Jasmine is welcomed in to her Cousin's home

Jasmine is welcomed in to her Cousin’s home

Jasmine, by Angel.

This Short story is being added to “Girl on Patrol,” (which is going to have a name change later.) so if you have read that story you will know all about Jasmine and what she had been through.

I will leave this on here for a while as this stands by itself as a story I think, there is a little PS at the end which may shock you… Thanks for reading.

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I told Jasmine harshly and honestly that she was wrong to have such a low moral view of Western Women, certainly as she and her Husband knew fully what would happen to them whilst in prison in the Middle East if they did not cooperate with the authorities.

I told her that no Western woman that I could think of would let herself go through what she did for any cause.

Jasmine looked me deeply in the eyes sternly, fixing her stare and saying “you were there, you watched… You didn’t think that I or my husband enjoyed the Rape and Torture that I went through did you? What we all went through?”

I replied backing down a little in my tone “No, no of course not and I wasn’t implying that at all, what I meant…” I didn’t finish my sentence as Jasmine held her hand out to me and butted in and cut me off.

She changed her tone and she told me softly “Let me tell you a little story Angel, it’s a difficult story for me to tell, but I will tell it to you anyway. Years ago when I left my homeland in the Middle East for the very first time, I came to England and worked my way through University as you know.

 My father told me that by the very good grace of Allah he had a cousin who lived very close to where I was to be staying and wanted to help me, my cousin could give me a little light work and would pay me well for doing bits and bobs around his house and that I could work the hours that would not disrupt my studies in any way.

I needed the work, well I needed the money of course not the work. I thanked father warmly, we weren’t poor, but we wasn’t rich at that time either and any extra cash was a big help as England is an expensive place to live in.”

My father who was a devout and strict Muslim had come over to England and was staying in a nearby hotel on other business, but even so, he still took the time out to arranged the hours of work for me including the pay for the hours, this was the custom in my Country. I was pleased because it was very good pay for what I was expected to do as it was only a little light cleaning and dusting that I had to do.

The cousin obviously wanted to help me and my father. A few days later I was given the address and told by my father to go to my cousin’s house where I was to meet him and I was so pleased that my beloved father would be there too, luckily my Cousin lived close by to where I lived so there wasn’t even any transport costs.




I was very nervous when I got there, which soon passed as my father introduced me to my Cousin, he was such a charming and very handsome man.

He made us all a cup of tea and we sat around and laughed as he told me about my father when they were both small boys together.

After about twenty minutes he told me that he and father had much more business to discuss and that they needed to move things on.

He showed me round the Kitchen

He showed me round the Kitchen

He showed me around the house and showed me where everything was and what I needed to do, it all seemed very easy and I was now comfortable working in a house that only had a man lived in now that Father was there and he was introducing me to family, otherwise it would not have been allowed in my own country and even here in England I would have been very uneasy with it especially working upstairs in bedrooms with only a man in the house even though he was part of the family.

I started first on the upstairs doing the vacuuming and I was enjoying the work, after I had finished in the bedrooms I then moved down to the kitchen.

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I cleaned the work surfaces

I cleaned the work surfaces

I only had to wipe the work surfaces down and wipe clean the floors, the Hotpoint dishwasher did the washing up of the pots and pans if there was any.

When I was almost finished I moved an Important Muslim Artefact that my cousin had shown my father as it was being loaned to a large London Mosque and then the London Museum because of its great historical interest, it had only been placed there that morning, but I wanted to clean the work surface under and around it so that I could say honestly and truly that everything was all done.

As I picked it up to move it to a table for safety, stupidly I picked it up with my wet soapy hands and horror of horrors the artefact slipped through my slippery hands and I dropped it, the very large expensive Jade artefact, one with sacred words from rare scriptures of the Quran.

I held my head in my hands in absolute despair staring at the smashed pieces on the floor as my father and my cousin came running in to see what the noise was all about. As soon as they saw the smashed pieces they both turned black with anger when they saw what I had done.

There was an absolute cacophony of shouting, screams and howls of despair as they saw and pointed at the smashed pieces all over the floor. I tried profusely to apologise but everything I said just seemed to make matters a lot worse, if that was at all possible.

I just wanted the ground to swallow me up and take me away from here. The cousin told me hysterically how sacred and expensive the artefact was and how long it had been in the family and how it had been handed down among the generations of our ancestors.

The anger and all the shouting at me from both my cousin and my father just seemed to go on and on and on forever. I wanted to burst into tears, I don’t know how I didn’t. Angrily my cousin turned to me and in a rage, he told me that I would have to pay for my clumsy stupidity, …. I nodded in shame and apology ‘but how could I pay’ I thought to myself… ‘I came here to earn a little money, but this would cost thousands.’

I nodded in shame and apology ‘but how could I pay’ I thought to myself… ‘I came here to earn a little money, but this would cost thousands.’

My father supported him and told the Cousin apologetically, “you must make her pay severely for this crime against Islam, even if you must take her most precious thing as compensation to restore our family honour, she has humiliated and insulted us all Cousin”

My Cousin nodding at my father in acknowledgement of his words and as I was stood there humble with my hands clenched together praying silently and begging for Allah to make things better, not knowing what else to do and thinking ‘surely Allah will hear my grief and anguish.’

Instantly and angrily my cousin pushed me over to the kitchen work surface with his hand into the middle of my back, he pushed me hard up against it until I was bent right over.

From behind he was pushing his face to my ear and nastily telling me that I will soon severely regret what I did, but while he was doing that I noticed that he seemed to be doing something else behind me at the same time, although I didn’t know what.

Then he fumbled his hands around my waist until he found a zip that was on the side of my trousers, I was surprised when he pulled the zip down. I didn’t know what he was doing that for but just in case I reminded him in panic that it was forbidden for Muslim men to touch Muslim women at all outside marriage, but he simply sneered and ignored me telling me to “shut up stupid clumsy girl”

He started pulled my trousers and knickers down

He started pulled my trousers and knickers down

Then I just couldn’t believe what happened next. I was totally shocked when he roughly started to quickly pull my trousers and knickers down and before I could even react and try to stop him before he was pulling them down over my bottom and down to the bottom of my thighs.

 I simply could not believe what my cousin was doing to me with my father stood there right in front of us and watching everything that was happening. I guessed that as I was bent in this position he would be able to see my pussy, I couldn’t believe that my father would allow a man to see my most intimate personal parts, but he obviously was.

I could sense that my cousin was still stood close behind me but nothing seemed to be happening and my mind was racing, ‘Oh no’ I thought ‘my Cousin was obviously going to beat and spank my bare bottom for my stupid clumsiness in front of father.’

I thought that if he was about to beat and spank me and my father was stood there allowing it, well it was my own stupid fault and inside I felt that I surely deserved such a punishment.

I looked round and saw his erection

I looked round and saw his erection

As I bent over waiting for my severe beating I was still disgusted at my father allowing my girly bits to be seen, my cousin could have beaten my little petite bottom while I still had my knickers on and hiding my modesty a little. I turned my head over my shoulder to see what was happening.

I first saw my father bolt upright looking at me angrily with dark angry eyes almost as if he was ruling over what was happening to me. 

I quickly turned my gaze a little further round over my shoulder behind me and was aghast and totally shocked to the core when I saw that my cousin was taking his clothes off, he was already stripped naked to the chest with his trousers and pants half down.

I turned and saw he had an erection and he started pushing it towards me

I turned and saw he had an erection and he started pushing it towards me

I just happened to look down as he was pulling his trousers and pants down and I was shocked as out sprang an already hard and huge excited erection.

I had never seen a naked man before and apart from the embarrassment a feeling of great dread and shame fell over me as I bent over there not knowing what to do, not believing what I was seeing and certainly not knowing or rather not believing what was going to happen to me, not knowing what my father was going to allow to happen to me.

My brain was buzzing with stress with what I had done, but now this. Stupidly and innocently I still told myself that I was getting a bare bottom beating, ‘yes, yes that’s what was happening I screamed to myself’ ignoring the obvious as no good Muslim father would allow any man to touch his daughter I told myself and my father and cousin are both good Muslims.

Normally I would have screamed as loudly as I could and fought back viciously for my honour of course, I felt such a great and deep shame and humiliation at what I had done, but I was so confused and now the humiliation at being bent over by a man with my trousers and knickers pulled down around my knees on my fathers say so by a man I had never seen before.

 I obviously knew that I had brought a greatly dishonoured to my father and my cousin. I didn’t know what to think or maybe what was right or wrong for a few minutes for the damage that I had done, I was totally confused and almost disorientated in my mind.

My cousin now came up tight behind me and pushing his mouth to my ear which sharpened my mind a little as he still told me angrily how ignorant and stupid I was.

Then suddenly I felt his hard cock nudge up against my bare bottom, and I couldn’t help but squeal out In shock and disgust at feeling such a thing poking against me and I was just going to tell him to “stop,” but at that very point my father must have guessed that I was about to protest because he growled at me “Do not move girl, and do not dare disobey me or your cousin any further… what he is doing if fair recompense for such a dishonour that you have done to him, to us all and you must allow him to do whatever he chooses, this is my decision, do not disobey me!.”

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I could feel his erection pushing against my bare bottom

I could feel his erection pushing against my bare bottom

I was shocked and disgusted at feeling this naked man move behind me, I felt his naked stomach press up against my bottom and then I felt him slide his hard prick around my naked pussy as I bent over for him on the orders of my father.

It was now that it tripped into my innocent mind that I was not going to get a beating, Oh no, I was about to receive a far greater punishment, in fact the greatest punishment any woman could receive.

 I had heard of women being punished in this way many times before in Pakistan and all over the Middle East, I thought it was so disgustingly barbaric then, but now I knew it was about to happen to me, that I was going to be raped by a strange man to me and that he had my father’s consent. I was 17 and a virgin of course, my innocence and virginity were so important to whole families in my culture, nothing was held with greater esteem and was the greatest gift that any woman could give away on her marriage night.

I was distraught and the great shame I felt for breaking the expensive Jade artefact as well as my father demanding I bent over for my cousin and do nothing to stop him held great sway with me and humiliatingly I decided that I should not offend my father any further, so stupidly I realised later, I did nothing to stop my cousin punishing me.

Maybe at the time because of my culture and me young age and the great humiliation upon me plus the shame that I was feeling I believed that I deserved to be severely punished. Yes honestly when I looked back and I remember, I did think that way, but not punished like this, no, no woman should be, but as I said, I did nothing to stop it.

As I felt my cousin’s hard cock rub up and down the whole length of my naked pussy I prayed for forgiveness to Allah, but as I felt my cousins cock start to move over my pussy entrance and start to push up against my most intimate of holes with my jeans around my knees, I just bent there for him and let him, I felt like a dirty slut.

I told myself to put it out of my mind, but I couldn’t, it was impossible, I could feel every slightest touch behind me around my private parts even though I didn’t want to. I just wanted to block it out, but I couldn’t help but concentrate on what was happening around my bottom.

I could hear my cousin breathing and panting in excitement but that was not the case for me of course as I felt my breathing increase like his but in dread and shame as these feeling swept through my whole body. I felt my eyes suddenly flash open wide in sickening anticipation as I felt my cousin’s prick now start to push up harder and harder against my pussy hole lips, and at the same time I noticed that he bent his knees a little more to give it a better angle under me and he pushed his cock harder into me.

I prayed to Allah that I wouldn’t feel anything, but unfortunately I did, I felt everything very clearly indeed, almost as if my body was super sensitive to his every touch.

I called out to father for him to help me

I called out to father for him to help me

I felt my cousin’s prick starting to push beyond my outer lips and start to press hard and invade my pussy opening and I squealed out in great fear and anxiety to my father “stop him, please” but he did not help me, in fact he growled out to me in anger and told me “be quiet girl and offer yourself willingly as compensation for his great loss” and now I felt all alone in the world and I knew that I had to endure my sick medieval punishment that my peoples have enjoyed giving to women, and yes and I really do mean enjoy.

I obeyed father and bent forward allowing him to enter me

I obeyed father and bent forward allowing him to enter me

I felt my cousin grip my hips tightly with his hands and then he forced his prick again into the back of my bottom and I felt disgusted and humiliated, but I still did as father obeyed me to do and very, very reluctantly I bent forward a little further more offering my young virgin pussy to him as compensation as I was ordered.

 As I felt his prick slide up to my virgin opening he then took one hand off my hip and held his cock as support as he pushed his prick hard against me. As he pushed harder I felt my pussy hurting but slightly parting almost in slow motion and then with horror I suddenly felt my pussy give way and his prick slipped up me, I thought that I was going to be sick all over the work surface.

At the same time the sound of gasping and groaned in pleasure from behind me as I squealed out in pain and greater and increasing humiliation by the second as father watched on and even encouraging my cousin to ignore me and to continue with my punishment.

My Cousin started to fuck me hard

My Cousin started to fuck me hard

I uncontrollably groaned out loudly and then squealed “oh father” as my cousin started pumping into me with increasing rhythm, and now for the first time in my life, I was being fucked., before this I had not even touched myself as it was not allowed within the Quran. 

My cousin was whispering in my ear as he fucked me from behind, almost as if he was trying to heighten my punishment and humiliation by telling me “I am going to fuck you hard you clumsy little worthless bitch” and if that was his reason, then it worked.

Soon he was fucking me fast and furiously and I felt so sickened as father watched me being punished as I begged and groaned for this to stop as I prayed to Allah that this will soon be over. I could clearly feel his prick sliding up me and he was thrusting in with great force that it pushed and lunged me forward with each hard thrust into me and I started to feel his balls slapping against me as he gave me his full hard length.

I felt that my prayers were being answered as after a few minutes my cousin stopped humping into me and he pulled his punishing cock out of me, I sighed out loudly in great relief, but my relief was very short lived. Immediately I felt my cousin start pushing his cock around my bum hole and I knew then that he hadn’t finished at all.

I squealed out as he pushed his prick hard into my anus, the pain was sharp as he pushed harder and harder, It felt like a Chinese torture pain all around my bum hole and I screamed out “you are hurting me” but at that very point I felt my bum give way to his hard thrust and I felt his prick force its way in and up my bum, as soon as the tip of his prick entered me he started quickly rocking backwards and forwards with hard tiny thrust and I squealed and screamed at the sharp burning pain stinging my ass hole and the very uncomfortable and strange feeling of his hard prick forcing its way deeper and deeper up my bum whilst stretching my bum hole open.

My bum hole burned and stung with pain that went all the way down to me toes and I begged for forgiveness and for him to stop but I was greeted with my cousin gasping in my ear,” I am going to punish you good, you filthy worthless pig, that’s why I am fucking you up the arse hole.” My Father told me angrily, “yes Jasmine, you beg for forgiveness. Allah will see that you should be punished without mercy.” For the first time in my life I was being fucked up the pussy and now up my bum.

 Looking back Angel, and all things being equal, after a while when the pain faded off being fucked up the pussy, I could even then see that in different circumstances that this would be quite nice, but being fucked up the bum, I did not like that at all, it made me feel very strange, and it felt so wrong physically and mentally.

By now my cousin was fucking me all the way up my bum and I was shocked that I could now even feel his balls slapping against to me hard. I never believed that his huge cock would go so far up my little bum.

While he fucked me I had never gasped and groaned so much in my life, the pain and sensations brought such tears to my eyes, I felt surely he will do me a great mischief. He fucked my bum as hard and fast as he could and I was all but screaming with pain and humiliation, not only was it painful but it felt as if I was having a great shit it was so embarrassing, I felt sure that I must have done something evil to deserve this, it felt as I had.

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I was slapping and clawing at the work surface with my hands, squealing and gasping from the punishing and hard fucking that I was receiving, I was begging Allah to please stop this when suddenly the force fucking went into an almighty frenzy, I screamed and screamed at the pounding that I was receiving and the feelings from my bum and my whole body….

Then it stopped with an almighty groan from my cousin as he pushed long and hard up my bum, my cousin had now rammed his prick deep and hard up my bum and just pushing and pushing and pushing as hard as he could and I could feel my bum hole stinging throbbing and gripping his prick at the very base, this was so damn humiliating.

Even though I had no knowledge of these things at the time I knew that he must have finished his manly pleasure up my bottom, I felt his pick deep up my bum and I groaned as my eyes watered from the intense feeling that I felt with it being so far up there.

I closed my stinging eyes and felt the water drip from them as I gasped loudly and frantically for air but so pleased that it was all but over. I knew now in seconds that I would feel him withdraw his punishing prick from my bum and this punishment would now be all over for me, although the shame, embarrassment and humiliation would last forever. Surely enough a few long seconds later I felt his wet prick slip slowly out of my tight bum, which was a disgusting, humiliating and dirty feeling in its self.

I had my eyes closed panting and gasping whilst taking deep breaths and thanking Allah that it had finally finished. My first thought was to hide my body so I moved my hands down to pull up my trousers and knickers up while I was calming myself down. 

I was suddenly shocked as at first my cousin grabbed me violently, then my father too. They both carried me roughly and quickly through and into the living room. My mind was racing as I wondered what they were going to do now, were they now going to beat me after all I wondered?

In the haze of the punishment and then being roughly carried into the living room everything seemed blurry and hazy. I was still breathing heavy from the punishing fucking that I had just received. My cousin dropped me down on my back onto a sofa lounger and then instantly roughly pulling down at my trousers and knickers again until they were completely off this time. I had no time to react, it was so quick, I was totally perplexed.

I would have guessed that normally me cousin was going to rape me again, but I was calm as I knew that it’s not possible for a man to do it straight after sex and I was completely confused at what was happening.

Then for the first time my father came into focus in front of me and he was getting on top of me and forcing my blouse up my body and then quickly sucking on my tits whilst he forced his way between my naked legs … 

“Father!!” I squealed in shock and horror “what the hell are you doing, I am your daughter!!”

Father told me angrily as he was pushing his trousers off “You are no daughter of mine, you bring great shame and dishonour to our family, I am going to punish you also”

I felt my father holding me down and forcing his way between my legs as he directed his hard prick between the valley of my pussy. I still screamed at him “father, no!!” He simply ignored me and I felt him as he pushed his penis hard towards my pussy. My father knew right where to push and in a second I felt my father guide it straight to the right position and instantly pushing it against me, I felt a little sharp pain around my pussy that made me gasp a little and then I felt his hard prick enter me.

Even so I called out to him again “no father No” but his face turned red with the excitement as he gasped and groaned to me “quiet girl, just do as I require, I am allowed to enjoy you for your clumsiness, it is allowed.”

I gasped at the force father fucked me

I gasped at the force father fucked me

I felt like a whore, It felt as if something evil was happening to me as I felt my father’s prick inside my tight pussy and the horror as I felt him starting to fuck and pound harshly up me. I gasped reluctantly each time as he thrust into me with the power of his thrusts I felt my breasts start to bounce back and forth.

I knew this was so wrong, so why didn’t father I told myself. My father was gasping as he pounded into me and whispering and groaning into my ear “Oh yes, oh yes, that pussy of yours feels so good, just lay there daughter for me while I fuck you.” My father was fucking me faster and faster, I squealed out with the force of his thrusts as he pounded deep into me, while his pounding got harder he sucked on my tits, occasionally snogging me with lustful kisses on my neck, mouth and then back to my tits again and making everything wet.

He seemed to be hard fucking me for what seemed forever, for maybe 20 minutes or so I had to endure the feeling of his prick sliding up my pussy hard and fast. I didn’t know that it could last that long, then suddenly like my cousin before he gave me an extra hard 20 seconds of furious fast and hard pounding then suddenly he groaned out so loud and long as he pushed and held his prick deep up me and I knew father has cum and shot his load up my pussy.

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He just lay there on top of me for about 20 seconds or more panting before he got off me. I hoped that I was wrong and father had given me a little respect and not cum up me.

I looked and saw fathers cum flowing from me

I looked and saw fathers cum flowing from me

I raised my head I saw his cum around my pussy and now starting to run out of me. Father looked down on me, showing no remorse at all, it seemed that I had it all, he simply told me to go home where he would see me later as he pulled up his trousers and fastened them.

“So you see after that Angel after that, it was not very nice what they did to me in prison, but as you said, ‘Yes’ I was prepared for it. I know what savages and disrespect people have for women in the East, but I needed to buy my tribe sometime.”


Now this is a true story that I based this on. It happened in England but the men were of Pakistan savagery. But instead of the father sending the girl home as I wrote, the father and the cousin wrapped a thin cord around the girl’s neck and forensics discovered that as he did that, the father put his foot into the middle of her back and throttled his daughter to death with the cord… In sentencing, they both only got 7 years for the Murder as it was claimed that it was an honour killing, with no mention of the horrendous double Rape… Some honour.

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    • Thanks for all the comments Sam, but I doubt that you have read all these stories as the comments are only 2 minutes apart, so I am not allowing them as it seems all you want to do is add your e-mail and telephone number.

  1. I was amazed at the accurate description of Jasmine’s experience while being penetrated annaly as my first time was equally painful. It took some more before it got enjoyable to the point that I could orgasm. Was it your experience as well?

    • Karen,I wrote about my first anal in “too far.” It wasn’t really a very nice experience. I cannot orgasm with Penetration alone, it feels very nice, but I need clitoral stimulation. I am also not a great fan of anal, although when I feel incredibly horny and kinky I do enjoy it along with my nipples being stimulated, but like my pussy everything needs to be very wet or it hurts doesn’t it… Why not tell us about your first anal, what you thought and how you felt, what was going through your mind, how it happened? I always find other peoples thoughts the most sexy.

      Thanks for your mail, Angel

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