whats that? did you say you want another?” she said angrily.

“NO, no. please don’t I am sorry, I didn’t mean to swear at you … Sorry”

Thankfully she didn’t say anything back to me, she looked over to Anita and looked at her for a second, then she moved over to her and says to her really sarcastically “you are next, open your legs for me more and let me give you a good kick in the cunt,,, and Oh how you so deserve this don’t you” (She asked her to open her legs which were pointless as her legs were already tied open and couldn’t move them one way or the other.)

She tells the fat man this time to stand behind Anita and to lift her skirt up at the front like they had done with me so that she could see her pussy clearly. The skinny man holding my skirt up lets me go and hops over the fence and looks at me between my legs saying “Oh yes I see what you mean, very nice” and he strokes me there with the flat of his hand adding “oh yes and so smooth and soft.”

Then he whispers in my ear softly “and don’t think we have forgotten what we planned to do to you earlier and he moves away quickly. The fat man did as he was told, he moved to a small gate (no hopping over the fence for him) and moved behind Anita and pulled up her skirt to her waist. Anita struggled and she struggled a smile of satisfaction came across the face of the girl, who announces, “another shaven pussy, my-my.”

And she moves in front of Anita positioning herself, then she took a step back and swung kicking Anita squarely between the legs and I could hear the slap of her foot and Anita squealed out. The girl took another swing and again kicked her right up between her open legs again, this time Anita squealed out much louder, but the girl hadn’t finished with her yet and she took another step back and kicked her very hard a third time right between the legs and Anita screamed out again “Ahhhhh, Ahhhh stop, please stop.” Anita never did like any form of pain and was quite a wimp, even for a girly girl

The girl was apparently satisfied now as she turns to the men, “now let’s have some fun with them shall we, that’s what we said we would do didn’t we?” and she walks over to me. Standing in front of me and looking right into my face she says very nicely “Hello” with a big smile and she immediately starts to undo the buttons on my blouse explaining very pleasantly “We are going to have some real good fun with you and your friend, can you imagine what it is” She told me in a tone as if it would all be such a nice surprise. She unfastens my buttons as the men watch her with big smiles as she asks me pleasantly, “What’s your name?”

“What’s yours?” I ask in an irritated manner. “Suzi” she reply’s instantly with no concern at all. There is silence as she continues to unfasten the buttons, then she asks me again, “so are you going to tell me your name or has the cat got your cute little tongue.”

“Suzi” she reply’s instantly with no concern at all. There is silence as she continues to unfasten the buttons, then she asks me again, “So are you going to tell me your name or has the cat got your cute little tongue.”

I saw no reason in not telling her  .. “Angel” I answered.

She looks me right in the eyes then says, “yes I know, … ” then pausing for a moment she carries on “Well Angel, let’s see what we have got under here shall we?” She then pulls my blouse wide open and pulls it over my shoulders revealing my diamond white bra and most of my upper body. I hear the men gasp and whisper “Oh wow, just look at that body of hers, friggin great or what.”

Suzi looks at me, she smiles admiringly for a moment, then she shocks me by giving me a big smile and then quickly sliding her fingers under my bra cups and pulling them hard towards her and stretching the straps then she pulls my bra up and over my pert sticky out breasts revealing my bare tits to everyone as she lets my bra spring back above the top of my breasts, still smiling she starts to rub her hands over me and fondles my bare tits and squeezing them asking me, “is this what your boyfriend does?

She turns round to the ogling men and asks, “so come on, who wants to be first to suck on them?” The men look wide eyed saying nothing. Suzi giggled just a little saying to them almost sympathetically and encouraging them “Oh come on boys don’t get all shy now.” She lowers her mouth to my pert breasts sticking her tongue out and she starts to run her wet tongue over and around my nipple, which tickles slightly.

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“Are you happy now?” I asked her sarcastically, “not really” she reply’s, then with a sudden straight face she looks straight at me, “but I am not too worried about it, I have only just started on you haven’t I.” She grips each of my nipples with her thumb and curled forefinger and starts to pull and twist them, “do you like your boyfriends hurting your nipples while you are having sex, does it give you an extra buzz” she asks nicely. I say nothing and she pulls my nipples and twists them even further as though punishment for not answering. I thought I had better answer or it might get even worse, if it could get worse, my nipples were stinging and burning like hell. “No I don’t” I gasp in pain.

“That’s really tough then,” she says as she twists and pulls them even further, I thought she was trying to twist and pull my nipples off and I couldn’t help but squeal out as she hurt me twisting pulling and tweaking my nipples so much.

She looks into my face and smiled at me as she watched me squirm, she pulled them so hard she pulling my body forward and then she twisted my nipples and then letting them slowly slip through her tightly gripped fingers, I squealed out loudly and I gasped with relief as she let them go even though they still stung.

I am only wearing a short skirt and Suzi reaches her hand under my skirt and as my legs are tied slightly open she runs her hand up the inside of one of my thighs and as she reaches the top she moves her hand over my pussy and takes a firm hand full of me between my legs whispering to me “mmm you have a large bulge down there for a girl, I like that.”

 Then she asks me straight out  in a vulgar tone “would you like to suck my cunt for me, I will suck yours too if you would like me too, but I don’t have to if you don’t want, you know if you don’t like it.”

I was just going to tell her to get lost when she says to me softly as if a warning “let me just tell you this before you answer .. it will be a lot easier for you if you are compliant and you are good to me, .. maybe, .. then just maybe I will be able to keep you away from the men and the other fun stuff we have planned and let everyone just concentrate on your friend here… What do you say,,,,,,, yes?” Then she gives a really big beautiful smile and giggles out loud almost uncontrollably.

Now I didn’t know at all what she meant by the “other fun stuff” but I knew that it wouldn’t be fun for me, so if I could keep away from it, that would be all the better and what she didn’t know is that I am Bi-Sexual… She was very very pretty and young and smelled so sweet fresh and nice. If I had met her in a pub of somewhere I would have really fancied her and it wouldn’t have taken much for Suzi to have got me into her bed.

I didn’t want to be raped by either the men or the girl, but at the moment I thought that the girl may be the better of two evils. So with that in my mind, the thought of me having to please her wasn’t half as bad, no not even a tenth or a thousandth as bad as getting raped by both the dirty smelly scruffy and horrible ugly farm worker men.

On saying that, I didn’t say anything to her right away, but I didn’t want to count it out as I have just said,  perhaps it might be the better option, for now anyway, so I just gave her a bit of a shy and innocent “maybe” girly shrug, just to play safe.

Suzi smiles and looks me right into my eyes holding the stare, then when I gave her the “maybe” she smiled again, she smiled a lot as if she was really pleased with me. Then she said to me sweetly, “I will take that as a yes from you then shall I……..Yes?” Again I didn’t say a thing to her, I just gave her a little larger smile and I could see by her reaction that she had clearly taken that as a yes.

She turns and shouts to the small plumpish guy to come over to her almost in a tone as if it was an order, “Tetz, come here!” He came straight over to us and she says to him, “didn’t you hear me?” He stands there with a blank look and shakes his head, asking her in a surprised manner “What?” as neither of us had a clue of what Suzie was on about.

She speaks to him sternly “I told you to suck her tits didn’t I, look at those nipples, they are so plump and just waiting for you to suck on them. I looked down at them and she was dead right, my nipples seemed to be really thick and erect, they were sticking right out, but then they usually do, but not as much as this.

Then she tells him in a much softer tone “DO IT NOW, let me see you sucking on them, don’t worry she will enjoy it eventually, and if she doesn’t … tuff, just enjoy yourself.” and then she moves over to Anita and not really looking at all.

The man’s face lights up and smiles “Oh, not many Benny” and the small plump guy roughly grabs my waist and pulls me into him and eagerly starts to lick and suck on my nipples. I couldn’t kick him this time as my ankles were tied so I slid down the post trying to make it difficult for him, he slid down as well with his tongue sticking out following my nipples and looking like a right plonker.

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Suzi does the same thing to Anita as she did to me, she asks her sweetly  ”Whats your name”

Anita straight to the point tells her “Go get lost”

Suzi is Unfazed at all at Anita’s reaction and she calmly and cheekily tells Anita “Have it your way then, you know the procedure” and Suzi starts to unfasten Anita’s blouse, then like she did with mine, once all the buttons are undone she pulls her blouse wide open almost ripping it apart over her shoulders revealing all of her front.

Suzi again grips the cups of her bra and pulls them hard towards her and lifts them over her breasts reviling her tits … She looks at Anita’s breasts, “Hmmm not so big are they, but still,” she grabs them gripping them hard saying, “there is still a good hand full if you pull on them a little, very firm too, I really like them” and Suzi rubs and flicks her fingers over Anita’s proud nipples, then pulling them and tweaking them, she really seemed to like fondling girls titties.

Suzi lets Anita’s pert tits go and looking her up and down she finds the zip on the top of Anita’s skirt, casually she grips the zip and unzips it allowing her skirt to drop onto the floor.

Suzi must have been surprised or annoyed by Anita because Suzi suddenly jumps back for some reason and I can see she is really angry, although I don’t know why. Suzi looks over to me and sees me trying to squirm down and away from the plump man who is trying to suck on my tits.

That seems to be the final straw for her and she angrily shouts out ”Right, I will sort this” and she rushes off to the back of the barn and we wonder what she is going to do. She comes back with 3 snarling Doberman’s. We both instantly stop struggling as she looks really pissed off and she brings the angry looking dogs closer and closer to us with a sadistic look on her face and I am truly and honestly thinking that she is going to let them bite one of us as if to teach us a lesson.

To my surprise she suddenly shouts to the dogs “sit.” and the dogs instantly sit and now are totally silent.

Suzi starts to explain to us ”These dogs will do everything I tell them, instantly” so you two had better do as I say too like the dogs if you know what is good for you both, or would you like me to demonstrate that I am not fucking about here, maybe I should show you anyway.”

I am sick with worry as Suzi unfastens the leash’s and much to me relief for a moment the dogs still sit there obediently, she suddenly calls out to the dogs “search” and at the same time she points to us. I feel sick in the stomach again with fear expecting the dogs to dash madly to us and bite me or something, the dogs instantly get up but just trot over to both me and Anita, the dogs start to sniff eagerly all around us and their noses moving quickly and humiliatingly up between our legs sniffing like crazy, the way some dogs do.

Suzi and the men have big smiles on their faces, they are obviously enjoying our humiliation and fear, then one dog gets up on its hind legs and grips Anita with its front legs, the other dog sniffing me then does the same as the other dog. It was terrifying not knowing what was going to happen but Suzi and the men still laugh their heads off at us as if it was great fun.

The dogs grip us both with their front legs and start to lick our faces but not in a pleasant happy way and I could feel the dog gripping me started doing short initial humps back and forth, it must have started feeling horny as it sniffed me between my legs, then I hear Suzi suddenly shout out “sit” and the dogs instantly get off us dropping down to the floor and sit there bolt upright.

The men come over to us smiling their heads off and untie us both, we couldn’t take our eyes off the dogs as Suzi comes over to us.

Suzi tells us both sternly “the rest of this is up to you two little bullying bitches, I know the both of you little bastards very well, but you don’t remember me at all do you…” Both me and Anita looked at her closely, but we didn’t recognise her at all. Then she added, “I was probably just one of many people that you two took delight in bullying.”

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Both me and Anita looked at each other amazed at what we had just heard, both of us shaking our heads, I told Suzi “we never bullied anyone at school.” then Suzi told us “Oh no! Well you two was always known as the terrible two to everyone! I was the girl who you two teased and bullied, both of you stealing my dinner money and slapping me around if I didn’t give my money to you, You two made my life and many other’s lives a fucking misery, do you remember me now?….

I vaguely remembered something like that with a skinny wimpy irritating girl with no tits that I went to school with. I looked closely at her again and slowly but surely I started to recognise her “Oh yes” I said looking more closely, “yes, yes, now I do remember you ,,, but I remember we only took your money once” I said protesting my innocence. “You liar,” she shouted at me, “you robbed me of my dinner money for well over two months if not more until I told my big brother here,” and the short dumpy one nods his head. ‘so that’s her brother’ I thought.

‘so that’s her brother’ I thought.

“Ah yes,” I said, “I remember you now, but we only robbed you of your lunch money for two or three months that once was what I meant.”

“But why me, why did you bully me and steal my money.”

I thought for a second and came up with the best answer I could think of, “well it were nothing personal, we robbed quite a few people of their dinner money because we were saving up at that time”  

‘Change the subject’ I quickly told myself, “Well you and your brother there have certainly changed haven’t you, you both have certainly changed, you used to look more like a boy at school, you have lost some weight, not that your brother has. It’s amazing what a little make-up and boobs have done for you.” It was true though she had changed beyond recognition, talk about the ugly duckling, she was stunning now.

“Yes” she said I thought agreeing with me, but she continues ”You two was the terrible two, you turned a lot of the other girls against me, you used to call me horrible names wicked names about how I looked, I hated the both of you two as others did and now you are here… I am going to really enjoy this after all those years of torment and bullying that you two put me through”

Again I tried to defend myself .. but Suzi stopped me, she turned to Anita instead telling her “and you was the worst of the two, you were so spiteful… and oh how you thought you were so superior to everyone else, (Anita hadn’t changed one bit) oh how I wanted to get my revenge, I wished every day that I could kick you right in the cunt.”  

“Oh shut up snotty” was Anita’s clever reply and my heart sank as she wasn’t helping matters at all, I could only think Anita had resigned herself to her fate, whatever that was to be.

Suzi moves closer to Anita saying “if you don’t do as I say, I will set both the dogs on to you, do you hear, and I don’t think they will just try to hump your leg  this time, but I will assure you of this, by then you will wish they would.” ….. There is total silence, then Suzi says, “So you think I am bluffing do you? You are untied now, Why don’t you make a run for the door, I dare you.”

“No,” said Anita

Then Suzi says to us both, “so are you going to do as I ask now?”

We both reluctantly nod our heads we saw no choice, Suzi smiles at is in satisfaction more than being happy, then  she tells us, “well let’s see then shall we?” I suppose at this point both me and Anita wondered what exactly Suzi really has in store for us both.

Then Suzi tells us “I want the pair of you to take all your clothes off, NOW!” We both looked at each other in horror, but we both knew that we would have to, there would be no getting out of it, we both had no choice but to do as she told us to do, so slowly me and Anita reluctantly started to undress.

The men started to hum the stripper tune as they leered at us both making lude and rude comments about our bodies and even though they were complimentary remarks we still felt disgusted as we undressed. The three acted as though it was some sort of fun, but it was far from fun for us, and we both undress to their singing and whistling as unsexy as possible. We were both fearful of what was going to happen to us. We lay our clothes on the hay and Suzi and the men sat on the bails of hay as they watched us.

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Suzi is the only one smiling, both the men looking so serious at us. We both undressed completely and then stand there naked in front of them, feeling vulnerable and humiliated without clothes on. We look at them wondering and worrying as to what would be next, we honestly had no Idea, I know what the men had said earlier, but I put that out of my mind as surely that wouldn’t happen.

There seemed to be an extremely long and uncomfortable pause before they said anything as the three of them just sat there and looked at us for what seemed quite a while seemingly admiring our young naked bodies….. Suzi’s smiles become wider as she was now obviously about to speak, then she tells us “Very very Nice girls, Now put a show on for us.”

We both turn to each other as Suzi explains further to us both “and you know what I mean don’t you, We want a lesbian sex show, we want to watch you have sex with each other.” We knew what she meant, well I did anyway. I was bi-sexual, that would that make it a little easier for me? I don’t know, I hoped it would, but Anita was not, not at all or in the slightest and I knew the thought of touching another girl sexually must be disgusting for her.

I thought I had better take the reluctant lead here and so I turned to Anita and put my hands on Anita’s naked shoulders and twisted and pulled her gently and lovingly towards me. But Her head stayed looking to the front angrily at Suzi.

I brought my hand up to her face and made her look at me and we both paused for a moment as we looked at each other solemnly. Anita looked very frightened, I smiled at her and then gently gave her a small and gentle kiss on the lips, then looked at her for a moment more before I gave her a longer kiss her on her lips and she gently kissed me back and I suppose from that point on we had started  this sick and humiliating “show” we both now kissed each other gently for a few minutes getting more and more adventurous with our kissing.

I heard Suzy telling the boys “watching two girls kiss, you boys must be in heaven aren’t you”

“Not ‘arf” came the rough course reply “I can’t wait for the sex!”

Suzi smiled as she enjoyed watching the kissing for a while but then grew a little impatient with us as we just gently kissed and kissed so I raised my hand and started to stroke Anita’s breast and flick her nipple and Anita following my lead by doing the same to me in return and I felt my nipple’s start to swell as they did every time someone touched them, then Suzi shouts over to us and I had to look round to her.

Suzi starts giving orders to us both in what to do and she tells me “I think that is enough kissing for now, I can see that you like each other, You lay down on your back on the hay Angel, I am sure you will have done that a few times in the past.” 

I reluctantly did as I was told as I thought to myself ‘oh hell, here we go, this is where the men join in’ but Suzi tells Anita “and you, get on top of her in the 69 position, we are going to watch you both suck and lick each other’s fresh little cunts out.

I remember thinking ‘she is the little cunt’ … The dogs seem to be parading and slowly walking around us the whole time, watching us intently as if on guard, but maybe that’s the way it seemed in my mind’s eye even though I was trying to put them out of my mind.

Anita seems to be hesitating at her demands, I wasn’t surprised and I was sure that she was going to refuse to do it. It would obviously be a vile and disgusting act for someone of a straight disposition to be forced to perform oral sex on a close friend of the same sex, any sex.

Suzi looks at Anita and I am sure she is thinking the same thing as I was, maybe this is why she is making her do this as a great humiliation for her in being forced into carrying out a lesbian act of a friend.

Susi suddenly tells he, “If you refuse, I will have both these men rape YOU right now before I let the dogs have their fun with the both of you too… maybe you would really like one of the dogs to fuck you instead, it’s your choice.”

My brain went into overdrive ‘Oh my god, oh my god, surely she won’t force us to have sex with a dog, oh fucking hell, please God surely not’

I noticed Suzi emphasised the YOU to her when she said it. The men smile wildly as Anita has to make her choice and Suzi wasn’t giving her much of a choice.

I had no idea what Anita was going to do. The men were going to rape us both for sure anyhow I thought, we both had no doubt about that, maybe Anita may be thinking ‘lets just get it over with now and I then don’t have to do this horrible and disgusting lesbian stuff, maybe she would have a point,’ on the other hand Suzi had threatened her with the dogs, so I was just thinking ‘let’s just play this out for now and lets hope someone comes into the barn or something just turns up and saves us from tall that.’

Anita pausing and thinking over what she had been told suddenly steps one leg over me and slowly she starts to crouch down over me in the 69 position as Suzi had told her to do. I saw Suzi smile from the corner of my eye as she tells me to raise my bottom and to open my legs wider for her “come on angel offer her your cunt” as she so crudely put it.

As Anita very reluctantly bends and lowers her pussy down towards my face, I see her very cleanly shaven light brown pussy lips parting as her legs opened and I watched it getting ever closer to me, as she now gets down onto her hands and knees I part and raise my legs as Suzi ordered me to allow her access to my pussy.

Anita is on her hands and knees and with her knees either side of my head, but she is very long legged and her pussy is too high for me and so was quite difficult to reach with my mouth while I am laid flat on the floor. Suzi seems to be getting angry with Anita’s slow timing and like Suzi does in her frank manner She tells Anita angrily ”Come on open your legs wider and push your cute little fanny down into Angels pretty face, she is eagerly waiting to get her mouth round it and suck it for you; or the men will help you from both ends right now, this is your last warning! .. the very last!!”

Anita gives a little unhappy simper and very reluctantly edges and opens her knees wider and then lowers her lovely small cute light brown pussy right down to me and guides it gently above my mouth.  Now I only have to raise my head slightly and I looked at it for a second or two, reluctant to do what we have been ordered to do.

Even though I was bi-sexual as I have said before, I still hadn’t done this very often, maybe only two or three times, but that was with someone I was sexually involved with, not just a long-term close friend. Suzi looked very angry and I thought I had better do what she told us both to do before things could get worse. I raised my head towards Anita’s pussy and I too then reluctantly start to kiss my friends clean shaven pussy.

I feel Anita flinch just a little as my lips made contact with the top of her pussy. I ignored her reaction, It smells lovely and fresh and I do as I am expected to do, trying not to annoy them.

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Straight away Suzi asks me “what does it tastes like, is it good?” but I could tell she was just mocking me and trying to raise our humiliation even higher, if that was possible and she was not really expecting an answer from me and I continued at that point to kiss gently around Anita’s most intimate parts.

Suzi then turns to Anita and she sternly tells her, “Come on then you stupid lesbian bitch, let me see you lick and suck your friends little pussy, you need to make it all nice and wet.” Suddenly I felt Anita’s lips very gently kiss around my pussy and I wondered what it would be like for her being sexually straight having to do this to me, it must be much more difficult for her surly. It was very difficult and disgusting enough for me being forced to do this to a close friend I had known all my life, but I am bi-sexual, she is not, it’s not something I hadn’t done before.

I repeatedly kissed her pussy up and down over and over, then Suzi Shouts out, “come on you two nice friends, be more intimate with each other, I want to see you both lick each other’s pussy’s now and really start to make out with each other, come on make it look like you are really enjoying it.”

I make my mouth wet and I stick my tongue out a little and it felt really humiliating as I started to slide my wet tongue up and down her slit, and within a second or two I felt Anita do the same to me, but it seemed and felt really half-hearted from her as you would imagine in this situation.

Suzi Shouts out and still not happy, “come on you two little sluts, get your tongue right in there and get that pussy right into your mouths and suck it, taste it”, try to make each other cum.

No chance of that I thought but all the same I did as demanded of me and I started to lick Anita’s clit, but my mind was still thinking about poor Anita. ‘If I was straight, would I sooner be forced to suck a man’s cock rather than be forced to perform a very intimate lesbian act? …. What do you think? I am fairly sure in her position I would sooner be forced to give a Blow-Job….. I think…. maybe… Mind you I thought on, with this you don’t necessarily get a mouth full of cum, so I don’t know.

I notice from the corner of my eye Suzi gets up and moves over and closer to us both, then she kneels down beside us and watches us both closely while at the same time I notice the men get up and start to take their dirty, raggy work trousers off.

Instantly I think ‘oh my god, please .. NO, I take back all that I have just said about preferring to suck cock’ and my stomach sinks as I continue to lick and flick Anita’s clit a little more eagerly and hoping it will please Suzi. I slide my tongue down to Anita’s pussy hole and I lick and flick the tip of my tongue right around the rim of her hole letting my tongue lick just on the inside edge and I hear a little gasp from Anita.

I notice now that whatever I do to Anita she does to me, so she must be taking my lead. To be honest with you, it would felt quite nice in other circumstances, so I thought I must be quite good at this, I don’t know what Anita thought….. Disgusted probably.

Suzi sounding almost pleased with me instantly says, “Oh yes you are very good at this aren’t you Angel, Anita is very lucky, maybe I will be as happy later.”

Then Suzi tells Anita a little sternly and insulting her, “come on push and gyrate your fucking useless pussy harder into Angels face, and I felt a little extra pressure from Anita’s pussy press down on me. Then Suzy leans over to watch Anita perform on me, I can feel her kissing my pussy gently with the occasional licking of me with a semi-dry tongue, she obviously is hating what she is being forced to do.

Suzi tells Anita, “don’t be selfish, pull her pussy lips apart with your fingers and get you mouth right in there, suck and lick it harder, and I felt someone’s  fingers parting my pussy lips which felt terribly humiliating. Now I heard Suzi tell her, “that’s it, now spit on it” and I felt a little-wet splat in my pussy as Anita did everything she was being told in order to appease out captor.

 Suzy demands more of her “now push your tongue right into her open cunt, go on push it right in there and flick your tongue around, fuck her with your tongue” and I could feel Anita’s tongue now pushing into my wet pussy and her tongue moving around inside me very intimately and I opened my legs a little hoping that I was helping Anita a little.

Now Suzi backs away a little but with more demands “now both of you gyrate your pussies harder into each other’s faces, make those faces and pussies wet with sex” and we both did because we saw the threat of the boys pulling their underpants down. 

Suzi still with a sadistic smile tells us “come on, faster and harder” she demanded “Come on, really fuck your friends face hard with your pussy, just pretend it’s an enormous hard cock you are riding on, I want to see your friends face nice and wet, rub it harder with your pussy” and she laughs out loud at the disgusting humiliation that she is putting us through, while watching us furiously bucking and gyrating our pussies into each other whilst at the same time we lick each others clits.

Fuck each other’s cunt deep with your tongues she tells us, and humiliatingly we both did. Suzy gives a little gasp and tells me “oh my god yes…Deeper, push your tongue into her deeper make her pussy really wet”

Again I did as I was told, I pushed my tongue deeper into Anita’s soft pussy and wriggled my tongue and pushed it in and out of her pussy fucking her with it. Suzi says to me softly, “good girl, go on, fuck her with your tongue, push it deeper, the wetter you make her the better it will be for her.” I could have a good guess why I thought…

Suzi gets up and tells Anita, “look at me, I am going to do you a favour, You don’t have to lick your friends pussy anymore, it seems wet enough for what I have in store for it.” So I knew now that she was going to have me raped as well by the sounds of it

Then the small plump man, (her brother) walks up to her naked from the waist down with a small thick hard prick sticking out in front of him and Suzi grabs Anita’s hair tightly and tells her “open your mouth for him.”

Anita pleads with her “Please no, please don’t make me do that as well” as she anticipates what she is going to be forced to do. Suzi bends over and with her face close to her face she tells her, You are going to open your mouth and let him put his cock in there, then you are going to suck his nice cock for him, or else” Anita gives a little groan and despairing squeal and then tentatively Anita slowly and reluctantly opens her mouth.

I hear Suzi whisper very softly to her brother “go on, do it” and I lift my head further up and look under Anita’s body and I see the plump man put his hand on Anita’s head and then he guides his small stumpy cock between Anita’s open mouth with a disgusted look on her face, and I notice she is forced to open her mouth further open as the short fat man pushes his thick cock deeper into her mouth.

“Suck it for him” demands Suzi, and Anita starts to slowly and tentatively suck the man’s cock for him. I hear the fat man groan and I can see a smile spread across Suzi’s gorgeous but sadistic smiling face as she watches Anita reluctantly sucking and sliding her mouth up and down her brother’s small but thick shaft…

Page 14

It seems perverse as Suzi takes a step back and watches as her brother moans at the pleasure he is receiving from Anita’s Mouth. Then I notice Suzi give the skinny man who is her boyfriend and obviously 10 to 15 years her senior a nod and he makes his way silently behind Anita.

The man kneels down behind her and he has to part his knees each side of my head as he inches close to Anita. Anita hasn’t noticed and I see Suzi mouth silently to him “fuck her” The skinny man smiles at her approval. I am shocked that any girl-friend would tell her boyfriend to fuck some other girl, I would be way too jealous, but she is telling him to rape her. The boyfriend edges closer on his knees His hard cock wags from side to side as he inches his way forward. It wasn’t a really big cock, I would say it was about six inches long and not that thick either, I would certainly say it was probably a little less than average… Not that I am an authority on men’s cocks or anything.

He grips each side of her little bum with his hands, Instantly as Anita feels the man’s hands grip her bottom and feels him push up to her she instantly stops sucking the plump man’s cock and looks around at what is happening.

Knowing that the skinny man is now getting into position and going to fuck her Anita screams out and beg, “Oh please no, no…. I beg you not to, is this not enough?”

The tall skinny man and the plump man grab her and Suzi holds her head forcing it to the front and also making it difficult for Anita to move, The fat man forcibly pushes his thick cock back into her mouth and she coughs and splutters. Suzi in a loud excited and demanding voice tells her boyfriend “come on, shove your cock in her and fuck her” The skinny man quickly grips his hard cock and moves it pointing and guiding it towards her pussy.

Suzy says to him, “I am sure Angel has made her pussy nice and wet for you, she got her wet tongue in all around there, so it should slip in there fairly easy, but if not, no matter, you will just have to push harder that’s all”

From where I was right under Anita and having no choice I was staring right at her pussy only about 8 inches away and his large hanging balls were almost dangling right on my forehead, I could see clearly what was happening. Anita started to scream out shouting NO! NO! and struggling whilst the skinny man seems to be like growling to himself in excitement, it was a strange sound. He shuffles up even closer to her on his knees as the other two hold her tight.

He grips his cock and I watch as he pushes his hard cock in-between her delicate female folds, Anita squeals out in despair again as she feels his cock now nudging right against her intimate hole as he slides his cock around feeling for the right spot. Anita squeals and screams as the tension builds in her nightmare of her pussy being raped. I was thinking they had used me to make her pussy wet just to make it easier for him to penetrate her, and it occurred to me right there and then, that’s why they had forced Anita to lick and moisten my pussy for that same reason, I would be next to be raped for sure.

The dogs are still on guard with an occasional growl or bark but nothing else. From where I am under and between Anita’s legs I can see the skinny man has the tip of his cock right over Anita’s pussy hole. I didn’t know how often Anita had sex, in her high opinion very few men was ever good enough for her, so it wouldn’t have been very often, but that didn’t matter now I suppose.

Suzy tells him keenly “get in in her! make her scream”

The skinny man starts to push his cock into her and Anita Squeals out begging the man “Please don’t to do it, please” but the man just pushes harder and I see his long thin cock start to bend as her pussy resists the man’s thrust into her. Suddenly as the skinny man pushes his cock harder I see her pussy suddenly bulge in and open and suddenly his prick disappears and slips right up her. She instantly screams out as she feels it slide up her pussy and then gasps then half squeal and half groans out at the same time. Suzi calls out “Oh yes, I can definitely tell he is up her now.”

The skinny man, Suzi’s boyfriend starts to grip Anita’s bottom tightly as he thrusts up her hard, his thin prick slips up her easily and with every thrust Anita gives a sickening groan and squeal of despair and humiliation. The fat man is fucking her mouth at the same time and I can hear sloppy sounds coming from her mouth as each of the men groan.

Suzi squeals in delight as she watches the person who made her life a total misery and nightmare at school get her punishment.. “Oh I have waited so long for this, and it is better than I ever expected” she reveals.

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Suzi coaches the men eagerly, “Come on boys, bang her good and hard with those hard pricks…. make her squeal more, I want to hear her.”

Now if it was me I would have shut right up, but no not Anita the men fucked her harder and faster from both ends at the request from Suzy, and Anita squeals and screams out louder as the men eagerly do as they are told.

Then suddenly Suzi shouts out at the men, “right stop, stop for a minute” and the men look at her puzzled.. Suzi tells them You have had enough for now, we have to be careful especially with you Matt, we can’t afford to make her pregnant or anything can we, we would have no excuse then. The men seem to be sulking like little boys and mumbling their annoyance at not being allowed to cum yet.

Anita gasps and almost sobbing gets up saying “thank you”

Don’t thank me yet Suzi tells Anita, I want to watch one of the dogs fuck you now,”

Anita’s face turns to horror and calls out “OH MY GOD NO, OH PLEASE, OH MY GOD, NO!! … NO!!!

Suzi smiles right back at her “Oh god yes .. Yes … Fucking too right Yes.. This is what we brought you here for.” and if trying to degrade her further “and they will be shooting their doggie cum right up your pussy as well.”

Anita screams out in horror, NO, NO, I am not going to do anything like that, it is totally disgusting.

Suzi turns and tells the two men, “Well you know what to do then, take her and strap her down boys, the dogs must have their fun and so shall we watching them…. Then as if to stop their sulking she tells them “don’t worry, you will get your release later, I have to wait too. I know what you are like Matt when you have shot your load, you lose interest… So be patient and I will let you take your pick of girls.. Is that fair.” The boys give a little smile and a little nod.

The two strong farmhands grab Anita and pull her as she struggles over to the edge of the barn. I didn’t see it at first but one of the men bends and moves some of the straw on the ground, as the men pull the straw back as if hiding something and suddenly I see a flat bench with black straps attached to it on the floor.

“Tie her tight” Suzi tells the men “while I pick the lucky Dog”

The men force Anita down onto her knees on the bench and both the men struggle hard with Anita as she fights as hard as she can with them, but once the men get one of her wrists strapped down firmly they both target her other wrist and strap that down to the bench too. From then on they strap down both her legs relatively easily as one man forces her leg into place as the other man straps it down tightly.

In the mean time as Anita is gasping for breath from the fight, Suzi proudly comes back with a dog and walks over to Anita as the men finish strapping her to the bench. Suzi stands there patiently, silently and without emotion as she is watching them until the men are finished. Anita who is now helpless as she is strapped down tightly on her forearms and knees to the bench and in the perfect position to be mounted from behind by the big dog. Anita yells out in protest and is still trying to pull away and break the straps that are holding her as she looks over and sees the dog.

The men who are puffing and panting from the struggle too that Anita gave them move away a few yards and sit in the hay whilst telling Suzi. “Okay take the dog to her and let’s see what it does”

Suzi is smiling and looks excited as she takes a couple of steps forward and she lightly spanks Anita on the bottom whilst calling to the dog “Bono, Come on boy, come and do your stuff for me like a good boy”

Anita screams out “don’t you fucking dare! keep that dog away from me.” But of course the dog comes over to Anita and trots behind her. The dog only looks a youngish dog, maybe 2 years or so and starts sniffing her from behind, I was so embarrassed and humiliated for her and having to watch it.  Suzi calls out to everyone “oh yes, I think he is going to do something, Oh I do hope he does” and the dog after sniffing around Anita for a moment suddenly hops up and with its front legs wrapping round her waist the dog mounts Anita from behind.

Anita really worried and frightened and worried tries to look behind her and instantly calls out “Oh no, oh my god, please stop him.”

I can see that the dog is becoming increasingly interested because I now for the first time see the dogs pink cock suddenly come out of, well from where a dogs cock comes out from.

Suzi calls out again excitedly to anyone that is interested and trying to encourage the big dog “He is, I think he’s going to do it, come on boy, yes, yes that’s a good boy.” and again giving the dog encouragement she says in an excited voice to the dog as you would a small child “Yes Bono, Good Doggie, shag the nice young lady, she really wants you to, oh yes she does, go on boy.”

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Suzi has a wicked dry smile on her face as she crouches down close to Anita to get a good view of the dog’s cock. Her short skirt rides right up her thighs showing her bright red knickers as she excitedly tells everyone, “oh I am going to love watching this, I so hope he does it” then she calls out again to the dog giving encouragement again to him “Go on Bono.. Go on Fuck her, do it boy.”

Suzi Watches sadistically

Suzi Watches sadistically as the bound and helpless Anita Screams out.

Anita calls out begging and pleading with them, “NO! NO! Please don’t let it, I will do anything, just please stop the dog, get him off me.

Suzi tells her harshly, “Well you have just promised to do anything for me, so now you are so just shut up!..”

Then Suzi changes her harsh tone back to an excited one “Oh my god, I have always wanted to watch one of our dogs fuck some girl for real. I wouldn’t miss this for the world, This is going to be sooo much fun if he does it, I can’t believe it.“ 

Suzi is right though, the dog seems to be getting more and more interested. The big black dog grips Anita and humps his little but quickly growing pink cock against her bum as Anita groans out and simpers at the humiliation of feeling it’s cold sticky wet cock prod against her. Anita’s legs are strapped slightly apart and I can see the dog’s cock rubbing against her bum but now very quickly indeed growing and getting very stiff.

Suzi staring at the dogs now very red and hard cock whispers to him “Go on Bono, give it to her” The dog now is gripping Anita tighter with his front paws and his hard cock is now prodding and searching for her pussy. I found the situation disgusting but I couldn’t help but watch what is happening. The dog now seems very keen to do it and starts humping and pushing his cock around the right area, suddenly Anita screams out fearful “Oh fuck, please no, not this” and by that reaction I took it that Anita could now feel the dog was pushing his cock right up against the wall of her pussy.

Suzi edges closer and I could see her breathing quite heavily and her eyes fixed in total excitement and in an encouraging low voice almost like a loud whisper “Oh go on Bono boy, push harder, you are almost in there” then she turns to the men telling them “He damn well is you know, he’s going to fuck her”

The dog whose cock looks bigger than the men’s bucks hard into her with his bright pink thick cock pushing up against her pussy. Anita gasps out almost in a panic wrestling against the straps and screaming as she feels the dog’s prick suddenly push against her pussy trying to penetrate her, Anita’s mind concentrating on what is happening behind her calls out sharply “Oooh no, oh please god no” and then she gives a low groan and drops her head “Ooooh my god, Oh fucking hell NOooooo.”

The dog pushed once more and as Anita’s faces screws up with her mouth open as she suddenly gasps and groans out, at the same time Suzi squeals out excitedly “Yes he’s done it, he’s done it, he’s got his cock into her.” Suzi squeals out even louder as the dog starts humping eagerly up and into Anita as I watch the dogs pink cock start to slip up and down her pussy. The dog humps and thrusts his hard cock into Anita and each time he thrusts up her Anita gives an uncontrollable squeal in disgust and shame.

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The dog’s cock is about the size of a boys, about 4 inches long, no more than that and Anita is groaning and squealing more with the mental anguish than anything else as the dog eagerly fucks her increasingly harder and faster.

Susi speaks out excitedly ”Oh yes, look at Bono go now, it’s giving her a right fucking isn’t it” then turns to Anita asking her “What’s it feel like having a dog cock up you?”

But Anita has more on her mind than answer Suzi’s stupid question, the dog now fucks away at her frantically hard and fast and Anita gives out loud high pitched squeals of “oh- oh- oh- oh- oh” at every thrust.

Suzi then leans back as though she is getting the whole picture in her mind saying “just look at that, it’s fantastic… go on Bono fuck her good and hard.” My mind was wondering if Suzi was a little jealous of Anita and she was secretly wishing it was her. I know that sounds stupid but the excitement in which this girl was watching and staring at the both of them seemed totally unnatural, at one point I honestly thought Suzi was on the edge of having an orgasm as she was so short of breath and gasping at what she was seeing in front of her, not that she was touching herself at all or anything like that, I think that was going to be my job.” 

Anita was really straining and wincing at the furious fucking she was getting from the dog behind her, then suddenly the dog completely stopped humping and I could see clear watery liquid running out of her pussy, then a second later the dog pulled its wet cock out of her and I saw a little gush of clear runny liquid run down both Anita’s legs. The dog had finished fucking her in about a minute, it didn’t seem to last very long at all, but I bet it did to Anita.

Suzi looks shocked, she looks over at me with the same look of shock in her face asking, “has it fucking finished already” as though I was some sort of expert on the subject. To be honest, there was no sigh the dog was going to cum, it just did then stopped humping with no ceremony at all, Bone then wondered off and laid down.

Suzi jumps up and shouts to another dog “Bruno here boy” and a big dog springs into life and bounds over to her.

“Come on boy,” she says to him “you can be next.”

Anita screams out, “Oh please no, please not another one … oh god”

Suzi giggles “Yes, another one you lucky girl, then your friend can have a turn and you can watch her, how about that. that’s if you don’t mind helping the boys with their cocks” and my stomach sunk as I knew I would be next, I was hoping I was going to get away with it.

“Come on Bruno” Suzi tells the dog and again she pats Anita’s bum trying to encourage the new dog to take her from behind, but this much bigger and older dog needs almost no encouragement at all.

The dog makes his way to the back of Anita and hops on to her. As soon as the dog hops up on to Anita from behind its enormous prick suddenly springs straight out.

I am shocked, the dog’s cock didn’t slowly get bigger, It seemed to have an instant and enormous hard-on and its cock was well over twice as long and thick as the other dog before it.

The dog was already humping into Anita and trying to find her now wet hole for his large dog cock. Anita hadn’t seen it and was totally unaware of what she was about to receive, I have to be honest, I didn’t envy her this one and pleased it was her and not me.

Suzi gave the game away more than a little to Anita because Suzi moves a little closer to her saying, “oh my! fucking hell, look at the size of its prick, it’s enormous, I am going to really enjoy watching this big bastard fuck her.”

Anita’s eyes are suddenly large with fear and worry as she tries to look around to see the dogs cock, but she can’t see it. I notice that the large dog’s probing cock quickly finds her pussy and starts to push into her.

Anita now for the first time has a sense of the size of the dog’s cock as she feels the huge cock pushing in between the folds of her pussy and she starts to scream out as she feels the size of it as it suddenly enters her pussy. Her pussy wet from the first dog’s cum is making it much easier for this dogs cock to slip in even though it is much, much bigger than before luckily for her.

The dog excitedly feels the tip of his cock slip into her and he instantly tries to fuck her frantically like an inexperienced boy, even though it was much more mature, it seems the dog was just too excited. It was just too early for a cock that was so large, as it wouldn’t go all the way up her pussy straight away, he needed to take a little more time with slow long thrusts to let it slide up in its own time.

The dog with just the tip of its thick cock in her tries to force his cock deep into her quickly and Anita raises her head and screams out as she feels the dog’s large cock stretch her pussy open as the dog humps at her trying to force its cock up her still further and further and with each thrust forward Anita screams out in shock at the intense size and feeling up her pussy ”oh my god, oh god” she screams in a higher and higher pitch as the dog forces its cock up her quickly further and further.

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Suzi with large bulging and staring almost mad eyes flashing from Anita’s face to her behind gasps out enthusiastically “just look at her face now with that big bastard dog prick inside her, its huge isn’t it? but it is going up her cunt, it’s going it up there.” To be honest the coarseness of what Suzi said surprised me a bit as I wasn’t really looking at Anita’s face

Anita screams out as her pussy is being stretched by such a big dog cock thrusting up her

Anita screams out as her pussy is being stretched by such a big dog cock thrusting up her

The extremely eager dog now give tiny whimpers as well, probably because of the tight pussy he is trying to force his cock up into.

He thrusts its thick cock right up her now and Anita grimaces and screams begging for them to stop the dog as though she is in great pain from the dog’s cock thrusting up her tight pussy.

Suzy watches with great wide bulging and staring eyes with open-mouthed excited gasps, the more and louder Anita gasps, groans and squeals and screams out the more Suzi becomes excited and enthralled by it all and Suzi calls out slowly and in total amazement in what she is seeing  ”OH – MY …. OH – MY – FUCKING – GOD, THIS IS JUST FUCKING OUT OF THIS WORLD, JUST FUCKING  A – M- A- Z- I- N- G.”

I knew exactly what she meant mind you, I was thinking the exact same thing myself at the time. I couldn’t believe the size of the dog’s cock for a start and just how the dog seemed so fully determined and eagerly bucking so hard up and into her, almost as if the dog was trying to get all of its prick into Anita from the very off.

Anita now screams out “STOP…. PLEASE STOP! … it’s too big! it’s too big!” The dog of course knows no better and continues to pound away into her pussy as Anita continues to squeal and scream out. Then suddenly the dog just stops what he is doing, he looks around calmly with his tongue out calmly panting, he looks around as though looking to see what’s happening around him and its large cock slips out of Anita pussy.

Anita is gasping and panting from the relief of the huge cock inside her as again Suzy looks around with a shocked face saying, “Has he finished as well … Has he cum, I don’t think he did, did he?” and she looks at me

“Well,” I thought to myself ‘there was no sign of cum like there was last time, so I don’t think he did.’ I just shrugged my shoulders in a ‘don’t ask me, what do I know about these things’ type of manner.

Now I had other things on my mind, I was worried that they were going to force me to have sex with one of the dogs. The dog wandered a few yards away lazily with his great big cock sticking out for only a few seconds. Anita was still gasping and panting and groaning with disgust with what she had been forced to do and at the fucking she had just taken.

The dog then lazily turns back to Anita, sniffs between her bottom and then hops up behind and mounts her again. It seems that he in interested in having another go and with his paws gripping around her waist again and unfortunately for Anita he starts to position himself to have another go and have round two with her.

“Oh yes” gasps Suzi and she gives tiny little-excited claps with her hands she seems so  pleased again.. “Go on, do her” she calls encouragingly to the dog

“Nooooo” screams out Anita “Oh god no, please not again!” as she feels the dogs long thick cock pushing again at her pussy. This time the dog gives a good push with its huge thick cock and it seems to slip right up her wet pussy first time and Anita instantly gasps and loudly screams out “OH FUCK .. OH FUCKING HELL!!’

Suzi squeals out loudly with instant excitement at the reaction from Anita. The dog instantly starts pounding away hard and fast up her pussy as Anita looks on the verge of bursting into tears and she screams as the dog pounds his huge thick cock into her mercilessly. Strangely the dog’s horrible expression as he humps into her seems to be smiling. I am feeling really sorry for Anita, but pleased that it’s not me although knowing that it could soon be.

Then as I watched everything that’s going off it seemed something completely medieval to me, The pleasure these 2 lads and this girl were getting from capturing and torturing there captures. As my mind wondered I was brought back to the present as the dog stopped Humping at Anita and I notice a lot of clear liquid running out of her pussy with the groan and gasping from Anita of “Oh thank fuck he has finished” as she must have felt his cum running down her legs, knowing he is not just having a rest. The dog pauses for a moment then slides his huge cock out of her, as soon as he withdraws a real gush of watery cum runs down both her legs. Anita in there on her knees with her head down gasping and panting as though she has run a marathon. 

I look at Suzi and she is almost panting with excitement just as much as Anita, she stands up saying “I can’t stand this excitement anymore huh lads, let’s take some relief, I think we need it with what we have just seen.” She surprises me as she starts to pull her knickers down in front of them, I look at her with a frown as she slips them down her legs, I watch her wondering what she is doing, or going to do next. She comes over very slowly with her eyes fixed onto mine like a stare and she has a slight smile. As soon as she gets to me she suddenly and violently grabs me by the hair and pushes me backwards and pushes me onto my back.

Suzi lowers her pussy right down in to my face and threatens me with the dogs if I don't lick and suck it

Suzi lowers her pussy right down in to my face and threatens me with the dogs if I don’t lick and suck it

She unclasps her skirt and lets it drop to the floor slowly and deliberately and in that same mode she then steps over me with her legs astride and she lowers herself a little widening her legs. With her eyes fixed on mine she simply says to me “suck and lick this for me and make it good” obviously meaning her pussy, she then lowers herself onto her knees and with her eyes never leaving mine she slowly lowering her clean shaven pussy right over my face. She rocks her hips back and forth gyrating them slowly a couple of times in readiness before she lowers her clean shaven wet pussy down further and pushes it down into my face telling me nastily “lick it bitch, tease me and make me cum with your mouth or the dogs are for you next.”

I knew I had no choice, I moved my mouth to her pussy at the same time as she pushed it into me and start to lick her, she whispers loudly  “Mmm Good girl, and she is doing it too.” Her pussy was really quite wet as she was so turned very much by watching the live dog sex show. I Instantly start to search and feel around for her clit with my tongue and I started to lick and flick it.

I took it into my mouth and her clit felt really large as I started to suck on it as if it was like a small man’s cock, which told me that she had not orgasmed for a while and I can hear her gasp out “oh yes that’s so nice, it feel so sensitive.”

She gasped out quite loudly, not holding back at all and pushing her wet pussy harder into my face and bucking her hips into me. I have done this so many times and I knew she wouldn’t last long before cumming. Unlike you guys I can make any girl who is feeling very horny cum in about 3 or 4 minutes at the most easily, sometimes in only 2 minutes when she is so turned on and excited like this.

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I can see the men through the corner of my eye approach Anita, they are obviously going to use her for their relief by raping her as she is strapped down. The short fat man tries to push his cock into her mouth but she refuses by turning her head, he grabs her hair and she tries to resist again but she must have decided it was useless to try and I see her open her mouth and as the man pushes his cock eagerly into her mouth she starts to suck on it as he thrusts slowly in and out.

The skinny man Mat (Suzi’s boyfriend) looks like a spare part and doesn’t really look as if he knows what to do or how far to go with Suzi being there. Suzi who is rocking her pussy around my mouth and watching them speaks to him in excited little gasps as I tease her clit, “Do you want to fuck her, …. Then go on, fuck her then if you want” he still doesn’t do anything at first, so Suzi tells him again “Go on fuck her, I want to watch you rape her, you know that I have always told you that I wanted to watch a really pretty girl being raped… So go on I want to watch you do it.” The skinny man nods to her with her approval now being given and he moves behind Anita and gets onto his knees, then I hear Suzi groan and gasp out loud and she rocks her pussy around my mouth quite roughly with soft little whispers of “oh yes, oh yes”.

Suzi suddenly shouts out to her boyfriend and she gasps, “Matt, No come here instead, she will have to wait her turn I am in greater need” and Suzi quickly gets up off me and turns around and gets back on top of me so that she is now looking the other way down towards my feet, then she eagerly pushes her pussy back towards my mouth and she gasps to him in excitement, “come on, fuck me from behind really hard,” and she bends over on her knees really forward with her bottom in the air giving him access to her pussy while my mouth was vigorously licking and sucking it.

I have to move down her a little and give him room to mount her from behind. So I slide down a little and I concentrate on her clit with my tongue and I can clearly see now her boyfriend kneel down behind her with his legs either side of my head and with his hand leading his prick to her parting pussy lips, he guides his prick between them and then pushes, I see clearly her white/pink lips part and he quickly and easily slides his prick straight up her eager wet pussy craving for a big cock and she groans out loudly as soon as it slides up her.


As Suzi groans out loud immediately so does her boyfriend as I am only 2 inches away from the view of seeing his balls swinging against my forehead as his prick is sliding up her clean shaved wet pink pussy. He eagerly starts to pound her wet aching cunt as I licked her clit and she squealed out “yes, oh fucking hell yes, this is fucking fantastic, the best of my life.”

Suzi squeals louder and louder as she bucks hard and into my face and Matts prick at the same time and within about 30 seconds she starts to scream out “oh yes harder, Fuck me harder, hurt me” I didn’t know if she was talking to me, him or both of us. Then I felt her body shake as she bucks hard and groans loud and low “oh fucking hell, of fucking hell oh noooooo” and she shakes and shivers loud and long in a violent orgasm, the orgasm seems to take an age to wain as her whole body seems to be in a rigid shaking spasm as her boyfriend Mat fucks her hard and deep and furiously.

Her orgasm eventually wains and she gives soft whimpers almost as if she is sobbing as the skinny man continues to fuck her hard from behind, I thought that if she is like me she will still be enjoying the fucking and possibly have another orgasm in another couple of minutes or so if we both carry on and I really wanted to satisfy her, she may let us go then if she is really satisfied

I still suck on her clit, even chewing on it as the skinny man eases back as he fucks her, she kneels there panting and gives little whimpers, of “oh yes, oh yes.” I notice that she is looking under herself watching me lick her clit. Sure enough, just as I suspected a minute later she starts to bounce her bottom back onto his cock and her body starts to shake and she gasps out again as she enjoys her second orgasm.

She sucks in her breath and shouts out and screams and gasping for breath as she pushes her pussy back onto his cock and down onto my mouth at the same time. I didn’t know whether to carry on sucking her pussy, but her boyfriend was increasing the pace of fucking her so I thought I had better.

I was pleased to carry on licking and flicking her clit hoping that we could bring her to a third orgasm after this, as that is usually my satisfaction point and is usually enough for me,

Again the orgasm wanes and me and her boyfriend continue to work on her cunt bringing it to the ultimate pleasure. The skinny man is fucking her really hard now and I think he could be close to cumming Suzi is gyrating her hips and still really enjoying her sucking and fucking, just as she starts to squeal out louder as her third orgasm builds as the skinny man is pounding her hard and he growls in a low groan “take this you little slut”

She surprises me as she responds with a little squeal of “yes sir” I thought she was the one that was in charge. His cock is slamming and slapping into her wet sloppy pussy and she shakes and squeals for the third time. a few seconds later His cock suddenly slips out of her pussy and she instantly looks under her in response to see what his happening, his cock pushed under her into my face and her boyfriend tries to shove his cock in my mouth. I was just trying to resist when Suzi gasps out loudly and smiling at me as she demands “open your mouth for him.”

I wasn’t happy about it, but I wasn’t going to upset anyone at this late point so I very reluctantly laid back a little further and opened my mouth for him and instantly the skinny man lays guides his cock into my mouth and starts fucking it.

Then I didn’t have to worry too much as it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I only had to suck it for about S0 seconds as he pulls his cock out of my mouth and slammed it back into Suzi who immediately squeals out in pleasure again.

He pounds at her violently and she squeals out wildly for a couple of minutes longer again gently groaning, but then this time when suddenly he pulls his cock out of her pussy and tries to push his cock back into my mouth again, I guessed that this time though he was wanting to cum in my mouth.

I push my mouth right into Suzi pussy sucking really hard and rough on her clit. Suzi cries out as if another orgasm shakes her body and the skinny man forcibly pushes my head down and at the same time squirting his cum all over my wet face from the juices of Suzie’s wet pussy, the skinny man gives three and four large squirts of cum all over my face before releasing my head and I pushed my cum covered face into Suzi’s already wet pussy, Suzi in return gyrates her pussy into my face at the same time making my face and her pussy look a disgusting mess.

Page 20

Suzi gets off me gasping, panting, squealing and whooping in excitement “what fucking fun that was, that has got to be the best shag  and the most powerful orgasms that I have ever had in a single fucking, and she has definitely sucked pussy before and we have all definitely got to do this again, and real soon.”

I look over to Anita and I can see cum running down and off her chin, the short fat man has finished in her mouth, which I thought was really rude.

“Can we go now?” I ask

 Of Course not replied Suzi, we have got a real treat for you later, then we will let you go, but you will both have to earn it, ….. “Oh bollocks I thought”

“Tie them both up!” Suzi tells the men and they drag me over to a large post and tie me firmly to it, then they untie Anita and bring her over to me and tie her tightly to the same post.

I wonder what the have in store for us, as far as Anita is concerned nothing could be worse… or so we thought.

This is just the first draft, so there will be errors, typo’s and changes made so come back and watch the story grow and develop, take part, that’s if you dare, you little wimp.

Still to Come ……

A few hours later Suzi came back into the barn with her boyfriend and the other man, she was smiling and looking around the barn as she walked our way, then she looked at me and Anita as though she was pleased to see us both.

She stands there with her hands on her hips mostly looking at me saying, “for the last two hours all I have been thinking about is you two and what I can do to you both to make up for the humiliation of all those years you bullied me. I feel as randy as fuck thinking about the fun we can have, so you will be pleased to know angel that it is your turn now, I want to watch the dogs fuck you, hope you don’t mind?” she said sarcastically.

I was forced to get down on my knees and let Suzi and the 2 men watch the dog fuck me.

I was forced to get down on my knees and let Suzi and the 2 men watch the dog fuck me.

Suzi gave me the option, “You can either get down on your knees and willingly let the dog fuck you, or if you refuse the boys will forcibly strap you down like we did with your very pretty shy friend here… Your choice, .. what shall it be.”

I reluctantly replied, “No you won’t have to strap me down.” I didn’t want to give her that pleasure.

Suzi gave a big smile and patting the straw she told me “Come on over here then and let the dog fun begin.

I got up off the straw and calmly removed my knickers while everyone watched me, then dropping my knickers to the floor I walked over to endure my fate, there was no point in fighting it, the men are much stronger than I was and I had seen with Anita they meant what they said.

I got to where they wanted me and I got down on my knees and moving my hands behind me and I lifted my short skirt over my bum to allow the dog access.

It was only then that Suzi said “No I want you to strip naked”  adding “I don’t want anything hid from us, I want to see your bum shake and your tits jiggle when the dog cock pounds into you”

I stood up and watched them smile even wider at my humiliation as I undressed until I was totally naked and feeling very vulnerable.

Suzy shouts over to one of the dogs “Mustard come to her boy” I turn around to see which dog it was, not that it mattered that much I suppose, I mean it is not as though she could pick a good looking one at all, could she? But when I saw it I thought “fuck me” the size of that, the dog looks more like a bloody horse.

Suzi tells me, “come on get back on your knees, Mustard is waiting for you”

Again reluctantly I get back down onto my hands and knees and bent forward, I could hear Suzi encouraging the dog to mount me and it wasn’t long before the dog obliged. I looked behind me and saw Suzi and the men urging the dog to fuck me. I was determined that if the dog did, I would show no reaction, I wasn’t going to give them that pleasure. I would just kneel there and take it with no emotion and make no sound at all.

I felt the dog hop up on to me from behind and its front paws gripped around my waist, my plan went well until I felt the dog’s cock start to nudge around my pussy, “Oh no I thought, here goes”

The dog’s paws gripped me tighter and I felt the pumping dog cock find the right position and the dog instinctively knew and bucked hard into me and his bright red cock pushed right up my pussy. I instantly squealed out in disgust at having a dog fuck me and feeling its long thick cock slip right up me made me squeal even more. The big dog really started humping me and I could feel its cock sliding right up me as he thrust back and forth.

I didn’t want to but I groaned and squealed as the dog fucked me, the dog got right into his rhythm and I groaned louder as he really started to pound up me, suddenly I could feel the dogs balls slapping against me and I knew that I was now taking the whole of the dogs cock up me.

I could feel the dog panting and smell his breath, I bent over further pushing my head into the straw but that gave a deeper sensation of the dogs cock up me and I half regretted doing that as it made me gasp and squeal a little louder.

The dog seemed to be fucking me for ages not like it was with Anita. Then just as I am begging for the dog to cum suddenly I feel really wet between my legs and I feel the dog getting off me.

Suzi claps her hands, that was very good, you sound as though you enjoyed that, we must use Mustard again.

Then Suzi tells Anita to kneel by me “you are next, you can both have one together.” Then Suzi asks her “what does a rapist make you do before he fucks you”

How the fuck would I know? she replies.

“Oh my god its nearly time” Suzi shouts out, and rushes around “I will catch you later” she shouts out again. and with that, they rush out of the barn……. Then Quiet.

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    • I did have a chat room Angie but I took it down. If you enjoyed the fantasy so much why don’t you write your own version and send it in for everyone to read ;-)

      Keep in touch

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    • Thank you, I am pleased you enjoyed the story and thank you for your comment. The thing about “Disgusting Dog 2″ was that it could go in any direction that I chose unlike the original dream that I had, I assume that you read “Disgusting Dog?”

  7. I loved reading your story, it reminded me of when I was first married. We had a big black lab called Samsom, one night after my husband and I had made love I was lying there when Sam came into the room put his paws on the bed and started licking my pussy.
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    • Many thanks to you too Nick, I loved the Suzi character as well, I would have loved to have made her a little more Sadistic, any idea’s.

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    • Well thank you Ron, this must me the best complement I think I have ever had. I have just added a forum page today where we all can chat.

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      Debbie, please write back to me and tell me the appeal of having sex with a dog, I would love to try and understand it. Thanks

      • As they say different strokes for different folks, as for me I think it’s the forbidden that appeals to me

        • Thanks for replying Debbie, you are right different people are turned on by different things, I am fully okay with that. I thought it may have been the Humiliation or something like that what you are turned on with. As I said I don’t think dogs offer very good sex. They don’t seem to last very long do they, lol. in fact they offer very poor sex in my opinion, if they did maybe I could understand better…. but whatever you do, have fun and enjoy yourself… Love Angel.

      • Chat away Daniel. Which has got me thinking, perhaps I will add chat and post it pages on the website where people can meet.

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    Am keen to chat and share some ideas, fantasies Angel. Drop me a line sometime if you get a chance, thanks

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    • Really pleased you enjoyed both the stories. The second one is not finished yet, so more to come, as for leaving your number, let me know how everything goes.

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