Doctor X

Playing Doctors as a sex game with a girl friend

Playing Doctors as a sex game with a girl friend

Doctor X … by Angel

I constantly read in the papers of Doctors that have sexually abused their patients. It almost seems common today, he touches and fondles their breasts, touches them between their legs and I have even read cases where he has raped them or forced them to perform oral sex on him. Uncannily more times than not they are Asian, and Its always this bloody Dr X that is in the dock accused of these crimes, he is a total bloody sex pest.

Anyway, what I was leading to was, I like to play sex games in which me and my partner will role play. Nat (my partner) role plays many different people and many different scenarios and one of them is him playing the role as a blackmailing Asian Doctor and I like to role play one of his receptionists that works in the surgery and now find myself being laid off work. I have to beg and plead for my job and the horrible Dr X Blackmails me to perform sex acts on him for me to be able to keep my job,,, very nice.

Well this story is nothing about that funnily enough, but it is about something very similar with someone else.. Recently I was out with a close girl friend called Lucy. I had known her for a few years from work, she had now left but we stayed very much in close contact. We were very similar in that we are quite forward and make fun of everything. She is quite petite and stunningly beautiful with dark shoulder length hair and a perfect body to kill for with very plump breasts, she loves her make up and wasn’t afraid to try different wild idea’s occasionally, but it was always totally perfect and enviable.

We went out one Wednesday Night to a local pub not too long ago, it started off a little quiet but that didn’t matter to us, although it did get busier a little later. After a few drinks we were making sexy confessions to each other and having a whale of a time as we always did.

She told me a confession of when she had to have a wee outside a pub because it was so busy she couldn’t wait at the line in the toilet or she would have wee’d herself so she had a wee outside and got caught on the CCTV with her knickers down.

So I told her that me and my partner Nat love to play sex role games and that I loved to play the one (where I explained earlier, you see there was a point to it.)

She smiled wildly with large excited eyes and she asked me, “Oh wow, how do you play that then?”

“Its quite easy really I told her, it’s mostly in the imagination really.” He plays the part of an Asian Doctor and I am a secretary or a receptionist within the surgery.”

“Go on!” she told me very eagerly.

“Well, we just make it up as we go, but he calls me in to his Office/Surgery (which is our living room really) and explains to me “I am sorry but because of NHS cuts there will be no option, there will have to be a reductions in staff, and in order for me to keep my job as a receptionist he suggests to me that if I I do sexual favours for him from time to time at his choosing maybe he would keep me and let one of the other girls go.. If I refused maybe that one of the other girls would do such a service for him… then he tells me “I will give you the first options for the job if you want it Angel as you are the youngest, the prettiest and by far the sexiest, what do you think? Do you want to keep your job on these terms”

I will look at him absolutely horrified and refuse of course at first, but over a period of time in the end I pretend that I have such financial pressures that I have no other choice but to agree to his disgusting demands. I emphasised ‘very reluctantly and with great, great regret and with strong persuasion from him of course.”

She looked so excited at me as I told her this and all the time she looks at me with such big bright beautiful sexy excited eyes. Then almost over excited she says in a lower tone so that no one in the pub would hear “What and he fucks you like that.. Wow!!… Oh my god, I have never heard of anything so kinky, I love it….

Then again excitedly she says in an eager low voice whisper “Can I ask, when Nat is having sex with you like that is the game over, you just have normal sex??

I was almost laughing at her wild excitement I reply “Oh no, NO not at all, the game is still on, he may force me to suck off his cock first, or maybe he forces my knickers off and my legs open and he does it to me, you know licks me down there.. the game isn’t finished at all even while he fucks me. Maybe while he fucks me he warns me about not telling anyone about what is happening, even when when we are finished having sex and I am pulling my knickers up over my wet pussy we still play the game. he may humiliate me or he may tell me he that he wants me to call back a little later and take the whole of his cock in my mouth and suck it again while I beg him not to do things to me as I have a boyfriend or that I am about to get married.

Then she tells me very excitedly ”Oh my god that sounds so much fun with Nat, that sounds so damed exciting, I would love to play that sort of game. Oh my god yes!”

Then in banter laughingly I told her “Well, you had better get yourself a boyfriend who likes that type of game then Lucy as Nat is taken and I am not loaning him out, well not for free anyway” I told her laughing even louder.

Lucy laughs loudly too then shocks me as she says whilst still laughing, “No, I don’t mean with my boyfriend Silly, he would never do anything like that. No I mean can I play the Dr game with you?…. Would you mind?”

I was shocked with what she asked and she must have seen that shock in my face because she prompted me by asking, “You are not offended are you? Oh I am so sorry if you are, but I thought that you told me a while ago that Nat knows that you swing both ways so to speak, I am not upsetting you with this am I.”

I settle myself and reply with a smile, “No, No of course you are not offending me, not at all, it just seemed to come out of the blue to me that’s all.”

The penny still hadn’t dropped and I asked her, “Do you mean that you want to join in the Dr game with both me and Nat?…

She shakes her head telling me “No, not with Nat, just with you! I don’t want to be unfaithful to Bob (her boyfriend) with another man, I hope you understand.”

Before I answer her, again she apologises, “I didn’t want to upset you, we have been close friends for a long time, and if I am not your type that way, I honestly will understand.”

I gave her a broad reassuring smile and put my hand on her arm telling her, “No, you are fine Lucy, I like you a lot, I would have no problem with having you as a close sexual play friend if thats what you really want, and to be honest I feel a little flattered and of course not only do I understand that you want to stay faithful and I respect that.”

She now looked at me with big bright excited eyes and asked me with an excited shake in her voice “Could we play together then, would you mind? I would love you to be the pervy Doctor with me, and making me do naughty sexual favours for you so that I can keep my job.

I took a good long and deep drink from my large glass of wine and while doing that I used that time collecting my thoughts. ‘Lucy was stunning with a fantastic body with a beautiful face, I would have loved to have played that game with her. I didn’t exactly think she was fooling, but all the same I thought that I would stay calm just incase it was the drink that had removed her inhibitions, so I calmly replied to her ”Oh of course we can play Lucy, it will be fun but only if you can be convincing in the very reluctant receptionist in your play?”

“Oh yes, I am so excited already, I am already very innocent when it comes to girl on girl fun and I can play the very reluctant receptionist.” she smiled at me.

So I asked her “When do you want to play then” still thinking that she may be still half fooling and that a few days later will help her think it over, even though she seems very sure that she wants to play a sex game with me and have a same sex relationship.

Then with a very naughty excited look she told me ”Tonight, lets play tonight, right after this next drink, is that okay with you?”

An exciting little sexual tingle immediately ran through my whole body and a loverly little shiver ran down my spine as I thought ‘Oh my god she is serious and I never even knew that she was Bi-Sexual or anything like that at all, she has never once in the whole time that I had known her given any slightest hint or sign of it at all, not at all.’

I though that I must have it out with her here and now as this was a serious thing to me. I didn’t want my emotions playing with. I didn’t mind her fooling around so long as I knew, so calmly just in case she was still just fooling I said to her, “This is fine with me if you are serious Lucy, are you? because I have never thought of you being bi-sexual at any time in any way.”

She looked at me with a wide beautiful smile saying very sexily “Oh yes, I am very serious Angel, and to be totally honest with you I have very limited experience in this, In fact I have no experience with other girls sexually at all, .. None…. Zilch. I have never even kissed another girl or even touched another girls breasts in lust or anything like that, but I have been seriously thinking about other women for months now. I know that I am attracted to other girls and decided a little while ago that I want to experience their touch and love, if you know what I mean.

I thought to myself that it seemed pretty clear to me what she meant, I just hoped she was saying what I thought she was saying.

She carried on by telling me “I notice that I am very attracted to girls, I think I always was as a youngster. It felt strange that when as a young girl I found my fathers pile of girly mag’s and I got excited by looking at the naked girls in them Angel, did you?

I nodded and admitted that I did too.

Lucy confessed “I even took a few of them back to my bedroom to look at in a safe area knowing that I wouldn’t get caught there, and then I could look at then in a nice relaxed manner. I found that sometimes I was actually pulling my panties down a little and playing with myself as I was fantasising about the girls that I was looking at.

Even so I still didn’t want to admit it to myself then, anyway soon boys came around and I enjoyed their company and later I enjoyed the sex. The years went by of course and I put my feelings of girl to the back of my mind, but in the last few months the thoughts and feelings have now returned and sex with another woman is all I have thought of and had fantasies about recently.

I know now that I have no doubt that I really want try it with another girl, and as you told me about your sexual role play. I told myself that should a situation with a girl arrive that I would take it and if the situation didn’t arrive I would try and create one when the moment seemed 110% right. When you told me the story and I know you are gay I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful way to start my new sort of sexual life….. Now I am going to order two very large stiff drinks for us and a taxi right now, you need a little time to think of the plot do you?”

‘Well’ I thought with one hell of a sexually excited gasp to myself and thinking ‘that I had a bloody good idea right now what I wanted but I had never played the dominant role before and hoped that I didn’t let us both down. I hoped what she had decided that this was right for her, it seemed so to me that it was or I wouldn’t have continued any further but I couldn’t see deep in to her mind..

It took my mind back, I suddenly remembered my first girl on girl sex was when I was very young and in the back seat of my father’s Jaguar. Both me and my School friend was probably only 14 or so, no come to think of it she was a year older than me, I remember that. She was called Jean with shoulder length black hair with heavier makeup than I did, but not very heavy by todays standards, just lipstick with a little foundation and eye.

 For her age she had quite big boobs even though she was quite skinny and as short skirts were in fashion that was the general attire. We just used to sit in the car chatting for privacy in the evening as you do and the conversation sometimes got round to sex as well as a lot of other things.

One evening whilst sat in dads car the discussion got on to sex (and both of us had no experience of it whatsoever.) It was Winter and we had a large woolly throw-over on us and we were both were snuggled up to each other as you do in winter in the back seat of the car and talking about kissing and how we do it, I turned to her and said “let me show you,”

My very first lesbian sex

My very first lesbian sex


I innocently turned my head to her and gently kissed her on the lips and was surprised that she kissed me right back, her lips on mine and we both rolled out lips over each other. I can remember the feel of her lips on my lips right now, they were so gentle and so soft and nice.

I can clearly remember the movement and feel of her lips on mine, oh I really enjoyed the kiss. We stopped for a moment and we both looked in to each others eyes and I instantly knew that she had enjoyed the kiss too.

It seemed for a moment just a little awkward between us as we both looked at each other as if not knowing how the other was going to react, my reaction was to slowly move closer to her lips with my mouth and to kiss her again to see what she would do and react this time, but again she kissed me back and this time we both grew just a little more passionate with each other and kissed gently but long, very long.

We would break off for half a second and smile at each other, then maybe we would lick each others lips then start kissing each other again, this carried on for a good hour or  more until we heard her mum call her that it was time to go in, we looked at each other and luckily she asked me, “shall we do this again tomorrow?” and I excitedly nodded my head

She didn’t turn up the following day and I thought that she had maybe regretted what she had done the day before.. Two days later about 6 o’clock there was a knock on the door and Jean walked in the living room with mum. She came in to the living room all nice, friendly and bubbly and Mum said, “do you want the keys to fathers car so that you can both have private time to chat.” I looked over to Jean because I wasn’t sure, but she nodded her head and shrugged her shoulders excitedly.

“Thanks Mum, I think we will” I said to her.

As Mum handed the keys to me I picked up the throw over so that we could keep warm in the back of the car

Mum joked with me as we walked out ”it’s a good job you are both girls or I would be getting worried.”

“Oh mum, stop it” I giggled back to her.

We both got in to the car and it was very cold, we both wrapped our arms round each other and snuggled up to each other in the corner and wrapped the throw-over, over us. It wasn’t long before we was quite warm.

We chatted at first as if nothing had happened the other night before, but of course we couldn’t ignore it for long. Jean told me that “as it had been Christmas and Uncles and Aunts were coming round it would be rude to leave, so she had to stay at home.”

Then she told me “but I liked our time together and wanted to do it again,,,, that was if you wanted to.

“Yes” I confessed, “it was very nice I enjoyed it a great deal, I was upset that you didn’t call, I thought that you had regretted what you had done?”

She told me in a lower sexy voice “No not at all” then she lifted her hand up from under the throw and placed it on the side of my face and pulled my face in to her direction, we looked in to each others eyes for a second and Jean brought her mouth to mine and we started kissing where we left off two nights before.

Jean was a year older than me and for some reason I always thought she would be more experienced, but of course at our age an extra year can seem a great deal at the time, but not when looking back.

 After about 15 minutes of kissing Jean pushed her sweet tongue in to mine and god that seemed so incredibly Sexy and for the first time in my life I felt incredibly horny. I pushed my tongue in to her mouth and we French kissed passionately and salivated each others tongues over each other.

I felt Jeans hand come up and start stroking my breast over my blouse and it felt very nice as she ran her fingernail over my nipple. Instantly my nipple grew to an erection and it felt very nice.

I raised my hand up to jeans breasts, I wanted to feel them, I had never felt another girls breasts before and I wanted to know how they felt, as we snogged I ran my hand over them quite firmly and gave them a little squeeze.

Jean broke away from the snogging and said to me a little short of breath through the excitement “yes feel my breast, its all right I don’t mind, if fact I quite like it.” and as she said that she started to unfasten her blouse all the way to the bottom and then she leant forward to unclasp her bra.

As soon as she did Jean leaned back and both my wrists one in each hand and pulled my hands in to her, under her bra and guided my hands on to both of her warm tits.

Oh my god I thought, I gasped out in excitement as I rubbed my hand over them, they felt so warm and so very, very soft, I felt her nipples sticking right out quite rigid just like jelly tots and after running my hands all over them and feeling her erect nipples, Jane just laid back with her eyes half closed letting me rub, stroke and squeeze them.

I could feel my own nipples tingling and I fondled Jane’s firm breasts and at that point jean leaned forward and started to undo the buttons on my blouse.

She looks to me and says, “you don’t mind do you ”

Well I could hardly object, as soon as she un fastened my blouse and my bra she felt under and stroked my breasts and rubbed my nipples ‘oh I was in heaven, it felt so good’

We snogged each other and gasped loudly whilst we sucked each others lips and whilst we both fondling, stroking and flicking each others breasts and nipples. we were both fully engrossed.

It seemed simpler really than being with a boy, I would know that a boy would want to fuck me, and I would fear that he would have no control of his cock and cum up me and make me pregnant. That fear spoiled all the fun and make me on edge, with a girl I had no problem with that.

So when Jean pushed her hands up my skirt and pushed her fingers between my closed legs, god I thought she was terrible, but I opened my legs a little all the same to allow her easier access for what ever she wanted to do. She lowered her mouth to my nipples and she started sucking on them with her wet mouth and flicking them whilst she pushing two fingers between my legs and rubbed the top of my pussy over my knickers and tights, amazingly it felt very nice indeed and of course being a girl she knew exactly where my fun spot clitoris was, unlike a boy who had no idea that I even had one.

I laid there still fondling her tits whilst she sucked on my nipples and felt between my legs. I couldn’t help but give short sharp gasps of pleasure.

I wanted to do the same for her so I also ran my hand up her legs and as soon as my hand reached the top of her legs I felt Jean open her legs for me and I stated to stroke her pussy too over her knickers and tights, I was amazed how hot it felt there.

After a while I was just noticing that my fingers were beginning to feel a little sore at the rubbing, and just as I was thinking that I felt Jeans hands move up either side of my waist and I felt her fingers hook over my knickers and tights and start to tug on them and pull them down. I started to feel them slide down and I lifted my bum so that she could get them off easier. Again because it was a girl not a boy I didn’t have the same worries as I would.

Jean pulled my knickers off me and pulled my tights right off and I lowered my bum back down, jean came over the top of me and started snogging me. Then as she ran her hand down my stomach She whispered “open your legs” and I did so quite widely and her fingers instantly slipped between my girly folds and started sliding along my wet pussy. I closed my eyes as they watered with pleasure, this was the first time I had ever felt another person feeling, rubbing my most intimate girly part and it felt so good.

My pussy was so wet with excitement and Jane as I laid there completely naked with my legs wide open as jane ran two fingers around and around my pussy, then she quickly started to flick two fingers back and forth across my clit and then up and down then round and round, I gyrated my hips as she pleased my and I soon couldn’t help but buck my hips and my wet pussy as she pleasured it

Then she moves hard hand away from my clit and starts rubbing her fingers around my pussy hole and I groan at the different sort of pleasure. her finger slide right over my hole and seem to be rubbing round closer and close, then just slightly inside my ring, I am just enjoying what jean is doing to me, then suddenly I feel Jeans fingers run over the top of my pussy and she starts to push.

‘Oh my god, oh my god’ I think to myself ‘she is going to finger me’ I didn’t know if I wanted her to, but before I knew it she pushed two fingers in to me. she now pushed her tongue in to my mouth and I laid back with my legs open as she slid two of her fingers up and down my pussy, gently she built up rhythm and started pushing her fingers deeper up me harder and faster and faster.

I started bucking my pussy up in to her as jean fucked me with her fingers and darted her tongue in to my mouth, I was in total ecstasy and I gasped out to Jean is short breaths “take your knickers off, take your knickers off!”

She ignored me and took that to finger fuck me quite vigorously whilst now started rubbing my clit back and forth, I gasped out to Jean softly ”stop ,stop” as I felt this strange feeling building up in me like a wave ebbing and flowing flowing through my body, suddenly this huge wave broke right over me and running up my spine, I gasped almost squealed “stop” as I laid there with my legs open. Now with this incredible feeling I couldn’t help but bring my legs together and curled up in a foetal position convulsing and shaking and I held back from screaming out in my orgasm while jean still pumped my pussy and rubbed my clit, I gasped and gave a long stifled screamed for what seemed such a long time before I relaxed, laid back and gasped like crazy… Anyway that is another story that I have wrote about on here, the point to it was that I knew how Lucy was feeling with the very first girl on girl contact, you have to sometimes press yourself a little even though you know that you have feelings with some other girls.

Back to the pub, we stayed in the pub for about another half an hour before the taxi came and the tension between us was electric with sexual anticipation and excitement… We wanted Sex, well I certainly did anyway.

I was totally in the mood for it and couldn’t wait to get back to her flat, but we must have had the slowest taxi driver in the world. When we finally got there we had another drink as we arranged the living room round for the role play a little. We pulled the writing desk out a little more prominent and pushed the sofa back to the wall.

When I felt we were ready I sent her in to the hall to knock on the door to come in while I went and sat behind the writing desk and waited for the knock on the door for the fun to start, I had already told her that ‘the plot was that she was to knock on the door and when I told her to come in she was to ask me why I had sent for her and that is all the plot is, we were to take it from there’.

I was sat there behind the desk waiting for the knock on the door for about a minute which seemed a long time. I couldn’t think why she was so long, well I did, it ran through my mind that ‘maybe she was backing out’ I thought. I was just about to get up and see if everything was all right when there was a very gentle knock on the door from her.

“Come in” I called out and the door very slowly opened and Lucy followed with a little worried look. Thinking she was going to call it off I was just about to ask if she was all right and that if she didn’t want to carry on it would be fine, when she said to me shyly “Hello Dr Patel, I was told you wanted to see me.”

I was expecting her to pull out of our play but replied to her “Yes Lucy” Then told her in my authoritative voice, “please come in and sit on the sofa, we need to have a little chat unfortunately”

“Unfortunately?” she tentatively repeated as she sat down.

I looked straight at her, and she looked so stunningly beautiful, she was wearing a short black dress and as she sat there on the edge of the sofa with her legs together I looked at her I could see up her dress just enough to I see she was wearing black stockings and not tights, making the image in my head even more exciting.

“Yes,” I told her, “unfortunately there is going to be some cutbacks due to restructuring and after a lot of thought we, and when I say we, I mean we the doctors have decided to reduce the number of Reception Staff we employ. We have decide to reduce the number of 6 Receptionists down to 4 …Unfortunately with your employment record of absenteeism and being late we have selected you for being one that we will have to let go, very sorry.”

Lucy looked shocked “oh my god, oh my oh my, please no, please I cannot afford to lose this job, please reconsider, I have only had 2 days off in the last 18 months and that was because my father had been taken to hospital, you knew that, and I have only been late once in the last year and that was only 10 minutes.”

Seriously I told her “Yes 10 minutes, when the phones come on Lucy they have to be staffed, it could be literally life and death,… but look we had to make a decision, it wasn’t an easy one and doing it this way was the fairest way, if I am honest I will be upset to lose you, I know you can stand in for one one the secretary’s when they are on leave, you are very flexible that way, you are willing to do overtime, you brighten the place up and everyone likes you, but when we set the rules of how we was to decide who had to go, that was that, my hands was tied and on the points system you and the other girl we will have to let go came bottom, sentiment never came in to it.”

Lucy pleads with me again, “Oh please, please don’t sack me, I have just bought a new car, I wont be able to survive without this job, I wont be able to pay my mortgage or anything, I will do anything, absolutely anything, oh please please, why not pick Ruth as she is almost Seventy” and she grips her hands together begging and pleading.

I smiled at her and got up from my chair, I walked slowly round to where she was sitting and I sat besides her looking sympathetically at her, I can smell her perfume and that turned me on terribly. Lucy looks at me with a really worried expression, she is really living the role play, she looks so beautiful with the frown of worry on her face and I felt so powerful as I knew what I was going to ask her to do.

I keep my sympathetic tone as I tell her, “I would like to help you Lucy, I really do like you, you know that don’t I think” and I stroke her face gently and lovingly as she stares back at me with a worried look.

Lucy still pleading “Thank you, I will be so grateful if you can help me, I really would”

I stroke my hand over her black dress and feel at her breasts while I look in to her eyes while asking her, “You wont mind helping me then in that case then, would you?”

“No No” she said eagerly, “I will help you with anything you want, anything, absolutely anything you ask.”

I stroke her neck and I slide my hand around her back and slowly I start to pull the zip of her dress down, she looks at me with an even deeper frown as if to say ‘what are you doing?’ but she says nothing. I pull the zip of her dress right down her back and I ask her softly “will you slip out of your dress for me, will you?.. If I am to help you, you can do that for me can’t you?”

Again with a frown she reply’s “Well yes I suppose so, if its completely necessary” and she stands up and slips her sexy black dress off. She steps out of it then moves forward and places her dress neatly across the desk where I was sat. As she moves across the room she looks stunning in just her matching bra and knickers with stockings, I look at her cute round bottom and as she turns back to me I closely inspect her beautifully toned and perfect body, all perfectly proportioned. I smiled at her reassuringly and tell her “Yes, very nice” and then I asked her very nicely to “Take off your bra for me.”

She asks me still carrying the frown, “Is there a good reason for this?” …

I smile as I tell her sexily “Oh yes, a very good reason”

Again Lucy not knowing why, but hoping she keeps her job all the same for doing what I tell her, she does as she is told. She obediently moves her hands behind her back and unclasps her bra and she bends forward a little as she slips the bra off her shoulders and as she stands back up straight she takes her bra away from her breasts to reveal beautiful round breasts with sharp plump nipples and again Lucy lays it neatly on the table.

I look at her firm pert breast and firm plump nipples, they looked delicious on such a sexy and beautiful body. I moved over to her and slowly raising my hands to her breasts and stroked them gently, I started to rub my fingers over her excited stiff nipples and they soon become noticeably even larger and stiffer until they got very hard indeed.

Still she says nothing then when I wrapped my arms around her and gently lower my head to suck on one of her pert stiff nipples, she moves back a little, not allowing me. I look up at her and I see her face tense a little as if she was uneasy at letting me do this, I didn’t know if she was playing the part or if she had real concerns, but after a second or two she moves back towards me and as I bend my head down again and bring my lips to her nipple. This time she allows me to give her stiff nipple a gentle lick, my eyes look up to her eyes as I start to lick and flick her nipples with my tongue whilst looking for her reaction in her face, she looks down at me and at what I am doing, then instead of licking I start to suck on her gorgeous nipples and I see her eyes close at the pleasure of a girls mouth sucking on what I imagined to be her tingling excited nipples, I know mine was. (maybe this was part of her fantasy she had enjoyed.)

After a few moments of sucking each of her nipples in turn I am beginning to feel a little over dressed and so I unzip my dress then just letting it fall on to the floor before then putting it neatly on the table. I then turned back towards her and that’s when I told Lucy “come on, now remove your little knickers for me”

At this point Lucy holds her hands out and tells me quite forcibly, “Er, I don’t know what you are planning with me, but let me tell you this before we go any further Dr, I am no Lesbian or bi sexual or anything, I certainly have to attraction to women.”

So I ask her firmly, “So would you sooner suck on a man’s knob?, Is that what you are saying to me? Because if you are I am sure that could be arranging too, I am sure that my husband would enjoy that pleasure from you?”

“No, no” Lucy stutters as if disgusted at what I suggested, “I am not saying anything like that as all, I don’t want to suck on anything! I am a happily married woman, but what I am trying to explain is that I am certainly not interested in other women, I am not that way inclined one bit.”

I smile at her and tell her firmly but nicely not knowing if what she is telling me is for real or not as she sounds so convincing. “I don’t care one bit if you are bi-sexual or not, that is not my concern, but If you want to keep your job I need a little favour from you,.. you do know what I mean don’t you?

Lucy solemnly nods her head with her eyes looking at the floor as she reply’s, “yes, I know what you mean.”

Then I asked her, “and you do want to keep your job here don’t you, because if you don’t we can end this here and now and I will simply give you your p45 which you can take to the unemployment office.. Yes or no?” and again she nods her head solemnly but looks me in the face with pleading eyes as she repeats herself “Yes I do need my job Dr”

Lucy again stutters her reply, her face looks seriously worried as she looks me squarely in the eyes “Yes, yes I really do need to keep my job, and I must, but I don’t know if I can do this with a woman or a man if I am honest with you, but certainly not a woman.”

I gasped on the inside with relief pleased that she is still playing, it was hard to tell, as I said, she was really living the situation.

I take my hands behind my back and I unclasp my bra whilst staring at Lucy, as I remove it and Lucy’s eyes fix on my firm excited breasts whilst I hold my bra showing it to her then I then let it drop on the floor provocative “Well, we will both find out quite soon then won’t we of what you will and will not do to keep your job!”

I tell her firmly “Now come here” and she slowly does so. I take her head in both my hands and forcibly guide her head down to my right breast and push her cute sweet lips to my aching stiff nipple and I order her “lick it, suck it, tease it for me” (not knowing how far she had gone with a woman before, was this her first lick? in my mind it was.)

Seeing her beautiful pink tongue slowly stick out of her mouth and gently lick my tingling excited nipple turned me on no end and a little tingle and shiver ran around my nipples and breasts and down my back, Oh it felt so good and after only a minute, I whispered to her encouragingly “Oh yes, now suck them gently” and she teased them beautifully as I moved one nipple to her warm moist mouth and then the other. Feeling as horny as hell and my nipples tingling like crazy as Lucy licked and sucked on them I defiantly ordered her firmly but nicely leaving her in no doubt that I meant it “Now removed your knickers for me Lucy and go and lay on the sofa!”

Lucy gasps in great big gulps of air as if she is panicking, “Oh my god, oh my god, I have never been in this situation before, never anything like this” (and she was telling the truth at this point.)

I move over to her, I put my hand behind her head and I gently kiss her on her beautiful full lips, she is tense but she lets me kiss her, I whisper to her “relax and kiss me back, you might enjoy it” she takes another gasp of air and I kiss her on the lips again, but again she lets me kiss her but she doesn’t kiss me back although she is much more relaxed, I whisper to her, “Lucy, kiss me” and she stands there just looking at me with wide eyes and I have to tell her again, “you had better kiss me if you want your job, I am not going to fight you every step of the way here with every trivial thing.”

She hesitated but then she moves close to me and she starts to kiss my lips, I kiss her back and pull her close to me, her kissing lips feel fantastic as I feel her lips suck on mine as I kiss her back passionately and as I pull her in to me I can feel her firm breasts and nipples rubbing against mine and it felt so nice and kinky.

We kissed and snogged for a few minutes and I let my hand stray down to her crotch and I felt and rubbed her between her legs, we both gasped for breath and we snogged each other and I pushed my tongue in to her mouth and kissed her open mouthed.

I stopped kissing her for a moment and asked her softly and sexily “That wasn’t too bad was it Lucy?”

“Er I suppose not Doctor”

“Then do you want to kiss me again, would that be so terrible for you?” and I was pleased that she moved her mouth back to mine and we started to kiss and snog again for a few minutes more. I was feeling as horny as fuck and was hopping now that Lucy wasn’t going to be too difficult, (which for the first time I knew what it was like from Nat’s point of view.) I know I had asked her to be difficult, but now I was about to explode with horny frustration and I now wanted the sex and the release, I was going to get it even if she started to back out.

I slid my mouth round to her ear and gasping with excitement I whispered to her, “now remove your knickers Lucy and go and lay on the sofa for me.

Lucy breaks away from me and looks really worried “Oh my god no, please Dr. I think I know what you are going to want me to do, and I don’t think I can do that”

“Can you sign on the dole, would you like to do that?”

“No of course not” Lucy pleads with me, “look can I lay there with my panties on?…, if I lay there what do I have to do, er,  ..what I mean is I suppose, what are you going to do to me, if its just a little more kissing, thats okay, I can do that.”

I tell her firmly “No, do as you are told and take your knickers off and go then go lay down, right now! do you hear!”

Lucy squealed with dispair and she stamped her foot, as if not knowing what to do,

“Do it now!” I demand again and Lucy squeals out again in ever growing anxiety and this time after a huff, a few seconds she slides her panties down her legs pleading with me the whole time not to do anything rude.

As I see Lucy sliding her knickers down I think to myself ‘thank fuck for that’ and can’t help but look to see if she is shaven down there.

She slips off her knickers and she stands upright and I can see her beautiful manicured shaven pussy with just a thin strip of short hair in the centre. I grab her arm and firmly tell her to “Now go and lay down as I told you!” and I encourage her by pulling her over to the sofa and pushing her down on it, as I am eager and wanting to get on with it.

She looks up at me pleading with such beautiful sad eyes, “what have I got to do, please nothing naughty or bad.”

I say nothing, I simply start to take my knickers down as she watches me, “lay down” I tell her in and angrily tone “and open your legs for me as well!”

“Oh no, please no!” she says so nervously but all the same Lucy swings her legs around on to the sofa and she slowly lays down, again she asks with an anxious quiver in her voice “What have I got to do, Oh please tell me what you are going to do to me!”

I stand there by the side of her, “I will tell you what we are going to do, I am going to get on top of you in a 69 position and I am going to suck that sweet little clit and pussy of yours and you are going to suck my clit and pussy for me at the same time, now open your legs!!.”

Lucy squeals and jumps up, “No, No, You may as well just sack me then, there is no way I can let you do that, I am just not going to do it” and she looks me angrily in the eyes putting the ball back in to my court.

‘Oh bollocks’ I thought. Desperate now because I am so close but so far away. I think to myself ‘So what would Nat do now?’ My brain whizzed back to the games we had played before trying to find the solution.

“So” I tell her while still thinking it through, but the answer was simple.

I told Lucy “Okay then!” I have tried to help you, I am way too soft with you, that is obvious but you are either going to pleasure me or you can get dressed and go pick up your cards right now! What is it to be?”

Lucy thinks for a moment, she has no choice really, and perhaps I was silly to sound too aggressive with her a few moments ago when this is her first time and when I was so close to getting what I wanted, but if she wants to carry on she will have to back down.

But with great thanks Lucy tells me “Oh Okay, I will try, I may do a little if I have got to do it to keep my job.”

So she regrettably agrees and she sits back on the sofa with her feet firmly on the floor.

“Okay, lets just take it easy for starters” I tell her “just sit on the edge of the sofa, lay back and open your legs for me.”

She reluctantly lays back whilst pushing her cute little bottom to the edge of the sofa and she opens her legs giving me a good view of her cute clean shaven pussy. I get down on to my knees and I move between her legs whilst moving up to her body and I bring my lips to her sweet lips I and kiss her, she kisses me back  and she seems to be very passionate.

After quite a few minutes, I break away from her lips and I move further up her body bringing my nipple to her cute mouth again.. “Mmmm suck it” I tell her and I stroke my nipple across her lips back and forth, again her mouth opens and she eagerly but gently licks and sucks on my stiff tingling excited nipple. I gasp at the intense pleasure she gives me, I just love my nipples being sucked and teased, when I have had enough teasing on one nipple I bring the other nipple to her mouth and she again gently sucks and flicks and teases that one for me, constantly switching the nipples to her mouth, I am getting so excited and I push my tit harder in to her mouth, she gets the message and now she starts very gently chewing on my nipple.

Gasping with pleasure I pant “harder, do it harder” until I tell her “bite my nipples harder hurt me” and gently she chews on my nipple until it really stings and the pleasure is driving me crazy. Then like before I pull my nipple from her mouth and forcefully push my other tit in to her mouth as the other nipple craves the attention too and instantly she starts to chew and tease on my other nipple until she makes me squeal with blissful pain and pleasure.

My pussy was tingling like crazy now, almost as much as my nipples were, I raised my body up a little which pulled my breast away from Lucy’s mouth and slowly I got to my feet.

I gripped Lucy’s ankles and pulled her so that she slid down the sofa so that her cute little bottom slipped off the edge of the sofa and I told her in a pant, “sit on the floor.”

She looked up at me with a frown telling me “I am not going much further with this” but she gently sat on the floor as I told her.

I bent over and grabbed her ankles again and pulled her bottom further towards me whilst making her lay back so that only her shoulders leaned against the Sofa in a much more leaning back position, “There is that a little more comfortable” I softly said not really caring about that.

Then as I stood there looking at her and thinking how beautiful she looked I straggled her waist with my legs and made my way forward, Lucy was leaning back with her fore-arms on the floor propping her shoulders on the edge of the sofa. I very slowly waded closer to her, her eyes slowly switching from my face to my pussy and back again as I got closer and closer, as I got to the edge of the sofa my legs were straddling just above her chest.

I climbed on the sofa with my knees whist still straggling her, at first with one knee, then the other, she knew now what I was going to do, she says to me sharply “Stop! I don’t think I can do this.”  

I ignore her and I continue to move closer still until my aching pussy is right up to her face and still I move closer forcing her head back a little further as I move my pussy right over her mouth as her head is now pushed right back against the sofa.

Now I tell her coldly, “You know what to do, now go ahead.. lick and suck it for me.. Please me or just simply get dressed and go and sign on the dole… if you can afford it?” All she did was look at me with her gorgeous brown puppy dog eyes and she never moved, I opened my legs further and I forced her head back further as I pushed my aching pussy down and just over her beautiful mouth with the whispered and excited instruction of “Now go on, now lick it.”

Just feeling my pussy close to her face made my spine tingle, I very gently and slowly stroked my pussy up and down her face and I very slowly and gently bucked and gyrated my pussy around her mouth, but she does nothing at first while I stroked my pussy around her mouth. She just looks up with beautiful eyes, a little irritated at her resistance I tell her again a little more forcibly “Come on, now lick it!!”

This was her first time with a woman as I keep saying, so I knew what it was like for her I just had to be patient, then suddenly I felt her cute tongue very gently lick, then her tongue pushed forward and started to lick around my clit and I called out in a loud gasp to give her encouragement “Oh Yes, Oh yes, just like that, Mmmm, thats very nice”  and it was, I gently gyrated my aching pussy harder in to her lips and I felt my face flush with pleasure from Lucy with what she was doing to me.

I wasn’t holding back now and I warned her, “and don’t you dare stop, licking and sucking it till I tell you to stop if you if you value your job” and I made sure I bent my body further forward and I gently pushed my clit right in to her mouth where instantly she started sucking it further in to her mouth and quickly started sucking it back and forth on it as though it was a tiny prick that she was sucking on and I knew she must have given this some thought.

I gasped and groaned like fucking crazy at the sensation, she had obviously done this in her mind many times before because it felt like total heaven between my eager legs with tingling feelings of total ecstasy running through my entire body.

I bucked my hips gently in to her face and squealed and groaned as I found my orgasm already building within about 2 minutes and panting like crazy. I thought I had better stop before it was too late as I always think cuming on someone in about 2 to 3 minutes is a little rude. I got off her panting and gasping in pleasure and Lucy looked at me with a big smile on her face saying, “yes, this feels so good, I am loving it. I knew I would”

I am too far gone now, the game is out of the window now as far as I was concerned and I tell Lucy to get up and sit on the edge of the sofa.

She quickly got in to position and I got down on my knees and she looked at me as if to say ‘what next?’

“Open your legs for me” I told her and a small cute smile came on her face as she did as I asked. I moved between her legs moving towards her shaven pussy. I knew she had never had a girl do this for her before so I started by gently stroke her pussy with my hand for a few seconds and she smiled right back at me.

I slowly moved my head down so she was aware of what I was going to do to her, then as I met her soft pussy with my lips, I kissing it, then softly stroking my lips all around her pussy area. I flashed my eyes up to her and she gave me a reassuring little smile back. I told her to “open your legs wider and to lift them up higher for me” and slowly and elegantly she did while at the same time she softly said “oh my, you are really going to do it aren’t you?” I said nothing, I just gave her a little smile.

As I said, I knew that she had never had another girl go down on her before, but she would know as I did as soon as you lift and open your legs wide, you feel your pussy is very open, and it is of course, you feel yourself offering your pussy to the other person and giving consent for whatever they want to use it for, and you feel your pussy lips and everything spread open leaving everything feeling fully exposed.

I remember the first time I opened my legs for a girl to lick my pussy, the feeling of sexual expectation was tremendous, but at the same time mixed with a tiny feeling of guilt and worry over what we were both doing and what I was allowing another girl do to me.

I wondered if Lucy was feeling the same way, excited at what I was going to do to her pussy, but at the same time having doubts about what she was letting a girl do to her pussy, it’s only natural for some one on their first time, Lucy was well in to her 20s, but the age makes no difference.

Angel licking Lucy's clit

Angel licking Lucy’s clit

Again I started by giving little kisses around the top of her pussy before I moved to her clitoris and I kissed her on it, then sticking my tongue out I started to lick around it and not on it. I knew how I liked it myself, so of course thats how I did it to her, I licking all around her clit and all but her clit until I noticed she ever so slowly started gyrating her hips and softly giving little Mmm sounds of pleasure.

She gyrated her hips a little more and I heard has give a little gasp, Then after teasing around her clit for a minute or two I then moved my mouth full on to Lucy clit for the first time and took it all in to my mouth and I started sucking on it. Instantly Lucy groaned out loud and her upper body lifted, tensed and flinched at the feelings of pleasure her cunt was giving her, “oh my god, yes” she squealed at me and her hand moved instinctively to my head as she gyrated her pussy back and forth in to my mouth.

I could feel the size of her clit in my mouth and it felt huge, (for a clitoris) I could tell with the size of it that she was really excited and also that she hadn’t had sex for a while (that takes a lot of experience with clits)

I let her clit out of my mouth and started flicking it quickly all over with my tongue, as the minutes went by I changing the angle of my head and licking and flicking it from all directions as she now bucked her hips and squealed and gasped loudly just as if she was being fucked by a huge prick.

Then I sucked her clit in to my mouth and gripped it between my lips and started sucking it in, then relaxing, then sucking it in and relaxing. its just like giving a tiny prick a good blow job.

Lucy instantly gasps out and half pushes her tiny hands over my face and forehead squealing like hell but not knowing whether she liked this new experience or not but she let me carry on all the same. Suddenly I heard her give two sharp loud gasps and her hips shook in tiny thrusts in to my mouth and I knew with myself that she was right on the edge of cuming.

I stopped licking and got up, she looked at me and wondered what I was doing and I told her to lay on the sofa and as soon as she lays along the length of it, I laid there on the sofa with her, working my legs between her legs and shuffling up closer bringing our wet pussies closer together.

She seemed familiar with what I was doing and as soon as our wet pussies touched we mouth manoeuvred for the most comfortable position and opening our legs wide and we both gyrated our wet slippery pussies against each others and rubbing them together.

Oh my god I just love this, I just love the feeling of another wet slippery pussy rubbing against mine and quickly we were humping and bucking our pussies together, both of us pulled back out skin by the pubic bone and this gives the effect of tightening the skin around the pussy area and particularly around the clitoris and makes it very prominent and it sticks out right out.

It doesn’t always work out but this time it worked better than ever before, as we rubbed together we slightly moved our position to get the best feeling, then we had it, we had our clits rubbing against each other, Oh its just the best and most erotic feeling ever.

We both rubbed harder together gyrating and bucking our clits across each others, we both squealed and gasped and groaned out repeatedly, I rubbed my breasts and my nipples as they were buzzing and tingling too and it heightened the feelings of pleasure in me and I noticed Lucy was doing the same thing.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long with the way I felt and we both rubbed our pussies with

We we rubbing our wet pussys together and making our clits flick each others

We we rubbing our wet pussys together and making our clits flick each others

an ever increasing urgency in to each other until we were bucking our pussies with a screaming frenzy and I felt my orgasm build and spring out in an overpowering eruption I screamed and  bucked my pussy in short thrusts having Lucy’s clit rub right against mine the whole time, I gasped as my body seemed to shake and convulse violently. I don’t know if my orgasm stimulated Lucy’s but she wasn’t far behind me and in the distance of me groaning to my orgasm I heard Lucy gasping and crying out on hers.

By the time my orgasm wained and released my body and we both recovered from our gasping, I looked across to Lucy to see how she felt, she just looked at me and gave me a flash of her eyes.

I was still very gently gyrating my hips and rubbing my pussy very slowly against hers and I was surprised that she was still doing the same to me, she must have realised the same as me because we looked at each other and held the look seeing what each others reaction would be, I could still feel out clits gently rubbing together and it still felt very nice, then Lucy was the first to respond as she held her look in to my eyes she pressed her pussy harder in to mine and started giving longer deliberate hard rubs against me.

I didn’t do anything at first, I thought that I would let her take the lead this time so I just continued to gently gyrate my hips in to her but holding the look in to her face. Lucy continued to increase the pressure and the speed of the rubbing of her pussy in to mine and now she gave a little involuntary gasp and I had to do the same, the involuntary gasps increased in the two of us as Lucy winced her face in pleasure and she whispered “fuck me” I took it that she wanted me to gyrate harder against her, so I started to increase the speed of my rubbing against her

The sensations was building very fast in my pussy and we both gave short back and forth bucks against each other, I could feel that I was starting to build up to cuming again and we started to increase the bucking, suddenly I saw Lucy give large gasps as if she couldn’t catch her breath and she started squealing out between breaths “oh god, oh god, oh god.”

I was pleased because I was cuming too and I felt my jaw drop and I gasped out loudly, I saw Lucy’s face flush with colour as she groaned long and bucking hard and I realised that this time we was not having our own personal orgasm, we was both watching each other cum and getting pleasure from seeing our expressions and hearing our cries of pleasure.

We both gasped and squealed and held our stare as we both enjoyed our pleasure as we gyrated and bucked our pussies quickly and hard against each other until our orgasm was over.

We both smiled at each other and Lucy still breathing heavy told me for “Oh yes, yes I was so right, I really did enjoy that so much, thank you…

She asked excitedly “Can we meet again next week and do something similar to this?”

“Of course we can” I told her, “but not next week as I have something on, maybe we can in a couple of weeks, is that okay?” and we slowly un-entwined our legs from round each other.”

Lucy replied, “Well yes if that’s how is is, of course.”

I could see Lucy was a little disappointed as she went and fetched me some toilet tissue so that I could wipe my wet pussy.

We chatted for a while and opened a bottle of white sparkling wine, we were both quite thirsty now. Lucy seemed a little deep in thought then she asked me. “I have been thinking Angel, I never thought that I would say this, but next time we play if you want to involve Nat, that will be fine with me, how do you feel?

Lucy was full of surprises and I replayed with raised eyebrows “Well I am sure that Nat will be pleased to hear it, so does that mean you want your boyfriend to join in too?

Lucy gave me a calm and eager NO! No! I would sooner he didn’t know about any of this at all if you don’t mind. I love him dearly but he is dead straight vanilla, great sex but dead straight vanilla sex, In fact I would say he was a bit of a prude and he would never go for anything like this in a million years, no 10 million years.

I had to tell her straight out, “If you involve Nat, which lets be honest would be great fun and who is very good at this sort of thing, but are you saying to me that you don’t mind him fucking you now? Let me be honest with you the game is pointless other wise, it is sex play, and you have been with your boyfriend quite a while and I have never seen you with another man or even allowed yourself to be chatted up with anyone else?

Lucy replied with a sullen “I know, but this whole thing is so exciting isn’t it, I can’t forget what’s happened, I just want more and with what you told me about Nat in playing these games I just thought it would be much more in depth, I am totally buzzing now inside my body and my mind with the game we just played, I loved the helpless feeling and the excitement at the same time, I can’t help but think what the game would be like with Nat playing too and we could both be so Innocent this time, both of us wanting to keep our jobs!”

I smiled back at her saying “that was quite a good idea Lucy” but told her, “I am not so sure about me being innocent now, I so much enjoyed being the dominant bully!”

“That may be even better” she told me with a loud giggle

“So anyway joking apart before I put it to Nat, are you sure that you want me to ask Nat to take part?”

She looked at me with staring eyes and and saying nothing as if she was turning the whole idea in her mind, then almost on impulse after about 10 seconds she said, “Yes, ask him!”

I smiled and told her calmly, “Okay I will”

All the time though I was thinking ‘I will give her a few days to think it over first and then I will ask her again, because I knew that she was very faithful to her partner and I wouldn’t be surprised if she changed her mind again after a couple of days when the excitement had worn off’.

It was now getting late and Lucy called a taxi for me, the taxi soon arrived and we gave each other a kiss on the lips and I got in the taxi and went home feeling very sexually satisfied. When I got home Nat was feeling very horny and when I told him the story it got him feeling so horny that he wanted to fuck me before we went to sleep, which made it the perfect end to the night for him and me.

This happened a few months ago, Me and Lucy have played the role-play again with Nat, with varying results, would you like to hear the story?.. You will have to let me know or I will write something else.

The story in the middle of this about my first lesbian sex is now written in full “young lesbians” where that was a quick version “young lesbians” is the full version so appears to be different, but in actual fact this version is butting a lot of events together as  only 1 event and 2 meets.

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