Teachers Tale

This story was sent to me from someone in West Australia and its a theme that I have had a few times. Basically its about Classroom Blackmail and sex, see what you think?unruly skool kids

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Teachers Tale

I stumbled upon this site this morning and it seems the perfect outlet for me. My name is Amy (not my real name obviously). I was a 26 year old high school teacher, teaching English at a school in Newcastle in the North of England. I loved my job and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to teach. I worked hard to realise my dream and graduated university with honours.

I had my pick of schools to choose from and I could easily have secured a position in an exclusive school, but I chose a school in a lower socio-economic area, because I wanted to try and make a difference in the students’ lives and, through education, help them out of the endless cycle of welfare and poverty which was rife in the area. The previous teacher had suddenly left although no one quite knew why she resigned. Some staff thought she may have had some sort of sordid affair with another staff member or student. Others had heard she had a nervous breakdown, but didn’t know the cause.

As far as my personal life went, I virtually didn’t have one. All my time was spent on my profession, from going through uni, graduating, to getting up early and preparing classes for the day. Nights were spent at home marking exams, or working on organising school projects etc. At 26 years of age I had never had a boyfriend. I was in fact a virgin. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in the opposite sex…I have always had the urges, and felt attraction for men.

I’m a very attractive woman, or so I am told by male and female friends alike. I always thought that I looked a bit “prissy”, like the typical teacher you see in movies, with my large round glasses and my shoulder length blonde hair in a bun or a ponytail. But I had what I considered a great sexy figure. Double D breasts and a slim waist and well-proportioned bum. Anyway I just didn’t have the time for a relationship. For now, personal relationships would have to wait.

My classes were a mixture of teenagers, from 13 years old up to 17 years. Most were well behaved. Others were disruptive. And others were just plain mean, bad and scary, some of whom came from bad home environments. Some parents were drunks who let their kids run amok. Some were the kids of drug addicted parents. I felt sorry for these students and wanted to help them as best I could through education. Some of my classes had at least 3 or 4 of these problematic kids. Both boys and girls. They were the seniors of the school, some had formed small groups or gangs. The boys were in fact like men. Many of them were well developed, well-built men who shaved and who had muscles, and large cocks, as I found out during some of my classes.

Sometimes as I walked down the aisles checking on the students’ work, they would have their cock out of their pants, rubbing it and smiling at me. Even though I was an inexperienced virgin I knew they were big. I would feel myself turning bright red, and they would laugh and mock me. . The way they would leer at me and make lewd remarks, like asking for oral sex, or “offering” to make my glasses fog up by giving me a good “fucking”. They were men…but with the brains of young boys. Some of the girls were just as bad. They would gyrate their hips, with their hand on their crotch, smiling at me, but I tried to tolerate it, because I saw them as victims of their environments.


At times it almost got to be too much and I sometimes considered resigning and finding a better school to teach at, possibly even an exclusive school in an upmarket area, with the added benefit of more pay but I thought I would try and hold out until the end of the year, as it was the final year of this group of students. The upcoming classes were much better and nicer.

Still, I considered it my job as a teacher to teach them all to the best of my ability, and I hoped I could instill some moral values in them, even the bad ones.  After a few months I felt like I was making real headway. I felt I had become not only their teacher, but their friend also.  Many of the disruptive students had settled down a bit, and were actually taking an interest in class. 4 boys in particular, Josh, Peter, Matthew and Jacob had changed from some of the worst, to being almost model students.

It was a wonderful feeling to be making such a difference and I could hardly wait to get to school each morning. One day I arrived early to find a bunch of beautiful flowers in a vase on my desk, with a card. “To a beautiful and wonderful teacher” it read.  It felt so good to know my students thought so much of me, although I didn’t know which students left them. I asked every class I taught that day but no one claimed to know anything about them. That too was a nice feeling, to think a student or group of students didn’t want to take credit for a wonderful gesture.

A couple of weeks later I arrived to find a box of chocolates on the desk. The card read “To Miss Pringle, our favourite teacher.”

How proud I felt as a teacher to know I was so popular and appreciated. Even the behaviour of the disruptive students didn’t upset me anymore. I saw them as a product of their upbringing and unsavoury home environment, and thought that maybe it could have even been them who had showed appreciation. It could have been anyone. At every class, I looked around at the students for a clue as to which ones had liked and respected me enough to show such kindness. There were no signs. My students had become like a family to me. I looked at the disruptive ones as just the “black sheep” of my family. I would turn the tables on them and make funny comments when they played with themselves in class, but the number of those students was diminishing as the months went by.

The gifts and cards continued to come, appearing on my desk once or twice a week. Sometimes flowers, sometimes small pieces of inexpensive junk jewelry which I loved. The students obviously didn’t have much money and it was so thoughtful of them.

Then came the morning when I arrived early to find a gift. I opened the card and it read “For you Miss Pringle. We hope you like it”. I was intrigued and a little excited as I opened it. I found to my horror it was a pair of red crotch less knickers.

“Does anyone know anything about a gift left on my desk this morning? I did not find it funny.” I asked every class that day. They all just looked around the classroom, bewildered. Of course, no one owned up. “I’m very disappointed in whoever did this, you know who you are, and if it happens again I will report it to the principal.”


Weeks passed without further incident. I thought I had nipped the problem in the bud. The gifts had stopped. Even the flowers and jewellery etc.

One day I decided not to have lunch in the staff lunchroom and sat at my desk in the classroom to catch up on some papers. I ate a ham and salad sandwich. I peeled a banana and had just put it in my mouth when I heard a “click” like a camera shutter. How odd I thought. I looked out the door and saw no one. The incident was long forgotten by the time I got home that night and didn’t enter my mind again.

A few days later I arrived at class and there on my desk was an apple. How old fashioned, I thought, and smiled. “An apple for the teacher” was the old adage. Perhaps it was a kind of apology for the “red knickers” prank. I picked up the apple. The bottom felt funny and I turned it over to look. I was shocked to find there was a hole cut into the apple and half a banana was pushed into it. The banana had a condom on it.

I reported it to the principal who replied “oh they’re just having a bit of fun. You’re too sensitive Miss Pringle. They’re just harmless teenagers.”

I knew I was wasting my time with him. He wasn’t at all concerned. I think he just collected his salary each week and didn’t really care much about the goings on in his school.

After that incident my joy of being a “wonderful” and popular teacher had diminished somewhat. I eyed every student with suspicion. I began to get the feeling that someone was watching me. Sometimes I would be getting into my car after school and would feel as if someone was behind me. I would spin around but no one was there.  At different times of the day, I would think I heard the sound of a camera shutter, but wasn’t sure if it was real or in my imagination.

One day in particular I had a frightening incident. I was alone in the female toilet.  I heard the squeaky hinges on the entry door and the sound of footsteps. They stopped. There was total silence. The footsteps started again and came closer to my cubicle. “Hi” I called, “who’s that?” thinking it was another teacher. There was no answer. “Hello” I said again. “Who’s there?” The room was silent except for the footsteps echoing in the room as they came closer. They stopped in front of my cubicle. I felt so alone and vulnerable sitting there with my skirt and knickers around my ankles. I looked down at the 6” gap under the cubicle door to see a pair of school shoes and I froze. I was too afraid to speak.

I sat still as if I didn’t want him to know I was in there, even though I knew he had already heard me call out. I heard his zipper opening. I almost wet myself. I wanted to scream but I was frozen on the spot. After a couple of minutes, there was a few seconds of heavy breathing. I heard the zip being pulled up and then the shoes were gone, and the sound of footsteps moved to the door. The hinges squeaked as the door was opened and closed and then there was silence. A minute later a creamy, stringy liquid dripped off the bottom of the door. Oh my God, is that cum?


I sat there on the toilet for about 20 minutes, too afraid to open the door. Eventually some teachers came in chatting away and I felt safe enough to emerge.

“Are you alright?” one asked as I ran past them. I didn’t answer, I was too upset and in shock.

Day after day I would study the faces of the students, searching for a clue. The girls who smirked at me and grabbed their breasts or crotch. The boys who rubbed their dicks as I walked down the aisles. Even the quiet studious ones who seemed so nice. It could be anyone. The joy of feeling like a much loved, popular teacher had faded.. Disappeared from my life and now I felt constantly that I was being watched and victimised.

I was leaving for home one afternoon and found a note on my car windscreen. It read “You like bananas don’t you Miss Pringle? Do you fuck yourself with them?” I scanned the car park but saw no one. I jumped in my car and locked the doors, and hurried home.

I ran into the house locking the doors and pulling the curtains shut. I was so upset I just sat for ages, wondering who was behind this. Every few minutes I checked that I had locked the doors.  I was shaking and afraid. Sleep didn’t come that night.

The following night I had gone home and had dinner, and turned the TV on to watch the news. I turned on my computer to check my email. There was a message from an unknown sender, just an attachment. The attachment was a photo of me with the cock of one of my students in my mouth. His face was blanked out so I couldn’t see who it was. My mind was in turmoil. How could it be?? Then the penny dropped. The click of a camera in class a few weeks before hand when I had the banana in my mouth. It had obviously been photo-shopped, but it looked so real. It was obvious that it was a professional job. I couldn’t believe it. What did it mean? Who would go to this trouble? Worst of all… what will it be used for.

I remembered Sue, a friend from uni. She became a photographer and computer graphics expert. I phoned her in tears and begged her to help me. “Email me the photo” she said., “and I’ll analyse it. If it’s fake I will know.”

“Of course it’s fake! I would never do that with a student. I haven’t done it with anyone at all!” I cried, tears running down my face.

“Leave it with me” she said. “I’ll call you in an hour or so”


The minutes ticked by agonisingly slowly. A thousand things were going through my mind. What was the photo to be used for? Could it be blackmail? Perhaps to force me to give someone better grades?

I jumped out of my skin when the phone rang. It was Sue.

“Well” said Sue, “I’m sorry to tell you this Amy, but if this photo is a fake, then it is the best fake I have seen in my life. If I had to swear under oath I would say that it looks totally authentic. Are you sure you weren’t bombed out on drugs or alcohol at the time, and just can’t remember?”

I just dropped the phone without saying a word. I could think of no words to say.

Sleep did not come easily that night, but I managed to dose off sometime after midnight. In my slumber I heard a noise next to my bed. I reached over and turned on the lamp. Suddenly I felt a hand over my mouth and I was dragged out of bed by my hair. I was surrounded by 4 boys and 2 girls, all in school uniform. They wore balaclavas. “Hello Miss Pringle” one of them said. It was a digital voice, that comes from one of those devices you put on your neck. “We thought you might be up for a bit of fun.”

I was frozen with fear. A knife was put to my throat and he said “make a noise and it will be your last.” A school tie was placed around my neck and pulled tight. 4 boys grabbed me and threw me on the bed. They used cable ties to bind my right wrist to my right ankle and my left to my left. One of them moved the bedside table over and they picked me up and placed me on my stomach on it. With my wrists tied in front of me to my ankles I lay there, arms and legs spread to the side, on my stomach. The one with the knife slowly cut off my clothes, leaving my naked body exposed and my boobs hanging over the bedside table. I was completely vulnerable and at their mercy. One of them crouched in front of me and produced a banana. “Let’s see how you give a little head Miss Pringle”.

“No I can’t. Please don’t do this.”

He produced a cane and held it in front of me. “You’re a teacher Miss Pringle…you’ve seen one of these before? I’ll tell you one more time. Give the banana a blow job.”

“No, I can’t, please just untie me and leave.”

He handed the cane to one of the others. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!  He caned my bum with such force that it brought tears to my eyes instantly.

“Ok ok! Please don’t hit me again! I’ll do it!”

But the cane struck again. And again. WHACK! WHACK!


“Please stop! I’ll do it! I’ll do anything you want!”

“Alright, now you be a good little teacher and we won’t punish you”

He put the banana to my lips. I opened my mouth and he circled my lips with it as if he were applying lipstick.

“I want you to peel it for us”

“How can I peel it with my hands tied” I whimpered.

“Use your mouth.”

He peeled the banana skin back about half an inch and placed it to my mouth.

“You finish it” he demanded, and I felt the point of the knife at my throat.

“Alright, just please don’t hurt me.”

“Well you better do a nice job then. Put on a show for us. We want to see you really enjoying yourself.”

I started pushing at the banana skin with my lips, gradually peeling it back taking the banana into my mouth. I was using the tip of my tongue to lift the skin a little and then pushing the skin a bit more with my lips. “Mmmm…mmmmm” I moaned, trying to sound like I was enjoying it.

“Have you ever been fucked by your students Miss Pringle?” one of them asked in the digital voice.

Oh God no I thought. They are going to rape me.

I had finished peeling the banana with my mouth. The boy holding it got to his knees and put his cock to my lips.

“Now you can peel this.”

“No please, I can’t”

The cane was pushed between my large breasts, which were hanging down, swinging under their weight as he pushed them side to side with the cane and tapped my nipples with it.


I was terrified. I started slowly pushing my mouth onto the end of his cock, my tongue nudging under the foreskin as I had done with the banana peel, and gently pushing the foreskin back. “Mmm” I moaned onto his cock. I wanted to please him so they wouldn’t hit me again with the cane.

“Ahh that’s it Miss. You’re the best teacher ever”

He ejaculated into my mouth and it ran out and down my chin. A girl went to the bathroom and came back with a bottle of moisturising cream. I heard them talking behind me. “That’s it put plenty on”. “Pour some over her cunt too”

I felt the cold moisturiser being poured into my bum cheeks and running down over my anus and between my pussy lips. I couldn’t see behind me.  I was completely vulnerable and exposed with my legs open, my feet tied to my wrists.

Someone’s hands moved to between my legs and pulled my pussy lips apart. I felt something big nudging at my opening.

“An apple for the teacher. You’ll enjoy this Miss. We know how you like your fruit.” one of them said in that terrifying digital voice, and they all had a chuckle. My eyes widened with fear as I felt the apple being forced into my pussy opening. Someone stuffed my panties into my mouth and held it there with a school tie wrapped around my head. I tried to scream but nothing came out. I felt my tight pussy stretching, stretching, and the pain unbearable. It felt as if it were stretching to tearing point. I raised my hands and feet off the floor and tried to spread them wider. It was torturous trying to hold them off the floor and spread them as wide as possible. Suddenly the apple slipped right inside me, stretching the walls of my vagina. The lips closed behind it, trapping it there.

“That’s one, Miss.” He said. “Only 2 to go. You really do love your fruit, don’t you?”

And they laughed. And laughed. They howled a sick, depraved laughter…..  My head was swimming in a sea of school uniforms and balaclavas and evil digital voices and…….

I sat bolt upright in bed. I was alone, shaking, in a cold sweat. It was just a dream, a nightmare. Thank God. I burst into tears. I lay awake for the rest of the night, with the light on. I was still terrified. And I was also shocked and felt dirty and disgusting that I had conjured up those kinds of perverted images in my imagination. What was happening to me?

A week went by without incident. Then a month. Then 2 months. I thought the problem had disappeared. The flowers, the gifts, the intimidating note on my windscreen, the photo. The dream. They were slowly fading into the past. I was returning to my old self, but was still very wary of my students, not knowing who I could trust.

But as time passed, I kept thinking about the images in my nightmare. The banana, the apple inside me. I couldn’t get the thoughts out of my mind. I would look at an apple and wonder what it would


feel like inside me. I knew there was no way an apple would fit. But I curiously tried a small plum one night. I was too small for it. I warmed a small carrot and masturbated with it. I felt sick to be even having these ideas.  Eating a banana was just as bad, and I found myself closing my eyes and pushing the peel back with my lips and tongue. I tried to think about it logically and concluded that I was only having these thoughts out of curiosity. After all I was a 26 year old woman with no sexual experience. I told myself it was probably perfectly normal to be curious like that. Perhaps I had so much yearning building up inside me that it was a kind of outlet for my sexual tension.

I had no one to share my thoughts and feelings with. I had friends, but how could I tell them about the photo, which looks authentic. What if they believed that I actually gave oral sex to a student, and that I’m probably now panicking because a photo was taken of the act? And how could I tell them about my dream and my depraved fantasies about bananas and apples? And God forbid if anyone knew about my masturbation with a carrot, I would just die. The prim and proper Amy, who some would say is even a bit prudish… fucking herself with a warm carrot…

I pulled myself together and pushed the thoughts from my mind whenever they came into my head. Eventually my mind and life returned to some form of normality. I threw myself into my work and tried to keep my mind busy. I suppressed and resisted the sick, kinky thoughts and images which played in my imagination like a movie. I prayed for the end of year to arrive, and for the current classes to graduate, which would put my mind to rest at last, knowing the students behind it all had left the school.

Life went on, as it does. I would work hard through the week, go out with my girlfriends on Friday and Saturday nights, and sleep in on Sunday mornings. I became friends with other teachers and we would frequently get together for drinks and dinner parties. But I was harbouring dark secrets in my mind that I didn’t dare share with anybody. To my friends and colleagues I was Amy Pringle, a friendly, dedicated professional who was very likeable and sociable and easy to get along with. But alone in the darkness of night I was afraid. Afraid of the unknown faceless students who were psychologically torturing me, and afraid of my own thoughts and fantasies, which I had been suppressing for so long. I lost count of the nights I would be curled up on the floor at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, too afraid to turn the light out for fear that I would dream the nightmare again.  And so afraid that I might enjoy it…

I had just gotten home from school one Friday when the phone rang. It was Kate, one of the teachers. “How about coming out for a drink, Amy”


“I’ll pick you up in 20 minutes” she said.


We went to the local pub. Kate had become a good friend, but not close enough to share my troubles with. We had a good night although I probably had a few too many drinks. We played darts, danced together, and even sang some karaoke. It was nice to forget my personal problems for a while and just let my hair down. She dropped me at home about 11.00. I had just walked in the door when the phone rang. I wondered who would call so late.

“Hello Miss Pringle.” The voice was muffled somehow.

“Who is this?” I asked.

“I know it’s late. I hope you had a good time down the pub with Miss Jones. You looked so fuckable dancing in that pink and white dress. You’ve given me this boner now that just won’t go down so I was thinking of coming over and giving you a right royal fucking. What do you think?”

I froze and dropped the phone.

Oh my God..I’m being stalked.

The following day I went to the police. After taking down all the details the constable said “well I’m afraid there’s not a lot we can do Miss Pringle. It sounds like some students just playing a prank, and there’s not a lot to go on. But please contact us if it continues.”

“Isn’t there anything at all you can do?”

“I’m sorry miss. If we knew the identity of the students involved, we could talk to their parents. Apart from that, our hands are tied.”

I felt alone and afraid in the world. I wondered just how far this will go. A couple of weeks passed. The phone rang again one evening. My guard was down by this time. “Hello?” I said. There was just silence. “Hello? Is anyone there?”

It was that same muffled voice. “Hi Miss Pringle.  Or can I call you Amy now that we are such good friends? Just wondering if you were still interested in our fuck date. We can come now, if you’re free.”


“Oh come on Amy. You know you want it. We WILL fuck you, and you know it. And you’ll thank us for it afterwards. Let’s organise a date and time now. Otherwise we can surprise you one day soon. Whatever you like.”

I slammed the phone down and stood there, just looking at it, shaking. They’re going to rape me. And the police won’t do a thing.


Days passed. I felt like I was close to a breakdown. Is this what happened to the English teacher I had replaced? Was she raped?

I got in my car one afternoon after work and on the windshield was what looked like cum squirted on it. It had trickled down the glass and left a trail. I turned on the wipers but it just made it a smudged mess. It disgusted me. I left it on the glass and hurriedly drove to an automatic car-wash, all the time trying to see through the smudged film of cum. I sat in the car as the machine did its work and felt sick as I watched it get washed down and disappear into the air vent at the bottom of the windshield.

That incident seemed to me to be the last nail in the coffin, so to speak. I became a virtual recluse, rarely leaving the house except to go to school, and I would hurry from my house to my car, constantly looking all around me. On arrival at school I would park as close as possible to the building, and wait for other teachers to arrive before getting out of my car. I wondered how my life had got to this stage. All the dreams I had of becoming a fine and respected teacher were in ruin.

A week before the end of the school year I arrived a few minutes early to prepare the class activities for the day. I was so engrossed in my work that I didn’t hear him coming.

I looked up. It was Josh, one of my better students.

“Good morning Josh, you’re here early, aren’t you.”

Josh was a big boy, about 6’3”. He was of Indian descent but had a strong Geordie accent. His parents moved from India to Newcastle before he was born. They named him Josh because they wanted him to fit into Western society more than they did.

“Yes Miss, I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

I liked Josh. He was one of my success stories. He used to be one of the worst troublemakers, but under my influence I had watched him change and grow into a fine student. He was one of the very few students I trusted- albeit to a limited degree.

“Sure” I replied. “Are you having trouble with something? I’m always here to help, Josh, you know that. What’s the problem?”

Josh undid his zip and top button of his trousers. He pulled out his cock and laid it on the desk in front of me. It reminded me of a snake basking in the sun. It was limp, but looked about 6-7 inches long.

My eyes opened wide.


“What do you want??” I screeched.

He held up a photo. It was the photo -shopped banana picture. I couldn’t speak.

“Oh God. No” I said softly as the tears started to well in my eyes. “What do you want?”

He held up the photo again.

“This” he said.

Is this it, I thought. Am I about to be raped by my student?

“No. please” I said.

“Well Miss, what do you think will happen when this little gem starts doing the rounds? Do you think you will ever work in teaching again? More likely you will go on the “sex offenders register”.

He moved in front of me and grabbed my wrists. I tried to resist but I was no match for his size and strength. He pulled me forward off my chair until I was on my knees in front of him, and he put his cock to my face.

“No” I cried.

“Yes” he said, holding up the picture.

“Why are you doing this to me Josh? You’ve come such a long way. You’re one of my better students.”

“Didn’t you know, Miss, it’s every schoolboy’s fantasy to be sucked off by his teacher. Day after day I’ve sat in class, and all I could think about was fucking you.” he replied.

I looked at his cock. It looked bigger up close.

“Put your hand around it Miss Pringle.”

I held it. What choice did I have?  My small hand was shaking and didn’t reach around its circumference. This was the 1st time I had ever held a man’s cock. But even through my fear and disgust I felt curiosity. As soon as my hand held it, it began to rise and thicken. Within about 30 seconds it had reached about 9 inches in length. The base became so thick and hard. Much harder than I imagined it would. His foreskin rolled easily back as if it were too small for the shaft and exposed the head which was big and purple. I could see the pronounced veins on the shaft and feel


the blood pulsing through them. It looked and felt like a thing of power and domination, so hard in my soft hand. My hand moved down to his balls which were big and hanging down and I felt the weight of them and I was surprised at how heavy they were. His balls were so big I had trouble holding both at once.

I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing my mouth towards his throbbing cock. I could smell the musky aroma. I knew if I didn’t do this, not only would my career be ruined, but I could end up on the sex offenders register. I had to do it. I moved my mouth to his now enormous looking cock and gently kissed the tip.

“Suck it.”

“No Josh, please..”

“SUCK IT!” he said forcefully, and roughly pulled my hair which made me let out a yelp. I started pushing my mouth over the head. It seemed much bigger now, and I could feel my mouth beginning to stretch. I wanted to stop and I tried to pull back but his hand was behind my head forcing it down even further.

He started pumping my mouth. After a few minutes I began to settle down a bit. I felt as if I was beginning to enjoy the roughness and submission in a perverse sort of way. I felt disgusted, not just with him but with myself as well, yet his brutal domination of me sent a tingle down my spine.. I could feel myself getting warm and slippery between my legs. I tried to resist the feeling but couldn’t. I knew I had to see this through and I thought if I can make him cum my ordeal will be all over. I began gently rolling his balls in my hand and tugging them, delicately stretching his ball bag. My mouth was being stretched to the limit and I could feel his cock starting to nudge the back of my throat, almost making me gag. My tiny hand started wanking him trying to make him cum. It was taking forever.

“That’s right Miss Pringle! You’re enjoying this aren’t you? SUCK HARDER!” And he pulled my hair roughly and I obeyed and sucked harder. I was making slurping sounds and his cock was covered with my saliva making it slippery for my hand to slide up and down the shaft as I wanked him harder and faster.

Someone grabbed my hand from his cock. I turned slightly to see another boy with his cock out. He placed my hand around it and started masturbating himself using my hand. He removed his hand and I knew he wanted me to keep going. Another boy appeared on the other side and forced me to play with his cock as well. The thought suddenly occurred to me…how many boys are in the room? I struggled to look to my left and my right and realised there were about 20 students who I assumed had either arrived for class, or had known what was going to happen that morning.. Among them were 7 or eight girls.


I felt someone’s hand move under my dress and I instinctively tried to scream, but my voice was muffled by the huge cock which filled my whole mouth.

“Now just stay still Miss”

It wasn’t a boy’s voice but a girl. I recognised her as 17year old Melissa. Her hands moved between my legs from behind me and began gently rubbing my pussy in a slow gentle circular motion. I was so shocked and disgusted at having a 17 year old girl touching my pussy that I managed to struggle free and I jumped to my feet. I was surrounded by my students, some of the boys with either their pants down, or their zip undone and cock poking out. Josh once again held up the picture.

“If you do as you are told Miss, I promise the secret will stay in this classroom. If you don’t… well… this photo will find its way to the education dept and police station. We all graduate in a week and you’ll never hear from us again. What will it be?”

I thought fast and hard. I had no choice. I didn’t want to end up on a ”Sex Offenders Register” for having inappropriate relations with a student, as the photo depicted. Looking back now, if I knew what was about to transpire, I think my decision would have been different, but at the time I was frightened and had to make a fast choice.

“You win” I said reluctantly.  “What do you want?”

“You can start by taking your clothes off”

It’s funny the way the human mind works. If he had told me to do that an hour ago, there is no way I would have agreed to do it, but now having held their cocks in my hand, and had my mouth around one, I felt, strangely, a little more relaxed, but still humiliated in front of my class of school students.

My hands were trembling so much that I had trouble holding the buttons, but I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off my shoulders giving my students their 1st glimpse of the size of my DD breasts. Reaching behind me, I lowered the zip on my skirt and let it drop to the floor.

I stood there, dressed only in my bra and panties, now feeling exposed and embarrassed, and putting my arms in front of my breasts.

“And the rest of it Miss” said Josh, stroking his cock.

I looked around the room. They were staring at me…at my body actually. No one made eye contact. I unclasped my bra and it fell to the floor, my large boobs now free and exposed to the room of teenagers. My fingers slipped into the elastic of my panties and I slowly moved them down over my hips. I could feel the wetness in the crotch as they brushed over my inner thighs. I hadn’t realised how soaked they actually were. The sweet feminine scent from my juices now filled the air, and I felt so vulnerable and embarrassed, naked in front of my English class.


I wanted it to end. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. I closed my eyes, imagining that when I opened them I would be safe in my bed, woken up from a nightmare just like before. But when I opened them they were still there. I put my face in my hands and cried into them.

2 boys pushed me on to my desk and opened my legs wide, exposing my shaven, engorged pussy to the class.

“Wow” I heard a girl whisper. “It looks just like an open flower, doesn’t it?” Melissa came to me again and knelt in front of me. Her mouth moved to my soft, engorged pussy and she ever so gently licked my clit with the tip of her tongue. A wave shot through my body. I begged her to stop. She flicked my clit again and gently sucked it. Her tongue was circling my clit, gently teasing it, and getting faster as I started panting and I involuntarily put my hands on her head and pulled her into my pussy. My young female student was giving me oral sex. I felt dirty and depraved. Her fingers slid easily into my opening. I could feel myself losing control. I wanted her to stop, but at the same time I DIDN’T want her to stop. There was something building from deep within me, and I didn’t think I could prevent it.

The room started spinning and all I saw was a circle of boy and girl students surrounding me, watching me. Some boys were stroking their cocks. Some girls had their hands down their panties, just staring intently at me as if I were instructing them as a teacher would instruct her students in some kind of perverted lesson. The whole class was around me watching in awe as I felt myself approaching orgasm. I was on my back on my own desk unable to rest my head as it was hanging over the edge of the desk. I felt so many hands moving over my body, playing with my boobs and rubbing and sucking my nipples, which were hard and erect by this stage

One of the boys to the side of me rubbed his cock over my face and lips. It was slippery with his pre cum and it smelled and tasted so good. For a moment my humiliation and disgust had gone and I instinctively poked my tongue out searching for his cock. I wanted more of the taste of his schoolboy pre-cum.

Suddenly a wave of ecstasy shot through my body and I groaned loudly as my hips bucked up and down trying to rub my pussy harder onto Mellissa’s mouth. I felt the muscles in my pussy go into spasm around her finger, my lips tightened around the young boy’s cock and I sucked hard wanting to milk his balls dry. I hungrily took his load. It was my first taste of cum and tasted salty and warm. I was moaning and slurping loudly on his cock. Then the boys started jostling and pushing each other trying to get their cocks into my mouth. There were cocks waving around all over my face and in my hair. One of them got too excited and shot his load over my face and glasses before he even entered my mouth. They were pulling my head from side to side each trying to get into my mouth. I felt


humiliated, like a female dog in heat being mounted by a pack of male dogs who, in their excitement, didn’t care where they were shoving their cocks.

“STOP! Let’s just take turns” one of them said. “I’ll go first”

My orgasm had subsided but I was still hungry for the taste of young cock and sperm. He roughly pushed his cock into my mouth, holding my hair. I felt so perverted as I sucked hard and rolled my tongue over and around his young cock. He came with a shudder and squirted his cum down my throat making me cough violently. The boys had formed an orderly line, as schoolkids do, and one by one they moved forward and fucked my mouth and wanked over me, and sprayed me the way dogs mark their territory. Some sense had returned to me and I told them I didn’t want anymore but they were out of control by this stage and I knew they wouldn’t stop until they had all satisfied their teenage urges. These boys had obviously never been sucked before and couldn’t last long before they came in my mouth and all over my face and glasses. After 6 or 7 boys had finished, I was covered with their sticky liquid. Over my breasts, in my ears and eyes.

“I think she’s ready for you, Josh” said Mellissa. “She’s dripping wet.”

Josh moved between my thighs and I lifted my head to see the purple bulbous end of his cock starting to nudge at my pussy opening. I expected him to just shove it in like an overzealous teenager that he was, but he didn’t, he moved it upwards through my pussy lips, sliding over my slippery erect clit and rising up over my belly. It reminded me of a big black cannon rising over a hill. It was huge and ran over my belly to my navel. The size of it frightened me.

“Ever had an Indian cock this big in you Miss?”

“I’ve never had one at all” I sobbed, shaking my head side to side. “Please don’t put it inside me Josh. let me suck you. You can cum in my mouth. I’ll suck you off so good and hard. I promise.”

He just laughed. “Well maybe I’ll fuck you and still cum in your mouth”

Josh continued sliding his cock up and down through my pussy lips and over my clit. I watched in fear as it rose each time over my belly. Then his eyes lowered as he bent his cock downwards with his hand and he watched it starting to nudge at my tiny opening. I looked up at Josh. He was like a giant standing over me at 6’3 tall”. His school shirt was unbuttoned and his tie was pulled loose.

“You better open your legs a bit wider Miss Pringle. Make it easy on yourself”

I grabbed my ankles and spread my legs into the air as far as I could as I felt Josh so slowly forcing his way in. It wouldn’t fit in. I cried in pain as he forcefully pushed in an inch, pulled out an inch, pushed in a bit further and out an inch. My slippery juices were running down through my cheeks and over 16

my anus. I felt my hymen break, and it became slightly easier. His cock stretched my pussy with every entry. Slowly, slowly, a bit deeper with every little push.

His cock was gently entering me, but the pain was terrible. I reached down and put my hand around his cock and realised there was still about 4 inches to go. I held it tightly so he couldn’t enter any further but he pulled my hand away and pushed in a bit more. I felt the pressure of the tip of his cock pushing at the end of my vagina. He slowly moved in and out, pushing further each time. I was adjusting to his size and I could feel myself beginning to enjoy the sensation of him completely filling my pussy with his shaft. I wrapped my ankles around his neck and raised my bum off the desk. My moaning turned into panting as I could feel an orgasm building in a way that I had never experienced when masturbating at home.

Nikki, a shy, pretty girl appeared beside me. “You’re so beautiful Miss Pringle” she said softly and gently kissed me on my cheek. Nikki was 16 years old but looked only about 13, standing about 4’6”, with small breasts and a young face. She was one of my favourite students and I know she looked up to me and respected me. I suspect that she was a virgin and just as inexperienced as I was, but that she had got caught up in this atmosphere of sex and lust, and her female hormone levels were probably running off the scale. She took her hand out of her panties and began stroking my clit while Josh slowly fucked me. I instinctively moved my hand into her pants and reciprocated. Her young pussy was silky smooth and very warm and tight.

The moment I slid my finger into her, she came with a loud gasp and her whole body shuddered and she frantically rubbed my pussy. She pressed her lips to my lips and panted and moaned into my mouth as her tongue played with mine. I heard other girls starting to pant and I looked to see two girls on the floor, in a 69 position. One boy was fucking one of them from behind as she was being licked, and his balls were hitting the other girl’s face. Boys were wanking themselves.

At this stage I didn’t care what was happening around me as a wave of ecstasy rose from my loins, and up through my whole body. Josh was fucking me hard and fast now and I was taking in his whole length and girth. His heavy swinging balls were slamming against my bum. I felt him shoot his warm cum deep inside me. His cock filled my pussy completely with every thrust and forced the liquid out of my vagina like a piston. It just kept squirting and squirting, forced out between his cock and my stretched pussy lips. My god, how much cum can a 17 year old boy have.

He withdrew and pulled me onto my knees on the floor. He squirted onto my face as he forced his cock into my mouth. I could smell and taste my own juices on it. He was still ejaculating into my mouth and it squirted straight down my throat and a bit came out of my nose. I was gagging and trying to cough it up but it was impossible with his cock filling my mouth completely.

Finally! He slowed to a stop. He was still half hard. I removed my mouth from him and caught my breath and coughed up cum. One last bit of cum drizzled from the eye of his cock and landed between my breasts. He was done. My ordeal was over. I felt his goo still running out of my pussy, and my breasts and face were sticky with it. My hair felt as if it were starched.


Everyone slowly and wearily put their clothes on and watched as a boy and girl, with her uniform hitched up, finished fucking on one of the desks, then they all moved to their seats and waited for class to commence as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I sat at my desk and disinterestedly shuffled some papers, all the while about to crumble into a blubbering mess. The classroom was silent. No one spoke for what seemed an eternity.

I looked around the room at the faces of my young students, and saw remorse in some of them. A couple of the girls had tears on their cheeks as they stared into my eyes.

“I’m so sorry Miss Pringle” said one girl and ran from the classroom in tears. A few seconds later another followed. Perhaps they didn’t think things would have gotten so out of control.

My mind was in emotional turmoil. I felt violated, abused, and broken. I felt filthy and perverted. I felt liberated. I felt sexually fulfilled as a woman.  I felt sick, physically and morally. I felt a strange closeness and bond with my class of school aged sexual predators who had blackmailed and raped their innocent virginal teacher, and who had awoken dark sexual feelings I didn’t know existed in me.

That 1st period was uncomfortable to say the least.

Eight years have passed since that day, but in my mind it feels like only yesterday. I still teach at the same school. It holds many memories, some good, and some bad. Some best forgotten.

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  1. Where were these teachers when I was in school although my English teacher was a tall blonde woman with a great body . One teacher out of too many to count.

    • I don’t know if the story is true or not as I didn’t write it, maybe the Author will reply.

      New Stories? Well, yes there could be, its just having the time Jeff

  2. I hope this has got through to u angel i am going nuts waiting for reply .text me back soon.or have y lost your bottle.i am so hyper angel.put me outof my misery.or make my dream cum…true.mail me girl i dont care about your boyfriend..all i want to do to u angel is to fuck u with in a inch of your life over three hours but with breaks and it will be memorial for u and me i will close now..ps text me soon love old bill xxxxxx

  3. Hi Angel.this story is up there with the best.when I was reading it.i was walking myself silly .i kept my clock under control with great difficulty to the part were he shot his load and timed myself for this and I came like I have never cum before it seemed like it would never stop.it was so thick and pure Angel and for a 76 year old man that can not be bad there was enough to impregnate you and another 10 more girls honest!!you really appeal to me Angel and if you would allow me to fuck you it
    Would be like winning the lottery.Angel and you could be rest assured
    You wouldn’t want another cock for a very long time .do you mix with us punters Angel do you have another job!!during the day or is that a big secret!! Send me a email Angel the let me know I Will wait with bated breath.make it soon.xxx

    • You are a strange one Bill, you do realise that I have a long term Boyfriend … But just as a matter of interest, how much is it worth to you if I was to allow you to fuck me?

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