My Dark Secret

By Angel …. Complete
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If I was caught, I would have been gang raped

How I imagined it in my mind, but of course we did have clothes on

My name is Angel and this is the same story as Woman Hunt but without the pictures (apart from the header of course.) I am telling you this story of something that happened to me a few  years ago that you will find shocking. That four innocent sweet girls could get involved in something you will probably find disgusting and that you would never have done.

The point of writing this was the dilemma we all went through in the making of our decisions and I hope that this comes through more than anything else.

I found out a lot about myself, my close friend and other people in general that are in a position of unbelievable stress. The names and a couple of the facts have been changed to protect the innocent, namely myself, some of the details have been jiggled about with too for the same reasons.

I can’t guarantee that it is correct word for word and moment by moment, but it is as close as I could remember in a time of panic.

As I very much later spoke to people involved about it, strangely we remembered it a bit different from each other, so if you were to read someone else’s account of what happened it will probably vary a little from mine, if you can just put up with the first page my story will soon become clear.

I know it’s easy to moralize, but I would love to know what you would have done and handled it.

Chapter 1 … The Meet

I was having a night in enjoying a Chinese and a few glasses of wine with Cheryl a very close friend of mine and a guy called Gary, who was really more of a friend of hers than mine to be honest, although I did know him and he was all right, so I didn’t mind.

She had bumped in to him on the way home as she was picking a few things up from the supermarket, she sees him quite often, but this time was just by accident and she invited him over and that changed both our lives forever.

Gary was quite tall and in his early 30s but looked younger with short dark hair, he was very good looking and very well spoken, he was slim, very well dressed and liked to wear expensive designer clothes, he was always good for a story and a chat, I don’t know why we didn’t hit it off really, but we didn’t. The wine flowed and we all laughed as we told jokes and told of the scrapes we had been in.

I had known Cheryl a very long time (she just looks the image of Cheryl Cole) we had been friends all through our very early school years but our friendship really blossomed several years later when we had both joined the Royal Air Force.

I won’t go in to detail because that is not what the story is about, but we had both got ourselves really heavily in to debt with a business adventure that we was both in and went seriously belly up. Tragedy struck for the both of us, it was all bad timing really.

To make matters worse soon after the bank interest rates started to climb and as they went up and up we started to seriously struggle to make the credit card payments on the cards we had. We changed to cheaper cards of course but all the interest rates went up outrageously, some cards went up as much as 250%, from 9.9% to 29 and 31%.  Our dreams crashed.

We were both doing other part-time work as well as our full time jobs which helped, but I didn’t know how long I could keep two jobs going, the pressure was getting to us both I think.

After a while Gary told us he had come up with what he thought was a great money making idea and he invited the pair of us to join him in what was going to be called a woman hunt, where we would be searched for by some men for fun and we both would earn “serious money.”

He at first only explained very basically what it was and what we both had to do to earn our money, I think that was just to draw us both in, but I just laughed at him saying “Even after a few glasses of wine, there is NOT a hope in hell I would do that, mind you, it’s a good try though, let us know how it goes on.” I smile, he looks at us both like an innocent little boy as he protests “oh I am not taking any part in it,” he tells us “I am just organizing it on behalf of someone, well it’s more a sort of club thing really.”

“So what sort of club thing is it” Cheryl asks.

Just a club Gary tells us in a very matter of fact manner “Well the club consists of both male and female members, but this is an all-male event as you might have guessed,” Gary explains vaguely, then adds “but strangely enough, we did get two of our lady members who wanted to join the hunt as the hunters,” then frowning and almost as if he was speaking to himself he softly adds “how that would have shaped up I have no idea at all.”

“Go on” Cheryl urges him “tell us more, you never know, we may be more interested if we think it’s okay.”

Gary carries on “Well we didn’t let the girls join in, for a start I would have had to tell you all that girls were hunters as well and the connotations that would have created and we thought it was hard enough trying to get the right girls to become hunted in the first place and in the second place, the men felt uncomfortable for now that there wife’s and partners or girlfriends were there, so as a committee we took a vote and we reluctantly said that this time the answer would be no, maybe next time if the girls being hunted didn’t mind, we will have to see.”

Cheryl screwed her face up and said almost laughing “Noooo, I am not on about the women that wanted to join in, but about the club, tell us more about the club.”

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“Oh I see,” said Gary, looking all surprised at having the wrong end of the stick “well there isn’t much to tell, that’s about it all really, all the members have quite a bit of disposable income and they are quite a kinky group of members, the membership is invite only, not anyone can join and they all have their left little finger nail painted black, hence the name, The Cult of the ****** *******.”

Cheryl repeats him “so all the members here are invited by other members then? … That’s very cosy”

“Yes” said Gary with a smile, “that’s basically it, you have it in one, it makes things very friendly”

“All apart from the victims that’s being chased” adds Cheryl.

Gary frowns a little, “Well no, I wouldn’t call them victims at all, I would say that their status was more like, err, shall we say more like short term honorary members, there have been many of them in the past and some of them have later become full members, but this isn’t a club for everyone you understand. … But on saying that” he goes on, “I am sure the club does a lot of good and charitable things as well”

“Like what” we both ask at the same time.

“Well I can’t remember straight away of any at this point” he mumbles, “but I am sure it has, at least once, …. Probably”

Cheryl again asks while looking at his left hand and points out “a black finger nail you say, just like yourself then” as we both notice that his left hand has the little finger nail painted black.

“Yes I am a member, I am proud to say that,” he openly said showing the flat of his hand and the painted finger nail, “That’s why I am left to organize it, but as I said, I am not in the hunt at all, I am just, let’s say the referee, I am there to make sure everyone plays to the rules, err so to speak.”

Then he starts to tell us with great enthusiasm that the group had put an advertisement on the club website for men in the Upcoming activities section who would be up for a woman hunt. He had already taken £850 each off 20 men to be a part of the hunt, they were to find and chase 4 girls through the private woods that he had already rented from a friend of the club “it’s just a bit of a game” is how he put it.

“What happens when the men catch the girls?” I asked him.

“Oh when or if the girls are caught” he explained with a broad smile, “the men can do with them whatever they want, whatever comes in to the mind of the men at the time” then he smiled even wider.

Cheryl shakes her head “So the men are going to have sex with the girls then, so what you are really looking for is girls that will let lots of men fuck them, well good luck.”

I asked out of curiosity “is it just the guy that catches the girl that they have to have sex with, or is it all of the men they have to have sex with?”

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“Let me explain it this way” he said pausing and thinking of the best way to answer, “the men work as a team, so really when one man catches the girls, effectively all of the men have caught the girls, so potentially all of them can have fun with all of the girls, that’s if it works that way, I am not sure it would.

I was disgusted, I looked at him and said “you mean to say that whenever any of these young innocent girls that are taking part they would have to agree that all the men there could gang fuck them in any manner that pleased them.”

At this point he nods his head saying “Well …probably.”

“Are you kidding” I went on, “there will be no probably about it, this is what this is all about isn’t it the sex, once one of the guys has caught a girl, the other guys will certainly join in and I don’t know how almost any decent girl would ever agree to that at all.”

“Well almost, that’s quite right” he said quite happily “there is the chasing bit that would be fun as well”

“Yes, but fun for who, it might be great fun for all the men of course, but not for any of the girls” Cheryl added, “well not any of the girls we would know of anyway.”

Gary raised his hand and stopped her “yes but for the girls there is lots of money, the extra money would help wouldn’t it? … and you could all get away, that’s the hook, lots of money and there’s a good chance at least one of you if not all of you could get away, we haven’t done this before, so how would any of us know what could happen?”

I looked at him for a moment, then shaking my head in disgust I said “In the time you have known us do you think we are girls like that?  Do we really look like girls that would be up for that sort of thing?  Do you really think we are so casual about sex that we would let lots of strange men have sex with us at the same time even for money, let alone what you are planning for any amount of money, what would that make us.”

He just smiled and said “it wouldn’t make you anything except a little wealthier, if the girls get away or couldn’t be found after 2 ½ hours the girls would just keep all the money anyway, no sex involved at all, how good is that for you girls,… I bet you would be up for that part of the hunt, wouldn’t you.” Suddenly Cheryl laughed out loud and said to Gary “Yes, that’s if you could guarantee we both would get away from the men we would be interested,” I agreed with her “yeah I would be up for that as well, just running through the woods for lots of money, you could count us both in then” and we both laughed again with Cheryl adding, “if you are going to give us both a couple of hundred quid we might give them a quick flash of our tits before we run off with the money if you like,” “just hold on their girl, I am not agreeing to that” I warned “I don’t want to give the men any more motivation than necessary” “Mmm” she sobered “you might have a good point there.”

Gary smiling and taking a good drink of the wine as he empties his glass, he then pours himself another and tells us “well I have put some feelers out around the girls in the student properties I own.” We both knew he had lots of student properties and he told us that some of the student girls

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were struggling to keep up with their rents even though many of them was subsidized, “I put out an advertisement for girls to be hunted on the notice boards they have in the building it said something like “must be very attractive and between the ages of 18 and 25, must be fit and they would receive up to £1,000.00 for the afternoon” unbelievably to my surprise he told the both of us he had 2 girls that had applied and signed up and when he showed us the pictures of one of the girls I was surprised how very attractive she was. So I said to him, “did you tell them the whole story and do they know what they are having to do for the money” “of course I did, I have set the whole thing on paper as a contract and they have signed knowing full well what the deal is, I didn’t want to find myself in prison for organizing and duping the girls in to being gang raped or anything else did I, they know everything, just as you two do” he said defensively. Then he told both of us “there were about 10 girls interested at first but they all dropped out, well all but two other girls, but they was just too keen to do it, they both said they would do I It for nothing, they were both young and very pretty, but that isn’t the type of girls we was looking for at all, so apart from those two, all the other girls backed out as they knew more. “Hold on here, let me get this straight” I said to him, “any type of girl that would want to do this, you definitely don’t want,. But any girl that definitely wouldn’t want any part of it, is the type of girl you do want … Who is arranging this, the Marx Brothers or Monty Python.”

Cheryl looked at him a little angry, “but you thought we would do it?”

“NO not at all,” said Gary protesting his innocence again, “look we are all friends here having a night in and having a couple of glasses of wine and chatting, all I am doing is telling you about something that’s coming up, it’s as simple as that, if either of you was interested in earning quite a lot of money, great, if not, that’s fine as well, but in all of this as I keep saying the girls get a good start ahead of the men and if the girls have any degree of fitness and savvy about them, there is more than a good chance they will get away and just keep all that money for being chased or hiding for a couple of hours.. It could be a bit of a gamble, but I will tell you now, it’s a bloody good one.”

That calmed Cheryl down and she smiled again as she poured us all another large glass of red wine. I was puzzled, “so why wasn’t you interested in the girls that was up for it, if you got those types of girls you could keep all the money for yourself” I asked.

Gary looked at me for a moment before answering “You are right there of course, but there were two reasons, the group that have paid me to organize this, they are a smashing bunch of lads, they really are, but they set out a strict criteria for the girls that I was to get involved in this. Yes obviously they want gorgeous youngish girls, but what is more important to them is they want girls that would not be so casual about sex as you put it earlier, they want girls more like yourselves and the other two girls that’s going to do the women hunt, they want girls that respect themselves and their bodies, they want girls that would be desperate to get away at all costs, that’s the whole point, that is the fun for them, this is all about the hunt believe it or not, let’s say the sex, if indeed there is any sex that takes place, is let’s say punishment for the girls not getting away.”

I laughed at him “You think we were both born yesterday don’t you,” as I put on a deeper voice and mimicked him “if indeed there is any sex that takes place” I repeated, “We aren’t that bloody naive you know”.

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Anyway not put off at all, he carried on explaining “these two girls didn’t want to do it either, that’s why we wanted them, but I offered them more money as I knew these two was really hard up for cash, I offered them double what was on the board and they both in the end agreed to do it for £2000.00, the extra grand clinched it, I am really pleased to get them, they are incredibly pretty aren’t they?” he handed over some more pictures of both the girls this time, he explains “one of them is training to become a doctor, and the other is training to be erm, I forget now, oh they are both training to become doctors come to think of it”  I looked through the pictures of them quickly and I nodded and agreed, “Yes they are both very nice and very pretty” I said and showed the pictures to Cheryl, who in turn showed surprise at how attractive and intelligent they both looked, that’s if you can tell how intelligent anyone is by looking at picture.

One thing that kept nagging me at the back of my mind was I just couldn’t understand why they were prepared to pay out so much money to the girls, I just didn’t totally believe the chase bit, but then it struck me why and it shocked me, “yes and I get what this is really all about now,” I thought out loud “what this is really about is not the chase, but the capture isn’t it, what they really want is girls that when they are caught are going to feel totally humiliated and totally degraded by the whole thing isn’t it, that’s why you said they want girls that would do anything at any cost to get away… that’s where they all get their kicks from, that’s why the men are paying out so much isn’t it and that’s why some of the women at the club wanted to join in the hunt too, they all love and get a buzz from watching the women feel so humiliated at being used like that,  this club and its members both men and women was set up all because they all love to humiliate others isn’t it, it’s all about the humiliation of the so called honorary part time members isn’t it, that’s just terrible, how can you get involved in something like that” and I became more disgusted the more I heard about it.

Gary looking at the both us all innocent again and said “I have been quite honest and up front with the both of you haven’t I” we both agreed with him in sorts “well I suppose so, as far as we know anyway, but you have got two girls already, why are you asking us to do it.”

Looking at the both of us he said “Well as I said before, I need four girls to match the numbers up, a few have been interested in it but it’s difficult to actually get the really educated and classy looking girls to sign up, yes we could get loads of scrubbers to do it for the money, but we only want the best.”

He paused for a moment then carried on “the guys even at £850 a throw each didn’t bother them, in fact I had to turn quite a few down even though they offered me triple the fee, but then again as I told you this is quite an exclusive club, so they are not going to pay the money for someone that looks like a council scrubber are we, sorry if that sounds rude and class prejudice, but you know what I mean, I know you two are struggling for money and I only want great looking classy girls so I thought, well hoped that you both might be interested in doing it for a quick couple of grand,” his face winced slightly as he waited for the answer.

I looked at Cheryl and she was looking very intense at me, I smiled and told her “I might be broadminded, but I am not that bloody broadminded are you,” but she just looked at me with that same studious staring look, I could tell she was thinking it over, well I could tell she was certainly thinking something over.

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Gary notices that Cheryl seemed to have it on her mind as well, Then before she had the chance to speak he said, “I will make a one off exception for you two gorgeous girls” and when we were told he would pay us £4,000.00 each …. We was both stunned, Cheryl looked at me with her mouth open in shock as we both looked across at each other in surprise, I turned my head back towards Gary and asked “are you kidding us,” he shook his head, “of course not, what would be the point of that.”

I looked back at Cheryl trying to get an idea of what she was thinking, I thought about it for a minute or two as the money was very attractive and would help us out a great deal, a great deal indeed, but then I thought of what he really wanted us to do if we got caught and I told him politely to “get lost,” but Cheryl who had been silent for quite a while now just listening to us both whilst thinking suddenly spoke studiously and in a slow low voice “what would be the chances of us getting away,”

Gary said with a smile and wink “very good,” Cheryl asks him again, “No this is not a game for us, this is deadly serious, be honest what are the chances of us getting away and not getting caught” again Gary looking as innocent as he could saying, “I was being honest, I have been honest the whole way through, that’s the whole point, you could all get away, that’s why I am telling you both about it, the men all know this as well, it’s a big gamble for them as well”

Chapter 2 …. The Dilemma

There was complete silence, then Cheryl looked at me in the eyes for a moment and then blurted out a little impulsively “I might do it,” then she looks across at Gary and says “I will do it, if you pay us both £5,000.00 each,” I looked at Cheryl in shock, “are you mad, what the hell are you agreeing to” I shouted at her adding, “don’t add me to any part of this, keep me out of it, well out of it ..” Then Gary interrupts me by saying to Cheryl, “okay, you drive a hard bargain, I am hardly getting anything out of this now, but I will give you both £5,000 each in cash for doing it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on two counts, one, I had just been offered £5,000 and two, no one was listening to a word I was saying “excuse me, didn’t the both of you just hear what I said” but Cheryl interrupts me again “Oh come on Angie, think about it, £5,000 where would we get that sort of money from for just over a couple of hours, it would clear one of the high interest credit cards off and we have a good chance of get away from the men Scott free, you have heard Gary just say that” then a big smile came across her face and she laughed “you have always told me how you would like to be ravished by a lot of dead sexy men at once, I was only thinking of you, I was just helping you to get your fantasy, that’s all love.” and she starts laughing her glamorous little head off.

I could see now she was only joking and I start to laugh too telling her, “oh bloody hell you had me going then, I thought you meant it, I really thought you was going to put your name down for the hunt if he offered you £5000” Cheryl didn’t seem as though she was taking it serious so I laughed with her and went along with it and we joked and fooled around a little, but then she said with a lovely but serious face “but Angie seriously, listen to me, if you think about it, we are both very fit, we run at least ten miles a day, almost every day, sometimes 15 miles or more at the weekend, we can do this, they will never catch us, it will be easy money won’t it,” I stopped laughing and looked at her again with the shock, “you are not serious, you can’t be …. You are aren’t you” I stood up and went for another glass of wine not knowing what to think, it was one thing Gary asking me to do it, but now with Cheryl asking me to do it, I played with it in my mind for a moment or two for the first time in seriousness.

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Gary stayed quiet for a while too, then he spoke up, “I just thought I could help you both earn quite a lot of money quickly, for hopefully running away from some guys, but I know one thing, if you don’t do it, someone else will and the following day you will both be as desperate for money as you are now, instead of having £5000 in cash, in your hand and pay quite a bit of debt off, even treat yourselves, you will both regret it if you hear all the girls got away and you both could be £5,000 better off.

Gary was right about one thing though, I was so desperate for the cash, well we both was, not only for the credit cards but I had started my own business, The business was going very well, but cash flow was a very big problem and this cash would get me through this short term problem of paying for stock and getting the money back in, but I didn’t really want to do the woman hunt unless I was sure I could get away or at least not get caught, I was surprised Cheryl had enough confidence that she would not get caught, maybe she knew something I didn’t know.

We all chatted it over for quite a while, Gary was keen, he could see Cheryl was on the point of agreeing and Cheryl said she would definitely do it if I would, That seemed to put all the pressure on to me, that was all I needed right now, that annoyed me as well because all the time I said I wouldn’t do it, but it now made me think of doing it and then it made me think of the money and that in turn put more pressure on me to do it.

In the end I said I didn’t know and I would think about it over the next few days just to put them off more than anything else. “Great said Gary I will stay in touch with you,” I wasn’t sure, well I was sure I didn’t want to do it, but I really did need the money, I just said “don’t hold your breath though,” anyway I remember thinking that in the morning when Cheryl’s slept on it and sobers up she will come to her senses about it all and she would change her mind.

It was a couple of days later and I had tried to put the offer to the back of my mind but I would be lying if at some point during the day if I said I hadn’t thought about it, after all to me at this point it was a lot of money for just 2 ½ hours running but I just couldn’t get out of my mind what if I got caught.

At some point of the day I would think, “I am going to do it,” then at other points of the day I would tell myself off, “don’t be stupid, how could you let yourself do such a thing” effectively I would have agreed to let myself be gang banged with up to 20 men, even though there was another 3 girls there to help out, hopefully.

If it was just the man that caught me that I had to have sex with, Well maybe that wouldn’t be so bad I thought, maybe I could do it then and take the gamble, but this would be a sex with lots of men and that just killed the idea dead for me, I just couldn’t take the chance and it sent a shudder down my spine, anyway with my bad luck at the moment it would probably be raining on the day, I would probably be the only girl found and I would have to satisfy them all on my own, even if I wasn’t the only girl caught I would probably regret what I had done for the rest of my life, I would feel so ashamed with myself and suppose I got married and my husband found out and all his family and they told my family, how would I or my husband feel, oh and the children.

Then I had to shake myself, Hold on, Hold on girl and I told myself to calm down, my mind was running away with its self, I hadn’t agreed to anything yet, let alone get married and have children.

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Then right out of the blue as they very often are, my car started playing up quite badly, I do a lot of miles in my work so I took it to the garage straight away, they put it on the diagnostic machine and said it would cost me about £1000.00 to fix, I nearly choked at the cost and I went in to a cold sweat and I felt sick to the stomach.

Why now of all times I thought, I almost felt on the brink of bursting in to tears at the timing of it, I was just thinking where the hell was I going to get another £1000 from and that I must have my car for work, when suddenly my phone rang, I looked at my phone and it was a number I didn’t know, I thought it maybe a customer and when I answered  like magic it was Gary “hello” he said in a bright happy voice and getting straight to the point he asked “so will you joint the hunt.” I paused before I answered then said “to be honest Gary …. .

And he must have guessed what I was going to say because he stopped me and said “but before you answer me,” and then he reminded me what had been said a few days before saying “Cheryl’s said she’s going to do it if I offered her and you £5000 each,” I knew that but I still raised my eyes at the amount of money that he was offering us both, it was really tempting at this point, more than tempting, I didn’t know what to say at first and I instinctively said “I don’t know” but my mind was racing on what to do or say for the best. “look Angie” he said, I have got to have another girl and I like you quite a bit, I will try and make it that you get a better chance to get away and if you do the hunt I will give you £8,000 just don’t tell anyone will you” I couldn’t believe what he had just said so I repeated it back to him slowly “did you just say that you would give me £8,000” ….. “Yes” he said “and in cash” came the reply. I was speechless I couldn’t believe the amount of money that he had offered me, that amount of money to me at the moment was like winning the lottery.

I was in turmoil, I needed the money I really did, it would be a fantastic help.. but, I was just too frightened that I would get caught and the consequences of what would happen to me, I could feel my heart pounding, it was such a lot of money and that’s all I could think of, .. But I still couldn’t find the courage to say “yes”. I stuttered in fear for myself as I asked him “Bu But how are you erm er, how are you going to make it easier for me to get away” “well” he said “to be honest, the only thing I can do, I will give all you girls an extra 3 minutes start to get away, with an eight minute start in a dense 25 mile sq. wooded area is a long start, it’s probably over a mile, almost 2 kilometres the men won’t even know which way you have gone, you all will have more than a very good chance of getting clean away with all that money, I can’t be fairer than that can I.”

As I listened, it did sound a good start, at this point I happened to look up and the garage manager on the counter he was waiting and looking at me a little impatient as there was a little queue, I had to have the car done so I looked at the garage manager and said to him calmly “okay get on with it, that’s fine” and suddenly I hear Gary shouting out and cheering like crazy “GREAAAT!, THAT’S GREAT! can you be at Cheryl’s tonight to meet the other girls and get the contracts sorted as the

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hunt is going to be this weekend, is that okay” I paused for a second as he must have thought I was talking to him and that he had thought I had agreed to do the woman hunt, I was just about to explain to Gary that I wasn’t speaking to him, then I paused again,.. Maybe the mistake was for the best I thought, as I would never have been able to yes straight out and either way I needed the cash desperately maybe this may be a blessing in disguise.

At that point I almost gratefully and reluctantly at the same time said, “Yes Gary that’s fine, I will see you at Cheryl’s around 8PM let me know the details later” and I hung up. I remember thinking, there is going to have to be one hell of a fit guy out there if they think they are going to catch me even without an eight minute start. I smiled and booked my car in to be fixed, for once in a long time I felt a great relief from the financial stress and worry I had, that’s when I knew I had made the right decision, maybe my luck has changed, it’s about time if it has.

I got to Cheryl’s just after eight, her place was very nice and cosy, I had spoken to her on the phone earlier that day and she was so excited and surprised that I had agreed to join in, Cheryl had in turn spoken to Gary and she was convinced we would get away and not get caught with that Gary had told her about the extra time we was getting. As I sat and had my glass filled with cold sparkling white wine I turned to Gary and said “Right. we want our money up front or I am not doing it” and Cheryl agreed with me and pushing harder saying “we want our money the day before” He frowned and said, “I will tell you what, when you turn up at the hunt I will give you the cash there and then and you can lock it away in the boot of your car, I would be fucked if I gave you all that money and you then backed out, they would lynch me I think, is that okay,” as quick as a flash “sure” said Cheryl all bright eyed and bushy tailed again, “thanks for consulting with me,” I smiled at her. Cheryl laughed as she said “Sorry dear.”

Gary told us both that he had met the other girls and they were happy with the rules, “we all had to abide by them,” “we” I asked emphasizing the we, “well, you girls and the men taking part” he explained

“Oh” I said “I thought you had changed your mind and was going to join in after all.”

“No no” he said, I am just organizing it, as I always said, I have always been totally honest with everyone, I am not going to change that.”

I asked how the other girls were feeling and he couldn’t have been listening because he said “oh yes, they are all very nice girls, they were both in dire need of quick cash and the night before they would stay at his house and they would go up to the hunt with him, I don’t want them getting pre match nerves and not turning up” he laughed, I just let it go and said I had agreed I would stay at Cheryl’s that night and watch a film to keep our minds off it as best we could.

There was a knock on the door, “that will be the other two girls now” said Gary as he jumped up to answer the door, “remember don’t mention money as you two are getting a lot more than them, just say £2,000 if they ask”

“I won’t say a word” said Cheryl fidgeting in her chair like little miss prim and proper and then giving me a big smile.

Both girls walked in the room together, and the room seemed to glow with their presence, they were such beautiful girls and obviously took great detail with make-up and they were dressed immaculately, as they walked up to me we both kisses each other on the cheek as we all said hello and introduced ourselves.

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They sat down apologizing “I am sorry we won’t be able to stay long” they said, “we are both going out to dinner tonight, it’s a treat from my father, I am 20 today” said Nikki, Cheryl smiled, “oh that’s Nice, happy birthday.”

The two girls both looked very uneasy and uncomfortable as they sat down. Nikki spoke again breaking the silence “We both feel a little embarrassed at meeting you” adding, “I hope you don’t think we are the sort of girls that would normally do this sort of thing, but we have our reasons.”

“We understand totally” I said “please don’t let that worry you,” Cheryl smiled and added “I must admit, I also felt a little uneasy at meeting you for the same reason, so I suppose we all feel the same way” as I poured everyone a glass of sparkling wine to help relax everyone.

“It took a lot of thought and deliberation from us” Nikki added “but I truly think we will be safe and get away, and since Gary has given us all extra time to get away I am now doubly sure,” she smiled.

Kate looks really young and incredibly shy but she joined in by telling us all “I couldn’t sleep last night worried that we might be caught and what they would do to us, nether me or Nikki has much experience with boys, although perhaps just a little bit, erm I mean to say we have done it .. But”

I could see she was so uncomfortable with the situation and we all just looked at her sympathetically as she went on ” what I want to say is study takes a great deal of our time, that’s what really worries us both,… the getting caught, but we need the money and we really do think we will get away as we both go to the gym every day.” Then she gave a little shy smile and looked down at the floor.

Cheryl looks at Kate studiously, then says to her sympathetically “well Kate, I wouldn’t worry too much if I was you about what they are going to do to us if we are caught, it’s not as if they are going to beat us up or torture us or anything, is it, …. I am pretty sure what they will do to us, I thought that part was quite clear” …… Then Cheryl presses her and says softly, “you do know what to expect from them if you are caught, don’t you? They are men after all” Cheryl sometimes can get right to the point, I didn’t think this was the time though.

Kate gave Cheryl a fleeting shy look and gently nodded her head and almost in a whisper a little embarrassed said “yes… yes I do”

Reassuring Kate and myself I tell her (trying to lift the mood and be a little upbeat,) “well that’s why we are here isn’t it for the easy money, with about a 2 kilometre start how can anyone catch that up and find us in a large dense wood.” At the same time knowing we were all worried about being caught, but at the side of Kate we were all seemed very brazen about it and I wondered whether Kate should do it, but then maybe we all shouldn’t do it but we felt as if we had no choice, we were all in the same boat without a paddle.

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We had a couple of drinks and we changed the subject and soon we were chatting away like old friends for about half an hour until Gary chimes up saying “well I have to get off soon also, so can you all sign these contracts now while I run though a few things with you all.”

Gary produced 4 contracts, one for each of us, I asked “I thought the other two girls had signed theirs” as I looked at the contract that he gave me and it was about 5 pages of A4 and very formal, “yes” he said “they had, but now the game is in a couple of days and I have had time to think about the rules I have put a lot of protection in there for you and a little for myself too if you look through it” that was the way he put it. Gary drew us all in the kitchen one by one “because it was a small kitchen” he said and pointed to where he wanted us to sign, but we knew he didn’t want anyone to know how much the others were getting, all I looked at really was the money he was going to pay me that was on the second page, I did skim my eyes over it and I saw the 25sq mile dar de dar, but I did see where it said that if any sex did take place it had already been agreed by taking part it was with all the parties consent, I thought that was strange wording but like the rest of the girls we didn’t want to admit we would get caught and I folded it in to quarters and put it in my hand bag to read later as it was quite long.

We all took our drinks and gathered round as Gary quickly then ran through the rules again and thanking us for taking part. “The men all know the rules” he added, he had posted them out with the application form and he had got them all back signed.

Then he told us a bit about how it have all came about, It turned out that he had been paid by someone who had wanted to watch something like this for a while and he had asked Gary to set it up, the woods were in private land in Yorkshire not that far from us, well about 40 miles or so, it was a large area of around 25sq miles and mostly fenced off so people wouldn’t be able to just wonder in, which was a good thing for any stray lonely lady dog walkers out there or they would be in for a bit of a shock.

Cheryl smiled at me, “25sq miles they will never find us let alone catch us, will they.”

We were all feeling confident, but Cheryl she always smiled and saw the positive side of everything, she was great like that. The debriefing was soon over and we all went off to do our own thing for that night

The Saturday night before the hunt I went to Cheryl’s for about 7pm, we had a little to eat and we had a little to drink, it was a good night, Cheryl is always bubbly and funny, we convinced each other there wasn’t a hope in anyone catching us and we laughed that perhaps we could do it every week, that was just the drink kicking in. It seemed as if we drank a lot, but we didn’t, there would be days we didn’t drink at all, but these were stressful times, inside I had been as nervous as a kitten for the last couple of days but luckily it wasn’t long between me agreeing to do it and the day of the hunt.

We went to bed quite early for us around 10pm as we wanted to be fresh and alert for the morning, we were both hoping tomorrow was going to go nice and easy and that we would come out of it with our dignity unscathed and intact.

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As I lay there my mind wandered a little as I thought about the following day, as I had said earlier, I wasn’t a prude of anything in fact I was quite broadminded, both myself and Cheryl alike, but we had both been brought up to respect our bodies, both of us had been very particular with the two men we had been with.

Chapter 3 …. D-Day, The Day of Days

To my surprise I slept well and we both woke together around 9 o’clock feeling very good if not a little nervous, the day was bright and very warm as it had been all that week, we had a very light breakfast indeed almost nothing really and set off at around 11am in good heart although I did start to feel very nervous but on the whole up to now I had controlled them quite well, the hunt was to start at 12 noon prompt, well that was the plan anyway, But as soon as I got in to Cheryl’s car and set off, the nerves kicked in with a rush that would build more the closer we got.

I said to Cheryl “I am going to set the alarm on my watch for 2.30pm then we will know it’s all over and we can stop running,”  “that’s a damn good idea, I will do the same when I stop driving” she smiled and I fiddled with my watch setting the alarm for something and take my mind off things as much as anything.

On the whole things were going well up to now, I expected the nerves and I was only going to have positive thought, we had set off to the hunt and it was a beautiful warm sunny July day, but unfortunately as I recognized we was almost there strange thoughts started going through my mind, like even though we thought we was going to get away it went through my mind that I had only had sex with two long term partners in my life before and that was the same for Cheryl I think, but here there was 20 men, how would I go on if I got caught, I was shaking like crazy from then on, don’t get me wrong sex was something I really enjoyed when the time was right and with the right partner but this was so extreme I was angry again with myself for allowing my financial situation to get out of hand, but then that’s why all the girls were there. I had learned my lesson from now on and if I get away with this I won’t let it happen again, I noticed Cheryl hadn’t said a word for a while too and she was always bright and bubbly, but now the time was soon on us I could tell she was very nervous too

When we got there the other 2 girls Nikki and Kate were already putting their money envelopes in the boot of Gary’s car with about 10 very excited men looking on, Gary closed and locked his car, then he came over to us both and told us “there would be more men here soon,”

“Oh goody” I said sarcastically. Cheryl optimistically joked “Can’t we set off now, the stragglers can just catch up later. Gary just smiled and said nothing.

As I stood there I could feel the men’s eyes glaring at me, I would have loved to have known what they were thinking of us girls, although I could have had a good guess, I looking in to the wood and thought how so green and pretty the area was and I can remember even now the warm fresh and sweet smell of the wood.

I soon found myself looking closely at the men, to my surprise most of them looked really fit and In more ways than one, not that it helped one bit with the nerves or anything, they all stared back at us waving with friendly nice smiles.

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Gary gets a call on his mobile phone and he chats urgently for about a minute or so then he comes back over to us and tells us “some of the men are going to be a little bit late as there has been an accident on the motorway and it has slowed them up a little, but they have passed the accident now and will be here in about 15 minutes, we will get things underway then as soon as they get here.” Gary was good to his word he opened the back of his car and he gave us our money in large brown envelopes, as I held my hand out I could see it was shaking and I visibly noticed Cheryl’s hand shaking too, but the envelopes of money felt fantastic it was quite thick and it felt great to get so much money, we both hugged the money for a while before putting the money in our brief cases that were in the boot of the car, then we locked the boot safely.

The other two girls Nikki and Kate smiling walked over to us and I noticed instantly they both looked very young without too much of their make up on, something I didn’t really notice when I met them a couple of days ago, not that we were old or anything as we were both only 26 then, “Hello again” both of them said at the same time introducing themselves, they spoke in a very pleasant manner, we smiled back and said “hello” in return, the dark haired girl spoke first “I hope you slept well last night,” and she puts her hand out to shake hands and taking her hand she also warmly wraps her other arm round me and kisses me on the cheek.

Cheryl smiles, I think I can safely say for the both of us and without contradiction … for once anyway, we are both shaking like leafs”

I joked, “well I am shaking like a leaf anyway, but I think Cheryl here is looking forward to it, “Cheryl gasped open mouthed as we all laughed out loud “you cheeky bitch, what are you making me out to be” she said as she laughed with us.

The blond girl Kate whispers “my legs are like jelly now I am here seeing the men, I don’t even know how I managed to walk over to you”

Cheryl cuddles her saying, “we will all be fine, let’s just stay together and we will be through this in no time at all”

I must admit seeing the men did un nerve me and did make me realize more now than ever what I had done, there just seemed to be so many men, but all the time I tried to stop my mind from running away, it’s my body I wanted to do that. Again I was charmed on how classy and pleasant the other two girls were, they seemed such likable friendly girls and I felt sorry for them, well for ourselves too at our predicament, but they both outwardly seemed to be feeling the strain of it.

Nikki told me that she was 20 that week, “I know, I saw you that night, remember” she laughed “of course, sorry” she was dark haired girl, very petite and very sexy and she looked a little Italian I thought with very dark long brown hair with hazel eyes, she was wearing cut down jeans and trainers, the other girl who looked slightly younger was maybe 18 to 19 years old, Kate had short blond on blond streaked hair, it was cut very well and expensive, she had lovely deep blue eyes, she was very shapely with a large bust and wearing a short skirt and trainers, we chatted for a little while and they came across as usual very intelligent girls, the dark haired girl Nikki was studying graphic design, not a doctor as Gary said and the Blond haired girl Kate was studying to be a doctor, As we chatted the overwhelming theme of all the girls was that we would get away from the men and keep all the money.

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As we waited the girls couldn’t help but tell the both of us all over again that “it wasn’t an easy decision for them and that “it took quite a few days of wrestling with their moral conscience and bills and credit card payments coming in, they felt as though they had got right over their heads with debt.” I knew all that but I just wanted to get on with it now and get it over with. Mind you, we all agreed that it seemed a hundred times easier to accept to do it with a friend, it seemed to re assure us that we wasn’t alone and we could easily get away, But all the time we still had to wrestle with our consciences about doing it, but the driving force was the money which we were all desperate for.

The other men had turned up in dribs and drabs and Gary marked them off one by one as they arrived in their expensive cars, when the last of the men arrived it was about 10.20 by then and Gary shouted out loudly “right come on then, we can finally get started.”

The guy parked up his new shiny black Range Rover and got out, he was very nicely presented but looked to be about the oldest there, he had a very short white beard that was very well manicured and I would say he was in his late 40s early 50s, but out of the passenger side door got out a boy, I would say only about 12 or 13 or so, he shouts out “hurry up dad, we are the last here, they look ready to start.” Cheryl looks at me and says, He isn’t in the hunt is he,” “it looks like it” I said, “I think the father has brought his Son” Cheryl carries on “not that they are going to catch us or anything, but I am not sure I want such a young boy near me” Nikki the dark haired girl says the same, “I am not saying it could get worse, but would you want a 13 year old boy around you, it’s not right, now it’s getting creepy”

Gary noticed the girls wasn’t happy about something and he comes over to me and asks, “what the matter with the girls” I told him the other girls wasn’t happy about the young boy being there and talking part in the hunt,” Gary shakes his head and agrees with me whispering “to be honest I wasn’t happy either when I saw him last week, but his father did tell me he is eighteen almost nineteen, he doesn’t look it does he” Gary says shrugging his shoulders adding “and at first I said no to the father as I thought that we had a full contingent but he came back and he offered me £5000 for the both of them as a guarantee that they joined in, that allowed me to offer you more money to get you here and get more than a fair profit for myself as well so it turned out very well really, well anyway I must get this show on the road then before anyone change their minds then hadn’t I” smiling at me he rushes off, but that explained a few things for me about how the rest of the money was raised, but what he didn’t say and what I found out later was there was now twenty two men in the hunt, well it wasn’t as if we girls had a count up was it before the start, it never occurred to us.

I joined the other girls and Nikki turns to me and says, “such a young boy it must be illegal surly” I looked at her and said, “I am not happy about any of this, none of it can be that legal can it, to be honest Nikki I am literally taking the money and running, I don’t care if Sebastian Coe is in the hunt today they will not be catching me” I said smiling at her, “and I am right with you there” Nikki said in a determined voice getting her focus back as we all started to walk to what we took as a starting point.

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Gary stood on top of a box and started shouting out to everyone “you should know the rules as you have all signed the contract, but I am going to make sure you know by explaining the basic rules before we started, “Right, let’s have some order” he said “the girls will now have a 8 minute start and not a 5 minute one and the 2 ½ hour limit starts at that point” and the men gave a “booo.” And some of the men complained but all we girls looked at each other and smiled, we thought it was from when the boys started the hunt so that pleased us girls up no end.

Gary smiles with his hands in front of him trying to calm things down and waits for them to settle down then carries on “bear with me gentlemen, you will see why the time starts from the first whistle in a moment,” the men quieten and Gary starts to speak again, “I will sound my whistle and on the first blast the girls will set off and run and hide, on the second blast the men are free to start and hunt for them, any girl you find, You may do with them as you wish” all the men cheered loudly, he paused a second then he carried on explaining “the wood and grounds are about 25 mile square with a high perimeter fence at the end of it, the girls have to stay within that fence, not that they can get over it any way,” my heart sank, as we girls looked at one another We was just hoping I could just run away, but Cheryl now all bubbly again said “25 miles is way enough for us to get lost in isn’t it” I stayed up beat and thought “now I am going to have to find a good hiding place that’s all.”

Gary finished off by repeating, “when I blow my whistle the second time when you men can start searching, you have Two hours 22 minutes, after that time, I will blow this whistle again giving 3 sharp blasts then we all have to stop, if you have found any of the girls, you will be allowed eight minutes to finish off what you are doing with the girls, but no new engagement with the girls will be allowed, so make sure you have had enough” he says with a wink, the men laughed, but we wasn’t happy about it, Gary continues “That gives you the 2 ½ hours which we said in the contract, happy now” and the men looked around nodding.

Gary finished off by saying “if the girls have got away, good luck to them, if the girls are caught, just have fun, but just make sure you don’t get too excited and hurt the girls,” the men all nodded again and smiled, the men seemed very nice which was a great relief to us girls, I mean there wasn’t anyone that seemed nasty or any mingers or anything amongst them, in fact apart from a couple that were in their mid-20s, the men were mostly in their late 30s to early 40s, apart from two right old gits that were there, heaven knows how old those two was, so how they thought they were going to catch us I don’t know, we girls looked at each other and felt quite confident.

Gary shouts out “Right are we ready for the start then” and all the men gave an almighty laughing cheer, and to be honest I couldn’t help but smile too and I could surprisingly see it from the men’s view, I suppose looking back it did have a fun atmosphere and looking round the other girls they were now smiling as they chat as well.

Then Gary held up the whistle high showing it to everyone, he looked around making sure everyone was paying attention and we girls moved to the front and we got ready to run, then Gary held the suspense for a moment, I was shaking like a leaf, my legs felt like jelly and my heart was pounding like crazy and I was feeling a little faint, the moment was here I was thinking the whole time how had I let myself in for this, I must be absolutely crazy, then he blew the whistle and we sprinted off to a huge cheer from the men.

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The woman hunt had begun, there was no backing out for any of us, well not for me as the money was almost spent before he had given it to me.

We were all running as fast as we could along the narrow hard ground path talking all the time, we kept reassuring each other about the best plan of action, after we had ran for a while and the path narrowed slightly, we had agreed to just keep running as fast as we could for as long as we could but any of us could split off at any time, but then the first problem had arose, the grass was lush and long, as soon as we ran through it we left a heavy trail that could easily be followed.

I soon looked at my watch and couldn’t believe that the eight minutes was nearly up, we was all panting really hard as we was running as fast as we could and not pacing ourselves as we had originally said, then a few moments later and right on time we heard the very faint blasts of the whistle in the distance and we knew the eight minutes was up and the men were on their way and the chase was truly now on and I got a sinking sickly feeling in my stomach, I assumed all the other girls felt the same way too.

The track didn’t seem to have many other tracks branching off so we knew the man would come by this way quite quickly, my mind were racing and now of all times I regretted doing this more than ever as I panted hard and my lungs hurt from the hard running.

We all was going at a good pace and we kept running confident the men wouldn’t catch us at all, deep in the wood the grass had disappeared and it was now mostly scrub but after about 15 minutes as we ran we could see we was coming to a large open clearing, this didn’t bother us as we had ran past others, but it was becoming very bright and clear in front, suddenly we realizes we had ran to the edge of the wood and as we stopped and stood there we could see for miles all the way down at the bottom of the valley to a large fast flowing river, we would never get across that safely, anyway the rules stated we had to stay in the wood, we all looked at each other and we knew we just couldn’t run away as the boundary was a lot smaller than we had been led to believe.

We all felt as though we had been tricked, I looked at my watch again wondering how long we had got, we knew the men would take a little longer to get here, but we knew they would be here in about 15 minutes if some of the men broke off and ran ahead, we knew now we had to find somewhere to hide and fairly quick, but first we had to double back a little which we knew would bring us closer to the men ant that would give us less time, we ran back just a little to where we came from and then took the path to our the left, we knew the wood didn’t go very far to the right, maybe only a mile or so. We ran for about another 5 minutes which must have been about another two thirds of a mile or so, maybe three quarters of a mile and as I was in the lead and concentrating on running I didn’t noticed that I was on my own, till I looked round for the others for advice, I didn’t know what happened to the other girls, I turned again to the left following the ever smaller trail for a few yards only, the other girls had completely disappeared.

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I felt all alone and desperate for somewhere to hide, I was beginning to panic big style as I couldn’t really see anywhere suitable, but as soon as I started to look down the narrower trail I saw a large thick holly bush on the edge of the clearing and I knew they are hollow inside very dense and very prickly, ideal and even perfect for somewhere to hide, I pushed hard in panic from the very bottom of the bush to get inside and hid inside the large holly bush, it was quite dense and quite dark inside, it was perfect to hide in, the trick was to lift the bush from the bottom and crawl in on your hands and knees so you didn’t get prickled, an old boyfriend who worked for the forestry commission had told me they were hollow inside and showed me how to get in once when we got caught in a heavy rain storm and it kept us both warm and dry till the storm was over, I now thought I had a good chance of not being found in here I started to smile at my good fortune for once.

As I sat there still panting hard from the running and wondered where the other girls had gone, I thought Cheryl would have at least said something to me if she had found somewhere good. I could see quite a way as I peered out of the bush, ahead of me was lush green grass, but my holly bush was amongst a lot of other bushes and was as I said very dense and prickly on the outside and I hoped that would put the men off from prying in and looking too closely from the outside.

I soon heard men shouting in the distance and getting closer and quickly I heard them quite close by, much quicker than I thought they would be and my heart beat started to increase, then I saw the first of the men, a couple of the younger men running quite fast looking round, it seemed they were just scouting the area looking round quickly, it was after about 20 minutes I heard the rest of the men approaching in full, I was just behind one of the many clearings and I could see very clearly. The men seemed very well organized, walking fairly slowly and searching everything in a long straight line with sticks and they were beating the bushes and peering in, I didn’t expect them to be this well organized, my first feeling was right obviously the first two front men was just scouts.

I looked at my watch and almost fifty minutes of the time had gone already, could I stay hid for another hour and forty minutes, I was hoping so, but now it seemed such a long time to hide, every minute just seemed to take an age and they were getting closer by the minute.

The men seemed very close by now I could clearly hear their shouts and what they were saying, they were only about 80 to 90 meters away, at the moment they were coming generally in my direction but it looked as if they might just miss me. My breathing was so fast and seemed so loud and my heart was beating out of my chest as some of them changed direction a little and seemed to be heading straight towards me now, I started to feel panic, surly they are going to find me, Oh how stupid I was to join in I told myself, I moved to the middle of the bush and got down lower and wrapped myself in to a small ball shape hoping I would be harder to see if they looked in. Then suddenly one of the men to the left of the line shouts out loud in great excitement, “QUICK, COME QUICK, Oh my god, oh my god I think there’s one of the girls hiding in here… Yes there she is… she’s running.. get her, get her” so I moved quickly back to the front of the bush, I peered through the holly and I could see quite clearly the petite dark haired girl Nikki jump up out of a thick bush and I was amazed to see that she was hiding only about 80 meters away from me after all, she started to run away as fast as she could trying to escape from the men.

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The men’s heads all darted it the direction of the call and they cheered out loud as five or six of the closest men quickly gave chase, Nikki was running like hell and my heart sank as I saw her heading my way bringing all the men towards me, she quickly skipped and leapt over the small bushes and fallen down branches like a startled deer, I hoped she could get far away and take the men away as they chased her and disorganizing them, she was very quick and nimble, and I called out in an excited whisper “run Nikki run” the chasing men ran very fast but I could see they wasn’t going to catch her as she was way too quick and nimble amongst all the obstructions, she was going to get away easily and the men chasing her would be taken away from me, my heart simply sang out with delight I was that pleased, but then suddenly my heart sank as unfortunately for Nikki and myself one of the earlier scouts that had already ran past had doubled back and started making his way back to the main body of men, he had heard the shouts of excitement and quickly spotted her running, he swiftly gave chase and cut her off, when he got close enough to her she tried to swerve around him but he was very fit and leapt out and rugby tackled her to the ground, she screamed as she hit the soft grassy ground, but she wasn’t giving up that easy, she tried furiously to fight him off and get away, her arms were pushing him off and her legs kicked out at him violently, but the other chasing men soon caught up to them in seconds and pounced on her, now I knew she had no chance of getting away, but she still refused to give up fighting and for a few seconds it was like watching an animal feeding frenzy as more of the excited men over powered her and pinned her to the ground and I felt sick for her and what I was seeing, the thing which we were all dreading the most, for her is now happening, heaven knows what was going through her mind right now.

Chapter 4 …. Nikki’s Ordeal

I saw her held there on the soft grass still quite a few meters in front of me and she was still struggled furiously and still trying to get away in a futile attempt, the men just let her wrestle and struggle herself to near exhaustion and after a few moments she just suddenly stopped gasping for breath staring up at the men, her hazel eyes wide with fear and her breast heaving up and down as she panted and gasped for breath while the men looked down at her smiling, she looked startled and frightened like a defenceless doe being caught by a pack of very hungry salivating wolves, the men looked down with pride at their prey for a moment in complete silence admiring the beauty of the young startled girl almost not knowing what to do with her now they had caught her, as they looked down on her for a few seconds longer I saw their mood change as they realized that this is what they had paid all that money for as there primal instincts and feeling oozed as they knew in the middle of this private wood with only their friends there they were now free to do with this gorgeous sweet young girl absolutely anything they wished.

One of the men broke the silence and said, “let’s take her over there, it looks very soft and a good place to have a whole lot fun with her,” and I couldn’t believe it, he seemed to be pointing just in front of where I was hiding, the men looked to where he pointed and they all agreed, the men picked her up like a rag doll but held her firmly till they got to just

Carried to meet her fate

a few meters in front of my holy bush before they dropped her to her feet, Nikki looked round at all the men almost in a panic of what was about to become of her, as if she didn’t know.

Page 20

Personally and selfishly I couldn’t believe my own misfortune, of all the directions Nikki could have run and the place they could have caught her and took her, they chose right in front of where I was hiding, surly some of the men would scout around now and find me, it was just a matter of time surly or hopefully they had enough to take their minds off looking around, for a while at least.

Then I now noticed one of the men had a ruck sack on his back and he quickly ran ahead of the other men to where they pointed, he took off his ruck sack in a hurry and started to take the contents out, I couldn’t imagine for the life of me what was in there but he was eager to take it out whatever it was, my first thought was that surly he hasn’t brought sandwiches and a big flask of tea for every one, I watched intensely as my mind then wandered and imagining all types of other things that could be in there as well, “what on earth are these men going to do to her” I thought.

Then I discovered it was just a large plastic ground sheet he had, it seems so obvious now, anyway he laid it out on the grass and then on top of that he quickly laid a large woolly blanket, it was all done in a matter of seconds and it seemed the men had thought of everything.

Then the men pulled the reluctant Nikki in to the middle of the large blanket and I could see the concern and worry in her face, she didn’t have long to wait for her ordeal to start as one of the excited men quickly reached out his hands and started eagerly unfastening her buttons roughly as others helped him and her clothes started being pulled off her, she squealed out knowing this was the one thing we all dreaded, being caught and even more being the first caught and such a long time to go, she was on her own and a lot of men and men’s hard cocks to satisfy.

Nikki groaned and simpered as the men laughing and stripped her down to her very sexy underwear, I noticed she had a really pretty matching electric blue bra and knickers with white lace, she looked stunning and so sexy but the men just pulled it off her excitedly and stripping her naked, almost at once she tried to cover her modesty but even then I couldn’t help but notice she was totally shaven down there, much to the approval of the men, the men’s mouths now seemed to be all over her kissing her body and two men pulling her hand and arm away from her breasts and sucking on each of her brown nipple’s greedily and noisily.

Then as a couple of the men that were stood in front of her pulled her down on to her knees, she squealed out and screamed a little in anxiety, the men in front of her started to unfasten there trousers and dropping their pants let their hard cocks spring out in front of them, I knew what was coming next for Nikki, I assumed she did as well.

I don’t know why I did it but I remember looking at what sort of cocks all the men had and I was fascinated with the different size and girth of the cocks they had and were going to fuck her with, well all of us if we got caught. To me, looking at the men that had already took their trousers off, all their cocks looked quite big and thick to me, but then they always do to me, you may think this is silly, but when the men gets a real erect hard-on, there cocks always look very angry to me.

As I looked at the men and their manhood’s, a couple of three looked quite small down there, well smaller than average anyway, a couple looked much larger than average but  one Much to my shock, as one guy dropped his pants, it almost made me gasp, (not that I had much experience on the size of men’s willies or anything) and I couldn’t help but notice that Nikki’s eyes looked straight at this one in-particular hard cock as well, one of the men had a really thick and long cock, much bigger than the others, her eyes turned wide as she noticed it and fixed on it for a for a while, then she groaned out in despair and struggled a little, his hard thick cock must have been about 10 inches long, it seemed enormous amongst the rest, I don’t know if it was the size of his cock that was worrying her or just that the others gathered round eager to watch the first of the men fuck her, but her eyes visibly widened as mine did when she saw the size of it.

Page 21

Other men shouted out, “keep looking for the other girls, they must be very close around here and a few of the men started helping the others that was still looking feverishly all buoyed up with the find, but none of the men around Nikki started looking in my direction, lucky for me and I sighed in relief.

The men around Nikki were excited as she was knelt there with many hard long cocks right in front of her face. One of the men edges closer and moves his hard cock towards her mouth, he was to be the first of many, his prick wasn’t that long compared to some, it was only about 5 inches long but it was very thick, Nikki trembling with nerves slowly looks up at the man as he smiles at her and pushes his hard prick closer to her mouth so much it nudges her cute pink lips.

She knows what they want her to do and again she groans a little in anxiety and humiliation as she opens her mouth reluctantly a little for him, I watched mesmerized as the drama unfolds, my eyes fixed onto his hard prick nudging her lips, he puts his hand gently behind her head encouraging her to move her head just a little further forward and I watch as he slides his very hard cock slowly in to her mouth, as I said his prick is not that long, but it is quite thick and it nudges her mouth a little wider open and I almost gasp at the awesome sight as he slides his cock in to her mouth, it had been a different life time since  I had never seen anything like this before and I was so close, I had certainly not seen in circumstances like these anyone ever give a blow-job and thinking this could have been me and still could be if I am unlucky, she tries to backs off him a little so he relaxes his grip  and as I watch with intrigue not taking my wide eyes off them both for a second, gently I see that she closes her wet mouth around his hard cock and she starts to move her lips as she sucks on the end of his cock for him, much to his and every ones approval.

Strangely I had imagined that this part would be quite manic and mayhem as all the men would be rough and excited, but it wasn’t, like what I thought it would be at all, the men were acting quite calmly, yes the men were excited, but not acting like a wild pack. Nikki was on her knees gently sucking the end of his prick, occasionally taking it out of her mouth and licking her tongue up and down the shaft and putting it back in her mouth and sucking on the end of it again.

Nikki moves her hand on the base of his cock and grips it tight as she sucks on it and slowly and tenderly she now starts to slide her mouth up and down on his prick a little as she has becomes a little more at ease, the man tosses his head back and groans out loud, the other man to the left of him takes Nikki’s other hand and guides it to his hard cock and she starts to fondle then rub her hand along his hard prick too at the same time, Nikki is now sliding and bobbing her wet mouth up and down his entire shaft all the way down to her hand that’s gripping the base of his cock as well as rubbing her left hand on the other stiff cock next to her, the next man keen for some action grabs her right hand and pulls it away from the base of the guys cock and moves it to his own prick, now she is sucking off one guy whilst she is wanking off two other men either side, the groaning of pleasure from the men seems very noisy.

Page 22

The guy Nikki is sucking off after a few minutes suddenly backs away and takes his now wet cock out of her mouth and Nikki looks up at him in surprise as he was obviously not finished off, he just groans out “next one” and another guy takes his place and moves his long thin cock (the complete opposite to the other guy) in front of Nikki’s face and quickly he guides his cock to her mouth, Nikki opens her mouth for him and he eagerly slides it forward in to her warm wet mouth and she starts to suck and bob her head up and down on the new prick obediently to instant gasps of pleasure from the guy.

This time she is sliding her mouth up and down his shaft quite fast and in an almost jerking fashion down his shaft constantly changing the angle of her head to give a different sensation to the blow-job, Nikki looks confident at sucking on his cock, although I don’t know how she felt, I must say she looked as if she really knew what she was doing as she bobbed her head up and down, again I can’t tell you how shocked I was, yet also how shockingly fascinated at the same time watching this girl sucking hard cock right in front of me.

The men continually changed over and Nikki has soon had quite a few different cocks in her mouth and hands to suck on and wank. It surprises me that Nikki seems to be much calm now after I could see quite plainly her fear and humiliation only a little while ago, the men keep changing over and in the time I watch she soon has had around 5 hard cocks in her mouth to suck on and rubbed her hand on 6 or 7 others, the men also seem calm and enjoying the fun and the other men looking for the other girls have only briefly skirted where I was, it seems I can just sit it out where I was and watch Nikki pleasuring the men, I must admit, I was amazed how well Nikki seems to give such a good blowjob with the little experience with men that she told me she had.

Suddenly, one of the men asks, “so when are we going to fuck her?” “Yeeees, right now” said others “Come on guys, we want to fuck her.”

And a couple of the men behind her, grab Nikki by the shoulders and pull her down on to the floor and on her back, she starts to squeal out “oh dear, no” and I can see the fear return to her face, they held her to the ground pulling her arms over her head as some of the men rub their hard pricks that are throbbing and pointing out in front of them and I noticed Nikki’s eyes immediately fixed at the men’s hard cocks up and in front of her just as I did wondering which was going to be first.

The men never leave Nikki alone and the guys even now kissing and sucking on Nikki’s breasts and nipples, but they all moved back as the first of the men, the one that had caught her goes down on to his knees moving between the girls legs with his cock very hard and ready, Nikki’s wide hazel eyes fixed on to him and his cock, I would say from where I was his cock was about 6 inch long and again quite thick it seemed to me, she watches him with fixed eyes get closer as he lays on top of her, he tries to kiss her mouth but she turns her face away from him and he moves his lips to her cheek and neck kissing her passionately and moving his mouth down to her breasts and starts sucking on one of her brown nipples, a few moments later and he starts to position himself to fuck her, he grabs her legs and lifts them higher to allow it easier to enter her, and she squeals out as he tries to thrusts in to her over and over again without it appears any success and each time Nikki groans and squeals out loud in pain as the man is trying to thrust his cock in to her.

Page 23

The man curses and he calls out after many attempts to enter her “I can’t get it in, she is too dry and tight, …. I just can’t get it in,” he complains, Well he was a reasonable size down there girth wise but not overly big, so it wouldn’t have been any problem if she had been ready, but she wouldn’t have been exactly turned on by it all this humiliation, not to mention all the groans and screams of pain she gave I thought was a dead giveaway for everyone, but not to the men it seems, “spit on it” one man shouts “No, don’t do that, let me get my mouth around her pussy and lick it for a moment, that will loosen her up,” shouts another guy and I saw Nikki’s face look round and wince at the thought of one of the men licking her pussy.

The first man gets off her and stands back a little with his hard cock pointing out in front of him while the other man gets on top of her in a 69 style, he eagerly gets his head between her legs, his face pushed against her almost hairless pussy licking and sucking her loudly, Nikki groaning in total humiliation as his long cock points down above her face and little by little getting lower, again she turns her face as his cock gets lower to her face and starts to rub and pump against her cheek, I see Nikki’s face screw up a little and she squeals and squirms in disgust as the man is enjoying licking and sucking her little pussy. After a few minute’s the man with his now glistening face between her legs suddenly raises his head and says to the first guy, “try her now, she is ready for you now, I got my tongue right in there and all around you” he said with great pride.

The guy again gets down on to his knees between her open legs again, now getting on top of her he holds his cock while he guides it to the right place and rubs it against her now wet pussy, he then grabs her legs again pulling them up and she groans out loud in her humiliation, he trusts in to her hard and this time he must have slide right up her pussy as he groans out loud with an “oh yes”, Nikki squeals and groans out long and louder as her eyes open wide at the same time opening her mouth wide gasping as she feels it pushing up in to her, she obviously feels his cock slide up her, she groans and squeals out loud every time he thrusts up her and he groans in great pleasure as he starts to fuck her, I watch with great interest as I watch them having sex in front of Everyone and I can feel my breath become short, I am amazed with myself that this feels so kinky.

The men watching Nikki being fucked laugh out in great delight at the fun they are having with her and they nudge each other as the man’s bottom bounces up and down faster and harder between Nikki’s legs and she now gives out nice little simpers and squeals as he trusts hard in to her, I can’t imagine how humiliated and degraded she must feel at this point, he pounds away harder and faster as he fucks her over about five minutes, then I notice the man fucking her slows down in his thrusting then he pauses for a little and then gets off her and get up and off Nikki, Nikki looks up wondering why he has stopped again as he had obviously has not fully finished.

But then another of the men moves forward and gets down and in between Nikki’s legs, this time it’s the men with the huge thick cock, and I remember one of the other guys saying “I don’t fancy following him” as I see Nikki become quite anxious as he gets between her already open legs and holding his large thick cock in his hand he guides it to her moist pussy, he moves it around, then once it’s in place at the opening of her pussy he thrusts his thick cock in to her and I notice it then suddenly slip up in to her, at this point Nikki squeezes her eyes tight as she squeals out panting loud and groans “oh my god, oh my god” and the man then pauses a moment with his thick cock still up her while he positions himself more comfortable, then as he starts to thrust in to her again deeper and she squeals and groans out again loud and uncontrollably. The men are having a great time by the looks of it, but some of the men are looking frustrated at having only one girl to please them, they need more and I see other men breaking off and starting to look for the other girls.

Page 24

Nikki’s face contorts and she squeals out loud at every thrust of the huge cock pumping inside her, she writhes on the ground groaning non-stop, soon the man gets in to his rhythm and her fucking gets even harder and faster than before, and Nikki’s squeals get faster and louder in return, the men watching seem to be loving the reaction of Nikki being fucked in front of them and they get ready for their turn with her.

Suddenly I hear another high pitched shout of excitement from one of the men that’s still searching for the girls breaking my concentration on the ordeal of Nikki in front of me “another one, I have found another one” the man calls out in great excitement, “Help me” the guy shouts out in panic and I thought whoever it was must be attacking him, a few more of the men turn and leave the circle and rush eagerly to his aid to help the capture of the other girl.

I looked hard in to the distance looking between all the trees and bodies to see who it was that had been found, it was the other young blond girl Kate and my heart and stomach sank to the very bottom of despair for her, I could see her running hard and now screaming as she tried to escape in the distance but she was quickly surrounded and the men quickly close in on her, just before they catch and grab her she stops running knowing escape is now impossible and she just raised her hands to her face in total grief and despair, I could see that she was clearly beyond being distraught about what was now about to become of her.

Chapter 5 …. Kate’s Ordeal

We all were hoping desperately that we would get away and I think Kate more than anyone if that could be said about any of us. But I hoped all the other girls did what I did, and realize that they could be caught and had thought the consequences over thoroughly, it seemed to me that she maybe hadn’t, Kate was the youngest of us all and she was the one that seemed to be showing the nerves outwardly worst of all amongst us.

We all had very little experience with men, but I think Kate had the least from what I could tell, only one boyfriend for a short period of time, but this is how the pressure of debt made us make the stupid decisions that we did.

To be fair, the men was very gentle with her, but I could hear the men excitedly say “take her to where the other girl is” and they picked her up and quickly carried her over to the blanket and put her down on her feet gently almost by Nikki, Kate slowly turned her head and looked down at her friend and saw her there groaning squealing and panting as one of the men was between her legs with his bottom bouncing up and down as he fucked her hard and vigorously as others waited their turn, knowing full well this was soon to be her fate too bless her, heaven know what was going through her mind right now.

Page 25

The men didn’t stand on ceremony and they quickly started taking off Katie’s clothes and stripping her in their excitement, she just stood there almost like a rag doll letting them, what else could she do, Kate had her hands over her face most of the time in embarrassment I think, but once they had undressed she stood there still with her hands over her face, not daring to look.

Kate had a beautiful body and her very pert breasts pointing straight out as men bent and their mouths eagerly sucked on each of her breasts. One of the men grabs both her wrists and gently pulls her hands away from her face and as he pulls them down by her side she looks round at the men surrounding her. It was hard to see any expression on her face as she looked at the men one by one and I was wondering how she was dealing with it inside, but then she did a very strange thing which surprised me, almost in good manners she gave a very small short smile to the men as though to say pleased to meet you, then she slowly looked up at the sky with a blank glaze as though she didn’t quite know now where to look.

The man in front of her told her to get down on to her knees, she looked at him for just a moment, then she looked down at the men that were sucking on each of her nipples and as they moved away Kate looked to the ground and she reluctantly and slowly did as she was told, knowing full well what she was soon going to have to do. she lowered herself slowly on to her knees as she looking around at the men as they started to take their trousers and pants off and letting their hard stiff cocks spring out in front of them. Kate showed no emotion at all as she knelt there very erect on her knees as all around her one by one the men started revealing their very excited hard cocks and Kate like Nikki before her was now at the perfect height to get a good look at what she was going to receive.

One of the men proudly moves his hard cock close to her face and tells her to open her mouth, Kate appearing very nervous looks straight at the hard prick in front of her for a moment, then the man puts his hand on his rigid cock and slides his hand back and his foreskin slides backwards revealing a very bright purple head, He holds his hand at the very base and his long prick points hard right out in front of him and slowly as he smiles he guides it towards her mouth and lets the purple tip of his cock nudge up against her red lipstick lips, Kate’s sad puppy dog eyes looking up at him and her face turning visibly red with embarrassment, Kate knows she must now open her mouth for him, and as she does this very slowly and tentatively I can see her lips trembling with fear, the guy very calmly slides his prick in to her trembling mouth, Kate at first looks as if this is the first

mans cock she has ever had in her mouth and she doesn’t quite seem to know what to do with it or how to do it, I remember I felt really embarrassed for her.

Then very slowly as i watch she starts to suck on the tip of his cock as the men murmur to themselves at the sight. I can see Kate very nervously sucks on it, he slowly starts to slide just a little more of his cock in to her mouth and as he does her eyes look up to him submissively and her lips slide just a tiny bit further down his prick so that now she is taking the whole bulbous purple head of his cock in to her mouth, she slowly starts to slide her mouth up and down and sucking at the same time on it as he starts moving his cock back and forth and groaning in pleasure, Kate’s eyes now move from side to side as she self-consciously looks at the men watching her with a mouth full of cock, as reluctantly and shyly she sucks on it for him.

Page 26

The men wait for their turn with the girls and I hoped that the fact that they had now got two of the girls that it might keep them satisfied and occupied and not look for us, which would be hard luck for both the other two girls that had been caught, but selfishly good for me. Alas there was no such luck, there were men still looking, but at least only three or four of them as all the others were engrossed in what they were doing of watching, which made my chances of staying hid better, so I just lay there and watched the men enjoy themselves with the two girls they had caught.

The men was very well behaved, they wasn’t treating the girls rough and they seemed well organized as well, there was no pushing for the girls and the girls obediently just did as they were told, just resigned to the situation I suppose.

The man that had been fucking Nikki with the long thick cock for a few minutes now suddenly stopped, slid his long cock out of her and got off her, much to her relief I would imagine and says, “Next one, please” he obviously hadn’t cum either which meant he was going to fuck her again, well her or Kate, heaven knows how Kate would emotionally deal with the size of it.

The next guy waiting in line got between Nikki’s legs and carefully guided his cock to the opening of Nikki’s pussy then quickly started fucking her, Nikki rocks on the ground as the guy is soon giving her a hard pounding, but she is much calmer now the big guy has got off her.

My eyes go back to Kate, I notice she is now sliding her mouth much faster and deeper up and down the guys hard shaft sucking him with her mouth and also now wanking him with her hand at the base of his cock at the same time, Kate although very shy and nervous now also seemed much calmer with the men, then the same thing happened with Kate as with Nikki, The guy stops her sucking him and pulls his now wet cock out of her mouth for the next one to take over. It seems for whatever reason they were happy just using Kate’s mouth for now, the guys were calmly taking it in turns with them, I don’t know if they had planned it this way, the guy’s would fuck the girls for a little while, then stop to give the next person a go, then they would take over from the men that were still looking for the other girls so they all would get there fun.

The problem as I saw it and I didn’t think about it at any point before was, if the men was fucking them and not cuming the cocks that had to be satisfied now increase, it was bad enough having to suck a few guys each, but now it seemed we had to suck and fuck all twenty guys each before they were going to allow themselves to cum ….. Oh hell, I just become more hopeful I wasn’t found and caught.

Again the guy who had been fucking Nikki after a while got off her for the next guy to mount her and fuck her, or so I thought, but instead of the next person that was due for getting between her legs, they had other ideas, The next guy in line picked Nikki up and turned her round and on to her hands and knees explaining, “now we can have her two at a time, she can please more of us at the same time.”

At this point the men lead the young boy of the hunt to Nikki’s face with his little hard cock pointing straight out in front of him, it was smaller than all the rest of them, perhaps about 4 inches long and maybe not quite developed yet “come on” the other men encouraging him, “push it in to her mouth, she will suck it for you” as he did she turned her face to one side of him refusing to suck him.

Page 27

That’s when I realized that I forgot to tell the other girls that he was seventeen, although that was still uncomfortably young for me, but then again I wasn’t comfortable about in any of this, any way I was too focused on other things at the time, it just jumped out of my head, they all thought he was about 14 or 15, well that’s about as old as he looked and they wasn’t at all happy about him being in the hunt, the young boy obviously had some sort of development delay, you could even tell this in the way the young boy spoke.

The men not knowing Nikki’s concerns though she was just being awkward and one of the men grabs her by the hair and says “come on suck it, we have all paid our money, now do what you have been paid for, you know you will enjoy it.” I didn’t like any of what the guy had said to her or the tone of voice either, it made her, well it made all of us sound cheap slappers.

Nikki says nothing but she frowns and looks angry at them, Then she licks her full lips making them moist and she regains her composure, I could see she was not happy about doing this but she turns her face back to the boy who in turn pushes his very excited and throbbing hard cock forward to her mouth, she looks at his perfectly formed small prick for a moment as it points up in to the air and in to her face, the boy grips his cock with his fingers and points it down a little towards her mouth, she stares at it and even I could see it throbbing with excitement, then very reluctantly she opens her mouth just a little inviting him in, then she waits as the boy nervously guides his cock to her mouth then slides his cock between her full lips and in to her warm wet mouth, then she slowly closes and tightens her lips around his cock and Nikki starts to suck on it for him while the boy gasps out in ecstasy, soon her whole mouth engulfs his little cock as she slides her mouth easily to the very base of his shaft as she apparently gives the boy his first blowjob.

Her wet mouth slides up and down his small cock and he can’t help but groan out loud from the sucking. I notice one of the men move behind her and he gets on to his knees and moves up to Nikki’s bum, with his hard cock in his hand he starts to guide it to her pussy, Nikki stops sucking instantly on the boys cock and she looks behind her to see what’s happening just as the guy thrusts and he slides his hard cock up her pussy from behind,  I see her face flinch as he slides it up her pussy and he puts his hand down gripping her hips as he pounds away at her from behind, she groans a little then she turns her head back forward to the stiff little cock in front of her, her face slightly winces at each hard thrust from behind her and she opens her mouth again for the boy and takes the boys prick back in to her mouth again and she quickly and vigorously slides her mouth up and down again on his small shaft.

To me the whole thing is taking my breath away in shock as each moment seems to be kinkier than the moment before it, my heart was beating hard with the things I was watching.

Then the other men with Kate must have been taking their Q from the others as these men also get Kate and pull her forward on to her hands and knees by the side of Nikki, “Who is going to be first” one of the men says who is pulling her down on to her hands and knees, “I will” says an Irish sounding guy making his way forward and taking his trousers off, “I haven’t had a go yet” then he pulls down his underpants and as usual his large stiff prick springs out in front of him, he gets on to his knees behind Kate and I can see the anxiety in Kate’s face again, he positions himself behind her with his hard prick in his hand and moving his prick around trying to find the right place.

Page 28

I am close enough to hear Kate groan out in anxiety as the man finds the right place, I can hear her gasp out “oh no, oh my god” as I see him start to thrust his cock in to Kate and she squeals out quite loud, “OH MY .. OH MY,.. OH my god” the Irish guy grunts as he thrusts harder trying to penetrate her, suddenly I see his prick plunge in to her as her pussy gives way to his large cock, Kate half screams and half squeals out loud as she feels it thrust up her, she repositions herself and opens her legs a little wider hoping to accommodate his large cock better, I was concerned about her as I really thought she had started to cry at first, but she hadn’t, it was just the anxiety in her scream as she knew she was going to be fucked.

The Irish guy on the other hand groans out in pleasure at the same time, saying “Jesus she is tight” then while his prick is still up her the guy grabs each side of her slim waist, then his prick withdraws a little then he thrusts forward and deeper than before groaning again Kate squeals and screams out loud and spreads her legs a little further still as he now starts to fuck her from behind, the Irish guy talking all the other men through it, “by Jesus she has a tight pussy” he gasps, “I can feel it gripping my cock really hard all the way down my shaft,” he gasps again in pleasure as he did long slow thrusts in to her. A man gets on to his knees in front of Kate and as she is gasping and squealing from the fucking behind the guy pushes his cock in to her mouth and starts to slowly fuck it, Now both Nikki and Kate are both being fucked from both ends, I can hear both the girls making little stifled squealing noises as the men’s cocks thrust in to them.

I was pleased, time was running out quite quickly and the men left looking  was nowhere near me and I had no idea where Cheryl was at all, I was hoping the men had passed by her and she had doubled back to complete safety. I felt quite good at that moment in time and Just as I was starting to smile a little as I was beginning to think Cheryl was right after all and that we would both get away, but then suddenly like the last time I heard loud shouts of excitement from some of the men not too far away, I couldn’t see anything at first but I feared the worst for Cheryl, a few seconds later I heard a girl scream out twice, that confirmed that they had found Cheryl and my heart sank for her, the men were ecstatic that they had found another girl, by the sounds of it they were happy just to have found just the two girls, but now they had three. It was better than they had expected.

Chapter 6 …. Cheryl’s Fate

As they came closer I could see they were carrying her like they had carried the other two girls, they were keen for their fun with her, they carried Cheryl over to the clearing where the other two girls was being taken advantage of, I could hear Cheryl, she was talking the whole time as she was being carried closer to the clearing, that was just like her, she rarely stopped talking “oh, you are not going to hurt me are you” … “oh I hope you aren’t going to do anything nasty to me, I hope you don’t want me to do anything really kinky” and so on, they put her on the ground next to the other girls, “oh, I hope the grass isn’t wet” “oh I hope the blanket is dry” she continues, the men start to strip her straight away, as soon as they have her blouse and bra off one of the men quickly gets her on to her knees and roughly pushes his long thick cock to her mouth saying “suck on that” she nods her head and simpers “yes sir” and she opens her mouth and starts to suck on it obediently, “that’s to shut her up” I thought.

It seemed quite perverse and kinky at the same time as i watching a close friend for all these years being forced to suck someone off, I didn’t really know at this point whether I should watch or not, but it was hypnotizing to watch, I just couldn’t turn away from it, it was as though I was compelled to watch it, part of me was disgusted and repulsed by what was happening to the girls and part of me was curious and excited by the graphic sex show, I gasped with shock and surprise inside at each of the different things they made the girls do and how they handled it, it felt really kinky watching and frightening all at the same time knowing that it could have been me there having to do all that.

No one knew where I was or that I was watching all that was happening so closely, I watched them as Cheryl was moved on to her hands and knees so the men could fuck all the girls from both ends, strangely I could hear Cheryl squealing and simpering tenderly more than the others as she was being fucked, I just knew she would, she is a very sensitive girl.

As I lay there and watch the men having there fun with the three girls I notice there isn’t anyone searching anymore, they are all involved with having fun with the girls one way or another. The girls were not only on their hands and knees being fucked from both sides as I said, some of the men were on their backs sucking the girls breasts and nipples as they waited their turn, while others pushed their cock in to the girls hands, so the girls could be looking after three, four or five of the men each, there seemed to be so much happening all at the same time. For the men time was also counting down and the men had spent too much money to waste there time sticking sticks in to bushes and with the time running out they wanted their fun, so I told myself just stay quiet and still and watch this for the next hour and 5 minutes and I am high and dry, literally, a smile came over my face again, I was watching the kinkiest show on earth and getting paid for it, I almost felt like laughing.

The young boy who was having his cock sucked by Nikki had been moved on to the next girl Kate by his father and she was now having to suck his little cock for him, she was very tender and gentle in her sucking I noticed and used her tongue a lot more. His father after a while suddenly says, “I want the boy to have his first fuck” and he says to the guys get that one on her back, Cheryl was to be the lucky recipient.

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As they moved Cheryl on to her back just away a little from the other girls about a couple of meters, I could see she is a little reluctant as all the girls were in having to perform for the boy, the boy’s father is saying to everyone a little jokingly, “you don’t mind if we let him have his first fuck now do you,” the men all laugh and say “not at all” and the boy pulls his cock out of Katie’s gentle mouth.

The Young boy, I keep saying young boy, but that’s how he looked, I have already told you he is almost eighteen haven’t I, but that how everyone felt of him, even me and I knew his real age, the other girls didn’t, his rigid little cock is sticking out in front of him and is very hard from Kate’s gentle sucking, he walks over to Cheryl who is laid there with her legs open and knees raised a little and she is watching his every move with wide staring eyes, the boy nervously and tentatively gets down between her womanly legs which over awed him a little I think, as he lays on top of Cheryl quite shyly, he soon moves his cock around feeling for her pussy, after a couple of seconds the boy instinctively feels it is in the right place and with his hips he starts to push, but with such little experience he obviously isn’t quite there, I am surprised to see Cheryl’s hand move to the boys cock and griping it, then guiding it to the opening of her pussy, quietly and sweetly telling him to “now push,” the boy pushes his hips forward and Cheryl makes the tiniest little squeal as his little cock now quite easily slips in to her, he groans a little and I see his hands move under her and grip her little bum, then his little prick starts fucking her and Cheryl gives again the slightest little squeals as he thrusts in to her.

I notice soon Cheryl lifts her hips up to him just a little and then I am shocked and almost stunned as I watch her start to push her pussy up in to him a little more in rhythm as he thrusts in to her, “oh my god Cheryl,” I am thinking, “what the hell do you think are you doing,” even the guys notice and I see them quietly nudge each other. His little bum is bouncing up and down as Cheryl quietly makes very tiny little sensitive squeal sounds as he thrusts in to her, I notice his trusts getting quicker and harder as he groans out in pleasure and Cheryl dose the same and moving her hips faster in time with him, it’s not long and I would say maybe only two minutes at the most before he groans out loud and he squirts his load and collapses on top of her in a heap groaning with drool running down his mouth and on to Cheryl’s shoulder.

The men leave him there for a moment, then they lift him off her and he moves away looking exhausted from the experience, he has clearly finished now and I can quite clearly see his small cock throbbing and pulsing up and down. Within moments another of the men quickly and eagerly gets on top of Cheryl and starts to push his much bigger cock in to her and starts fucking her and Cheryl reacts very differently to the hard fucking now. I notice the men fucking Nikki and Katie’s mouths now quite fast and hard, it looked as if the men were about to cum too, I was right, almost simultaneously I saw both the men grab the girls heads quite tight as they thrust their cocks deep in to the girls mouths groaning as I see cum runs out of Nikki’s mouth and down her chin and on to the floor as I see the more inexperienced Kate’s throat swallow, soon after the men move away as other men quickly took there places and the girls were soon sucking more cock.

The young boy who had finished just brushed past the holly bush where I was hiding and of course did not notice me at all, he sat down and was just watched the orgy right by the side of the bush totally unaware that I was there, the other two men that had cum in the girls mouths also came over and sat with him chatting and watching.

Just at that point my watch alarm went off, I had set my alarm for 2.30 pm to note the end of the hunt, but the hunt had started late and I had forgot to reset my alarm, the bleep wasn’t very loud but it was a high pitch.

The boy heard the faint shrill of the alarm and pushed his head into the holly bush out of curiosity and saw me, I felt sick that I had been found, I put my finger to my lips and motioned for the boy not to say anything hoping that now he now had his sex he wouldn’t give me away, the boy nodded his head and smiled and again I felt relief run over me, he then shuffled back out of the bush, “What are you doing in there, you little ferret” laughed one of the men.

The boy gets on to his knees and turns to the men “The other woman” said the boy calmly, “she is in there, in that bush” and I could see him pointing in to the bush the little creep, but I still thought that if I could get out of the bush fast enough and make a run for it, these guys wouldn’t catch me and the others were too busy.

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But the holly bush was very dense and difficult to get out of, I made a dash for it but before I could get fully up and running one of the men grabbed hold of me but not hard and I hit him and pushed him off, I started to run again but the other jumped on me and forced me to the ground and I fought like crazy to get away, the boy had raised the alarm and even though I had almost fought off the other guy but the others were on to me very quickly and forced me back on to the ground and over powered me just like they did with the other girls.

Chapter 7 …. My Ordeal

I could hear all the men cheering, they had caught their last piece of pray for there fun and now there was plenty of pussy to go round everyone, they picked me up and carried me to the others like a great trophy, I was so annoyed with myself and my foolishness and as they carried me that was all I could think of, now I was going to have to pay an horrendous price for how stupid I was.

The men seemed to run from everywhere all excited with their new find, as soon as they got me to the clearing by the other girls they lowered me to my feet, there was no ceremony the men quickly started taking my top off and unfastening my bra in seconds, their eager mouths were soon sucking on both my nipples like leaches while other men pulled my knickers down my legs and off, I tried to stop them instinctively but it was useless, everything seemed to be happening so quickly I didn’t have much time to think, though I remember feeling the slight breeze against my breasts and bottom and also feeling so embarrassed as they pulled my knickers off and the feeling of being very naked in front of all the men and the despair of what was going to happen next.

I looked round and I noticed one on the men got down on the ground laying on his back with his long thick cock pointing straight up in the air like a space rocket, not only was I thinking how thick and large it looked but I also remember wondering why he had done that, then it clicked in my head and I knew they was going to make me sit on the monster and take it right in to my pussy and maybe make me bounce up and down on it for them all to watch and I could imagine all the men watching my face as I slide down on it, watching me gasp and squeal as it fills my pussy. Oh my god, they seem to have saved the greatest humiliation for me to endure and I could feel my face turn red with embarrassment, I just wanted the ground to swallow me up and spit me out in to tomorrow.

I was surprised and relieved when the man pushed me over to the guy that was on the ground as I expected, but they guided me to what seemed the wrong end of him, they forced me down on to my knees so that I straddled his head, god it felt so degrading being made to lower my pussy right over his face like that, I am knelt upright and looking along his body and at his very hard and large cock pointing straight up in the air menacingly.

The man then wraps his arms around my thighs holding me firm and he then pushes his face right in to my pussy saying, “Mmm it smells so fresh” and then he started kissing it and moving his tongue around, again it felt so humiliating, but what made it worse and what shocked me more than anything else was how sensitive my pussy felt, it had been quite a while since I last had sex but I wouldn’t have thought that would have mattered, I thought I would have had to have been feeling horny first, it seems I was wrong.

At the same time men had gathered around me and very hard and very excited men’s cocks seemed to be everywhere, Suddenly I seemed to be a free for all I had never seen so many in my life as what was pushing and pumping in to my face right now, one stiff cock finds its way and pushes up against my lips and as I open my mouth it slides all the way in quickly in filling my mouth and as it excitedly pumps in and out quickly and i instinctively much to my surprise start to suck on it which makes him stop pumping excitedly as he feels it in my mouth and he calms down, I could hear him groan out in pleasure, it wasn’t that big and It could slide in my mouth quite easily much to his satisfaction and the other men too.

Kneeling there with a strange man’s face hard against my pussy, sucking and licking my most intimate parts, I can clearly feel his wet tongue wriggling and exploring around my pussy while I have a mouth full of cock, it felt incredibly degrading and humiliating and being watched by everyone seemed to intensify my humiliation.

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It was strange, I slid my mouth up and down his hard shaft instinctively knowing that I am sucking him off even though he hadn’t asked me to, he had just pushed his cock in to my mouth and now pumping it quite calmly and rhythmically, but why was I sucking it, it seemed the only thing to do, the other girls had done this too, it seems we must be conditioned to please men, also and I could hear myself giving out little squeals, heaven know what the others must have thought of me.

The guy between my legs was sucking my clit, then flicking it with his tongue, I could feel every movement and he even slipped his tongue around my ass hole making it wet and I had never felt anything like that before, god it felt as if it was getting more and more humiliating by the minute.

Then I felt him move his fingers to my pussy pulling my lips apart and I felt him move his wet tongue right to the opening of my pussy and I could feel him push his tongue hard in to me and I even heard myself squeal a little, I felt his tongue dart up and down as though he was fucking me with his tongue and each time it seemed deeper and deeper as my face turned redder.

The humiliation seemed worse than I had imagined as I had no control of what was happening to me at all, When no one was sucking on them I could feel the air on my nipples it made them tight and stiff, they stood right out, I was also aware of what was around me from the corner of my eye, we girls was in a line next to each other so I could see a little of what was happening, even though I had a mouth full of cock and looking in to a guy’s stomach, more than anything I could hear the sound of the other girls squealing, simpering and groaning and sometime squealing out quite loud almost screaming, strangely the sounds seemed humiliating as well, it reminded me there was other girls there that this was being done to, I can’t explain that part.

I didn’t know really my own thoughts at this time or what my reasoning was  although I was conscious of it, even though I found that i felt so degraded beyond belief, I also realized that although it was a controlled situation in which I had no control over what they were doing to me, all of us girls was in the same boat, i was powerless to stop what they was doing to me, as was the other girls and it felt we was being forced to do what was happening, but perversely we had agreed to all this, which believe it or not helped me deal with it a great deal.

Maybe it was the smells of the men or the woodland but I was shocked that i found myself although feeling humiliated by what they were making me do, I was sucking on his cock it seemed, almost but not quite, willing, the feeling of depravity I felt was most incredible and when the guy pulled his prick out of my mouth and the next guy took over, I found myself not only accepting about having to suck on this thicker and longer cock, but I was disgusted with myself because I found there was just a tiny bit of me that  was curious about his bigger prick, of course I noticed that it felt much bigger in my mouth and therefore strangely if felt much more degrading and I found i was almost willing to do it, although that is perhaps way too stronger a word for it.

The guy between my legs kept sucking and then flicking my clit hard with his tongue and I felt myself gasping and groaning, at first he would move his tongue between my clit and slide it up my pussy, but now I found he wouldn’t leave my clit alone and I could feel my tingling between my legs shamelessly building up in my whole body and I couldn’t help but suck deep on to the hard prick that was in in my mouth, for some reason the more I felt degraded by the men, the more I felt helpless and as I had no choice but to let the men use me as they wished, it didn’t feel so cheap and it helped my inhibitions relax.

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It had been going on for a while now and was conscious that I squirmed and squealed as the guy sucked my clit hard and my nipples uncontrollably swelled and tingled as I sucked and slid my mouth up and down on three or four different hard cocks by now and as the fourth cock was just being thrust in my mouth, this one was quite long and the guy was thrusting it deeper and harder in to my mouth than the others had.

The tingling between my legs was getting stronger and I was seriously worried that if the guy carried on much longer I couldn’t help having an orgasm with everyone watched me, how humiliating would that have been, I don’t know how I would have faced the other girls, surly they would think that I was a bit of a slapper, but the feeling was getting quite strong down there and I just couldn’t stop or control it and I found it embarrassing.

Then just as the wave was building up and I knew that I couldn’t hold off from cuming much longer, the man in my mouth stopped pumping and then slid his now wet cock out of my mouth, I waited for the next hard prick to be pushed in to my mouth, when one of the men grabbed my wrists and started pulled me forward from an upright position on my knees to being on my hands and knees, the guy below me stopped working on my clit and his very hard long prick was now pointing right in to my face.

As I waited there on my hands and knees for only a moment, suddenly I could feel something happening behind me and as I looked round, I could see I guy kneel and was steering his large hard prick straight to my pussy and I remember feeling incredibly anxious and thinking “oh no, oh my god, he is going to fuck me, I am not ready for that, ooh my god they are all going to fuck me, how could I” I felt I had dealt with the first part of my ordeal quite well, but this was now another great big step that I was having to deal with, one I didn’t think I could do a few days before, I felt sick and now tried to put it out of my mind.

On my hands and knees my pussy felt incredibly naked and vulnerable and suddenly I could feel his hard prick press up right on my pussy hole and I remember feeling him slowly pushing it harder and harder in to me, I squealed out, I couldn’t help it, he put his hands on to my hips and then he pushed hard with a groan, then I felt my pussy accept his thick hard prick and I gasped out and squealed uncontrollably as I felt his prick slide right in to me all the way I could feel my face contort and I closed my eyes, this was the height of my humiliation and shame.

His prick felt really thick inside me and I remember I opened my legs a little wider as I felt uncomfortable, I also felt my face instantly turned red as I felt so embarrassed and disgusted with myself as he started to fuck me. Now I felt such a slag and all the time I just thought what on earth would the men be thinking of me, the same probably.

As the guy fucking me got in to his rhythm and was soon pounding me hard, his prick seemed so deep and I could feel his balls slapping against me, each time he thrust in to me it pushed me forward and i squealed out as I felt his prick filled my pussy I soon felt something nudging around my face and someone’s prick was pushing in to my lips, I opened my mouth as a guy eagerly slides his cock in to it and again I now reluctantly start to suck on it feeling the shame all over again.

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Never in a month of Sundays did I ever think I would have wound up like this, Now like the others i was being fucked from both sides and the feeling was strange and again very degrading, it seemed difficult to think, I just had my eyes closed and was groaning like hell I had no choice but let this happen to me but I had to deal with this constant battle of morality inside my head even though I tried not to.

I felt the guy now moving below me and I thought he was going to try to squirm and get out from under me, but no he was just re arranging himself and within a couple of seconds the guys tongue was sucking and flicking away at my clit again as the other guy was now fucking me hard and deep, I could feel everything that was happening down there, his thick cock pounding deep in to my pussy, his balls slapping against me as the other guy teased and flicked my clit with his tongue, the sensation was incredible and not only my pussy, my whole body felt everything.

The man who I was sucking groaned as the thrusts from the fucking from behind pushed me forward I couldn’t help but slide my mouth up and down on his shaft like a slut, I felt my body tremble because of all the attention my pussy was getting and to stop my squeals and groans getting louder I pushed my mouth all the way down his thick long cock sucking like crazy and in my head I was screaming with the pending orgasm that was welling up in me and I was trying to hold off.

The guy was forcing his face in to me sucking harder and the hard thick cock pounding me, I felt so dirty as I slid my mouth right down his shaft and by now I wanted to feel his prick deep in my mouth, but suddenly the man pulled his cock out of my mouth quickly and suddenly a squirt of cum shot in to my face, I closed my eyes and mouth as the excited guy squirted another 2 or 3 times hard in to my face, god I felt such a slut and my nipples almost explodes with the sensitivity, I just screamed out with the incredible sensation inside me, the wave of orgasm was not quite getting there and I now felt I craved it while his cum ran down my face and chin and dripped to the floor between the guys legs beneath me.

Quickly another guy gets on to his knees and pushes his cock in to my mouth and this time I suck it eagerly groaning, suddenly the guy behind me groans out loud and he bangs me harder and harder, then suddenly nothing, no licking or fucking just a long low groan from behind me and I suddenly feel a spray of cum squirt on my back, then another and then I felt him move away.

Very quickly there is another eager guy ready to take his place and I feel him steering his cock to my pussy. Again feeling the second guy slide up me made me feel like depraved little slut as I just had to let anyone fuck me, another new step in my depravity, I was just there for anyone who wants me, as he fucked me hard from behind I shaped my mouth so the new guy in front could pump away and have his pleasure too.

I could feel his cock slide straight up my pussy and again I couldn’t help but to gasp out, I heard the man groan and I felt his hands grab on my hips as he started to fuck me quite hard, I gasped each time he thrust up me, I honestly just couldn’t help it. Someone got on their knees in front of me and unceremoniously shoved his longer but thinner cock in to my mouth and again I was sucking on another hard cock, I couldn’t remember how many there had been.

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Through the corner of my eye I could see the other girls all on their knees being used hard by the men, they were all squealing from the hard fucking they were getting from both ends. The guy who was under must have noticed I was so close to cumming he was deliberately leaving me alone and getting a good view of cock pounding my pussy.

My clit was still tingling mind from the sucking it had been given and my pussy now could feel another good thick cock fucking me, but it felt like the guy under me was rubbing my clit with his finger and he kept rubbing my still tingling clit as the other guy he thrust in to me, the guy in front of me was fucking my mouth harder and he was pulling his long cock almost out of my mouth and then thrusting it back in deep long strokes, I wasn’t doing anything he was just fucking my mouth.

But the guy behind me was fucking me really hard and I could feel something whatever it was rubbing my clit and making it tingle like crazy again, I was soon trying to fight the orgasm off  but at the same time the depravity of it all was turning me on like nothing had ever done before.

Suddenly as the orgasm started building again I knew I was cumming and I couldn’t stop it, as I was being fucked hard and something rubbing me clit at the same time my whole body was tingling then it hit me and a massive wave of intense feelings my whole body shook and I groaned out like crazy almost screaming at the same time hoping no one was noticing, my whole body shook uncontrollably and my lust took over my mind, I was wanting to feel the hard cock fill my mouth at the same time and feel it nudge the back of my throat and fuck my mouth hard, as the orgasm made my whole body shake for what seemed an age the guy forced is prick deep in to my mouth and I loved it, I could feel his hard prick nudging my throat, yet still I opened my mouth wider as both pricks fucked me in rhythm and he forced his prick as deep in to my throat as he could, I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and harder to believe I was being turned on and enjoying it.

The guy fucking me hard and fast suddenly groans out, I feel him thrust up me long and hard, he pauses a moment, he is obviously finished already, then he slides out and he gets off me and another man gets behind me and again I feel another cock slide up my pussy and he starts fucking as the last fuck left me panting, the man in my mouth is groaning and pushing deep in to my mouth quicker and harder, I can tell he will be cuming soon, he didn’t last long at all when suddenly he pulls out of my mouth and I lift up my head while he squirts all over my face as he groans the whole time

Then he gets out of the way for the next, my head is pulled to the other side and another cock is pushed in to my mouth, I pant as I start to suck it, the other person between my legs his cock feels much bigger and I groan with pleasure and excitement, I can here the other girls scream and groan out loud with desire, I tingle still with my first orgasm and the fucking continues.

The guy beneath me starts licking my clit again and I groan out thinking “oh please not again” I am surprised that it still still feels so sensitive and I close my eyes and feel the sensations, the guy fucking my mouth is gripping my hair and pumping hard and fast, while the thick cock pounding my pussy seems incredibly large inside me, and again I open my legs wider to accommodate him, with my clit still being teased at the same time as I groan at my incredible primal feelings.

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I soon felt with surprise and horror a second orgasm building up inside me again, I say horror because it looked and sounded to everyone there that I was thoroughly enjoying myself, I just kept thinking, what the hell would Cheryl be thinking of me, I would never have thought that these feelings in these circumstance would have been possible and something I have never had is a second orgasm in such quick succession, or ever. I groan louder and louder and the guy working on my clit is sucking it hard, I squeal out loud and gasp, the triple feeling of the thick cock hard and deep inside me pounding and my clit being worked on sends me in to ecstasy and the cock in my mouth, I squeal out again loud as I feel the orgasm approach and I am almost feeling ashamed with myself that it is.

When I suddenly feel my hair and head being gripped even tighter than before and he bucks his prick hard in to my mouth as he groans and cries out, then I feel a squirt hit my throat and my mouth fills with a salty liquid as the guy cums in my mouth and cum hitting the back of my throat makes me cough a little as I spit out the salty contents in my mouth.

As I start to squeal and groan with the orgasm building up again down below my legs, I feel a little of the cum running down my chin, again I can’t help but start to screeeaam out with the large prick fucking me and the tongue flicking my clit “oh yes, oh yes” now as I reach for my second orgasm and it feels it’s going to be as incredibly intense as the first orgasm and I scream out again, the guy who has been below me all this time sucking and teasing my clit still has his neglected large hard cock pointing up in the air like a beacon right in front of my face and as I gasp and groan on the edge of my orgasm I remember surprising and  thinking to myself, “oh what the hell, just fuck it and go for it girl” I instinctively reached for his long cock that’s sticking up in the air with my hand and pulls it towards me, I open my still cummy mouth with cum still clinging to my chin and i lower my head and start to suck eagerly on the end of his long cock.

The guy beneath me with a pussy sucking / licking mania can’t believe his luck and instantly groans out as I suck around the head of his prick, it feels large and good in my mouth and I eagerly start to slide my mouth up and down on his shaft and slowly sliding my mouth lower and lower and feeling it slide deeper in my mouth, the more my orgasm builds the faster and deeper I slide my mouth up and down his smooth long prick, the hard thick cock pounding deep in to my pussy now feels incredibly intense and the other guy is flicking my clit with his tongue like crazy now, my orgasm hits me hard and I groan out and scream and tremble all at the same time as by now I bounce and push my mouth down his shaft as far as I could go, again I wanted to feel as dirty as I could as I felt his thick meaty cock slide in to my throat until my mouth slides almost to the very base of his long thick cock and I shiver and groan like hell from the orgasm.

I don’t know why I did it, I have never acted like that with a cock in my mouth before, I have never even wanted to do this before, but I bounced my mouth up and down his shaft pushing my mouth to the very base of his prick, In my lust I really wanted to feel to enjoy the sensation and excitement of it fucking my throat, as the prick from behind slaps deep in to me, the orgasm seemed to go on for a quite a while and taking over my whole mind and body.

As my orgasm slowly start to subsides I slide my mouth up his shaft and suck the head of his cock hungrily then I slide and bounce my mouth up and down the upper part of his shaft quite quickly and hard sucking him off, I can hear him groaning out loud in pleasure, the orgasm has now passed me by, but the thick cock filling my pussy and fucking me hard still feels quite pleasant, suddenly the guy under me bucks and squeals out in a loud almost in a stifled scream “I’m cuming, I’m cuming.” I remove my mouth and wrap my hand around his hard cock tight and start to wank him off hard and fast, my hand running up and down his entire shaft, when almost immediately a great squirt of white cum shoots up in to the air as a gasp and groan of breath comes from the guy beneath me and as I carry on wanking him with long hard strokes along his entire length, another 4 or 5 gushes of white cum shoot in to the air one after the other each time my hand makes the down stroke on his hard prick.

I am mesmerized by the amount of cum that’s squirting up and splashing down on my hand and wrist and pleased that he was a gentleman and wasn’t letting this happen in my mouth,  then he groans out “enough, that’s enough” and I stop wanking him and take my hand away as a little cum just oozes out of his now shrinking cock, “thank-you” he groans, “that was good of you,” well I didn’t think of that way before, but now he has said it, it was nice of me wasn’t it, on saying that it was good of him to tell me he was cuming so I didn’t have to take all that in my mouth, not like some others did, as I lay my head down to one side I lift my bum so the guy behind pounding me can give it to me good and hard so he can finish off too.

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For the first time in a while now because my mouth wasn’t sliding on a hard prick and staring in to someone’s stomach I can see the other girls clearly and in full glory, all of them in various position’s servicing the men.

They have Cheryl now in the same position as I was, on her knees in the 69 position with someone under her sucking and flicking her clit and teasing it as she is being fucked, she is screaming and groaning out furiously almost begging for relief, I smile as she grabs the blanket under her very tight in her clenched fists and screaming out, she is sliding her mouth down some ones prick like I was doing with her saliva stringing from her mouth on to the floor, she had her knees spread very wide open while the guy with the big thick cock is behind her fucking her hard fast and deep, that’s when I notice that the guy with the large prick is taking her from behind but fucking her up the bum a wave of shock tingled over me as I watched his thick long prick thrust all the way in to her little bottom in long hard and deep thrusts, I could see why she was now screaming and gasping with that monster up her bum being fucked so hard and deep, I didn’t envy her at all and I was amazed that a prick that was so long and thick could slide up her bottom that far, the guy under her is flicking his tongue over and around her clit furiously then suddenly I see her face contort wildly as she starts to shivers and shake violently, panting with stifled screaming out furiously to the pounding and sucking she was getting, she was on her knees and both her lower legs were bouncing and waiving up and down and crashing on to the floor begging and screaming. I raise my eyes is surprise as I see she is obviously having an incredible orgasm and worst still, I watched her.

The one thing I was happy about, if that’s the right phrase, was that no one had fucked my bum, a couple of them had cum over my bum at least, well I really felt one had as I felt it over my back and everything, and the others wanted to cum over my face, heaven knows what a mess I must look.

I looked at the other girls and noticed Kate was squatting on a cock up her pussy bouncing up and down while being fucked up the bum at the same time, I was shocked again, I never knew that could happen and I wondered how she was feeling and what that must feel like, she was squealing and gasping out loud “OHH my fucking god,” although by the size that was up her, again I wasn’t at all surprised, somehow I noticed how big cocks look when they are up someone’s bum, someone else was fucking her mouth quite hard again she seemed to be begging for it when suddenly I notice the guy must be cuming in her mouth as it was now running down her chin as she continues to bounce up and down.

Then I noticed Nikki too was in the same position as Kate with one up her pussy and bum while being fucked hard in her mouth, strangely the three of them seemed to cum within 30 seconds of each other and while cum was still running down her chin and she spat the rest on the floor as she panted hard.

The pounding I was getting from behind was getting harder and deeper and I could feel the whole thing fill my pussy, I couldn’t help but squeal out then I felt his thick cock thrust deep and then he groaned loud as I felt him pushing in to me and holding it there and I knew he must be cuming, in a couple of moments I felt it slip out of me, and someone take his place, it felt he had a much smaller cock thankfully, I just knelt there on my knees letting the men use me, someone noticed my mouth was doing nothing and he kneels in front of me with a stiff cock pointing out in front on him, I raised myself up and took his prick in to my mouth and quickly he was pounding my mouth, all I did was shape my mouth so he could fuck it and once again my vision was impaired as I was being fucked from both sides.

I suddenly hear the blast of the whistle and I know when these men are finished the hunt will be over and we can all go home, the man fucking me from behind is finished quite quickly after the whistle but the guy who is fucking my mouth asks if he can take the other guys place, I thought why not so I told him “ yeah that’s fine, it’s okay but only if it was my pussy” I had seen what was happening to the other girls and I wasn’t up for that right now, he didn’t say a word he just quickly moved round to my rear and took me from behind.

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I lowered my head and shoulders to the ground so that i in a more comfortable position and sticking my bottom in to the air and let him pound away, by now I was as casual as that. Cheryl was the first to be finished, she just sat on the ground cross legged watching me in a very by the way manner being fucked, she glanced at the other girls but I could see she was waiting for me to be free, suddenly the guy behind me groaned out loud and I could feel that long thrust, then in a few more moments I felt him come out of me and he stood up and saying thanks he walked away.

I just rolled over and fell on to my side and laid there as I heard the guy boast proudly, “that’s it, I have fucked all of them now … I have fucked her about three times” and I looked across and saw him proudly point to Nikki.

Chapter 8 …. It’s over, or is it

As the men finished we girls just laid there for a while quietly looking at nothing until most of the men had wandered off, eventually when we got up from laying there, we looked at each other and oh my god did we look a real mess.

Some of the guys had hung around too. The guys were all in good spirits as they laughed and thanked us for our time and taking part, they even passed us towels so we could wipe ourselves down as they picked our things up for us so we could get dressed, the men seemed to have thought of everything and were well organised all the way from the beginning to the end.

Cheryl was the first of us to speak, “well its finally over now, over and done with” and in my mind I thought “I truly hope so, I hope we don’t have to live with what we have done forever.” Then she said “well then” in a real sarcastic and pissed off tone and look, “so much for getting away Scott free” with that the other girls as well as myself couldn’t help but smile then laugh out at her, even now with the picture of her in my mind and her tone it still makes me laugh.

As we started to walk back to our cars we walked a little of the way in silence, I think we was embarrassed by each others presence, then Cheryl started to chat as she always does and things soon became easier, at this point I couldn’t help but take in what a beautiful day it was and how pretty the whole wood was, then Nikki who was walking by the side of me quietly asked “How did you feel when you was caught,” “well to be honest” I said “I was really angry with myself for getting caught more than anything else” she stopped and interrupted me and said “No, I mean how did you feel because of what was about to happen to you,”

“Oh I see” I thought for a moment and I could feel the other girls waiting for a response “well that night” I started by saying “I stayed at Cheryl’s before the hunt and as I thought about it, I reminded myself that I had decided I wasn’t going to become a victim, and that if the worst happened I was going to … Cheryl burst out laughing and cut me off, “I said exactly the same to myself, that if I got caught I was just going to lay back and just let them get on with it.”

Page 38

“Well I wasn’t going to say that exactly, but yes that was pretty much how I thought” I said with half a smile as I looked across to Nikki and Kate.

Kate said “that’s strange because me and Nikki had said the same thing to each other, the night before we agreed to sign to do the Women Hunt, we went out for a drink and we both agreed, no matter how much money it was there was no point in doing this if for the rest of our life’s all we was going to do was look back and think how disgusting we had been and feel so ashamed or as you said, we didn’t want to feel as though we have been the victims of some horrendous abuse, so we agreed that we needed the money and it seemed such an opportunity for easy money not to be missed, so that we would just do it and get the money and if we did get caught, well, we get caught and that’s it, we are not going to cry about it then or later, we will just have to accept what the men were going to do to us”

“Strange how we all had a very similar way of dealing with it, isn’t it” I said “but on saying that, what other way was there, so maybe it’s not so strange after all.” Then I changed tact a little “The one thing I did notice though was how relaxed and slow things seemed to happen when I was watching it, but how intense and fast everything seemed to be happening when I got caught and was involved in it all, there seemed to be hard cocks coming from every direction and later cuming from every direction.”

“Yes I certainly noticed that” said Cheryl

“What I didn’t think that was fair for us one bit” complained Kate like a little schoolgirl, “I think some of the men must have cum two, or three times, didn’t they, I didn’t think men could do that in.”

“How come boyfriends can’t do that” added Nikki “well none of mine ever could anyway.” And apart from Kate agreeing with her it went quiet again.

At that point a couple of the men approached us from behind on the way back to the cars said very pleasantly “hello” and “thanks for taking part” then they asked, “Did you enjoy yourselves today” Nikki replied “Well we didn’t do it for the sex if that’s what you think, we just needed the money, so think yourself very lucky” strangely the guy apologized, but said honestly, “I just did it hopefully to have sex with as many of you four fantastic looking girls as I could, for £850 for the afternoon that for me was a real bargain, and he gave a big content smile.

This puzzled me, so I asked “but Gary told us you had all signed up and paid the money at least week earlier,”

“Yes that’s right, I was one of the last to get in” he said.

Page 39

Cheryl could see what I was getting at and curiously asked, “but how did you know you would fancy the girls, how did you know all the girls were attractive, you could have caught two of the girls you didn’t fancy.”

He seemed surprised “Well how do you think, Gary showed us the pictures of you all obviously, I think they were off your facebook pages, I recognized all four of you straight away as soon as you all turned up” he said. I was totally blown away with what I was being told by the guy, the shock and surprise on Cheryl’s face was a picture, she was just looking open mouthed in total shock and disbelief, I suppose I looked the same.

“How dare he”, said Cheryl more to herself, “How dare he” she said again with a glazed look on her face, I was stunned by what I was hearing too, I looked at all the girls and said “but I only said yes about three days before the hunt, did he think it was just a question of how much money before I said yes, before any of us would say yes, is that what they think then, any of us would do it, it’s just a matter of how much?”

The guys walked on ahead chattering happily as we was left stood there in amazement looking at each other, Katie, said “well, we have got our money, nothing can turn back the clock, we would have done it anyway so let’s just get back to the cars and get off home for a long bath, I stink.”

“Yes, yes your right, let’s just get out of here” I said and we started walking back to the cars again which took about another fifteen or minutes or so.

When we got back to where the cars were Gary is paying those two old gits a few quid, apparently they were there just to look after the cars and not in the hunt at all, then Gary sees us all and he comes over us and says in a very theatrical voice “oh I hear it was a marvelous triumph darlings.”

The two Students said sarcastically, “very nice, we are so pleased darling” while myself and Cheryl just got in the car and left.

On the way back Cheryl is back to her same bubbly self and chatting all the time, we seemed to be home in no time, she asks me politely if I would like to come in and have a drink and a chat, “to be honest” I said “I would prefer to go home and be quite for a moment and just be with my thoughts for a while”

“That’s all right” said Cheryl with the largest smile, but that’s just her way, I am sure she would want to do the same really. Just as I get in to my car and I start the engine, she stands there to wave me off, I wind my window down and ask her, “but do you mind if I maybe call round later tonight for a chat and maybe a few glasses of wine.

“I would love it darling,” she said with the same large beautiful smile.

“See you later then sweetie” I replied as we smiled and waved goodbye to each other as I pulled away.

Page 40

I drove home in silence for once as I always have my radio on, my mind was going back to the men and the action in the woods and how I had behaved there. When I got home I got straight in the bath, I washed myself over and over again in between a good soak.

I didn’t go round to Cheryl’s that night, I couldn’t face her, I stayed in with a glass of wine and my thoughts, I asked myself why I had behaved like I did, I couldn’t understand it. I got my cash out and put in on the carpet in the middle of the room, as I looked at it the niggling feeling of shame that was running through me and nagging me just completely disappeared and I felt a smile come over my face, the debt that I was in has now almost been cleared and I felt a great relief in that and the burden has now gone, I felt pleased with the money, the ordeal was over and in reflection I was pleased I did it, I almost and should have got away, but I didn’t… That’s tough, now move on I told myself.

I suppose what happened out there was what really shocked me in a lot more ways than one, the fact that the feeling of humiliation and being degraded out in the forest almost exploded my mind, a different me came to the foreground and I almost acted like an animal for a brief period of time, I worried if Cheryl or any of the other girls had noticed, after all I noticed them, but what would Cheryl have thought of me? After all we were very close friends, would it affect our friendship I worried. But then in retro thought I had noticed how they had reacted and they did the same as I did, I was a little shocked by them.

 Chapter 9 …. The Summing up.

After a few days had passed by and I was pretty much back to a normal better life now, the thing in the woods I put to the back of my mind and it now seemed like a distant memory almost like a dream and not quite real.

One evening there was a knock on my door about 8pm, I wasn’t expecting anyone, I opened the door and much to my surprise it was Cheryl with a big smile and the other two girls Nikki and Kate each had a couple of bottles of wine in their hands, “Hello Sweetheart” she said with that large smile of hers, “I have been wondering what’s happened to you so I rang the girls here and we thought we would pay you a visit,” then she joked “so if you thought you was going out tonight with some great handsome brute …… Tough.”

Then Cheryl walked right past me and noisily got some Glasses from the wine cabinet, Nikki gives me a big kiss on the cheek saying apologetically “we hope you don’t mind us calling out of the blue like this, but we didn’t want you to worry about what happened last week.”

I just shrugged my shoulders still surprised, saying “No no, of course not, don’t be silly it’s great to see you all” Kate smiling as she kissed me too as they all came in and made themselves at home.

Page 41

Cheryl with her big smile stands there in front of me with two glasses of wine asks, “So … How do you feel now life’s calmed down a bit?”

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