Here I have placed reviews of the Stories from some of the many thousands of readers the site now receives, if you have commented thanks I really do appreciate It.

Here on One page are some of the comments readers have wrote. .. At first comments about the Web-site in general and then the stories themselves.

About the Web-Site..

Secret Story Club.. Jay ..Love your site! I have lots of secret and slightly weird fantasies myself and its good to know other people have them too! Keep up the good work.

Laurence.. Hi there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I certainly loved it and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they’ll love reading the stories from this site. 

Denísia .. You should publish more articles and you will be famous. you have the talent to become a super star. your story is superb. keep it up. 

Anamika .. Hi, I recently discovered your website and love it…..

Simon .. I love your stories. They are all so deliciously naughty

Ashish.. Your writing skills are awesome. Stories feels like they are happening in my mind.

Alvin ..Your stories are so well written in that i can so easily imagine them when reading but could add more imagery and thumbs up 4 the great work

About The Stories..

Hiding in the Shadows.. John .. good story and thought provoking

My First School Girl Sex Game .. From Stephen.. My wife and I enjoyed your story ‘school girls sex game,” we even reread our favorite parts back to each other explaining why we picked those parts….     Thank you so very much, 5 Stars…!!!

Justin.. Such a great story

TJP..I love your story, this was an amazing story and I wish I had read this sooner

Mohit.. What a Great Story!!

Woman Hunt .. Big Ron .. Angel, love your stories that are written so skilfully. You really capture the moment, the high anxiety, the thrill of the chase and them the awesome sex. Keep up the good work

Dil ..Loved it! I love all your stories! U are sooooo imaginative and kinky! Keep writing coz I want to read more!

Sarah .. That must have been so humiliating and terrifying, yet and lets be honest, very good fun too…yes?

Simon.. Just finished reading this story. I loved every minute. The tension of you being in that holly bush watching the other girls and wanting desperately not to be found felt real. Great story. Great descriptive text. Keep up the good work

Girl On Patrol .. Al.. Angel your stories are so sexy and amazing, can’t wait to read more.

Dil ..Please please please continue it. I can’t wait to know what’s coming next!

School Girl Bully . Carol. What a web site___great erotica____ enjoy them all

Ming The Dog ..Daniel ..that’s the hottest story I have ever read I wish I could have that experience it sounds amazing

Blackmail .. Mick .. this is getting really interesting!!!

Too Far ..Clair.. This is really an awesome story.

A Dirty Old Man.. Samantha .. I have read all your stories, you are a disgusting little bitch.

My Disgusting Dog Dream .. Jake.. I love your story it really turns me on part two. I love your stories.

Mayang .. what a nice dream u got…i wish i am that dog.

Anjali .. Very nice…I am wanting to be the dog. … and have you my way

Cecil .. hum… well that was very….. interesting…..and very arousing.( :/ )
I enjoyed it immensely…..

Disgusting Dog Pt 2 ..Dave .. W0W! Nice stories,

Papa .. I loved the story both 1 and 2 but mostly the 2nd
Robert .. WOW! That was Hot!! Hope to read more, and soon…..
Chuck .. Great story, I hope there is more to come
JJ Scot ..That was a beautiful story to read….So thank you very much for your story. Hope to hear more from you and your stories.
Daddys Girl .. Harold.. Very good story.
Collette’s Harsh Lesson .. Mick .. Mmmmmm yes, the dark side of the underworld and drugs, it can be a very tormentulous and evil world where there are never any winners, and you can never escape no matter how far or fast you run!!

Chocolate Surprise ..John.. I would love to watch that and I would even try it. She was ready to suck you before she got there. The Chocolate was a bonus for her.

Anamika .. I loved the story. How I wish I was introduced to sex like this…. I would love to have my lover treat me like this

On the Farm .. Dil .. Awesome and please continue!

A Brothers Bedroom. John ..Angel, your stories are amazing. once I start reading I cant stop.

A Helping Hand..Elmides.. Simply amazing lol..

Daniel.. Very erotic story,

9 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I am looking for an outlet to submit my stories a outlet just like this, would you consider my submissions.
    Yours faithfully,
    Keith Goodall.

  2. Nat and Angel truly do know how to organise an excellent, imaginative and different website. So support them and make sure that they know that you love their efforts

  3. Just found your site 2 days ago, superb stories and letters etc.
    I want to find a female who will correspond with me one to one and chat over our fantasies and may be work them out sometime, could have a real horny time.

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