Sisters Surprise

Angel feeling horny after a night out

Angel feeling horny after a night out

Sisters surprise… By Angel.

I wrote this little story of “Sisters Surprise,” and as usual Nat found and added the pictures. This is what I wrote on the evening of publication .. … …….“I have had more than a little drink and feeling really horny, so I might regret writing the story in the morning and take it down, so enjoy it while you can. ………………….
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Here Goes….. I had come home from a night out of partying at about 2.30 in the morning and I had drunk a few drinks by then so I was a little tiddly, well a lot tiddly to be honest.

The house was quiet and still as everyone was fast asleep of course at that time in a morning. I had a great night out right up to the end when for some reason my boyfriend got into a bit of a fight with someone. It totally pissed me off as he could really have avoided it, but he didn’t so I decided to go home early and got home by 2.50am. I had taken the first Taxi and told Nat to ring me in the morning when he grows up and became more responsible.

To be honest the anger had pretty much worn off by the time I had got home and I only live a short distance from the town centre by the edge of the sea. I was feeling as horny as hell now and wished I had not been so impulsive and rushed off so quickly now.

As I crept to my bedroom along the landing as quietly as I reasonably could I noticed that my younger brother’s bedroom door was wide open for once, it was normally always closed. I could see him fast asleep, the bed sheets were hanging off him and I could see him in his little shorts and looking so cute, which is unusual for me as he normally irritated me to death with his meddling and interfering, but not it seems when he is asleep I found.

Well, the fact that he had a few weeks ago tossed himself off right in front of me when he thought I was asleep was still fresh in my mind. (brothers bedroom) At this moment of drunkenness I thought ‘maybe I should teach him a lesson and see how he likes people sneaking around him and doing stuff when he was asleep, then a second thought came in to my stupid drunken head of ‘ Oh bless him, maybe he was just experimenting like we all do and gone too far, maybe he just needed a girlfriend, he hasn’t got one yet and he was only trying to explore a little with a girl … ..maybe I ought to tell him I am sorry for being so nasty to him.’

So I quietly crept into his room and whispered ”Jon …….. Jon…….Jon” to wake him and to tell him that I was sorry, but there was no response from him, he was totally out to the world. I was feeling really horny and quite naughty so I crept back and quietly closed his door behind me to deaden any sound so that mum and dad wouldn’t hear me and wonder what was happening in his room and then I silently moved back to him.

I could clearly see him as the street light and the full moon shone in through his open window blinds and strangely as if by magic just lit him up a little so that I could see clearly, but it was still pitch black everywhere else in the bedroom.

Angel taking a little look at her brothers cock

Angel taking a little look at her brother’s cock

Feeling incredibly horny I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I took a little look at him, after all, he did a similar thing to me and I didn’t say anything to him. I bent down besides him and I gently moved the bed sheet from off him a little, and I then very gently started to unfasten the top of his shorts.

I gently undid the top button and gently and slowly pulled his zip down, very slowly down, then I gently wrapped my fingers under the waistband of his shorts and lifted the elasticated waist and bent my head and looked down the inside of his small underpants.

I smiled to myself as I could see his little white maggot laid to one side on his leg, again it looked so small and cute. I rather adventurously pulled his shorts down just a little more to reveal his little cock a little more clearly and then slowly putting my hand into his pants I very gently pulled his soft little cock up, It felt so soft and warm but it was so small only the tip of his cock stuck out the top of his underpants.

I smiled as I saw his little cock laying there and as I was feeling so incredibly horny, in fact so horny my heart was beating fast and loud in excitement. I couldn’t resist it, so I started to very tentatively touch it and then very, very gently with my fingers I slowly started massaging his little cock for him. After a few moments, I saw it move as it very slowly starting to react and grow and yet I looked up at Jon and he was still fast asleep and oblivious to what I was doing.

I massaged it a little more and it still continued to grow and I very gently squeezed 3 or 4 times with my hand and it felt so lovely to me, I don’t know why but in my mind it seemed totally fine to be doing this whilst I was in my very tiddly state. I very gently squeezed it some more and to my surprise even though he was still very much fast asleep it still continued to grow and get stiffer in my hand.

I rubbed his cock a little just with my finger and thumb just two or three times very gently and I could feel his hardish cock with the skin sliding up and down over his cock as I rubbed it, now it felt as though it had become quite stiff between my fingers and was now surprised that he stayed asleep even though he was getting a hard on, when suddenly, not unexpectedly I felt Jon move. He had wakened just a little but I would say that he was still three-quarters asleep. I remember thinking naughty things and telling myself ‘Lets see what he thinks to this’ as I looked at his little cock, (the tip of his cock was showing above his shorts.)

I very slowly lowered my head and gently took my brothers little cock in my mouth

I very slowly lowered my head and gently took my brother’s little cock in my mouth

I pulled the top of his pants down further with one hand to give me access to his stiffie and with the finger and thumb of my other hand I held his cock upright.

As I looked at his cute little cock I found myself being strangely attracted to it more and more and I couldn’t believe that I was lowered my head down and sticking my tongue out. As I got close I very gently with the tip of my tongue licked the tip of his cute pink cock end, slowly at first, then as he continued to sleep through it I flicked back and forth the top of his little cock with my tongue a little more quickly, and after about thirty seconds of doing that I was feeling very naughty indeed.

I then I told myself “oh come on girl, just do it, he will probably never notice.” I licked my lips and I very gently lowered my head a little further and I slowly slipped my red lips over his little hard on and I took the tip of his warm little cock into my warm wet mouth and then very gently started massaging the tip end of his cock with my tongue and lips feeling and rolling it in my mouth like a tasty little sweetie, and then very gently started sucking on the tip end of it.

I tried to slide my mouth along it, but as I said there was only the tip of his cock sticking out as his pants as they were too tight and I couldn’t access the rest of his cock, not that there was that much more of it to be honest with you as it seemed quite small even though he had a hard-on. I wanted to be doing this to my boyfriend really as I was craving some cock, but on this occasion, in my slightly drunken state, my young brother would have to do.

As I said I couldn’t get to the whole of his cock only the tip of it because his shorts were quite tight on him, but I gently sucked and licked on the tiny head of his cock for a few moments and it was now becoming very hard and rigid indeed which pleased me, but still Jon amazingly stayed asleep. Then suddenly after a few minutes more of sucking on his hard erect prick, I noticed my brothers head slowly start to raise up off the pillow and through very sleepy eyes I saw him looking down at me, “What are you doing Angel” he stupidly whispered to me.

I stopped sucking on the end of his cock and raised my head letting his cock slip out of my mouth and I whispered back, “what do you think I am doing, I am sucking on the end of your cock”

“Er … Why?” came back the surprised whispered reply..

“Because I feel like it, now shut the fuck up” I told him, “just be quiet and be pleased that I am doing it” and thinking the conversation was over I opened my mouth a little and started gently sucking on the tip of his stiff little cock again. Jon laid his head back down on the pillow with a little puzzled look on his face and watched me as I gently changed to licking it and then to sucking on the end of his little cock, then licking it again.

About 30 seconds later Jon raised his head again and curiously whispered to me  “why are you doing this again?” angrily I whispered back as loudly as I dare “I am practicing on it, now fucking shut up or I won’t do it.” and he looked at me with a blank expression and laid his head back down again on the pillow, immediately he raised his head back up and whispered cheerily “Oh, its very nice” and laid his head back down.

Angel pulls her brothers shorts down and drops them on the floor.

Angel pulls her brother’s shorts down and drops them on the floor.

Seeing as he wasn’t screaming and shouting in shock I got up off my knees and moved further round and walked to the bottom of the bed where from there I gently straddling across the bottom of his legs, I wrapped my fingers around the top of his shorts and pants by his hips and started pulling everything down at once.

Again Jon raises his head and asks in a whisper “what are you doing now,”

I whispered back at him sharply ”What does it seem like, I am taking your pants down so that I can get to your cock easier,”

I was getting irritated at having to give him a running commentary on everything I did, but trying to ignore him I tugged and pulled down on his shorts while he helpfully for once lifted his bottom a little to help make it easier for me to tug them down. I pulled them right down his legs until they were completely off, then I then just let them drop onto the floor at the bottom of his bed, I was normally a tidy person but I was excited and eager to get back and have fun with his stiff little cock, anyway, his clothes were his problem.

As I dropped his shorts to the floor I looked up his body and his once tiny little prick was now looking much bigger and pointing straight up in the air and looking as stiff as a rod and I felt eager to play with it and get it back in my mouth and suck on it. I could now get a good look at it for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised of how big it was for a lad his age, although not yet fully developed of course I would guess that it had grew now to about a stiff 4 inch to 4 and a half inches long, (100 to 110 mm) not bad from a tiny little white maggot just a few minutes ago.

I moved back up his legs sliding my lips up his legs to the very top of his thighs “open your legs” I whispered. “Why?” came back the reply from him, again. I replied angrily with a harsh raised whisper, “why do you never just do as you are told by anyone, just open your fucking legs or I will slap them open.. do you hear me.” He gave me a dark frown, but he opened his legs, then he raised himself up on his elbows and whispered, “Are you going to suck my cock again?” I looked at him and whispered sharply “do you want me to?”

“Yes, yes” came the reply

“Then Yes, yes I am, if I get the chance” I whispered back to him again irritated by his constant interruptions “I am going to suck your cock right now, if that is alright with you?” I replied with more than a little hint of sarcasm in my tone of voice.

“Oh, Oh good, oh that’s good then” he replied quietly. I looked at him sweetly hoping that would work better and whispered ”Now will you please be quiet for me or you will wake mum and dad up” and with that he quickly laid back down again. Now that I had taken his tight pants and underpants off It was all much easier now that everything was free and his legs were a little open, I gripped his stiff little cock and pulled the foreskin right up as far as it would go and then I cupped my fingers under his little balls as they raised up.

I then released his cock and I stuck my tongue out and whilst supporting his nuts in my hand as they fell back I started licking and flicking his tight little balls with my tongue whilst slowly stroking his little cock gently and slowly with my other hand.

“Oh, that’s right nice” Jon whispered and softly groaned to me as I continue to flick and licked his little tight balls with the tip of my wet tongue. After a few moments I raised myself up a little and started stroking his tight little balls with the tips is my fingernails and at the same time I moved my mouth slowly up the back of his shaft licking it as I moved my way up it until I reached the very top of his cock.

I started licking the tip of his cock in little circles around and around the dragons eye teasing him then I opened my wicked little mouth and eagerly slid my warm wet mouth down his small and very hard little prick until it all slipped into my mouth and I started to suck on it..

It was all much easier now and Angel slides her mouth down her brothers cock

It was all much easier now and Angel slides her mouth down her brother’s cock

This is what I really wanted to do, I wanted and craved feeling someone’s hard cock deep in my eager mouth. I now started to move and slide my mouth up and down on and along his little stiff cock and it felt so kinky, then reaching the tip I just sucked the head of it for a few seconds like before before I slid my mouth slowly back down his smooth shaft until I reached the base of his prick and again it felt so erotic to me as I felt the whole of his cock slide between my lips and all the way deep into my mouth.

Jon panted and groaned at the pleasure of feeling my mouth engulf the whole of his cock and as I slid my mouth up and down his shaft and I groaned inside also at feeling the whole of his smooth little cock in my mouth, that brought me a great deal of satisfaction. I love feeling a nice hard cock in my mouth I loved the kinkiness of it. I loved the sensation of it sliding in my mouth as I sucked on it and I heard Jon gasping and groaning softly trying to stay quiet so that mum and dad wouldn’t hear us.

I felt so horny my pussy and clit were throbbing, I slipped my hand under my knickers and gently scored my fingernail over my clit, instantly I felt a tickly shiver tingle around my nipples and down my spine making my body shiver with excitement. My knickers felt tight under my crotch and I couldn’t move my fingers properly, so I decided to take them off so that I could comfortably pleasure myself at the same time.

I quickly slipped off the bed and moved my hands up under my skirt and pulled my knickers down and off making it much easier for me to play with myself down there, to be honest, I felt nice getting some air to my fanny. Jon saw what I was doing and watched me giving me a certain look. I saw his mouth slightly open and expecting another question from him I quickly raised my finger quickly to my lips and gave him a sharp Shhh!.. and it seems he got the message.

As I saw him lay there and the idea jumped into my head of ‘should I straddle my legs either side of his head and push my pussy down onto his mouth, but then again would he know what to do? at least it would shut him up if I pressed down hard enough I though, but I decided against it.

I got back on the bed and moved between his legs again telling him in a smiley whisper, “Don’t get ahead of yourself Jon .. don’t think for a second that you are getting that lucky.” He just pulled a facial expression of ‘I was only going to ask?’

I got into position on my knees with my legs slightly parted and taking his cock in my hand guided it to my lips then wrapped my mouth on the end of his cock and started sucking it again, this time though my hand moved between my excited legs and I gently stroked my moist buzzing clit with my finger and it felt like heaven.

I slid my mouth up and down on my brother’s shaft and rubbing my clit at the same time, I was loving every moment of it. I slid my wet mouth down to the very base of his young prick then I slid my mouth back up the shaft to the very tip of his cock and sucked just the head a little then sliding my tongue around it in little circled before flicking it back and forth, then I slid my mouth over the head of it and sucked it some more before I slid my mouth down the shaft to the base of his prick again, again he gave a little gasp and brought his hips up a little as he gasped in pleasure as I took the whole of his little excited cock in my mouth.

I was rubbing and flicking my clit with my finger, sometimes with two fingers, occasionally slipping my finger up my pussy, not only because it felt nice but to make my finger and clit very wet and slippery greatly increasing my pleasure and making me groan like crazy on the inside. In my excitement I drove my mouth hard up and down on Jons cock along the entire length and I sometimes stopped and held his entire cock in my mouth for a little while and sucking on his entire cock for about 30 seconds before slowly raising my mouth up his wet shaft again, but this time as I reached the tip of his prick I slid my wet mouth straight back down his little shaft and I repeatedly bobbed my head up and down on his entire shaft sucking on my little brothers cock giving him his first ever blow job, he gasped and groaned as I bobbed and sucked on his slippery prick harder and faster while wanking myself off. I quickly looked up at him as I sucked, and he looked as though he was in total ecstasy.

Angel slobbers all over her young brothers cock

Angel slobbers all over her young brother’s cock

He pulled a second pillow to prop his body up a little higher, probably so that he could watch me sucking him off a little easier, but I didn’t mind.

As I bobbed my slippery mouth up and down I noticed that he had started to buck his hips eagerly up towards my mouth as I sucked down on his prick as if he was now fucking my mouth. I flicked and rubbed my hard slippery clit harder and faster with my fingers and I wanted to squeal out loud with total pleasure running through my whole body and I felt my clit tingle more and more and I knew I wasn’t far off from fingering myself to an orgasm. I craved the orgasm and I rubbed my clit hard and feverishly bringing myself almost to an orgasm, then I quickly pushed two fingers up my pussy and fucked my pussy with my two fingers while I bucked my hips and pussy, again until I couldn’t help a stifled groan, then I pulled out my wet slippery fingers and I started rubbing my clit again feverishly rough and hard.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself sucking on my brother’s hard prick while I was doing this to myself, I was slobbering all over his cock greedily as I slid my mouth up and down on his little hard shaft, when suddenly he groaned out louder than before and he then gasped out as well almost at the same time.

I suddenly saw his tight stomach move quickly up and down as he gasped. Then he gasped out much louder than before and I suddenly felt a squirt hit the back of my throat as I was thrusting my mouth down his shaft. I knew that he had now shot his young load into my mouth and that sent me way over the edge and my clit and pussy suddenly exploded and sent my whole body into incredible orgasmic uncontrollable raptures and stifling my squeals and groans I rubbed and flicked my clit as roughly as I could while bouncing and bucking my hips and pussy.

My whole body shook and even with Jon’s cock in my mouth I squealed and groaned at the total pleasure shaking through my whole body while I sucked still feverishly on Jons cumming squirting cock.

I was bouncing my mouth up and down on his hard smooth prick quite quickly in my excitement and each time I bounced my mouth down his shaft I felt another squirt of his cum hit the back of my throat over and over again feeling my mouth fill with his cum.

I was angry with him that he had cum and in my mouth but I bobbed my head down again faster on his small shaft until I felt the final squirt Slowly my orgasm waned and I was left gasping and panting with Jons soft spent cock still in my mouth, I opened my mouth a little and let his white cum ooze out of my mouth and I watched as it oozed all over his balls and as his cock plopped out of my mouth too and laid on its side soft and limp I swallowed the last of his cum that was in my mouth.

Angrily I whispered to him sharply, “Why didn’t you tell me you was cumming and who said you could cum in my mouth.” With wide innocent eyes he just looked at me then whispered back, “Well, I didn’t know what was happening did I and I couldn’t ask you because you kept telling me to shut up whenever I said anything, and how was I supposed to know what would happen, and anyway it just happened all of a sudden, I couldn’t help it. I continued to look at him with angry eyes, then I asked “Was that good?” then a big smile grew on his face and he nodded as he then replied with a one-word answer for once …“Wicked!” I gave him a little wave and I slid out of his bedroom and made my way to bed too feeling now sleepy and very, very naughty.

At the time when I wrote this story I was feeling very horny but of course, I wasn’t thinking of my younger brother at all and I had someone completely different in my mind or I would have felt physically sick whilst writing it.

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  1. You live in the UK and would love to know what you have done and what you haven’t done
    And the sis was very hot in this if your that hot and horny dame
    Anyway thanks for helping me out with this story and helping me cum!!

  2. Hello Angel
    I love stories about sisters and brothers! And you did very well here.
    But I was disappointed with the pictures – the first one was good, but all the others have descended into a murky grey. I don’t think it’s my computer as the first pictures OK – has anyone else mentioned the problem? I would dearly like to see the whole set.
    Thank you Nat for all your pictures!

    • No Eve, it is not your computer, Nat darkened the image’s because it was a dark room.. If anyone else complains that they are too dark I will get Nat to redo them and lighten them up a little…. Thanks for the heads up eve

  3. I just found your work when I was searching for stories about being caught masturbating. Beyond the exciting and excellent content, I was pleased to find you are a Brit. For better or worse, I am that type of Yank(!) who has a thing for many things UK. Having had two relationships in which a gf enjoyed either mutual masturbation and or watching me, I’m curious how your experience real or imagined has left you feeling about watching a man wank. AND how familiar are you with the niche CFNM [clothed female naked male?)

    Thanks for posting your stories ;-)

    • Hello Deke, If I am honest I don’t really have much of an opinion about either, If I am enjoying sex with a partner I tend to like to get involved with them. So for instance if they are having a wank I would prefer to do it for them, that way I don’t feel left out lol.
      To be fair with you I am not really sure what you are asking me, sorry to be so dim.

    • Pleased to hear it, I would have loved to have seen you, but in which story, you mentioned Brothers Bedroom but replied in Sisters Surprise

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Well I go to his house and I had to suck his white dick who is built like a black rod while he sucked mine guess who was watching the whole time my girl her best friend and her 17yr old son well come to find out she’s intill that shit and she was taping I didn’t know. Well the 17 yr old is jerking off my friend invited him because he never got laid before and his mom and my girl there laughing because I was getting my ass whole beat up while his balls smack against mine bringing up stories about when we were younger he had me doing gay shit and didn’t even know it. Like sleep overs he would bring gay porn and say its a comedy while we both jerked off I remember the game after we smoke pot who ever nuted last had to get the over one off he was fourteen and I just turned thirteen I’m so stupid for no knowing. This was like every summer we build forts and a few of my buddies were a little gay like I remember my buddy Pat always wipe his dick out to prove that he was bigger then me and he would always try to sux or touch your dick awake or sleeping well it was me and him plus our boy we had ecstasy I stole from my sister I didn’t know how to take it but pat said we all got to put it up our asses I refused and they put it up my ass and was made the target for uber gay shit which his mother use to watch fucking weird my buddy Pat said he’s sry he was a stupid kid whose mom corrupted. But he’s getting married and has a kid but wanted to jerkoff together who his younger sister use to watch sneakfully well I was Rollin and they got me naked pats bro came in a little younger found out we were on drugs and his mom brought us in her room were all naked and she said well have fun in here I’ll watch I thought were just all higher up well Pat started blowing us and his mom was acting normal intill someone came in my face and mouth and this happen on regular off and on and our other buddy Joe was black and they use to love playing with him and Pat was the first one outta nowhere to get fucked purposely Joe kept talking to him and he admit he loves black cock I didn’t like the pills and drugs I remember Joe would sleep over and my buddy Pat was there no parents he said you’ll love black dick and I said I already got fucked numerous times well these guys fucked me and the called my other boi over he got fucked by Joe and drank my cum but in the mean time when I was getting butt fucked he was over house recently and I had to suck his dick and his pit bulls while my nephew fucked me while my sister makes me say I love black cock the worst is when u gotta ride a dick I prefer doggie but not when there is a line of huge bones I just hate coming down stairs for breakfast and my nephew is loving Gus in front of his bi girl friend while he’s telling stories about how much I can take black dick and told me to teach him to be a bitch in prison. Now’s there video out of me getting fucked down and screaming outta my lungs because some black man is loving u my sister still is fucking me however it’s so much gay sex its bullshit. Some people recognize me on the internet like my dumb nephew showing kids at school coming over asking Gus and some pay to get some and I always start to shake and these young bucks start laughing while I gotta sux and fucked these dudes down the street who turned my sister out and made my nephew into a fuck boi he watches me jerk off when I think I’m a lone he’s like hiding jerking off he loves getting fucked by the same guys who fucked his girls and mom and of course these teenagers had me moaning like a bitch and made me came well put it this way my family calls me a fag and a nigger lover since they made me say it they hurt bad and they come by all time for my nephew its a shame how they say straight guys get turned out if they hang with my nephew. 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So don’t go fucking your sister because with pussy and meth well have you turned out and feeling like a white girl screaming shit like u wanna have black babies or your best friend s get you all high esp older cousin telling you it’s OK to touch each other dicks and jerk off and watch your boi jerking off because before you know it you boys hit you up to just say we were fucked up kids lets go to bar now I got a bunch of Molly in me and were all in hotel and they all want me I I was so high we were in there three days my buddy pats bachelors party well I think they made me official because I one point I was sober and seeing my boy Joe pounds out Pat and made him bust I became the biggest fag that night and now I fuck and sux everything. Them black kids love me down the street and my nephew s and my nephew is back with the one girl who slept with his black best friend she loves to watch him get fucked while she gets fucked.

  5. sorry for flooding the comments section…its not that i’m weird and perverted…and i have sisters…little sisters…the details just turn me on and for some reason the older sister part was turned out to be great…big fan and im totally gonna read the other story…hoping for more great works… i know it is weird from your perspective and hope you understand the situation in a guys pov.

    • No, its fine don’t worry as other people will find them and find them interesting.. And no, people are not weird and perverts because the exercise sexual thorts out of the norm. I will tell you now, we all have, everyone has all kinds of things that they find curious and fasinating, but would not indulge in in reality. .. if you want to chat, go in to the chat room, I am in there on my mac

  6. OK, this is made up, correct? Like, all of it. If he cummed in your mouth, you could get pregnant. Also, you aren’t a virgin. He owns you now. This is something to worry about.

      • sex older sisters get me horny for some reason… i like both stories but the elements on the first really makes me hot… im looking forward for a THIRD and even though it’ll be made up i’ll hope it’ll come sooner than the readers think

        • What do you mean, with my sister as well making a threesome or something, write to me with an idea and I will see what I can do

          • kind of… like with 2 guys with sleeping you or 2 girls with sleeping brother…i just like to see the story elevate to something bigger

            • Why don’t you read ‘My First Schoolgirl Sex Game’ in Angels Story, that may give you what you want, nobody is sleeping though. Let me ask you Something, if you woke up and found your sister playing with your cock (I assume you are a Guy,) what would you think, what would you do?

    • Pleased to know that you enjoyed the story Bill, but I don’t think its the best story on here. But its all in the beholder I suppose.

      • Hi angel
        I can’t say I wasn’t a little turned in with your stories and blocked out the brother/sister comments as best as possible.
        Have you written any stories that don’t include the insets bits

        • Hiya Curly, Yes their are plenty, the plan was to have all the stories twice, One with and one without images for readers on trains and buses… I must get back to that plan.. these stories have non sexual images for that purpose.. Abducted… Ming and her dog … Doctor X … Hiding in the shadows … On the farm … Evil old men … A helping hand … Bound and raped, (which is Collette) .. hope that helps you.

  7. Great story! Reminded me of when I once sneaked into my older sister’s bedroom and wanked myself off over her while she was asleep! Happy days! Unfortunately I’ve grown up now!

  8. Very excellent short story, Angel. A very easy read containing your unique nasty horny girl perspective on why girls and women do some of those things that they do on the spur of the moment.
    It also gave me a chance to clear my head on my second rewrite of my project… :- )

    thanks for your help… Stephen

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