Grandad Bill

By Angel

This is a fictional Story I wrote for one of my oldest readers that constantly writes to me, he asked me if I would write a story just for him. I did and I really enjoyed writing it.

Sucking Bill Hunter

Sucking Bill Hunter

One Saturday I had to call at my Grand-dad Bills before going to a party. Jane my sister who was going to go with me was late getting dressed, so I decided that I would go and see my Grand-dad Bill on my own rather than sit around and wait.

It was a warm early summers evening about 7pm, because it was so warm I was wearing a short skirt. I walked to the back door, it was slightly open which was unusual and I could hear talking and laughter from inside, which was very unusual. I walked straight through the kitchen and in to the large living room and I was shocked to see young people stood and sat round drinking beer.

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The people all equally looked shocked to see me when I walked in, one of the lads shouted, “Who has left the frigging back door open…. Lock it NOW!!!” and a scruffy ginger haired girl jumped up and ran to the back door slamming it closed with a bang and I could hear her lock it before she ran back in to the room almost with a panicked look on her face.

“What’s happening grand-dad” I said as I looked around at all the mess, then as I turned to Grandad Bill we saw he looked really worried and frightened.  One of the lads said “Oh we are just having fun” I turned to look at him, He was a scruffy looking  skinny guy with ginger hair and he added “yeah we just thought we would have a drink with your grand-dad here that’s all, as I looked closer at Grand-dad I saw that his lip had been bleeding a little as if he had been in a little scuffle.

I looked round the room at the people drinking beer and the empty beer cans strewn around the floor, all of them looked really scruffy. it was then that I noticed they were from the illegal gypsy camp a few streets away that had just suddenly set up over-night in the area, as I looked at them there was 1 lad and 3 girls all in their mid to late teens all of the girls had very different hair colours, one was very ginger, the same as the lads hair, one was blonde and the other one was black haired.

“What we going to do now,” said one of the girls in an urgent tone, The tall lad looked back at her and in a calm voice said “well the old git still owes us money and if we don’t get it, well …. Well, this nice girl here can provide some fun for us instead as payment.”

“I owe you nothing shouts out Bill” Grandad looks at me and said, “they did a bit of gardening for me and moved some rubbish to the bottom of the garden, they said for £80 pound, I paid them, then they said that it was £80 pound each. They weren’t here for more than an hour and I am not paying a penny more, I paid what we agreed.”

I said to the gypsies in what seemed to them very posh accent, “£320  ($480 usd) for less than an hour’s work is rather a lot isn’t it to charge a rather frail old man, you should be ashamed of yourself.” The gang all mocked me back for my supposed posh accent “oh rather from lady muck here”, with the looks on their faces they certainly seemed that they didn’t like me.

The tall skinny lad got to his feet and started moving around and looking me up and down, I am very petite and had shoulder length blond hair then done in pigtails and I had already made my make-up for the party and looking sexy, Well I thought I was looking sexy anyway. The boy started smelling me and rudely stroked my leg just beneath my short skirt, I was wearing stockings and the lad put his dirty hand up my skirt and when he felt my bare legs above our stockings he got really excited “Oh fuck, she is wearing stockings as well, how good is that?”

“What a Slag” said the Ginger haired girl and the other girls giggled with her.

I pushed him away angrily and said, “you all ought to leave right now before I tell daddy” I could have died, it sounded so childish, the gang all squealed out laughing like a pack of hyenas and again seriously mocked my posh tone of voice, the Ginger haired lad grabbed me and pulled me stumbling in my high heels in to the middle of the room in front of Bills bed that was made up in the living room as he couldn’t climb the stairs anymore and the three girls are sat on it side by side.

“You’re not doin nuffink you snotty cow” said the tall guy as one of the girls gulped beer from the can, the ginger haired girl said sarcastically, “you’re looking a bit nice for your grand-dad aren’t you, I bet he gets the horn on all the time when your around don’t he?” The other girl by the side of her with black hair laughs and squeals out “I bet the dirty old git wanks himself off somert rotten when she’s not looking” then she aims her comments at me saying “or does he pay you to do it for him love,, does he? … I bet he does the dirty ol bastard”

The young blonde girl (with dirty hair) sat on the bed with them then looks at the both of us and frowns “don’t be silly, they can’t get a horn-on at that age, I bet it’s all shriveled up like a tiny maggot, I bet you can’t even see it except with a magnifying glass”. The ginger girl shouts out well let’s see what it looks like then, and she calls out “come on then grand-dad show us your shrivelled up little maggot that’s between your legs,” then saying to the others “come on get his trousers down and let’s have a gander at it…” Then the next girl seems to have an idea “Let’s have a cock contest” shouts the young blonde girl, “Let’s see who has got the biggest knob between the two of them”

“What’s the prize” asks the skinny guy with a slimy smile

The youngest girl points to me saying, “The winner is the one with the biggest knob and he gets a wank from miss posh knickers here and we all watch and the loser gets a kick in the knackers,” Somehow they all think that’s hilarious and they all burst out laughing.

The ginger haired girl pointing at me shouts out “No,… Yes and the person with the smallest cock gets a wank from one of us, we can draw lots… Agreed ?”

“Yeah alright, I don’t mind,” said the other two girls in unison.

The girls point to the young lad, “come on you’re first, get your cock out”

With a surprised look on the young lads face as if he thought that they were just fooling around he asks them …“Honest.”

“Yes” squeal the girls as if they were having great fun, “It’s a cock contest wasn’t you listening, come on get it out, show us your knob.”

The lad obviously feels a little shy but he didn’t want them to know that, so he obviously feels he will bluff it through, he unfastens his trousers and pulls them down, and then pulls his underpants down, the girls squeal with laughter. His prick is just dangling and is about 4 inched long.

“Mmmm, not bad the girls tell him” “I don’t think you would win anything normally with that” shouts the young girl, “But he might win this time” shouts ginger.

“Come on you next, let’s see your cock Grand-dad, let’s see if you can beat that?

“Let’s see if we can see it at all first” said the young blond girl.

The Blond girl jumps off the bed and with the skinny lad they grab Bill and drag him to his feet and hold him tight so he can’t move or fall and the ginger girl leaps up off the bed and kneels in front of him and starts unfastening his trousers while the other girls laughed out loud as ginger undid his trouser belt.

“When was the last time a girl did this for you huh granddad, about 50 years ago, no longer won’t it?” She then pulled off his belt and unclipped his trousers, they just drop to the floor and the girls cheer and clap their hands chanting repeatedly “Come onnn, get em off .. Get up off .. Get em off” egging her on, then she grabs hold of his white baggy underpants and as she drags them down giggling with a yank as she drags them down to his knees.

All the girls’ faces looked shocked including me as we all just stare for a few seconds looking at Grand-dad Bills prick. The ginger girl was the first to say something in a gasp, “fucking hell look at that, I think the old git has won” this frail old man stood there with this thick cock dangling down, it was about 7 inches long, much bigger and very much much thicker than the skinny lads. On saying this you have to take it all in to context, we were all around 16 years old and never really seen a full grown man’s cock, so size was in context with what little boys cocks we had seen.

The black haired girl takes a gulp of her beer looks at the girl at her side of her then says, “what’s a fucking old codger doing with a prick the size of that, I thought it would be about an inch or two long at his age !”… She takes another quick swig then says, what fucking size would it be if he had a hard-on then?….

The young blond haired girl looking shocked “look how fucking thick it is though”

The ginger girl certainly not shy in the least slowly puts her hand out and feels his prick and lifts it, her eyes fixed and repeats what the young blond girl says “just look how thick it is,” then turning to the black haired girl, “could you imagine that pounding your pussy Jill? fucking hell that would bring tears to your eyes wouldn’t it? The ginger haired girl slowly starts to massage Grand-dad Bill Hunters cock, slowly turning to me and saying, “So this is why you come here dressed like that is it?”

I say nothing, there was no point.

The black haired girl Jill calls out Yeah I bet she likes to bounce on his lap and feel it growing and getting stiff under her” and the young blond girl replies with, “well I would, I would bounce on it every day I called” and laughs a real dirty laugh

“Come here” the ginger girl she says to me and the tall skinny lad pushes me closer saying as he did, “you heard her.”

Ginger tells me “You come here and wank your Grand-dad Bill Hunter, he has won the prick contest and we want to see how big and hard the old fossils prick gets” .. I reply most indignant “Certainly not,” the girl seems really angry with this and she leaps to her feet with her hand grabbing my face “fucking wank him you fucking lesbian or else”

I stay calm “I won’t” I replied, “you do it, you look excited for old man’s cock.”  I bit my lip as soon as she said that “Oh I am, am I” and with that she furiously looks around the house till she finds in a cupboard a couple of table tennis bats, they look very old just like a flat wooden panel covered in rubber stubble, just the thing she shouts, picking up the bat. Ginger walks back to me and in a low voice she said, “wank him” … I again tell her calmly and defiantly “wank him yourself.”

“Bend her over that chair” ginger girl tells the ginger boy, the boys pulls the chair in front of the old man, then they all grab me and drag me to the arm of the chair, I struggle with them, but the ginger boy is much stronger than me with the girls helping him and between the struggling the boys and girls over power me and they bend her over the chair and hold me tightly there while I still struggle for a little while until I become exhausted.

The ginger girl lifts up my short dress over my bottom revealing my little panties and my stockings, the boy growls “Wow, woof woof, look how cute that is” while I wonder what happens to me next. The young blonde girl kneels down behind me and starts to pull my panties down, “no, no” I squeal and start struggling again, but she easily tugs them over my bottom and down to my knees.

I try to struggle but I am held tight. The ginger girl strokes my bottom with the flat of her hands, then standing by the side of me she pulled my cheeks apart showing Bill my pussy, “look at that Bill,” she says to him “when was the last time you saw one like that so young and fresh. I bet you would like to fuck that wouldn’t you,.. Come on Bill hunter, get that prick hard of yours and you can fuck Angel here.. But he says nothing, unlike myself who is screaming at the to let me go, “you fucking sickos” I tell them in a most un-lady like manner, but I was so embarrassed as much as anything else

Then letting my buttocks go she then picks up the rubber studded table tennis bat and starts to pat my bottom with it, gently at first, then with increasing vigour, soon my bottom is starting to turn red and I can feel it getting warm and I cannot help but to give off little whimpers, as everyone gathers round smiling and watching my little cute bum being spanked.

The slap of the bat on my bum starts to give a stinging sensation and starts becoming more intense and sharper and strangely, not an unpleasant feeling. The spanking gets harder and more intense, soon I am moving from one knee then to the other as I squeal out from the pain. It was as if they were not satisfied with the pain they were putting me through because the black haired girl picks up the other bat and she stands the other side of me they beat my tiny stinging bottom in turn.

Soon I am squealing out and yelping “Stop! Stop it!” But the beating continues as they laugh at my obvious discomfort, the beatings get harder and now I am struggling hard and screaming “STOP… Stop….” My bottom must be turning purple with the beating and I cry out and scream “AHHHHhhh” from the stinging pain.

Ginger stops beating me but the black haired girl continues, “are you going to do as I ask and wank him”, but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t agree to that and foolishly I thought I could bear the stinging pain, I shout back “Fuck off!!” at her and scream “I told you wank him yourself you wanker.”

Ginger swears at me then she must have noticed a cane propped against the wall and her face lights up, “I will show you, you stuck up little slag” ginger goes and fetches the cane then a she gets in to position she tells the other girl to move back and she does instantly.

Ginger lifts the cane and with a SWISH she lashes my proud round bum instantly I screams out in agony, this was a very different pain and I feel a welt mark where the cane struck my bum, ginger lifts the cane again and thrashes my bottom again and again and I scream out in total agony and I struggles like crazy as ginger thrashes my bright red and purple bum as ginger beats my mercilessly. Soon I am begging and screaming like fuck, I thought that I may pass out with the agonising pain “Stop it!! Stop it!! I will do anything,” I scream loudly

Ginger Girl Stops thrashing me and grabs the young Ginger boy and pulls him in front of me telling him “drop your trousers.” He doesn’t need telling twice and the young ginger boy pulls down his trousers and underpants, as he stands there with his prick having a small semi-hard on but getting stiffer by the second.

Ginger bends down to my face and says “Prove it, prove that you will do anything ….suck it” the young ginger haired boy pushes his cock towards my mouth eagerly and as fiery as ever I shake my head, “You sick dirty bastard, fuck off,” my brain stupidly banked on them not carrying.

Ginger smiles with her reply “don’t you want to be the first to suck my brothers little cock, I hoped you would say that anyway” she picks back up the cane, and starts to walk back to the rear of me, the young blond girl gets up and holds her hand out to her, and asks “let me do it” she smiles, ginger hands over the cane, “Okay, if you want, just be sure to give it to her as hard as you can”

“Ohhh yeees” she replied “I will”.

The young blonde girl moves to my rear and reaches out her hand and strokes my cute firm round bottom almost lovingly feeling the welt marks with her small soft hand and giggling as she did it. Then she takes a step back and as she lifts the cane I even now regretted not doing as she asked me to do, after all I knew that I couldn’t stand this agonising pain.

I struggle to break free in anticipation of the painful beating that I was about to receive, the ginger boy holds me down and as the first of the strokes SWISSH down with a CRACK as it strikes my bottom, I scream out in agony, the young girl lifts the cane again SWISSHH as the cane comes down harder, I screams out louder with the stinging intolerable pain, “OKAY I WILL!! I WILL!” but she continues to beat me and I scream out even louder, if that was Possible to do “I WILL DO IT!!, I WILL DO IT!!”. she strikes me twice more and I screams from the incredible pain, one scream merges with the last and I try to catch my breath as the beatings continue. Suddenly the beating pauses for a moment as the ginger haired girl kneels in front of me emotionless.

I am gasping for breath from the severe beating and as Ginger reaches out and pulls down her brother’s trousers again revealing the boys ginger pubic hair and a hard cock which is now quite a good size of about 5 inches long (125mm) and maybe a good inch thick (25mm.) The blonde girl stokes the cane across my hot stinging bottom reminding me about what would follow if I refused again.

Ginger slowly starts to rubs her brothers cock up and down soon making it very much harder and pulling it closer to my face and making him take a little step closer and giving me a good close up of his prick. The Ginger haired girl pulls back her brothers foreskin on the throbbing penis till the purple end is bulging and then she guides it slowly to my lips telling me “open your mouth sweetheart” and pulling the foreskin back even further until the purple end is really shining and bulging and she guides it slowly to my reluctantly opening mouth, everyone watches in anticipation as his stiff little cock touches my full pert lips and I reluctantly and very slowly opens my mouth a little further to allow it to slide into my mouth, the ginger girl still rubbing her brothers cock directs it to my open lips saying, “There you go bro, enjoy yourself.”

As the boy slides his prick into my reluctant open mouth ginger continues to very slowly wanking him and as he slowly pushes it deeper between my open lips, her three fingers wrapped around his cock then become two fingers as my mouth slides deeper down his small shaft then just one finger and thumb sliding on his shaft wanking him between his stomach and my full glossy lips.

“Suck it” ginger whispers to me in delight, and I feel disgusted and so humiliated as I tighten my lips around his prick and taste him, then as Ginger takes her hand away from her boys prick he gives out a groaning of pleasure as he feeds the last of his cock all the way into my mouth.

“Suck it,” Ginger demands from me.

With such disgust I start to suck on the ginger boys prick and I can feel the whole thing in my mouth, I start to slide my mouth up and down his shaft trying to tell myself ‘this is no big deal, just get it over with.’ but all the same as I sucked the boy off sliding my mouth up and down his shaft faster I felt such great humiliation.

It wasn’t long before the boy started pumping his cock back and forth in my mouth, I relaxed and just positioned and held my mouth so that he could fuck it.

This seemed to almost please the girls because his sister called out “now fuck her mouth good” and the other two girls encouraged him by calling, “yeah, shove it right down her throat,” but of course, he wasn’t really big enough for that, thank god.

The boys eager and hard prick now for the first time is slowly sliding back and forth just by his efforts between my wet lips as he closes his eyes in ecstasy. The boy puts his hands on my head and starts bucking his hips back and forth as my mouth engulfs his whole penis as he thrusts forward, he bucks back and forth a little harder, then a little harder still and soon I can hear my mouth slurp as the boy starts to fuck my mouth harder and faster which embarrasses me even further.

Soon the boy is panting and groaning really loud and as his cock slided back and forth, suddenly he grips my hair tightly as he groans out thrusting hard in to my mouth and I feel the squirt of his cum flood my mouth as he is holding it there thrusting it forward with a loud long groan. I can feel his cum filling my mouth then I felt it running out of me mouth and down my chin and running on to grand-dads carpet, then after a few more little pumps of his cock into my mouth a couple of seconds later the young boy withdraws his wet slippery cock from my mouth still groaning and I swallow what is left in my mouth, well I didn’t want grand-dad to see me spitting on his carpet, but straight away the girls noticed, The young blond girl saying “look at the dirty posh bastard, she likes to swallow.”

While the Ginger Girl asks her brother. “so how was your first blow-job”

“Fucking brill” he told her the “best thing ever, it has to be.”

End of part one….

The Ginger haired girl turns to Grand-dad Bill Hunter and says, “Who told you to sit down” and the boy and the blonde girl drag him back to his feet and round to where I was bent over, I was left there looking straight at Granddad Bill hanging cock and as we all looked at him his prick dangling down just leaning out slightly the girls regain their interest in his prick, “it’s got bigger hasn’t it” said the girl with the black hair, “yes he’s been getting a hard-on after looking at her cunt and blow-job the dirty pervert, I told you he was.” Said ginger. The blond haired girl now says, “Come on I want to see if he can get a hard on and look how big it gets,”

With that the Ginger-haired girl tells me “That your job, go on wank it for him” still I am hesitant so the lad grabs me and pushes me down onto her knees in front of Grand-dad as the girls sit in line on the bed by the side of him, all grabbing another tin of beer eager to watch what happens to the old man’s cock as it is massaged.

“When was the last time you had sex,?” the young girl calls out to grand-dad.

“About 35 years ago if I am honest” wheezes Grand-dad.

“And when was the last time a 16 year old girl gave you a wank”

Grandad did not answer, but they asked him again

“Oh, when I was about 17″ he tells them, “about 60 years ago”

“Today’s your lucky day then the young blond” girl tells him.

I turn and look at the smiling girls as they sit there smiling. I reach my hand out slowly and again reluctantly to Grand-dad Bill Hunters cock to stroke it. I take his prick in my hand and slowly stroke it. It feels very soft and spongy and it doesn’t take long for a reaction, quickly it starts slowly grow in my hand, it still feels spongy but it is definitely beginning to feel stiffer and harder in my hand, and slowly as it gets thicker I can tell my hand is opening a little as it gets thicker in my hand. The girls sat on the bed start to cheer as it grows, to be fair I can’t take my eyes off it, I start to rub my hand a little harder along the full length as it continues to grow and get harder.

The girls are getting more excited, “Wow look how long it’s getting” says the ginger haired girl, and within a minute or two Bills penis is about eight and a half to nine inches long, very thick and very hard, as I watched I must admit I was amazed at the size of the prick from this old pensioner, not to mention that it was quite hard too, all our eyes was fixed as the girls demanded “get it harder, go on wank him more.”

Now I wasn’t very experienced with men at all and as I rubbed his prick a little bit harder I heard grand-dad groan just a little, so I rubbed my little hand right along his thick length faster and harder, to be honest, I was really wanking Grand-dad Bill off now and it felt nice in my hand, it still felt spongy, but hard at the same time.

Now Grand-dad Bill Hunter had a good hard stiff prick “now suck it” the black haired girl said, “Yeah” the ginger haired girl cheered “suck it or have another beating with the cane.”

I had enough of the beatings and I knew that I might as well do what they demanded now as later with a good beating. I slowly raised up higher on to my knees and as I slid my hand up and down along the length of his prick I moved her mouth to the tip of Grand-dad cock and as I wanked him I guided his stiff prick to my mouth and after a little pause to build my nerve up I opened my mouth and slowly started sucking the tip of grand-dads old hard prick and I remember that it tasted a little salty at first.

I had to open my little mouth quite wide because of his thickness as the girls sat on the bed and cheered “look at that monster now look how thick it is” as my small mouth was being forced open wide with the girth as I sucked on it, “wow fancy that fucker up your pussy Jill.”

I sucked on his cock the best she could, sliding my mouth right down it the best I could and now bobbing my head back as forth as Bill groaned. the ginger haired girl gets off the bed and kneels by the old man getting a better view, I take my mouth away and the ginger haired girl reaches out and takes his big cock in her hand feeling and rubbing it exploringly, “wow” she says really amazed “feel that.” The black haired girl also gets off the bed and to my shock starts taking off her knickers and bending over in front of grand-dad showing off her pussy to him saying, “when was the last time you had one of these to fuck Bill Hunter” and the gang laughed.

The blonde haired girl said, “Let the old man have some fun Jill, let him fuck you! I bet it’s the first time in 50 years since he has had a good fuck!” to my surprise the black haired girl agreed. “

“Yeah okay, come and get it then grand-dad, come and fuck this, let’s see what you have got left in you and she bends over the same chair arm as I did for my beating and opens her legs, then the boy drags over Bill, I didn’t know whether I should be feeling sorry for him now or not, I was getting confused.

As Bill is being pulled right up out of his chair and all but dragged up to and behind Jill, she eagerly bends right over and opens her legs wide and almost in a low groan she says, “God I feel really wet,” as she strokes her pussy back and forth with her fingers. The ginger haired girl stands by the side of Jill’s bottom and she grabs bills thick cock and rubs him for a few seconds wanting to keep his prick nice and hard. Then she then guides his prick and moving his hard cock up and down between Jill’s soft moist folds until his cock is right over Jill’s brown pussy hole. Jill pants “Oh yes!” and with a smile in her voice Ginger now tells him “Go on push now Bill,” the frail old man’s hands grab the sides of Jill’s hips and with ginger still very slowly wanking him and holding him it to the right place.

Now again to us as young girls my Gran-dad’s prick looked huge and thick, and perhaps at 8 inches long he seemed really big,I would say that his prick was about an inch and a half to 2 inches thick (38mm to 50mm,) and to a young girls pussy that did seem rather thick, to us anyway, maybe not so much now as adults.

Grand-dad does as he is told and pushes forward his hips towards her and I can see Jill’s face flush as she braces herself ready to feel Grand-dads prick starts to push harder against her and feel her pussy lips apart, Grandad gasps and groans as he pushes his hips harder and harder forward trying to enter her.

Jill gently moves her bottom trying to help him as Ginger keeps holding his cock right on the spot. I didn’t think he was going to manage it but suddenly I notice the tip of his old prick start to push’s its way in to her pussy entrance and she gives out a gasp of, “Oh yes I can feel it, it’s going in!” and another sharp gasp from her telling Grand-dad “go on, ahhh, go on!”

Gran-dad pushes harder then suddenly Jill groans out “Go on, push!” then she squealed … “Ahhhh oh fuck yes it’s slipped in,,,,” Jill pants “Oh god, hold on just a minute.”  She gyrates her bottom ever so slightly then gives a low groan as she feels his prick end just inside her and Jill pants again “Oh fucking hell, oh yes I can feel that in me.”

Grandad-dad pulls back just a little almost as if he is trying to steady himself, then he push’s forward again with his hips pushing his prick deeper into her and Jill groans as she feels him push into her and she raises her head as she groans at the obvious sensation that she feels between her legs and just moves her bottom a little and then gasping bends over further opening her legs a little more.

Grandad stops for a second gasping then he pushes hard into her again with his thick prick and I am in the perfect position to see his prick slip deep in to her even further and I see well over three-quarters of his large cock disappear up her hole and Jill groans and half squeals out loud, “OH MY GOD HE FEELS ENOORMAS” and she brings her hands behind her and she pulls her cheeks apart trying to relieve the stretching feeling that she must be feeling in and around her pussy hole.

Grand-dad was now humping her and with every thrust plunging deeper into her she groans out loud and squeals out “OH MY GOD”  …. “OH MY GOD,” I am amazed as Jill squeals out loudly and her face contorts as grand-dad eagerly plunges his hard prick deeper in to her young tight pussy, I couldn’t help but think Grand-dad was enjoying himself now.

Jill seems to struggle with the size of grand-dads prick inside her and she writhes and moves her lower legs from her knees up and down in turn as she gets a good hard fucking from grand-dad.

Jil continues to squeal loudly and as Bill thrusts deep up her she continually calls out panting and with a high pitch squealing with every thrust up her “Oh my, oh my, oh my.” After a few minutes Jill suddenly calls out, “Stop.. Stop” and Ginger turns to grand-dad and tells grand-dad to stop as it’s her turn before its too late.

Grandad stops humping her and the guys support him as Jill gets up off her knees saying “oh that so was fucking good, but I need a rest for a few minutes now, I thought my cunt was going to split open then for a moment” and she moves away from the old man, panting she says to Ginger “fucking hell that felt big inside me, who’s next you say?

Bill starts complaining that his legs hurt.

“Oh bollocks to your legs you mardy fucker” the ginger girl tells him abruptly, Then she looks at me “Come on, it’s your turn now, bend over for your grandad.”

“No, No not me, please no” I plead with her, “You said you was going to be next, not me.”

“Well I lied dint I” ginger told me with a grin on her face. The ginger boy grabs me forcefully and drags me over and forced me to bend over the chair and again as one of the other girls pulls my knickers down again, but this time over my bottom and down my legs and off me.

I struggle and squeal “no, please no” but that was probably the worst thing that I did as it excited them even more.

“If you like we can cane your bum hard again until you agree…. Is that what you want?” asks the Ginger haired girl

“No, no not that, I have had enough of that!” I squeal pitifully

So Ginger turns to grandad and tells him firmly “Right then,,,, Come on Grand-dad Bill Hunter, you are going to fuck her, or you can wait as we beat her and watch her beg and scream out for you to fuck her as we beat that cute little arse hard with that cane again, or perhaps you would prefer to fuck her little bum when its purple”

Telling Grand-dad that it's alright to fuck me

Telling Grand-dad that it’s alright to fuck me

Even so Grand-dad must have been hesitant because I saw the ginger haired girl then pick up the cane as she told him, “well have it your way then” and I knew she was going to start thrashing me with it unless I did something quick, so I called out in a bit of a panic to stop her ”No, please don’t do that again!” and I had no choice but to call out to Grand-dad Bill who was tight up behind me holding on.

I looked round at him and told him gently with a little smile on my face “Grand-dad, it’s all right, please don’t let them beat me again, you will have to do as they demand. Fuck me, it’s okay with me honest, no one will know about it when they have gone, apart from us.” he nodded at me and I turned my head away from him and waited for my fate to start.

I heard grand-dad mutter a little but I didn’t catch what he said, then they helped Grand-dad shuffle to a better position on his feet and then I felt him move behind me again.  I suddenly feel Grand-dads bony cold hands gently grab my hips to help him steady himself and I reluctantly opened my knees and my legs wider for him and prepared myself. The other girls I noticed stepped away and sat on the edge of the bed with big smiles as they watched with eager excitement.

Within a second or two I could feel Grand-dad Bill slightly shuffling into position and then with horror I felt him guiding and then pushing his prick between my young pink and fresh girly pussy folds, my heart started to beat harder as he certainly knew where to guide his stiff prick, I noticed he hadn’t forgot after all these past couple or three  decades.

“Go on, go on Grandad, fuck her, she has already told you she wants it, hasn’t she” the scruffy girls called out encouraging him.

I feel his hands grip my hips a little firmer and I now felt his hard prick pushing right up against my pussy hole harder and increasingly harder, I bite my lip and braced myself, I gasped a little in anticipation more than anything, then as he pushed his prick harder and harder in to me trying to penetrate me I squealed out from the sharp pain of him trying to force it into my pussy.

He was pushing in the right place but it just wouldn’t slide in, just as I was going to call out “stop, stop” because of the increasing pain, then right at that point of “st.” I suddenly felt his long and thick old prick broke through the resistance of my tight pussy.

As I suddenly felt my pussy lips part open, only a little at first, but as I felt his prick push through and slide in, I felt my pussy lips open wider and wider and wider and at the same time I felt his old prick start slipping up me. It was a horrible feeling, a mixture of guilt and abuse as I started to feel grandad’s prick slip between my lips and up me and I gave out a loud squeal at the sensation of it slipping up and a sigh of relief from the ending of the sharp pain against my pussy, I couldn’t help but gave out a loud groan at the feeling of his thick bell end stretching my pussy inside me.

My reaction at feeling his thick prick stretch me open was the same as Jills, I cried out and groaned “Oh my god” and I heard the girls giggle at me and my humiliation.

Grandads hard prick slipped in me and it made me Gasp

Grandads hard prick slipped in me and it made me Gasp

Grand-dad paused a little with his thick cock up me and asked me gently “are you alright?”

I gasped a little, I just couldn’t help it, I told him “oh yes, it’s alright Grand-dad, it’s fine but it feels very big inside me, just do it very slowly at first and let me get used to it inside me.” I didn’t want him or them to think that he was hurting me too much, but in truth, I was dreading this.

Then I felt him withdraw his prick just a little and I knew he was going to thrust into me even deeper any moment and again I braced myself. A second later I felt him thrust it deeper up me and again I squealed out at the filling sensation sliding up my tight pussy and without even thinking I groaned out loudly “oh fucking hell, oh fucking fell,,, sheesh” and I knew now just how Jill felt and I groaned out long and hard from the overwhelming filling, stretching sensations sliding inside my pussy.

As he withdrew a little once more I knew even more of his prick was about to slide up me and I braced myself again and I gasped and panted loudly. Grand-dad thrust his hips into me and slid his thick cock further up me once more. I wanted to stay quiet but I couldn’t help but squeal wildly and my pussy hurt at being stretched open so wide I knew it wouldn’t stretch open any wider. I felt that I had to do the same as Jill and open my legs wider and reach my hands behind me and pull my cheeks open and try to relieve the pain my stretched full pussy was feeling.

Grand-dad now started to withdraw then slide his prick straight back up me without pausing. You might think this was silly but it was only now that I really groaned and squealed inside my head as I knew that grand-dad was now really fucking me… and not just having his cock in me. I couldn’t help but gasp and groan as I felt his rhythm become faster and a little firmer and I felt my pert tits start to shake back and forth from the steadily increasing pounding into my pussy and I dropped my head feeling totally ashamed and humiliated at what was happening to me.

I could hear the other girls as they squealed with delight and shouting out “go on old timer give it to her hard she is loving it” and to be fair it wasn’t long before he was. I was surprised at how hard he fucked me and how thick his cock felt up my pussy and I couldn’t help but to squeal out and gasp from his pounding. I wanted to call out and ask grand-dad ‘not so hard,’ but I didn’t, I just told myself to take it and not to give the girls any more satisfaction that was necessary. I just told myself the harder and faster he did it the quicker he would cum and the quicker it would be all over.

I could feel grand-dad now slamming his large prick right up me making my eyes water and I could now feel his long dangling balls slapping against my pussy as he thrust in to me, It was almost as if Grand-dad was thoroughly enjoying himself giving me a good hard fucking, as I could hear him groaning and wheezing with what seemed pleasure.

I squealed sharply with each hard thrust grand-dad forced into me, his prick felt as though it was sliding right up my body and I wanted to call out again “not so hard.” I started the sentence groaning “Oh Grandad…… but then I changed my mind, so I just squealed and groaned out and took it hoping that it wouldn’t last that long. But the other girls thought I was saying it as though I was really enjoying it and laughed and squealed louder

I felt like grand-dad had been fucking me for hours but in fact it was about 5 minutes, but a good long 5 minutes. That’s when I felt grand-dad now started fucking me very hard and very fast, I squealed like crazy from the hard pounding from behind me and I knew Grand-dad would be cumming very soon.

I could hear Grand-dad panting and groaning long and hard, I didn’t know what grand-dad was going to do, withdraw and cum over my bum or what? I hoped that’s what he was going to do, I didn’t want him to cum up my pussy, the mess he would do would be embarrassing.

Suddenly as Grand-dad was pounding me fast and furiously I felt his prick slip out of my pussy and start to prod at my bum hole, I was mighty relieved and I thought he had pulled out and was going to squirt his load over my bum.

But No! suddenly I felt his very hard prick not only probing and pushing at my bum hole, he started trying to push it up there. I was shocked with grand-dad as I felt his prick forcing it’s way up into my bum hole.

“Grand-dad, no not there” I squealed, I just thought his prick had slipped out by accident and he was pushing it back up the wrong hole, but Grand-dad ignored me and pushed his prick harder up against my bum hole, I suddenly felt my bum hole stretch open as his prick pushed past the resistance of my ring and as it gave way I felt his hard prick slip up my bum.

“Oh Grand-dad Nooo” I groaned …. “Grand-dad No!” I squealed again and tried to struggle and stop him but he just held me down.

The ginger haired girl asks “What is he doing” the dark haired girl calls out “Oh my God! He is fucking her up the arse” and all the other girls call out, “Yes, yes, go on Grandad give it to her hard, fuck her right up the arse”

Grand-dad forced his prick right up my bum and made me squeal like crazy

Grand-dad forced his prick right up my bum and made me squeal like crazy

Grandad groaned out loud in pleasure and animal lust as he started fucking me up my bum, I gasped louder than ever as I felt the full force of his rough pounding now up my bum and getting ever deeper. I groaned out and gasped like crazy from the strange sensation that I was feeling. My bum ring stung like fuck and felt so stretched I now felt grand-dads hands reach under me and sliding up towards my tits and he then started fondling my breasts and tweaking my nipples as he fucked me hard.

Grand-dad had been fucking me for a few minutes up the bum when suddenly I felt his balls start to slap my pussy… “Oh my god” I groaned out knowing that I must be taking the whole of his prick up my tiny bum. It felt that his whole prick was sliding right up my spine as now that I could feel him pounding and slapping against my bum and his balls slapping against my pussy grunted at every thrust in to me and I squealed and almost half screamed at the sensations as his whole prick stretched my bum hole open. Suddenly Grandad thrust and slammed hard up my bum, harder than ever before and pushed his prick hard up me and held there a hard thrust up my bottom, My Bum hole was stinging like fuck and He was groaning a long groan and I guessed thankfully that he had finally cum and shot his load up my bum

I had been squealed at his pounding and I had felt my eyes well up in tears at the sensations that I was feeling, but now I was just bent over silently gasping and panting as Grand-dad waited for his orgasm to subside and he just gave little pushing pumping motions as he emptied his balls up my bum.

I seemed to be bent over for quite a while panting heavily feeling his large cock slowly shrinking inside me before Bill eventually slid his long wet cock out of my bum and it seemed to slip out with a wet plop, not a nice feeling, buy mighty relieved all the same.

The girls were cheering excitedly like they had just seen a great game of football before one of them said “Come on let’s get out of here,” adding sarcastically “let’s give them some time to cuddle and make up.” They cheered again and all of them made their way to the door and within seconds it was silent and the room was empty.

“Bolt the door and let’s have a cup of tea.” Grand-dad said to me solemnly. I nodded as I quickly then pulled my knickers up and arranged my tits back in my bra and fastened my blouse.

I went to the door and bolted it and put the Kettle on for a cup of tea for both of us, we both needed it, I leant against the sink waiting for the kettle to boil feeling too ashamed to walk back in the living room straight away.

The kettle boiled and I made the tea and built up the courage to walk back into the living room to grand-dad, he was sat there looking very upset. I handed the tea to him and as he took it he looked into my eyes and said, “I am sorry Angel, I must have got carried away.”

I looked at him sternly and told him, “there was no must have, you obviously did get carried away, but look, let’s now put it behind us, both of us had no choice, we both did what we were both forced to do.”

Grand-dad looked back up at me and explained, “Yes you are right Angel, I am so sorry, I did get carried away, I admit it…. But you see it’s been 35 years since I last had sex and 60 years perhaps that I fucked someone so young, then to fuck two sixteen year old girls in one day….. That was too much, as I looked down and saw your naked cute little bum bent over for me I had the hard-on of my life…. Please forgive me”

I looked at it from his side and then gave him a big smile, “of course grand-dad, of course I understand, and of course I forgive you, but as I have already said, we both did what we were both forced to do, okay you got carried away a little, so you are human, I can forgive you for that.”

Grand-dad smiled and took a sip of his tea, as I did and we both looked at each other with smiling eyes. Then he said, “Thank you Angel, don’t leave me for a while will you, I don’t want to be alone, just stay with me a little while will you.”

“Of course” I smiled and grand-dad reached over and grabbed a bottle of whisky and poured a little in his tea then offered me the same “Oh no,” I said “not for me”

Don’t be silly, we have both been through a great ordeal, here have some in your tea and reluctantly I said “oh okay” and I held my cup out and he poured me a drop.

Then we chatted about the weather for 10 minutes.

He told me then to make us both another cup of tea, which I did and again he insisted that we both had another drop of whisky in it.

We chatted again, it was always easy to chat to grand-dad and the whisky in our tea helped even more, then there was a moments silence and I saw Grand-dad Bill reflecting in his thoughts.

Then there was silence and grandad mused “the sight of you bent over will live with me forever”

“No grand-dad,” I told him, “we have both been through a terrible thing, you must try and put this out of your mind”

“No you don’t understand,” he said with a strange look on his face “I will take that image with me to the grave, I will see it in my mind every morning when I wake and each time I go to bed, and ever hour of the day…. It was a magnificent sight, your bottom bent over for me, your gorgeous pussy pouting between your gorgeous legs.”

“Grandad” I said to him shocked with what he was saying.

He held his hand up to me to be quite and he added, “Oh Angel, you must see the way the boys look at you and the way men look at you as they drive past in their expensive cars.”

I ignored his hand sign and told him, “Grand-dad are you sure you should be saying this, You can imagine the picture of me bending over all you like, but are you sure you want to be telling me this”

“Yes, because I want you to understand how I felt today. The sight of such a beautiful young creature bending over with her pussy on full view telling me to fuck her was unimaginably fantastic for an old man like me, Even if it was his Grand-daughter… You say you don’t mind me thinking of you while I had sex with you”

“No why should I, I can’t see what you are thinking can I, so why should I mind?”

“It’s not only that!” he told me then paused…

“Go on,” I urged….

“It was the sound of you squealing and groaning as I fucked you, the way I made you squirm and writhe beneath me, Oh fuck, I enjoyed it so much.. Did you enjoy it too?

I was shocked by his confession, I stuttered my answer a little embarrassed, “Grand-dad, don’t take this as a compliment, but you have a really big prick, I couldn’t help but do the things you say, you fucked me so hard it was just a natural reaction to your big prick inside me… ”

Then he held his hand up again to me and I stopped talking and looking at him with a puzzled look…. Then he said it straight out.

“I want to fuck you again Angel, I want you to bend you over like before and I want to make you squeal and beg like I did about an hour ago, but this time I want to make you cum.”

“Grand-dad!!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Yes,,,,,, please Angel, I have got such a horn on right now thinking about it, no one will know, we have done it once, why would doing it again be so wrong…. Please let me fuck you again….. Not only that, every time you come here you will only remember me raping you, If we do it willingly and nicely we can push the horrible rape out of our minds and remember consensual nice sex….. That’s got to be a lot better hasn’t it?” he told me with pleading eyes.

I stood and thought about what he suggested and it would have been the whisky he gave me in my tea that clouded my better judgement because I actually thought ‘well he might have a point there, maybe it would be a good idea to forget what had happened…. I thought further about doing it with Grand-dad and the idea of his big cock inside me made me think again…. but then the thought of ‘well maybe if it was consensual, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad’

I was very hesitant but Grandad must have seen me thinking it over in my mind and he sounds so eager and excited as I half-agreed with him and he sounded almost in an excited panic he tells me, “I will do anything for you if you will let me,,,, if we can put this terrible experience out of our minds”

I ask him coy and shy and of course still very hesitant ”Well, I think you have a point about it may help me forget the rape, I don’t want to remember that, not at all….. Erm Would you like to buy me my prom dress, that would be nice”

“Yes of course I will, I will buy you two”

No, that’s fine granddad, but one will do, but its £450.00 ($675.00 USD) is that still okay.

Softly he said “Yes of course, I would buy you 10 if you asked me, I always would”

“Okay, I will agree, er if you if you agree to buy me the dress as well…. oh and one other thing, as long as you don’t do it so hard this time.”

I could see the excitement On is face as I agreed and he told me ”I have just said I will buy it for you” then he adds, “no I promise I will be gentle this time” and he asks me straight out, “can I have you right now.”

“What Now! Right now?… Are you sure you will be able to perform, can you get another hard on already?”

“Oh Yes, I have the horn on right now just thinking about you, but you will have to help me a little bit.”

I look surprised at him, “well I didn’t have to help you before, you was at it with me no problem, you certainly knew where to put it”

“Well, I did have help last time Angel, You will have to help me to my feet”

“Oh right” I replied… “So are you sure that you want to do it right now?”

“Oh fucking hell yes please,” he told me, and it felt strange as I had never heard grand-dad swear before

I stood up and looked at him and couldn’t really believe that I had agreed to go along with his plan, but I told myself to put it out of my mind what had gone on before and just go along with it the best I could.

I liked Granddad Bill a great deal so maybe if I pretended that it was all one and I tried to enjoy it, maybe it would fool my mind, I didn’t want to become a victim, so maybe that it would be best this way as he said.

I took a deep breath and told myself “right, lets go,” I slid my little knickers down my legs sexily for him and Granddad gasped out visibly and audibly in excitement, then I slowly turned and bent over the sofa, I hitched my skirt up over my little bottom and parted my legs a little making sure that he could see my pussy, funnily enough at this point I was enjoying the teasing of him. I said to him, “Come on Grand-dad, if you want to fuck me you will have to get here yourself.. ” knowing full well that he couldn’t.

“You teasing bitch!” he told me with a smile and he tried to get up out of the chair puffing and panting, but within a few seconds he fell back.

I teased him further, “Come on, I am not helping you, if you want to fuck me you have to make it yourself. I will give you one last chance, and if you make it you will be allowed to cum up my pussy if you like, would that be nice for you. I am on the pill so it will be quite safe.

“What!!! Grandad gasped, “you are on the pill at your age?”

“Yes” I said still waiving my bum in his direction, “the doctor prescribed it for me to control my period….. Isnt that lucky for both of us”

Grandad, turns red in the face as he tries to get out of the chair again, suddenly he must have had a brain-wave because he suddenly starts to turn in his old armchair and with his knees now on the floor he works himself up onto his feet, “There” he said, “I have managed it” He looks at me panting, then looks at my bottom pointing in his direction and holding his arms out like a baby taking his first steps he slowly shuffles and makes his way over to me.

He reached out as I sexily move my bottom side to side again teasing him with my pussy and with one last step he reaches out and grabs my hips steadying himself from falling. He paused for a minute as he gasps for breath, I sexily tell him in a very school girlish voice “are you going to fuck me Grand-dad like before, with your big winkie”

Grand-dad pants and puffs… “You have this very naughty side to you Angel, you have always been a tease to me.” I turn my head around and see him eagerly unfastening his trousers and they drop to the floor and he pulls his white y front underpants down with one hand as he holds on to me with the other and my eyed naturally look down to his hard prick as it stands out again like a huge rocket as I gasp to myself “Oh hell, here goes”

In my mind I told myself, ‘come on Angel, it’s not that bad, try to enjoy it.’ I don’t know why but I instantly relaxed. I thought that I would tease him some more but grand-dad tells me, “No Angel get on the bed naked, totally naked, lay on your back and open your legs for me, lets make an whole night of it, I will ring your mum later and tell her that you are staying with me tonight as I am not feeling well, she will be fine with that….” Then in a lower tone he says to me “and you can sleep with me, I will show you how an old man of my age can fuck you all night… Oh I will fuck that fresh little pussy of yours alright.”

“Well I wasn’t sure about that at all, I certainly wasn’t going to stay all night with an old man in his bed, but I got undressed and moved over to the bed and laid there while he undressed too and shuffled gingerly over to me and as he got close all but falling onto the bed and on to my legs more in excitement I think.

“are you alright” I asked him

“Never felt better in my whole life!” he told me cheerily and straight away grand-dad started kissing my legs just above the knees and slowly working his way up my legs with his kissing lips and stroking my legs with his hands at the same time and kissing my legs with big kisses.

I could tell what he was going to do as he was kissed my legs higher and higher further up, making his way up to the top of my thighs now. It felt quite creepy as he pushed my legs further apart, I knew that he was going to start kissing and licking my pussy.

I wasn’t keen on him doing that, but this was no time to start complaining so I opened my legs for him further and further as he pushed my legs apart until I was simply laid on my back with my legs wide apart letting him do what he wanted to do. When Grand-dad reached the top of my thighs he wrapped his hands under my little firm bottom and lifting me a little and he pushed his face right into my pussy with a groan of pleasure and delight from him.

Grand-dads mouth and tongue pushed straight between my folds and he instantly started sucking and licking all around my young pussy. I felt uncomfortable as I felt his tongue lick all around my most intimate places but to my surprise I felt my nipples start to swell and tingle.

Grand-dad started licking my pussy greedily and noisily making my whole pussy wet as I laid back and tried to enjoy it, but it wasn’t easy. Then grand-dad pushed his mouth really hard against me between my legs, then I felt his tongue start to push up my pussy and within seconds his tongue was darting up and down, I could feel that he was all but fucking me with his tongue and I wasn’t sure that I liked it or not, but all the same it wasn’t long before it made me quietly shiver and gasp out on pleasure, the feeling was obviously growing on me.

Grand-dad did not rest there his mouth then searched for my clit and he started sucking my clit in between his lips as if he was giving me a blowjob then as he sucked my clit in and out between his lips and the sensation making my toes curl in pleasure and I groaned softly, he suddenly slipped in finger up me and finger fucked me whilst sucking my clit… Oh my god I knew I was going to orgasm in about a minute with the sucking but as soon as he slid his finger up me, fucking me, my whole body shook and I groaned out loudly and uncontrollably and grand-dad knew he had me cumming in only about 3 minutes.

As my orgasm waned and I gasped I felt grand-dad slide up my body he sucked on my tingling nipples for a few seconds then moved up and started kissing my lips. I could feel him maneuvering himself between my legs and I opened my legs wider and lifting them and wrapped them around him.

As Grand-dad still snogged my lips I felt his prick nudging around my wet pussy I laid there waiting and kissing him back. I didn’t have to wait long within a few of seconds I felt his hard prick slide along my valley and right over my pussy hole, soon as I felt it there in the right position I all but held my breath waiting for it to thrust in to me hoping that it wouldn’t hurt like before.

Grand-dad pushed his hips in to me and this time I felt his old hard thick prick slide right up me. I instantly groaned out as I felt him fill me, but this time there was no forcing, I felt a little resistance at first, but this time it slipped straight up me. it felt big again, but this time there was no pain, it felt very nice and it was a great relief for me and I decided to just lay back and enjoy it.

Grand-dad wasted no time, as we both groaned with pleasure I could feel his prick sliding up and down inside me as he fucked and snogged me. I moved my face away from grand-dads as I needed to breath. I gasped with every thrust in to me and I groaned with every withdrawal of his prick, he started to fuck me harder and more forcibly making me squeal. I loved the feeling of my wet pussy being full and my clit was still throbbing, grand-dad was in full rhythm and after a few minutes of hard fucking Grand-dad seemed now to be slamming his huge prick in to me and I started to move my pussy up to meet it as we both fucked each other.

I lifted my legs higher and wrapped them round grand-dads waist and I instantly gasped and groaned louder as that seemed to increase the deep feeling of his thick long prick inside me. Grand-dad fucked me furiously harder and faster and his prick now slipped out of my pussy and then slammed straight back in like a huge piston at full speed and it felt magnificent having my pussy empty and then as he plunged it back in me filling me right up and stretching my whole cunt, he fucked like that for quite a while I was enjoying my pounding so very much.

I couldn’t help it, I screamed, squealed out and gasped all at the same time ”grand-dad, oh grand-dad” in ecstasy each time he slammed his entire long and thick shaft in to me and with the increasing pace of the thrusting my squealing soon just sound like one long tone of gasping, squealing of pleasure.

Grand-dad pounding me with all he has got looks down in to my face gasps and growls at me through sheer lust ”I have dreamed about this for years and now I am going to fuck you all night long you teasing little bitch, you will feel my thick cock pounding and stretching your cunt all night long until you have one very sore little cunt in the morning.

All I could do was agree, there was no point in arguing right now so I gasped and panted my reply to him “yes grand-dad, you can fuck me all night if you really want…to…”

I closed my eyes and simply squealed as Grand-dad  plunged and pounded his thick cock in to me for about 20 minutes, then I felt him pound faster and deeper in to me and I knew he was on the verge of cumming, he groaned now as if he was in pain and the pounding finally stopped, all apart from little thrusting movements in to me as he continually thrust hard in to me obviously shooting his load. With my legs wide open I gave little thrusts of my pussy up in to him as we both gasped and panted.

That was one hell of a fucking Grand-dad had just given me and I was panting as if I had just been sprinted in a long race while he was just laid there motionless on top of me. A minute or so later I felt grand-dad move and I felt him withdraw his softening long prick from my pussy.

“Did you ….. enjoy that?” he asked panting heavily.

“Yes I did” I replied surprising myself, but not wanting to repeat the process.

We sat there for a minute not really saying anything, just now gently panting.

“Go put the kettle on then,” said Grand-dad and with a “Okay” I jumped off the bed, but as I stood up I could feel his cum running out of me so I quickly ran to the toilet and wiped myself.

I came back into the room and before I made the tea I thought that I would put some clothes on. I bent over to pick up my knickers and I heard Grand-dad sigh “oh what a sight to behold”…

I turned “Pervert” I smiled back to him.

“Leave your clothes there and make the tea naked for me will you, seeing a young girl walking naked around the house is such a thrill to an old man like me”

Well it was very warm, and I thought, ‘oh okay, anything for a quiet life’ and I left my knickers where there were and went to make the tea in my birthday suit. Whilst in the Kitchen I heard grand-dad shout “with a drop of whisky of course..”

“Oh of course” I called back.

I walked back in to the living room with the tea and by now Grand-dad was sat on the side of the bed, still naked. I put the tea on a table by the side of him and he suddenly grabbed me and started roughly feeling my bum and then with the other hand grabbing my breast and fondling me.

“Grand-dad, stop it,” I said angrily “what do you think you are doing, you have had your fun, now it’s over… You randy old sod.”

He said all apologetic “Sorry Angel, seeing you naked like that.. it just came over me, I couldn’t help it”

“Alright Grandad, but I don’t like being grabbed like that, it’s not nice and I nearly spilled the tea over the both of us”

Grand-dad sits there with his long drooping cock in his hand, playing with it. “come on Angel, lets do it again, come and suck my cock for me”

I couldn’t believe that Grand-dad could want sex again so quickly.. “Grand-dad” I said in a high-pitched surprised voice… you are insatiable.”

“oh” he tells me all excited, “I want to have you on your knees sucking my cock, then when I am ready I want you to bend over so that I can fuck you from behind, I want to give you a right good fucking again”

I looked down at grand-dads cock and could see that it was getting stiffer as he played with it. I didn’t really want to do it but Grand-dad said to me “Come on do this for me and I will let you go to the party, I won’t ring mum and tell her I have had a dizzy turn, because if I do you know she will insist you stay with me don’t you?”

I sighed, paused for a second, then agreed “OHhh okay, but you will have to tell me how to do it though.”

“That’s no problem” he told me, “come on then. my cock is aching for it”

I remember thinking ‘God he wants to fuck me again, that will be 3 times in the last 2 hours, that’s one more than in my whole life, I hope my pussy can put up with it, I bet it’s sore in the morning with that big fucker up me again.’

I got down on my knees between grand-dads legs and watched for a moment as he played with it…. Making it stiff and hard.

Do you want any more, or is that it, shall I just close the story down and go to the party? 

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  1. Eine verdammt heiße Storie,die ich in den Grundzügen auch schon als Fantasie hatte.Weiter so, sexy amüsant und extrem Hot.

  2. Hi angel i have now read our?story again.and as usual the spunk!! Just shot out of my musthave shot 2ft into the air angel.i have fucked you so many times now pet its is so real?and if you did not take any prevention you would be well and truely pregnant again.angel.i just can not get you out of my thoughts.i did write a week ago?about wanting to also fuck the girl in your selfee section.the last one in the section! I told you i would pay her 400 to500pounds for that prevaledge?you got back to me and said they were some you hadgot off the net?and said you did have some of there adresses?but not the one i asked about! I wrote back to ask you if you would let me know which ones you had angel??? And if you did write to me my email adress .let me know asap angel.lotsof love bill xxxx

    • I have already wrote back to you in the format you wrote to me, I am not at home at the moment, I am up in the cold North of England. I will write when I get a moment, it could be the weekend at the latest.


      Ps. Seeing as you read it again, did you notice the changes and additions that I did, I do this very often with all the stories, especially the newer ones.

      PPS. Offering £400.00 for 2 hours sex, it will be interesting if I suddenly get a flood of Self shots from girls now, or guys come to that.

  3. Love this story and again loved the mixture of realism and weird kinkiness..the grandpa thing really made it hot… Hope there is still chance for my threesome incest story

    • Thanks for the comments Sam, as soon as I get the chance I will write the story of Emma (from Schoolgirl game of dare.) I started writing it but I got bored with it and wrote Grand-dad Bill instead… The story of Emma is very kinky, but quite boring to write at the start… Looking back Emma could be quite boring, very clever but no great conversationalist, she had no real interests, but she would do outrageous things and that kept me on my toes and interest in her I suppose, even though I was shocked by her I must have been fascinated with her.

  4. God i love this story angel,you are so good in living it as you go, i was so worked-up,
    i was so hard angel. I was wanking like i had never wanked before!!! i was in the story
    i climaxed into your lovely little mouth. Honest angel i can-not ever remember having
    had such a orgasm in all of my 75 years on this earth.. As i continued to read about
    myself and then it happend again i got another massive erection. It was where i was
    given it to you up your tight little pussy!! I just shot so much cum up you it must have been a spoonful honest angel. You have brought a old boy back to life!! my one wish for xmas angel is you letting me have you for real..and i will die a happy
    man?let me know pet..but what-ever your reply.will you keep my story going and this will keep giving me so much fun and so many terrific orgasms..promise me angel..i can-not wait for the second instalment im so hard
    and excited.thank you angel…xxxxxxxxx please contact me soon and talk about
    the story line xx

    • Well, I am pleased you liked it bill, but I am not sure where a 2nd part would go, maybe you could write it?



      • hi angel.thank u for reply pet.i would like to have ago at writing the second i get this hell of a hard-on thinking
        of your first part..but i will need!! your guidance.angel.will you help me..please say yes my old boy is throbing in my trousers
        my wife would go mad..if she new iwas talking like that !!!
        she is watching neighbors on the tv just 4 feet from me..
        and i am thinking about you and wanting to get my prick out
        and wank myself silly! looking forward to your reply angel..
        with affection and my dream of you xxxx

    • Just Stumbled across this story – it’s amazing. I almost came without touching myself, but did of course. I’m still dripping wet now. Going to read the rest now. Thanks Angel

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