Dog Day

This is a really well written story that was sent to me, a story of revenge and humiliation, used for dog sexmy very favorite theme.

By John Stephens… Queensland, Australia.

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My story begins about 20 years ago when I was about 6. my mother had died and my father had remarried. My new step mum was a really nice lady but she had a daughter called Mandy who was 4 years older than me, who also made my life hell. She was a real spoilt brat.

As an only child until I came along she suddenly didn’t have all the attention from her mother as she had before. She would constantly lie to my parents to get me into trouble. She teased me and ridiculed me in front of my friends and her friends. Once when I was about 13 I was in my bedroom and secretly watching porn on the internet and wanking myself as boys do.

Mandy had some girlfriends over for the evening. She must have over heard the moaning from my computer because without warning my bedroom door suddenly flung open and she rushed in my room with five of her girlfriends, they all burst out laughing and squealing as they saw what I was doing to myself.

It seemed as though the whole room was full of girls laughing at me.

It seemed as though the whole room was full of girls laughing at me.


I almost fucking died with embarrassment as I was laid there on the bed and all these girls screamed out in fun as they saw me with my cock in my hand eagerly rubbing it, there was six girls but it seemed like thousands humiliating me. I wriggled in a panic as I tried to pull my trousers up as quickly as I could, I had difficulty trying to tuck my long stiff cock away because it was so stiff and hard it wasn’t easy to get back in to my trousers and for some reason that just seemed to heighten my embarrassment (if that seemed possible) because all the girls laughed and squealed out even more as they watched me struggle. I just wanted the floor to open and swallow me up and make me disappear.

I even turn red now with embarrassment as I look back and remember it, to this day I can still see the girls pretty faces laughing and looking at me as clear as day in my mind and the horrible shame and guilt that I felt at the time.

Even worse was to follow (as if it could) Mandy and the girls had anticipated what I was doing and Mandy was carrying a digital camera and quickly took a few quick flash photo’s of me before I could properly cover myself up. It wasn’t even over for me when they finally left my room because when they went back to Mandy’s room I could hear them all night printing out the pictures that Mandy had took as well as hear them discussing the pictures, laughing at them and passing comment saying what a disgusting pervert I was for “doing that to my tail” as one of them put it.

The only redeeming factor (although I wasn’t to know it at the time) was that I had a large cock for my age, at 13 yrs old it was 7 1/2 inches long and pretty thick ( its now 8 1/2 inches.) I remember one girl pointed down at my cock and between laughing and disgust said “you’re a fucking freak!”

That week Mandy showed the photo to just about everyone at school. In one way, it was an advantage because it got me a few fucks from some of the girls at school, even girls from higher grades, but it still wasn’t worth the humiliation I went through.

There was also the time she posed as a girl online and chatted me up over the course of a couple of weeks. I was really starting to have feelings for this “girl” Peta. One day we arranged to meet after school at the football oval. Unbeknown to me, Mandy had also pretended to be me and chatted up a gay guy at school, (Peter). He was openly gay, extremely feminine, and the whole school knew he was gay.

I waited at the oval with a bunch of flowers for “Peta”. Someone came up behind me and said “guess who”as he put his arms round me and kissed me on the cheek. “oh fuck no” I said in shock. it was Peter. And sure enough, Mandy had appeared from nowhere with her band of bitches and a camera again, and again the picture went round the school like wild-fire, I became the joke of the school once more. One time I discovered when I got home from school that someone had put a sign on my lower back with an arrow pointing down to my bottom and with the caption “Want this? .. $10/hr. includes bonus B.J” 

The harassment and teasing continued throughout our school years. Mandy became a very attractive girl. At 14 she looked like a model, with a great body and developed boobs, which she seemed to love to show by leaving a few buttons undone. Fucking tease, I thought It wasn’t just me she picked on. anyone at school who looked a bit different or spoke with a lisp or a stutter became her target. But I was definitely the main one.

She had her little following of girls…hangers-on who were always chewing gum, who wanted to be around her…who dressed like her and  who wanted to be like her. none of them were as good looking as Mandy. She obviously wanted to be the most attractive girl in the group. dumb bitches, I thought. But I felt a bit sorry for them.

They obviously had no life of their own, or had personality problems, low self esteem, or something. In hindsight, maybe Mandy had the same problems and compensated for them with her nastiness. One thing that struck me was that Mandy never had a boyfriend, none that I knew of anyway.

I often thought a girl as attractive as her would be able to get any guy she wanted. Maybe she was just too intimidating for them, or they were afraid that if they didn’t measure up they would become her target as well.  I wondered if she had actually even had sex. Maybe she was a virgin.    

I had turned 18 and Mandy was 22. I have to say that to me she was the devil reincarnated but she was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5 ft 3 inches tall, had long blonde hair, big boobs ( I checked her bra one day and she was a D cup), and she had long legs that seemed to take up  half her height. Her eyes were blue and her lips were full and inviting.

She had the perfect looks. But she was a bitch! Still, I used to wank over her photos and imagine forcing my cock down her throat, with my cock so far in that her lips touched my balls. making her gag and turn red from difficulty in breathing. I imagined her choking on my cum. I imagined fucking her arse in front of her friends who would laugh and ridicule her. I wanted to fuck her brains out until she cried and begged me to stop. Oh fuck I wanted her to feel my humiliation. I wanted revenge. Every bit of teasing, every bit of bullying, laughing etc just increased my thirst for revenge. I vowed that one day I would get even with her. I didn’t know how or when, but she was going to pay. And pay big time, and then one day something happened which started a long chain of events……. 

I was walking past her bedroom and I heard noises inside. It sounded like heavy breathing and soft moaning. I hurried back to my room and grabbed my camera. I was giggling to myself. This bitch was going to pay! As I quickly turned her doorknob I went to burst into the room hopefully to catch her in the middle of her pleasuring herself, oh how I hoped she was. Unfortunately she had locked the door and all I had accomplished was banging my head hard against the door and bouncing off back off and causing a big painful lump on the side of my forehead that swelled up and looked for a while as if I was beginning to grow a devils horn. Mandy burst out laughing inside the room. Her laugh was grossly exaggerated, obviously to mock me. I crawled back to my room, seething. Lying on my bed, she always seemed to get the better of me, but then while I was gently rubbing my bruised head I suddenly had an idea, It was as if my whole brain had lit up, it was so simple and yet brilliant, with revenge in mind I began to formulate a plan.

I went on the internet and found a computer spy program. My plan was to install it on Mandy’s laptop, which she uses for the net, and record her via the webcam built into her screen. Surely I would eventually catch her doing something that I could use to humiliate her just as she had done to me for all these years.

The next morning I went into her room.

Mandy was 22 and  had a job. I was in my last year of high school and she always left for work before I went to school. I went into her room and noticed that her laptop was on. “Perfect!” I said out loud to nobody. I realised that if it was permanently on, it will record her whenever she is in her bed, as the laptop is right next to it. I set it up and checked that everything worked as I had hoped. Now it was just a matter of waiting. Mandy…….you’re fucked this time…..


Next morning after Mandy left for work I went into her room and checked the video. Nothing. For 2 weeks. Nothing. Not even her getting undressed as it was out of camera range. Then one morning I struck gold! Oh Mother of God! Not in my wildest dreams could I have ever have imagined what i saw.

I had set the recording program to be motion activated so it wouldn’t record needlessly 24 hrs /day.

Mandy came into view and put her handbag on the dresser which was on the other side of the bed. The dresser had a mirror and was directly opposite the laptop on the other side. Mandy took off her top and sat on the bed wearing only her bra and a mini skirt. I couldn’t see her hands but I knew she was typing something, “probably talking shit to her stuckup friends on Facebook”, I thought. The camera lens is in the corner of the monitor and as she typed and read the screen it was if she was looking directly at me. I could see a complete view of her back and the monitor in the dresser mirror, but couldn’t make out what she was typing. Not that it mattered. She would have just been talking shit…

I thought how ridiculous she looked as she smiled and laughed straight at the camera as she read the screen. And she moved her lips as she read each word. “Dumb bitch” I thought.

After 10minutes or so, she laid back on her pillow looking a bit bored. Her hand moved to her crutch and she seemed to have an idea. She sat up and again was looking directly at me. She typed something and banged the enter key. She typed some more and banged the key again and then her eyes widened and she seemed fascinated by something on the screen. In the dresser mirror I could see she was on a porn site. For the next few minutes she looked at different videos and then found one she wanted to watch. In the mirror I could see that it was a black man with a big cock who was rubbing the pussy of a tiny blonde girl, who looked a lot like Mandy. Mandy laid back on her pillow and, still watching the video, put her hand on her breast and started massaging it.

Her other hand went down to her pussy and gently started rubbing it in a circular motion through her panties. She lifted her bum off the bed and removed her skirt and knickers and then her bra, and went back to playing with her pussy, teasing her clit and making it erect. I could see in the mirror that she was mimicking the guy in the video. As he flicked the girl’s clit, so did Mandy. As he slid his finger into her, so did Mandy. She kept closing and opening her eyes enjoying the feeling of her fingers and looking back at the screen.

I was rock hard watching her getting off while she looked directly at me. i could see in the mirror the black guy stood up and the girl got to her knees and started licking his cock. Mandy got up and disappeared out of view for a few seconds and returned with a shampoo bottle or something. It was about 6 inches long and 2 inches diameter.

She knelt on the bed staring straight at me (the screen) and started licking the bottle. Then she pushed it into her mouth. Her other hand was still rubbing her pussy and I could see she was really getting off on it. Another black guy appeared in the video and moved behind the girl and pulled her up by the hips.

The first guy laid on the bed and the girl started sucking him off while the 2nd one slid his cock up her. Mandy got on all fours and reached under and started fingerfucking herself and, propping herself up with her other elbow, started fucking her mouth with the bottle. She looked straight at me while doing this and I watched her fingers in the mirror, doing their work. Her pussy was dripping by this stage. Then she stopped. She looked very thoughtful as if undecided about something. She got off the bed and went out of view and I heard her open the door and softly call Kaiser, our bull mastiff cross. She got back on the bed and patted the bed to get Kaiser up.

Then she resumed watching the video and fucking herself with the bottle. I then realised why she called Kaiser into the room. She started patting the dog and her hand moved towards his underbelly. She seemed curious. She moved his leg so she could clearly see his cock and then tentatively touched it and pulled back her hand as if she was uncomfortable with it. Then she touched it again and Kaiser’s huge cock slipped out of the sheath. “Oh, fuck that” she said with her eyes wide open. Mandy looked hesitant again and went back to watching the video. A minute later her hand again moved over the dog and down his belly to the pink tip of his cock.

This time Mandy started slowly wanking the dog off. She kept alternating between wanking his cock and massaging his balls. The girl in the video was starting to buck and moan by now and Mandy suddenly moved to Kaiser and put her mouth to his now dripping and throbbing cock. She tasted his juice and took his balls in her mouth, sucking them like “gobstoppers”, then slowly ran her tongue back up his shaft. She studied it for a few seconds then slowly pushed her mouth onto it. She adjusted her position so that she could blow the dog and watch the 2 guys fucking the girl. 

I thought to myself that this couldn’t get any better…Mandy sucking our dog’s cock while looking me straight in the face, so to speak. I had a perfect view from both the front and the back. She was sucking the dog off and fucking herself with the bottle, then she started moaning on the dog’s cock which must have felt like heaven to him.  Mandy got up and turned around, still on her hands and knees and still looking straight at me.

She patted her bum cheek. “come on boy, come on”she said, and Kaiser bounded around behind her and roughly mounted her, his front legs wrapped around her and his claws were digging into her waist. I had a clear view in the mirror. Mandy’s back was arched and her beautifully rounded arse was in the air, her dripping shaved pussy looked so soft and gorgeous in contrast to this big powerful dog with his hairy grey balls swinging around  and his red and pink cock with pronounced veins. The scene looked so sick and depraved but at the same time was so erotic that I couldn’t help stroking my cock as I watched. Kaiser was frantically trying to shove his cock into Mandy, hitting everywhere but her tight opening. It almost went into her arse.

I was surprised that it didn’t, her hole was so well lubricated by her pussy juices, and the dog’s cock pointed at the tip as if it was made for tight openings. She probably didn’t want to risk taking it up her arse, and reached between her legs trying to grab hold of his cock. She got hold of it and immediately found her pussy opening. She let out a squeal and lurched forward as the huge organ was shoved all the way up her. she grunted with each thrust then she grabbed the bottle again and started furiously fucking her mouth with it. she was still mimicking the 2 guys fucking the girl from both ends. And looking straight at me all the time. Her big tits were swinging back and forth by now. Kaiser was fucking her furiously and letting out little yelps, his eyes were glazed. His tongue was hanging from the side of his mouth, his drool was all over her back, running down over her violently swinging boobs and dripping from her nipples. I could see her orgasm growing. She suddenly gasped and removed the bottle and pushed her face into the pillow. I could see her biting the pillow probably to muffle the sound of her orgasm. After all everyone was home at the time. The guys on the video were now in front of the girl wanking in front of her face. Just as they shot their load into the girl’s hair, eyes and mouth, Mandy flipped the lid on her shampoo bottle and held it above her face, and squeezed 4 or 5 squirts of liquid into her face.

I didn’t think that was very smart. “Dumb bitch” I thought again. It went into her eyes and she frantically started rubbing them with the bed sheets to try and get the stinging liquid out. She started crying from the pain of the shampoo in her eyes, and she was trying to get Kaiser off her but he had her pinned. One of his claws dug into her boob and she squeeled in pain, so she had to let him keep fucking her. Kaiser kept pumping faster and I watched with awe at the sight of a dog’s cock the size of a cucumber forcing her pussy lips apart and his balls swinging hard against her cunt lips with every stroke. Suddenly Kaiser stopped pumping her and I thought it was all over. Until I noticed his swollen cock. “Oh fuck no!!” panted Mandy, her eyes wide in horror.

 The huge dog had “knotted” with her.

“Oh fuck yeah” I thought. This is absolute gold.

There was a knock on the door and I heard Dad say “are you alright in there Mandy? Whats the noise?” Mandy panicked. DAD, DON’T COME IN!” She yelled. “I’M NOT DECENT!” “Ok” Dad said. But dinner’s ready” “I’ll be down in a minute Dad”. There was Mandy on her hands and knees with our dog firmly stuck in her. she tried to wriggle free but couldn’t. she gave up and after 5 minutes or so, Kaiser’s cock went soft and he got off and she laid back exhausted with dog cum running out of her pussy. Oh well, I thought, if Mandy really was a virgin before, she certainly isn’t now. lost her virginity to the family dog…

I had all the material I wanted. Now I needed to work out what to do with it.

I have to say here that I don’t hate Mandy. I have never hated anyone, it’s just not in my character. But I do have a strong sense of justice. If someone does me wrong then they must be punished. The punishment must fit the “crime”. And I have a long memory.

 I sat on the video for weeks, trying to figure out what to do. I went through lots of scenarios and ideas, but just couldn’t decide on the best course of action. This video was dynamite. I realised that if it was handled the wrong way there could be consequences for me (and Mandy). It had much more power than the photo she took of me masturbating. It could affect her so badly that she might even cause herself harm. I didn’t want that. I had to come up with a plan to use its full power, but with safety in mind for everyone involved. And above all, I wanted to have some fun at her expense.

I looked at Mandy differently in the weeks after the recording.  I kept having flashes of how her naked body looked. I actually thought she was the most beautiful girl I know. I started to question my own feelings for her. I shrugged off those thoughts. “The bitch has fucked with your brain” I told myself. “stick with the program. Justice needs to be done”. I  began making subtle little remarks now and then which I hoped would get her wondering just a little without letting the cat out of the bag. “Wow Mandy” I said one night at the dinner table, “what’s with Kaiser lately? He gets so excited whenever he sees you.” “I hadn’t noticed” she said, without looking up. “Oh well” I said as I stood up and yawned. “I’m going to bed. I’m dog tired.” I looked at Mandy as I walked past. There was a vacant look in her eyes. I had planted the seed.


After a few weeks I decided I should make some use of my new found power until I come up with my “master plan”. Mandy and I were both in our bedrooms one night. I sent her a txt. “Mandy, I need to see you about something”.

 “Fuck off” she replied.

“I think you’ll find it very interesting” I txtd back.

Mandy stormed into my room. “alright what is it you little weasel”

“I want you to suck my cock” I said calmly.

Mandy was unable to speak.

“What did you say?” she said eventually, obviously not believing what she had just heard.

“I want you to suck my cock.”

“What.. are you fucking crazy? Have you been taking courage pills or something?” and stormed out the door again muttering something to herself.

I waited till she got back to her room and sent another text.

“Hey Mandy, did you ever see that movie ‘Dog Day Afternoon’? it starred 2 black guys and a little blonde. She had a dog just like Kaiser.”

In a flash she was back in my room, white as a sheet, with a panicked look on her face.

“What are you talking about?” she demanded.

“What do you think I’m talking about?” I said.

For a long silent minute we just looked at each other. Finally I turned my pc monitor around so she could see. I had the video paused at the part where she was giving Kaiser head and fucking herself with the bottle. I clicked “play”. It rolled for a few seconds when she lunged for the keyboard. “you little cunt” she yelled, “delete it NOW. how the fuck did you get this?”

“that’s irrelevant at this point” I said.

“What do you want? Money?”

“I want you to suck my cock”

I could tell by her face that her mind was in a frenzy. She didn’t know what to say or do.

“Well?” I said.

“no, I wont do it”

“I wonder what Mum and Dad will think about your movie role.”

“You wouldn’t…..” she said, in a panicked voice.

I opened the door and shouted “Mum can you come here ple..” Mandy cut me off and slammed  the door shut.

“Ok Ok” she said. “I’ll do it”

I opened the door again. “don’t worry Mum, its sorted now”

“Well come on” she said impatiently, ‘get your cock out and lets get this over with. Then I want you to delete that fucking video”.

“oh Mandy” I said in a condescending voice, “I don’t want a quick impersonal head job. I want us both so savour the moment. I want you to make passionate love to my cock. Just pretend it’s Kaiser’s. I want you to unzip my pants, and take it out. Then I want you to suck me off as if your life depended on it. I’m going to cum in your mouth and you’ll swallow it all”

I stood up and Mandy dropped to her knees and undid my zip. My cock was soft at this stage. It’s about 5” long when soft but grows to 8 ½’ when erect. She put her mouth around it and started to roll her tongue around the head. The sight of her angel-like face and my cock in my sister’s warm wet mouth quickly took effect. I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to my balls and let my cock quickly grow to its full erect length in her mouth, starting to extend into her throat. She struggled and punched my legs and was going red in the face. I released her and she gulped in air.


I said “Now be a good girl and make me a happy guy. Or else you know what will happen.”

  I got the best blow job that night that I had ever had up to that point in my life.

 I had Mandy suck me off 4 or 5 times a week for a month or so.  We had a little signal. I would knock 3 times on the wall separating our rooms and she would come and satisfy me, always swallowing and licking up any mess. Neither of us would say a word. Then she would simply go back to her room. It was like an automatic blow job. No mess, no fuss. Her technique got better each time and I wondered if she was actually starting to enjoy it. I didn’t want that. I wanted her to feel disgust and humiliation. I started working on my final plan to teach her not to fuck with me, or anyone else, ever again.

One night as Mandy was lapping up the last drops of cum from my belly, I said to her “Mandy, how would you like it if I were to let you off the hook?”

“What do you mean?” she asked with a puzzled look.

“I mean no more blow jobs on demand. I destroy the video and we go back to our normal lives. But with the proviso that you never treat me  or anyone else like shit again.”

“Why would you give this up?” she asked suspiciously.

“Because I’m a fair man. You made my life hell. You made me into this vengeful person that I am, but I think justice has been served. almost. I want you to do one last thing and then that’s it. you’re free.”

There was a long pause. She stared at me in anticipation.

“I’ve hired you out as a waitress for a birthday party in the next town. All you have to do is serve the guys throughout the night.”

She looked suspicious again. “bullshit, theres more to it than that.”

“Oh, didn’t I say? You’ll be topless.”

She shook her head. “I couldn’t do that, not in front of strangers. And what will people say when word gets around?”

“Word wont get around. These guys don’t come from around here. You’ll never see them again after the party. Don’t you think that’s better than having to suck my cock whenever I want? And better than me sending the video to all your friends? ”

She thought about it for a few seconds. “ok. I’ll do it. just promise me you’ll destroy the video.”

“Good. The party’s this Saturday night.”


Saturday night came around.  Mandy looked very nervous on the drive over, fidgeting with her hands and looking out the window. “I’m really scared Steven. Nobody has ever seen me topless except for you. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“What? Nobody? do you have sex fully clothed or in the dark or something?”

“I’m a virgin. Except for Kaiser. Does that count?”

My jaw almost dropped to the floor.

“I don’t know” I shrugged.

I kept looking over at Mandy. She wore a short skirt and t shirt with no bra. Her boobs were perfectly firm and her nipples jutted out. I knew she was only wearing a g string because I saw her skirt blow as she got in the car. “Still a virgin” I thought. I began to wonder if I was doing the right thing. She was my  sister after all. Well….step sister anyway. Fuck it, she’s playing with my head again. Justice must be served.

We drove down a long winding dirt road to an isolated house which I had rented for the weekend. We could hear music and shouting and laughing inside. Mandy didn’t want to get out of the car. “ I don’t think I can do it” she said.

“Come on Mandy, it will all be over in a few hours. Then you’re off the hook.”

I helped her out of the car, and we headed towards the house. She stumbled a couple of times in her stilettos which I told her to wear. They made her long legs even longer. She looked so incredible that I could have fucked her then and there.

She followed closely behind me to the door, all the time gripping the back of my shirt. This girl who used to be so cocky and full of self confidence ( and so full of herself) was now petrified. We opened the door and stepped inside. A hush fell over the room. You could have heard a pin drop. Then someone whispered “Fffuuuuukkk. Look at that”. There was a soft wolf-whistle from the other side of the room.

“What the fuck is this Steven? What are you getting me into? Who are these people?” Mandy whispered in my ear.

What I hadn’t told Mandy was that I had put an ad on Craig’s List, and handpicked a bunch of freaky guys. The kind she used to tease and ridicule. There was a fat guy who looked like the Michelin man..he told me he was about 190kg. He had difficulty walking- he sort of waddled and his breathing was laboured. There was a midget. There was a nerd with buck teeth and glasses as thick as the bottom of a Coke bottle.

There was Tom-  a huge dumb country boy who spoke slowly and probably couldn’t add 2 and 2 together. There was a shy guy about 16, whose face was completely covered with the worst case of acne I’ve ever seen. And last but not least… an old homeless wino about 70yrs old. He wasn’t from Craigs List. I saw him on the street the day before and let him sleep in the rented house for the night. i had driven to the house a few hrs before I drove Mandy there and gave the old guy a bottle of wine. He was unaware that I had dropped a Viagra pill in the bottle. I thought that at some stage during the party it might make the night interesting. These were the kind of misfits and freaks that Mandy had looked down on in contempt her whole life. They were also the lonely and frustrated outcasts of society who never in their wildest dreams could have imagined being with an angel like Mandy.

I led Mandy into the kitchen and told her to take her shirt off. “I cant do it” she said.

“Its ok Sis, you just need to serve for a few hours then we can go home”

Mandy pulled her shirt over her head revealing her perfect tits. Her nipples were erect, probably from fear. i put some glasses of wine and some beers on a tray and handed it to her, then pushed her through to the main lounge room. I could see she was bright red with embarrassment at all these strangers ogling her body as she hesitantly walked around handing out drinks. She looked so sexy In her mini skirt and high heels. Her beautiful round arse moved in a slight semicircle as she moved. Her boobs jiggled just a little from side to side as she walked around the room.

she seemed to settle down after 15 mins or so and actually gave a hesitant smile to a couple of guests when they spoke to her. she came back to the kitchen to get some more drinks and returned to the lounge. “What would you like?” she asked Bob the midget, bending down so he could see what was on the tray. The guys standing behind her copped a perfect eyeful of the g string showing the shape of her pussy and one reached under her skirt and felt her bum, saying “I’d love this” Mandy dropped the tray and ran back to me in the kitchen crying. “get me out of here” That  dirty shit just felt me up!”

“Mandy” I said,”the deal was that you would serve the guys for a few hours. Oh, hang on, did you think I meant drinks?”

“I’m getting out of here” she said, furiously.

“remember the video Sis? Leave now and before you even get home it will be in the inbox of everyone you have ever known, as well as a few internet sites”

Her shoulders dropped in surrender.

“What do I have to do?”

“Just be nice to the guests and give them what they want. I want you to ask one what he would like and then give it to him. Then move to the next and so on.”

The room hushed when she returned. She looked around and chose Nick, young shy guy with acne.

“What would you like?”

Nick couldn’t speak. Mandy looked over to me, wondering what to do. I called her over. “Put his hand on your boob and move it down to your pussy. I think he’ll get the idea.”

Mandy did as she was told. Nicks eyes closed as he started rubbing her pussy. “feel my cock” he whispered after a couple of minutes”

Mandy felt his cock through his jeans. Nick reached down and opened the top of his jeans and his cock sprang out. He put his hand on top of Mandy’s head and pushed her down. She kissed the tip and he slowly pushed it into her mouth. Suddenly he sort of buckled over and Mandy gagged and coughed up some cum. Nick moved to the wall looking dejected. She wiped her mouth and moved to the midget. “what would you like?” she asked nervously.

“I’d like to fuck you with the rest of these dudes. All at the same time” he smiled.

Mandy’s eyes widened with panic and she ran for the door, but it was locked. She turned. There was nowhere to go. “No please don’t” she begged. “i’ll fuck you all, one at a time. Please, not all of you at once”

“Well, we want to get our $200 worth” said the nerd. Mandy looked at me with disbelief. “YOU FUCKING PIMPED ME OUT!” she screamed with tears in her eyes. I shrugged.

Tom, the big dopy guy grabbed Mandy and carried her to the middle of the room and they stood around her, even Nick, who I guessed would probably be good to have another crack before long. The fat guy moved to the front of Mandy and dropped his pants. His belly was a huge flap of skin which hung down to his knees. Mandy didn’t know what to make of this. He grabbed the flap and lifted it up to reveal his average size cock. I pitied Mandy. He moved it towards her mouth and she turned her head in disgust. “Do it Mandy” I said. She almost dry wretched as she took him in her mouth and started sucking. He started pumping her mouth and his belly flap slipped from his hands and fell on Mandy’s head. She struggled and tried to get out but his belly covered her head and halfway down her back and  must have weighed 50kg or more. It was holding her body to his legs and had jammed her head onto his cock. He seemed oblivious and kept fucking her mouth. After a few minutes the big guy was done. As his cock relaxed, Mandy slumped onto her back, trying to catch her breath.

The midget moved in and pulled Mandy’s g string and skirt down her legs before she knew what was happening. The sight of her plump shaven pussy lips made everyone gasp. The nerd stepped forward “can I taste it please” I’ve never seen a pussy like that before, let alone tasted one”

She watched as he knelt down and covered her cunt lips with his whole mouth. He worked it for a while and I could see Mandy starting to move her hips. She was getting aroused. Big Tom pushed him out the way. Mandy looked around to see that all the guys had stripped. She looked at Tom. His cock was huge. Bigger than mine. bigger than Kaiser’s. Tom picked her up at the waist and held her in front of him like she was a rag doll. Her legs were flailing around in the air as he positioned her over his cock Fuck, I thought. That’s not going to fit in there. But sure enough it began its entry as he lowered her down. Mandy’s eyes glazed over as her pussy lips were parted and stretched to the limit, or so it looked to me. Her eyes rolled back and she looked as if she would pass out. Tom didn’t pump her but rather lifted her up and down forcing her onto his shaft. I wondered if he would get it all in. she was a tiny girl. i think if she stood in front of him her eyes would be level with his navel. Finally he had pushed her all the way on to his shaft and held her still while he started fucking her. he sounded like a bull bellowing to me. She looked in a fair bit of pain, and was squealing loudly.

The nerd moved behind her and positioned his cock between her arse cheeks. Due to Tom’s height, Nerd had to stand on 2 beer cartons so he could get high enough to reach Mandy’s arse. He had a long thin cock and I was glad for Mandy’s sake that it would slip easier into her hole. She jumped when he nudged her hole and squirmed and yelled “NO! PLEASE, NOT THERE!” but I don’t think her protesting was going to stop anyone that night. the others were standing around stroking their cocks, waiting their turn. “Nerd” had trouble getting it in so  Tom laid down on his back, without removing Mandy from his cock. She probably only weighed about 50kg and he was a “Man Mountain” from the farm. (I guess). Mandy was straddled over Tom. He pulled her cheeks apart in an upward motion to reveal her beautiful, tight little arse hole. “Nerd” ( I never did get his name) forced his cock into her tiny hole.

She let out a long slow groan as she was fucked in both holes. Bob the midget moved to the front of her. she was on her hands and his cock was at the right height with him standing. He stood about 3’ 6” and was very stocky. His cock was about average length but was so fucking thick. He held Mandy’s head and pushed his cock to her lips. she was being fucked in both holes and was in no position to stop him. I had never seen a sight like this…tiny Mandy being double fucked by a giant and a buck tooth nerd, while sucking off a midget.

Out of nowhere came a voice. “What da fucksh going on here?” The old wino had woken from his drunken slumber. Everyone froze in shock. “I went outshide for a pish and found thish” he said, pointing down at his rock hard erection brought on by the Viagra. “let me in there young fella”. He pushed Bob the Midget aside and pointed his old cock at Mandy’s face. “Well don’t jush look at it”.

I had chosen him for the party on impulse. He was your stereotypical homeless wino. He was pushing a shopping trolley down the road with a bottle of wine in his hand. His hair was long and matted and hung over his face. his face was almost black with grime…probably built up over months of not washing. When I got him in the car I almost gagged from the stench of B.O. He stunk of stale wine and urine. Perfect I thought and drove him to the house. With all the windows down.

 Mandy reluctantly took his knob in her hand and pulled his foreskin back. She nearly vomited at the stench and crusty looking crap around the head. Everyone in the room turned away and screwed up their noses from the sight and smell. But before she could do anything he had shoved it in her mouth and was pumping away. Mandy’s eyes were shut tight and her nose screwed up. “Wino’s” head sort of bounced up and down like a headbanger at a heavy metal concert as he fucked her mouth like a maniac. At one point his yellow false teeth fell out and bounced off the top of Mandy’s head.

He was looking at the ceiling and howling like a dog. Everyone looked at each other in stunned disbelief. I thought to myself that Mandy must feel so humiliated at this stage. he lasted about 10 mins and I saw her swallow with a disgusted look on her face. She stated sobbing. his cock was still rock hard but he was in no condition to operate it any longer. He staggered off to the side to have a drink.  “What the fuck was that?” said the fat guy. Tom and Nerd changed positions. Nerd on his back, Mandy reverse cowgirl on top and Tom in her pussy almost splitting her. She was wearing nothing but her stilettos which were waving around in the air, her legs almost horizontal out to the sides. Nick and the fat dude moved over and put their cocks in her hands. Mandy was pulling 2 cocks, and being fucked in both holes and Bob the midget sat straddled her chest and stretched her mouth with his thick cock.

I don’t know if Mandy had an orgasm that night. there was so much grunting, groaning, squealing  and yelling and howling to tell. But it was obvious by Mandy’s appearance that all the guys did. Sometime during the early hours of the morning everyone had either fallen to sleep in exhaustion, or had gone home. I woke to see Mandy gathering her clothes and trying to fix her hair not realising it was covered with dried cum. “Have a shower Mandy, you stink like that old guy. Then we’ll go home”

Driving home Mandy sat in silence. “You’ve had your revenge” she finally said. “will you keep your side of the bargain?”

“Yes, you did good, Mandy”

Another 10mins silence. 

“I’m sorry, Stephen, for all the hurt I caused you for all these years.”

“Ah forget it Sis. Hey, I’ve just recently come into a bit of money. How about we stop on the way home and I’ll shout you a Big Mac”

Mandy looked at me, mouth open but unable to respond.

“You know, Mandy” I said, philosophically, “one day we’ll look back at all this and have a good laugh”

She looked at me with a look that could kill.

‘Well, one of us will have a good laugh” I said, “But I guess it won’t be you…”

Mandy glared at me for a second then laughed and clipped me around the ear.

“You Bastard “ she said with a smile.

I kept my word and deleted every copy of the video. What I didn’t tell her was that I had discreetly took video of her at the party, fucking and sucking a bunch of society’s misfits. Might come in handy one day, I thought. But I haven’t needed it. Mandy is a changed girl. her whole demeanour has changed. She has become (in my eyes anyway) the perfect woman. Perfect looks, body and personality. We have even dated a few times. Maybe I’m in love.

Life is good.

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11 thoughts on “Dog Day

  1. my boyfriend caught me looking at porn on the computer about a white girl and a big black man with a bnig cock and got me drunk and doped up one night and had two big cock balck men fuck me all night they fucked me in every hole I woke up with a sore ass and my pussy was also sore I asked what happened and he showed me the video of me fucking them and now I fuck a black guy every week so he can take video then we go home and fuck watching them now that we are married we just watch the video I no longer go out and find a black guy to fuck

  2. if its real… you took more than she took from you.
    you fucking sold of your sis..ok step sis.. but still that doesn’t give you a free pass.
    and you are still selling her here on internet …fucking loser. you did not had guts to outsmart her, you theft into her privacy … you did not have any integrity ..a spineless man
    even the sex is badly drafted .

  3. Awesome story John, the perfect revenge indeed. My new story is slowly coming along, Angel knows the theme, its about humiliation, hopefully it will turn out as good as yours!

    • Thank you, I am sure the author will appreciate your comment Joan, as fate has it I am loading up a new story by John in the next few minutes called “Alien,” and I must say, they are interesting reads.

    • Joan, i can think of no greater compliment than to know that somewhere in the world, someone is reading my thoughts and imagination and getting off on it. Or am i assuming too much…

      • Hiya John, the story gets between around 120 to 200 reads per day depending on the day. All the Story’s themselves get around 3,700 to 4,500 reads per day. There are many stories now so that is a fair average… It means that by the end of the year your story will be read about 58,400 times John.

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