My First School Girl Sex Game


My First Schoolgirl Sex Game

My First Schoolgirl Sex Game

   Game of Dares √                        This is a story of my very first Schoolgirl game of Truth and Dare…. Well, to be honest with you it was just a game of dare really.

We were all still at School,… Just. We would be in the later years which would make us around the age of 16 going on 17 years old, Emma was two years younger than me and Jon was 4 years younger.

I played because I didn’t think the game would become as sexualised as it did or I wouldn’t have played It in the first place. I did play and I simply put the reason down to being of that age where schoolgirls and boys simply push their boundaries, maybe curiosity of the opposite sex, perhaps being excited and wanting to explore sex just a little tiny bit. I think that is quite a natural thing around that age….Oh, and just one other little thing, perhaps the few glasses of cider that we all drank helped to reduce our inhibitions as well.

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This is not what it seems though, not at first anyway. This is a strange tail and not as straight forward as you think.  I promise it’s one that will surprise you, it surprised the bloody hell out of me. I still don’t know what to think and how I got so involved, well I do really and you will find out as you read.

As I said before no way did I think that the game would have gone anywhere near as far as it did. Probably I may have felt a little under pressure as they were new friends and they seemed so keen to play the game.

I didn’t want them to think that I was all dull and boring and a stick in the mud, perhaps I wanted to impress them and of course we all had a good drink of cider which suppressed any inhibitions that we may have had before, a mixture of all these things were the catalyst for an adventuress day.

To be honest, I certainly had deep worries and concerns at first, but I also thought it may be exciting and it seemed such fun at the same time too, does that make sense?.. But I regretted what I had done the following day, I am not sure the others did. So as I said this story is about what I saw and did with a group of new friends who I had just met…

I promise, it soon gets into the game.

We had just moved to a new area of England during the summer holidays because of my father’s work around June 2000 or 2001. It was a very beautiful picturesque and select village we moved into. We were all very pleased with it. I quickly made some very nice friends who funnily enough had also recently moved into the area a month or two before.

My new friends were called Nicolette, although everyone calls her Nicole for short, and her younger brother Jon, (not to be confused with my younger brother Jon) as I said they too had just moved into the area about a month or two before us and I was the first friend Nicole had made and it seemed to me that I was the first friend she had ever made. you will find out later why.

The family seemed very wealthy indeed, well you could see that in everything they did and possessed. I found out that their parents owned, and that they had all lived on their own island a few miles off the coast of mainland Scotland. All the children had lived there for all their lives up until the move to the village a month or so ago.

The only time they had ever seen anyone else was when they went to a small town supermarket in their luxury boat to do the shopping each month, but even then it was pretty much straight there and back.  Their parents would tell them that It was meant to be a treat, but if it was, it was a very tightly controlled treat. It was only later that I found out that it wasn’t your average boat for nipping to the mainland for supplies, but it was a multi-million pound Sunseeker boat.

Their parents, but mostly It would seem their mother, taking on the leading role, had done all of the children’s education on the island and by the looks of it, between them, they had done a really good job too, as the children came across as very intelligent indeed. They were very well rounded and educated in their opinion and views.  They were very well spoken and extremely, almost beyond perfectly, well mannered.

 They had not had any other interaction with any other children at all before this point in their lives, apart from themselves of course. Nicole up to being the young adult that she is and Jon a few years younger, as their parents put it, “So that they were not corrupted by any outside negative influences.” They had TV  so they could watch live sport, but not really any of the other television channels, although they had access to lots of DVDs, but even then only the ones that their parents had provided and deemed fit for them to watch.

I heard my mum speaking to Jane (Nicole’s Mum) for quite a while and It seemed that their parents had now decided that they had lived on the island for long enough, “It’s time now for the children to meet friends and develop their lives further” she told mum, and that Nicole was “so excited to have met such a good new friend in Angel” and that Angel seemed such a nice girl that she must come round for tea so that they could all meet her properly, which I thought was very nice.

The type of utopian home where I imagined that they lived on their own Island

The type of utopian home where I imagined that they lived on their own Island

Nicole told me about their lives on the Island where they had spent all their childhood, up until a couple of months ago and about the stunning beauty of the land and the sea.  She told me about the total freedom they had and being at one with the magnificent nature all around them and the extraordinary wildlife that they enjoyed that was abundant around them and of the freedom of having no one to interfere with their innocent lives.

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Walking naked on the beach

Walking naked on the beach

She told me that sometimes during the warm sunny months she would walk completely naked along the sandy beach and go skinny dipping in the sea without any worries of being seen by anyone else.

As she reminisced I soon found myself daydreaming and longing for that Utopian lifestyle that she had just come from.  What a way to be educated and grow up, in total safety without having to be told to be careful of the roads, cars, the men that approach you and the very weird perverts that I seem to attract.

She told me that their house was on a small inlet by the sea and how she would watch otters and dolphins playing.  There was even a time a whale was seen swimming, all of this she could see from the beach, it seemed so close that she felt she could almost touch it.  In the summer evenings she would go to sleep listening to the sea from her bedroom window. She also told me how she would go snorkelling and diving with her father and that they would very often go out in their boat and catch fish, lobster, crabs, oysters and mussels for tea.

I thought to myself that their kitchen must have been better than any of the best restaurants in the world. I envied her so much and that night as I dozed off to sleep thoughts of their Utopian lifestyle must have still been strong in my mind because that night I dreamt that I was on the beach with Nicole and we were both completely naked and laughing at the playing otters that she had told me about. In my dream, I had no cares or worries and I had a liberating feeling about myself, the feeling that being naked was the most natural thing in the world.

When I woke up the following morning, I could see through the window that it was going to be a beautiful day. I felt so refreshed and peaceful, it was such a wonderful dream that I had and it had seemed so real to me as if I had actually been there.  In my mind I could still feel the warm breeze against my skin and the sand beneath my feet, I laid there in bed for a  little while trying to recall and hold onto my lovely dream.  I felt incredibly relaxed and content and I thought as I laid in bed that this was a good start to the day, if only every day could start this way.

The family had now come here to live here in this beautiful English village in the countryside and to them, this was a strange new world, what we just took for granted, for them was a wondrous new experience and adventure. Just the simple things like meeting a new friend was very exciting for them as they had never done it before, in fact just seeing  different people each day and living amongst them, listening to them speak and hearing new ideas was an alien experience for them because up to now, for all of their lives the only people they had ever known were each other.

One day, while our mums spoke calmly to each other, Nicole and I were chatting away excitedly a little further away from them, with Jon standing with us, but not actually joining in the conversation.  Then right out of the blue Nicole suddenly told me that her brother Jon had got a big crush on me.

Instantly I could see that Jon was terribly embarrassed as his face turned bright red, which I thought was quite cute and innocent of him. It seemed to me that in their education they hadn’t learned any tact at all. Although I must admit, at the time, I thought he had a crush on me as I would constantly catch him staring, then he would quickly look away when I glanced at him which made me smile. I seem to have this effect on boys for some reason, but he was way too young for me, I would say he must have been at least three or four years younger than I was.  I hoped it would just be a crush that would soon pass and that I would just enjoy the compliment for now, no matter what his age was.

I thought Nicole was so incredibly pretty, she was very shapely with long blonde hair and such piercing blue eyes. She would usually be so bubbly and lively and so full of fun, but then again on the odd day she could be very subdued, quiet and thoughtful, as though someone had upset her, but no one had, it was just her way. I couldn’t help but notice she was always dressed immaculately, as were all her family, even down to their highly manicured fingernails and toes and she always dressed very, well what I would call very sexily but not over the top.  I think that was the expression that I was looking for and I noticed that they must have spent a lot of time and money on their make -up as it was always so delicate and exquisitely well done.

Nicole lived just down the road, in a very expensive house in a very exclusive part of the village that had numerous other expensive houses, with her Mum and Dad (Jane and James.) Being a village it is inevitable that you eventually get to know everyone, so you always at least say hello, or stop and have a chat.  Nicole’s family was no exception, they were all very well mannered, as you would expect, and they were always happy to stop and pass time with their fellow villagers and everyone liked them in return.

One day Nicole told me she would introduce me to some more of her friends.  I was pleased, I thought it would be a good idea for me to meet more friends in the area as I didn’t know anyone at all, so I agreed to meet them one Sunday morning around 11 o’clock.  The idea was that we were all to take something to snack on and drink and we would have a picnic, I was really looking forward to it.

For a summers day that Sunday the weather was bloody awful, it was really grey, cold, wet and windy.  I didn’t want to go out one little bit and I never for one moment expected Nicole to call but she did. When Nicole called she was well prepared for the weather wearing a rain mac. She was all cheery faced saying “come on Angel, we have got it all prepared, everyone is looking forward to meeting you and it is so lovely and warm and dry where we are meeting.”  So even though I was only wearing a short skirt and blouse I decided to just put a big coat on over the top and brave it all and I went along with her.

We walked into the large wooded area just on the outside of the village.  Once we got into the wood we walked for a little while, the wind shook the trees and the rain fell in great big drops. I was thinking we must all be mad being out in this and the wood was getting more and more dense and the trail was getting thinner and thinner until we turned a bend in the little trail.

I started to think surely it can’t be much further now as I could now catch a glimpse of fields through the trees with bails of hay laid there, when suddenly as we got to a tree with a really thick trunk with a hole in it and Nicole finally said, “It’s just down here.”  We turned left taking us off the trail, I looked but I couldn’t see anything. We walked for about 15 seconds more, then all of a sudden, it seemed, we were almost on top of it.  I saw what looked like a small barn or a very large wooden shed, it was well hidden, if I had been on my own I would never have found it.

Hidden Barn

Nicole pushed open the sturdy, creaking door and we walked in.  Once inside everyone cheered our arrival and it struck me straight away that it was so lovely and warm like she had said. There was a small wood burning stove standing on a bed of flat stone slabs that was lit and burning away and that made the place so warm and cosy. The area had an almost rosy glow to it which made it very welcoming.  As I looked around, it felt and seemed, more like a small barn now, as there were hay bales that everyone was sat on.  The scent of the hay bales in this warm environment made the place smell lovely and fresh. I took off my wet coat and headed over to the stove to soak up its welcoming warmth, as I stood in front of the stove I glanced around to see who was in the barn with us.  There were 3 boys, one of whom was Jon, the other two were blond haired boys with incredibly blue eyes, very similar to Nicole’s. I was instantly struck by these boys as they were very pretty, almost girl like in their looks.

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I found out later that the 2 blond boys were twins, but of course, you could see that in them straight away. There was another girl there called Emma who is Nicole’s sister, although they look nothing alike at all. Emma and Jon have very thin athletic slender cat-like figures with a darker almost olive complexion and a mild, almost Chinese look about them with black hair, or she would have if she had not dyed her hair platinum blond, her hair almost had a slight dreadlock look.  Her olive skin and her lovely white teeth and platinum hair, she was different, but beautifully different. She along with Jon obviously took after their father who had that sort of look too, I had seen Emma briefly before but only from a distance and apart from her hair she almost had a boyish build to her. Nicole on the other hand was very sexy with a full- buxomed figure with blonde hair like her mother, not that Emma didn’t look sexy, in fact she looked very sexy indeed.

After a few moments I now felt warm enough to take a seat, so I headed over to an empty space on the hay bales and sat down, it seemed so nice and comfortable there and everyone was laughing and happy.  It was a really nice atmosphere and I was taken aback by the fuss that they all made of me, as if I was their only friend in the world, I was pleased I had come now.

I started looking around and then asked “So what do you normally get up to in here” as I sat there in an open space between Emma and Jon.

“We can do anything we want” they all called out in unison, then everyone burst out laughing because they had all said the same thing at once.

Emma said "We like to come here with the boys and play with their cocks, we fuck sometimes, Do you like to fuck?".

Emma said “We like to come here with the boys and play with their cocks, we fuck sometimes, Do you like to fuck?”.

Emma leads on by saying “We are free from adults and rules, we can say what we like, do what we like, we can swear, drink cider and tell stories, usually rude ones. We can even play with the boy’s cocks and we can even fuck in here if we want to, would you like that Angel?”

All of them laughed at what Emma had just said, but that last sentence shocked me and took me totally by surprise.  Over the last few weeks they had been so immaculately well-mannered and polite, as though butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.  Then suddenly hearing this last sentence seemed so out of character. I could feel myself going red and I tried to change the subject, but I didn’t do it very well, “err erm stories you say, erm what kind of story’s are they” I stuttered like an absolute idiot feeling very self-conscious.

Emma obviously notices that what she had said shocked me, as they all must have,  being mischievous she wasn’t going to let me off the hook that easily.  Laughing at me she carries on, “Oh yes, we like to talk about sex the whole time, don’t you?” she said all very enthusiastically.  She moved up and sat closer to me and asked, “Do you like sex?”

Before I could answer she leans right over and whispers loudly into my ear and saying way over the top “have you let anyone fuck you yet? how many boys?” Then moving quickly she looked me right in the eyes smiling and then almost pleaded, “Oh please tell us about some of the naughty things you have done with your boyfriends.”

I thought she was out of line really, but the others were all smiling as I answer really sheepishly and almost in Pigeon English “Boyfriends …Well yes, but nothing really, I don’t have ..”

But without listening to the answer she asks prompting me “do you like to suck his cock?” “Do you like to feel it in your mouth?”  ”I bet you do, don’t you, I know that I would” and everyone is staring at me as I am totally stunned and shocked by the way she is speaking.

It was the way she asked me and the way everyone stared at me that I felt forced to answer, but before I could reply she must have guessed my answer because she said next without taking a breath “Do you like to play with yourself?” … again I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Pardon me” I answered in surprise as my emotions moved from shock to shocked and I stuttered again not wanting to or knowing how to answer her.

I repeated her question slowly back to her trying to buy time for myself while I searched my mind on how to reply to her … “err erm, do I play with myself,” I stuttered shyly feeling foolish and embarrassed….

Emma smiled so brightly at me still looking deep into my eyes and enjoying every single moment of my humiliation.  “Yes” she nodded and then as if she needed to explain even clearer, as if I hadn’t quite understood her she added, “you know, I mean, do you wank yourself off ?”   Strangely the cruder the way she worded it, the harder it was to answer and it seemed to humiliate me even more than before.

I had never heard it put that way for a girl before, now I was even more embarrassed and turning redder by the second I said to her, “yes, I know what you mean.”

She inquired further “you must do it surely, do you like to use a vibrator or do you just use your finger like I do?”   Everyone was staring at me so intensely and my face was burning with embarrassment, I just wasn’t prepared for this at all.  I never thought they would talk so crudely like this.  I wasn’t normally shy about this sort of thing at all, but Emma had caught me right off guard with her questions, I just didn’t know how to answer without showing myself up.

At this point Nicole thankfully comes to my rescue, although she was laughing at me like everyone else.  She told her, “Leave her alone Emma, you have embarrassed her enough now, a little too much even and she is new here, she won’t come again because of you.”

Emma drops her head and laughs uncontrollably, then she lifts her head to me with tears of laughter in her eyes and she says, “I am sorry Angel, I really am, I just couldn’t resist it with the looks of horror on your face, please forgive me I will only do it again” then she breaks out into wild fits of laughter all over again.

Nicole warmly starts talking to everyone, “Angel will open up as time goes on and gets to know us more.”  She looks around to everyone and says “But we can have a drink and tell stories,” as she holds up a large bottle of sweet cider in each hand.

“Yes lets” they cheer and start clapping. I was the first to be given a cup of the cider and to be honest I felt a little hot so I was pleased to gulp it down.  That was just the relief I needed and now I felt much better and I regained my composure thankfully.

Nicole drinks her cider elegantly and sits across from me and asks calmly, “Seriously though Angel, do you have a boyfriend?”

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“No” I said, I have not really had the chance.  I went to an all girl’s school and later went to an all girl’s boarding school and they were really strict about boys and after that …..”

Emma butts in recovered from her fits of laughter, “We never had the chance either Angel, nor our brothers, they couldn’t have girlfriends, that’s one of the problems of living on an Island, but I suppose in a way you were living on your own island really as well, wasn’t you?”  Well I never thought of it that way but maybe she was right.

Emma asks again, “you must have been curious about boys though Angel, … wasn’t you?”

“Well yes, I think that’s only natural isn’t it,” I told them, well that’s what I told myself as well, “but because boys were not there maybe I thought about them more than usual, I don’t know, but you must have been the same?”

“Well not really,” said Emma, “we did have boys in our life, we had our brothers didn’t we”

“Well I have a younger brother as well, but that’s just not the same at all, is it?” I asked and I waited for an answer but one never came, maybe it didn’t need an answer and we just sat there in silence for a second.

They all sat there looking at me, then Nicole speaks after a moment and I thought she was going to answer, but she changes the subject altogether and asks in a curious tone of voice “Angel… have you ever seen your parents having sex?”

Again everyone laughs as I reply “well not really, as a rule they tend to do it when I am not there.”

Simon (one of the blond twins) suddenly jokes “oh what miserable parents you must have” and everyone laughs and makes jokes about it.

Then suddenly, as I thought it over a little longer, something jumped into my mind and I remembered something, “Oh no,” I said, “No … come to think of it,” I said slowly “this was years ago mind and right on the edge of my memory, but I remember that I once came home early from school because I wasn’t feeling very well at all, I didn’t think anyone was home and so I made my way upstairs to put my things away and have a rest for a while and perhaps fall asleep.

As I climbed the stairs I could hear this strange sound, a sound like groaning as if someone was in pain coming from my parents’ bedroom, as I got near the top of the stairs I looked through the banister and their bedroom door was just a little bit open so I looked to see if I could see what was making the strange noise. I couldn’t quite make it out at first, then I noticed as I looked harder that dad was laid there naked with his bum on the edge of the bed and with his legs open hanging over the side, my mum was in between dads legs and I remember feeling shocked when I saw she was sucking and sliding her mouth up and down on dad’s very long and erect cock.  It was only a shortish glimpse but his cock looked really big and hard, it shocked me because I had never seen an erect penis before and I didn’t know they got that big, also I was so shocked with what I had accidentally seen what they were both doing, I could never have imagined anything like that.

I felt so shocked at what I had seen even if it was only for just for a second or so, I didn’t know what to do as I stood there at the top of the stairs; I stood there for a moment thinking what would be the best thing to do, should I quietly make my way down stairs or should I creep past their bedroom and just close the door and ignore them.

I decided to go quietly to my room rather than go back downstairs, but as I had just said, I had to walk back past their bedroom door as my room was further down the landing, as I crept past, I honestly don’t know why but as I got to the slight opening in the door I paused for just a little while and looked checking that they had not heard me, they hadn’t, I was now almost in a trance as I watched what they were doing for a few more seconds, I just couldn’t help it and I even moved closer to the slightly open door and moving my eye quietly closer to it, again I was shocked at what I saw, as now I could see everything so clearly.

But this time mixed with the shock, to be honest I found it really exciting and naughty watching what they were doing and both of them not knowing I was there. Mum was on her knees sucking on dads big cock, I was totally amazed she was sliding her mouth up and down his long hard shaft noisily as if she was really enjoying it. I couldn’t take my eyes off daddy’s cock as I was amazed it seemed so big and hard and thick, I just couldn’t believe how mum could slide her mouth all the way down it.

I never thought mum and dad would do anything like that at their age, after all they were now nearly 40. I couldn’t help but watch but I daren’t look for long either in case I got caught but I couldn’t seem to look away either, I was just spellbound to look. Then suddenly daddy started gasping and groaned out really loud as if he was in pain and mum opened her mouth a little then pushed her mouth right down to the very base of his cock and then gripping the base of his thick cock with her lips, she was swallowing it whole and she held it there for a few seconds bobbing her head up and down a little, while daddy lay there gasping and groaning out loud whilst bucking his hips up and down I thought he was having a heart attack or something.

I suppose they were both too well engrossed in what they were doing to notice me. I quietly slipped into my bedroom and sat there for a minute or two until they were quiet. I then dropped some heavy books on purpose so they knew I was there. Then I heard them jump up and quickly move around, mum came into my room a few seconds later looking all flushed and smiling with a real cheesy grin on her face and ironically wiping the sides of her mouth with her hand and made small talk. I just carried on as though I hadn’t heard or seen anything and asked what was for tea, in all the excitement I had forgotten I wasn’t feeling well.

That evening was uneventful, I watched TV and had a bath but it was on my mind all night what I had seen them doing.  Mum and dad asked me if anything was wrong as I was so quiet, I just told them I wasn’t feeling very well, which was true.  They told me to stay in bed the following day if I wasn’t feeling any better, I just said okay I’ll see how I feel in the morning.  For days that was all I could think about, all I had was the picture in my mind of what they were doing. I was confused, I didn’t know what I should feel, part of me found it oh so kinky and erotic, but another part of me was disgusted to think my parents were still doing these things.  Surely once parents had children they no longer did these things any more, but then I thought to myself, stop being silly as they are married and this must be what married people do all the time, to them it is normal, they didn’t know I was there and that I had seen them, so I decided to put the memory behind me and I refused to give it a thought and I forgot all about it.”

“Wow!” said Simon all excited, “how could you forget that?”

“Well it seemed that it was years and years ago, I just forgot about it” I said “but it has just jumped back into my mind with Nicole asking me about it.”

Simon carries on “I would have loved to have seen that, your mum is really good looking isn’t she, I would love to see your mum sucking and swallowing that hard cock.”

I looked at him and said sarcastically “not very likely though is it”

While at the same time Jon was finding that hilarious he was pointing and mocking Simon much to Simon’s annoyance with singing out, “so now we know, know we know, you fancy Angel’s mum, ha ha,”

Tarquin speaks out “So what’s wrong with that, you fancy Angel and you play with your tail while you are thinking of her.”

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Jon instantly stopped laughing and with an annoyed frown told him “I do not… fibber”

This was too much information for me, while Jon rather embarrassed gives me a quick glance whilst refuting Tarquin’s claim.

Emma interrupts them like a teacher, as she says loudly, “DON’T BE SILLY BOYS, NOW STOP IT, THIS INSTANCE” and the boys are instantly quiet, then turning to me she says “Well that was a really good story Angel, I think we all enjoyed listening to that didn’t we? Thank you for sharing that with us, we hope we will enjoy many more stories” then she changes the subject again, “now we have got a new friend let’s play a game of dare,”

“Oh yes” they all cheer, “what a good idea” Nicole without hesitation almost skips over to a shelf in delight at everyone playing the game and gets some paper, a pen and some dice.

I asked “aren’t we all new friends here, not just me” I said to Emma, “you, Jon and Nicole have just moved in here haven’t you, has Simon and Tarquin lived here for long?”

They all giggle and for some reason I felt a little foolish, but I didn’t know why.  Nicole laughing says “we have all just moved in, these are all my brothers and sisters, we are all one family miss silly willy.”

“But … but …” I stutter in surprise “you said to me earlier that you would introduce me to new friends, I just thought …. well I didn’t think that …” 

Emma butts in saying “Well, they are new friends for you aren’t they? I think that’s what she meant.”

Nicole interrupts as well saying “No … they are my brothers Jane, as Jon is and Emma is my sister, I thought you knew that, well anyway you do now if you didn’t before, now shall we start this game of dare then?”

No,” I said innocently still on about her brothers “How would I know, I knew Emma was your sister and Jon your brother, but I hadn’t seen Simon and Tarquin before, so I wasn’t likely to know.”  I suppose if I had thought about it that would explain the similarity with the striking blue eyes and looking at them now they did look very much like her.

“Well as Nicole has just said, you know now,” Emma replied, then changing back to the subject of the game, “so let’s play dare before we all get too old and die.”

“Isn’t it called truth or dare really?” I inquired.

“Well it might be normally,” Emma says, “but this game is just called Dare,” and with a smile she carries on “that means you can fib if you like, we don’t mind…. So come on quickly all of you get into a circle.” Emma claps her hands and points out “and with you here Angel it can be boy girl boy girl all the way round now.” It seems to me that they had played this ‘dare’ game many times before.

“Oh yes, that’s good,” said Simon, “I bags being at the side of Angel” well that was cute I thought as we all gathered round and shuffled into place.

“I will go first,” said Nicole, “and you will be about 4th” she said to me, “then you can see how we play the game first before it gets to you.”

Well I could guess how the game was played I thought.

Nicole continues “We will go round twice, so you will need to write on a piece of paper a dare and as we are going round twice that’s two pieces of paper, one dare on each,” she explained just like a mother.

They passed me some paper, this was the hard part thinking off the top of your head a dare, not just one dare but two.  I had to think of something that I would be prepared to do myself as I could easily pick out one of my own dares.  After a few moments I came up with my dares, they had to have a hint of naughtiness and be a little bit risqué so that the others didn’t think I was a wimp.

I wrote down my first dare, it was as naughty as I dare but added some fun ‘DO A SEXY DANCE WEARING THE UNDERWEAR OF THE PERSON TO YOUR LEFT.’  I really hoped I didn’t pick this dare for myself as I am not sure I wouldn’t really want to do it, but it would be fun watching someone else have to do it. For my second dare I wrote ‘SNOG THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU.’  The other’s finished quite quickly, except Jon who took as long as me, but I suppose that’s because they have played this game before.  We put all the dares into a blue plastic pot and Emma shook it up.

“We go round the group clockwise,” Emma explains.

Nicole has two bits of plain paper left and explains to me that “On these I will write bye, which means if you pull one of these out from the pot you miss a go and don’t have to do a dare, we just go to the next person, is that all clear.”

“Yes,” I say with a smile.

“Is that okay?” she says looking around the gang.

They all say “yes” at the same time.  She writes in big letters BYE, folds the paper and puts them in the pot clearly for all to see.

“What if someone refuses to do the dare?” I asked.

They all looked at me with a disapproving frown and then Emma said, “oh you have to do the dare, there is no point in playing otherwise, anyone that refuses to do a dare has to do a forfeit instead and gets punished”

With that Jon points to a dark red leather strap on the wall.

“Well I’m not sure that I want to play this then,” I said feeling a little worried as to what might happen, I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for did I and all kinds of things flashed through my mind.

“Angel there’s nothing to worry about at all” said Simon putting his arm around me reassuringly.  “As you have seen all the dares we write go into the pot and gets shaken up, so if anyone wrote a real nasty dare they could just as easily get it themselves, so no one is going to write anything bad or nasty are we? We are not that dim, anyway you are one of the last ones to go, so we all have the first ones to do don’t we? And you could get a bye which means you may only have to do one dare and we have to do all the others between us, We wouldn’t love playing this game if it was awful would we ?…. Come on join in, its just so much fun, you will see.”

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“Oh okay then” I smiled feeling more reassured.  I thought that seems fair and they are all family what harm could it do, they aren’t going to write something that they wouldn’t want to do themselves, like my dares which I had wrote, would they?

We put all our dares into the pot and were now ready to go.  To be honest, deep down, I was looking forward to it as it did seem a little naughty and maybe I was hoping it would be a little naughty as well.  Nicole volunteered to be first, she shook the pot, there seemed to be an air of excitement to everyone, including me to see what the first dare would be, I looked around at the circle of darers and the order went like this, Nicole first, then Tarquin, Emma, Simon, me and finally Jon, then it was back to Nicole to start the second round.

“Right are we ready at last” Nicole says with a big smile.

“YEEESSSss” everyone shouts happily and excited and I have to admit that I laughed with them too with a little pleasant nervous excitement.

Nicole puts her hand into the pot and pulls out the first folded piece of paper and slowly starts to unfold it, the excitement was really intense.  She smiles when she sees the dare and holds the paper up for everyone to see, everyone laughs and cheers when they read it, it says ‘SNOG THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU.’

Mine was the first one to be drawn out and It only then suddenly dawns on me what I have wrote, now she has got to snog one of her brothers, ‘oh hell’ I thought, ‘I didn’t think of that when I wrote it.’

Emma turns to me and says, “Oh by the way, you wouldn’t know would you?

I was thinking she was going to say “You have obviously wrote this because we are all family you can’t write anything like that,” but no she says “When anyone writes things like this or this type of thing happens you have to do it with the person whose turn it is next, this way there is no arguing and it is clear to everyone, unless it says all, then we all have to do it, even if we have done all our turns, is that okay?”

It seems she didn’t know it was me that wrote it and she was just explaining the rules to me. The seemed well organised, I happily nodded.

Nicole and Tarquin both stand up with large silly smiles on their faces and she turns to face him, Nicole takes the initiative and she wraps her arms around him and just before she kisses him Emma calls out and they both pause and listen what she has got to say “and it’s got to be a big long snog or you have to do it again!” The others cheer her statement in agreement.

Nicole did not seem worried at all by Emma’s caveat and gives her brother a long lingering snog, I am sure she even used her tongue, they snogged for about 30 seconds or more to cheers and applause, so it was a really long snog.  They then stopped and smiled at one another, then turned and smiled at us all and took a bow to the cheers.

They move back and sit in their places laughing, while everyone is also laughing with them including myself. Tarquin whose turn it is next even though it seemed to me as though he has just done a dare, and composing himself then leans over and stirs the little pieces of paper around in the pot before he picks out his dare, again the excitement is electric as he unfolds his dare once then twice, then reading it, he suddenly screams out “Ahhhhh oh no” Tarquin laughs out and holds up the dare for everyone to read and it reads “STRIP COMPLETELY NAKED AND RUN FOUR LAPS AROUND THE SHED”  again we all laugh out in hysterics as Tarquin stands and starts taking his clothes off, again he doesn’t hesitate and takes it all in good stride.  When he gets down to his boxers I notice he has a well-toned body, he looks very fit in more ways than one, also I can’t help but notice he has got quite a bulge in his boxers and strangely I couldn’t wait for him to take them off so I could have a good look at what he has got there.

I thought he would be really embarrassed about being naked in front of his sisters and me, but he didn’t seem to be, my eyes went straight to his bulge and as he quickly pulled his boxers right down and off in one quick sweep, I couldn’t help but look at his cock and was surprised that when he pulled his boxers down he seemed to be slightly aroused by it all, by the looks of his cock anyway and strangely I noticed I was feeling aroused as well.  I also couldn’t understand why I was pleased to see his penis was quite big too as it hung there, it seemed to give me some sort of satisfaction to be that close to a real one and to be honest I had never seen one quite so big, not that I was some sort of expert or anything.

Everyone cheered as he went out in the pouring rain and started running round the shed, we followed him out in the rain and watched him running naked round and round the shed, his once aroused cock hanging there now, swinging from side to side as he ran, again I found this very arousing with his cock being so big and thick.  I also noticed Nicole and Emma having a look at his cock as well as myself so I didn’t feel as self-conscious and purvey so much then, and so I had a good look at it too.

Tarquin did his laps in good spirit and ran back into the shed drying himself in front of the wood burner before putting his clothes back on, we all laughed our socks off.  I was really enjoying it, the cider was flowing and I think it helped with the fun.

Page  7

His sister Emma was next, and she was still smiling as she put her hand in the pot, I was hoping she would get a really embarrassing one for what she did to me earlier.  Please, please get a really embarrassing one I prayed, even though knowing full well it couldn’t be that bad as no one would write anything that bad, they would be worried that they would get it themselves.  She opened the folded paper and as Emma read it she frowned and shook her head and held it up, it read … “JUMP UP AND DOWN JIGGLING YOUR BARE BITS FOR A FULL MINUTE.”

I cheered silently to myself ”Yes, yes, yes,” as everyone else cheers and laughs out loud at her.  I was just loving how embarrassing it was for her, it serves her right, but then I felt nervous as suddenly it dawned on me,” Oh my god” I was surprised to see something like that in there, how could someone even write that. Then I seemed to jump into my senses, “hold on I thought, this is the second dare where someone has had to strip naked and do something, it could easily have been me” and butterflies started to flutter around in my stomach.

Emma starts a sexy dance for a few seconds before taking her pullover off

Emma does a very sexy dance

Emma stands up and I am easily distracted as she tells us all, “No it’s fine,” in a very snooty manner. She hops up onto a bale of hay and starts doing a sexy dance. After a few seconds she peels off her pullover and moves to one side, she starts undressing from the waist up as everyone breaks out humming the stripper music and Emma even breaks out into a smile as she puts her pullover neatly down on one of the free straw bales.

She unbuttons her blouse to the humming music as everyone looked intensely at her. I was interested in seeing how far she would go. She takes off her blouse and she is wearing a very nice small white bra that stands right out against her slightly darker well-tanned skin.

“Are you all ready then?” she says to us as she puts her hands behind her back about to unclasp her bra.

“Yeeeessss” everyone calls out, the boys calling out more enthusiastically.

Simon shouts out laughing “get em off”

Emma smile’s and nods at Simon as though that’s exactly the type of thing she would expect from him.

She unclasps her bra and lets it spring forward just a little and holding it there with her hands, then she bends forward and she lets her bra straps slide down her arms.  One by one she slips her arms out of the bra straps and stands upright, then she lets the bra slide down her body to reveal her very cute breasts to everyone.  She then bends over and jiggles her tits and stands up straight again holding her arms out and doing a slight curtsy.

She cheekily says “are you impressed?”

To be honest I was, they were much bigger than I thought they were, extremely pert with her nipples sticking right out.

Again Simon calls out, “come on you have got to jiggle them a little more”

“I didn’t think you would forget that bit” she replied.

I thought this must be the most embarrassing bit for her, which made me smile, but what she did was quite clever.  Instead of just making them bounce up and down, she did a really nice rock type sexy dance which made them jiggle and shimmer quite a bit and again I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  She looked so sexy and I found myself being attracted to her quite a bit.  As she danced I found I was being turned on by her dance as I watched her very pert breasts shake.  After about a minute which soon passed, we all applauded as Emma came back to the group. I watched her get dressed and she had a slight smile as though she had enjoyed it.  I noticed she didn’t put her pullover back on and it made me realise how warm I was feeling myself.

We all had another glass of cider, which I was enjoying and then we composed ourselves again.  It was Simon’s turn now, he has a big smile as he puts his hand in the pot and stirs things around before pulling out his dare.  He unfolds the paper close to his face as we all stare at him with big smiles.  He laughs as he turns the paper around for us all to read, “WITH THE NEXT PERSON IN LINE PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN EACH OTHERS PANTS AND FONDLE EACH OTHER.”

Nicole calls out, “yes and it’s for 2 minutes.”

Oh my god I thought, I am the next person in line and I felt very self-conscious as every one’s eyes looked at me and suddenly two minutes seemed such a very long time. On one hand I was ever so pleased that I didn’t have to take any of my clothes off, but I felt really embarrassed about having a boy put his hand down my knickers while they all watched and I felt so stupid and shy about having to put my hands down a boy’s trousers at the same time.

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Perhaps on the whole it wasn’t the best outcome in the world, but going on what went on before it could have been much worse I was telling myself.  Fondling his cock was one thing, but he gets to feel me for two minutes, that kept going round and round in my head. The rest of the gang laugh and clap their hands shouting out “that’s a good one” while I was thinking these dares seem a lot stronger than I thought they would be even though to be honest I had no idea of what to expect.

Simon stands up and unfastens the top button on his Jeans so I supposed to make it easier for me to put my hand down the front and he boldly states “Well I am up for it!” Funnily enough that didn’t surprise me at all.

Again everyone was laughing at us and enjoying themselves and I must admit it was a happy atmosphere although I think the cider had a lot to do with that by now.

I wasn’t in total horror of the situation, but I did find it quite … well I don’t know how to put it, well I had never had some strangers cock in my hand while a crowd watched before. In fact I had never had anyones cock in my hand before come to think of it. I had often wondered what it would feel like and this seemed a good, but unconventional way to find out.  After all, I had no choice anyway did I, after a few glasses of cider it seemed just like naughty fun to me, what harm could it do.

To be honest I was more worried about letting someone put their hand down my knickers and feel me down there.  How far would they go, how far should I let them go was the main worries, I did feel very uncomfortable about that part.

I took another big gulp of the cider and stood up to carry out the dare, believe it or not my heart was almost pounding out of my chest with nerves.  He moved forward to me and we stood there for a second or two, face to face, just looking at each other, even he looked a little nervous for once, or was he just excited.  

He licked his lips a little then he said softly “ready then?”

I just nodded and we both moved our right hands towards each other.  It was a strange sensation and situation I felt I was in, not wanting to do it, yet wanting to try it at the same time.  My hand reached the top of his jeans and everyone urged us on so I slowly started to push my hand down the inside of his jeans.  At the same time, he put his hand up my skirt.  I started feeling little tingles inside me, then he started pulling forward on my knickers to put his hand down them and I felt so awkward and also kinky, dirty at the same time.  I know it sounds bad but I was beginning to find it exciting, I could feel my breath getting short and I tried to control it not wanting everyone to notice.

As I pushed my hand down a little further and I felt the top of his boxers so I pushed my fingers flat to his tummy so that I could slide my fingers under the elastic, as soon as I did that and moved my hand slowly down a little further I felt a little of his pubic hair.  I knew that I would soon be there and feel his waiting cock, not knowing what to expect, at this point my mind was racing.  I wondered if his cock was big like his brothers or whether it would be quite small and what it would feel like.  Suddenly another thought came to me, “what am I going to do with it when I touch it?”  Then another thought “what the hell am I going to do with it for two whole minutes?”  Suddenly that seemed a long time and I was worried that I would look and feel stupid.

As I was just about to slide my hand that last little bit down I was conscious of him slipping his hand right down the inside of my knickers and soon he was stroking the front of my shaven pussy.   That’s when it hit me, “Oh my God, he now knows I shave my pussy, except for a very thin strip” how embarrassing.

To make it worse he says “Mmm .. it feels so smooth and soft.”

Emma picks up on it straight away, “So you shave it down their do you Angel, that’s nice to know.”

I say nothing but look over to her quickly, she winks at me and adds with a smile “so do I,” then as I look away just into space I hear her say to me “I will show you if you like, ….. would you like that darling.” I Ignore her but she just laughs out loud.

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“Right time starts now!” calls out Nicole “Two minutes starts from now!” she calls out again.

‘Damn’ I thought, ‘two minutes from now!!! I thought it had already started about a minute and a half ago,’ I look back to Simon and right at that point the tips of my fingers felt his warm firm spongy cock, I flinched away from it for a second then I moved my hand back and ran my fingers along it, it was a big one like his brothers and for some reason that pleased me.

I tentatively wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed it, it felt nice and thick too, I could feel it moving and getting bigger in my hand, he was obviously getting aroused, it was such a strange feeling and as I felt it and squeezed more I felt it still growing and getting harder and I liked the feeling of it getting bigger and firmer in my hand.

At the same time I felt him moving and now he started pushing his fingers right between my legs, OH GOD I thought, I took a small step as I moved my legs open a little to feel more comfortable and straight away Emma says, “oh she must be enjoying it, she’s opening her legs further for him so he can get a good feel of her,” that made me feel a little cheap for a moment as I wasn’t doing it for that reason, but I thought don’t let that bother me now, I knew the real reason why I did it.

We were now looking into each others faces as we felt each other, I had my fingers wrapped around his cock and it was getting pretty thick and hard and I needn’t have worried what I would do as I instinctively started to rub it up and down and feeling the whole of his warm meaty length in my hand, his face started to look as if he was really enjoying what I was doing, which pleased me, at the same time his fingers started to move right under me and to rub back and forth and then in little circles right on the front of my clit and that sent little tingles of pleasure through me, it felt nice and I liked it, suddenly to me there was no one else in the room and I remember my nipples beginning to tingle a little, I rubbed his thick hard cock up and down a little harder,  His hands were exploring my all around my pussy and sliding his fingers between my lips, his fingers move right to my hole and I am thinking he is going to try and finger me, his finger was right on the entrance and I could feel them pushing trying to penetrate me, I am just going to back off him and move away when suddenly Nicole spoke loudly in perfect timing “Right, time is up, you can stop now, that is if you want to stop now” she smiled, “do you” she inquired leaning closer, her smile getting wider.

“Yes of course” I replied and I let go of his thick hard cock and took my hand out of his jeans quickly and stepped back making him take his hand from out of my knickers, I lifted my skirt a little to rearranged my underwear and sat down quickly and recomposing myself as if nothing has just happened, he stood there a little looking at me and I could see a bulge in the front of his jeans, then he fastened the top of his trousers and went back to where he was sat and sat down himself.

Emma looked at me and said, you two looked as if you were enjoying yourself there, you could have carried on if you liked, “No” I said “that fine” but secretly I was amazed on how quickly the two minutes had gone and how much I did enjoy it, right up until I felt he went too far with me. On the whole, I was surprising myself.

“It’s your turn now,” Nicole said to me, “My turn!” I said in shock and surprise “I have just had my turn, haven’t I”

“No that was Simon’s turn,” said Tarquin and Nicole together. Frowning at them both I replied, “Well it felt an awful lot like my turn, so have I got to do another now?”

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“YEEeesss” came back the reply from everyone.

“Oh damn” I paused for a minute as everyone smiles at me with big grins, then I put my hand in shaking nervously hoping and praying that it would be an easy one, like all the others stirred the folded pieces of paper and taking one I slowly unwrapped it as though it would reveal its self to me gently – it reads … “Snog a girl and fondle her bare tits”

I frowned at it, it seemed simple enough, from what we had before and I was quite pleased with that I thought. Jon shouts out excited “Hold it up so we can all read it!”

I turned it around and held it up “Way heeeyyy” all the boys shout and laugh out and everyone looks at Jon, from the writing they obviously could tell he had written it and Emma looks at her brother Jon and says so who’s tits did you want to fondle Jon,… mine, Nicolette’s or Angels?

Jon puts his head down a little, “It wasn’t me,” he said sheepishly.

But like Emma did with me she wasn’t letting up “Come on Jon, tell us whose tits you would like to feel most, would you like to kiss and suck the nipples as well” everyone looks at him as he says again “it wasn’t me.” It must have been one of the other boys who wrote it, Simon laughs, “I would admit I wrote it, if I did”

Emma’s eyes look over to Simon then back to Jon saying “you see Simon’s not scared, so come on tell us who’s tits you would like to have a feel of, …. mine, Nicole’s or Angel’s?” Again she prompts him, “If you tell us whose tits you would like to fondle, she may let you later, you never know, if you ask nicely.”

I was as bad as everyone else laughing as it appears Emma just doesn’t care what she says, she just loves to try to embarrass whoever she can, while at the same time I was thinking, if he picks me and he probably would, there is no way I would let him fondle my tits, I mean he isn’t going to pick his sister is he and I have already been told he has a crush on me, so to my it was obvious. But he doesn’t say anything; he just looks around at all of us with now a big silly smile on his face

One of the boys (Tarquin) thankfully moves things on by saying to his sister Nicolette “It’s a good day for you,” but to be fair I wasn’t that concerned about kissing Nicole, it was only a kiss, it was more the fondling of each other’s breasts that had me thinking, we were both quite large breasted for our age, but again that didn’t really bother me too much either.

I had always had an attraction to girls as well as boys, so having to kiss Nicole was no problem for me, she was very sexy and very pretty so I was quite looking forward to it to be honest, while I was at an all-girl boarding school I had a lot of friends but I did have a close girlfriend that did develop a little further, that was my first and only intimate sexual experience, until now.

Then I had a thought and asked “What would have happened if one of the boys had pulled this out” I inquired?”

“Nothing, it would still be the same,” said Nicole, “you can still snog him and feel his nipple can’t you?”

“I suppose so” I shrugged, excepting the answer entirely.

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We both stood up and the boys shouted out, “You both have to get your tits out so we can see you can fondle them!”

“Oh, we don’t do we?” my eyes flashing both towards Nicole and Emma as I questioning the boy’s decision.

Nicole thought for just a second and said, “No, if we just unfasten our blouses and our bra’s that should be okay.”

The boys boo’d then complaining that “we won’t be able your see your tits or see you fondling then, that’s not fair, you’re both not doing what it said in the dare.”

Emma stands and speaks up supporting us, “No that’s fine Nicole, the dare doesn’t say anything about showing your tits to anyone, so you do it as you see fit.” Then Emma turns to the boys and frowning at them saying, “when you write these things you have to be clear in what you want, remember that next Time,” “Next time” I thought …. “What next time.”

Then Emma turns to the boys and frowning at them saying, “When you write these things you have to be clear in what you want, remember that next time!”

“Next time,” I thought …. “What next time!”

Emma turns back to myself and Nicole and politely says, “Please carry on, don’t let us detain you any longer,” which seemed a funny way of putting it, but then they always seemed to say things in a strange manner.

Emma sits and all eyes are back on myself and Nicole again, we turn to each other and Nicole just gets on with it, is she is the first to roll up her thin blue woolly pullover, and she puts her hand behind her back and unclasps her bra, and she leaves her pullover up revealing her beautiful tight stomach, I undo the front of my blouse with every one looking at me and I unclasp my bra the same, then we both walk into the center of the circle.

I put my arms around her middle stroking her smooth sexy skin , she was a little taller than me and as we came close I could smell her so fresh body, as we came together she looked me in the eyes and I could see so closely her beautiful face, her mouth came right down on to mine and she kissed me so sweetly, her lips felt so nice on mine and I kissed her back hoping she wasn’t disappointed by it, she increased her passion and I felt her mouth open, I returned her kiss and I felt her tongue meet mine as we sucked and kissed eagerly, her hand moved up and pushed under my bra and started stoking my breast then squeezing it and she then kissed me more passionately pushing her tongue deeper before coming back and flicking around my mouth, she was fully in charge of me.

I moved my hand to her bare breast, straight away I felt how warm she was and how large and soft they were as stroked and squeezed it, then opening my fingers on my flat hand letting each finger flick her nipple as my hand went back and forth quite quickly, I felt her nipple grow and harden almost immediately and I enjoyed feeling her respond to me.

Page 12

Our mouths opening and closing against each other as though we were feeding on each other hungrily and with her finger and thumb she then took hold of my excited stiff nipple and slowly sliding her finger and thumb up and down slowly as though she was wanking my nipple like a little stiff cock, god that was a strange kinky and erotic feeling and I wanted to do the same for her in return.

Suddenly Emma shouts out “That’s the minute up you can stop now!” Nicole moves her hand and gives me a last quick little kiss, but while everyone is cheering and clapping Nicolette moves cheek to cheek with me and whispers in my ear “We can carry this on later if you wish,” and then she quickly looks me in the eyes looking very serious as she waits for my answer. I say nothing but I give a little nod of my head, Nicole instantly smiles and moves back to where she sat.

I was so flushed and hot again, she had given my one hell of a snogging and I felt really overheated. I move back to where I was sat thinking ‘Phew, how much more of this is there,’ to raptures of applause.

I am passed some more cider and again I drink it down with a great refreshing relief. I raise my eyes again and notice Nicole is almost staring at me, I look over to her and she gives me a warm friendly smile, I smiled back at her and moved my eyes to the next person whose turn it was, but I notice in the corner of my eye that she holds her look at me for quite a while.

We all settle down again and next its little Jon’s turn to go, he puts his hand in the pot very eager and pulls out his dare, I am interested in what he gets without a care in the world, whatever he gets isn’t going to involve me, smiling his head off as he unwraps the paper he reads it for a moment and then holds up the paper laughing his bloody little head off, he laughs so much he drools a little, everyone else is giggling as they look at him, “come on says Emma, let’s see it, he is laughing so much that when he holds it up the paper is trembling so it was difficult to read, I see the others start to smile as they make it out

 “Strip naked while everyone of the opposite sex strokes your body.” I think, ‘OH well it could have been worse.’

Emma as bold as brass says to Jon, “Come on then, get your kit off!” Jon stands up while the others start to clap their hands in time while chanting “Off.. Off .. Off…”

I do the same not wanting to be left out whilst Jon makes his way to the centre of the circle and starts to takes his clothes off, he pauses when he gets to his underpants.

Simon says “Come on get those underpants off, that’s what it says,” Jon looks back at him

“I know, I know, I am just going to do it,” and with that, he slides his underpants off and tosses them where he was sat.

Jon is stood side on to me and I notice Emma who is a little behind Jon brazenly moves her head and body around a little to get a look at Jon’s cock and she smiles just a little when she sees it’s quite small, even though it is small and soft and not aroused of course it does seem to be sticking out quite a bit in front of him, I thought it would hang down, but not his, it sticks out.

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I couldn’t help but look at it as well, we Emma did, well I suppose we all did, my eyes instinctively  just went there, the sisters moved forward on to their knees and knelt by him so I did the same, Tarquin had the watch in his hand and says, “Right for two minutes then …. Ready …Go .. And we girls reached out our hands and started stroking his body as the dare said we had to do.

I put out my hand and stroked his leg up and down as Emma did the same with his other leg while Nicole stroked his back, Jon was really enjoying it, we could see that clearly. Nicole runs her hand down his back adventurously to his little bum and she says to him with a smile in her voice “you have a nice bum Jon” as she starts to stroke his tiny firm bottom, “it feels so smooth and nice.” Emma moves a little to have a look and agreed with her sister “yes very nice isn’t it,” and she looks up to him “That’s a very cute bum Jon, it makes me want to spank it, so you had better be good or I might just do that for a little fun.” To be honest he did have a cute little bum but I said nothing and kept sliding my hands up and down his leg.

Emma moves around a little shuffling of her knees, maybe to get a little more comfortable on a deeper piece of straw. Now she is a little to the front of Jon instead of to the side of him, which was strange because as she is on her knees Jons cock seems right in front of her now. she says nothing for a moment but I can see she is clearly looking at his little cock. Then she said mischievously as she loves to do “what’s this Jon, why is your cock sticking out … Jon you naughty boy.” “It’s not” he said as he innocently looked down at it, but Emma carries on teasing him “well it looks to be aroused to me, the dare only said to stroke your body, not your cock you know, so what is it sticking it out for, are you hoping one of us would stroke that for you too” Emma is clearly at it again trying to tease him “I am not sticking it out” he protests, but to be fair to Emma it did seem to be sticking out quite a lot, but it looked as though it was sticking out a little more than it was before and naturally, but she was just winding him up as usual.

Again she carries on teasing him, “Is this turning you on Jon, all these girls touching and stroking your body, is it giving you a little stiffy” at this point Nicole leans round to look at his little cock, then giggles at it. Emma moves one of her hands to his stomach and strokes it and moves her hand down in a stroking manner saying softly “I bet you was hoping one of us girls would touch it for you didn’t you?” ..

“No,” said Jon indignantly.

“Oh you little fib” she teased, “I will spank that cute bum of yours hard if you lie once more to me, do you hear?” and at this point Jon gives a little nod of his head, it was obviously so much easier to admit it than to deny it with Emma. His answer surprised me. Simon said in a very naughty tone, “go on Emma give him a quick thrill, I dare you Emma!” Nicole spontaneously bursts out laughing loudly almost as if she was in agreement with it.

Emma pretends to look oh so shocked at the suggestion, bringing her other hand up to her mouth in a false gasp, she looks up at Jon and says with another false gasp “did you hear that Jon,…. should I? Would you like me to?”.. Then pausing for a second she said “well this is a dare game isn’t it, Simon and Nicole did dare me after all, didn’t they… Do you really want me to do it for you and touch your little winkie?” Then she says very sweetly to him “Come on then, jump up here and let everyone watch,” and she pats her hand on a small straw bail that she wants him to stand on top of.

Jon shyly moves towards it and then stands up onto the bail of hay looking like a lamb to the slaughter. He stands there for a moment as he looks around at everyone and probably like me wondering what was really going to happen. Was Emma just teasing and winding him up as she often seems to do with everyone.

Emma moves closer to him and she starts moving her hand around his lower stomach again. Simon calls out Impatiently “go on then, give him a thrill” and Emma’s head turns and looks at Simon as her hand starts to move lower from Jon’s stomach and strokes just above his small cock and I noticed that his cock was starting to respond and throb up and down but in a gradual upward motion just a very tiny bit as Emma teased him.


Emma looks at his very slightly nodding cock with a very naughty look on her face, then she pretends to look shocked again “You Naughty Boy, it seems that you really do want me to touch it for you, don’t you?” She now starts sliding the flat of her hand down and over his little cock and moving her flat hand round in circles around his privates. I was shocked at what she was doing with her young brother while Emma smiles at Jon and after a second or two she says to him softly “what do you think, does that feel nice, it does doesn’t it?” Jon doesn’t say anything.

I am amazed with Emma as she takes her hand away and looks now at his hardening cock saying “oh yes you do like that don’t you?” Then she moves her hand back to him and she rubs her hand all around his privates again moving her hand in circles, she turns her hand round so the tips of her fingers can reach under him a little and she strokes his little balls, then she takes her hand away again and looks at his now very stiff little cock sticking right out.

She looks up at him, she is on her knees with her hands on her thighs as though she has finished and says to him “Do you want me to do that again, if you lie I will spank your cute little bum … Hard!!”

Jon looks nervous but nods his head and quietly saying “Yes, it was nice.” Emma gives a little smile and raises her hand to his cock, but this time I am shocked as she takes his cock and grips it between her two fingers and her thumb.

I remember once taking my young brother to the toilet and having to take his cock between my fingers and having to point it into the toilet for him, I felt really queasy inside doing that, having to touch his cock. Emma gently grips his cock and pulls his cock forward to her a little, then she slides her fingers back along his small shaft all the way to the base of his cock until his Foreskin slides back very slowly revealing a very pink end, She looks up at him and says simply “nice?” again he nods his head but with a little gasp of air.

She starts to wank her brother

Emma Grips her brothers cock with two finger and starts to wank him.  

Emma still looking into his face to see his reaction now slowly starts to rub her two fingers up and down his shaft and she starts to slowly wank her little brother off. Jon’s body starts to stiffen as she does so and he quietly pants out. Emma looks closely at Jons cock and what she is doing, but giving little glance’s up to see Jon’s reaction and expression in his face. She sees him suddenly gasp and she gives a tiny satisfied smile and slowly starts to grip and rub his little cock a little harder and faster.  

I look around at everyone else, I thought someone would tell her to ‘stop you have gone far enough,’ but no, they all seemed to be enjoying watching her do it, Emma gives longer stares up into Jon’s face while she wanks him. She seems to be enjoying watching him gasp as she rubs his cock very deliberately. After a few seconds she moves her other hand to her mouth and Jon looks at her, Emma gives him a cheeky wink of the eye then she gives a big spit on the two fingers she has just brought to her mouth making them very wet.

Then whilst rubbing his cock with the other and then pulling his foreskin right back as far as it will go almost stretching his foreskin with one hand she starts to rub her two wet fingers full of spit across and round the pink bulbous end of his cock, he reacts instantly and she pulls his foreskin back tighter making the end of his cock stick out even harder and brighter and then spitting on her fingers again continues to rub her two fingers back and forth and around the tip of his cock.

Then she stops and moves her hand away from the very tip of his cock and relaxes the grip on his shaft with the other hand and his foreskin moves back forward on its own as the tension on his cock relaxes.

She moves her mouth towards his small sticking out cock and making her mouth wet I wonder what the hell she is going to do. She then spits on the tip of his cock and her spit covers the whole of the small bulbous pink end, before it starts to drip she starts to rub her two fingers across and around the tip of his cock again at the same time as pulling back again on his foreskin quite hard. I can see Jon’s body tighten and stiffen again as she does it and everyone looks with smiles and stare’s at what Emma is doing, heaven only knows where she learnt that from.

Suddenly Tarquin shouts “right times up, that was two times two minutes, well it was two dares really wasn’t it.”

Emma stops instantly and moves away from him leaving him there with a stiff cock and she pulls a silly face at Jon as though saying to him “tough luck, I don’t care” and we just move back and sit down, but the others are laughing at Jon as though it was just great fun, and Nicole says in sympathy “Awww poor Jon, that’s not fair for him for you just to stop like that, how can you leave him like that Emma.”

Emma sat back down just shrugs her shoulders and replies quite coldly “so what do you want me to do Nicole, Tarquin said time was up, blame him not me.”  

Nicole tells her in a really sympathetic tone, “Oh come on Emma, you can’t leave him like that, he needs to do what comes naturally.”

Jon’s head and eyes move back and forth between Nicole and Emma’s conversation not knowing what to do. Emma jumps back up again saying “I wish you would all make your minds up….. I will do it, I don’t mind.”

Emma kneels down in front of Jon saying “are you ready for this then Jon? … all the way then, Yes.”

Jon Sheepishly nods his head, I am sure not quite knowing what she meant. Emma grips Jon’s stiffy with her two fingers and thumb again like before and slowly starts to rub it “This feels much harder this time,” she says looking up at Jon. This is the first time I have seen her have a slight smile on her face as she rubs his cock with her two fingers and thumb and she muses “Your cock is quite cute isn’t it.” as she looks at it closely concentrating on what she was doing.

Jon gasps as Emma slides her fingers quickly along her brother’s little white shaft wanking him off, I look around at the others and they are all staring almost trance-like at what Emma was doing to her brother. Jon starts gasping and he puts his arm around Emma’s shoulders and Emma looks at him and smiles asking, “Is it nice?.. It is isn’t it?”..

Jon nods.

Emma tells him, “I bet you never thought you would get such a nice treat today, did you?…. I will let you even feel my tits if you want, would you like that?”

Jon’s arm that is around her shoulder slides down his sisters front and tentatively starts stroking her petite tits as she wanks him now quite briskly.

Jon Is soon gasping hard and sucking his breath in and I could see his abdomen moving in and out as he was panting.

Emma looks up at him “Oh come on Jon, this is so much fun,.. would you like me to do this again for you sometime?” …. Again Jon is gasping so much all he can manage is a nod of his head.

Emma seems to praise him saying “Good boy, come on then, let’s see how much you have got.”

She didn’t have to wait much longer as suddenly Jon gasps out quite loud and he squeezes Emma tightly saying, “You had better now Stop it, … Stop!”

Emma smiles at him saying, “Oh no you randy little Bastard, I am going to finish you off properly like we said.” She grips his cock tightly and rubbing him with much longer full strokes and pulling his foreskin right back.

Jon gasps out again then gives a low groan and suddenly his body gives a little shudder just as a white squirt of cum shoots out and gushes in a long jet. Emma instantly squeals out excitedly “Fucking hell, good boy!!” and carries on rubbing him and almost immediately another jet of cum and then another and another squirts out.

Emma’s mouth drops in surprise and shock as these great long jets of cum squirt from her brother’s cock. She looks over to her sister Nicolette whose face is in an expression of total amazement as well.

Jons stops squirting but cum is still running out of his tiny cock and down onto the straw…. Emma’s face still looking amazed asks him “Fucking hell Jon are you never going to stop cumming, how much have you got”

But Jon is now almost bending forward gasping and groaning. Emma almost reluctantly lets go of her brother stiffy and wipes her hand on the straw as some of his cum had some how got onto her hand and wrist.

Emma turns to her sister saying, “Fucking hell, that must have been a full 12-year load if ever I have seen one.”

Nicole replies giggling, “You’re not kidding, at the very least I would say, it was really good that wasn’t it, I am pleased you did that now.”

“Total Brill” was the reply back from Emma as she made her way to sit back down again.

Simon Cheekily says, “Is it my turn now?”

Emma looks a little surprised at his comment but looks straight over to her sister and asks “Shall we?”

As Jon moves back to where he was sat Simon laughingly says to him “Well you don’t have a stiffy now”

Tarquin quickly adds, “Not that you can tell the difference that much” and for some reason at the time it seemed so funny and I couldn’t help but laugh because it did seem to stick out so much before all the time.

And the moment of “Simon’s go” is lost as they all seem to move on.

Page 14

Now to be honest, I was really enjoying the dares, they seemed erotic and horny and just going a little too far to take you out of your comfort zone, but with the help of the sweet cider relaxing me I didn’t seem to care as much and I saw the funny part of everything, but I was still a shocked at how far Emma was prepared to go with her brother.

Nicole said strangely “right that was really funny wasn’t it, now in this final round we girls will change places, Angel you can sit here and I will sit where Emma is, that’s in case we get kissing ones we don’t snog the same person, I complain “But that means it will be my turn again and I will have done 3 on the trot, that’s not fair.

Emma replied “That’s not true, I have just done the last one, anyway sometimes that’s just how it goes isn’t it, .. come on it’s fun isn’t it” and everyone agreed, to be honest it had been fun and it meant I would be finished and the anxiety would be over and I could just enjoy watching the others humiliate themselves.

Nicole brings out some half pint bottles of beer as we have a little break Saying “we will have to put some money in the kitty and restock”  we all have a good drink as it all seemed thirsty work laughing at everyone, then putting the beers by our sides someone said “Right let’s get started again

I put my hand into the pot stirring the bits of paper around, there didn’t seem many in there now, I picked one and unfolded it, it  ,,,,, I looked at it and couldn’t quite figure out what we was meant to do, … It read, strip to your underwear and pretend to have sex with the next person of the same sex, I held it up and everyone suddenly howls out with laughter, Emma stands up with a big smile on her face and taking my hand saying “come on I will pretend to be a boy shagging you, we have to make the sounds as well as the actions, we only have to do it for two minutes, come on it will be funny”

Because it said with someone of the same sex I thought that we would have to pretend having lesbian sex, but apparently not, Emma seemed to have it all worked out and was quite confident.

We both undressed to our bra and knickers as everyone watches us and the boys whistle their approval, Emma tells me to lay down on the hay and I picked a pile of four bails that were together where I laid down making myself nice and comfortable and not really knowing how this would work really.

 Emma gets on the pile of hay from the bottom near my feet and moves towards me on all fours, she crawls above me and giggling she says “open your legs then, do you know how to fuck or what girl,” I open my legs and she crawls up between my legs and then lowers herself onto me. One of the boys calls out “two minutes then …Go.”

Emma starts kissing my cheek and then my neck with little kisses and it felt so sensitive and nice, her lips make their way back kissing my cheek and getting closer and closer to my lips with tiny little kisses and she seemed to take an age before she eventually kissed me on the lips, I wanted so much to kiss her back and our kisses were getting longer and more intense.

She breaks off and whispers to me gently and sweetly, “Is this alright” it was the first time I had seen the real sensitive side of Emma,

“yes” I whispered as I looked her in the eyes and she looked truly beautiful, she moves her mouth towards mine again and kisses me gently. I could feel her gorgeous lips kissing mine and I kiss her back wanting to feel her lips on mine more passionately, after a few seconds she whispers to me “I want to make love with you .. is that alright?”

I give a little nod and whisper back “Yes of course.”

One of the boys calls out joking “What a slag, you two have only just met a few minutes ago!”

I can’t help but laugh at the comment and the situation, Emma ignores everyone and kisses my again and this time I could very slowly feel her hips slowly grind tentatively between my legs and into me.

Page 15

She kisses me harder and presses her crotch harder into mine saying “Ooh .. ooh it’s very tight I can’t get it in, I open and raise my legs wider and wrap them around her playing along giving little squeals of pain, “Oh yes that’s better” sighs Emma and she pushes her hips quite firmly into me giving a little groan as she pretends to penetrate me.

I gasp out “Oh yes” and push my groin into her too. Emma now gives thrusts between my legs pretending to fuck me and slowly getting faster.

“Mmm .. Mmm” she groans as she thrusts into me, I look up to her face and oh my god the expression on her face, with her eyes closed she looks so passionate as though she is really is fucking me.

Her hips start to buck harder into mine and I groan and squeal louder I wrap my arms around her and I couldn’t resist wrapping my hand around the back of her head and pulling her into me so I could kiss her beautiful face and Emma immediately responds by kissing me passionately back then she pushes her tongue into my mouth and grinds her hips into me faster and harder, we both gasp and squeal as we kiss and grind into each other. Suddenly Emma squeals out louder with every harder thrust into me as though she is about to be a boy cumming, she then bucks in into my hard and fast groaning out wildly as I return the compliment by squealing out with every thrust into me then suddenly she gives one hard push with a loud and long groan as I squeal “Oh yes, oh yes!”

Suddenly she collapses on top of me laughing her head off and saying, “Was that as good for you as it was for me darling?”

I giggle I reply back “Well I thought it was until the end, it didn’t last very long did it” I ask looking over to everyone.

Emma with a broad smile tells everyone “Oh she loves a good long session, we must remember that, shall we?”

Simon is the first to speak, “That was fucking fantastic, it was well over two minutes but there was no way in the world we were stopping that show”

Tarquin looks at me “I have a real hard on now, wow I really enjoyed that, what a show”

Emma gets off me saying, “I don’t think we got too carried away did we?, but I loved every moment of it”

“Carried away … not many” I said, I was feeling so hot and still breathing so heavy from all the action, “yes I really enjoyed it, but after all we were only pretending”… “oh yes, maybe this time” said Emma giving me such a knowing smile, that was the second offer I had received.

Emma got dressed and sat down within a minute, but I was much slower and I felt very self-conscious as everyone watched me dress, Simon breaks the silence by saying “I wish I had done that dare with Angel” … “Me too” say Nicole smiling at me.

As I sat down feeling very warm I remember how intense each of the dares seemed to be, I was pleased I had finished now and I could just enjoy watching the others. 


It’s Tarquin’s turn next, he put in hand in saying “I wish I had done that one with Angel, … I bet I get a real crappie one” he pulls out his dare and it says with a groan, “Oh no, I knew I would” he holds the piece of paper up with the dare on while he looks to the floor in disbelief, it reads everyone is to wee on your privates, we all laugh as we groan for him at the same time.

Page 16

“God this is gross, we can’t do that in here can we?” I said hoping they call this one off simply because this dare seemed to have so many humiliations for all of us. Tarquin has to let everyone wee on his privates and we girls have to expose ourselves to do it and after all that drink, I really need a wee. I thought to myself don’t worry too much now, I would go last and see how the other two girls do it, they seem to know the ropes and it may be easier than I think.

 Nicole tells everyone “well if we do it in the corner over there we can get rid of all the wet straw later. Again Emma pipes up all brazen “Come on then Tarquin get your trousers off” as Tarquin gets up and drags one of the bales of hay and Simon comes to help him move it over to the corner, he breaks it open and loosely covers the floor and Nicole says “that’s fine, that will do.”

Tarquin takes a second out for a breather as the bail was quite heavy and he did most of the lifting and pushing.

Again Emma almost impatiently says “come on then get them off,” as though she couldn’t wait for Tarquin to do his dare. Tarquin unfastens his trousers and takes them off tossing them over to the side, then he slides his underpants off and does the same with them, again my eyes like everyone looked straight to his large hanging cock. His cock was a very impressive sight, although I tried not to make it obvious that I was looking, but I failed miserably, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Then he sits down on the straw “it may be best if I lay down” he says and he lays backwards until he is laid there with his impressive cock laid to one side with his legs slightly parted.

“Right who’s going first?” said Emma.

Simon was the first to walk forward and he starts undoing his zip.

“Come on Jon,” Emma says to him “you boys can go together, it’s much easier for you.”

So Jon starts pulling his zip down as well and makes his way forward as Tarquin lays there waiting patiently, The two boys’ stand either side of him and get out their hugely contrasting cocks, again I couldn’t help but look intently. Jon with his small boy like cock and Simon’s like his twin brothers very impressive indeed, very thick and long even while he wasn’t aroused.

Now this was much kinkier than I thought it would be, there I am stood watching quite innocently with their sisters while three boys’ get their cocks out, my eyes flick from one cock to the other almost studying them, I had never seen so many at one time before. I was enjoying this to be honest and I could tell by the expression on the other girls that they were too.

We stood there and waited for the boys to start and suddenly Simon points his cock at Tarquin’s genitals and starts to wee, a great pale white/yellow stream squirts out of his impressive cock and starts to splash around Tarquin cock and balls as the girls start to laugh wildly. The girl’s squeal almost ecstatically as the force of the boys stream of wee starts to move Tarquin cock around as suddenly Jon starts to wee as well, but a much smaller stream, but both streams of wee push Tarquin cock further around and it now seems to wriggle in the streams of the wee like a long thick snake. (well long and thick for a cock, not a snake you understand)

Page 17

“Oh my God!” says Emma as she watches and takes the thoughts right out of my mouth, (I know that didn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.)

I know I said that it seemed to me quite gross at first, but now I couldn’t believe that as I watched it, it seemed so incredibly kinky watching these two boys with their cocks out weeing on another boy’s big cock and watching it move and wriggle around like that, I was really enjoying it.

Tarquin lifted his head up off the ground and watched as his brothers wee on him, Jon didn’t seem to last long, but then he hadn’t been drinking the cider and beer like we had been doing and he soon finished by doing a couple of last squirts and sheepishly as he looked at us he moved away putting his little cock back into his trousers.

But we watched as Simon continued and the wee streamed off Tarquin’s privates and ran between his legs and disappeared under the straw that he was laid on. Soon Simon had finished as well and he too put his thick impressive cock away and it was now one of us girls turn.

 We all looked at each other as who was going first in us girls, but Nicole instantly indicated to us that she wanted to go next. I was pleased about that as I wasn’t sure and wondered about how best to go about doing it. Nicole was smiling as she strides over Tarquin’s genitals with her legs either side of his thighs, then with her back to him she bends into a squatting position until her bum is only a few centimeters over his genitals, she pulls the crotch of her knickers to one side revealing her very clean shaven and very pink pussy, again I couldn’t help but stare at her pussy with interest and in total curiosity and it felt so naughty to me to be looking at another girl.

Her short skirt hangs down behind her it hides her bum so Tarquin can’t see anything of her, she puts her other hand down on to his thigh to steady herself and she pauses for a moment. suddenly she starts to wee onto him, only a dribble at first, then suddenly a hard stream of wee all over his cock “Wow that’s very warm” shouts out Tarquin and he lifts up the back of her skirt to see.

Again Nicole had been drinking the Cider and her wee was gushing all over his genitals Emma says to her giggling “come on Nicole move around a bit, Make his cock move like the boys did” and with that advice she did, She watched as we all did as she squirted her warm wee all around his very white thick cock and balls in a little almost sensual gyrating movement, “hey, that feels really nice” Tarquin calls out and Emma yells out whilst giggling at what he has said, “yes we can see it does, you pervert” and to my surprise I can see Tarquin’s cock starts to become a little aroused.

As his cock starts to respond and stiffen it gets a little longer and harder, Nicole laughs to him as well giggling to him “hey watch what you do with that thing as it starts to get horny”

Emma laughing calls out “Watch it Nicole, don’t fall on it or you might get a bit of a surprise.” although really his cock was still laid on its side, but it was ever so slightly beginning to lift as it got a little stiffer.

Nicole still weeing heavily moves her pussy closer down to his cock and as his cock starts to rise and she purposely starts to wees right on the head of it and the wee splashes around a little. Tarquin groans out “Hey Nicole, do you know that feels so damn good!”

The girls giggle louder it seems great fun but no sooner he says that Nicole finishes her wee and after the last few dribbles and she releases her knickers and the elastic sprang back into place covering her pussy.

Nicole still squatting there turns and says to Tarquin “So that felt nice did it” with a big smile, “well how does this feel” and from the squatting position she sits on his hardening cock and her weight pushing it back down “Ahhhh” he shouts and Nicole starts to bounce up and down on it “Ahhhh get off” he shouts again “that hurts, get off! you might break it!!”

This made everyone laugh even louder. Nicole bounces up and down harder on it saying “What did you say … More?”

“Ahh, AWWW” he shouts out again even louder, “Get off, your going to break it!”

Laughing at his pain she got off him and looking at on of us saying “Next one.”

 Page 18

“Do you want to go next Angel or shall I?” Emma asks with such a cute look at me.

I thought I may as well get it over with, anyway I really needed that wee right now after all that cider I had drank, I was about to wee my knickers. My mind was still racing how to do it, if I pulled my knickers to one side it meant I would be showing my pussy to everyone including the boys and I wasn’t keen on that. So I considered just weeing on him through my knickers, but the problem with that was I would have to sit around and go home in wet soggy wee filled knickers and that obviously seemed an even worse idea, I had no choice I thought I would just have to do it like Nicole.

I stride over Tarquin with my legs either side and with my back to him, as I started to squat down I tried to pull my knickers to one side but they were a little like a close short french knicker set and the leg was too tight, so I thought I would just have to pull the back of my knickers down over my bum and down my thighs a little and do it like that, anyway I thought, that would be a little better anyway, it would hide my dignity a bit more and be a little easier. As I pulled my knickers down a little I didn’t look at anyone I just looked where I was going to wee but I heard them whistle at me. I had to pull the front of my skirt up and back a little to see where I was, I looked down at Tarquin’s large cock, it was still laid flat but it still seemed to be getting slowly harder again as I saw it rise up just a tiny bit.

Now to be truthful even though I had a bit to drink which helped me, I still felt a little embarrassed about what I was doing and going to do, but I also felt really strange and dominant and kinky as well at the same time. Just as I was about to wee on his privates and as I made my final adjustments, I aimed myself at his crotch and let it go. I tried to only do it slowly at first but I really needed this wee and I couldn’t hold it back once I had started, I was with my bare pussy only a few inches away from his prick soon relieving myself heavily on him and slowly moving the stream of wee around his cock and onto his balls like the others did. Oh god, I felt oh so naughty and kinky doing this.

I tried to control my wee as not to splash it everywhere and as I looked and wee’d on his cock I saw it starting to get harder and rise as though peeing on it was turning him on, he had earlier said it felt nice and again his cock was responding.

The other girls noticed as well and said with a giggle “Hey watch it Angel, that cock looks as if it’s coming for you!”

They weren’t kidding as well, I watched it intensely as it started slowly rising up and beginning to look quite large and thick and menacing. I thrust a little more to make my wee come out faster and get it over with a little quicker, but I was desperate for a wee and so I was going to be there a little while longer.

My wee seemed to last forever and as his cock started to become more upright I had to lift myself up a little as his cock was now almost touching me and that again made everyone laugh out loud, but I found it a bit embarrassing. Then just as I was about finished Tarquin thrust upwards with his hips and I felt the tip of his large hard cock push into and against my bare pussy and I squealed out and jumped up quick in shock and everyone else took it as great fun with great howls of laughter, he thrust it upwards again but I had long got out of the way but everyone just laughed louder all the same. I felt a smile come over my face at his cheek but I was pleased to have got it over and done with even though at the same time again I really enjoyed it.

Emma was next and everyone was looking at her with big smiles and wondering what she would do with Tarquin’s big cock now sticking up. I was so pleased I was finished for more reasons than one, the other was I just don’t know how I would have handled doing it with a big stiff cock pointing at my crotch as I squatted over it.

Emma looks at him for a moment with a wry smile, then she moves forward to him as the others clap their hands to a slow beat. As she gets to him he has his hands behind his head propping it up with a big smile on his face, she says to him now with a serious look “You think you are clever don’t you?”

He nods his head boastfully “a little” he boasts.

Emma surprises me by taking her skirt off and then she takes her knickers completely off and stands there Naked waist down except for her socks and shoes Then as she strides her brother she looks down at him and slowly lowers herself facing him and never taking her eyes off his face.

She lowers herself until she kneels onto the floor with her legs apart either side of his upper thighs with his large cock rigid just in front of her stomach, then she slides closer to him still looking very serious and her eyes fixed to his, as the front of her abdomen meets the base of his stiff hard cock she lifts up just a little and she still slides forward forcing his hard cock backward and down to his stomach with her pussy, as she slides further forward her pussy is now sliding along the length of his cock as it is being pushed down towards his stomach. I am amazed at Emma again, she must be able to feel his cock sliding along the folds of her pussy, but it just doesn’t seem to bother her, she just stares into Tarquin’s eyes, she just seems to have very few boundaries at all and seems to have this insatiable appetite to exhibit shock.

Everyone is quiet and in total silence wondering what Emma is going to do as she slides further forward until her pussy slides along just over half way up his hard cock trapping and squashing it between his stomach and her pussy, then she stops and by now she is  face to face and eye to eye with Tarquin.

Emma again obviously has this thing that she can and will shock everyone at every opportunity and no one is going to get the better of her it seems.

 Page 19

As Emma with her face only a few inches from Tarquin’s she still looks him eye to eye and stoney faced, with her pussy pressing down on his flat hard cock her hips then very very slowly start to slide too and fro in tiny movements along his shaft and I know she must feel her brothers cock sliding between the center of her pussy as she does this tiny slide up and down on his hard cock.

I look at both their faces and now the once smiling face of Tarquin also looks very serious as he wonders what Emma is going to do although he may or may not be enjoying what his sister is doing.

Emma’s hips start shaking to and fro faster as her pussy rubs the middle of his cock up and down and I can see his foreskin being pulled back and forth a little as we all watch in awe at what Emma is doing, after only a little while Emma’s face starts to look different somehow and she suddenly gives a little gasp and her breathing gets a little shallower and quicker as she trembles her pussy faster along the thick cock of Tarquin and suddenly she bends over a little further and she gives another little gasp and sigh as I see wee starting to dribble down his balls as Emma starts to relieve her self on him and the wee gets heaver as she starts to let it gush over him as she rubs her pussy up and down his shaft harder, again Emma gives a little gasp and groan almost involuntary.

I am thinking to myself what it must feel like weeing and having your brother’s hard shaft running back and forth along my pussy and I must admit it wasn’t a thought I wanted to linger on for long as the idea didn’t appeal to me at all, But what about Tarquin I thought would he be enjoying his sister weeing on him while she rubs her pussy along his hard shaft.

As Emma bucked her hips and pussy along his shaft weeing on it at the same time it had a strange effect, the jet of wee would spray one way then the other as she rocked and gyrated, Suddenly Tarquin gasped out “I am going to cum if you do this for much longer” I think in jest more than anything but I wasn’t sure. Emma says to him calmly “cum then, I don’t mind,.. or would you sooner me wee somewhere else.” About ten seconds later I notice the wee has stopped and so does Emma sliding, She says to him inquisitively “so did you cum” “no” he says you didn’t quite do it for long enough “tough then!” she says quite sharp and harshly to him.

Then as she raises her body but still sat on him and leaning back exposing herself she says in a pleasant tone to him “So Tarquin did you look at all the girls pussy’s as they were weeing on you”

“Of course,” he says in reply….

Almost mockingly she asks, “Do you want to look at mine?” she says as she leans back a little more and opens her legs wider so he can get a good view …. Tarquin  looks between her legs but he cant really see anything apart from the top of her pussy, Emma stares at him and asks “would you like to have a closer look” and she starts sliding her pussy further up his body till she is striding his chest and still she slides forward until she positions herself and her pussy right up to his face, I am almost aghast at what she is doing, Tarquin’s sister is kneeling with her pussy right above his face.His sister was holding her pussy right above his face

She says in a very sexy voice, “Is this close enough for you, can you see now” even Tarquin is taken back and Emma then turns and says to Nicole “sit on his legs” as Emma sits back on Tarquin’s chest, a big smile comes over Nicole’s face as she gets up quite readily and go’s and sits on Tarquin’s upper legs. His long thick cock right in front of her “what you doing this for” he says with a bit of a frown on his face as he is now pinned to the floor. Nicole suggests to him maybe she has plans for me to do something with your cock, you never know “Oh right” he smiles hopefully.

Emma for the first time starts to smile and moves back towards his face and lifts her pussy back above his face again, “I want you to have a very close look at my pussy Tarquin,” as she shows him again “look at it, Is it nice”

Tarquin confused by what is happening nods his head “yes, erm er very nice” Emma sweetly says “well remember when I asked you if you wanted me to pee on something else.”

 Tarquin suddenly calls out “Don’t you dare!” just as Emma’s actually lowers her pussy down and right towards his mouth as her hands holds his head down and her wee now starts running out and on to his face, she gyrates her hips a little and soon she is squirting out and her warm wee is splashing all around his face, Tarquin starts to struggle but the two girls are pinning him down.

His sister was weeing in his face

Nicole laughs out “I bloody knew you was going to do that” as she looks at his large stiff cock pointing up in the air right in front of her, Emma laughing flashes her head round and has a quick look at Nicole and her eyes flash down at the long cock sticking up in the air and she quickly nods her head at her and says “don’t just look at it.” Nicole still laughing grips his long cock and instantly starts rubbing it up and down saying “I will do something Nice for you Tarquin, I am not nasty like Emma.”

While Emma is still gyrating her hips over Tarquin’s face whilst holding his head down and weeing on him and Nicole is now gripping his hard cock and rubbing it up and down Tarquin tries to struggle free not that I am that sure he noticed that much of Nicole rubbing his cock with what Emma was doing to him. Actually, they only have to hold him down for about thirty seconds as Emma is soon finished weeing on him. But what a thirty seconds it was.

As they get up off him they wipe themselves down with a cloth sheet that was there, then Emma throws the sheet to Tarquin who gets up off the straw and his middle, groin and face are wet through and he starts to wipe himself down.

“Did you enjoy that?” asked Simon with his usual big smile.

“Well, do you know what” replied Tarquin, “it wasn’t half bad really, a lot better than I thought it would be, not sure of the first couple though,” he said with a smile.

I was shocked and amazed with them all again for what seems about the hundredth time today. It obviously seemed that they didn’t seem to worry about touching each other’s genitals at all, not one bit, in fact they seemed to like it. 

We all sit back down again in out positions with Nicole saying, “Only four more left, what will you get Emma.”

I was just hoping that it wasn’t one we all have to do and I could just sit and watch, the dares just seem to get more daring as they go along but I wasn’t bothered if I just watch and for some reason I was thinking this would be a tame one for some reason.

It’s Emma‘s turn, although it seemed she had just done one, but she didn’t seem to care, she looks confident as she puts her hand into the pot and pulls out her dare, she smiles as she opens the paper and for some reason I think this is going to be a tame one, but her mouth drops open in surprise then she groans out, “Oh bollocks!”

She turns it around so we can all read it and it reads …

 Page 20

  “Kiss the next boys cock 5 times”

She turns to Simon and said “Why the hell did I get that one, why couldn’t I have pulled another and you get that one, I would have loved to have seen you do it”

“Ahh nothing to it,” Simon boasts, “I could do that blindfolded ….. In fact I would sooner do that blindfolded” he laughs.

Emma says to him “well that’s what you can do then, come on blindfold him” and Nicole gets a scarf and wraps it tightly around his eyes. “Right let’s get it over with,” says Emma as she kneels down in front of Simon. She says to him “Come on then, I am not getting it out for you, you can do that yourself,” and then whilst blindfolded Simon he unfastens his trousers and pulls his trousers and pants down a little and then he pulls his cock out and it hangs there as a bit of a semi.

Emma turns to us all saying, “This feels as if I am going to give him a blow-job” her sister Nicole quickly says back to her “Yes and to be honest it looks as though you are going to give him a blow job as well.”

As I said before, like his twin the two of them have very impressive cocks on them and Simon (who is the boldest and cheekiest of the brothers) has quite a semi on.

Emma stares at his cock like we all did, and if you looked at it very closely it seemed to be ever so slowly and gently pulsing as though it was becoming aroused, Emma slowly leaned forward towards it as we all watched with eager intent, Emma licked her lips and as she got close to his cock she stuck her tongue out flicking it up and down like a snake getting closer and closer to his cock until her tongue was almost touching his cock, it was just like Emma, she wouldn’t just give it five quick kisses and be done, oh no Emma made sure that she had to put a show on for us. Then just as we all thought she was going to lick his cock, she drew in her tongue and very quickly gave the very tip of his cock a little kiss and leaned back … “One” everyone called out.

She leaned into his cock again sticking her tongue out like before, again flicking her tongue up and down until she is almost touching it, then she withdraws her tongue and pretends to kiss the tip of it, then she moves her head and pretends to kiss the side of his cock over and over again she pretends to be giving it lots of little kisses all around his cock until suddenly she gives it a quick kiss on the tip of his cock and leans back again as we all called out … “Two,” and everyone has big smiles on their faces as Emma fools around.

Emma leans forward again and like before again sticks out her tongue and starts flicking it up and down, this time she is really close to his cock as her tongue flicks up and down sensually, this time she lingers and seems to be seeing just how close she can actually get, she is flicking her tongue up and down only a couple of millimeters away from it and she as doing it slowly and sensually and provocatively then amazingly she moves closer and with the tip of her tongue she actually flicks the very tip of Simons cock then she runs a little circle around the end of his cock then withdrawing her tongue she kisses the tip of it and leans back .. ..”THREE” everyone calls out and Nicole laughing calls out Emma you are just disgusting.

Emma this time licks her lips as she moves forward and looks as though she is wetting her mouth, as she gets closer to his cock Emma opens her mouth quite wide and Nicole Calls out in disbelief “you’re not” Emma looks at Nicole closes her mouth and gives an expression on her face that I read as “don’t be stupid, of course not.

Then she turns back to look at Simon’s cock, she licks her lips as if it’s something yummy, then makes her mouth wet again and opens her mouth and starts to move closer, she reaches his cock and moves her mouth so that his cock starts to enter her mouth without touching the sides, I put my hands up to my face as she moves her mouth further along until the end of his cock disappears into her wide open mouth, then when she feels she has gone down about 2 or 3 inches she starts to rock back and forth as though she is giving a blow-job but of course Simon is totally oblivious to this as she is not touching him at all, Then

Emma pulls back and quickly gives a quick kiss on the tip of his cock and pulls back …. “Four” they all call out seemingly having great fun.

 Page 21

Emma pauses a moment looking straight ahead and leans in to give the last little kiss, she moves in this time doing nothing and with her hands on her knees she gets very close to his cock and she blows gently on it letting him know she is very close to his cock, she blows all around it and on his balls and that made his cock move in a pulse that made Emma smile, then she stopped blowing and licked her lips again whist staring at the cock in front of her, then she moved very close and when she was only about an inch away she pretended to give a passionate kiss to the tip of his cock, she then opened her mouth wide and moved it around his cock without ever touching it of course, then she rocked back and forth pretending to give a blowjob.

 At this point Nicole calls out “Go on Emma do it, I dare you!” I look quickly at Nicole in shock that she really said this, then I very quickly move my eyes back to Emma to see what her response would be.

Emma pulls back and slowly shakes her head calmly at Nicole, then she moves forward again and gently blowing on his cock again before she then gives it a little kiss and moves back saying “Right that’s number 5″

Nicole says to Emma, “Scaredy cat, I dared you!”

Emma frowns and looks irritated at Nicole saying “I am not a scaredy cat at all; the original dare didn’t say to do anything like that, did it”

Nicole replied “Simon dared you earlier and you took his dare, anyway it doesn’t matter, I dared you that’s all”

Emma : “yes Simon dared me earlier and I took it, so what, I felt like it, but if its not written down I don’t have to do it .. Full stop, my choice”

Simon says with a big bold smile, “If it counts, I dare you to do it as well”

“No you don’t count,” says Emma “and if you are so keen Nicole, you come here and suck it yourself!”

Nicole laughs out loud “If you want, I don’t mind, I am not scared of it like you,.. don’t you like sucking Simon’s cock Emma, or any cock come to that”

Tarquin Chimes up “Yes I dare you too Emma”

“Just get lost!” Emma says irritatedly in everyone’s direction

 Suddenly I see what everyone is doing, they are turning the tables on Emma and trying to embarrass her, the way she does to everyone else.

Emma looks irritated as well now and has a frown on her face as she makes it back to where she is sat, and in the same irritated voice she says “well I dare you to do it as well then Nicole.” 

Still laughing Nicole says “okay, I don’t mind doing it, it doesn’t bother me” and Emma gives her a big false smile, then with an angry face saying “Oh yeah I bet you do, shall we both do it now then, one each, you don’t mind an audience do you?”

If I said again I was shocked with them, I could have said that a thousand times by now and you would be sick of hearing it, wouldn’t you, so not to bore you, I am just telling you as it was.

We all settled down and prepared to get back to the game when Simon winds everyone by rubbing his hands and saying, “I can’t wait for later”

Emma sharply looks at him and saying in a sarcastic voice “I wouldn’t get too excited if I was you” and by that I thankfully took it as it wasn’t going to happen.

It’s Simon’s turn next and he puts his hand in and pulls out the next dare, he reads it and groans “Oh no” he turns it round to show us and it reads “Pretend to give a blow job.” Nicole calls out immediately “That’s alright, why don’t you just do it to yourself and save Emma a job later”

Emma again sarcastically goes, “Ha ha har very funny,”

But Simon almost wee’s himself laughing

Emma gives him a dark frown saying “I am going to do you Simon”

But he just laughs even more saying “I know, thanks a lot, I told you I can’t wait”

Emma Slams an empty beer bottle down in front of him and with another big false smile says “Here get your laughing tackle round that and show Nicole how to do it”

Nicole speaks to Simon in a seductive manner and says “Oh no, it’s Emma’s dare, why don’t you do it in the manner that you would like Emma to do it” and everyone gives a naughty laugh… except Emma

Jon pipes up singing Emma is scare, Emma is scared, Emma is so so scared

Nicole jumps up as though she has just had a thought and takes the empty beer bottle and says, “No I have a better idea, come on Simon I will make this easy for you” and she stands in the middle of the circle saying “I will pretend to be a boy and you pretend to be a girl,” then she puts the beer bottle between the top of her legs and tells him to get on his knees. “you can be pretend to be a girl giving me a blow-job.

Page 22

Before I felt a little embarrassed for Simon, but now I think this will be funny

Smiling Simon gets on his knees in front of Nicole and she pretends to undo her trouser zip and pull her underpants down and she says to Simon sexily, “Come on, do it for me baby, you know you like to”

I am beginning to really like this family, even though they do go too far at times they all try to make things fun.

Simon putting on a high-pitched girly voice looks up saying “what again, this is the 3rd time today sir” 

Jon asks what the time was as he and, Simon and Tarquin was going with his father and play football, Simon tells him, “my watch is over there,”  as Jon looks at the watch he shouts out in a panic, “we are late” Simon turns to us saying “I have forgotten all about that, well we had better go.”

Jon shouts “I will run off now and let him know we are coming” and like a shot he is out of the door and off with Tarquin following behind saying “we will have to play this again later in the week” and he is gone also.

“Well, that’s ruined that then” frowns Emma looking quite angry “and all because of bloody football.”

Nicole says well we may as well finish the rest of the cider then, and she offers me some of the cider, “Oh no, no more for me thanks, I feel quite tiddly already” Nicole smiles at me and says “I know, we all are, its good isn’t it.” to be honest I just felt giggly and happy and feeling incredibly horny.

Nicole takes a large drink and so does Emma, “Here” says Emma finish this off and she hands me the cider and I finished off the cider with a large few gulp.

Nicole was a little more forgiving than her sister telling her “Let’s be honest Emma, it will be the first time they will have played football with other boys and know how much they love playing football.”

Simon is shouting, “right see you later” and about to wander off when Emma suddenly says to him, “Okay …erm but can you just do this for me first.”

“Sure what is it” and he slowly walks back to them.

“Your dare, you haven’t finished it yet scowled Emma”

“Oh come on, I want to play football with the rest, I will do it some other time,” he says as he turns back to walk out of the door.

But both sisters look at each other and smiling they both run to him and grab him “help us Angel” they say laughing and I went over to their aide, the three of us led by Emma pull him over to a large thick post that is helping to hold the roof up.

While we hold Simon, Nicole grabs a thin rope and wraps it quickly round his neck and the post and tied him quite tight, then she grabs his hands and ties them behind the back of the post too, closely followed by his ankles, surprisingly she did a good job of it and he was held very tightly to the post by his neck, his hands and his ankles, he wasn’t going to get loose from that.

Simon always the happy joking one says “Well I certainly can’t do my dare now like this can I” he says with a smile, (and I thought he had a point there.) “so can I go and play football now, pretty please”

“No” came back the reply from Nicolette, “you have to pay the price for not doing your dare” she said with a big smile as Emma goes and fetches the brown leather strap and repeating “you have to pay the price for refusing the dare…. you know the rules, no exceptions….. None, we all agreed even you, so there.”

Simon; “Well can you do it pretty damn quick then, and NOT TOO BLOODY HARD” he shouts, anyway I am the wrong way around” he said looking round at the post and the ropes “you will have to untie me.” (again I thought he was right) but it appeared not because Nicole casually and calmly said, “Oh you’ll do like that.”

Simon: “if you say so”

Nicole tells him “We all have to beat you with the strap 10 times each .. Angel, you go first.”

Simon calls out “10 times each, but that’s 30 times, we never agreed on that many”

Nicole says to him with a little smile “Oh I thought that’s what we agreed, well we will have to talk about that when we all get back together again, won’t we.

Simon frowns at her, “You had better not hit me hard, or else!”

Nicole gives a large smile now saying….. “Or else what? .. tell mum.”

I wasn’t that keen on going first to be honest with you, as it seemed now that I started all this, and I didn’t, but on the other hand I thought I may as well get it over with and that I wouldn’t hit him that hard anyway.

Emma hands the long strap to me as I say, “Where shall I hit him?”

Emma looks at him for a moment, then she says with a wry wicked smile, “I know where” and she walks over to Simon and she starts undoing the top of his jeans whilst looking Simon in the eyes.

Simon frowns and asks her “what the hell are you doing” as she starts to tug his jeans and underpants down at the same time. She again gives a naughty smile as she tells him “and don’t think for a moment that you are going to enjoy this” and she bends a little as she tugs his jeans down over his knees.

She then stands back as we all look at his beautiful and well-endowed cock hanging there. Emma looks over to me and points at his cock and says with a dirty smile to me “There.”

I looked at it but it was hanging down, quite large but hanging down, Simon looks at us all one by one in Innocence and says, “But ten times each is 30 times, it might fall off”

I look at them and ask, “Are you both joking”

Nicole looks at me and says, “Of course not, its the rules go on, hit it with the strap”

I raised the strap for a moment, then I lowered the strap again slowly thinking how I would best do it, if I brought the strap straight down It would be difficult to hit it so I had to more like flick and swing the strap from the side to hit it, and I felt quite kinky.

“Oh, hit it harder!” said Emma “that’s no good like that, it’s no fun at all for anyone”

“But it’s quite difficult this way’” I said.

Emma tells me “I will make it easier for you” and I thought she was going to help me in some way, but she quickly starts to remove her knickers and sits down in the straw right in front of Simon. Then moving and opening her legs apart revealing her little smooth light brown pussy. I wondered to myself, ‘What the hell is she doing now?’

She look’s at Simon and says “Simon, look at this.” Then she puts her finger in her mouth very sexily and slowly sucks it and as she makes her finger wet she then moves her finger between her legs and she starts very gently playing with herself while she stares at her brother saying in a very sexy manner, “Would you like to have this pussy Simon, I bet you would, wouldn’t you if you got the chance.”

She motions her hips very very slowly up and down towards him and she pretends to sigh as though she is enjoying herself, well I think she was pretending anyway, (although I thought that it was all a very risque thing for a much younger sister to say to a brother) and as she plays with herself her face becomes quite flushed as she makes little circles with her finger around her clit. I don’t know about Simon but I found it incredibly arousing, if not amazed at what she was doing, I would have been way too embarrassed to have done that in front of anyone.

Simon was looking at Emma, and I can see his cock just slightly becoming aroused by what she was doing as well. I looking closely at him and I saw that his cock was ever so slowly start to pulse up and down just a tiny little bit in a very slow upward motion, Nicolette looks at me then nods for me to start the beating. “Are you sure?” I say to her again “yes” came her sharp and simple reply, “just get on with it”

“Yes” came her sharp and simple reply, “just get on with it.”

I took a deep breath of air as I thought to myself, ‘well here goes then.’ I raise the strap for what is a second time and I bring it down and across his slowly growing large white cock.

“Oh hit it harder, much harder than that” says Nicole “that one doesn’t count, he can barely even feel that.” So next time I did what I was told and brought the strap down hard on to his ever pulsing and hardening cock. “ouch” calls out Simon “that’s making my cock smart” he complains.

“Well we had better hit you on the head with the strap as well then when we have finished with your cock.” replies Nicole. I started laughing at what she had said thinking how sharp Nicole was in her reply, but I was the only one laughing.

I could see his eyes fixed between Emma’s legs as she played with herself as in turn she had her eyes fixed on his cock, she has teased him into a seemingly ever stiffening and hard erection.

The harder and longer his prick become, the more I became aroused by what I was doing to him. I could really feel my breathing becoming shorter through a mixture of anticipation and excitement, I was curious, more than curious to see how big his cock would really be and what it would look like when it was fully erect, I was fascinated by the whole situation.

“Harder!” Nicole tells me eagerly each time I strapped him, and each time I did as I was told and I eagerly strapped him even harder. By the seventh stroke I was thrashing his cock almost as hard as I could whilst trying to stay cool, whilst his long prick was now very hard and his once white cock had turned more than a little red. in fact it had turned very red. I don’t know what was happening to me but I was enjoying beating his prick with the strap more and more with every stroke. Now by the end and each stroke the more Simon flinched and grimaced with the strapping the more it also turned me on. When I had done my 10 I really wanted to carry on and do more.

I was very aware of my heart beating quite quickly and a tingle running through my veins with the excitement, but all the same I stepped back and handed the strap back to Nicole as calmly as I could trying to hide my inner most primal feelings that had seemed to take over me, and even today when I walk into and smell a barn or smell straw my heart beat quickens slightly.

Tortured by his Sisters

Nicole turns around and asks Emma, (who I notice is staring straight at her brother’s very thick hard cock,) “Would you like to go next?”

“No, I am fine for now just watching” she replies, “I like to go lovely last anyway.”

Nicole not wasting even a moment immediately dangles the strap over Simon’s hard red cock and asks him, “Does it hurt?”

He smiles saying, “Yes it does” but then adds “but not the way you mean.” I didn’t know what he meant but Nicolette smiles at him as Emma suddenly squeals out “Oh my god, I had better stop doing this to myself” and she takes her fingers away from her pussy and starts to sits up and motions me with a big smile to come over and sit with her in front of Simon, which I was more than happy to do.

As I sit with Emma, Nicole does not stand on ceremony at all and she instantly brings the strap down quickly and hard along the full and entire length of Simon’s stiff cock, and not across it as I had done. I thought to myself that ‘I wish I had done it that way now,’ but it never occurred to me, but it just seemed much kinkier and also she seemed to hit it much harder than I did and he gasps out straight away as if in much greater pain along the whole length of his large cock.

Nicole smiles and she did this another four times in very quick succession and Simon is gasping out more and more and struggling with his bindings at the beatings. Nicolette pauses for a moment and teases by telling him “I am really enjoying this I may do more than the ten lashes, you don’t mind do you Simon?”

“Yes, I do” replied Simon, “you had better make this worth my while.”

“Don’t worry, we will” Nicole reassured him, although again, I didn’t know how she would do that or what on earth they were talking about. Emma’s eyes are still fixed on Simon’s rigid cock as it is was being beaten and she is smiling as though she is totally devouring and enjoying every moment of it and I must admit, I don’t know why, it must have been the cider that we had drunk removing my inhibitions totally but I too was finding it so kinky and perverse and I was really enjoying it. I was feeling that little tingle between my legs, a feeling that I had felt more than once today, in fact more than I had felt in a day during my whole life before.

Almost as if Emma could read my mind I suddenly felt her slowly slide her hand up my skirt and along the inside of my thigh, she starts to stroke me very gently there and it almost tickled but felt very, very nice. I let her do it and I tried to act as if I didn’t know what she was doing, but as soon as I felt her stroke the very top of my thigh and then her fingers stroked across my pussy over my knickers I felt my pussy suddenly tingle ever so much and I gave a little shudder and I turned my head to her.

Emma had noticed of course, It seemed as though she noticed everything and she looked me straight into my eyes smiling so cute at me. I smiled back at her opening my legs a tiny little bit more and she smiled wider at me as she stroked me a little firmer right between my legs.

I felt myself swallow at the nice feeling she was giving me and I was wondering if I had the nerve to do the same for her in return. I had never touched another girl between her legs before, and while I watched Nicole start the strapping of Simon cock again, I was trying to build up the courage to put my hand between Emma’s legs and stroke her there too. I wanted to do it and I wondered how it would feel touching a girl down there even though it would have been stroking her over her knickers, you may think its silly but I worried how she would react to me, because I also thought at that same time that she could be a little unpredictable, to say the least.

Nicole straps Simon’s cock harder than ever and after the umpteenth hard strap along his cock Simon seems now to be in real pain and crying out and gasping, but at the same time he wasn’t complaining at all. Nicole says to him “We are well over half-way through now, isn’t this fun don’t mind me taking some of Emma turns do you?” by saying that I took it that she was also enjoying beating her brothers cock just as much as I did.”

I look at Simon bound to the sturdy wooden post with his long thick penis erect and pointing right out in front of him when suddenly Emma turns to me and with a naughty girls giggle and she whispers to me quietly, “It just makes you want to go up to it and suck it, doesn’t it.”

“Does it?” I tried to say innocently, but really it did wake me up to what I must have really been subconsciously thinking because at that point I told myself “Oh my god, yes it does,” and it made me stare at it in curiosity all the more.

Simon’s face is still grimacing from the pain as Nicole teases him by pouting out her lips in mock sympathy and saying, “NO, are you not enjoying it then… oh you poor babies, but you know we must do it don’t you.”

Amazingly to me he gasps out a short “Yes.” as though he was reluctantly really enjoying it all as well.

Then Nicole says to him all sexy and still pouting her lips out, “Well I have something nice for you now as a little treat for being so good, a little treat and a little rest for you wouldn’t do any harm would it……. Would it,” she prompted.

“No,no,” he gasps, “a rest and a treat would be quite nice” he gasps again, “a lot of nice treats would be even better” he smiles not losing his sense of humour.

Nicole leans over and picks up one of her scarfs and wraps it around Simon’s head blindfolding Simon’s eyes tightly with it as she says to him sexily into his ear, “We will play a little game of take a guess, … you will have to take a guess of Is it to be pleasure or pain for you now? …. Mmm, what do you think? … which will it be?”

At that point she steps back from him and waits for a moment or two in total silence, then without a word of warning she whips down the strap as hard as she possibly could along the length of his huge erect cock and he cries out loud and long with the shock and pain while both the sister’s laugh out loud at his reaction.

Then Nicole smiles and brushes herself up close to his ear again saying “Not quite what you were thinking was it? ….. Was that fun? … Shall we play this game again?.. what shall it be this time do you wonder? she pauses as Simon braces himself…… then she gently lowers her hand and moves it to his cock where she slides her fingers gently along his hard shaft.

The sudden touch of the tips of her fingers even though it was very gentle on his cock makes him flinch, this makes both his sister smile again and Nicole surprises me as she now wraps her fingers slowly around her brothers thick cock and she slowly starts to grip it tighter, then after a second or so she very slowly starts moving her hand up and down his shaft and slowly and gently rubbing his cock for him. Simon gasps loudly and again both the girls smile at each other as they enjoy the torturing his stiffy.

The girls are obviously enjoying the torturing of their brother and they seem to have no reservations at all in what they are doing to him, to a degree and although he is in great pain at times I would say that he almost seems to be enjoying it, well this particular little part at least.

If I am honest, I am myself really enjoying this too, particularly because at heart I think that Simon is enjoying it, even if it is reluctantly. Mind you, what has always made me feel uncomfortable with this is the fact that they are brothers and sisters, I would have been much more at ease if they had been friends, on saying that I think it would still have been rather risque even then at what they were doing, well what we were all doing, effectively playing torturing, even if the person being tortured was probably half enjoying it.

Nicole continues to very slowly, almost massaging his very thick stiff cock back and forth saying “Yes, you like this don’t you, I thought you would” and she then starts to rub her hand firmly along the full length of his prick very very slowly while he groans gently in pleasure. Emma quickly gets up quietly and pulls me up motioning me to follow her to her brother, she then very quietly kneeled in front of Simon and motioned me to kneel right besides her. The both of us slightly one side of his large pointing cock and I wonder what they have got in store for him this time as we get a good close up of his very stiff cock.

Nicole takes her hand off his cock and whispers to him in his ear, “It’s time to guess again Simon, what will it be this time for you .. Pleasure ….or …. Pain ..” and Simon braces himself for the beating of his cock again feeling sure that he won’t get two pleasures in a row. As I kneel there admiring and staring at his deep red and almost purple long hard shaft pointing straight out between me and Emma.

Emma surprises me by slowly and calmly with an almost naughty smile leaning silently forward and very slowly opening her mouth. I feel my eyes widen enormously in great shock as her widening mouth moves closer to her brothers very stiff cock and very and very slowly but without any hesitation she wraps her mouth firmly but gently around the head of her brother’s throbbing cock and she starts to slowly suck on the thick bulbous purple tip of it.

I am totally speechless at her and can hardly believe what I am seeing her do right in front of me. You would have needed to have put a gun to my head and threatened to have pulled the trigger before I would have done anything like that at all with my brother. Oh my God, and what was the most shocking too was that Emma was the youngest of all of us by a good couple of years.

Without any apparent concern whatsoever from her sister Nicole with what Emma was doing to her brother. I watch as Emma sucks and almost slobbers on the head of the bulbous purple tip of his cock, her very sexy eyes flash up to Simon’s face to see his reaction and by her expression she is obviously pleased at his little gasps and groans of pleasure. After a few moments of sucking the purple bulbous knob end she slowly starts sliding her wet mouth gently down her brothers hard shaft a little further and I see his hard cock disappear little by little into her little mouth until she was almost half way down his shaft, then holding her mouth there while she sucks, her eyes from time to time looking down his shaft, then flashing up to look at the reaction on Simon’s face.

Then she slides her mouth back along the shaft to the bulbous tip again and after licking and sucking that for a moment, then again she starts to slide her mouth back and forth along his shaft this time a little faster and effectively starting to give her brother a blow-job. As I watch her and can tell she is moving her tongue around his cock as she slides and almost bounces her mouth up and down her brother’s hard shaft tasting him.

I look over to Nicole, even more surprisingly she doesn’t even bat an eye at what her younger sister is doing to their brother, she is just watching her with an approving smile on her face, then she whispers into Simon’s ear saying, “Mmm, I wonder who is doing this kind thing for you, is it Emma or could it be Angel, who do you think it is? who could it be, you would die to know wouldn’t you.”

Simon nods his head quickly “Yes, who is it?” he asks.

“Guess” she whispers, … “Angel, is it Angel?” he gasps as he answers.

I am surprised that he thinks it’s me “he is hoping for a lot” I tell myself, he has a long wait if he thinks I would do anything like that.

Nicole whispers back to him “Oh I didn’t say I was going to tell you did I… you will never know, that’s why you are wearing a blindfold, so we girls can do it in secret.”

“Some secret,” I thought, but on the other hand, I knew what she meant.

I look at Emma still in total shock as her small mouth slides on this huge looking cock and believe it or not she looks as though she is really enjoying sucking her brother’s cock as she slides her wet mouth up and down on his shaft while she now strokes the tips of her fingers nail along his tight balls.

Nicole Whispers to him, “You are a lucky boy aren’t you?” and Simon nods in reply.

 Emma moves back letting Simon’s stiff prick slide out of her mouth, she looks almost admiringly at his prick shining all wet and so very stiff as though it is almost about to explode like an over expanded balloon.

Emma then looks at me with a smile and motions me to have a suck of Simon’s cock as well. In amazement at what she suggests to me I shake my head at her pulling her a face ‘no’, there is no way I am doing something like that I thought. But she is having none of it and she takes my head in her hands and grabbing my hair until it hurt whilst at the same time she guides and pushes my head forward towards her brothers throbbing long prick that’s sticking out right there in front of me.

I am again shocked at her as I feel my head gripped hard and being firmly pushed forward towards her brother’s thick long cock. I felt myself silently resisting Emma but she is determined and she pushes my head firmly towards it,… Amazingly, I couldn’t believe it myself at what I did next, as I saw his stiff cock approaching and almost being pushed into my face, I found myself slowly open my mouth and Emma pushing me hard even closer until I felt his very stiff cock nudge past my lips and as it did I felt his thick bulbous cock end nudging my mouth wider open as I started to feel his cock slowly slip into my mouth.

I was shocked with what I had just done with opening my mouth, I now felt it slide right into my mouth as Emma kept pushing my head forward and I found that I shamelessly now wrapped my mouth around his thick bell end and I instantly started shamelessly sucking on it. At that very moment it just felt a natural thing to do in a very unnatural situation.

I felt my heart beating quickly again in excitement as Emma slowly pushes and pulls my head back and forth making me slide my mouth up and down along his long thick shaft, and just as I was reassuring myself that I was being forced to do it and that I may as well get my turn over with, I realised that Emma had now taken her hands away and that I was sucking and sliding my mouth along his cock all by myself.

My mind of course nagged me not to do this at all, but I just now had this incredible urge to discover what it was actually like to suck on a boys stiff hard cock and to feel what it was like to slide in my mouth up and down along it and feel it sliding in my mouth, I told myself that this was as good a time and excuse as any to find out.

I noticed from the very corner of my eye that Emma and Nicole quickly looked at each other and giving big smiles with such happy eyes as thought they were really pleasantly surprised with me, then I felt Emma’s lips come close to my ear and she whispered very quietly “Thank you Angel, well done,” and then she kissed my ear.

Nicole whispers to Simon again “Oh my word, if you could only see what we could see right now, Oh what a big lovely surprise you would have.”

I slid my mouth up and down Simon’s long thick shaft with great curiosity and if I am honest, I was now enjoying every naughty erotic moment of it, with just a slight tinge of humiliation as well. It felt so warm and thick and firm in my mouth and I could feel the hard but spongy textured cock under the skin. I had been wondering for a while now as you do at that age what it would feel like to have a boy’s big cock in my mouth. I slid my mouth up and down on it feeling and examining his shaft with my mouth and tongue with great concentration, my inhibitions had almost disappeared with a great help from the cider. Like Emma, I found that I looked up at Simon to see his reaction, reassured that he was enjoying it and that I was doing it well and right. After all in the confidence that he didn’t know it was me.

I didn’t seem to have been sucking on it for that long on my own but it was probably about 45 seconds to a minute when I felt Emma’s hand against my cheek gently pushing me away, as I slid my mouth away then from his cock, saliva ran down my chin a little and I wiped my mouth like I had been a greedy girl, instantly Emma opened her mouth quite wide and she slid her mouth back down onto her brother’s cock and sucked on it some more and this time bobbing her mouth up and down on it quite quickly and very eagerly, she obviously enjoyed doing what she was doing.

The sweet Cider and the sexy games obviously must have made us into what we were like that afternoon because Emma sucked away on it lovingly and vigorously at the same time, again for about 45 seconds to a minute before she took his cock out of her mouth, she turned to me and leaning over she kissed my forcing her wet tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back in return, this was the first time I had kissed a girl in passion before and my nipples tingled as I felt so horny, It felt all the more erotic to me as only a second before she had been sucking eagerly on a big cock.

Nicole sharpens her tone and says to Simon “That’s enough pleasure for you for now, it’s time for some lovely pain” and she started strapping his stiff cock so hard and furiously turning it purple. After about a minute I look up to his face and see tears rolling down his cheeks as he braces himself just gasping out at the beating of his cock.

Suddenly she stops the beating again and she sticks her lips out and kiss’s him on the cheek, saying to him in almost baby talk ..”Didums den, did that hurt you my little baby’s, well we will all have to make it up to you then won’t we, Mmm …. Do you want some more pleasure, well let me see”

Nicole slowly and silently moves between me and Emma and squats down between us, she then licks her gorgeous full lips very slowly making them wet and then moves her mouth closer to his hard throbbing cock. Sticking her tongue out just a little she lets the tip of her tongue lick the very tip of the bulging purple end of his stiff prick, then she withdrew her tongue and she gives a long kiss the tip of his hard purple cock two or three times in quick succession. She then stops and pulls away from him for only a second quickly looking up at him and smiling, then she leans forward and gently licking the tip of his cock again like a snake’s tongue flicking up and down.

Again I thought she was very brave and daring doing that to her brother’s stiff cock just to tease him. But she didn’t stop there, she then moved further forward and letting her wet warm mouth slowly, very slowly moved forward and Simon’s cock slipped into Nicole’s mouth, she sucked on the end of it for a moment before her mouth started to slip further down the shaft until she had engulfed over half the length of his purple pulsing cock. As Simon groans loudly with great pleasure, Emma tells her dryly “I think he prefers that.”

Nicole smiles with the huge cock inside her mouth for a moment before sucking back on his cock again like a greedy girl sucking on a long lolly-pop and proud of sliding her mouth so far down it. She starts then to grip his cock with her lips and starts to slide her wet mouth all the way up and down his thick shaft. Simon groans again and I could see Nicole’s face flush as she slides her mouth up and down his shaft as if she was getting as much pleasure from it as he was. Nicole’s head starts to move faster and faster up and down drawing louder moans of delight from Simon. But then after only a few more seconds, Nicole pushes her mouth from the tip of his cock all the way down the shaft to the very base, I could see his cock completely disappear into her mouth like some clever sword swallowing trick.

Again I can only put the mixture of sweet Cider and the sexy games before hand that had obviously must have made us into what we were like that afternoon. She holds her mouth to the very base pushing right down, then she stops sucking on his cock and she starts to lift her head, I watch as his hard prick withdraws from her mouth, again leaving his cock all wet. Then she says to him “is that true Simon, did you like that, or would you prefer something else instead?”

“Oh no” Simon moans expecting her to beat him again, “I like that, it’s so good.”

Nicole then very silently stands up and I wonder what she is going to do to her brother next, I suppose her brother did too, after all it could be anything. She takes a step away and I watch her as she removes her knickers leaving them on the floor. I look at Emma and she flashes me a knowing quick smile, Nicole motions to me and Emma to give her a little more room and we move a little further to one side.

It seemed to me that Emma knew what she was going to do, but I had no idea with Simon tied up like that. Nicole stands in front of Simon with her back to him and then she bends over and parts her legs and slowly backs up towards him. Oh my god I thought, no surely she isn’t. My mind starts racing as I tell myself, ‘surely she is not going to do what I think she is’. Then bent right over and looking between her open legs she puts her hand under and behind her and she grips his cock and she backs on to him a little further more, then opening her legs a little more she guides his thick long prick over her pussy entrance.

I really expected her to tease him and move his cock around and letting him feel her folds with the end of his cock, and for a few seconds that is exactly what she does, but anything could happen with these two. I tell myself that sucking his cock is a terrible thing, but allowing her brother to, or more like getting on and riding your brother’s cock and feeling it inside you is another. in my heart of hearts, I thought she would never do that. Then she bends a little further down to look between her legs behind her and then she lets herself lean right back on to his thick cock and directing it with her hand on to the right place. Nicole’s grimaces as her brother’s cock presses harder against her and forcing her pussy apart, then her pussy gives way and the thick bulbous head suddenly slips into her pussy, both at the same time groan out and Nicole sucks her breath in loudly with pleasure at the same time as I watch his thick cock slide slowly up her.

He groans out much louder than her, Nicole trying to be silent gives out a little stifled simper as if it was totally uncontrollable and she couldn’t help it. She may have been silent, but oh my god, you ought to have seen her face as his thick hard cock slides up her very slowly little by little, she opens her mouth so wide in total pleasure, and as she starts to rock on to him back and forth her face turns bright red and flushes as though she is in total ecstasy with it, she very slowly starts to rock back and forth and trying to get used to this big cock inside her. She loudly sucks her breath in and out, gasping and groaning for quite a while before I would say she could slide more freely on it.

Lucky for her Simon made a lot more noise and ever though he could vaguely hear her, he had other things on his mind as he groans out (Ahh .. That is really tight.) After about a minute or two I could see Nicole sliding back and forth a little harder and deeper on his thick bulbous cock and her face contorts wildly with pleasure.

Emma’s eyes are so wide as she sees the wild expressions of ecstasy on her sisters face, mine as well come to that. Simon gasping calls out “Who is this” wanting to know who is doing the pleasure for him, but there is silence… “Who is doing this” he calls out again but Emma puts her finger to her lips for us all to stay silent, none of the girls say anything.

Nicole spits on her finger and now puts her hand between her legs and with her middle finger starts to rub her clit quite quickly as she bounces herself against him, and each time as she bounces into him and feels his long thick cock slide up her pussy, she in rhythm opens her mouth wide and her face screws up and contorts as if she is in real agony, but this is in total Incredible and uncontrollable pleasure.

We both watch spellbound at what is happening to her. After only about two minute’s I could tell she was beginning to orgasm, her legs start shaking and trembling and she suddenly and vigorously bangs her bottom back into Simon’s stomach but very quietly groans out almost uncontrollably as she is not able to keep her squeals of pleasure silent any longer.

Nicole stops sliding back at forth, panting loudly she just slides right back onto him taking his full length deep into her pussy and she just stays there trembling for a few moments. She then slides forward off him and she stands up panting and pulling her skirt down trying to regain some of her composure.

Emma turns to look at me with such a big smile on her face as if she was so impressed at what she had just seen. Nicole still trembling whispers “You go next!”

I look to Emma and her eyes widen as she whispers “Oh my god yes” She was obviously keen to try her brothers cock inside her, to be honest it would have worried me if I was her size having such a big thing inside you, it might do some damage, after all, although me and Emma was very petite, Emma was much smaller than me where Nicole was much taller, better equipped if you like.

But Nicole whispers “No, let Angel go next”

>>>> f

I stutter and whisper in shock, “No, no not me, I am not doing it” I was seriously worried about it and my moral compass had gone way further than ever before, this was more than a step too far, it would have been another great big leap too far, and I had already done one of those today. Also, I had just seen what Nicole had gone through, I didn’t want them seeing me like that, I am bloody strange that way I suppose.

I would have died if anyone had seen me orgasm like that, I would never have been able to face them ever again, the objections kept flowing. Anyway I am not that type of girl, I don’t have to give any reason I finally told myself, but that just seemed quite tricky to explain at the time after what they had seen me do.

Emma whispers quite firmly to me, “Oh yes you are!!” and as Nicole takes her Q from Emma she grabs me firmly while Emma slides her hands quickly up my skirt and even more quickly pulls my knickers down and drags them, almost rips them off.

They push and pull me into position as I try to resist and whisper fearlessly “No, I am not, I don’t want to do it!!”

Nicole forcibly grabs my hair and then forces me to bend over then pushes and guides me backwards. I can see under me Emma griping Simon’s hard cock and is ready to move it just into the right place as Nicole pushes me backwards towards it.

Simon calls out “What is happening?” as he hears the scuffling, just as I feel his prick pressing against me and pushing on and up against my innocent pussy.

Nicole bends me over further as Emma whispers in me ear “You really want to do this really, you will enjoy it.”

To be honest looking back, I perhaps had a 40% want to try it, but 60% did not. I definitely would have been a 100% not if they hadn’t got me a little tipsy with the cider and then forcefully woman handled me.

 I can see as I look from under and between my legs that Emma has a firm grip of Simon’s hard rigid prick and it seems enormous now and pointing out so far. I remember thinking ‘surely all that will never fit inside me.’ Nicole starts pushing and forcing me back whilst saying calmly “Don’t worry, it’s easy, just relax as you lean back on to it and let what happens just come naturally, it won’t hurt then and you will enjoy it.. I promise!”

So I did, I stopped fighting her as much and relaxed, almost Instantly I flinched as I felt my pussy lips pushed on to his cock perfectly over my hole as Emma holds his hard prick in place and Nicole pushes me further back onto it.

In my head I heard myself say “Oh my god no!” at the very moment I felt the pressure of his cock beginning ever so slightly forcing my pussy lips open. I braced myself and my mind is concentrating on my pussy, I suddenly felt his thick bulbous prick start sliding between my girly folds and I gasped as I felt my pussy starting to be invaded like nothing ever before.

I was still being forced back further onto it and I felt it pushing hard into me, then I felt it slide up me, then it slid even deeper and I could feel myself gasp out wildly “Oh my god, oh my fucking god!!” I sighed and wanted to scream out because of the size of it. I opened my legs a little wider still hoping that it would help to accommodate his thick long cock. It felt so big inside me and I could feel every slightest movement from it. I gasped and groaned as the huge monster slid into me.

  Nicole gripping me firmly pulls me back towards her a little and I feel his cock withdraw which felt so nice and a relief, but then she pushes me back onto him again and I could feel his enormous prick slide right up me all over again, I felt the same full feeling in my pussy with the same anxiety as before, I sucked my breath in and I half-squealed out and groaned to myself “Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god” as I felt my pussy totally full with his huge prick and I could even imagine it in my mind. I could feel the whole monster inside me stretching me and filling me totally and I gasped out twice in quick succession with the feeling of it. Nicole now very slowly and gently rocks me back and forth on the huge cock and I couldn’t help but groan out shamelessly in total and incredible pleasure, my little pussy feels as though it is being wonderfully stretched open and feeling the most wonderful ecstasy running through my whole body as I am fully aware that I can feel my pussy is totally full of cock.

Emma now kneels in front of me between Nicole and she starts kissing me full on the mouth. My brain is actually buzzing with emotion and In my passion, I kiss her back so deep and out tongues flick inside each other’s mouths. I feel her hand slip under me and as we kiss her hand slides along my stomach down towards my pussy, once her hand moves between my legs her finger starts to seek out my clit which was feeling so incredibly sensitive. She starts to rub and flick my clit with her middle finger and I instantly groan out as Nicole rocks me back and forth almost as an overload of pleasure.

I felt the most fantastic sensations building up in me so quickly, they didn’t rise and fall in me like before in the past and sometimes I even had to force the orgasm out, that wasn’t the case here. The feelings just rose up in me through my whole body, steadying themselves for a moment and rising again.

My whole body was tingling from my toes to my eyes as I groaned out and squealed and gasped as silently as I could, Each time his huge cock slid up me I just wanted to scream out in pleasure, Emma rubbing my clit at the same time was total incredible ecstasy.  Emma starts whispering in my ear so dirty, “Come on Angel, admit it, you like being wanked off by a girl while you are being fucked by such a big cock, don’t you” and I just couldn’t answer her as I could feel myself right on the verge of a massive orgasm as my nipples as well as everything else tingled like crazy, I could feel my orgasm building, and there was no way stopping it.

She was right of course I had never known anything like it, I could not help but squeal as saliva unashamedly drooled from my mouth at the ecstasy of feelings. Feeling this huge cock sliding up me whilst having Emma teasing and rubbing my clit for me, (or any one come to that.) Suddenly the wave of the orgasm broke through my aching ecstasy and I tried to suppress myself but I just squealed, groaned and screamed as I felt the most intense and powerful orgasm shake through my whole body, the most amazing orgasm I have ever had in my life. It was not only the size of his cock thrusting inside me that excited me but Emma bringing me off with rubbing my clit so divinely that was just was incredible.

I have never had an orgasm whilst having straight sex before, but as I am bent there I can feel my legs and my whole body shaking violently and I almost collapsed onto my knees as my shaking leg had almost turned to jelly, I could hardly hold myself up as I shook and almost convulsed in my orgasm.

I gasped out uncontrollably and arched my back in total sexual ecstasy. I am begging wildly in such pleasure and it seemed to just go on and on for such long time, in fact I wondered at the time if it would ever stop.

After what seemed forever the long wave of orgasm slowly starts to eventually wain in me, Nicole lets me go and I lean forward letting and feeling the enormous cock slide out of me as though I had been pleasurably impaled upon it. It didn’t stop there though, as the thick tip of his bulbous cock came out of me I felt my stretched pussy relax and close behind it, I have never felt that ever in my life again.

I stumbled over to the hay bails and I fell forward onto it, knelt down with my head in the straw just gasping for breath and still groaning, my legs and body still like jelly and was still trembling and shaking. I was still shocked by what I had just done, even if I was a little more than coerced into it and not altogether in full agreement, but I didn’t  regret it at all now, and even enjoyed it as it was the most incredible ride (excuse the pun) I have ever had. I turned after a minute or so before I turned and laid in the hay looking back at what Emma and Nicole with Simon were doing.

I was amazed to see that Emma was going to go through with it too. Emma by now was slowly and tentatively backing on to Simon’s thick cock her hand under her guiding his cock to her pussy and suddenly I saw that look on her face that told me his cock had just slipped into her. (I was amazed again) that Emma was wanting to have sex with Simon, not only because of her young age but also because it was her brother, but she seemed to be the most eager, like her sister before her, her mouth dropped opened wide as each time she bounced back on to his monster cock and her face contorted each time she felt it slide right up her whilst she continually whispered quietly squealing repeatedly in her throws of pleasure. To me it sounds as if she was crying and sobbing out loud “Oh my, oh my,” she rubs her clit vigorously at the same time which is something I had never known before today but seemingly common with Nicole and Emma, (which did feel fantastic, to be honest.)

Nicole moves gently to the side of Emma and she grabs her sisters hand and moves it away from between her legs and replaces it with her own hand, then she starts to stroke and wank her sister off, as they so crudely put it. Not saying anything Nicole with her other hand raises Simon’s blindfold so he can now see who is bouncing on his cock.

Nicole calmly says to Emma “Take a look behind you,” but Emma is so engrossed at what is happening and enjoying her pleasure she doesn’t hear her. Nicole calls her a few times and has to raise her voice over her little squeals before Emma looks round at Nicole, even then she doesn’t notice Simon has had his blindfold lifted. Emma looks at Nicole whilst still bouncing on what looks a huge cock against her slight frame.

Emma pulls a face wondering what she is on about, Nicole looks towards Simon’s face in a manner for her to follow her eyes. Emma turns further to look up too, only now she notices that Simon has had the blindfold raised and that he can now see what is happening, all she did though was nod her head slightly in recognition at what Nicole had done and returned back to looking forward and to thrusting herself back and forth on his cock.

“Shall I let the animal loose?” Nicole asks with a smile as if teasing her, “Yes, if you want to, I don’t mind” Emma gasps back seemingly uncaring one way or the other. Well, I thought she was teasing, but seemingly not. Emma slides slowly forward and off Simon’s cock whilst Nicole unfastens Simon’s rope’s. They both move over to a bail of hay where Emma climbs on and kneels there on her hands and knees with her legs apart waiting for Simon to take her from behind and giving me a good view of her smooth hairless brown pussy.

Simon wastes no time at all and quickly came up between her, he was gripping his cock and he guides it straight to her tiny looking pussy and forces it straight up her, Emma squeal out  ”oh fucking hell” loudly in passion and Simon grips her tiny hips and vigorously starts to fuck his young sister from behind. Her sister Nicole does the honours for Emma and starts to rub her clit for her, it must be a rule they have. The barn fills with the sound of Emma groaning and squealing almost screaming loudly, (there was no need for silence now)

Before when Simon was bound tight Emma backed on to her brother and she slid into him slowly and deliberately controlling the rhythm. But now Simon was in control he was very quickly fucking and thrusting into her hard and fast. Emma squealing and groaning like crazy as he fucked her so furiously, I could see now why they had him tied I thought. The fucking seemed to go on and on, I am amazed at Simon’s virility, he has sorted two girls now he is on his third,( lucky boy) although he has had quite a bit of help from the girl’s magic little fingers.

After a few more minutes of Simon pounding his hard thick cock into her tight pussy, he suddenly grunts out to Emma “I will be coming soon” ..

Emma pants to him “Do you want to give it to me up the bum then?” Simon stops and replies with a keen “Oh yes, thanks Emm,” Emma seems to give him a warning, “But not so hard, .. alright?” He takes his cock out of her as she groans and redirects his cock to her little bum hole, he pauses then bends and spits onto her bum hole.

Emma repositions herself as if she has done this all before and that knows what she is doing, she parts her legs further and lowers her bum down, then waits there for Simon to take her up the bum, she is gasping still.

Simon rubs the end of his cock into his spit around her bum hole then pushes his cock hard into her bum, I thought he must be hurting her as she screams out and yells in apparent pain, then suddenly I see his cock end disappear as the bulbous end slips up her bum, Emma gasps out and squeals “Oh fucking hell, .. oh fucking hell, .. go easy for a minute for fucks sake.”

Simon takes no notice and unceremoniously thrust it straight up her little bum, again she groans out with a gasp and squeal of “Oh fucking hell … oh,…oh fucking hell!!”

Simon starts to fuck her increasingly fast and furiously but only in tiny little in and out thrusts of no more than 3 inches at the very most at any point up her bum, he also wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock almost as if he was half wanking himself off up her bum, but to me the fact that his cock was very thick was the main problem to me and Emma’s loud squeals and groans proved my point to me.

Heaven knows why Emma even suggested that he took her up the bum, I was very seriously shocked by it. It would have never occurred to me in a million years, (Well for about ten years anyway, and I would never have known that you could do it like that at her age.) Nicole draws back up to them as though this is completely normal and not worried at all by her screams. Nicole starts to move her fingers around her sisters pussy and starts to vigorously rub Emma’s clit for her again. It was a hell of a sight seeing this long thick cock sliding up a petite girl with a small bum, even if most of it was not being used, it looked so outsized for her to take it so readily, Well readily apart from all the screaming she did.

Emma soon louder than ever starts screaming, groaning and squealing insanely all at the very same time, she starts to buck her bum and back up and down, she also starts to frantically grab and clench at the bail of straw with her hands in passion groaning wildly, Emma is obviously now going through and engaged in a heavy orgasm, (or at least I hoped she was.) As she bucks and bounces screaming out Nicole rubs Emma’s clit harder and even starts pinching it, then rubbing it furiously again.

Emma groans out louder and bucks then screams out and holds it for a few seconds while her face looks as though she is in agony as she goes through this sexual ecstasy, the orgasm slowly starts to wain and Nicole removes her hand from between her sister’s legs, her fingers wet and sticky. Emma gasps from the relief of the orgasm but Simon is not yet finished and carries on with the now hard pounding of Emma bum. (although his hand wanking himself off at the base of his cock stops it plunging very deep)

Emma kindly stays there on her hands and knees while taking the fucking from Simon till he is finished, Emma lays now with her bum in the air with her face on the hay to one side and she looks at me and gives me a lovely little smile while she winces at the thrusting of Simon thick cock up her bum. I see now that Emma’s eyes must have been streaming with tears down her cheeks, a heavy trail of tell tail mascara left by the stream of tears as though she was crying. She just stares at me while I watch Simon fuck her bum furiously still, I worry how she feels as her face winces and contorts so much after each time he trusts into her.

I am just beginning to think Emma’s bum is going to be pretty sore in the morning if this carries on much longer when suddenly Simon starts to grunt and cry out loudly and even more wildly thrusts furiously into her, Emma’s eyes shift from looking at me to Simon behind her. Simon seems to be on the verge of cumming and suddenly thrusts up her hard and holds it there as he cums up her tight little bum, she groans out as he thrusts hard up her bum and her face contorts more than ever, She screams out at him “Ahhh for fucks sake Simon, I hope you have  finished now, for heaven’s sake hurry up and give me my bum back”. A few seconds later I see Simon withdraw his big wet cock from her bum and I heard a heavy sigh of relief from Emma

The rest of my memory is vague as to what happened the rest of that day, I put that down to the alcohol, I know I had drunk too much. I remember having some tea and going to bed about 6 pm saying I wasn’t feeling well. I slept the rest of all that day and all the way through to the morning, as soon as I woke my mind instantly flashed back to the following day and what I had done, I didn’t know how to feel, whether I regretted what I had done or whether I was ashamed or not, I had to think it through for a moment as I felt a little emotionally numb and mixed up.

I knew I wasn’t the only one involved and that the other girls got involved as well and were the ones that initiated everything and that Simon had a blindfold on (which also made me feel better.) I decided to keep a low profile and keep myself to myself for a little while, but my mind went back to the sex I had with Simon,(not that he knew much of it.) Of course, I have had sex before, but not very often, and although it was fine, it was nothing like yesterday. I had only had one boyfriend up to then and I had left him behind by a hundred miles when we had moved here.

But this sex was like never I had felt before, I was shocked how extreme and strong the feeling was and how much I had enjoyed it with a tinge of regret and shame, strangely the last time I had such a strong orgasm was when mum nearly caught me playing with myself.

My mind went back analysing what was the difference. I remembered all the kinky games that we had played yesterday and how I had been turned on by the different things we did. Thinking back nothing was that bad until at the very end, and of course, there was the sweet refreshing cider…. Oh yes, the cider.

I was just about to tell myself that I would have to put it down to experience and learn from it all and that I couldn’t do anything about it now. Then right at that point I suddenly remembered that I had been sucking his cock and that Emma and Nicole had watched me, I had forgotten all about that part… Oh my god, I felt my face go so bright red while I laid there as I remembered what I had done.

I remembered that I enjoyed the feeling and experience of it but I couldn’t get out of my mind that Emma and Nicole had watched me sucking it ….What on earth was I thinking of. That’s it I said to myself, I am never ever going to drink alcohol again.

A few days had gone by since the event and I had learned by now to erase it all out of my head. I went shopping at Sainsbury’s with mum when suddenly I saw them again all by accident. We walked almost straight into them before we saw them. Suddenly everything came back to me what I had done in a mental flash. I felt a little ashamed when I saw them and Emma just smiled at me with a big smile and we just looked at each other for a moment, but Nicole instantly started chatting as though nothing had happened and in a couple of minutes I had forgotten my shame and all that had gone on before and we just chatted like crazy.

I said I would call round later that week, but I never did as that week just seemed to be so busy. Then about a week after that we all went to the pub as a family and there in the pub garden was Nicole and Emma with her parents and Jon

I was the first to say “Hello” and Emma instantly replied excitedly without saying anything else “we are having a barbeque tomorrow, I was going to call around and ask you if you would like to come, Mum said it would be all right, isn’t it mum, please say you will come” I said “yes I will come, I would love to come” but a smile came to me lips as I had a naughty thought, I had to ask and turn the tables on Emma, “Oh how is your bum love?” Emma without an ounce of concern replied calmly. “Why thank you for asking, it’s fine, I had no problem at all, that was so kind and considerate of you to ask”

Her mum smiled at both of us and said “Oh good we hoped you could come Angel, and please bring your brother and sister too… ” She turned to mum and said, “the invitation is for everyone, we hope you and your husband can come too”

“Oh I am so sorry,” my mum told her, “but we have already made other plans to take Jane out to see a show that she has been wanting to see. Jon and Angel didn’t want to go, so it’s but fine if they want to come along, so long as Angel watches Jon, and that its okay with you of course.”

Emma as I discovered had this thing about shocking people and she totally shocked me at the barbeque with my brother. It seemed over the top, insensitive and so obviously shocking for shock’s sake.

I said nothing at the time, but I did the following day when I had time to think it over and she did calm down after that with my brother.

Over the two and a half years I knew them we all became very close. I couldn’t help but be shocked at the things they did with each other. Not only that time in the barn but at other times as well, I discovered just how sexually uninhibited they were with each other.  But I reflected on them all living on an Island together with no outside influences of friends. as they grew up and explored themselves sexually they were the only people to explore with, so maybe this was natural do you think?

It would obviously disgust us to do these things with our siblings, but in other times of our human history it must have been common place, indeed at times it must have been absolutely necessary.

Do you want me to tell you of the time I stayed with them on a sleep-over

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Thanks Angel




42 thoughts on “My First School Girl Sex Game

  1. Definitely a more fun version of truth or dare than what people normally play, but it must have been scary knowing that the dare you get could be so dirty and humiliating!

  2. Nude on a beach… OK for Summer times.
    Try out Sandwich Bay where loads are nude/nudists.naturists and take very little notice of others… I’ve done it

    • I have done it as well Jason and loved the feel of freedom when walking naked, but only for a short time, and I am not a sunbather.

  3. hi angel loved the first school girl sex game and would love to read about the time you had a sleepover with them thanks

    • Hiya Steve, I intend writing it along with a lot more stories, it’s just having the time, which I hardly have any at the moment to write.

  4. thanks for directing me to this story…loved the plot but it kind’a liked Brothers Bedroom & Sister’s Surprise because it felt more intimate and well the events were more sexier if it felt more personal or mischievous, don’t mind me everyone has their own ways to start their engines…but nevertheless love your works, waiting for more.

  5. I’ve got to show my friends this site. This will go down well. Lots of kids would love to play that game. Except not with siblings. Good luck with everything and thanks for the story.

  6. That is the best story I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Discovered your site while looking for reading material to pass the time on my flight home from Tallinn to London. Downloaded four stories onto the iPhone as cached pages. This one made me so horny I was rubbing my cock through my jeans for over an hour and even managed to make myself cum. Quite incredible given I was seated on a plane with passengers either side. Never done anything like that before! Thank you x

    • Thank you Dom, this story brings back a lot of happy memories back to me. There are other stories I can write about them, its just having time, but I can tell you this, they used to play a game in which they used to nominate a Slave, they liked that game.

  7. My wife and I enjoyed your story ‘school girls sex game,” we even reread our favorite parts back to each other explaining why we picked those parts. I FOUND out what her hidden secret was which shocked me into calling her brother to visit us and inviting two women from our neighbor hood swing group. This past weekend my cock was flogged while my wife experianced her Secret desire.
    Thank you so very much, 5 Stars…!!!

    • Thanks for your comment Steve, I assume and hope you got your cock ridden as well, maybe you and your Wife will tell us about your Weekend in depth.

      • It was a very erotic weekend watching my wife and her brother acting like newly weds.I would enjoy filling in the details and the after effects of her naughty desires.

  8. Such a great story love. I’ve always loved incest its such a turn on. And truth or dare stories too. So this story was a double whammy. You should email me sometime at or any oth r girls who wanna talk about anything. I’m an open minded guy ;)

  9. I love your story, made me rub off quite a few times lol
    any-road this was an amazing story and I wish I had read this sooner
    Ps. BIG fan ;)

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