(On the Farm)

By Nat Cham and Angel
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On the Farm … Finished, 17.29 pm ……….5th July 2014

I wrote this originally for Angel when I was away, later she helped me write it

I was working on the farm in Somerset during the summer to earn some extra cash. The Farm had a stables and an orchard and I was picking apples for cider making, that’s where I met 2 girls that were working there too. They were called Julie and Angel,  Angel was the one I really fancied although Julie was very nice too and there wasn’t much in it between them, although to be honest they were both a little too young for me, but they were both so cute. When I finally plucked up the courage to speak to Angel she turned out to be a right stuck up little madam and she gave me a real hard time;, in the end I walked away from her because she made me feel really silly, stupid and small, all I really wanted to do was get to know her.

I could hear them giggling at me as I slunk away feeling really humiliated. Anyway a couple of days went by and on this particular hot Summers day I was working with the farmer near the vats of cider and the two girls Angel and Julie walked by. The farmer starts talking to the girls who seemed to be in high spirits laughing and joking. The farmer offers the girls some refreshment and pours the two girls a large glass of cold cider even though they were technically speaking still schoolgirls.

The days were hot and long and we had all been working hard all day. The girls gulped down the sweet sharp refreshing cider and I could see the sweat running down their silk like skin and dripping off them, and god the both of them looked so fucking sexy.

This time Angel seemed fine and she told me her name was Angel which I already knew by now of course. She had come down for a few weeks in the school holidays to help with the harvest and earn an extra few quid too. She told me she and Julie were both there last year at school and looking forward to college in a few weeks time. She told me she came from Dorset which wasn’t that far away, 70 miles maybe. She had come with her parents and her brothers and sisters. She had met her friend Julie there a year earlier and struck up a strong friendship, keeping in touch the whole year through..

I had thought that they were sisters as they were both blonde and they both looked so much alike,, they both dressed really sexy with short skirts and low cut tops flashing there ample breasts.

The more I spoke to her the more I really fancied Angel,, but she didn’t seem to like me at all and even though she was chatting to me this time she still seemed really posh, stuck up and aloof. Well the girls drank another large glass of cold cider each and then they cheerily went back to work just to square things up for the day.

I went to work in the stable with the farmer just to move a couple of things ready for the following day before I knocked off too. We were working on the upper floor where they kept the lifting gear and as we were there the two schoolgirls Angel and Julie came in to the stable really loud and boisterous from the effects of the cider.

They both started patting, stroking and saying nice things to the ponies that were there. Angel noticed that one of the ponies was getting an erection and both the girls giggled and laughed at the ever growing black and pink pony’s penis. Angel laughs and tells Julie, “I have that same effect on all the boy’s too,,”

“Oh you big head,” Julie laughs with her.

Then Angel says, “God it’s getting so big,, I dare you to touch it,” adding “that might make it even bigger.”

Julie looks very surprised at what Angel had just said to her but replied in a double dare “I will, but only if you touch it as well after” .. “Okay” Angel replied with a pause,, “go on then, you first.”

Julie bends down on to her knees and reached out her hand slowly and tentatively giggling all the time and then tentatively started stroked the tips of her fingers along the growing shaft of the pony’s prick.

Getting more adventurous Julie now wrapped her finger around the pony’s black and pink cock and started rubbing it a little more.

Angel gasps and naughty asks her, “are you wanking it off?” although of course she knew the answer.

Julie replies with “I can feel it getting harder in my hand” She said quietly.

“What’s it feel like” asked Angel really inquisitively.

“It feels very nice” replied Julie, “hard but soft, it feels like hard rubber under with soft rubber on the outside.”

As the ponies cock got bigger and harder the girls laughed even louder.

“Here, feel it for your self” Julie said to Angel. So Angel like Julie very slowly and tentatively took the pony’s thick cock in her hand and started fondling it. Then reacting similar to July as she became more confident and inquisitive she started rubbing with longer strokes until it looked like to us that she was wanking the pony off too: “God it’s still getting bigger” Angel with bright eyes giggles and the girls laughed together some more.

After a while of them sharing the pony’s stiff cock Julie dares Angel to go a step further, perhaps it was the cider they had been drinking as she presses Angel “go on I dare you to kiss it,..” Then Julie corrects herself and squeals excitedly “No I dare you to suck it instead. .  I dare you; I dare you” Julie squeals more excitedly by the second to Angel.

“NOoooo” Angel squeals out in hysterics adding; “Julie you dirty little bitch, how could you say such a disgusting thing,,,”

“Oh go on Julie urges,, just see what the pony’s cock feels like in your mouth.”

Angel squeals and giggles at her and says to her again; “only if you do it too then.” Julie replies, I will do it too, but only if you do it first, It’s your turn to do something first.”

Angel looks at Julie for a while with a big cheesy grin wondering whether to take her up on her dare.

“Oh go on” Julie urges her again,, “don’t be such a scaredy cat, No one will see you.” .. ‘Oh if only she knew’ I thought to myself.

Angel looks to be taking on the dare as she slowly lowers her mouth to the tip of the pony’s long thick cock, then at the last moment just as I think she is about to do it she backs off saying, “NO I can’t, I just can’t” she laughs at Julie telling her, “you are such a dirty mare making me do this,” she squeals.

Julie laughs and urges Angel on telling her; “Oh go on, just do it;” and Julie laughs again adding, “I bet you have done it loads of times with your boyfriends.”

Angel laughs again telling her, “You are so disgusting,” and then adding “but this is a pony cock, and god I have never seen a Willy so big as this”

I and the farmer couldn’t believe our eyes and ears as we lay amongst the hay looking down at them. Angel still rubbing and staring at the pony’s cock now gets closer and more comfortable on her knees and pulls the huge thing towards her mouth where she just inspects it for a while. I am thinking to myself ‘fuck me, she is going to do it.’ While at the same time Julie bends down on to her knees besides her to get a better angle at look.

Then Angel slowly sticks out her tongue and bends her head towards the pony’s cock and tentatively licks the tip of it, just gently flicking her tongue across the very tip. then she pulls her head away and I could see she was thinking to her self and considering what it taste like. Julie stares at her intensely with big round eyes but says nothing, she just looks. Then after a few seconds Angel licks her lips and edges closer to the pony and this time she kisses the tip of the pony’s cock then feeling braver she then opens her mouth and bravely takes the pony’s cock in to her mouth and slowly starts to suck on the tip of the ponies huge prick until it fills her whole mouth.

Julie, (including me and the farmer) gasps at the sight of Angel being so naughty and actually doing the dare, telling her “Oh my god angel, you are so brave and clever.” As Angel sucks on the tip of the horse’s prick. Julie now joins in and starts rubbing her hand up and down the shaft at the same time as though wanking the pony while the end of its prick is in Angel’s mouth as she sucks on it.

Then Angel starts moving her head up and down the huge cock the best she can and sucking it harder as her mouth slides along the pony’s shaft. Both the girls were so engrossed in what they were doing with the pony they never noticed us watching them from up above.

After what seemed quite a while Angel stops sucking and takes the pony cock out of her mouth, she rises up panting and gasping out of breath and says with such an innocent look on her face, “It was fine, here try it, it’s your turn to suck it now.”

The girls change places and Julie now on her knees moves closer to the pony and gives a little cough, then calming herself she then slowly opens her mouth and with the pony’s hard cock in her hand she slowly feeds his cock in to her mouth; she wraps her lips around it tentatively and I could see her lips twitch as she feeds it right in to her mouth and starts sucking on it as Angel now watches her with a little smile.

Now its Angels turn to urge her on, saying to her, “go on slide your mouth up and down on it, give the pony a blow-job.” Julie does as she is told and she slowly now starts to slides her mouth up and down on the animals hard prick. Angel now rubs her hand up and down on the pony’s cock and now starts wanking it off as Julie sucks on the end of it.

Angel tells her “it feels really naughty and kinky doesn’t it” and Julie moves her eyes to look at Angel and she nods her head with little nods.

I could see the girls were really enjoying their fun with the pony and they got really carried away as they both took turns to suck and rub the huge pony cock, after about 10 minutes or so the horse now seemed really uneasy and Angel turns to Julie and says “I think the pony is enjoying it don’t you, but we had better be careful I think he is ready to cum or something.” ..

“Oh do you think so; really, …do you,” said Julie looking excited; Julie then excitedly adds, “wow, let’s see what happens then if we rub its cock harder., lets both rub the pony cock together and make its cock cum, I want to see it, don’t you” and Angel gives her a smile and nods her head.

Angel quickly runs round to the other side of the pony and grips both her hands by the side of Julie’s hands on the pony’s cock and both girls get a good tight grip on the pony’s huge cock and they smiled as they wanked the pony really hard together in unison.

The girls with big smiles both eagerly rubbed the pony’s prick with long strokes as both their eyes fixed on the pony’s stiff throbbing cock.

Sure enough within about a couple of minute the horse give off a Niggghhhh and a large gush of seaman squirts out of the cock and splashes on the hay below, then another huge squirt and then another.

The girls squeal out with delight “fucking hell, look at all that” they laughed as the pony squirts and squirts huge loads of cums all over the floor. The girls still rubbing hard as the last of the seaman dribbles out, and Julie shouts, “Wow that was just so much fun wasn’t it, lets wank off another one of the pony’s off shall we,” and they both look around hurriedly for another pony.

Chapter 2

The farmer says to me “Shhhh follow me” and he quietly get up and we make our way down off the ledge by the stairs by the back wall that leads to the ground floor where the girls are. I have got one hell of an hard on watching the girls, I remember thinking what bloody good stuff that cider was, we will have to give them more of that.

We creep down the wooden stairs at the back of the stables to see both the girls giggling and kneeled down by another pony. Julie was really keen and she was already fondling the next pony’s cock trying to make it grow longer, soon the pony was getting a hard on and the girls were squealing with delight as the pony’s cock quickly grew, “Wow, oh my” said Julie, look at that, this one is getting even bigger than the one before, this one must be the biggest.” The eyes of the girls were fixed on the cock of the pony as Julie starts to bend forward and she starts cheekily kissing then licking the end of the pony cock, She does this for about a minute or two before she starts to open her mouth and starts sucking on it.

Angel watches her as Julie now eagerly sucks on it, suddenly after a minute, she takes the pony cock out of her mouth and says “I have had an even naughtier Idea” and she quickly stands up and starts pulling her knickers down over her bum and down her legs.

“What are you doing” asks Angel with frown on her face.

“Taking my knickers off” says Julie stating the obvious.

Angel asks in shock “Oh god what on earth are you going to do ….. Surly you are not…. Are you?”

Julie just smiles at Angel saying nothing, then Julie kneels down eagerly and grabs the pony’s large cock, she leans back and on one knee she opens her legs quite wide and guides the pony cock between her legs and starts to rub the end of the pony’s cock across her pussy whilst making little soft ‘Mmmm’ sounds, sliding it back and forth across and between her moist pussy lips.

Angel is in total amazement as she watches Julie, Julie looks to her with a look of immense pleasure in her face and gasps out “Oh that feels so good Angel, come and try it.”

Aherm coughed the farmer, the girls instantly jumped up with a fright, “having fun with my ponies are you?” said the farmer, and the girls instantly turned white with the shock of being caught playing and wanking off the ponies.

“We was just err er, we thought … Oh fuck” Angie stuttered obviously trying to think of something to say. The farmer smiled “You don’t have to say anything, we know what you have been doing we have been watching you the whole time” Both the girls gulped at the very same moment, their little faces looking so innocent and turning paler and paler by the second.

The Farmer carried on “so what would your parents say if we showed them the photos we have just taken of you.” and he holds up his mobile phone that of course has a high quality camera on it. The girls faces turned from deathly white to bright crimson red, the farmer walked up to the girls and said to them in a low calming voice, “of course they don’t have to see the pictures” and with that he opened his trousers and showed them his long stiff and hard prick, “now if you rub these for us, we won’t show your parents these pictures that I will print out in high definition and tell them  that they was posted through my door.”

Julie instantly almost in a panic said “if we do that, do you promise not to show them” … “of course we would promise, don’t we Nathan” said the farmer turning to me. “Oh we promise” I said walking and coming close to the girls.

I was amazed when Julie said “Well we have no choice then do we, we will have to it” and she amazes me even more as without prompting she reaches out and starts feeling and fondling the farmer’s hard prick.

“Heaven, this is so easy” I thought and I open my trousers for Angel to do the same for me, and god my prick was rock hard, “Come on then” I said to Angie, now she is very slightly the younger of the two schoolgirl friends and a little more hesitant, so I thought I would give her a little prompting “you don’t want us to show your parent the pictures do you?”

“No” she said solemnly, and she slowly raised her arm and took my hard prick in her hand and she started to gently fondle it. Angel wasn’t as keen as Julie but she was rubbing her small hand up and down my shaft all the same, slowly but surly she started to rub a little harder and a little faster and I could hardly breath for the total bliss that I felt.

After a few minutes I decided to push my luck,,, “Come on” I said to her take it in your mouth, and she shook her head, “No I am not” she told me, but I wasn’t taking no for an answer, “come on” I said a little firmer “you did that with the pony, as your mum will see if you don’t start sucking on it.” She looked at me with a serious angry frown then slowly and reluctantly she raised up on to her knees and moved her mouth towards my waiting hard aching cock.


As she opened her mouth I wrapped my hand around the back of her head and I gently pulled her head closer and I guided my cock in to her tender waiting pink wet mouth, and that felt fantastic as I felt her warm wet mouth starting to close and wrap and suck on my hard prick, slowly her head started to slowly move up and down on my prick as Julie and the farmer watched Angel sucking and working her lips down my prick deeper and deeper as she sucked.

The farmer now has Julie up on to her knees and he pulls her close to him and he makes her suck on his prick too. I can hear Angel making slurping noises as she sucks on my hard shaft. As Angel sucks I slowly start to fuck her mouth, pushing my prick deeper and deeper in to her fresh young pink mouth and I wrap my hands around the back of your head I start pulling her down on to my rampant hard prick, as I thrust deeper in to her mouth I can now feel my prick nudging the back of her soft throat.


I suddenly stop and slide my cock out of her mouth and I start to remove her blouse and then her bra and reveal her large firm breasts and I fondle them for quite a while, I enjoyed feeling the firm plumpness of them, then I lean on her pushing her backwards so that she lays back down on to the hay. She looked a little puzzled at me, until I slide my hands up her skirt and I start tugging and pulling her knickers down, she looks at me and says “please, please don’t do that” but I just look her in the eyes and say “you don’t have any choice do you.” and she says nothing. I pull on her knickers and slide them down her legs and take them off her. The farmer and Julie looks from the corner of her eye over at us as I toss her tiny knickers to one side.

I move over her and I lay down on top of Angel moving myself between your legs and forcing her legs open, I remember thinking “god I am going to give this young stuck up bitch one hell of a fucking” I grab her legs and pull them up. Angel starts saying “no, please don’t” just as my cock starts to feel around in the folds of her soft pussy. I ignore her and start pushing my cock in between the folds knowing that I am right on the button and I push hard in to her.

I feel the tight resistance of her pussy lips against my prick so I push harder and suddenly Angel squeals out right at the moment that I feel my prick sliding up her pussy. I gently withdraw my prick a little, then thrust it up her tight pussy hard and again Angel gives out a squeal then a half second later she gives out a groan as my prick slides much further up her pussy and I feel my prick sliding up her in one hard thrust, She groans out loud as I grunt at the tightness of her young pussy gripping my hard prick.

The farmer has now the same Idea and has pushed Julie to the ground as well right by the side of us and suddenly I can hear Julie squeal out too as the farmer climbs on top of her and forces his prick up her in turn.


As my prick slides up Angel’s pussy for the first time the feeling is out of this world and a totally fantastic feeling. I slowly withdraw and push my hard prick up her again pulling her legs up higher and she groans out again, I have good access to her pussy and I now start to pump harder and fuck her, each time I thrust in to her I can hear squeal out a little more.

I pull my hands under her and start to fuck her harder and with every thrust her young body moves up and her tits start to bounce up and down. I start to fuck her harder and each time I increase the pounding of her pussy she squeals out and gives a gasp.

Me and the farmer are now fucking both the girls side by side which seemed really kinky and I can hear the farmer grunting as he pounds away at the young girl under him, suddenly after only about five minutes I hear the farmer groan out loud, then he stops and lays there on top of the girl panting, the farmer must have finished I thought as he gets off Julie.

After a few minutes rest the farmer pull Julie over to him and tells her “you haven’t finished yet and makes her start to suck his cock again, Julie reluctantly sucks the farmers cock as the he watches me fuck Angel and fuck her hard.

I was fucking Angel for about 20 minutes now, I was right up for it and the farmer waiting suddenly says to me, “Come on let me have a go with her”

“Well okay” I pant, and I stop and get off Angel. The farmer quickly takes my place and forces his way on top of her and between her legs. I hear Angel sigh and I could tell that she wasn’t happy about what was happening with her “No stop, I don’t want this at all, this not fair” but the Farmer takes no notice and he pushes his prick roughly in and up her pussy and quickly starts to fuck her even though she still protests.

I in turn push Julie down besides them as she tells me very angrily “this is the last one and the very last time I am going to be fucked, we didn’t agree to this” I push my way between her legs and start searching for her pussy with my prick. This time it is much easier to enter her as the farmer had cum up her, my prick just slides up nice and easy and again me and the farmer are pounding both the girls’ pussies.

The farmer is grunting out loud as he fucks Angel and I can hear the both of them groaning at every thrust, after 10 minutes or so the farmer pounding Angels pussy hard suddenly starts again groaning out loud and fucking Angel harder almost in a frenzy, Angel Is squealing like hell from the hard fucking and suddenly he collapses on top of her panting and wheezing.

I am still pounding away hard at Julie as the farmer gets off Angel and starts wanting her to suck his prick, but I had unfinished business with Angel.

“No” I say to him “let Julie do that, I haven’t finished fucking that stuck up bitch yet” so the farmer smiles as he moves to one side as I get between Angel’s legs again. As I shove my prick up her wet cummie pussy to start to give her a deserved hard fucking. I plunge my prick in to her and start pounding my prick in to her straight away, She groans and squeals and gasps as I fuck her as hard as I can, “you are going to take this fucking all afternoon” I tell her, I pull her legs up higher and push her knees right back and the sound of my slapping balls fills the air as I fuck her so hard, I notice the farmer and Julie just sat watching me fuck her as angel bites your lip at the pounding she is taking.


I suddenly stop and take me prick out of her and slide my prick to your exposed bum hole, She know instantly what I am going to do and she screams and struggles wildly “No No, not there” I take no notice and I start to push my prick in to her bum hole, but it is really tight and won’t go, I hold my prick in my hand and push really hard, Angel screams out almost in a panic and suddenly I can feel her bum hole start to give way under the pressure and again she screams, I push even harder and I can feel my prick slowly going in and she screams out in little sharp bursts as she feels it slipping in, suddenly I can feel my prick sliding deeper up her arse hole and she squeals out gasping and pleading with me to “stop” as the smiling farmer is saying, “go on fuck her, fuck her up her arse hard.”


I now start thrusting in to her and fucking her up the arse and with every thrust my prick slides up her deeper and I can hear her half squeal and half groan out louder, still pleading with me and gasping “NO PLEASE DON’T, I will do anything else willingly if you stop”

But I am enjoying myself too much and I am fucking her up the arse harder and harder, she squeals out and groan as I pound her arse and I am loving it, “take this you little bitch” I keep saying to her as I continue to fuck her hard. The farmer watching me make Angel suffer for her rudeness, tells me “Nat, get her up on to her hand and knees.”

The farmer tells her “you said you would do anything else willingly,

“Yes, Yes” said Angel, “Anything, else, I will let you do it willingly.”

“So do this for us then, or we will both fuck you up the arse”

The farmer man handles her on to her hands and knees, and makes her walk that way over to the side of one of the ponies.

“Now make the pony’s cock hard, we know you know how to” said the farmer and Angel raises her hand to the horse and she starts to fondle around the ponies cock area, within seconds the pony’s cock starts to grow. The farmer then makes Julie go to the pony by her right hand side and tells her to do the same with that one saying, “Wasn’t you the one that was really keen to play with the ponies.”

Julie just gave him a black look, but said nothing.

And both girls start fondling with their respective ponies cocks, as the pony’s cocks grew and got really hard the girls did what was natural with them and started rubbing their hands up and down the shafts of the ponies, wanking them off.

The farmer went over to Julie and told her, “now what did I hear you say before I so rudely interrupted you, did you say you liked the feel of its cock around your pussy, well we are going to help you” The farmer tells the girl to turn round, so that she and the pony was in line and pointing the same way, “no, no I don’t want to” Julie protested, “I didn’t want the pony cock inside me or anything like that, it’s so huge.”

But the farmer was having none of it and he man handles the girl on to her hands and knees in front of the pony and the pony as if seeing an opportunity is easily guided forward in to place by the farmer.

As if for the job there was a bench in front of them with staggered levels, the pony hopped its front hoofs up on to the higher one and Julie was on a lower level but the ponies rear hoofs on the ground, putting the pony and its cock in the perfect level, line and position behind her.

The farmer tells Julie, “now open your legs for him,” and again she protests. The farmer losing patience and tells her as a warning, “I still have the photo’s of you, you know,” and with a girlish growl she gives a nervous “Ohhhhhhh noooo” and opens her legs.

“Wider” said the farmer, “it’s a big un” and as Julie opens her legs wider the farmer grips the ponies cock and guides it to the entrance of the young girls pussy,

“Now brace yourself and lean back on to it” the farmer tells her and reluctantly, very reluctantly she does as she is told telling the farmer, “you had better do it very slowly then”

Now to be honest, Julie’s pussy was wet from the farmers cum and had it pounded by the both of us so it should be a lot easier for her.

As she slowly backed on to it and the farmer encouraged the pony to move a little forward I could see Julies face wince and her mouth drop open with the sensation of feeling the ponies thick cock slide in to and up her pussy, “Oh my god” she squeals out “oh my god, oh my god” she repeated it a higher pitched tone as she backed a little further on to it, “Ahhhhh” she squeals again, her mouth wide open as she feels it slowly slide right up her, again she squeals out “oh my fucking god, it feels fucking huge” and the pony started to thrust his thick pink cock in to her in little short sharp thrusts and Julie gives out sharp almost ear piercing squeals each time the pony thrusts up in to her.

The farmer seeing her gasp and squeal gives me a nod and I knew instantly what to do, I get down on my knees in front of Julie just slightly to one side of the front raised part of the pony and I griped Julie’s head and pushed my cock in to her opening gasping mouth.

“Suck it” I demand and Julie instantly starts sucking whilst at the same time gasping as the pony fucks her from behind.

The farmer turns his attention to Angel and tells her, “Come on I want you to wank your pony off,”

“Okay, okay I am” she tells him.

“Yes” said the farmer, but I want you to do it with your mouth” 

“Oh” she says solemnly.

Luckily for me they were both right in my line of sight. Angel moves her head closer to the pony and giving its cock a good inspection she eventually starts to lick the end of the pony’s cock, until the farmer tells her, “come on suck it,”

Her eyes glance over to him then she opens her mouth wide and starts sucking on the end of the pony’s relatively thin, but long pink cock.

 The farmer watches her for a minute, then moves behind Angel and getting down on to his knees guides his cock towards her, as she feels him probing her pussy Angel instantly looks behind her to him and pulling the pony cock out of her mouth and with a frown she asks him “What the hell are you doing”

“I am going to fuck you again” he says with a smile.

“God” she says with a sigh, “haven’t you had enough yet”

But the farmer looks at me saying, “well it’s not every day you get to fuck two schoolgirls is it, not at my age anyway”

“Not at anyone’s age” I tell him

He guides his prick in to position, then grips her hips grips and starts to fuck her pussy from behind, he also wraps his hand under her and starts to rub and flick her clit at the same time.

The farmer starts to fuck Angel hard, his rough hands under her teasing her clit as he pounds her, he is groaning wildly the whole time. I watch as the wet soft mouth of Angel sucks the ponies cock as the farmer fucks the young Angel Helen at the same time both her holes filled from each end.

I can hear the farmer’s balls slapping against her and as I fuck the mouth of Julie my balls are slapping against her chin as I grab her hair and fuck her mouth harder and deeper. I can hear sloppy noises coming from her pussy and her mouth as both me and the pony fuck her without mercy and Julies screams, squeals and groans have become much calmer as her pussy must have stretched and she has became more accustomed to the thick cock, but even so she still loudly squeals out almost un-controllably as the huge pony cock slides back and forth in her.

The farmer unknown to me is alternating between fucking Angel’s pussy and fucking her up the arse without her complaining now, whilst the farmer is still rubbing and flicking her clit the whole time.

I start to see Angel shudder and groan loudly, different than she did before, the farmer thrust in to her hard and Angel is sucking hard on the pony’s cock, so much that I see her saliva making the ponies shaft wet and glisten.

Suddenly I can feel my prick tingle and I know I won’t be long before I cum, so I fuck Julies mouth with long hard and deep strokes thrusting my prick in to her throat whilst the pony fucks her from behind, her whole cunt being pounded and filled by the ponies thick cock, I can hear Angel too panting like crazy and groaning loudly as both girls are fucked from both ends by either man or pony.

Angels tits and her whole body is shaking with the hard trusts of the fucking from the farmer, She groans out louder, it’s almost a shout and her body starts to writhe and shake. The farmer rubs her clit harder with his rough finger.

She is on the brink of cumming then she gives out one loud groan as she bucks and shakes and screams the best she can with a mouth full of cock, the farmer holds her hard and carry’s on fucking her. The farmer is suddenly groaning out as he cums up her again.

Then in perfect timing I see a large gush of Cum running out of her mouth, But Angel doesn’t back off, as she shakes and groans in her orgasm she bounces her head and mouth up and down the long shaft as she wanks the pony’s cock fast and hard with her hand and her head and mouth sliding as deep as possible down the pony’s shaft as cummm oozes down her chin and on to the floor.

The Pony whinnies and thrusts in to julie really hard nudging her forward deeper on to my cock, then it suddenly stops and I assume the pony has cum. Seeing all this excitement I hold Julies head tight as I can feel myself cumming in her mouth, Julie tries to pull away as I cum, but I hold her tight and thrust in to your mouth hard and deep and I can feel spurt after spurt cumming in to her mouth and  a few moments later I can see cum running down her chin as I thrust deep….. Suddenly I let her go and with draw and sit we all fall to the floor panting…….

“That was fucking brill” I say, “Yes fucking brill” said the farmer Angel gasps and pants with sweat running off her “Oh my fucking god,” then repeats it louder “OH MY FUUUUCKING GOD, I have never been fucked so good rough and hard and cum so hard in my fucking life”

Julie who is just sat there watching, her eyes so wide says, “well tomorrow afternoon could we all meet here again, I have never had such an orgasm,  that would be good sooo good”

Angel tells her, being fucked up the bum takes some getting used to, but that was what really made me cum so fucking wild. Try it tomorrow Jane.

Jane looks over to us asking, “Is that okay, if I try it up the bum and from both ends, it looks so much fun”

“Oh yes try it, Fucking excellent” said Angel

“Well if you both insist” we tell the girls, “see you tomorrow then same time then.”


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