My Confession

Written by Angel √

I have wrote this story before in, “In my brother’s bedroom” to explain my feelings and thoughts about my brother masturbating, but I think this can stand as a story by its self of a confession of myself getting caught masturbating, which somehow I think is more humiliating getting caught as a girl.

As the heading of the story goes, its the day I got caught playing with myself by mum, the odd thing was it was my first time doing it too, well pretty much as it was the first time going all the way with myself… I was so humiliated, no I will re-phrase that,,, I was so horribly fucking terribly humiliated. Did she hear me squealing and groaning in pleasure, read it and you tell me

It was roughly about13 years ago when I was about 13 or 14 years old, I was looking around in my mums clothes wardrobe once when I was home alone, when I found in her knicker drawer a vibrator, now to be honest, I had seen it there a couple of times before but I had just put it straight back, but this time, and I don’t know why, but this time it had aroused my curiosity, today it looked different somehow, almost inviting, it was a strange looking vibrator, one that seemed to have lots of buttons that did strange things about it.

I examined it a little more and I thought it was quite funny with the things it did, not only did it buzz fast medium and slow, but another button made it grow long and expand, it went up and down on its own and it wriggled too if I pressed another button. I knew vaguely what it was, I wasn’t that naive, but I wasn’t 100% sure, to be honest what mum really did with it, but again it was the first time I had really closely looked at one, let alone having the curiosity of what I could actually do with it, I mean there was no instructions with it or anything. Well there was no one home and I knew there wouldn’t be for quite a while so I just though what the hell, what harm could it do if I looked at it and examined it for a little while.

I took it back to my bedroom closely inspecting it all the way, I felt a little excited and my heart beat raised slightly as I thought this time I would explore and see what it did before I put it back where I had found it, Why I was excited I had no idea, but I think it was because of the shape of it. My parents had gone out shopping to Meadowhall and they were usually there for quite a few hours and I don’t know why this day of all days but I was feeling in quite an inquisitive mood with that inviting Vibrator.

When I got back to my bedroom, I closed the door behind me and made myself comfortable in the middle of my nice new three-quarter bed with my back against the headboard still looking and inspecting the strange vibrator, I was turning it round and on its side, pressing different buttons and watching it do very strange things, it felt quite heavy to me and yes it looked as I imagined a man’s erect stiff cock would look, apart from the colour.

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Looking back it was the fact that it looked like a huge hard man’s cock that fascinated me about it so much and wondering why mum had it, I was at the right age for that sort of curiosity after all, but on the bottom side of it sticking out at first then running parallel was a dolphin with its tail fins at the base and its curved body and its nose pointing back slightly along and towards the shaft, I just couldn’t figure that bit out or why it was even there for the life of me, although it did buzz very fast to a higher shrill and independently of the main shaft, I was totally baffled.

I pressed one button and the main vibrator tip buzzed quite quickly almost to the shrill of the dolphin, but not quite, and then wondering what I could do with it I placed the vibrating tip against my arm and slid it up and down like the women on the advertisements I had seen in magazines, but that was useless, it did nothing for me at all and was very dull and boring, I new wanted something a little more adventurous from it. My nipples seemed to be buzzing and tingling with excitement so I daringly and curiously placed the vibrator over the top of my blouse and against my nipple to see what that would feel like, and WOW they felt so sensitive that I pulled it away quickly as it was by far too strong a feeling, but all the same it still felt very nice, I thought if I could turn the buzz down a little it would feel much better, I have always had quite large nipples that are very sensitive and constantly seem to stiffen up and stick right out most of the time, which sometimes I found this could be a quite embarrassing because people did noticed them, (I tried sticking sticky plasters over them once hoping that would hold them down, but that just made them a lot more prominent and made the situation a lot worse as they stuck out of my clothes more than ever.)

I turned the vibrator buzz down a little bit to a little lower hum and then this time I ran it over the top of my blouse and moving it in circles closer and closer to my nipple. I was pleased with how nice it felt, I really liked the feeling and I noticed that my nipples were already beginning to stick right out a lot more than usual and I felt them feeling very stiff and hard and very erect in excitement.

Feeling a little more adventurous still, I decided I will take off my blouse and laid it on the bed by the side of me quite neatly, then I bent forward and unclasped my bra, now I felt a very naughty girl as I took it off because I knew I was taking them off to do naughty things and tease my nipples further.

I picked up my mums vibrator this time excited and as I laid back against the headboard of my bed and put the tip of the vibrator against my bare breast and again moved it slowly in circles against my very sensitive breasts and very sensitive erect nipple, it tingled so intense that this time the buzz made me gasp out and I had to really force myself to endure the tickly tingle that it gave me and do you know what, it even made the inside of my mouth have the same tickly tingle.

I moved it slowly around and I was soon gasping and squirming from the pleasure as I swapping the vibrator from one hard and stiff nipple to the other one and each time the feeling was very intense and building up the whole time as I teased myself. I did this for quite a while to myself and the sensations made me slowly slide a little down the bed, at one point the very intense pleasure was so incredibly powerful that I felt my whole body give a little shiver and I gave out a little squeal as I was totally submerged and really enjoying my new found fun.

It felt so nice teasing my nipples

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As I slid down the bed a little further making myself more comfortable and still moving the vibrator between each stiff nipple, I found that I got the best and most intense feeling by just barely touching the buzzing tip of the vibrator against the very erect tip of my now very tingling and very sensitive erect nipples, by now I couldn’t help but constantly groan out loud and squeal from the very intense pleasure I was getting. I even turned the buzz back up high and started touching my nipples again, I had again to really force myself to endure the fantastic sensation that it gave me and I heard myself freely gasp, squeal and almost scream out loud as another fantastic little shiver ran through my whole body and it had me squirming on the bed like a little worm with the most amazing feelings that I was amazed I was getting from the vibrator against my nipples, it seems that I could give myself tiny little orgasms just by teasing my nipples with the vibrator.

I noticed that I had slid down the bed and my head was propped up on the three pillows I had there, I also noticed I had my knees up with my legs wide open and I felt a gorgeous feeling between my legs and for the first time I was very aware of my pussy with a sexual feeling and I noticed that my lulu was feeling a little wet, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of thrill the vibrator would give me down there and I dared myself to try it out.

I turned the buzz back down again and my hand with the vibrator in it moved slowly down between my open legs with increasing excitement, my heart pounded as I slid the vibrator over the top of my kickers up and down over and around my whole pussy and oh my god I was so pleased with how nice it felt between my legs, Mmmmm. I remember it was really so nice and especially in some of those little areas it felt so incredible good.

 I just laid there staring at the ceiling as I slid the vibrator over my knickers slowly around exploring myself and curiously finding where it felt so good and where it felt just great for quite a while. I wanted to get a little more daring with myself and I put the vibrator down by the side of me and I lifted my hips off the bed and very guiltily I started to slide off my little yellow knickers. I knew I would get a much better and stronger feeling without my panties on and so feeling so incredibly naughty and kinky along with a little guilt as well, I knew from that moment on that I was going to really use the vibrator to tease and play with my own pussy and I knew I wanted to pleasure myself. As I slid them off I looked down at my pussy because it felt oh so different from usual. I just dropped my knickers by the side of me on the bed and I was so surprised that they felt a little damp from the moisture from between my legs.

 I hitched up my pleated skirt quite easily to my waist as it was pretty short to begin with and it had ridden up due to me sliding down the bed. I searching with my hand for the vibrator by my side and I felt my heart again beating quite quickly and my breath panting short with a new excitement. I moved the vibrator back between my legs and slowly I moved and slid it around, wow I just couldn’t believe how nice it felt now against my naked pussy and straight away I remember making little MMmm and groaning sounds as I again gently felt around and exploring all the different sensitive areas around my little smooth hairless pussy.
It felt so good and I parted my pussy lips with the fingers of my left hand and I now felt how so very wet I was down there between my legs, I found a very sensitive area at the top of my pussy, I knew what it was and I put the tip of the buzzing vibrator on to the tip my little clit and immediately I just gasped and groaned out instantly with the most incredible and delightful pleasure that I had ever felt, I would move the vibrator around and around the whole of my pussy area and to be honest it felt nice everywhere, but after a while I discovered there were two places that I really liked it and I kept moving the vibrator too and fro from one part of my pussy to the other, one was my clit and the other was the very entrance of my pussy hole and each time I pushed it just a tiny little bit more adventurous around my entrance each time until the very tip of the vibrator pushed just ever so slightly into the very opening of my pussy hole and I groaned so much, then bringing it back to my clit and holding the very tip of the vibrator against the tip of my clit teasing and torturing my pussy deliciously until I bucked my hips up and down and almost screaming out with pleasure.

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Soon the sensation and sensitivity around my clit was almost unbearable and I would move the vibrator back to my very stiff tingly buzzing nipples as if they were begged out for more attention and the feeling against my nipples felt so good again and I would groan as my nipples sent waves of pleasure through my body almost as much as my pussy did, but in a totally different feeling. then a couple of minutes later I would gently touch the tip of my clit again with the vibrator and instantly I would almost scream and gasp as it was totally delightful.

I couldn’t now stand it for long down there on my clit, the sensations were so strong it almost made my eyes water with pleasure and I was amazed as the feelings actually got stronger and stronger as I carried on with no waining effect at all and every now and then my body would give an uncontrollable tiny shiver of pleasure as I would move the Vibrator too and fro from one part of my pussy to the other, I couldn’t help but gasp and groan as I teased myself and I openly squealed out and some times wanted to scream as the feeling built up. I started moving and gyrating my hips with the intense feeling of pleasure around my pussy that I was giving to myself with my mum’s vibrator.

At this point as I was enjoying the feeling of making little circles around my clit and building the feeling and passion right up and then sliding it down my pussy lips right to my pussy hole as I part my pussy with my fingers and then moving the vibrator right on the edge and over my intimate entrance hole and making circles just on and around the entrance then pressing it down harder each time pushing it in the opening of my pussy just a tiny fraction, it would make me gasp and groan as the narrow tip of the vibrator moved around just on the edge of my pussy hole and I was wanting to push it deeper as my imagination was now starting to run away with itself and now I wondered what the vibrator would feel like actually being slid into my pussy, I was now almost craving the feeling and I thought that surly it must feel like the same as having sex and being fucked by a boy I mean the vibrator was exactly the right shape and everything, how could it not was my reasoning. (but I know better now)

In my very high state of passion I decided I wanted to try it, I switched the buzz of the vibrating cock off because I wanted it to seem and feel as real as possible, just as though I was really being fucked by someone, I wanted to know what it felt like.

I had to have an imaginary boyfriend, so I thought of this guy that came round to our house from time to time, he was one of my fathers friends and they played football in the same team, he was very cute and nice to me, but he was so nice to everyone and I knew I had a big crush on him at the time.

I pretended he had come round to the house to see my father and I had let him in and I had let one thing lead to another, I very nervously but excitedly put my left hand down between my legs and parted my very wet slippery pussy lips again with my fingers and with the vibrator in my right hand, I noticed the very tip of the vibrator was a little moist from my damp pussy but I wanted the shaft wetter as it felt so dry, so I pretended I was going to suck his cock for him.

I closed my eyes and moved his pretend cock slowly to my lips and gently pushing it between them as though he was pushing his thick cock into my mouth. I made my mouth wet and I let it slide into my mouth then I wrapped my mouth tight round it and then I started sucking on it. As I held it there I slid my mouth up and down on it a little as though I was sucking him off and making it very wet, the mental picture in my head was very strong and in my imagination this was now really his cock in my mouth that I was sucking on.

I took it out of my mouth and I slid my tongue along its shaft then slipped it back into my mouth and sucking on it again, but this time I slipped it deeper than before and I started to bouncing my head up and down on the shaft wanting to give him a good blowjob, then I laid back on the pillow and pushed it deeper in my mouth as if he was getting more excited and wanted to take over from me and fuck my mouth now.

I pushed it in and out of my mouth getting deeper each time until it filled my whole mouth believing he was fucking and pumped his cock deeper into my mouth, it was fun and I was really enjoying it as it felt so life like. (well it seemed that way at the time)

  After a little while, I could feel the tip of the cock right in the back of my mouth towards my throat and I wanted to see how far I could go with it. so in my mind I could hear him whisper “suck it, suck it for me,” I knew I had to relax as I laid there and I gently pumped the cock deeper till I could feel his cock push against the back of my throat and it was a strange and pleasant feeling, almost like a tickle.

Again I felt so naughty and turned on and with my eyes closed I pretended that he was telling me that he was so pleased with me and I pumped it slowly deeper in to my mouth reaching deeper with my lips and feeling it slide deeper in to my throat until suddenly could feel the dolphin that was on the side of the vibrator nudge my top lip and that was as deep as it would go, (the dolphin had still not occurred to me why it was there,) I decided that this was the time to move it to my pussy, I slowly slid it out of my mouth and it was so wet, I had enjoyed that so much.

With my eyes still closed and his image so clear inside my head I knew I was soon going to feel his cock in my wet pussy. Then opening my legs and bringing my knees up to my chest, I moved the vibrator to the very entrance of my pussy, and oh my god I felt such incredible nervous excitement. My heart was beating so fast and I could feel my breath was short with little gasps as if I had been jogging, I just panted with excitement. I gripped the vibrator about half way down the shaft and as I guided it straight over my pussy hole and paused for a moment.

My head was propped up on three pillows with my knees up and my legs apart, excited and ready to except this cock that was giving me all this pleasure to my very eager wet pussy.

With my stiff nipples, clit and pussy still tingling deliciously like crazy with the vibrator and the guilty excitement of what I was going to do next to myself. I felt at the vibrator in my hand and the shaft seemed very thick to me now, I had decided I would slide it into my pussy only a little, perhaps only an inch at first and then if its okay then maybe 2 or 3 inches at to see how it would feel.

I felt it begin to part my lips

It felt so big inside my pussy

In great nervous anticipation as I guided it to the opening of my pussy hole and moving it around a little getting it comfortable and while I was feeling very naughty indeed I started to slowly push the head of the vibrator into my pussy believing it was his cock. The vibrator was slightly narrower at the tip but quickly got very thick and I felt every tiny sensational movement as I tentatively slipped it in little movements back and forth. I felt it slowly fill my pussy entrance and as I pulled it out a little then slipped it back up a little deeper I felt my pussy walls resisted just a little. I pushed it a little harder and I heard myself give a little groan and I felt his thick cock parting my wet pussy open and I groaned out again as I slowly rocked it back and forth and pushed it deeper and deeper in little by little, I groaned each time as it slid in.

I opened my legs a little wider helping it to enter me, I felt incredibly naughty as I felt the thick vibrator deliciously stretching my pussy open little by little as I felt it slowly sliding up and down and getting just a tiny little bit deeper, it did feel quite big inside me and it made me gasp with the feeling but I carried on pushing it a little deeper with every little delicate thrust, as I got used to it and with each gentle thrust I groaned out in surprise and delight at my lustful feelings, at this point I really wanted someone to fuck me.

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 I instinctively opened my legs just a little wider as it seemed to me to feel kinkier and also hoping that would help me to accommodate and feel more comfortable with this big thick cock sliding inside me, in an ideal world I wouldn’t have wanted it being so big and thick, although to be fair I was very wet down there and in the mood, that of course must have helped me a great deal. I dropped my head back whilst panting, squealing and groaning as I slowly but eagerly slid it up and down my wet pussy pretending that I was really being fucked by my dad’s friend.

 As I got used to it a little more, I got more and more daring and I slid it a little deeper and just a little faster each time groaning out louder and louder, it was feeling very kinky and very naughty as it got easier and more slippery, the feelings just got better and better, but as it slipped up me deeper it still felt very big inside me, maybe a little too big for my first time perhaps but I just thought what the hell and I pretended my fathers friend was now holding me down and fucking me hard, and I groaned out loud and long.

 I surprised myself because I was sliding it up and down quite fast and it felt so very deep and I liked the deep feeling inside me and I was really enjoying my new found fun. I was panting and groaning like crazy with the naughtiness and it made it feel ever so kinky pretending I was being fucked on my bed, but at that point I must have accidentally caught and pressed one of the buttons on the bottom and the vibrator started expanding inside me and it was sliding and pushing right up my pussy even deeper on its own. I instantly and uncontrollably yelled out with a great gasp, squeal and a deep groan all it seemed at the same time, I raised my hips higher groaning as it moved ever so deep up me, I instinctively pressed the button that I thought switched it off and the dolphin’s nose suddenly started to buzz in a shrill right around the tip of my clit and I again even louder screamed out at the shock and the sensations of pleasure that they both gave me together and suddenly I had found out what the dolphin was there for.

My first orgasm


I just couldn’t help myself as I bucked my hips up and down and I moved the vibrator back and forth as it sent me way over the edge within a few seconds, I found the little fish nose buzzing on and around my little erect clit and with this thing sliding up my pussy it was a fantastic over powering feeling and I just groaned and groaned and groaned as the tingle feelings got stronger throughout my whole body.

I let myself gasp out and I squealed loudly in my state of almost ultimate pleasure, then suddenly I felt my body start to shake as an uncontrollable and almighty wave of intense pleasure started to build up in me and this time I let it go all the way. I gasped and arched my back as my pussy and nipples exploded and sent this fantastic wave of pleasure all the way through my body I and groaned out and screamed uncontrollably as my whole body shook and bucked violently in a wave of ultimate pleasure that I had never felt before in my life, I groaned and gasped and squealed out in total ecstasy very loud and I felt a desire to grip my stiff nipples and I tweaked and squeezed them till they hurt increasing my pleasure and the orgasm kicked in again making me buck and bounce on the bed. I thought this orgasm was never going to stop and I couldn’t help but squeal out and groan loudly again (there was no one at home after all) until eventually I felt the feeling slowly start to wain and subside a little, my body slowly relaxed and I laid there panting and gasping on the bed with my face and body covered in perspiration and all I could think of was ‘oh my fucking god.’ as I slowly slid the wet vibrator from my pussy.

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Suddenly in total shock I heard mum on the top of the stairs calling my name urgently, in blind panic and in disbelief I leapt bolt upright and saw in absolute and total horror my bedroom door start to open and again in a panic I dropped the wet vibrator on the floor on the blind side away from the door so no one could see it just as mum walked in.

She quickly popped her head round the door and then walked in, she stood there for a moment just staring at me as I sat there in the middle of my bed panting with just a short skirt on (thankfully) my knickers and blouse on the bed by the side of me.

I just wanted the world to swallow me up then mum asked me in a tone as if she was really worried “what the hells up, what’s all that noise you was making, you sound as if you are in pain and I thought that you were crying … Are you alright?” I was just about to die with embarrassment, then amazingly my brother and father also came walking into my room a few seconds later as I stuttered and groped for an answer whilst I was still breathing heavy and still panting I stumbled with the answer “err … Nothing, why” I tried to answer as normal as possible but I gasped out of breath. My brother stops in his tracks and I see the surprise in him as he sees me sitting on the bed almost naked and I notice his eyes fixed on my tits.

I was feeling so amazingly embarrassed and I could feel my face burning and turning bright red, my mind was racing like crazy for an answer, as it seemed to me the whole street was walking in my room watching me trying to recover, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of any answer at all that was plausible, my mind was a complete blank and it seemed to me so obvious that I had been,…Shall we say, exploring myself.

God, I was so embarrassed.

But one thing I could answer was “excuse me!” I asked, “Why has everyone in the family just walked out of the street and deciding to walk straight into my bedroom as though this is the new living room? Without even a knock or anything”…

Mum calmed down as though the penny had dropped “Yes, you are right, I am sorry” said mum adding, “it was just I thought you had hurt yourself and I thought you were crying.”

 At this point I am begging to myself  “oh no please, please, please, don’t ask what I was doing again,”  I was very self-conscious that mums vibrator was on the carpet by the side of my bed, now if everyone stayed over there or walked out I was fine, but if they came round this side … I was dead or would hope to be. Then dad said, “erm what you doing, why have you no clothes on at his time of day?” in a very inquisitive manner?

‘That’s it, I am dead’ I thought, that’s when I felt my face turn red again as I still hadn’t thought of any answer at all,……. “oh … err .. yes, erm,” as I looked to the side of me and seeing my moist knickers there on the bed by the side of me. I stuttered with a silly cheesy smile, as everyone just stood there in silence looking at me and waiting for my answer, then suddenly a brain wave just jumped right into my head and I excitedly almost joyfully shouted out with great delight “I was just going to get into the shower and I damn well stubbed my toe on the bedpost and it hurt like hell and I jumped on the bed to rub it,” (oh and how I rubbed it) I after thought, “Well” said father “you seem really happy about it now, I don’t think I would be if I had just kicked the bottom of the bed in my bare feet.”

Mum instantly says to me “oh my little dear, let me see” and came towards me.

“NO! NO!” I almost screamed sticking my arms out and mum stopped dead in her tracks in surprise. I composed myself and said, I am fine now mum, I think I will get in the bath now instead and bathe it.

I tried to change the subject but I just couldn’t think of anything so I tried plan ‘b’ by saying, “right, now can I have some privacy, please” …… and god I was so pleased with my excuse, even if it was a long shot.

“Not yet,” my brother said excitedly, “dad has got you something” and my father started walking over to me with a great big smile, I panicked again and screamed out in a fluster “No!! No!!, not now ….later …yes later, show me later, let me get in the shower first, I don’t have any clothes on do I !!”  My brother who picks up on every little thing pipes up “I thought you said you were getting in the bath because of your toe

Mum butts in at this point and quite assertively, (which was unusual for mum) she said “Angel is right, we can’t just barge into her room when she is getting ready to shower or bathe and is almost naked, what are we all thinking of, gifts can wait a for a few minutes” and she bundled everyone out of my bedroom, much to the surprise of my dad and especially my younger brother who was trying to look as though he wasn’t ogling my tits, I heard my father and brothers footsteps go downstairs, but my mum didn’t, she went into her bedroom and I  was shocked to hear that she went straight to the wardrobe where I had found her toy and I hoped that she hadn’t realised what I had been doing, or rather what I would be doing it with, or maybe she was just going to her wardrobe anyway to put something away I then thought, then I hoped that she didn’t notice her toy was missing.

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I laid back on to my bed in a heap and I just wanted the whole planet to swallow me up with the embarrassment I felt, I was feeling so ashamed of myself that I had let things get so out of control and as I laid there I felt so cheap and dirty and I almost felt physically sick with shame and embarrassed about the stupid and horrible dirty fantasy thoughts I had been having.

I laid there for about 15 minutes without moving, my mind just turning things over and over and thinking what might of been, suppose mum had just walked into my room a minute earlier and saw me there fucking myself with that great big thing up my pussy while I was in the height of my passion and then my brother and father walking in and seeing me as well, I felt myself turning red just thinking about it, I think I would have killed myself if that had happened… Honestly, although heaven knows it was embarrassing enough without that.

Looking back, I know now I should never have got so carried away, but it felt so good up my pussy even though it felt too big for me at the time and I new I shouldn’t have gone that far, I thought Maybe I should have just playing with myself and had an orgasm with the vibrator buzzing my clit, again I just got too carried away which I regretted it for a long long time.

I picked myself up off the bed and got in the shower and gave myself a good wash down everywhere twice or three times, I stayed in there for quite a while, then as I got dressed and forced myself to go down stairs and face everyone, as soon as I walked in the living room I just had the feeling everyone knew what I had been doing and I slunk into the nearest chair. Mum broke the silence when she asked me “so how is it, is it sore now.”

Oh my god I thought “how’s what” I asked in shock as I was miles away, “your toe, how’s your toe feeling, you stubbed it against the bed post, remember” … Then I remembered “Oh that, yes its fine” I said feeling fairly dumb “are you sure you didn’t break it, let me look” she carried on, “no, no it’s fine now, thanks” I said playing it down, but mum didn’t let it rest and came over to me to look at my toe, I lifted my foot so she could see it was alright, “Oh yes, it’s fine” she smiled as she rubbed them “you have such pretty toe’s, don’t you” and she sat back down and carried on, “well it must have hurt a lot with all that noise you was making” at this point I am beginning to think mum is winding me up a little, but she carries on “mind you I once did that too on the bed post and it was so painful I almost bust in to tears on the bed like you” I started to try and think of something to say to change the bloody subject, but I couldn’t, so I went in the kitchen and got a cold glass of milk to cool myself down, but that evening as I watched TV for the first time in my life I could feel my pussy all night.

I had sneaked her vibrator back when she nipped out again not long after the event, I hoped I was wrong and she didn’t know what I had been doing, maybe it was just my guilty conscience, Mum never said anything to me about it anyway, well not directly… thankfully, even though we did speak about many things and even about playing with ourselves, mum was quite broadminded (that’s maybe why I am) and spoke about it as being perfectly natural and would very often joke about it if my father was going away for a while with work. but no one wants to be caught doing it, do they?

As I laid in bed that night thinking about what had happened, I couldn’t believe my bad luck as usual, every week mum and dad go out shopping for a few hours, but this week of all weeks, for the very first time they come back early, not only that, but they all, all of them trail through the front door straight up the stairs and in to my bedroom, not to the living room and put the TV on or to the kitchen like they usually would do putting the shopping away, that way I would have heard them, No they come in and up the stairs just at the moment when for the first time in my life I am having my first full blown orgasm, how sick was that.

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A couple of weeks later, dad had been working away and mum had gone out to visit friends, I was on my own again, I guiltily went to see if mums toy was there, not to use it or anything, but this time it wasn’t there, in the past it always had been, my heart sunk as I fumbled at the back of the draw for it, it seemed such a big thing so you couldn’t miss it, the draw was empty except for her knickers and I knew at that point she must have known what I had been doing and that really deflated me and I felt ashamed of myself all over again. What would mum have thought of me, I looked in the other drawers just in case I was wrong, but no she had obviously moved her vibrator.

I walked out of her bedroom feeling really down and I could feel myself burning with embarrassment, but as I got to her bedroom door I don’t know why or what made me do it, but I looked back, I walked back to her bed and lifted the pillow, there it was, I was so pleased to see it there, I stared at it in delight, maybe mum didn’t find out about what I had been doing after all, maybe she was using it that morning or last night and just forgot to put it back, I laid the pillow back down over it and tapped the pillow in delight and I walked out of her room now really pleased.

It was a long time before I did anything remotely like that to myself again, I had the feeling a few times but the guilt of nearly being caught before would have been unbelievably embarrassing and that turned me off again. I don’t think I would have ever lived that down in two life times, even so I have never inserted anything again, apart from a real cock that is, and even then I was wrong, it feels nothing like the real thing, not as far as I am concerned anyway, that’s why I said it’s easier for boys, it’s a lot less complicated for them …. Don’t you think?

Let me know if you have a similar story, let the world read your humiliation too

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  2. Angel, You were a very naughty girl and could have been caught naked on your bed. You had such a good time with your mum’s dildo though.

  3. Nearly Caught!

    I was off school one day, I can’t remember for certain but I’m thinking because I wasn’t meeting up with mates, I must have been on a sickie. Also it must have been in colder weather because instead of staying in bed I moved downstairs to the living room where we had a gas fire, no central heating in those days.

    I didn’t wear pyjamas so I wrapped my dressing gown round me, and took couple of my girlie mags and some tissues and settled on the settee.

    Because the house was up a few steps and had net curtains at the window you couldn’t see into the room so I was quite safe there, naked on the settee. The routine was to have a cup of tea, smoke a fag and read through the stories, letter pages, etc and get horny and rock hard, turn the pictures of one of the girls selected earlier, and pull off a wank. Wipe up, make a cup of tea, light up a fag and start again and keep going until I had no more juice left or my bell-end was sore. Or both!

    So after a while I must have had a couple of wanks, and I’m there on the settee, naked, with a couple of girlie mags on the floor, one in my hand, a pile of damp tissues on the floor, and although our dad smoked, the cigarette smoke was obviously fresh. I was rock hard and had just wrapped fingers round my cock to pull off another wank, when I heard a noise which made me look out of the window. It was lunch time and my older sister had just pulled up in our car and three of her workmates were climbing out, one was half way up the steps to the front door! Fortunately it was a two door car and central locking and remote fobs hadn’t been invented so sis had to wait for everyone to get out before she could lock the car then come and open the front door.

    Shit! I gathered all the magazines, tissues, tissue box my dressing gown and ran upstairs naked and still hard, which meant passing the frosted glass at the front door. I just made it to my bed when I heard the door open and my sister shout up. She came up to see if I was OK. It would have been obvious I had been downstairs and smoking but hopefully she didn’t know what else I had been doing!

    Obviously I turned this into a wanking fantasy with various endings where I didn’t hear them come in and in one version they wanked and blew me off and in another took pity on me that wanking was my only sex life and I had sex with them all, including my sister!

    • Wanking over having sex with all your sisters friends seems like a damn good fantasy to me, but not with your sister, that seems weird to me. I could never have my brother in my head while masturbating, that would turn me right off. It was a real good story though thanks for writing it and thanks for sharing the memory with us…


      • I think it was more about the group sex, intimidation and embarrassment. I remember a TV programme about women’s sex fantasies and one of them said you don’t have fantasies about having sex with your husband in the missionary position at home, fantasies are only fantasies if they are immoral illegal disgusting or impossible!

        • Fantasies are exactly that, some are quite tame and people act them out with a caring partner, some are deep and dark that are in our minds which we do not carry out. Some people have a passion for Murder Mystery, but that does not mean they will become mass psychopathic murderers.

  4. wow, I hope you don’t think this weird but this story just got my pussy throbbing and it’s soaking wet right now.

    I started masturbating when I was around 13 and I would always have online sex with strangers on the internet (I’m 15 now).

    I remember when I was 14 I was playing with my pussy and gosh, I remember moaning quietly because my family was home and my little brother walked in! gosh, I was so embarrassed, luckily my blanket was covering me! I remember being in shock so my fingers were still inside of my pussy and I didn’t even pull up my panties!! it was so humiliating.

    but, no one has ever caught me which I am thankful for!! lol xP

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