Playing Doctors and Nurses

Playing Doctors and Nurses

A short memory from Graham who lives in Manchester, England. Well two short memory’s to be exact.

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Another Helping Hand

Following Nat’s story “A Helping Hand” I have two stories about nurses, but I’m not sure if you will publish the first.

The first was during my last year at junior school, the year you turn 11 and used to sit the eleven-plus exam. In those days we didn’t have page three girls or huge adverts for push-up bras at bus stops, no sex or nudity on the telly. We weren’t completely innocent, we played a lot of doctors and nurses, and then dispensed with the role play and just got down to feeling each other up.

But we boys didn’t really know what bosoms were. It was about now our attention was switching from the toys pages of our mum’s mail order catalogue to the ladies underwear pages. This confirmed there were two of these bosoms things but in the days of unsexy Playtex steel wired brassieres there was no see-through underwear to give us a clue as to what they actually looked like!

Anyway, back to my hospital stay. I needed an operation on my thumb nail. On the ward was a very pretty trainee nurse who must have been only 16 or 17  (you left school at 15 then) with nice legs and a nice bosoms bulge under her apron. Occasionally I got a flash of stocking top when she bent over other beds (the days before tights; I used to love watching the older girls doing the jive, spinning around and flashing their stocking tops and knickers).

The doctor came round and marked a few lines on my thumb and covered it with a purple sterilising liquid – iodine. After that, bad planning surely, matron said I needed a bath but because my thumb was marked up I would have to keep it out of the water so the trainee nurse would have to bath me.

Well, given the connotation of “doctors & nurses” games we used to play, the thought of now being naked in front of a real nurse and a pretty one at that was exciting and sure enough as I was sat in the bath my pubeless cock got a stiffy.

I tried to use the soap to make the water go cloudy so she couldn’t see it. When she told me to stand up I stood with my back to her hoping it would go down before I had to turn round. No such luck. If anything as her gentle feminine hands soaped between my legs and brushed my balls it made it worse! Having soaped my back, legs and bottom she told me to turn round, which I did, slowly and shyly.

She looked at my cock, then looked me in the eye, then carried on soaping me; face, neck, chest, tummy and legs. As she came up the inside of my legs her hands were brushing against my balls making my cock jerk. She then rubbed the soap in her hands to get her palms nice and soapy then wrapped her fingers round my cock and soaped it in a wanking motion saying, “can’t leave this out can we?” God that was even better than the first time I got naked with Sheila Walker, who I had fancied for ages, and she touched me up. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

She stopped then got a large sponge and rinsed all the soap off me, at the end she dunked the sponge in the water, then wrapped it round my cock and squeezed the water out. Wow! I then climbed out of the bath and she toweled me down, but as she was drying my chest the towel was brushing against my cock and making it jerk. She said something like “lively little thing tonight isn’t it?” Then she cupped her hands under the towel and wrapped both hands round my cock and balls and rubbed away.

This was too much! She then said “Come on big boy, let’s get your pajamas on”, and helped me into my top, then I stepped into my pajama bottoms. In those days boys’ pajamas had an open fly so as she fastened the waist cord my still achingly hard cock was poking out of the fly opening. She laughed flicked it with her finger and said “what are we going to do with this?” She tucked in in but it popped out again so she decided she had better carry me to my bed, where she tucked me in. Later as she came round with the Horlicks she pulled the sheet back took a look and said “have you settled down yet?” and rubbed my now soft cock. I had, but it had taken a while.

Years later when I discovered wanking and later still thought up wanking fantasies I developed that story a bit.

Memory 2

The second incident was when I was 22, but I need to tell you about school first. I was in the GCE stream of a secondary school (failed my 11+ but got a second chance) so while most of the school left at 15 some of us stayed on to a 5th and 6th form (in those days the counting of year numbers started again at secondary school, 1st form, 2nd form etc).

At school most girls fancy older boys don’t they? I was in the 5th form and not bad looking, had a nickname, was a prefect, librarian then chief librarian in 6th, played for the football team and did dee-jaying at end of term discos “Toppers Top o’ The Pops”!! So I was had a high profile. With the new intake of first formers, foggies, there was a group of girls who took a fancy to some of us in the 5th form, with a girl called Barbara fancying me and her friend Joanne fancying my mate Eric.

I was probably too soft while Eric could be quite dismissive and stand-offish. To be honest Barbara was a cutie and if either I had been younger or she had been older I would have asked her out. They would come to the library after school pretending to look for books and hang around the school gates for us. They would send us Valentines cards as well as birthday and Christmas cards. I was happy enough to chat and joke with them, sometime the conversations would get flirty and even fruity.

One year Barbara’s friends told me it was her birthday and coerced me into giving her a birthday kiss, which I did and she was a good kisser so it turned into a short snog. The following year I gave her one of my dirty snogs.

This where you put your hands inside her blazer under her arm pits, so your inside palms are brushing side boobs, and if you think you’ll get away with it you can move your thumbs round to rub under boob or even up to nipples. Then you have a leg between her leg with your thigh pressing into the front of her fanny, allowing her to grind into it if she gets her horny. And you will yourself to get a stiffy which you grind into her hip. This snog lasted a good few minutes, but it only made her devotion to me worse!

Anyway, when I’m 22 I needed an operation on my legs and went into hospital and who should be trainee nurses but Barbara and Joanne!  The op required all body hair below my waist down to my feet removed, and cuts either side of my balls, behind both knees, half way down both calves, and at each ankle. After the op Barbara and Jo would help me get out of bed to do my walking exercises and help me to the day room for a smoke and would cadge cigarettes and lighter from me. A couple of weeks after I had been sent home I came back in to have the stiches out and who should be on duty? Yes, you guessed, Barbara and Jo.

So here I am on the couch naked apart from a tee shirt, now pulled up to my chest, and still hairless looking like a well-endowed ten year old. I knew from the shaving (or scraping as hospital staff call it) that they should be wearing gloves and using tongs to hold my cock and balls – remember there are stitches either side of my balls. But they didn’t use either 

So it started with Jo holding my cock and balls with her bare hands while Barbara removed the stitches to the left of my balls, then although she didn’t need to, she kept her hands there while Barbara worked down my left leg; all the while gently massaging so that I started to get a semi. When Barbara finished removing the stiches they swapped over. Because I now had a distinct semi Barbara wrapped the fingers of one hand round my cock and the other cupped my balls.

Now it was more than two weeks or so since my girlfriend Anna and I had had sex before the op, and because I was recuperating back home at my parents. With my legs bandaged up I couldn’t have had sex anyway, and Anna had managed to give me only one wank in that time. So my balls were full and aching. So this was all very exciting.

When Jo finished removing all the stitches she came back up the couch and her hands started caressing the tops of my legs around my balls and round my perineum while my cock had grown to a full hard-on in Barbara’s hand. As we talked of how Barbara fancied me at school, she mentioned how excited she had been when I snogged her and she could feel my stiffy grinding into her.

She said for many years she fantasized about my cock and having sex with me and now here she was with it in her hand! I thought to myself “I’m going to get at least a wank here” as she did indeed start stroking my cock in wanking strokes, deliberately pulling far enough down the shaft to keep pulling my foreskin back then letting it ride back over my bell end on the upward stroke. Meanwhile Jo is still caressing my balls, top of my legs and perineum down to my arse cheeks. This was getting so good. I’m not going to last long.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door and the door opened a couple of inches and the sister shouted “are you nearly finished? I need you on the ward quickly!”. “OK be there in a sec” Jo replied.

Fuck fuck fuck! The girls immediately let go and busied themselves disposing of my stitches and tidying up. I sat up and swiveled my legs to the side of the couch, with my rock hard cock sticking up. Jo dashed out and Barbara came over, kissed me on the lips, grabbed my cock gave it one last tug, said “Sorry, got to dash” and went to the door. As her back disappeared and the door closed, I slid off the couch, but that last touch had done the trick. BANG! I shot my load. As my feet touched the floor the knee trembler effect kicked in and as I wobbled about unsteadily my cock was shooting the first four or five strings of jizz off in random directions, then the last few spurts dribbled down my cock, down my balls and onto the floor.

When I recovered I cleaned myself up but decided to leave the rest of the evidence where it had landed. Hopefully if it was the girls who saw it first it would have made them smile.

As a postscript, years later when Anna had our first baby boy I went to visit her on the ward, who should be in the next bed with a baby, but Barbara. During the day they had chatted and Barbara had sussed out who Anna’s husband was and had been telling Anna all about how she fancied me at school. She had also mentioned my stay in hospital but not the stitch removal session thankfully, but I swear she winked at me.

Thanks for the Memories Graham. I don’t know why you thought I would not publish the first one, It was a pleasant read and quite funny for me and embarrassing for you I would have thought.

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    • I posted one last week “River Bank” but you are right I have not posted as many as I wanted in the last 5 months due to lack of time.

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