River Bank


Me and Emma had fun on the River Bank

Me and Emma had fun on the River Bank

I was going to call this story “sex game part 2,” but that would have given a very false name to the story.

Tails of the River bank would be a great name for this story, but I think that has gone :-). This is a very short story and although it is with Emma from the above story, that is as far as the story’s similarity goes, but I wanted to show you how wild she was and could be in this short piece

Just as a reminder, Emma was very petite, and had a slight Asian look with bleached blond white hair. She had her hair in various ways and in different colours in the short time I knew her but that day it was still blond, in a kind of, well it is hard to say what it was like short and a  dreadlock wild style, like her personality.

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I told mum that I was just nipping round to see Nicolette and Emma early one Saturday morning, Jon (my younger brother) instantly shouts back at me excited, “wait for me, I am coming with you.

“Oh no you are not,” I told him, but mum called out “take Jon with you, don’t be so mean to him”

My heart sank as I called back to mum, “but they are my friends not his, he just wants to be nosey, anyway I am only going for 10 minutes at the most.”

“That’s good, then he won’t get in the way for that long will he” she called back at me in a determined voice.

I didn’t feel like arguing so begrudgingly I told him, “Oh come on then,” but while I was saying that I was thinking that ‘I wish I hadn’t said anything to mum now and just gone over there.’ Then I told him before we left “and no talking all the time and hogging the conversation like you do.”

“I never do” he said with a great big smile.

“Oh not much” I told him, but really talking to myself I suppose

When I got there I pressed the bell but nothing happened, it was as if no one was at home… Then I heard a little voice above me say “Oh hello Angel, Oh and you have got your brother with you, I will be right down.”

Page 2

Jon fancied Emma like crazy but she was 3 years older than him, which is a lot in your school years isn’t it.

When she came to the door, she opened it almost hiding behind it, “come in” she said urgently. We quickly stepped in and Emma closed the door behind us saying “what are you guys up to?”

Emma Answered the door In see through underwear

Emma Answered the door In see through underwear

We both turned round and saw that she was wearing a very short pink sexy boob tube top with see through nighty with see through Pink French knickers, you could clearly see her pert breasts pointing out with brown nipples and below her shaven camel toe, Jon’s eyes bulged and almost popped out of his head when he saw her.

I must be honest, she looked very sexy and I wouldn’t have minded her being dressed like this so much if I had called on my own, but I was with my young brother, normally I would have expected my friends to have worn something  a little more appropriate, but this was Emma wasn’t it. I always wondered where she got these things from.

A tiny little smile spread across her face when she saw Jon’s reaction, but she tried to look as if she hadn’t notice. I wasn’t in the mood to feed her ego so I acted as if this was normal too, well I suppose it was for her. It was quiet so I asked “where is everyone?” She turned away and walked to the Kitchen answering sharply “Out! all out!.. they will be back about 12 oclock I suppose.”

We both followed her in to the Kitchen and as I looked down at Jon I could tell that he was looking at her cute little bottom through her see through knickers as she walked away. As soon as I walked in to the Kitchen I noticed Emma was putting water in to the Kettle and she asks abruptly “So come on, what are we up too then?” as if she had something more important to do and we were imposing on her time.

I was a little angry with her attitude so I replied with more than a hint of sarcasm “Well, why don’t you tell me, it was you that asked me to call round this morning, remember?” She looked at me blankly for a second or two ….blinked .. then “oh yes I did didn’t I, sorry .. Do you fancy going for a walk or just hanging out today with me, maybe going to the barn later?

“Yes, sure” I told her

“Can I come” asked Jon.

I was just about to say ‘no’ when Emma said “Sure, why not” and my heart sank again for the second time that day, the trouble was that you never knew what Emma was planning and plotting in her mind, she was always thinking ahead. Jon could either get in the way or be an embarrassment, but not in a bad way, I wasn’t ashamed of him or anything like that, even if he sometimes irritated me with his talking all the time, but he was a boy amongst girls, it was sometimes hard to speak freely with him there and being Mr tell tale tit.

Page 3

Emma made a cup of tea for us without even asking if we wanted one then said after about 20 minutes when we had drank it, “well I will go and get dressed then and we will be off.”

I told her “I will go and get changed as well then,” “okay” she replied and she turned to go upstairs leaving us to see ourselves out, but before she even got to the kitchen door Jon said as a vary matter of fact “Shall I just wait here?” and Emma stopped, stared at Jon for a second, then held her hand out behind her for Jon to take and said to him “you can come with me if you like” Jon instantly looked up at me half surprised and half hopeful, he wasn’t expecting that from Emma. I just told him, “no, you need to get changed as well if you must come with us.”

“Suit yourself, it’s your loss, you could have watched me in the shower and washed my back for me” Emma told him and made her way upstairs to get changed while we made our way to the front door telling her “See you in about 20 minutes then”

The first thing Jon said to me when we got out the door was “did you see that, I could all but see her tits and her thingy down there through her nighty.”

“Whats up, have you never seen a girls lulu before?” Then thinking about it, he probably hadn’t. I started wondering if seeing a girls bits and pieces was as strange to him as seeing male parts seem to us girls, strange but nice of course.

Then he asked straight after a little excited, “was she just joking then about letting we watch her in the shower and wash her back?”

“What do you think” I asked him

“Probably not” he said with a bit of a sigh.

“Well then, you have your answer” I told him, but if I am honest, I don’t really know, she was totally unpredictable, she could have let him, but then again I thought that it was probably like her to lead him on and then when he did look, react to him watching her.. but who knows with her, she could have equally given him a soapy show as she would probably have called it.

I asked him quizzically, “so are you in to watching naked girls in showers then?” and he gave me a big bright smile that answered everything, I thought to myself that it was probably a silly question to ask a boy even at his age.

We took a slow stroll home which is normally about 5 to 7 minutes but this time took about 15 minutes because Jon wanted to watch a snail make its way under a leafy hedge, all exciting stuff to a young boy. I got home and told mum that I was getting changed and going out with Emma for a few hours “I am going with them as well” Jon piped up.

Page 4

“No you are not” mum said, “me and dad have decided to take you in to town and buy you some new shoes and jeans, I am fed up of seeing you wear your jeans at half mast, you are growing quickly and it shows.”

“Oh mum, Nooooo… I want to go with Emma and Angel and…” “no buts” said mum, “we have decided..”

I took my chance, while Jon argued with mum I skipped up the stairs two at a time and got changed in one minute flat, ran down stairs and with a quick shout of “bye” I closed the door behind me and ran down to Emma’s.

When I got there I pressed the bell and much to my amazement she was ready and she walked straight through the door.

“Let’s go down to the river shall we” she said, “there is always people fishing and stuff” so that’s what we did.

It was a very hot summer’s day and I like it on the river on days like these. The river is past our barn and behind the farmer’s field, it sounds a long way but it wasn’t. By the side of the river there was many a small copse (Small Wood) here and there that broke up the sharp hot bright sunlight and the whole area was beautiful.

At the bottom end of the river there is a large park with Cricket, Football and Rugby Pitches, and a play park for small children like swings and slides. There is a narrow stone bridge and at the other side of the bridge there is a nice pub where you can also get snacks, but we was about half to three quarters of a mile about (1 kilometer) or more up from there and it was very quiet and seemed miles away from anywhere in such a small distance.

We took our shoes off and asked the old guy there fishing if he would just mind watching them for us while we walked up the river bare foot in the grass. He grunted something and I didn’t know if he said yes or no, but we left our shoes there anyway.

Then out of the blue Emma sighs and says well within earshot of the old man ”fuck I feel so horny, my pussy feels so alive today for some reason, I should have played with myself before a came out, I don’t like feeling like this, all I think about is sex the whole time, don’t you?”

I didn’t know if she meant it or just saying it to get the old man excited like she does the whole time, but I have never heard another girl talking about masturbating, certainly not at her age, or any age until much later in life, girls just didn’t do that sort of thing.

It felt so nice feeling the soft grass under our feet as we slowly wandered up the river side. It was so quiet and tranquil as we just chatted.

Now strangely, I felt so horny too, I didn’t know if it was because Emma had just mentioned it, maybe it was a combination of that and the summers day and the smells of the river bank and the small woodlands we pass and I found that I gave her a small and soft “Mmm” in agreement to the question of feeling horny.

Page 5

She stopped walking and looked at me and gave me a big smile ”do you” she said as if she was a little shocked “Good” she said and then started walking again.  After about 20 minutes to half an hour of slowly walking and of talking to the few people fishing we met a young lad under a large fishing umbrella to keep the strong sun off him.

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‘A Game of Dares’

Emma letting her skirt ride up her thighs

Emma letting her skirt ride up her thighs


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12 thoughts on “River Bank

  1. Hello Angel,
    I have read several of your stories, and seen some of your pics. Very interesting! Two girls and two boys going to a barn! Hmm a lot could happen here. Thanks Shadow….

    • I am having second thoughts about writing that at the moment, but I may pick it up later as I have a similar story that I can write about Emma, I thought that I may as well write that instead.

  2. oh great story I had a friend like Emma when in high school she bulled the boys and one time had a boy eat her out while I watched made me so horny I wanted to fuck the guy but went home.

  3. Great story! Wish I was abused by a couple of women. Please do tell us what could have happened! I am waiting with bated breath in anticipation! Love your stories. Thanks for taking the time to write them. Do you get aroused when you write these stories?

  4. Innocent….yea right Angel. Good story, I have never been so lucky when I go fishing! Being dominated by two girls is a lot of fun.

    • My word Mick, not heard from you for a couple of months, nice to hear from you and hope everyone is well.. kiss,kiss

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