New Story




I have wrote a New Story and all I have to do is proof read and publish it which I will do tonight. Then Nat will add the illustrations. I would do it now but my brother is here staying with me for a few days and he demands a lot of my time as usual… Catch you laters Angel

Disgusting Dog pt2

I am re editing Disgusting Dog pt 2, I really enjoyed writing it but I am not happy about some parts of the story. I never got to finishing it anyway so I will do that this week.

I am not working this week but my brother has come down to stay with me till Thursday afternoon as he does sometimes, he is quite demanding of my time, but I may be able to pinch 20 minutes here and there.

August/Sept more stories

I should be getting a lot more time to myself and I seriously want to add more stories plus finish “On Patrol” and “Aliens are cuming.” I know these two are not Massively of Interest to you but they are to me, but as I said I will add more Kinky Stories.

Are there any that you particularly want?

Lots of Love xxxxx Angel


I will try to move the story “River Bank” on this weekend and finish it, its only a short story as I said  before….. Cheer’s m’dears

The story is finished now… Thanks for reading.

When people click don’t like I wonder what they mean, do you mean you don’t like it’s finished or that you didn’t like the story.. If it’s the former there is good news, if it’s the latter there is some bad news..

kiss kiss

New Story

I am going to write a quick story of me and Emma from My first sex game, its only quick as I don’t have very long, I will go back and add more to it as we go.

We were out one day and met a boy who lived nearby, it may give you some insight in to what she was like.

The story is now finished “river bank”

Self Shots

I have suddenly been sent Self-Shots from two guys, I have put them in “More Selfies” Its strange as I had lots sent in by girls but no guys, now the girls have stopped but the guys have sent them in…


Angels Twitter

I have put, or Nat has put a couple of pics of me on my new twitter account, one I like as the header, the other that I don’t like of my profile.

He didn’t like the one of me sat on the toilet with my cute yellow knickers down around my knees, but I thought it was funny.

I will soon change the one on my profile for a better one.

Grand-dad Bill

I have finished Grand-dad bill now, If you want me to continue with it click the Green thumbs up.. Other wise as I say its finished.

I have also added a little more to School Girl Bully so john will be pleased, I tried to do more but I has trouble with my Car and had to call out breakdown and stuff.

Anyway another holiday weekend almost over and back to the grindstone tomorrow, and for me it is a real hard grind at work everyday.

PS. I have tidied this up a little now. Also I am keeping my eye on the red and green thumbs… it seems you want more, YES?

Girls Humiliating Boys

I said a while ago that I would write about the next time I went to the Shed/Barn with Emma, Nicolette, and the boys. The problem I have is time to write, but as I seem to have had a lot of response from readers asking me if I would tell the story of how Emma humiliated her brother Jon by making him wear her Bra and Knickers in front of the others, I thought I may as well start from there.

As you will know from “my schoolgirl sex game” they were quite a strange family and it wasn’t a straight forward humiliation of Jon.

Boys wearing bra’s and panties

I am sorry that I have not written much these last few weeks but I have been working long hours.

But tonight a girlfriend stayed at my house as she was going out on the town. As we chatted she told me in confidence that she had found her young brother in her bedroom wearing her bra, knickers and high heal shoes. she was shocked at seeing him there and accidentally catching him and asked me at what I thought.

I played it down and told her to just tell him that he shouldn’t snoop in her bedroom when she isn’t there and let it go and just to treat it as a young boy playing dressing up, whilst telling myself that I hope that she doesn’t wake with him wanking himself right in front of her face.

I don’t know what else he would have found in her knicker drawer lol. I wonder why young boys do this sort of thing, after all I couldn’t imaging girls looking through their brothers underwear.

But you know, this can’t be that uncommon because I remember Emma catching her brother Jon doing the same thing. She had another plan in dealing with it, when we went back to the barn/shed soon after she told us all what she had caught him doing and suddenly produced the bra and panties he had been wearing out of her hand bag and made him strip then put them on and parade up and down in front of us, maybe I will tell the story.

It made me wonder how much of this goes on, have any of you been caught by your sister wearing her things.

Mutual Masturbation

A new story has been sent to me by David that lives in Devon, “Karen” its a nice memory really from his early to mid teens. David is a pensioner now and I enjoyed reading his remembrance and seriously suggest that you read it for both our male and female readers, as it is so beautifully kinky, just what I love in a good Story.

I love these types of stories and remembrances, they make all this worth while to me and apart from telling my own memories I hoped people would send in stories like this.

Now the strange thing is, when I told Nat to read this, after he read it he told me a very similar thing happened to him when he was about the same age with a girl across the road from him called Dawn. There must be something about 15 year old boys that some women like….. it must be the innocence.

Enticed in to dog sex 2

Enticed in to Dog Sex is finished now, I was going to write it as a part two but I didn’t consider it long enough…. but anyway, the story is now complete and finished.

Nat put an illustration with it, I am not that happy about it and have asked him to build one from our own images Instead, I can bend over showing my bum.

Enticed in to dog sex

Right this week I am going to write the story I said I would write about a year ago. Remember this?

Girls having sex with Dogs.

I don’t seem to be able to get away from this subject of girls having sex with dogs after writing about the dream I had when I was much younger, but here comes another doggie story… Enticed in to Dog Sex is launched and now in the Menu Bar.

Over the Christmas Holiday I met a long standing girlfriend from School at a New Year Party. She was someone who I had played in the same girls soccer team for five years as well, so we knew each other very well.

We chatted for quite a while over quite a few drinks as you do and we got on to the subject of Work, Boys and finally Sex, which then led to me talking about my Website.

I told her vaguely of the dream I had when I was younger about having sex with a dog and the massive response with all the hits it was getting. Amazingly (probably because of all the drink we had consumed by then) she told me of a boyfriend she had when she was about 19 or 20 years old who had the kink of wanting to watch her have sex with his dog.

She was very frank and open about it and she told me on how she had refused to do it point blank, but also on how he had slowly Enticed her to give it a try.

Then she openly told me that one night when they were having a night in with a bottle or two of wine (again) and as the talk got sexy as it does, he brought up the subject of the dog and he asked her if she would mind just giving it a “little go, just for him.”

She hesitated at first of course, but not really wanting to disappoint him, then he asked her if she would just bend over and see if the dog would show any interest at all and whether the dog would jump up on to her from behind.

After a drink she thought that would be easy enough to do and maybe it would be a little funny, as we girls are always trying to please the men in our lives she did as he asked, then slowly he encouraging her just to go a little step further with the dog and then further still.

Well I have decided to write it this week, hopefully I should be able to start this today or in the morning, as soon as I finish a course that I am on today and I want to finish Daddy’s Self Service which is close to being finished.

# Daddy’s Self Service is now finished so I will get on with The New Story Enticed in to Dog Sex, which is now in the Menu Bar.



Short Story

I have had a short story sent in by Graham that lives just outside Manchester, I would say they are 2 short memories really. it is in the menu bar as “Short” because it is.

Thanks for that Graham

Send your memories, stories to

Lesbian encounters

I have had to change the menu bar at the top of every page because it was getting too full, From now on I will be putting all new and updated story’s at the very bottom of the black menu bar at the top of the page as what I have done with “Doctor X” which is about one of my best Lesbian encounters, well Bi sexual really.

I changed the menu bar over the weekend but visitor’s must have hated it because the hits rate slumped to around 3,500 per day, so it seems that I have to put more stories on there just not all of them, there are getting too many.

Everything is still there, its just that now you have to hover the curser over the icons in the menu as then click the one you require.

If anyone has any ideas about anything let me know here or mail me

Blowjob or fuck

I asked a question earlier and I was interested with the response, so i will ask it again here to you.

So, if I said you could have one, but only have the one, which would you pick, would you choose a long teasing blow job where I would slide my wet mouth up and down your entire shaft all the way to the entire base of your hard prick and sucking longer harder and faster and finally letting you cum in my mouth, or letting you have full sex with me in any position that you choose, which would you pick, just click the corresponding like.. I will be totally fascinated in knowing.

You can see pics of me including new pics on the menu bar at the top of the page in “Pics of Myself” .. Obviously, kiss kiss.

Red for Blow-job

Green for Shag

If you are really kind, please leave me a message of what position, Thanks

Very Science Fiction

I will be launching two new stories tomorrow, I have been writing this for a few days and been wanting to write it for about a year or two now. its very science fiction and I am lovin’ writing it.

The other is by John Stevens, he has wrote a couple now and they are always a good story line with a good plot, if you haven’t had the pleasure of him yet he has wrote “Alien” and “Dog day.”.. very good

See you tomorrow then.


New Layout

I am going to have to try a new layout on the Menu Bar at the top of the screen as it is getting quite busy and cluttered, I will do this in the next day or too, hopefully this will easily highlight new stories and stories from things of interest and jokes, that sort of thing.

Plus on the big boobies page I wrote that if anyone has seen bigger boobies than those please send me pics, well some have, including the owners, although they are not bigger they are good pics, thanks for that.

The pics are on ‘Big Breasts’ now plus one sent in by a guy in ‘More Selfies’

Thanks again


New Story

I intend to add part 2 of On patrol early next week. it is part two because there is a real twist in it and for a while will not seem recognisable from part one.. Its very complicated because it will be the start of World War 3 as I see it.. with what has happened over the last year my brain anticipated and now seems to be happening.

I am also loading up a lot of interesting and fun stuff at the same time which means the layout of the menu will have to change.. I am wondering if any of the other WordPress themes would be better suited, if you have any insight let me know.. Thanks.

Its not that other new stories will not be loaded on to the site, 2 other stories are being written by readers which I am looking forward to.

New Stuff being posted

I have a load of stuff I have found and want to upload, but when the files upload it tells me that they have been blocked because of security, does anyone know how to change the file to one that will upload. Thanks… Although I know that i am beating a dead horse asking anything here.


I have fixed it the best way I can for now, I will be uploading loads of stuff in the next few days.. but If anyone knows how to change outlook express files to ones that will load up, please let me know …. But i wont be holding my breath.

As of 21-Jan-2015…… I am having to cut and past it all so it will take time, but loads of stuff will be loaded in the next few days …..


Ju suis Muhammed

'All is forgiven' is the headline.

‘All is forgiven’ is the headline.


The Murders this week in Paris is a disgrace and all Muslims defending them Should be ashamed.

Then the new issue is launched with a picture of Muhammed on the front page with the headline “All is forgiven.” Then more protests in the Middle and Far East.

How can a cartoon that shows Muhammed with a tear in his eye saying ‘All is Forgiven’ be in the slightest bit disrespectful, how can it cause offence …. How can any person with a gram of sanity be offended.

I have read some of the Quran and I thought Muhammed made a lot of good points. Never did I get a feeling that he was a vindictive person. In fact when he went in to Mecca (Mekkah) in 630 he forgave all those that had called him names, humiliated, ridiculed and even tried to kill him…… He forgave them, something that the Muslims seem to have a lack of these days.

Bank Job

I was going to add a sequal to ‘My First Schoolgirl Sex Game.’ I wrote it a while ago but I cant bloody find it now.

But I did find a Story “Bank Job” that was sent to me by a friend of mine who lives in Navada In the States. It has a Humiliation theme.

She said that I could even post a picture of her on the story.

Thanks, Angel

Feeling Horny

A Happy New Year to everyone and all the best of luck to you for the coming year.

Today I am feeling So horny, I cant understand why I have got a terrible hang over from yesterday.

I went out and celebrated the New Year yesterday, I must have had a couple too many.

Nat has gone out to the pub and left me alone with my Brother. Its strange I feel so fucking horny, my whole pussy and my nipples are tingling, but cant be bothered with the sex, Its the hang over, I cant do with the pounding that I would get. I would go and get my buzzing friend but I am worried that me brother would hear it, he is so nosey, he would pop his head in and ask “whats that funny noise,” I am sure he would. It doesn’t seem loud when I am in on my own, but now my brother is here it seems to make a right bloody racket.

I will just have to do what you guys do and use my fingers, would you like to watch?

Story of a School girl sex game, A New Story

I am about to post a new story in the next 24 to 36 hours. Its is a follow on from “my first schoolgirl sex game.” I wrote the story about 3 or 4 more years ago and the meeting occurred the following week in the barn.

Everyone is in it Emma, Nicole and the boys Tarquin, Jon and the very cheeky Tarquin, well we was a gang now.

The update may take a little longer than I said, I have another man staying with me for a few days and he is quite demanding of my time, He never lets me rest for a moment, he is at it the whole time………………….My Brother has come to stay with me for a few days.

Now I can tell you the story of how it was, or I can exaggerate the story a little more, (I am feeling in a naughty mood.)

Let me know, green thumb for how it was… was or red to exaggerate it

And let me know what you think below or in the message board.

Thanks Angel

Old Bill

I have received this mail from an old guy who is asking for help, can any of you girls help him.

Hear it is ……..Hi Angel its Bill here!! u ask me to tell u about myself.first i am 75 years young!!!. and would like to have a fling before i loose this urge have been married for 56 years, happily may i say.. but i have never been with else in all of this time!! All i do now Angel is see all these lovely woman who are so fit with great bodies!

If i had 3 wishes, it would be to make love 3 times! I would spoil them them rotten and just slowly bring them to the boil.. I cannot get these thoughts out of my mind now..Angel.

I would love it if one of your readers (ladies) could help me with this problem?,, I would be over the moon. i would go to my maker happy?

But i know in my heart this is just wishful thinking on my part..there i have opened up to you and your readership Angel. This is a relief on my part..i hope u read this and a miracle happens, thank you Angel xx

So can anyone help him, He told me that if some nice girl would just go round and give him a wank he would be very grateful. I think he lives around Norwich if you mail me with the heading of bill, I will set it up to be forwarded automatically to him.
Let him know what you think, he reads this every day.

Woman Hunt

I was looking round and surfing the internet where I found someone writing about Woman Hunt and one of the other girls wrote a short account of it. (although I don’t know which one.)

Then one of the managers came in to my office and I quickly clicked it out and then I had to go up to London.

I will try to find it, I remember roughly where it was and I will add it to the site where you can all read it, perhaps on the story itself and on here.

I remember the date on the article was about 8 years ago.

My First Anal

Nat Cham

There are lots of mails coming in asking Angel is she would write about the first time she had sex and gave her first blow-job and the biggest by far is asking her if she has had or if she enjoys Anal Sex.

She hasnt wrote about them because she felt they were totally uneventful, and there were more powerful stories that had happened in her life like “Collette,” “Woman Hunt” and “First Schoolgirl Sex Game”

Well if you read the story “Too Far” that is about the first time Angel ever had Anal Sex, but the story is disguised as something else…