Girl On Patrol


By Angel


I wrote this story about a sadistic female interrogator quite a few years ago when I was in the Royal Air-Force and quite young, but with events as they have been the last few years with the growth of ISIS the story just grew and grew, with Nat’s help I have expanded on it quite a bit…… 

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We had been moved out to the Middle East and whilst I was there they were lots of rumours and stories that were doing the rounds of why we were really there, This is a story from what people told me they had seen and what I was told as rumour, these rumours make up the body of the story.

I am sure you will quickly understand, and some of you will perhaps know of the rumored story I am about to tell.

The outline of this story is well documented from way back in the late 50s, but now with new technology it seems someone may be now trying to execute that experiment while I was there. I am creating the story from the various rumour sources of the time.

Although the story being almost purely fictional on my part, this story has more than an element of truth to it.  Originally back in the 50s it went under the code name of “Plum-bob” but this was the advanced phase two and later went under the Code name of “Thunderwell.”

I was out on patrol one day when a situation arose, this story is true up to the “big dirty van.”  From then on the story is what might have happened if the rumours were true, and I am not saying the rumours wasn’t.

The people within the story are acquaintance I met whilst out there and how I saw them, which made it very easy for me to describe them and give them roles.

So everything you read hear is mostly true …… except the story … lol

Thanks Angel,

Chapter 1         The Patrol

     I was out on patrol again today, the sun was so hot I could feel the heat of the ground even through my boots. I was bringing up the rear, all was routine, too routine and I had got a little bored after what was a pretty exciting start to the day. Now I had stupidly let the forward group get too far ahead as I had lost concentration for a few minutes.

We were now operating around 45 miles west of our base and moving in to a small village where there was a report of a big round hole construction appearing in the ground, we were ordered to go and investigate, make inspections and take photographs as they had found two others about 25 miles apart, at this point we thought or more like hoped that it could be just subsidence, the earth moves and sometimes over the years suddenly reveal great big subterranean holes. We didn’t expect any other than a normal roasting hot boring day inspecting a hole, after all how exciting can a hole be.

When we got there and eventually found the hole, we all stood on the edge of it looking in, it wasn’t as we expected at all, the hole was a perfectly round 5 meters across (15 ft) and our range finder lasers told us it was exactly 100 meters (330 ft) deep.

The walls of the shaft were perfectly constructed and clean cut through the strata of the stone. We took photos and many readings of the hole and surrounding area, when we asked the locals about it who happened to be around and we were told it was an old well, some said it was an old mining shaft, but it was obviously non of these.

After an hour or more of taking readings and inspection we moved on to the next reported hole which was 25 miles away and there we found a similar hole in the ground, again this was a very well constructed shaft. This time though the shaft was 3 meters wide, much smaller but cut exactly the same as the other, but this time our lasers told us this hole was 160 meters (528 ft) deep. The different dimensions made an immense difference to what we thought it may be, even though at this exact moment in time we didn’t know what it exactly might be for…. other that it was a hole and a very well constructed shaft. Then one of the men shouted out, he had found a very large metal disk that was covered in dust about 30 meters away, it was 150 mm (6 inch) thick and we thought it would be a cover for the hole, but when we measured it we found that it was slightly too small for the hole

We stood away from the edge looking in

and it would not sit on top, in fact it was the same 3 meters across and would have been a perfect fit if it was meant to just slide down the inside of the hole and not sit on top, which didn’t make sense, perhaps they had made a mistake or it wasn’t for this hole.

We went back to the hole and a closer inspection found that 10 meters down the shaft there was a ledge and that the shaft was constructed narrower from that point on, and measuring that we found that the disk was now a perfect fit. The Chief Engineer quickly jumped up as though excited at what he had found and quickly looked around and about him.

The locals had come out and watching what we was doing, I ignored them for a moment as I looked around at what the Chief Engineer was looking for and all we saw was what seemed like various boulders and lumps of stone all around, pretty much like building rubble piled up and some of it scattered around, to be honest it didn’t look that much out of place with the last site we looked at, or even a lot of the villages out here, but somehow this was different, it looked different and the whole place seemed different and an idea dropped in my head, but it seemed too wild and far fetched to be true I said “Chief, don’t think me crazy or excitable in anyway at all ….. But do you know what I think we could have here” like a flash he looked me in the eyes and with a studious face and said “I know what we have here exactly,… and its almost finished, we need to report this now and we need to check the other site quickly and as soon as we have finished here,” I asked him “so what is it,” wondering if he would confirm what I thought it was, but he was already off to the radio to report the findings. He spoke for quite a while before coming back to me saying, “I think the first site that we visited earlier today, their had been mistakes made in the construction of the shaft, quite serious mistakes and that’s why they had to stop work on it, and that’s why they built this one, this is the real site, but we must be thorough here and not be hasty, we must be sure… Angel take a small team and check the surrounding area for anything at all that looks out of the ordinary or out of place, anything at all.”

Before I could ask him again what he thought it was, he was rushing off barking out other orders, “Ginger, check the angle of the shaft and take a 3d image,” then he moved in a different direction to take a closer look at the large metal disk while I went and got some men together.

It was fairly quiet and as we were ordered to scout the village and take more photos and see if there were any more signs of soil disturbances, machinery or anything. We scouted and patrolled along the very hot and dusty streets of this barren harsh village in a barren harsh region. I could never figure out how these people lived here, the terrain was hot under the feet and it was rocky and without much life at all. Their was very little water if any, and seemingly at first anyway there was no means of anything that would support life let alone work and have an income, there was no colour, no sound, nothing, who in their right minds would want to settle here, it was just an horrible hostile environment …. “they didn’t even have a pub” one of the guys joked, but they didn’t seem to have anything of anything.

We search for just over a couple of hours and finding nothing of interest on the recon, in fact we were getting bored with it as it was just wasting our time. We were about ready to head back when suddenly as we were just winding everything up and returning to the main team there was a burst of automatic gun fire just ahead of me which suddenly woke me up quite a bit. My immediate concern was to get back closer to the main body of men that I was with as I had become quite exposed, but before I knew it I was involved in a full fledged fire fight and I was cut off and stranded in no mans land.

I returned fire at my target and then leapt over a low dry stone wall for cover with a much higher wall behind me. The main body of men that I was with tried to engage the group that was attacked us but they were too strong. Bullets, shrapnel, ricochets  and all matter of stuff seemed to be raining in from all directions and cracking against the stone wall in front and behind me. We were all pinned down and my heart was beating out of my chest.

When suddenly I noticed a large dirty transit van came racing up the dirt/sand road towards us and mortar shells and grenades seemed to be exploding everywhere around me and the main body. I opened fire at the building across from me, then I got my head down as all hell broke loose as it trained in on me and the men a little further up.

Oh my god I thought, where was all this heavy fire coming from, it just seemed to come from nowhere and now everywhere. We only found out that we was going to patrol in this area yesterday so no one knew we was coming here today, but we had obviously been ambushed and we were all in very serious trouble.

Then the large crappy van, a bit like a ford transit, came very quickly rumbling down the road leaving a great thick dust storm behind it and the gun fire on us intensified giving the large dirty van covering fire. I tried to open fire at the van but there wasn’t a chance as I came under intense fire, The big van came to a sliding skidding stop just the other side of the low wall in front of me and a huge thick cloud of dust engulfed me and then 4 men scrambled out of the side doors, now I knew I was in trouble, The three of the men adding fire back at the main body so keeping their heads down while another trained his rifle right at my head and I thought my time was up for sure.

Then two other big powerful men jumped out of the van, leaped over the low wall and leapt on me and quickly dragged me up, over the wall and in to the back of the van in what seemed like one quick powerful movement. Then they all scrambled back in and the van reversed and turned and then screamed off from the direction from which it came. The men were pinning and holding me down binding my ankles and my hands behind me and gagged me all the time the van was bouncing along and around at speed. As soon as we seemingly turned the corner all the sound of the shooting stopped simultaneously and all the men in the van suddenly burst out laughing with relief whilst my own heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach.

We drove for what seemed hours and in that time my mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts. Why did they want me? and what would they would do to me? which of course was my biggest fear of course. I was terrified that they were just going to drag me out of the van at any minute somewhere in the middle of the desert, and just murder me or even worse. I could hear them referring to me and mentioning blonde hair and blue eyes as well as other parts of my body.

They spoke to each other in Arabic and in a shout because of all the noise from the old van as it bounced along the poor roads as I worried and awaited my fate, I had been learning Arabic but could only pick out the odd word above all the racket.

   After what seemed like an age, probably a couple of hours or more the van came to a sudden and very abrupt stop, the side doors slid open and I turned my head to look out but the sun burst hurt my eyes. Before I was forced to look away I could make out the shadows of even more men waiting there, it seemed that they were certainly expecting me as they bundled me out of the van. Other men waiting physically half carried and half dragged me in to a large building where they seemed to be a lot of soldiers.

They dragged me down and along these dirty dark corridors with a lot of doors and when we got to the bottom of one of the corridors they dragged me in to a large dim room. They then dragged me in to a large cage type cell where they roughly untied me. They then left me while locking the thick bars of the cell door behind them and walked out of the large room and I heard them lock that, I could hear them close and lock another door beyond that, the prison was very solid and seemed very secure indeed, and then total silence..

As I considered my position my stomach sunk and I felt a great loneliness and impending doom of what was to become of me. As I laid there on the floor still letting my eyes get used to the dim light of the indoors I started to tentatively look round inside the cell, there was a very basic bed but at least it did have a thin mattress on it which surprised me and there was a very grotty toilet with no privacy using it and no tissue of course as these people just use their hands to clean themselves, disgusting. I slowly got up on to my feet and looked round a little deeper and beyond my little cell and I was very surprised to see two others in the room with me.

 In the very next cage to me I was surprised to see a stunning Iraqi women in her late 20s to early 30s in western dress. I could now smell her expensive perfume from where I was, she was dressed very expensive and didn’t look like the kind of person that should be in here at all, she looked at me kindly and then softly said to me in perfect English “Hello, I hope are you alright from your obviously terrible ordeal, did the men hurt you?.. Oh sorry, let me introduce myself first, my name is Jasmine.”

I looked at her for a little while getting my bearings before I said anything, but before I answered she asked me again in a very sweet, sympathetic and soft tone “Are you alright my friend?” ……

“My name is Angel”  I eventually said quietly as I continued to looked around and explore the room with my eyes. I listened as she carried on talking to me softly and told me that in the other cell about three cells up and on the side wall was her husband Abdul, and as I looked over to him he gently smiled and waved at me. I simply looked at him for a few seconds emotionlessly before turning me gaze away. I thought to myself that everything seemed very civilized and not what I expected at all from inside this sort of place. It was a great relief that there was another woman with me in the next cell and pleased that she was showing no major concern at both our predicaments, but I wasn’t in the mood for talking as I could’t help but quietly contemplate my fate. As the hours passed though and nothing happening I slowly became a little more confident, as we all did with each other I suppose and we quietly started chatting.

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She told me that her and her husband in the other cell had been accused of stealing from the militia “but this is completely false and made up” she said most angrily and indignantly, but they had brought them in for questioning anyway it seemed. Jasmine told me over the next couple of hours that she and her husband had gone to university in England, and after a while she told me Abdul had been her first sweetheart and that they had been married soon after. She also told me that they didn’t expect to be held for long in this cell as they would soon realize that they had got the wrong people and I hoped for their sake she was right.

   In all the time she chatted away she only very occasionally brought her husband in to the conversation and she never asked anything of me, only to say, “it’s very unusual to have foreigners in here although kidnap is very common here now in our lawless country, so maybe they will just ask for a ransom for you.”

I hoped she was right funnily enough. She then explained that “this is an old Iraqi military prison that is not on the map, but maybe if its only a ransom they want your people will soon have you out of here” then with a frown she added “but very strange things have been happening lately.”

     Strangely as we spoke, well as she mostly spoke, I was amazed that I remembered the woman from a few days ago, I know that it sounds impossible, but I did. I had been out on patrol and I remember we were in a very expensive part of town, a very select residential area and this woman was chastising a man that was at her door and then within a couple of seconds she also then turned and scolding a woman that I thought at the time was a maid or something. So maybe she was right, she obviously didn’t stand for any sort of non-sense whatsoever, maybe she will be here only for a short time as she said…. But then again this didn’t seem that sort of place, it seemed far too secure and out of the way to be the sort of place that asked by the way sort of questions, at a guess I would say that we were all in big trouble being here.

     As my eyes searched the room I could see the walls were over a meter thick as there was one very small windows with thick steel bars quite high up. I couldn’t help but notice ropes hanging from the sturdy beams and joists with pulleys and hooks with blood on them, I saw that in front of us to one side was a long bench or table with straps attached to it and a large diesel barrel full of water with all other kinds of really nasty things, I looked at the blood spatter on the walls and I couldn’t help but worry as these people can be real sick bastards just for fun and my stomach turned over as I felt sick in the stomach with the fear.

Nothing happened for quite a long time, in fact I thought they had forgotten all about us and now I didn’t know what to expect at all. On the whole it was very quiet in here apart from the odd yell bang and bump in the distance, but then I suddenly heard footsteps outside the door and the locks clunk and clicked as they were being unlocked, my eyes were fixed on the door as it opened and 3 big male guards came in to the room and then very much to my surprise a very pretty female officer walked in behind them and the three guards stood to attention while another closed and locked the door behind them and waited outside.

We all stood up and moved forward and leaning on the bars of the cell looking through at them wondering what she was going to tell us. The female officer I would say was aged about 28 or so and everything about her is immaculate, her manner, her stance her looks, her uniform. She too had stunning dark typical Arab looks that most women would die for, she looked from top to bottom stunningly immaculate and beautiful.

To be honest I was very pleased to see that it was a woman in charge, or it seems to be at this point at least. She stood there looking in to each cell one at a time and slowly and very deliberately looking each prisoner up and down then moving on to the next cage like cell silently with no one saying a word, when she had looked in to the last cell she turned round and walked in to the middle of the room, standing erect with a hands behind her back and legs slightly apart. She just stood there for a few seconds and then she spoke to us in a very strict tone.

“Good afternoon to all our new guests” said the officer in such a fine English accent, “My name is Asmia and we hope your stay here will be a very pleasant one, I really do..”

Then she paused for a second or two and then continued and she spoke very clearly and deliberate indeed as she told us “All we want from you are answers to a few very simple questions, thats all.”

Then she moved away from her strict tone of voice as she now spoke to us in a very nice pleasant voice, “Simple questions, simple truths, and simple answers ……. Do that then you can all go home. .. I really just want you to help me with a few simple answers, that is all… Is that clear?” 

‘Well that is fine’ I thought, ‘so long as she keeps the questions to cooking and make-up, general knowledge and football and certainly off horse racing, boxing and golf, then I should be ok’ I joked in my head to myself as I was feeling much better, although I didn’t know why I was feeling a little more calmer.

The female integrator questions them

Although I remember thinking that she seems very nice and almost reasonable, this might not be as bad as I first thought it would be, and the sick feeling and butterflies of fear in my stomach went away..

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                 Chapter 2 … The Reunion

 Jasmine looking closely at Asmia and suddenly says “I know you, we were in the same class at school and we lived on the same street. We were such close friends for years as children, look that is Abdul” she points, “you know him too, we were all friends when we were young, now you know us you know that we would never steal, our families are very wealthy and very well respected in out town, you know that we would never bring such shame on our family’s…. PLEASE go and tell your superiors that they are making a big mistake by arresting us.”

By now I am thinking, “Bloody hell this is getting even better, If things look up any more I might even be back on base by tonight after they have served us tea.”

But Asmia stands and looks totally expressionless and emotionless at Jasmine for quite a while and then she turns to Abdul and stares at him for a few seconds while Jasmine still speaks. When Jasmine has finished explaining who they are Asmia turns her head sharply and swiftly back to her and with piercing eyes and in a low sneering voice Asmia sharply says

“Yes I do vaguely remember you both, but we were never friends, you delude yourself.”

But Jasmine shakes her head and buts in having none of it “but you must remember, we all used to play in the street together as children, our families were such close friends, we used to eat and drink at each others homes every week for years, Don’t you remember when…”

“SILENCE!!” Asmia screams out before Jasmine finishes the sentence, Asmia’s face turns dark as she looks furious and Jasmine shuts up immediately and abruptly and all my bad sick feelings come flooding back like a bad case of food poisoning.

Asmia who only a few moments ago seemed all sweetness and light now looks dark with sinister with great anger at them. Asmia turns away from them quickly by only a couple of paces and equally quickly turns to the guards and then shouting she demands “that one” whilst pointing to Jasmine’s husband.

Abdul who was stood at the front of the cell holding the bars a moment ago was nodding his head with a silly big beaming smile on his face while Jasmine recounted their old friendship, now he suddenly looks around and behind him in the empty cage hoping against hope to see someone else stood behind him that they are pointing to.

The guards unlock his cage as Abdul begs “NO, NO” as two of the guards grab him and one of the guards tie his wrists tightly behind him. Then they drag him out and in front of Asmia as she looks at him with the same angry expression and asks, “Now tell me … have done a very stupid thing and you have stolen a very important formula from us haven’t you? Now tell me what you have done with it and where it is and we will be very lenient with you!”

Abdul shaking his head, pleading and squealing “I know nothing, I have already told you that I have stolen nothing from anyone at anytime in my entire life” and he falls to his knees and squealing like a little pig begging at Asmia’s feet telling her over and over again that he know nothing.

At the time I thought everyone was over reacting, certainly Abdul was, after all she was only asking him a question. Asmia seemingly looks down at him in disgust but none the less she talks calmly but strictly to him “you have told us nothing, and the officer you spoke to earlier, you told him nothing but lies more lies and total utter rubbish. You will not be so disrespectful to me I assure you, your life will depend on it..”

Then she drops the strict tone and just speaks calmly to him “As I am sure you know we can be very cruel to our traitors, but just tell us what we want to know Abdul, if you are innocent as you say you are, you have nothing to fear from me I promise, If someone is threatening you to do these things against your will, we will protect you. But you in return must protect no one other that your wife, yourself and your children…. Do you hear?

Abdul nods his head feverishly.

Still speaking calmly she says to him “So now simply tell us who has what belongs to us and we will be very kind to you, we will reward you for your loyalty, simply by telling us who has the formula that belongs to us. We must have this back quickly, but you know that don’t you?” Then she speaks very sweetly to him “We know you have the information we need so help yourself Abdul.” Then she stands there looking down at him, but nothing happens and no reaction from Abdul at all apart from soft groaning noises.

At this point my mind goes back to our findings a few hours ago and I start to put two and two together, this is why we are all here I thought, they are scientists, they did all their training and research in the UK, they have stolen something, perhaps Jasmine and Abdul wanted to stop what they were planning to do in the desert, and the formula? Well maybe they have discovered something like a new high explosive or a new propulsion system or, or, well something….. ‘Damn’ I though, we hadn’t measured yet if the hole had any sort of angle to it, just 3 or 4 degrees would tell us what they intend.

Asmia walks away from him and the guards pull Abdul to his feet and drags him over to the middle of the room right in front of me and Jasmine’s cage, Asmia picks up a riding crop from the table and stands in front of Abdul and looks in to his eyes for a while saying nothing.

Then suddenly and in a flash without even anyone saying a word she strikes him viciously across his face with the riding crop leaving a large and deep red welt line and making me jump and flinch with the swiftness of it all. Asmia now pushes her beautifully made-up but hostile face in very close to him and says sternly with increasing anger, “Don’t you dare lie to me, or I will make sure that you will soon be very.. Very.. Very Sorry,” then she stands there staring at him straight in the eyes with fire and anger radiating from her.

After a moment she stands back from him and her mood changes back to being calm again as quick as a flash almost as if she was psychotic. Asmia calmly then turns to Abdul’s wife and says so sweetly to her

“Tell us Jasmine why did you marry Abdul,” and the question throws Jasmine a little as she wasn’t expecting that type of questioning, then Asmia turns her head back and whilst looking Abdul up and down in an un-approving manner tells her “he has never what anyone would call very handsome was he.”

I thought Asmia was now just being rude for the sake of it, he wasn’t my type at all either but he seemed reasonably okay to me, I mean its all in the eye of the beholder anyway isn’t it and this wasn’t the best of circumstance to meet someone after many years. Then she says with a smile to her “Maybe Abdul has lots and lots of money has he?”

Jasmine shakes her head explaining “That is never a good reason to get married, there are much more to a loving and strong relationship than money, but maybe you wouldn’t know that, but we are both reasonably well off and comfortable if its any concern of yours.”

Asmia smiles and not concerned in the least with her answer at all as she continues with the questions “Well maybe Abdul has got a very big penis has he? that may be the answer is it? Does he gives you great pleasure in bed?”

Jasmine says nothing and her eyes look down on to the floor as though embarrassed and refusing to listen.

Asmia is curious by her silence and quickly putting her head to one side and staring at her quizzically continues “So is that it, is this the reason why you married him?”

I couldn’t really see where this was going and I was quite surprised at what was being asked.

Jasmine still says nothing and to be honest I was curious now as well because she had always been all so very chatty before, but I put it down to culture and not the type of thing that’s spoken about and certainly not here in the Middle East.

Asmia motions to the guards with a point of the finger and a nod of the head while saying to Jasmine “Well we shall see then… shall we?”

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The guard prompted by Asmia rips down Abdul’s expensive trousers and underwear and then rips open his shirt revealing his manhood. Asmia’s face brightens up and starts laughing out loud as she sees or should I say barely sees Abdul’s tiny penis hardly even sticking out from above his thin pubic hair.

I would say his small brown cock is only about an inch long. Asmia touches it underneath with her riding crop and lifting his cock slightly with a look of disgusted on her beautiful face. She really mocks the size of it while sneering at him “what on earth is this sorry thing meant to be, do you really think you can please a woman with this pathetic pitiful little thing.” Then she breaks out in to a loud laugh as she says to the ceiling, “Oh Allah, save this poor woman!”

Then turning her head back to Jasmine with a very large genuine smile on her face she sympathetically mocks her “Oh you poor, poor little girl Jasmine, fancy living with a horrible deformed man like that, how on earth do you ever get any sort of satisfaction with that at all in any shape or form…. Surly, there is none, is there?”

Jasmine then calls out defending her husband “He is a good man, he is a kind and gentle man with a generous soft heart” in a tone almost pleading with her to leave him alone. Suddenly the mood of Asmia changes yet again “Is he indeed,” said Asmia  seeming irritated by what she has just heard form Jasmine, and Asmia even repeating herself even louder that before

“IS HE INDEED. . . Well let me tell you something right now shall I. Well we know quite a thing or two about good old gentle and soft hearted Abdul here, don’t we? .. Well, I wasn’t going to introduce her yet, but seeing how the situation has risen right now, well, we will see, and you can decide for yourself.”

Asmia turns and shouts to one of the guards “BRING IN THE GIRL!!”

The guard taps on the door and the door opens and he disappears, we all wonder what Asmia is on about and we all stare at the open door for what seemed a very long time, but probably for only a couple of minutes. The guard returns with a very pretty and very young sweet looking Arab girl in very colourful traditional dress and someone has expertly done her face with make up, she is wearing foundation, eye make-up and lipstick. her hair is exquisitely done and I can see she is wearing red nail varnish on her cute little fingers and toes. She is led in by the guard towards Asmia and she nervously walks up and stands in the middle of the room as the guard leaves.

 Asmia’s eyes are looking at Jasmine as she calmly talks to Abdul “You have quite a taste for very young pretty girls haven’t you, does your wife know this.” Jasmine quickly looks across to Abdul angrily as Asmia slowly walks around the young girl looking her up and down while musing, “Yes I think you would enjoy this one wouldn’t you, very pretty, very pretty and shapely too for her age”

Abdul says nothing, he is just stood there with his head down and looking very shameful and embarrassed, but again Asmia poses the question to him sweetly although a little firmer “would you like to spend some time with this girl, we can arrange that for you, you could spend quite a lot of time with her, all night if you wish … just tell us what we require and she is yours to do with as you desire, then she whispers to him, “and she hasn’t been touched by any other man, that’s what your god has promised you hasn’t he, well you can have her now, you don’t have to wait until you are blown to bits,, that’s got to be a fair trade hasn’t it?.”

Asmia patently waits for a response while Jasmine angrily frowns at him, then Jasmine turns her anger to Asmia as this is obviously all new to her and seemingly unbelieving any of it she shouts out “you are a liar; I have never heard such disgusting and horrible lies about my husband, its you that should be ashamed of yourself…. you”

Asmia takes no notice of Jasmine at all, she just looks at Abdul waiting for a response from him. While waiting for a response Asmia walks slowly around Abdul and moves up very closely behind him, so closely he can now feel her breasts push in to his back and she places her head on to his shoulder so she blocks off his line of sight to Jasmine and me. She whispers in to his ear “just look at this sweet fresh young girl.” Abdul does as he is told, he slowly raises his head a little and looks quite guiltily at the innocent young girl stood just in front of him. Asmia whispers “Isnt she so beautiful, can you smell her, she is so sweet isn’t she and best of all Abdul she is still a virgin, you can have her tonight if you wish, you may treat her as you like, I will give her to you, she will be a gift for your loyalty to us and telling us who has stole our things and where they are,” as Abdul stares at her Asmia smiles and feels she is on the right track with him.

Asmia looks to the girl, the girl wrapped in beautiful and expensive silken lace from head to toe has her head pointing down with respect, as Asmia speaks to her she keeps her head bowed but her beautiful dark eyes look up at her. I am shocked as Asmia sweetly says to her, “take off some of your clothes so the nice man can have a good look at you,” and then she whispers to Abdul almost as though she is asking permission from him “you don’t mind, do you?”

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It all seemed quite sick to me, but my mind went back to training, intelligence told us how often female interrogators would use sex much more widely to get the information they needed, much more than the men would, it’s strange how sex can be used so subtle and yet how aggressive it can be used too at the same time.

I can see the young girls hands shaking as she obediently unwraps and takes off her expensive silk robes and lays them in the middle of the room neatly, as she undresses very slowly almost teasing Abdul she slowly reveals a beautiful toned young dusky brown body, she has such a beautiful body, one that of a much older girl in her shape and I see Abdul looking intensely at the girl with sweat running down and dripping off his face as she undresses and stands in front of him in the room now almost naked. That’s when I noticed Abduls tiny cock has got noticeably bigger, I am shocked to see his penis now poking above his pubic hair and it is now about 2 inches long and quite hard.

I am hoping that it is because these men see so little of women’s body’s that they can not help it, even though she is so young, but if Asmia was right about his desire for very young girls, I thought ‘so maybe there is some truth in the theft as well.’

 The girl asks in a tiny and timid voice, “is this enough” as she stands there in her knickers and with the last thin blue and gold silk top that is all but see through, you could see the outline of her small pert breasts. Asmia still behind Abdul with her head on his shoulder turning her mouth to Abdul’s ear and appearing to empathize with him and whispers to him “MMMmm, I think she should show us her cute breasts and maybe take her panties off for us, don’t you?.. Yes, yes I want her to take her panties off too, I would like that very much, wouldn’t you Abdul?… and then maybe we could enjoy her together, but no,maybe I should just leave you two together in a private room for you to take your pleasure what ever that would be, wouldn’t that be nice?”

Abdul could not know what he was doing surly as in his excitement he gives very sharp and tiny nods of the head. Asmia softly brings her head down in a single movement at the girl with a stern face and the girl reluctantly slides off her silk top and reveals a pair of very firm pert breasts with very dark brown nipples and as she nervously slides her panties down over her bottom and down her legs and then steps out of them leaving them on the floor. As she stands their I notice that Adbuls eyes immediately looks straight between the top of her legs, she is now obviously completely naked and the girl whilst doing this never takes her sullen and sultry brown eyes off Asmia for a second.

Asmia whispers to Abdul, “Now look at her, have you ever seen such a beautiful young creature,” then she raises her well manicured finger to the girl and makes a circling sign and the young girl slowly turns 360 degrees so that Abdul can admire her young firm naked body to the fullest. 

Asmia whispers to him again, “Does she please you, have I done well for you?” then she pauses before she whispers again “she is the daughter of a traitor Abdul, you may punish her if you wish, you may do with her anything that you desire …. Anything at all.”

Abdul seems to be almost trembling with excitement and on the verge of seemingly telling Asmia what she wants to know by the looks of him. Asmia asks again very sweetly “Did I make a good choice for you with this girl, look how cute and pretty she is.” Both I and Jasmine stare in amazement at what could be an impending and unfolding confession.

Asmia believing it needs just the tiniest thing more for Abdul to confess points to Abduls penis with the crop and tells the young girl “Come touch it with your hand child and gently rub it for him, pleasure him just a little.”

Then Asmia whispers to Abdul almost lovingly “You would like that wouldn’t you?” The young girl looking very nervous moves forward and bends down on to her knees and obediently she slowly reaches up with her small hand and slowly starts to touch and stroke Abdul’s tiny hard cock while again her eyes never leave Asmia’s face. Abdul gasps out in excitement at the girls first touch at his genitals.

Asmia smiles broadly at his reaction and whispers to Abdul sweetly, “We could be really good friends, I can get you many girls like this. Now just tell us where the formula is and this girl will be yours right now, we will take you both to a comfortable private room.”

I can see Abdul shaking in his excitement seemingly not knowing what to do, has Asmia got him to confess I wonder? She presses him further, and whispers, “look at the girls breasts, how pert they are and not even fully developed yet are they?” Asmia out of eye shot of Abdul secretly urges the girl to stroke his tiny penis with more feeling and a little harder, the girl obliges and rubs his tiny but now rigid 3 inch cock harder as ordered.

Then turning back to Abdul she keeps the pressure on and whispers, “you must tell me where our belongings are now, where are they Abdul, tell us, or just tell us who has them and I will order the girl to do something special for you with her mouth” Abdul gasps out in what seems excitement.

The girl hearing Asmia gets higher on to her knees and moves closer to Abdul so she can please him as ordered and be a little more comfortable, she opens her mouth a little and moving even closer to his little hard cock without question, this was so sick and perverse, I didn’t want to watch it at all, I couldn’t watch, but the tension was incredible it seems he is about to tell Asmia where the formula is and who has got them.

Page 6

 “Oh, thank you,” Abdul pants in obvious excitement to Asmia in a whisper and with sweat dripping off his face and as he swallows hard,…… he licks his lips as he tells her .. “but I know nothing of which you speak, very sorry!” he gently and softly gasps.

Asmia is furious and beside herself with rage and anger and she shouts viciously, “we tried to be reasonable and nice with you, but perhaps you prefer nasty, maybe that will help you talk.” Then Asmia screams for the guard. Abdul worried about what comes next instantly drops to his knees again squealing begging as he asks her

“How can we convince you that we know nothing of the theft you speak of!”

but the guard has none of it and he roughly wraps a rope around Abdul’s neck that’s hanging from the joist and two guards pull on the rope and this starts to tighten around his neck and drags him up onto his feet and they continue to pull on the rope until his toes are still barely touching the ground. Asmia repeats the question over and over again even though the rope is now so tight around his neck that Abdul can’t answer. Abdul is choking they pull the rope harder and leave him hanging off the ground as another guards rip off his shirt completely while his trousers dangle around his ankles, then two start to whip him with thin bamboo canes leaving stripes of welt and bleeding marks with stifled screams as he chokes after every vicious stroke, as he struggles in pain his trousers and underpants drop from around his ankles and on to the floor.

As they pull harder on the rope lifting him higher off the ground hanging him. In the cell next to me Jasmine is screaming and sobbing as they hang and whip her husband mercilessly for what seems an age and I feel sick to the stomach. Suddenly they let go of the rope and he drops to the ground in a bundle, Abdul gasps for his breath and I can’t help but notice his face is almost purple, but they haven’t finished with him yet, they leave him gasping for a moment or two before they pull on the rope again until the tips of his toes are again almost off the ground and they repeat the beating and the process over and over again continually asking the same question, continually getting the same answer. Then after what seems years, (about 15-20 minutes) this time when they let him drop on the ground and he falls in to a frail pile as they now drag him over to the large barrel of water.

 They still ask the same question, only one question “Where is the formula you stole? from us.” Abdul sobs like a girls and says the same thing to the same question “I don’t know anything, It was there then it was gone!!”

The guard grab his hair and push his head under the water, holding him there for about 30 to 40 seconds or more, they let Abdul up for a few seconds as he gasps for breath then without saying anything the guard pushed his head back under the water for what seems an age. I just think to myself that they are going to drowned him when they let him back up, he is violently gasping for breath and coughing almost being sick, Jasmines sickening screams make the whole thing worse (that’s if it could be worse) and still bravely or stupidly Abdul refuses to answer now and they push his head back under the water.

Abdul with his head under the water suddenly struggles like hell then soon becomes lifeless, after a few seconds more Asmia looks at the guards and shouts “LET HIM UP THEN!!”

She looks at the guards really angry, as they pull him out of the water and she angrily shouts “Maybe you think if we kill him it’s easier for him to speak!”

Abdul is unconscious or dead now, I am not sure which? The Guards drag him back in to his cell drenched leaving a snail trail of water behind him. Asmia still shouting at the guards angrily,

“If he dies I will have you shot!”

The guards quickly but sheepishly put the naked young girl in to a cage of her own close to Abdul, but before she even barely walks through the threshold of the cell Asmia is not happy with that and she shouts angrily again at them “NO! NO! NO!! Take the girl away” The girl quickly runs to her robes that are on the floor and she hurriedly picks them up in to her arms and then they all leave slamming the door behind them…..Then silence again.

We are both worried as Abdul lays there lifeless on the floor and Jasmine frantically calls to him, but there is no response. Jasmine continues to call to him for about 20 minutes or more, then thankfully Abdul moves a little and a short time  after that slowly recovers consciousness and then slowly gets up and stands up coughing and is comforted be the voice of Jasmine a couple of cages away.

Apart from the obvious of course I can see Jasmine has further things on her mind, well we all have. Then after about a further 20 minutes she brings up the subject with Abdul the story Asmia had brought up about young girls and how he had reacted with the young girl in the room. Abdul shrugged his shoulders “well I didn’t know what was going to happen to me” he said adding, “did you?” Jasmine shook her head and agreed with him.

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He went on, “I knew I was going to be tortured at some point and while this didn’t hurt me I thought I would go along with it, it just seemed a good idea at the time, I didn’t know what else to do, I thought it might buy us some time… do any of us know how we react when we are faced with potentially such horrible things?” again Jasmine shakes her head in agreement with him, telling him “I know, let us just pray they will soon let us go and this will be soon be over for all of us.” At the time I thought she was speaking of the situation here in the cells but looking back now, it seems not.

Chapter 3… Questions

 The 3 guards return with Asmia about 4 hours later and by this time it’s about 9 o’clock in the evening. Asmia marches in the room and this time no introductions from her, after the briefest of glances in to Abdul’s cage to see if he is still alive Asmia points to Jasmines cell with the riding crop that was in her hand and as they unlock her cage door 2 guards drag her out. Jasmine looks nervous, the guards just look at her and smile as if they know something. Asmia is straight to the point with her and ask,

“You know what we want, are you going to give us the information we need? As you have seen this can be nice and easy or it can be as hard and as vicious as you like, it’s your call, you choose?”

Jasmine replies stern and with a proud stance and I thought under the circumstances very bravely, “We have no information for you, we know nothing of which you ask, we have told you all that we know and that is nothing” then tossing her beautiful head in the air and in such a proud manner she almost taunts her by saying.. “So now what … torture?…. you can beat me all you want, I can tell you nothing, we can tell you nothing because we know nothing!”

Asmia turns away from Jasmine, It almost seems that she is taken back by her bravery it seems she was not expecting this at all… Asmia taking a few steps away stroking her chin and in deep thought as though she was thinking through her tak.

Asmia after a few seconds more turns again to face Jasmine and turning away from her sharp and strict attitude and now in a much more sympathetic soft voice she says to her calmly, “I am trying to help you both here Jasmine, but you are a fool and you cannot see it, can you. We presented all the evidence to you both earlier, we know now that you are both apart of this. We will get the answers that we want from you one way or the other.”

Her voice hardens and whilst staring her in the eyes Asmia half turns her head slightly on to one side but keeping her eyes firmly on Jasmine and tapping a riding crop against her leg as though still thinking….. Suddenly a slight smile is developing across Asmia’s lips as she sternly tells Jasmine “Well, if it is the hard road that you want to take, so be it” and she looks at her with a long stare… Then orders her in a loud shrill voice “NOW STRIP!,”

Jasmines gorgeous large brown made-up eyes open wide with shock almost not wanting to believe what she has just heard, she obviously did not expect this it seems. Asmia speaks again in a lower but sterner angry voice “Take off all your clothes, Now!”

Jasmine stands firm and confidently reply’s “HOW DARE YOU!! – I am a very important person and a Muslim woman I will make sure that you will be in very big trouble for all of this, it is illegal to undress in the presence of men.”

Asmia still stares at her showing no emotion at all and slightly shakes her head taking no notice of what Jasmine had said, and in turn tells her “Or if you prefer, I will have the guards do it for you, I am sure they will not mind.”

They both stand there looking at each other almost like a Mexican stand off, but of course there was only one winner. Asmia very slowly turns her head and motions calmly to the guards and yells to them “strip her!” The guards instantly start to move forward towards her. Jasmine quickly holds her hands up to them in defiance and surrender at the same time and as they hesitate and look over to Asmia she ever so slightly nods her head to them signifying to ‘hold’ a little. Jasmine now reluctantly and slowly starts to do as she is told as the male guards watch eagerly.

Slowly Jasmine unbuttons her beautiful silk blouse one by one and it starts slowly to reveal her navel and the guards start to smile wider, when she has undone every button she slips her blouse off and looks for somewhere to hang it, there is no where near so she moves to place it in her cell but Asmia instantly demands “just let it drop to the floor, it won’t go anywhere,” she had no choice but to do as she was told but it was obvious that it was alien for her to drop it on the floor, but she lets it drop to the floor.

I could see the guards as they looked at Jasmine, they all had the same horrible greasy and slimy smirk on their faces as the watched her undress. She then begins to unbutton the top of her skirt and pulling down the short zip, she starts to look terribly uncomfortable as she starts pulling her skirt down over her bottom and she wriggles her bum slightly and almost sexily as she pulls down her expensive looking skirt over her bottom and she then lets that drop to the floor around her ankles before stepping elegantly out of it. She still squats down by bending her knees very elegantly and most lady-like as she arranges her blouse and skirt neatly on the floor before then slowly standing up again and standing in her skimpy and very expensive looking bra, knickers and stockings hoping Asmia will stop her undressing any further.

As Jasmine stood in her very expensive underwear looking gorgeous with such a beautiful shapely body Asmia nods her head approvingly at her underwear and toned body and after a short moment she tells her sweetly to “Take them off.”

I watched with butterflies in my stomach as Jasmine reluctantly and angrily reaches her hands behind her back and unclasps her bra, one of her hands moves to between her breasts as her bra straps springs forward as she reluctantly releases the clasps and she nervously took off her very nice and expensive bra and she drops it to the floor, the men almost gasp like children seeing something new and rude for the first time and they looked very pleased even though they only get a glimpse of the side of her firm brown breasts with large dark nipples as her breasts spring forward and free she covers her breasts with her hands. Asmia walks around her looking her up and down admiringly.

Again Jasmine hesitates, but Asmia moves forward and whispers loudly in to her ear that every one could hear “Come on, take those lovely panties off, the men want to have a good look at you, some of these men will not have ever seen a naked woman of our culture, you may be the first for them.” Jasmine looks at her and with a frown and says, “How Dare You, you will pay for this I promise you” the air feels tense and Asmia pushes her face close to Jasmine’s and growls sternly “TAKE THEM OFF…. NOW!”

Reluctantly Jasmine slowly moves her fingers to the top of her panties and with a little hesitation she slowly slips down her knickers over her bottom and down to her knees then stands there hesitating again, while the men admire her shaven pussy with just a tiny strip of pubic hair …“RIGHT OFF” demands Asmia and as Jasmine bends over to take them off one of the guards leans over a little from behind to get a better look at her while the other guards smile then laugh as Jasmine removes her knickers to her great humiliation…..

Strip her she demands

Humiliated and Tortured

 Asmia’s head flashes to the guards and she shrills at them “Silence” and instantly they wipe the smile of there faces as they stand bolt upright.

Jasmine really has a beautiful body and the guards stare and smile as Jasmine tries to hide her bits and pieces with her hands.

Asmia speaks sympathetically to her “Come on Jasmine help me here. Help me to help you, if you try to tell me that you didn’t steal the missing formula, although we know that you did. We do know at the very least that you know who did steal it. But if you insist that you didn’t, just tell me who did take it, just tell me what you know and I will see to it that you and Abdul can go home without any of this nastiness. I am trying to help you here, now help yourself.”

Jasmine looks in to Asmia’s eyes and pleads with her one time friend, “but we know nothing at all, so how can we tell you anything? .. How?.. Don’t you think that we would tell you if we knew anything, anything at all. Do you think we would go through all of this just for the fun of it?… Do you?” Asmia sighs and again slowly shakes her head at her as she gazes straight in to her eyes with no emotion, no sympathy at all. Asmia turns away and at the very same time she gently nods at the guards covertly.

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 The guards suddenly grab her roughly by each of her arms and Jasmine squeals out in shock, they drag her to the thick sturdy post in the middle of the room that is set in to the concrete. Jasmine tries to resist them but they are way too strong and powerful for her, the guards force her down on to her knees and tie her hands behind her back and fastens them to the thick metal ring attached to the post, one of the guards wraps a rope around her neck and pulls her head back and then pushes a cross member that goes though the post forward in to the middle of her back forcing her shoulders backwards and pushing her very firm and pert breasts and chest forward. She didn’t look very comfortable at all, but that was going to be the least of her worries, I thought.

Asmia turns to her husband saying to him with a question, “Abdul, are you going to let your wife go through this? Stop it now!!

There is a pause and again Asmia asks quisically .. No?…..Well you can stop this at any time you know, simply by telling us what we want to know, do not be afraid to speak out at any time, don’t be afraid to interrupt me at any time, will you? and she gives him a big smile and turns back to Jasmine.

Abdul suddenlycall out in Arabic for once and seems to be telling her something, but it seems telling her all that he must have said before because Asmia and the guards don’t seem interested in what he is saying one little bit.

Jasmines large nipples seemed to be very prominent as Asmia runs the crop over her them and smiling “Good I like them like this” she tells her admiringly. Then Asmia asks her “How old are you,” Jasmine frowns back at her and replies with a little difficulty as the rope is tight around her neck “you know how old I am, 27 just a little younger than you”Jasmine replies, although to be honest she looked younger.


Then Asmia asks the same question that she has asked many times “Where is the formula that you have stolen from us?”

this time she gets a different answer to the question, again with difficulty with the rope tight around her neck she says “We haven’t took any items that don’t belong to us, we are a proud family, we are not thief’s,” replied Jasmine proudly.

With that Asmia raises the crop high and with a loud SWISSSHH as it cuts through the air she strikes the leather tip of the crop down swiftly against the tip of Jasmine’s left pert brown nipple and she winces at once as it stings and perversely makes the nipple become even more erect.

Asmia almost sympathetically says to her old friend again as if reminding her “We know you have taken them Jasmine, please don’t take us for fools, you will only make it worse for yourselves and go through all this pain for nothing” and as to prove the point Asmia raises her riding crop above her head again and without mercy strikes the very same tip of the erect nipple again and again. Jasmine winces greatly with the pain as Asmia continues to strikes her pert stiff nipple repeatedly and Jasmines whole breast breast shivers and bounces slightly with the beating of just the erect nipple.

Then Asmia turns her attention to the other brown nipple and she strokes it with the crop, then starts to repeatedly strike that one with great skill and accuracy as the men hold her tight as if the post and ropes wouldn’t. Jasmine tries to contain her pain as Asmia continues with the torture and now strikes one nipple then the other making them shiver and the nipples swell.

Asmia takes great effort to only strike the very tip of the erect nipples and she did this with amazingly great skill and accuracy, Jasmine now starts to gasp, then squeal and yelp out and this makes the guards smile. Asmia pauses for just a few moments as if she is giving Jasmine breathing time. Then she starts to strike’s jasmine’s nipples hard again with the crop. Asmia repeats this again and again harder and harder and Jasmine soon starts to scream out with the pain as her now sore nipples are beaten with the crop harder and harder without mercy.

Jasmine screams out from the torture

Jasmine is soon screaming and begging out loud calling Asmia to stop the beatings as the sharp stinging pain in her nipples and breast becomes unbearable. Asmia smiles and whips Jasmines nipples even harder as Jasmine shakes her head trying to endure the beating then she screams out in great pain again and again and I watched the sadistic guards smile and even laugh out as they enjoy wattching every moment of her pain and humiliation as if it was great fun. 

Chapter 4

     Asmia suddenly stops the beatings, Jasmine is so relieved and she simpers and gasps as she hangs her head, A guard brings a small square wooden box to her, the box has a small handle and two long thin wires running off it, I have seen this before and it’s not very pleasant. Asmia turns again to her husband and asks “Nothing new to say still!! Then we will continue if that is what you wish.” All this before he even has chance to open his lips. In actual fact he had never stopped talking and calling out as if trying to help, but they had just ignored him as what he was saying was not what they wanted.

Jasmine’s eyes widen as she watches one of the guards wind the box up with the little handle about two or three times right in front of her while another guard touches each of the bare ends of the wires on to the tips of each of her very sore nipples.

Asmia presses the button on the box and Jasmine instantly jumps and squeals from the electric shock given by the box, the guard quickly winds the box up four or five times and jasmines frightened wide eyes watch as again they touch each of her nipples with the wires and she begs “No, No” as she sees Asmia,s finger again move deliberately slowly to press the button, again Jasmine jumps and squeals with the shock and pain going through her nipples and her body. The guard with great energy and enthusiasm winds the box up seven or eight times, they look at jasmine for a second savouring her trauma as she tries to back away, but she is bound far too tight to be able to move even an half inch, then they touch her nipples again with the wires and they now laugh as jasmine jumps and screams.

Over and over again they torture jasmines large sore nipples with the electric shock making box, each time she screams out loud begging and pleading with them to stop, each time they simply say “Then answer the question” to which their is every answer but the one they apparently want to hear and so they carry on with the torture. This time though as Jasmine sickeningly screams out louder than ever Asmia waves the men away a little and says  “Alright Jasmine, we will stop, just answer the question we know you have the answer to, or you know we will continue other wise, don’t you? Just tell us what we need to know and all this will be over and finished with” …

Jasmine pleads between gasps and sobs “I would tell you if I knew anything but surly you can see we know nothing by now, surly you can”

I agreed with her. surly they could tell that she knew nothing I thought to myself, but unfortunately for Jasmine and Abdul, it seems not.

     Asmia looks at her with no emotion, She just looks over to the Guards and orders both of them to take a crop. The men do as they are told and by the looks on their faces they eagerly take crops from the table drawer against the wall and then they move and stand either side of jasmine.

Asmia shouts at Jasmine “TELL ME,…. ANSWER THE QUESTION” but Jasmine choking from the rope being pulled tight around her throat gasps, croaks and sobs, “We know nothing” then with a nod of Asmia’s head and a SWISHH of the crop the guard eagerly strikes Jasmines sore erect nipple tip as the other guard beats her other nipple half a second later repeatedly and getting faster and faster, the men whip her nipples till Jasmine is screaming and shaking her head at the agony on the tip of her nipples that now seems to pass through her breasts and stings the whole of her body and she cannot help but beg and scream and scream for the whipping of her nipples to stop.

 A guard winds up the box again in front of Jasmine and for a brief moment the men stop the beating and he touches Jasmines nipples with the wires, he presses the red button and she screams and jumps from the torture and the men start to whip her nipples again, after a few moments they stop and Asmia says “do you want to talk” Jasmine begs and gasps “I would tell you anything, but I know nothing of which you ask!” So the guard moves forward with the wires and Jasmine screams as he touches her nipples with the wires again, and this goes on and on. Jasmine and Abdul are screaming and sobbing begging them to stop, Jasmine screaming at the top of her voice that she “would do anything tell them anything, just please stop!!!” but they continue the torture as she never tells them what they really want…

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As Jasmine sickeningly screams out louder than ever they suddenly stop again much to her relief. Asmia then quotes her “So you will do anything will you? Tell us anything will you? We will see then if there is any truth in your words, shall we?”  Asmia continues with the same questions again…. “So where is the formula that you and your husband have stolen from us? You intend to use it against our great people don’t you? .. Where is it hidden?.. Who has it” Jasmine sobs wildly “I don’t know what you are talking about, I want to answer your questions … Honestly I do. But we know nothing of which you ask, Why wont you believe us?” Asmia pauses and smiles at her before saying “you will talk my lovely, you will talk with what I have for you, I would speak now if I was you, before we become, shall we say… unpleasant.”

Then Asmia turns to one of the guards saying, “it seems these traitors don’t want to help our glorious country, instead they intend to destroy us” 

“No No that’s not true” shouts Abdul.. “You just have the wrong people that’s all and we don’t know anything” …

“Well, we will see” reply’s Asmia as she orders one of the guards to take off his trousers and as he does so Asmia turns back to Jasmine and asks, “Tell me, do you like sucking cock?”

Abdul sickened by what may happen next shouts, “Stop this, how will this get to the truth, if that is what you are really interested in? Just ask our colleagues they will tell you what we say is true!”

Asmia ignores him and she motions to the large guard with her finger to move closer to Jasmine.

The guard willingly does as he is told and he is grinning all over his face. Asmia tells the guard “Show our guest here what you have in there,” as she points to the front of his white underpants where there is a large bulge already, and adding “because I promise you this, she hasn’t got a clue what a real one looks like after only having Abdul as a lover.

The Guard pulls his underpants down to just below his hips and then putting his hand in to his underpants he pulls out an already very excited and very stiff cock and he eagerly shows it to Jasmine. It was obvious to me the screaming Jasmine being tortured had excited him so much it had given him a hard erection.

He stands there letting his impressive cock stick right out, well it was impressive for an Arab. It must be about 9 inches long and very hard, I notice Jasmines eyes widen as she has no choice but to looks at it. It certainly was a shock for her after years of Abdul’s hard and slim 3 inch cock, and that’s at the most. The Guard brings his hard cock right up to her face and she tries to look away from it. Asmia asks Jasmine again with a wry smile on her face “do you like sucking cock?”

I feared the worst for Jasmine as I thought to myself ‘well how would you answer that, you couldn’t say “yes” could you? But on the other hand you couldn’t really say “don’t know” or “no’ either!’

Jasmine pretty much gets her reaction to the question perfect as she shakes her head in apparent disgust at the question. The other guards motion to whip her sore nipples again and Jasmine screams out “NO! NOoo!!” in panic at further punishment.

“PLEASE! NO MORE, NO MORE BEATINGS… PLEASE11” Jasmine begs. Asmia tells her “So answer the question then. Do you like sucking cock?”

Jasmine blurts out in an apparent panic and feeling humiliated at having to answer such a disgusting question “Yes yes I like sucking cock if that’s what you really want to hear me say”

Asmia smiles a little then sneers while pointing to the large erect penis “Then if you enjoy it so much, why don’t you ask this guard if you can suck his?” Jasmine turns her face away from his prick and shaking her head in disgust and the impending humiliation and shame of having to do such a thing. Asmia bends and grabs her face firmly and makes her look at the guards very excited and throbbing very long and hard prick

“ASK HIM” she shouts, then she calms down and says again in a calm voice “Go on ask him if you can suck him off or … Or if you are not so keen today, why not just give us the answer to our questions, we know you have the answers …. if not, you know that the torture will start all over again don’t you… So, your options are simple.”

Then Asmia tells her in the way of a demand “TALK OR ASK!!”

Again Jasmine begs and starts sobbing as she is horrified at her disgusting options and she bravely just repeats what both of them have always been saying “We know nothing, and you know that!”

Asmia turns to Abdul and in a calm voice she says “Talk now or I will have the Guards beat or even rape your wife, which would you prefer?”

Abdul given an impossible choice is also sobbing but still begs and pleads with “We know nothing, why wont you believe us? I will tell you everything again if you like?”


Asmia replies, “So you don’t want to answer the question that I know you have the answer to. So you choose then, shall I have your wife beaten or raped? Then she looks straight at him waiting for the answer.

He shouts back at her “You sick bastard, you dog savage!!!”

Asmia turns back to the guards and simply says “proceed”

Both Abdull and Jasmine scream outs “NO! PLEASE DON’T” The guards ignore them and pick up the crops and the other guard pulls the rope tight around her neck as they start whipping Jasmines very tender sore nipples again.

Jasmine grits her teeth and gasps and pants and her face winces and contorts in agony as she starts to scream out. A guard winds up the box about ten times as another guard touches Jasmines nipples with the bare ends of the wires and Asmia presses the red button, Jasmine screams out as she bucks from the electric shock, then the guards start to whip her nipples again unmerciful as soon as the wires are removed.

Suddenly Jasmine can stand the torture and pain no longer and she SCREEEAMS out “PLEASE CAN I SUCK IT ….PLEEEASE, PLEEEASE !

She SCREEEEAAMS!! out again as the guards continue to whip her nipples. Asmia ignores her screams as the box is being wound up again another 10 times and the beatings stop to engage the wires to her nipples.

Jasmine screams and coughs and starts begging in low tones sobbing “Please please, I don’t know the answer to your questions and I don’t know what to say as I know nothing of no theft.”

The guards pause for a moment. Asmia smiles at her and says “Ask the guard now!” …. “Please no no” Jasmine sobs loudly as she begs and Asmia so tells the men “Continue”

Again Jasmine screams out, “No No please no.. I will ask” and she pants out as she gasps for breath from the pain “PLEASE, please……and she pauses, then in a humiliated and degraded voice she asks “Please let me suck your cock…Please Anything..”…..

Asmia turns to Jasmines husband “Your wife is a slut did you know that? Just listen to how she begs to suck the guards large cock”… The guard brings his cock which as I have already said is about an impressive 9 inches long (17cm) He guides his cock very closely to her mouth and he waits patiently for her to recover a little as she is still panting and gasping heavily from the torture.

Asmia uses the time speak to Abdul, “Speak now to save Jasmine from this degrading humiliation right now, I know you have the power to stop it” …. and I am shocked to see that Abdul just drops his head, and says nothing to help her. The guard now moves his cock more than eagerly closer to her mouth until the tip of his cock rests on her sexy lips as the other guard relaxes the rope against her throat and allows her head to move freely. Jasmine does nothing for a couple of long seconds and just as I think Asmia is about to order more beatings, Jasmine with little choice very slowly and very reluctantly opens her mouth nervously for the guard.

Asmia smiles telling her “Good girl, the guard will be pleased with you.” The guard waits a moment and lets her kneel there with her mouth half open and letting her wait. Then as her eyes look up to his he slowly moves his excited prick just in-between her lips nudging them further open and then he stops and I see Jasmine’s lips start to gently quiver with fear disgust and humiliation.

As Abdul in dismay and distress calls out “Nooooo” Jasmine giving him a quick glance with her beautiful eyes, then she slowly reaches forward with her head and mouth as she slowly closes her mouth around the end of his hard prick and she starts sucking on his hard excited prick and I could see the devastating humiliation on her face as she feels his prick in her soft wet mouth with her Husband watching her.

Jasmine wraps her mouth round the guards prick, its either that or more torture.

But what choice did she have? She didn’t have any if she was hoping not to be severely beaten again, but at the same time with great humiliation knowing her husband was watching her.

With her husband was being forced to watch his wife suck on the guards hard cock and being forced to give a blow-job, tears were running down both the cheeks of Abdul and sweat dripping off the chin of Jasmine, who was this worst for? I really wouldn’t know… Well maybe I do, but there wasn’t much in it.

Page 11

Asmia smiles as she watches Jasmine sucking on the guards prick in front of her husband Abdul. Abdul sickeningly watches his wife Jasmine as her mouth starts to slobber all over the guards prick as she now starts to bounce her mouth up and down his long hard excited shaft. Again Asmia turns to Jasmines husband saying, “You can stop this right now by just giving me the answers that I know you have” Abdul’s eyes and head shake from side to side as he softly and sickeningly says “I can not tell you what I don’t know and you know that!”

Asmia immediately reply’s back angrily “Then look at your dirty whore wife on how she is enjoying sucking a real mans cock for once in her life. Look she is loving the feeling of such a large real mans cock filling her mouth for once in her life, not that totally useless and pitiful thing you have got between you legs.” Then Asmia turns her tone and she says so sweetly to them both relentlessly “Why don’t you tell us the truth now, tell us where the formula is that you have stolen so that you can both go home, or things will get worse for you both, much worse I promise.”

Abdul softly sobbing begs Asmia on his knees his hands clenched together through the bars, “But we don’t know anything, we are good people, we know nothing, how can we convince you”…. Asmia casually shrugs her shoulders and turns back to Jasmine sneering “Your husband doesn’t want to help you it seems, He obviously likes to watch you sucking this cock, maybe it turns him on .. Mmm and you are so good too I see, I think you must be a natural flair for it, or maybe you have sucked many men’s big cocks while your husband was away… Yes I think that must be the answer, is it?”

Asmia smiles as she watches Jasmines humiliation, Jasmine sucks as the guard starts to thrust his excited prick deeper in to her mouth, the guard groaning loudly grabs hold of her head and starts forcing his prick deeper and harder in to her and eagerly fucking her mouth with great pleasure, “DO NOT TOUCH HER WITH YOUR HANDS” Asmia shouts at him. “No” She smiles now sweetly, “Let her do the work herself, do not disappoint her and take away her pleasure, she has waited so long for this, I promise you that she will have had this fantasy many times of a large hard cock filling her whole mouth.”  Asmia then crouches down close to Jasmines face to get a good close look and she asks her “Does that taste nice and sweet” as Jasmine bobs her wet mouth up and down slobbering on his long thick cock, Asmia softly mocks her “Don’t worry, I will not let you down I will make sure you get plenty of nice big thick cock to suck on while you are here, we have plenty of time for this now.”

Page 12

Jasmine pants as she sucks the guards prick bobbing her mouth about half way up and down his cock, then suddenly sliding her mouth all the way down his shaft as he forces it deeper gasping and groaning loudly as he does so. Jasmines mouth making wet sloppy noises as she sucks on it, the guard groans louder and suddenly starts to thrust deeper in to her mouth and forcing his cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat every time now and after a few minutes the guard grabs her head again, this time Asmia says nothing, he groans and pulls her head hard in to him as he trusts his cock forcefully forward and deep into her mouth, her mouth slides all the way to the base of his shaft as he grunts loud and then he pushes what seems one last hard thrust in to her mouth holding it there while her mouth is open wide right at the very base of his shaft. Suddenly I see a gush of grey/white cum run out of her mouth and down Jasmines chin and on to the floor, she struggles to pull back and away but the guard holds her head firm making sure she swallows most of his cum and I can see her throat gulp as she swallows it. After a moment or two the guard relaxes and slowly pulls out of her mouth and the long prick seems to slide out of her mouth like a long snake and then he moves away panting, leaving Jasmine sobbing, gasping and panting for breath all at the same time with cum still running down her chin and she spits the remaining cum in her mouth on to the floor.

I am hoping that her torture has finished as Asmia mocks her “Mmm you enjoyed sucking that didn’t you? I can see that you did!” Then Asmia calls for the next guard and not saying a word she points downward to Jasmine’s mouth. I realize with a shock “oh my god, she has got to do it again, He drops his trousers and reveals another big thick cock about 10 inches long and he very eagerly moves his hard cock to her mouth.

Asmia gloats “Look I have picked another nice big one for you, and now for only the second time in your life you can enjoy sucking on a real thick cock as well …. Please enjoy it won’t you!” Jasmine looks worried about being forced to give another blow-job and one with such a long thick cock, she shakes her head and begs for mercy, sobbing hysterically and repeating that  ”I know nothing.” over and over again

Jasmines husband is screaming out too  “You animals, You savages,” as he is forced to watch his wife’s oral rape and torture. The next guard doest wait for her this time like the other did, he eagerly starts to force his large prick in between Jasmines lips and she is forced to open her still cummy mouth and not wanting to have her nipples tortured again she starts to reluctantly suck the new guards hard prick, her head wasts no time in again bouncing up and down on his excited and eager prick, this time the guard wastes no time either as he grabs her head and in his excitement.

Jasmine forced to suck on it or else

He starts thrusting in to her mouth and fucking it hard whilst groaning out loud with the pleasure. Asmia says nothing to him she just stares at them and watches them so very intensely as if she is thoroughly enjoying what she is seeing and maybe not even knowing that she is slightly and slowly licking her lips as the guard starts to thrust his big thick prick deeper in to her mouth.

“Open your mouth wider slut” grunts the guard as he tries to thrust deeper and Asmia looks up at him and gives him a smile as she enjoys every perverted moment, he thrusts deep and hard wanting her to swallow the whole of it.

Asmia quietly giggles with delight and Jasmine noticeably opens her mouth a little wider for the guard as the guard grips her head hard as he is thrust each time a little deeper in to her mouth and sliding his cock hard and fast now right down her throat and I could see his prick swell her throat each time he thrust his cock down it. Jasmine is sweating furiously and was powerless to move as she could feel the guard raping her mouth and his prick was forcibly fucking her throat as he pounded it hard in to her unmercifully, the sound of her mouth being fucked seemed to fill the room and I could hear sounds of groaning and squelching from her throat as he pumped hard and deep in to her.

But quickly and suddenly the guard groaned out loudly and he thrust his hips hard forward and Jasmine must have felt a gush of hot cum squirt and gush in to her throat because she gags just a little and she almost chokes as the guard forces his prick down her throat as he cums at the same time. I can see just a little cum running out of her mouth and running down her chin again, and again I can see her throat gulp as she tries to swallow his cum as he thrusts his prick deep in to her, her mouth open wide as the guard shoves every last inch in to her mouth till her mouth is pushing hard down to the very base of his hard thick cock. As the guard after a few seconds pants he gives two last little pumps and then lets his long thick prick very slowly slide out of her wet cummy mouth and its only then as it seems to take a while to slide out, it seemed as though he had forced it down her throat and in to her stomach.

Jasmine spits out the Guards cum

Asmia is angry with the guard for cumming so quickly, as Jasmine gasps almost in a panic for air whilst again spitting out quite a lot of cum that was still in her mouth.

Page13 ………………………..

Asmia angrily orders the guards to “throw the dirty slag back in to her cell.” They quickly untie jasmine and roughly push her back to her cage whilst throwing her clothes in to her cell behind her Jasmine sat their on the floor sobbing while she cups and sooths her very sore breasts and stinging nipples as she slowly gets dressed.

Asmia with dark angry eyes looks at me and says “and don’t think we have forgotten you my pretty girl, we will have our fun with you next,” Asmia then turns to Abdul and says in a nice voice, “When we call back you will have a choice to make. Tell us what we need and we will give you the young girl as a treat or if you wish, perhaps you can interrogate the British girl for us, how ever you would like, I know you would like that,.. then she said in a cruel tone, “But if you don’t tell us what we need, your wife will be severely interrogated again, and you know what we mean by that don’t you? And just so that we are clear I will have the men gang rape your wife here in front of you if you don’t speak! At that Jasmine quickly looks over to her husband, with both their eyes wide with fear.

As Asmia walks from the room she tells them with her back to them “So it is your choice.. Make sure you make your choice wisely”  Abdul falls to his knees and before he even says anything Asmia says in a very despising tone even though she isn’t looking at them, “Don’t even waste your breath you sick dog.”

Then she turns round to him and tells him “We know all about your vile plans, we have known for a while now and we want back what you have taken, we are not going to let our children die at your callous hands.” and with that they all marched out of the room and slammed the door shut behind them…..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 13a

We all worried about her return, as she had left us all thinking we could be next, probably me, but I also wondered what Asmia was talking about when she said “We are not going to let our children die at your hands, there was obviously more to this than what meets the eye.” Amazingly Jasmine and Abdul didn’t say a word to each other for a couple of hours, they just laid down on the bed staring at the ceiling until things went very quiet beyond our room. I had a lot of questions in my head, there just seemed so many things I would have liked to have asked?

Then after a few hours I heard Abdul very quietly call to Jasmine, I noticed through my half closed eyes that they both looked at me to see if I was a sleep and then they pushed up to the bars to get as close as they could and I heard them in the silence whisper to each other in Arabic. I knew a little but they seemed to speak so quickly and quietly, but even though I heard Abdul whisper “Hold on my darling it, won’t be long now, if you can hold on for just a little longer, Allah will reward you!” I saw Jasmine nod her head slightly and respond with a “I know, just a few more hours, I hope I can hold out, I will try.”

That could have meant anything, I hoped it meant someone was coming to get us out, all of us. They spoke for a while together and not at any time tried to communicate with me at all, I must say I felt really left out and so terribly alone right at this point.

That night I thought I would find it impossible to sleep but I must have as I had such vivid colourful dreams of when I was a child with my mother, father and my brother and sister, we were all playing in the garden giggling and laughing, everything seemed so simple then and so safe. I remembered friends and the innocent and not so innocent cheeky games we sometimes played.

When I woke a few hours later and coming round a little I felt sick in my stomach to see where I was, my dreams had been so vivid for an instant as I woke I thought that I was back at home. I questioned myself of why I had become a surveyor in the bloody Royal Airforce… I could have worked anywhere picked anything, but no I had to pick the bloody Airforce working with the Army, only to me I am thinking his could happen to… then it dawned on me, it did only happen to me, everyone else got away.

In my mind I saw the rest of the unit now having breakfast and messing around as they usually do and I wondered why they had left me here, I wondered why they hadn’t come to get me out with a solicitor, an ambassador or with a fleet of armoured tanks or some-thing. I would have been happy with either of these, but to know nothing was being done seemed the hardest of all to takeI if I had a time line in my head of getting out it would have made it a 1000 times easier being in here, as all I could think about at the moment was what was going to happen to me. If no one knew where I was anything could happen to me, I could be tortured, gang raped perhaps even murdered or all three of these and in any order, with these sickos I could be tortured, murdered and then gang raped, they didn’t seem to me to be that choosy. My brain shouted out to me, ‘why wasn’t anyone helping me?’

Of course now I knew they were, I just didn’t know it at the time, but there was a whole hive of activity going on behind the scenes, well you probably know that don’t you or you wouldn’t be reading, this would you? As I would still be in the cell counting how many fingers I had left or something, well perhaps not that as such as the men would have a use for my hands.

Some 14 hours later the following day Asmia returns, this time with 6 guards, I feared the worst and my stomach feels sick as they could be coming for me this time with what Asmia had said, and I genuinely knew nothing!!  I asked myself what was I to do if they asked me questions that I knew nothing of? which was highly, very highly possible.

Asmia stands in the middle of the room as she did before, she looks so arrogant and I can smell how clean she was in this stink hole even with her being in the middle of the room, her make-up was subtle and immaculate. As she looks again in to each cell expressionless I increasingly felt sick with worry, when she looked at me and I thought my time was up for sure. But thankfully she turns to Abdul for now, “Well what do you have to tell me?”

Abdul sobs and screams “I know nothing …” he tries to sob excuses to her but Asmia just turns away from him and doesn’t even listen. I am shocked that Abdul doesn’t even seem to come up with any sort of plausible story to help Jasmine he just sobs “he knows nothing” in a pathetic manner, even I knew they wouldn’t buy that by now as even I was sick of hearing it, I even shouted out to him “Abdul just tell them something, … anything”

Asmia was just about to speak but she hesitated and looks at me for a second or more almost in a thanking manner in trying at least to help. Then she looks over to Abdul for a while giving him a second chance for him to talk, but he says nothing and just stares stupidly at nothing. Asmia looks back at the guards again and motions the men to Jasmine cage while Jasmine gasps out and begs them “NOOO, please No more!” while I am mighty relieved that they are not coming for me. They unlock her cage and go in to her cell and drag her out while 2 other guards pulls one of the large table like bench’s towards and in front of the cell of Abdul.

Jasmine Screams out loudly and tries to resist as they forcefully drag her to the large wooden bench with heavy straps on, “Strip” Asmia demands as she grabs a leather tipped riding crop. Jasmine was screaming and sobbing uncontrollably and becomes hysterical as she starts to bend down and begs to Asmia feet, “I know nothing” she begs, “Why don’t you believe me, I don’t know anything at all, I can’t tell you anything, as I know nothing!!” Then she shocks me by screaming out “please help me Angel!!” But what could I do to help her? how could I help? I didn’t know what to say or do, and I was surprised she wasn’t asking Abdul to help her instead of me. I felt bad but I also felt a little relief that they were going to torture Jasmine again and leave me alone, although I felt sick to the pit of my stomach for Jasmine.

The guards enjoy forcing her up on to her feet and then tearing the clothes off Jasmine and when she is naked the men hold her wrists behind her pushing them up her back making her cry out in pain while Asmia Asks them both “are you willing to talk yet?”

Without waiting for an answer Asmia whips Jasmines already incredibly sore nipples with the crop again, Jasmine screams out loudly with pain shouting and screaming, “Angel, please please help me!!” Again I felt bad and shame that there was nothing that I could do as Asmia mercilessly whips jasmine’s nipples and as she screams sickeningly out the guards smile with great sadistic pleasure.

Asmia stops and motions the men to bend Jasmin over the table, they bend her over the long end of the rectangular low bench, Jasmine is forced to her knees and bent over the bench, her head is over the far edge of the table and she is looking down on to the floor as a rope is tied tight around her neck and fastened around the bench to hold her head tightly in place, as they hold her wrists tightly they pull her arms out each side of her and tie them tightly to some metal rings bolted to the table, her knees are pulled open to the legs of the bench and tied very secure, she squeals and groans as she is pulled and tied tight by her neck arms and legs to the table, Jasmine is very secure and can’t move at all, Asmia now takes a wooden flat paddle and steps behind Jasmine who is gasping and panting in fear at her impending torture.

Page 14 ……

Without saying a word and with A SWISH of the paddle in the air and then a loud slap Asmia beats Jasmine on the buttocks, Jasmine flinches and grunts trying not to show any pain, Asmia raises the paddle again .. And SWISH the paddle cracks against her buttocks once more, again Jasmines jerks forward as much as the ropes will let her and this time she squeals out fighting with the restraints, Asmia raises the paddle Swish… swish .. Swish, CRACK .. CRACK .. CRACK and Jasmine now screams out in pain and her bottom is turning bright red, Asmia passes the paddle to one of the guards and he takes the short flat paddle and with a large smile he starts to beat Jasmines bottom hard, she is soon SCREEAMING at the top of her voice as he beats her buttocks, Jasmine begging and screaming as Asmia takes what looks to be a long flat pieces of wood about 2 inch wide about half an inch thick and gives it to a guard.

“BEAT HER” she demands, the guard raises it and beats Jasmine across her back while the other guard beats her buttocks With a swish and a CRACK .. CRACK .. CRACK.. CRACK .. CRACK, Jasmine SCREEEEEAAMS and SCREEEEEEAAAAMMS and SCREEEEEEEEEAAAAMMSs in agony at the severe beating, “PLEEEASE” Jasmine Screams at Asmia, I KNOW NOTHING repeatedly!!! Asmia takes no notice and she orders two of the guards to strip.

“Do you know what these men are here for,” she asks both Abdul and Jasmine at the same time and without waiting for an answer from either of them again she says mockingly “If you don’t tell us what we want, they are all here to rape your wife.” Jasmine shakes her head, “Beat me!! Rape me!! .. but I still know nothing,” she pants as sweat drips off her gorgeous face.

Again the guard beats Jasmine’s bright red bottom and across her back and the SWISH .. SWISH … SWISH … SWISH and the loud CRACK .. CRACK .. CRACK and Jasmine SCReaaams and SCREEAAAAMS hysterically and fights with the bindings as her face contorts with agony.

Jasmine in pain from the torture but still bravely tells them nothing.

Asmia motions to the guards and they stop the beatings immediately, the room falls silent as everyone stares at Jasmine crying hysterically with all her body shaking “we know nothing she sobs loudly,” I felt so sorry for Jasmine and felt they really couldn’t know anything, they couldn’t do, who would be able to put up with all that torture and the knowledge of that you are about to be raped if they knew something.  Abdul wouldn’t just be able to just stand there and watch his childhood sweet-heart and wife being so severely beaten and Raped if he knew some thing that would stop it. No of course not, I honestly now just thought they wert being sadistically tortured because they were wealthy and not of their party as Jasmine had said when we first spoke.

Asmia lines the men in front of Jasmine and tells the men to strip, they quickly do as they are told and they stand there with hard erect cocks already sticking out, and stand in a position where Jasmine can clearly see the guards with their big hard and very excited pricks ready for action. Then she says to the gasping and crying Jasmine, “I have asked for volunteers to rape you Jasmine and not surprisingly as you would imagine I have had plenty of volunteers .. I have personally hand picked some very big men for you.”

Then Asmia bends in front of Jasmine telling her again “These men are all going to fuck you Jasmine if you don’t speak.. All of them!! Will you be able to live with yourself with so many men fucking you, Is your silence worth this much to you?” Apart from the low groan of “I know nothing, how many times…” Jasmine says nothing. Asmia stands and says “we will see”

Asmia stands back and says to them both calmly “so for one last time!… You both refuse to speak… Yes?

The silence was deafening and after about 2 seconds Asmia nods to the men, but surprisingly to me they don’t attempt to rape her as she has just said they would. The guards instantly start there beatings again. Jasmine is soon screaming at the top of her voice and for what seems an age. Asmia eventually tell them to “STOP” and for the naked men to “stand in front of the prisoner” and two of them stand right in front of Jasmines sobbing face.

The Asmia tells Jasmine “Now open your mouth for them Jasmine, or perhaps you would like more beatings?” Jasmine  begs “No NO Please, NO MORE” and she relutantly opens her mouth as not to get anymore of those agonizing beatings. The first guard with a huge excited hard on of about 9 inches (175mm) moves forward and pushes his hard cock enthusiastically between Jasmine’s warm red lips and reluctantly she again opens her mouth a little further as it slides in to her mouth, then she wrapping her lips around his hard cock and sucks on the guards prick. While Abdul wails in his cell in despair. 

>>>>>>>>>> 14a

Another guards strip off whilst watching him fuck her mouth and I can see that all the guards are looking forward to their turn. Asmia motions to the next guard and with her eyes fixed on Abdul she orders him “Fuck her hard, from behind and any hole that pleases you!” The guard smiles and moves behind Jasmine spitting on her bum hole and pushing his thumb in and up her bum and then spitting on it again, then grabbing her hips and directing his thick long prick to her cute little bum hole.

Abdul wails and screams out in great distress again  ”stop this you animals!!” and I felt so sorry for him, well for both of them.

I can see the guard has to push hard as he forces his prick up her bum. Asmia’s eyes are still fixed on Abdul as he is forced to watch his wife’s torture and gang rape right in front of him. Jasmine’s face contorts again and she gives a sickening groan with the pain of her anal rape as the other guard is fucking her mouth and at the same time. As one guard thrusts deep in to her mouth and forcing his thick long prick down her throat as he fucks it and with each thrust their thick cocks slide deeper and deeper at both ends as Jasmine groans, struggles and squeals as the guard forces his fat prick further and further up her tiny and beautifully cute bum stretching it open for her. I can see her struggle and fight with her bindings as to ease the pain as he starts to get in to his rhythm thrusting and fucking her up the bum with his thick hard cock.

Jasmine winces and screams out as the guard now apparently forces his prick all the way up her small round bum as far as possible and I can tell that she feels every inch forcing and filling her mouth, throat and bum. Hard cock filling her whole body and fucking her hard and deep with every thrust, the torture looks so grotesque and inhuman, I look at Asmia who was once her friend to stop it, but I see a smile on Asmia’s face, the sadistic bastard is actually enjoying Jasmines torture. In fact Asmia actually says to Jasmone “I bet this is a real treat for you isn’t it? For someone in her late 20s to never have had I real cock to now get many big ones, isn’t it? 

Page 15

Abdul is helpless as he watches his wife being so brutally and sadistically raped, Jasmine throat squelches with the fucking and her stifled screams as they fuck her hard from both ends. As they fuck her they now both withdraw almost fully their thick long pricks from her then thrust back all the way in to her and she wails and groans out loud each time.

Jasmine visibly struggles with the thick cock thrust down her throat, her mouth is forced open wide and her bum hole feels as though it is stretched fully open too. Soon the man up her bum starts to groan and fuck her incredibly hard. Asmia demands with a smile that they “cum inside her!” Then with a loud groan and a hard thrust the Guard bucks and obviously comes up Jasmines bum. The guard rests for a second while panting hard and then withdraws his already softening prick. The next guard takes his place and Asmia this time demands that he fucks her pussy. The guard gives a broad toothy smile of agreement and starts to rub his excited prick around her wet bum and then eagerly moves his prick to her pussy hole then slowly pushes his prick up her tight but soft pussy.

Again I can see he has to push really hard to get it in and I can see the obviously humiliated Jasmine suddenly give a stifled mouth full of cock scream out and I know he has now forced his prick in to her pussy and soon the guard is fucking her hard and fast as well. The man fucking jasmines mouth suddenly groans also and the guard holds her head as he forces every last bit of his cock in to her mouth and down her throat and then gently pumping as gush after gush of cum squirts in to her mouth and throat. Jasmine is struggling with her bindings frantically as the guard shoots his load and she struggles with her bonds and she coughs and splutters. I can see her throat trying to swallow his load as cum as it also gushes down her chin. The guard smiles and Asmia also tells him “Well done, you have done a good job there” but she quickly moves him out of the way and wants the next guard in to position.

The next guard has if anything a thicker but smaller cock and he pushes it between her lips and jasmines has to open her very cummy mouth quite wide to accommodate it. Again jasmine groans and pants in humiliation and to the hard fucking she gets from both ends.

Asmia mocks Jasmines husband, “Look what a slut your wife is, look at her she is enjoying all this” Abdul shouts back at her furiously “No, its not her, it’s you that’s enjoying all of this, you .. you sex pervert, you sex monster, you rapist.”

Asmia gives a little smile back at him and replies a little coy “Yes….. A little” then she turns back to Jasmine and watch’s as the guards have their fun with her and are really enjoying fucking Jasmine as two more guards come in to the room. Just as the guard fucking her from behind is finished the next eager guard gets behind her and Asmia tells him to fuck her up the bottom and hard, “We don’t want it feeling deprived do we.”

The guard holding his cock guides his hard prick to her wet bum hole and shoves it up her, again Jasmine squeals out but it slides up much easier than before and the guard starts to fuck her hard and rough as though he is angry with her or something.

Jasmine is fucked repeatedly up the bum and pussy by many gaurds and she always has a long thick cock fucking her mouth at the same time, after a couple of hours or so when the men are finished the guards are told to dress and Jasmine’s once tight pussy, bum, mouth and face is a wet cummy mess, but Asmia hasn’t finished with her yet.

Page 16 ………….

Asmia picks up her little wooden box again with the handle and tells the guard to use it on her, he starts quickly turning the handle to build the charge, He takes the wires and she points to Jasmines wet bum hole. The guard with a large smile touches her wet bum hole with the bare wires and Jasmine jumps and bucks and yells out almost dazed with the punch of the electric.

She sobs and screams out loud “ahhh nooo, I know Nothiiiiiing” then she whispers and gasps repeatedly the same thing over and over and over again then the guard winds up the box again and this time touches her wet pussy with the wires, Jasmine shudders and screams out again and carry’s on panting in deep gasps like a chant  “I know nothing .. I know nothing” repeatedly. As other guards arrive in the room Asmia orders another guard to fuck her just as I think all that has finished and the gang rape and torture goes on and on as Jasmine intermittently screams and screams.

After another three hours of being raped by many guards and abused with electric shock and unmerciful beatings without Jasmine saying a word about the theft Asmia finally orders Jasmine to be untied. She is dragged in to her cage and thrown to the floor naked. Her clothes that are now rags are thrown in on top of her as Asmia demands, “We shall continue this in the morning Jasmine and the day after that and the day after that, and I promise you will talk.”

Asmia and the guards walk out of the room and I can hear them lock the door and the lights go out with just the bright moonlight shining through the open window with thick bars in the room. Jasmine drags herself groaning off the floor and sobbing after her ordeal and lays down on what is supposed to be a bed.

We all lay there and say nothing, for some reason I feel guilty as though I was a little responsible somehow, I lay there for hours just staring at the ceiling thinking of what had happened and wondering what they were going to do tomorrow, even though Asmia had said what was going to happen, but you still never knew, but somehow we all fall asleep.

It must have been the mid hours of the morning about 3, or 4 o’clock when suddenly I am wakened by the lock very slowly turning in the door of the room and for a moment I feel sick as I think its Asmia returning with the guards.

But as I peer through the gloom I see two guards creep in quietly and make there way to my cell, I wonder what the hell is happening as I have no idea why at this moment in time why they are creeping to my cell. I pretend that I am asleep and I can see in the moonlight they are trying to open my cell door, one seems to be a young guard about in his middle to late teens, the other seems quite a big fat man, they try for a few minutes with a bunch of keys fiddling with the lock, it won’t open and after a few minutes they give up.

Then they move and they try Jasmines cell, I quickly look over to her and she is fast asleep, after her ordeal, a couple of seconds later I here the lock of her cell click, then her cell door quietly opens and as the guards quickly walk in to her cell Jasmine wakes with a start and tries to get up, the fat man all but leaps on top of her and he puts his hands tightly over her mouth hard and pushes her back on to the bed and holds her down forcibly. A third guard quietly and quickly walks in to the room with a pistol and notices that I am awake and watching them, he points the gun at me and tells me “Do not to make a sound” as the young guard takes off his trousers then pulls off her underwear frantically and at the same time I can see the fearful wide glare from Jasmines eyes as the young guard forces his way on top of  and between Jasmine’s legs.

I hear the man with the gun saying angrily “Why didn’t you open the other cell with the western woman in it?”

“Because it wouldn’t open, these cant be the right keys for it” came the reply.

‘Oh my god’ I thought ‘they were intending to rape me,’ and a cold sweat of fear ran down my spine. I can hear a scuffle and Jasmine tries to struggle with them but it was useless as the fat man was too big and heavy, I hear her stifled squeals as the young guard suddenly groans with pleasure and I assumed he had entered her at that point.

In the poor light by her cell I can see the young guards bum bouncing up and down as he rapes Jasmine with the help of the fat man, I can hear Jasmine groan and sigh as he pounds her pussy hard for about 3 or 4 minutes that seems to go on forever. Suddenly the rocking and quiet squeaking sounds on the bed get faster and faster, then the boy gives out a groan and stops pumping and their is silence. After a few seconds he gets off her panting and pulls his trousers up and takes over from the fat man in holding her down.

The fat man takes his trousers down as quickly as the fat man can he gasps and grunts with every move as he get on top of the petite Jasmine and forces his way between her legs too, he seems to fumble around a little as though he couldn’t quite find where to push it, he makes a few attempts and then I hear Jasmine squeal a little and the fat mans large bum starts to hump up and down and he quickly starts to rape her too. Jasmine offers no resistance now she obviously just wants to get it over with and I just hear her sigh and groan at the weight as the fat man bounces on top her, the fat guard fucks away at her for a little while then suddenly the guard groans out long and low and all of the humping sound stops. He gasps as he lays his fat weight on top of Jasmine for a while before he gets off her and he puts his back trousers on and starts to move out of her cell.

They lock her cell behind them and quietly make their way out. Jasmine looks at me to see if I am looking but I pretend that I am asleep, then she lies back down and without a sound she again looks up at the ceiling until I hope she falls asleep.

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As I think to myself that this is the worst living nightmare anyone could endure I wonder if I or any of us will ever get out of here alive now. Jasmine will be thinking the same thing too I thought, now I am just wondering whether it would be swift or long, it seems life has no meaning in here.

I just drop off to sleep when about an hour later, again I hear the locks quietly go in the door again, the door very slowly and quietly opens, and again I see two other guards and what looks like a small boy about 12 or so making there way to my cell and I think the light must be playing tricks as he looks so young and small. They are whispering as they move closer, again I pretend that I am asleep. I hear the men try to open my cell and I know that they are going to rape me now, and this time I hear the sickening sound of the click as the lock turns, this time they have the right key. I shiver with fear and in a sick cold sweat and my mind is racing with horror and fear at the thought that these men are going to rape me.

My cell door opens and the men creep slowly in, I feel sick and shake with the greatest fear that I have ever known as they quietly make their way towards me. Just as the men get to me but just before they jump me they bend over to see there way as it is darker in my cell, at that point I lash out violently with my boot as I still have my combats on and with a perfect hard kick to the head I smash the big man right in his face, then I jump onto my feet and turn my back quickly to the small guy and smash him in the face with the bottom and back of my forearm and he reels back and bangs his head on the bars, both men are stunned for a second, the little kid rushes towards me and I give him a good hard kick in the bollocks and he falls to the floor screaming and throwing up on the floor. The other guard is getting up off the bars and i fly in to him with my boot and hit him in the throat and he falls to the floor choking and gasping for breath.

The bunch of keys are in the lock of my cell, I rush out and lock the cell door behind me with the stunned guards inside. I rush to the cells of Abdul and Jasmine who have just seen what has happened and they are now parading up and down very anxious like lions in a cage. I try a number of keys and we quickly find the right ones and I unlock both their cells.

With large smiles we quickly hug each other and we devise a plan in under 30 seconds to make our escape. Excited we make our way to the main door and with the keys unlock it, we are shocked to see another three guards there but luckily they was all looking the other way. The immediate guard behind the door looks round slowly and smiling expecting to see the other two guards coming out for some reason. I punch him to the throat making him choke and as he falls I drag him in to the room snatching his rifle.

The second guard looking round is hit by Abdul over the head with a large block of wood almost immediately as I hit the first guard and that nearly takes his head off and as the guard reels falling over, Abdul picks up the guards rifle and as the next guard is as shocked to see us as much as we are shocked to see him I smash him in the face with the but of the gun and drag him in to the room also, as we drag each man in Jasmine hits each over the head with another of the many heavy wooden block that was in the room, it wasn’t really needed but she was angry at them for some reason.

With the men locked in our cages, we now have three fully loaded automatic weapons, we  are so pleased and go to the next locked door which we knew our keys wouldn’t open so we had to knock. The guard opens the slide window in the door and Jasmine pushes her gun barrel in to his face hard and in Arabic tells him to unlock the door silently or she would blow his face off. As he opens the door slowly we can see in the room was about 20 men, they look as if they are just coming on shift and their guns are propped against the walls. We push our way in and we point our guns at them, when they see us they look amazed and raise there hands, the guard on the door quickly runs in the corridor we had come from and slams the door behind him and presses the alarm and we now run like hell for the next large door that is open, we have no plan at this point, we didn’t have time to make one we just hoped.

The alarms ring out, we make our way down the next corridor shooting anything that get in our way, we get pinned down for a few minuets just before some large doors. All three of us fight like hell for each another for what seems an age and we break through to the doors to the outside to what looks like a large court yard with high walls. As soon as we make our way further out in to the night sky I can just see morning breaking in the distance then suddenly great powerful flood lights light up the night like day and we stand there dazzled in the light and in the glare we could make out about 100 blurry men all pointing guns at us as in the sudden silence, I think we had all decided to die fighting than go through horrible constant torture and rape. We open fire and our guns go click click … we are out of ammo…. The guards walk in to us as we drop our now useless guns.

We stand there staring at each other totally depressed as we are handcuffed and dragged back towards the cells looking at the bodies and carnage on the way back. ‘There will be hell to pay for this’ i thought. the guards who are in our cell are arrested and dragged out and led away and we are pushed back in, the doors slam and we hear the doors lock, and we all lay down and await our fate in the morning which wasn’t going to be long.

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The morning comes sure enough and Asmia comes marching in to the room with five guards, she looks as Immaculate as ever and the guards look really nasty and menacing. As usual she stands in the middle of the room silent and staring in to each cage one at a time totally expressionless rhythmically striking the dreaded riding crop against the bottom of her leg. She suddenly speaks and I am shocked that she speaks with a smile and in a nice pleasant manner, but then again she was always so unpredictable “So I hear you all have had a quite eventful morning?” She said it as though we had been on a bit of a jolly drinking party, then she explains “The guards that came in to your cells last night, did so unauthorised .. They have had a fair disciplinary hearing and as a consequence they have been told that there services are no longer required and that their contracts have been with great regret terminated, we wished them all good luck for the future … but  unfortunately for them that will be a very short one” and then with almost perfect timing we hear shooting, the volley of a firing squad.

At that point she turns to the other guard with a smile and makes the same comments that we was just thinking at the sound of the firing squad saying, “That was very good timing, I must thank the commander personally for that at lunch time.” Then she pauses for a moment and whilst looking down to the floor she puts her hands behind her back and stands smartly. She then carries on “my superiors tell me that you all have to be punished.” She smiles and continues again whilst looking around at the the squalor and taking in the situation “maybe he thinks that you shouldn’t get such a big breakfast this morning” she says sarcastically.

Asmia gives us the tone that the attempt to escape doesn’t bother her as she is not accountable for it and that she has more pressing matters to deal with. In a confident tone shy says “Today you will talk though, today will be a good day I can sense it, so lets not spoil the mood with mere tittle tattle of who murdered who shall we?”

She looks directly at Jasmine and Abdul, ‘I didn’t fancy being in their shoes today” I remember thinking, on saying that I didn’t fancy being in mine either. Asmia then shouts out her orders and the guards unlock Abdul and Jasmine’s cell and strangely they drag him away to the next interrogation room and Jasmine in turn is dragged to the bench, she is laid on top of it and she is tied tightly.

Asmia tells Jasmine ruefully, “How many times shall I have you raped today, 10 times I wonder? Then an old man walks in to the room looking like a doctor in a long white coat carrying a black bag. He has a very thin body and a gaunt looking face and my heart suddenly starts beating hard and fast as this looks very sadistic and sinister.

He opens his doctors bag goes and pulls out some instruments and lays them out on a table by the side of the bench very meticulously, Asmia speaks to Jasmine “we feel you have been given long enough time to gently soften up and now it is time to use whats commonly known as the ‘truth drug’ on you and your husband. “This should be most interesting shouldn’t it” and Asmia orders the doctor to continue. Like always Asmia was unpredictable, she had threatened Jasmine with gang-rape, but always knew that was not the plan. To my surprise Asmia turns to one of the guards and in a calm voice and a slight nod at me telling him to “take her away.”

I am taken out of the cell and pushed down the corridor in to another room about two doors down. Inside this room was a cage full of men and I really feared the worst of why I was being pushed in there. Luckily and with great relief for now I was pushed in to the next cage by the side of the men on my own. All the men turn round in unison looking like zombies and they stare at me and soon they seem to be drooling and groaning. I sit down on the other side of the cage away from the men as far as possible and I feel really uncomfortable as they all just stood there and stared at me.

As I sat there for 20 minutes or so a 2nd guard comes in to the room, he looks at me and talks to the guard that was already there, then they look at all the other men in the next cage, then back at me again then start chatting and laughing, I am fearing the worst for myself. The new 2nd guard walks up to me and says, “ Maybe you will do me a small favour for me will you in my office… or perhaps if you refuse I will have you stripped naked and moved in to the next cell here with all these men, this should be fun to watch for a few days I think, don’t you… Mmmm, think about it” he muses then rubs his chin and walks out and from then on I cant think of anything else. I wonder what the small favour was, if he wanted me to give him a blow-job or fuck me, I wasn’t sure so much, but maybe I would give him a wank seeing as the circumstances that I was in, but then maybe he wouldn’t give me the choice I worried.

Then around an hour after that the 2nd guard comes back in to the room and softly talks to the guard already in there again, they both turn and look at me and they chat a little more, then the guard nods his head and the 2nd guard walks to my cage again. I am feeling really sick with worry about what he was going to ask me to do for him as a favour, I was hoping and praying he was just going to ask me to wank him off, but I really knew that was wishful thinking on my part, I knew he was going to ask me to suck him off or that he wanted to fuck me I was feeling sick with worry..

He says to me in a pleasant voice, “Follow me please.”

“Please” I thought, then thinking on ‘Oh here we go, he is going to take me somewhere more private.’

They let me out of the cell and the guard walks to the door beckoning me again to follow him, with no dragging or anything. I walk down a corridor and then another and I am shown to the door of an office. Again my mind is racing of what he is going to want me to do as soon as I am in there alone with him, but the guard knocks on the door and some-one calls “Enter!”

The guard opens the door and shows me politely in. I walk in nervously looking around and the door is closed behind me. I am surprised to see that sat at a desk is Asmia, she gives me a big warm smile like I was a great friend and she beckons me to her and asks me to sit down. I remember thinking how clean and smart her office was and how nice it smelled. As I sat at her desk I looked in to her face closely, she was stunningly beautiful, her make-up was immaculate everything about her seemed to shine clean which seemed so out of character with everything else here in this horrible nightmare.

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Asmia looks to me smiling and pleasantly says, “Oh Hello Angel, I hope things are not so terrible here for you at the moment, but yes I know things are bad, unfortunately that is the kind of work we do here…We know you was just on routine patrol and just strayed a little from what your commanders told us where you would be, our men can get a little jumpy in some situations as these are desperate times.”

“So anyway we know that now and it is all cleared at both ends between our and your people.

“Can I go back to base now then?” I said excitedly.

But Asmia instantly raised her finger shutting me up instantly… and I thought ‘Oh bollocks, I bet right now there is going to be one hell of a but!!’

Asmia continues “We also know that you are working with British Intelligence, So you will be very useful to us indeed, I hope you will help us. Well it has already been agreed anyway between us.”

Well that made my eyes pop out for a start as it was all news to me, I know all our work is intelligence, but I was just a surveyor and at the point of kidnap was a Surveyor surveying large constructed holes in the desert.

But anyway I say nothing, A still tongue is a wise tongue in these situations I thought, she adds “let me tell you something Angel, these people Jasmine and Abdul here, do not feel sorry for them one little bit, they are not only very cunning and devious, they are very dedicated and you have seen that. They are not only thieves, they are scientists and thieves with a terrible quest, so what do you think they have stolen, and why… we already know the answer of course.”

I look at her for a moment thinking of the best way to answer her, but she carries on speaking “You know Angel their whole tribe can’t be trusted, they come from a whole tribe of thieves, that is there history, its true. They have stolen something that is very important to us, and to your country, in fact the whole of the Western people.”

I look more intense at her as I couldn’t understand what she meant. I listen as she tells me “We could all be in grave mortal peril if we don’t get these formula back very soon, for both our peoples sake.” She looked at me very serious now, then added, “We know who you are Angel, we know all about you and why you are here in our country, (referring to the weapons of mass destruction) we want you to help us, you must help us, we need you to appear to be Jasmine’s and Abdul’s friend Angel, get to know all you can, get their confidence Angel and help us, report back to us and we will be very grateful!! Then she said in an over friendly manner “You don’t know how grateful we can be!” I was for a split second thinking of Abdul and the young girl as a gesture of how grateful they can be, it seems they will stop at nothing with their gratitude.

 As I was thinking about this Asmia gets up from her chair and makes her way round the table slowly to me. As she reached the side of me she bends her knees lowering herself to my side. I can smell her so clearly now, all her little gorgeous little individual smells that makes up her overall beautiful scent and she reaches over to me and while she softly and sexily licks her gorgeous full deep red lips Asmia very gently strokes my face with her small and immaculately manicured fingers as she says sweetly “And you would like me as a friend wouldn’t you?.. A Close Friend?”

Then she moves her head close to me and she strokes her lips on my cheek gently kissing it as she says very sexily and whispering in my ear, “because I promise you, I can be very kind and generous of heart…. But I can also promise that you wouldn’t like me as an enemy, it would be a very painful experience.”

I turned my head sympathetically to Asmia and her face was so close to mine that we could have so easily kissed. We looked each other eye to eye for a moment almost like lovers, She smiled at me so beautifully that I really wanted to ever so gently kiss her on her so beautiful lips, but I gambled and told her “but I really don’t think they know anything you know, I think you really do have the wrong people like they say?” and that killed the moment of any kiss,

I half expect Asmia to get angry with me, but she didn’t at all, in fact she gave me a bigger smile and she stood up and went and sat back down again. I expected her to send me back to the cage but she starts to explain “They are the ones Angel for sure, we know 100% that they are the ones, your people know they are the ones. Both our countries have been watching them very closely for months now and sharing information. We just don’t know where they have or who has the virus right now, it only disappeared a few days ago.”

“Virus” I said surprised, “Virus, what virus, anyway all major countries have grown lots of virus over the years, whats so different about this one.”

Asmia looks me deep in the eyes, “Because this virus has intelligence, it is very clever, it’s not like any of the others, years ago the British sold us a virus that was just a host, it was not very powerful but it was incredibly virulent, they worked together with our scientists and we learned how to attach a second virus to this that grows and develops once it reaches only the right host, after 2 days that second virus is the clever one, it can read the DNA of the host with the DNA it has been given to search.

Any given DNA could be written for the virus to attack, we believe Abdul and Jasmine have perfected that and they have written our peoples DNA in to the virus, that could wipe out every one of our tribe and each person that is Anglo Saxon, but leave everyone else safe.

I am shocked as I say to myself under my breath “Oh I see, that’s what all this searching that we have been doing has all been about”

She continues “But they could have written not only the Anglo Saxon DNA which we think they could have, but they could have just written the DNA line of your Prime Ministers or the DNA line of the President of the USA, this virus could wipe out the people of a continent or a single person anywhere in the world with the virus starting anywhere in the world, the virus will move virulently from person to person across nations and continents until it finds the right DNA it is searching for, then it will unzip and grow in the host and that person will certainly 100% die, there is no escape, there is no chance of survival, this will spread like nothing imaginable, millions of little virus searching millions of DNA per day, this will be their ethnic cleansing of the entire world, the like that no one could ever have imagined, there will be no one particular race of people left on this planet that the people who the own the virus do not want to be there, it is that powerful.”

Of course, If its not the right DNA in the host when they catch the virus it will just move on fairly harmless with just a few sneezes and sniffles until it passing it on to the next person and so on. They could write many or few of these programs who knows?”

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I am spellbound by what she is telling me and Asmia amazingly continues, “But its not finished there, Our tribe have always been the ruling party here even though we have been the minority and we have always been moderate. With my people wiped out their tribe who have always been Muslim fundamentalists will rule without any opposition or mercy, then who will they attack next Angel?

Even though many of these people have been educated in the West they hate the Western ideal, the Western Culture, even democracy they hate it with a passion and they watch you with envious eyes, planning and screaming against you…. I promise you, Europe and North America may soon be fighting a virus where all the Anglo Saxon European people are wiped out and leaving the Arab/Asians in that population to take over a ready made fully developed country where 90% of the remaining people are Muslim,….. and as you would say, that is game, set and match!”

Then summing up she tells me “Its quite funny really, while you in the west were spending billions on your satellites and your nuclear and smart bombs that will destroy everyone in the world including yourselves, some of our people were growing a virus that would wipe out your whole race, while they stand there eating, drinking and working with you side by side in your own county while they watch you all horribly die whilst they in turn laugh and sneer at you in completely safety.”

“Think of this Angel, you must help us, but there is still more, much more to tell you .. We will talk again soon.. Just become their friend Angel, and remember when this virus is launched, there is no defence, there is no antidote, Just prepare for all your children, family and friends to die horribly.”

I was shocked, but I had to ask the question “But how do you know these people Abdul and Jasmine are involved”

“Angel, we are not as stupid and backward as you and they think we are. The research laboratory’s that they work in, the security in incredibly high, all their work, every one’s is monitored very closely, which research lab they are in, what time they are in there and all there movements we know, even when they work on a computer we know what they are doing on it and recorded what they are doing on it and it is backed up every 4 hours.”

“When the final piece of the virus was discovered, within minutes it was was stolen, they were the only two working, the system told us that they had downloaded a copy of the formula on to a flash drive and then altered the virus back on the mainframe to make us think that it was not quite ready and that they had not made the discovery….That’s how we know it was these two, they were arrested and given the evidence against them but there whole story was lies, and when we proved them to be liars they refused to answer anymore of the questions, They just repeated that they knew nothing… Angel we was willing to forgive them and work with them… Angel you must help us for both our peoples and the whole worlds sake!”

Then she calls the Guard and I stand up in a daze, stunned to what I have just heard, all the searching of this county makes sense to me now and before I left I told her

“Yes, yes of course I will help” I stutter still dazed.

“Good, that is very good news” Asmia smiles and then tells the guard “take her back to the cell and to treat her well!!” and he takes me back to my original cell without another word being said.

It had been a few hours now since I had been removed from my cell and when I got back both Abdul and Jasmine are asleep with the drugs that they have been given to make them talk, I know that sounds strange doesn’t it, but its the way the different doses work as they are applied during the long interrogation and they slept well in to the early evening.

When they woke up they soon seemed as bright as a spark with no grogginess at all from them. Within a few minutes of that Asmia walks in to the room in her usual expressionless but immaculate manner and this time without the guards but with a really ugly little frail man, he looked like an 87 year old goblin or something with a short pointy nose, long thin and frail grey looking body, definitely needing some sun on it, with whispery grey hair and heavily rounded shoulders, he has a slight limp and he seems to cower at every movement Asmia makes, he almost seems to me that he looks the very Image of Gollum In lord of the rings, He looks a right ugly little smelly bastard.

Sammy just looks the Image of Gollum

We later find out that his name is Sammy, Sammy stands there idly, lazily and casually staring in to the cells and letting his eyes drift as if he is totally bored until his eyes quickly widen and fix on two women (that’s me and Jasmine.)

He is obviously surprised to see two women in the cells for once it seems. The little man is now grovelling but smiling all slimy as he looks lecherously at the both of us. Asmia speaks, “This evening you will rest as we assimilate the information that you all have all given us. We have some food personally cooked for you by our chef Sammy here” and she points to this goblin like figure of a man. She continues “and tomorrow morning we will see where we all stand, shall we?”

Then she slaps her hands to this horrible little slimy man as though to say ‘get a move on’ and then she marches out of the room leaving the doors open for once, while Sammy the goblin stands there for a little while. As soon a Asmia is clear Sammy instantly runs out of the room after her and within a few minutes comes back with a warm covered plate and a large glass of clear water. He is always cowering and never takes his eyes off us at all, even as he slides the plate under the cage as though he is frightened that we will try to attack him in some way, heaven knows why? He does this 3 times with great speed sliding the plate under each cell and as I walk forward he cowers back as if in fear, then with a last long slow slimy drooling ogle of us girls Sammy disappears out of the door in a flash, well in a flash for him.

We are all starving as it’s the first food we have had for a couple of days or more and it smells fantastic, as we take the cover off not knowing what to expect and not expecting much to look at, we are all amazed to see half of roast chicken with rice that’s white and fluffy. I nearly explode with excitement and relief that its not something horrible. I thought that because they were now treating us so well that they were happy with the information they had received and that all the torture and punishments would be finished with and everything would be soon over with and I would soon be back on base.

We all eat very very slowly savouring every morsel as we hadn’t eaten for a couple of days easily,  the water never tasted so tasty and refreshing, again we sipped so slowly and for a few hours we chat and for the first time Jasmine and Abdul ask about me, but not before  they ask if I had heard what they had said while they were drugged and interrogated, it seemed they didn’t have a clue

“No, I wasn’t there” I told them surprised at what they asked, “don’t you remember, we were all taken to different rooms before hand and asked the questions then, myself included.”

Abdul asked me what they had interrogated me about, I replied “they asked me why we were patrolling in that particular area and what we had found there… I just answered what they asked, no big deal,there was nothing to hide.”

“What did you find?” they asked me.

“Rack all” I replied.

They both laughed at me saying “and did they accept that.”

I changed the subject and said “I had tried to help the both of you by telling them that I didn’t think that you weren’t involved in any theft”  Jasmine thanked me and urgently asked me what their reaction was, I replied a little uneasy “I will be honest with you, they told me that they had proof you did it..”

Her reaction was instant, I was going to use this to ask them deeper about what had really happened and why the militia were sure they had done it but I worried what their reaction would be. I needn’t have worried to worry though as she told me the whole story, or her side of it at least.

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Jasmine made herself comfortable as she started her story “as we told you earlier we are both scientists, and that we went to university in England and that over the years we studied hard and we both became world renowned in our field. We were offered a big salary to come back to our home country working in a bio lab for a large and well known British Pharmaceutical Company. Our research was pioneering, so not to bore you, the basics were this, we were working on a way that we could administer mass simple vaccines via contagion.

As you know, flu passes from person to person and the foreign virus grows in the body very quickly and makes everyone very sick indeed, the body builds a defence against it and thus everyone becomes fine again. We were working on a way very simple cures for shall way say simple ailments in the west, that in Africa and other places around the world are still mass killers, to be hopefully cured in a same way and carried in something like a common cold virus, then the small program will unzip in the host body and give them a very small dose of a laboratory made infection, which is now quite simple to do, the antibodies build up and grow in the blood giving them the protection they needed …. in the very same way as you cured smallpox and the like, but without long and expensive inoculation programs ….. Great if we could make it work, well eventually we did.

But what we found was this, as we worked on the program trying to perfecting it we found small changes being made by someone associated around the lab, but we couldn’t find out who or how, there must have been a Trojan working within the system, but we just couldn’t find it. One day when we was both working late in to the evening Abdul found the missing link in the formula that he had been looking for, he quickly downloaded the program and the formula on to a flash drive and we went home that evening exhausted but excited with the long but successful day. The next day back at the lab we both went  over all our work again checking our findings, we noticed the formula had been changed again like before, very very tiny changes here and their. Abdul worked through the whole day and in to the evening to back track what someone had done and by around midnight we discovered two main things.

One… The formula had been changed to carry a new nerve toxin that was written within a DNA program, we had seen similar virus to this before, we recognised most of it, but not all of it, this was a brand new virus. This virus was so clever that once it traveled in the host via the same means it would unzip only if it read the right DNA and then it would kill the host, but not before incubating itself and passing on the death virus.

And two, who ever did this then back engineered the virus on the mainframe to make it look as if we had done and the formula didn’t work. That would buy them time to execute the plan and the persons in the DNA program. And b, if it was discovered someone made it look as if we had done it….. That’s why we were downloading our findings and decided not to tell anyone for a short while as we didn’t know who to trust. but the download we took on the flash was stolen from the safe.

It seems someone did discover the findings and secretly investigated, it also seems that they discovered who was going to be the first victims of all of this.”

I am shocked with what they were telling me and this I thought answered all of Asmia’s questions and I said frantically to them “Why for the sake of god didn’t you tell Asmia all of this?”

Jasmine looks at me with a scowl “What the fucking hell do you think we were doing over and over again before we were even brought here two or three times we told them again that morning before you turned up here, the whole story, that’s why I said they will soon realise that they have got the wrong people and that we will soon be released, don’t you remember me telling you that? It was one of the first things I told you … but it seems that they don’t believe us, but we know nothing of the actual theft, who did it or where it is now…. We know nothing.”

It seemed to me that they were telling the truth after all as I had originally thought, they knew nothing about the theft and they even laughed out when I said that Asmia thought they were involved in the impending ethnic cleansing and taking over the world, it did sound stupid even as I said it.

Abdul took over the conversation and told me “in all our training we have studied and worked hard to save millions of lives, of all races, not to destroy them.”

“They say we are radical fundamentalists, but look at us Angel, we both dress in a very western manner, have you seen us praying five times a day?.. or, or even once, do I even grow a beard … No nothing..”

Again I thought back and Asmia was wrong about me and who I was, they were obviously wrong about them too, either that or these two were both the best liars in the world willing to watch each other go through such terrible degrading humiliation and torture to keep a secret that sounded way too over the top and far fetched to me.

Page 21

I slept well knowing that as long as I told Asmia about what Abdul and Jasmine had told me I was reasonably safe and hopefully in a day or two I may be told more, Then maybe a week at the most Asmia would let me go with a kiss and a tearful wave of the hanky.

Nothing much happened in the morning, in fact it was early evening before Asmia marches back in to the room with three guards. She just stands there looking in to the cells looking confident as usual. She announces “So we all had a good day yesterday I think, we have made very good progress,” she smiles. Then she changes her expression and looks very stern as she looks in to Jasmines cell “We had a good day, but we have not had a great day, so now we will have to ask a few more simple questions, not hard ones at all!!”

As Asmia peers in to Jasmine’s cell, Jasmine squeals out “NOoo, please, no more, I cant tell you anything else, I know nothing else, we are innocent”  and she sobs hysterically at her impending torture she is about to endure again, and I feel sick all through my body at having to witness such disgusting acts to her. Then much to my surprise Asmia suddenly looks and points to me and the guards instantly unlock my cage and they come in and drag me out of the cell.

She calls out as the guards come for me “Don’t think that we had forgotten you my very pretty pretty.” She moves her beautiful face close to mine and whispers to me “now its your turn to strip……”  She pauses for a moment then yells in a shrill voice, “So Strip!” then for good measure she goes and grabs a long electronic cattle prod and moving it close to my face she shows me the heavy blue sparks as she switches it on “or perhaps you would prefer this to prompt you… Yes.” I start to slowly undress shocked and even more puzzled with Asmia, this was the last thing I expected after what she had asked me to do for her.

Sammy walks in to the room quickly and as soon as he suddenly sees Asmia already in the room as well, he stops dead and freezes in his tracks, then his beady little eyes suddenly flick nervously to the guards then to me starting to undress then his shifty eyes move back to Asmia, he looks to be in a panic and doesn’t know what to do for the best until,

“Stay there” Asmia says sternly to him, “Do not move!!” he stands rigid, frozen to the spot not daring to move a muscle, but happy with the demand and that he is not going to be punished himself for just walking in on her.

His whole body and his ugly face frozen with only his little beady eyes slightly shiftily moving

as I can clearly read that he is wondering whats going off and he is trying to weigh up the whole situation…Then as he sees me slowly undressing and a dirty little smile slowly expands across his ugly face ….. 

My interrogation

As I get down to my knickers and bra I hesitate, it seems such a natural thing to do as Asmia prompts me, “carry on, don’t be shy, you are a western girl.”

I look around the room, and notice every one staring so intensely at me, I slowly undo my bra and let it drop to the floor, I felt my breasts spring free as I feel the warm dungeon air on them and I feel my nipples very slightly tingle and slowly expand. Sammy gasps and his already bulging eyes bulge ever further and nearly fall out of his head, he licks his lips and very slowly wipes his mouth with his sleeve. Asmia turns her head with a stern face and looks at him and she almost smiles at his lustful mannerism. She then turns her head back to me and says, “You have am admirer it seems, although it’s a while since Sam has seen any women at all in the flesh, let alone a beautiful blond western girl.”

I feel so embarrassed with all the men in the room staring at me, as Asmia prompts me so sweetly “come on take off those pretty little panties, you must have done this many times for many men.”

I say nothing, I have heard her try to degrade Jasmine in this same manner, so that part was like water off a ducks back to me, I had greater things to worry about. I slide down my knickers as I am demanded and step out of them, again I feel humiliated standing totally naked in a room full of ogling lustful men.

The guards now grab me and drag me to the post where they tied and tortured Jasmine earlier, through my confusion I feared the worst. The guards drag me to the post and force me to kneel, they tie my hands behind my back and against the post as I saw then do with Jasmine, they tie me tight and pull my shoulders back while the centre section pushing my chest forward and thrusting out my breasts and unfortunately for me my nipples sticking out proud.

The guards stand either side of me as Asmia takes the dreaded crop in her hand and with the other hand she strokes my breasts and caress’s my erect nipples without saying a word but staring straight in to my face, from the corner of my eye I can see the slimy face on Sam craning his neck trying to get a better view of me.

Then she says to me in such a sexy sweet voice, “Tell me Angel,” then she licks her full lips,” what was you doing in that area on your patrol, what was you looking for?”

“It was just a routine patrol, one we had been doing for days” I replied,

“LIES” she screams ….. and I hear the ‘Swish’ as the crop as it comes down and strikes the very tip of my nipple. I suck my breath in as it really stings. Then she repeats the question to me in the same sweet tone, “Why was you patrolling in that area?”

The answer I give is similar but I expanding a little, but this seemed to make no difference and she again strikes swiftly the tip of the same nipple 3 times more with the leather tip of the crop, my face winces and I bite my lip as the crop strikes and stings my nipple so much and perversly my nipples become even more erect and stiff, again she asks me the same question, I try to think of a different answer but there is no other answer to give.

Asmia again beats the tip of both my nipples this time again and again until I cannot help but scream out in pain, the pain is so incredibly sharp and intense. Everyone in the room except Jasmine and Abdul who just hold there head down seem to be grinning in the room from ear to ear. The ugly smile on Sam’s face drools as he gets so excited and turned on at being able to watch a woman being tortured.

Asmia speaks to me again in such a sweet tone and soon becoming a sickly sweet voice. “you will have to do better than this” she hands the crop to one of the guards as the other guard grabs another crop, they both stand either side of me as Asmia stands right in front of me folding her arms.

“We know you haven’t patrolled that area before, suddenly you are, Why ?”

My reply was the same, “we were told to patrol that area as part of a routine patrol just to show our presence, that’s all, there was no real reason.”   “LIAR” Asmia screams and pushes her face in to mine, “You take us for fools, I will teach you not to tell me the truth”

Then she nods to the guards and instantly the SWISH as the crop beats down hard stinging the tip of my nipple incredibly, I squeal out at the stinging pain Then SWISH as the other guard beats the tip of my other nipple, I cry out again, I hear Sam laugh out with squeals of delight, as the SWISH… SWISH…SWISH of the crop by one guard then the other strikes each nipple in turn. The pain builds and I can’t help but scream out loudly as I can’t believe how painful the beating of my nipples is.

Asmia suddenly Shouts “STOP !, and I am so relieved to hear it, at this point I would have told her anything.

Asmia not seemingly talking to anyone speaks loudly “maybe this type of interrogation is not sophisticated enough for our honoured guest, maybe we should give her some extra care …., maybe she should have something special” Then she looks over to the guards and orders sharply “take her to the bench !!”

As the guards untie me Asmia turns to Jasmine and Abdul and tells them, as a reward for your cooperation yesterday you two may help me interrogate Angel, I know particularly you will enjoy this Abdul.

In fact what I was wondering ‘Is Asmia going to use this as a rouse of driving a greater wedge between Jasmine and Abdul.’

The guards untie me and they drag me over to a low long wooden bench, the guards force me to the short side of the bench and drag me over it on to my back with my arms stretched out to the sides and tied tight with my head hanging over the edge.

The bench is only coming only to the base of my back and not quite to my bottom, my legs are forced open high and wide and wrapped either side of two thin posts that are pointing upwards and tied by my knees open and raised, My pussy has never felt so vulnerable.

Sam is still cowering there behind me with his distorted ugly face drooling and his puny disfigured body cannot stand still with excitement, He keeps edging closer to me, I hate the ugly little bastard who is forever grinning and gurgling.

Asmia smiles to me sarcastically and asking, “Are you comfy, oh good then we shall begin shall we?”  Asmia walks up a small pair of steps on to the bench and stands with her legs either side of my waist the guards have let both Abdul and Jasmine out of their cages and they are ushered and moved close…

“Welcome to my assistants” Asmia announces pleasantly. I am holding my head up to see what’s going on but my head soon feels heavy and I decide to lay there with my head hanging backwards as Asmia strokes my pussy softly with the leather end of the riding crop.

I expected Asmia to start asking me a questions like she did before, but before asking me anything I suddenly hear the SWISH then feel the CRACK as the crop strikes between my legs on my bare pussy and I give out a surprised sharp squeal …., then again ..SWISH… SWISH … SWISH.. as Asmia strike my pussy with the crop over and over again making it sting.

I squeal out at every stroke of the crop, ugly Sam grunts and drools again in great excitement. I notice as he is behind Asmia’s back he deviously edges closer to me and his hand starts to fumble under his clothes and I think he starts rubbing his cock and I move my face away from looking at Sam playing with his smelly little cock.

Asmia speaks to Jasmine and Abdul, “for your reward, this lying western bitch that murders our children is going to talk on why she was in that area, the area that you hid the virus for a while. We need to know the information she has, you do too don’t you, It may be invaluable to us. First we just need to soften her up a little more, don’t you think?” and while she spoke she continually strokes my pussy with the crop.

Asmia speaks to Abdul in a sweet tone “Abdul, strip to the waist down, further if you wish.” I raise my head to see that slowly he does as he is told, apart from his long pubic hair there is hardly much sign of a cock, just the smallest thing showing through the hair. Asmia laughs out loud, “you poor poor thing” she says, “I have done you a big favour then Jasmine haven’t I, allowing you to try such big cocks for the first time in your life, and many of them.”

Sam is getting brave and he moves very close to my head almost touching my head

I turn my head away from Sams smelly little cock

I turn my head away from Sams smelly little cock

with his hips, opening his tunic and turning towards he he tries forcing his smelly cock in to my mouth as he wanks at the same time, his gurgling and chirping makes me feel sick as saliva runs down his chin in excitement.

Asmia looks round and sees Sammy and what is is doing. She looks at him and calmly says “Samual did I ask you to move” he looks up in a start and instantly and very nervously shakes his head.

Asmia asks him calmly and sweetly “Do you want something very hot and thick pushed right up your bottom?” He looks horrified as he squeals and shakes his head furiously instantly pleading with her for mercy.

Asmia tells him calmly, “you do one more thing with out my permission and you will surly feel it, do you understand” and again he grovels  “yes .. yes of course”

Then Asmia turns back to Jasmine and Abdul the look of horror from Sam turns back to a lustful look at me and again a devious slimy little smile crosses his lips, while Asmia reminds her new assistants, “you will both help me, yes? and I suddenly feel the SWISH >> SWISH >> SWISH >> SWISH of the crop as it sweeps down striking my pussy between my open legs, I cry out as the beating crop stings my pussy like hell.

Asmia looks at Abdul and says to him  “Now this is how you can help me, I want yo to Rape her .. Fuck her, enjoy her how you wish.” I look to him but Abdul and he amazes me because he shakes his head. Asmia doesn’t do ‘no’ well and I wonder how she will react with him. She smiles at him nicely and she asks him, “so would you rather me bring your wife here and have all the guards rape her instead, maybe I will let Sammy fuck her too, would you prefer that..” and I see a big smile suddenly spring in to Sams face straight away.

Then Asmia turns to Jasmine asking her, “so which would you prefer Jasmine, would you like to take Angels place and have those large cocks instead and be fucked, we can let Sam go first,,, will you help your husband make his decision?.

Well to be honest, there was only one thing she could do and Jasmine turns to her husband Abdul and Calmly tells him, “you may as well fuck her, you know there is no choice, just do it Abdul.”

Asmia speaks in a comforting tone, “Come come Jasmine, be more enthusiastic than that, or I will have you fucked at the same time along side Angel here, Sam looks very keen.”

Jasmine turns to Abdul and firmly tells him.. “Abdul, fuck her, I want to see you fuck the white bitch, she deserves it, fuck her for me.”

Asmia smiles “thats the spirit, but you must help him get hard…. suck him, this will help I am sure ”

Jasmine slowly gets down on her knees and moves her mouth to Abduls cock which is growing but only about 2 inches long but now much thicker. she opens her mouth and starts to suck on it, she starts bobbing her mouth up and down on it, the other guards start to drop there trousers which has me terribly worried.

Asmia tells Abdul keenly “You can be the first to fuck this pretty western white girl,” Adding to Abdul, “your wife is helping you to fuck another girl, isn’t she kind?” With Jasmine sucking hard on his prick, Abdul soon gets hard but even so his prick is only about 4 inches long but it has got quite thick in proportion, I must admit, It is now much bigger than I thought it would be and Jasmine’s mouth is quite wide as she sucks.

Asmia is almost approving and says, “that will be enough I think” then they pull Jasmine back a little so she can watch the rape and Asmia motions him to fuck me, Abdul moves his hard prick in to position and I can feel his prick searching beneath my folds for my hole as he leans over me.

I beg to Asmia, “no no please” but again she just smiles, his prick starts pushing harder as he finds the right place and I brace myself as I am about to be gang raped by Abdul and the guards, he grabs me by the hips and starts trying to push his little but thick prick up me, he is in the right place, but I am quite dry down there and he is finding it hard to get it in, he pushes harder and harder, I can hear him grunt as he tries to force it up me, I squeal out  and I can feel my pussy start to give way just a little, I gasp out and the guards laugh, he pushes harder and I feel it start to stretch my pussy open, I cry out louder and give a little scream, little by little I feel his prick enter me, god it feels so fat and humiliating, I cry out as I am dry and it just doesn’t want to go in, then suddenly it pushes my pussy apart and with a thrust it is in me, I groan out loud then squeal, Abdul groans out loud too and just pushes, I squeal out as he grunts, god it feels so thick inside me probably because I am so dry, I cant help but pant, as he pulls back to start fucking me his prick is forced out by the tightness of my pussy and he has to start forcing it back it to my hole again.

Asmia points to one of the guards and he comes round to the other side of the bench, he grabs my head and pulls it back and starts wanking himself in to my face as I squeal as Abdul starts trying to force his way back up my pussy, the guard is now trying to force his prick in to my mouth, Asmia is laughing out loud at the start of my gang rape….

Suddenly Asmia shouts out and all the men stand to attention, she barks out another order in Arabic and they drag Abdul off me, then the guards get dressed and march out of the room with Abdul. The room is silent with only me Asmia and jasmine in the room.

Asmia talks in a soft voice to Jasmine, “you did such a good job of preparing your husband, now prepare the girl, suck her, please her, make her wet for your husband”, Jasmine looks at Asmia “but I don’t know how to, I have never done anything like this before”, Asmia looks stern at her, “you pleasure yourself don’t you, then just do the same things to her but use your tongue…….NOW !”

Jasmine reluctantly moves closer to me and starts to kiss my pussy she kisses very delicately giving my pussy lots of kisses and feeling her way round, then she sticks out her tongue and starts feeling round gently licking till she get to my clit and there she lingers licking my clit, soon she is flicking it with her tongue, Jasmine works her mouth all around my pussy, even licking and flicking my ass hole with her tongue, Asmia approves, “Good girl, that’s very good” she purrs, jasmines mouth and tongue feels really nice, I cant help but sigh and groan a little, Again Asmia smiles, “I see she is pleasing you Angel….. Good”.

My neck is beginning to hurt as my head has no support, but at that moment Asmia pulls out a head rest from the bench and it seems to half support my head but seems to hold it in place as well, anyway that was much better, from the side of my eye I can see Asmia taking off her skirt and removing her little knickers, then she walks up to me opening her legs and moving her pussy to my face as she leans forward to watch Jasmine working on my pussy, my pussy is now really wet and I am half expecting Asmia to order Abdul to rape me, but no, she lowers her pussy on to my mouth and slowly moves it around, her pussy smells very nice and clean and I stick out my tongue, Asmia pussy is really wet and as I stick out my tongue she instantly rubs her clit there and I lick and flick


A guard comes running in to the room in a panic, Commander he shouts “helicopters, 3 of them approaching” Asmia jumps up and runs to the door, “Do nothing yet” she screams “activate silent alarms, and lock every one up” and she walks swiftly through the door and neon blue lights start to flash in the room.

They then untie me quickly and push us all back to our cells and throw me back my clothes, they then rush out of the room and slams the door behind and locks it…. Then silence



As I get dressed wondering what all that was about and what a close thing that was, suddenly I hear helicopters, Apache attack Helicopters. Then a burst of fire quite near on, then a heavy burst of fire, cannon shells firing at the Helicopters, the Apache helicopters return fire as I hear the shrill of the nose mounted gatling guns then the ripping noise of the fire ripping through the whole building, we all throw ourselves to the floor and curl up in a defensive mode , then I Hear the whoosh of hand held missile launches being fired at the helicopters, then the sound of the helicopters taking defensive manoeuvres.

Suddenly there is a loud explosion then a second explosion quite close, Asmia looks around in shock, the guards duck down and look terrified then a third explosion that shakes the whole room and Asmia struggles to stay on her feet, then the whole room rips apart and blows Asmia off her feet, the ceiling comes down and the bars of the cages fall at an angle, the sound of helicopters and there downdraft start to fill the room.

Commando’s storm in to the room screaming and shouting, we didn’t need any invitation myself Jasmine and Abdul run towards the smashed and crumbling wall, the commando’s drag us through and direct us to the waiting helicopters on the ground while attack helicopters circle above we duck down low as they direct there cannons at the incoming fire suddenly the shrill of the helicopters gatling guns as they rip in to the building behind us at the guards as they open fire.

We all leap in to the helicopter and within only a seconds the helicopter takes off. As the helicopter climbs above the main building suddenly heavy machine gun fire rips through the fuselage leaving bright shafts of light through the metal and leaving slight circles of smoke behind us.

Our helicopter clears the high perimeter wall with all guns firing from the other attack helicopters. The Arab defensive guns never stop and we are hit again as we bank and fly away clearing the towers by the front wall. The apache behind us opens fire on the towers and all three troop carriers fly past as the towers disintegrate under the cannon fire and collapse. we are on our way home now the helicopters climbs higher and higher and the gun fire falls silent. We all sigh and cheer as we lay back and enjoy the ride home, we roll over and hug each other and chat and laugh about the first things we are going to do when we get back, mine was to have a beer and a long bath.

But we spoke too soon, the engine of the helicopters stopped sounding smooth and sweet but started sounding really loud and cranky like metal on metal. the pilot shouted to us that it seems the oil and hydraulic lines had been hit and the engine was overheating. As I stood and looked in to the cockpit all the cockpit warning lights were on, then even more red lights flashed and came on even in the few seconds that I was looking. The co-pilot radioed the next helicopter that we had been hit and was in trouble. The message came back to push on as far as we possibly could as the next helicopter was right next to us but we wasn’t safe yet.

We all looked at the gauges as we pushed on 10 more minutes had passed, that was another 20 miles or so, then the engine temperature gauge just suddenly shot through the roof, black smoke bilged from the engines and the sound was very disturbing to say the least, then there was a loud bang from the engine area, then more banging and clanking and the pilot had to fight with helicopter controls, that was it, we wasn’t going any further in this and the pilot put the helicopter down quite heavy on the sand, the Helicopter dug in to the sand with a heavy thud and rolled on to the its side with broken rotor blades being flung everywhere.

The helicopter behind us landed softly besides us and we all quickly climbed out of our crippled Helicopter, the Apache in front of us banked to the right and circled us as all the crew climbed on to the other helicopter, I am just about to scramble on too fully expecting Jasmine and Abdul to be right behind me, but no, as I gave a glance behind me they were running the other way.

I ran after them to tell them they need to get on the other helicopter, but they refused to come, “No” they shouted, (trying to be heard over the sound of all the helicopter engine noises) “those are your people, we know a village only a few miles over there, they will take care of us,” I am shocked with what they say, even now I don’t know why I did it, but I waved the helicopters to take off without us, Jasmine told me, “NO, No, you must go with them, they came for you.”

The pilot couldn’t believe it, he signalled again for us to climb aboard, but again I waived him away, the pilot shrugged his shoulders and the helicopter took off and flew away as we stared at each other until the Aircraft banked and contact was now lost, I felt sick in my stomach as I saw the helicopters gets smaller and it suddenly went quite.

“Why did you do that” they both asked with shocked expressions.

“I have no fucking idea at all” was my frank reply to them, then added, “all I thought of was we are all in this together, just lets all go together.

The light was fading and Jasmine turned saying “lets go, its about 6 or 7 miles in this direction” Stupidly I thought, ‘we can do that in just over an hour if we rush’ but in the very soft sand it was an absolute nightmare walking, after about an hour we saw headlights of vehicles in the distance behind us, they had got to where the helicopter was downed, we laid behind the sand dune watching them in the very distance, they stayed no longer than 2 minutes as the searched the downed helicopter and then we saw the vehicle headlights head off back where they had come from, they would have assumed that we had all got away in the second helicopter and the wind covered our footsteps in the sand.

It took about 3 to 4 hours to cover the 7 miles in the soft sand dune terrain and even though I would run 13 miles a day at camp, but this soft sand was very different. When we finally got to where Jasmine wanted to be I was totally knackered, my calf’s and hamstrings were stinging like hell. I was so disappointed to see that there was really nothing here, it was just a few palm trees and a soggy sandy water hole.

‘How the bloody hell is this going to help us’ I thought and naffed off, no … totally pissed off I slumped down on the soft sand with my back to one off the trees. Jasmine is still concentrating hard, she is looking around and counting as though she is mapping something out.


Then she comes over by the side of me and drops to the floor on her knees, I thought she was going to pray or burst in to tears or both, I said to her in a soft sympathetic voice, “I am sorry about with what you had to go through back there Jasmine, I am really ashamed with myself that I couldn’t help.”

Jasmine now starts to scratch and dig down in to the sand whilst answering me “Just shut up, it is over with now, it is in the past, it is over. Then she stops digging in the sand and she looks at me angrily and tells me, “you could do nothing as I could do nothing to help you or Abdul, save your sympathy it help no one then or now, get over it and move on” then she starts to dig again with her bare hands deep in to the soft sand like a dog burying a bone.


Jasmines attitude fully shocked me, ‘fuck me’ I thought ‘they are certainly tough these Arabs’ I was trying to help her, but instead she spoke to me like some weak sobbing silly girl who had just had a little tiff with a boyfriend,, it wasn’t what I had expected, not at all and to be honest, I didn’t like being thought of like that at all and from now on my attitude changed and I got much harder.

Jasmin kept on digging for about 10 minutes and I was about to think she had gone mad. Abdul had done the same thing as me, he also had sat down in the sand with his head back as though he hadn’t got a care in the world and was about to doze of and have a 10 minute nap.

Suddenly Jasmine calls to him, “I have got it, its here” and as I looked over to see what it was, Abdul instantly went and took over, he man handled the strong plastic covering and dragging it up with great strength out of the sand rather than digging further.

He wrapped the plastic covering off and I could see that it was a two way radio. He switched it on and as it crackled in to life he started giving a call sign over the radio in Arabic, within a few seconds there was an answer and Jasmine and Abdul cheered and danced as they spoke to the excited cheering people on the other end of the radio.

After a few minutes of chatting and cheering they switched the radio off and sat down with big satisfied faces, Jasmine tells me, “relax for a while we are safe now.” She was right fifteen minutes later and I hear the sound of engines, I worry and look up and around, but Abdul raised his hand to me in a calming motion and I relax as both Jasmine and Abdul have no worries at all.

The large 4×4 track vehicle pulls right up to us with dull lights, two men get out smiling and laughing and hugging both Jasmine and Abdul, then they stop and turn to me, Jasmine holding her hand out to me and starts introducing me with great affection, “this is Angel who was in the prison with us, she helped us and calmed our spirits under extreme stress and with Allahs mercy and help from her people we find ourselves here free.”

The two men with big smiles pat me on the back and at the same time firmly grip me by the arms telling us all, “come, lets get you out of here” and they almost lift me saying “you must be weary from your ordeal and all but carry me in to the vehicle.

We all sit back as the men roar off and the wide wheeled 4×4 has no trouble with the soft sand and now I start to feel safe. The people chat excitedly in Arabic, and as I said before I knew more than a little, but the speed in which they chatted I gave up and rested my head back in the very comfy seats and closed my eyes letting me mind drift peacefully.

Now even though I wasn’t listening I could tell the conversation sometimes was muted, they seemed to be holding back in the conversation, I kept hearing the sentence ‘not now while the girl is here’ and I wondered why, I had never spoken in Arabic to them, as far as I knew they had no Idea that I understood a single word, I usually found out that I learned more this way. They were obviously not taking any chances. In any case the conversation dried up in 20 minutes or so and by that  time we were on hard smooth sand traveling at about 70 miles an hour. Although It still took about 4 to 5 hours to get where we were going.


Then we pulled in to what looked like a busy town and as we drove around the streets until we pulled in to a very large expensive detached house with a long driveway and electric gates with armed men, in fact there was a lot of armed men. I started to wonder where we was but knew it best to say nothing and play the dumb blond girl. In my head I knew we had been driving mostly west and if we had been driving at roughly 70 and 80 miles an hour we would be around 350 miles west from where we started, add say another 20 miles with the helicopter and 7 or 8 miles we walked we would be about 380 miles west of the prison.

The doors opened on the vehicle and as we got out the people there made a real fuss of all of us and almost carried us up in to the house. Once we got inside the decoration and ornate’s were stunning, such colour and everything was so expensive and delicate, it was if a prince lived here.

The host came and greeted us, he was around 50 to 55, a small but very fat man around the waist with such a beautiful smile, but he wasn’t that fat in the face and I thought that he was very good looking indeed, I still find it strange me saying that, but he was.

He chatted to me openly and showed and explained to me some of the photos as we walked along the corridor to a large open courtyard, by the time I had walked the 30 meters through his hall I had learnt that his name is Carlos, he was former special forces, that he had been in politics and that looking at all the photographs on the wall of him he knew personally a lot of powerful and famous people and that he seemed to me to be a perfect host because he now told me, “while these people chat and talk about their little adventure let me show you to your private room where you can stay and rest” then he clapped his hands to two beautiful girls dressed in the finest silks, they excitedly skipped over to me and led me by the hand up some near by stairs to the most beautiful rooms where I was to stay for a little while.

They ran a large bath while I went and cleaned my teeth with a new toothbrush that was on the sink and giving them a good polish. As they filled the bath they adding the most fragrant soaps and oils and left me peaceful to bathe while dinner was being made even though it was about 1 o’clock in the morning, they also left me with a small cut glass bowl of mixed fruit with a small fork to nibble on and it tasted so sweet and fresh, oh it all felt like  I was in heaven with the door closed.

I laid in the beautifully scented soft warm water for around 20 to 25 minutes and had just washed my hair twice which was totally beyond filthy when the two young lady’s came excitedly back in the room.  They always seemed so happy as they started soaping me down, I pleasantly protested a little as I told them that I was capable of doing it myself, but they just did not understand or simply ignored me.  Now don’t get me wrong, it was very nice but I don’t know who they did this for before but they certainly wasn’t shy where they went with those large soapy sponges and they certainly made sure it was very clean, but I thought ‘stuff it Angel and just enjoy the opulence for once.’


Once they felt I was clean enough everywhere, and I mean everywhere they gently helped me out of the bath and dried and towelled me down. They didn’t hand me the towel and ask me to do my little bits, oh no, nothing was too much trouble for them, but even so I still had to do it myself even though they protested, you can only do your bits right if you do them yourself can’t you girls..  They then rubbed scented oil all over my body, the most gorgeous scent that I have ever smelled smoothing and massaging it in to my shoulders, back, legs and arm and all around my breasts, for the first time since I had been in this country I felt like a beautiful and sexy woman again. Then they showed me all kinds of clean sexy underwear to choose from and the most beautiful dresses in such beautiful soft silks. It was such a thrill to put something soft and sexy on once more instead of combats full of dust and sand.

The girls said they would call back in a few moments when dinner was ready and they left me a drink of cold orange and passion fruit in a sparkling cut glass and at this moment in time I could have stayed here forever and lived like this, I wondered if the big fat man had a wife and weather he would be interested in me, and I giggled at the mad thought that was running through my mind,… maybe I would be one of seven wives even, who knows here in this part of the world.

I walked through the large double patio doors that was slightly ajar on to the veranda and the warm air of the night ran over my body like a lovely warm blanket as I looked down the large beautiful garden that had lovely fairy lights all in different colours highlighting all the trees, shrubs, bushes, large scented flowers and the large water feature, it looked to me like an enchanted garden. I idly walked and drifted along the veranda until it turned the rounded corner of the house where I then heard voices and I was sure that I could hear Jasmine speak, I walked closer very quietly and I heard Jasmin say “The Virus is complete; it must be injected in to the blood stream of the host and allowed to incubate for 27 days,……

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I was stunned and shocked to learn that “Asmia was right all along, they didn’t go through all that torture just for spite and they wasn’t innocent at all. They have produced a killer virus.” I held my breath as I crept a little closer above them as Jasmine continued….  ”…after that time the host will gradually become be very sick, after about 4 days after that he will be at the most virulent,.. it will be like a very bad case of the flue, as he now moves coughing and sneezing around the Middle East he will spread the first virus, which it turn will start to be passed on after only the 4 day period from now on and not the overall 11 days.

The virus will unzip in the new host will read the DNA of the person, if it is the correct DNA the virus will attack the victim, they will develop the same flu like symptoms then have difficulty in breathing and then his body will start to break down, effectively the person will bleed from every orifice and they will bleed to death if they are lucky. If the Virus detects our peoples DNA the virus will still be virulent and they will still be sick for about a week but then the person will just get better as normal. We tried this in Africa last year with a poor prototype it worked well an just as we wanted it too, but this new super strain is a very different animal, this is to world changer”

I couldn’t believe my luck, after all the torture they had been through I find myself just above them in this big house and at the right time and I am hearing the whole story, what is the odds of that I tell myself”

Jasmine who it seems is the biggest driver and influence in this seems to be giving a total debrief. She continues “The second virus strain will be then released in Northern France, This will then will be spread across Europe and Great Britain. Britain being so populated and an island will be severely hit, with their weak perfectly politically correct attitude they wont dare ask the right questions until it is too late, that is if they ask any questions at all and the Anglo Saxon population should be decimated, this will be easy for our people that now number in the 100s of thousands there to take over Great Britain as the first Islamic Country In Europe and with them being an Island it will be much easier to defend…… I can smell victory my people… The carrier is “Abdul Abdul” and he is visiting England soon to see friends.”


I heard someone call me from inside my room, I very light footedly and quickly ran back as though I was just outside the door, It was a girl telling me that dinner was ready, I smiled and put my shoes on and went with her down in to the dining room.

The evening was delightful I went to bed later that night after to most fantastic dinner, it must have been around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, I was totally knackers and I knew I would sleep like a top and as expected I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I had a strange dream, I dreamed that I was back in the cell asleep, it was strange to be dreaming that I was asleep if you know what I mean. I heard a little voice calling me and Jasmine. I woke (in the dream) and it was Sam, as you know Sam was only small, even smaller then me, but in the dream he was only about 3 or 4 feet tall, he was stood with someone who looked like an identical twin brother.. Sam calls us, “come here, can I do a deal with you two” me and Jasmine who were in adjoining cages both come to the corner to see what he has to say. Me and Jasmine was surprised to see that he and his brother was completely naked, each with a big knob hanging down, I looked at him and he is drooling with excitement, “every one has gone” he said, “the prison is totally empty and I have got the keys to the whole prison, what do you think to that eh? and he jingled the keys up and down showing us….. “We could let you out you know……. If”" and he almost chirped and grurgled at that point almost making me sick.

“If what” Jasmine asked urgently quickly flashing her eyes to Abdul (her Husband) in anticipation of getting out of here, Sam and his brother looked at both of us in a lustful disgusting manner both drooling and I almost guessed what the tone of his “if” was going to be before he said any more.

Sam panted heavy in his excitement then said in his grating voice, “I will unlock all the doors and let you go.. if you let me and my brother, No, no,” he started to correct him self then he started again “we will open all the doors if the both of you will do us both a Favour please.”

Jasmine asks in a urgent tone “What kind of favour” Sammy dosent seem to know how to put it “well if we could, that’s me and my brother, if we could both erm..Then his brother pipes up boldly “if we can fuck you both” Asks Jasmine fuck you

“Yeah thats it” replies Sammy “can we take it in turns to fuck you. both. er. p l e a s e….” and I see both there pricks start to grow in excited anticipation with a semi hard on quickly developing.

Sam Stands there with an enormous Semi Hard on.

Sam Stands there with an enormous Semi Hard on.

Both me and Jasmine look at each other in surprise at what we have both seen and that he had really said it, I turn and tell Sam with my mind clear “no, absolutely not, no fucking chance, I wouldn’t let you anywhere near my body with that, not in a million years.

Sammy with a growl tells us “Then you will stay her locked up until everyone comes back tomorrow morning and they will torture you both some more probably” and he starts to walk away.

His brother whispers to him but we could just hear him say “but they wont be back for days yet”

Sammy whispers angrily back to him, “SHhh, shut up, they don’t know that do They” then  they both turn back to us and gives a big cheesy smile.

I knew we had to give them something to get out, so I suggested to them “What if we both wank you off, would that do.

“NO” they both said very short and sweet, It was clear that they knew they had the upper hand over us.

I look again to Jasmine, she has such a beautiful Arab face and she gives me a little frown as she says, “Look Angel, I don’t want to do this as much as you, but we need to get out of here, I have things I need to do.”

The Ugly Sam comes running quickly back to us by the bars as he hears what Jasmine tells me and he tells us excitedly “they wont be back for another 24 hours, if you let me and my brother have our fun with you both, it gives you many hours to get away, there is a Range Rover outside full of fuel, you could be home very soon.

Jasmine looks over to her husband Abdul urgently so see his reaction to the suggestion from Sammy and he nods his head at her to do it, she reiterates what she has just said “look Angel, I certainly don’t want to do it, but I need to get out of here, come on just let him and his brother fuck us, let them have a little fun, we can cope with that for a little while then we can go home.”

“Okay,” Jasmine says to them, “we will do it ”  … I tell her, “hold on here, don’t I get a say” Jasmine turns to me saying irritatedly, “No Angel, you must do it, do you hear” I looked at her eye to eye and she had fire in her eyes at me, I resigned myself to what I had to do and told her “I don’t suppose we don’t have any choice do we.”

Jasmine turns to Sam and says in a sexy deep tone “well, you heard, we have both agreed and my husband doesn’t mind you fucking me, now let us out and you can both fuck us silly if that’s what you want to do, that’s only if you let us go afterwards.”

I turn to Jasmine staring disapprovingly at what she has just said. She looks at me at my response and says, look at them, they will never have had a woman before, I don’t expect this to last long do you? …. “I hope not” I told her.

She replies back with a sympathetic tone “Oh lets just let them fuck us, so what, Allah will see what we do is for him.”

Sammy comes back saying, "here you will be quite comfy"

Sammy comes back saying, “here you will be quite comfy”

Instantly Sam runs off and drags in to the room a dirty mattress to fuck us on, “here, we will make it comfy for you.”

He is really pleased with himself and almost as proof of the comfort he starts to bounce up and down on it “see” he says.

He looks over to his brother then turns to us and asks “ready” …. I sigh, “Not really, but here goes I suppose.”

“Are you ready” he says to Jasmine, “of course” replies Jasmine, but first you will have to unlock the gate to let us out” she says in a calm voice.

“Oh no, you might bash us and take our keys with you” he tells us, I look to Jasmine and she frowns at him, “so how are you going to fuck us? … do you think you and that mattress can squeeze between these bars.”

Sam pushes his cock through the bars

Sam pushes his cock through the bars

“Oh right,” Sam says, “but you will have to prove it first and he hops up on to the bars and sticks his cock through the bars, “Suck it for me”

“If you want, I will do anything you ask” she tells him and she meets him half way by lowering herself on to her knees, she grips the bars and moves her mouth to his now very hard cock, she licks her lips a little then licks the tip of his cock and Instantly he drops his head back and groans out, “Oh yes”

Jasmine licks his cock a little firmer and lets her tongue make circled around his cock teasing him. She looks up to him saying, “is that alright, is that nice for you.”

“Yes, yes, more” he gasps, “give me more” he squeals, He turns his head excitedly to his brother, “did you see it, did you see it, she licked my wonga, she really did,” then he turns his head back to Jasmine “oh my god do more, just do more to my aching prick.”

Jasmine slides her mouth over the tip of his cock

Jasmine slides her mouth over the tip of his cock

She almost smiles a little at his boy like excitement and she starts so give her lips a little lick again then she starts to run her tongue around the tip of his cock again and he groans out again, then as she licks the tip, she flicks the tip now back and forth and amazingly she slips her mouth over his cock and starts sucking on it. Sam groans out loudly as Jasmine now slowly starts bouncing her wet mouth up and down on the ugly little runts shaft.

His brother jumps up on to the bars to get a closer look, then says, almost screaming, “they are doing it, open the gate, open the gate.”

Sammy wasn’t listening as Jasmine is sliding her mouth up and down Sams cock and he was in Ecstasy and taking no notice of his brother, her was just gurgling like he does when he is happy.

His brother comes over to my cage and excitedly pushes his cock through the bars telling me, “do the same to me”

I ask him. “why hang on to those hard bars, why don’t we get comfy” and I look over his shoulder hinting at the mattress. He takes the hint straight away..”right, okay” he squeals and his brother searches for the keys and picking them up he comes running over to my cage, he fumbles with the lock and suddenly with a click the door opens.

“Quick, quick” and he runs over to the mattress, I slowly walk over, after all I was in no hurry. My heart is beating at the impending doom, I lower my self down and lay on the dirty mattress. His brother just looks at me with big eyes motionless with his big cock sticking out in front of him.

I have to tell him, “well” and he looks shocked saying back to me as a question “Well” I move an inch towards him.  “I mean, well come here” and he eagerly edged towards me, then stops still a little too far away, I can’t believe I was doing this, but I wanted to get it over with, I reached my hand out and putting my hand behind his horrid bum I pulled him closer to me until he was almost on top of me.

He came hesitantly, his whole body was stiff, not only his cock, He stood there with his large eyes bulging, I looked up at his ugly face, then decided that wasn’t a good idea and I decided to keep looking at his prick instead as that wasn’t so ugly and I could pretend it was of a great hunk of a man.

It tasted so salty

It tasted so salty

I licked my lips to make them a little slippery and I opened my lips tentatively and reluctantly I took his prick in to my mouth, oh my god it was so disgusting, I tried not to taste it but I had no choice, it tasted so salty like a bad fish..

I sucked and used my tongue at the same time, I thought that if I did a really good job on him he might not last long. I remember with my first virgin boyfriends once they had cum, they were so drained they couldn’t do it again, so I reluctantly sucked him off sliding my mouth up and down his horrid shaft.

Like his brother I saw him drool and he gurgled his pleasure, I could have puked all over the ugly little bastards, and I thought of them ‘fancy being about 70 and still virgins.’

I heard the bars open and guessed that Jasmine had been let out of the cage. Sam came straight over to us and croaked in his horrible voice, “Have you fucked her yet,” … “No not yet” he said irritated “I am still enjoying this with her mouth”

“Angel, lay on your back and open your legs!” he tells me.. Oh bollocks I thought, ‘I wanted to get this one off. then he would be finished with’ so I sucked his cock a little harder and faster and sliding it deeper in to my mouth. I turned over on to my back and I open my legs.

Sam almost starts shouting, “Angel lay on your back, I want to fuck you” Jasmine tells me “yes come on Angel, we said they could fuck us, so let them”

I felt his huge prick slide up me

I felt his huge prick slide up me

I let the big prick slide out of my mouth and laid back on the dirty matt and Sam crawls between my legs with a big smile on his face and my whole body crawls as he  starts guiding his big prick to my pussy. He pushes his cock towards me trying to fuck me, but he is pushing it in the wrong place,  it is obvious he has no idea where it should go.

Jasming notices this too and she grips his prick in her hand and guides if between my folds and tells him “now push” he giggles as he now has the right place of where to push and Sam starts to push his prick in to me, Sam drools down is chin and down on to his ugly pot belly and I suddenly felt his prick trust in to me and again I wanted to puke at the thought.

Sam slid his huge prick right up me as he fucked me, I couldn’t help but groan and squeal as he thrust further and further up me, I was disgusted that I could feel so much of his prick inside me as he started to bang away forcefully in to me, the more frantic he thrust in to me the more I gasped at the disgusting feeling, I looked down my body and his ugly face just looked even uglier and I thought to myself, ‘just fucking get it over with.’

Jasmine lets the whole of his length slide up her

Jasmine lets the whole of his length slide up her

Jasmine comes over to Sams brother and tells him to lay down, and she man handles him on to the floor, I looked to the side of me as his prick sticks right up in to the air.

In my mind I thank Jasmine for her help and taking control, as she squats over him she grips his prick and guides it to her pussy and she starts to force her pussy down on to it.

I see her face flush pink as his prick slides in to her fanny and they both groan as she starts to slide up and down on his shaft, soon she is bouncing up and down on it quite hard and almost banging her pussy down his shaft and right in to his stomach still getting increasingly harder and faster.

Sam seems like he growling as he is fucking me as hard and as furious as he can, I open my eyes and he is staring me right in the face as I squeal at his pounding, I cant stand seeing his ugly face so I quickly close my eyes again, when suddenly I hear another voice, “hello” sounds this strange high pitched voice and I hear Sam simply say, “oh hello” and he slowed his thrusting.

I opened my eyes and saw a third brother identical to the other two, Sam tells him, “just take an empty hole, its fine with these two”

I get up on the back of my arms as Sam now only slowly thrusts in and out of me and I protest, “Hold on, we didn’t agree to any more of your brothers fucking us.”

The next brother takes her from behind filling both her holes

The next brother takes her from behind filling both her holes

Jasmine turns to the new brother and tells him, “its fine with me, just come and use me at the same time, there is no need to wait, take me from behind up my bum or I will suck you off, you can have either, however you like it doesn’t matter.

The other brother chuckles, not like the others girgling. Sam smiles at me and grips my hips and starts to fuck me hard again.

The new brother moves behind Jasmine and she stops bouncing her hips up and down as the new brother starts forcing his cock up her bum hole, Jasmine squeals out as she feels his prick slide up her bum at the same time as her pussy, the new brother gets in to his rhythm and gripping her hips he starts trusting in and out of her bum and giving her a deep anal.

The other brother under her is now having to do the work and as one brother fucks her deep up her bum as the other pounds up in to her pussy, she is screaming out at the fucking, and she gasps “Angel, we must do as they ask, it does not matter, we must do what we have to do for our cause, only the cause matters, we will be greatly rewarded later.

Suddenly I wake up and fell relieved that I am out of the prison, I am still sleepy but my mind was focused on the dream, I instantly understood what the dream was about, all that torture Jasmine and her husband went through, the horrific rape they endured, both of having to watch your wife being gang raped, and being gang raped while your husband watched, They freely endured that horror to give there colleagues time to put the plan in to operation with the virus, to them it was only the cause that mattered.

I laid there and thought that I had to get back to the base, but would they believe me, if not, dare I go back and see Asmia…. First things first, lets get back to base and see what happens when I tell them my story, but I mustn’t seem too eager, I must try and remain as I was before, ..

Then suddenly a knock at the door woke me up, I must have dropped off to sleep again and now I felt much fresher.

I went to the door and it was a girl asking me what time I would be coming down for breakfast, I told her about 15 minutes, she simply replied “great” and walked away.

I got washed and changed and went down for Breakfast, the dining room was quite full including Jasmine and she and they welcomed me in. The breakfast was simple, very nice and light, the same as the conversation.

Carlos was very pleasant and told me that “You are free to stay as long as you like, but I will make arrangements with the British Army for your safe return, they will be worried and will want to get you back quickly, I am sure.”

I played it cool and simply told him, “you are very kind, but I am with the Royal Air Force, not the Army, is it alright if I give my base a call.”

Carlos smiles and speaks brightly “of course, of course, if you are air force they may send an helicopter for you” and he leads me to the phone straight away and writes both the address and the co-ordinates too.

I rang the Base not knowing if anyone was listening, I kept the call low key but told them the place had a heli-pad. The base commander was pleased to hear from me and said they would send a helicopter for me immediately, if not sooner.

The helicopter was here within the hour, I gave my thanks to Carlos and said my goodbyes to Jasmine and Abdul.

Back on the base I was taken from the Helicopter straight to debrief, my interview was recorded as I told my story over the next 4 hours of the things that I had learned and also of all the punishments, torture and rapes within the prison that happened on a day to day routine, then constantly having to answer question after question.

When it was all over I was told that I was to be confined to quarters for the time being and a guard put on my door, they told me that my food would be brought to me until this was investigated. I protested saying “yes I would like to catch up on some rest” but I requested a return to duties, “out of the question” came the reply.

The following morning I was summoned back for further debrief and this time there was many more men there. Some in high powered uniform and some in dark suits and some in casuals. An old guy who I had not seen before in a nice tweed jacked with a very English Oxford accent starts to speak to me in a kind gentle tone. He asks me very nicely if I could recount me story, “I fully understand the ordeal you went through, but its very important I hear this for myself,.. if you could oblige me, right from the beginning” he asks.

He asked me so nicely I replied to him, “like where from the beginning, the time of the engagement ? the time of the capture ? or the time of the interrogation?”

He looks as though he thinks for a minute then says, “right from the point that you saw the girl that was being interrogated chastising the people on her doorstep!”

I shook my head “But that was about a week before the capture!!”

“Oh good” he smiled, “that seems about right then.” and he sits down in front of me making himself comfortable and motions me to do the same while softly saying to me “you can relax, we are all friends here.”

As I recounted the story he softly asked me all sorts of questions like “when she scolded the men, what did you see in the street immediately around you, was there heightened tension?”

This went on and on and took me about 8 hours with only occasionally stopping for a drink of water and a toilet break, (the water takes its toll you know.)

When we have finished, The guy turns to the other men saying, “and that Gentlemen is it in a nutshell.” Which seemed a gross under statement to me. The sound of each of the men all muttering softly to each other fills the room as I sit there and watch and trying to catch a word here and there.

This maybe went on for about 10 minutes or more until the old guy in the tweed jacket turned back to me and everyone else instantly stopped talking. “Now Angel, how did you leave Jasmine and Abdul, on good friendly terms, or do you believe they had some doubts over you,… Maybe that they thought that you may have over heard their conversation while on the verander, In other words did you leave each other totally amicably”

“Yes, we were fine, they had no idea”

The old man smiled widely “Excellent, News, Excellent …… You see things have moved on, as you know the there is trouble in the Middle East and as the virus is released the tide will turn and ISIS will rule, which is a big problem for us, but not as big a problem as the Virus that will be released in Europe, we don’t know how many the virus will wipe out here in Europe, it could leave us seriously weakened and that could leave us vulnerable to ISIS moving north with us having no real defence against them.

Now can we introduce you to someone” and without waiting for a reply he goes to the door leading to another room and opening the door he says to the person inside “would you kindly come in for a moment my dear.” I hear the footsteps and the person walks in to the Room.

Oh my god “Its Asmia” I burst out “she is the monster that tortured all of us and she enjoyed every moment of it”

The old man still smiling “All in the line of duty I am afraid, she was under our orders, unofficial orders of course, we set the whole thing up, Asmia was informing us the whole step of the way the progress you was all making”

“Hello Angel, no harsh feelings I hope” came a wry smile from Asmia.

“What !!!” I screamed out “you are telling me that the whole of you had me captured and beaten, striped naked in front of lots of horrible men and almost gang raped on your say so !!! …… all in the line of bloody duty!!!”

The old man replied in a soft sympathetic tone “yes I was quite afraid that you may over react like this, but we had to gain the confidence of Jasmine, it had to be a woman there was no doubt about that and it had to be someone they could trust, you had to be part of the inquisition or they wouldn’t have warmed to you, they wouldn’t have bonded with you…… Sorry about that.”

Asmia speaks to me in a soft tone “We had no choice Angel, surly you can see that. As for the rape, well I knew you western girls are not so worried about these things as the Muslim girls would, I know this from all my years of studies here, sex is so common.”

I gave Asmia my best dark evil look, “Ohh, you have so much to learn from western women, I don’t know who you shared with, a lot of slappers I suppose, but we are not all like that you know.

Asmia raises her well manicured eye brows with a surprised “No … Oh well.”

The old guy turns to me and in a harsher tone tells me, “Angel, let me tell you what the position is, with the fighting among the Muslims at the moment in the middle east, we know they are going to bring the fight here to Europe, and we mean the fight, not just the terrorism, but almost open warfare, not quite as we know it, but as close as is, they are smuggling fighters and weapons in to Europe and in particular to Britain, but it doesn’t end there and this is where it becomes a little slippery.

The man paused, looked over to the other group of men in the room and they muttered something back and forth, then they turned back to me “Now brace your-self.” and he paused for a little longer and with the expression on his face that leads me to believe that what he was going to say will take some believing..

He started to speak very deliberately and very clearly “We knew for a fact that a few years ago Libya with General Gaddaffi’s blessings smuggled a whole container of weapons on to the British Mainland for the IRA, we searched and used our best intelligence but never found the container. We did gain further information and to our great concern it came to light that they had smuggled not one container here on the mainland but two,….. and now we have proof from all the files that we sifted through during the peace process in Ireland and we was shocked to find that there was a third Container of weapons and ordnance, we even have a file that listed the total contents of all three containers.

The IRA sat on them for a few years as they got them just before the peace agreement, but only just before and as the peace agreement went on and on and as they gained confidence they saw no need for the weapons and sold the three containers of weapons to a group of far right wing activists for a very healthy profit as they got them for nothing but also only a nominal cost for buyer, but on the understanding and promise that they would caused mayhem on the English mainland,…. Now these far right chappies as you well know do not believe or have any faith in the finer merits of multi-culturalism as we do,…. so again, as you see we have a little problem here also, but it doesn’t end there, the internet traffic and our intelligence tells us that they have drawn up an alliance with similar right wing parties in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden… Heavy bed fellows indeed and what we believe is that we could be seeing here is the start of World War Three and a new Crusades being thrown in for good measure 800 years after the last one, its not a good mix, its certainly not ideal for a peaceful co- existence with our supposedly Muslim friends.”

“Now this would not be as we imagined World War Three to be like, not at all…… Now getting back to the first problem, what we need from you Angel is to discover the persons who is to be the carrier of the virus, any slightest information you can learn and if we can hopefully take out the host  before they wipe the whole of the western world out, well the Anglo Saxon part of it anyway.”

I asked, When you said ‘take out’ sir, do you mean take out the virus, or take out the person or persons?”

“Exactly, you have it in one” said the Person with a nice smile.

This all becomes a bit of a shock to me and I instantly ask, “How the hell am I going to find Jasmine?”

The old man smiles as he always does, “Angel, Angel, we are not just sat here doing twiddling our thumbs, we have got the whole of MI5, MI6 and the CIA working on this with all the Highest technology in the world behind then.

At the moment I can tell you that Jasmine is flying in to London and booking in to the Cafe Royal in the West End. We have already booked you in to a room there where you are to have a most surprising accidental meet.

(Now what we didn’t know was that it was already too late, the Virus had already been injected in to the host and was already incubating and developing, for 27 days all the three terrorists could do was wait. so they had decided to go to London.

Jasmine and Abdul decided to go and meet up with old friends that they were at University with and wait it out until until the first coughs and splutters began and they can then merrily watch the people and friends that they had lived with and the culture that had given to them so much, and now enviously hate, die so horribly under their very noses and in complete safety.)

Now funnily enough there would be a twist to this by complete luck, or bad luck which ever point of view you hold which started two years earlier in a completely different plan by the right wing group that had been touched on a few minutes earlier.

Part 2 … Wrote very loosely and rough just to get it down and moved on, I will re-edit and proof read later adding much more meat to the bone… Any comments would be greatly recieved

They were a group of English fanatics that had decided, “in there opinion” to “fight” for their English way of life which they believed was being taken away from them and their children by traitors and people of the left that hated the English, their history and their culture, even though the haters were mostly English.

Initially there was 10 of them that had met whilst in the British Army and become close as you do but it didn’t take long until there was 20 of them AND all fully trained combat Commando’s with a sprinkling of SAS. They had gradually become the fanatics with what they had seen whilst on their tours through the 2 decades in the Middle East, and then with what they had seen and heard when they came back to Britain, they didn’t recognise their own country. After they left the Army they met up regularly in a local pub, Then the incident that fired them up for action was perhaps an harmless quote and statement on Question Time on the BBC.

One of the panellists had spoken a view that had incensed them. The Question was about the bus and tube train bombings in London by Muslim radicals and one or the statements from the panellist was, “Well you can really understand the reason why these young British Muslims do these things can’t you when you take a look at the foreign policy that this country has to the Muslim world.

Marcus Carter bangs his fist on the table and shouts angrily at the other gang members, “so she thinks we should understand why they bomb London does she, she thinks we should be sympathetic to the murderous bastards and we should run our policies for their politics….Well if they think that its right that they bomb us because of foreign policy, lets see if they think its alright if we bomb them for the home policy that is wiping out our race and culture and our whole way of life….”

Norden Shafer Calmly says, “Well I have a plan and a few of us, the original 10 of us have put it in to action and now thats why we are all here, we have seen the muslims bombing and shooting British and European targets. “

“We have seen the changes in our cities with this forced multiculturalism on us, Haven’t we?… Well with our contacts we bought the 3 containers of weapons from the IRA and we moved them and have them hidden in plain view.

We have checked the stock and we got a deal and a half, one of the Containers is almost full of remote or timed earthquake category Land Mines, there is 1200 of them.

“Fucking hell 1200″ one called out laughing, “they go with a bit of a fucking pop, I once saw a heavy Chieftain tank hit one of those fuckers and there was nothing left of the tank, we found bits of it about 50 yards away.

But how are we going to lay those, wont the highways commission notice a little if we start digging well over a thousand holes?

“No” said Norden, “they wont, because we are going to go down the sewers and drains and plant them right under the fucking Mosques and detonate them when they all have their heads down to pray to Mr fuckin fairyland Muhammed. The batteries will last at least 5 years and when they are all in place we will detonate them all at the same time and that is 11:02 am on the first Friday of Eid.

But one of them said with concern in his voice, “but thats only 8 months away, we will never be able to lay them all in time, and anyway the roadside CCTV cameras will pick us up, we will all be locked up 24 hours later for the rest of our lives.”

Norden The leader laid his hands out, “Calm down, calm down .. The detonation will not be for at least 3 years 5 months and we have got someone working on the CCTV Terminals now The CCTV cameras will look as if they have hit a few bugs on the next upgrade of the software and where ever we are working and moving to and from we will make sure the camera’s are not running, they will look as if they are, but they will not be recording in all sorts of places so they will be no trail of where we were.

After all that time no one will know where to look or what they are looking for most of the cameras will be recording nothing?”

We will all work in teams of 2 from Monday on night shift, We will have a target of laying and setting up 2 mines per night per team, We will be laying 600 mines in total hitting the biggest 600 mosques in England with a few in Scotland and Wales, 650 in total.

The rest of the Mines, 500 of them are going to be shared with our friends in France who will have the biggest share then, Germany, Sweden, Denmark where we have agreed to a simultaneous attack.

So we have 10 teams laying 20 mines per night 3 times per week we will be finished in only 11 weeks, under 3 months.

We will have all the fake passes ready incase anyone questions why we are working in the public Drains and Sewers, but I can’t imagine that there will be many down there between midnight and 4 am.

“Hold on” said another, “You said that we would have 650 mines and that the other 500 will be going to Europe, that leaves 50 left over”

“Ah yes, I am pleased you brought that up,” said Norden “those 50 will be to set under a few strategic Tower Blocks just to add to the mayhem, we can set them in Tower Hamlets and a few in Birmingham and the like, we will need 2 mines to make sure the blocks come down…. Waste not want not you know.”

And so that’s what they did, for the next three months they planted the mines in the sewers and drains under the Muslim mosques. There expertly fixed the mines and disguised them. They activated the mines and then brought a very fine wire along the drain wall and connected it to the man hole cover collar making that and the whole manhole Telephone receiving antenna to activate the mines via mobile phone signal.

Then they moved on to the tower blocks around tower hamlets and other strategic tower blocks. They had to do this during the day on the tower blocks Setting two of each of the mines against stress bearing walls to bring the tower blocks down, this was a little riskier of course, but no one asked any questions of what they were doing and within a few days all 50 Mines were set and activated against the 25 tower blocks.

Before they had quite set all the mines they had notification from the other countries that they had already got there is into place. All they had to do now was wait.

The plan was to wait around three years eight months, for although the CCTV Camera’s Recording program had been manipulated and switched off in the areas there were working, they were taking no chances they were making sure that there would be no surveillance camera footage whatsoever in those and surrounding areas.

Now this is where the two stories come together because 2 1/2 years later there was massive unrest in the Middle East and North Africa Germany had opened their doors to refugees and millions of refugees, economic migrants and ISIS terrorists poured into Europe.

Thousands of ISIS terrorists were coming into Europe with thousands of weapons, explosives and were all fuelled hatred. The people of northern Europe Felt they were becoming prisoners in their own homes at tonight. That Christmas during evening festivities all across Europe large gangs of Muslim men were attacking and abusing the girls that were there for the festivities. Thousands of girls were attacked and hundreds of Young girls were raped, many gang raped in an organised manner by the Muslim men.

The authorities tried to suppress the news from coming out, but there was just way too many incidents. When the media found out and reported this the general population what’s fuming what also transpired was this became common practice Muslims attacking raping and gang-raping Young Western girls at many public events.

The feeling of refugees being welcome and the support they had from the general public totally disappeared. They now felt disgusted, used and deceived at all the attacks and rapes of their daughters and girlfriends. The people that had laid the landmines demanded that they bring attack forward by one year. Norden Shafer tried to put them off and keep to the original plan, but it was useless the people were too angry and they told Norden that they were going to unilaterally going to attack this Eid if the others didn’t agree, Eid was only 1 month away.

A secret meeting was set up and all the other leaders of Sweden, France and Denmark agreed to Germany, they all demanded the attack be reset for Eid this year in three weeks time.

Norden had no choice but to go with the majority vote, “It’s set then. The attack will be set for T-21 at 11;02 am…. Thats three weeks on Friday.” Then he added, Synchronise your watches and from this moment on, there is a total communications blackout.

There was great cheers and excitement, the leaders of Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark now felt that these supposedly refugees that savagely bit the hand that housed and fed them were going to get there true comeuppance at last

As that Friday approached the excitement built. Jasmine, Abdul and her companions were in London, so was the two people carrying the host virus. The Virus hosts were meeting friends so that they could go and prey together at one of the many nearby Mosques.

They all walked in the Mosque talking to themselves on how they would soon be walking in a Britain run by ISIS and be the first European Country of many that would be totally Muslim. How strange fate was going to be that day.

Then as planned on that first Friday of Eid at exactly 11:02 the mobile telephone signal was sent out by all the leaders and 1150 high explosive mines detonated under the main praying Halls.

Within Minuets the news was travelling all round the world every country cancelled the regular programs to cover this as a newsflash, and stayed with it all day as every major city in Northern Europe hand at least one story of atrocity to tell.

In every major Muslim Country, City and Town in the world the Muslim people were up in arms and they went on protest that turned in to rampage demanding from there leaders revenge on all Christians and any one that looked remotely like a westerner. All Churches were attacked as well as anyone who was in them.

In the Middle East Muslims took to the streets with sharpened machetes and knives looking and seeking out anyone that looked Western. If anyone knew where a Western looking person lived, a one time friend or colleague they took gangs along to Murder them.

In one particular case a Young family of Westerners barricaded themselves in their homes as all Westerners did, but the Muslims broke down the doors and dragged them out in to the street where the baying mob demanded their execution. The beheaded the man, his pretty blonde wife and their 3 young daughters and left the blood soaked bodies in the street as they looked for more victims. No one was spared and this was happening all over the Muslim world.

The following day it was reported by the BBC that around 690,000 muslims and still counting were murdered in the explosions of the Mosques and as many again seriously maimed. It was reported that police had started looking for the perpetrators of the attacks and again the whole world was disgusted. But within a day and a half 1,500,000 Western looking people was slaughtered around the Middle East and North Africa and the slaughter continued all day and all through the night, with none of the leaders of these countries calling for calm against the slaughter.

In Britain and Northern Europe the situation was the same as in the Middle East, those Muslims that had not been in the mosques praying formed vigilante gangs and rampaged through the streets of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Edinburg and of every other city in England Scotland and Wales killing in the thousands any white men, woman or children the Muslims came across.

ISIS now openly declared War on Northern Europe and the masses of vigilant Muslims in every City soon became armed with assault rifles, killing thousands more Nationwide and all over Northern Europe.

So now each Countries Armies had to be called in to protect the indigenous people and as the Army’s now came under fire from the rebelling Muslims the army returned fire and fire fights broke out everywhere.

There were arguments in the Parliaments that the Army was now attacking Muslims and many called for the army to stop returning fire.

The Muslims were now sending out broadcasts that they were under fire from the Army’s and ISIS now in their thousands took the fight to the British and other Countries Army’s and thousands more ISIS fighters advanced to Europe in the open Borders with Thousands of little and large boats taking them over the Channel to England, now it was open savage warfare and the worst of it was in London and Birmingham with news coming in of savage fighting on the European Mainland from Paris and Lyon, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen and from every other large City.

Now believe it or not, this wasn’t the bad news.



To be continued and continued.


6 thoughts on “Girl On Patrol

  1. Great writing, Angel. at 1st i thought the virus idea was pretty far fetched, but nanotechnology might just make it a possibility in the near future. The Muslim connection is spot on, given the situation we have in recent (and current) times. While i’m reading your stories, i’m so engrossed that i think a bomb could explode next to me and i wouldnt even notice. However something did go off in my hand last night….

    • Hello John, Well it’s only a story, but we have played with selective virus for perhaps 10 years. The story does become more complicated as you will see in the next update, some people will love it some will hate it.

  2. Well written fake story but sexy, other than religion the writer made the situation realistic. The dream part is very very well written and cumming. One advice, when you are writing a fake sex story just make it open for all types of people and forget about religion. Sex is the most primitive matter before religion and do not hurt anybody’s belief.

    • Thanks for your comment, I think the word you are searching for is not “fake” but “Fictional Story.” I take your point about religion though, but it seems I have no choice, the story will evolve in to World War 3. No longer will war be about nation against nation with the Countries borders being the boundaries. This war will be between the West and the East but fought almost solely in the West and in the city’s and towns of Northern Europe.

  3. Angel your stories are so sexy and amazing,
    They make my cock so hard as i imagine these things, it almost aches! can’t wait to read more

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