Ming and her Dog Pt 2

Again, this story is from Mick who lives in Australia

Ming and her Dog Part 2 √
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Sharing our Dogs

After the great first session of dog sex that both Ming and I enjoyed we started to engage in sex with them on a regular basis. Ming enjoying the powerful thrusts of their cocks into her pussy and arse, me enjoying the anal pounding that they gave, and I also enjoyed sucking their cocks, Ming and I often having a race to see who could make our dog cum first. Now believe me when I tell you that I have zero tendencies for male to male contact so I did find it strange that I enjoyed a dog’s cock so much, but watching my wife being mounted and knotted to a dog was truly awesome. As a matter of fact, I began to write this story after remembering one particular hot session of Ming being shared by both dogs, myself orally pleasuring the dog that was waiting to mount her. We do have a great life.

Ming worked at the mine with other women from the Asian continent, a Japanese girl, 2 Chinese girls, a stunning Thai girl and a couple of Phillo lasses, all around her age and all partnered up with Aussie men, so on days off it was quite common to be invited or host BBQ’s and everyone got along well with each other. When they would come to our place we locked the dogs up so they wouldn’t annoy or embarrass people by trying to smell the women’s crotches, or lay down in front of people and casually lick their balls and cocks. Our dogs just loved people and people loved them, but I am sure that if anybody attempted to harm my wife the dogs would have torn them to pieces in an instant, so I knew she was safe anytime she was alone. I will now hand the computer to Ming and let her recall one particular event she wishes to remember forever.

Hi, my names Ming, Mick has asked me to complete this story, I will tell you about a very interesting day off from the mine site. Sitting around the lunch table one day on our lunch break, Hiro (Japanese), Chinsu and Lutang (Chinese), La_Tun (Thai) and myself were discussing the sexual prowess’s of our men, and as I am bilingual we were all talking in our own language, mainly so no_one knew what we were talking about, and I would fill in the blanks for the other girls who didn’t understand and we were having quite a laugh about some of our male’s antics in the bedroom, when I just threw it out that my dogs licked my pussy way better than Mick ever could. The girls just laughed it off thinking  I was kidding, and the conversation just rolled along. After our break we went back to work and completed our shift, but then as I was showering I heard the door open and Chinsu and La_Tun  walked in, both looking excited and smiling at each other. Then they asked me was I joking or was I serious about the dogs, I told them that I was deadly serious and they both gave a little squeal, as we girls do when were excited, and then they asked could they meet my boys. I told them to drop in on their way home, then the girls left me alone to shower and I began to question myself had I done the right thing.

Arriving home Boz and Dan met me at the gate, all excited and jumping up and down, and as I walked into the yard they both fought for my attention, nearly knocking me over as I walked up to the house, and Mick met me at the door, he wanting my attention as well, and by the look in his eye, I think he wanted my pussy!!! Kissing Mick good evening I was convinced he wanted my pussy, his tongue finding its way down my throat and a hand rubbing my small breasts, and I thought to myself how lucky I was to have 3 guys wanting me all at once…..lol. I told Mick to back off as Chinsu and La_Tun would be here any minute, and he jokingly said they can watch him bone me from behind if they want, he was horny and wanted sex, but he knew he would get it later so he toned it down, just as the boys raced out to the gate barking to meet the girls. I walked out to let them in, the dogs immediately checking them out, and as they were built tiny like myself, they nearly knocked them over in the frenzy to greet them. I said to the girls now you know why they are locked up every time you’ve come here, please come in and sit down. I offered the girls a drink and let them pat the dogs, my boys loving the attention, Chinsu amazed at how big the dogs were up close, and I thought she may have had second thoughts as to having sex with them. As for La_Tun, she was really rubbing the boys all over, and they responded well to her when she rubbed them behind the ears, Boz actually drooling as she did. As La_Tun and her partner didn’t have a dog I thought she must have had one back in Thailand when she was growing up as she showed no fear of their size what so ever.

After about half an hour and a few drinks the girls spoke to me in their own language so Mick couldn’t understand, telling me that they wanted to go through with having oral both ways with the dogs and we arranged a time for the next day as Mick was going fishing with his mates, the girls partners. As far as the boys knew we were having a girls day out shopping and chatting, silly boys!! The boys and I escorted the girls out to their cars and I bid them farewell, reconfirming that 10 am tomorrow they would come around.

Next morning Mick woke early, I felt his hand on my pussy as I woke up, his fingers working my clit and his other hand gently teasing my pierced nipple, then I felt 2 fingers slide into me and I let out a shallow moan as it was quite pleasurable. I reached over to Mick and found his stiff thick cock, and in no time at all he had me on my back and his cock pounding my pussy, his strong hands holding him up as he looked lovingly into my eyes as he thrust into me. Within 2 minutes I told him I was going to cum, and as I orgasmed Mick unloaded into my pussy, his large load of semen warming me inside as it squirted deep into me. We kissed for a good 10 minutes then Mick had to get up and go, so I rolled over, my pussy leaking semen, and I fell back to sleep as I was so relaxed.

At 9 am I woke, looked at the clock and jumped out of bed, Mick hadn’t let Boz or Dan out and they would be keen to get out and run around. As I opened their door Dan went straight for my pussy, he could smell fresh sex and he drove his nose hard into my pussy, squashing my clit as he did. I pushed him away and kept him at bay, then when they were in the yard I closed the door to keep them out. I need to shower and get ready, I was running out of time.

10 am and I heard the boys barking and sure enough Chinsu and La_Tun were at the gate waiting to be let in, La_Tun looking rather stunning in tight jeans and a cut off top. As I went to the gate Dan and Boz were excited, jumping all over the place, and when I let the girls in both dogs drove their snouts straight between the girl’s legs, as if giving them a preview for what was about to begin. We went inside and I offered the girls coffee, but they both said they needed something way stronger to help them relax and get in the mood for their day of action. Both girls knocked down a few stiff scotch’s and we sat and talked, I could see that they were nervous but as the alcohol kicked in they soon settled down. I called the boys in and Boz and Dan came bounding into the room, and I commanded them to lay down in front of the girls so they could pet them, and the girls got down next to them and started patting and rubbing the dogs. I got down on my knees next to Chinsu and rubbed Dan’s belly, slowly working my way up to his sheath and then as I smiled at Chinsu I rubbed his sheath and out popped the pink head of his doggy cock, then I worked his cock until it was quite hard and rather long. I then bent over and lifting his cock up in the air I lowered my mouth around it and gave it a few sucks to show Chinsu that it was easy to do, my experienced mouth taking plenty of his cock easily. Offering Chinsu his cock she held out her hand and nervously touched his cock, a little squeal coming from her as she did, then she started to stroke his cock and Dan just lay there enjoying the attention.

Looking over at La_Tun I saw her mouth already wrapped around Boz’s cock and she was working it, obviously she was not shy around a dog, and as her mouth came to the top of his thick cock she looked at me with smiling eyes as if to say thank you. La_Tun had no bra on and her nipples were poking through her top, so I pushed my fingers under her top and eased it up to her shoulders, La_Tun taking her mouth from the dog’s cock so I could pull it completely off her. She had the cutest boobs, only small B cup but they hung off her chest just beautifully, and the left one was pierced and I noticed a tattoo of a man firing an arrow into 2 legged horse. That tattoo looked very familiar, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember. La_Tun was blowing Boz expertly, her mouth making slurping noises as she sucked him, one free hand was working his balls. She was really giving him an expert blowjob, she surprised me, and then with her free hand she undid her jeans and began rubbing her pussy. I moved behind La_Tun and I reached around her and cupped those sweet small tits, each one fitting perfectly in my hands, then I flicked her nipple ring and I could see her body react in a pleasurable way as I did, so I kept doing it until I heard her cock muffled moans. Removing my hands they found their way to her jeans, then down her slender legs to her shoes which I removed, then back up to her hips and I slowly started to remove her jeans, but La_Tun sensed what I was doing and stopped sucking the dog’s cock, stood up and assisted me in removing her jeans and panties. Now she was standing, naked, her smooth pussy no more than 3 inches from my face, then she smiled at me and went back to sucking Boz’s cock, and as she knelt in front of me I could see her pussy glistening with her wetness.

Standing up I removed my own clothes, then I turned and faced Chinsu who was still enjoying Dan’s doggy cock in her mouth, and I lowered my now dripping pussy down above Dan’s head and he immediately started to lick my pussy, his long tongue forcing its way inside my pussy tasting me, and Chinsu looked up and smiled at me. Oh god it felt good, and I was starting to become lost in the moment when I noticed La_Tun get on her hands and knees and rub her pussy, trying to get Boz interested in fucking her, and as he stood up I quickly intervened, grabbed the socks for his front paws so he wouldn’t scratch her and put them on him. La_Tun said she wanted him in her, and by the way Boz’s big cock was bobbing about under his belly, he wanted her too, so I held him and let him slowly mount her, his cock stabbing at her holes, and grabbing his thick cock I lined him up with her pussy and with one thrust his cock started to enter her, La_Tun moaning with pleasure. Boz thrust again, his doggy cock sliding further into her, and he thrust again and he was all the way in, La_Tun squealing as she felt his full thick length fill her pussy. Then La_Tun spoke in Thai, it was only one sentence but as I said, being bilingual I understood her, then it hit me where I had seen the tattoo of the man firing an arrow………..Thailand, 6 years previous, a seedy bar in Bangkok, a girl being fucked by 2 dogs.

Let me digress if I may, Mick had taken me to Bangkok for my first holiday out of China when I was 18, we had been dating for a short while and he needed some time away from his stressful job, so we went to Thailand for a holiday, and while there we had ended up in a seedy bar where the main attraction turned out to be a stage show of girls engaged in sexual acts with dogs. One night this stunning girl came out on stage, did a very sensuous strip tease, pleasured herself with toys in both her pussy and her arse, performed oral sex with another woman, then they led 2 big dogs out and she let one dog lick her pussy as she played with the other one’s cock, and when it was hard she  sucked him deep into her mouth, giving the dog an awesome blowjob. When her pussy had been well and truly lubricated by the dogs tongue, a handler held both dogs and the girl got on her hands and knees, socks were fitted to the dogs paws and the dog was led behind her, he sniffed her pussy, his hard cock bobbing under him, then in one swift movement he mounted her, his cock finding her fuck hole and he drove his cock hard and deep into her, the girl screaming with what seemed like pain and that one line of Thai words, “Please let my mother forgive me”. 

Then the dog furiously fucked her, his front legs locked around her slender waist as he thrust into her, then he slowed down a bit and repositioned his body, his knot finding its way into her pussy, then he fucked her a few more times until he fired his doggy seed deep into her pussy, then as he was knotted with her the crowd whistled and shouted, obviously happy they got what they paid for. The handler then led the other dog around to her head, and she reached under him and worked his cock from its sheath, and as it grew she stroked its length, her hand tickling his balls in the process, and when he was fully erect she took his cock into her mouth and began to blow him, the other dog still knotted firmly inside her pussy. She worked his doggy cock well, and as Mick and I were sitting in the front row we got to see the dog’s pre cum dripping from the head of his cock, and that’s when I noticed a tattoo on the girl’s breast, her left nipple pierced as well. The dog that she was blowing began to hump her face, and the girl sucked even harder, then the dog unloaded inside her mouth, his copious amounts of cum spilling over onto the ground as she tried to swallow it all.

Next minute men were throwing hundreds of dollars at the girl, the handler picking it up, and then another shout as the dog started pulling the girl backwards as he attempted to remove his cock from her tight pussy, and as his cock popped out of her a stream of dog cum flowed from her pussy, the dog now lapping away at her  pussy as it flowed from her. This girl had serviced two dogs, the crowd cheering and Mick and I sat stunned at what we had witnessed, and strangely enough our curiosity led us back to this same bar every night during our stay in Bangkok, and every night this same girl was fucked by dogs, her act varying from being fucked in her pussy to being fucked in her arse, each time the dog knotting with her. Every time a dog entered her she said that same line in Thai, that’s what jogged my memory. On one night she actually lay on her back on a table, her legs off the edge and her feet near the floor and her head bent over the other end, her pussy being licked by this big dog, her hand working her clitoris, and a handler holding another dog at her head, and this girl had that dogs cock bent under him and sucking his thick cock, and as she sucked its cock the other dog that had been licking her pussy was pulled away and let jump its front legs up onto the table. Mick and I could see its thick hard cock take aim at her pussy and after one or two misaimed jabs its cock disappeared into her pussy and the dog started humping away at her at a terrific pace, her slender body being pushed about as he did. We saw his knot come into view and the dog started to slam his knot at her moist pussy, and as he pushed his knot at her her pussy opened up to allow it in, and she squirmed as it entered her, and just like previous nights the crowd cheered as the dog fired his sperm into her, his balls pulsating as they emptied their contents. When this dog had finished with his bitch he pulled his cock from her pussy and straight away the dog she was sucking was led around to her pussy and he mounted her, his cock finding its mark straight away and the process was repeated, fast and furious fucking until he knotted with her and also filled her pussy full of dog cum.

So much money was thrown onto the stage, it was obvious that businessmen came here to watch, and there were Thai girls walking amongst them offering them sex, one girl even asking Mick and I would we like to take her for the night for the equivalent of 10 American dollars. We told her we weren’t interested and we got up and walked away, and as we got back to the motel we were both so horny we fucked like crazy for hours.

Back to the present, Chinsu was beginning to really get the idea of sucking a doggy cock, her mouth was sliding up and down Dan’s cock and her eyes were on La_Tun getting fucked, her hand working Dan’s furry ball sack. Chinsu was still clothed, so I moved around behind her and lifted her shirt off her body, her small Chinese breasts still being held by her printed bra, then I unclasped her and let her bra fall to the floor, then I slid my hands around her torso and cupped her sweet little tits, oh they were so warm and soft. I then slid my hand down onto her cut offs and unbuttoned them, and as I started to slide them down her slender legs she stood up, still bent over sucking Dan’s cock, and made it easy for me to remove them completely. As I placed them on the ground her bald pussy was staring me in the face, her opening glistening with moisture, and I could see her hard clitoris peeking out from under the folds of her pussy lips, to say I was tempted to try my first pussy was an understatement. I quickly stood up resisting the urge to dive my tongue into Chinsu’s pussy and walked over to La_Tun who was getting pounded by Boz’s thick cock, she was becoming totally lost in the moment, moaning softly as he withdrew his cock, moaning loudly as he slammed it back into her. As I walked in front of La_Tun she grabbed hold of my legs, pulling me towards her, then I felt her slender fingers on my bald pussy, searching for my clitoris, ooohh dear it felt good having a woman’s fingers touching me for the first time.

As La_Tun rubbed my hard love button she looked up at me and asked would I lie down in front of her, which I did, spreading my legs either side of her body, and she parted my pussy lips with one hand and lowered her face onto my vagina, her warm tongue instantly finding my hard clitoris. Wow, I was in heaven, La_Tun being the first female to ever touch me, and as she licked my pussy her head was getting forced into me every time Boz thrust into her. I could hear Boz begin to pant louder and from experience I knew he was trying to force his knot into La_Tun, and she was moving about giving him all the room he needed, and with a few more thrusts his knot was inside her, and then with his customary low growl I knew he was shooting his load of doggy cum into her, La_Tun moaning softly as she felt her pussy being filled with the warm liquid. I had to lift La_Tun’s head from my pussy as I could see Chinsu was ready to be fucked by Dan, the disappointed look I got from La_Tun as I began to stand told me it had been a while since she had had pussy on her lips, so I did something totally out of character for me, I leant down and kissed her open mouthed, our tongue’s touching, and I enjoyed it immensely. Breaking away I stood, smiled at her as Boz continued to cum inside her, then I walked over to Chinsu who said to me that she was ready to be fucked. I held Dan’s collar as she stood, then she placed her pussy onto Dan’s nose and he licked her, Chinsu squealing as she felt his tongue try to enter her. Dan licked her pussy like it was ice cream, her clit now very visibly erect, and she opened her legs to let him lick her all the way to her arsehole. Dan’s doggy cock was bobbing about under his belly, he wanted his bitch, so I asked Chinsu to get on all fours, which she did, and I led Dan behind her and he began licking her arsehole, trying to get his tongue into her puckered hole.

Slipping his doggy socks onto his front paws Dan was hard to control, he needed to service his bitch badly, pre cum dripping from the head of his cock, and I held him and tried to let him mount Chinsu as gently as possible. He jumped up on her, Chinsu groaning as she felt his weight, then he began stabbing at her with his cock, so I reached under him and grabbed it, and carefully guided it to her moist pink hole, where I lined him up and still keeping my hand around his cock to stop him from slamming into her pussy I let him find his mark. Chinsu let out a little squeal as she felt her pussy being penetrated by Dan’s cock, and I allowed him to slowly have more of his cock inside her until I felt she was ready for all of it, then I took my hand away and then he began to fuck her. Chinsu was loudly moaning as Dan humped her, his thick doggy cock sliding rapidly in and out of her wet pussy and she was loving her first canine fucking, her body moving back and forth in time with Dan’s thrusts. Her little tits were wobbling so sweetly, and I couldn’t resist reaching out and cupping one of them, her hard nipple poking into my hand, so I teased her by pinching it making her look at me with a wanton look, her eyes telling me she wanted me to kiss her. I leant in and gently placed my lips on hers, our tongues entwining and we kissed as my dog fucked her, my hand still cupping one of her tits, my pussy aching for some action. As we kissed I could feel her body being pounded by the dog thrusting his cock into her, Chinsu was enjoying herself and I looked over and saw that La_Tun was still knotted with Boz, and he was starting to tug on his cock. I quickly got up and went over and held him so he wouldn’t tear  La_Tun’s pussy by pulling his cock out, and she smiled at me and said thanks, and Boz quietened down and rested on her back. As his cock slowly shrank I notice di twa starting to slip from La_Tun pussy, and when it popped out his cum ran from her pussy, La_Tun having her hand there catching some to taste, and she was smiling as she licked it from her fingers, obviously remembering what the taste was like.

Looking back over at Chinsu I could see Dan doing the short strokes, wanting to knot with her, so I scrambled back over to her and asked her did she want to tie with Dan, yes please was her short quick reply so I helped hold her still while Dan wiggled his cock into her, Chinsu biting the pillow but also enjoying the pain. I watched Dan’s knot enter her pussy, her lips closing around his cock shaft, then a few more little thrusts and Dan started his little growls as he began pumping his cum into her, his balls pulsating as they filled her. Chinsu was over the moon, she was loving the feeling of his warm cum squirting into her, Dan doing little thrusts of his knotted cock into her pussy, and Chinsu’s moans became louder, almost to the point of a squeal, she was loving her first dog fuck. Looking over at La_Tun, who was now lying on her back with Boz licking his cum from her pussy, her firm tits just doing a little wobble, nipples erect, I felt the urge to help my dog clean her pussy, so taking a deep breath I crawled over to her on my hands and knees, pushed Boz out of the way, and lowered my face to her pussy. As my lips touched a woman’s pussy for the time I was amazed at how soft it was, and how hard her clit was, and I began to lick her, Boz’s cum still dripping from her hole. La_Tun opened her legs some wider, offering me more of her, and I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and started to force it into her opening and began to scoop Boz’s cum out of her into my mouth. I’d always enjoyed the taste of dog cum, but mixed with a woman’s pussy nectar it tasted even better, and I lapped away at her pussy not much unlike a dog. I heard Chinsu moan, and looking over at her I saw Dan resting his body weight on her back, the poor little thing looking like she was being squashed as Dan was tied into her pussy.

As I licked La_Tun’s pussy she ran her hands through my hair, being touched by a woman felt great, and then La_Tun sat up, looked at me and asked me to turn around so she could lick me as well. As I slid my body up and onto La_Tun’s I asked Chinsu was she ok, and by the starry look in her eyes and the “Oh my god yes” answer in Chinese I figured she was ok, so I lowered my lips onto La_Tun’s and kissed her passionately, our tongues immediately exploring each other’s mouths. It felt so wonderful lying on a naked woman, out small tits squashing against each other’s, our pussy’s grinding together, and we kissed for a good minute before I broke away and looked her in the eyes. “La_Tun, I was in Bangkok about 5 years ago and Mick took me to a seedy little bar and there was a girl there who was doing a stage show sucking and fucking dogs, and she had the same tattoo on her breast as you, and just before when you said please let my mother forgive me in Thai I realised it was you. La_Tun looked at me horrified, her eyes began to water up, and she begged me to please not tell anyone, especially her partner, as she was not proud of what she had to do to feed her family as her mother was sick and her dad had been killed in a motorcycle accident. I kissed her again then told her that her secret was safe with me, then I turned around and lowered my aching pussy onto her lips.

Oh my god it felt wonderful, La_Tun’s tongue going to town on my pussy and mine on her’s, and I was so enjoying my first female sex, and as she slid a finger into my pussy I squealed with delight. Keen to return the favour I slipped 2 fingers into La_Tun’s pussy, and I was amazed at how velvety soft and warm she was inside, and I let my fingers explore her pussy. I felt La_Tun slip another finger into me, then she began to gently finger fuck me, and then all of a sudden she pulled them from my pussy and I felt a warm tongue licking me, and I knew by the way it licked me Boz had joined us. As his tongue tried to work its way inside me La_Tun kept licking my hard clit, and I felt one hand cup my breast and tweak my nipple. Wow, I was in heaven as I licked La_Tun’s pussy, she licking my clit and Boz licking my two exposed holes, his tongue trying to enter my arsehole, then my pussy, and then gliding roughly across both of them. Gripping La_Tun’s legs I pulled her groin up and forced my mouth hard onto her pussy, my tongue entering her freshly fucked hole and I wiggled it about inside her, then I felt Boz jump up onto my back, his front legs falling over my shoulders. My boy wanted to fuck me, and I wanted him inside me, and as I felt his erect cock stabbing at my pussy La_Tun grabbed it and guided it to my moist opening, and with one movement Boz’s cock was inside me and he began to hump me. I had to take my mouth from La_Tun’s pussy, with Boz fucking me I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing, and I could feel her tongue still working my clit, I’m sure Boz’s balls would now be banging on her forehead, it felt so good to have his big doggy cock so deep in my pussy. I looked over at Chinsu who by now had been knotted with Dan for a good 20 minutes, and her small frame had buckled with his weight and she was lying across the end of the lounge to support herself, and I could see Dan’s cock was shrinking and ready to pull out from her pussy. Chinsu squealed a little as Dan’s cock popped from her cum filled pussy, his semen immediately pouring from her and she did the same as La_Tun did, holding her hand under her pussy and catching some and tasting it, a taste which she appeared to enjoy as she smiled at me and then put her hand back down for more.

Boz was fucking me at quite a pace, and I could feel his knot tapping my clit as he rammed his doggy cock into me, so I asked La_Tun could she place her hand around his cock to stop it from entering me, I didn’t want to be tied to him this time as today was all about my girlfriends enjoying the dogs, which she did. I felt Boz quicken his pace and I knew that he was close to unloading the contents of his balls into me, so I tightened my pussy muscles around his cock and then I felt him thrust hard into me and his cock began to pumping his sperm into me, jet after jet filling me, and I felt it run around his cock and drip from me. Chinsu was watching and she crawled over to get a closer look and as Boz pulled his cock out of my pussy I felt her warm lips and tongue on my pussy, she was drinking the dog cum leaking from me, and La_Tun was still under me, her face covered in dog cum as well. After letting the girls enjoy my leaking pussy for about 30 seconds I turned around, and watching Chinsu lowered her lips to La_Tun’s I knew I had to join her, and the three of us kissed and licked each other’s faces clean, our body’s all touching and my pussy quivered with the excitement of my first female threesome!!

To be continued!!!!


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  1. Very well written story I have a lady friend that swears that she loves animal sex I’ve never tried it but to each their own . I’m perfectly happy with sex with women. I’m the type of person that will read just about anything .BTW Angel thanks for this site it’s nice to be able to read so many different type stories .

    • Strangely Larry, I think your friend may mean that she is fascinated by this. Many women have a fascination with doggie sex as disgusting as that seems. (The dog sex, not the fascination.)

  2. Believe it or not my dogs can give me fantastic orgasms, especially she we knot.
    Being spitroasted by them is out of this world

  3. Loved your story keep it going. Why do women have extra sex without their mates, But will not let them join in on the fun and would have a fit if their mates got anything on the side.

    • Well I didn’t write the story, but I know what you mean. You will be pleased to know that Mick has sent me the update and I will update as soon as I get time, probably the weekend.

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