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  1. Hi angel.old bill hunter here.did u get my letter yesterday’are you up for me fucking u or were you.just teasing me girl…i now read the grand dad bill again..And angel i went into my toilet and wanked my self off again..i do this every time i read it….so what i am asking u now..are you going to let me fuck you girl.all i need is yes or no..god ihope it is yes.mail me soon angel and put .me at ease.And give me a figue of what you want for a 3 hour session.on any day you are free.waiting with bated breath…xxxxxxx

    • Hello Bill, Sorry to let you down but … I posed the question to you as “what would you do if someone gave you a million pounds” it wouldn’t mean someone was about to give you a million pounds would it. I hoped that it may encourage you to write a story/fantasy about us.

      I was a little tiddly and was answering one of your questions with a “What would it be worth to you” I didn’t mean it literary that I would do it.

      I mean as well, where you live is a good 4 hours from me, 8 hour return trip… And I have a partner, you have a Wife, you have to think sensibly, its not very likely is it.

      “Sorry old mate”

      • Hi angel.thanks for writing back so quickly.i must say the joke is on me.what was i a 76year.man thinking.would a fit young woman.want with a old fart like me angel. But it kept me excited all this time…so thanks again angel.and i shall keep reading your stories.i would like you to finish off the grand dad bill story for me angel and make it good …lots of love bill xxxx

        • I think the problem is Bill, they way and tone somethings are wrote and meant are not always the way things are read and understood, are they.

          lots of love


  2. So angel can contain Mekong nice big hard throbbing penis and you think he masturbates AVG stories one of mine incomesI’m glad I found you as well angel so I could speak my mind I’m tell you exactly what I think love the sites don’t stop

  3. Re the question about pictures …. It would be a drain on server memory but perhaps you could publish the stories both with and without pictures with some kind of indicator – say NSFW in brackets after the illustrated version; then if people are reading in a public place or somewhere they could overlooked (on train or bus) they could choose the non-illustrated version. Great site and a great treat to get the link to Amour Angels – for the guys; what do the girl subscribers get? Cheers, Topper.

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