First Time 2

“I swallowed because I thought it was the right thing to do”


FIONA: I gave my first blow-job when I was 17.My boyfriend dropped loads of hints and when I ignored them he just turned around and asked me to do it. I was awful at it and couldn’t get into a rhythm at all. I think it took a good 20 minutes for him to cum and I swallowed because I felt like it was the right thing to do. It tasted horrible but it was far more dignified than spitting it all over his bedroom floor.

STEPH: I gave my first blow-job in bed when I was 17. My boyfriend gave me the hint by pushing my head down underneath the covers and although I didn’t really know how to do it, I thought there was only one way to learn. It didn’t seem to cause me any problems and I didn’t gag either. He came in about 10 minutes and the salty taste made me spit it straight out into my hand. I think if I’d tried to swallow it I’d have been sick.


FIONA: I planned my first shag for about six weeks before I did it. I was 17 and had been going out with my bloke for about three months — I wanted to make sure he was the right one to lose it to. I was pleased that he was experienced because it took the pressure off me. It hurt more than I thought and it was a bit boring for me but it only lasted 15 minutes so it wasn’t that bad. I suppose it was as good as I could have expected it to be for my first time.

STEPH: My boyfriend wasn’t a virgin when he took my virginity either. It definitely helps because it means they can show you the ropes. I was 16 and we did it in his bedroom, we had planned it but that didn’t stop me being really nervous. It went really well, I actually really liked it which was a surprise because I’d expected it to be awful. It lasted a good 20 minutes and felt brilliant. I couldn’t wait to do it again.


FIONA: I’ve got used to average-sized willies and they can be really good if used correctly. But about three years ago I had my first tiny one. I was on holiday and had a bit of a fling with a guy there. He was really big with loads of muscles so I was gutted when I saw he had a three-incher. Surprisingly the sex wasn’t that bad, I mean I’ve had much better but it wasn’t that bad given what he had to use. Size isn’t that important as long as they have the right moves.

STEPH: I’d never have a fella who had a tiny willy.I had a one-night stand with a guy last year whose willy was no bigger than four inches when erect and the sex was awful. I couldn’t feel it and wasn’t actually sure if we were having sex or not — hence he was only a one-night stand! Average-sized willies are fine but anything smaller than that is a no-go because they just can’t perform as well.


FIONA: I haven’t tried anal sex before and neither have most of my friends. Only two of my mates have done it actually, one loves it more than sex itself and the other says it really hurts. I’m undecided about it, I might want to give it a go one day but it would have to be in a long term relationship.

STEPH: I’ve given it a miss as well. I’ve heard loads of reports that it hurts a lot and I’m not one for pain. If I ever do try it, it won’t be anytime soon because just the thought of doing it turns my stomach at the moment.


FIONA: My boyfriend’s brother and his mate walked in on us having sex in the living room when we were 18. We were going at it on the couch when they walked in, we tried to cover up and screamed at them to get out. They just started laughing and left but it was so embarrassing for me. It was awkward for a few days when I saw them but then it was all forgotten about. I’m more careful about getting caught out now though.

STEPH: The first time I got caught out was when I was 20. My mum had gone out for the night so my boyfriend and I took advantage of having the place to ourselves. We had sex all over the place and were having a great time on the sofa when my mum came back home early. She soon backed out of the room when she saw what we were up to and we quickly got dressed. I had no idea what to say to her and my boyfriend scarpered at the first opportunity. I couldn’t face my mum for days, it was awful.


“We waited until his parents were out and did it in his bed”


ALICE: My first boyfriend and I lost our virginities to each other when we were 16 after we’d been going out for about six months. We waited until his parents were out and did it in his bed. It was a bit all over the place and although it lasted about half an hour it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

LOLA: My first time was with one of my friends from school when I was 16. We were at our friend’s house party and we’d had a few drinks. I think he just got me drunk and somehow managed to persuade me it was a good idea. From what I can remember it didn’t last very long and was quite disappointing.


ALICE: I had a fling with a guy last year who had a huge todger. The first time I slept with him was last New Year’s Eve after I met him on a night out. He didn’t mention the fact he had an eight-incher so I got a bit of a shock when I saw how big it was. The sex was pretty good but surprisingly I didn’t notice the extra length much. It was more the fact he was so energetic and full of different positions. I don’t think willy size matters.

LOLA: I slept with my friend’s brother’s pal on Bonfire Night and he had the first big one I’ve had. It was a good seven inches and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it was a good inch bigger than any other willy I’d had. The sex that night was the best I’ve ever had, it was awesome. It wasn’t just the size of his willy, he knew what he was doing. The size helped but it was his technique that mattered most. I wouldn’t go out with a lad who had a small one though.


ALICE: The very thought of trying anal makes me feel a bit queasy — I just don’t think it’s for me. I heard a story about a friend who had a bad experience after she tried it and since then I’ve no interest in it at all.

LOLA: I haven’t done it either. It looks really painful and that’s made me a bit wary of it. I probably will try it in the future but only with the right person. I think you’ve got to be going out together a long time and trust each other implicitly before you do anything like that.


ALICE: When I was 16 I was on my knees in my boyfriend’s bedroom giving him a blow-job when his older sister walked in on us. She screamed and nearly fell over in her eagerness to get out of the room. We hid in his room for about three hours afterwards because we just couldn’t face her. But she turned out to be fine, she just started laughing and was fine about it. Still extremely embarrassing for us though.

LOLA: I got caught on Christmas Day when I was 17. I’d only been going out with him a few weeks and we were having sex in my bed when my mum walked in. We were under the covers but she still knew exactly what was going on. She said ‘sorry’ and left but she had to give him a lift home later that day! It was awful in the car, she put the radio on and no-one spoke. My mum didn’t look me in the eye for about three weeks either.


ALICE: I fulfilled my boyfriend’s fantasy when I was 18 and dressed up as a cheerleader after our Prom night. It was so much fun pretending to be someone else and seeing as he couldn’t take his eyes off me I’m guessing it was good for him as well. The sex was definitely more spicy than usual.

LOLA: I lived out a fantasy with my boyfriend when I was also 18 when we used chocolate spread in the bedroom. It was his request but I knew it would be loads of fun and was happy to go through with it. We both used the chocolate on each other and it made the foreplay more fun than usual, and it made everything taste better too!


ALICE: My first sex toy was a Rampant Rabbit vibrator. I was 18 and my boyfriend at the time bought it for me. I thought it would be good to experience it and see if it matched up to a real willy. It was good the first time I used it but it didn’t give me an orgasm. Luckily we just used it during foreplay so I had an orgasm later.

LOLA: My boyfriend bought some cable ties last year and used them on me in the bedroom. He didn’t warn me, he just blindfolded me and then put them on my wrists and fastened me to the bed. I think he just wanted to see what my reaction would be. I actually really liked it, it was a turn-on not being able to move my hands and knowing I was at his mercy. I had 
a great time and I know he did too.


“I pretended I wasn’t a virgin because I wanted to look cool”


CHARLOTTE: Mine was with a lad I went to school with. I think when I was about 16. It was quite hard to do but then I thought it would be.I couldn’t work out what to do with my hands or whether to use them or not. But there was actually a few of us girls taking it in turns to do it so I kind of picked up some tips as we went along!

DEBRA: Mine was with my boyfriend in the car when we were driving to Wigan Pier. I was 17 and a bit drunk and just decided to go for it. He loved it and nearly crashed the car! It probably would have been better if we’d done it at home in bed with a bit more room!


CHARLOTTE: I lost my virginity to my boyfriend when I was 17. We’d waited for a while and I remember it being really frantic and passionate. We both totally went for it and tried out all the positions we could think of. Neither of us knew what to do but we found our way pretty soon. It was really good!

DEBRA: Mine was when I was 16 at a party at a friend’s flat. I was dead drunk and ended up in bed with this older lad. I pretended I wasn’t a virgin because I wanted to look cool but it was awful.


DEBRA: It was with a guy I was seeing when I was 18 and I reckon it was about eight inches long and really thick. I wanted to run away at first but he was really good looking and made sure I was ready with lots of foreplay. It felt amazing. My legs were shaking for ages afterwards.

CHARLOTTE: Oh god, my first really big one made my legs shake! I slept with a guy and I reckon his was 12 inches, that’s the biggest I’ve had so far, but the first big one I had was about nine inches when I was 18. We just forced it in! Once I got used to it I really liked it! My legs were totally shaking and out of control all the way through it!


DEBRA: I’ve never had anal sex. I just don’t like the thought of it. I’ve had a guy put his finger up there and that was bad enough. I jumped up and told him to stop and it really hurt for the rest of the night!

CHARLOTTE: I think you need a bit of warning before anything goes up there don’t you? And lots of lube as well. I first tried it when I was 18 and I hated it, but now I quite like it if I’m in a filthy mood. It can be good fun with lots of foreplay and the right guy, and not too big a willy either!


DEBRA: The first thing I tried was a cock ring from Ann Summers when I was about 17. It was rubbish though. We were trying to get it on his willy and kept pulling it about. It was more of a turn off than anything. I’ve tried vibrators since then and they can be good but I’d rather have the real thing.

CHARLOTTE: The first sex toy I used, if you can call it that, was a plastic banana from my friend’s mum’s fruit bowl!

We both used to get the bananas and go and have a fiddle. We’d always give them a wash afterwards though. Since then I’ve had a Rampant Rabbit and I think they’re pretty good.


CHARLOTTE: I got caught having sex on a sun lounger by cops on a beach holiday in Zante, Greece. We were really lucky we didn’t get arrested but they just told us to get dressed and go home. DEBRA: I got caught on holiday with my boyfriend when we went to Egypt. We were on the beach and found what we thought was a secluded place near some big rocks . But after a few minutes this man walked out leading a camel!


“I knew I’d never see him again so I really went for it”


MIA: Mine was with my second boyfriend when I was 17. I really adored him and wanted to give him pleasure. I asked him what felt good and he gave me lots of guidance – it was really hot. He taught me everything I know and I’ve had no complaints!

ELLE: I like giving them too. I think the first time was when I was 17 and I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do, but I reckon I’ve perfected them now!


MIA: Mine was horrid. It was with my first boyfriend when I was 17 and I was just really nervous. We did it at his mum’s house when she was out one night and I think I was just too stressed to enjoy it! But I chilled out once the first time was over and we had great sex after that!

ELLE: I loved my first time, it was really good! It was with my long-term boyfriend when I was 17. We did it at his parents’ house when they were out one night. We’d tried lots of foreplay already so he knew how to get me going so it was OK.


MIA: Oh I love a big one I do! I once slept with a guy who had a really thick one. It was like a coke can. To be honest it was a bit too big, it was uncomfortable. I think it’s best to have a bit of length and a bit of girth, about eight inches is perfect!

ELLE: I had a guy when I was 19 who had a massive willy, about ten inches, and he thought because he was really well hung he didn’t have to try too hard! The first time we had sex was hard work! I had to teach him that I needed more foreplay. I think guys who have big willies need to know they have to try harder if anything!


MIA: I’ve never tried anal. It’s not something that appeals to me to be honest, but never say never. If the right guy came along and I was in the mood I might give it a whirl!

ELLE: I’ve tried anal sex but I have to say it’s not something I want to do all the time. It’s quite painful and you have to trust the guy. I’ve only ever done it with a boyfriend and the first time was when I was 20. I think it’s OK to spice things up once every so often but it’s not something I like to do on a regular basis!


MIA: I got a vibrator from Ann Summers with my boyfriend when I was 19. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a plain small one. I really liked it and he did too. They’re good to spice things up a bit.

They are built purely to get you off as quickly as possible, what man can measure up to that?

ELLE : I like to experiment with different sex toys. My first one was a Rampant Rabbit and I have to say they are brilliant.


MIA: I once got caught by my boyfriend’s mum when we were in his bedroom and I was on top of him. We were both naked so it was pretty clear what we were doing. She started asking if he had anything for the wash! He peered out from under me and was yelling ‘no mum!’ Eventually she realised and ran out. I had to creep down the stairs and run out of the door because I didn’t want to see her!

ELLE: I’m lucky, as I’ve never been caught. I’ve had to be quiet so my boyfriend’s mum and dad didn’t catch us. But you know what it’s like. I think I’ve been heard a few times, but I’ve never been walked in on. I’d die of shame!


MIA: Mine was on holiday in Marbella. I pulled this really fit Greek guy and we had sex on the beach. It was a great one-night stand because I knew I’d never see him again so I could really let my hair down!

ELLE: I’ve never had a one-night stand because I’ve always been in relationships since I’ve been really young. But if I was single I can see the appeal. ‘

Dare you tell us your first time scaredy cat....

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