River Bank


Me and Emma had fun on the River Bank

Me and Emma had fun on the River Bank

I was going to call this story “sex game part 2,” but that would have given a very false name to the story.

Tails of the River bank would be a great name for this story, but I think that has gone :-). This is a very short story and although it is with Emma from the above story, that is as far as the story’s similarity goes, but I wanted to show you how wild she was and could be in this short piece

Just as a reminder, Emma was very petite, and had a slight Asian look with bleached blond white hair. She had her hair in various ways and in different colours in the short time I knew her but that day it was still blond, in a kind of, well it is hard to say what it was like short and a  dreadlock wild style, like her personality.

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I told mum that I was just nipping round to see Nicolette and Emma early one Saturday morning, Jon (my younger brother) instantly shouts back at me excited, “wait for me, I am coming with you.

“Oh no you are not,” I told him, but mum called out “take Jon with you, don’t be so mean to him”

My heart sank as I called back to mum, “but they are my friends not his, he just wants to be nosey, anyway I am only going for 10 minutes at the most.”

“That’s good, then he won’t get in the way for that long will he” she called back at me in a determined voice.

I didn’t feel like arguing so begrudgingly I told him, “Oh come on then,” but while I was saying that I was thinking that ‘I wish I hadn’t said anything to mum now and just gone over there.’ Then I told him before we left “and no talking all the time and hogging the conversation like you do.”

“I never do” he said with a great big smile.

“Oh not much” I told him, but really talking to myself I suppose

When I got there I pressed the bell but nothing happened, it was as if no one was at home… Then I heard a little voice above me say “Oh hello Angel, Oh and you have got your brother with you, I will be right down.”

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Jon fancied Emma like crazy but she was 3 years older than him, which is a lot in your school years isn’t it.

When she came to the door, she opened it almost hiding behind it, “come in” she said urgently. We quickly stepped in and Emma closed the door behind us saying “what are you guys up to?”

Emma Answered the door In see through underwear

Emma Answered the door In see through underwear

We both turned round and saw that she was wearing a very short pink sexy boob tube top with see through nighty with see through Pink French knickers, you could clearly see her pert breasts pointing out with brown nipples and below her shaven camel toe, Jon’s eyes bulged and almost popped out of his head when he saw her.

I must be honest, she looked very sexy and I wouldn’t have minded her being dressed like this so much if I had called on my own, but I was with my young brother, normally I would have expected my friends to have worn something  a little more appropriate, but this was Emma wasn’t it. I always wondered where she got these things from.

A tiny little smile spread across her face when she saw Jon’s reaction, but she tried to look as if she hadn’t notice. I wasn’t in the mood to feed her ego so I acted as if this was normal too, well I suppose it was for her. It was quiet so I asked “where is everyone?” She turned away and walked to the Kitchen answering sharply “Out! all out!.. they will be back about 12 oclock I suppose.”

We both followed her in to the Kitchen and as I looked down at Jon I could tell that he was looking at her cute little bottom through her see through knickers as she walked away. As soon as I walked in to the Kitchen I noticed Emma was putting water in to the Kettle and she asks abruptly “So come on, what are we up too then?” as if she had something more important to do and we were imposing on her time.

I was a little angry with her attitude so I replied with more than a hint of sarcasm “Well, why don’t you tell me, it was you that asked me to call round this morning, remember?” She looked at me blankly for a second or two ….blinked .. then “oh yes I did didn’t I, sorry .. Do you fancy going for a walk or just hanging out today with me, maybe going to the barn later?

“Yes, sure” I told her

“Can I come” asked Jon.

I was just about to say ‘no’ when Emma said “Sure, why not” and my heart sank again for the second time that day, the trouble was that you never knew what Emma was planning and plotting in her mind, she was always thinking ahead. Jon could either get in the way or be an embarrassment, but not in a bad way, I wasn’t ashamed of him or anything like that, even if he sometimes irritated me with his talking all the time, but he was a boy amongst girls, it was sometimes hard to speak freely with him there and being Mr tell tale tit.

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Emma made a cup of tea for us without even asking if we wanted one then said after about 20 minutes when we had drank it, “well I will go and get dressed then and we will be off.”

I told her “I will go and get changed as well then,” “okay” she replied and she turned to go upstairs leaving us to see ourselves out, but before she even got to the kitchen door Jon said as a vary matter of fact “Shall I just wait here?” and Emma stopped, stared at Jon for a second, then held her hand out behind her for Jon to take and said to him “you can come with me if you like” Jon instantly looked up at me half surprised and half hopeful, he wasn’t expecting that from Emma. I just told him, “no, you need to get changed as well if you must come with us.”

“Suit yourself, it’s your loss, you could have watched me in the shower and washed my back for me” Emma told him and made her way upstairs to get changed while we made our way to the front door telling her “See you in about 20 minutes then”

The first thing Jon said to me when we got out the door was “did you see that, I could all but see her tits and her thingy down there through her nighty.”

“Whats up, have you never seen a girls lulu before?” Then thinking about it, he probably hadn’t. I started wondering if seeing a girls bits and pieces was as strange to him as seeing male parts seem to us girls, strange but nice of course.

Then he asked straight after a little excited, “was she just joking then about letting we watch her in the shower and wash her back?”

“What do you think” I asked him

“Probably not” he said with a bit of a sigh.

“Well then, you have your answer” I told him, but if I am honest, I don’t really know, she was totally unpredictable, she could have let him, but then again I thought that it was probably like her to lead him on and then when he did look, react to him watching her.. but who knows with her, she could have equally given him a soapy show as she would probably have called it.

I asked him quizzically, “so are you in to watching naked girls in showers then?” and he gave me a big bright smile that answered everything, I thought to myself that it was probably a silly question to ask a boy even at his age.

We took a slow stroll home which is normally about 5 to 7 minutes but this time took about 15 minutes because Jon wanted to watch a snail make its way under a leafy hedge, all exciting stuff to a young boy. I got home and told mum that I was getting changed and going out with Emma for a few hours “I am going with them as well” Jon piped up.

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“No you are not” mum said, “me and dad have decided to take you in to town and buy you some new shoes and jeans, I am fed up of seeing you wear your jeans at half mast, you are growing quickly and it shows.”

“Oh mum, Nooooo… I want to go with Emma and Angel and…” “no buts” said mum, “we have decided..”

I took my chance, while Jon argued with mum I skipped up the stairs two at a time and got changed in one minute flat, ran down stairs and with a quick shout of “bye” I closed the door behind me and ran down to Emma’s.

When I got there I pressed the bell and much to my amazement she was ready and she walked straight through the door.

“Let’s go down to the river shall we” she said, “there is always people fishing and stuff” so that’s what we did.

It was a very hot summer’s day and I like it on the river on days like these. The river is past our barn and behind the farmer’s field, it sounds a long way but it wasn’t. By the side of the river there was many a small copse (Small Wood) here and there that broke up the sharp hot bright sunlight and the whole area was beautiful.

At the bottom end of the river there is a large park with Cricket, Football and Rugby Pitches, and a play park for small children like swings and slides. There is a narrow stone bridge and at the other side of the bridge there is a nice pub where you can also get snacks, but we was about half to three quarters of a mile about (1 kilometer) or more up from there and it was very quiet and seemed miles away from anywhere in such a small distance.

We took our shoes off and asked the old guy there fishing if he would just mind watching them for us while we walked up the river bare foot in the grass. He grunted something and I didn’t know if he said yes or no, but we left our shoes there anyway.

Then out of the blue Emma sighs and says well within earshot of the old man ”fuck I feel so horny, my pussy feels so alive today for some reason, I should have played with myself before a came out, I don’t like feeling like this, all I think about is sex the whole time, don’t you?”

I didn’t know if she meant it or just saying it to get the old man excited like she does the whole time, but I have never heard another girl talking about masturbating, certainly not at her age, or any age until much later in life, girls just didn’t do that sort of thing.

It felt so nice feeling the soft grass under our feet as we slowly wandered up the river side. It was so quiet and tranquil as we just chatted.

Now strangely, I felt so horny too, I didn’t know if it was because Emma had just mentioned it, maybe it was a combination of that and the summers day and the smells of the river bank and the small woodlands we pass and I found that I gave her a small and soft “Mmm” in agreement to the question of feeling horny.

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She stopped walking and looked at me and gave me a big smile ”do you” she said as if she was a little shocked “Good” she said and then started walking again.  After about 20 minutes to half an hour of slowly walking and of talking to the few people fishing we met a young lad under a large fishing umbrella to keep the strong sun off him.

The lad was a petite shy type with a cute face and mousy short blonde hair. He wore a black Nike Polo Shirt with short green combat trousers that looked a little too big for him that had zips everywhere, in fact I had a pair like them.

“What are you trying to catch?” asked Emma softly, “Fish” came the reply from the boy and his answer irritated me, “We know that” replied Emma “but what kind of fish” and I added “We might be girls, but we are not that dim you know, we are not as dim as you look for instance.”

“Oh” said the boy,…Then he paused as if he was thinking about his answer before he said “I don’t really know, I haven’t been here before, I am just here on holiday with mum and dad so I don’t know what is in the river.”

“Fish” replied Emma

“oh I hope so” replied the boy earnestly

We chatted for a while and as I said he seemed very shy, maybe because we were girls I thought. Now Emma loves shy, she thrives and revels in it, as anyone reading the previous story I told about her would know.

Emma letting her skirt ride up her thighs

Emma letting her skirt ride up her thighs

Emma gets down on the soft clean grassy ground and sits with the boy letting her short skirt purposely ride up to the top of her thighs as she raises her knees and parts her legs a little so that he could clearly see her knickers. I could see the lad turn red and trying not to look at her down there, but I suppose being a lad he couldn’t help it and he kept giving between her thighs a quick glimpse when Emma was looking the other way down the river.

Emma didn’t miss a thing, she was as sharp as a tack and she pretended to look down the edge of the water and slid forward on her bum and twisting a little more towards him so that if he looked and he couldn’t not look, Emma made sure of that, he would see her knickers and crotch area very clearly.

Emma loved to tease and flash herself, she wasn’t proud who to either, she got a kick out of it and the mood she was in she wasn’t going to miss out on a good teasing of a young lad. Emma asked him a whole series of questions one after the other, like what his name is? If he had any brothers? If he liked girls? how many teeth he had? What colour was his boxers? You know all the usual questions a girl asks a boy.

The boy, whose name was Thomas had three other brothers and was just over a year younger than Emma and over 3 years younger than me. He answered each of her questions quietly and shyly and never took his eye off the fishing line only to take a quick glimpse at Emma’s thighs and knickers whenever he could get the chance, which started being every time she looked the other way.

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The crotch of Emma’s knickers were now very tight against her as she had slipped herself forward on her bottom and the friction pulled her knickers tight and the outline of her pussy seemed very obvious and clear now. Emma asked Thomas if he had a girlfriend and he said he did not, then she asked him if he “had ever had a girlfriend” and he hesitated and turned a little red again as if he was a little embarrassed at not ever having a girlfriend before gently shaking his head and saying “no” very softly.

Emma takes this as an invite to get very suggestive with him and she now rubs her finger back and forth on to a hole she had made with her other fore finger and her thumb in her other hand and asked him “do you know what that means?” asks Emma

“Erm, no” replies the boy.

I wondered myself what Emma was getting at and where she was going with this, so I just carried on listening and watching intently.

Emma then she asks him “do you know what this means if a girl does this to you?” and as the boy turns his head to her to see what she is doing Emma puts her finger in her cute mouth and starts to gently suck it while she slowly moves her finger back and forth in her mouth, then removing her finger she asks him again seriously ‘do you know what that means?’

The boys eyes bulge a little in shock at what he had seen Emma do and he quickly replies with a sharp short “No!” as the obviously innocent boys face turns an embarrassed pink. Now I had never seen that before either, but I had a bloody good idea what she was getting at on both of the actions she did, I am sure the boy did too with his reaction.

Emma then silent for once started looked the other way down the river as if she was becoming a little bored now, but I guessed it was just a ploy to let Thomas have a good look at her between her legs while trying to make it look innocent. Then like a flash she looked back sharply at him purposely catching him looking at her down there.

He turned away quickly of course, but not quickly enough by far and he knew Emma had caught him red handed looking at her crotch. That of course was her plan. He turned bright red knowing that she had seen him. Emma pretended then to be shocked at catching him looking her as any boy would have done and he instantly turned even redder with embarrassment as she instantly confronted him over it.

Emma falsely gasped out loudly and she gave an equally false shocked look as she angrily told him “How dare you! … Are you looking up my skirt?” she asked him what appeared to me obvious mock and false anger and surprise.

“er, no no, of course I wasn’t” the boy replied in obvious distress at his predicament.

Emma is giving him a dark angry look as she tells him “Oh yes you are, I saw you…That’s very rude to look up girls skirt, that’s accidentally ridden up, don’t you know that? … eh? .. Do you?” she prompted as he didn’t answer her, but he noticeably turned redder than beetroot as he did with every thing a little sexual, but never this deep red colour before, his face was almost purple and I knew Emma would be loving every second.

Emma doesn’t relent of course “You dirty little pervert, and I bet you have got a hard on now as well haven’t you?….Thats disgusting! …. Hey I am talking to you, Mr dirty little pervert” as the boy tried to take no notice of her and hoped we would just go away and be swallowed up or something, anything so we would leave him alone..

Emma keeps pressing and keeping the pressure on him “I bet you want us to go away so that you can play with yourself now don’t you?

“”No” the boy said irritated and embarrassed that Emma was making such a big thing at catching him looking at her between the legs, I could see that he just wanted the ground to swallow him up. Even though Emma had obviously engineered the situation, the boy was left thinking that he was very wrong to have been caught looking up a girls skirt.

Emma told him in a deep stern voice “you now will have to pay a forfeit for that you know? You very naughty boy,” then she turned to me for support “that’s the rules isn’t it Angel?

“Oh it sure is,” I confirmed, “if I am ever rude to mum or dad I always have to pay a forfeit, we all have to do it round here.”

“There you see?” Emma almost gloated “and it serves you right too for looking up my skirt like a dirty pervert”

The boy snaps “Stop calling me a dirty pervert.. I am not!!

The pressure Emma was putting on his was obviously working… Well obviously working from her point of view.

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Then as if changing the subject a little Emma asks him right out of the blue, “Do you play with yourself?”

The boy doesn’t answer, so she askes him again. “come on tell us honestly, do you play with yourself, you know your cock?

“No,” the boy replies very uneasy at having to answer such a personnel question.

But Emma doesn’t let up, she never does and she tells him “Oh god, I would if I was a boy, I would play with it the whole time” then she prompts him “Oh come on, I bet you do really, don’t you? All boys do it, come on admit it, you play with yourself don’t you? and I bet you are going to play with yourself right here when we go won’t you while thinking about seeing my knickers?”

“No, I won’t” replied the boy.

“Well, that’s what your forfeit can be for rudely looking up my skirt, and as you have been looking at me, I want to look at you, I think that is fair, don’t you? We want to watch you play with yourself, that’s easy enough for you isn’t it?” Emma smiled as she looked quickly up to me.

But Thomas didn’t look too keen, in-fact he looked aghast at the thought of it. The trouble was I honestly didn’t think it would be such a big deal for him. Emma thought all boys were like her brothers, Simon would get his cock out at the click of your fingers and she took offence at the lads reluctance, or seemed to when he refused. Maybe Emma thought she was giving him a good excuse for getting his cock out for two girls.

Emma glared at him angrily “Look you little bastard, I am not having you spying on me without you giving me something back, If you don’t play with yourself for us, we will both beat you up and throw all your stuff in the river, wont we Angel?

Now Emma was a very fiery type for a petite girl and she was every bit as fiery as she was fun. I told her “Yeah give him a good kick and throw his sandwiches in the river right now just to show him.”

In the mean time Emma had got up on to her feet and grabbed the lads short hair, she was bending over him with a firm grip and pulling it saying, are you going to do it for us?

“No!” replied the boy with his face all crunched up with the pain of his hair being pulled so hard.

I didn’t think he would do it, he was way too shy to do that I imagined, so I thought there was no point in pressing that. I had another thought though and I told Emma “Just tell him to get his cock out and show us it Emma, he might do that for us.”

Emma gripping and pulling his short hair even harder from the top of his head and almost lifting him up as she growled at him, “Yeah, come on just get your cock out for us then, Okay? … But the boy still shook his head.

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Emma lets him go but quickly grabs the boys fishing rod and takes a couple of steps back from him threatening to throw it in to the deep part of the River

“Don’t ..” The boy shouts out, “my dad will kill me if I lose it! that rod cost a fortune!”

“Then do as we tell you” shout’s Emma “or I am going to throw it in the river.. Right now .. do you hear?” and she raises her arms as if she was about to throw it in.”

The boy calls out again in an high pitched panic “No, don’t !! Dont!!!”

I tell the boy sternly “Then take a walk in the woods there then where no one will see us, or she will.”

The boy gets up and holds his hands out in front of him and calls to her in a panic “okay, okay I am going, just put my Rod down” and the boy walks slowly over to the small wooded area not taking his eye off his fishing rod for a moment.

As the boy gets to the edge of the wood which is only the other side of the path a few steps away he stops and hesitates, I push him from behind and force him in to the small but dense wood, I look behind and Emma smiles at me nodding, I nod my head to her in return as a ‘come on’ and she drops the rod on to the floor and skips excitedly over to us as we all walk into the wood.

Together we now both push the boy in to the dappled light of the wood and out of the hot and bright sunlight of the day until about 20 or 30 meters in to the wood, just enough so that we cannot be seen or heard from the path by the side of the river bank and then we got behind a thick tree and Emma quickly pushes him up against it and grabs the lad by the face and aggressively tells him, “Now get your fucking cock out for us, or we will beat you up and throw your fishing rod in to the river, right here and right now!”

Toms face is screwed up with fear as he is obviously worried about the two of us girls attacking him, I had no intention of doing that but I honestly can’t say the same about Emma. Thomas looked at us both with a blank vacant stare as if he couldn’t believe what Emma was saying to him, as if he thought we were really joking or having him on. Emma didn’t wait for him and she released her grip on his face and she starts tugging at his trousers and unfastening them whilst telling him “Come on Tom, lets make a move today shall we, we both want to see how big it is?” then looking at me she says “we can have some fun with it Angel.”

I have to be honest here, I felt so powerful and horny and I liked it, all my senses seemed heightened, the beautiful smell of the grass, the trees and the foliage and the smell of the fresh river smelled so sweet and so was the highly scented woodland blossom.

I could feel that my nipples were ever so erect and tingling with excitement and to a lesser degree my clit and my whole pussy area too. I felt so incredibly aroused almost raw animal like in my nature, there were no rules right now, no rules of morality, no rules of conduct and no law…. I felt no naughty with the thought that we could do anything that we wanted, anything that pleased us on a very low primal instinctual level.

Emma undid his short combat trousers and I felt a further little pulse of tingle around my whole nipple and pussy area again as she pulled them down and revealed a very nice pair of blue designer boxers. Emma paused for a second as she looked at them, then she looked at me, I gave her a little nod to carry on and then she reached her hand forward and gently started rubbing the flat of her hand over the front of his boxers and started feeling what was under them. She gave a little sighing and inquisitive “Mmmmm” then she turned to me saying, “this will be interesting .. here you have a feel.”

Well there was no point in passing up the opportunity now so I moved forward a little and felt and rubbed him over his underpants where Emma did. There wasn’t anything enormous under there which was a little disappointing but his cock felt quite sticky out and I thought that he was probably getting a bit of an horn on, ‘maybe he wasn’t so reluctant as he made out to be’ I thought.

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After fondling the front of his boxers for a few seconds Emma almost in an excited half whisper says, “Go on, pull his under pants down Angel and lets take a look at what he has got” and the way she said it I thought that she meant for me to do it, but it seems not as she bends her knees again in front of him and pushed her fingers under the waist of his pants and eagerly but slowly starts to pull his blue underpants down for him.

The boy says nothing and stays perfectly still as my eyes are watching Emma as she slides his pants down, just as the elastic passed his hips I felt my breath shorten and I softly pant a little in anticipation… Then she pulls them down further and as the elastic passes over and past his cock his little prick springs out in front of him..

His prick was not fully erect by any means, although it seemed to be at least half way there when I felt him, but it stuck out and curved down a little all the same like a small and very white banana. We both stood there (well Emma was crouching down really) looking at the boys little prick, everything seemed so erotic and naughty at the same time. His little cock was only about 2.5 to 3 inches long (75 mm) and I initially wondered if this was worth all the effort

Then Emma looks up at the boy and says in a mild complementary tone “It’s small but it’s very nice…. Isn’t it Angel, it’s so cute.” I remembered that she said that to another boy who had a small cock, she may have likings for small cocks maybe?

I remember saying, “Its very white looking, its almost glowing white isn’t it?”

The boy suddenly says “can I go now” and starts to try to move away.

We both reacted immediately Emma leaps up and pushes her hand in to his face and pushes him back forcefully against the tree and I did the same all in unison with each other. We both thought that now that we have got his cock out, he is not getting away so easily but to be honest, it surprised me that he wanted to go, I thought that he would be fine with it once we had got his cock out.

Emma grips his face with her tiny slim and well manicured hand and distorting his face a little and she makes him look right at her “you listen to me, you little bastard, you just stay there and don’t dare move, if you move again without our say so, I will kick you hard in the bollocks and it will hurt a lot, do you hear? … The boy seems disappointed that he cannot go back to his fishing, but he nods his head and leans back against the tree, I don’t think the boy fancied that kicking in the bollocks.

Emma calms down again and bends down right in front of him and starts to look at the boys cute little cock again, she puts her hand on his lower stomach and lets her hand stroke him and slowly she moves her pretty hand down to his knob and she gently starts to stroke it as I look down and watch her. The flat of her hand is making little circles around his cock and making his cock turn round and round like the hands of a clock. As she does this she says to the boy in a nice and soft soothing tone, “That’s right you just stay there like that while I play with it, I am sure you will enjoy it soon enough, and if you are very good for us I may give you a very special treat….. Is that a deal?”

The lad says nothing but gives her a very slight nod of the head as he watches what she is doing for a few seconds before looking away. Apart from that the boy was now looking straight forward in a pretty vacant manner as Emma continues to move the flat of her hand in circles around his genitals and fondling him as I watched her.

Then I notice Emma is taking more concentration in what she is doing and as she rubs his cock with the flat of her hand, she starts to close her hand round it and now grips the boys semi hard cock with all five tips of her fingers, with the point of his cock pointing directly in to the palm of her hand, she grips his cock with the tips of her fingers and starts slowly moving them up and down his shaft as if she was really enjoying feeling his ever hardening cock harden.

She quickly looks up and half smiles at him and we both look in to his face to see any reaction, but he had very little. As I looked down again at what Emma was doing I could tell that his cock was getting harder and as it stiffened Emma still only gripped his cock with the tips of all five fingers but started pulling and pushing on his cock a little firmer.

She now bends down on to her knees and becomes more comfortable on the soft grassy undergrowth in front of him and inspecting his cock further still, then after a little while Emma looks up to me she says “its coming along nicely, isn’t it?”

“Very nicely” I tell her and as I looked at it, it had grown quite a bit and now must be a healthy 4 inches (12.5cm) to 4 and a half inches long now and quite stiff indeed.

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Emma now change’s her grip and wraps her fore finger and thumb around his cock and starts slowly sliding her hand up and down his shaft as she looks at it closely, she then looks up at me and says “It doesn’t seem so white now does it?”

I bend down on to my knees right by the side of Emma and I can smell how beautiful she smells. I can take a better and closer look at it happy in the knowledge that the boy is staying put. Looking at it I tell her “Yes, its a little bit pink now isn’t it? Then naughtily I tell her “Come on, lets see if we can make it a little more pinker”

“Its his little Pinkie” Emma adds “its his little pinkie, getting bigger and pinker” she jokes and we both giggle together.

Emma now is all but very slowly wanking the boy off with just her forefinger and thumb, she turns to me again and gives me a slight smile as we both watch what she is doing with the boys cock. I could tell she was enjoying herself as she very rearly smiled and she had done that nearly a couple of times today already.

“Let me feel it and have a go now” I tell her and she releases the boys cock “sure” she answers brightly.

I felt quite excited as I reached my hand out to his reluctant stiff cock, unlike Emma I wrapped three fingers and my thumb around his prick and that gripped his whole cock and I squeezed it, feeling it, then slowly rubbing it and I loved feeling its ripples in my hand and I lovingly felt at it as I stroked it gently back and forth. As I slid my hand in longer strokes along his little shaft it started pulling his foreskin back and his red knob end started to pop out and it looked quite funny, we turned to each other and giggled again at how strange it looked as his foreskin started running back and forth over it and I pulled his foreskin right back and it made him gasp a little and Emma looks up at him and asks

“Is that nice”

But the boy said not in reply.

Emma now stood up in front of the boy and I thought she was going to ask him that question again to get a reply, but she doesn’t. In fact she surprises me because she gently pulls up her top and takes it off and even puts her hands behind her back and starts un-cliping her very sexy bra and takes that off too while the boy watched her with wide bright eyes.

I wonder what she is doing as she now stands their gently twisting he body from side to side like a topless model posing for the photographer while the boy ogles her young beautiful pert and firm breasts. She lets him look and admire her before she then asks the boy softly and nicely, “Would you like to feel my soft warm tities? I bet you would, wouldn’t you?” but before the boy said anything in reply she grips both his wrists and moves his hands up and on to her breasts and she holds then there while she starts moving and gyrating herself against his hands. After a few seconds she half whispers to him “Is that nice? Now would you like to suck and kiss my nipples for me?….I bet you would like that as well wouldn’t you? Come on then, be nice to me like a good boy and I will be nice to you in return, is that fair?”

I could feel his cock react to Emma’s words and his prick felt so nice in my hand sliding back and forth as I wanked the boy off and I felt so ‘dirty horny and kinky’ doing what I was doing. I started purposely to wank him off a little harder now for a few seconds and instinctively he pushed his hips out a little further in response to this and I noticed too that his prick was turning quite pink now as I really enjoyed the feeling of rubbing him off in my hand and my mind.

Emma reaches her hand slowly around the back of his head and saying “Come on” as she gently but firmly pulls his head down towards her very pert sticky out breasts as she at the same time moves her left breast and large sharp brown pointed erect nipple towards his innocent mouth. Again almost in a soft sexy encouraging whisper she says to him ”Come on Tom lick it for me.” He seems to resist slightly still as she pulls his head a little more firmly to her aching and tingling breast, again in a soft sexy soothing voice Emma whispers encouragement to him “Come on Thomas, don’t be shy I want you to lick and suck it for me please.” As she pulls his head firmly to her breast Emma starts to rub her erect tingling nipple back and forth over his cute soft mouth as she groans gently and sexily “Mmm Come on, suck it for me” and only then he and almost reluctantly looking slowly sticks his tongue out and starts to tentatively and very gently licks her stiff and very erect brown nipple. She gave him small sharp gasps of pleasure to encourage him to carry on and at the same time my nipples also tightened and gave a small bust of pleasure too in reaction to what I was seeing and hearing from Emma.

The boy now encouraged starts to suck on her pert breast and enlarged nipple and Emma gasps out to him ”Oh yes, oh yes, that is that very nice? … Good boy Tom …. Suck it, suck it harder” as she pushes her pert breast harder against his mouth “oh yes, suck on it a little harder still then flick it with your tongue” and she softly rocks and gasps.

We both now notice the boy also starts to gasp and grunt a little and I see his lower stomach area started to tense and tighten up as I stroked and wanked his stiff little cock for him as he sucked on each of Emma’s tits. We was certainly getting a reaction from him now. Emma bounces softly and gently in front of him and her breasts gently bounce and shiver up and down increasing the pleasure as her nipple flicks across his lips and tongue harder and faster and she gives another gasp of “Oh yes” in heightened sexual animal primal pleasure. After a few minutes she looks down at me and stare’s at me suggestively while she gently licks her red glossed lips as though she is really enjoying her nipple being licked and sucked, but then she flashed her eyes at me, I smiled and took it that she wanted another go with the boys cock.

Page 11

Emma releases the boys head from her grip and looking a little flushed as she kneels back down in front of him whilst cupping and soothingly stroking her breasts with her hands as I let go of his now nice stiff cock. Before Emma took it in her hand again we both looked at it and admired our handy work. Oh yes it was truly hard and stiff now, he had a real good hard stiffy sticking right out there that now must be a good 4 inch long (100mm).

Emma now took his small but erect cock in to the whole of her hand like I had done before her and gently starts to wank the boy off again,

“Oh yes” she says again, “this feels nice” as his little stiff cock slides through her small hand. Emma looks up at the boy telling him “I want to give this cock a real good workout for you today.” She wanks him slowly at first as if she was enjoying feeling it running through her hand, then she started rubbing her hand up and down his shaft faster and more firmly while the lad groaned again and like before with me he pushes his hips out and his lower stomach tenses again at the much firmer harder strokes. Emma looks closely at what she was doing as I did and loved the reactions of the boy. As I looked at her wanking him off I felt so incredibly and uncontrollable horny that seemed to come and wash over me like a wave of insanity and madness, I wanted more from this, but I didn’t know of what or how I wanted it.

I moved my hand under his cock forcing his legs a little further apart and I started feeling and stroking his tight little balls as Emma wanked him off at the same time. Emma gave me another half but serious smile and then very very slowly moved her face closer to his cock, she took away some of her fingers from it to reveal more of the top of his penis, then with her eyes looking to the side towards me and almost as if she was looking for my approval she very slowly stuck her tongue out and started to gently flick the very tip of her tongue up and down on the end of boys cock like a snake as she calmed and now only very gently stroked his cock at the same time.

I didn’t say anything to her as her tongue gently flicked the tip of his cock. Her eyes stayed fixed on mine as she then kissed the tip of his cock then sticking her tongue out again she let her tongue lick round and round the end of his cock in little circles slowly and still with her eyes looking, almost staring at me and we was both feeling very naughty indeed whilst playing with this boys stiff cock

I looked back at her watching with my heart beating firmly and loudly in excitement, no now watching, I would say more staring at what she was doing with him and wondering how far she would go with him. After about 30 seconds to a minute of licking the end of his cock I watched as she now slowly kissed the end of the boys cock for a second and while kissing it she then slowly opened her sexy mouth a little and slowly slid the boys stiff cock between her red sexy lips and slowly into her mouth and giving a little “Mmmm” as she did so.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as her eyes half looking at me and half at what she was doing as she slid her mouth further down his small hard shaft and then slowly bobbed her head back and forth while slowly making her lips slide down his shaft to the base of his cock, then once there she sucking eagerly on the whole thing in her mouth for a few seconds then she lifted her head and softly gasped “Oh that was so good” before she started sliding and sucking her wet mouth along his little prick again, god it looked so tremendously erotic.

Instead of doing nothing and just watching her I stood up and while still watching what Emma was doing I took off my blouse and un-clasped my bra like she has done and told Tom in a demanding tone that “I want you to suck on my tits and nipples for me as you did with Emma.”

The boy just looked at me but obviously reacting with soft groans to the reaction of Emma sucking him off. My nipples tingled like crazy and I gently grabbed the boys head and pulled him to my nipples, luckily the boy did as I wanted and in fact the boys mouth cute mouth latched straight on to my aching tit like a hungry baby and instantly started suckling  and licking on them.

I have always had very sensitive nipples that stick out at the best of times and I instantly gasped and squealed to myself at the very pleasant sensations exploding from my nipple area ‘Ohhh that felt so good.’ My nipples felt as if they were about to burst with pleasure as I fed one tit and then the other and then back again on to his obedient sucking and licking lips and mouth. I gasped and squealed as the boy sucked and licked almost in a feeding frenzy on my tits and nipples while Emma sucked on the boys prick eagerly.

I would have thought the boy was enjoying himself now, but if he wasn’t he was doing a good job of disguising it. The boy continued to suck and lick feverishly on my tits making the ends wet as I continued to alternate them to his mouth and as I did incredibly pleasant shock like sensations were dancing all round my breasts and shooting down my back, I wanted this to continue all afternoon,

Emma all too soon suddenly let the boys stiff prick slide out of her mouth and she looked up at me as if to say ‘Would you like a turn.’

I looked down at his pinkish/white cock sticking out in front of him, it was very rigid and very wet from Emma’s wet excited mouth and It looked very inviting. So I bent down in front of him along side Emma where we were both now naked from the waist up. As I made myself comfortable on my knees, Emma put her arm around my waist and leaned closer to me and with her right hand she cupped and squeezed my right breast and gently caressed it, which felt very nice. Then as I bravely made my mouth wet and licked my lips as they suddenly felt dry with excitement. I slowly moved my head forward towards the boys cock and I opened my mouth and Emma at the same time leaned her head in to me and kissed me on the cheek.

As I saw his cock draw near and I already had my mouth open I felt the boys cock nudge and slide between my lips and in to my mouth, I felt a little tingle run down my spine. His Prick felt wet from Emma’s saliva and that seemed to make it even more exciting to me and I wrapped my eager mouth round his stiff little prick and I started gently sucking on it with Emma closely watching me and sometimes kissing me on the cheek. Emma was right, it felt ‘oh so good’ in my mouth as I sucked on it. I slid my mouth back and forward eagerly on the lads 4  inch prick (100mm) and I loved the sensation of naughtiness and the feel of it sliding back and forth in my mouth, I had never felt so naughty before in my life as having a boys cock in my mouth and I felt so alive.

Emma was still caressing and stroking my tits for me which felt so nice as well, she had turned a little front on to me and I could feel her soft but firm breasts rubbing against me that also felt so good.

I gripped either side of his hips with my hands as I moved a fraction closer to him and soon I was slowly sliding then bobbing my mouth back and forth all along his shaft feeling like a dirty slut and I loved the feeling. I slid my wet mouth with increasing speed from the tip of his cock to the very base of his prick and back again over and over again with the kinky thought in my head that the boy was fucking my mouth with his stiff prick and with Emma watching me so closely really excited me.

After only what could have been a couple of minutes at the most Emma pushes her head by the side of mine eager to suck him again, I let his prick slide out of my mouth and Emma slid her mouth along the side of his prick, I thought that I would do exactly the same from the other side and we snogged as we let the boys cock slide back and forth across both our eager kissing mouths for a few moments. I backed off so that she could slide his prick back in to her mouth even though I was enjoying what we was doing. I thought she was going to slide her mouth down his shaft and suck him again, but she didn’t, well  she didn’t get the chance really.

Page 12

Emma grips his cock and wanks him whilst saying to me “shall we get him laid down on to the floor and have some real fun with it?” I didn’t know what she had planned for him or for us but I nodded excitedly at her saying “Oh yes, lets”. (As I said, I wanted more, but still not sure what.)

Suddenly as Emma wanked him the boy groaned out and uttered something in a groan, (we didn’t catch what he said,) Emma pulled back and looked up at the boy with a little surprised expression of ‘what is happening,’ then suddenly his whole body went stiff and rigid as though he was having an heart attack and we both guessed what must be happening to him.

Emma who was only wanking the boy slowly as we chatted now wrapped all her fingers back around his cock and gripping tightly as she wanked the boy harder and moved a little to the side of him all in the same motion, a second later a forceful white squirt of cum shot right out of the end of his cock and must have flown about a meter or more through the air before hitting the ground and Emma squealed “Oh yes” with delight as she saw his squirt of cum.

That was quickly followed by another squirt, then another and another, me and Emma quickly looked at each other at the amount of cum that the boy squirted with great force through the air and on to the floor. Emma was really wanking the boys cock quite briskly until he stopped squirting and his cum was just oozing out the end and quickly dripping on to the floor for a second or three….. Then it stopped and so did Emma and she took her hand away from his prick admiring the boys white cum as it had oozed out of his cock  and on to her hand.

We both looked at his cock which looked to be quite red now and it was pulsing quite dramatically up and down while Tom was gasping and panting, then he said between a gasp, “Can I go now?

Emma frowned at him and asked, “didn’t you enjoy that?”

“Oh” said the boy in a pleasant but unconvinced tone, “Oh yes, It was alright, but I would like to go now please.”

We both looked at each other in disappointment that it was all finished so quickly.

Emma and me wanted more I gripped his cock and slowly started massaging his cock and Emma told him “no we haven’t finished yet”

“Well I have” he said in a high pitched voice and a great look of shock in his face.

We both looked at each other with a greater look of disappointment and we knew he wouldn’t be able to perform again, our short lived fun was over. With a ‘Well, Why not then’ flash of Emma’s eyes I said to him, “I suppose so.”

I expected the boy to rush off, but he didn’t, he slowly and quietly pulled his underpants and trousers up, tucked his shirt in, fastened his belt and only then said “Bye then, er by the way, thanks” and  he slowly wondered back to his fishing umbrella and I picked his rod up.

By the time we wondered out of the tiny wooded area the boy was re-baiting his rod and started fishing again.

I called to the boy “don’t tell anyone will you?”

“Narrr” said the boy “nobody would believe me anyway would they ….. See yer”

“Bye” we both called back.

Me and Emma had enjoyed our fun with the boy Tom for as long as it lasted, but we were left a little bit disappointed and I suppose frustrated. We wandered back along the river chatting and Emma suggested doing it again with someone else, but I didn’t want to, I couldn’t be bothered with the effort and I thought we might get in to trouble for a start and I gave Emma a lazy “Nahh” and in fairness to Emma she said as an afterthought “No, I don’t fancy all the hassle either, there was a lot more than I thought there would be, didn’t you?”

Page 13

“A lot more” I agreed and in fun I said “lets just go to the stables and wank one of the ponies off in future” I mused.. “Yes, a great idea” she said almost excited “and a lot less hassle too”

We went back down the river and picked our shoes up before going over to the farmers stables.

That’s when we bumped in to our brothers both called Jon, both a petite build and both about the same age walking towards us. Both me and Emma said at the same time “oh you are back then” and we looked at each other with a puzzled look of surprise that we both said the same thing at the same time as both of the boys burst out laughing.

When they calmed down my Jon said, “We were looking for you, we knew you would be on the river here, do you fancy coming coming down to the pub with us, Mum and Dad are there they said they will buy both of you lunch.”

I hesitated and in my hesitation Emma said, “No thanks we are going to the barn” this time it was the boys turn as they both called out in excited unison “Can we come with you”

Me and Emma looked at each other and Emma with the tiniest of smiles and not taking her stare of me said “why not”

“Why not indeed” I agreed …………

(do you want me to write what could have happened ?)

PS. I exaggerated the end of the story a little just to make it a little bit more exciting …

I Hope that’s okay


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12 thoughts on “River Bank

  1. Hello Angel,
    I have read several of your stories, and seen some of your pics. Very interesting! Two girls and two boys going to a barn! Hmm a lot could happen here. Thanks Shadow….

    • I am having second thoughts about writing that at the moment, but I may pick it up later as I have a similar story that I can write about Emma, I thought that I may as well write that instead.

  2. oh great story I had a friend like Emma when in high school she bulled the boys and one time had a boy eat her out while I watched made me so horny I wanted to fuck the guy but went home.

  3. Great story! Wish I was abused by a couple of women. Please do tell us what could have happened! I am waiting with bated breath in anticipation! Love your stories. Thanks for taking the time to write them. Do you get aroused when you write these stories?

  4. Innocent….yea right Angel. Good story, I have never been so lucky when I go fishing! Being dominated by two girls is a lot of fun.

    • My word Mick, not heard from you for a couple of months, nice to hear from you and hope everyone is well.. kiss,kiss

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