(First Time)

Here are a few girls “First time sex” confessions


“When I gave him a blow job I could barely get my mouth round it”


HEATHER: The first guy I gave a blow-job to had a massive knob and he was circumcised as well. TANIA: Does that make a difference?

HEATHER: Yeah, it means they take longer to come. I was at it for ages because I was determined I was going to make him come. The next day my cheeks were killing. You know when you blow up loads of balloons and your face aches? It was like that.

TANIA: You’re not supposed to blow though are you?

HEATHER: No, I worked that one out! What about you?

TANIA: I’ve never given a blow-job. I’ve had sex with a couple of guys but I always knew I was gay, so I’ve never had to suck a willy!


TANIA: My first time with a guy was when I was 16 before I moved to the UK from Portugal. Where I’m from there aren’t any lesbians so I had to pretend I was straight. I had sex with my first boyfriend at my mum’s. It was awful. He was a nice guy, lovely looking and really sweet, but I knew I just wanted to sleep with girls, not boys. He could have been the hottest guy on the planet but it still wouldn’t have done it for me.

HEATHER: My first time was rubbish too. I was 16 I found it really painful and just unpleasant. It was a one-night stand with a guy in a park who I didn’t really like that much and I was just drunk and did it because all my friends were doing it. Looking back I wish I’d waited but thankfully, things have improved since then and I’ve had some good sex over the years!


TANIA: I’ve only ever seen two, and neither of them were very big! But I have tried lots of sex toys, and the good thing about them is they come in all shapes and sizes so you can pick the one you fancy!

HEATHER: My first serious boyfriend when I was 17 had a pretty big one. At the time I didn’t really know what was big and what wasn’t I guess! When I gave him a blow-job I could barely get my mouth around it. So when we did have sex I made sure there was lots of foreplay and a few glasses of wine so I could relax and it was OK in the end


HEATHER: I’ve never really done anal. I tried it once and even took a sedative to relax me but it didn’t work and it just hurt too much. I drank lots of red wine to see if that would help but it didn’t so I just gave up.

TANIA: Well us lesbians like some anal fun too you know. The good thing about being with a girl is you can use something a bit smaller, like a bullet vibrator, and then work up to a bigger one if you fancy it. And they know to make sure you’re in the mood and not just go for it! It’s much more enjoyable.


TANIA: Mine was with a girl who I met when I first moved to England when I was 17. I’d always fancied women and it was so good to be with a girl instead of pretending to be straight. Getting undressed and taking in a woman’s body for the first time was just awesome. When we started playing around it was like being in heaven! I loved it. It was like I was on a cloud the whole of the next day and I couldn’t stop smiling!

HEATHER: I’ve slept with a girl too but I prefer guys if I’m honest. I was about 18 the first time I slept with a girl, and we’re still good mates now. I was a bit confused about what I wanted but it was really good and I enjoyed experimenting. She was gay so she knew what she was doing more than me, but when it comes to girls, well you know your own body, so you just do what’s right for you don’t you?

TANIA: Yes definitely. I prefer a woman anytime. They know what they’re doing which is more than I can say for the couple of men I’ve slept with!


HEATHER: The lesbian’s big sister caught me! She saw me coming out of her room looking a bit flushed and growled at me!

TANIA: That’s hilarious. I’ve never been caught, I’ve always lived on my own so I’m quite lucky! HEATHER: The first time I got caught with a guy was awful. I was 17 and living at home and my nan burst in the room when we were mid shag!

TANIA: Oh no! What did you do?

HEATHER: I jumped in the wardrobe and pretended to be trying to find something to wear!

TANIA: What did the guy do?

HEATHER: Oh, he just lay back in bed like nothing had happened!


“He put my hand down his pants, showed me what to do and I was away”


MAGGIE: My first hand-job was when I was 16 with a friend at a sleepover at my cousin’s house. I’d seen girls do it on pornos so I knew how to do it. I quite liked it and it went well, he came after about five minutes. Hand-jobs are easy, you don’t need much practice.

RACHAEL: I gave my first hand-job to one of my boyfriend’s mates from college. I’d gone for a drive with him because we were bored and we pulled onto the beach and just got off with each other and next thing I knew he put my hand down his pants, showed me what to do and I was away. It was easy and he came after about 10 minutes, luckily it went on his jeans and not on me. Unfortunately my boyfriend found out and dumped me.


MAGGIE: I gave my first blow-job at a house party when I was 19. I was drunk and pulled one of the guys I studied with, we stumbled into the toilet together and he just sort of pushed me down onto my knees. He instructed me how to do it and I went for it. Unfortunately it didn’t go too well and I found I had a really sensitive gag reflex. My eyes were watering by the time he came 15 minutes later, I still swallowed it though.

RACHAEL: My parents own an old people’s home and I gave my first blow-job to my boyfriend (Bloody hell, I wondered what she was going to say then) in one of the resident’s sitting rooms after they’d all gone to bed. We were both 17 and had been on a night out and were feeling horny and it just happened. I’d seen it in porn movies and friends had talked me through how to do it so I thought it would be easy. I didn’t really like it while I was doing it but he came in four minutes, took me by surprise and I ended up swallowing some.


MAGGIE: I lost my virginity to a guy from school who I didn’t really like. We were 17 and at a house party and were both drunk. We had this raging argument and then went to his car to chat and sort out our differences. There was loads of tension between us and we ended up having sex on the front seat of the car. It was uncomfortable and only lasted about 10 minutes. I was gutted the next day and wished I’d lost it to someone else really — preferably the lad I was seeing at the time. RACHAEL: I lost my cherry when I was also 17. I’d broken up with my boyfriend because we weren’t having sex and thought having a shag with him would sort everything out and win him back. We did it on a bathroom floor at a house party and because he was experienced it was pretty good. Round one lasted 20minutes and I quite enjoyed it, but rounds two and three were even better. I can’t think of how it could have been better.


MAGGIE I had my first big willy on a one night stand with my best mate’s brother when I was 17. We’d been been to the cinema and I ended up staying at his house and inevitably having sex. He was hung like a horse, it was massive and scared me to death at first but once we started having sex it was really good Iv’e had better but the size did help a bit don’t be fooled though size isn’t everything.

RACHAEL: I had a bit of a fling when I was on tour with the University women’s football squad a couple of years ago. I pulled one of the lads from the football team and he had an eight inch willy. I’d only ever had six-inchers before that so it was a surprise. I didn’t actually see it but I certainly felt it. I love rough sex so it was absolutely brilliant, he chucked me all over the room. I don’t think size is important though, it’s what you do with it that counts.


MAGGIE: I tried anal during a threesome with my pal and her fella on New Year’s Eve when I was 19. I was having sex with the guy when he just stuck it up my bum without asking. It was OK but I wasn’t a huge fan of it. In fact I wouldn’t do it again based on that experience. I don’t see what girls get out of it.

RACHAEL: I’ve swerved it up to now. I have a phobia of people touching my bum so I don’t think there’s any chance a guy will ever get the chance to put his willy up there. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do it anyway, it doesn’t seem natural to me.


MAGGIE: I had lesbian sex for the first time when I was 20. I was introduced to her by a friend who knew I fancied girls and wanted to take things further. She was a lesbian and we went back to her sister’s flat at the end of the night and had sex. I tried everything and it was really really good. She was great in bed and I found it much better than any bloke I’d been with because she knew how to please me.

RACHAEL: I had my first lesbian experience with my best mate when I was 17. We’d confessed to each other we were bisexual and a couple of weeks later when we were drunk at a house party we got intimate on a trampoline. I couldn’t believe how intense it all was and I’d say it was one of the best experiences of my life, I had a whale of a time. I didn’t regret it at all, I couldn’t have had my first lesbian experience with anyone better than her.


MAGGIE: My first toy was a strap-on that my last girlfriend bought so we could spice up our sex life a bit. It was really exciting the first time we used it. I loved being able to use both hands on her while using the strap-on at the same time. I’m definitely more of a giver than a taker.

RACHAEL: I got my first sex toy when I was 19, a Rampant Rabbit vibrator from an Ann Summers party. It took me two weeks to pluck up the courage to use it with my girlfriend and couldn’t believe how nice it felt when she used it on me, I really liked it. Sex toys aren’t a replacement but they’re definitely an enhancer.


MAGGIE: My ex-girlfriend turned up at my house last year wearing nothing but a coat. She came straight into my bedroom, took it off and tied me up. The sexual tension was amazing and we had a whole night of passion. She knew it was my fantasy and fulfilled it in every last detail, it was even better than I’d imagined.

RACHAEL: I dressed up in high heels and French knickers when I was 17 in order to fulfil my fantasy. I’d always wanted to wear sexy clothes like that and it worked a treat. It turned my boyfriend on and made me feel really sexy as well. We had sex for hours and it was every bit as brilliant as my fantasy.


“It only took me ten minutes and he came all over the sheets”


STACY: I gave my first hand-job to my boyfriend in his bed when I was 16. He was my first boyfriend and I fancied him like mad, we’d been dating a while and I wanted to take things to the next level. My friends had told me how to do it and I soon got the hang of it. It went quite well really, it only took me 10 minutes and he came all over the sheets. It’s nice to pleasure your boyfriend but I got nothing out of it.

VIKKI: I was dead nervous the first time I gave a hand-job when I was 17. My boyfriend had dropped a few hints about all his mates getting one from their girlfriends so I knew it was time I had a go. I did it one night when we were lying in his bed. It wasn’t difficult and he seemed to enjoy it which was the main thing. He came after 15 minutes and he had a hankie waiting. I just thought it was okay, it wasn’t anything special.


STACY: I gave my first blow-job to a lad from my school when I was 16. We were at my friend’s house party and started getting it on with each other. We moved into the bathroom for some privacy and he just pulled his pants down which was enough of a hint for me. He came in less than 10 minutes and I swallowed because it seemed like the polite thing to do. It didn’t taste nearly as bad as I’d expected.

VIKKI: I don’t know how my first blow-job happened, I think I was drunk. I was 17 and we were in his bed one night watching a movie. Next thing I knew I was going down on him, I must have been feeling adventurous. It was quite good and it took about 15 minutes for me to make him come. I swallowed because I didn’t know what else to do. It tasted like salty toothpaste but I enjoyed it.


STACY: I’ll probably try anal one day, it just hasn’t happened yet. One of my best mates has tried it and she says it’s awful and that it hurts, but that hasn’t put me off. I’d like to try it so that I can make my own mind up about it.

VIKKI: I hadn’t planned to try anal but one night when I was 17 my boyfriend just stuck it up there. It was actually surprisingly nice and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve done it many times since and I really like it now, sometimes it can be better than normal sex.


STACY: I had my first one-night stand when I was 17. I met him at a friend’s house party and at the end of the night we sneaked into the attic bedroom and had sex. It was a spur of the moment thing because we were both drunk and it seemed like a good idea. I don’t remember much about the sex but didn’t regret it because he was fit. I haven’t had any more since but I would do if I was in the right mood with the right guy.

VIKKI: My first one-night stand was with one of my friends when I was 17. We’d been to a party and he was walking me home, we got to his house and he invited me in for a brew. As soon as we got in we were kissing and ended up in his bedroom having sex. He was really good in bed and we had sex for a good hour, he just knew all the right buttons to press. I didn’t regret it at all the next day, I’d have another one if I was single.


STACY: I lost my virginity when I was 17 at my mate’s birthday party. My boyfriend and I had been talking about doing it for a few weeks so it just happened. We did it in one of the bedrooms and I was really enjoying it but after a few minutes my mate’s younger brother ran into the room. He soon left but it totally ruined the moment.

VIKKI: I had sex for the first time when I was 16 with my first boyfriend. We planned it for a month before we actually got round to doing it and it was his first time as well. It lasted about half an hour and was really gentle and nice. I can’t think of a better way I would have preferred to lose my virginity.


STACY: The second guy I went out with had a really big willy, it was eight inches long and thick as well. I was sure it was going to hurt and it did at first but after five or 10 minutes it started to feel really good. I’ve had better sex with guys who weren’t as well hung though and I don’t think size is important at all.

VIKKI: My first big one was on a one-night stand when I was 17 and he had a nine-incher. I was a little drunk so when I saw how big it was, I didn’t think anything of it —I certainly felt it though. The sex was excellent but I think he was just really good in bed and the size didn’t have too much to do with it.


“When he pushed my head down I knew what he wanted”


ASHLEIGH: I was 17 when I gave my first blow-job. I’d been drinking with my boyfriend in his bedroom, we got naked and climbed under the covers. We’d been discussing me trying to give him a blow-job earlier in the day so when he pushed my head down I knew what he wanted. I wasn’t sure how to do it so I guessed, I must have got it right because he came in about five minutes flat. The only bad bit was the taste, especially the taste of his cum, it made me gag.

KATY: I gave my first one on my parents’ sofa when I was 16. My folks had gone out and my boyfriend and I were messing about on the couch kissing and cuddling. I really wanted to do it so I just took the opportunity and pulled his pants off. I was a bit scared at first but it was so easy that I think he came in about 20 seconds. I thought it would be rude to spit so I swallowed but my stomach didn’t take too kindly to it and I threw it straight back up, luckily not on him.


ASHLEIGH: I made my boyfriend wait two years before letting him take my virginity. We planned it for two weeks and then did it in his bedroom one afternoon before his parents came home from work. I was extremely nervous and didn’t like it at all. I just lay there because I didn’t know what else to do and it was a hell of a relief when it was over. It didn’t hurt like I’d expected it to do but it wasn’t amazing either. First times are always a let down.

KATY: I’d been seeing my boyfriend for about a year when we did it, and it was his first time as well so he was as nervous as I was. We didn’t plan it, we were just messing around in his room one night and it sort of happened things had got to that stage. It only lasted about five minutes but there was no pleasure in it at all. I was disappointed because I’d been expecting orgasms and fireworks.


ASHLEIGH: I had a one-night stand with one of my friends a few months ago and he turned out to have a real big willy. When I say big, that’s a bit of an understatement, it was 12 inches long! I was absulutely made up when I saw it because everyone says bigger is better and every girl wants sex with a big one. The sex was fantastic for the first 30 minutes but then it started to hurt so much we had to stop. I was disappointed because I thought I’d have the best orgasms of my life but I didn’t

KATY I also had a one nighter a year ago with a lad I met in my local gym and went on a date with We ended up back at his house and I got a glimpse of his 10-inch willy. The sex was just simply amazing and lasted about an hour, the extra length gave me two multiple orgasms in less than 15 minutes. But I think it was more the width than the length that did it and it taught me that size really does matter.


ASHLEIGH: I’ve heard from my mates that anal sex is painful and it’s totally put me off it. I’m normally up for trying new things but anal’s something that I’ve avoided like the plague. I don’t see me ever changing my mind either. One of my closest friends had a bad experience and that’s enough to deter me.

KATY: You’re missing out, I tried it when I was 21 and I haven’t looked back since. My boyfriend pestered me for weeks and in the end I gave in and said we could do it. It did hurt a little bit at first but at the same time it was immensely pleasurable as well. It can be just as good as normal sex if you use a vibrator on your clit at the same time as doing it.


ASHLEIGH: I was caught in the act when I was 18, having sex with my boyfriend in his room. His mum burst in to let us know tea was ready while we were in the missionary position with my legs akimbo, so she knew exactly what was going on. She gave a little scream then backed out of the room shutting the door behind her. She didn’t say anything to us but there was a deathly silence during tea.

KATY: I got caught by my mum when I was 19, that was awful. We were in the spare room and had just finished having sex and were putting our clothes back on when she walked in. She realised straight away what was going on and left. I could have died I was so embarrassed! She gave me a bit of a bollocking later that night and told me not to do anything like that in her house again. But two days later I walked in on her and my dad having sex.

Dare you tell us your first times


7 thoughts on “(First Time)

  1. i am chinese ,female
    divorced,i want know someone foreign and have some different experience and share pices

  2. I have construction time hitting orgasm without getting a vibrator or maybe porn. My own first specific orgasm ended up being when I was a student in grade school climbing the rope in gym class,seriously. It took a loooong time and energy to be able to help myself cum; I personally still have trouble climaxing together with any kind of partnerwith and also without games, porn, and so on. Nothing will work. Penetration itself is not enough in my opinion, as much as If only it was!

    • I know some girls who like to have an orgasm each time and other girls who almost demand an orgasm when they have sex, others can just enjoy the sex without it. I am of that latter school. I can simply enjoy the sex for what it is, very pleasurable, although if I am having a long sex session I do like to have an orgasm. On saying that orgasm is perhaps the major difference between men and women. Well it is in my case, I can have three or four orgasms and still want sex and still enjoy it, but once men have had an orgasm you can forget about sex for a while.

      Women who never have an orgasm, I think this is very strange, although I have never come across such a girl like that, I have found the girls who I have sex with very quickly have an Orgasm.

      • you are so right angel men shoot the spanking you of Lego I love you all left want you to orgasm but that cock to nothing I did nothing there so let’s go that’s why I like a woman to make love to she knows what to do because she’s a woman joanne you goes on like

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