School Girl Bully

The Schoolgirl Bully

Madison grabs Leanne by the throat and we gather round to punish her

Madison grabs Leanne by the throat and we gather round to punish her

Hello, I am Angel, This is a story about a school girl bully I used to know. The story itself isn’t  true but the people in it and their characters are.

I used to go to an all girl boarding school and this is an exaggerated experience I had, a very exaggerated experience.

The dorms we had were set up in sections of four girls per room along a corridor of many rooms.

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We were all expected to share duties and we all did willingly. Then one of the girls who had been with us for over a year was moving on and as fate had it another girl was moving in.

The new girl’s name was Leanne and she must have been really trying to make a name for herself because she instantly told us ‘what she was going to do and what she was not going to do’ and the cheeky bugger told us what she expected from us too, she was really overpowering.

Well, we had our own pecking order in our Dorm and Madison who was one of the other girls thought she was the top girl. Well, she was the top girl actually, as we had voted her in as the official Dormitory and West Wing Bully and she wasn’t going to let some newcomer upstart dictate and run the rule over us, so between us, we decided we would put her instantly in her place and big style.

Now you may think it strange to vote for a dormitory bully, but you see we didn’t have one and with the tradition of an English Private School and all that, it was what everyone expected. The bully keeps everything in order, so we all voted for Madison as she could be very domineering at times, and now the new girl was here trying to take her position, Madison had a reputation and pride to keep.

As soon as the new girl had fully moved into the dorm that Sunday we had decided to make our move, she unpacked and we all went down for tea. Even here she was such a pain demanding and threatening. We were all pleased to get back to our dorm around half five to get away from her, but she came straight back too.

Straight away Leanne was telling us she wanted to read and that she didn’t like a lot of noise while she read “So we have all better be quiet!”

I was very close to Layla the fourth girl in our room and we all wanted to keep what we had going in our little group. I knew that when someone new came in it would give a new dimension between us all, but we all was so naffed off with the new girl and her attitude straight away, and oh what a stuck up spoiled child she was. Madison grabbed her by the troat

Madison eyeballed the new girl Leanne as she came over to the bunk bed she was to share. Layla and me gathered round Leanne quickly giving Madison support, Leanne looked shocked at us as though to say ‘what is going on here.’

Madison grabbed her by the throat firmly, telling her, “so who do you think you are you little bitch!! You are here with no friends and you think you can tell us what we can and can’t do… Well, I don’t think so…..

Here you do as we do and say or we will make your life fucking hell, .. We could kick the fuck out of you, force your head under the water at bath time and shove the big bar of soap right up that cute little arse of yours, or maybe we will do to you what we did with the last girl, we held her down and put big hairy spiders and stuff down inside her knickers and they ran around for hours, with you we will even force them in your mouth and make you eat them… Do you Understand?”

We all gathered around her showing her that we meant real business. Instantly she backed right down and Madison pushed home the advantage to show her who was the top dog here “So if you want to stay in here with us and be safe you have to go through our little trial, let’s call it a welcoming initiation… Okay?”

Leanne is taken right back and nods her head asking, “what sort of trial? it’s nothing with spiders, is it? I just won’t do it if it is!! You can beat me up if you want, even shove a bar of soap up my arse as well, but no spiders, I don’t do spiders, not even little tiny ones!!”

Toying with her hair I have quite norty thoughtsMaddison asks me and Layla, “Well, what kind of trial will it be girls” and she toys and flirts with Leanne’s long hair whilst adding “She is quite pretty, do you think she will be good for you know what?”

Madison had a problem, Her brother was being bullied in the boys’ school across the road and he was living a hell on earth, (Well so he said.)

His school bully called Jake said he would leave him alone if he could lose his virginity with one of his sisters by Friday next week, I don’t know why Friday, but there it was. I have quite naughty thoughts at times and I suggested, “What about a Friday night trial” giving Madison a wink at the same time, then I look at Madison and Layla to see their reaction. Madison instantly smiles, “What an excellent idea” and Layla gives a big smile too, “Yes that’s a very great Idea, that could solve a few problems and we will be entertained at the same time.”

Leanne asks very nervously “Whats that, it’s nothing to do with spiders is it? Did I tell you that I hate spiders” Madison kisses her on the lips

Madison instantly moves towards her, “It doesn’t have to be spiders you know, we have great big hairy spiders here, so big you can hear them breathing.

It could be something quite nice, of course, it depends on you. Of course if you resist, it will be spiders, big hairy spiders, lots of them right down your knickers and running around your little pussy.”

Then Madison moves her mouth closer to Leanne and sexily kisses the reluctant girl on the lips. Leanne doesn’t seem to know how to react to her and she just lets Madison kiss her on the lips with no reaction from herself. Madison kisses her againMaddison whispers to her, “The trial has started, so what’s it to be, are you going to be nice to me or are we going to be nasty to you.”

Then Madison moves her mouth back closer to hers and kisses her again a little more passionately. Leanne obviously has never kissed a girl before and looks very uncomfortable and awkward with the situation, but even so she slowly and gently kisses Maddison back, and with that initial reaction Madison kisses her even more passionately and starts now to push her tongue into Leanne’s mouth and french kiss her, I could see the shock in Leanne’s eyes of having to kiss another girl in such a manner.

After a few minutes of snogging, Maddison backs away from her saying, “That was very nice, I think you shall need more practice with this don’t you.., you will soon get the hang of it after a short while, maybe after a month or two of practice with the three of us, Shall we say every night a lights out for half an hour or so, we can take it in turns with you between us, wouldn’t that be nice.”

Leanne didn’t say anything, but Madison asks in a little louder voice repeating, “shall we say we will practice at lights out?” and stared at her waiting for an answer…  Leanne looked up at her then looked back down on the floor giving a little nod in agreement, “Okay” she said very quietly. She is a little over dressed

I ask Madison, well to be honest, I more like tell her, “Don’t you think she is a little over dressed for the occasion of the trial, shall we see what she has got under all those clothes that she is wearing.”

Leanne’s eyes flick from me to Madison and then back to me asking, “What do you mean over dressed, I am dressed the same as you all are” I smile, “Well yes you are at the moment, but we have our inspection to make, after all, it is a Friday night trial isn’t it” and I look over to Madison and ask “shall we?” Madison looks Leanne in the eyes and says straight out to her, “I think what Angel is saying is that she wants to see your tits, lea06.. so get them out for us all to see.”

Leanne looks at Madison almost disbelieving what she had just heard, “Don’t be so disgusting, I am not going to do that in front of you all.” Then as we stare right at her she asks the question “What, you really want me to get my tits out for you?”

Madison Moves her hands to her cardigan and quickly unfastens it warning her, “Don’t you dare struggle against me or you will have to be severally punished, and we know what that means don’t we.”

Madison pushes Leanne’s cardigan open and to each side of her and starts to unfasten her blouse, Leannelea08 is not happy with what is happening at all and starts to struggle, so we hold her. Madison pulls her blouse right open and we can see that she has got quite large bosoms.

I put my hand onto her breasts and start to stroke them over her bra while Madison holds her blouse open and watches me with a smile. Leanne tries to get awayLayla Moves forward wanting to get a good look too and as she sees them she gasps “wow look at those, I hope mine get as large as hers in the next 12 months, now let’s get them right out and let’s see those nipples.”

We both smile at Layla she is not normally so forward and blunt like that. But that seems to have unnerved Leanne and she tries to break away from us by rushing forward and trying to make it to the door, but we were surrounding her and we quickly grab her before she reaches the end of the bed and we pull her back right to where we had her before.

Madison looks her straight in the eyes, “Look, Leanne, I will give you one last chance, you can do this trial for us, or if you like you can chooselea10 the other trial of having spiders down your knickers and stuff like that, we think this trial is more fun, but you can have the other trial if you like,” …. So after a

So after a second she asks “Which trial do you want, the Friday night trial or the spiders, you are going to get one of them.. but which.. if you don’t answer we will take it that you want big hairy spiders down your blouse and knickers.. Maybe in your mouth as well…”

To be honest we were desperate for her to take the Friday night trial to get Madison and Madison’s brother out of a mess. We fondle her titsThankfully Leanne agrees “Okay, okay, I will have the Friday night trail then whatever that is?”

Madison tells her firmly “Well now stop whinging then, you have had your tits felt before haven’t you?”

Leanne; “Well, not by a lot of girls before,” she tells us, then asking, “You are not all lesbians are you?”

“Of course we aren’t,” Layla tells her. “We are just having fun with an initiation test, aren’t we? No harm in that is there? Everyone has an initiation here, we were no different from you when we came here, so why don’t you just get used to it, think of it more of a friendship bonding ceremony.”

Layla rubs Leannes Nipple Leanne; “Well sorry, it just seemed that way to me,” she tells us with such a cute worried frown on her face. Leanne doesn’t let up “Can you promise me you are not lesbians then?”

“Well,..Well we are not” she is reassured by Madison as she and we groped both Leanne’s tits with both hands.

Layla has a nice squeeze of one of Leanne’s breasts then she starts to flick and rub the nipple. It was a good job she had large breasts as we all had a good feel pretty much all at the same time, we must have seemed very eager.

But neither of us was very big in that department at that stage of our lives.lea14 “Shall we tell her the good news?” I ask and not waiting for a reply I continue. “the Friday night trial is not only about feeling and fondling your tits or in your case just having your tits felt by girls, oh no it’s much more than that, better even.” “So what’s the good news, is there any?” Layla asks with the same worried frown on her face.

We look at each other with large smiles.lea13a “So what’s the good news?” she asks again, not totally convinced that there was any good news at all.

I tell her the good news “Is that Madison, as you can see is texting, she is texting a boy to come over here so you can have your tits felt by a boy, if that makes you feel a lot better about it, does it?”

“Well not really, that’s not what I meant” she replied, “anyhow, how can a boy get in here in the evening, or at anytime really, but especially in the evening, the place it is locked down tighter than a high-security prison.” "You have to lose your knickers" we tell herShe continues looking a little worried, I get the feeling that she knows something greater is going down tonight.

I stroke her hair and tell her sweetly whilst winking at the other girls to get ready “The other thing about the Friday night trial is that you have to lose your knickers too.”

She instantly squeals out “Oh no.. No…. No chance”

“Oh yes” we all call out and we all make a grab for her and hold her tight against the bed where she stands while Madison bends and then pushes her hands up her skirt and starts to drag her knickers down over her bottom then starts dragging them down her legs.

We all giggle as Leanne screams and struggles and Madison almost rips off her tiny knickers, she drags them under her feet then she goes to the window and tosses the tiny white knickers with purple bows and frills out of the window “that should bring the boys” she laughs.

A couple of minutes later and Madison’s phone chimes as a new text comes in, she quickly looks at it “The boys are here” she tells uslea13 and asks Layla, “Open the doors for them quickly.”

Layla dashes off and two minutes later she is back with a boy and pushing him quickly in the room, Layla closes the door behind them and the sight of this boy in our room is almost breathtaking.

“Where is my brother?” she asks Jake

“He couldn’t get over the wall,” he tells us with a bit of a panting reply, “so he has gone back”

“The little wimp!” she tells us, then she looks at Jake, “You will leave him alone then if we do this for you, Okay” …

“Sure, I will even look after him from now on,” he tells us with a broad smile.

Madison grabs Leanne and pushes her forward with her breasts pointing straight out in front of her, “This is the girl we have got for you, is she okay for you?”

This is the girl

This is the girl

He replies with eyes like plates “Oh yes, she sure is” and he stands there almost spell-bound and looks at her like a great prize he has just won.

“Come on then don’t just look at her” prompts Madison, and Jake starts to undo his tie and takes a step or two forward towards Leanne. Leanne asks, “Have I really got to do this” as Jake starts to fondle and stroke her firm ample tits, he squeezes them as if they are ripe melons and Leanne carries the same worried frown as she looks down at her tits being fondled.

I start to undress Jake and Leanne takes her lead from me and starts to help undresslea18 him too. Leanne not only looked shocked that there is a boy in the dorm and seems really embarrassed at him looking and feeling at her bare breasts.

It’s obvious that she has no experience with boys the way she is staring at him half in awe and half embarrassed. “Why are you undressing him?” Leanne asks with a great frown and puzzlement.

“So that he can become more lea19comfortable,” I tell her, not letting on what we have got in store for her.

I take his tie off and Madison and Leanne watch me as I undo the buttons on his shirt one by one. I notice both Jake and Leanne look at each other I drop down onto my knees and start to unfasten his trousers and as they drop to the floorlea21 I hear Leanne gasp “oh my god!” as Madison giggles at the same time.

I look up at Jake to see what all the fuss is about and suddenly my hearts almost misses a beat “Oh my golly, oh my god, he looked magnificent with such a beautiful body and such a beautiful long hanging cock. I took a deep long breath and tried to regain my composure but I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

He isn’t wearing any underpants and I notice that all the girls are all looking at what he has got between his legs and I see the other girls smile at his very nicely sized big beautiful smooth cock. Madison looks at Leanne and tells her to get down on her knees, “Oh my god no!!” she replies looking all round at us.

Madison tells her again in a stern voice to get down on her knees but this time adds ”or else,” to my surprise she does as she is told and very slowly she lowers herself onto her knees. Then Madison tells Leanne calmly to take his cock in her hand and fondle it for him. Leanne amazingly slowly reaches out lea22 her hand without protest very slowly towards Jake’s thick cock as though it is a bomb or something and very tentatively feels for his now throbbing cock.

Madison lets her look closely at it as if it’s the first cock she has ever seen in her life, I think we all did. Far from objecting she seems fascinated by it. Madison calmly tells her to grip it in her hand and to stroke it back and forth and again she does as she is told, doing it with seemingly great wonderment and she seems to be examining it.

Leanne looks up at Jake as she strokes at the ever thickening cock in her hand before shelea22a looks again at his foreskin as it slides back and forth as she rubs it with her hand.

Madison looks over to me and Layla and gives us a smile as she then says to Leanne “Now all you have to do is put it in your mouth and suck on it”

Leanne instantly stops what she is doing and turns to look up at Madison almost waking up from what she was doing and saying to her sharply “NO surely you don’t mean that, please no! I am happy to continue doing what I am doing, but I am not putting it in my mouth and sucking on it!”

Madison gets down onto her knees by the side of her and tells her, “Oh yes you are! You are with big grown up girls now, and you are going to suck on it … Now suck it!”

"take a good look at it ..

“take a good look at it

Leanne stutters her reply back to Madison in great shock “No, no please I can’t!!” But Madison grabs her hair firmly and pushes her head close to his cock so that she gets a good close look and tells her to “Take a good look at it because it’s going in your mouth and you are going to suck on it for him … do you hear!!” and Leanne is silent as she looks at Jake’s smooth hard cock, it looks so long sticking right out in front of him.

“Right open your mouth for him!” Madison tells her. I can see by her reaction she doesn’t know what to do about the situation. Madison tells her again much sterner, “Come on open your mouth wide for him or you know what we said we would do didn’t we?” and as if to force the point home Madi grabs her chin and pulls it open. Madison very very reluctantly and slowly opens her mouth, a big smile develops across Madi’s lea24face for a second or two as her mouth opens.

Madison lets her stay there for a little while with her mouth open building the tension before she firmly but gently pushes her head forward, Leanne resists a little but Madi grips her head firm and pushes and guides her head forward with a little more force. Leanne’s mouth moves closer and closer to Jake’s thick cock and Leanne never takes her eyes off it as it reaches her open mouth, again she tries to resist and Madison pushes her head forcefully forward and Jake’s cock slides slowly between her lips and into her mouth.

Her first cock

Her first cock

By the look and expression in Leanne’s eyes, I could tell this was the first cock she had ever had in her mouth as she just didn’t know how to react or what to do with it. Madison helps her by telling her “Now wrap your mouth around it and suck on it, it will soon feel very nice” and Leanne did as she was told in very slow motion, her mouth closed slowly and I could see she was starting the first tentative sucks on his prick.

It took her a few seconds but soon she was moving her tongue and feeling the cock in her mouth as she made little sounds of anxiety whilst she was doing it. Jake groaned wildly as he felt for the first time a girls warm soft and wet mouth wrap around and suck on his cocklea26 and Madison slowly released her grip on Leanne telling her gently to “Now enjoy yourself with it.” Although I think that was pushing it a bit far.

Madison came round to the side where we were and sat on the bed as we watched. God it was so erotic watching her suck on his cock, I was really enjoying it and I felt so horny watching them. Leanne took Jake’s cock in her hand and slowly massaged his cock with her hand as she sucked on the tip of his cock, Madison whispers to us ’she seems to be getting the hang of it now’ and me and Layla giggle and enjoy the show.

Then Leanne took his cock out of her wet mouth and pulled his cock up with her hand and started lea27kissing down along his shaft to his balls and once their she lea28kisses his balls for a while before sticking her tongue out and licking his balls and sliding her tongue up and down his shaft, she seemed to want to explore it fully with her mouth and tongue.

I cannot say Leanne seemed to be enjoying the experience but she seemed to have this thing about licking Jake’s balls then licking his cock all over and up and down. Madison moved forward and getting down on her knees by the side of her she said, “I want to see you suck it, now get it back in your mouth” lea29

Madi took Jake’s cock in her hand and pointed it towards Leanne’s mouth. Leanne seemed reluctant for some reason but she opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock between her lips and started to suck on the end of it.

sucking deeper

sucking deeper

After a few moments of Leanne sucking right on the tip of Jake’s cock Madi puts her hand on the back of her head and starts gently pushing so that her mouth slides further down his shaft. I move forward to get a closer look as Madi tells her to “suck deeper on it, come on give it a good sucking, this is the first time for him too you know.” Madison grips her head directing her to slide her mouth right along his shaft faster and deeper on his cock, I could see Leanne wasn’t keen on his

"slde your mouth deeper"

“slide your mouth deeper”

Madison grips her head directing her to slide her mouth along his shaft faster and deeper onto his cock sliding her mouth almost to the base. Madison didn’t stop pushed her head harder making her mouth slide as far down his shaft as far as possible and by now she must have felt it in her throat. Removing her hand from the back of her head she tells her “now come on, you are on your own … bob your head up and down his shaft, really make yourself gag on his cock, or are you one of those lucky girls that can take it down your throat, I think you are. aren’t you?”

To be fair to Leanne she gave it a good go, you could see she wasn’t happy about it but she did as she was told, she slid her mouth right down his shaft and didn’t complain.

"Go on girl"

“Go on girl”

I was watching her closely, we all was and when Leanne felt she had slid her mouth down his shaft as far as she could go, amazingly she opened her mouth a little and pushed her mouth down further until his cock must have slid into her throat, I could hardly believe my eyes but it seemed so sexy to me.

Even Madison was having a good look and was so impressed with her saying to her “go on girl.” Then suddenly as everyone was seemingly enjoying themselves Leanne gagged and coughed and quickly slid her mouth quickly off Jake’s cock and said; “That’s it, I am not doing any more of that.” Madison thinking on her feet quickly gets right behind Leanne and makes her rise on her

Madison spit between her breasts

Madison spit between her breasts

knees “we can’t upset the gentleman can we” and she spits heavily between Leanne’s breasts and then she cups her hands around wraps them around the whole of Jake’s shaft.

She cups her tits atound his shaft

She cups her tits around his shaft

Leanne now slowly at first bounce’s them up and down giving Jake a nice wet tittie wank with her soft breasts. Now as Leanne bounces her breasts, Jake starts to hump into her breast slowly but surely taking over from Leanne and he soon gets into his rhythm and fucks her wet soft tits. Suddenly though Jake stops and every one gasps as he says, “wow that was great,” and holding his cock in his hand he turns to Madison and says, “I want you to give me a blow job now.”

Madison looks stunned as she stutters “Er No, I told you that I would get you a girl and that’s what I have done, she is doing an Initiation” .. “I don’t care” he tells her “I want you to suck it, it’s your brother.” Madison looks well pissed off even saying, “the fucking things I have to do for my brother, you had better not tell him what I did.”

Maddison opens her mouth

Maddison opens her mouth

“Okay!” he says, but I personally didn’t believe him. Leanne moves out of the way and Maddison walks a couple of shuffles towards him on her knees. He tells me to kneel by the side of her, and I feared the worst for me as well. Madison takes his thick cock in her lea36ahand and opens her mouth, I thought she was going to push it right into her mouth, but she didn’t she stuck her little pink tongue out and licked her tongue up and down and around the tip of his cock.

Jake sucks his breath in with pleasure as Madison works on the tip of his cock with her tongue, licking around the tip of it and thenlea37a suddenly sliding her mouth on to it and sucking right on the very tip of it. I am fascinated to watch her, she sucks on his cock whilst stroking the underside of it with her fingers, I could see her tongue as she sucked on it.

She slides her mouth right down it

She slides her mouth right down it

She slides her mouth up and down on it gently at first sucking on it at the same time, then sliding her mouth further down the shaft until she slides up and down on it in a bobbing type motion. I flash my eyes up to Jake and he looks to be in ecstasy at what Madison is doing to his prick, ‘I bet she didn’t think she would be giving someone a blow-job today’ I thought to myself.

Sliding her mouth almost to the base

Sliding her mouth almost to the base

Madison was not only sliding her mouth up and down on his shaft, but almost now sliding her mouth to the base of the long thick cock, I could hear sloppy sounds coming from her wet mouth as she did. Jake gasps out loudly  ”both of you suck it now,” to be honest I could have sworn he meant for me to do it and I took half a step on my knees but as I looked sheepishly across at the girls and I saw Leanne gently nod her head to him and inch towards his huge shaft before me

they are both told to suck it

they are both told to suck it

Now both of them lick and flick their tongue’s along and around Jake’s cock. That’s when Jake tells them, “I am going to fuck one of you in a minute, the worst cock sucker is going to get this cock up her arse, so suck it well and I will announce the winner.” the girls lick their tongues around it like crazy and Leanne take the cock in her hand pulling it away from Madison and starts sliding her mouth up and down Jake’s cock as if her life depended on it.

Leanne screams out "NO thats not fair"

Leanne screams out “NO thats not fair”

The decision though was quickly made and suddenly Jake says, “I want to fuck you” and points to Leanne, her reaction is one of total shock, the look of horror on her face with the expression “Oh fucking hell no, no not that, please lea41anot that please not up my bum”. Madison jumps up and drags Leanne almost by the hair over to the closest bunk bed forcing her over and pushing her face down whilst lifting her short skirt over her cute little bottom.

Madison spits on her fingers

Madison spits on her fingers

Leanne is screaming out like crazy, “No no, please no, help me someone.” Madison was like a girl possessed holding her down. Jake walks up behind Leanne and says to her, “Right if it bother’s you so

Ready to be fucked

Ready to be fucked

much I will fuck your tight little pussy instead,” but of course that didn’t reassure Leanne at all. Madison spits heavily on her fingers and slaps Leanne’s pussy rubbing her wet finger all around. Jake smiles as he is at last going to lose his virginity, well they both were I think.

I hold leanne down

I hold Leanne down

Madison pushes Leanne’s back down further exposing more of her pussy as she tells Jake, “come on then fuck her, she is as ready as she is ever going to be tonight.” Jake positions his cock whilst myself and Layla have to hold Leanne down quite forcefully.

He slid it up her

He slid it up her

I could see Madison gently spreading Leanne’s bum cheeks making it easier for Jake to see where he needs to place his cock and enter her. Leanne can feel Jake’s cock moving around her pussy lips and moving in position over her hole and again Leanne scream’s out, “No don’t, not that.. please stop .. please please stop.” then I see Jake’s hips thrust forward, once, then twice and Leanne struggles even harder and we hold her tight as she gives a half scream and  groan with a “Ahhhh, Oh no,,, Oh my god, oh my fucking hell, .. Oh please stop it hurts” and with the look of panic and a little pain on her face, I could tell Jake had now pushed his hard cock in and up her pussy

Madison climbes the steps

Madison climbs the steps

As we hold her down Jake starts thrusting his hips back and forth and seemingly by listening to Leanne she can feel his prick sliding up her deeper and deeper into her because she squeals out at every thrust into her, “Stop it, Stop it, it’s too fucking big, it hurts” she screams out and gasps again and again “oh my god, oh my god.”

Madison is not very sympathetic and tells her “Oh shut up you big baby, the little bit of pain will soonlea48 go away and it will soon feel very different, very different and very nice, you will soon see.” Sure enough as Jake slowly and rhythmically thrusts back and forth Leanne stops struggling and we relax our grip and stop holding her And she just softly groans to the rhythm.

After a few minutes of closely watching Jake’s hard prick sliding up and down in Leanne Madison gets up and takes her knickers off, I watch her and wonder what on earth she is up to. Then she starts to climb the steps to the top bunk, she opens her legs and hangs her bottom on the very edge of the bed. Madison tells the guy “Jake fuck her a little further  closer to me and push her head between my legs, I want to have her as well and at the same time whilst  your cock is still up her.” Leanne groans out and begs, No please don’t Jake, I am letting you fuck me, please don’t make me do that as well, But Jake does as he is told and pushes and forces her closer towards Madison.

Leanne is fucked as told to suck cunt at the same time

Leanne is fucked and her head is being forced between Madi’s legs

Madison opens her legs wide and from where I was I could closely see her hairless pink pussy with her lips slightly apart. Madison in a firm demanding tone tells her “Come here, you are going to lick my pussy and you had better do it.”

Leanne groans and squeals out begging and pleading “Oh god no, not that as well,.. that’s just a fucking disgusting thing to do. Jake grabs her hair lustfully whilst fucking her hard from behind and now at the same time demanding that he watches her suck Madison right between her legs and he tells her with a lustful low grown “Oh, yes you are, I want to watch you lick her cunt, I have always wanted to watch two girls.” and he forces her head right between Madison’s open legs  ”go on lick it” he demands.

Leanne screws and contorts her face partly from what she is being forced to do for Madison and partly from the thrusting hard prick into her. Angrily she shouts out at all the girls “You dirty bastards, you are fucking lesbians” and then she groans and drops her head panting and gasping from the fucking.

Jake grips Leanne’s head and forced it towards Madison’s pussy, Leanne hesitates and lea49tries to hold back squealing “no! no!”, but Jake then pushes her head harder from behind as Madison lifts her hips and between them they force Leanne’s mouth on to Madison’s moist pussy, Madison groans and slowly gyrates her hips and pussy around her mouth. Jake hold her head firm and Madison takes advantage and slides and thrusts her aching moist pussy all over Leanne’s face until her face almost glistens. Then Madison reached over and pulls her head hard into her pussy and bucks her hips and pussy quickly around her mouth and nose.

Leanne is gasping hard and then she pants to Leanne eagerly, “lick my clit, oh fucking hell, lick it, lick or we will all force our pussies in your face in turn” and Leanne squeals “bastards” and reluctantly takes her first tentative licks of a girls hot wanting pussy.

It all gets too much for me, I move around the other side of her towards Layla. Layla is lea52watching the entertainment as well of course, I gently take her arm and surprised she looks at me, but she must have seen what I wanted in my eyes because she instantly turns to me and without a word being said we both kiss each other gently on the lips quickly growing more passionately by the second.

Leanne pulls her face away from Madison,s pussy and turns to look at us saying “I knew it, you are, you are all fucking Lesbians aren’t you,.. just my fucking luck to get a dorm with fucking lesbians.” Jake grabs her head and pushed her face back into Madison’s pussy and Leanne is forced to carry on licking and kissing the whole of Madi’s pussy area before Madison’s tells her “now just lick me there,” and Madi parts her legs a little further and points to her clit. Leanne looks into Madi’s gleaming pussy where she licks and flicks at her clit with her tongue. I watch her do it from the side of my eye and I felt really envious of Madison and Leanne I would have loved to have been in either position.

Madison’s eyes glaze as Leanne is forced to suck and pleasure her clit with her mouth. The humping of Jake’s fucking from behind pushes Leanne’s mouth hard into Madison’s pussy giving her more pleasure from the treatment of Leanne’s mouth. I slide my hand down Layla’s panties and stroke her between the legs feeling her moist clit and I felt her take a deep breath and gasp as we kiss passionately.

I push my fingers between her folds and I feel how wet she really is and I flick her right at the top of her clit and she instantly groans right out. Thankfully I felt Layla’s hand force its way into my knickers and I opened my legs wide to allow her easy access and I felt my clit and nipples tingle like crazy in anticipation. Her fingers slid right between my legs and I thought she was going to finger me, but she didn’t, She rubbed and then flicked my clit and I almost died with a pleasure that sparkled all through my body.

I was gasping so much that I couldn’t kiss her our open mouths, I just gasped for breath and I wanted her to suck and lick my pussy so much and at the same time do the same thing to hers so I whispered to her ”lets go on my bed and pleasure each other” Layla instantly gasped “yes, of course” then suggested “69?”  and my spine tingled at her offer and she instantly pulled me towards my bed and with a smile she told me in a demanding tone “suck and lick my cunt hard bitch, because that’s what I am going to do to yours” and I almost died at her gorgeous suggestion.

But Madison had other idea’s and like the true bully she turns to me and Layla “Oh no you don’t, not yet, come back here.” Me and Layla give Madison a dark look in anger at not being able to go to have our fun. Then Jake turns to Madison and tells her “get down off the bed and bend over here and take Leanne’s place.”

She groans and tells him angrily “Oh fuck, not me as well, can’t you just be happy with her” but he just repeats “get down and bend over here, I want you as well.” Madison pushes Leanne’s head away roughly and reluctantly from between her legs much to Leanne’s relief and Madison hops down off the bed and says to me “what you smiling at, it could be you next ..” Jake showing his dominance buts in and tells me to “Now hold her from the front and don’t let her move.”

Leanne Spits on Madisons Pussy

Leanne Spits on Madisons Pussy

I leant against the bed in front of Madison disappointed at not being able to move to my bed with Layla.

Jake tells Madison ” come here and spit on her pussy, make it nice and wet for me to fuck it”

Leanne did as she was told and spat on her bottom letting her spit run down while Jake rubbed the tip of his cock into it then pushing his prick right over her hole he forces it in, Madison gasps

Leanne watches as Jake slides his cock up Madison

Leanne watches as Jake slides his cock up Madison

and groans out as she feels it slide up her. I stroke Madison’s hair and see her pant as she feels it slide up her and I wondered what it would feel like as her face flushes and turns pink as she gasps.

It may seem as if we were experienced slappers within sex, but if the truth be known we were always worried about boys cocks making us pregnant, having sex amongst ourselves we knew we were enjoying safe sex.

Leanne told to suck her tits

Leanne told to suck her tits

Madison Is gasping out like crazy as Jake fucks her, he is obviously enjoying himself. Jake gasps to Leanne “suck her tits.” Leanne does as she is told and she moves in front of me and as Jake continues to fuck Madison from behind Leanne starts to lick and suck her nipples as she continues to groan from the deep fucking.

Leanne looks in to her face and watches her expression as she is fucked hard

Leanne looks in to her face and watches her expression as she is fucked hard

Leanne looks into Madisons face and sees her gasp and groan as she is fucked. I was wondering if she was thinking that it served her right for putting her through it.

Jake grips Madison’s hips and fucks her with loud groans coming from them both,

Then he suddenly stops and he points at Leanne and, I want you to come and sit on my cock, is that alright, although I am not asking you I am telling you

Leanne squats over Jake's cock

Leanne squats over Jake’s cock

“Well, I suppose so” although she tells him, “but I am not doing it for long if I am going to do it” I guessed she was worried about getting pregnant as he wasn’t wearing a condom, but surprised she wasn’t screaming her protests like she was before.

Jake with a smile gets down on the floor and lays there with his cock sticking right up in the air.

Leanne parts her lips as she lowers herself

Leanne parts her lips as she lowers herself

Leanne steps over Jake and starts to squat down, she parts her lips with her fingers and guides it down onto his cock.

Suddenly she gasps out and I guessed she has slipped her pussy down on to it. she tentatively and slowly starts to slide up and down on his prick, oh my god it seemed so erotic

She gasps as his cock slips up her

She gasps as his cock slips up her

Slowly as Leanne slides up and down on his cock she gasps louder and louder. I can see Jake smile with delight groaning as she slides down on him.

Suddenly Leanne gasps quietly to herself, “oh my god” but she still bounces up and down with little strokes.

Leanne gasps louder as his prick slides deeper

Leanne gasps louder as his prick slides deeper

As Leanne slides up and down on his cock Layla slips my skirt up my legs to my knickers I look at her and gives me a cheeky smile, I smile at her in return.

She asks me “you don’t mind do you?”

“No, of course not” I smiled at her.

Madison rubs her clit to excite her further

Madison rubs her clit to excite her further

Layla slides her hand up and down on the outside of my knickers stroking me.

Madison surprises me by moving over to Leanne and as Leanne is sliding up and down on Jake’s cock. Madison starts to rub her clit with her fingers, Leanne looks at her in surprise not really knowing whether she really wants her to do that or not. But Madison gives her a smile and tells her “just enjoy it”

Madison rubs Leanne's clit.

Madison rubs
Leanne’s clit.

Just as Layla is about to slip her hand down my knickers Madison shouts over “Angel, Layla, come over her and help me with Leanne.

Again me and Layla give her an angry frown but move over to them. Madison is rubbing her two middle fingers quickly back and forth over Leanne’s clit. “Here take over from me and bring her off.” and she waits right until my fingers are just millimetrers away and she then lifts her fingers for me to take over.

I rub my fingers over her clit

I rub my fingers over her clit

I rubbed my fingers quickly over Leanne’s clit flicking and rubbing it hard while she slid her hips up and down Jake’s thick cock.

Madison starts sucking on her nipple and tells Layla to suck on the other. Leanne drops her head back and groans while she quickly bounces her pussy up and down on his prick. Her pussy is bucking faster and faster and she is squealing and groaning while we all work on her. I knew she was working up to an orgasm and she suddenly starts bucking wildly and screaming out and I rubbed her clit vigorously as she bucked her whole body until she squeals out, “NO MORE, NO MORE” and she slides off his wet slippery cock gasping and squealing.

Madison slides her mouth quickly over his cock and starts to suck it

Madison slides her mouth quickly over his cock and starts to suck it

Jake groans out to Madison, “It’s your turn again now, get back on my cock”

She looks quickly at me and I shake my head at her, “he could cum any second” and quick as a flash before Jake says another word she grips his cock and leans over and starts sucking down deep on his big cock. After a few seconds of Madison sucking he groans out “I am going to cum” and he jumps up onto his feet.

"Suck it" he demands

“Suck it” he demands

Once on his feet he orders Madison “suck me off” and not waiting for her he grips the back of her head and pulls her head to him.

Madison opens her mouth for him and he unceremoniously shoves his cock into her mouth, he orders us all to come close and he orders Leanne to come right to the side of Madison as she sucks deeply up and down on his prick.

Jake starts to wank himself

Jake starts to wank himself

Jake is gasping loudly and I know he must be very close to cuming, I thought he was going to cum in Madison’s mouth and I thought ‘she wouldn’t be very happy about that.

But suddenly he pulls his big cock out of her mouth and he starts wanking himself, moving his cock over their faces as he tells them in a grunting groaning fashion “open your mouths, you can both have some” Oh great I thought, and I nudged Layla as we will get to watch him cum and squirt.

He came over there faces as he ordered them to both open their mouths

He came over there faces as he ordered them to both open their mouths

Jake was wanking his big stiff cock really hard and fast for what seemed quite a while until suddenly he groaned out loud and brought his cock right up to Madison’s open mouth and with a loud groan and thrust of his cock forward he squirted a jet of white cum into Madison’s mouth which must have hit her at the back of the throat and a shiver of excitement ran down my back. Within less than a second Jake re-pointed his cock at Leanne,s open mouth and another jet of come sprayed into her mouth, then another jet of cum splashed around her mouth before he quickly re pointed his cock back at Madison and a small squirt of cum shot down her chin.

While cum was all over their faces, Jake demand them to kiss and snog

While cum was all over their faces, Jake demand them to kiss and snog

Myself and Layla watch with great interest, then Jake tells both Madison and Leanne to kiss.

Madison turns to Leanne and starts to kiss and snog her and Leanne surprisingly kisses her back and for a few seconds the both of them snog each other with wet cummy mouths and faces until Jake after about a minute tells them to stop.

They all get dressed and Jake makes his way back

They all get dressed and Jake makes his way back

Both of them go to get a towel and clean themselves down as Jake tells us “right I will be off then, thanks for that Girls, and I will see that your brother is fine, I am good to my word.”

Jake has been gone for about ten seconds when the door swings wide open and in walks the new Head Master dragging in Jake with him.

The new Head Master walks back in holding Jake by his collar

The new Head Master walks back in holding Jake by his collar

Angrily he says “Look what I have found walking out of your dorm fastening his trousers, what have you all been up to I would like to know.” and he looks around at us all.

‘Oh bollocks’ I thought, I looked round and Leanne and Madison hadn’t even fastened there blouse up yet and there they were stood with their tits pointing right out of their blouse’s, even though they quickly wrapped themselves up it was so obvious what had been happening.

The headmaster looks right at me and says, “I thought you may be behind this girl, you seem to be behind everything around this school that’s nasty.”

Well to be honest, I was feeling confident, after all I was stood there fully dressed, unlike some.

Maybe my confidence came out in my tone and came across as a little cocky because he seemed to get straight into my face. I stare straight back into his eyes and tell him “why don’t you get out of our dorm, we don’t know who he is of what he is doing here, zipping his trousers up he might have been having a wank looking through the crack of the door while Madison and Leanne was getting changed.. he looks that type, doesn’t he sir.”

You don’t fool me for one minute Angel, I have heard all about your bullying and your sexual innuendo with all the teachers, you too Layla and you Madison, quite a little racket you all have going on here, well I will see to this.

Then he turns to Madison, Leanne and Jake and orders them down to the detention room and tells them to wait there.

The head master gives us a stern telling off

The headmaster gives us a stern telling off


When they have gone The Headmaster gives us both a long stern telling off, then he looks straight at me and says, “you do know the school with the permission of your parent’s to employs a corporal punishment regime don’t you.”

‘Gulp, I didn’t know that I thought.’

And sexual activities with the opposite sex would trigger such a punishment, unless you would like me to inform your parents, would you?

“Oh no Sir, don’t do that” Layla and me said in Unison.

We both bent over and hitched up our skirts

We both bent over and hitched up our skirts

Then angrily he said to us both sharply, “Now bend over for me you naughty girls” and as we both did as he told us he saw that neither of us was wearing panties as we both hitched our skirts up in unison.

The Headmaster gasped when he saw our cute little bare bottoms as we bent over for him and he told us almost in a rage, “I knew you had both been up to something, now this proves it, and it’s disgusting, that’s what I call it DISGUSTING”

The Headmaster still stroked our bottoms

The Headmaster still stroked our bottoms

Now he said it was disgusting but he slowly bent down behind and inspecting us and he soon started patting, groping and stroking our bottoms whilst muttering to himself, ’Yes, very cute, but you will both have to be spanked for what you did, and spanked good, hard and proper, that’s the only answer to this sort of carryings on in my book.’

Then after a couple of minutes, he got up and moved to the side of us and sat down close to us. “Come here girl!” he told Layla sternly as he sat down, as she shyly walked over to him. He then told her to bend over and he pointed to his lap. Layla looked over to me with a frown, I could see that she wasn’t keen to do as she was told. As she very slowly and reluctantly bent over his lap he put his hand firmly behind her back and forced her down and she gave a little surprised squeal.

He started to spank Layla violently.

He started to spank Layla violently.

He firmly pulled up her skirt to the small of her back revealing her little bum and then said loudly to the both of us, “one dozen hard strokes of my open hand will suffice for now, then maybe another dozen after Angel has had her punishment making it two dozen in total” (24) and with that he started to spank her violently.

Layla cried out at every hard spank and by the time he had given her 5 and 6 she was squealing and squirming and by the time he had given her 10, 11 12, she was screaming out loud at the pain and begging him to stop, ‘and this was only the first dose’ I thought, ‘the second dozen would be much, much worse’ I considered.

Well, I didn’t fancy that hard spanking one little bit and as Layla got off his lap with tears rolling down her face I was determined not to have two bouts of that. Both me and Layla looked at each other with fear and I nodded to her at the teacher and she knew instantly what I meant and she nodded back to me with sharp short nods.

The head stood up to turn around to me and told me, “come on, you are next, you know what to do.” That’s when I told myself ‘oh, I know what to do alright.’ I walked up to the teacher and giving him a nice smile I instantly reached out my hand and started to stroke his cock over his trousers saying, “are you sure that you wouldn’t like to punish me and Layla in some other way, perhaps in a little more naughty way?”

We felt the headmaster cock through his trousers

We felt the headmaster cock through his trousers

Layla smiled at him through her tears and started to grip his cock through his trousers at the same time. The headmaster looked down and saw me and Layla’s hand gripping and stroking his cock over his trousers and in just a few seconds it seemed to be getting a good reaction, which must be a good thing I thought. The head though looked so shocked at us both and gasped and spluttered at what we are doing, In fact that’s what the headmaster said, As he spluttered. “What the hell are you two doing.”

We soon had his shirt off

We soon had his shirt off


It wasn’t the reaction we both expected, so I wasted no time. I quickly unfastened the buttons on his shirt ignoring his tie and he tried to fasten them back up saying “if you two don’t…” but with two sets of nimble fingers of mine and Layla we both had his shirt unfastened in no time. In fact as Layla was pulling his shirt off, I was starting to un-fastening his trousers as quickly as I could and as soon as I got the buttons un-done I quickly pulled them and his underpants down in one and at the same time. I truly gasped as I saw the size of his hard cock.

Layla gasped as she took his large cock in her hand

Layla gasped as she took his large cock in her hand

Layla heard me gasp and looked down, and as soon as she saw his large thick cock that was already a good semi hard on she put her hand over her mouth and gasped too. we both bent over to have a closer look and Layla took his prick in her tiny hand and again she gasped at its size as it was obviously still getting harder even though the headmaster was protesting as we girls undressed him.

Over his protests I said to the headmaster, “Now you just stand there Sir and me and Layla will be nice to you, that’s if you don’t spank us anymore, you don’t really want to hurt us do you sir?, not when we are being so nice to you, and we can be ever so nice can’t we Layla?

Again he stuttered and spluttered “Well, no, er no of course I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t… erm, I shouldn’t be letting you young girls do this all the same .. erm I think I should….”

But we interrupted him by talking over the top of him ”Don’t worry sir, this secret will be ours, no one will find out will they Layla?

Layla started to wank the headmaster

Layla started to wank the headmaster

“Not from me they won’t” she now giggled as she started to rub the headmaster’s so impressive cock in her hand back and forth”

Myself and Layla were so over whelmed with the Headmasters cock, nether of us had seen anything at all like it ”Oh my it’s so gorgeous” gasped Layla again, and in my mind I agreed with her and I gave her a big eager smile.

I looked up at the Headmaster telling him ”It’s so smooth and hard at the same time, it’s such a big beautiful cock sir” and Layla rubbed his cock harder and faster and as she wanked the headmaster he groaned out loud with pleasure, hopefully his will was weakening.

Layla was right though, it was a big beautiful cock. Layla seemed spell bound by the size of the headmaster’s cock and as she lovingly wanked it. While the Headmaster just stood there I kissed the headmasters abdomen and then made my way down with my lips until I reached the side of his cock and I kissed it two or three times as Layla kind of gloated at feeling and sliding it in her hand.

Then suddenly the headmaster seemed to come to his senses and said abruptly to us both, “No, no girls you must stop this right now.”

Layla starts sucking on the head master cock

Layla starts sucking on the headmaster cock

I was disappointed that the headmaster was so difficult, as we had heard from other girls that he was a bit of a perve. Both me and Layla wasn’t  prepared to take any chances with him, we daren’t.

Layla in desperation moves closer towards his cock and I see her open her mouth a little and she wets her lips. I guessed what she was intending to do and I give little nods to her and whisper quickly “yes do it, do it for him” and Layla encouraged by me takes his cock in her hand and she guides his prick to her mouth and opening hew mouth wider she slides it between her red wet lips and she starts sucking on the tip of it eagerly. The headmaster gasps and almost squeals out in amazement as Layla gently sucks deeper and deeper as she slowly bobs her head up and down on his prick.

Layla is making little nice and loving ‘Mmmm’ sounds as she sucks gently and lovingly on it his shaft whilst I move tightly into them and I do my little bit and start to lick and flick the headmaster’s balls with my tongue.

Layla sucks the headmasters cock while I like his balls

Layla sucks the headmaster’s cock while I like his balls

The headmaster is gasping and groaning half protesting ”Oh you mustn’t you naughty girls, Oh god that’s fantastic.”

Layla opened her mouth a little more and eagerly tried to slide her mouth right down his entire shaft to please him as I licked and flicked his balls with my tongue at the same time.

He groaned out loud and started pumping his cock a little into Layla’s mouth, and at that point me and Layla looked at each other and smiled, I mouthed silently to Layla, “Got Him” and she quickly nodded back to me in hopeful agreement. We could hopefully relax now that we have saved ourselves from a severe beating and just enjoy ourselves with the magnificent looking headmaster and his equally magnificent looking cock.

I eagerly sucked on the headmasters beautiful cock

I eagerly sucked on the headmaster’s beautiful cock

I was feeling as horny as hell from all that had gone on before hand that day, in fact I had never felt so horny and I could tell that Layla was as well by the way that she was very eagerly sucking on the headmaster’s knob.

I nudged Layla and whispered, “Can I have a go on it now?” I wanted to feel it in my mouth so desperately. Layla took his knob from her mouth and she gave me a nice smile and moved a little further round to the side and let me move into her place in front of him.

I instantly made my tingling mouth wet, (the back my mouth always slightly tingles when I felt really horny) then I opened my mouth and fed the headmasters huge already wet prick into my mouth. ‘Oh yes,’ I thought ”Mmmmmm” I instantly groaned as I felt it slide into my mouth like a meaty sausage. I was pleased to hear the headmaster groan too as I sucked on it as if I was a very greedy kid sucking a fantastically tasty lollypop and I greedily slid my mouth up and down his shaft eagerly. Layla took my position and licked and flicked the headmaster’s balls with her tongue as we both gave little schoolgirl groans, squeals and simpers as we enjoyed ourselves with his large gorgeous cock and beautiful balls.

Layla whispered to me “I feel so horny and naughty” and with a mouthful of cock I gave a series of little nods back to her, but inside I was feeling as horny as hell, and I had been for quite a while now.

Then Layla whispered to me, “Come on angel, let’s get him on the floor” and I instantly thought ‘good idea.’ I let the huge prick slip out of my mouth and I stood up in front of the headmaster and started undressing him. Now he lets us undress him completely without protesting and we told him to ‘come on sir, lay on the floor for us.’ He sat down on the floor and he asks “Now what?”

We told him “just lay down there Sir.” I think by the headmaster’s expression he was almost worried as well as wondering what was going to happen next.

As he then laid down both me and Layla started undressing sexily in front of him and he watched us with a serious horny face with beady staring pointing eyes, looking as if we were going to torture him or something. My whole body was tingling as well as my pussy and nipples as we both did a sexy strip-tease in front of him until we were naked, both me and Layla then came together and we embraced and kisses lovingly while the headmaster watched us both with wide eyes.

I told Layla softly with a smile “now let’s go and get him, which end do you want” and she smiled at me saying “if I have a choice, you know what I will choose,” then she got down on the floor with the headmaster and straddling his legs by his knees “hello sir” she said cheerily and then she reaches out her hand and she started slowly stroking his magnificent large stiff cock that was pointing right up in the air.

I smiled at her as I thought that’s what she would choose, but I had other plans for him and me. I moved forward to him looking at him sexily and I spread my legs between his shoulders so that he could look up at me and see my slightly parted pussy. I looked down on him from a dominant position, he looked up at me and looked me in the face, but he couldn’t resist moving his gaze by looking at my hairless pussy and I could feel my pussy very gently tingle as he looked at it.

I then slowly started to crouch down and I lowered my pussy down towards his face giving him a closer and closer look by the second, and I watched his reaction as I lowered my pussy down closer and closer to him feeling my pussy open as I opened my legs wider for him.

I teasingly lowered my pussy until it was only just above his face and I held my little tight pussy right there letting him have a good close look at me. Then I heard Layla behind me say, “oh stuff it, I am going all the way, I can’t help it, I have just got to.”

I wanted the headmaster to reach up and kiss and lick my pussy, but he just seemed to be staring at it almost spellbound. I felt Layla behind me moving up his body and as I looked round over my shoulder at her she was already holding his large prick under her and I watched as she moved her pussy over the top of his prick whilst at the same time with her tiny looking hand she steered his prick and into place, once she was satisfied with its position I watched her as she slowly sat down on top of his large hard prick.

Both me and Layla quickly smiled at each other, then my excited eyes quickly moved down as I couldn’t help but stare at the headmaster’s huge prick as Layla now lowered her little pussy down onto the very tip of it. I watched eagerly as Layla guided his prick between her girly folds and my stomach tingled with excitement. She took a little deeper breath once then twice, then she lowered herself.

I saw her mouth drop open and she gasped, her face then flushed red as she grimaced with pleasure as she allowed her own weight to force the headmasters huge prick up into her and penetrate her through her tight resisting pussy lips and slide right up into her. She instantly squealed and then groaned out loud and her face flushed an even deeper red with the pleasure that she was feeling, then as she slightly moved up and down she groaned out as if she was in total ultimate pleasure while the headmaster groaned softly in pleasure too.

I lowered my aching pussy  down to his mouth

I lowered my aching pussy down to his mouth

My pussy couldn’t wait any longer either, it was throbbing and tingling like crazy. I lowered my aching pussy down on the headmaster’s mouth and started to gyrate my pussy around his mouth. He finally got the message and as I gyrated it he now started licking at my pussy and to give him encouragement it groaned out truthfully “OH yes sir, that feels so good.”

His tongue now licked and flicked all around my pussy, my clit, my hole, everywhere that was naughty, and I closed my eyes and groaned out it total ecstasy while my brain buzzed with pleasure. I slowly gyrated my pussy around his mouth while his tongue licked around in all my most intimate of places while Layla slowly raised and lowered herself up and down on the headmaster’s thick long prick squealing and groaning out loudly.

The headmaster was giving little groans of ecstasy himself while we two Schoolgirls had our way with him, this was much better that a hard spanking for all three of us I would say.

I was in heaven, well I suppose all three of us was, but with Sir working his tongue and lips on my swollen clit it wasn’t long before I felt an orgasm slowly building up and I was needing and wanting this orgasm so much.

I gyrated my pussy harder down into Sirs’ mouth all but begging him, “Oh yes sir, lick and suck it harder please sir,” and like a good boy he did, he licked then sucked my clit deep into his mouth and sucked it so hard, I bucked my pussy quickly and hard around his mouth and I was now right on the verge. My toes to my nipples including my eyes were tingling like crazy. I was only about 10 seconds from exploding into an incredible screaming orgasm when suddenly the headmaster brings his hands up under me and starts to lift me up. I scream out “NO, NO please sir, just a few seconds longer, don’t stop now please!”

But the headmaster tells me “Oh no girl, I can tell you are about to cum and I want to fuck you”

I scream back at him in desperation, “Yes, yes, you still can if you want, I won’t stop you honest.”

“Oh no, not if you are cuming,” he tells me in a worried tone “you may change your mind after”

“No no, I am a girl” I plead with him, “I can orgasm two and three times and still enjoy more sex.” But he took no notice at all because he told me “Well I don’t want to take any chances. So come on get on the bed and let me fuck you, lay side by side the both of you, I am going to fuck both you girls together.”

Well to be honest I didn’t need telling twice, none of us did both me and Layla got up and onto the bed while the Headmaster got on to the bed behind us. I opened my legs wide, having to put my leg over Layla.

The headmaster crawled on top of me and my pussy felt very wet and very excited at what it was about to receive. I didn’t want to say it, but I hoped the headmaster was going to give me a good hard fucking

The headmaster got on top of me and wrapped his arms under me and I felt his cock quickly start to nudge and prod around my pussy trying to find the right spot, which didn’t take long at all, about one and a half seconds, he obviously knew where to put it.

I felt his huge magnificent prick start to press into my pussy and I held my breath as I waited with excited anticipation. I felt his prick push into me and suddenly my pussy parted and I felt his huge prick slip right up me. I arched my back and squealed out to his “Oh my god, yes, yes….. ohh yes sir!”

'Oh my god,' I felt the headmaster plunge his cock in to my pussy

‘Oh my god,’ I felt the headmaster plunge his cock in to my pussy

The Headmaster groaned out too and I felt him hump into me deeply, my pussy feeling full of a man’s cock.

Even though it felt tight in my pussy, my pussy was very wet and ready for it so it slipped up me very easily. It felt very big inside me but it didn’t seem long for me to get used to it and I laid there just squealing and groaning like a girl on heat.

The headmaster soon got into a greater rhythm and was soon pounding me harder and deeper with his huge prick I groaned and squealed hysterically as my pussy took a hard pounding, but I didn’t want the fun to stop I really needed this.

I sucked on Layla's nipple as the headmaster fucked me.

I sucked on Layla’s nipple as the headmaster fucked me.

Layla laid by the side of my and smiling I noticed she was playing with herself as she looking down between my legs watching his big prick pound my little pussy. I squealed with pleasure and I moved my mouth and started sucking on her breast and nipple, it increased my fun and sensation and I felt my pussy start to tingle and build to an orgasm, I had never had an orgasm by just being fucked, but with the sensations of this hard pounding looked like It was going to be my first.

I couldn’t help it, I was gasping like crazy and now right on the verge of my orgasm, I bucked my hips and pussy up into the headmaster and started groaning out almost uncontrollably as my orgasm washed over me. I screaaaamed out and begged the headmaster not to stop and he started to pound my pussy harder as I gave out a long high pitched half scream, half groan as I orgasmed over his wet huge prick.

The headmaster got off me and climbed on Layla to fuck her

The headmaster got off me and climbed on Layla to fuck her

As the orgasm started to wain the headmaster all too quickly for me stopped fucking me and I felt his cock slide out of me. He quickly got on top of Layla and I saw him guide his prick to her pussy and without ceremony, he pushed his prick into her and as Layla gasped out he started fucking her with a deep groan from him.

Layla squeals out loudly telling the headmaster “Oh steady sir, not so hard” and spreads her legs wide and places one over me like I did with her. The headmaster starts to pound her harder and harder grunting furiously as he plunges his big prick right up her.

Layla now squeals out telling the headmaster “Ooooh not so hard sir” but he “grunts back at her, just take it girl, this punishment was your idea remember, I am going to fuck your pussy good and hard. I have just made Angel orgasm, I will make you orgasm too, if not, tough.”

Layla squeals out with the hard deep fucking that she is receiving

Layla squeals out with the hard deep fucking that she is receiving

The headmaster starts to fuck Layla now hard and furiously and Layla squeals out “Oh sir, oh sir with every hard furious deep thrust into her.

I notice that his huge prick is almost disappearing deep into her pussy as Layla squeals out hysterically with the pounding. The headmaster seems to have been fucking us both for quite a while. Suddenly I hear Layla squealing almost screaming out like a wild fox, almost deafening.

I assumed she was cumming, I couldn’t think what else it would be as she suddenly squeals out to the headmaster…. “No more, no more sir .. please!”

The headmaster moves back to fuck me.

The headmaster moves back to fuck me.

The headmaster seems to be a little angry with her, he turns to me and says “I will finish myself off with you then, open your legs for me Angel.”

“Yes, fuck me sir!” I tell him eagerly

As the headmaster gets off her and on to me Layla shuffles up onto her bottom. The headmaster pushes his prick against me and being very wet down there easily slips up me with a bit of a good push. I open my legs wide for him and yes I found myself gasping as soon as his big hard cock slides right up me ‘Oh God yes!’ I thought ‘this feels very big,’ it was tight at first but very soon it was feeling very nice, I thought the first time was over way too quick anyway.’

I lay there gasping and groaning and letting the headmaster giving me a good hard fucking and I was soon thoroughly enjoying it, he was soon grunting as he fucked me very hard and fast. The bed was shaking and creaking, it was banging around with the vigour of the pounding, “Oh yes sir, fuck me harder….” I squealed out in extasy wanting him to fuck me all night.

The headmaster groaned and panted to Layla, bring your face down here for me, Layla paused and frowned for a second at him. The headmaster groaned at her with more than a hint of urgency in his voice “Quick, come down here.”

"Lick me down there"

“Lick me down there”

I assumed he was close to cumming, I suppose Layla did too, but we didn’t know what he had planned. Layla moved quite quickly and slid her face down my stomach. Oh how I wished that she was going to kiss me down there, that would be divine right now. I was thoroughly enjoying being fucked and I would have loved to have had a second orgasm but to be honest she didn’t get the chance to lick me.

The headmaster was fucking me very fast and furiously then suddenly my pussy was empty and I heard him groan, I looked down my body and saw the headmaster furiously wanking himself off and suddenly I saw him cum and shoot his load right into Layla’s face.

Layla opens her mouth

Layla opens her mouth

As he was squirting he gasped at her eagerly “Open your mouth for me Layla!” Layla did as she was told for him and she opened her mouth wide.

The Headmaster had no sooner squirted over her face when he squirted again into her mouth, he then pushed his cock into her mouth and Layla started sucking him and he fucked her mouth for a few seconds before withdrawing again.

Layla took a load of the headmasters cum in her mouth.

Layla took a load of the headmaster’s cum in her mouth.

He panted, groaning and gasping for breath, “Fucking hell that was brilliant!” he told us as Layla licked the end of his cock.

The headmaster looks at the both of us and gives us both a little smile… “Hmm What am I to do with you two?” he tells us.

“Well sir,” I tell him, “if you can Guarantee us both good exam results, you can do with us what you like every weekend because when there are almost no teachers around.”

“I didn’t mean that he tells us, but I can not discuss that now, I have no time. I will go and discipline your partners in crime that are waiting by my office.

He quickly got dressed and rushed out and down to his office.

“Well that was fun,” I said to Layla still breathing quite heavy adding “I would give it 9 out of ten for the fucking, but for the satisfaction, I would only give it 8 because I didn’t quite finish my orgasm, which is quite good I suppose, how about you?”

Layla looked at me with a sigh “It was too big and rough for me, it was fine when I was on top, I could control it, but when he got on top of me he was too rough and hard, his cock was too big I suppose.”

I looked at her with a small smile “So, shall we finish each other off then in a 69, would you like that?

She gave me a big smile back and said, “Oh yes Angel, I would love that! Let’s tease each other’s little clits with our tongues until we both cum at the same time.”

I replied excitedly “Ohh Yes!”

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