Ming and her Dog Pt 3

Ming and her Dogs (part 3)

Mick, Ming and the girls work for a mining Company and these are the types of Trucks they drive

Mick, Ming and the girls work for a mining Company and these are the types of Trucks they drive

Mick who lives in Australia has sent in the last of this story Ming and her Dog in Pt 3. But is planning a new one with a completely new story line in the new year, I am looking forward to that

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After the amazing session that La_Tun, Chinsu and myself had with my dogs Boz and Dan, I dreamt most nights of having another all female/dogs

encounter, I had thoroughly enjoyed my first lesbian encounter and desired to taste another woman’s pussy on my lips, the softness of their lips on mine as we kissed, and the velvet warmth of the inside of their vagina.



At work us girls would often laugh and joke at lunch times, teasing Hiro and Lutang about the good times we girls had a few weeks before, and when they asked what sort of good times we would just giggle and tell them that they will have to come round one day and find out for themselves. Hiro and Lutang sounded keen, and as both of them were very attractive we three girls had decided we would love to have them join us in another all girl naked romp. All we needed to do was wait till our men decided to go on another

 About a month later everyone was around at our place for a BBQ, the weather was typically Australian, hot and sunny, the pool was getting well used and naturally we had our dogs, Boz and Dan locked away so as not to annoy everyone. The boys were all standing around the BBQ drinking a few beers, us girls were all in the pool lazing back with a few glasses of wine, and we overheard the boys talking about another fishing trip as the barramundi were coming onto the bite up north.

The North Road leading to the Fishing Area

The North Road leading to the Fishing Area

La_Tun looked at me and smiled, “Did you just hear what I just heard Ming” she asked in Thai. “Yes I did, interesting” I replied. The boys told us that the meat would be ready in 15 minutes so us girls got out, dried off and prepared the table for tea, and dressed only in our bikini’s I must say we all did look sexy for our men, and by the look Mick was giving me I knew he was getting horny.


While we were eating tea Barry, Chinsu’s hubby, spoke up. “Girls, us fella’s are thinking of knicking off up north for about 2 weeks of barra fishing, what do ya reckon?” he said in his typical Australian drawl. Us girls had it already worked out, we looked at each other with scowled looks and tried to look unimpressed. “But Barry, you told me we were going to go camping over to the

Big Bara in here

Big Barramundi in here

coast in a few weeks” Chinsu replied. “I know honey, but the moon will be making and the Barra will be coming onto the bite, its only a small window of opportunity to get some awesome fishing in, and when I get back we will take some time off together and head over to the coast, promise” Barry replied.

Well the time came for the boys to head off fishing, Mick and I had had a fantastic fuck session involving our dogs a few days before he left, so I packed some gear for him and kissed him goodbye as they left for their two week adventure up north, secretly excited for what was about to happen. As they left on our first day off us girls had 7 days to enjoy ourselves before having to go back to work, and we had organised to get together at my place that day around 10am to party. Showering I made sure my pussy and legs were absolutely smooth and fresh, dressed in some skimpy clothes without a bra on, letting my small breasts with their hard nipples display themselves under the tight material, then I lit some scented candles throughout the house and chilled some wine. I heard the dogs bark so I knew someone was arriving, so I walked outside to see all 4 girls getting out of their cars and waiting at the gate, Boz and Dan checking them out from inside the fence.

I walked out to greet them, my pussy quivering in expectation and seeing how La-Tun and Chinsu were dressed. I knew they were horny as well, “Hello girls, come in, I will just lock the dogs away so they don’t annoy you” I told them, Hiro and Lutang looking a bit nervous as they had never been so close to our pets. As I led them into their enclosure I felt someone behind me, it was La_Tun, and she told me I looked very  sexy and she couldn’t wait to get me naked and make love to me.

I giggled coyly and I felt my nipples stiffen, and we walked back to where the other girls had sat down and were opening wine. After an hour or so of drinking and chatting Hiro said she was going inside to change into her swimmers, and Lutang  joined her, and as they left I peeled off my top, removed my shorts and with only my bikini bottoms on I walked topless into the pool. La_Tun and Chinsu did the same, except Chinsu left her bikini top on, and they both got into the pool with me. Lutang and Hiro walked out, both girls looking very sexy in their skimpy bikini’s and they slid into the water. “Oh, your topless” Hiro said when she surfaced, looking at me. “Why did I waste my time putting mine on” she said as she reached around, undid her top and threw it out onto the chair.

Hiro's Gorgeous Breasts and Nipples

Hiro’s Gorgeous Breasts and Nipples

Hiro had a nice pair of boobs, typically Japanese, small and firm and she had both he nipples pierced, with small silver rings in them. “I like your piercings Hiro” I heard Chinsu say. “Thank you, I’ve had them since I was 16, my parents were disgusted when they found out”. I felt my own nipples stiffen as I looked at her sexy piercings, she did have sexy boobs indeed. “Oh fuck it” Lutang said softly as she reached  around and undid hers  as well, then Chinsu looked at us four topless girls and just as she was about to undo her own top La_Tun did it for her, slipping it over her head and threw it out onto the chair. Here we were, 5 topless Oriental girls, swimming in the pool under the Aussie outback sunshine, sipping on wine, and rapidly losing our inhibitions.

After an hour or so of this we were getting rather tipsy when Hiro suggested we needed something to eat, so we all got out, towelled off and walked inside, wine glasses in hand, and still topless prepared some lunch. With the temperature outside reaching 40degrees C the air conditioning inside was a lovely 22 degrees, and as we sat around the table I noticed that everyone’s nipples were hard, and Hiro’s were highlighted with the silver rings, La_Tun’s left one with her gold ring in it as well. Out of nowhere Chinsu spoke up, telling us how last night her and her man had had the most intense fuck session that finished with her demanding that he fuck her in the arse until he unloaded in her. I think that stunned Lutang a bit, she looked shocked, then she spoke. “You took his cock in your arse, wow, I have never done that”

 “Really?” Chinsu replied, “We regularly enjoy the pleasure of anal sex”. La_Tun giggled, then she admitted also that she enjoyed being anally fucked, and had once had the pleasure of having been double penetrated by 2 large cocks. As I noticed Hiro lean forward in her chair, I thought to myself that there is so much you don’t know about La_Tun’s past, and she looked like she either wanted to hear more or she was getting horny, hopefully the latter. “So La_Tun, did you have a cock in each hole when this happened”. “Indeed, they fucked me in every way possible, I had 2 cocks in my pussy, a cock in my pussy and one in my arse, then finished off with 2 cocks in my arse until they both cum in me” La_Tun answered. “Wow” I heard Hiro answer, Lutang still looking stunned, then Chinsu spoke up, slightly laughing. ”I remember back in China I got a little bit drunk at a party, I had 2 guys fuck me, one guy pounding my pussy while I sucked the others guy cock, then I felt the guy fucking my pussy ram his cock into my arse, it was painful at first but then very enjoyable, and this went on for a while until they both cum, it was my first taste of cum, and since that day I have to say I always love taking my lover’s load in my mouth”


For the next half an hour we talked about men, cocks, and fucking, and just then my phone rang so I got up to answer it, walking into the kitchen. As I leant against the fridge chatting on the phone I felt a pair of hands come from behind and cup my boobs, fingers pinching my firm nipples. I looked over my shoulder to see La_Tun, and as our eyes met she leant forward and kissed me, her lips ever so soft on mine, then our tongues entwined for a second and my heart began to pound. I hurriedly finished off the phone call as La_Tun caressed my body, my pussy aching and I turned to face her then our lips met again, and as we kissed our breasts were rubbing against each other, and I could feel her hard nipples and ring against my firm boobs. God it felt good to kiss her again, and I let my hand fall to her hips where I then moved it inwards to feel her pussy, which had soaked her bikini bottoms. “Oh my god, sorry” I heard from behind me. Hiro had walked into the kitchen and when I turned to her she had a shocked look on her face. “I didn’t know you two were bi, I never would have guessed” she stuttered. “Hiro, come here” La_Tun asked. Hiro walked over to us, her small firm breasts just wobbling a little, her pierced nipples looking awesome, and when she neared us La_Tun reached out and touched her left nipple, slightly tugging on the silver ring. “Would you like to join us” she asked her. Hiro went red, obviously embarrassed, then blurted out that she had never been with a woman but she had fantasized about it. La_Tun reached down and took her hand, lifted it up and placed it on my boob, and I felt her hand gently squeeze me, my nipple poking into her soft palm. I looked at Hiro and she caught my eye, I nodded my head letting her know it was ok, then she felt my boob some more then pinched my nipple, swapping to my other boob as I reached out and felt hers. Sensing the moment was right I leant into her and our lips touched and I held mine softly against hers, our eyes looking into each other for a good ten seconds, then I felt her begin to open her lips and we kissed passionately. She tasted so yummy as my tongue entered her mouth, searching about for hers, and I felt La_Tun’s hand slide inside my bikini pants and straight to my clit. I moaned as La_Tun worked my clit, then she slid her finger into my now very wet hole, her breasts pressed against my back. I broke the kiss with Hiro and she looked down to see La_Tun’s hand inside my bikini then back up at me. “Are you ok with this” I asked her”. “Yes Ming I am, I just had no idea that’s all. I enjoyed that kiss, your lips are so soft.” “Thank you Hiro” I replied, “but that’s just the beginning, lets get this party started.”

As we walked back out of the kitchen La_Tun and I were holding hands and when we were all in the same room I said out loud, “Girls, lets party” and I turned to La_Tun and we kissed, her hand went straight to my pussy, sliding under my bikini and she began to finger me. I heard a squeal, and I looked over to see Chinsu cupping Lutang’s small breasts from behind, her facial expression one of shock and expectation all in one. Chinsu began kissing Lutang’s neck and she fondled her breasts, then one hand slid down her taut body and slowly inside her bikini, tufts of black pussy hair showing from the top of her bikini.


I could see Chinsu’s finger rubbing Lutang’s clit, then she slid it into her pussy, Lutang closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. I felt somebody next to me, looking I saw Hiro, her pierced nipples so hard, I just had to touch them so I reached out and traced my finger around her nipple, tugging on her ring. Hiro slipped her fingers into the elastic of her bikini and slowly slid them down her legs, revealing her manicured black haired pussy, then she started to play with her own clit. “Oh Ming, I think I am going to enjoy this party” she said, and La_Tun smiled at her and told her that it gets way better than this, looking at me and grinning. I wanted to taste Hiro’s pussy, so I led her by the hand to the couch and motioned for her to lie back on it, I got down on my hands and knees then parting her legs with my hands I slowly lowered my face to her stomach just about her pubes.

Mmmm I could smell her sweet aroma, and I teased her as I ran my tongue over her skin, slowly heading downwards across her soft pubes and using my fingers I parted her pussy lips to reveal her clit and love hole. As I flicked her clit with my tongue I felt a hand on my back, and someone sliding my bikini pants off my hips and down my legs. I lifted my knees so they could take them right off then I felt a finger tracing over my pussy, my hole leaking love juices. I assumed it was La_Tun pleasuring me as I was too busy licking Hiro’s clit and tonguing her hole to care. Two fingers were inserted into me just as I did the same to Hiro, her pussy feeling ever so soft inside as I finger fucked her, my tongue still working her clit. Just then I heard Chinsu moan loudly and I looked up to see Lutang’s face buried hard into Chinsu’s pussy, her tongue working her clit rapidly almost nearly causing her to orgasm. I thought to myself I had better go get my boys before us girls get way to involved with lesbian sex to want anything else. As I took my lips off Hiro’s clit, I slid my fingers out of her pussy, she was so wet, then I felt La_Tun take her fingers from me and she said ”Ming, I think its time you bought out the days entertainment” “I think so to La_Tun” and as I stood up I felt my own juices run down my leg. Hiro and Lutang looked at me puzzled as I left the room, walking outside stark naked into our secluded backyard, the midday sun hot on my body. The boys were excited to see me, and as I unlocked their gate Boz dived straight for my pussy, his tongue feeling great on my clit. Leading them back into the house their cocks were already out, swinging underneath them, and La_Tun opened the door for me, the boys keen to get inside the house where there was obviously a strong scent of pussy in the air. I let go of Dan’s lead and he ran straight over to Chinsu, he remembered her scent and as she patted him she opened her legs and he began to lick her pussy, his tongue forcing its way into her hole.


Lutang and Hiro had the most stunned look on their faces you have ever seen, mouths wide open and their eyes staring at both boys huge cocks hanging below their bellys. “Your fucking kidding Ming” Hiro said to me, as Boz was forcing his nose into my crutch, his tongue seeking out my juices. “Girls, just sit back and do what comes natural” I told them, “Just follow our lead”. Hiro and Lutang stood near the table as I sat down on the lounge and spread my legs so Boz could lick me, his tongue forcing its way inside me and La_Tun reaching under him stroking his hard cock.

Chinsu had Dan lying on his side, her hand stroking his thick cock, and she motioned for the girls to come over. Sheepishly Hiro and Lutang walked over to her and knelt down next to Dan, who tried to bury his head in Lutang’s pussy but she squealed and jumped back. Chinsu pushed Dan onto his back and told Lutang to lower her pussy onto his face so he can lick her, and as she straddled Dan’s head his tongued searched for her pussy. This time when he licked her she didn’t squeal, but the look of satisfaction on her face said it all. Hiro knelt next to Chinsu who took her hand and placed it on Dan’s cock, and I saw a smile come over her face as she started to stroke it. Hiro was wanking Dan’s cock and he was licking Lutang’s pussy, eagerly trying to get his tongue deep into her love hole, and she was starting to squirm with the pleasure.  Boz was going to town on my pussy, his tongue deep inside me lapping up my love juices, my fingers pinching my nipple and working my clit. I heard Hiro gasp and when I looked she was wide eyed staring at La_Tun who had Boz’s cock in her mouth. “Go for it Hiro, you will love it” I said, “he loves his cock being sucked, and he tastes really nice”. Hiro looked at me, then slowly lowered her mouth towards his cock, hers eyes asking La_Tun could she interrupt, poking her tongue out slowly to touch his pink cock, then she ran her tongue up and down his hard shaft. When she was back at the tip she opened her mouth and I watched Dan’s cock slowly disappear into her mouth, her hand grasping the base of his cock which made his normally 10 inch cock look much longer. “Go girlfriend” Lutang said, just as Dan’s tongue found her arsehole and he vainly tried to get inside it.

“Hey Ming, where’s the boys socks” La_Tun asked me as she stood up and walked towards me, bending down and kissing me opened mouthed, the taste of Boz’s pre cum fresh in her mouth. “Over there in the top drawer” I pointed, and La_Tun walked over, her taut arse looking so sexy that I swear I got even wetter, opened the drawer and took out two pairs of doggy socks. “What are they for” Lutang asked, Chinsu answering her inquisitiveness with a simple “Oh your going to love this”. I pushed Boz’s head away from my pussy, and I called him up to me, Boz jumping up and putting his paws on my lap. I slid his doggy socks on, tied them off so they wouldn’t slip then I reached under him and gave his cock a few good wanks, his shaft well lubricated with pre cum and as hard as a rock. Standing I grabbed his collar and led him to La_Tun who was already in the doggy position, her fingers working lube into her shaven pussy. I knelt down and took La_Tun’s fingers from her pussy and replaced them with mine, working three fingers deep into her, lubricating  her pussy which felt so warm and soft. Taking my hand from her I called Boz over, he eagerly mounted her,  his cock rapidly stabbing about seeking  her pussy until he found it, then with one thrust he drove 8 inches of his cock straight into her and began to rapidly fuck her.


La_Tun screamed out, some pain, some pleasure as Boz humped her, Lutang and Hiro staring wide eyed at what was happening only 6 feet away from them. As Boz continued to pound away at La_Tun’s pussy I could see that Chinsu and Lutang had discovered that they enjoyed kissing each other, Dan still licking her pussy as Chinsu fondled her boobs, Hiro now sucking his cock like an expert. I walked over to Chinsu and pulled her lips off Lutang’s and replaced them with mine, wow she was an awesome kisser. I looked at Lutang in the eyes and softly asked her was she ready to be doggy fucked, to which she replied yes. We kissed some more, with Chinsu rubbing my pussy and then I stood up, interrupted Hiro’s cock sucking and got Dan to stand up, his big cock swinging under his belly. As I slipped his socks on Dan gave me a big lick, like a thank you for what he was about to receive, then I asked Lutang to get on her hands and knees. I took some lube and rubbed it into her hairy pussy, sliding my fingers into her now soaking wet love hole and finger fucked her until I was sure she was well lubed up.

Slapping her arse I said “Up boy” and Dan immediately mounted her, Lutang sighing as his weight bore down on her. I took his cock in my hand and only let a few inches poke out, it was Lutang’ first dog cock and I didn’t want her to get hurt. Rubbing the tip of his cock against her lubricated pussy lips Dan was jabbing at her, my hand just strong enough to stop him entering her. Lutang was moaning as his cock found her love hole and I let just an inch of his cock into her, then I rubbed it about. Dan was now keen to fuck his bitch and he was starting to thrust harder, so I let another two inches of his cock into her pussy, Lutang moaning with the painful pleasure of his big cock. “How does that feel Lutang” I asked her as Dan thrust forward, my hand between her pussy and his balls. “Oh Ming, its unbelievable, its so big” she said, pushing her pussy against my hand, obviously wanting more cock in her. “You ready for it all” I asked her. “Yes Ming, I’m ready” so I took my hand away and Dan stabbed his full length straight into her, making Lutang squeal so loud. “Oh Fuck me, fucking hell, fuck off that feels so fucking good” the normally non swearing Lutang said as Dan settled into a steady fuck, his hips thrusting his cock so deep into her, his front legs locking him into her.


Looking over at La_Tun she was getting her share, Boz still humping her madly and La_Tun playing with her clit, so I walked over to her and bent down and kissed her, then asked her would she like a break and let Hiro experience her first dog fuck. La_Tun agreed, so I took hold of Boz’s collar and pulled him off of her, his cock making a plop sound as it exited her wet pussy. I asked Hiro was she ready to lose her doggy virginity, she had a nervous giggle then came over to me and sat next to me, her pierced boobs looking way to tempting. I leant in and took her left nipple into my mouth, gave it a tender suckling then flicked her ring with my tongue, and I felt her hand run across my pussy. We kissed then Hiro got on all fours, just like Lutang, and I rubbed some lube into her pussy and began to finger her, loosening her rather tight love hole for what it was about to have inserted into it. Hiro moaned as I finger fucked her, working up to 3 fingers inside her pussy, and when I felt she was loose enough I called Boz over who gave her pussy a quick sniff and a lick, then he mounted up on her, Hiro also letting out a groan as she felt his weight.


I had to quickly get my hand in to grab Boz’s cock so he didn’t thrust his full length into her virgin pussy, so like I did for Lutang I grabbed hold of his cock so just a few inches was pointing out and rubbed the end of it around her pussy, then as Boz was thrusting I let a few inches of his cock into her, my hand getting squashed between his balls and her clit. ‘Oh Ming, it’s in me, it feels nice” Hiro said as Boz thrust all but 3 inches of his cock in and out of her, her well lubed pussy taking his fat cock easily. “Let me know when your ready for the next 6 inches Hiro” I said, wondering how she was going to handle his full fat length. “There’s more?” she replied. “Yes Hiro, he has only about 3 inches of his cock in you at the moment, that’s my hand you can feel against your clit” I told her, trying to hold back a giggle. Just then I  heard a moan and I looked over towards Lutang who had her arse up in the air with Dan fucking her and her head was now buried in between Chinsu’s legs lapping away at her pussy. Just then I felt a finger trace over my pussy, stopping to rub my clit, La_Tun must have been feeling left out and as I was on my knees my pussy must have looked inviting. “Ming, give me more cock, I want all of him in me” Hiro demanded, just as La_Tun slid what felt like two fingers into my pussy and began to fuck me with them. “Ok Hiro, here goes, enjoy” I told her as I took my hand from Boz’s cock and he thrust his full length into her. “Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god, fucking hell” Hiro said as Boz fucked her, “That’s incredible, holy fuck” she exclaimed as Boz pounded her pussy, his front legs tightly clamped around her slim body. Now I could relax, both my dog cock virgin friends were being fucked by my pets, and as I knew my boys were stayers I put my head on the ground and let La_Tun finger fuck me, her experienced fingers giving me great pleasure. In the background I could hear the boys fucking their new bitches, there cocks making noises as they pistoned in and out of the girls pussy’s, and Chinsu moaning as Lutang licked her clit, her own fingers teasing her nipples.

I turned around and kissed La_Tun, our tongues darting about, and I slid my hand down to her pussy and slipped 1 finger into her, feeling about inside her velvet lined love hole. “Would you like to 69 Ming” La_Tun asked me quietly, “Yes please” I replied. As I turned around on her body I quickly glanced over at my friends, side by side with the dogs still fucking them, Lutang and Chinsu now kissing, and I lowered my lips onto La_Tun’s sweet smelling pussy, oh how I was going to enjoy this. As I began to lick her clit I felt her tongue on mine, giving it teasingly little laps then darting it inside me, then back to my clit. Spreading La_Tun’s legs further I sucked her clit into my mouth, my nose at the entrance to her love hole and teased it with my tongue, and I felt a finger tracing over the skin between my pussy and anus, stopping at my rear entrance and gently probing my hole. “Oh fuck” I heard myself say as La_Tun continued to tease me, and I then licked a line from her clit to her love hole and poked my tongue inside. “Oh Ming, that feels so wonderful” La_Tun said, so I just kept tongue fucking her hole as she teased my anus. Lifting my head to check on my friends Chinsu had stood up, now with her pussy pushed against Hiro’s face who was licking her, Chinsu leaning back playing with her own nipples and a look of pleasure on her face. As Boz thrust into Hiro it was driving her face into Chinsu’s pussy, it was a sexy sight indeed. Lutang called out to me, her body was getting tired holding up Dan’s weight, so I lifted my pussy off La_Tun’s expert mouth and crawled over to Lutang, my pussy aching for more attention. “Ming, I need a spell” Lutang said, so I stood and patted Dan, telling him he was a good doggy and pulled him from Lutang, his cock dripping precum. From behind Dan La_Tun took hold of his cock  and sucked on it, licking Lutang’s pussy juice from his shaft and enjoying the taste of his precum, meanwhile Lutang rolled over onto her back so spreading her legs with my hands I lowered my face onto her freshly fucked pussy and licked all of Dan’s precum mixed with her juices from her love hole.


Like a 5 year old I heard Chinsu say “My turn, my turn” as she got on all fours next to Hiro, and Dan licked her pussy, readying her for mounting. La_Tun took his cock from her mouth, and as it sprung back down under him Dan mounted up on his next bitch, La_Tun guiding his cock into Chinsu’s waiting pussy. A quick stab and he was in, thrusting his full length into her, Chinsu squealing in delight as he began to fuck her, his thick hard cock stretching her pussy wide, his front legs locking her into position. “Yes, oh yes, fuck me Dan, fuck me good boy” Chinsu was calling out as Dan humped her, his balls swinging as he thrust.

Lutang tasted so nice, I stretched my tongue as far up into her as I could, searching for every last drop of precum mixed with pussy juice as I could find, and she began to hump her pussy into my face. “Enjoying this are we” I asked her, reaching up with one hand to squeeze her nipple, her pubic hairs tickling my nose. “Oh Ming, I had no idea how nice it would be to be with another woman, let alone being fucked by a dog” Lutang said as I flicked her clit with my tongue. “I’m glad your open to it Lutang” I said, “and the best is yet to come”. My own pussy was starting to feel left out, so when Hiro said she needed a spell from the pounding Boz was giving her I said to the girls “If none of you mind, I would like a fuck too”, giggling as I said it, “Considering that they are my dogs”. All the girls giggled and said they would love to watch, so I called Boz of Hiro, and as his cock popped out of her  a stream of pussy juice and precum ran from her pussy. “I see you were enjoying that Hiro” I asked her.


“You have no idea how much Ming, that was incredible, do these dogs ever tire” she asked. “Not really Hiro, they have great stamina” I replied. “Oh I look forward to that Ming” Hiro excitedly replied. I got on all fours next to Chinsu, rubbing some lube into my pussy and working it in, then called Boz, “up boy, fuck mummy” and he jumped straight up onto my back, his cock finding its mark immediately and began to fuck my pussy, his powerful hips feeding me every inch of his cock. “Wow, straight in, that was awesome” I heard one of the girls say, and I looked over my shoulder to see Lutang, Hiro and La_Tun getting a close up view of the dogs fucking our pussy’s, Lutang’s mouth wide open in awe. It felt so good to be getting fucked in front of my friends, especially the two new girls who I had just introduced to doggy sex, and now here they were just a few feet away from Chinsu and I getting such a close view of the action. “Ming, I think Boz wants to knot with you” La_Tun said, obviously seeing his knot swelling, and I could feel it hitting the entrance to my pussy. “Whats knotting?” I heard Hiro say, and just then I felt Boz thrust harder, his knot starting to force its way into my pussy. I angled my body forward, my head on the ground, giving Boz greater access to my pussy when I felt him thrust again, this time feeling his knot enter me, then my pussy lips closing around it locking his cock into me. Boz gave his little growl and I knew he was about to cum, and with one final thrust I felt his hot doggy cum blast into my pussy. “Oh my god, he’s cumming, look Hiro, he’s cumming in Ming” I heard Lutang say as I felt a little river of cum run from my pussy down my leg. Boz was injecting squirt after squirt of cum into me, and now he was starting to settle on my back. “See, that’s knotting girls” I heard La_Tun tell them, “his cock has a lump at its base that swells and locks his cock into the bitches pussy to stop any sperm from coming out, then after a while the knot shrinks and he can release his cock from her”. Then I felt La_Tun spread my pussy lips and show the girls how big the knot was. “Wow, how long will Ming be like that?” Hiro asked. I replied, “sometimes up to a half hour, most times around 10 to 15 minutes, I can’t go anywhere, lol” “Wow, thats incredible” Lutang said.

Just then I heard Dan give out a little growl, and Chinsu looked at me. “He’s wants to cum in you Chinsu” I told her, “do you want him to knot with you.” “Yes please, I enjoyed it last time, I want to feel that again.” “OK, La_Tun, can you help Chinsu tie, put some lube onto Dan’s knot so it will slip easily into her please”. La_Tun applied some lube to Dan’s knot, and as if he knew when she was done he applied some pressure and his knot slid into her wet pussy, Chinsu letting out a moan as it filled her pussy. “Oh Ming, it’s in, all of his cock is in me and it feels fucking awesome, oh wow, I think he’s cumming, yes yes, I can feel it squirting into me” Chinsu excitedly told us all as Dan took a few good thrusts into her, then kept his cock still as he filled her pussy with cum. Both dogs were now resting on our backs, their balls slowly filling our pussy’s with cum, and we were definitely not going anywhere in a hurry, when I heard La_Tun giggle and tell the girls to follow her. Walking around to the front of Chinsu and I Hiro and Lutang spread their pussy lips, allowing us a very vivid look of their pussy’s, then they took a step closer and actually put their pussy’s onto our faces, telling us that considering that we were not in a position to get away, would we like to lick their pussy’s clean, ready for when the boys recover enough to fuck them again. I slid my tongue out and began to lap away at Lutang’s clit, causing her to gyrate her pussy on my face, and placing my hands on her thighs gave me the strength to hold my face onto her hairy pussy as I licked her and tongue fucked her hole. Turning my head allowed me to see Hiro holding Chinsu’s head steady as she rubbed her pussy over her face, her juices making Chinsu’s face glisten, my god she was wet with excitement.  The pair of us licked and poked with our tongues for a good ten minutes when  felt Boz’s cock begin to move, so I said to La_Tun that he was about to pop out of me and she might like to show the girls what lovely treat was in store for them, so she wriggled her way under me, her pussy directly under my chin, her head under my pussy and she waited in anticipation, instructing the girls to come around behind us and watch what was about to happen.

I felt Boz tug at me with his cock, his knot still holding him but not as tight, then with a few more tugs my pussy let him out, his cock making a pop sound followed by a rush of doggy cum out of my pussy and onto La_Tun’s face and into her waiting mouth.

 “Fucking hell, oh wow, your fucking kidding” I heard the girls say as La_Tun was splashed with Boz’s cum, some entering her mouth, the rest soaking her face and hair. “Mmmmmm, so yummy” La_Tun said, catching some on her fingers and offering it to the girls. Lutang licked some off and said it tasted a bit salty, then Hiro caught some in her hand that was dripping from my pussy and loved the taste, so much so that she came around to Chinsu’s head and lay down and wriggled under her, laying in wait for Dan to pop his cock out of her. “Oh you little doggy slut” I laughingly told her, with Hiro replying that there was no way she was missing out on what was about to happen. By now La_Tun had her hands over my hips and had pulled me down a bit so she could get her mouth onto my pussy, her tongue searching inside me for every last drop of doggy cum as she licked me clean, her tongue bringing me awfully close to orgasm. La_Tun took her mouth from my pussy, “Don’t stop, don’t stop” I told her, and as she flicked my clit with her tongue I orgasmed, my body shaking and quivering as it ripped through my body. As my orgasm subsided I fell to the floor, my body needing a rest from all the fucking, and as I rolled over onto my back I was just in time to see Dan tug on his cock hard enough for Chinsu’s pussy to release him, and a flood of cum run from her pussy down onto Hiro’s face. “Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm” was all we heard as Hiro struggled to swallow what was in her mouth, Lutang using her fingers to catch some and taste it, and as soon as Dan had backed away and lay down licking his cock clean, Hiro raised her mouth to Chinsu’s pussy like La_Tun had done to me and licked and sucked her pussy until she had cleaned up every last drop of Dan’s cum. Dan had gone over and lay next to Boz, both dogs now resting and I think both of them keen for some more fucking.

After Lutang and Hiro had finished licking Chinsu’s pussy clean we all decided we needed a drink, or two, so we all walked naked out into the kitchen where we sat and drank some more beer and wine, and you could feel the sexual tension in the air. La_Tun’s hair was all sticky from the dog cum drenching my pussy had given her so she decided to have a shower while the rest of us, wine glasses in hand, moved outside and lay naked in the sun, then as we got hot we jumped into the pool and fooled around, the aussie sun and alcohol having a sexual effect on us. In the pool I felt someones hands come from behind and cup my boobs, teasing my nipples, then a soft pair of lips on my neck, it was Hiro and she was horny. “Oh Ming, I am so glad I came round this morning, that was so incredible having Boz fuck me, they just go and go, and his cock is so big. Shame he didn’t cum in me like he did you” Hiro sounded a bit disappointed that she hadn’t knotted with Boz, so I told her that by now he is more than likely ready to fuck again. “Your fucking kidding me, really?” she replied. “Yes, they can fuck quite a few times in one day Hiro” I said, and she just smiled and leant in and kissed me, very passionately, her hand dropping to my pussy. Hearing one of the girls moaning I looked over to see Lutang on the side of the pool with  La_Tun’s face buried in her pussy, working her clit with her tongue.

La-Tun licking Lutang's Clit

La-Tun licking Lutang’s Clit



Chinsu swam over to Hiro and myself and the three of us leant against the side of the pool, myself in the middle, a hand on each of the girls pussies playing with their clits, and we watched La_Tun enjoy herself eating Lutang’s pussy. It was so sexually erotic under the warm sun, watching the two girls enjoy themselves that I could feel my pussy begin to ache again, so I turned to Chinsu and kissed her, my finger now working its way inside her pussy, our boobs pressing against each others. Hiro now had her fingers inside me, fucking me slowly as she kissed my neck, so we decided it was time to get out of the pool, dry off and go inside. As we got out we heard Lutang orgasm, and looking over she had La_Tun’s head clamped tightly between her knees, not wanting her to stop pleasuring her clit.

As we sat at the table pouring glasses of wine we looked out to the pool area and watched the girls swap position, Lutang now sensually kissing La_Tun, her hand rubbing her clit, and Hiro commented that this was the first time she had watched 2 women make love. Lutang then lowered her face to La_Tun’s hairless  pussy and kissed her all over, then parting her lips with her fingers she began to lick her clit and we could La_Tun’s body quiver as her tongue found its mark. All this was really starting to make me horny, so I leant down and took one of Hiro’s pierced nipples into my mouth and began to suck on it, working her ring with my tongue and I could feel her breathe deeper. Feeling a hand sliding across my arse I knew Chinsu was looking for my pussy, so I opened my legs allowing her access to it and she didn’t disappoint me, 2 fingers slipping straight into me. Looking back out to the pool Lutang was now fingering La_Tun, La_Tun’s legs spread wide giving Lutang all the room she needed, and we watched intently as Lutang slowly worked her hand into La_Tun’s pussy. “Wow girls, that looks like fun” I said, as Chinsu kept fingering me, “we might have to try that one later”, letting out a little giggle as I said it.

La-Tuns pussy full of fist

La-Tuns pussy full of fist



Us three girls made out, kissing, licking and fingering for about ten minutes until Lutang and La_Tun came back inside after a quick refreshing swim, then we all headed back into the living room where we found Boz and Dan quietly resting. “Ok, Lutang and Hiro, do you want to be fucked again and cum in by the boys” I asked them, their eyes lighting up. “Fuck yes” Hiro replied, “Indeed I do” said Lutang. I explained to them that when the boys knot inside them they need to stay still, just like Chinsu and I did otherwise if the boys were to pull their blood engorged knot out to early they may end up tearing their pussy’s, and trying to explain to some doctor the reason why you need to be stitched up may just be a teeny bit hard, and embarrassing! I called the boys over, and as the girls lay on their backs Dan picked Hiro’s pussy and began to lick her, his tongue immediately working its way inside her. Not to be outdone Boz had his nose buried into Lutang’s pussy and was taking long licks, his tongue starting at her arsehole and finishing just above her slit, causing Lutang to arch her hips and expose more of her pussy to him. I reached under Boz and stroked his cock, feeling it grow then expose itself from its sheath, and I noticed La_Tun doing the same to Dan, his cock already nearly full length. Angling Boz’s cock to one side I leant in and licked its tip which was already wet with pre cum, and taking his cock into my mouth I slid along it until I felt it touch the back of my mouth, one hand massaging his balls. I worked his cock up and down with my lips, enjoying the taste of his pre cum, and looking over I saw La_Tun with all of Dan’s cock down her throat and working it as well. The dirty little dog slut I thought to myself, all those years doing the dog sex shows in Thailand had taught her to be an expert and I wondered if I could ever learn to deep throat the boys like she could. Feeling a hand on my pussy again I opened my legs, Chinsu determined to pleasure me as I sucked Boz’s cock, sliding 2 fingers straight into me. The girls were really getting the tongue treatment on their pussy’s, the boys relentless licking driving them crazy, and I felt Chinsu slip another finger into me. This went on for a good 5 minutes until I felt the girls were relaxed enough (as if the wine hadn’t already done that), and taking Boz’s pre cum dripping cock from my mouth I wriggled off Chinsu’s finger s and stood up, walked over and picked up the boy’s socks and proceeded to put a pair on Boz’s front paws.

Calling Boz off Lutang’s pussy I asked her to get into the doggy position, worked some lube into her already wet pussy then slapped her arse commanding Boz up onto her. As he mounted her I grabbed his cock, he locked his front legs around her body and started stabbing for her pussy, my hand guiding him to her sweet spot, the first few inches going straight into her. “oohhh yes, he’s in me, oh that feels so good” Lutang said as I began to slowly let more and more of Boz’s big cock inside her, until I took my hand away and let him fuck her with his full length. La_Tun took Dan’s cock from her mouth, pre cum dripping off her chin, and she stood up and put his socks on, then pulled him off Hiro’s well licked pussy and asked her to get into “the” position. Hiro quickly obliged, her open pussy now in full view as La_Tun worked some lube into her, then La_Tun commanded Dan to mount her which he did, La_Tun grabbing his cock as he did. As Dan madly stabbed away searching for Hiro’s warm hole, La_Tun guided him into her, letting a few inches in at first until Hiro was comfortable, then like I did for Lutang slowly let more and more of his cock into her until Dan had all of his cock inside her and started fucking her sweet little Japanese pussy. “Holy fuck, fuck he is big, fuck this is awesome” Hiro said as Dan firmly locked himself around her and used his powerful hips to thrust into her.


As I sat there on my hands and knees watching my two friends getting canine fucked I felt something weirdly cold on my pussy lips, turning around I saw Chinsu wearing a strap on dildo and aiming it for my pussy. “Hey where did you get that from sweety” I asked her, Chinsu telling me she’d had it hidden in her bag. I rolled over onto my back, spread my legs and rubbed some lube into my pussy, then Chinsu moved in and rubbed the head of the cock over my pussy, then aiming it at my love hole she slowly entered me, leaning down and kissing me at the same time, our small breasts pressed against each other. As she slowly fucked me our tongues danced about each others mouths, her soft lips pressed firmly against mine, and I could feel every inch of the cock filling my pussy. Chinsu took her lips from mine and sat up, still fucking me, and then I looked above me to see La_Tun’s shaven pussy, rock hard clit poking out, being lowered to my face. As her pussy met my lips I was in heaven, she tasted so nice, and as I drove my tongue into her hole she moaned with pleasure, my nose rubbing on her clit. As Chinsu fucked me slow and deep, her hands massaging my little boobs, I continued to tongue fuck La_Tun’s pussy, my hands reaching up and fondling her sweet mounds and pinching her nipples, I could hear the girls moaning as the dogs fucked them, their cocks filling every available space in their pussy’s. “Hey Ming, I think the boys are close to knotting, I can see it starting to grow” La_Tun said, taking her pussy off my face.

“Oooooh cool” Chinsu shrieked,  withdrawing her fake cock from my now soaked pussy allowing me to get up and help my friends. I grabbed some lube and rubbed it onto the dogs knots, some onto the girls pussy’s and told them to prepare to be stretched, just as Boz moaned and thrust into Lutang, his knot forcing its way into her pussy. “Oh my fucking god, that is so big, fuck me, shit” Lutang said as her pussy swallowed Boz’s knot, her body quivering with pleasure. Just then Boz started to inject her pussy with semen, his short sharp thrusts forcing his semen deep inside her, and Lutang screamed with pleasure. “Oh Ming, that feels so fucking awesome, its so warm, and its so strong, I can feel it hitting me inside.” “I told you that you’d like it, its like nothing you have ever experienced”  I said as I heard Dan begin to growl. “Oh fuck Ming, I can feel his cock growing, fuck me, oh fuck, what the fuck” Hiro stuttered as Dan pushed his swollen knot into her pussy, filling her completely as he started to flood her pussy with his semen. “Holy fuck that feels so fucking awesome, he’s filling my cunt with cum, its so warm, oh fuck” she said as Dan’s cock continued to squirt his semen into her. As the dogs pumped semen into both my friends they rested their weight onto their backs, Lutang struggling to hold Boz’s weight so we put some pillows under her and Hiro, and I told the girls be prepared to be like this for at least ten minutes. La_Tun then pushed me back onto the ground, her head immediately making its way to my hairless pussy, her tongue finding my hard clit and she started to lick me, her fingers working their way into my hole.

La-Tun begins pleasure me

La-Tun begins pleasure me



As La_Tun worked on my pussy Chinsu lay down next to me and started to kiss my boobs, her tender lips feeling so awesome, and as she nibbled on my nipples I almost orgasmed, all this sexual attention making me so horny. As I looked over at my friends to make sure they were ok I could see their pussy’s leaking cum, the fluid dripping onto the floor, and Hiro had put her hand underneath her pussy to catch as much as she could, then moving her hand to her mouth she licked it clean, her smile telling me she enjoyed the taste. “Ming, would you like to try being fisted” La_Tun said, her fingers still buried in my pussy. “Fuck yea” I said, so she pulled her fingers out of me and began to dribble lube onto my pussy, her fingers forcing it inside me, making my pussy so slippery. I felt La_Tun’s hand on my pussy, two fingers slipping straight into me, then a  third and she slowly fucked my pussy, all the time teasing me with a fourth. La_Tun smiled at me, asked me was I comfortable, then slowly worked her fourth finger in, then gave my pussy a good fucking. Tucking her thumb into the palm of her hand she looked at me and said “Here goes Ming, tell me to stop if you want” and she ever so slowly slid her tiny Thai hand into my pussy until I felt her wrist pass my pussy muscle. “Oh fuck me, that feels so fantastic” I told her as she slowly fist fucked me, my pussy stretching to take it all, my pussy lips gripping her wrist. “Wow Ming, your so soft inside, you have the sexiest pussy” La_Tun said


Chinsu kissed me, her tongue sexily finding mine, her hand caressing my boob, and we stayed like this for what felt like five minutes, it may have been ten but I really was in heaven, La_Tun’s hand touching places inside my pussy that Mick’s big cock had never been. The girls were still knotted with the dogs, a small pool of cum that had leaked out of their pussies under them, and they were chatting with each other how fantastic their first dog sex was, when Chinsu said to La_Tun that she would love to kiss her, so while La_Tun continued to slowly fist fuck me they kissed, with me lying back enjoying everything that was happening around me, the air having that sexy smell of pussy and dog cum.

I could see that the dogs were becoming restless and nearly ready to dismount from their captive bitches, so La_Tun took her hand from my pussy, and we both went over to the girls to help them untie from the boys. Boz was first to pull his cock from Lutang, his knot still swollen, and a large gush of semen ran from her pussy onto the floor, Lutang collapsing into it, worn out from the experience. Chinsu had wriggled under Hiro, her face directly under her pussy, and as Dan’s cock popped out of Hiro’s cum filled pussy Chinsu’s mouth was flooded with dog cum, and she half choked as she struggled to swallow it. “Oh Ming, that was so awesome” Lutang said as she lowered her pussy onto Chinsu’s face, “I have to experience that again before the boys come home, I really do” she said as Chinsu licked her pussy clean, then slid out and kissed Lutang, letting her taste her own pussy juices mixed with dog cum which she loved.

Chinsu Licking

Chinsu Licking


Hiro rolled over onto her back, her pussy still leaking dog cum, so I got down between her legs, lowered my lips onto her pussy and licked her, my tongue scooping up the remaining dog semen inside her which tasted so nice, and I didn’t stop until her pussy was clean. Like Chinsu I then got up and kissed Hiro, letting her taste herself, Hiro obviously enjoying it as she was moaning as we kissed, my hands cupping her boobs.

After a short while we were all just about worn out sexually and physically, so fixing the girls another drink we lay about naked and talked  about what had just happened, and we all agreed that we had to have at least another dog sex session before the boys came home, well we ended up having another 2 full days of sex with the dogs, but that’s a whole new story to be told another time.

Love Ming

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