Evil Brother Gary


Raped by my Evil BrotherThis story is loosely based, very very loosely based on a true story that I  had read in a magazine. What I mean by loosely based is, well Its like an American Film that is based on a true story, it usually mean that It has no baring on what actually happened at all and so is the case with this, but it gave me an idea of this story.

The real thing that really struck me here was the title of the story on the Magazine. Why would a girl be alone with someone who had the very dodgy name of “Evil Uncle Gary,” so on that basis the story starts with a …

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….There was a knock on the door, “I wonder who that could be” my elder sister Jane asked out loudly. Mum walks over to the bay window and opens the blinds a little to see who it is at the door, her face brightens up as mum turns to us and says happily “Oh its just your Evil Brother Gary, I wonder what brings him here today” and then goes and opens the door and welcomes him in.

Just a quick visit, I have no time at all” he almost tells us breathlessly as if he had been running all the way here, then adds quickly, “I only have time for a cup of tea and a slice of your delicious chocolate cake mum”

Mum laughs at him saying “I will put the kettle on then you cheeky bugger.”

Gary asks us, “Are you still looking to earn money for your School?”

“Yes, its the last week this week so we are trying harder than ever” we told him.

“Well I am having a bit of a bash this weekend for the FA Cup Final, there will be loads of guys there. Why don’t you come round and give me a hand, I have told the lads what you are doing for the school and they all agreed that if you make and serve them a few sandwiches and pour them their beers, that they will make sure you will earn a few quid in the process, and if you turn on your girly charms like you two slappers can, you could earn quite well” then he bursts out laughing at what he has just rather cheekily said.

Mum walks in the room with the tea and cake saying “Just watch what you are saying to the girls Evil Gary, I heard you.”

“Sorry mum, I am only having a laugh” he tells her but still continues to laugh.

Mum changes the subject, “that’s good of your Evil Brother Gary to think of you like that isn’t it girls”

“Yes that’s great, thank you Evil Gary” and both me and Jane went over to give him a thank you kiss. Jane leans over the chair from behind and kisses him on the cheek.

“Thank you” he tells Jane as if It was a welcome surprised, I don’t know why he said thank you because we are a very kissy family. From the arm of the chair I am just about to kiss him on the side on the cheek too but with me he quickly turns his head and kisses me full on the lips whilst running his hand up the back of my thighs, slipping his hand up my short skirt and feels and gropes my little bottom firmly over my little knickers whilst pulling me in to him at the same time. “My you are both developing well, both of you have nice bums and tits just like mum.”

Mum giggles ”Oh your evil Gary, he is always messing around, you have to watch him you know when you go over, he has always been a bit of a pervert.”

Gary lets me go and winks at mum with a smile whilst telling me and Jane “Well I will see you both between 1 and 2pm this Saturday then okay?” then turns to mum and starts talking to her without waiting for an answer from either of us.

After about 20 minutes Gary gets up out of the chair saying to mum, “Well I must be off now, then turning to me and Jane saying “don’t forget Saturday Girls”

“No we wont” we told him, then he waved goodbye as he almost closed the door behind him, suddenly the door opened again and Evil Gary popped his head round the door saying to us, “Oh and because this is for your school maybe you could both come round dressed in your school uniforms really sexy, I think the lads would enjoy that and they would probably give you a lot more money.”

Jane replies “Yes that’s no problem at all, we can do that can’t we Angel?” I nodded “of course.” Me and Jane decided to go round in part of our school uniform but dress really cute and girly, we thought it would be more fun that way and we also knew that we would get paid even more money as well. So on the day we both put on our make-up and we put our hair in pigtails, both wore short skirts with sexy over the knee stockings, all that sort of sexy stuff.

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My sister is just under two years older than me and had stayed on at school for an extra year. Jane was always the bossy one between us and led the way and always liked to take charge.

The weekend before we got all the usual jobs like going to the shops and washing the car, walking the dog. We had a good day really and we got paid well, but doing this for our brother didn’t seem like working for money at all, with it being boys football and beer it just seemed like it would be a fun party.

When we got to Evil Gary’s house the door was locked for some reason. We knocked on the door and an oldish guy about 30 ish with thinning hair and a small greyish mustache came smiling to the door, Jane over explained who we were and that we were doing odd job to raise money for the school project and our brother had told us to come here, “Is he in” we asked. The guy looked at us up and down for a moment looking uneasily then said “yes he is in the living room. Jane had even brought our by now tatty A5 id paper the school had photocopied for us to show that we could legally slave for them, which I thought was totally unnecessary, but thats Jane for you.

“I know, Gary has told us all already” said the guy brightly “You don’t need to show me that ID stuff, just come in and enjoy yourselves. I will tell you what though, you girls dressed like that are certainly doing something for me already!… Wow” and both of us taking that as a complement smiled and giggled.

He kindly showed the two of us in although we had been to our Evil Gary’s house many times before with our parents. When the old guy showed us in to the living room, which was full of men drinking beer and watching the football, all the men cheered loudly as we walked in. The old man announced to everyone “These girls have told us that they want to do something for us for money! Now we can’t turn an offer like that down can we boys?”

The men laughed out loud and cheered even louder as the living room door closed behind us, the old guy added “We have got no problem with them serving us our beer and do some dancing for us as half time entertainment, hey lads, we can share a few pennies with them can’t we.”

“YEESSSSSsss” all the boys growled whistled and cheered again.

Gary spoke up, “So as I told you guys, they are not doing this for nothing, so be a very generous with them …  For once” and the guys burst out laughing again and Gary added “And I am very sure that my Sisters will be very generous with you.” and all the men gave suggestive low sexy “Owoooooo’s”

Well to be honest it was quite fun and easy, everyone was in high spirits and it was a good party atmosphere. The men asked for beer and we went to the fridge poured them the beer in a glass and they gave us money, great we thought. We found they would give us more money if we sat on there lap first as we poured them their beer and we found they would give us even more money if we sat on there lap and give them a little kiss as we poured them their beer, Jane whispered to me to do the same as her and to undo a couple of top buttons on my blouse and show more of my breasts, I thought I was doing that but obviously enough, so I just undid one more button but now it felt so daring as my bosom almost fell out when I bent over, which we did a lot, but it was obvious that the men loved us flashing our tits.

It wasn’t as if we were shy girls at all and we was trying to make as much money as we could after all, after that the men kept making all kinds of rude suggestions, but we just thought it was all part of the fun, the men were very happy with us and we were earning lots and lots of money, so what did we care.

Half time very quickly came in the football match and our Evil Gary stood up in front of everyone in the room and shouted out almost laughing, “So who now wants to see both my sisters dancing for us, …”

“YEEESSSssss” they all shouted and laughed was the response from all the very eager men, so Gary gets a dance CD out and they put some music on, the men got some money out and gave it to us, quite a lot of money, we were excited to get all this money so as the music started loudly we happily started to sexily dance for the men for a good 10 minutes or more.

Me and my sister loved dancing anyway and Jane is really good, she dance’s for a drama school that put on shows around the area and she used to love showing me her routines, we practiced them together for hours in the evening and she would look so sexy. I decided I wanted to do the same as her after my exams. But for now, I just tried the best I could to keep up with her, but wow we really enjoyed dancing for the men in the front room, the men would cheer and applaud us on and they were being really funny and silly and kept tossing more money, it was such fun.

 The men turned down the music after about 15 minutes and the old man with the thinning hair and grey moustash announced “that was great girls” as they handed over even more money to us, our handbags were now really full from the days takings as we fastened them up tight. “Now just one more thing” said one of the other guys.

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“Yes?” smiled my sister… the man turns to the others and shouts out “She said yes boys and we haven’t even asked her yet!!” and they all laughed out clapping …… the man turned back to us and asked “How much would it cost us each for us to fuck you both?”

My sister laughed a little flat silly laugh as though they were kidding, but the room full of men was now silent and drooling and the man insisted and asked again, “Come on girls, name your price we can see you are up for it with us with all your flashing and dancing!”

We now both turned red with embarrassment, as all the men stared at us both.

Our Evil Gary says to us with a big smile, “Oh Come on girls, the boys are only after a little more fun.

“I think we should go now” I said to Jane and we tried to make our way gingerly to the door, I could see the men were very excited by the bulges in there trousers as they moved in front of us barring our way out.

The old man moved and stood in front of us with all the other men stood behind him, it seemed we was so small as we looked up to their big towering frame above us and he said to us both “don’t think you are going to get us all excited with that very sexy dancing, take all our money and then just walk away do you?”

Then shaking his head “OOohhh Noooo you had better think again girls,”

Again me and my sister Jane looked at each other as neither of us just didn’t know what to do, Gary our brother was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, so I did the first thing that came in to my mind. I looked up and asked shyly in a little voice “erm do you want some of the money back?”

The men laughed “No not at all” the man said, “its just that after getting us all excited like you have, I think you ought to offer some sort of release for us that’s all, …you can’t leave us all like this can you with hard pricks.”

Jane suddenly spoke up as she looked at the men with her frowning face and her angry eyes and shouted, “You let us go right now, we can’t help it if you get excited, that’s your problem so you will have to deal with it yourself, we are going!”

As Jane tries to push past the men, the men grabbed us both with big powerful arms and said “No its your problem now and you are going to deal with it for us. The old man calls out “come on boys let’s take them somewhere more comfortable shall we” and the men start dragging both me and Jane upstairs to the bedrooms. I know it seems silly now, but as they pulled us upstairs which seemed to go on forever, I was thinking, I wonder what they are going to do with us now after all our brother Gary was here.

Once upstairs they pushed us along a short hallway before they pushed a brown door open and pushed me and my sister in to a large bedroom.

They pushed Jane on to the large bed and as she bounced on it from the fall one of the men went quickly round to the other side of the bed and climbed on her and held her down and as she laid there dazed and wondering what was happening he knelt between Jane’s head gripping it tightly with his thighs. Both her arms and legs were completely free so she tried to struggle as she shouted out to the men “let me go” as she flaying her arms and legs about trying to free herself but her head was pinned between the mans thighs very tightly. As this was happening they forced me in to the corner of the room and two of the men held me there as the room started to fill with about 10 other men or so.

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All of the drunken men gathered around the bed all smiling and laughing with large bulges in there trousers and I still hoped they were still messing around. Our Evil Gary walked in the room and I thought he was going to tell the men to leave us alone, but he turned to the other men and said “are we ready for some fun now” and the men cheered as Jane is now laid there her head stuck between the mans thighs  as she watches the old man who is about 30 years old move towards her.

“You leave me alone” Jane shouts at him as she show him her sharp finger nails. So a couple of men grab her wrists so that she cannot use them and scratch him.

The man says to her “Well look at you with your face all made up like an adult but your hair in pig tails, you in your school uniform but your blouse only half fastened up showing your push-up bra that is all but flashing your tits off to us. Wearing a short school skirt that shows your little sexy knickers off each time you bend over and wearing stockings that only go halfway up your thighs showing off your bare thighs at the very top and also wearing high sexy heals for us and now you tell us to stop as if we are doing something wrong, when all the time you have been leading us on, on purpose. Now don’t start complaining when we act like how real hot blooded men would do.

He smiles at jane and makes his way forward to her again and kneeling by her side he starts unbuttoning the lower half of Jane’s blouse that wasn’t already unfastened even though she struggles and swears at him.

When he has unfastened her blouse he then push’s his hands under her back and in a few seconds her tight sexy bra springs loose as he unclasps it. The other two men holding Jane’s wrists help him to pull her bra off her and soon her young large and firm full breasts are revealed and he is holds her sexy bra up like a trophy.

All the men cheered loudly, then he threw her bra to one side. Then he moves back to Jane and he starts fondled and sucked on her tits while she was shouting “get off” to him the whole time and trying to get loose but she was held tight.

Then the old man got up off the bed and started to take his trousers and underpants off and that was the first time I had seen a huge erect mans cock. As he pulled down his trousers and boxers down his prick sprang right out as though on a spring, bouncing up and down and around, to be honest it looked so strange to me and I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it looked so pinky and erm angry, the other started doing same by taking there trousers off, but not there underpants, as though they wasn’t quite ready yet, then the old man got back on the bed and started sliding his hands up Jane’s legs and pushing her short skirt up over her waist showing her sexy little knickers off.

Jane shouts out to our Brother Gary who was watching, “Gary stop him, its not funny at all, stop it now!” But for some reason Gary said nothing, he just conitinued to watch with a silly smile on his face

The men gathered round smiling and making all kinds off strange animal noises as the old man reached for the top of her sexy little knickers and shockingly starts pulled her knickers slowly down. The men who had helped the old man remover her bra had released Jane’s hands to help him so now Jane’s hands were free and she tried to hold and grab on to her knickers and stop him from pulling then down and she succeeded for a few seconds, but the man gripping her head with his thighs leaned over and grabbed her wrists and held them tightly to the side. Jane struggled of course but he was obviously much stronger than a young girl and as she was held there the old man now easily slid her knickers down her legs and pulled them off her to another cheer of the men watching and the old man tossed them to a few of the other men.

Page 5

Jane screamed out to her brother  ”GARY!!, GARY!!,” but again Gary said and did nothing.

The men now just stood and looked at her almost drooling whilst staring at her white pert breasts standing out from her otherwise suntanned body and likewise with her naked hairless pussy as the old man with a small grey mustache slowly rubbed his excited very hard prick slowly as three of the much younger other men took their underpants down and again like the old man before, their hard erect pricks sprang out in front of them. Jane looked at them and could see all in front of her as her nervous eyes looked round at all the gloating smiling and drooling men and she lay helpless and all but naked there on the bed.

Jane screamed out again Gary!! Gary stop them. The old man turns round and says, “I think she wants Gary first, could you oblige your sister Gary?”

Gary at last moved forward towards the front and I hoped he was at last going to send all the man back downstairs. He stands there for a few seconds looking at his sister Jane held naked down on the bed and I notice that as he looks her up and down his eyes linger as he looks at her between her legs.

Suddenly he starts taking his trousers off and saying to everyone “waste not want not, hey boys” and then pulling his underpants down I am shocked that his hard erect prick suddenly springs out.

‘Oh my god’ I thought and I was so shocked that he had got an hard-on from seeing his young sister held down naked on the bed. ‘surly our brother isn’t going to take part and rape his young sister, surly not.’

It seems I was wrong, without saying a word and looking very seriously our Gary got down on to the bed and made his way forward, he got on top of his sisters small petite frame he started sucking greedily on her tits and nipples even though Jane told him to “STOP IT,” after a couple of minutes he starts moving himself more on top of her and trying to work his way between her legs, Jane has non of it but Gary starts forcing his way between her legs telling her “Oh come on don’t play hard to get!!”

Jane angrily squealed “NOOOoo please don’t, STOP IT, STOP IT GARY” and she tried uselessly to try and fight him off, but he seems very determined and he eventually forces his sisters legs apart, as I said she is only small and petit like me. The men cheered him on with some of the men calling out “Come on Gary fuck her”

Jane with her arms tried to push him off but again it was useless, I felt sorry for Jane, I could see our Gary eagerly guiding his hard stiff prick towards her young pussy hole and working his cock between her folds and when he has got his prick in to position where he thought he was right over her pussy hole he then slowly started to push his cock in to her, trying to fuck his sister as the others held her down.

She squealed louder as he thrust in to her harder trying again to find the right place, Jane had struggled her pussy away from his cock and she struggled again but as he suddenly found the entrance of her pussy again he forced her legs wider apart and told the guys “pull her legs up” which they willingly did, now with her legs wide and raised he pushed hard this time forcing his prick in to her.

She groaned loud and squealed out and as I watched I noticed his prick now slip up her pussy and disappear and he started to thrust in and out of her slowly fucking her, she squealed and begged him to stop but he just ignored her and I could hear him groan with pleasure as he fucked and raped his sister with long deep thrusts as she was held there.

She squealed and groaned out with each long thrust in to her, Soon our Gary was now fucked her harder and faster and all the time my sister groaned “NOOOoooo” to him, Gary groaned out louder and louder as he was now pounding his hard prick all the way in to and up her pussy.

The men holding me started getting excited as they watched him and they started to undo my blouse and pushing up my bra over my pert breasts as they now began to fondle my tits and I just let them, I thought it was pointless trying to stop them as they wouldn’t have taken any notice anyway.

I looked over to Jane and Gary, he was pounding hard and fast in to her until after about 5 long minutes he suddenly grunted and fucked hard deep in to her, then he thrust hard in to her and held it there,,,, grooooaaaning,,,, Then he collapsed on top of her gasping and he stayed there for about 30 to 45 seconds, slowly he got off my sister puffing and panting saying “next one please” sarcastically, then adding “wow, she is one fantastic fuck, really tight little pussy, which surprised me with all the cock she must have already had.”

Another man gets on to the bed with Jane and pushes Jane’s legs open and gets between them, “No NO PLEASE, NOT ANOTHER” she begs as the other man guides his prick to her now wet pussy, again he thrusts in to her and I see his prick disappear up her pussy, “Yesssss” the man gasps and starts to fuck her hard straight away as all the other men wait their turn.

Jane gasps and groans with every thrust as the man pounds in to her, All the other men watching her being fucked then she turns her eyes looking over at me. The bed is shaking with the thrusts of the man as Jane Squeals and pants louder at the hard fucking that she is receiving, after a few minutes the man groans as he thrusts in to her like the last man, so I know he has now finished too.

Page 6

He gets off Jane only for another man to take his place, Now as the other man gets between my sisters legs she pleads “Please….. Please no more” but the man gets between her legs and starts to force fuck her like all the others did and he takes no notice of her pleading, low groans and pants come from Jane as she is forced to take the fucking by another of the men.

The men holding me have forceibly took my blouse and bra off and got my tits out and two men are sucking on each of my nipples as someone starts to slide their hands up my skirt and starts tugging down at my knickers and I can feel them being slowly pulled down over my hip, I try to stop them this time but its no use.

I try to change my focus and I see the man who has trapped Jane’s head between his knees lifting his bottom a little and starts undoing his trousers. Some other men staring at me start to take there trousers off as well as the men start pulling me over to the same bed as my sister jane and I thought that they were now going to gang rape me as well…….

As they pull me to the bed I can hear Jane groan as she is being fucked, and I get frightened and start to cry, but Gary shouts out, “Hey don’t be rough with her she is only young” and with that the two boys said, “Oh no we won’t hurt her” which makes me feel a bit better and was rather lucky as I was a lot older than they really thought I was, I think it was the younger type school uniform that did it and the fake freckles that made me look a lot younger, although it didn’t seem to help my sister

I can see the man’s bum bouncing up and down between Jane’s legs and that famous last hard long groaning thrust that I now got to know that he had finished and that another man has cum as Jane squeals with the force of the large prick deep up her…. As the man gets off her I can see cum all around her pussy running down her bum.

The man who was pinning her down with his knees gets off her and stands by the edge of the bed, he drags off his trousers and then pulls Jane to the edge of the bed so that her head is hanging over the edge. The next man in the queue comes behind her and helps to turn Jane over and force’s her up on to her hands and knees. She looks at him with her eyes wide open not knowing what to expect, the man behind her on the bed moves up behind her wet legs on his knees.

He looks to have got such a big prick and it must be 10 inches long and very thick she turns to looks at him, this is the first time she has seen the size of the prick that is about to fuck her, she shakes her head looking at him in the eyes begging “No PLEASE DON’T” she tries to get up, but he pushes her back down and he grips her hard and gets close behind her legs and bum.

As his huge prick feels for her wet hole he thrusts up her pussy from behind for the first time. I can see Jane’s face wince and she gasps so loud and groans and squeals out at every thrust he makes in to her, She continues to beg “PLEASE DON’T” between her screams and gasps and groans.

The boy who had been holding her head grabs her and positions his prick and shoves it in to her face “suck it” he demands and I can see Jane start to open her mouth and starts to suck on it as he wants to slide it in to her mouth deeper.

I can’t believe what I am seeing before me, Jane is being forced to suck on his prick while she takes a big prick up her pussy whilst on her hands and knees, she is groaning like crazy while she is being gang raped from both sides at the same time…..

Page 7

The men are stripping me of my clothes and have taken all my clothes off except my over the knee stockings, they pull me over to the bed and lay me by the side of my sister and I can hear her groaning squealing and panting so loud now that I am laying by her, I am shocked by how much the bed is bouncing and shaking as she is being fucked so hard. 

Two large men lay by the side of me and I am really nervous but they keep saying “don’t worry we won’t hurt you” then they start sucking on both my nipples, after a few moments a guy moved his head between my legs and starts forcing my legs open and starts to disgustingly suck and lick all around my little pussy, one of the guys sucking my nipples gets up and strides over my face and I can see his really hard prick right up close.

it is about 5 inches long and quite thin compaired with all the others, then he starts to try to push his prick in my mouth and I close my mouth tight and shake my head. He pulls my hair hard telling me “Come on SUCK IT for me”

It hurts so slowly I open my mouth, he is really gentle with me and slowly he starts to thrust and fuck my mouth, I cannot help but suck on it and he gives low groans, soon he is pumping in my mouth as the other men gather round me rubbing there cocks too.

He squirts about 4 heavy gushed all over my face

He squirts about 4 heavy gushed all over my face

The guy starts to pump his cock faster in my mouth and I can feel his soft balls slapping and pressing against me, just as I think he is about to cum in my mouth he grunts pulls his cock out of my mouth and cums all over my face in about 4 large gushes, it feels warm as it squirts all over my face and it feels as if it goes everywhere, all over my face and in my hair. He gets up and another man gets on me and he pushes his cock in my mouth too, unfortunately his prick is a little larger and thicker and I have to open my mouth a little wider so he can fuck it.

Quickly the big man starts pumping his cock in my mouth as the other guy is still between my legs licking sucking and teasing my clit and I feel a strange sensation building between my legs. The two guys are still sucking hard on my nipples at the same time and I am awash with strange sensations, soon as the man fucks my mouth very fast and I can sense something is about to happen.

The next man cums over my face too

The next man cums over my face too


He pulls his cock out of my mouth and he instantly groans loudly and he also squirts his cum all over my face like the last man did.

As he gets off me, I see my brother Gary come over to me saying, “I have got to try her, I may as well” he grabs me and pulls me so my head hangs backwards over the bed, then Gary demands that I open my mouth for him, I reluctantly open my mouth as he tells me to, Then I am shocked as my brother eagerly pushes his cock in to my mouth and at first slowly starts to fuck my mouth.

He groans out “Oh this feels good angel!”

I feel strange as I feel my brothers prick slides in and out of my mouth as he fucks it and it isn’t long before he is fucking my mouth quite hard and deep and I can hear him gasping and panting as his cock slides over my tongue and hits the back of my mouth.

My brother cums over my face

My brother cums over my face

He grips my head and fucks in to my mouth faster and harder, and I feel his prick start to push in to my throat as he trusts in so deep. Suddenly I hear him gasp out, ‘get ready to swallow my load Angel’ and I braced myself not knowing what this would feel or taste like, he forced harder and I felt his prick try to slide down my throat, but it made me gag and I gasped and gagged out, Gary pulled his cock out of my mouth and instantly he shot his cum over my face like the other guys. He gasped and groaned as he cum over my face saying “fucking brill”

Two other men come quickly up to me and are wanking either side of me as I lay there with now three men’s cum all over my face. Two other men shove there cocks close to me and I wank them hard. After a couple of minutes two men cum together and gush all over my face then one by one the other men move in and wank over my face too, squirting there hot cum all over me and running down me ….

Soon it was all over and the men let me and Jane go to the bath room to clean ourselves off, cum dripping of my face as we ran there.

We got dressed and the men all happy watch us. Gary has a wooden bowl saying to the men, “come on dig deep lads, the girls did a good gig for us didn’t they, and once again the men dug deep in to their pockets and wallets most generously. 

Page 8

As we walked down the road, I turned and said to Jane, “Just curious, but how much money did we make then?”

She looked back at me with a very straight face and said, “you mustn’t tell anyone what has happened there at Evil Gary’s, not anyone, not even Mum and Dad, and you mustn’t tell anyone about all the money, Okay? if anyone asks anything tell them to ask me… do you hear?”

“yes” I said nodding my head, I will leave it all to you ….. when we get back home shall we count the money we made for the school?”

“Yes” she laughed, “last one back has to kiss the cats bum” we ran back as fast as we could, which was only about a couple of streets, when we got home running in to the living room wrestling each other as not to be last.

Mum and Dad was sat on the sofa, mum was reading and dad on his laptop “Oh you both look happy” said mum adding, I have just done tea ..

“Sorry, I Cant stop!” I called out, then paused thinking what to say next, “erm, we’ve got sums to do” I blurted out.

Dad looks up surprised, “Bloody hell, what has got in to you two, have you two fell and bumped your heads,…. Anyway, did you both have fun, at our Evil Gary’s?”

“I duuno, ask Jane” I shouted running upstairs, “I’ve got counting to do.”

I heard dad say to mum. “Who the hell is that running upstairs, I could have sworn it was our Angel.”

Jane walks in and chats to Mum and dad for a while and I run the bath as I feel a lot stinky. Soon Jane comes upstairs and we tip our handbags and the money on the bed, we busily count away for a few minutes “right that £288.40 I’ve got” I said all excited.

Jane raises her head and says to me “and mine is £349.25″ smiles Jane, adding “that’s a total,” and there is a pause as she works it out in her head and then says very slowly thats “S i x  h­­­_u_n d_r e d and t h_i r_t y seven pounds and sixty five pounds, YEEEEeeeeess, £637.65 pounds” she says again and we bounced up and down on the bed in excitement and I say all giggly “the school will be pleased.”

I poured the bubble bath in and as it was a large bath we both got undressed and we got in the bath together and chatted for a while.

Monday morning came and all the chat was about how much money everyone had made that weekend for the school, the teacher asked everyone to stand up all those that didn’t mind saying out how much they had made for the school, a few stood up including Jane.

Page 9

People was calling out how much they had earned,.. £50 pounds miss, and to each the assembly room all applauded, £70 pounds miss…. £90 pounds miss… £120.00 pounds miss called out one, at that the room gasped and cheered as the fundraiser bowed their heads like champions of the school.

The headmistress excited and clapping her hands looks next at Jane and asks, “and how much did you and your sister Angel make for the school Jane?”

Jane stands up looking as proud as punch as she said, “Angel and myself worked most of Saturday very hard and we earned”…She paused as all the room held its breath in suspense …… “A total of £37 pounds 65 pence” The room instantly broke in to rowdy cheers and applause… and the head teacher cheered out “oh well done, I am so very proud of all of you.”

Now I thought I had just heard it wrong I only heard Jane say £37.65 pence, but I felt that all the ecstatic cheers that followed that it must have just been me that miss heard, I felt so proud as everyone looked and cheered and applauded us.

Then about half an hour later after assembly I saw the cheque that Jane handed over from my dad for £37.65 pence.

I looked at Jane with a frown and she came over to me and whispered softly, I have put your share in your wardrobe under your knickers £300, is that okay, we are sisters, we share, love you.

Thanks Angel xx

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9 thoughts on “Evil Brother Gary

  1. I am going to be probably one of the few people that is going to trash somebody not so much for contents as style. The one thing you always find in a well written book, story, or article is that they are grammatically correct. You write like someone who has virtually no education. You jump from first to second to third person like it is nothing. If you are telling a story about something that has happened, you don’t write it like it is happening at that moment or that you are narrating a dream. For instance, when you say, ” I am hiding in the closet looking at the girls”, It doesn’t have the same effect as, “I hid in the closet and looked at the girls.” Also, it would help if you knew when to use an apostrophe. One of the first things you learn in school is the different spellings and meanings for words that have the same pronunciation. Words like they’re, their, your, you’re, to, too, two. I was reading an article the other night and it said that the generation born after 1980 has had the most opportunity for education but is, for lack of a better word, the stupidest in the history of modern time..Badly written from the start when you didn’t grasp that everyone didn’t call the woman’s uncle Evil Uncle Harry. He was just evil unlce, Harry.

    • ‘He is just evil unlce Harry???’

      You only wrote a little and you made error’s, now write a hundred pages!

      His name wasn’t even Harry, It was Gary! How do you spell uncle again? I think you are taking this all too seriously Chuck? The story is deliberately written tongue in cheek and deliberately meant to be silly and nonsense.

      I am not a journalist, I do not have a degree in English, and I write the way I want it read, and therefore not written in classical English. I am just someone that writes stories for fun and shares them with everyone.

      Thanks for the comments though Chuck, as pointless as it all was, I hope that you have now learned something about our website!

      PS. Please! Don’t talk about YOUR education, I don’t do pretentious and perspicacious by those that are deluded into thinking that they are ‘Oh, I am just so superior to you!’ :-)

  2. Omfg it was so cringey to call him evil brother gary,as if the girl called her uncle evil uncle.. Evil was just an adjective used in the context of rape, not his fucking nickname

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