Strip teasing for fun and a whole lot more

Strip teasing for fun and a whole lot more

This is a fantastic true story that was sent in by David, I loved its sweet innocent dirty kinkiness.

Hi Angel, as you know I live in the South West of England. When I was 14 Me, Mum and Dad moved into a new semi-detached house within a quiet Cul de Sac in my last few weeks at school. My Parents worked and were always out of the house by 6.30 in morning

I was always told to draw all the curtains and wash up breakfast before I went to school. The property opposite was very close as it was a very narrow lane, the properties had large bay windows that allowed a lot of light in, it could make them a little intrusive, but as we was the only two houses in the Cul de sac it didn’t really matter and in the 1940s cars were totally non existent for the common working man, even a rarity for the middle classes.

Karen gave me a quick wave

Karen gave me a quick wave

One morning whilst drawing my Mothers bedroom curtains the lady opposite did the exact same thing, she gave me a big smile and such a friendly little wave and I waved back, I noticed that she was only wearing a skimpy dressing gown or it seemed to me at the time, young lads notice this type of thing.
Being inquisitive as young lads are I quickly hid behind one of the curtains to watch her, she walked around the bed picked up a couple of items and walked out of the room. seeing her bend over like that instantly sent little shivers through my body.

My Karen looked the spitting image of Karen Brady

My Karen looked the spitting image of Karen Brady

Decades later I saw the beautiful Karen Brady on TV and she brought all these images of this story come flooding back to me, not only because she looked the spitting image and had the same name of Karen, but her manner and her dominance was just so like hers. For a little while my heart delighted at seeing her, I thought it must be her, but thinking about it a little more, of course it couldn’t have been as this was well before she was even born.
As I looked deeper in to her room with youthful curious enthusiasm I could see her bedroom door at the far back of the room and to the right. She had been gone for quite a while and I was just about to give up when she returned to the bedroom still in her skimpy dressing gown.
She looked through the large bay window as if she was looking for some one and then suddenly she looked right in to my room (well mums room) and I jumped back startled as if her eyes looked straight at me, knowing that I was there looking and spying at her, I regained my composure telling myself that she couldn’t possibly see me looking through such a small crack in-between the wall and the curtains, but also hoping that she hadn’t noticed that I had been spying on her all the same.
I gave it a few moments and then nervously moved the curtain ever so slightly to one side again to see if she was still looking, but she wasn’t, she was picking out some items out from a drawer, then she stood by her bed putting a few things on it, I couldn’t believe my luck when she took off her skimpy and sexy nightie even thought she had her back to me.

Peeping on sexy woman across the road

Peeping on sexy woman across the road

I gasped loudly to myself as all she had on now was a tiny pair of knickers, she just stood there for what seemed like hours and I just tingled all over with the excitement of seeing a real woman naked for the very first time in my young life and in no time at all felt really wet and I hadn’t even touched myself.
She then turned and started to dress and she had this lovely smile on her face, as if she knew that she was putting on a show for me. At school that day I couldn’t do a thing for just daydreaming of this Lovely Lady opposite where I lived, I knew I had to see her again the following day.

The following morning as soon as my parents had gone to work I was up like a shot, I had breakfast away and cleaned things up and was quickly at my mums bedroom window and peeking through the curtains waiting and hoping for the Lady opposite to draw the curtains open again, my plan was to draw them again at the same time and maybe give her a smile of anticipation..

As I laid in wait my heart was beating quickly with excitement and eventually the lady’s curtains from across the lane quickly opened and luckily she stood there for a second or two as if to see what the weather was like. I quickly got in to position and drew the curtains open as per my plan, I was so pleased that she looked over and saw me. She smiled and gave me a lovely wave then walked out of the room just as she did the day before.

Karen looked at me and asked me to open my curtains wider

Karen looked at me and asked me to open my curtains wider

She returned in a similar time as before and stood facing in the window in full view, It appeared that she was looking out and then it appeared to me that her eyes looked right at me as I spying at he from behind the drawn open curtains.

I wondered what she was doing, she was gesturing to me to come out of hiding, I thought she was angry with me at first, but she gestured for me to come out of hiding again, this time with a little smile on her face and that gave me confidence to come out and show myself to her. I felt really embarrassed that she knew that I was spying on her, but I slowly came out from hiding, there was no point in pretending that I wasn’t there, she obviously knew that I was.

She seemed so close to me, I could clearly see her every feature in her face and was surprised that she was wearing so little and I couldn’t help but look at her legs clearly on show. With a smile on her face she pointed at me then sort of put her hands together in front of her and moved her hands apart gesturing to me as if telling me to open the curtains even wider so that she could see me more clearly.. and she smiled and gave me a little round of applause as I pulled back the curtains wide.

She then gave me a little wave, and as a waved back a little sheepishly to her as I still felt guilty about being caught spying on her, then I was shocked and I gasped out loud as this beautiful full grown woman suddenly let her skimpy nightie fall down from her shoulders purposely letting me see her fully naked and this time she was completely nude and all I could do was to stare at her tits, they were so beautiful and round and then I looked at her natural bush down below, which I could see clearly.

Then as she looked at me with a big smile, She obviously saw the shock in my face and watched me gasp in excitement. She gestured with her hands and arms, she was clearly telling me ‘Now you do the same, please take your clothes off for me’… as I was fully dressed for school and she then blew me a kiss and mouthed “PLEASE” with such a beautiful gesturing yearning look…

I stood there for a few seconds shocked that this beautiful woman should be remotely interested in such a young Schoolboy as I was and I thought to myself at first ‘should I, well what harm can it do’ but I also didn’t want to upset her as she may walk away from me and then totally ignore me and I didn’t want that, then she started to gently play and stroke herself and rolling her tongue round her mouth so sexily.

I was getting very aroused at this point and I did as she gestured me to do, as I started to undress for her I clearly saw by her reaction that she was instantly interested and excited in watching me undress, and watching me very closely. When I got down to my underpants I hesitated, I looked across to her and she smiled and gestured by moving her hips to one side and pretending to pull down imaginary underwear, she made it quite clear that she wanted me to pull down my underpants so that she could see my young schoolboy cock.

I slowly pulled my underpants down feeling a little shy especially when my hard prick sprung out pointing in front of me very rigid, thick and very hard. She instantly did an exaggerated excited gasp as she saw my prick standing out hard and very erect in front of me, she was obviously impressed with my cock size for my age, I was standing there naked with a hard on in front of a grown woman and feeling a right pillock.. I was very conscious that I was only a young lad and that I was being watching and gestured to by a stunningly beautiful full grown lady from across this narrow lane, it seemed quite unreal to me almost as if I was dreaming.

On seeing her starting to play with herself she then gestured for me to do the same, she pointed at me and then she did a wanking motion with her hand in front of her pussy area, she obviously now wanted to watch me wanking myself.

David masturbating for Karen as she watched

David masturbating for Karen as she watched

I just couldn’t help it, I was so excited, I took my hard boyish cock in my hand and start to gently play with myself.. On seeing me do this to myself she gave another little excited gasp then smiled at me and blew more kisses, then she started rubbing herself very intimately between her legs…

For a young excited lad looking at a naked woman who was watching me, I didn’t last long as I watched her rubbing herself between her legs, I wanked myself shyly in the window for her, slowly at first but as I became more excited and confident I started wanking myself harder in front of her.

Then she turned, parted her legs and bent over, Oh my, seeing her gorgeous bottom and clearly seeing her rubbing her pussy as she bent right over with open legs was way too much for me. I saw her smile as she saw my reaction to her bending over and then she slipped her finger in to her pussy and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I started to feel my cock throb and I suddenly groaned out as she watched me from behind as we both stood there masturbating in front of each other. I couldn’t help it, I suddenly groaned out and rubbed my cock hard and squirting my load much to my embarrassment, I squirted my load about 3 or four times all over the window and I could see her laughing and giving me a little applause. Luckily I had a handkerchief nearby to wipe myself and the window and she gently clapped her little hands one more time at my cumming for her, then she gave me a little wave and turned away and went from the room

The following day I made sure we opened the curtains again together again hoping that the same thing would happen, she gave me a little wave and gave me a little nod of “are we” in which I would nod back “oh yes please.”

We did this one more time after about a week, standing back from the window and masturbating ourselves for each other. About another week went by and by then it was end of term, I was leaving school and starting work for the first time. I had some time to wait before starting so I was at home most days for a while.

On returning from the shops one morning we both met some doors away from our homes. I remember this well as it was my birthday and I was 15. We were both embarrassed a little (Well a lot really) to meet one another in such circumstances, I had never really spoken to her before only maybe to say hello and such like, she asked me to call in to see her the following morning as she would like to have a chat with me and without hesitation I agreed to see her about 9 o’clock, with that she said she would leave the side gate open and for me to come to the back door, “OK” I said and we walked off in opposite directions.

She wore a well fitted black skirt, black jacket and a white even better fitting shirt that’s buttoned up the front ‘so very sexy’ I used to think…and still do. I found out later Karen was single and a school teacher in her thirties.

The next morning I walked across the road and down the side of the house to the rear door, very nervous not knowing what to expect but hoping that this is where I learn a few things..as a fifteen year old of one day has in his mind.

I knocked on the door and her next door neighbour opened and invited me in, telling me to sit on the chair by the table and Karen would be down in a minute, and with that she left the house, now the nerves were really getting the better of me and I was thinking ‘shall I just run for it?’ But before I could decide Karen called down ..”come on up when you are ready David”….’Oh sugar here goes I thought to myself.

At the top of the stairs she was waiting for me in her oh so sexy nightie, “lovely to see you she said, I didn’t really know whether you would have the nerve to come over and see me, I am pleased you did, well come on up then, don’t stand there all day.”

I climbed the stairs as she showed me in to the living room, but she didn’t stop there, she took my hand and lead me in to the bedroom. I suddenly felt out of my depth with this beautiful woman. I said straight out “I am very nervous, you know you didn’t give me any idea why I should come over, I just thought you wanted to chat.”

With that she said “Well we can if you like, but I thought we could continue with what we have been doing in the window, but in person, that would be a little bit more fun, wouldn’t it? .. Would you like that? …  but just one more thing let me do the talking you just say nothing and enjoy… Deal?”

Before I could answer she stood me with my back to the bed and started to undress me…slowly ….”you are a very nice young boy aren’t you, I like young boys, especially when they have got a cock like you.” she boldly told me. Then smiling at me she pouting her sexy full lips at me and started making sweet kissing sounds to me. I could feel my cock starting to rise to attention, I think I must have had goose bumps all over in sheer excitement.

I had never felt like this before, short of breath and my heart beating fast.. With the last item to come off me she knelt down in front of me and she started pulled down my underpants, very slowly as if she was teasing herself with what she would see “keep quiet” she said “don’t say anything, I can see you are excited, I’ll let you make little noises of enjoyment but nothing else, I will tell you what I want you to do and what I am going to do.” So far she hadn’t let even a finger touch me….

My underpants slid further down and my cock was so excited, as the waistband reached down to my prick, she looked intensely as suddenly she tugged my pants down and my hard prick sprang our and pointed straight at her.

“Oh yes, you have got such a beautiful young cock” she told me and she reached out and gripped it in her hand and slowly rubbed it, I gasped out at such a wonderful feeling and she looked up at me and smiled “Mmm, does that feel nice? she asked me.

She slowly rubbed my prick with long slow strokes telling me “Oh yes, you have got such a beautiful smooth cock, its so long and so thick, how old are you David?”

“Fifteen yesterday” I replied.

“Mmm, fifteen, and you have such a nice thick cock like this already, Its not even fully developed yet is it, As soon as I saw it in the window, I knew I wanted to get a closer look at it and feel it in my hand… I am almost twice your age, what do you think of that David?”

“Alright” I didn’t know what else to say.

Then she stood up and looked at me in the eye and she slowly peeled back her sexy dressing gown and she let it fall to the floor, all she had on was the skimpiest pair of knickers  I could have imagined, words could not describe of what I was thinking or what I wanted to say….she was amazing and smelt of dozens and dozens of roses and what kept me from grabbing hold and fondling  those gorgeous firm tits of hers could only have been those words she said earlier “Don’t speak”

I had seen pictures of women’s tits as a teenager but I had never been this close to real naked ones, these were like nothing I had seen before, perfectly round, each one would fill two hands and they looked so soft…if only I dare reach out and touch them, her nipples were slightly pointed and I wanted so much to suck on them.

I thought ‘will I get the chance’ no sooner had this thought gone through my mind when she moved forward and gently aimed one of her breasts to my mouth and I met it head on …It was the first time I had ever seen a real woman’s tits let alone felt them and I  felt them against my mouth and it felt so warm, soft and the taste of her was something else…then she moved over with the other breast and let me suck on that one, I could have gone on like this all morning she didn’t have to do anything else.

With that she soon said all too soon for me, “lay on the bed with your head on the pillow for me” as I did I looked down and saw my hard penis, I had never seen my prick that big and hard before and it was aching and throbbing, I just wanted to shout all the naughty words I could think of … but I had to remember to keep quiet and say nothing.

When I was laid down she took off her panties …this time not a hair to be seen, she was so clean and white like a preteen girls pussy, not the bush that I had seen from across the lane, now this may seem normal today, but in my time girls did not shave down there, well not that I knew of … I had never even seen pictures like that before (remember I was only fifteen and didn’t do what fifteen year old’s do now some sixty years later.)

I had to lay close to the edge of the bed and she put her hands on my chest and ever so slowly worked her way up my body and eventually finishing in a 69 position with her clean shaven pussy right over my face. Now she told me “I want to feel your young smooth cock, I have always wanted to feel one so young in my hands and wank it and tease it, and yours is so big for your age isn’t it, I love it, I wanted it as soon as I saw you strip for me last week” she was now stroking and teasing my thighs and moving her hand closer to my hard cock, just before reaching my hard aching cock. I put my hand up and asked “permission to speak miss” (as school kids did in my day for permission to speak,) she said  ”OK speak”, and I said “I want to do the same to you please Miss,”

“Maybe later, let’s wait and see” and then she told me “now be quiet”.

Karen rubbed and teased my school boy prick

Karen rubbed and teased my school boy prick

But then ‘Oh My God’ she reached out and I felt her grip my hard prick, I gasped out immediately, and as she stroked and slowly wanked me in her hand I groaned at such a wonderful feeling. She moved higher up me so that she could hold it with the other hand as well, and as she wanked me she interspersed this with the other hand playing, stroking and raking my balls with her nails as she wanked me with the other hand, it felt so good and she seemed to be doing this so expertly and for such a long time, and as she said, I just laid back and enjoyed it.

Karen would be giving little groans and sighs as she wanked me almost as if she was getting as much pleasure out of this by doing this to me, and all the time I stared up at her fresh smooth pussy as it gyrate right in front of my face. Some times Karen would give my cock a rest, just stroking and massaging my balls as she bent over and kissed my thighs and around my hips close to my genitals, then she would grip my cock again after about fine minutes and start wanking and stoking me again and she would sigh out again soft and gently “oh yes, Mmmm oh yes, it feels so good, David I want to wank you all morning, it feels divine.”

My hand went up again as I asked “Please Miss?”

”Yes, now what” she asked sharply.

“I don’t think I’m going to be lasting much longer” I told her,

“Oh” she said calmly and started to stroke my balls with one hand while she reached for my hand and pulled it under her to her left breast, with her hand on mine she allowed me to stroke and fondle her breasts as she moved my hand from one breast to the other.

She kept stroking my balls at first as she allowed me to stroke her, but then moved her on my balls back to my stiff cock and she started wanking and stroking my hard prick again, sometimes now quite quickly along my whole shaft and some times just stroking me gently in a teasing manner…with her other hand on mine she now guided and moved my hand slowly down her body and moving my hand between her opening legs and on to her pussy.

I had been looking at it so closely for the last hour or so,  she moved my finger up and down just where she wanted me, making my finger’s flick and stroke her moist clit and sometimes making my hand rub her whole pussy, then back to her clit again.

Suddenly she said to me almost in a gasp and pant “give me your middle finger” and as I did she gripped it then panted to me, “now fold your other fingers in like a fist” and again I did as I was told, she took it and guided it to the bottom of her pussy “now keep your finger rigid” she told me sharply gasping, and she guided my finger and pushed my hand so that my finger slipped up her pussy, Instantly she gave out a groan and a squeal as I did.

She wanked me with both hands

She wanked me with both hands

She pushed and pulled my hand making my finger slip up and down in her wet pussy “harder, faster” she groaned louder, suddenly she gave out a large groan and her body gave a little shiver at that point she took her hand away and moved that to my hard erect cock as well, Now with both hands gripping and sliding up and down my shaft hard and fast I could’t wait or hold off my orgasm any longer and she must have known that I was cumin because she gasped heavily to me “Come on, let it go David, let it go”

Well to be honest I had no choice In my impending orgasm I started to finger Karen’s wet pussy hard and fast and she gasped loudly as I did.

We both bucked our hips and I suddenly felt my hard prick explode as my orgasm made my body shake and white sticky cum squirts up in to the air three, four and five times as I bucked my hips and fingered Karen’s pussy, while Karen gasped out and squealed as I squirted at being wanked hard and each time I squirted Karen squealed out “Oh yes, oh yes, cum for me darling, oh yes…. oh well done David” she said excitedly to me after I had squirted for the fifth time. I had never seen so many stars and I couldn’t stop shaking..

Even though my stomach and her hand was covered in my cum, Karen continued to rub and cares my now shrinking cock as though she was totally in love with it.

Two weeks later walking up our road just before turning into our drive I looked across the road, there was a “For Sale” sign up at Karen’s, no curtains up ….she had gone…Sadly for me I have never seen her since.

My sex life with girls from school after that went way on up and I never looked back, thank you Karen.

And thank you David for sharing this story with us, David is almost 76 years old now and he has sent in a picture of his ‘Hard-On.’

He is very proud that he can still get a hard on at his age, although he didn’t tell me how much exercise it gets… The Picture is in ‘More Selfies.’

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    • I thought the same Bill, but this is a fantastic story, I loved it and this is how David said it happened, so that’s how it got wrote. I would sooner the story be as it was, rather than how it wasn’t. On saying that I really enjoyed this story and it doesn’t always have to end in full sex, sometimes I find it is better when it does not.

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