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A guy called Mick from Australia sent this in about how he and his partner was introduced in to dog sex. Both me and Nat think its an interesting read and know that you will really enjoy it, Its different and unusual, we like that.
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My story begins in China, where I was living and working at the time when China was just beginning to take off, and I had the most beautiful Chinese girlfriend, now my wife, called Mingsu Chun, I will just call her Ming. I was 26, the foreman of a workshop that reconditioned mining equipment destined for the Chinese mines that had begun to spring up everywhere across the country. Ming was 18 and I had met her through some of the guys that worked for me one night at a party, and we immediately felt some sort of attraction to each other and began to date. After a few weeks of dating Ming it was only natural that our relationship moved forward in to having full sex, up until then all we had done was the usual petting and feeling each other up,

Ming being a virgin became expert at wanking me off until I shot huge spurts of cum over my belly, I in return would rub her clit until she had the most intense orgasms I had ever seen a girl have. That first time my cock entered her virgin pussy was heaven, I felt her hymen break and she gave a little squeal and she moaned as my fat cock slid fully inside her, then as I began to slowly fuck her she began to get right into it, gyrating her slender hips about and her pussy welcomed every one of my thrusts. 

Ming was amazing for a virgin, she knew all the right moves to bring me undone and that first time I unloaded into her tight pussy was truly heaven on earth, if I had died that night I would have died a happy man indeed.

After a few months I needed a break from the hectic pace of the workshop so I booked us a holiday to Thailand, Ming was so excited to be travelling outside of China for the first time. She did some research into the area’s that we wanted to see and worked out a rough itinery, as we landed in Bangkok we were both looking forward to our holiday. 

Girls invited us in for fun

Girls invited us in for fun

We wasted no time hitting the footpaths, checking out the shops, tourist sites and trying all the foods that we loved so much. That night we hit the town, and after a few hours of sightseeing, a few beers and music we ended up in a seedy little bar where the Thai girls fussed over us, wanting to give us both massages, with happy endings if we wanted, and also inviting us to watch the show that had starting out the back. 

I blame the alcohol, Ming blames my twisted sense of adventure, but we ended up out the back sitting in the front row nearest the stage, surrounded by other tourists and locals, mainly guys, but some with their girlfriends and others just in groups of mates. Then this stunning Thai girls walks out on stage, bows before us and begins to dance seductively, then she slowly removes her clothes until she was naked and believe me, she had the body of a goddess and the looks to match, then she bends down and opens a box, removing some sex toys and began to fuck herself with them.

 As she fucked herself she was moaning and playing with her tits, and then she pulls out a double ended dildo and slowly works one end into her arsehole and then puts the other end into her pussy and begins to work it until she cum, and as she cum she squirted her juices all over the stage. As she removed the double ender from herself, another stunner walks out onto the stage leading a big Doberman, all the local guys began to cheer loudly and whistle as if they knew what was about to happen. Ming looked at me surprised and I just looked back at her and shrugged my shoulders, then we both watched as the naked girl began patting the dog, then she changed positions so that her pussy was just in front of its nose and with the locals cheering the dog began to lap at her pussy. 

As the dog licked her the other girl knelt down and began to stroke the dogs sheath, Ming looked at me with the most stunned look and all I could do was just smile back at her and squeeze her hand. By now the dogs cock was out of his sheath and growing until it reached its full length. I was beginning to feel embarrassed at my own 8 inch cock, this dog made mine look small. The naked girl who was getting licked now pulled away from the dog and got on all fours in front of him, the dog burying his nose back in her pussy and furiously licking her. His cock was now pulsing up and down, desperate to find a nice warm pussy to fuck, the girl pulled his lead and he immediately mounted the naked girl, wrapping his front legs around her, his cock searching for her wet hole. 

In no time at all he entered her with sharp strong jabs of his cock and then her began to furiously fuck her, sitting in the front row Ming and I had all this happening no more than 6 feet away from us. The dog fucked her relentlessly, his long fat cock sliding in and out of her, the girl squealing and moaning as he humped her, then she began to move in a circular fashion so everyone could see how deep the dogs cock was in her. Looking at Ming I could see she was shocked, mouth open and speechless, but I also noticed that her nipples on her firm A sized tits were rock hard and poking out, so I ran my hand over her pussy and she slightly closed her legs pushing my hand into her pussy. Then I felt her hand run over my cock which was rock hard, and as she looked at me she gave me a very seductive grin.

 Just then all the locals began to cheer and as we looked back at the girl being fucked the dog repositioned himself and thrust into her so brutally, then he began to fill her pussy with his doggy sperm, the liquid running from her pussy and onto the ground. We could see his cock pulsing as he filled her, this went on for a good 3 seconds and by now his cum was pouring from her pussy, and when he dismounted his large cock plopped from her pussy and the liquid literally poured from her onto the stage. What an amazing show, Ming and I both stunned at what just happened but also we were both as horny as hell, and as we left the bar girls invited us back later for another show. As we made our way back to our motel we teased each other sexually, and as we entered our room we tore each others clothes off and fucked like never before, and then Ming shocked me by getting on all fours and barking, taking my cock in her hand and licking it like a dog, then turning around displaying her wide open pussy encouraging me to mount her. I barked like a dog and mounted her, wrapping my arms around her body like the dog had done and I furiously poked my cock about until it founds it mark and then I humped her like a dog, making doggy grows as I fucked her.

 Then as I was about to cum in her I let out a few barks, then as I shot my jizz into her I howled like a dog and she exploded into orgasm herself, her pussy tightening its grip onto my cock and milked my thick shaft of every drop. As I pulled my cock from her my cum ran from her pussy, just like the dogs cum did from the girl, and Ming just smiled at me and said that was the craziest sex we had ever had. It was obvious that she had been turned on by the sight of a dog fucking a girl, and every night for a week we went back to the same bar and watched the girls getting fucked by the dogs, we both were getting more turned on and inquisitive the more we saw, then we would go back to our room and re-enact the scene until we both orgasmed. As we left Thailand for China we both agreed that it was the best holiday and we would go back again some day soon. 

Moving forward five years we now have moved back to my homeland in Australia, living in a mining town in outback NSW, with me now working underground drilling holes and Ming driving a haul truck, both on the same roster and shift so we can enjoy ourselves on days off. When we moved out here the first thing we both wanted to do was to get a dog, mainly as security but also to possibly live out a fantasy that we both had from our first visit to Thailand. We ended up getting two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Great Dane, both males and both around 18 months old, old enough to be out of the destructive puppy stage. The dogs settled in well, getting on fantastic with each other and also with us, Ming made sure they had the best of everything, including their own room and playground on the side of the house we built. One day when we were down at the river camping the dogs became agitated and sniffing with their noses high in the air, they smelled something that Ming and I couldn’t, and then they both took off into the bush. Following them we could hear them barking and howling and as we caught up with them we found Boz, the Dane was trying to mount a bitch that was obviously in heat. She wanted no part in what he had to offer her, but his cock was hard and enormous, bigger than what we had ever thought he had hidden away, and Dan the Rotty had an erection as well, it was swinging around under him uncontrollably. All of a sudden the bitch swung around, faced her pussy toward Dan and within a second he had mounted her, his cock finding its mark and he began to fuck her furiously, his balls swinging as he thrust into her. Ming and I watched closely, admiring our boy mounted up on his bitch and filling her pussy with dog cock, when all of a sudden we saw him tense up and he blew his load deep within her. Within 10 seconds he had pulled out and as his cum dripped from her he lay down and began to lick his pink cock clean, the Boz surprised the bitch and he mounted her, his huge cock finding its way straight into her freshly fucked pussy and he also began to hump her madly.

 I felt Ming’s hand touch my cock, which was rock hard, and she looked at me and we kissed, then I slid my hand into her panties and I found her pussy dripping wet, so we ripped each others clothes off and I mounted Ming from behind, just like our boys on the bitch, and I began to fuck her like a dog. As we fucked Boz was still humping the bitch and as I looked over at him he looked at me, it was quite a funny feeling as man and dog made eye contact while fucking. All of a sudden I felt something warm and wet on my balls, and turning around it was Dan trying to lick my nuts, and I pushed him away. He came straight back, trying to lick me again and once again I pushed him away, but as I was more interested in fucking Ming he took that advantage and dove his head between my legs and licked my balls again. He obviously enjoyed the taste of my sweat mixed with Ming’s pussy juice so I let him lick away, which brought me to orgasm very quickly. As I fired my load deep into Ming’s pussy she looked over at Boz banging the bitch and he shot his load deep into her pussy as well, and she made the comment that all her boys had gotten rid of a load. 

As I pulled my cock from my wife my cum began to run from her pussy, and Dan pushed straight past me and began to lick her clean. Ming turned to see who was licking her and when she saw that it was the dog she crawled forward away from his tongue, but Dan wasn’t letting her off so easily. His tongue lapped at her pussy and arsehole, forcing its way inside her pussy an inch or two which made Ming moan with pleasure, then she just put her head on the ground and relaxed and let our dog lick her out. Within a minute she started to moan loudly then all of a sudden her body exploded into orgasm, her juices freely flowing from her pussy, and she just stayed still why the dog licked her dry. Standing up her legs were wobbly and she came over to me, kissed me and said that that had been the most incredible orgasm she had ever had. By now our two dogs had finished with the bitch who had cum dripping from her pussy, and she wondered off back into the bush satisfied with herself as Ming and I picked up our clothes and walked naked back to our camp. My wife’s freshly fucked naked body was such an awesome sight, and I felt my cock stir as we dived into the water to cool down and freshen up, then drying off we dressed and packed up the camp and drove back into town. 

That night we had incredible sex, Ming telling me how shocked she was at first having a dog lick her pussy, but when she relaxed it was a great feeling having his tongue explore her pussy and clean my cum from her. I believe this was the point that the seed had been planted. 

The next day when I entered the house I noticed that Ming was sewing and stitching together what looked like children’s socks, and when I looked closer I realized they were children’s socks, so I asked her whose children they were for. “Ours darling, Boz and Dan, she replied. I looked puzzled at my wife and she just smiled and told me I would find out later. In the late afternoon we sat down in the shade and between us we polished off quite a few stubbies of full strength beer, then I cooked a BBQ for tea, followed by a few more beers and by 9pm we were quite tipsy, laughing and joking as we swam naked in the pool. As Ming got out of the pool the dogs came running and Boz nearly knocked her over as she dried off, then as she was naked Boz cheekily dove his nose into her crutch sniffing her pussy, and Ming pushed him away but he came back more forcefully this time knocking her backwards onto the sun lounge and as her legs parted he was straight onto her pussy and began to lick her. Ming struggled a bit then she just gave into the big dog and he lapped furiously at her pussy, driving his tongue deep inside her as she opened her legs wider to allow him better access to both her holes. My cock was becoming stiff as I watched Boz lapping at my Chinese wife’s hairless pussy when all of a sudden I felt a warm tongue on my balls, it was Dan and he was taking big licks of my balls and cock. I pushed him away but he too was insistent, nuzzling his nose into my crotch and licking my nuts, and as his tongue ran up my shaft I instantly got stiffer. I shocked myself for feeling this way and Ming looked over and smiled, telling me to lay down on the sun lounge next to her. I blame the alcohol but I did knowingly lay down and spread my legs letting the big dog lick my arsehole, nuts and cock, and when he licked my swollen knob I nearly came there and then. I was enjoying the dogs attention, and Ming was also getting off with Boz, and I looked over and I saw Boz’s stiff pink cock pulsing about underneath his belly, he wanted to fuck my wife there and then. 

Ming looked over at me and she smiled, I thought she smiled from pleasure, but then she said look at Dan, and his pink hard rod was also bobbing about underneath his belly and it was quite obvious he also wanted to fuck…….me! I stood up and pushed him away, he jumped back at me diving for my balls and I pushed him away again, this time picking up my shorts and putting them on. Ming looked at me and called me a spoiled sport for stopping Dan, and I told her he wasn’t going to have me like he had the bitch at the river. As I walked inside Ming got up and pushed her way past Boz, his big nose still sniffing her crutch and his big cock still swinging beneath his belly and she followed me inside, both dogs following her, their cocks now dribbling doggy pre cum. Ming went to the kitchen and returned with the socks she had made during the day, and handing them to me she asked would I put them on the front paws of the dogs. I looked at her strangely and then it dawned on me, she was planning to let the dog mount her and fuck her, the socks were to keep them from scratching her. My cock shot to attention, I was about to watch my wife be fucked by a canine and by the way she was walking I could tell that her pussy was already quivering at the thought. Ming threw a blanket on the ground and lay down, spreading her legs wide to allow full access to her pussy, and Boz immediately went back to licking her, his tongue penetrating her holes. Dan kept shoving his nose into my crotch, and despite my best efforts I was becoming tired of fighting him, and the Ming said to me to take of my shorts and lay next to her and enjoy what happens. How could I argue with my attractive smooth shaven wife, her raven black hair flowing onto the floor, her perfectly small tits just begging to be handled, and her pussy being eaten by a dog.  I removed my shorts and lay down next to Ming, and Dan latched straight onto me, licking my balls and arsehole, and as I was now laying down he could lick the entire length of my cock.

Looking over at Ming I could see her eyeing off Boz’s cock, it was now fully erect and pre cum starting to drip from its head, and then Ming reached under him and touched his cock, bringing a smile to her face. In one swift movement Ming slid under Boz and took his cock into her mouth, and he began to hump her face, his big cock filling her mouth. I nearly cum there and then with Dan licking my balls, watching my wife suck off the dog next to me. Dan’s cock was fully erect now to, and as Ming sucked Boz’s cock she reached over and took Dan’s cock into her warm hand and began to wank him, the dog loving the attention. Ming looked at me, her mouth full of dog cock, and I saw her eyes motion for me to suck Dan’s cock, and I looked at her and shook my head. There was no way I was going to suck a cock, man or beast, but Ming’s eyes kept beckoning me to do it. “Fuck” I thought to myself, and I took a deep breath, slid under Dan and took hi cock into my mouth. It was warm and tasted salty, and then Dan began to hump my mouth, his cock sliding in and out and his balls swinging hit my chin. I’m sucking a dogs cock I thought to myself, fucking hell, and as I looked at Ming she was smiling, an excited look in her eyes. As Dan humped my mouth, my hand dropped to my own cock and it was as hard as wood, it appeared I was enjoying what was happening, and I could hear Ming moaning as Boz’s big cock slid down her throat. If I am truthful I was beginning to enjoy having Dan’s doggy cock in my mouth, and I began to blow him, I could feel his pre cum leaking from his cock, so I massaged his balls as he face fucked me. Next thing I know Ming had her face under the dog and licked my lips, she wanted to taste Dan’s cock as well, so I took my mouth from his cock and offered his cock to her which she quickly took into her mouth and sucked on. I reached down to Ming’s pussy which by now was dripping wet with he rjuices, and I could easily slide 3 fingers into her, and I began to finger fuck my wife as she sucked on the dogs cock. Boz was now licking my cock and balls, his doggy tongue feeling awesome as it tried to penetrate my arsehole, much like when Ming rimmed me. All of a sudden a warm feeling surrounded my arsehole, Boz had managed to get his tongue into me and it felt great, his tongue searching inside my arse, his saliva making me slippery. Ming took the dogs cock from her mouth and stood up, walking into the other room and returning with the socks she had made.

Ming called boz over to her, but he was more interested in my warm arsehole, his tongue still worming its way deep inside me, and I have to admit I didn’t want him to stop, so she called Dan over and he went to her, his hard cock bobbing about. Ming put the socks on his front feet and then she walked over to me, and while Boz licked my arsehole out she lifted his paws and fitted his socks as well. Then Ming lay down next to me and Dan was straight onto her pussy, licking her from arsehole to clit. Ming was moaning as the dog licked her out, and I was moaning as well because Boz was now licking my balls and cock, he seemed to like the pre cum that was pouring from the head of my cock. Ming got up and positioned herself on all fours, raising her cute Chinese arse to give the dog better access to her shaven pussy, and I got up and crawled to her to help steady her as Dan mounted her. As I was on my hands and knees as well Boz continued to lick my nuts and arsehole, his tongue finding its way inside me again, fuck it felt good. 

Dan needed no more encouragement, he saw Ming’s open pussy, he mounted her and in one swift movement his hard doggy cock found the moist entrance to her fuck hole and he slid straight into her and began to fuck her. My wife was being fucked by a dog, and it looked awesome, and by the way she was moaning she was enjoying every inch of his huge cock. Just as I was watching Ming getting fucked I felt Boz take his tongue from my arsehole and then I felt his weight on my back, oh my god, he had mounted me and I could feel something warm jabbing about near my arsehole. Boz was trying to fuck me, shit, no way, oh fuck, I felt his cock find my puckered target and he pushed, and as he had had his tongue up my arse I was slippery and his cock was inside me, his front legs tightening around my waist and he began to fuck me. Oh god, his cock was so big and long, and I could feel its full 9 inches inside my arsehole, his balls touching mine. I looked over at Ming and she was oblivious to what was happening, her pussy being reamed by Dans big cock and he was furiously humping her, and I could see his knot getting closer to her pussy. Oh fuck, Boz’s cock was deep in my arsehole, and he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow, I reached under and I felt my hard cock, my firm balls and his balls, and shit, his knot was getting closer to my arsehole. 

Just then Ming looked over at me and she saw Boz fucking me, she smiled and said something in Chinese that I had never heard, and she slid herself sideways  until she could kiss me, and our mouths locked together, our tongues darting about furiously, and then she pulled away and looked at me and told me how much she loved me, and how much she was enjoying the dog fucking her, and how much she loved seeing me getting my arse reamed by a dog as well. My arse was becoming accustomed to the huge cock in it, and I could feel Boz’s cock touching something deep inside me as he reamed me, and it actually felt good being fucked. Looking at Ming I heard her squeal and Dan had managed to get his knot into her pussy, effectively closing off her fuck tunnel. I could also feel Boz’s knot now touching my arsehole, and I felt him tighten his grip around my waist as his fucking slowed a lot a she tried to force his knot into me. Oh fuck me, no, no way was that going to…….FUUUUCK!!!!, Boz thrust into me and his knot was now inside me swelling, removing any chance of me escaping the fucking I was getting from the dog. Ming was screaming in pleasure, Dan’s knot had fully expanded and he was now fucking her with short strokes, close to filling her with dog cum. Boz was now short stroking as well, his knot filling my arsehole as it expanded and I was tied to him. Dan whimpered and I watched as his body quivered, he was obviously cumming deep in my wife’s pussy, his expanded knot sealing her fuck tunnel to keep his seed inside her. Then I heard Boz whimper, I felt him shudder then I could feel his hot cum shoot deep inside me, filling me full of his liquid seed, fuck, I had just been bred by a dog, and it felt fantastic. Boz’s cock continued to spew semen inside me, and like Ming, his knot was not allowing any to escape my hole. Boz now rested on my back, his weight squashing me, his cock still firmly knotted into my arsehole, and all I could think about was how long we were going to be tied together and if it was going to tear my arsehole when Boz wanted his cock back. Ming was starting to collapse under Dan’s weight, her pussy also tied to the dog,  and I could see that Dan was still pumping doggy cum into her. God she must be so full of cum it must be hurting, but she looked at me and told me how incredible it was to be fucked by a  dog, and how sexy it was to see her husband being fucked as well.

We stayed tied with the dogs for a good 15 minutes until I felt Boz’s cock shrink, and luckily for me it easily slipped out of my arsehole, followed by a warm river of dog cum which flowed off my balls onto the ground. Boz went over to his rug and licked his cock clean as his cum continued to run from my well fucked arsehole. I crawled over to Ming who was now keen to get Dan’s shrinking dog cock out of her pussy, so I helped her manoeuvre her hips and Dan’s cock eventually slipped from her, also followed by a river of cum, it seemed like he had filled her with litres of cum.  Ming collapsed onto the ground, her body tired from the fucking the Rotty had given her, and as she lay on her back I looked at her swollen wet pussy and I just had to go lick it, and taste Dan’s cum. His cum tasted ok, and I licked her pussy clean, bringing my wife to another orgasm, then she beckoned me to fuck her, so sliding onto her body my cock easily slid into her stretched hole and it took me about 4 strokes till I unloaded into her, my cum mixing with hers and the dogs, then rolling off her we both drifted off to sleep, only to wake in the morning with both dogs licking our genitals.

To be continued!!

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  1. I had an encounter similiar to thks in high school. While having sex with my girlfriend my lab joined in. My gf loved the feel of my dog’s tongue and came several times as I held her and licked her nipples. She then held my cock after fucking her and let him clean it off. That was it. No mounting but she did enjoy his tongue a few other times.

  2. I too like to have sex with a dog with a b**** dog so I can put my cock slide it inside her and let her feel it throbbing I know if you’d like it I can feel it now and I are holding her I’m putting my cock inside her pussy or she loves every bit of it and I want to shoot my s**** inside her daughter want to come now to all dog lovers have a good sex

  3. I don?t know if best practices have emerged around things like that, but I am sure that your job is clearly identified as a fair game. Both boys and girls feel the impact of just a moment’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

    • I too would like to add a b**** dog so I can feel it coming he feels it’s rubbing she wants it more tea bags towards my cock a doodle my s**** inside I love f****** a girl dog she so horny and she likes my cock after I finished she licks my cock all over

  4. ok so gr8 story i have such a big fantasy of fucking dogs so much to feel their big sexy cock in my pussy filed with cum then eating me out so horny i let my dog lick my pussy i have a story guess if its true one day i came home from school tired from walking up my long drive way so as normal i put my bookpack down went to sit where i always sit and my sister said come sit with me and i said y and she said come on sit with me so i did and she said closer she said how was ur day i said gr8 and i said how bout u she said good im horny i ask what does that mean she said wanting touched i said ok she said well i was wachin this movie and ie said t had a sex scence so she swowed it to me then i said wow and said come to my room she closed currants and door and was pulling my pants off and panties i said what are u doin and she said i will stop i u want me to i said no and she craled under blanket and suck finger licked my pussy and kissed me and touched my boobs while i touched her is it a true story guess and tell me

  5. I loved the story and hope it’s as true as it sounds. I have my own experience with a dog it was a real eye opener speaking from a paraplegic’s point of view..

  6. Im traveled twice a month to thailand for my work.i had been in and out of thailand as well.. I had seen lot of stuff in thailand where you can’t see any where in the world, but not dogs sex shows… This is bullshit !!!

    • Child Sex, Gang Bang Sex, Murder, Drug Dealing, neither of these did I see when I was in Thailand, but just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean to say that it doesn’t happen there, or here or anywhere. Sometimes you might sit back and think to yourself that you haven’t seen all that there is to see in South Shields never mind in the whole of Thailand…. I personally know nothing of this story or of what proportion of truth there is within it, but I will promise you this, somewhere in the world this is happening a hundred fold over…. I was in Thailand for 6 weeks with Nat a few years ago and certainly someone like you will never believe what I myself a slim and late twenty odd year old European girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice pair of tits will never believe the kind of things that I was offered whilst I was there, even I was shocked and sickened.

      Thanks for the comment though, even if it was a little narrow minded and naive.

      Write to me again and I will tell you in confidence what an innocent girl like myself was offered, that’s if you are even brave enough to give a real e-mail address this time.


      PS … I am now a few hours later and way past midnight, and a few drinks older. I met Nat by chance at a party, he is so much older than me but I was still drawn to him, when anyone spoke about a place in the world, he had been there, he seemed to have been everywhere, done so many things, good and not so good. I couldn’t start to tell you all that he has told me what he has done and where he has been, the people he knows and who trusts him, yet he is so quiet and caring.
      Real nutters from the far right, people I am instantly frightened of come and talk to him and he calls then friends, yet he is still calm and I can see they really trust him… then people come and tell me they went to Thailand for a couple of weeks and they know all of the world,…… well maybe they do, who knows…. I wanted to tell my stories, which I did, but I wish I could tell Nat’s.

    • Well yes, In some countries like Iran and many others it is perfectly normal and accepted, just not in any of the sane ones, but if needs must, they make their laws to meet their needs

  7. I have fantasized about sex with dogs all of my life. I am inherently an exhibitionist I guess so the parts about dog sex in front of a crowd of people is just perfect for me.

    • I couldn’t think of anything more humiliating and degrading than having sex with a dog while a crowd of people watched, maybe that is part of the turn on and fantasy for some girls.

      • Yes for an exhibitionist it is a big part of the turn on. Degradation and humiliation are a big turn on for some people and having other people see that is just more exciting.

  8. Fucken disgusting!.. Evry time i tried enjoing the story you kill my lust by talking about your gay and your ass fucked by animal. It was fair enough to talk about your wifes lust but converting the story to your gay with dog very very disgusting

  9. dear all,

    can you please tell me a live show.. dogs or donkeys fucking a girl..
    I want to see first.,.
    then I am thinking for me..
    I am from India

    • I can see this story has captured your imagination, but I am not a world authority of where these things happen, I don’t know if the Author of this story can help you or anyone else for that matter. But if anyone lets me know, I will let you know….. Angel

  10. I am in Australia too and that’s the hottest story I have ever read I wish I could have that experience it sounds amazing

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