The Great Waldo


This is another great Story by John Stephens from Queensland, Australia. He always has a very good story line and his stories are always a very pleasant read.

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It all started one Sunday afternoon. Jill and I had spent a day in the city. We went to a movie, had lunch at a small café, and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. We were in love. I was 26yrs old and Jill was 25. she is a very attractive girl, long jet black hair, nice firm breasts, long legs and a full rounded butt. She always sort of walked with short steps, but as if she was in a hurry, which made her butt and boobs wiggle. I just couldn’t get enough of her. She was everything I loved in a woman.

She loved to wear sexy clothes, and she spent ages each day making herself up

We had known each other since our early school years when we were in the same class, and grew up together. I became a banker and Jill trained to be a nurse. that was another thing I loved about her. there’s nothing as sexy as a girl in a nurse’s uniform.

Anyway, the day was coming to an end, and we started heading home. We both lived in our own apartments about 2 streets from each other. We caught the 5.20 train which took us out of the city, through the inner suburbs, past some industrial areas and green parks. As we travelled along talking and looking out the train window we spotted a fair in a large vacant lot.

“Hey” I said, “how about we get off at the next station and check it out. It will be a perfect ending to a perfect day.

“I’m up for it if you are” she replied. “I haven’t been to a fair in years”

We got off at the next station. It was a bit of a walk back to the fair, about 10 mins.

It was not a big fair. There were a few rides like the teacup ride, a merry-go-round, a magician/ hypnotist show, shooting gallery, and the laughing clown thing where you drop the balls in the clown’s mouth and try to win a prize. I told Jill I would win her a prize on the clowns. The attendant gave me 3 balls in exchange for $5. I dropped the balls in one at a time without success. As we turned to walk away the attendant called us back.

“Hey don’t go without your prize” he said

“But I didn’t win anything”

“Everyone wins  a prize on my stall” he replied.

He gave us 2 tickets to the hypnotist show.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show” he said with a slightly strange grin.

We continued strolling around the fair. We had a hot dog and milkshake, went on the merry go round, and walked hand in hand talking and laughing and soaking up the atmosphere of the fair.  We decided the day was getting on so we’d better go and watch the magic & hypnotist show . We entered the tent and saw that there were about a dozen people sitting, chatting, waiting for the show to start. They all wore red t shirts with “HypnoClub” and a spiral symbol on the front. I thought at the time that it was a strange type of club to have formed. Their ages ranged from about mid 20’s up to about 60 years old. There were both men and women.

We sat in the front row. I felt as if the other members of the audience were talking about Jill and me, and looking at us. It didn’t matter, we were here to see the show.

The lady behind us leaned forward and introduced herself.

“I’m Joan” she said holding her hand out to shake mine and Jill’s.

“Hi, I’m Steven and this is my girlfriend Jill”

“Have you been to a Great Waldo show before?” she asked

“No” Jill replied

“Well’re in for a real treat. We follow Waldo around and see all his shows.”

After 10 mins or so a guy comes out from behind the curtain. He was tall and chubby. He wore a black suit and bow tie. He had a top hat on his head. A long twirling moustache finished his clichéd look.

“Hello everyone. How are we all doing tonight? Are you ready to be dazzled and amazed?”

The crowd cheered and clapped and whistled, as did Jill and I.

“I’m The Great Waldo, and you’re in for a dazzling show of magic and entertainment.”

We all clapped and cheered again.


“I need a volunteer” he said, looking around the room. He pointed to a man behind us”

“Will you be so kind as to assist me Sir?”

The man ran up to the stage amid clapping and whistling.

“And whats your name young man?”

“Bill” he replied.

“Well Bill, id like you to pick a card,” he said, fanning out the deck of cards. “don’t tell me what it is, show everyone, memorise it, then put it back in the deck.”

The man picked one out, showed the audience, then put it back.

Waldo shuffled the cards, then sprayed them into the air. He snatched one out of the air as it was falling and showed Bill.

“Is that your card Bill?”

“Yes it is”

the audience cheered and clapped.


Waldo did a few more tricks – ripping up a $50 note then crunching it in his hand and opening his hand to reveal an undamaged note. He released a dove out of his hat. All the tricks magicians usually perform.

“Ok” Waldo said, turning serious. “Who wants to see a real show?”

More cheers and whistles.

“WALDO! WALDO! WALDO!” the chant went up.

I nudged Jill in the ribs.

“The hypnosis show is about to start” I said excitedly.

“Now, I need a couple of volunteers” he said as he scanned the room.

His eyes moved to Jill and me.

“How about you and your beautiful girl” he said pointing at us.

“No No”  I protested shaking my head.

I had been to a few hypnotist shows over the years, and while I like to have a laugh at the things people are made to do, I’ve always been too nervous to get up.

“oh come on” Jill urged. “it’ll be fun”

She grabbed my hand and against my better judgement I let her take me to the stage.

“And whats your name young man?”


“And you?” he asked, looking at Jill

“Jill” she replied, giggling and tingling with anticipation.

Jill was wearing a tight short white skirt which hugged her body. It was taut over her hot bubble-butt. Her top had the 1st 2 buttons undone to reveal her cleavage. Her bra was a size too small. She wore red stockings with suspenders. As she jumped up and down in her excitement, her tits and bum jiggled.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Give a big hand for Steven and Jill”

The audience cheered and clapped.

“Ok Steven and Jill, take a seat over here and just try and relax.”

Waldo sat in front of us and looked into our eyes.

“Just relax. Keep your eyes on mine. Nothing else in the room exists except for my eyes and my voice”

I looked into Waldo’s eyes. there was something weird and mysterious and compelling in his eyes. they were as deep as the ocean, and just as dark.

As he spoke the room and audience faded into the distance. I don’t even remember what he was saying. I was gazing into infinite darkness.

Suddenly he snapped his fingers.

The room came back into focus.

The audience was silent.

“how do you feel Steven?” he asked

“I feel great” I said. I did feel great. I felt energised.

“Steven, put your left hand on your head”

I did it.

“Someone has put super glue on your head Steven. You cant get your hand off”

I tried to remove my hand but couldn’t.

The audience laughed and clapped.


“You look very nice today Jill. Is that your favourite outfit?”

“Yes, its Steven’s favourite too” she replied.

“Tell me Jill, can you dance?”

“Yes, I used to be in a dance school”

“Ok Jill. Lets see how you can dance.”

Jill started dancing a modern jazz style of dance. The audience clapped and cheered. Jill jumped and twirled gracefully, moving her hands through the air, and extending her toes on her high kicks.

“Can you dance the waltz?” Waldo asked

Jill changed her dance to the waltz, her arm out as if it was around a partner.

“Steven, I want you to join in the dance. But you don’t know how to dance because you’re a monkey”

I started jumping around Jill in a circle making monkey noises with one hand on my head and the other  tickling my armpit. “ooh ooh ooh” I grunted.

The audience burst out laughing.

I couldn’t speak, I could only make monkey noises.

The crowd laughed and clapped.

“Jill, have you ever done an exotic dance?”

“Only in front of Steven” she said, embarrassed.

“Well lets see how you dance for Steven”

Jill faced the audience and started rhythmically moving in a sexy dance, her hands running over her breasts, down her hips and over her rounded butt. She licked her lips in a seductive way. Then she stopped dancing and smiled at Waldo. She looked at him as if waiting for his approval of her dancing skills.

“Excellent!” he said. “Keep going Jill. I’m sure there’s more to the dance than that. Dance for Steven.”

Jill again started dancing. Her hands wandered over her body. She turned around and bent over, revealing her g string and perfect arse. Her hand grabbed her pussy as she looked through her spread legs at the crowd who were mesmerized and murmuring amongst themselves. She ‘twirked’ that beautiful arse of hers, then provocatively moved her hips from side to side. She stood up and started a sexy dance that I recognised.

She had done it for me countless times. I have never tired of it. she had her back to the crowd and started unbuttoning her top as she danced. She looked like a stripper .she took off her top and threw it at Waldo. Then she slipped her skirt off and kicked it towards the audience. She laid on her back and rubbed her crotch and pulled her g string to the side revealing her  pussy. Then she slipped the g string off. Her pussy was shaven except for a small patch of hair above it. All she was wearing now were her red stockings and suspenders.

Her fingers parted the lips and she started masturbating. She took her finger out, covered in her juices and gently licked her fingertip while smiling cheekily at the audience then started massaging her pussy. Soon Jill was moving her hips in a circular motion, her butt coming off the floor as her breathing became heavy.

“Ok Steven. Take your hand off your head. I want you to take off your clothes. After all…you’re a monkey. And monkeys don’t wear clothes.”

“Ooh ooh” I grunted in reply.

I was unable to stop myself. I stripped.

“Now go and lay next to your girl and point your monkey cock at her face”

I did as I was told. Jill looked at it while she frigged herself.

“Well Jill, what do you usually do with that?”

Jill began licking the head of my cock, rolling her tongue around the tip, and that seemed to increase her pleasure. She started moaning on my cock.

“And what do monkeys say when they’re getting a blow job Steven?”

“Ooh ooh ooh” I replied, excitedly, as Jill sucked me off and finger fucked herself.

The audience laughed and cackled.

I didn’t want to do any of this but I had no choice. I was compelled to do it and couldn’t refuse.

“Ok Steven, I want you to go to the audience, find the oldest woman, and start masturbating in front of her while you do a sexy monkey dance.

I looked around and chose a woman, about 60. I stood directly in front of her and started wanking and chanting “ooh ooh ooh”

“Come and sit over here Jill,” he said pulling  one of the chairs to the centre of the stage. Jill sat down. Waldo opened Jill’s legs wide and lifted her feet up.

“now hold your ankles and show everyone what you show Steven. Jill pulled her ankles up to her shoulders giving everyone a full view of her pussy and arse, while smiling at them from between her ankles.

“So Jill…. you like masturbating for Steven ay?”

Jill nodded.

“Imagine I’m Steven. Show me.”

Jill looked directly into Waldo’s eyes. she grabbed her right boob and started massaging it, rolling her nipple between her fingers. Her hand moved slowly over her belly down to her cunt. She pushed 3 fingers between the lips and her middle finger began circling her clit, all in full view of the audience. She alternated between fingering her opening and gently flicking her clit from side to side, occasionally running a finger around her anus. She finger fucked herself faster and faster, now with 3 fingers inserted. Her body suddenly shuddered and she came with a loud gasp, while still looking into Waldo’s eyes.

Her orgasm subsided to the sound of clapping.

A magic wand appeared in Waldo’s hand. He put it between Jill’s slippery pussy lips and gently and slowly stroked back and forth over her inner lips and clit as if he was playing a violin. The soft sound of a violin playing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ filled the air. He stroked her in perfect time to the music. Her eyes shut and she licked her lips.

There on stage in front of a crowd of strangers, Jill sat on a chair wearing only her red stockings and suspenders, pulling her ankles to her shoulders, revealing her now-swollen pussy and tight arse. Her pink inner lips and juices glistened in the stage spotlights. When Waldo had finished the 1st verse he stopped and raised his top hat, bowing to the audience, to the sound of clapping and whistling.

He lightly tapped the wand on Jill’s clit.

“OH!!” she jumped, then giggled.

“Shazzam!” he exclaimed.

He put his finger in her pussy and felt around a bit, then started pulling out a handkerchief. Another handkerchief followed. Then another. It kept coming and coming. It was about 6 ft long. The crowd went wild.

“And now for The Great Waldo’s famous disappearing trick!” he shouted.

“Please turn over Jill, onto your hands and knees.”

Jill complied.

Being on all fours, and not having much room, Jill had to push her butt back and upwards, so her hands and knees would fit on the chair.

Waldo undid his pants and pulled out his large circumcised cock.

“Before your very eyes I will make this disappear” he told the audience, holding it in his hand.

He stuck his prick at her pussy entrance.

“Can you make my cock disappear Jill?”

Jill giggled and nodded. She pushed back slowly onto his cock. Her back was arched downwards, with her head and bum in the air. Her eyes closed as she bit her bottom lip, and his cock did indeed disappear inside her.

The crowd clapped.

She fucked him for a few minutes, moving slowly and smoothly back and forth. Suddenly he put his hand on her back to stop her. “Hold on a minute” he told her, looking down in surprise.

He withdrew his dick, then knelt down and peered closely at Jill’s tight little arse.

“What’s this?” he asked with a puzzled look. His finger slid into her bum hole. He started to pull something out. It was a string of beads, each one about an inch in diameter. One by one they slowly emerged. Jill jumped with a giggle as each one popped out.

“1… 2…3…4…” called the audience, in unison. They counted 12 in total. When he had pulled them all out Waldo threw them triumphantly into the air to the sound of applause.

He took a bow, with his top hat in his hand and his other hand on his chest.

He looked to the audience.

“I need a volunteer” he said scanning the room.

All the men shot their hands into the air.

“Oh, ok, come on up, all of you!!”

The old woman in front of me was getting into the atmosphere of the show. She grabbed my cock and started sucking the head and playing with my balls. Her friends urged her on. she sucked furiously, making slurping noises.

“Ooh ooh ooh” I grunted as I wanked into her mouth. She pulled her top up, laughing, and pulled her boobs out from under her bra and jiggled them on either side of my cock. Then she stroked the eye of my cock with her long nipple. She pushed it in and it disappeared into my cock’s eye. In and out it went. She was ‘fucking’ my dick with her long nipple.

“I want him to fuck my tits” she called to Waldo.

Waldo looked over and said “no worries Joan. Hey monkey, stop pulling yourself and fuck Joan’s tits”

I looked down at the woman’s tits. They were big. Like coconuts, I thought at the time. She  squashed them tightly against the sides of my cock and I started fucking them. “ooh ooh ooh” I grunted. She had huge tits.  Every time the head of my cock emerged from the top of them, she kissed it or licked it. she was laughing and giggling, having the time of her life, as were the women next to her.

One of them started pushing Joans head up and down on my cock every time it popped up. The other reached from behind me and started stroking the inside of my thighs and playing with my balls. Ooh ooh ooh was all I could say.

“Make him fuck me Waldo” said Joan.

“monkey man” said Waldo. “Joan is the most beautiful woman in the world. Make passionate love to her”

Joan stood up and took out her dentures, then took off her t shirt, skirt and bra. I looked at her. her thinned blue rinse hair accentuated her wrinkled sunken cheeks. her tits sagged under their weight. Her nipples pointed to the ground. She was a big woman, though rather short, maybe about 5’2” and 120kg. Big tits and big arse, filled with cellulite.

“God your beautiful. I have to have you.” I said in my mind, but the sound from my mouth was “Ooh! Ooh!” I put my lips to hers. my tongue entered her mouth and played with hers.

I played with her tits. they were heavy. I sucked her nipples and moved my tongue down over her belly, then pulled down her panties. I looked at her sparse grey pubic hairs and opened up her cunt with my mouth

I grunted  into her pussy.

Joan laid down on the floor and I removed her large knickers completely. They were soaked.

I looked up at Jill on the stage, still on her hands and knees on the chair, sideways to the audience, and with her beautiful round butt in the air. There were 7 men behind her with their pants pulled down. Waldo looked along the row and brought forward one of them, about 50 years old. He had a small erect cock about 4 inches long and as thin as a finger.

“Jill, Ben here is going to fuck you from behind. Ben has the biggest cock you have  ever seen in your life. You’ll beg him not to fuck you because he is too big for your tight little pussy”

Ben positioned himself behind Jill. Jill looked around at him and her expression changed. Her eyes were wide with terror.


Ben started pushing his little cock in to Jill. It barely touched the sides of her opening. She screamed. He slowly pushed it all the way. 4 inches in all. Jill was crying tears, and pushed her arse further  in the air, probably trying to open her hole a bit more to take it in. he started pumping her. Judging by Ben’s expression he must have felt like a real stud, looking down at this hot horny woman, who begged him not to fuck her with his’ huge’ shaft. He reached under her and took the weight of her swinging tits in his hands.


Waldo brought forward another man. He really DID have a huge one. At least 9  inches long.

“Jill, Tom here is going to fuck your mouth. You’ll relax your throat and take him all in.”

Jill nodded compliantly, with tears streaming down her face.

I watched as he slowly pushed his gigantic shaft into her widely stretched mouth. It went in, and in, until I could see the bulge starting to travel down her throat. There was still about 2 inches to go. Jill’s face was turning red as tears ran down her face from the perceived size of the cock fucking her from behind. Tom withdrew from her mouth. She gasped in a quick breath before he pushed it all the way in up to his balls in one go. He kept completely withdrawing his cock and she sucked in a breath before he pushed it all the way in again. The bulge visibly moved up and down her throat. In and out. He did this continuously and his groin squashed his balls against her chin with every long thrust. Waldo put a glass on the floor next to Jill and told Ben and Tom to cum into it when they’re ready.

After 10 minutes or so, Ben withdrew his cock and squirted his cum into the glass followed by Tom a few minutes later.

“Ok, line up Guys. Jill, 5 more men are going to fuck you. The size of their cocks is even bigger than Ben’s and get bigger with each one.”

Their cocks were not huge. They were average to slightly more than average, but Jill believed her pussy was going to be stretched beyond it’s limit. She panicked . “no please don’t,” she whimpered, and closed her legs and pulled her arse cheeks  together tightly, but the 1st guy pushed them apart and inserted his cock. He started pumping her pussy as she screamed and cried in pain.

One by one they fucked her as she cried and moaned, and then squirted their cum into the glass.

“Steven, bring your lovely friend up on to the stage”

I took Joan’s hand and we walked to the stage.

“Lay on your back Steven and let Joan ride you. Myra, would you like to sit on Stevens face?”

Myra, a rather ugly woman compared to the beautiful Joan, ran to the stage. Myra already had her knickers and skirt off.

Myra was skinny, about 30 years old, had hardly any tits, and you could have driven a car between her skinny thighs. I could clearly see the shape of her cunt lips, swaying and bouncing as she ran to the stage.

“Oh god yes” she said excitedly and straddled my face.

I somehow knew in my mind that what we were doing was not right and that we were being abused by these people, The HypnoClub, but I just had no willpower to refuse. We were under Waldo’s spell.

I truly thought Joan was beautiful. Her toothless smile. The clump of hairs growing from her chin. Her short lavender coloured hair that had thinned with age and didn’t quite cover her scalp. I wanted her so badly that my cock ached and throbbed.

Jill and I were totally at these people’s mercy.

We had no choice but to obey.

Myra’s long pussy flaps rested on my cheeks. Her big clit tickled my nose as I pushed my tongue into her soft, soaking wet, dripping hole. Joan had her back to me, humping up and down, while Myra rocked her hips back on forth on my mouth. Myra’s breath quickened her whole body shook, her juices now flowing over my face and dripping into my ear . Some dribbled into my mouth and I had to keep swallowing. Her orgasm set Joan off and she came a minute later, as she reached down and roughly rolled my balls in her hand, the way you would play with ‘Stress balls’. It was if she was trying to squeeze out my cum.

Myra got off me and watched as Joan’s big arse bounced up and down on me. I looked at Joan’s arse hole and gently pushed my finger in, slowly, all the way in and finger fucked her. it was tight. she leaned forward to make it easier. She grabbed my ankles. Her boobs were swinging wildly in all directions and colliding with each other with a slapping sound. My finger could feel my cock through her vaginal wall. I massaged it from inside her anus with a slow circular motion. She bucked wildly. With her every inward thrust, her huge floppy butt cheeks swung wide open and I watched as my cock and finger disappeared inside her. On the outward thrusts her cheeks were slapping together around my hand, swallowing my forearm.

Joan soon had her 2nd  orgasm. She was moaning. She suddenly lifted herself off my cock and reversed back, her butt covering my whole face, in a ‘69’position. She put her mouth around my cock and sucked hard. She sucked so hard I thought she would suck the cum right out of my balls and out my cock. I reciprocated by sucking on her erect clit, which was large like her nipples, and rolling it between my lips. Her cunt was huge and smothering me, but I wanted to give everything to this “beautiful” woman.

Her orgasm subsided eventually. She got off me and both women took turns at licking and wanking me and massaging my balls until  I shot my load into the air.

All the men had finished fucking Jill by now and the glass was ¼ full of cum.

“Are you thirsty after all that work, Jill?” Waldo asked

She nodded in exhaustion.

“Steven, come and give your girl a drink” he held out the glass.

Everyone gathered around congratulating each other, and wanting to get a good look.

I knelt next to Jill and raised the glass to her lips. She sipped it and her face screwed up a little. I tipped the glass up and she gulped the rest down. She licked her lips as her thirst was quenched.

“ok folks” Waldo said. “that concludes tonight’s show. Ladies and gentlemen. A big round of applause for Jill and Steven. Jill and Steven, you’ve been great sports.”

The audience cheered and clapped loudly.

“Take a bow Steven and Jill”

We bowed. The people whistled and clapped.

Waldo motioned for us to sit down on the chairs.

“Close your eyes” he told us “and listen to my voice. You can get dressed now. When you’re dressed you will go to the train station. Once you’re on the train and seated you will instantly be back to your normal selves. But you will remember everything that happened here today.”

We walked hand in hand to the station.

I kind of limped and shuffled along like a chimpanzee.

We boarded the train and took our seats. We suddenly looked at each other. We had snapped out of our hypnotic trance.

Jill began trying to spit the taste of semen from her mouth.

“O God Steven, what have we done?”

I looked at her in shock. I was lost for words.

We remembered everything. I recalled Myra’s long dangling pussy lips on my cheeks and having to swallow her juices.

I started gagging.

I coughed up a long grey pubic hair.

Within half an hour we returned with 2 police cars to the scene, with sirens wailing.

There was nothing there. No sign of a fair. No sign of anything. Just dirt and dust. Not even tyre tracks from the big trucks that carried the rides.

“When did you say this happened?” the policeman asked.

“About 30 minutes ago” I replied.

The cops all looked at each other, shaking their heads. There would not have been time to dismantle the rides and load them on the trucks. Jill and I looked at each other, unable to comprehend.

“Have you taken any drugs today?” he asked, visibly annoyed.

“No. I swear, it’s all true! There were rides. There was a hot dog stand right over there.

I ran to another spot.

“And Waldo’s tent was right here!”

“Yeh right….Waldo ay? You’re lucky I’m not charging you with public nuisance.  Come on men. We have more important things to do.”

They drove off, leaving us standing there, bewildered.

I looked down.

There on the ground, almost buried in the dust were Joan’s dentures.

I picked them up and studied them.

“It happened” I said quietly to myself.

“It all happened…”
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