Enticed in to Dog Sex

Enticed in to Dog Sex by Angel √

Gill had a  new BMX Z4

Gill had a new BMX Z4

I have threatened to write this story for over a year now on how a friend told me she got enticed into having sex with a dog by a elder boyfriend. Now here is that story.

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 Over the latter end of the Christmas Holidays, I met a long-standing girlfriend (Gillian) way back from School days at a New Year Party 2013/14. She was also someone who I had played in the same Girls Football Team (soccer in the U.S.) for about 5 or 6 years, so we knew each other very well.

Gill was always a girl that if something wasn’t right would always be the first one to speak out, and she was always the one that told the rudest jokes in the changing rooms and the pub, she was very much a larger than life kind of girl and apart from being stunningly gorgeous I loved her to death. She was so funny and always joking.

She always had the guys chasing after her and even at 19 years old she had a new metallic black BMW Z4. Her beautiful sexy looks and beautiful sexy car were a perfect match.

She had long (about shoulder length) very blond hair and very blue sexy eyes and would very often like to have her hair in pigtails that for some reason drove the boys crazy and got a lot of attention from much older men, very much older men which she loved. I would say she was about 5ft 7 inch tall (1.7 meters) very slim and athletic of course and loved her make-up, as all my friends seem to do.

We chatted for quite a while over quite a few drinks at the party as you do, we got on to the subject of College/University, Work, Football, Boys and finally Sex, for some reason we chatted excitedly about kinky sex which then led to me to talking about my Website (without giving her the name of it,) but I don’t think that would have mattered as we were quite tipsy by the end of the evening

I told her vaguely of the dream I had when I was much younger around 14, 15 or 16 years old or so and about having sex with a dog and the massive response with all the hits it was getting (around 200+ an hour) on the Website.

“You kinky bastard,” she told me with a laugh.

“Not really,” I told her, “it was a dream, not a fantasy, we have no control over the dreams do have, do we….. unfortunately, or I would be getting ravished every night.”

“Me too,” she laughed, “By many men.

“Now who is the kinky bastard” I joked with her.

 ”Oh come on” she groaned in a low deep voice and looking around to make sure no one was listening “Which girl wouldn’t love to be laid on the bed with a lot of dead hunky and sexy men being fucked well and truly, if we were being honest?”

“Well, you could have a point there,” I smiled

Amazingly (probably because of all the drink we had consumed by then) she told me that Claire, a girl who used to be in our football team had a big kink and fantasy over that sort of thing which shocked me and I found hard to believe as she seemed such a quiet shy and very innocent girl, but then again aren’t we always told that the innocent looking ones are always the worst.

Carrying on she told me that a boyfriend that she had been with when she was about 17 or 18 years old had also a kink of watching animal sex video’s and then told her casually while they were watching them together that he wanting to watch her have sex with his dog.

She was very frank and open about the situation (she always was that type of girl) she told me she laughed at him at first and said “No way Pedro, no chance” and had refused to do it point blank, but he left it for a while then brought up the subject over and over again saying,”That if you loved me and if you really loved me that you would give it a little try, would you?” This went on for a month, maybe longer she told me. I must be honest, I was laughing and giggling all the way through our conversation at that point.

Then she shocked me by saying “and you know men, they always get their own way don’t they.” I stopped giggling at that point and not wanting her to stop telling me the story I agreed with her saying “oh yes always, we always have to do what they want in the end, don’t we?”

By what she had told me I assumed there and then that she had done it and deviously I suppose I told her “Yes, I have always wondered what it would be like, How did it come about?”

Then she openly told me that one night when they were having a night in with a bottle or two of wine (again) and as the talk got sexy as it does, he brought up the subject of the dog and he asked her if she would mind just giving it a “little go, just for him.”

Well, he had asked me so many times over a period of about a month, maybe a little longer. I had let it cross my mind whilst in my quiet moments but always ruled it out as I ran through it in my mind. So at first, I said “No” but he kept on at me, only gently, but he kept on. I thought about it a little more and I still said “no”, but he must have seen me hesitating or weakening a little.

One evening we had a bit to drink, I was a little merry but not pissed. We were in a state of kissing and a little foreplay and I was now just in my bra and knickers. I was at that point of merry where I didn’t want to disappoint him. He brought the subject up of the dog, he asked me “If I I would just bend over whilst on the floor on my hands and knees and see if the dog would show any interest at all, whether the dog would jump up onto me from behind?

After the drink, I thought that would be easy enough to do and maybe it would be even a ‘little funny,’ as I said we girls are always trying to please the men in our lives so I did as he asked.

I got off the sofa and giggling I very slowly got down onto my knees and my boyfriend called the dog over. I watched the dog come over with a wagging tail, this was probably the first time I had probably looked at the dog really, When I was on my hands and knees he probably was about as high as I was, just a little less. He suddenly looked a very big dog and this sounds disgusting, but it was a very cute looking dog.

“Oh yes,” I laughed, “Well, that’s important, I mean, you wouldn’t want to shag a big ugly dog, would you?” And Gill laughed back at me.

With a smile on her lips from our last comments, she told me “Anyway I got down on my knees and Bob (her boyfriend) called the dog over and I bent over onto my elbows and couldn’t help but look behind me while he called the dog over to my bottom.

The dog seemed to parade a little as if not quite knowing whether to jump up on to me or not. At this point to be honest, even though I felt a little stupid, I did find it quite funny, I suppose I had to or I wouldn’t have done it. Bob is saying to his dog while patting my bottom

Bob is saying to his dog in a fun tone while patting my bottom “Come on boy, do you want to shag Gill’s bottom?”

The dog looked playful and Bob kept saying to the dog while patting me “Come on then, Shag Gills sexy bottom for me!”

The dog finally jumped up from behind me, as I said he was quite a big dog and I felt the dogs front legs instantly grab me around the waist and it started instantly humping me from behind in quick little thrusts, I don’t know why but I found it funny, I looked over to Bob, and oh my god the look of delight on his face, he just looked as if he had won the lottery jackpot.

Excited he told me, “Open your legs further for him.”

Giggling at the situation I did as he asked, I didn’t mind as I had my knickers on, so I knew the dog couldn’t do anything to me as such. I opened my legs further and let the dog hump me from behind. Bob now got up and sat on the sofa and leant back with the look of heaven on his face, which I suppose turned me on a little seeing him happy.

The dog was humping me from behind, but now I suddenly felt the dog’s cock poking into me through my knickers, then rubbing his cock up and down along my pussy of course still through my knickers. I tried to look around and see, but I couldn’t see anything. It felt quite kinky and disgusting at the same time, but to please Bob further I gave little groans of “Oh yes, that’s nice boy!”

Bob excitedly said to me “Oh that’s fantastic.” 

The dog was gripping me hard with its front legs as it humped me quite vigorously and its front claws scratched me a little, as the dog seemed to be humping me very quickly, suddenly the dog stopped humping me and got off me. ‘That was quick I thought,’ it didn’t seem to last long at all.

Bob was so excited and I started to get up, that’s when I noticed that my knickers were wet, I could feel the wetness between my legs, I pulled them down to see what it was and that’s when I saw the damp patch and realized that the dog had stopped humping me because the dog had shot its load.

I took my knickers off and threw them at Bob, he fended them off with a big excited smile but he was so excited he pulled me roughly onto the sofa there and then and fucked me excitedly and very hard. By the way he fucked me, fast and furious I knew that the doggie sex must have really turned him on and he gave me a good pounding, he fucked me twice further that evening each time hard and furious, really pounding my pussy, he even went down on me sucking and licking my pussy until I came, it was a very good night.

As we chatted before I went home he asked me what it was like “Oh yes very good thank you.” I told him.

“No, I mean about with the dog.” I stopped to think a little, thinking, ‘well it was no big deal, I won’t be wearing those knickers again but he got really excited and I got fantastic sex after it….’ “Yes, it was alright” I said without thinking.

“Yes, it was alright,” I said without thinking.

“Great!” he told me, “Next time, take your knickers off, is that okay?”

He caught me cold there, I knew the possible implications of that of course and I said to him “WHAT! You want the dog to really fuck me”

“Oh yes, not many… Is that alright?”

“I don’t think so, I don’t really want to go that far, and I would seriously have to think about that.”

Then the taxi came home and He said with a smile, “See you Friday then,”  and he shoved £20.00 in my hand for the Taxi as he always did, which was strange because the taxi always cost around £6.40, I told him that but he always gave me 10 to 20 quid, I never gave him the change of course.

It was a Tuesday night this had happened and it left me to think about what I had done and what he wanted to happen almost all week. To be honest, leaving my knickers on I could almost live with that, but no knickers was a different matter…

“Easy,” I said with a laugh, “just put some cling film over your pussy next time.”

“Do you think I am disgusting?” she asked me.

“Oh No”, I lied, “it would probably be what I would have done” I lied even more, “So did you go on the Friday.”

“No,” she said brightly, “As fate had it we both got invited to an engagement party by mutual friends for that Friday, so we both went to that. Bob didn’t mention the dog sex again, so I thought he had now got it out of his system, all until I went to his house the following Friday.

End of part 1

“After the engagement party I had seen Bob most days as we both have busy social lives and try to support each other as much as possible, he had never mentioned what had happened at all and I certainly didn’t, although as I said I didn’t think it was any big deal anyway”

“No, you’re right” I reassured her.

She carried on, “I went round to his house the following Friday instead and as usual I just thought we had moved on from it. It was Bob’s birthday and I said that I would take him out for a change as it was his birthday. We had a couple of bottles of wine and Bob brought out a bottle of Port, Someone had bought it for him as a prezzy. I had never tried it before and it tasted beautiful and smooth but I didn’t realise how strong it was, it didn’t taste that strong.

Anyway we were both really enjoying the drink and the company together doing a bit, well a lot of snogging by now as you do, he was down to his shorts and I was down to just my knickers, my nipples were lightly tingling and feeling horny when Bob asked me if I would let the dog hump me again..

I paused a little and thought about it. I remembered the last time was no big deal, it didn’t last long and I got great sex out of it later with Bob. But let me be straight with you here I wasn’t that happy about it although I came to the silly drunken conclusion of, ‘why not,” after all I had had a drink and we always get braver after a drink.

Then he pressed me with “Oh come on, it is my birthday, do it as a present, just for me to show how much you love me”

‘Bollocks’ I thought, and then really reluctantly I told him, rather stupidly now thinking back about it, “Well, okay okay” and Bob excitedly produced a large thick white duvet and spreads it out on the floor “Here this will help your knees” he tells me.

“Oh, how considerate,” I told him sarcastically. I grabbed a pillow off the sofa and I got down on the floor, down onto my knees and elbows wrapping my hands around the pillow puffing it up and I laid my head onto it and waited.

Bob called the dog over and it seemed to me that the dog had remembered what happened from the last time because it wagged his tail instantly and eagerly the moment in saw me on the floor. I could see in the dog’s eyes and sensed that it knew what I was there for, the dog and Bob looked so excited.

I was quite comfy and I tried to think of something else as I waited, but Bob suddenly breaks my concentration by saying, “No, this time with your knickers off, will you take your knickers off”

“No, No,” I told him, but he had his fingers already around the elastic of my tiny knickers and pulled them over my bum in no time, I still protested as he pulled my knickers down my legs and pulled them off me. I was well merry with the port and we had spoken about marriage. I stopped resisting and just told myself in a real naffed off manner, ‘Well if that’s what he wants, fuck it then, I may as well take my bra off as well and let it play with my tits and maybe give it a little titty wank for starters.’

Bob sat back on the sofa and excitedly told me “Wow, thanks, this is the best birthday present ever.” I thought ‘I bet the dog is quite pleased with it as well.’ 

I thought ‘I bet the dog is quite pleased with it as well.’ 

The dog eagerly jumped up on to me from behind and wasted no time at all at wrapping its front legs around me and as I could feel him rocking back and forth almost straight away as he humped fresh air with its bright red cock for a moment. Then the dog got in closer to me and I felt the fur of the dog against my bottom, Bob tells me “Lower your bottom Gill as you are too high for the dog.”

“Oh poor doggie,” I thought sarcastically.

I felt a right proper little slag as I widened my knees and opened my legs to lower my bum for the dog, I felt my pussy lips open and I knew and felt my pussy had become very exposed to the air.

Bob shouts out “Oh yes, that’s perfect”

The dog responded instantly. The dog gripped me round the waist quite tight and I felt his head move right next to mine and I remember cringing a little.

I now felt the dogs wet cock pump and poke around my smooth clean pussy as the dog was humping into me, the dog certainly knew where to aim its prick, because within moments I now felt the dogs prick pushing and nudging between my open pussy folds and I told myself ‘Brace yourself.. any second now girl, I hope this is going to be worth it.’

Four or five seconds later the dog was pushed his prick right up against my pussy, and I knew that this was it. I had been expecting sex from Bob and so I knew that I was wet and more than ready for it down there, that was the only good thing. Maybe Bob had planned it this way all along, I wouldn’t know. I thought with a little luck I won’t even feel it apart from feeling his fur humping my bum behind me, but that just turned out to be wishful thinking on my behalf because ‘Oh yes I did feel it, big style.’

I felt the dog’s knob press and push right into my sweet spot and in one, then with two thrusts the dog’s knob pushed hard right into me, my pussy resisted a little on the first thrust but another hard thrust later and I felt the dogs prick slip right between my lips and in and up me.

As I felt the dogs prick slide up me I instantly half squealed, half screamed out, it felt much bigger than I expected it to feel and it was the strangest feeling knowing that a dog had his prick inside me and that I was letting a boyfriends dog fuck me. I straight away felt the dogs prick sliding back and forth in and up me quite quickly like you would expect from an inexperienced eager young boy. I squealed and groaned each time the dog thrust hard and eager up me, I wanted it to feel awful but I was feeling really horny and it felt very nice even though my brain told me to be disgusted, as I was.

The dog fucked Gill from behind

The dog fucked Gill from behind

Again the dog wasted no time at all, he was soon thrusting its full length up me and I couldn’t help but give out high pitched squeals of surprise of just how big his cock felt inside me.

Bob was ecstatic with pleasure as he watched me squeal and groan as his dog fucked me vigorously. 

It’s terrible to say, but the dog had a much bigger cock than my boyfriend and my cunt had never felt so full. I opened my legs a little further as the dog was pounding me now with its full length and I could feel the dog’s balls slapping hard against me and I didn’t know whether to groan or squeal from the vigorous pounding that I was receiving, I just couldn’t help it whichever it was.

Bob was acting as if he was at a football match cheering us on as his dog fucked me hard and making me involuntarily squeal and groan and gasp and squeal, I was so shocked with myself and the experience, as I never thought it would be like this. I just though he would hump away at my pussy for a minute or two like before, squirt its load over my pussy and done, but oh no!

The dog seemed to be pounding away at my pussy for ages and ages, then suddenly it seems that Bob couldn’t take any more excitement. He rushed over to me and knelt in front of me and pulled his pants down, then he pulled me up off my elbows and onto my hands as the dog fucked me quickly and vigorously from behind. Bob pushed his hard excited cock roughly into my lips, I opened my mouth for him and he eagerly pushed his hard prick deep into my mouth and made me suck on it while he fucked my mouth at the same time.

He excitedly pushed his cock in ever so hard and deep into my mouth, really I was sucking the base of his cock while he rocked in short movements back and forth while his prick slid just in and just on the edge of my throat. I was being sandwiched with a dog up my pussy pounding me and my boyfriend fucking my mouth both of them fucking me hard and eagerly.

I tried to think of something to say to Gill and the only thought that come into my head was ”Still I suppose it was better that way round than the other?” 

“Yes, you are right there” she replied with a half smile then carried on, “The dog this time seemed to take an age fucking me and I was gasping and groaning like a real slut even with a mouth full of cock, Bob moves his hands under me and grips and pulls my breasts up and starts to flick and rub my nipples as he fucks my mouth.

The dog is giving me very quick forceful and hard thrusts with its big cock and I squeal out sharply each time the dog thrusts into me like a real slut, well the best I could with a mouthful of cock that is, and my mouth was drooling down my chin as his cock fucked my mouth I felt that I was a real dirty slut, and let’s be honest, I was, I must have been, there is no other explanation of it.

The dog suddenly starts pounding my pussy harder and faster than ever for about 10 or 15 seconds, then thankfully the dog finally stopped fucking me, he is just giving me short but firm thrust’s right up my pussy and I guessed thankfully that he must be cuming although unfortunately inside me.

Bob fucking my mouth hard and deep suddenly pulls his cock out of my mouth and rushes to the back of me, he kneels behind me, pushed his prick up my wet pussy and with his hands he grips my hips and starts fucking my wet doggie cum pussy, I knew he was a real disgusting pervert, but this?.

I know the dog has cum up me now because I feel how wet my pussy is and how easy Bob’s prick slips his prick right up my pussy as he fucks me and I can hear it squelch rather disgustingly as he fucks me. I continue to groan and feel more comfortable doing that. His prick doesn’t feel as big inside me and I slightly gyrate my pussy as he fucks it good and hard, in fact I felt happy now to be groaning at the fucking that I was getting. 

Bob suddenly groans and pulls out of me and rushes round to the front of me and starts trying to push his cock into my mouth. There was no way I was going to let him do that with his cock all wet with dog cum, so I shook my head and tried to pull away.

He grabs my head firmly and roughly with both hands and tries to force his wet cock between my lips I squeal out to him “No, stop it!” But as I speak to tell him to “stop” his hard stiff prick pushed into my mouth and he grabs my hair and he pulls my head into him as he thrusts his prick right into my mouth and fucks me feverishly and roughly saying “You are going to do as you are told you little slut, now suck it!!” s he fucked my mouth like the slut he said I was I sucked his prick for him, within about a minute though he shot his load in my mouth and he held my head there while he gently rocked his prick back and forth in my mouth as he shot his load and filling my mouth.

As he fucked my mouth like the slut he said I was, I sucked his prick for him, within about a minute though he shot his load in my mouth and he held my head there while he gently rocked his prick back and forth in my mouth as he shot his load and filling my mouth with his cum.

After a few seconds he pants and lets his prick slip out of me, he gets up and sits on the sofa panting. I stay there on my knees for a minute also panting from the vigorous fucking that I received, that was a mistake, as suddenly I felt the dog hop up on to me from behind again and start humping into me.

I squeal out, “No. get down, get off !!”  but Bob instantly shouts out “No let him, I want to watch”

“Oh fuck off!” I thought, “you selfish bastard” I rested back down again with my bum in the air and let the dog fuck my now very wet and sloppy fanny. I hoped this time that I wouldn’t feel as much this time and that I could just let the dog pound me without as much of the sensation as before, but oh no, my pussy is always gagging for it and as I said before the dog was much bigger than my boyfriend and as soon as the dog slipped right up me I gave a big gasp out.

The dog fucked me hard from the start, pounding me seriously hard, I gasped out and was almost screaming as the dog pounded me fast and furiously with its thick cock. I just kept saying in my mind ‘Oh fucking hell, please cum, please shoot your load,’ but the dog kept pounding away up me.

After about 2 or 3 minutes It was getting past a joke, the dog’s saliva was dripping on my back and shoulders. I was embarrassed by the sensations I was feeling in my fanny and my whole body as I was being fucked with such force, again I am ashamed to say that it felt so good, why wouldn’t it, a big cock pounding your pussy always feels nice doesn’t it….. but a fucking dog!

After what seemed an age the dog suddenly stopped after a particularly vigorous thrusting bout, I knew he was about to cum, but unlike men the dog suddenly stopped without the large thrust into you.

Oh I was so relieved it was over, its a strange thing, while you are on your knees with your legs open, no matter how you think, you are getting fucked and you cannot stop the same sensations, the same sensations that you receive from a loving relationship but from a horrible dog, which I had agreed to… what a fucking idiot now when I look back.

Again Bob fucked me another twice that evening which was great. but as Bob later told me about “and next time!” I said nothing, we said our goodbyes as usual and he gave me £20.00 as usual for the taxi.

On the way home I felt a little angry with myself and knew this was the last time I was seeing Bob, I couldn’t put up with what I had been through, drunk or sober and that being drunk was no real excuse.

When I went downstairs the following morning around 10.30, the post had arrived and I had been offered another job just outside Leicester, well between Leicester and Nottingham really and I was so pleased, I decided to take that and have a clean break and it was the best job and the best thing I ever did in my life.

I e-mailed Bob and told him that it was the end for us and that I was going away and set off to Manchester to see a friend and stay there for a few days. I didn’t take his calls and I didn’t listen to his voicemails…. I cut him straight out of my life.

Six years later I am back in Sheffield talking to you Angel……

I asked her with a smile, so would you allow yourself to be fucked by a big dog and if she was hungry and nowhere to stay would she do it again for money. “Oh fuck yes,,,, but I would want a bloody lot more than a one night stay and a bag of chips, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes, I would want a lot more than that,”  I replied

PS …. I hope you enjoyed the poetic licence of the description of the action, she wasn’t that graphic if I am honest, I am sure you would have guessed that,  and the second action with the dog never happened too, she pushed the dog away and told them both to fuck off and got up off the floor, but I hope you didn’t mind too much.



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35 thoughts on “Enticed in to Dog Sex

  1. My name is Cynthia, one older girl (she is 17) sugest me do sexual thinks with her dog. I stay at her home in this night and we drink sweet cocktails soo much and waching porno. And some of this porno was dog sex with girls. Then she sugest play with her dog naugthy games. She told me that was just game and no one never know that. She tell me touch his penis with hand and jerk him off, lick it and suck it like chupa chups candy let him lick my pussy and much more thinks. I can’t stop thinking about it now.

  2. Fuckkkk. I’ve always. Loved watchin girls fuuk dogs. But this just boosted it 100%. Wish I could watch my girl get fucked by a big dog. (If she will). While I fuuk her slutty mouth. #freakme

    • By what you tell me it seems “your girl” is not interested, I can understand why,…. Now if it was another guy from behind while you fucked her mouth, I bet she would take you up on that…. I know I would.

      • I came back to read this boom fuck from a dog and saw ur response. Yes my girl may not be interested in fucking a dog but I can try use Bob’s style of cajole. if she doesn’t agree, then we gonna do a 4some. me an 2 guys will fuck her. and I want black hunky dudes. My bitch is busty n chubby. The Kim K size. So she gats it full. I want a guy fucking her behind while I fuck her slutty lips n cum on her pretty bitchy face.

          • Angel I’m looking for a story about a girl that was caught by her brother fucking their dog, and he got her on cam. He blackmailed her by making her suck his dick and took her to sex with some funny looking men. Do U remember the story? I can’t find it. Can U help?

            • Well it depends where you live to whether you see the story in the papers… I have seen many strange stories about this sort of thing, many I just don’t believe, but that’s just me not wanting too perhaps .. so no, I cant really help .. why not come on to the chat page and talk to me?

        • I am not so sure that would be great, Your boyfriend would give you a better fucking, I am sure of that.. If he can’t, then get another boyfriend.

          But there is another point here I suppose, what happens if you live in the outback where there are no men… Then perhaps a big Dog is an Idea many Women have considered in their hour of frustration.

  3. hi angel.another great story..i loved it..but i was a lttle dissapointed
    that the dog did not knot-up and get tied with her as that is what they do..
    and he was tight inside her and so big it shoul have happend!! that is the
    one thing i envy the dogs for.if i had this ability i would tie for a hour or so
    it would be fantastic angel..thats what i would like to do to u i just know you would be so good at this xxxxx i am now trying to picture me with u and i am hard as a
    rock!! i have pre-cum all over my pants pet ooooohhhh xxx

    • I don’t know anything about that, I just wrote it as it was told.. On saying that, I have heard a lot of dog sex stories now and never had one that involved getting stuck, or even seen a video with that involved either… But what do I know.

    • I’d get another dog. This one seems to be missing the best part, the knob and you didn’t mention getting your insides filled with hot cum. You should have noticed that, its great.

      • Well jenny, I wasn’t writing about me so that part didn’t arrive… Yes you are right that I could have wrote it in the third person.. but I didn’t..Sorry

        On saying that, have your read “Disgusting Dog” that is a true story about me and Mr Doggie

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