My Disgusting Dog Dream


The trail across the farm fields where the event happened

My Disgusting Dog Dream… By Angel

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Nat’s dream about his death has led me to write about a strange dream that I had, well it was more of a horrible nightmare really that I had one night quite a few years ago when I was turning my mid teens. One that was so powerfully strong and vivid in my mind that I just couldn’t ever forget it.

The dream had played on my mind for years afterwards almost as if the nightmare had happened for real, well it did really, but you know what I mean.

The dream was obviously a combination of a couple of things that had happened just before the dream as you will quickly read. These things must have led me in to having a really sick and perverted nightmarish dream that I had about being forced to have sex with a big black dog in a field that I happened to be crossing and one that I have crossed many times. The events and emotions of the dream stayed with me clearly to this day, which I am going to recount now….

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I used to go and see a close friend called Anita that had been in the same class as me all the way through school and as we were so close we of course kept in contact when we left School. We used to see each another quite often until we went to University, then we drifted and gradually lost contact.

All the way through senior school every Thursday we used to go to each other’s home and have tea, one week I went to hers and the other week she came to mine, we both enjoyed that as it was like having a second home and family.

Anita is very tall and slim with long very dark hair with a well tanned dark complexion, she always had to wear designer and expensive clothes. She rarely smiled but liked to chat and was a very educated person.

I was very much different from her, where she likes to wear long skirts maybe down to her knees. I like to wear shortish skirts as I am proud to show my legs. I am not that tall and I like to laugh and have fun. I have quite long blond hair and can mix with anyone. On saying that, I would like to think that I am quite educated too as I went to university and have a highly respected profession.

One particular Thursday while we were chatting in her living room she told me and her mum that earlier in the week she had been to a new work friend’s house for the first time after work for tea and while she was there her friend introduced her to the pet dog she had amongst all the other things as you do.

After she had been there a little while Anita told us that after tea as they were sat chatting in the living room the girls small pet dog suddenly hopped up on to its hind legs, grabbed her friends leg with its front legs and started to hump it.

I howled out laughing instantly, Anita was very prudish, to be honest with you and was a bit stuck up as well, although she would never admit that. She wouldn’t just have anyone as a friend, no matter how much she liked them or how well they got on, they had to be of a certain standing. I also knew that she was very easily shocked unlike myself, so to me it was even funnier that this happened.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she told me the dog grabbed and hung on to her new work friends leg and she actually saw the little dogs pink little cock come out and hump fresh air at first, then within a few seconds the little dogs pink cock started to rub on her friends leg.

I put my hand over my mouth in disgust and shock as I giggled “oh I can’t believe it, how embarrassing was that for the both of you” but I still laughed adding “I would have given the dog a good kick in the balls, that would have changed its mind from feeling so randy with me for a while.”

But I stopped laughing and was shocked even more when Anita told me and her mum that her friend instead of pushing it away and putting in in another room so it couldn’t do it again or something like that, she let the dog carry on and hump away at her leg right in front of her. Her new work friend even told her that she “thought it was funny, and that the dog needed to have a bit of fun after all as it didn’t meet any girly dogs or anything.”

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The dog was fucking her leg

The dog was fucking her leg vigorously until all of a sudden it stopped, got off her and moved away leaving a clear liquid running down her leg.

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me” I truly gasped in shock, but then jokingly replied, “and did she say that about her boyfriend as well.”  “No, No, honest,” Anita told me and her mum with all seriousness in her face and added “and the worst bit was that I soon saw the dog’s cock rubbing up and down on her leg as it now humped away. The strange thing was that dog seemed to be smiling as well, I had to look away as if I was watching the TV as it was so disgusting.

The humping seemed to me to go on forever as I was so embarrassed about it but it was probably only about a couple of minutes or so. When I looked back over at them when it had finished I saw clear liquid running down her leg as the dog must have cum all over it. I couldn’t believe that she just giggled when she lifted her leg and looked at it, I felt physically sick to the stomach doing such a thing with a smelly dog. She had some tissues at the side of her and she took one of them and wiped her leg then putting it in the waste bin as though it was nothing that unusual.”

Listening to Anita I too was starting to feel sick at the image that had developed in my mind of the dog cum running down her friend’s leg as she told both me and her mum what had happened. How embarrassed she must have been having to witness that and with Anita being such a prude as well, it must have doubly shocked her, if there is such a thing. But to be fair to her, I think that would have shocked and disgusted, most of us if we had been there, wouldn’t it?

I almost turned bright red for her as she told us the later part of the story, I could hardly believe that a girl would do that and even more that she would let the dog do it while a new friend from work was there watching them, how bloody weird.

I asked her, “So how old is she” as I imagined her to be quite old and in her 30s or 40s even. …

Anita thought for a second then told us “Well she is much older than me, I would say she is about 26 or so, why?

I didn’t reply to that and I didn’t want to let the conversation get too serious either, so I asked her in a bit of a wind-up and sliding down the chair that I was sat in, I said, “and as the dog was humping her leg was she doing all the sounds of squealing and moaning for the dogs benefit as well like this” and I stuck my leg out and in a gasping and panting tone and acted “Oh yes, oh yes! you are such a big boy, Oh that is so good! Harder Fido do it harder!”

Her mother saw the funny side of it and laughed out quite loud telling me “Oh Angel, don’t give all your secrets away!” but not Anita, not at all, I think she was still a little disgusted at her friend, but if her mother wasn’t there I would have wound Anita up even more over it even though we knew that it was fairly gross what she was telling us both.

Anita ignored me and went on, “Doing that with a dog must have been one of the sickest things that I have ever heard of in my life, let alone one that I have seen with my own eyes.”

To be fair, I knew what she meant. I had to agree with her telling her “Oh my god, I know, how totally disgusting.”

Her mother joined in and greatly surprised me by telling us “Could you imagine anyone doing such a thing with a dog, although I must admit, I have heard of this type of thing before with a dog, and worse.”

I prompted “and worse? oh do tell, I must hear this!”

“No no, maybe another day, that’s a story with a bottle of Martini,” she smiled. I didn’t even know she drank. 

I looked at Anita still winding her up  ”Was it a good looking dog?” I joked, her mother smiled at me again seeing the joke, but again not Anita. She came back with a real shocker though when she replied, “Well, you will be able to find out won’t you, as she has invited me round for tea next week as well and asked me to bring a friend too.”

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I laughed out loud saying “oh great she like’s an audience, let’s go then and we can both watch them” and we all laughed our freaking heads off, but her mother stopped us in our tracks when she told us “maybe the dog is bringing a couple of friends too for the both of you” and as we both screwed up our faces with a yuck and instantly a picture of the three of us girls with our leg stuck out with doggies humping them flashed into my mind. At that very point I think we all knew the conversation had gone as far as it should and the three of us decided that we should change the subject….. (until we had a drink, lol.)

At around 8 o’clock it was time to go home before it started to turn dark, so I said my goodbyes and set off to walk home. Anita lived on a small winding lane on the edge of a lovely village, down the lane was a couple of nice pubs and before that a very pretty Cricket Green. I used to walk up the lane and turn left and take a short cut across the farm fields by the trail that led across to where I lived.

Where the trail starts

If I walked around the farm fields by the road it would take me about half an hour to thirty-five minutes, but if I took the small trail across the farm fields it was only about a mile so it would only take me about 15 minutes to get home, I had walked across hundreds of times and it didn’t concern me at all.

I noticed it was going quite dusk this time as it was now moving from late Summer and Moving into Autumn, but it was still very warm. I realized that I should have set off home a little earlier, I half thought of walking round and following the road but as I got to the trail I still decided to cut across the fields anyway, as I said it was something that I had done many times before on my own, but not quite this dusk.

I started walking up the trail and it suddenly seemed a lot darker than what I was really comfortable with and I felt a little nervous now, but again I thought that once I had passed the short wooded area it would lighten up a little. So I still decided to carry on and cut across the fields, after the wooded area to the right a little further along the field to the left was a thick hedge that ran along the whole length of the walk, It was varying in height from about waist to head high.

I started to stumble now a little on the uneven ground in the dusk and with the grass being about 4 inch high I couldn’t quite see the ground properly. It seemed to be getting darker by the minute and was now feeling quite concerned and wishing I had walked round, I did not feel that safe anymore.

I don’t know why I didn’t feel safe just because of the dusk, It was probably just a girly thing as nothing ever happened around here, even the police station closed at 6 o,clock and didn’t even open at the weekends anymore. If anyone needed the police we were told to ring Sheffield (the nearest City) or leave a message on the answer phone and they would get back to you on Monday…. Honest.

But on saying that, I was still telling myself that perhaps I should have walked round by the road after all.

My mind drifted to the strange story of what Anita had just told us about the dog and I was turning it over in my mind thinking of how disgusting the girl who did it was. I am quite frightened of dogs anyway, especially big dogs and if I was honest with you I didn’t like them at all. One thing is that they seem to shit all over, I also didn’t like the way they lick their balls and arse then lick you on the hand and make your hand wet (yuck) or worse still they even lick people’s faces, (disgusting) you get hairs all over your clothes and they sniff you in embarrassing places when everyone is watching and I just think they generally smell and make your house smell … I just decided there and then that I didn’t like dogs one bit at all.

About half way along and it seemed to be getting darker by the minute as I said and I was now seriously regretting not walking round when a deep menacing voice startled me by suddenly shouting “Hey you, what are you doing!”

I looked around quickly and saw two big men just the other side of the mostly hawthorn hedge, the hedge at that point had a low gap in it as the hedge undulated up and down and the ground at the other side of the hedge was lower than it was this side. I had to look down just a little as I saw two farmer looking men, one of the men was stood there with a half-cocked shotgun and the other with a big black and brown growling nasty looking drooling dog, half choking as the man held it back with the leash.

“I am just going home,” I said quite nervously.

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The men acted very aggressively and said “Well you are trespassing on our land” they both said together angrily, “you have no right to be here,” and the big dog was barking and straining at the leash and I was now terrified, the men carried on shouting at me and telling me off “if we see you again trespassing on our land again we will set the dog on you, do you hear.” My heart sank as he said, “Go back and walk round by the road as you should have done!”

I was well over halfway, maybe three-quarters way across the field by then. I can see the street lights of home in the near distance, now I have to go all the way back and all the way round. I was really annoyed but I was also scared of them and the dog so I just turned and started to walk back from where I had come from. I had only taken a couple of steps away from them when the other guy shouts nastily to me “Oy you, it’s okay, you can cross this time but we had better not see you walking over these fields again or there may be a price to pay” and both men sniggered and sneered as though they meant something quite sinister by that.

“Okay thanks,” I said being quite demure, although I knew full well I was allowed to cross here as there were signs with TPT Footpath on it (Trans Pennine Trail) on each side of the field, they were just horrible bullies.

I quickly went on my way expecting the men and the dog to be following me, but as I got to a small sleeper log bridge by the stream across the other side I looked round to see if the men were following, but they were nowhere to be seen although it was quite dark now so to made sure, I stopped and had a good look round for them, but thankfully they had gone.

As I was almost over the field there was a large gate that leads down to the farmhouse and I half expected them to be there waiting for me, just as I was approaching the gate I was feeling very nervous as I looked for them, I was relieved that it was clear and no one was there. The last bit was a cinder path that went through a little wood, the wood clears to one side and there is a small football pitch to the left where there are always young boys playing football, I hoped they were there but by now it was even too dark for them and the football pitch was quiet and dark.

Behind that was a few houses and the lane where I lived, I was so pleased and relieved to get home, I had learnt my lesson, I wouldn’t cross the field again so late.

This episode had terrified me and played on my mind for years afterwards as well. I have crossed there a few times after, but always in daylight and I have never thankfully ever seen the men with the dog again, but each time I am reminded when I pass the point where I met them.

As I said this must have been that strong in my mind that a few days later I had this horrid vivid dream which made me feel sick when I woke, I will now tell you the dream now….

I was suddenly dreaming that I was crossing the field in the dark again, but this time it was darker than it was before. I was telling myself off for finding that I was crossing the field in the dark again (although there was a bright full moon.) I had to pick my step because I was wearing high heels and I couldn’t help but stumble and trip along the uneven way.

When I reached the point where I had met the horrid men with the vicious dog, I stopped and looked round to the left as I remembered the men. I looked over the hedge to make sure they weren’t there and I was relieved that it was all clear. Then as I was just about to move on I suddenly noticed the big black dog standing alone to the front and right of me and about 10 yards off the trail, almost but not quite barring my path, it almost looked to me that the dog was waiting for someone.

There were no men there this time, just the dog. As I slowly walked nervously closer but trying to walk around the dog but I was getting hemmed in by the hedge. The dog was looking at me the whole time calmly, then the dog started moving slowly across to the trail that I was walking on and almost stood in front of me, as I got closer the dog started snarling and growling and now totally barring my path.

Where I met the Men and the Dream took place

The exact place where I met the men and the dog and where it was based on. It seems so different in bright daylight

I slowly searched into my small handbag and found a little bar of chocolate which I knew I had and I gently tossed some of it to the dog, the dog took a step to it and ate it, it pacified the dog a little but as soon as the dog had eaten the chocolate it looked up at me and started growling at me all over again. I kept tossed the dog a little more until I ran out of chocolate and when I couldn’t offer anymore the dog growled louder and became angrier. I was terrified that the dog was now going to attack me and I didn’t know what to do as there was no one around that could help or protect me.

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The dog was now crouching down in stalking mode and coming closer to me until it was almost upon me, It was going to attack me for sure and I was about to scream out in panic, but just as I was about to scream the dog grabbed the hem of my skirt with its teeth and the dogs mean eyes fixed on mine as it now started pulling and tugging on my skirt quite hard pulling me forward and tearing the bottom of my skirt. I grabbed my skirt with both hands and tried to pull my skirt off the dog but the dog growled at me louder and got very vicious so I let go of my skirt not wanting to rile the dog up any further. The dog seemed to me as though it wanted my skirt and was trying to pull it from me.

The dog was pulling me closer to it as it tugged hard, each hard tug made me take a little step forward so I unzipped my skirt quickly from the side and let the dog pull it off me hoping that the dog wanted my skirt for some reason and now would just perhaps be happy and run away with it in its mouth and maybe leave me alone and leaving me to walk home with no skirt on. (I have had that dream of walking home with no skirt or knickers on more than once before too.)

But once the dog had pulled the skirt from me it dropped it to the side of him, he then sniffed at it a little and then turned his big head back towards me again. This time reached up and started pulling on the bottom of my now loose blouse and tearing that too in an attempt to pull it from me. The dog tugged really hard almost bending me over towards him. I thought ‘maybe the dog wants to run off with my blouse instead’ so I started to unbutton my blouse so that it wouldn’t get ripped anymore then needed and that I could give it to the dog.

The dog stopped growling but kept pulling on my blouse, once I had undone all the buttons the dog at once seemed to know what he was doing and with my help, he quickly pulled my blouse off me. He again dropped the blouse to the side of him, sniffed at it noisily for a few second and while he did that I took a few steps back. The dog noticed and quickly raised his head and turned to look at me again in a menacing way. The dog it seems was still not satisfied, as I stood there in just my bra and knickers he again started to growl at me, he edged closer to me getting angrier as he got closer.

The dog stared at my breasts and bra and I felt that the dog wanted me to take my bra off now as well. I didn’t know what else to do to pacify the dog so I thought I would see if that stopped the dog attacking me, as soon as I put my hands behind my back and started to unclasp my bra the dog stopped growling and now started to look quite happy. For the first time the dog wagging his tail and licking its wet mouth drooling mouth, its large front paws started stamping up and down all excited encouraging me to carry on as though he was excited to see my breasts.

I unclasped my bra and I felt my breasts spring out free underneath, I slid my bra down my arms and taking it off I held my hand out and offered my bra to the dog hoping that it would finally be happy now and leave me alone, but again as the dog took the bra from me it just moved its head to the side and dropped it onto the grass giving it a few more sniffs then showing no real interest in it now like before with my other clothes. The dog again fixed its vicious eyes on me and started growling angrily at me again.

I didn’t really know now what to do for the best as the dog growled at me looking really vicious and started edging its way towards me again, I was in a panic, I was thinking the big nasty dog was going to attack and bite me this time for sure. The only thing I could think of was that it seemed the dog wanted me to undress even further and so I moved my hands to my knickers and I started to exaggerate the action of slowly pulling my knickers down hoping that this would calm the dog down as it had done before with the rest of my clothes, and to my relief it did, So I slowly carried on.

As I pulled my small panties further down over my hips then my thighs the dog instantly started looking happy again and as I slide my knickers down to my knees the dog looked happy and stamped his feet again all excited. I slid my knickers down my legs to my ankles and stepped out of them, taking them off and offered them to the dog. The dog took them from me gently from me with its teeth and like before dropped them to the side of him and this time he gave them a big noisy sniff for what seemed quite a while, unlike before where he had only given my clothes a passing interest after he had taken them from me. I was just hoping I could sneak off now and I slowly took a step, but the dog noticed me moving and instantly looked back at me with anger and I stopped in my tracks feeling frightened again.

I was concerned that I was completely naked now in the middle of a field apart from my shoes and my little white frilly ankle socks, I had never been naked before out in the open air in the middle of a field and I felt quite conscious over it. I could feel the warm balmy breeze of the summer evening very gently blow against my naked breasts and body and as I wondered what I would have to do now for the big nasty dog to leave me alone and go away, I had no more clothes to take off or to offer him.

Everything seemed so real and vivid as I slept including to me the feeling of nakedness, the warm summer breezes and also the cold terror. The dog then changes the angry look as his eyes move slowly as he stares at my naked body and he began looking quite pleased with himself wagging his tail a little and with his tongue sticking out panting. Each time the dog looked happy it was a great relief for me and although I didn’t feel quite as frightened as I did before, I was still very concerned as to how I could get away.

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The dog seeming happy and came towards me, much to my surprise he gently stood up onto its hind legs and it put one of its large front paws which was bigger than my hand on my shoulder to steady its self. The big nasty dog that was now taller than me looked deep into my eyes, then he seemed to study my whole face and looked at me like I imagined a space alien would inspect a specimen. The large powerful black and brown dog had such a big menacing head and it was staring right at me only a few inches away and looked into my eyes as though studying them, then his eyes slowly looked away scrutinising my entire face before looking back into my eyes. As I wondered what would happen next the dog slowly lowered his head but still looking deep into my eyes and never moving its gaze off me the whole time as his large head moved slowly down but now the expression on the big dog looked almost looking guiltily.

He slowly lowers his head until it is level with my firm breasts, they were very pert at the time, (but as I got older my breast became much fuller.) Then the dog stared and studied both my breasts for a moment before slowly moving his big mouth closer to them and he again looked up into my eyes almost as if he was wanting to see what my reaction to him would be, but what could I do? Then he tentatively and slowly started to lick the whole of my right pert breasts with its large wet slimy tongue and it felt horrible, but while he did this he never took his eyes off mine.

As I said the dog had a very large and wet tongue and he started to gave large wet licks to each of my pert breasts in turn, then after a little while the dog started concentrating on my nipples by doing tiny little firm licks. My nipples quickly started to stiffen and stick out with the attention being given to them. I felt a little silly stood in the middle of the field as a dog sloppily licked at my tits and now concentrating on my large nipples. My nipples have always been very sensitive and will stiffen and point right out at the slightest attention given to them. Even if they were being rubbed by a rough school blouse or something which could be really embarrassing when I was younger before a wore a bra…

The dog gains great confidence as he realizes that I am too afraid to object to what he is doing to me and he is soon engrossed in pulling and sucking and flicking my nipples with his doggie tongue and lips, sometimes now gently chewing and pulling on my stiff nipples with its lips like a lover would do and sometimes hurting them, sometimes teasing them and sometimes being very gentle with them while I stood there too frightened not to let the big dog carry on having its fun with my breasts and nipples.

This seemed to go on for quite a long time as the dog seemed fascinated with my young pert breasts. It was almost like a few months ago when I was with a boy who admitted that I was his first girlfriend, one evening I was happily letting him explore my breasts while secretly I enjoyed the sensations on my sensitive nipples and the naughtiness of the situation, my nipples almost exploded with the sensations as he sucked and licked and flicked at my nipples with his tongue and fingers for a couple of hours. While I was not enjoying it this time with the dog I tried to give the dog the impression that I did not mind him doing what he was doing, trying not to inflame the situation.

As my mind had drifted to the earlier time with a boyfriend for a while I suddenly snapped back into the present and as I looked down at the dog to re-examine the situation I felt and saw the dog now nuzzling and sucking on my nipples almost like a baby as I just stood there. I tried to rethink of something else to take my mind off what was happening like before, but I couldn’t now for whatever reason. I was just wondering how long this would go on for as it seemed to be going on for ages.

The dog suddenly stopped and I though thank heavens for that, he raised his large head and looked me in the eyes again looking quite guilty as dogs can sometimes do. He then dropped back down onto all fours again much to my relief and I hoped that he had enjoyed himself enough and would just go away now.

My now wet stiff nipples, in fact my whole wet breasts now felt cold even in the warm summer air because of the attention of the drooling dog’s wet mouth and tongue on them. The dog looking up at me leaning forward with his nose and started to sniff me at the top of my thighs around my private area and I backed off a little so that I was out of reach of his wet nose, he was just about to inch forward to do it again but I put my hands there hoping not to encourage him to do it again and I was thankful that he looked up at me but stopped and didn’t follow me and do it again unlike real dogs. The dog then visibly started to look me up and down and even started walking around me in a circle seemingly admiring my young well shaped naked body.

Then as he walked around and behind me for the second time the dog then suddenly surprised me and made me flinch a little by hopping up and standing back on to its hind legs again and I felt both its front legs and paws wrap around me and gripped my waist pulling me tightly into him.

I felt his soft warm fur all down my back and his breath on the side of my neck as the dog laid its large heavy head on my shoulder. The dog started to lick the back of my ear noisily but quite gently, after a few seconds the dogs drool dripped down the front of my shoulder and slowly dribbled down my front and down one of my already wet breasts and again it felt disgusting. The dog while nuzzling on my ear from behind then suddenly started pulling and pushing me seemingly in an attempt to make me bend over.

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I didn’t really want to do it so I resisted at first, but the dog started to growl nastily and loudly in my ear and I was worried that it would bite my face so I did as the dog wanted me to do and I slowly bent forward for him. I had to part my legs and put one foot slightly in front of the other to steady myself and keep my balance, then as I did that I bent over further for him as he wanted me to do for whatever reason.

I could feel now for the first time his heavyweight, he was a big heavy dog on my back and within a few seconds he was just too heavy for me, so I slowly got down onto my hands and knees with the dog never letting me go and he stayed on my back and clinging to me the whole time as I lowered myself.

As soon as I was down on to the grass on my hands and knees it felt much easier to carry the weight and the dog seemed really happy now as well. Again in my mind I was relieved he was happy with me and he wasn’t going to attack or bite me. I felt him release the grip of his large paws a little from my waist as he seemed to be now re-positioned himself on and behind me in what seemed to be a hopping manner and I was wondering what the dog was doing, or should I say was trying to do, I hoped that he was rather clumsily trying to get off me.

But no that wasn’t the situation at all, quickly as the dog finally stopped hopping about I felt and noticed that the big dog was now very slowly starting to pump and hump into the back of me. I was confused and I wondered what the dog was doing at first, but then as the big dog started gripping me tighter around the waist with its paws and I noticed that the dog started humping harder in a thrusting motion at my bottom. 

I concentrated my mind on what the dog was doing behind me and being quite shocked I felt my stomach sink as I realised now that the big dog was actually trying to fuck me from behind and my mind went straight to the obvious fact that I had no knickers on to protect my fresh and delicate little honey area, otherwise I could have happily let him, well as happy as I could be in this awful situation.

The first thing I thought was “oh my god, what can I do now to distract him” and my second thought seemed very silly now and that was ‘I had so little experience with boys doing this to me let along big ugly dogs!’ Of course I have had sex before, but only about 2 or three times and never on my hands and knees, although I don’t really know what difference that made, but I was sure that I was about to find out it seemed.

I stayed there on my hands and knees feeling so humiliated and I could now feel for the first time the dog’s very hard wet hard cock pumping at me from behind but thankfully with no real direction or aim thank Christ. For the moment the dog seemed to be happy at just pumping away at nothing really, well for now at least. (This of course is the first time that I had noticed that the dog had a hard on.)

A few long moments went by and I could now feel quite clearly the horrible dog’s wet cock humping and pushing against my bum and with a feeling of sickening dread deep in my stomach. I could tell that he was no longer satisfied at just humping and rubbing his cock around and against my bum area aimlessly, I could now instinctively tell his hungry hard cock was now searching for my innocent fresh little lou lou.

I felt terrible because I knew that I had no choice at all and I just had to stay there in that position on my knees and let him do whatever he wanted to do to me, even though I felt so humiliated and ashamed in what the dog was trying to do to me. Right now though even that seemed a better option than the dog attacking me and biting me all over and scarring my face and body, I was very frightened of that happening.

Again In the dream, I remember everything so clearly and vividly and my emotions were so real there living it for real, I could feel the panic and terror. In fact I could feel that I was so disgusted in letting the dog do this with me, but as I said if that’s what pleased him and he didn’t get angry and bite me I decided that I would just have to let the dog do what he wanted to do to me.

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The dog soon slid his large head right along the side of my cheek and I heard the dog gently panting happily as I concentrating with all my mind at what was happening behind me and of course more than anything else wondering and worrying where his big wet cock was going. I could clearly feel as he humped back and forth with his wet hard cock now pumping, bouncing and pushing around the upper spit around my bum and was really worried that the dog was going to fuck my bum.

Slowly I could feel as the moments went by that the dog’s hard cock was pumping and prodding closer and closer to my pussy area with each doggie thrust and that worried me even more. As I felt his cock prod and pump into my bum and pussy area I was getting sickeningly worried as I knew now it would only be a few more seconds before the dogs cock found its way right to my exposed vacant pussy and I couldn’t think of any way to stop the dog doing what he was doing.

The other thing was as I concentrated on what was happening behind me was that I also discovered I had another problem, quite a big problem. I could feel as the dog quickly slid his cock back and forth against me I could for the first time sense that now it was not only was the dogs prick very hard and excited but unfortunately it seems he had a very big cock indeed, and with that uppermost in my mind now I seriously started to worry and concentrate even more on what was happening behind me.

I felt the dogs big cock prod around hard as it missing its target, but I was very aware indeed that it was getting ever closer to its target, a few seconds later he was pushing his cock between the very top of my thighs and rubbing up against the bottom of my pussy, ‘oh my god’ I thought, I felt in despair as I felt the dogs cock stroke back and forth against my soft silky skin, it seemed so really long and thick now, I almost felt sick with worry and disgust on how this would feel inside me.

I had never really thought about this before, but the dog was taller and bigger than me as it stood on its hind legs, so because it was a very big dog, it had a very big cock to go with it, ‘why couldn’t it have been just a small dog’ I thought to myself ‘Just my bloody luck to be raped by a monster dog cock’ in both senses of the word I mumbled to myself in despair. This extra worry seriously seemed to heighten my concern, humiliation and utter shame. 

The dog now deliberately rested his large heavy head on the top of my head and he deliberately started pushed me face down into the grass and leaving me with my bottom and more importantly my pussy sticking up in the air for him and I sensed that the dog was telling me to open my legs further which I obediently did expecting his great big cock to be very soon approaching. I knew now that the dog had manoeuvred me into the perfect position to fuck me and that I had no choice but to endure the humiliation and pain and let it do what it wanted to do to me.

The big dog now started to hump his big cock around my bum and pussy with a new found vigour. I felt his cock slide back and forth across the top of my bum and back, the dog must have known that he was aiming too high and he lowered his cock further down searching for my pussy entrance, and then I felt it thrust and slide this time right across the slit of my pussy and I felt sick with worry knowing he has almost found where he wanted to be.

His big cock now was almost there in the right place and I thought to myself that the next time he would find the right spot surely, but again as I felt the dog pump his cock towards me it slid back and forth across my pussy again. He drew back once more and this time my heart sunk and I felt almost physically sick as I felt the dog’s hard cock push into and between my soft pussy folds.

The dog knew he had found the right place at last and was almost there, now he was getting more and more excited and almost yelping. The dogs cock pushed up right against me trying to push it into me now, but he was still not 100% right on the hole and my pussy was thankfully resisting the dogs slimy cock from entering me, but I knew the dog would get what he wanted in the next second or two and so I braced myself for my horrifying ordeal.

Maybe because of my great anxiety and humiliation that I was feeling that my little fanny felt so super sensitive  I could feel every little thing down and around there. The dog re -positioned his prick ready for the next thrust and this time I could feel it was in a perfect position, eagerly he gripped me tighter and pushed its cock firmly and harder against me trying to force it in and up me. I felt my small pussy lips being forced increasingly as the dogs large cock pushed even harder between them and against me, he thrust even harder still determined, and now very very slowly I felt his cock starting to win the battle as I felt my pussy lips very slowly start to peel apart and I groaned and squealed out in deep despair wanting to shout out for help from someone, but of course I didn’t as it would have been pointless.

Page 9

The large dog’s cock strangely seemed to be sliding into me in ultra slow motion. I could feel the dog’s hard cock pushing hard right up against my pussy hole, I tried to clasp my cheeks together helping my pussy resisted this monster invader. The dog now forced his cock even harder into me determined to get it up me this time and I felt his prick now forcing its way into me millimetre by ever so tiny millimetre and I almost wanted to burst out into tears and scream at such a disgusting and degrading humiliation of having to let a great big dog fuck me. I felt the very tip of the dogs prick part my lips, but my pussy still resisted and thankfully he redrew for a second only to thrust into me again.

I reluctantly raised my bum up higher now with dread I knew that the dog had me in the perfect position to fuck me

The ever increasing force of his prick pressing against me was now beginning to hurt my pussy and I cried and gasped out a little in pain and panic, I held my breath and braced myself again as the dog again forced his cock into me harder and then as the very tip very slowly slipped up me I felt my pussy lips suddenly stretch apart and give way under the force and pressure and as my pussy stretched and stung with a slight burning sensation I felt the first two inches of the dogs thick slimy cock suddenly slip up me and I uncontrollably gasped and squealed out loudly at the strong painful disgusting sensation. The dog gave out a sort of whine of pleasure and I instantly for the second time reluctantly squealed and groaned out loudly but this time in despair trying to hold back the sick feeling inside my stomach whilst at the same time groaning uncontrollably as I could feel the thick end of the large dogs cock filling the base and opening of my tight pussy.  

The dog was frantic with lust and again he quickly and eagerly takes a second to re-position himself behind me as I felt the thick tip of his slimy cock tight and just inside the ring of my pussy opening. It felt enormous and It was a totally disgusting feeling, I could feel my pussy lips and the very opening of my cunt fully stretched open by its thick cock and it felt so uncomfortable and tight. It wasn’t very far up me, but it was certainly far enough because ‘Oh boy’ could I feel it inside me and I knew worse was to come.

The dog’s paws gripped me tightly once again and I gasped again and braced myself once more as the big dog starts to push into me once more and I felt the dog thrust and start to push his large thick cock ever so slowly further up my tight little pussy.

I called and squealed out uncontrollably in despair and at the sensations as the huge thing moved inside me ‘Oh My God!, Oh fucking hell!!’ as I could feel every inch of his thick long cock forcing my pussy open from inside and sliding further up me, I gasped out as it felt so large inside me and again I couldn’t help but groan and cry out in almost a scream “Oh my god!” over and over again as he forced it up into me further and I could sickeningly feel it stretching and filling my whole pussy inside. It was the most degrading thing that I had ever felt and I wanted to burst into tears, but again I held it off… Just!

I could feel my pussy stinging as it was being forced open wider and wider as his cock got thicker at the base and as I felt the thick dog cock sliding up me I could feel every inch pushing up into my pussy and stupidly I now worried how far it would go into me and I brought my hands behind me pulling my cheeks apart hoping that would relieve the pain and sensation.

At that very point the dog starting withdrawing which gave me a little relief for a moment before the dog thrust his monster cock right back up me again forcing me to scream out “Oh my God!” again as I felt the huge thing stretch and fill my whole pussy again. I could feel the whole long thick cock inside my body as it slid back and forth in my pussy which made me cry, groan out and gasp out uncontrollably.

The dog withdrew and thrust up me hard about three or four times in quick succession and each time I gave out the most enormous groan and gasp of air, panting and trying to catch my breath from the filling sensation in my pussy and it brought water to my eyes which started to run down my cheeks from the intense sensation through my whole body, but particularity down between my open legs.

I could feel the whole length of his cock withdrawing back, then sliding all the way back up me again, making me groan uncontrollably at first from relief of the withdrawal then from the sensation of my whole pussy being stretched open wide and filled as he thrust into me again and I even tried to open my legs wider to hopefully relieve the sensation, but to no avail. Just as It started to get a little easier in my pussy as his slimy cock started to lubricate my pussy the dog started to fuck me harder and faster and this vastly increasing the awful degrading sensations in me as the dog was now getting into his rhythm in his fucking of me with its long thick cock.

With every deeper thrust I gasped and groaned uncontrollably as he filled my pussy with its huge wet dog cock and I groaned, cried and squealed out “on my god, oh my god” loudly from each humiliation thrust up me and the feeling of this large dogs cock sliding back and forth quicker and harder.

Page 10

I had my face pushed down into the grass with my pussy in the air, I was letting the dog fuck me with its huge thick cock and I cried out and I continued to squealed and groaned uncontrollably with each thrust into me and I was almost in tears with the humiliation and shame of it all.

The sensations of being fucked by such a long thick cock was incredible and it still hurt a little, I was thinking the dogs cock was going to split my cunt in two as I squealed and gasped at the huge slimy prick now fucking me with increasing depth and my hands now clawed at the ground pulling at the grass as I tried to relieve the sensation.

The dog was fucking me so hard with its big cock I was screaming out and gasping as I felt my pussy stretched open and full

The dog was fucking me so hard with its big thick cock that I was screaming out, gasping and groaning as I felt my pussy stretched open and full of his cock.

 The dog’s long thick cock started to pound me even harder and deeper and it felt ever so frighteningly big inside me that I brought my hands behind me again and I instinctively pulled my bum cheeks and pussy lips apart still hoping this would relieve the pressure and sensation inside me. I cried and squealed out even louder as the dog now started withdrawing his cock almost to the full and then thrusting it right up me even harder than before as now the dog got into his frantic excited fucking rhythm. This was a greater humiliation than what I ever thought it could possibly be. The big dog thrust up me harder and deeper and I was calling out and gasping for breath at the terrible sensations of having such a big slimy dog cock up me and fucking my pussy so hard.

I now tried to beg to the dog not to fuck me so hard but the thrusting from the dog got even harder and faster and I was now screaming at the hard banging that I was getting from the dog and my hands now beating back at the ground and I was clawing at the straw like grass pulling it out in big clumps.

This was the first time I had ever been fucked from behind and in this position on my hands and knees. In this position it seemed that it slid much deeper into me and I could feel the dogs cock so clearly, it almost seemed that its prick was pushing right up and into my stomach. I was screaming out at the brutal fucking that I was getting from the dog in its lustful passion, I was just beginning to think that my pussy was getting really sore with being stretched that I couldn’t stand the fucking much longer, I was gasping and screaming almost pleading for him to stop.

Then suddenly as the dog drew back in his thrusting he must have drawn back just a little too far this time and my tight pussy squeezed his prick completely out just as he thrust forward.  I felt it rub right across my pussy and between my legs under me, like a flash I thought that if I brought my thighs tightly together and gripped his huge cock between them while the dog slid his wet cock back and forth, I hoped that he wouldn’t notice and that the dog would think he was still inside me.

As soon as I did this the dog didn’t seem to notice the difference and still seemed to be very pleased. It worked like a charm, the dog thrust his very large cock between my tight thighs harder and faster. I squealed and groaned out loudly like before as if the dog was still in and up my pussy, I was so relieved he wasn’t. I could feel its fur on my bum as it humped me, strangely and mighty relieved I was not frightened now and it felt no bother for me for the dog to fuck me between my clasped closed thighs. Then I felt my stomach feel quite wet and something pressing on it so I dropped my head and looked under me.

For the first time, I saw this huge wet and bright red doggie cock as I gripped it between the very top of my thighs and pussy. ‘Oh my god’ I thought, the dog’s cock was enormous, and I could hardly believe that he had got it all into my pussy. The dog was thrusting fast and hard and as he was thrusting forward with its enormous cock it was pointing up and rubbing against my tummy making it wet with doggie pre-cum

Page 11

I looked at the huge red dog cock almost spell bound and it seemed to be getting even longer and thicker as it pumped away at me, It was bright red but now it seemed to be turning purple. The end of his cock was very wet and it was dripping and oozing constantly from the tip’ as I watched it for a few minutes the dripping cock seemed to become a dribbling and oozing cock as he got more and more excited.

I saw the long drooling dog cock sliding between my thighs

Suddenly the dog was panting short fast breaths right in my ear only stopping for a moment the dog noisily gulped and swallowed and then suddenly started panting loudly again. The dog was humping in very powerful thrusts into my bottom now with its cock gripped tight between my thighs and the dog humped with such power the thrusts bumping me forward each time, also the dog’s front legs was now gripped me harder around my waist pulling me harder into him, I had a feeling that the dog was not far from cuming at last.

Then the big dog started panting with frantic squealing howls so I squeezed my thighs tighter together around its pounding thick cock thinking that might help him cum quicker. The dog was pounding me so hard that I was ever so grateful and pleased that the dog’s huge cock was tight between the top of my thighs and not in my pussy although I could disgustingly feel the wet dog’s cock sliding right along my pussy slit and across my pussy.

The dog then started shaking and panting and almost gasping with very short gasping breaths as though he was very excited and thankfully I knew the dog was finally about to cum at last. I wasn’t wrong the big dog almost instantly then gasped and howled and I watched under me as the dog huge prick sliding between my thighs and pointing up and rubbing against my stomach shot great gushing long squirts of grey/white cum four or five times all over the underside of my tits and along my stomach, then down on to the straw like grass below me like a great big doggie cock hose pipe. 

Then the dog slowed and stopped humping into me as its now purple cock started to shrink back inside the dog to normal size then disappear. The dog acting now more like half-man and half-dog was still panting and slowly getting off me saying “Thanks, You can go now, If you want.” 

It was quite dark now but I could still see ahead of me from the moonlight for the first time in the whole ordeal, I got up and started putting my clothes back on, none of them was now ripped. I didn’t say anything I just started to walk away when I was almost fully dressed doing the final touches as I walked. The dog spoke calmly to me “you walk past here quite often don’t you, I have seen you, I will wait for you here in future if you like.”

I looked round towards the dog and he was now stood like a man but with a dog’s head with its elbow leaning against a thick post and his head leaning against its hand as if now bored.

I replied to him not wanting to wind him up now he was letting me finally leave “If you like,” but I was really thinking in my head ‘that he will be waiting a bloody long time.’ Then the dog replied to me “Well I also wait here for your friend Anita, she comes to meet me here on every other Thursday,.”

I was very surprised, even shocked that Anita came here to meet the dog, so I stopped and I turned to him, I asked him quizzically “You mean Anita comes here to meet you on Thursdays?…”

“Yes,” he replied calmly.

I had to ask, “And do you …. erm, do you .. do what you have just done with me?”

The dog replied again calmly and sounded a little surprised at me, “Of course…Why do you think she comes here?” then adding “every other Thursday for about 10 months now,” then pausing again for a second or two the dog asked me again “Perhaps you would like me to wait for you too on the Thursday that Anita doesn’t come here, could I?”

‘He was certainly keen’ I thought but I walked on without answering. I walked on for about a minute then I turned around hoping the dog was not following me. But the dog had gone, he was nowhere to be seen.

Page 12

Without fear now and totally calm I walked across the cornfield to almost the end where there is a small stream. I had a drink of water by putting my hand in the stream and cupping it up to my lips a couple of times. Then with my thirst quenched I made my way to the end of the field and through the edge of a small wood to the streetlights ahead and home.

Then I woke up from my horrible dream and I immediately felt disgusted, shocked and embarrassed at having such a horrid dream of having sex with a big dog, (big in both senses of the word.) I felt guilty as though I had done this for real, because it felt so shockingly real. I could even feel my pussy as though I had been having sex. I told you It felt so real and so vivid physically and in my mind. As the days went by I thought constantly about the horrid dream.

Of course, I realised it was just a combination of events that had led to the strange dream with a big ugly and smelly dog, I now realise that.

 I told the story, or should I say the Nightmare to Nat and he said, “Do you know what, once I had a dream that I was a dog in a dark field and I came across a really pretty young girl that was walking across the field there. I stripped the girl by growling at her and then I humped her from behind and on her knees as dogs do and the girl let me. To me it was a dream that felt ever so kinky.” He even suggested to me that we role playing both our dreams, I just couldn’t stop laughing at that thought.

He swore that it was true what he was telling me, but I don’t know whether to believe him or not. On saying that, once when we were just friends talking, he said to me “I dreamed about you last night,” the strange thing was I had dreamed about him too that same night, is that strange or what?

So I suppose it is possible for two people to have a similar dream at different times maybe? For one person a kinky dream and for the other person the same dream is a complete nightmare, but I am still not so sure if he is winding me up or not.

As an addition to the story, I went to the home of the work friend of Anita who had let her dog hump her leg, (I just had to, the curiosity was killing me.) I was amazed how nice she was, she was very pretty, funny and so well mannered with a very nice house, she was dressed very sexily, not frumpy as I had imagined in my mind’s eye. When we were invited into her home, she put her dog away in another room after introducing us to him of course, people are like that with dogs. I enjoyed the evening, I can understand how Anita had made a friend of her.

The other strange thing is, I have read now that a few girls have had similar dreams about having sex with a dog…  and it’s not as uncommon as I thought, as disgusting as it is.

If you have had a dream like this, let me know, I would be interested to hear it, I am sure that we all would.

The other thing is, I am amazed how much this story is being read, what a kinky lot you all are. Which lead me to think as the big dog said to me “maybe you will pass next time with Anita”….. To write a part two, of course this would be completely fictional.

Read part 2 on how I was forced to get on my knees and let the big dog fuck me

Read part 2 on how I was forced to get on my knees and let the big dog fuck me

Read part 2 now by clicking here > >> Disgusting dog pt 2 and see illustrations like these in full size.


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73 thoughts on “My Disgusting Dog Dream

  1. Really loved your story, did you cum while dreaming or were you playing with yourself, only had sex with a huge dog once it was amazing I just came and came.

    • I am sure that I fully explained that I thought the dream was disgusting. in fact the story is called ‘My Disgusting Dog Dream.’ So there was a little clue in the title. I also explained that as I woke up after the dream that I was disgusted about having the dream. I do not understand one little bit girls that enjoy dog sex, they are so Ugly smelly and drooly … YUkk .. But I am not here to judge, I am only here to recall the story I had.. Kiss kiss.

  2. angel lodging mor let’s start a club going adult sex with dogs and you i love your stories i keep my dog on my bed though the night i get excited and horny i play with a dogs cock can i get it all hard and i have him jump on top of me and put his cock inside me i love it i can feel it throbbing inside me stories I’ll tell you some as well your friend and fan hope yours

  3. Okay that gave me the creeps.. Most of the girls would probably react the same way i mean thats one hell of a scary dog. Would appreciate it if you can share a bit of your sex experience (and i’m not insinuating their bad dont get me wrong)

  4. Hey I had this dream I was in a room and there was a bunch of guys with dogs and they all went on me at once do you know the meaning? :/

  5. Amazing dream, you are wonderful. I’m impressed, how well you described it.
    I think that was a nice dream, not a nightmare ;)
    I admire You, that You were not afraid to write this in such detail.

  6. I really enjoyed this. I had a dream like this actually, except it was in my friend’s house, in the dream. He had told me that I was to come over and help him with some schoolwork, as a good friend, I did of course. Then, the dream faded and then returned to me being tied up to a bed post on all fours by a collar and leash, a big dog tied to the post as well, it was a vicious dog, growling and eyeing me down, tearing at my shorts with it’s teeth, almost playfully though.. So I took them off for it… and then well basically, ended up in the same way your dream did.

    • Hello Ann, I have had a few girls write to me now with similar dreams, non of them wanted to expand on their brief descriptions, or expand of how they actually felt within the dream.
      But thanks Ann for letting me know, and if you could expand a little or a lot more we would all appreciate it.

  7. WOW!!!

    Okay, just read this (part one) and I thought it was really weird at first.
    I was like…how the hell can a dog rape this girl on it’s own, sucking her breasts like a man? Where are the big, scary men that should be holding her down and laughing at her while they guided the dog in?
    But, when I got to the end and discovered the dog could talk, and pose like a man with maybe a human body, it made perfect sense and I was totally blown away by the concept!
    I’m a 40 year old school teacher from Devon, and I began to write down my fantasies a couple of years ago, which involved me being blackmailed by my pupils into being their sex slave at a party, before being forced to get my sister involved, (whom I don’t get along with in real life) which culminated in her being roughly f##ked by a Great Dane..! I was going to bring her teenage daughter into it next, but haven’t got around to it yet…
    I called it ‘Secret Diary Of A Blackmailed School Teacher’ and used our real names because it gave me a thrill to think of the possibility of one of my pupils, or colleagues from my school, or even my sister or my niece stumbling across it!!! (I really do have a thing for being blackmailed)

    Anyway, I thought I was doing alright, breaking a few taboos, until I just read this….The anticipation of the dogs cock finally finding it’s way inside the girl’s pussy was inspired!

    Gotta go to bed now…but will read part 2 when I finish work tomorrow :)

  8. I love your story it turns me on part two, u should be fucked in the pussy and face and fucked damn hard. I love your stories.

  9. That was a beautiful story to read, I have a question for you. Was this only a dream which you had, or did you do that in real life. I was just amazed to read your story and very curious to find out if you would really do that in life.
    So thank you very much for your story. Hope to hear more from you and your stories.

  10. Wow. As if it wasn’t strange enough that this was so similar to a dream I had but you also live in my neibouring city :S. That’s quite freaky.

      • Well I was still in school when I had this dream. In it I was making a documentary about beastiality & was even partaking in certain acts myself. It was quite a few years ago now so my memory on it’s abit vauge but I can remember a couple of acts involving a blowfish (don’t ask) & a german shepard. The dog had me on all fours, taking me from behind. Now I’m not gay, but the idea of this just turned me on so much. I felt dissgusted with myself & yet I would masturbate to the thought of it for weeks after :-( x x

        • Thanks for writing that for me Alfie, I really appreciate. I was totally surprised by the outcome, very different from what I imagined that it would be when you first told me of it. Nat told me his dream and he was the dog, Three dreams on the same subject and all very different, very interesting too.
          I don’t want to put too much of the site in to beastiality as its not a subject that I am interested in at all, but this dreaming of being involved within beastiality, almost against your will is fascinating the hell out of me.. If anyone else has had this type of a dream, please tell me about it.

          • I’d be happy to discuss it in depth over an email if you wish. It’s not exactly something I relished getting off on but the memory stayed with me x x

        • so you going to fuck the dog again and then you have the dog suck your cock so it gets stuff so you can slide your cock inside your dog and make it and cum inside him and watch his cock good hard sucking off enjoy it while you can i love it ronaldo scores to all the time with my dog i still have in my bedroom i play with his cock 3 cums in my hand

    • Alvin, why don,t you read part 2 and give me a more in depth description of what you have in mind, then I will write it around what you would enjoy, then you could have both Anita and myself at your mercy.. Are you kinky enough?

        • Hello Alex and thank you for the complement. This was just a dream I had, In part 2 it is just a story I wrote, the opposite of a fantasy, I was just letting my darks side escape if you like, but I didn’t write it for anyone, I invited people to give me idea’s and some people did, you can too if you like… That is, if you dare ;-)

          • That was a very interesting and quite random but very kinky and kind of disturbing story. But it did kind of turn me on which is kind of weird considering I have never been one for beasyality.. I’m not quite sure if I want too read part 2. Now I’m a freak a real freak. I have tried and do many things as far as sex, spanking, bdsm, lots and different types of four play, pain, mixed with pleasure and the list goes on but yes very good story Angle maybe I’ll share some of mine with you one day.

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